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Descriptions for the newest releases available this week.

Descriptions for 1/14/17

SVAVELDIOXID - Andlos Mardrom LP
Relentless, devastating, raw kangpunk hammered out by ex-members of Warvictims, Disfear, 3-way Cum and more. Take bands like Anti Cimex, Bombanfall, Totalitar, No Security and the members previous bands, throw them in a blender and you get Svaveldioxid. US press on Konton Crasher. Comes in a gatefold jacket and includes a poste. (Konton Crasher #25 L)

MAXIMUM ROCK'N'ROLL #405 (February 2017)
MRR #405 is here! It's that time again, our Year-End Top Ten Issue, with 2016 best-of lists by everyone from your favorite band, column, or label. We've also got hand-picked show photos from Angela Owens and Farrah Skeiky, and art throughout by Sarah Sequoia. Plus, we talk with Boston goth femme punks DAME, Glasgow's ANXIETY teach us about "wimpy hardcore," FUCKING from Minneapolis live up to their name, then we delve into Filipino Oi! with the EXSENADORS and Finnish post-punk with APATHETICS. All this plus letters, columns, and the record, book, film, and zine reviews you love. Start the new year off right with Maximum Rocknroll! (Maximum Rock'n'Roll #405)

Years in the making, this record displays a style of hardcore that has moved from the raw and primal angst of earlier records to a new level of structure and musicianship without losing any of its power or urgency. Furious catchy riffs, sick leads, ill breaks, critical beats, back up Saira's introspective, and sometimes inspirational, lyrics yet coarse delivery. A lot of bands today hide their lack of chops behind a wall or reverb and distortion, Question employs driving hardcore with solid riffs eschewing this sleight of hand. Some of the structure reminds me of Totalitar, but unlike a lot of bands these days you can't say this record "sounds just like..." some other popular or legendary band. For those who wish to rage in hell. -Felix Havoc (Fashionable Idiots #54)

URANIUM CLUB - All Of Them Naturals LP
"All Of Them Naturals" is a fully realized, inclusive world of faux-corporation sponsored surrealist new wave punk music rife with satire and discordance. Robotically tight. Delightfully warped. Ideas as vast as Nebraska's GMO cornfields and as lethal as the pesticides they spray on them. Did the Sunbelt Chemicals Corporation invent DDT? Maybe. Did they invent man? They think so. Did they invent the wheel? No, that was Uranium Club. Truly, our generation's DEVO. An important group. -Jensen Ward (Fashionable Idiots #55)

ANTiSEEN - The Southern Hostility Demos LP
To kick off the new year, TKO is proud to bring the next volume in the "Vault Of ANTiSEEN" series, #8, "The Southern Hostility Demos" LP!! Witness the sonic evolution of ANTiSEEN with these demo tracks, unearthed for the first time in over 25 years!! This is the Kings of Destructo-Rock at their most primal!! Limited to 500 copies on OPAQUE YELLOW vinyl, includes poster. (TKO Records #160003)

KARBONITE - Religious War Continues 7" flexi
KARBONITE is female fronted band out of San Diego, California with intermittent dual vocals. These Punks bring an inspired combination of noise channeling Lebenden Toten and Confuse/Kyushu inspired Punk into an aesthetically strong release. Limited to 100 on red vinyl with red covers and 150 black on black. Both versions of the flexi have silver ink silk-screened card-stock covers with silver center label accents. A release that is as pleasing to the eye as it is to Punk ears of refined and deafened taste. Mastered by Jack Control of Enormous Door, the flexi format does not diminish the sound quality but strongly carries this recording. Karbönite are young Punks and a shining example of Punk future. Please support their honest release through your distribution. (Night Rider Records #10)

Y PANTS - s/t LP
"Y PANTS was a three-woman New York band: BARBARA ESS, ViRGiNIA (VERGE) PIERSOL and GAIL VACHONS, all visual artists. They played in clubs, galleries and performance spaces between 1979 and 1982. They were "as idiosyncratic, edgy, minimal, wry and literate as post-punk no wave got. Furthermore, the fact that these were three ferocious and formidable females was not to be overlooked."-Wolfgang Staehle, Gail found a toy piano on the street and started jamming with Barbara on the ukulele. When they were invited to play a few weeks later at TR3 (the short-lived but influential downtown NY music club), they electrified their instruments and recruited the neophyte drummer Verge for percussion on a children's drum set. Their first gig met with an unexpected wildly enthusiastic reception. The instrumentation was then rounded out with Barbara's bass (former bands Daily Life and The Static), an African thumb drum, and a Casio keyboard for Gail. Verge's initial Mickey Mouse toy kit soon fell apart and she cobbled together a modest trap set. They gained a following and soon recorded a four song EP produced by Glenn Branca for 99 Records. They often shared the stage with label mates the Bush Tetras, ESG, Liquid Liquid, Branca and other NYC "downtown" bands. This release includes their four-song debut EP and two songs never before available on vinyl: Magnetic Attraction (previously released on Tellus Audio Cassette), and the mysterious Kung Fu. In a NY Times review, John Rockwell wrote"...what really makes Y Pants a success is the actual sound of the instrumentals-raw and driving yet exotic and imaginative in terms of timbre and minimalist structure." (Water Wing Records #17)

Y PANTS - Beat It Down LP
After the success of their debut EP, post-punk art rockers Y PANTS performed regularly in NYC and other East Coast venues. In 1981 they toured Europe for six weeks and upon return went into the studio to record their only LP, Beat It Down, released in 1982 on Neutral Records (Sonic Youth, Glenn Branca et al). The album extends the band's signature pared down rollicking minimalism. The 10 songs are varied, using surprising and inventive instrumentation. The music is at once filled with a sense of longing and a fierce ironic rebellion. With exuberant precision they brandish their "toy" instruments and plaintive vocals in emotive expressions of female resistance. In, Seth Watter wrote of the album, "I love the sprightly keyboards of 'The Fly,' the gentle lyricism of 'Lulu,' the anger of 'Beat It Down' that comes through in the music's shambling, atonal jangle. The songs covered a huge range of emotions with an entirely new syntax." (Water Wing Records #18)

S-21 - Year Zero 7"
New ripping, stomping and heavy hardcore punk from Philadelphia, PA. A true power house and one of the city's best hc/punk acts. I personally love the dirty, gritty and stompy hc/punk style but what really captured me was the almost WB2D/Severed Head of State guitar solo that rips through the opening track. The vocals compliment the music well, rough and gravely. 4 song EP and not to be slept on! (World Gone Mad Records #9)

ACxDC/DISPARO! - split 7"
California powerviolence act ACxDC is back with split record with Australian fastcore band DISPARO! Its furious, extreme and aggressive riffs and tempos won't disappoint current followers and will more than likely win over a bunch of new fans. What's most disturbing about this type of hardcore is not only the harshest form, but also a sobering reflection on today's society illustrated through its lyrics. (Here And Now Records #46)

BEARTRAP - Stoughton Forever 7"
Here's some unrelenting fast-core from Boston's Beartrap. This is some absolutely face-ripping hardcore with violent buzzing riffs, pummeling drum insanity and utterly pissed off vocals. These guys are fast and fierce with an undeniably intense delivery. (Here And Now Records #49)

ACxDC/IMPLORE - European Tour split tape
6 tracks for the US powerviolence band ACxDC and 2 tracks for the Berlin based grind/deathmetal band Implore. The result is what you can imagine: a devastating mix of aggressivity and energy. Fans of both bands won't be disappointed. (Here And Now Records #48)

LAMANTIDE - Carnis Tempora: Abyssus LP
Lamantide's music is part hardcore, part death metal, part post-metal, part math-core derangement. The band prove their skill at keeping the listener off-balance, vaulting from brutally effective skull-clobbering to spinning out seductive melodies, while piercing the songs with blinding eruptions of unhinged guitar dissonance or episodes of shimmering cosmic ambience. The tempos and moods turn on a dime, but this is one talented band who know how to make such sharp twists and turns work, even though you never know what's coming next. (Here And Now Records #43)

APE UNIT - Turd 10"
If you have no idea how impactful the sound of Grindcore can be, you better get ready for an intense sonic earthquake that, despite lasting for only around 10 minutes, will surely leave you disoriented and probably all covered in bruises due to its bestial rage. I'm talking about Turd, the new album by Italian Grindcore/Powerviolence lunatics Ape Unit, a delight for fans of the deranged music by acts such as Napalm Death, Terrorizer, Fuck The Facts and Ratos De Porão. (Here And Now Records #42)

LP split for two Italian grind/ultracore bands. They propose fast grindcore direction that also utilizes a great amount of blast beats along with a great mixture of both growls and screams. All of the musical instruments have a very powerful sound to them and all of their tracks are very short in length. Growls also get guttural at times and the songs stick mostly a mid paced or fast direction. (Here And Now Records #40)

Agathocles side of the split starts out with programmed beats and clean playing that is very close to 80's music along with a touch of blues rock while also still mixing in raspy style vocals with still have a touch of grind to them. The last track the music starts adding in high pitched screams while also getting heavier and returning back to grindcore, the production sounds very dark and raw while the lyrics cover humorous and hateful themes. Degenerhate side is a mix of grind and hardcore. When the music speeds up a great amount of blast beats and high pitched screams can be heard and you can also hear all of the musical instruments that are present on their side of the recording and the songs also bring in a great mixture of slow, mid paced and fast parts and there is also a brief use of melodic guitar leads, the production sounds very powerful while the lyrics cover anger and real life themes. (Here And Now Records #39)

CRIPPLED FOX - The Final Thrash LP
16 songs in 17 minutes... Crippled Fox combine influences of old thrash bands with "modern" fastcore/hardcore attacks. The result is tasty cake for fans of In Defence, Common Enemy, Insanity Alert, Reproach or The Shining.. In songs of 10 seconds Foxes can do the same job as other band in 1.5 minute. Some songs are closer to 80`s thrash, the others are more fastcore...mostly well balanced between this 2 genres. You will enjoy sing alongs and stop´n´go passages and all these important stuff. (Here And Now Records #38)

DOUBLE ME/xHANSOLOx - split 7"
Both bands from Italy, they play quite furious grindcore/powerviolence with classical structure; So leisurely intros, hard mosh and the resulting frenzy with good groove. Especially nice is that they play very precisely and are well rooted in hardcore. Solid, varied compositions that are straight to the point. For fans of INFEST, GET RAD, CROSSED OUT! (Here And Now Records #35)

Cioran play a blackened and metallic style of hardcore and crust. The dynamics of played parts that differ in rhythm and sound, the singer passing from spoken to screaming, is very effective for emotional outlet that the songs have, until the creation of a narrative pathos. Musically, Cioran can be said to be influenced by bands such as Hierophant, Rise And Fall, Cursed, and Tragedy. (Here And Now Records #33)

JACK existed since 1996 and playing crusty, straighten oldschool grind, which often rolls in the oppressive mid-tempo. The Czechs BOMBATOLCSER are as modern with scream growl singers continuous in the fast lane. Two good bands that do their own thing in the grindcore corner with passion and energy. (Here And Now Records #32)

DOUBLE ME/LIFES - split 7"
Double Me music is aggressive that maintains a nice interweaving of tempos and changes. You might throw this in the power violence category, but some of these songs surpass the 1 minute mark, breaking the golden power violence rule. A nice, full guitar sound with tight drumming really give you the impression that Double Me are accomplished at their craft. The vocals have a low, brutal tone to them but for Double Me it seems to compliment the music very well and sit in the mix just right. Lifes take over side 2 with a very distinct brand of two piece hardcore featuring just bass and drums while the two players split up the vocal duties. The use of the 8 string bass employs a bit of circus music type feel to the more noodly parts, however adds texture to the more straight forward sections. (Here And Now Records #31)

Common Enemy slam out their punk, hardcore, thrash everyone has come to love from these PA legends of skatecore, Eat You Alive from Italy rip through 4 tracks that tear it up like their pals on the other side. This matchup is perfect for those that are in the know about Common Enemy. Pressed in Italy limited to 500 7"... Grad your deck, grab your bong, and shred it up. (Here And Now Records #30)

DOWN TO NOTHING - Live! On The James LP
Richmond , VA hardcore veterans Down To Nothing have done it again, this time with their first-ever live album titled "Live! On The James." Recorded on October 25th, 2015 at a sold out show at The Broadberry in their hometown of Richmond, this album captures the ferocity and relentless energy of their live performance in true dirty south style. The set list is comprised of favorites spanning their career and includes tracks from "Life On The James," "The Most," "Unbreakable" and "All My Sons." LP includes digital download of this record. This is the gold vinyl version, limited to 1,096 copies. (Revelation Records #165)

Withdrawal emerges from three years of silence to collaborate with Escapist Records for the release of their debut full length, Never. The band's frst LP boasts ten scathing offerings of miserablist metallic hardcore and is the follow-up to their acclaimed 2013 split 7" with Young & In The Way. With Never Withdrawal continue to spread their message of despair and delusion, holding nothing back across a thirty-four minute labyrinth of Holy Terror influenced hardcore. Formed in Winnipeg, Canada in 2008, Withdrawal has earned a devoted cult following with numerous releases across various mediums (7" vinyl, cassette, digital) and performances alongside legends and peers alike including Integrity, Power Trip, Catharsis, Xibalba, and more. Guest vocals by Steve Muczynski of Hollow Earth ("The 6th Psalm") and Nick Rockwell of Crucifed ("Book of Death"). FOR FANS OF Integrity, Bolt Thrower, 100 Demons, Neurosis, Ringworm. (Escapist Records #25)

Descriptions for 12/31/16

THE TROUBLE - Shadows On The Street LP_
THE TROUBLE hailed from Boston's massive streetpunk scene of the late 90's. Unlike most of the other bands from the time, their sound has held up over the years, blending the perfect mix of punk rock and hardcore together. Members later went on to form Panic and The Explosion, and they have reformed a few times in recent years for the occasional reunion show. This new LP compiles all their previously out of print material onto one record. Basically everything that isn't on the NOBODY LAUGHS ANYMORE album. (Six Feet Under Records #113)

"The Creature" is the latest release and second LP from the Portland Oregon based dark punk trio Bellicose minds. Recorded in the winter of 2015/2016 at Red Lantern studios. The LP features 8 tracks of buzz saw guitars, driving bass and searing drums. Packed to its rafters with one cracking track after another, the band's second album not only wastes no time making up for lost time but virtually erases the interim altogether. From the off, with the fist punch opening of "The Hordes," the trio emerges with their signature taut-but-explosive juggernaut of sound fully and immediately intact, the track barreling steadily through its bracing paces, the rhythm section propelling the Vocals and guitar forward as if on a perfectly-contained cataclysmic swell, a post-punked tsunami level of punk that very few do quite this deftly. (Black Water Records #60)

VIVID SEKT - Who Will Protect Us From Ourselves 7"
Portland, Oregon's Vivid Sekt are back with a new three song 7" on Black Water. Continuing their anarco peace punk sound that is influences by The Mob, The System, and A Heads. (Black Water Records #61)

HORROR VACUI - Return Of The Empire tape cassette
Includes the tracks for the limited editon USA 7".The second full length from Italy's Horror Vacui merges their unique blend of driving death rock and chorus-soaked post punk to a glorious cacophony. reminiscent at times of sisters of mercy or a darker punker sad lovers and giants. this record pulses and reanimates itself from the grim tombs of goth's greats. (L.O.T.D./Black Water #1 TP)

HORROR VACUI - In Dakrness You Will Feel Alright tape cassette
Tape cassette version of Italy's Horror Vacui's first LP. Includes the "Can you Still See Reality?" 7" tracks as well. Death rock. L.O.T.D./Black Water #3 TP)

WANUY - Demo tape cassette
Wanuy is from Lima-Peru. Hardcore is a big part of their life. This is not a choice, it is simply an answer of what the see and live daily. Wanuy are punks, their lyrics are dark. Their sound primitive. It is in Quechua, an Andean language spoke in Peru, Bolivia and Ecuador. (Riposte/Black Water #3 TP)

MISLED YOUTH - Excuse for Existence 7"
Return of the Misled Youth! Angrier than ever, embracing the legacy of 00's DCHC, while showing influences from bands like Poison Idea and YOT with their angry, fast riffs and breakdowns that kill. "Deceive/Exploit/Follow the Trend/Whatever it takes, Just a Means to the End" -- That says it all. No trend, no fashion, just pissed kids shreddin' fast and loud. Split release with Caught Up Records and European press on Refuse Records. (Society Bleeds Records #3)

Legendary Swiss punk band from the late 70s. "You can't dispute Liliput's status as pioneers of feminist art-punk. Along with fellow travelers like the Slits and the Raincoats, this (mostly) female Swiss group took advantage of punk's anything-goes attitude and created jittery, spirited pop that was both in step with the times and completely singular. The early material is a riot of exuberant energy, taking stylistic cues from peers like Gang of Four and Wire- propulsive bass, skittering pop rhythms, slashing guitars- and adding distinctive overlapping vocal patterns, which are sung, shrieked, and hiccupped in three languages and made-up dadaistic slang. More than 20 years on, it still sounds fresh." - Lisa Gidley First Songs is a double gatefold LP that combines all the pre-1982 material, all 3 Kleenex singles, the first 2 Liliput 7"'s and all the originally unreleased material prior to Liliput's debut LP. Liner notes by Greil Marcus. (Water Wing Records #19)

MANATEEES - Superman Damn Fool LP
Compilation of the Memphis garbage punk band's first (5) seven inches (2012-2014), alternate versions and mixes, selected and sequenced by head Manateee Abe White (Oscars, True Sons of Thunder, etc) and remastered by Rocket Science Audio. All recordings feature Keith and Charms (later of the NOTS). The Manateees most cohesive and aggressive material, these songs were all written around the same time period and are finally being collected and issued as the full-length they were meant to be. Hardheaded, fist-through-glass, thug music. (Blak Skul Records #3)

STAGNATION - 2027 7"
5 tracks of perfectly executed old school death metal influenced crust. 2nd release from the band with even more crusher riffs and greatly improved drumming due to a switch in drummers after the first release. Recorded back in 2008 and just now seeing the vinyl it deserves. Metal for the punks by punks in the vein of Grave, Entombed, Prophecy of Doom, Repulsion, and Bolt Thrower with a more straight forward punk approach. Released in the era of Stormcrow and Sanctum and definitely holding their weight against their peers. A Fenriz "band of the week" who also received praise in the liner notes of "The Underground Resistance". Released 500. (Make 'Em Sweat #7)

Self Released by the band but available for wholesale through Make Em Sweat 4 tracks of perfectly executed old school death metal influenced crust. Released in 2007 by the band who never really pushed the records despite the growing interest. Lost in the back of a closet, and moved from Arizona to Texas and back. They were finally given to me to get into the hands of headbangers across the world. Metal for the punks by punks in the vein of Grave, Entombed, Repulsion, and Bolt Thrower with a more straight forward punk approach. Released in the era of Stormcrow and Sanctum and definitely holding their weight against their peers. A Fenriz "band of the week" who also received praise in the liner notes of "The Underground Resistance". Released 300 on black. (Make 'Em Sweat #7.5)

KARCAVUL - Intersaone LP
Disgusting blackened death/doom from France in the vein of Noothgrush, Undergang, Coffins, Eyehategod etc, - Karcavul have been hailed by outlets like CVLT Nation as "the most repulsive and mentally-deranged band of the year," further elaborating that "There is no time for genre elitism in these songs, as they both embody musicianship just as much as they do brutality. To combine the most provocative elements of Doom, Death, and Black metal is no small feat, and Karcavul rise to the occasion effortlessly". These French death-dealers have been laying European venues to waste for several years now and are one of Europe's underground's best kept secrets. Digital download included. (Sentient Ruin Laboratories Records #21)

UNRU - Als Tier Ist Del Mensch Nichts LP
Vast and tenebrous atmospheric black metal with crust punk influences hailing from Bielefeld, Germany, UNRU are known for crafting songs of fathomless darkness and of mesmerizing vision, and for evoking with their music visions of harrowing ruin deep within the listener. UNRU are masters at crafting black metal which is both vast and furious and shrouded in majesty, and the band are also strong purveyors of a distinct punk and DIY ethic which makes their music something truly fascinating to behold. "Als Tier Ist Del Mensch Nichts" is their debut full-length album, the sublimation of their vision and a soul-shattering opera spread across four massive songs that make the listener travel inward - deep within their most hidden and remote fears. For fans of Ash Borer, Weakling, Walknut, Drudkh, Wolves In The Throne Room, etc. Shrinkwrapped and digital download included. (Sentient Ruin Laboratories Records #18)

ALARIC - End of Mirrors cassette tape
Cassette tape version of the acclaimed second album released on CD/LP by Neurot Recordings. Alaric are a dark doom-rock/goth/post - punk odyssey brought to you by members of Bay Area stalwarts like Noothgrush , Pins of Light, and Cross Stitched eyes. Their music encompasses dark and desolate atmospheres, majestic doom-laden riffs, heart-splitting poetry-like lyrics, and irresistible hooks to bring you a listening experience like none other that perfectly bridges the gaps between post-punk legends like Joy Division, Killing Joke, Bauhaus, and The Cure, and punk-metal monuments like Neurosis and Amebix. Features artwork by Kevin Gan Yuen (Sutekh Hexen), and mastering by Brad Boatright of Audiosiege . Shrinkwrapped. (Sentient Ruin Laboratories Records #24 TP)

FERL LIGHT - A Sound of Moving Shields cassette tape
War-torn crust punk/black metal from this band formed by ex members of Wolvhammer, and risen from the ashes of the apocalypse . Within this debut EP called "A Sound of Moving Shields" you will hear the finest hour of early Scandinavian black metal colliding against the finest grain of British crust and post-punk, all while harrowing lyrical commentary of militarism, death and warfare inject the music with the unbearable stench of death and destruction, evoking crippling visions of human annihilation through the horrors of war. For fans of Darkthrone, Amebix, Carpatian Forrest, Iskra, Wolvhammer. (Sentient Ruin Laboratories Records #25 TP)

NECROT - The Labyrinth cassette tape
Punishing old school death metal with crust punk influences from the Bay Area for fans of Both Thrower, Grave, Asphyx, Grave Miasma, Incantation, Deviated Instinct, etc. Necrot are a fixture among the Bay Area's best underground metal bands, and feature among their ranks members of Acephalix, Vastum, Atrament, Rude, Saviours, Watch Them Die, Mortuous, and Caffa . The CD/LP of "The Labyrinth" was released by Tankcrimes and the release was critically acclaimed and hailed is one of the best old school death metal releases of 2016 by outlets like Decibel Magazine, Invisible Oranges, CVLT Nation etc. The tapes come with a massive 12 panel landscape j-card and are shrinkwrapped. (Sentient Ruin Laboratories Records #21 TP)

(restock) ACxDC/CHIENS - split 5"
ACXDC are a Los Angeles based powerviolence outfit, The split 5" is including 2 new tracks of wicked intense shrieked vocals over a possibly the fastest blast beats I've heard, along side a really weird guitar riff that I can't find words to describe. The flipside presents 2 tracks from CHIENS, french old school Grindcore done it properly. A storming split 5" for fans of Insect Warfare, Wormrot, Spazz... Limited to 500. (RSR Records #165)

Descriptions for 12/24/16

"The Creature" is the latest release and second LP from the Portland Oregon based dark punk trio Bellicose minds. Recorded in the winter of 2015/2016 at Red Lantern studios. The LP features 8 tracks of buzz saw guitars, driving bass and searing drums. Packed to its rafters with one cracking track after another, the band's second album not only wastes no time making up for lost time but virtually erases the interim altogether. From the off, with the fist punch opening of "The Hordes," the trio emerges with their signature taut-but-explosive juggernaut of sound fully and immediately intact, the track barreling steadily through its bracing paces, the rhythm section propelling the Vocals and guitar forward as if on a perfectly-contained cataclysmic swell, a post-punked tsunami level of punk that very few do quite this deftly. (Black Water Records #60)

VIVID SEKT - Who Will Protect Us From Ourselves 7"
Portland, Oregon's Vivid Sekt are back with a new three song 7" on Black Water. Continuing their anarco peace punk sound that is influences by The Mob, The System, and A Heads. (Black Water Records #61)

HORROR VACUI - Return Of The Empire tape cassette
Includes the tracks for the limited editon USA 7".The second full length from Italy's Horror Vacui merges their unique blend of driving death rock and chorus-soaked post punk to a glorious cacophony. reminiscent at times of sisters of mercy or a darker punker sad lovers and giants. this record pulses and reanimates itself from the grim tombs of goth's greats. (L.O.T.D./Black Water #1 TP)

NASHGUL - Carcava LP (gatefold)
After being a band for fifteen years, NASHGUL has put together the most maniacal sophomore full length that will leave you with your jaw agape. Taking seven years to hone their sound since their initial full length offering, Cárcava is a touch over thirty minutes of grindcore perfection; blasty, angry, crushing riffs. If you have a love for honest, old school grindcore then this is going to be on your top ten for years to come. This LP will be a defining grindcore LP of TLAL along with the ARCHAGATHUS, MAGRUDERGRIND, and THE KILL records. (To Live A Lie Records #122)

WVRM - Heartache LP
WVRM has crawled out of Greenville South Carolina and is PISSED. The band meshes perfectly together a precise grindcore sound with a darkened hardcore edge to it. Six lightning quick blasts on the first side and two angry evil longer tracks on the reverse. Sardonic, brooding, and generally misanthropic, Heartache will make your heart actually hurt a bit after listening to it for better or for worse. I highly suggest this record for when your hatred for humanity has reached a high threshold and you need something to release that feeling. (To Live A Lie Records #121)

This is an unholy pairing of Baltimore's TRIAC and Chicago's SICK/TIRED and To Live A Lie's first split LP record release. The split is the best material to date of either band. TRIAC brings to the table their patented no-nonsense darkened grind hardcore that makes you feel a little uneasy. They are kind of like a NAILS that would let you be one of them. SICK/TIRED unleash their grindiest material that seems almost inspired by TRIAC. They still weave in some grindviolence and the opening track is almost a mincecore song. A perfect pairing for 5pm when you're off work, sitting in rush hour traffic, and done with the day and people. Play this at max volume and your day will melt away. (To Live A Lie Records #120)

WANUY - Demo tape cassette
Wanuy is from Lima-Peru. Hardcore is a big part of their life. This is not a choice, it is simply an answer of what the see and live daily. Wanuy are punks, their lyrics are dark. Their sound primitive. It is in Quechua, an Andean language spoke in Peru, Bolivia and Ecuador. (Riposte/Black Water #3 TP)

After five years of playing gigs Melbourne's Tyrannamen (who also feature members of Twerps and Whipper in their ranks) finally released their debut album on Cool Death Records but that pressing sold out instantly so Static Shock decided to do the honourable thing and keep this instant classic in print. The album is just 23 minutes long but every minute is worth the admission price alone. The album starts with calling card 'I Can't Read Your Mind' which is full of ramshackle yet instantly catchy punk rock but with a soulful and rock 'n' roll underbelly. It sits somewhere between Alex Chilton, Royal Headache and Irish power pop kings The Moondogs. Your jaw will drop and your feet start moving. Other highlights include the anthemic 'You Should Leave Him' which starts like The Undertones 'Get Over You' before heading into a straight up pounder with Nic Imfeld's raw but tuneful voice taking the song to pop heaven. This album tugs at your heart, twists at every turn and deserves to be loved for years and years to come. (Static Shock Records #46)

HEAT - s/t 7"
Heat's debut 7" is a hellish, whirlwind onslaught of ultracore agony. It would be easy to just name check the cult HC groups of yore who make up Heat's primary influences--Neanderthal, Citizens Arrest, Impact Unit, Crossed Out, etc.--but these San Diego insurgents aren't content simply paying homage; they're taking their savage influences and pushing the aural torment into a refreshing, self stylized direction. Whether full tilt blasting, stomping at a mid-pace, or trudging through a dirge, there's a natural fluidity and cohesion to Heat's under-a-minute nuclear reactions that belies the group's intensity. Simply put, any fan of extreme hardcore will revel in Heat's burly, mutant approach. Buy it, steal it, hype it, but above all: feel it. - Colin Tappe (Deranged Records #294)

Long time coming and finally here! BASTARD NOISE do a loving tribute / homage / eulogy to our departed friend Lee Altomare of THE COMMUNION. Its truly a remarkable and beautiful track, something very hard to pull off in the noise genre. New York's own THE COMMUNION give us "TABLESPOON CATARACT" , which is the final track that Lee played on. Really intense grindcore that pulls influence from death metal, black metal and hardcore. (Haunted Hotel Records #79)

G.I. JOKE - Discotape cassette tape
Raw and nasty hardcore / grindcore from Belgium, featuring Nils from Agathocles on drums. Reminds of glorious 90's grind! All the tracks from the splits with AGATHOCLES, MESRINE,TEST, and UITSCHOT included. (Haunted Hotel Records #96 TP)

Originally released late 2014 in time for their joint 30 date tour around North America and Canada, this split has been repressed just in time for their Japan and Australian tours. Long Knife really step it up into their own on this one, incorporating their usual rock 'n' roll edge but now stepping into more of a metallic realm of sorts whilst still being sickeningly catchy. Japanese long-serving punks FORWARD keep churning out the whirlwind Burning Spirits style hardcore they are known for, with political and sincere lyrics backed up with a sonic fury that'll tear your head off. (Long Knife Records #2)

DERNIER SEX - Haram 7"
Dernier Sex were completely new to me when I first saw them. They started playing and almost instantly i was floored. Layers of cold / precise beats followed by ethereal / shoegaze-y vocals and slightly discordant guitars. I was standing next to my friend and fellow promoter Dan Pellisier who was co-promoting a big upcoming show in October which had many locals vying for a coveted opening slot. At one point we both looked at each other and said "Let's book them for the Chameleons show!" They were THAT GREAT. We couldn't believe it was their first show. How often do you get blown away by a band at their first show?" Limited to a one time press of 330 copies. (Hungry Eye Records #21)

Stale Phish is Detroit's addition to the recent crop of current day skate punk icons. "Pole Jams" is the follow up to 2015's well received "Rock N Roll Revert" release. Stale Phish sing about stuff every skater can relate to including rollerbladers, broken bones and of course SKATING! The perfect blend of punk rock, humor and aggression to fuel your next skate session. So if you "Live By The Board & Die By The Board", your life just got a new soundtrack! Brings to mind the classic skate punk energy and fun of bands like JFA, Pennywise & The Faction. (Not Like You Records #19)

(restock) DEATH SIDE - Bet on the Possibility LP
Second LP from Japan's DEATH SIDE reissued officially! Never mind those shit euro bootlegs, these are top-quality legitimate reissues. Legendary Japanese hardcore at its best. No long-winded glamorizing write-up needed. (Feral Ward Records #77)

(restock) HATRED SURGE - The KVRX Sessions LP with 7" flexi
Hatred Surge had just recently finished recording the Human Overdose LP and the Purgatory EP when this live performance aired on July 1st 2012 on the For The Dead radio show on KVRX in Austin, Tx. The final line-up of Hughes, Sharp, and Ulsh is featured on this collection of 13 songs throughout the Hatred Surge catalogue. The power trio of these members is the hardest hitting and most powerful line-up. Mike Sharp's precision blasting drives the light speed shredding of Chris Ulsh. Alex Hughes' gnarled grunts over the drilling and grinding bass gears tie this all together into a crushing and violent overture. Early tracks like "Invisible Noose" and "Numb" are retooled, renewed and revived by this lineup. Human Overdose and Deconstruct tracks featured in the same set as earlier tracks like "Rot" and "Pile of Shit" from the split with Insect Warfare really showcase that throughout the lifespan of Hatred Surge, the speed and intensity of this outfit defines their grinding violence sound. The art and layout for this release was designed by the one and only Jack Barfield in the spirit of the Peel Sessions releases. The LP also comes with a bonus flexi 7" featuring tracks that were recording during the Human Overdose session that were originally intended for a split 7" that have remained unreleased until now. (Rescued From Life Records #105)

Descriptions for 12/17/16

NYC HEADHUNTERS - The Rage Of The City 7"
"New Breed" style NYHC has now been entrenched as a stylistic mainstay for hardcore bands longer than the original Lower Eat Side heyday actually lasted, and it will probably remain that way as long as hardcore continues to be a means of expression for young people. But while plenty of bands continue to dip into that plentiful well, few do it as well as NYC HeadHunters, who have an uncanny knack for knowing the right times to dress things up and when to dumb them down. Comprised of personnel from the Rival Mob, Step Forward, and plenty more, and backed by the expected, period appropriate production, NYHH debut 7" manages to tap the vein of raw late 80s NYHC without sounding rote or tired 30 years after the fact. Not retro, just timeless. (Painkiller Records #63)

Melbourne post-punk favorites INFINITE VOID have teamed up with Portland, OR's gritty, dark-punk masters ARCTIC FLOWERS for a special one time pressing split 7". Two tracks of unwavering female fronted post punk. Released in US on clear vinyl. limited to 250 copies. Artwork by Ashley Hohman and mastered by Daniel Husayn of Red Dons. (Mass Media Records #65.5)

MEMORY LOSS - Blackout 7"
First vinyl offering from MEMORY LOSS, one of Richmond's newest and most exciting hardcore punk acts. On "Blackout" you get four songs that mine from the golden era of early 80s hardcore punk and 90s-era noise rock but with a very unique and individual take. Each song is the equivalent of a dark path we've all been down, but never talked or written about. Fear not though, MEMORY LOSS is there to speak for you. They've placed their finger right on the pulse of just how difficult it is to live in the age of anxiety and dread. If you like your punk with a general feeling of despair and disillusionment, look no further. (Vinyl Conflict Records #9)

FINAL EXIT - Seasons Are Going and Going... And Lives Moves On LP
For over 20 years, Final Exit has held as one of the greatest noisecore bands of all time. Their slew of split 7"s and tapes in the 90's made them classics, creating an unmistakable approach to noisecore that melds comically brutal grind blasts with an earnest and humble love for rock and roll, from Kiss and Iron Maiden to surf and pop. With a fast cut-up style held together with expert precision, Final Exit manages to make noise not music that expresses a complex array of emotions both positive and negative. But it was not until 2008 that Final Exit released their masterpiece as a 3" CD on Rage For All Records. Their most contrasting and musically tight cut-up style yet, their cleanest and most powerful production yet, their most fully realized aesthetic yet; the CD was an instant classic for all the noise freaks and grind aficionados, cementing Final Exit's legendary status. It remains one of my personal all-time favorite pieces of music. It was the kind of CD that I spent my college nights sitting with my friends discussing at great length, listening over and over, watching YouTube videos of their gigs with eyes wide and mouths agape. As such, it is with great honor and joy that I present this CD on vinyl for the very first time. Remastered for a one-sided 12" with the same deluxe full-color gatefold packaging as the CD. (SPHC Records #75)

NOISE - Demo Tapes 1991 to 1995 LP
For 25 years, Noise has remained one of the most near-mythological bands to grace the genre of grind. Tucked away in Sao Carlos, Brazil, they play some of the most outspokenly political and unnervingly brutal noisecore ever made, but they've never played consecutive gigs in a row, much less toured. Their records are obscure and difficult to come by, being self-released and distributed solely by trade, in a manner befitting the hardline anti-capitalist politics of the band. Every year they help organize a big outdoors Fest in their hometown, featuring all their similarly long-running friends: Industrial Holocaust, Academic Worms, Masher, Sete Star Sept, Lotus Fucker, and of course the Fest is outspokenly anarchist and 100% free. While their vinyl releases are already on the radar for grind freaks with fine taste, their 90's demo tapes are known by only a few elite tape traders. So it is with immense pleasure that we present them on vinyl for everybody to hear at their leisure. Contained on this 12" are all four of their demo tapes from 1991 to 1995, not just some of the indisputably greatest grind music ever set to tape, but for me, some of my favorite music of all time by a band that has been a tremendous influence on me for many years. Try not to lose your hearing. For those elite tape traders that've already heard all this, there's something special for you too: totally unheard, unreleased rehearsal recordings from Noise's first ever rehearsal session in 1991, before Luiz had even joined the band! (SPHC Records #57)

SURPRISE VACATION - Stealing Office Supplies LP
Los Angeles/Ventura, CA-based melodic punk band Surprise Vacation have a unique style that's influenced equally by classic '77 UK punk (Buzzcocks, Generation X, Ruts) and '80s/'90s U.S. bands like Naked Raygun, Pegboy and the Replacements. Their debut LP Stealing Office Supplies jam packs 10 songs into a span of a little over 20 minutes, and thematically focuses on unfair treatment in the workplace ("Under The Bus," "Surprise Vacation," the self-explanatory title track). It also features a souped up cover of the Television Personalities' 1981 proto-indie pop song "Look Back In Anger." Surprise Vacation take the intensity of their former hardcore bands (Fields of Fire, Broken Needle, Bad Reaction, Dry-Rot), and reapply the same rage to catchy punk music. Layout photography by Steve Insted. They are one of Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top's favorite new bands. (Our Damn Selves Records #1)

V/A - Frequency Of The Truewave Volume II tape cassette
This is the newest edition of the notorious compilation tape series from Nervous Intent Records, featuring the likes of PRIESTS, SHOPPING, CROOKED BANGS, STREET EATERS, RAGANA, NO BABIES, MOZART, TROIKA, COMPOSITE, LIE, NAIVE, DAISY WORLD, STRANGE FACES, SPLIT FEET, STEEL CHAINS and VIOLENCE CREEPS. The tracks chosen for the Frequency of the Truewave comps are curated carefully by the label, with a listening flow more akin to classic mixtapes than standard compilations made up of random oddities from the bands. All the bands operate on the punk/hardcore/post-punk spectrum, happen to be fronted by women, and are unified by a common raw, powerful, and distinct vision grounded in truewave/punk aesthetics and ethics. FREQUENCY OF THE TRUEWAVE VOLUME II is available on a high-quality, real-time dubbed C-38 cassette tape, gold shell with black pad print, 2-color risograph-printed insert, and hand-stamped covers (gold and black on grey). Single, limited pressing of 250. (Nervous Intent Records #3)

COLISEUM/DOOMRIDERS - Not of This World split 7"
Back in 2005, COLISEUM's Ryan Patterson self-released a 12" on his label Auxiliary which featured both his band and Boston's DOOMRIDERS' ultimate tribute to the almighty DANZIG. Each band turned a cover of a song from the classic debut DANZIG LP, with COLISEUM adding two originals and DOOMRIDERS putting up one original. A CD version of the release was also issued on the defunct Level Plane label. While the COLISEUM material was later repackaged into a collections release on Temporary Residence, the DOOMRIDERS material remained out of print for many years. As part of the upcoming celebrations to commemorate Magic Bullet Records' 20h anniversary, the label is in turn celebrating the friends and musicians (lifers) that were a significant inspiration as the years went on, starting with a split 7" featuring both bands' DANZIG covers from the 2005 Not of This World split. This special, limited reissue features brand new DANZIG tribute artwork from the steady hands of visual artist Florian Bertmer. (Magic Bullet Records #189)

As part of Magic Bullet Records' 20th anniversary celebrations, the label is proud to announce another installment in the CHRISTIE FRONT DRIVE reissue project, this time in the form of the "4010" b/w "Away" 7" originally issued on Freewill Records in 1994. Out of print for many years, this classic emo/punk 7" is back with brand new artwork and a choice of either classic black or clear vinyl. Both sides are spun at 45 rpm for maximum fidelity. Everyone from JIMMY EAT WORLD to THE GET UP KIDS to TEXAS IS THE REASON has cited the influence of the band on both their bands and what became known as "emo" at large, with Alternative Press going so far as to name the CHRISTIE FRONT DRIVE as one of "13 Bands that Became Legends in Four years or Less" (2010) AND "23 Bands Who Shaped Punk" (2007). (Magic Bullet Records #195)

THIS WILL DESTROY YOU - Young Mountain (10th Ann. Edition) CD
To wrap up 2016, the band and label have chosen to commemorate the 10 year mark via a series of live shows wherein the band will perform Young Mountain (in its entirety) back to back with a full performance of 2008's S/T album. For a limited time, fans will also be able to purchase special, limited copies of the recording on CD (limited to 1000 copies) and LP with the bonus track "Sleep," a previously-unheard song recorded during the tracking of the album. (Magic Bullet Records #197 CD)

V/A - Collateral Damage LP
Bloodstains over Beach Blvd.!!!. Hostage Records celebrates it's 20th year anniversary with a re-issue of one of it's most legendary comps; the spectacular Collateral Damage compilation. A virtual NUGGETS collection of So-Cal beach punk, this ripper is chock full of hits from bands you've likely never heard of, and that's what makes it so damn good. 16 tracks ALL EXCLUSIVE, ALL DEBUTS make this the modern day version of those famous Rodney on The ROQ comps. Punk Rock Vinyl Club called this the greatest post 2000 punk compilation ever pressed. Includes the debuts of the Bad Vibrations, the Have-Nots, ADHD and the Damaged Goods. As a Hostage 20th anniversary bonus, each copy comes with a special brown bagged out of press 45 from the Hostage Vaults. A full LP PLUS a limited edition 45. The ultimate Black Friday deal. (Hostage Records #43)

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THE LOWEST FORM - Personal Space LP with download
The second album from UK hardcore engine The Lowest Form, Personal Space sees the band cutting through a comedown fug of feedback, sharp butterflyknife guitars flashing deadly over a wasteground rubble of noise. Songs drawn up from discord, songs of marshalled cacophony, coils of scritching guitars break apart and reform, coalescing around insistent basslines and heavy drumbeats, before splintering again. It's hardcore constructed from textured noise as much as from breakdowns and riffs, rumbling infectious chants emerging from the wavering clamor, the vile keening of consciousness's half-known edges, noise in the grain of it all, noise as bedrock, an abrasive acid bath of fuzz, susurration and machinewhirr. "SMASH MY FUCKIN' HEAD AGAINST THE WALL" is the line that opens it up, rising out of Interplanetary Bad Boy's hissing swell. Driven through the album are anguished explorations of interior/exterior limits, whirling around viciously in the grubby borders of your skull, spinning hopelessly in the cosmic of the aether, untethered, higher than the sky but way down in the muck. From Gak Attack's claustrophobic pogo or Last Smash's drawling thump to Star Slammers manic tumble and Dread Future's rolling barrage, The Lowest Form have brought together another LP of murdered-out panicattack punk, lithe and unleashed, born of bad vibes and background radiation, an album at once uncomfortably close and fully heavy. (Iron Lung Records #88)

OHYDA - s/t LP
Debut release from Lublin's OHYDA. Distorted dark hardcore which channels the spirit of the classic Polish hardcore punk of DEZERTER or TRAGIEDIA (who they cover on the B side), mixes it with modern Barcelona bands ala DESTINO FINAL and incorporates quasi industrial beats a la CRESS with a hint of psychedelia creating a hybrid that is a monster on its own. Seven tracks in nearly 16 filled minutes which keeps us hoping for more soon. The record comes in a 350 gsm reverse board sleeve designed by Szymon Siech with a 12 page A6 lyric booklet and a download code. (La Vida Es Un Mus #123)

After the '14 demise of Kansas City, Missouri's Burial Teens, bassist Carrie Thomas and drummer Dan Ohm, decided to venture further together along a heavy doom trip, with Dan switching to guitar, and both contributing vocally. They filled the vacant drum throne with Tony Manganaro, a recent KC transplant, and member of OKC's American Hate. A year or so into their gigging and song-writing, they added Danni Parelman (from KCMO doom punks Chasm) on second guitar, to greatly fill-out the sound. Sick psych, fuzz & fumes and fog, bombastic malevolent troglodyte-core, disoriented and numb but pleasant, leaving your cheeks warm and flushed like oxycodone meets whiskey and soda, sew a Brainbombs patch on your hippie drug rug, stencil the cover of In Search of Space on your battle vest, sounds kinda like Mudhoney jamming Fang songs, but not THAT song. (Blak Skul Records #4)

STARING PROBLEM - Ghosts/Lifelines 7"
For the twentieth release on Modern Tapes we return to the band responsible for the label's first, Chicago's Staring Problem. The reference points of early The Cure or The Chameleons are still present but the band has evolved further into its own sound since its inception. Lauren's voice is honest and reflective, the guitar and bass weave around each other in the way that classic post punk should and Alix holds it all together with her patented minimalist thump that recalls early Jesus and Mary Chain. This isn't to call their sound a pastiche, it takes the classics as a reference point and injects them with a contemporary spin on what DIY, goth influenced punk can be. Black vinyl with printed jacket, insert and download code. (Modern Tapes #20)

WARSONG - Control LP
After leaving their mark on three continents, Zaragoza, Spain's WARSONG are traversing previously uncharted territory with their first release sung entirely in Spanish. This different way of expressing themselves opens onto a free street making new things possible. I honestly don't know how this band keeps cranking out so many bangers, but their latest record packs 8 more gripping tracks both recognizably WARSONG and significantly evolved from their previous releases. Their most complexly rich record to date, "Control" is an arresting soundtrack for dark times. Those who have been following this band for a while will also notice less distortion, longer and more elaborated song structures, and an unexpected treat on "Dejando Atrás" featuring guest vocals from the singer of ACCIDENTE. I'd be hard pressed to find a current comparison because WARSONG has few musical contemporaries- they are truly carving out their own path. I hear the convergence of diverse elements such as THE ONLY ONES, early NEW ORDER, the WIPERS, SONIC YOUTH, and THE RAMONES blended up and spewed out against the neoliberal end times. (Dirt Cult Records #101)

Loudly praised Minneapolis, MN. punk outfit FROZEN TEENS are back with 6 brand new songs. Featuring members of: Constant Insult, We/Ours, Cortez The Killer, Hello Shitty People & more. Follow-up release to the "Oakland Footsteps" 7" Single. Comes with download code. (Dead Broke Records #152)

Members of Leatherface & The Sainte Catherines, Medictation present their debut album. "Dickie Hammond's (Leatherface) untimely and recent passing shook not only those closest to him but also the punk world as a whole, such was his influence and the positive impact that he had on the community. Whilst most of us are familiar with the majority of Dickie's works, his final pieces have not been released, until now. Dickie Hammond (Leatherface/Medictation guitarist) left us too soon. One small solace was the fact that shortly before his passing he played a key role in writing and recording the debut Medictation LP 'Warm Places', being his final works. The album was initially scheduled to be released on vinyl through Paper + Plastic in January 2016 but pressing delays meant that the record was never physically produced. That's where we came in. Dead Broke is proud to present the North/South American version of Medictation's, "Warm Places". Comes w/ download. (Dead Broke Records #155)

Re-release of New York indie/punk bands' debut album. With help from our friends at Kiss Of Death & Kind Of Like Records (who originally released this album in 2011)... we present a brand new 4th pressing of this quintessential New York DIY punk record, now on Dead Broke Rekerds. Timeshares have recently released their second album "Already Dead" on SideOneDummy Records, and we're proud to make "Bearable" available once again. If you don't know this record by now, get on it. (Dead Broke Records #158)

TENTACLES OF GOD - s/t tape cassette
Solo debut by Blake Harrison of Pig Destroyer who joined the band during the lead up to their Phantom Limb album. This series of atmospheric soundscapes wears it's H.P. Lovecraft influence on it's sleeve. Acid trips through a watery hellscape with monsters lurking in every corner. What sound almost like haunted shipping yard field recordings quickly transistion to harsh sound walls. Tentacles of God have begun playing live dates in cities at DIY venues surrounding Pig Destroyer appearances, as well as opening for Agoraphobic Nosebleed. Limited to 100 copies. (Kitty Play Records #27 TP)

FACIALMESS/JAY RANDALL - split tape cassette
Split release. Cut up harsh abrasive noise master Facialmess on the A-Side. Jay Randall of Agoraphobic Nosebleed noisecore on the B-Side. (Kitty Play Records #43 TP)

FACIALMESS + SICKNESS - In The Face of Uncertain Odds tape cassette
Collaborative effort from two pioneers of abrasive harsh cut noise. Originally released as the limited edition CD-R during the Ende Tymes festival. (Kitty Play Records #35 TP)

EMPEROR OF THE NORTH - s/t tape cassette
Emperor of the North is the new solo project of WT Nelson. Well respected as a member of Man Is the Bastard, Bastard Noise and Threeoneg's Geronimo. Nelson also served as producer for Bastard Noise's seminal albums "Rogue Astronaut" featuring members of the Locust and Retox as well as "A Culture of Monsters". Nelson debuted the project live at KZSU Stanford's Day of Noise. The project seemlessly blends a mix of atmospheric field recordings with jarring custom electronics to form an animal / machine hybrid of sound. The soundtrack to a walk through a world as it transitions from a bright sunny day to a post-apocalypse car crash. Limited to 100 copies. (Kitty Play Records #21 TP)

JAY RANDALL - Burl Veneer tape cassette
Solo debut by Jay Randall of Agoraphobic Nosebleed under his own name. Randall takes the programming precision that he demonstrated in ANb and removes the grindcore shred but instead filters it through a spectrum of avant-garde jazz. A complete surprise to even his most rabid fans this release shows Randall's jazz influence in full. Gone are the shredding guitars, the pounding double bass drum and replaced with smokey jazz club piano and drum programming so well executed you couldn't imagine it performed by anything but a live player. Limited to 100 copies. (Kitty Play Records #25 TP)

WET LABIA - s/t tape cassette
Like many cities, Memphis has a history of all-female and female-fronted punk rock bands. And if that's yer thing, the best of them from different eras aren't hard to recall. The Klitz were first. Pistol Whipped defined their time. And today the tradition continues with Nots and Aquarian Blood. But there was a period in the early 2000's that was ruled by WET LABIA. At a time when there were seemingly less active punk bands than before or since, the LABIA emerged to take their place in the hierarchy of women who make punk music with teeth. (Kitty Play Records #33 TP)

GUILTY C. - Gold Land Trash tape cassette
Extremely prolific cult Japanese noise artist Filth the Swarm returns under the Guilty C. Monkier. One of the few recordings that is very subtle yet we would not want to listen to alone at night. Upon first listening we continued to find ourselves looking over our own shoulder to see if someone was creeping up behind us. Past collaborators with the project have included Bastard Noise and John Wiese. Limited to 100 copies. (Kitty Play Records #32 TP)

ILL REPUTE - What Happens Next LP
Reissue on the newly-minted Nardcore Records of the 1985 Mystic Records classic. Combines the "What Happens Next" album with "Oxnard Land of No Toilets" 7" tracks. (Nardcore Records #33005)

1st new album in 20 years! Songs about sex change, devils, monkeys, & your mom fucking shit up: Indiana is a world where the waters of guitar based rock & roll still run deep & fresh. The men in this band all grew up listening to rock radio & they still believe the electric guitar is the ultimate weapon against boredom. "Monkey" arrives more than 20 years after the last release & it picks right up where Zero Boys left off: music recorded by grown-ass men with the average mental age of a 12-year-old boy. With digital download card. (Z Disk Records #2014)

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MAXIMUM ROCK'N'ROLL #404 (January 2017)
The January 2017 issue of MRR, #404, is here! In light of the impending Trump presidency, we have a very useful guide to basic cybersecurity, revolutionary reading lists, Q&As from Transgress Fest, and more. We have photo spreads from Static Shock Fest and the current Mexico City Punk scene, plus interviews with Copenhagen/worldwide queer art punks PRISON, Kansas City freaks PHANTOM HEAD, and everyone's favorite Berlin-based phenomenon DIÄT. Dublin post-punkers the BLOW INS talk about carving out space for Polish punks in a new country, Baltimore's QUITTER share the trials and tribulations of gas station food and sweaty jumpsuits, and Oakland's HARD LEFT can't decide if they are hard mod or utopian Oi! (maybe Turbo can help?). It all wraps up with Canadian raw punk band PARASYTES, a joint interview with LAKES and TOL (two Australian bands that share members), and Scottish vegan straightedge riotgrrrls BRATAKUS. Get it today! (Maximum Rock'n'Roll #404)

Blazing down the path forged by Baader Brains and Please Inform The Captain This Is A Hijack, "Confidential Human Source" is the ultimate release by Sarah Kirsch (Rest In Power). Deluxe packaging includes large full color booklet, download propaganda, and more. "The NDA's have expired and the long-rumored MC/MF LP is finally public for eager hearts & minds everywhere! Recorded in 2010, this project stands as fallen member Sarah Kirsch's departing haiku to all kindred spirits still left behind enemy lines. Originally intended as internal training material for a Zen Arcade-esqe double LP, veteran producers Crisco Thunder and Jack "Whiz Bang" Shirley joined forces with the surviving MoFo's to apply the necessary final touches on this future classic. Merging militant elegies ala-Cut the Crap with raging riffs and vitriol, the 'Motherfuckers drag discontented, abrasively tuneful 'hardcore punk' off the bloody butcher's block of historical curiosity. Scything swathes through uncharted sonic frontiers, Confidential Human Source is a true return to form, where malcontent Mothercountry Motherfuckers of all ages are sure to find lasting resonance and sustenance for the end times ahead." - Doug Moodie for Trouser Pressed. (Clean Plate Records #68)

BAADER BRAINS - New Era Hope Colony LP (with download code)
Limited re-press available now! Sold out since early 2013! Members of Baader Brains have played in Please Inform The Captain This Is a Hijack, Torches To Rome, Struggle, Fuel, Swing Kids, Sawhorse, John Henry West, Bread & Circuits, Navio Forge, Bullets In, Shivering, etc... The new LP comes with a full color poster, full color insert, as well as a download code. Two years since the fated members of the Young Tiger Free Organization began their astral journey to Procyon, the time-lock on these recordings has finally opened, and now-for a limited time-we are able to bring you Baader Brains' second, final and posthumous sonic treatise. Bringing to mind the knocked-out-teeth vibe of David Tarling's Nervous Breakdown-era Black Flag production values, and somehow mixed with the highbrow artistry of Windham Hill easy-listening releases, Baader Brains here achieves the equivalent of a ketchup-and-ice-cream mash-up. Lyrically there is much talk of mysterious glows, preparation for evacuations, and roadmaps to a better tomorrow. Whether the 'Brains grasp-or even understand-the gravity of their proclamations, time and history will yet be the determining factor. The New Era Hope Colony LP is not only a meditation on our current predicament, but also a beacon of hope looking towards a yet-to-be-determined future. Indeed, with this record the paradoxes and promises of The Incomplete Unfinished Works... will finally be resolved. (Clean Plate Records #63)

SHEER MAG - Compilation LP
This new Sheer Mag LP is a compilation of all three of their 7" releases (I, II, and III). Twelve songs in total all recorded in Philadelphia. Two thirds of the songs have been remastered (I and II). All epic riffs, a lo-fi and compact production, hooks galore and that soulful and gritty voice you already love... just a lot more convient to have all three 7"s on one long playing LP! (Wilsuns Records #91)

DISRUPT - Discography LPx4 (red or grey vinyl)
After a litany of delays, the vastly anticipated official Disrupt "Discography" LPx4 licensed from Relapse Records is getting set to contaminate the masses just in time for the winter!! Unlike the Disrupt "DEAD" Box Set CD on Relapse which contained bootlegs, demos and live recordings, the LPx4 vinyl version is comprised exclusively of all 80 studio songs recorded during Disrupt's resounding existence. All songs were digitally mastered from the original DAT reels in 2006 by Jeff Lipton (Peerless Mastering - Boston, USA) and subsequently remastered for vinyl in 2016 by the almighty Brad Boatright (Audiosiege Mastering - Portland, USA). This LPx4 tri-fold beast contains a 12 pg. booklet (including artwork, lyrics & photos) and 2ft. x 2ft. poster, which all fuses into a milky clear, printed slipcase cover. Limited to 1000, so act fast!! (Unrest Records #34)

Two bands that have refined their respective sounds from noisey punk and metallic grindcore into genre expanding contributions to DIY punk rock. Instinct of Survival (Hamburg, Germany) continue to flavor their stench core influenced punk with a industrial melodic sensibility reminiscent of early Killing Joke. LIFE (Tokyo, Japan) again proove they are the best thing going in crasher crust style punk with three tracks that deliver all the pounding, reverb drenched bombardment you need from the genre while finding room for some amazing melodies and guitar work. Essential material from both bands. Artwork by the Human Warhead Yeap. Screen printed covers. (Desolate Records #7)

ORANGE COUNTY HARDCORE SCNESTER - A Film By Evan Javobs DVD In Orange County, California in the 1990s, hardcore music was a thriving subculture that featured such bands as Insted, Carry Nation, Farside, Outspoken and 411 among many others. Local labels such as Nemesis, Workshed, Revelation (recently transplanted from New York), New Age and Conversion fed the the appetites of a scene that wanted nothing more than an outlet for their self-expression. All regions. (Anhedenia Films #1)

BEYOND - No Longer At Ease LP
Beyond, though short lived in the NYHC scene (1988-1989), made an impact with their personal brand of Long Island metal-tinged hardcore with intricate riffage and members going on to other influential hardcore bands on both coasts. Originally released in 1989 by Combined Effort Records and later reissued in 1997 on CD by Some Records, this is the first time "No Longer At Ease" has been available again on any format since then. This Revelation Records reissue is remastered from the original analog tapes, features original artwork and is pressed on limited color vinyl. LP includes digital download of this record. (Revelation Records #164)

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BREAKDOWN - The '87 Demo LP
540 Records and Painkiller have teamed up once again to bring you the other half of the legendary "Breakdown; Both Demos" series: the legendary '87 Demo. Breakdown's original 1987 lineup was only together for a few short months, but in that time they produced one of the most legendary and influential recordings in the history of New York Hardcore. Paving the way for every hard and heavy band to follow, Breakdown's take on hardcore was balanced with the perfect mix of hip hop's bounce, the power and dynamics of heavy metal, and an unmistakable New York accent laced across a tough, streetwise sound that could only have come out of 1980's New York City. This LP contains the full 9-song '87 Demo, released here for the first time on vinyl in its entirety, backed with a crushing live set recorded on WNYU radio's Crucial Chaos during the summer of 1987. Both recordings have been faithfully restored from original sources and sound better than ever. Includes a full color 12"x24" poster insert with extensive notes and anecdotes from members of the NYHC scene. (Breakdown Records #55)

POISON IDEA - Latest Will And Testament LP
This month we are delighted to finally bring you Volume 4 of the POISON IDEA "Kings Of Punk" reissue series: the 10th Anniversary edition of "Latest Will & Testament." This album was to be the final recordings of POISON IDEA's legendary guitarist Tom "Pig Champion" Roberts, and was originally released in Europe in early 2006, shortly after his death. This reissue will be the first domestic release of this later period, lost P.I. classic. It's widely agreed among P.I. fans that the original 2006 version clearly suffered from the unfortunate circumstance under which it was released. For this edition, Punk/Metal crossover wunderkind Joel Grind of TOXIC HOLOCAUST was slated with the task of remixing the album from the master tapes. The end result is the presentation that "Latest Will..." was always meant to have: an album that now without question earns its place among the rest of POISON IDEA's powerful discography. If you missed "Latest Will & Testament" the first time around, or if you want to hear these songs louder, mean and better than ever before, GET THIS RECORD. First pressing of 1,000 copies on WHITE VINYL! (TKO Records #1602)

S.L.I.P. - Slippy When Wet LP
With Slippy When Wet, Pittsburgh's S.L.I.P. go after that rarest of white whales: the all-killer, no filler 33RPM 12" hardcore record. If you'd only heard their earlier stuff, I could see worrying that the lurching, deep-in-the-pocket, Black Flag/Bl'ast!-style rhythms that are at the core of the band's sound might wear on the ear after a while (god knows some of those later 'Flag records can be tough to get through in one sitting), but Slippy When Wet reveals that, much like the Adolescents or the Zero Boys, S.L.I.P. are pretty much just writing great pop songs and delivering them with the energy and power of hardcore punk. In addition to being jam-packed with memorable tunes, the playing here is just phenomenal... the "members-of" list for this band is both long and deep, and the experience shows whether they're playing full-tilt hardcore punk like "Not Your Prey" or a Judas Priest-style riff-rock sing-along like "Fast Living." S.L.I.P. have that Annihilation Time-esque way of using their phenomenal technical proficiency in the service of making music that is fun and energetic rather than dense and pretentious, and like those great A.T. releases, Slippy When Wet is a record that won't leave your turntable for a very long time. (Sorry State Records #83)

DAVIDIANS - City Trends LP
After two 7"s (one on Deranged and one on Sorry State), Raleigh, North Carolina's Davidians deliver their first 12" record. Realizing the sound hinted at on their previous two-song single, City Trends combines elements of art-punk and hardcore into one of the freshest and most distinctive sounds in contemporary punk. While Davidians pick up on various threads in punk's 40-year history-the pulse and heaviness of 90s noise rock, the quirky rhythms of Wire's branch of post-punk's family tree, the brooding atmosphere of goth, and the velocity and concision of early 80s US hardcore-these elements are fully digested, growing organically out of the sound of four people of varying ages and backgrounds playing in a room together. Rather than just referencing other parts of my record collection, for me listening to City Trends reminds me of a time of discovery, when every new band I found was a universe unto themselves ripe for exploring. With this record, the RIYL is rendered obsolete... you either like Davidians, or you don't. But if you like smart, dense, and original punk rock then I'm pretty sure you're going to like it a lot. (Sorry State Records #80)

DRUGCHARGE - s/t flexi 7"
Sorry State is proud to help immortalize one of the best demos of 2015 on a slightly more permanent format and in a slightly less limited edition. North Carolina's Drugcharge are one of those bands that seemed to come from nowhere and arrive fully formed, armed with some of the catchiest riffs in all of hardcore and a tightness that most bands have to work for years to earn. Clearly coming from a similar sonic place as recent pogo-infused hardcore bands like Glue and Strutter, Drugcharge not only match those bands in intensity, power, and catchiness, but also add in some subtle little quirks that, even to an avowed music snob like myself, seem truly novel, like the odd backing vocal tracks that are peppered throughout the record. In a world crowded with competent hardcore bands, Drugcharge manage to stand out as one of the handful that are truly special. Limited to a one-time pressing of 250 copies. (Sorry State Records #82)

AZOK - S.A.P.N.P. 7"
This 4 track official reissue 7" presents a surreal and enveloping listen, as Azok combines a completely unique blend of environmentally raw noise and punk that should appeal to any fans of the classic dark and violent 80's hardcore punk bands of Japan. Collectors often cite bands such as G.I.S.M. or Zouo as strong influences on their sound. (General Speech/Chaos Disco #1)

LITHICS - Borrowed Floors LP
Limited to 300 copies. Lithics is a four person minimalist punk band from Portland, Oregon formed in late 2014. Over the last year and a half they have refined a sound focusing on interlocked bass and drum rhythms paired with shrill guitar counterpoint and stark female vocals. While counting Wire, The Fall, Devo, Pylon, The Shadow Ring, and Captain Beefheart's Magic Band as reference points, the band's concerns are contemporary and urgent. An injection of uptight, nervous energy into the reverb drenched complacency of today's musical underground.Combination letter-pressed and offset printed covers by Stumptown Printers. (Water Wing Records #13)

Jungle Nausea formed at the dawn of the 80s when some members of SMEGMA recruited other Portland new-music enthusiasts (including poster artist Mike King) for a project that would combine punk, new wave, American roots music, and a sense of humor. They weren't much like the other local bands of the era, but that wasn't what they were going for. Instead they found their own twisted path, playing the heck out of their mix of conventional and homemade instruments and getting unintended sounds out of their rhythm machine. The live shows were few, but incredibly memorable. This release combines their 1982 EP in its entirety, and a whole side of unreleased live and studio tracks. All tracks engineered by the legendary Mike Lastra of SMEGMA. Co-released by Community Library LIMITED TO 600 COPIES. (Water Wing Records #14)

We have a new issue of No Friends available -- #4 includes interviews with Tenement, one half of the hilarious feminist/queer comedy duo The Puterbaugh Sisters--Danielle Puterbaugh, Jakob VanLammeren--archivist of the Leather Archives & Museum, Carbondale IL's Bad Taste, Greek post-punks(Comedy of Death), Minneapolis basement rockers--Lemonade; plus dozens of columns, tons of photos, and hundreds of reviews that people will inevitably love/hate. The 7" flexi record for issue #4 also has new, and exclusive by Tenement, Sadie Switchblade's heartfelt solo project, Dyke Drama, Chicago's DIY punk supergroup Endless Column, and Buffalo, NY's one-woman feminist dancepunk powerhouse, Jamie and the Debt. (No Friends 'zine #4)

Tyler Daniel Bean's On Days Soon to Pass features Tyler Daniel Bean on guitar, bass, and vocals; Joe Allen Cross on drums; Jessica Lynne McDermott on vocals; Shannon Stott-Rigsbee on violin; Kevin Tyler Yando on guitar; and Nyiko Beguin on synth. Each record comes with a custom chapbook filled with Tyler's lyrics and thoughts on life. In the midst of a four-year bout with his major depression, he was working his way through the series of poems that would culminate in this albumall of which also constituted his capstone project for a masters in literary studies and confessional poetry. He was aiming to discover a language of process that would lead toward preservation rather than annihilation, learning hands-on, not only what preservative writing is, but also how to reorient creative work to better engage with and project hope. Being the person you can live with, it turns out, is a recursively creative endeavor, an on-going challenge, requiring choice and assimilation. Dealing with mental health disorders particularly requires regular self-renewal: the recurring epiphany of interacting constructively with the world. The overriding theme of the album is, if you know me, will you still love me? Which leads to the realization that the you Bean repeatedly refers to has been there all along, standing beside him when he writhed as well as when he flexed. To understand this record is to look at its dark, dense surface matter, and see beyond it to the beacon that is love; it is to recognize that functioning in the face of fear is to strive to be fully human; it is finding a way to truly say I want to live, even recognizing the relentlessness of the battle. (Tor Johnson Records #36)

SPAZZ - La Revancha LP (Reissue on yellow vinyl)
(Back in stock!) Next up in the series of legitimate SPAZZ releases is their "La Revancha" LP originally released on Sound Pollution in 1995. This LP marked a new point in SPAZZ's output - they had found their signature sound and tried to push this to its extreme. 20+ minutes of crazed Bay Area power violence with a CRYPTIC SLAUGHTER cover to boot. (625 Productions #228)

Descriptions for 11/19/16

SPAZZ - Sweatin' 2: Deported Live Gorilla CD
35 tracks from 1995-1996 compiled from splits with Subversion (1995, Deported Records) and Romantic Gorilla (1996, Sound Pollution Records) plus a full live set from KFJC radio (1996). Everything remastered, or in some cases mastered for the first time by Dan Randall at Mammoth Sound. Originally released on 625 Records in 2001 and out of print for 15 years. The Romantic Gorilla split tracks have been added to this redux edition. (Pirates Press Records #98 CD)

BESTIAL RAIDS - Master Satan's Witchery CD
With its previous opus, Bestial Raids earned its acclamation as one of the most furious bestial black metal bands active today. "Master Satan's Witchery" is undeniably an extension of Bestial Raids' previous efforts, and the new songs effectively serve to augment and enhance rather than usurp the violent effect with which the band is most readily associated, thus emphasizing its status as a standard-bearer for the current generation of bestial black metal. (Nuclear War Now Records #332 CD)

BLACK WITCHERY - Evil Shall Prevail CD
Nuclear War Now! is proud to resurrect the unholy document of Black Witchery's evil ascension into the dark of night with its release of "Evil Shall Prevail," a collection of all tracks from the band's "Demo 97," "Evil Shall Prevail" demo, "Summoning of Infernal Legions" EP, and its contribution to the "Hellstorm of Evil Vengeance" split with Conqueror. Additionally, previously-unreleased outtakes from the "Hellstorm..." recording session are also included, as is Black Witchery's cover of Sarcófago's "Black Vomit" from the "Tribute to Sarcófago" compilation CD from 2001. The double LP comes housed in gatefold jacket and includes an A2 poster. (Nuclear War Now Records #323 CD)

Long in the works and finally ready for consumption, Oakland, CA's STERILE MIND is back with the stark, brutal and unforgiving debut LP, "Lift The Mask". Featuring members of No Statik, What Happens Next and others, STERILE MIND produce 9 songs of ripping hardcore punk complimented by thoughtful songwriting, unorthodox arrangements and dripping-with-contempt lyrics. A good reference point could be the early ABC NO RIO scene (BORN AGAINST/RORSCHACH) with a touch of East Bay hardcore (TALK IS POISON/DEAD AND GONE) and the speed and intensity of bands like TOTALITAR and NO SECURITY. (Sterile Mind Records #3)

GREEN DRAGON - Time Is Now/Mercury Is Heavy 7"
Green Dragon are a heavy psych (hard psych) band that hail from the basements of suburban New Jersey. These guys love all things 70's, most notably Black Sabbath, Sir Lord Baltimore, Hawkwind and early Blue Oyster Cult. The band features punk hardcore veterans who played in Das Oath, Sweet Diesel, Your Adversary, Devoid Of Faith, the Plungers and Monster X. Two heavy songs of thick riffage on this slab of green wax that was recorded by Anthony Corallo (Sheer Terror, Concrete Cross), and mastered by Jesse Cannon. (Gern Blandsten/Gloom Records #045)

HEXIS - MMXIV. A. D. XII. KAL. DEC. 7" flexi disc
Crust/blackened hardcore/post-metal. Although the band definitely fit the blackened hardcore descriptor, Hexis don't play the sort of music you would typically expect from the microgenre. There's nary a d-beat to be found on their last full length Abalam and no chugging breakdowns to tell the crowd when to start a circle pit. Instead, the band strips hardcore to its vestigial essence and incorporates that into massive walls of post-black metal noise. this flexi includes 2 songs of abalam and 1 of the split with this gift is a curse and was recorded live in Japan. (Time As A Color Records #36)

DIVIDED BY WATER - s/t 7"x2 + MP3
Trembling hands / duct hearts / careless / coma regalia / human hands released march 20th 2016, emo/postrock/screamo all 5 bands deliver a new and exclusive song, written to lyrically fit the “divided by water" topic. covers are 2-color screenprinted with screenprinted obi-strip, b/w insert with lyrics and liner notes. handstamped labels. super elaborate packaging, as diy as it gets. (Time As A Color Records #38)

LORRAINE - Gimbal Lock 7"
Gimbal Lock/Pitch/Roll/Yaw is the band's latest two song 7". Lorraine play a dark, tense, and moody style of post punk and punk. Musically, Lorraine can be loosely compared to bands such as The Estranged, Total Control, Bellicose Minds, and The Eisinores. Since forming in 2012, Lorraine have released a five song EP titled Lima in November of 2012, a two song 7" titled Kids+Crimes in May of 2013, a digital single titled 850 in September of 2014, a digital single titled Differential Mode in October of 2014, and a four way split with Daydream Fit, Dotlights, and Duct Hearts in April of 2015. (Time As A Color Records #47)

Hardcore/screamo. What Of Us is a new band featuring members of Capacities, Au Revoir and Guidelines. They bring you 8 tracks of complex, socially conscious hardcore that should not be missed. Coma Regalia are back after their new full length with 10 new tracks that wind from beginning to end, telling tales of what happens between birth and death. (Time As A Color Records #46)

On the Darfor side, they open with twinkly tunes of their track "Alla Mina Vänner" in the vein of Saetia, I Hate Myself and... Wait, did I just say that. Well, yeah. During their second half, the vocalist started yelping and is being followed by a psychological breaking point of crescendos. This is an ultimate of surprise for anyone (especially newcomers) who did not expect this kind of explosion. After the attack stops, the vocalist mourns one more time till the song finishes its job. The following track we are heading onto is "An Apology" by Coma Regalia. The way of their playing is a very passionate melodic screamo in the veins of The Saddest Landscape, Helen of Troy and The Spirit of Versailles. What else can I say, it's 5 minutes of incredibly raw passion of punk. Emo/Screamo. (Time As A Color Records #51)

Gillian Carter play a killer style of music that incorporates elements of post hardcore, punk, emo, and screamo within their sound. Coma Regalia unique style of pissed off screamo should be known from what must be a hundred various split records. One song from each band on this one sided 6" split. The most grotesque color combinations this side of super villainy. Silk screened B side and 2 seemingly random baseball card style inserts. Screamo hardcore. (Time As A Color Records #52)

Screamo/post-hardcore. Debut LP of this young austrian band from vienna. after touring with bands like i not dance and viva belgrado pettersson recording their first LP at tonmeisterei, oldenburg, not reinventing screamo and post-hardcore, but definitely presenting it in their own style, grumpy, loud, energetic, still twinkly at times. (Time As A Color Records #53)

Defeater frontman Derek Archambault's alt-country solo vehicle, Alcoa, teams up with Midwest indie rock up-and-comers Choir Vandals for a split with never-before-heard material from both acts. Alcoa contributes a pair of B-sides from the fantastic, 2015 sophomore full-length "Parlour Tricks" sessions, while Choir Vandals provides two brand new songs on the heels of several well-received EPs, including the recent "Bedroom Songs (Demos 2014-16)." For fans of Ryan Adams, Rocky Votolato, City & Colour and Seahaven. 7" includes digital download. (Bridge Nine Records #244)

Descriptions for 11/12/16

MAXIMUM ROCK'N'ROLL #403 (December 2016)
Here's the December 2016 issue of Maximum Rocknroll, #403 - the all-China issue! We've got a Chinese punk history primer, scene reports from Bejing, Wuhan, and Guangdong, an annotated discography of Chinese punk, and reprints of MRR features on Chinese punk straight from our archive. We have interviews with experimental indie band SUBS, noise punkers DIDERS, and heavy metal influenced street punks DEMERIT. We've also got photo spreads from Toronto's Not Dead Yet Fest, along with the Slovakian crust band BETON's photo tour diary of Brazil. Plus, a guest column by Arina Moiseyenko as well as all of our regular columns and reviews. Don't miss out! (Maximum Rock'n'Roll #403)

WORSE - Rubber Burner LP
New York City's WORSE have made an LP of noisy rock'n'roll songs that don't shy away from being punk. The band relies heavily on pop sensibilities while having guitars that blare through sounding not unlike the classic 90's bands HARVEY MILK and HAMMERHEAD. The slugging-drawls of the instruments bleed into the two-singer vocals and what you're left with is a puddle of punk rock goodness. The arrangements are complicated even in their brute force and the quick psychedelic dives show just how compelling a two minute, three chord song can be. The band has been compared to "Floyd the Barber"-era NIRVANA and FLIPPER, but this LP draws more from bands like COWS or even BUTTHOLE SURFERS than it does the Pacific Northwest sound. The hardest part of describing "RUBBER BURNER" is that all nine songs stand alone independent of each other. The members of worse have been in bands like NOMOS, BATTLETORN, GRIDS, and SYPHILITIC LUST and all three members played together in NYC's unforgiving SHOXX. "RUBBER BURNER" was recorded by BEN GREENBERG and mastered by WILL KILLINGSWORTH. (Deranged Records #295)

IMHOTEP 'zine # 11 + ABIGOR - Kingdom of Darkness 7"
IMHOTEP is not only one of the longest running 'zines hailing from Norway, it has always been a good zine for high quality reading in general. But with this 11th issue editor Roy once more surprises with a totally unique idea of zine making. Instead of filling the pages with a bunch of band interviews and reviews or special reports about certain scene related topics, this issue just features 3 bands (hence the issue's subtitle "Trinity"): ABIGOR, MAYHEM and WATAIN. Also included as bonus is an ABIGOR 7" with an old song re-recorded for the A side and two old rehearsal recordings for the B side. (Nuclear War Now Records #321)

HARAM - What Do You See?
HARAM-The debut 7" from Haram!! deranged hardcore sung in arabic from this Queens, NYC band. They are one of THE best new NYC bands. This record is also absolutely beautiful, with a fold out screen printed cover. The FBI's favorite punk band. (Toxic State Records #28)

OMEGAS - Power To Exist LP
Much anticipated answer to 2011's "Blasts of Lunacy," the Omegas leave off where they picked up, coming back to their personalized vision of the nooks and crannies of early NYHC and proto hardcore cum Darby Crash cum Nollywood prankster at ever more obtuse and challenging angles. The riffs implode and the changes are impossible to follow without a map that probably leads somewhere unpleasant. Even still, the confusion feels like a stroke of luck. The gift is not knowing what you're hearing yet but knowing you've wanted to hear it your whole life. Duck, dive, spit, slam, kill: Makes you go Boom Boom. Flash forward, the power to exist. FFO: getting stop and frisked by the NYPD and having them find a giant lollypop in your otherwise empty bag/wondering who killed Tony Frenchman. (Beach Impediment Records #20)

KRIEGSHOG - General 7"
Tokyo's KRIEGSHÖG return with a three new track EP of distorted Japanese hardcore. Catchy bass driven diabolic hardcore with a vocal style that brings to mind "Who the Helpless" era KURO and the LSD flexi as much as the relentless LA's ICONOCLAST D-Beat attack creating a background soundtrack for the insanity that is Tokyo's existance. The 7" is housed in a DISCHARGE EP style sleeve with flaps on the outside and thumb cut and comes with a lyric insert. All designed by Bass player Shingo. (La Vida Es En Mus #131)

ES - Object Relations LP
Object Relations is the debut by Es, four women based between London and Glasgow making 'mutant synth-punk for our dystopian present' (Jes Skolnik). Tense, bass driven and synth heavy with frantic drumming and cold, direct vocals, the 12" delivers 4 tracks of gelid guitar-less post punk that is equal parts sparse and cosmic. Think of a mix of KUKL with NO DEFENCES jamming with X-MAL DEUTSCHLAND and you may be getting there. The 12" record comes housed in a sleeve designed by Es and comes with a lyric insert and download code. (La Vida Es En Muis #128)

DEATHRAID - The Year The Earth Struck Back tape cassette
Hailing from Seattle, this veteran d-beat combo featuring ex - members of Disrupt, Consume, Shitlist and State of Fear, strike again with a brutal new release. Nine new bullets of absolutely relentless d-beat crust punk. For fans of Totalitar, early Disfear and any of the aforementioned bands they played in will have an orgasmic blast. (Unrest Records Cassettes #1 TP)

MASSGRAVE - The Absurdity Of Humanity tape cassette
Canada's cannabis breathing crust punks are back with a long awaited crop of home grown brutality!! Clocking in at just over 16 minutes, they unleash twelve down-tuned blasts of grinding crustcore at it's finest. Some of their best material to date and sure to stoke fans of Disrupt, ENT, Doom, Nasum etc. The LP version will be released on Haunted Hotel Records (USA). Artwork by Stiv of War. (Unrest Records Cassettes #2 TP)

UNREST RECORDS is proud to announce the new album by Malignant Tumour entitled The Metallist. Hailing from the precious pilsner-soaked lands of Czech Republic, these veterans of crust and metal fused R'n'R are back with their sixth full-length release. Mastered by Andy Classen at Stage One Studio (DE), this devestating new record contains eleven luci-furious blasts of unholy metal mayhem that is certain to melt the hinges off the gates of hell!! Limited colour vinyl is available while quantities last, so act fast. (Unrest Records #32 CD)

Sludgable and Punkable, melodic and chaotic, singing or screaming, Ordinary Lives is a heavy three-piece band from Philadelphia consisting of members of Bridge and Tunnel, Off Minor, Nimbus Terrifix, and Saetia. Their new EP was recorded and mixed by Steve Roche (drums in Ordinary Lives) at his studio, Permanent Hearing Damage. On this EP the band blends tuned-down guitars and a precise, but frenzied rhythm section to create a colossal sound that gives a nod to turn of the century AmRep Records or Screamo. Delivery like classic Quicksand or Unsane and might appeal to current fans of Torche or Baroness. (Tor Johnson Records #35)

EN BUSCA DE ALGO MAS - photo book by Martin Sorrondeguy
We finally got a few copies of this massive photo book from Argentina. Five hundred copies made. Photos of Hoax, Drop Dead, Infest, Iron Lung, Hounds of Hate, Boston Strangler, Neon Piss, Ropes, etc... as well as crowd shots and punks from all over the world. A beautiful photo book. (Sniffing Records #132.5)

(restock) HARD SKIN - Greatest Hits Vol. 7 CD
"Greatest Hits Vol 7" CD by Hard Skin. It was released for their South American tour this past March 2016. It contains 26 tracks including: Fucking Skins Fucking Punks 10" 2008, Split 7" with Fucked Up, On The Balls LP, Do you Like Hospital Food? 12", Tour 7" 2013. (Sniffing Recording Industries #132)

(restock) ORCHID - Totality LP
The complete 1998 - 2002 singles collection finally available on LP! Twentyfour songs remastered from the original recordings, including the self-titled 7", five split releases, three compilation tracks and one unreleased song. Vinyl includes a 20 page, full color, 7" x 7" booklet, and download code. (Clean Plate Records #38)

(repress) ORCHID - Gatefold LP (red vinyl pressing)
The final recordings of Orchid. These nineteen tracks are probably the best songs that Orchid ever recorded. Their sound has been honed and defined, and the recording perfectly captures Orchid's diverse combination of arty sensibilities, heartfelt emotive song writing, Mohinder-esque drumming, frantic precision, controlled mayhem, and chaotic adrenaline. An excellent record that even surpasses their previous releases. Definitely Orchid's opus. The LP comes packaged in a gatefold sleeve. The various Orchid members have gone on to form Bucket Full of Teeth, the Wolves, Ampere, and the Panthers. (Ebullition #51)

Influenced by Blast, SST, RKL, and Annihilation Time, Blasting Concept expertly melds '70s rock with early '80s SoCal hardcore. Goleta, Santa Barbara, and Ventura have a long history of this sort of ear damage... there is a reason that these cities produced RKL, Annihilation Time, Rat Pack, and Blasting Concept. The only odd thing is that Blasting Concept is releasing an LP on Ebullition Records, which doesn't normally release such rock influenced records, however, Jeff Capra, one of Blasting Concept's two guitarists, was also in Manumission which Ebullition released over 20 years ago. Jeff has actually been in a million hardcore bands over the last 25 years... Like It Or Not, Manumission, Holier Than Thou?, Become, Broken Needle, Embassy, Ochre, Surprise Vacation, and probably a few others as well. When guitarist Calvin (formerly of Bone Explosion) started Blasting Concept back in 2009 he was heavily influenced by Blast, but over the years the band has become more and more influenced by '70s rock while still retaining those original Blast influences. Blasting Concept has previously released an LP and a 7" on It's Alive, which are both sold out at this point. Blasting Concept is also featured in the June issue of Thrasher skate magazine! (Ebullition Records #61.5)

(discounted price) ECONOCHRIST - discography CDx2
Ebullition has decided to lower the price of this amazing discography CD in an attempt to get some more of these out into the world before the CD format disappears forever. A classic. And a great deal for a double CD that includes every single Econochrist song that was ever released! This double CD discography features forty-one Econochrist songs. It includes the Ruination LP, the Trained To Serve LP, the Skewed 7", the Another Victim 7", the It Runs Deep 7", as well as the songs from the Give Me Back comp LP, the Very Small World comp LPx2, the What Are You Pointing At? comp 10", and the songs from the split 7" that Econochrist did with The Detonators. (Ebullition Records #37 CD)

ORCHID - Dance Tonight!! 10" (black/yellow 50/50 vinyl)
Repressed! Ten blasts of chaotic fury and emotive noise on a cute little 10". The Orchid sound is even more aggressive than on their 12", and anyone that enjoyed any of their previous releases will be floored by these songs. Tuneful, vicious, throbbing, and chaotic hardcore played with finesse, heartfelt energy, and a wee bit of arty pretense. Repress of the Chaos is Me LP in the works as well. We went all out this time with each record being 50% black and 50% yellow (they were supposed to be 50/50 black/yellow, but the pressing plant did it wrong). (Ebullition #46)

JOHN HENRY WEST - Door Bolted Shut LP (comes with bonus CD)
Comes with a special spine wrap. In the works for what seems like an eternity, Ebullition finally brings the John Henry West discography into existence. John Henry West played 50 shows between the fall of 1992 and the late summer of 1993. Side A of the LP features the 4 tracks from their 7" on Gravity Records, and side B features their songs from the "3/12/93" compilation and "A History of Compassion and Justice?" compilation LP, as well as 2 previously unreleased songs. The bonus CD features the original 6 song demo, their final live show at the Gilman (7 tracks), and a live set that they played on WUSB Radio in July of 1993 (9 tracks). The LP comes with a CD sized booklet with lyrics and photos. John Henry West members also played in Fuel, Navio Forge, Bread & Circuits, Sawhorse, Torches To Rome, Sixteen Bullets, End of The Line, Please Inform The Captain This Is a Hijack, and plenty more! (Ebullition Records #60)