Please check size and price availability in catalog.

This is a list of descriptions for shirts we COULD have. Please check the catalog to see what we currently stock because most of these shirts are probably sold out and unavailable at this time:

AGATHOCLES - black shirt with Jesus/Bush, "The Kingdom Don't Come," and logo in white

ANOTHER REASON - Take Control shirt - 2 sided, white shirt with logo, photo, & lyrics in blue and black

ASSUCK - black shirt with logo and "Misery Index" cover art in white

BARBARIC FASTCORE DETONATION - white shirt with list of bands from July 2005 shows and logo making an upside down cross in black and red

BURN YOUR BRIDGES - black shirt with cover of LP in white

CATTLE DECAPITATION - black shirt with logo and cow skepelton decapitating head in bone white and blood red

CHARLES BRONSON - black shirt with logo and actor's picture from "Youth Attack" LP cover in white and black

CHARLES BRONSON - navy shirt with little Bronson picture on pocket and big logo/Bronson picture on back in silver

CHUMBAWAMA - black logo and "Never Mind The Ballots" line art on a natural colored shirt

DROP DEAD - Cross: black shirt with cross and logo in gray

DROP DEAD - Humanity: black shirt with cover of 1st LP, "Humanity is..." text, and logo in white

DYSTOPIA - black shirt with logo and gasmask over moon in blue on front and cops beating guy on back

EBULLITION black t-shirt - black shirt with logo in silver and "I want more life" graphic in black

FILTH - black shirt with "Live The Chaos" cover art in red

GET HUSTLE - black shirt with logo in gold

HIGHSCORE - black shirt with beret-wearing, winged skull carrying knife in mouth and logo in white

LACK OF INTEREST - black shirt with logo and faces in white

LOOK BACK AND LAUGH - two sided black shirt with pocket logo and live photo in gray/white on back

LOOK BACK AND LAUGH - blue two-sided hooded zip-up sweatshirt with logo in yellow on front and logo/band photo on back in gray

MACHETAZO - black shirt with bearded zombie holding soliders and logo in white

MISERY - Fuck: black shirt with logo, anarchy and peace signs, skull, and "fuck war not the poor" in white

MISERY - Children: black shirt with logo, crazy skull art, and "children of war"

NAILED DOWN - black shirt with wolf, "Resurrection", and logo in white

OATH - black on black logo shirt

ORCHID - black shirt with logo and "Chaos Is Me" in white

REMAINS OF THE DAY - black shirt with logo and skeletons hooked up to monitors in white

SAVIOURS - black shirt with made-up lady and big flower with logo in silver

SEEIN' RED - blue shirt with logo, protestors face, and stars in white

SPAZZ - red shirt with logo, square blocks, and "Golden Harvest Hardcore" in black

SPAZZ - black shirt with Bruce Lee image and logo in white/yellow

THE MOB - black shirt with logo and "Crying Again" artwork in white (Yes, this is The Mob from England.)

TO WHAT END? - logo (with cog design) on black shirt in white

UNHOLY GRAVE - black shirt soldiers, logo, and "inhumanity" in white

URBAN WASTE - black shirt with logo in white

WHAT HAPPENS NEXT? - black shirt with same design as Brutiful Fearing 6" in white

WORDS THAT BURN - black shirt with logo, barbed wire, skull, and "spawning ground for hatred" in white

WORDS THAT BURN - black shirt with logo, devil, religious imagery, and "profits of the chri$t" in white

YAPHET KOTTO - black shirt with logo, jesus, and devil in gray

YAPHET KOTTO - red shirt with wood cut mourners and logo in black