Ebullition: noun 1) a sudden violent outburst or display   2) the act, process, or state of boiling or bubbling up   Ebullient: adjective 1) boiling, agitated   2) characterized by ebullience   Ebullience: noun 1) the quality of lively or enthusiastic expression of thoughts or feelings


Monster X - Attrition 7"

Ebullition #35


Was available on 7"

Monster X played what few would call music. Their sound was a crazed whirlwind of metal, hardcore, noise, distortion, and aggression. These eight songs are not for the weak. Brutal and extremely ugly, Monster X make an assault guaranteed to destroy the unwary. Cruel and unusual aural punishment for those sick enough to understand the greatness of Monster X.

Political, positive, and crazed. How many other bands can lay claim to having a song against the floridation of water?

6,000 copies on black vinyl
320 on red vinyl

The Monster X 7" folds out into a 15" x 23" poster.

Monster X also has a track on the XXX compilation.


Manrae - Pacata Hibernia 7"

Ebullition #28

Available on 7"

Manrae came out of England like a shooting star; blink and they were gone. They released three tracks on the Pacata Hibernia 7" and also one track on the HeartattaCk #10 compilation. The Manrae sound was very reminiscent of Bob Tilton with fantastically moody music and inspired singing. The songs have an almost sad or melancholy feel to them and yet they are alive with a very passionate energy. Emotive hardcore from the mid '90s.


Manumission - Binary Lung 7"

Ebullition #12


Available on 7"

Manumission was a local Goleta band that was made up of both high school and college age kids. They played fast, harsh hardcore with very brutal vocal work, and yet the songs had a very catchy and memorably melodic sense to them. Their lyrics were very political and all of their releases featured political commentary.

Manumission played tons of shows with bands such as Man is the Bastard, Struggle, Heroin, Born Against, Downcast, Los Crudos, Sticks & Stones, John Henry West, Econochrist, and Indian Summer.

They had a long line of drummers including Jose Palafox (Swing Kids, Bread & Circuits, and Struggle), Sean Sellers (Jara, , Downcast, Not For The Lack of Trying, and Good Riddance), Bobby Sell (Honeywell, Loomis Slovak, and Volume Eleven). Bobby Sell played drums on Binary Lung.

After Manumission broke up their bass player, Chris Ganchoff, went on to play with Jara, their guitarist, Jeff Cappra, went on to be in Staring Back, and their vocalist, Ani Mukherji, dissapeared to an out of state college.

Manumission had three 7" releases, and they did a split 7" with Los Crudos. They also had a song on the 3/12/93 7" compilation.

Manumission - Diego Rivera 7"

Ebullition #28.5

Available on 7"

Diego Rivera was a split release between Ebullition and Sovereignty. It was the last release that Manumission would ever do. It features two studio tracks on side A, and four live tracks that were recorded on KXLU Radio on side B. Sean Sellers, who also played drums for Downcast, Jara, Not For The Lack of Trying, and later Good Riddance, played drums for Manumission on this recording.

Manumission discography:
Manumission - Binary Lung 7"
Manumission - Tremor on the Line 7"
Manumission/Los Crudos - split 7"
1 song on the 3/12/93 comp 7"


Ex-ignota - Lazarus is Back 7"

Ebullition #31

Available on 7"

Ex-ignota was another local Goleta band that made it on to Ebullition Records. The band consisted of kids that were going to the local university; many of whom were art students. Ex-ignota played hardcore that was definitely influenced by a lot of arty musical concepts; abrasive and melodic, with singing and yelling, and lots of variety. They strove to do things just a bit differently. They also released a song on the HeartattaCk #10 compilation. Later they would release a full length CD, and by that time they were much more arty and twisted.

They were originally called IG-88 and their demo was released under the IG-88 name.

Some of the 7"s are in bags and some have larger format covers with thread bound covers.