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Descriptions for the newest releases available this week.

Descriptions for 6/27/15

14 new tracks of anti-fascist, head-erupting blastcore from one of the most brutal grindcore bands in the world today. Poland's SUFFERING MIND have been refining their unique brand of unrelenting political grindcore with multiple 7" Eps and splits since their classic self-titled LP on 625 back in 2010. This LP confirms their status as one of the best grind bands of the new century. Limited to 500 copies, gatefold 12" cover. (625 Productions #253)

Over 2 years in the making, "OUR EARTH'S BLOOD PT. V" v/a 7" e.p. continues the philosophical sound journey of BASTARD NOISE with veteran Japan-based sounds artists : GUILTY CONNECTOR, SHAYNE BOWDEN (transplanted from his home country of Australia), TOSHIJI MIKAWA (INCAPACITANTS), HIROSHI HASEGAWA (C.C.C.C./ASTRO), FACIALMESS (transplanted from his home country of England), K2, GOVERNMENT ALPHA, KATSURA MOURI, and MAKIKO SUDA (FLATIGIOUS IDIOSYCRACY IN THE DILAPIDATION) Each track features extreme, complex, textural power electronics and vocals/lyrics expertly recorded and mixed/produced by BN producer Michael Rozon ("THE RED LIST", A CULTURE OF MONSTERS", "SKULLDOZER", etc.) Packaged in a high quality pocket sleeve and including a double sided insert with all the lyrics, the 7" comes in a brilliant "starburst" vinyl mixed color and is ready to assault ears & minds in a way no other recording of its' genre ever has. This 7" is limited to a strict 500 copies. The brutality continues... with classic Bastard Noise vocals on all but one track! (Bastard Noise SR #3)

ZERO - Paradox 7"
Blazing hardcore punk from this Minneapolis band. Catchy and driving songs with a strong burning spirits influence. These guys are one of the most exciting bands around and while they have obvious influences their attention to melody and quality song writing stands out in today's punk scene. Packaged in 2 color screen printed (inside and outer) cover with a risographed insert and hand cut stamp on the inner sleeve. Recorded by Matt Castore (of Condominium) at a Harder Commune and mastered by Enormous Door. (Desolate Records #2)

DISGUISE - Signs Of The Future LP
Dublin, like New York or London, is a city whose punk in 2015 matches its vibrancy with its refusal to be defined by one sound. Multiple bands, all with wildly divergent takes on 2015 punk, all unified in their DIY ethic and refusal to compromise. The first 12" from searing rawpunx Disguise (who also feature 2/3 of Zom and members of Strong Boys) continues where their System Shock 7" left off, slamming together the lithe turmoil of Gloom, the monstrous purpose of Bastard, the ugly burn of Crude SS into a violent driving gunk, like Florida's Mauser or Australia's Kromosom, taking that Scandi-Japanese rawpunk axis and stretching it out to their own corner of the globe. Built on a relentless sinister thrum, a taut propulsive clatter, Disguise explode with scalding fury in the screaming guitars and tortured barks and roars echoing out of the radioactive slurry. From Constant Victim pure vitriol rolling into Signs of the Future's noisestomp groove, to Depleted Uranium heady crash and BBFM's broken fade, this is ferocious hardcore punk, worked til its end. (Static Shock Records #30)

PERMANENT RUIN - Are You Ready To Sacrifice? LP
PERMANENT RUIN is probably one of the best current (and accessible) Bay Area bands. You should really only have to know that PERMANENT RUIN are 2/3 of IN DISGUST with the singer from CONDENADA, but the grinding insanity that was IN DISGUST has been injected with manic Japanese riffing and howling insistent female vocals that keep you on edge from their first belt. This is powerful shit! This LP compiles their 3 7" EP's plus a bunch of unheard songs (5 tracks) for a total of 21 songs!!! So let's talk about the debut Permanent Ruin first EP ("Hell Is Real"). This is INSANE - breakneck thrash with huge divebombs and red-eyed intensity. The first scream singer Mariam lets off on opener "Legacy" sounds like it's going to jump off of the record and wrap itself around your throat. Six tracks and it never lets up for a moment! That'll never go down, though. Maybe it didn't take eight years of Republican bullshit to really get political punk kicked back into gear, but rather the five years and counting of misery that followed. Boot's still down on your throat. In their second EP ("Más Allá De La Muerte") there's a stronger power violence influence, but like my favorite bands who get described as power violence, this sounds more like straightforward hardcore played super, super fast and angry. In other words, it's fast, but the changes from fast to mid-paced parts don't feel gimmicky or overwrought. Definitely one of the tightest, angriest bands out right now... The newer 7" EP is called "San Jose" and, just like before, you know this fucker ain't for no damn milk-babies, this is for the true punk freaks, from the blinding speed, the hard-as-fuck breakdowns, and the best vox in the biz! About the new unheard songs, well, that's gonna be a surprise. (Agipunk Records #102)

WALK PROUD - Too Much Is Never Enough LP
One of the original hardcore bands from the Nemesis Records roster is back with their first full length in 25 years. Walk Proud is probably best known in the hardcore scene for having been the first release for New Age Records all the way back in 1988 with the "Be Yourself" EP. The band followed that up with the "RIP" LP in 1990 and the "One More Time" EP in 1991, both on Nemesis Records. An appearance on the "Furious World" compilation on Basement Records in 2003 was the band's last release, making this their first new record in over a decade. The band returns with 13 new tracks for fans of Agnostic Front, Bad Religion and Suicidal Tendencies. LP includes digital download. (Know Records #157)

Armistice: Southern California peace punk band-Armistice are back with their brand of political punk. The trademark distorted guitars and dive bombs are still present on this release. 100% paws up in the air punk rock from the Harbor Area of Los Angeles. Holokaust: Riverside, California's crust/punk veteran's deliver another lethal dose of their D-beat inspired punk. This marks Holokaust's first release since their split with Rattus. Straight to the point hard hitting lyrics! (Know Records #156)

MCRAD - Lion Pure LPx2
You can't have a discussion about Skate Punk without the name McRad. Formed by east coast skateboarder Chuck Treece in the early 80's, McRad instantly left a mark on the Philly punk scene. Their initial ep "Dominant Force" and the full length "Absence of Sanity" became instant skate rock classics. An appearance on Thrasher Magazine's Skate Rock Vol. 2 compilation coupled with their music being used in classic Powell Peralta skate videos like Ban This and Public Domain all but assured McRad would go down in skate punk history. Contains both the Absence of Sanity LP and Dominant Force 12" (both out of print on vinyl since the mid 80s) the tracks from Thrasher Skate Rock Vol 2 and more. Also features HR from Bad Brains on 2 tracks. Comes with a free digital download. Look for the band to hit the road this summer to promote the record as well. (Not Like You Records #4)

GOAT SEMEN - Ego Sum Sathan LP
At long last, one of the most highly anticipated debut albums ever arrives: GOAT SEMEN's Ego Sum Sathana. At ground zero of the rebirth and resurgence of South American black/death at the dawn of the new millennium, these Peruvian devils delivered one of the most classic demos ever with their self-titled 2002 demo, which has seen countless re-editions in the past decade as well as the band's legendary grow to enviable levels. But alas, a debut album has eluded the band, and the fervor 'n' anticipation for one have reached critical mass in the metal underground. Taking on almost mythical status (not unlike Sadistic Intent's long-promised debut LP), GOAT SEMEN's Ego Sum Sathana has been in the making for literally a decade. Granted, the band's been keeping busy in the underground since the 2002 demo, releasing a handful of splits with the likes of Nazxul, Krieg, Levifer, and Japan's Sabbat, among others, as well as two highly coveted live albums - but each step of the way, it's only been a few songs teasingly released a time. But now, Ego Sum Sathana explodes into being, fully formed as the ultimate GOAT SEMEN statement. Like a veritable travelogue across the history of South American metal barbarity the past three decades, Ego Sum Sathana surges and gnashes with all the hellfire and hatred the continent's black/death is world renowned for, and yet the quartet imbibe all these traditions and spit them out nastier than ever. Song dynamics and even lengths range a surprising amount of ground for metal so hideous and maniacal; likewise, the production finds the right balance between raw and well-rounded. Through it all, however, the feeling of imminent implosion lurks around every dark 'n' diseased corner, chaos nearly taking hold and never losing its grip, whipping the listener into either a full-on frenzy or a state of perpetual tension. GOAT SEMEN laugh all the while, the masters taunting their servants, and Ego Sum Sathana summarily the execution the latter's begging for. If you were ever seeking the perfect combination of INRI, Black Force Domain, Aquelarre, Sexual Carnage, and Wicca...look no further. (Hells Headbangers Records #147)

ABOMINATOR - Evil Proclaimed LP
At long last, legendary black/death heretics ABOMINATOR return from suspended animation with their highly anticipated comeback album, Evil Proclaimed. After eight years in the abyss, the core creative duo of drummer/vocalist Chris Volcano and guitarist Andrew Undertaker - both longtime veterans of the deadly Australian metal scene - have reignited the hellfire, having learned their lessons well from a devilish hiatus, and thusly deliver a demonic slab of black/death metal carnage. Aptly titled, Evil Proclaimed is ABOMINATOR's fifth album to date, and their first album for HELLS HEADBANGERS. Here, these Oz barbarians range their entire discography, the filth 'n' fury of their earliest days well accounted for whilst showing a nuanced sense of dynamics not heard on their previous albums. The attack's not unlike a heat-seeking missile: stealthy, insistent, focused, FAST...and death imminent. With a history that stretches back more than 20 years now, ABOMINATOR display no signs of softening nor compromise; if anything, they're more committed than ever to harnessing the powers of chaos and unleashing them back as a maelstrom of blackened Metal of Death. Rounded off by the band's best, burliest production ever, Evil Proclaimed is the victorious return everyone's been awaiting of ABOMINATOR. Onward they march... (Hells Headbangers Records #149)

PORTAL - Seepia LP (gatefold)
A vision of utter horror, 'Seepia' is perhaps one of the most unique and intimidating albums ever conceived. Depraved, artsy and morally-impaired, through a twisted mindfuck of oppressive histrionics and the class of classic avant-garde cinema, Portal portrays theatrical musical dementia through a death metal lens. (Hells Headbangers Records #137)

BONEHUNTER - Evil Triumphs Again CD
Much like they've done with ARMOUR and EVILNIGHT, once again, HELLS HEADBANGERS unleashes an underground gem from darkest Finland, ready to take up the heavy metal fight: BONEHUNTER and their debut album, Evil Triumphs Again. All too appropriately titled, Evil Triumphs Again is a cryogenically frozen blast from the past, offering obeisance to debut-era Bathory in its unremittingly cavernous atmosphere yet resolutely punk-rocking thrust. BONEHUNTER hail all forms of evil (a quick rundown of some of the album's song titles include "Acid Fuck," "Succubus," "Burning Skulls," the telltale "Devil Metal Punks" and, of course, the title track itself) and extol these virtues through simple, pounding metalpunk drenched in sulfur and sewage, each anthem crankier and catchier than the last. One listen through and these songs will NOT leave your head - and thus, Evil Triumphs Again! (Hells Headbangers Records#153 CD)

"Outre" sees Portal take their adhering style of surreal demented bizarre death metal (although Portal really transcend such a term these days, especially in this day in age where most bands that pass as "death metal" present a feeble display, far from what true horrifying death metal should encompass) and take it to a much more disturbing paradigm, than was found on the band's monumental "Seepia" observation. Overall, such an album as "Outre" will only alienate Portal even more from the so-called death metal scene of today. Were most musicians like to play it safe and typical in such a genre, where things become easy to comprehend, Portal merely transcend all boundaries and go much beyond into a realm where no other band in the genre dare step foot in (on a musical and lyrical sense). (Hells Headbangers Records #80)

The 80's in Poland it's when underground punk thrives, but neither thanks to the radio shows, cassettes nor vinyl discs, but as the DIY recordings from Jarocin Festival that punkers were able to fix with their tape recorders. Most of the bands of that era didn't last long enough nor left much mark on the scene, but still - there are people who remember. Luckily one of those people, Bunt - singer of Uliczny Opryszek, has collected tons of recordings over the years. With all those unique stuff from various 80's polish punk bands, it's no surprise that his band recorded THIS kickass album, with 19 unforgettable punk anthems taken from years 1978-93, that originally didn't get a chance to be recorded. This album seems to be real time travel. For old timers it's the reminiscent of their punk youth, for youngsters - interesting and exciting history lesson. Every song starts with a few seconds intro taken from original versions, so that the whole stuff sounds more authentic. We can hear songs of: Zakon Zebrzacych, Lumpersi, Kanada, Nocne Szczury, Detonator BN, Defloracja, Poercoks, Liberum Veto, Konwent A, and many more) (Pasazer Records #47)

DEZERTER - Wiekszy Zjada Mniejszego LP
Those guys are real long distance runners. Constantly active, probably most important band of the Polish punk scene got our attention again, with their 13th studio album - "Wiekszy Zjada Mniejszego". This album is 10 condensed, dark, crucial songs, recorded analog to feed your ears with 100% authenticity of band's sound. Recorded without use of anything besides magnetic tape, band has to put real effort to make it sound just right, cuz there's no cut-and-paste there! That resulted in a better energy flow among the band members and gives those pieces a lot of extra energy, as well as, of course - old school feel to it. Grabowski's lyrics, as usual aren't nice and easy. It's a heavy weight topics that will force your brain cells to work overtime. He said: "This album doesn't contain easy listening rock'n'roll, even despite the fact that it is all guitars, with a strong dose of melodic vocal lines." (Pasazer Records #46)

DEZERTER - Ile Procent Duszy (20th anniversary edition) LP
Existing for 33 years already, Dezerter is beyond doubt the most creative force of Polish musical underground and the punk rock scene. In the 80's, the band had been troubled with all the problems caused by a communist regime - their first name: SS20 was banned by the authorities, part of the first pressing of their 1984 debut EP was destroyed, their first full-lenght was released only in US thanks to the help of D.O.A.'s Joey Shithead and only a limited amount of the copies of their first official Polish LP was released (and that also after an interferance of a state censorship). The communism in the Easter Europe fell in 1989, but Dezerter didn't want to remain a legendary "system opposing band" and soon found a new ways of expressions for their non-conformist, peaceful and ecological ideas. Despite becoming fairly popular act, they never lost their touch with the reality and the punk scene. Dezerter had released twelve full lengths, toured the whole Europe and Japan. Few generations of punk rock bands appeared in the meantime, yet Dezerter still can claim to be the leading unit among them. It's the second vinyl edition of Dezerter seventh album, originally released in 1994. "Ile Procent Duszy" is probably the best, and surely the most popular record the band made in the 1990s. As usually, very inspirational and packed with punk message. (Pasazer Records #7)

CELA NR 3 - Stilonka LP
The immortal hits of CELA Nr 3 at least gonna scratch on the real vinyl! After 27 years, we want to remind the most famous demo of theband from Grudzi¼dz. Realized in 1987, 18 punk anthems / punk party hits (choose the right one!) gonna appear on the first vinyl of the band! CELA NR. 3 was one of the very few teams in Polish scene of those years remembering that punk rock can have kind of melody as well. Not only "Flowers", "Does it matter?", "Six" or "Cela nr 3", but literally every number of the album is a part of the must have punk bible book and a must of every punk rock party. Anyway, the band is still doing it successfully live and systematically recalls on their new studio works. After a quarter of a century (what a statement!) we have upgraded their earliest, the original version, done by the singer Kurdupel (RIP), played in the characteristic sound of the 80ís with the old schoolkeyboard, the true rare phenomenon in the punk of the communist Poland, Anyone who recorded live punk shows on those cheap tapes in the 80ís understands the title ìStilonkaî. This stuff survived thanks to stilonka tapes as well. ... The punk champion Wechter painted the cover with the band looking same way, as they were while in the era of Jaruzelski. Weíve everything possible to make these great songs sound fresh as never before, and at the same time to bring up the mood of those funny, but not always merry time. Ladies and gentlemen! Wipe tears of emotion, get the beer in your hand hand and get ready ready to dance. Hereís The CELA NR 3! (Pasazer Records #44)

ALIANS - Gavroche LP
ALIANS flagship LP available for the first time on vinyl. Out on its 20's birthday! The first half of the 90's is a great time for the Polish independent hc/punk scene. One of the most popular trends that time was the original combination of punk, reggae and folk, which grew up particularly in surrounded by forests city of Piza. And one of the flagship bands of that trend was ALIANS. The band was extremely active that time, both live and in a studio, with the surprising sound of so unusual instruments like the accordion, melodica or... flutes, while playing aggressive and anarchistic punk rock of flesh and blood, guitars and drums same time. Exactly the way punk noise should be and differently than everyone else the same time. Their most memorable album for many was "Gavroche", realized in 1994 in the legendary studio Golden Rock. And as it just 20 years since that, and for the moment the band will celebrate 25 years being around, we decided to send you all a gift and see how this album gonna sound on vinyl. We are happy to announce that the album sounds great and has perfectly done the test of time. In addition to the well-known attack songs ("Homemade Bombs", "Desertís Lords"), you gonna find a large format and a new artwork in the rich and strong character. (Pasazer Records #45)

Among TILT, and KSU, NOCNE SZCZURY were one of first Polish punk band ever. This is 5 songs from New Wave Festival in Kolobrzeg 1980. Punk rock in a Sex Pistols style. EP includes photos, and story of singer ZIBI. (Pasazer Records #8)

DEZERTER - Jeszcze Zywy Czowiek (Still a Living Man) LPx2
Recording of the legendary Dezerter performance at Jarocin festival 1984. One of the most important documents of Polish punkrock's golden era for the first time available on double vinyl! The whole material was profoundly reconstructed from two separate sources - mixing table's recording and a bootleg tape. It contains 26 tracks played by the band that evening, a dispute with the festival's promoters and exciting yet ambiguous atmosphere of the whole event. All in all, over 70 minutes of recording. "Jeszcze Zywy Czowiek" (Still a Living Man) was originally released on tape by the underground label Tank Records established by the band in 1984. Dezerter members produced few hundred copies which in turn had been copied onward by the fans. In a way it's the first full length Dezerter ever recorded and it fully shows band's energy and unapologetic wit of Polish punk rock. In spite of censorship, Dezerter managed to find a way of criticizing abnormality of the system. Although the songs are rooted deeply in contemporary reality of the communist state, their universal message can't be argued. This record would be a fascinating document for some and a nice tip how to treat the system for the others. (Pasazer Records #21)

V/A - Leave Nothing But Footprints, Take Nothing but Photographs 7"x3 compilation box set
I found Myself in Austin Texas, Bail. Her Breath on Glass, The Rabbit Theory, Kids Return, Duct Hearts, Eucalypt, Empire! Empire!, Your Neighbour the Liar, and Smithsonian all having tracks on this triple 7" compilation. Comes in a small box with a thick little booklet thingy... very 1990's emo. (Time As A Color Records #20)

digitial download) The Daydream Fit offer a classic mid 90s song, sad, but still a banger summer tune! Dotlights is a project of Casper from Captain, Your Ship Is Sinking. beautiful works on reverbs and clean guitar sounds alongside electronic-ish drum sounds. on the flipside Lorraine offer their excellent version of beaty, pissed off, raw, distorted emo. Finally Duct Hearts Close the record with their shortest and most straight forward song so far, a full band version of a song that was released as an acoustic version on the "leave nothing but footprints..." 7" series. less delays than all other songs they recorded so far, and no silent parts in between, just the rock! The artwork itself is astonishing, lots of cuts and folds, screenprinted packing paper combined with paper taken from books, hence each cover is unique. comes with a b&w inlay made of 100g recycling paper and a download code. (Time As A Color Records #34)

DUCT HEARTS - If You Prick Us, Do We Not Bleed? 7" (with digitial download)
After 3 split records duct hearts' long awaited debut 7" delivers one giant 11:30 song, edited into 2 parts and pressed onto a 45 RPM 7". musically “if you prick us, do we not bleed?" spans a bridge between the simplicity of mid 90's emo (as done by Christie Front Drive, Mineral, or Jimmy Eat World before their Bleed American era) and postrock's excessive orchestration, strongly influenced by those bands who take other influences from metal or posthardcore into postrock, like Isis, Pelican or German now defunct bands Amber or Arktika. you get twinkly chords, airy delays, reverbs, walls-of-sound, whispers, singing, screaming, ebbs and tides, frustration, sudden stops, sudden anger. records come in black cardboard folder with black and silver screenprint, black inner sleeves, insert sheet with lyrics and download code. (Time As A Color Records #33)

AMOUTH - Awaken LP
Self-proclaimed minimalists, Amouth provides what feels like a stripped down take on post-metal compared to Pelican, Isis or even Russian Circles. This makes the album feel more accessible to newcomers to the genre. Despite complex layering, one can still follow what each instrument is doing. This accessibility can also be attributed to Amouth's songwriting prowess. As with bands such as Porcupine Tree, while each instrument may be playing a complicated part (rhythmically or otherwise), you don't necessarily notice because they all gel so well. (Time As A Color Records #32)

'90s emo/postrock/ambient. One song each. human hands deliver a ferociously bleak effort entitled "rot", all heavy hearted basslines and generally not too amused. mars to stay compliment them with a spaced out slow jam reminiscent of various bands who did that in the 90s. (Time As A Color Records #31)

BAIL - In Closing Memories LP (with digitial download)
Bail have been kicking around for a good 8 years now and I just read that a couple of them were in Collin Kramer. Never knew that! I saw Collin Kramer play with Belle Epoque when I was living in Strasbourg in about 2003-4 - what a great show that was. This record though is also something special. The opening track has me convinced from the off - it's that kind of rolling, melodic and urgent blend of powerful post hardcore and emo that harks back to the 90s. There's a little bit of Native Nod going on and it's driven and urgent. The vocals are bang on - strained and wrought without going over into screamo territory. When it breaks down into a lone guitar line about halfway through the sound is all twinkly before things get more desperate again. There are moments throughout where things get nice and sad like on the brief "Interlude" and the opening to "Triangle #3" before its more desperate second half. The contrast is nicely done every time. "Passerby" might be the standout for me for its urgency and the way it slows down to a lone guitar before the vocals come back and strain to get over the line. This is an absolutely fantastic song. The instrumental last track, "Epilogue" brings the sadness again and closes the record on a sombre note. This band should be talked about a lot more. This is exceptional. I'd heard this record was coming out but had kind of forgotten about it until it appeared in the review list the other day. What a great band, what a cracking record. (Time As A Color Records #30)

PLANS FOR NOBODY - s/t LP (with digitial download)
Released february 5th 2014, 328 copies on black vinyl. A totally typical release for time as a color as this is a release of a long time friend's music, this time from my hometown. A super untypical release though, because it's totally different from most music released on this label. If this would feature a big bearded shouter it would remind me of bands like Amber, which I admire a lot, although it contains less "Post-" in the "Rock" and "Metal". But this being combined witha voice that sounds like something between Paramore and Evanescence and contains influences of corporate modern rock and poppy metal. Mastered at the almighty tonmeisterei, comes in full color inside out sleeves and printed inner sleeves. (Time As A Color Records #27)

ALL OUT WAR - Dying Gods LP/CD
Now nearing the band's two-and-a-half decade mark, All Out War proves that age has only refined the band's killing capabilities on "Dying Gods," a brand-new release which the band is about to unleash upon humanity. "Dying Gods" sees the band return to the sound of "For Those Who Were Crucified," and just like that timelessly brutal album, "Dying Gods" was engineered and produced by Steve Evetts (Hatebreed, Turmoil, Buried Alive, Suicide Silence) and mastered by Alan Douches, both at West West Side Studios in New York. The release sees the band bringing five decimating, new, original tracks and covers of two iconic, underground anthems. Vinyl version includes digital download. CD version includes digital download of three additonal tracks. (Organized Crime Records #62)

BITTER END - Illusions Of Dominance LP/CD
"Illusions Of Dominance" is the monstrous new album from Bitter End, produced by Nick Jett (Terror, Piece By Piece). Thematically, the album takes on the subject of mankind's fragility in the face of nature's overwhelming and inescapable power. For fans of Terror, Cro-Mags, Madball, Cold World, Biohazard and No Warning. Vinyl version includes digital download. (Deathwish Records #176)

ILSA - The Felon's Claw LPx2
Washington DC's masters of occult inspired doom/crust return with their fourth full length offering: The Felon's claw. Ten severely down-tuned and pulverizing tracks culminating into ILSA's most focused and sonically oppressive album to date. For fans of: COFFINS / BOLT THROWER / AMEBIX Initial copies on neon vinyl. Not available to Universal accounts. (A389 Records #159)

(restock) VIOLENT REACTION - Marching On LP/CD
Originally conceived and executed as a one-man project by Tom Pimlott on the banks of the Mersey River in Liverpool, England, Violent Reaction recorded a demo in 2011, an EP in 2012 and an LP for Painkiller Records in 2013. Soon after, Tom relocated to Leeds to assemble a full band with an end result that finds the lads playing straight edge, hardcore punk with an obvious oi influence. With a lengthy American tour with their brother band The Flex under their belt, Violent Reaction is set to make their Revelation Records debut with "Marching On." Vinyl version includes digital download. (Revelation Records #158)

(restock) THOU - Heathen LPx2
Heathen is the fourth full length record from Baton Rouge, Louisiana band Thou. The domestic version of this record was self-released on the band's in-house Howling Mine label. 180g double LP in Stoughton gatefold tip-on jackets. (Howling Mine Records #7)

(restock) THE BODY - The Body LP
Originally released in 2004 on Obscurist Press, this version has been remastered by Machines with Magnets and pressed on 180g black vinyl. New inserts have been letter pressed by Astro Press and with heavy Stoughton jackets. (Howling Mine Records #6)

Descriptions for 6/20/15

GOATLORD - Sodomize the Goat LPx2/CD
Although the "Sodomize the Goat" demo has been re-issued twice since its initial, foreboding conception in 1988, the version that Nuclear War Now! hereby presents is unparalleled in terms of its quality and its adherence to the integrity of the original recording. No expense was spared in an attempt to capture the sound that the band itself would have produced at the time of its recording if the means to do so had been made readily available. To this end, NWN! conspired with guitarist Joe Frankulin to obtain a vintage Vestafire 4-track recorder, the very same machine that had been used for the original recording, and the original tape was remixed and remastered by James Plotkin under the direct supervision of Frankulin himself. The original unholy artwork has appropriately been resurrected to adorn the cover of this release. (Nuclear War Now Records #285)

GOATLORD - Demo '87 / Rehersal '88 LPx2/CD
With the greatest of personal pleasure and pride, Nuclear War Now! announces its re-issue of the complete, original Demo '87 in conjunction with a first-time release of a 1988 rehearsal recording that exemplifies Goatlord's majestic devolution. This release features the original cover artwork from Demo '87 and as a bonus includes alternate versions of "Chicken Dance" and "Voodoo Mass," taken from the recording session of Reflections of the Solstice. (Nuclear War Now Records #286)

GNOSIS - The Third Eye Gate LP
Hailing from Florida (and its members having previously participated in other regional bands of somewhat disparate styles), GNOSIS was born into the esteemed lineage of a highly-regarded tradition in black/death metal. Their geographic roots notwithstanding, GNOSIS (from the Greek term denoting a "religion of knowledge") may actually share more in common musically with the tradition of the country from which the name is derived. (Nuclear War Now Records #255)

KATECHON - Coronation CD
"Coronation" is Katechon's second attempt at redefining the Norwegian black metal genre. This album embraces the sickness and delirium that are prone to infect the imperfect being's mind, and it prefers to proclaim Nietzsche a coward by instead staring directly into the abyss and diving right in. (Nuclear War Now Records #288 CD)

ORDER FROM CHAOS - Frozen in Steel CDx5 Boxset
To bring the music of Order From Chaos into proper focus, the band worked together with NWN! Productions to produce this definitive discography collection. "Frozen in Steel" contains all of the material Order From Chaos released during its existence. Included in this 5xCD box set are all the demos and early EPs. In addition to these releases, "Frozen in Steel" contains several rare and/or previously unreleased rehearsal and live recordings to provide the listener with the full spectrum of Order From Chaos' dynamics. Accompanying the musical content of each of the five CDs is a substantial booklet, the sum of which compile a complete bio written by the band members, numerous previously unseen photos from their personal collections, and a complete presentation of the lyrics. (Nuclear War Now Records #183 CD)

DOOM SNAKE CULT - Love Sorrow Doom LP/CD
In 2004, Nuclear War Now! rightfully sought to resurrect this Black Doom Metal masterpiece by reissuing "Love, Sorrow, Doom" on vinyl LP format for the first time. Now, eleven years later, NWN! endeavors to further cement Doom Snake Cult's oft-overlooked legacy. Much in the same schizophrenic way in which a brain functions under the influence of hallucinogens, this re-release continues in the tradition of previous versions by altering a few of its prominent components. As with the transition between the original JL America release and the first NWN! version, the cover art has once again been replaced, this time with a much more fitting piece from the incomparable Manuel Tinnemans, with the layout as a whole executed brilliantly by TLMN. Also, just as the original track list had been modified for the 2004 vinyl release, the current version's track list reflects the band's recent decision to improve the sequencing of songs. As such, this version opens with "Enchanted Cerebral Forest," which immediately beckons the listener to "journey to the center of your mind" and perfectly sets the scene for the dark introspection that one would be sure to undergo upon following the inherently prescribed chemical enhancement. (Nuclear War Now Records #22)

BLASPHEMY - Fallen Angel of Doom.... CD
"Fallen Angel of Doom...." is a monument of the black metal genre and still holds the magic that inspired an entire subgenre of black metal globally from Beherit in Finland, Abhorer in Singapore, Braindead in Malaysia, Impurity in Brazil, Dead Christ in the UK, Naked Whipper in Germany, to countless others. NWN and Ross Bay Cult are very proud to unearth this classic album once again on CD and LP formats. (Nuclear War Now Records #69 CD)

GOATLORD - The Last Sodomy of Mary LP
As it first did in 2007, Nuclear War Now! is once again honored to re-release "The Last Sodomy of Mary," a collection of both the earliest and last of the band's recordings, some of which were still in need of lyrics being written. In addition to the seven aforementioned songs that were intended to be included on a second album, this compilation includes the band's first-ever recording, "Unholy Black Slut," the same version of which was played by a friend on his radio show at a local university soon after the band's inception. It also contains the first recorded version of "Sacrifice," one of the band's longest-tenured and most highly-revered songs, as it was first committed to tape with Glen Bonner from Doom Snake Cult on guitar. In sum, "The Last Sodomy of Mary" represents both the first and final nails in the coffin of a band's whose undead presence will forever outlast its short-lived active existence. (Nuclear War Now Records #57)

ARCHAGATHUS - Dehumanizer LP
Shift yo ass Agathocles, your space in my playlist and record shelves is detracting me from the one true mince god: Archagathus. Here is the long overdue full length; "Dehumanizer," contained in this bloated grotesquery of punk is 21 minutes of the meanest mince slop, gutter riffs and choleric vocals; this sewer of music overpopulated by perversion, sonic torture and other horrors. Pathologically speaking Dehumanizer is the apex of the current mince-gore progression/regression/corruption Archagathus have been undergoing lately and as such Dehumanizer and the last half a dozen splits or so all bring strong parallels to kinsmen and split partners Grotesque Organ Defilement and Hypermesis, but most importantly the band have still ultimately kept their classic archagathus sense of identity/idiocy. (RSR Records #147)

INSECT WARFARE/THE KILL - split 7" flexi
Originally released on Torture Garden as limited 100 tape. this masterpiece its now first time on 7" flexi, 48 seconds of total blasting Grindcore from US and Australia. Insect Warfare is presenting 17 seconds of blastbeat, The Kill is answering with 31 seconds. Limited release, grab your copy before its gone. Original Artwork by Daniel Shaw. (RSR Records #125)

MASSGRAV - Kill your Darlings 7"
Hailed as the most good looking and pissed off band to ever walk the earth, Massgrav now pays tribute to some of the bands that have inspired them throughout the years. From thrash metal to hip hop, Swedish punk classics of the 80s and 90s and even a Motörhead track - they all get the special Massgrav treatment that transform each and every one of them into an intense punch to the throat and a kick in the nuts. (RSR Records #137)

Hamburgs finest Animalgrind and SW HQ Varnvs Blasters join for a south european tour all the way down to istanbul and back. in conclusion with this trip RSR releases a split "7 of both bands as tour edition. limited release! (RSR Records #132)

MIND ERASER - Legacy of Brutality tape cassette
Mind Eraser are Boston's powerviolence heavyweights, featuring members of The Rival Mob, No Tolerance, Boston Strangler or Step Forward. Their "Glacial Reign" LP is nothing but a masterpiece, drawing influences from bands like Infest, Napalm Death, Siege or Entombed. "Legacy Of Brutality" features 16 songs collected between 2005 and 2010. Limited European press to 200 copies. Don't miss this one. (RSR Records #160 TP)

SAND IN THE FACE - Music Made to Riot 1982 to 1983 LP
This LP compiles the very earliest recordings of Montville, New Jersey's Sand in the Face. The demos, largely recorded at Boonton, NJ's Mix-o-Lydian Studios, features the band's pre-LP line-up, containing a young, pre-Chrome Crank Peter 'Aaron' Wegele on bass, who also contributes extensive liner notes for the record. Note that Mix-o-Lydian is the studio that gave us the Misfits' "Walk Among Us" not much earlier. Sand in the Face were one of the first wave of New Jersey's hardcore bands, and contemporaries with the likes of Adrenalin OD and Bedlam. Mike Judge, the singer of late-'80s New York hardcore band Judge, attended the same high school as members of Sand in the Face and credits them with inspiring him to start his own band. Musically, it's disaffected suburban teenage thrash of the best variety. If you're familiar with the likes of Buy Our Records or Mutha Records, you know the pedigree. Limited to a one-time pressing of 600 copies. (Mad At The World Records #1204)

Featuring the usual news and reviews as well as interviews with Backtrack, Since We Were Kids, Praise, Burn and Ian Mackaye. The interview with Ian Mackaye is long and detailed about the early days of DC hardcore. Not Like You has quickly become a respected zine amongst the scene from coast to coast, breaking down the barriers and genres which continue to divide it. 40 full size b&w pages. (Not Like You Records #4)

THE ACTHUNGS - Welcome to Hell LP
Teen Punk is a universal language. Red Cross' Born Innocent is a masterpiece. A little is more than a lot. If you disagree with any of the preceding, you can probably skip The Achtung's new album "Welcome to Hell." But you really ought to reconsider. This very short record feels even shorter, because the folks who made it sound like they're having a blast. Perhaps you should join them. Features the hits "You're Not My Friend," "I Wanna Be Mean," and "They sent Me Back to Hell." They're from Finland, but you'd never guess. On the Going Underground label, so you know it's messed up. (Going Underground Records #35)

After a slight delay at the pressing plant, we are finally able to unleash the beast of an ep. Two japanese grindcore megaforces join together to just destroy your stylus. Brand new material from both bands. (Haunted Hotel Records #84)

PONTIUS PIRATE - Pterodactyl Island LP
Seventeen tracks of bad vibes and sinister sounds from two of the wizards who brought you SOCKEYE and FOSSIL FUEL plus one other idiot. Even the most hearing-impaired fans of early BUTTHOLE SURFERS, JERRY CLOWER and severely-damaged HAWKWIND records will find it challenging to endure this nightmare soundtrack of regressive retard rock in one sitting. Explore the lowest depths of alcohol-fueled dementia while simultaneously reaching new heights of terrifying pleasure in ways previously thought impossible! Somewhere between bewildering annoyance and absolute brilliance lies PONTIUS PIRATE. Could this be the record that finally ruins music for you completely? Dab the wound, wipe away the vomit and order without hesitation. Like a real man do! (Haunted Hotel Records #85)

CLOUD RAT - Qliphoth LP
Cloud Rat's 3rd full length and IFB Records' 8th release for the band, is another absolute masterpiece of venomous grinding hardcore fury. This MI based trio has toured relentlessly and has never failed to keep their sound fresh and interesting, despite being super prolific. This record adds the noise skills of Brandon Hill to great effect, just upping the ante. Madison's vocals again spew hideous poisons unknown since ancient ages, and Adrian has managed to hit the drums harder in an absolutely punishing performance. Rorik drops riff after riff, taking it from grinding intensity to chugging crunch. Seriously, just get this. (IFB Records #84)

Another lovely little split derived from a great friendship from across the oceans. Autarkeia is from Ft. Myers FL and drops one epic track of pained, heavy emo - giant riffs and chaotic intensity complete with furious female vocals. Made of half Jiyuna and half Merkit personnel. Republic of Dreams hails from Germany and Poland and play maniacal emo-violence of the first order - swirling chaos and pounding filth have never sounded so good. 4 tracks in about 4 minutes on their side and there is no time for breathing - pure mastery of the genre from the masters - ex Resurrectionists and Louise Cyphre. (IFB Records #85)

(repressed!) CRYPTOPSY - None So Vile LP
An undisputed Classic. Cryptopsy's legendary 2nd offering is widely regarded as the bands best and most important work. "None So Vile" see the classic Cryptopsy lineup coming together and reaching a definite climax. Sheer insanity behind the kit from drum virtuoso Flo Mounier, shred / tremolo speed guitars visibly tinged with classical elements and delivering unmistakeable 'hooks' (yes, that's right hooks), madly ordered arpeggio solo sections, and the sickeningly artful gutter screams of the one and only Lord Worm. This album has no equal, and many would claim that the release of None So Vile saw death metal reach it's peak. (War on Music #38)

(repressed!) CRYPTOPSY - Blasphemy Made Flesh LP
Pioneering Brutal Canadian Death Metal. Cryptopsy's 1994 debut features Flo Mounier on drums and Lord Worm on vocals, and remains to this day one of the most respected and intense works of extreme metal. Maniac blasting speed, morbid groove, cutting rhythm and blistering solos. Although largely overshadowed by it's successor None So Vile, Blasphemy Made Flesh has all the elements that that made early Cryptopsy so unique and spectacular, and many true fans acknowledge BMF as painfully underrated, and the real masterpiece of the early brutal death metal era. (War on Music #37)

DISTORT #47 'zine
Modern Melbourne comedown: interviews with Brando's Island, Justin K Fuller and Moon Rituals, a piece by Jess Johnson who illustrated the art on the cover, a piece by Jesse Thomas about the YDI record Black Dust, and some writing on choice modern psychedelic, hardcore and psychotic electronic music: Glue, Blotter, Puce Mary, Culo, Long Knife, Perspex Flesh, Martyr Privates, Goosebumps. (Distort #47)

DISTORT #48 'zine
A tribute to Al Montfort, Snake, who has spent the last decade playing in some of Melbourne's most active underground bands - Straightjacket Nation, The UV Race, Total Control, Dick Diver, East Link and Lower Plenty. From mutant glam punk to psychotic hardcore to damaged post punk to feral dole wave, Snake has made a huge impact on the sound and drive of contemporary Australian music. In 2013, Douglas Lance Gibson interviewed Al and I about our playing in bands together for the past ten years, and shot some photographs of us. The bulk of this issue is this interview and photographs. Also in this issue is an interview by Tim Scott with Al Montfort and a complete to time of printing discography of his recording career, numbering a significant 66 releases. (Distort #48)

PURPLE 7 - Gulf Of The Afterglow LP
Proper vinyl release of super limited cassette tape - only release from this Bloomington, IN. Trio. 11 songs of Lo-fi pop, indie, punk band compiled of members of DEFIANCE OHIO, LANDLORD & HOT NEW MEXICANS! (Dead Broke Records #127)

MILES AWAY - Tide LP/CD/Tape Cassette
In the years since their last full length album Miles Away have managed to refine their sound adding subtle new elements that build on the foundations found throughout their extensive back catalogue. Tracks like "Entitlement" and Port of Call" bring back memories of the bands very first release, the "Make It Count" EP, whilst the song "Grateful" has a real "Rewind, Repeat..." vibe. Other tracks from "Tide" such as "Terra Incognita" and "Mousetraps" would feel right at home upon the bands last full length "Endless Roads". Entering their thirteenth year as a band, Miles Away have produced an album that touches on themes such as gratitude and positive growth but also dismay at what they see in the world around today, all with a distinct Australian feel. Vocalist Nick Horsnell's raw and isolated vocal delivery is once again present, with the band adding more vocal melody into the mix than ever before. Pitching in on backing vocals are Zach from Bane, Jake from Dreamtigers, Dahei from Japanese band Cleave and renowned Aussie crooner Jamie Hay who put in time with A Death In The Family, Pitfall and Conation. (Six Feet Under Records #98)

PALM - The Unusual 7"
"The Unusual" is Palm's follow up to their 2012 debut masterpiece "My Darkest Friends". Continuing in the tense Japanese punk metal style and increasing in sharpness and harshness, this work is the most intense of the band to date. "The Unusual" was produced and recorded in California while the band tour, with TAYLOR YOUNG of NAILS / TWITCHING TONGUES at the healm. Mastered by Brad at AUDIOSIEGE, Artwork by Szymon Siech / Überretard known for A389 Recordings releases by INTEGRITY. Only 333 copies of the EP will be available in the USA from Six Feet Under. (Six Feet Under Records #93)

Album contains 11 songs with approximate 38 minutes of crust/d-beat mayhem, in manners of Wolfpack, Skitsystem and State of Fear, longer songs with a powerful sound mixed and mastered on Sweden by Mattias Persson in Sceleris Studio in 2011. This will be their seventh album first edition on CD version released by Embrace my Funeral label from Mexico in 2011, and now this LP version by Mundo en Kaos records from USA/Mexico May 2015. Coaccion is a Crust d-beat band from Tijuana Mexico formed on 1999 with ex-members of Discordia. Coaccion have released a great stuff during their project as a underground band, first material was Mahoyani/Coaccion split Live Bootleg CDr,mini by Tercermundistas label in 2000, Desorden CD in 2002 and Invertebrado in 2004 both by Cryptas records from Mexico, also Amordazado 7" by Despotic Records in 2006, Cenizas 7" by Morbid Reality label in 2006 and Revolver 7" by Vex label in 2009. The band have experienced two USA tours and two Mexican tours, their last tour in Brazil and Coaccion is going to Europe on June 2015. This album is highly recommended for lovers of Crust d-beat as hell. Enjoy! (Mundo En Kaos Records #13)

Self Defense Family is one of the most prolific punk bands out there today. "Heaven Is Earth" was recorded at four classic indie/punk studios by a diverse group of engineers: Will Killingsworth at Dead Air Studios (Mind Eraser), Kurt Ballou at GodCity Studio (Converge), Mark Millar at Sone Lab (Dinosaur Jr.) and Jon Low at Miner Street Recordings (Kurt Vile). Each engineer leaves his own distinct audio fingerprint on the collection of songs. Vinyl version includes digital download. (Deathwish Records #170)

(restock) WEEKEND NACHOS/WOJCZECH - split 7"
Both bands from Chicago and Rostock presenting a live set from Fluff Fest as a support for their upcoming Tour 2014. The sound is really good and deliver the intense they built up over the years, Powerviolence vs. Grindcore! A perfect meal. (RSR Records #148)

(restock) PLF - Ultimate Whirlwind of Incineration LP
Gulf Coast Grindcore veterans PLF unleash their fourth full-length album of thrash metal-tinged old school grindcore. This time they offer 15 new tracks of pummeling grindcore insanity, witha heavy guitar sound, fast and solid blast beats courtesy of their drummer Bryan Fajardo (Phobia, Noisear, Kill the Client, Gridlink, etc) and plenty of mid-paced thrash parts throughout, not to mention a cover by the mighty Assuck. "Ultimate Whirlwind of Incineration" is the second LP to feature Fajardo as PLF's drummer, and listeners should expect no less of a full-scale onslaught than with 2013's "Devious Persecution and Wholesale Slaughter". Since forming in Houston, Texas in the late '90's, PLF have consistently delivered a wealth of old-school grind , releasing several split 7"s, split LPS, and three previous LP's. The release of "Ultimate Whirlwind of Incineration" intersects with their fourth tour of Europe, this time with Danish grinders Dead Instrument. (RSR Records #145)

Descriptions for 6/13/15

HARD LEFT - We Are Hard Left LP
Debut LP from Oakland's HARD LEFT. Classic-sounding '77 style punk with echoes of glam and hard mod, reference points might be SEX PISTOLS, STIFF LITTLE FINGERS, GENERATION X and NEWTOWN NEUROTICS. While there's also an Oi flavor here these guys and ladies are far from being yobbos; what sets Hard Left apart are their utopian leftist politics and the sheer quality of the tunes. Every song here is a shout-along anthem, the playing is loose without being sloppy, and the production is loud and dynamic. A ripper from start to finish. 11 songs plus three interludes, with sharp full-color sleeve, lyric insert and sticker. (Future Perfect Records #3)

Young guns from Northwest Indiana playing early Dischord Records riffs the way they should be played; with absolutely no regard for anyone. In a (literal) state full of Neo-Nazis, economic collapse, and no prospects, these four teens are writing music that reflects the fact that while some kids are growing up looking at Facebook and a college education, the land that America forgot is raising children destined to a steel mill that will be closing before they are even old enough to drink. No hope, no future, oi, oi, oi? (Foreign Legion Records #2)

NO OMEGA - Occupants LP
Following their highly regarded "Shame" LP from 2013, No Omega have continued their evolution, this time bringing us the powerful "Occupants" LP. Picking up with their refreshing take on melodic, but harsh and driving hardcore, you will feel the urgency of these songs right from the starting notes. There is also an overlaying haze bringing out the space and ambiance of the room it was recorded in, and despite the bombastic energy of the songs, this allows a gloomy side to shine through as well. If ever a hardcore record could capture the feeling of hopelessness; nowhere to go with the inevitable end impending, Occupants definitely takes on the challenge of that achievement. Beautifully presented on various colors of vinyl, all with an etched B-side, in heavy covers and printed inner-sleeves. Adorned with artwork by Jonas Holmberg (This Gift Is A Cvrse). Must listen for fans of Touche Amore, Birds In Row, Totem Skin, Killing The Dream. (Protagonist Records #46)

Two bands approach the variety of the "DC sound" here, one by having been a big part of it, the other by having been inspired by it. Alarms & Controls hail from Maryland, and feature members of such DC area legends as Circus Lupus, 1.6 Band, Monorchid and Crownhate Ruin. They bring post-punk in a creative direction, exploring funk and rock as well, on this follow-up to their LP on Dischord. On the flip, Secret Smoker, from Baton Rouge, have two new songs which follow their very well-regarded debut LP. Continuing their brand of emotional post-hardcore, much like their influences such as 400 Years, Hoover, Sleepytime Trio, they carve out melody with urgency and passion. Each record comes with a digital download, on gold vinyl. (Protagonist Records #39)

BOILERMAN - s/t 10"
The Chicago trio is back with five new songs that sounds like someone put the Screeching Weasel/Born Against split 7" in a blender and pressed it to a one-sided 10". The tracks were recorded and mastered under the scratch title "Dark" along with another three songs slated for a forthcoming 7" single - with the scratch title "Pop" - by bass player Kris di Benedetto. This material lives up to its dark moniker with a lyrical trajectory that starts with the meaningless of life, moves on to the filth of the material world, and finally lands on the inevitability of death. Dark stuff. But just as the impending single portends hope, so too do these songs; righteous anger, building crescendos, and buried melodies, all coming together to expand what kind of punk can be called pop. Released by 86'd Records (US), Crapoulet Records (FR), and Waterslide Records (JP). The 10" is limited to 500 hand-numbered copies. (86'd Records #16)

ROAC - Rites of Ostara tape cassette
Out now on PROFANE EXISTENCE! Four song cassette from Denver crusters ROAC. A swirling cesspool of Amebix, Misery, and Neurosis with a twist of Joy Division. For those that haven't heard ROAC yet you are missing out. ROAC hail from Denver, Colorado and feature several contrubutors from Profane Existence magazine as well as members Denver's longest running crust band, THE CLUSTERFUX. This demo cassette is hot of the trails of their brilliant debut LP and not to be underestimated. You have been warned! (Profane Existence Records #161 TP)

ACID WITCH - Midnight Movies LP
Already one of the cultest names in the metal underground, the diabolical ACID WITCH dig deeper into the cult with four exclusive covers of heavy metal songs from 1980s horror movies! Sorcery's "I'm Back" from Rocktober Blood, Fastway's "After Midnight" from Trick or Treat, Black Roses' "Soldiers of the Night" from Black Roses, and 45 Grave's "Partytime" from The Return of the Living Dead - all get ACID WITCH's signature ghoulish touch, and it's the touch of true horror! You're never gonna find a more perfect combination than here on Midnight Movies! (Hells Headbangers Records #34)

DWELL - Vermin And Ashes LP
HELLS HEADBANGERS is proud to present the debut of a doom-death juggernaut whose name will surely be on everyone's tongues soon enough: DWELL's Vermin and Ashes, which compiles the band's demo debut as well as three new songs, making for a full-length release. Hailing from Denmark and boasting a membership with deep veteran status - including current members of HELLS HEADBANGERS death-commandos CEREKLOTH - the five-piece DWELL create a tar-thick, ominously bubbling brew on Vermin and Ashes. Their sound is undoubtedy rooted firmly in classic death metal, but their heaving, lumbering thrust is equally grounded in ancient doom metal. Along with half-sorrowful/half-haunting lead lines, well-timed bouts of blasting speed, and the occasional dusting of mystical synth, DWELL's Vermin and Ashes encompasses all that its song titles suggest: among them, "Vermin In My Arteries," "A Collapse Sublime," "Plunging Into Ash Tombs," and the telltale "Become the Void." Moody yet never totally defeatist, it's a sound that's at once lost to the mists of time yet also surprisingly fresh, for DWELL have few compatriots mining this barren wasteland of doomed-decibel wreckage. Hear the beginning of greatness with Vermin and Ashes, and jump on the VERMIN bandwagon before it's too late. (Hells Headbangers Records #32)

TERMINAL DEATH - Terminal Death LP (gatefold)
When you talk about the earliest Death Metal bands, we think of SEPULTURA, DEATH, POSSESSED (all stemming from VENOM) right off the top, but there were a few ripping bands that quickly fell into obscurity and TERMINAL DEATH is one of those bands. This is not just an obscure band; they could have been a HUGE Death Metal band if they were signed to the right label back then. They certainly had all of the talent the aforementioned bands did. Their 1985 Demo tape screams with energy and intensity! This is a re-mastered collection of their complete and very short-lived career. The CD booklet is massive with a very in-depth and lengthy interview done by Laurent from Snakepit Magazine. There aren't that many Death Metal bands can come close to how amazing these songs were. This collection is another snapshot of that amazing early Slayer-esque Death Metal. Co-founder Shaun Glass, whom also co-found SINDROME later joined the more well known classic Death Metal band BROKEN HOPE in the early 1990s. Shadow Kingdom Records teamed up with Hells Headbangers Records to release this lost gem on vinyl! (Hells Headbangers Records #125)

SACROCURSE - Unholier Master LP (gatefold)
Hot on the heels of their internationally acclaimed Sulphur Blessing demo, black/death barbarians SACROCURSE deliver their highly anticipated debut album, Unholier Master. Much like that debut demo, Unholier Master sees scene veteran Zolrak Montes - most known for Nodens and Unholier, but also a former member of Morbosidad and Obeisance - joined by Turkey's Godslaying Hellblast, unleashing one furious, fiery barrage of bestiality after another, their surging onslaught whipping the listener into a diabolical possession. But here, SACROCURSE receive the properly crushing production their maniacal metal so deserves: robust and rounded, full yet feral, highlighting the red-eyed and rabid performances rendered by Zolrak and company. Immediately memorable from beginning to bloody end, Unholier Master proves who the new masters are... (Hells Headbangers Records #128)

BLASPHEMIC CRUELTY - Crucible of the Infernum CD
At long last, BLASPHEMIC CRUELTY return from the dead with a new mini-album for HELLS HEADBANGERS, Crucible of the Infernum! Seven long years after their acclaimed debut album for Osmose, Devil's Mayhem, BLASPHEMIC CRUELTY deliver a four-song nuclear warhead that is truly a Crucible of the Infernum. Led by six-string assassin Gene Palubicki (PERDITION TEMPLE, ex-Angelcorpse), this power-trio remain committed to scabrous-yet-articulate deathrash rooted in the 1980s but loaded up with modern arsenal. Their attacks are swift yet strategic, forward-momentum surge but fully fleshed-out, the songwriting linear yet never predictable. It's a timeless metal sound that spans decades, and bolstered by a cover of Sodom's "The Crippler," Crucible of the Infernum is the perfect crush/kill/destroy length to inflict maximum ritual carnage - reap the whirlwind! (Hells Headbangers Records #140 CD)

EXECRATION - Morbid Dimensions CD
One of death metal's best-kept secrets, Norway's EXECRATION strike with their deadliest and most daring album yet, Morbid Dimensions. Ever aptly titled, Morbid Dimensions is a twisting and twisted slab of miasmic, morbid Metal of Death. The listener is kept on edge the entire time, in a state of perpetual tension, as the quartet deftly slide through sinewy, sometimes-slimy riff and rhythm structures, all executed with stunning tightness yet also a sense of hysteric dangerousness. In many ways, EXECRATION's third album is an album of contrasts: death metal in its purest state, but with a view toward experimentation; doomy and atmospheric at will, but with a forward propulsion that's palpitating; a well-grounded set of old-school influences, particularly homeland heroes Cadaver, but without the slightest whiff of "retro" pandering. All told, Morbid Dimensions is the sound of a still young 'n' hungry band carving out their own niche, and with absolute cunning and confidence. A "best-kept secret" no longer - behold the rise of EXECRATION! (Hells Headbangers Records #127 CD)

FORCE OF DARKNESS - Absolute Verb Of Chaos And Darkness CD
Following on from HELLS HEADBANGERS' vinyl attack of their cult Darkness Revelation debut, Chile's FORCE OF DARKNESS unleash Absolute Verb of Chaos and Destruction on CD! Released earlier this year on vinyl by Iron Pegasus, Absolute Verb of Chaos and Destruction consolidates all of FORCE OF DARKNESS' strengths and blitzkriegs them into 20 shadowy, sepulchral minutes. Just like Darkness Revelation, the influences across the EP are clear and cutting - classic Sarcofago, Kreator, Vulcano, and Sodom, all 1986 vintage - but once again, FORCE OF DARKNESS swarm and sicken with a touch that's truly their own. Between absolutely feral execution and immediately memorable songs brimming with everything that makes black/death so timeless, Absolute Verb of Chaos and Destruction is a language worth learning - and now, at last, readily available on CD format. (Hells Headbangers Records #121 CD)

FORCE OF DARKNESS - Darkness Revelation CD
Once again, HELLS HEADBANGERS presses a modern underground gem onto the unholiest of formats, vinyl: FORCE OF DARKNESS' nuclear-powered second album, Darkness Revelation! Formed in 2002 in cult metal hotbed Chile, FORCE OF DARKNESS have been patiently perfecting their craft across a number of splits and demos, but it was 2010's Darkness Revelation where the power-trio really came into their own. On one hand, the influences across Darkness Revelation are clear as day - classic Sarcofago, Kreator, Vulcano, and Sodom, all 1986 vintage - but on the other, more important hand, FORCE OF DARKNESS know how to blacken the night with absolutely feral execution and immediately memorable songs brimming with everything that makes black/death so timeless. And at a lean 'n' mean 45 minutes, it's the perfect length to get in, get out, and DESTROY everything in its path. Now for the first time on vinyl LP and available again on CD, witness Darkness Revelation! (Hells Headbangers Records #120 CD)

DESTRUKTOR - Opprobrium CD
Today, Hells Headbangers sets July 24th as the international release date for Destruktor's highly anticipated second album, Opprobrium. The band's first full-length in six years, Opprobrium follows the warring black/death path laid out on their critically acclaim debut album, Nailed. Since 1997, these Aussie tyrants have been patiently honing a sound that seethes with the war-metalled fire their homeland's world renowned for, yet over the years finessed with an acute attention to propulsive, immediately memorable songcraft. Nowhere is this more pronounced than on Opprobrium. Across seven swift songs in a lean 'n' mean 34 minutes, Destruktor quickly whip up a fury that walks the fine line between chaos and control - neither too blackened, nor too deathly - maintaining the teeth-gnashing gnarliness of their early work whilst exhibiting a startling sense of clarity. That clear-yet crushing production amplifies Destruktor's scabrous assault tenfold here, every track a heat-seeking missile until the penultimate closer, "Forever the Blood Shall Flow." Indeed it shall, as you prepare for the force of Opprobrium... (Hells Headbangers Records #148 CD)

DEIPHAGO - Into The Eye Of Satan CD
Deiphago - one of the most violent bands on the planet, as well as one of the most envelope-pushing - are set to release their highly anticipated fourth album, Into the Eye of Satan, on August 7th via Hells Headbangers. Each Deiphago album has seen the Filipino power-trio push the furthest reaches of musical extremity, marking a place in time in their demonic development whilst creating a monument for all perpetuity. Into the Eye of Satan is no different in this respect: founding demons Voltaire 666 (bass bulldozers and black vomits) and Sidapa (crasheraxe and leads) are once again joined by Savnok on deathhammers, picking up where they left off with the critically acclaimed/challenging Satan Alpha Omega in 2012. (Hells Headbangers Records #129 CD)

(restock) GENERACION SUICIDA - Todo Termina LP
Second LP from Generacion Suicida. This time around the group (from South Central, not East LA) brings 9 tracks of their sound. This is their sound, not some knock off, not some imitation, not a homage or retro dress up party... this is what the group does best. I'll save any boring comparisons and you save yours. Jam it up super and see. Recorded in 2014 after a European tour. (Going Underground Records #33)

(restock) SNAKE HANDLER - Enjoy The View 7"
Chicago hardcore that is somewhere between NEGATIVE FX and BORN AGAINST. This is no Morrissey-hairstyle "I went to art school and found out about 'Victim in Pain'" nonsense; this is dangerous music by dangerous people with broken fingers, broken teeth, and broken lives. If you ever wanted to know what it was like to hear members of a youth subculture enter adulthood and go completely insane, this is your hard-earned money well spent. 250 copies on black vinyl with hand assembled sleeeves. Recorded by Matt Russel (Young and in the Way) and mixed by Will Killingsworth. (Foreign Legion Records #1)

Descriptions for 6/6/15

CONNOISSEUR - Stoner Justice LP/CD
Stoner Justice was the debut EP from California smoke kings, CONNOISSEUR. Likening themselves to EARTH CRISIS "if they smoked weed and listened to SPAZZ," the Smokeland, California based trio ravages ears with an upbeat/d-beat barrage of West Bay Power Violence packed with resin coated sludge downs and chronically brutal, comically cheeba-charged vocal onslaughts that consume the listener in a violently stoned, inescapable haze, all captured by Greg Wilkinson at Earhammer Studios (ANNIHILATION TIME, BRAINOIL). Following a solid year of blunt rolling and live perversions, the glassy-eyed ganja squad decided to revisit Stoner Justice. Now re-mastered by Dan Randall at Mammoth Sound Mastering (TOXIC HOLOCAUST) with an updated, wholly mind-bending cover art collaboration between Skinner (MASTODON) and Hal Rotter, Stoner Justice redux has been expanded to fourteen weedian skull crushers, including a live set (on the CD and included on the digital download card with vinyl) recorded at the Tankcrimes Takeover of 924 Gilman on 2/13/15 (mixed and mastered by the same team). Those who puff to the gutter crusted sounds of PLUTOCRACY, SPAZZ, DYSTOPIA, and of course, EARTH CRISIS, pay heed. (Tank Crimes Records #87)

MAXIMUM ROCK'N'ROLL #386 (July 2015)
It's time for Maximum Rocknroll #386, the July 2015 issue! FLESH WORLD dished on their new record, out now on Iron Lung, and clued us into the secrets to surviving in a rapidly changing San Francisco. PISS TEST reflects on their hometown of Portland and talks some shit in advance of their upcoming West Coast tour. We've got two blasts from the past: Philadelphia's YDI talk about their recently reissued records and THE WRECKS (featured on Not So Quiet On The Western Front!) give us a window into Reno's early punk scene and the role of women within it. The producer and director of Here To Be Heard: The Story of the Slits clue us into the progress of the documentary, which was spearheaded by Ari Up just before her death. We've also got conversations with PDX rockers BITCH SCHOOL, Russian post-punkers SIERPIEN, Australia's Homeless Records, and a massive London, UK scene report! Plus, a photo spread documenting many of the MRR Presents shows that happened all around the world on May 16th, new regular columns from Erika Elizabeth (of Dynamite Hemorrhage fanzine and Expressway To Yr Skull radio) and Sadie Switchblade (of G.L.O.S.S. and PEEPLE WATCHIN'), and all the reviews fit to print. (Maximum rock'n'roll #386)

FLESH WORLD - Just To Tear Me Down 7"
The first installment in the 3rd series of ILR 2 song singles. This new series sees blank labels, color specific to the band (light blue in FW's case), that will be hand stamped and a standardized j-card sleeve that will also be hand stamped and numbered. All singles in this series will be strictly limited to 304 copies. More of that dreamy yet jagged pop sensation that you've come to know from FLESH WORLD. The A side is from the album and the B is an exclusive remix done by none other than that Canadian audio shaman Don Pyle. This is a booster slab for the upcoming "The Wild Animals In My Life" LP due out in June on this fine imprint. Art by Jess Scott ("she's very good"). (Iron Lung Records #68)

FLESH WORLD - The Wild Animals In My Life LP (with download)
It's not often that fuzzed-out C86 jangle and brash queercore find common musical ground, Flesh World's inception focused less on their other bands (Limp Wrist, Needles and Brilliant Colors), and more on their mutual love for drag shows and punk gigs, as their vision took form in the under dwellings of San Francisco's DIY scene." -Max Mohenu/Pitchfork. "The Wild Animals In My Life" is the first full album and second 12" sized record for this incredible reverb swarm. Knowing and growing from the past unto now, power is the underlying draw here. Lulled by the fist/pummeled by the euphoria. Hearty black vinyl in a heavyweight full color jacket with a poster insert even. (Iron Lung Records #64)

SCUMRAID - Rip Up 7" (with download)
Completely raging crasher style punk music from Seoul, South Korea. Unorthodox song structures and virtually note free noise thrash with dual, over-the-top aggro vocals. The guitarist tells us he doesn't even listen to punk (only blues). WTF?! Unbelievable. Seeing is believing and what we saw was fucking fantastic. 700 copies on an etched black disc housed in a quality glued pocket sleeve with a collage crust insert. (Iron Lung Records #66)

FIT FOR ABUSE - Mindless Violence LP w/download
This Massachusetts HC classic finally sees the light of day again, reissued after 17 years. The 12 tracks have been mastered at New Alliance East, pressed on 150 gram vinyl, housed in a heavy duty Stoughton tip-on jacket, includes a 12x12 insert and download with bonus track. Fit For Abuse started in the winter of 1995 inspired to play hardcore in the vein of classic bands like Negative FX, Poison Idea, Gang Green and Negative Approach. After numerous local shows and one demo, in September of 1996 FFA recorded these 12 tracks with Kurt Ballou of Converge in his original 8-Track home studio. The "Mindless Violence EP" was originally released in a pressing of 1000 copies in early 1997, and repressed one time in 1998. Urban HC legend has it that several more tracks were recorded at the same time, but so far have been impossible to track down... beyond one cover song, "Nuclear Threat" originally by The Abused. Not long after the original record came out, singer Matt Kelly was asked to join the Dropkick Murphys as their drummer. He made the choice to leave FFA due to his nonstop touring schedule. The band decided to continue on without him. Over the years, Joe continued playing music with Think I Care, R'n'R, Vaccine and others. Muzzi was in Out Cold for a while. Matt is still in The Dropkick Murphys. Where everyone else is, well who knows. "Mindless Violence" made a mark in the 1990's for some of us, an often underrated and constantly overlooked piece of Massachusetts musical history. Hopefully now this properly mastered version will leave it's mark on a new generation of hardcore fans, and make some older ones clean the wax out of their ears. 12 songs. Hardcore done the way it's meant to be done, with no bullshit added. (Armageddon Shop Records #7)

ALL AGES: The Rise and Fall of Portland Punk Rock 1977 to 1981 book by Mark Sten
Arguably THE definitive account of the early Portland underground Punk scene, ALL AGES provides a blow-by-blow history written by someone who was there to witness it all. Mark "Sten" Stanley was a participant in most aspects of Portland's proto-Punk music culture, playing in bands, organizing concerts, and helping to lay the foundations of what was to become a world-class music scene. Stanley lays it all out in this treasure trove of dirt, gossip, and opinionated commentary. ALL AGES features a wealth of information about all of the major players of Portland's early punk scenes - WIPERS, SADO-NATION, NEO BOYS, SMEGMA, STIPHNOIDS, RATS and POISON IDEA, as well as scores of lesser-known but equally compelling groups like ICE-9, the CLEAVERS, KINETICS, RUBBERS, LO TEK, and many more. Featuring more than 300 pages of never-before seen photos, flyers, and artifacts, this book is a must-have for anyone interested in the 1970's American Punk culture and the beginnings of Punk Rock in general. (Reptilicus Press)

The prodigal sons of Boston hardcore have returned with their much-anticipated sophomore record. Picking up where their 2011 vinyl debut "Primitive" left off, Boston Strangler moves forward and upward on this release, still proudly wearing the same regional influences on their sleeve (SS Decontrol, Last Rights, Jerry's Kids, Deathwish to name a few) while both fearlessly treading new territory and further establishing their own unmistakable sound. All the elements that originally drew people to the band are still present, Ban's throaty commanding growl, Cliff and Dave's dual-buzzsaw guitar attack, DFJ's precision machine-gun drumming, but with the arrival of Dan "Danimal" Abramovich on bass came an element of melody and cohesiveness that was only hinted at in the past. Boston Strangler shares members with Rival Mob, Waste Management, Peacebreakers, No Tolerance, Battle Ruins, Scapegoat and more. All proceeds from the sales of this record go directly to the Please Mosh Foundation. (Boston Strangler Records #1)

SPIRITS - Discontent LP
"Discontent", the debut LP by Boston straight edge hardcore quintet Spirits (x members of TEST OF TIME, NO HARM DONE, BEARTRAP, OFFSIDES, DAYTRADER, and more), is an unrelenting 24 minute listening experience. Musically, it is a natural evolutionary step forward following the bands self-titled 7 inch EP and it marks the first fully cohesive release on which Spirits have carved out a niche for their own melting-pot style of punk and hardcore with dashes of outside genres also thrown in for taste. An eloquent push in lyrical themes, ranging from deeply personal and introspective notations to observations on the current social and political climate pair effortlessly with the often urgent playing style of the instrumentation to create a truly unique release. The contents of the grooves on the LP are far from the only distinctive feature of the LP, as the record itself is housed in a tri-layer package. It starts with a vertical 7.5 inch wide printed wrap that, once removed, allows for the die-cut diagonally-opening jacket to be pulled apart, revealing the last but not least layer of a printed inner dust sleeve. With stunning hand-drawn artwork that lends itself to this notable design, the package as a whole is really something to behold. For Fans of: BATTERY / COUNT ME OUT / GO IT ALONE. (State of Mind Records #43)

BROKEN CROSS - Through Light to Night LP
"Through Light to Night" is the first full-length album from Swedish one-man Broken Cross. As with previous Broken Cross releases, this album blends the genres of punk and metal in a raw and uncompromising way, without losing melody or catchiness. There is also an added layer of noise and samples, pushing the music into the realms of pure insanity. The lyrics are even darker and gloomier than before. All copies include a 12-page booklet. Artwork by Dwid Hellion. (Apocalyptic Visions #4)

P.R.O.B.L.E.M.S. - Another Day LP/CD
P.R.O.B.L.E.M.S. have distilled the essence of the rainy Portland skies on this ten-song platter of rock and roll devastation. Delivered in precise and well-crafted blasts of channeled frustration and anger, P.R.O.B.L.E.M.S. deliver more of the kind of manic, high-energy punk rock that they've become known for. Following a period of extensive touring in the U.S. and abroad, "Another Day" is their homage to the emotional roller-coaster of daily life, loss, and redemption. Ex-members-of Poison Idea, Detestation, Severed Head of State. (Doomtown Records #10)

YOUNG TRYNAS - Probably Music 7"
DC hardcore has a rich and illustrious history, and you might as well stuff it all into the toilet when Young Trynas are out on the prowl. They play an ugly, unrefined form of hardcore-punk that's equally indebted to Madball, Hole and Fang, both sonically and spiritually, although Young Trynas are simply making music the only way they know how, rather than attempting to reenact any bygone era. Having previously self-released these five songs on a highly-limited cassette in 2013, White Denim has had the tracks remastered for vinyl, keeping the basement crud and upping the sonic punch for what is surely one of the most unique yet gnarly hardcore EPs this year or any. (White Denim Records #26)

Much-needed repress of this demo from one of contemporary NYC punk's trailblazing bands, Crazy Spirit. This is where it all started... (Toxic State Records #6)

This is the repress of the self-titled LP from NY punks Crazy Spirit whose sound is hard to pin down, pulling influences from traditional USHC, garage, psych, Born Against and who knows what else, creating a truly unique hardcore listening experience. Comes with a huge hand-screened poster. (Toxic State Records #10)

Hank Wood And The Hammerheads have been playing sporadically, gaining fans with every show and selling out show after show in their native NYC. Their irreverent live show is incendiary showing a really angry front man backed by a volatile band playing the nastiest keyboard garage punk you can imagine. They're one of the most unique and exciting bands in punk today... kinda surfy, kinda garagey riffs augmented with Sonics style farfisa organ, a supplementary percussionist that makes some totally wild rhythms, and vocals that are more like really simple rapping than any punk vocalist you've heard before. It's a wild combination, but it's completely infectious, as anyone who has heard the band will tell you. Definitely one of the best LPs of 2014. (Toxic State Records #9)

DAWN OF HUMANS - Slurping At The Cosmos Spine LP
Well, here it is: the Dawn of Humans LP. This is probably the most anticipated record to come from NYC this year and for good reason. After being a band for about eight years, Dawn of Humans have emerged as the most unique of the already exemplary NYC hardcore punk bands in recent memory. Each release has been better than the one before, and this LP continues that trend. There were always two things I wished were different about the Dawn of Humans 7"s: 1. cleaner recording and 2. more space on the format for the band to stretch out and have no time limitations. Well, that's exactly what this LP accomplishes and without having to operate within the confines of a 7", the band has created their magnum opus, a much stranger and, dare I say, less conventionally punk than their previous material. This record exists completely outside of the stale confines of contemporary hardcore punk and while that may turn off some, I think it makes it one of the best records in recent years. (Toxic State Records #21)

ANASAZI - Nasty Witch Rock LP (domestic version)
After two 7" singles (on Sacred Bones and Toxic State), a flexi and demos galore, Nuke York's ANASAZI finally unleash their debut album on La Vida Es Un Mus in Europe and Toxic State in America. 'Nasty Witch Rock' comes from the dirty, rotten and seedier side of New York. The album is built on raw energy, passion and intensity. The sound is blown out with distorted and echoey guitar work akin to Fire Of Love era GUN CLUB , pounding tribal drum patterns and a vocalist who oozes violence and desperation. If you have 'In The Flat Field' era BAUHAUS, TSOL or CHRISTIAN DEATH in your collection or loved it when the early 80's UK anarcho bands added a bit of goth edge to their sound then ANASAZI is a must hear. (Toxic State Records #19)

MOTH - Singles And Demos LP
New LP compiling previously self released and sold out EPs, two demos, and an EPs worth of NEW material from Copenhagen Denmark's post punk, cold wave band MOTH. The sound is consistent with their acclaimed "First Second" LP (MMR 21) especially on the two previous EPs. Blending the BATCAVE atmospherics with some jagged post punk spirit, MOTH is a rare breed on which the synthesizer and guitar are equal parts melodic device yet still lend to the same dark sound. With the new material we can see even DARKER tendencies from the band, which has a great full sound of despair on the dancefloor. (Mass Media Records #30)

TERVEET KADET - Lapin Helvetti LP
The last record by one of the greatest punk bands of all time. It's an honor to help make this record easily available for cheap here in my stupid asshole country. Since 1979, Terveet Kadet has been "one of the best punk bands in the world". Tons of classic records, and like all true champions, they're leaving on a high note. This final (?) LP is a textbook example of the short-songs blazing-fast demented-and-vicious hardcore punk that Terveet Kadet stylized and popularized (yet nobody else has come close in copying). True masters. Stick a candle up your butt and pay your respects to the Black Gods of Noise. (SPHC Records #59)

Scotland's premier hardcore unit drops their first LP across a consortium of UK labels, and of course SPHC is happy to help make this easily available in our swath of the world. For me, the obvious reference point is Nine Shocks Terror (and Clevo-style USHC in general). Brutal, throat-wrecked vocals howling over high-charge, riff-tastic hardcore punk, with just the right amounts of mid-tempo rocking and just the right flashes of guitar lead. Memorable songs captured with a heavy production, a perfect execution of "hardcore punk". We've always made it a point to distribute this band's records here in the USA because they're just so damn good, the records are consistently excellent and they're a fucking fantastic live unit, and it's with a little bit of pride that we can provide the same service for what is easily, by far, their best record yet. All hail the new kings. USA tour coming in the fall. (SPHC Records #59.5)

TOE TAG - s/t LP (Accused members)
Blane Cooke (verbal killing machine) has returned with two other ex Accused members (Alex Maggot Brain & Steve "O' Ring Nelson") of the splatter thrash legend's from Seattle. They have recorded the most sick and disgusting 12" since the nineties ...The most murderous mix of punk & thrash I've ever heard oozing with melodic, powerful riffs and inhuman fury.If you miss good old eighties splatterpunk, do not miss this 12". (Behind The Mountain #8)

For the first time on vinyl New Orlean classic from 1995... Pressed on transparent royal blue vinyl. Comes in heavy poly bag with stickers on the front and back. (Behind The Mountain #6)

EXHUMED - Garbage Daze Re-Regurgitated LP
Exhumed covers Amebix, The Cure, Samhain, Metallica, Pentagram, Master, Unseen Terror, Led Zeppelin, G.B.H., Epidemic, Sadus, and Siege! (Behind The Mountain #5)

CLOUD RAT - Qliphoth tape cassette
Michigan's favorite four-piece grindcore punk ensemble returns with another soul-wrenching, heart-pounding album gorgeously wrapped in delicate artwork that contains the storm within. CLOUD RAT slays with grace and style on QLIPHOTH - a word rooted in the Hermetic Qabalah, represents a dark, even demonic realm within a philosophy that embraces mysticism and the occult. Much like the idealogy Qliphoth embodies, Cloud Rat's newest work strays toward the left hand path. As stated by the band, "technically and sonically, I think we just wanted to create something powerful and relevant, that builds on past works while expanding into new territory [...] Headspace though? Awful hell. Blood, sweat, and tears, literally. The end goal is really just for cathartic therapy, as it's hard to express yourself in public. You can't beat up your boss, you can't stop the clock, etc. So we need this outlet to survive at this point." The all consuming cacophony... (Dead Tank Records #40)

COLD WASTE/BURNT HAIR - Burnt Waste split tape cassette
The exhausted synth gloom of Burnt Hair and the punk inspired 80's proto-goth of Cold Waste all on one tape. (Dead Tank Records #43)

ARS PHOENIX/BURNT HAIR - Shinju split tape cassette
...two staples of the FL darkwave underground... With names that conjure images of fire and destruction, both bands share a white-hot intensity kept in check by a penchant for understatement. Balancing synth-driven noise and melody over hypnotically mechanical rhythms, Ars Phoenix and Burnt Hair stand but a few paces from the brink: the sound of chaos tempered by melancholy and quiet yearning. (Dead Tank Records #41)

MODERN PROBLEMS - Identity cassette tape
The transgenerational youth crew. An uncut brand of straightedge hardcore from the cold and unrelenting streets of Western New York. This is the third release from MODERN PROBLEMS, as the band continues a progression in the sounds and spirit blazed by Orange County, California circa the late '80s and early '90s (UNIFORM CHOICE, IGNITE). With blunt force and high-octane energy, the band proves that the conviction tied to hardcore punk, both as a music and as a movement, remains as relevant today as it was in decades past. (Black Dots #5)

WRONG - Stop Giving LP
Miami, Florida's WRONG formed from the ashes of CAPSULE and debut with an absolutely pummelling four-track EP titled "Stop Giving". With an emphasis on bludgeon and groove, it's hard not to compare their first recordings to heyday-era HELMET. But WRONG brings their own dissonance, atmosphere and attitude in a massive combination of power and skill. This is truly an impressive first effort, and preludes a full-length due on Robotic Empire later this year. The "Stop Giving" EP vinyl plays at 45rpm, is limited to 300 copies, comes in silk screened packaging with artwork by TORCHE's Rick Smith and printed at Seattle's Broken Press. Includes a high quality digital download. Recorded and mixed in Summer 2014 at Pinecrust studios in Miami, FL by Ryan Haft. Mastered by Nick Zampiello at New Alliance. Artwork by Rick Smith. Wrong is: Eric Hernandez - Guitars/ Vocals, Brian Hernandez - Drums, Andres Ascanio - Bass, Ryan Haft - Guitars. (Robotic Empire Records #114)

TERMINAL FUZZ TERROR - Vol. 0: In The Shadow of the Mountain LP
Terminal Fuzz Terror unleash a raw fury of rock n' roll drifted through the filters of punk, psychedelia and blues on their vinyl debut, Vol. 0: In The Shadow Of The Mountain. Pummelling percussion and wailing riffs accompany a vocal delivery that channels an obliterated Jim Morrison at the height of religious revelry! The magnanimous 17-minute title track B-side closes the album with a long form, slow burning mind melter. Terminal Fuzz Terror is comprised of D. Rodriguez (guitar, vocals), D. Nelson (guitar, vocals), A. Crawshaw (drums) and J. Kleine (bass). Vol. 0: In The Shadow Of The Mountain was recorded at Witch Ape Studio, engineered and mixed by Tad Doyle (TAD) and mastered by James Plotkin. Vinyl edition comes housed in a silk screened jacket printed by drummer A. Crawshaw at Broken Press in Seattle, WA and is limited to 300 copies. (Robotic Empire Records #114)

TIDELAND - Asleep In The Grave LP
Grunge/punkrock three-piece from Sterling, Virginia. From the same cauldron of suburban wretchedness that birthed PG.99, SAIL and PIZZA, members of these bands have now converged as TIDELAND. Delivering a hazy yet melodic sonic assault, with caustic vocals pouring over 11 songs of grungy/poppy punk like poison syrup. Catchy yet dirty, "Asleep In The Graveyard" walks a tightrope between digestible and destructive. Over 35 minutes of horrific visions and druggy nightmares on this impressive debut LP. (Robotic Empire Records #95)

TILTS - Cuatro Hombres LP
The St. Louis quartet TILTS return with 10 brand new tracks of killer rock and roll on Cuatro Hombres, with just enough spice to keep things nice! Guitarist/vocalist Andrew Elstner splits his time between TILTS and TORCHE and can sing like a mofo! These soaring vocals land atop catchy songs both heavy and melodic. Once again, the band's drummer Ken McCray self-recorded this at Marmadook Studios, then had Richmond, Virginia engineer Ian Whalen (RAH BRAHS, TOMBS, LAMB OF GOD) mix the beast. James Plotkin (ISIS, CAVE IN, THOU) carefully mastered the final banger specifically for vinyl, and separately for the included high-quality digital download. Rounded out by bassist Shawn Hart and guitar player Andy White, TILTS triumphantly deliver a seriously infectious sophomore album with 10 songs of "ALL KILLER NO FILLER" rock music! Like the debut LP, Tom Huck's brilliant woodcut artwork adorns the sleeve, with righteous pink/clear color vinyl inside. (Robotic Empire Records #112)

Striking out from the wastelands of conventional "indie" or "emo" rock, SOME STRANGER emerge with five incredibly catchy tracks on their debut release. Blissful melodic vocals soaring over an erratic and driving rhythm section are combined with hyper yet delicate guitars run through an arsenal of effects pedals. The overall haunting results are leaps and bounds beyond most debut releases, the clear result of seasoned veterans combining forces to yield amazing results. Formerly of emo-rock outfit DAYTRADER, vocalist Tym joined friend and acclaimed visual artist / guitarist Daniel Danger to form SOME STRANGER with a mutual affliction for left-of-center angular rock. The duo enlisted longtime friend Derrick Flanagin (also of DAYTRADER, CAPSULE) to track drums and promptly hammering out their first set of recordings with engineer Gary Cioffi (TRANSIT, MISSER) also handling bass duties. Vince Ratti (CIRCA SURVIVE, BALANCE AND COMPOSURE) expertly mixed the session, which was then mastered by Will Yip (TITLE FIGHT, BLACKLISTED). Finally, Jacob Van Loon contributed artwork and the debut EP is now ready to be unleashed. This 45RPM vinyl 12" has a first press limited to 500 pieces and includes a digital download. (Robotic Empire Records #104)

HEWHOCORRUPTS - Midi Of Profits USB bracelet
Chicago's HEWHOCORRUPTS are no stranger to weird releases; the "corporate grindcore" outfit have formerly issued a credit card sized CD housed in a wallet, a NSFW split calendar, an EP packaged with shredded money, etc... but this one probably takes the cake. Midi of Profits is what it's called, and a goddamn 1gb USB bracelet is what it is: that's right, we've released a rubber USB bracelet with MIDI files on it. The files in question are meticulously re-created computerized versions ofHEWHOCORRUPTS' classic Master of Profits EP, but now with MIDI guitars, machine drums and vocoded vocals. An insane amount of time was spent making these fully completely absurd tracks, and we are blown away with how accurately they digitally reflect the originals. To spice it up even further, the band includes tablature for all the songs, two classic/incredible related music videos, album art, credits and more on this fully functional 1gb USB-chip-infused rubber bracelet. Fashionable AND functional, per the HEWHOCORRUPTS corporate mantra. This is easily one of the wackiest releases we've been a part of in over a decade of weird releases, and limited to just 200 copies we don't expect this to last too long... (Robotic Empire Records #76)

AIDAN BAKER - Spectrum of Distraction CDx2
Specifically designed to be played on shuffle and yield a completely unique experience each time, AIDAN BAKER's audacious monsterpiece, The Spectrum of Distraction, takes a nod from Zappa's technique of 'xenochrony' and runs it though the digital age via the shuffle aspect of CD and MP3 players. 96(!) tracks spanning two discs create an incredibly varied landscape through each listen, with pieces ranging from just a few seconds to over seven minutes, there is no shortage of diversity here. Hallucinatory dreamscapes weave into frantic noize into dubby passages into chilled out jazz into psychedelic grooves into an oppressive industrial crunch into a hip hop bop into almighty sludge dirges and almost everything else the kitchen sink offers can all be found somewhere within this bold beast of a project. Start to finish / through and through, nowhere else is it possible to experience anything quite like AIDAN BAKER's truly enthralling creation, The Spectrum of Distraction. Well known for being a core part of prolific heavyweights NADJA, AIDAN BAKER is backed here by an impressive array of notable drummers who've cut their teeth in SWANS, THE JESUS LIZARD, SLOWDIVE, KILLING JOKE, GODFLESH, JESU and many more. All shimmering through an unlikely pairing of narcotic neuroses and the Choose Your Own Adventure series, the loftiness of this concept album is thankfully only matched by the project's vast content. Founded in the late 2009 when AIDAN BAKER began soliciting drum tracks and loops, he ending up with roughly six hours of material from 18 different percussionists. Alternately in Toronto and Berlin throughout the winter of 2010, he then recorded guitar and bass to go along with these drum tracks and from that initial six hours edited the mass of content down to the 96 slices (spanning two hours) that appear on this pair of discs. The edits allow for the album to be played on shuffle so that each listen is different and it is then that The Spectrum of Distraction comes into full light and glory. Take from it. Expanded full-sets of the individual sessions are simultaneously available within a free digital download card included in the entire pressing. (Robotic Empire Records #098 CD)

CAINA - Setter of Unseen Snares LP
After a decade spent exploring almost every genre imaginable, Caïna's upcoming LP and fifth album, Setter of Unseen Snares, is a return to the project's inception as a black metal act, as well as founder Andrew Curtis-Brignell's personal roots in punk rock and hardcore. This is the first release in which the Caïna frontman shares production duties with anyone else, giving the project an enormous new sound. Andrew explains, "Setter of Unseen Snares tells the story of Earth's last family and the way in which each member chooses (or is chosen) to deal with the end of the world. Some are sacrificed, others are less fortunate. The snares tighten regardless." With this full length, Caïna has produced a massive cacophony of desperation and anxiety. 500 copies are available. (Broken Limbs Records #37)

Brooklyn's Mortals and Philadelphia's Repellers have teamed up for this explosive split 10" on New York label Broken Limbs Recordings. After sharing the stage with acts ranging from Eyehategod to Pallbearer, the release of Cursed to See the Future solidified Mortals as a force to be reckoned with. Repellers' burst out of the underground in 2012 and has been pummeling the east coast with its vicious, no-holds-barred live act ever since. 500 copies are available. (Broken Limbs Records #49)

RAMLORD - s/t 7"
The eternal war on blackened stenchviolence ever rages, as Ramlord is preparing to unleash a new 7" via Broken Limbs Recordings on March 10th. Having been comrades for several years ever since the band's split with Cara Neir, the time is right to unleash filth once again together. 300 copies are available. (Broken Limbs Records #31)

OCCULT 45 - Human Abhorrence 7"
Occult 45 has been causing mayhem up and down the east coast with its intense live performances as of late. Now with so much experience under its belt, the band has allgned with Broken Limbs Recordings and is ready to take 2015 by storm. At just over 12 minutes in length, Human Abhorrence is short, vicious and leaves you wanting more. 300 copies are available. (Broken Limbs Records #50)

Coming off its impressive new LP, New Jersey's Planning For Burial teams up with midwest act Liar In Wait for a split 7 ", which will be released on October 14 by Broken Limbs Recordings. Liar In Wait has been steadily gathering a strong fanbase ever since last year's debut EP, its cold wave/post-punk throwback sound marrying perfectly with Planning For Burial's introspective, droning fusion of slowcore, post-rock, and shoegazing tendencies. 500 copies are available. (Broken Limbs Records #39)

The Splits and their new LP defy easy classification. They are the kind of band that can be well received at hardcore fests, and then turn around and go on tour with garage punk bands. There are definite dark undertones and a slight post-punk influence to their music and lyrics, but this is still far more aggressive and stripped down than the sounds of the currently fashionable goth-revival thing. The band lists some of their favorites as Poison Idea, Testors, Dead Moon, Pagans, Wipers, Marked Men, and Varuas, all of which make sense after listening to the album. (They also want you to know that they like beer, hamburgers, cats, and bicycles, which proves they are good people!) Think of the dark, driving sounds of the bands born of American Pacific Northwest winters, mixed with the trashy rock n' roll sensibilities of Memphis, along with an abiding love of obscure 70's punk. At a relatively concise 9-songs, II captures an effective snapshot of a specific time and place, and a mish-mash of different influences coming together to create a haunting, memorable album. We could be very surprised if this is the last we hear from The Splits. (Dirtnap Records #136)

SUCH A MESS - Good Intentions Giving Way LP
For 5 years this band has stood out in the Southern California pop-punk scene. "Good Intentions Giving Way" shows a new found sense of maturity for the band. 9 Tracks in just over 26 minutes that showcase exactly why SUCH A MESS has been successful thus far: energy, passion, and catchy choruses that will leave even the most jaded scene junkie singing along. This is on clear green vinyl mixed with black and is limited to 265 copies. Includes digital download coupon. Influenced by bands like: The Wonder Years / Turnover / Citizen / The Story So Far / Brand New / The Starting Line / Balance and Composure. (State of Mind Records #42)

ELDER ABUSE - Born to Lose LP
Elder Abuse is a group of guys spread across. the Canadian prairies including x members of DAGGERMOUTH that are playing fast and captivating punk while bringing together emotional lyrics and sing-a-longs. Born to Lose will definitely please punk rock and pop punk fans as well as the hardcore crowd. For fans of: DAGGERMOUTH, The Movielife, Lifetime, Alkaline Trio, and Propagandhi. (State of Mind Records #41)

For over 7 years Germanys GOLDUST haunts the seedy places that lie between hardcore, punk and metal and with their 3rd full-length "thirst" the band reaches a definite peak of their rich and uncompromising discography. Their unforgiving sound maintains deeply rooted in hardcore's aggressiveness, yet the five-piece perfected the inclusion of various other influences that range from bleak and nihilistic black-metal to the ugly swamps of sludge with its violent, uncontrollable noise attacks. According to the band, "thirst" is the product of quite difficult times on personal and band-wise levels, thus being without a doubt GOLDUSTs most intimate and important output to date. Vinyl comes with great artwork, thick inside-out cover, black innersleeve, lyricsheet and includes a digital download card. For Fans of INTEGRITY, EYEHATEGOD, GEHENNA , RISE & FALL,and CURSED. (State of Mind Records #40)

PRECURSOR - Miles & Miles Apart LP
PRECURSOR hails from Vancouver BC, no pop punk cheese ball songs about friends here. No studio magic either. Just some grown ass men playing fast. PRECURSOR delivers wild drumming, jangly guitars, big veiny bass, and some of the best vocal delivery in the genre. Don't be a poser. This includes a digital download coupon for the whole record. Featuring members of DAGGERMOUTH, THE FULLBLAST, CARPENTER, and more. For fans of HOT WATER MUSIC, TOUCHE AMORE, and DAGGERMOUTH. (State of Mind Records #39)

Buffalo, NY band Better Times started in late 2010, when members of Our Times, No Love Lost and Impact teamed up to form a new straight edge band. Better Times, musically influenced by bands like Insted, Floorpunch, Gorilla Biscuits and Youth Of Today, plays energetic, mid-tempo-to-fast youth crew hardcore. Lyrically, the band celebrates their local scene and stresses the importance of being positive, having a critical mind and doing something worthwhile with your life. This record has seven full, fast, hard-hitting, youth crew jams. 7" includes digital download and is limited to 210 copies. Members went on to play in MALFUNCTION. (State of Mind Records #38)

COMPOUND - The Inaugural Demo 7"
Long Island, NY Straight Edge hardcore with a 80's sound that will that brings you back to the days of Judge and Warzone. COMPOUND now leads the Long Island sXe scene. Current members are in BOTTOM OUT and INCENDIARY team up for this 1 time vinyl pressing. Also for fans of Insted / Dump Truck / Breakdown / Judge / NYHC. Features guest vocals by Brendan of INCENDIARY. (State of Mind Records #32)

SOLDIERS - Hit The Bricks 7"
Playing heavy New York-styled hardcore the way the masters VOD, Biohazard, and Sick of it All played it. After leaving Trustkill Records and joining the State of Mind Rec family Long Island, NY's Soldiers return another four devastating tracks. You might recognize members from bands like THIS IS HELL, INCENDIARY, ICE AGE, and STRAY FROM THE PATH. (State of Mind Records #31)

REVIVER - Potential Wasteland 7"
Salt Lake City, UT's own Reviver follow up their now out-of-print debut full-length with a seven-track effort of melodic hardcore with a dark, experimental side in the same vein as Modern Life Is War, American Nightmare, and Refused. Features guest vocals by Derek of DEFEATER. Matt of Reviver also plays in DAYTRADER(Rise Rec) and other members now play in CULT LEADER (Deathwish Rec). (State of Mind Records #28.5)

ANCHOR - The Singles Collected LP
From the ashes of Damage Control (Livewire Rec) and Set My Path comes ANCHOR! Hailing from Sweden, ANCHOR plays a heavy and aggressive blend of 90's style metal / hardcore that brings to mind bands like TRIAL and REFUSED. ANCHOR can be seen on tour almost anywhere in the world, one of the hardest working bands in hardcore today. This record compiles 11 songs of passionate, straight edge, heart filled hardcore. FFO Refused / Judge / Trial / Snapcase. (State of Mind Records #30)

DEAD HEARTS - A Death In The Family 7"
In September of 2008, Dead Hearts played their last show. At that show they released a portion of their last recording session as "A Death In The Family" EP. This 3 song CDep was pressed only once, limited to 100 copies and sold out at that show. Later, they went back and finished up one last track to release this, the last four recorded songs by Dead Hearts. This four song 7" comes with 11-track digital download that includes "All Good Things Must End" (live at CBGB's) and"A Death In The Family". Includes digital download. Members went on to form OLD GHOSTS and also play in RUST BELT LIGHTS. (State of Mind Records #29)

Los Angeles based Gentlemen Prefer Blood are back with their third full-length album and first with It's Alive Records. Used Books And Guns hits the mark with smart lyrics, buzz-saw chords, raspy vocals and anthemic style that echos the sound and spirit defined by punk rock of the late 70s and early 90s. Front man Todd Smailes and bassist Dr. J have been friends since childhood and playing in bands together nearly as long. Their long time camaraderie is readily apparent in the way their instrumentation and vocals play off of one anther - never overdone and never lacking. Recently banded with the formidable skills of Michael Spaid on drums, the three-piece is able to fill the room with dynamic punk rock prowess while still maintaining that comfortable airy room to breathe - an art that all the best power trios perfect over time. (It's Alive Records #95)

ALL PEOPLE - Learn Forget Repeat LP
All People are a four piece band out of New Orleans, Louisiana who are committed to taking their sounds and ideas beyond the reaches of their hometown. "Learn Forget Repeat" is the bands second full-length album. Organ driven post punk that invokes some of the aggressive sounds of the early '90s - taking influence from Fugazi and late-era Jawbreaker along with melody and chord structure absorbed from their hometown. (Asian Man Records 295)

KEMURI - Mirai Wa Akarui LP
Tokyo's Kemuri have been playing energetic ska/punk for 20 years, with an emphasis on optimism and PMA. "Mirai Wa Akarui" collects some of the best songs from their legendary discography. (Asian Man Records #292)

LA DISPUTE - Somewhere At The Bottom Of The River Between Vega And Altair LPx2 (Color Vinyl)
Most frequently referred to as post-hardcore (but sometimes also progressive rock and screamo), La Dispute has spent the last year of its existence writing and recording their first full length album, "Somewhere At The Bottom Of The River Between Vega And Altair." The result of countless sleepless nights, exhaustingly precise recording sessions and a diligence bordering psychosis, "Somewhere..." is far and away the band's most mature, articulate and diverse release thus far - expanding significantly upon the groundwork from its previous two short releases. Recorded at StudiOtte in Grand Rapids by Joel and Troy Otte with artwork by Nick Satinover, "Somewhere..." attempts to display an unceasing passion for art, emotion, love, community and any other aspect of life that inspires humanity to create for the better. Now available again on colored vinyl with a gatefold cover. (No Sleep Records #12A)

LA DISPUTE/KOJI - split LP (Color Vinyl)
"Never Come Undone," the forthcoming split 12" release from Harrisburg, PA singer-songwriter Andrew Koji Shiraki and Grand Rapids, MI outfit La Dispute is, above all things, an attempt to transcend musical differences; to show that, where a middle ground exists ethically and emotionally, differences in genre and style are rendered irrelevant, and the greater truth is made apparent. Featuring two songs from Koji (one original and one cover) and two songs from La Dispute (one original and one re-imagining of a track from 2008's "Somewhere..."), the record reflects heavily on the two artists' individual experiences with loss and their reaction to it. Recorded separately at Drasik Studios in Chicago, IL (Koji) and at Stadium Red in Harlem, NY (La Dispute), "Never Come Undone" shows Koji and La Dispute at the peak of their friendship, exploring new personal ground both musically and lyrically and will be released on a one-sided 12" with an etched B-side by No Sleep Records. Now available again on colored vinyl. 12"ep includes digital download. (No Sleep Records #44)

COLD CAVE - Full Cold Moon LP (Color Vinyl)
Full Cold Moon is a compilation of EP recordings originally individually released in 2013, now presented as one collection; "A Little Death To Laugh," "Oceans With No End," "God Made The World," "Black Boots" and "Nausea, The Earth And Me." Notably this is also the first vinyl appearance of the song "Dandelion" as well as the entire "Nausea, The Earth And Me" EP (previously only available on limited CD and digital formats). This is Cold Cave at its most artistically skeletal, similar to the celebrated "Cremations" and "Love Comes Close" releases. (Deathwish Records #179)

FUCKED UP - Year Of The Hare LP (Color Vinyl)
Fucked Up's "Year Of The Hare" is the latest installment of their Zodiac themed releases. Title track "Year Of The Hare" is a 21-minute epic that frantically mixes traditional instrumentation, piano/synths, flutes and sax, experimental editing/soundscapes and guest vocals from great Isla Craig into one dizzying experience. While B-side "California Cold" slowly builds and deconstructs over an eight-and-a-half minute stretch, organically shifting from jangly melodic-punk anthem into a fuzzed-out psychedelic jam session. LP includes digital download. (Deathwish Records #172)

(restock) PLASTIC IDOLS - Singles, Demos And Live... CD
Houston punk from '78 to '80. Very early Houston punk band finally documented on CD with all the original 7" singles...i.u.d., Einstein experience, "Are we too late for the trend-esr" compilation track. Plus studio demos and live recordings that include tracks recorded live at the "island" in Houston, Texas. Total track time 55:00!! Full color 16 page booklet with rare flyer's and pix. Liner notes by Chris Lord (original singer), Bill Loner (bass player) and Dan Workman. (Hot Box Review #5 CD)

(restock) CULTURCIDE - Year One CD
Culturcide - Year One, its a VERY hard to find industrial punk LP from 1982 that's been remastered by the original guitarist Dan Workman, has a 14 page full color booklet (very similar to the Dicks booklet). We added on the 7" single from 1980, "Consider Museums as Concentration Camps" to the CD. Punk rock artist JR Delgado original owner of the pink rock club the Axiom from the 80's in Houston has done all art lay outs from flyer's, photos and art from the band and friends. (Hot Box Review #4 CD)

(restock) CAGES - Vivipary LP
CAGES has existed in one form or another for a decade, growing into a cohesive and undefinable act. "Avant-garde post-noise" or "experimental neo-folk:" we're not so sure. In lieu of descriptive precision, this is music not to be classified or pigeon-holed. Members David Bailey and Nola Ranallo have served time in a wide array of bands in the Western New York underground music scene, but none of them quite compare to their work in CAGES. Recorded in 2012 and lying dormant until now, Vivipary is the band's defining output to date. As instrumentally alluring as it is aggressive, vocally haunting, and engaging, this record is an all-consuming listening experience. Includes a digital download code. (Black Dots Records #3)

(restock) TIED DOWN - Demo + 2 cassette tape
Buffalo's premier youth crew hardcore and the standout act emanating from the Upstate and Western New York straightedge scene. Comprised of members of the late OUR TIMES, 1988 becomes 2003 becomes 2014 and beyond. YOUTH OF TODAY, WARZONE, SIDE BY SIDE, letterman jackets, and X swatches-a familiar sound, aesthetic and vibe, for a new generation of seekers and believers. Hardcore remains a youth rebellion, relevant and genuine, simply because of bands like TIED DOWN. This is a reissue of the demonstration tape released in 2012 as well as two additional tracks the band recorded, yet never released physically, the following year. (Black Dots Records #2 TP)

(restock) TANK - DEMO 2006 cassette tape
Until now, one would be hard-pressed to find much evidence of TANK's existence in the physical world. A small handful of CD-R demos were exchanged amongst friends in the Buffalo punk scene nearly a decade ago. TANK was a band whose life spanned a couple dozen shows in less than two year's time and while members would continue on divergent paths across the hardcore, punk, "extreme music" spectrum, this recording stands time's test as some of their most memorable output. A stylistically unique collection of bleak sounds, owing as much to predecessors NAPALM DEATH or INFEST as it does to the frigid hopelessness of Western New York life. A powerful, hard-hitting document of local hardcore that we're proud to unearth for an unsuspecting public. (Black Dots Records #1 TP)

(restock) FLESH WORLD - Planned Obsolescence 7"
Devastating noisy hardcore from Australia mixing classic USHC power with the intensity and aggression of Italian greats such as WRETCHED and INDIGESTI. This is the vinyl pressing of their cassette only EP from 2011, criminally overlooked and almost lost to time, a cult record in the making. Claustrophobic and chaotic, one of the most over looked Australian hardcore punk records of the last 5 years. Members of TEARGAS, PATHETIC HUMAN, THE ZINGERS, LAKES, RATSAK, and more. Record comes shrinkwrapped, on blood red vinyl, housed in a red and black jacket. (No Patience Records #23)

Descriptions for 5/30/15

VEXX - Give and Take 7"
Vexx's debut 12" on Grazer/M'Ladys was one of our favorite releases of 2013, so we're endlessly excited to present their newest 7", Give And Take. Hailing from Olympia, Vexx is heavily indebted to late 70s American punk with a sound akin to bands like Legal Weapon or the Avengers, but with even more of a rock 'n' roll edge than those bands and a vocalist just as soulful and powerful. (Katorga Works Records #36)

VAASKA - Todos Contra Todos LP
Since the earliest days of hardcore punk, the city of Austin, TX has been known for producing some of the best in the genre. The notoriety of this particular scene has grown exponentially over the past few years with a deluge of stellar bands coming out and capturing the adoration of those in search of "that good shit." Out of them all, VAASKA would have to be the longest running and most abrasive of the bunch. After a five year break from the format the boys have delivered yet another 12" platter of the raging D-Beat that they initially made themselves known for and have been perfecting over the years. And the aforementioned half a decade break between the 12"s was in no way an indication of them slowing down, seeing the release of a 7" on Germany's Heart First Records and the recording of a session with their latest and greatest lineup (featuring the addition of Chris Ulsh on the kit) that yielded a split 7" with fellow ATX goons THE IMPALERS and another with Japan's SKIZOPHRENIA on Beach Impediment and 540 / Todo Destruido respectively. "TODOS CONTRA TODOS" features 11 tracks of blown out hard punk pounders that will continue to capture the attention of those who admire the art of crafting urgent and seething songs. (Beach Impediment Records #15)

GAS CHAMBER - Stained Hand 7"
Newest EP by one of the most exciting hardcore bands on the planet. Emerging from the remains of the trailblazing Running For Cover to continue on a path of refining and purifying a unique style of hardcore, Gas Chamber fits nicely into the community of bands (Column of Heaven, Suffering Luna, Iron Lung, Hatred Surge, etc) taking "power violence" hardcore punk into exciting new directions. This particular EP contains two epic and dynamic hardcore ragers and one heavy and dreamy instrumental track. They fit nicely in line with the band's modern classic LP on Iron Lung Records as a powerful artistic statement that combines power violence, G-Anx, prog, experimental music, soundscape, musicianship, and artistic genius into one cohesive sonic expression. Arguably the best band in punk today. (SPHC Records #58)

Newest release from 4490 Records, distributed in North America by SPHC, so bring on your wholesale and trades too. Second EP by Snaggletooth, southeast Asia's finest purveyors of "Motorcharge", "crust-and-roll", whatever you want to call it, it fucking ROCKS. High-charge rock-and-roll hardcore, gruff vocals, riffs for miles, solos that beg for air guitar, memorable songs, powerful production, tons of velocity, basically a perfect record for this style. The Motorhead influence is obvious, I know for example that this will be the new soundtrack of my local crusty crew, but I think this will also appeal to anyone that's typically into Japanese hardcore. Honestly, this is the best record in this style since AGE released their classic records in 2001/2002. (SPHC Records/4490 Records #6)

THE WIPERS - Youth Of America LP
Simply obliterating any conception of the Wipers as a mere punk band, Greg Sage released this follow-up to "Is This Real?" in 1981 - a sophisticated, overwhelming response to the evil times marked by the turn of the decade. Broken up into six long songs, "Youth of America" is a much colder, harrowing experience than the teen angst of their debut. Vocally, Sage comes off as sleep-deprived and forsaken, snarling not only at his own predicament but at the predicament of the entire world. Remastered from the original tapes. (Jackpot Records #82802)

THE WIPERS - Is This Real LP
Unquestionably Portland's most well-loved punk group, the Wipers formed in the late 1970s and in 1980 released their debut LP, "Is This Real?"- twelve songs of stabbing, jittery guitar, snapped vocals, and unabashed teen angst. Full of desperation and yearning, the LP has stood as a blueprint for wretched youth for over 30 years. In the early 1990s "Is This Real?" was given mainstream attention when Nirvana covered two tracks off the record and Cobain announced it was one of the primary influences on his group. Remastered from original tapes as provided by Greg Sage himself. (Jackpot Records #82801)

Conflict (USA) were formed by Karen Allman (aka K. Nurse, vocals, lyrics) and Nick Johnoff (drums) in 1981 in Tucson, Arizona. A line-up change in 1982 added Bill Cuevas (guitar) and Mariko Burris (Hiller) (bass). Arizona's hardcore punk communities (in primarily in Tucson and Phoenix) were located a short day's drive from Los Angeles and most touring bands of the era played shows at now legendary venues such as Tucson's The Backstage and Phoenix's Mad Gardens (e.g. Black Flag, Husker Du, Minor Threat, Dead Kennedys, DOA, Social Distortion, Circle Jerks). Conflict often shared bills with such bands, along with fellow Arizonans Meat Puppets and JFA (Jody Fosters Army). In a genre dominated by disaffected middle class white American testosterone, Conflict presented a contrast by featuring a Japanese American/Hapa queer female vocalist/front person and a Japanese female bassist. What made Conflict most distinctive was Karen's lyrics: intelligent poetry, social commentary on such issues as women's rights, violence, human trafficking and self-empowerment. Conflict's musical approach to hardcore punk rock was characterized at the time as "non-generic" ("generic" being applied to the plethora of bands that appeared at the time taking a more "formulaic" approach). Conflict incorporated hard rock riffs, progressions, and dissonance, something novel at the time. Last Hour is a 14 song album recorded in May of 1983, 8 months after the line-up's inception. Recorded on a shoestring, mostly live in-studio, by Steve English at Tucson's Sound Factory Last Hour was produced by Michael Cornelius (bassist, JFA). 1000 copies were originally pressed with a follow up of of 500. Pukenvomit is pleased to present this vinyl-only re-release as mastered from the original pressing. (Puke N Vomit #50)

PUBLIC HEIRS - Broken Down 7"
New sublabel focusing on unreleased and obscure releases made as cheap as possible to keep retail prices low. Limited to 500 budget pressing, 1/3 foldover sleeve hand stamped label. Formed 1978 in Fareham [provincial over spill shithole] in Hampshire England U.K. Recorded first single in leaterhead studios at same time as Police were doing "Roxanne" in same studio... swore the Police wouldnt make it and mocked their paroxide blond pop image.... the Public Heirs single was ditched and never came out..... split in1979 amidst a venue riot at Portsmouth Rotary Club playing with Chaos. Unreleased until now obscure U.K. punk with a little mod and new wave thrown in the mix. (Puke N Vomit Projectile #1)

It's the repress of the "holy grail" of Warsore's discography. Originally released in1998, as limited to 100 copies lathe cut. One of only few surviving recordings "genius" Disgorge (Egrogsid) and probably the first officially released Warsore. In both bands on vocals Den, "the kindest" grindcore brother in the world. This material has been not subjected to any beauty treatments. Glorious sound rawness. (Behind The Mountain #9)

AFTER THE FALL - Dedication LP (Color Vinyl)
After The Fall has emerged with their fifth and best album to date, an earnest and proficiently played strain of technical, speedy melodies that hit that sweet spot between skate-punk and melodic hardcore. Recorded at The Blasting Room (Rise Against, NOFX, Alkaline Trio), the veterans pen a riffy and dynamic love letter to their influences and friends come and gone. For fans of Propagandhi, Descendents, Bad Religion, All and Black Flag. Now available on colored vinyl. Vinyl version includes digital download. (Bridge Nine Records #227)

(restock) MIDNIGHT - Satanic Royalty LP (with poster)
Black Heavy Metal is the law, and MIDNIGHT subjugate all subjects with their highly anticipated debut album after nearly a decade of EPs and splits. "Satanic Royalty" is both a distillation of first-wave black metal magick and an extension into harder-rocking territories rampant with lust, filth, and sleaze. The name MIDNIGHT has been a cult one for years now, but here they prove it beyond a shadow of a doubt - bow down before their "Satanic Royalty"! Recommended for diehards of MIDNIGHT, MIDNIGHT, and MIDNIGHT: there is only MIDNIGHT! (Hell's Headbangers Records #64)

(restock) SIEGE - Drop Dead LP (30th anniversary edition!)
Siege 30th anniversary edition... restored definitive sound...with original sessions' outtakes on green opaque wax. Finally re-pressed. Siege was one of those more than awesome hardcore bands from Boston that influenced hundreds and hundreds of bands over the years. These tracks were recorded in 1984 at Radio Beat in Boston, MA. This is a classic. A must have for anyone interested in '80s hardcore. Infest, Drop Dead, Heresy, Ripcord... all of these bands were completely influenced by Siege. (Deep Six #55)

(restock) WEEKEND NACHOS - Worthless LP
On the new LP, the band display some of the most technical, thrashing moments of unadulterated powerviolence, as well as the thickest, most crushing riffs heard from them yet. What makes them even better is the schizophrenic weaving of these two styles that the group so swiftly pulls off. Songs like "Frostbitten" demonstrate this with perfection, transitioning unexpectedly from ominous guitar chugs into a fast array of d-beats and a mix of high-pitched screams and classic Weekend Nachos vocals. (Deep Six Records #157)

(restock) WEEKEND NACHOS - Unforgivable LP
The 2nd full length from Weekend Nachos. Twelve tracks of fucking fast, brutal, power violence hardcore. They take the raw thrash of bands like INFEST and LACK OF INTEREST and throw in the doom and sludge of EYEHATEGOD to create an ugly mix of hardcore and metal. (Deep Six Records #117)

Descriptions for 5/23/15

ANTLERS - A Gaze Into The Abyss LP ANTLERS is a new band from Leipzig but the folks behind this outfit are not Germans, they are from Spain and Catalonia. The members, played in such renowned acts like EKKAIA, COP ON FIRE or SANGRE DE MUERDAGO (which are still active). They proof that punks can play black metal. The music ranges from atmospheric midtempo black metal towards the fast stuff. Due to the highly left wing political background of their ex-bands it seems to be sure, that ANTLERS is another black metal band which is cool (aka antifascist) plus their music sounds fucking awesome. (Vendetta Records #99)

KENT STATE - Samsara 7" New two song 7" from Nick Vance (Suspect, Deep Sleep) aka Kent State. This is the first-ever vinyl release of new Kent State material, following up a series of sold out cassettes (compiled last year on the "Wrong Side of History" LP), and the musical growth displayed here is beyond evident. While staying true to the original roots of Kent State's "Brainbombs meets GBV" sound, these new songs are catchier, more driving, and easily the best songs Vance has ever written. (Debt Offensive Records #9)

SUPERCRUSH - I Don't Want to be Sad Anymore 7" Second 7" from Supercrush, aka the duo of Mark Palm (Go It Alone, Black Breath, Modern Charms) and Aaron O'Neil (ON, Lights Out), picks up where their debut 7" (recently reissued on Grave Mistake) left off. Two 90s-inspired melodic blasts, taking cues from the likes of Swervedriver and Mega City Four while doing something completely fresh at the same time, and is a must for all power pop/punk fans. (Debt Offensive Records #8)

THE DOOR AND THE WINDOW - Detailed Twang LP Originally inspired by both the DIY ethic of the punk movement and the likes of Throbbing Gristle and File Under Pop, two friends Nag and Bendle decided to form The Door And The Window in March '79. Lacking any musical experience, the first thing they did was to book a gig, then set off to a rehearsal studio to record their first single on a cassette recorder. The first single 'Don't Kill Colin EP' came from the pressing plant in plain white labels and sleeves. The band pain stakingly hand-made the labels and sleeves and managed to self-distribute all 1000 copies. The line-up of the band was always fluid and sometime members included Fritz (23 Skidoo), Dennis Burns (ATV/Good Missionaries), Grant Showbiz (The Fall) and Giblet (49 Americans). In late 1979, Mark Perry, disillusioned by the constraints and expectations of Alternative TV joined the band as druumer and co-songwriter. 1980 saw the release of the album 'Detailed Twang' which sold 2000 copies at the ridiculously cheap price of £3.00, before the band split up in the summer of '81, although they've reformed on an occasional basis to experiment with new ideas. The LP replicates the original album but with the bonus of an inner bag featuring a detailed band history and rare photos, limited to just 500 copies making rarer than the highly collectable original! (Overground Records #146)

GALLOWS - Desolation Sounds LP The hardcore band who made huge press waves after forming in 2005 in their homeland of the UK, and who are now based all over the world, had an evolutionary overhaul on their self-titled full-length in 2012 with new vocalist Wade MacNeil (Alexisonfire). But that was just the beginning. The band's fourth full-length, "Desolation Sounds," continues their journey into weirder, esoteric territory that stretches the genre's boundaries and yet retains mammoth, rock power. Now available on colored vinyl. Vinyl version includes digital download. (Bridge Nine Records #223)

MODERN PAIN - Peace Delusions 7" "Peace Delusions b/w Kill Yr. Idols" is a teaser EP for the forthcoming full-length by Texas powerhouse Modern Pain. The A-side, "Peace Delusions" (which will appear in re-recorded form on the LP), offers a caustic, noisy preview of what's to come, maintaining a traditionally stomping and aggressive, forward-moving fast beat while conveying an eerie, paranoia-ridden atmosphere. The B-side is a cover of Sonic Youth's legendary "Kill Yr. Idols" from an early EP of the same name. 7" includes digital download and is limited to 500 copies. (Bridge Nine Records #228)

EARTH CRISIS - The Discipline 7" Earth Crisis' chugging riffs and barked declarations served as the mouthpiece of America's vegan straight-edge movement throughout the '90s, detailing the ideas of animal and human liberation, drug-free living and personal empowerment through hardcore music. The band is proud to announce a new four-song 7" vinyl and CD release, "The Discipline," on Bullet Tooth. The EP will have two newly re-recorded songs from the band's pioneering debut album, "Destroy The Machines," and two unreleased songs diehard fans may recognize from unreleased demos from the '90s. (Bullet Tooth Records #42)

BOMBSHELL ROCKS - This Time Around 7" Limited edition, silver 7" EP featuring the new single "This Time Around" from the Bombshell Rocks comeback album "Generation Tranquilized." Also includes acoustic versions of "This Time Around" and "Shine Some Light," two of the most popular songs from their new LP. For fans of Rancid, Stiff Little Fingers, One Man Army, The Explosion and Social Distortion. (Pirate's Press Records #144)

V/A - Oi! This Is Streetpunk! Volume Five LP Putting the first one of these compilations together five years ago, who would've known that they would be received so well, allowing Pirates Press Records to continue putting these out year after year; strong lineup after strong lineup, with virtually no repeats. This 12" record comes with a 3", woven patch, making it a total 15", the real deal, staying true with the gimmick of the previous editions. LP includes digital download. (Pirate's Press Records #142)

BISHOPS GREEN - A Chance To Change LP Bishops Green has firmly established themselves as one of the premier bands of the resurgent streetpunk scene, with up- tempo, anthemic songs that touch on a wide range of cerebral subject matter ranging from questioning the decisions of the powers that be in politics to the more personal struggle of daily existence. "A Chance To Change" is the second full-length from this exciting and prolific band, following the twice-pressed full-length "Pressure" (2014) and their three-time-pressed debut self- titled 12" Mini-LP from the year before. The momentum and support that Bishops Green has behind them right now makes them truly stand out from the pack, and this album is sure to bring with it even more opportunity and success spreading their poignant message to the punk rock masses. LP includes digital download. (Pirate's Press Records #137)

(repress) GAMEFACE - Every Last Time LP (Color Vinyl) Southern California's Gameface has come a long way since 1990. Their music combines the best elements of punk, hardcore, emo and pop to make something simpler, something sincere beyond a defined scene. They have the ability to reach people with undeniably catchy melodies underneath hearfelt lyrics. By consistently producing good, honest rock music, Gameface has earned their role as a staple in the post hardcore scene. New pressing now available on white vinyl. Vinyl version includes digital download of this record. (Revelation Records #75)

(repress) BETTER THAN A THOUSAND - Just One LP (Color Vinyl) Boasting members of Youth Of Today, Battery, Damnation A.D., Shelter and Worlds Collide, Better Than A Thousand tosses you into the circle pit 1988 style. Twelve songs full of classic breakdowns and lyrics that challenge us to look at ourselves, the hardcore scene, education and the world we live in today. New pressing now available on grey marble vinyl. LP includes digital download of this record. (Revelation Records #60)

(repress) DAG NASTY - Minority Of One LP (Color Vinyl) After a ten year dormancy, Dag Nasty proves that the chemistry and the soul of their music is still there and precisely the reason why they still play it. Dag Nasty's rich history and pedigree speaks for itself and "Minority Of One" will only carry this tradition further. The songs are powerful, the recording is huge, and the lyrics and vocal delivery are as heartfelt as ever. New pressing now available on gold vinyl. Vinyl version includes digital download of this record. (Revelation Records #111)

(resock) KENT STATE - The Wrong Side of History LP Members of DEEP SLEEP, SUSPECT and CATHOLIC SPIT playing self-described psychedelic death pop. Melding the various genres of their other bands, this LP is a collection of 16 lo-fi, fucked up and insanely catchy noisepop gems that falls somewhere between Guided by Voices, Mega City Four, and Jesu - ie extremely hard to categorize or pigeonhole. Originally released as a series of limited cassettes (all out of print), the songs have been remastered by Daniel Husayn at North London Bomb Factory and resequenced to act as a stand-alone album. Comes with download code. (Debt Offensive Records #4)

Descriptions for 5/16/15

Terrible Feelings - Manuela, Anton, and Andy - from Malmö, Sweden have existed since 2009. Like so many others before them, the band sprung out of late parties, drunken philosophical discussions, punk rock, power pop, and friendship. To date, the band has released four 7"s and one full length album. They've embarked on several full European tours and two US tours (one on each coast), and have played such far and wide locations as Fun Fun Fun Fest in Austin, to almost every squat in Germany. They've shared stages with bands such as The Raveonettes, Imperial State Electric, Fucked Up, Jeff the Brotherhood, White Lung, and The Babies; and were handpicked by none other than Refused as support in both Europe and Sweden on their final tour. Musically Terrible Feelings has been described as proto punk, dark power pop and gloomy surf, with a tint of both country and 70s hard rock. All descriptions are correct. It's rock 'n' roll. April 2015 will see the dawn of "Tremors", the band's second full length. Recorded by Joakim from MF/MB/, mastered by Linus from Element (GOAT, etc), and with stunning artwork by Robert Hurula. The band has managed to plow through 4 bass players and are currently employing their 5th. Plans for US tours are in the gears. The band sounds better than ever and is ready for their second coming. (Deranged Records #263)

HURULA - Betongbarn LP
Four years after the end of his punk band Masshysteri, Robert Hurula returned with a solo album under his last name: Vi Ar Människorna Som Vara Foraldrar Varnade Oss For. The LP achieved wide acclaim in Hurula's native Sweden and cult adoration in the U.S. Hurula follows that album with the Betongbarn 12". Three new songs and a cover cut through the ever-present tension of daily life to make us scream and fight. All the songs bursts with conviction, feeling like revenge on a junior high bully. Hurula knows how to craft a hook, like Husker Du or fellow Swedes Jonas Game or Terrible Feelings. "Ge oss natt som ar sant" cuts John Lennon's "Gimme Some Truth" in half and morphs it into a rager with classic 1960's girl group-style harmonies. (Deranged Records #264)

ACxDC - Discography '03 -'13 CD
ANTICHRIST DEMONCORE or ACxDC for short aren't your stereotypical satanic grindviolence band. This CD includes the "Had It Coming" and "Second Coming" 7"s as well as their compilation tracks. Plus live tracks and demos. Essentially a CD version of their picture disc. Imported from Austrlia. (Blastasfuk Records #19 CD)

CHURCHBURN - The Awaiting Coffins LP (with download)
Members of VITAL REMAINS and GRIEF team up to form: Churchburn. Presenting their first full length recording, 5 songs plus one unlisted bonus track recorded between 2011-2014. A combination of atmospheric unrelenting heaviness with melody and songwriting skill. The tracks have the pace and aura of properly done doom, with black and death metal influences woven throughout. Layered vocals, guitar harmonies, memorable riffs, heavy percussion. A cohesive and bludgeoning piece of modern metal. Churchburn is the new musical collaboration between two of the undergrounds masters of misery: Dave Suzuki, best known for his mesmerizing guitar work and brutal drumming in Vital Remains and Ray McCaffrey, who carved out sonic drum patterns for Sin Of Angels and Grief. (Armageddon Shop Records #8)

RIXE - Coups Et Blessures 7"
"Coups Et Blessures" is the debut 7" EP from new Paris Oi! band RIXE. The four track EP harks back to the glory years of Bologna's finest NABAT mixed with the classic 80's French Oi! sound via RAS or L'INFANTERIE SAUVAGE and a heavy BLITZ vibe. The sound is rough, direct and angry and driven by a distorted bass and a vocalist that chews on glass for fun. Like the now defunct CRIMINAL DAMAGE, newbies Pittsburgh's NO TIME and Brest's SYNDROME 81, RIXE are the new voice of a Generation. (La Vida Es Un Mus Records #93)

NO - Treating People Like They Don't Exist LP
London's NO finally unleash their third vinyl offering. 8 songs in barely 13 minutes. Ferocious dissonant hardcore focused in intensity and all-out rage. Non stop hardcore showing the band at their peak. References to Midwest USA hardcore are often used to describe NO but while not completely off the mark they are just one of the many points of reference for this rather complicated band. NO are another living proof of how great the current UK hardcore crop is. The album comes in a full colour sleeve designed by the greatest Ralph Simmonds and including a heavy weight 11"x11" lyric insert. (La Vida Es Un Mus Records #102)

Pure Disgust took DC by storm when they released their demo with their unique brand of wicked anthemic harDCore with strong socio-political lyrics. Since then they've grown incredibly tight and upped their ferocity with an intense live to boot. These young guns, ranging in age from only 15-21, successfully capture their anger and urgency on vinyl with their brand of brute force HC a la LIFE'S BLOOD, while still kicking out memorable punk riffs in the same way that BLITZ leave songs in our heads. Pure Disgust has become a force to be reckoned with and there is little doubt that this scorching platter will turn heads far and wide. (Grave Mistake/Flophouse Records #17)

RAKTA - s/t 7" (import version)
Brazil's RAKTA unleash two new tracks of eerie and atmospheric post punk. From the moment the songs start you will find yourself trapped in a cave of beautiful, yet haunting tunes, in most cases, people will want to seek a way out, in Rakta's case, you will never want to leave. 'Tudo Que E Solido' is an instant nugget that fits somewhere between BLOOD AND ROSES and THE DOORS. It's driven by the tom tom work and the insistent and drone like keyboard work. The track builds and builds into a dark cresendo. On the flip is 'Serpente' - a 6 minute and 15 seconds dirge that's part SIOUXIE AND THE BANSHEES' 'Lord's Prayer' and part 'Ballet Bag' demo era RUBELLA BALLET. The record comes housed in a beautifully put together booklet sleeve wraparound with printed inner sleeves with art by guitarrist Laura Del Vecchio Lanca. (La Vida Es Un Mus Records #88)

This new split 7" between MANLIFTINGBANNER and DEADSTOOLPIGEON for Refuse Records includes covers of bands that were an inspiration to both bands. The MLB side contains two tracks recorded during the sessions for their upcoming "Red Fury" LP on Crucial Response. MLB play their 2014 version of "Race Against Time" by GBH, and "Nothing Done" by SSD. Plus: punk legend Big John Duncan (The Exploited) joined MLB to add some awesome riffs to the GBH classic. The other side includes never before released recordings of DSP doing "Commitment" by ALONE IN A CROWD, and "True Blue" by UNDERDOG, recorded in 1996. Actually, this is the first time DSP appear on vinyl. MANLIFTINGBANNER is one of the most legendary European straight edge / hardcore band. Their name appeared in 1990, and comprised members of LARM, SEEIN' RED and PROFOUND. MLB came up in the times of the New World Order, the so-called triumph of global capitalism and the outbreak of neo-fascist violence in Europe. From the beginning, they linked radical politics to the straight edge and were among those who were defining the HC scene of the first half of the 90s in Europe. MLB split up in 1994. Olav and Paul continued with Seein' Red (and occasionally later in reformed LARM), Big founded MAINSTRIKE (and then BIRDS OF A FEATHER) and Michiel and Bart founded DEADSTOOLPIGEON (DSP). This outfit, started with members of NRA and HUMAN ALERT, were active in 1995-1997 and released three CDs (mostly on Crucial Response Records). In the meantime MLB played a few occasional reunion shows, to return for good in 2012, with regular shows and a set of new and old songs on "The Revolution Continues" double LP on Crucial Response. Big was replaced by new guitar player Johannes Adahl (SOBERESPONSE) and later Thomas Olivier (HUMAN ALERT/DEADSTOOLPIGEON). This limited edition 7" EP comes as a one-time pressing of 500 copies so make sure you order fast! (Refuse Records #107)

VICIOUS REALITY - Eyes To The Sun 7"
Czestochowa is a sort of holy city for all the catholics in Poland. For this or that reason it may never went through a thriving HC Punk scene, but despite this - thanks to the small but tight group of friends from the Holy City Youth Crew, has become one of the most active place in Poland. Regular shows and functioning of band REGRES are important facts. Two members of Regres (Pawe_ and Ogór) started ViciousxReality (with S_o_ and Damian, who later joined Regres) - 100% vege edge band. "Eyes to the Sun" is their debut on vinyl, include nine tracks. They admit to having been influenced by bands like Our __Turn, Tear It Up, Mental and Insted - but whether in their recordings heard these inspirations are being heard is the question to leave to potential listeners. They can make you sure there are a whole lot of fun, posi vibes and fast old style HC on this songs. VxR 7" is a co-release between Refuse Records and Black Wednesday Records. (Refuse Records #108)

EYE FOR AN EYE - Glos 7"
EYE FOR AN EYE is one of the main driving forces of the current HC / Punk scene in Poland. Their shows, records and activities in the local scene (like "Nationalism No Thanks" festival) are always impressing. This is one of those bands that in times of stylistic divisions are able to gain punx, skins and HC kids of all gender. It's also one of those bands that in times where message becomes much less important is able to talk about the real issues and do it in a skillful and effective manner. Huge merit of expression and charisma of singer Ania and solid work of the rest of the band. Eye For An Eye could be a perfect band for everyone starting their adventure with punk rock, as well as for veterans recalling the commitment of the old bands from the 80s or 90s. In some mysterious way this band is able to combine the joy and enthusiasm usually attributed to newcomers with experience over 15 years of playing in a band. Following 4 full length LP's, this is their first 7" vinyl record. It's coming out as a co-release of Refuse Records with Black Wednesday Records (Poland) and Campary Records (Germany). CD version will be out on No Pasaran Records (Poland). (Refuse Records #106)

FIGHT THEM ALL - No More Orders 7"
The late 80's and early 90's HC scene in Pozna_ was one of the strongest and most active in Poland with bands like H.C.P., Apatia and Cymeon X. For a couple of years now, it seems like Pozna_ is back on track with a new crop of bands and consistently well-attended shows. FIGHT THEM ALL is another example of this. Sharing some members with ThugxLife, this band is influenced by early 80s USHC and the wave of Y2K bands influenced by this period. Straight up, no gimmicks hardcore with a punk edge and no metal. After listening to these 8 songs, the only thing you'll need is a skateboard under your feet and an old walkman on your head - school, job and the sad faces on TV won't matter anymore. This music holds a big middle finger to the authorities and moral crusaders. Fight Them All 7" is a co-release between Refuse Records, Extinction Records, DIY Ko_o Records and Sing Your Life Records. Limited to 540 copies. (Refuse Records #104)

VOWELS - Chxxnxd (Sxssxxn) 7"
Vowels out of Dresden, Germany attacking your ears with their second 7" release. It contains 6 songs (incl. BIG BOYS cover) recorded on the same session as their debut 7" on Vendetta Records. If you dig powerviolence, fastcore or straight edge - or all this things combined - don't sleep on this band. Half of the line-up was active in THE TANGLED LINES but the list of the bands they've been or they are active in is longer than their songs. Mixed and mastered by Will Killingsworth (Vaccine, Failures, Orchid) at Dead Air Studios. Artwork by Paul XRRRX. (Refuse Records #101)

MIND TRAP - Life Among Liars And Thieves 7"
When Germans secretly tighten their bonds with Russians again, that can't mean anything good for Europe and the rest of the world. The "Mind Trap" pact was signed in Berlin of 2013, behind the sealed bunker doors on Wilhelmstrasse. Luckily, we managed to sneak in a Polish mole; an inside conspirator, through whom we try to keep things in control. Europe may take another breath. Officials signing the new world order here, all awarded by Iron X's for their merits: Field Marshal Eggert (divisions Highscore, Monster and Nothing) , General artillery Eggebrecht (divisions of The Tangled Lines, Government Flu, Vitamin X) , General infantry and propaganda minister Stronzik (divisions Highscore, Short Fuse) and the Kremlin representative tovarishch Generalissimus Chkhikvadze (division Rearrange). Mind Trap is a total vegan straight edge brigade that sound harder than a tiger tank engine, more frigtening than a katyusha and will come over you faster and even more destructive than the blitzkrieg ever could. " Life among liars and thieves" 7 "contains six blasts and it's coming out in a cooperation between Refuse Records and SFR Records underground headquarters. (Refuse Records #102)

ANTI-CORPOS - Contra Ataque 7"
ANTI-CORPOS - This intriguing name showed up as graffiti at subway stations from Sao Paulo to Berlin. After a couple of weeks of investigation, it was clear that it belonged to a new, rad all-female band from Brazil. Their music, message and attitude is nothing less than the perfect soundtrack to the annihilation of bigotry, inequality, machismo and homophobia. Influenced by the local girl-punk scene and bands like KAOS KLITORIANO and BULIMIA, as well as a long tradition of raging Brazilian HC/thrash, they're releasing their debut 7" with seven aggressive tunes. (EmancyPunx Records #31)

HARD ONS - Peel Me Like A Egg LP
A staggering 30 years after their inaugural live concert at the Vulcan Hotel in Ultimo, Sydney, the Hard-ons have delivered to the world a mesmerising document of their current incarnation. Witness: "PEEL ME LIKE A EGG". An unusual Hard Ons album to be sure, "PEEL ME LIKE A EGG" is a concise (13 tracks, 30 minutes) explosion of mega-rock riffage ("Burning up on Re-entry"), epic black metal ("Ain't got no guardian angel"), moody and lush pop ("Close to the ground"), new-wave pop (Clumsy little oaf I am") and (perhaps the Hard-ons' most famous trait) volatile and catchy power-pop ("Shadow Shelf"). The 30 minutes of power-punching is housed in a glorious and surreal sleeve designed by the artist-in-residence, bassist Ray Ahn. PEEL ME LIKE A EGG is a diamond hard documentation of perhaps the most unusual and long lasting underground rock career in Australia. Show-casing bare-chested glory AND clear, concise studio concepts, PEEL ME LIKE A EGG is yet another essential check-point in an utterly unique and superb talent that is the Hard-ons. (Wallride Records #29)

THE JONES - Gravity Blues LP (comes with CD)
Limited edition colored vinyl LP with CD included. As part of Boss Tuneage's 25th anniversary celebrations, what better way to start than putting one of the finest albums we have ever released back into print? Originally released in 2000, "GRAVITY BLUES" was the first album in 10 years to feature the unmistakable guitar of Dickie Hammond teamed up again with the unmistakable vocals of Golly. And to make this reissue extra special we have licensed from Mother Stoat the FATTY JONES CDEP and STOKOE 7" that preceded it! Basically then this 16 track masterpiece compiles all the recordings made by Dickie and Golly outside of the HDQ name, whilst featuring an acclaimed supporting cast across the three band incarnations who served their time in the likes of DUB WAR, THE ABS, HOOTON 3 CAR, RAN and more! All tracks have been digitally remastered for 2015. Limited Edition Col Vinyl LP also includes a CD in PVC wallet of all tracks, because download codes are shit. (Boss Tuneage Retro Records #25)

DOCTOR AND THE CRIPPENS - Cabaret Style : Singles Unreleased Live LPx2 (comes with CD)
Limited edition colored double vinyl LP with CD included. Finally! Boss Tuneage Retro presents the long awaited reissues of legendary UK Hardcore band DOCTOR AND THE CRIPPENS! "Cabaret Style - Singles, Unreleased, Live" is the third and final instalment of our reissue trilogy! Reissued in conjunction with the band and features liner notes from the band and memorabilia from the bands personal collection, this staggering 32 track compilation contains 13 unreleased studio recordings that in effect give a good indication how the theird Crippens album would have been like, and this amazing collection of tracks is complemented by virtually all the singles and compilation tracks not featured on their first two reissues, plus an amazing live set at Ashton Court Festival in 1990 which catches the band at their peak. A must for all lovers of late 80s UK hardcore punk, and punk in general! Limited Edition Coloured Double Vinyl LP with CD included, because download codes are shit. (Boss Tuneage Retro Records #22)

SPOILERS - Stay Afloat LP (comes with CD)
SPOILERS are a brand new band from deepest Kent but feature members who have done their times in the likes of SOUTHPORT and 7 DAY CONSPIRACY. "STAY AFLOAT" is their debut release, and wearing their love for such bands as the classic early SNUFF period as their starting block, SPOILERS have come up with one of the finest debut releases we have heard in years! Limited Edition Col Vinyl Mini LP with CD Included, because download codes are shit. (Boss Tuneage Retro #94)

SPOILERS - Stay Afloat CD
SPOILERS are a brand new band from deepest Kent but feature members who have done their times in the likes of SOUTHPORT and 7 DAY CONSPIRACY. "STAY AFLOAT" is their debut release, and wearing their love for such bands as the classic early SNUFF period as their starting block, SPOILERS have come up with one of the finest debut releases we have heard in years! (Boss Tuneage Retro #94 CD)

DOCTOR AND THE CRIPPENS - Cabaret Style: Singles Unreleased Live CD
Finally! Boss Tuneage Retro presents the long awaited reissues of legendary UK Hardcore band DOCTOR AND THE CRIPPENS! "Cabaret Style - Singles, Unreleased, Live" is the third and final instalment of our reissue trilogy! Reissued in conjunction with the band and features liner notes from the band and memorabilia from the bands personal collection, this staggering 32 track compilation contains 13 unreleased studio recordings that in effect give a good indication how the theird Crippens album would have been like, and this amazing collection of tracks is complemented by virtually all the singles and compilation tracks not featured on their first two reissues, plus an amazing live set at Ashton Court Festival in 1990 which catches the band at their peak. A must for all lovers of late 80s UK hardcore punk, and punk in general! (Boss Tuneage Retro Records #77)

THE JONES - Gravity Blues CD
As part of Boss Tuneage's 25th anniversary celebrations, what better way to start than putting one of the finest albums we have ever released back into print? Originally released in 2000, "GRAVITY BLUES" was the first album in 10 years to feature the unmistakable guitar of Dickie Hammond teamed up again with the unmistakable vocals of Golly. And to make this reissue extra special we have licensed from Mother Stoat the FATTY JONES CDEP and STOKOE 7" that preceded it! Basically then this 16 track masterpiece compiles all the recordings made by Dickie and Golly outside of the HDQ name, whilst featuring an acclaimed supporting cast across the three band incarnations who served their time in the likes of DUB WAR, THE ABS, HOOTON 3 CAR, RAN and more! All tracks have been digitally remastered for 2015. (Boss Tuneage Retro Records #80 CD)

ELMERHASSEL - Entertainment Value: Discography Part 1 CD
ELMERHASSEL hailed from Ipswich and in the early part of the 90s were one of the finest and most consistent bands on the UK indie rock / punk scene (or if you are the NME, the "Fraggle" scene) ! "ENTERTAINMENT VALUE" is the first part of a two part discography series of the band on the Boss Tuneage Retro series, and compiles their debut "Honour Your Partners" mini album, the debut full length "Billyous" and "Almost At One" single and two compilation track appearances. All 23 tracks have been remastered for these release. (Boss Tuneage Retro #78 CD)

ELMERHASSEL - Self Analysis: Discography Part 2 CD ($6 required)
ELMERHASSEL hailed from Ipswich and in the early part of the 90s were one of the finest and most consistent bands on the UK indie rock / punk scene (or if you are the NME, the "Fraggle" scene) ! "SELF ANALYSIS" is the final part of a two part discography series of the band on the Boss Tuneage Retro series, and compiles their second full length "John Wark" , an alternative version of "Ipswich Get That Goal" and the bands original 1990 demo which has never previously been released. All tracks have been remastered for these release. (Boss Tuneage Retro #79 CD)

"Strategy Three" is the third release by THIRTY SIX STRATEGIES. This, unsurprisingly, is the follow up to last years critically acclaimed "Strategy One" mini album and "Strategy Two" 7"EP. Coupling veterans from the hardcore punk scene from bands such as STAMPING GROUND, SHUTDOWN, DECADENCE WITHIN amongst many others, and featuring the wonderful vocals of new singer Marie, THIRTY SIX STRATEGIES have already developed a long way in their short existence, and their revolution summer DC inspired hardcore punk rock has already resulted in introducing features in the national press (Terrorizer and Big Cheese) and a series of high profile support slots including the likes of GRANT HART and NO MEANS NO and following on from the guest appearance by Andy Cairns (THERAPY?), a big fan of the band, on "Strategy Two", the band are supporting THERAPY? on most dates of their tour this CD is being released to co-incide with! (Boss Tuneage Retro #93 CD)

X - Wild Gift LP (180 GR)
Porterhouse Records (home of the early Circle Jerks titles) have launched a new imprint entitled "Porterhouse Prime Vinyl" to reissue 180 gram remastered and sanctioned reissues of classic punk rock titles! First out of the gate is X's 1981 classic, their second studio album, originally produced by Ray Manzerek, here remastered by John Doe and issued with full inner sleeve and original lyric sheet as well as original album artwork. Rolling Stone Magazine has called it "the finest American punk album ever". (Porterhouse Records #2006)

X - Los Angeles LP (180 GR)
Out of print for the past 8 years, X's debut release "Los Angeles" has been remastered directly from the original master tapes and paired with all original artwork. All elements of this re-issue have been overseen my the members of X themselves. Pressed on 180 gram vinyl, it is a state of the art version of one of punks proudest moments. (Porterhouse Records #2010)

X - More Fun In The New World LP (180 GR)
Third in Porterhouse Prime Vinyl's reissue series of classic X albums, freshly remastered and packaged as the original (including inner sleeve with lyrics). (Porterhouse Records #2008)

X - Under The Big Black Sun LP (180 GR)
Porterhouse Prime Records (home of the Circle Jerks catalog as well) continue with their remastered reissues of the X catalog, this time with the band's defining third album, unavailable on vinyl for the past 17 years! (Porterhouse Records #2007)

(restock) HURULA - Vi Ar Manniskorna Vara Foraldrar Varnade Oss For LP
The stunning debut from Robert Hurula Petterson is now available in North America. Known for his previous bands - Masshysteri, The Vicious, and Regulations, HURULA blends elements of punk, post punk, garage, and no-wave and delivers what might very well be one of the best of post punk records of 2014. (Deranged Records #261)

(restock) AGNOSTIC FRONT - No One Rules LP
Radio Raheem proudly presents this collection of long lost material from New York's #1 hardcore band, available here for the first time on (fully authorized) vinyl. The LP includes 34 tracks across two different recording sessions, the first predating the United Blood 7" and the second recorded just before the Victim In Pain LP. In addition, we dug deep into the NYHC vaults and assembled a massive 48-page, full color booklet, containing over 150 archival images tracing the band's early history from their start in 1982 until the end of their first nationwide tour in 1985 - some you may have seen before, but many have never seen the light of day until now - as well as commentary from members of the early NYHC scene. Limited to 1500 copies. (Radio Raheem Records #10)

Descriptions for 5/9/15

BLASTING CONCEPT - Sloth Rocket LP Influenced by Blast, SST, RKL, and Annihilation Time, Blasting Concept expertly melds '70s rock with early '80s SoCal hardcore. Goleta, Santa Barbara, and Ventura have a long history of this sort of ear damage... there is a reason that these cities produced RKL, Annihilation Time, Rat Pack, and Blasting Concept. The only odd thing is that Blasting Concept is releasing an LP on Ebullition Records, which doesn't normally release such rock influenced records, however, Jeff Capra, one of Blasting Concept's two guitarists, was also in Manumission which Ebullition released over 20 years ago. Jeff has actually been in a million hardcore bands over the last 25 years... Like It Or Not, Manumission, Holier Than Thou?, Become, Broken Needle, Embassy, Ochre, Surprise Vacation, and probably a few others as well. When guitarist Calvin (formerly of Bone Explosion) started Blasting Concept back in 2009 he was heavily influenced by Blast, but over the years the band has become more and more influenced by '70s rock while still retaining those original Blast influences. Blasting Concept has previously released an LP and a 7" on It's Alive, which are both sold out at this point. Blasting Concept is also featured in the June issue of Thrasher skate magazine! (Ebullition Records #61.5)

LOS CRUDOS - Doble LP Discografia LPx2 This double LP is a benefit for Maximum Rock'n'roll magazine, and is limited to 2,000 copies. It features 66 Los Crudos songs in total! It also comes with a newsprint poster, and a 40 page booklet filled with Crudos lyrics, photos and flyers! Crudos was one of the most intelligent and powerful hardcore bands from the 1990s, and this double LP is a fine tribute to their amazing output, plus by getting this great discography you are also helping to support Maximum Rock'n'Rolls ongoing mission to document the hardcore/punk scene! (Maximum Rock'n'roll Records #17)

EMBRACE OF THORNS - Darkness Impenetrable LP/CD With "Darkness Impenetrable," Embrace of Thorn's fourth full-length offering of black metal death ritual, the band continues the path towards aural oblivion that it first blazed with "...for I See Death in Their Eyes..., " continued with "Atonement Ritual,"and most recently had trodden with "Praying for Absolution." Although the band has undergone another change in lineup, the continuity and quality of its musical vision and product remains stoically unscathed, owing in great part to its two most stalwart members, Archfiend DevilPig (vocals / guitars) and Herald of Demonic Pestilence (guitars). (Nuclear War Now Records #270)

BLACK WITCHERY/REVENGE - Holocaustic Death March to Humanity's Doom LP/CD Two of the most violent and hateful bands in existence strike with exclusive tracks of black/death supremacy. A monument of extreme militant darkness and pure black chaos. Contains three new songs from Black Witchery and one new song plus a Bathory cover from Revenge. (Nuclear War Now Records #282)

SECT PIG - Self Reversed CD With its second release, entitled "Self Reversed," the enigmatic entity known as Sect Pig continues in the same depraved vein that it initially tapped with "Slave Destroyed," their first LP, also released by Nuclear War Now! in 2013. In the same way that the band had previously established itself on its first recording, "Self Reversed" might best be characterized musically as a manic descent into hypnotic psychosis. (Nuclear War Now Records #287)

ILL OMEN - Compendium Melificarum: Esoterica CD Compendium Melificarum - Esoterica, a collection of demo, rehearsal, live, and split tracks from the black metal band's archive. Present are the familiar low-to-mid tempos punctuated by the voluminous and echoing bass lines, as well as the ubiquitously shimmering and refracting strata of guitar tones that weave in and out of each other before seemingly dissipating into nothingness, all of which is complemented by IV's afflicted vocal delivery. With this release, Ill Omen confirms that quality in consistency is best achieved with an effective original recipe. (Nuclear War Now Records #280)

V/A - No Speed Limit Tape x 8 tape box Eight cassette tapes contained in a box. Demos from Voivod, Outrage, Aggression, Voor, Soothsayer, Treblinka, Vensor, and Oblivion. As part of its Quebec Metal series and in a continued effort to call well-deserved attention to this Canadian region's important contributions from the era, Nuclear War Now! is pleased to release the "No Speed Limit" box set, a collection of eight cassettes of essential - but often overlooked - Quebecois demo replicas from this great scene. As a whole, this collection is the most fitting representation and celebration possible of Quebec's rightful place in speed metal history. (Nuclear War Now Records #279)

BIG BOYS - Fun Fun Fun LP (with amazing booklet) If you were to find a person unfamiliar with the Big Boys, they would be one lucky son of a gun because they would be about to have their whole trip turned inside out. Fun, Fun, Fun... is the gateway to whole new world of empowerment. Anything in life is possible as long you have a positive attitude and this 12" to sing along to. You wanna skate ditches? Let's go! You wanna paint outside the lines? Do it loud! You wanna rock? Go start your own band! Fx3s got all the things to move your ass, a short HC ripper, a couple funk numbers (complete with horns - necessary) and the oh-so-important infectious anthemic tracks that tie the whole scene together. Part Kool & the Gang, part Angelic Upstarts, Black Flag and John Coltrane, they drew from a wide vein of musical inspiration in their quest to open minds and instill a creative, uplifting, socially aware ethos. All that being said they did the whole thing with a smile the size of Texas itself. Fun, Fun, Fun... A gift so nice, they named it thrice. All copies include an AMAZING 24 page 12x12 booklet of old fliers and photos. (540 Records #35)

WARHEAD - s/t LP Kyoto Japan's Warhead return with another chapter of rabid law-breaking insanity, and their first full-length album in over 20 years. Expect nothing less than a marriage of the best aspects if Japan's traditions of unrelenting thrashing hardcore and anthemic powerful punk. A wall of distortion, and unbridled energy collide with the inimitable howls and screams of Jun Kato, one of Japan's most distinct punk vocalists. This album also sees the return of original guitarist Ebuchi who played in the band from 1990-2001, bringing the early years of the band full circle with the present day. (540 Records #53)

RAKTA - s/t 7" Brazil's Rakta unleash two new tracks of eerie and atmospheric post punk. From the moment the songs start you will find yourself trapped in a cave of beautiful, yet haunting tunes, in most cases, people will want to seek a way out, in Rakta's case, you will never want to leave. 'Tudo Que E Solido' is an instant nugget that fits somewhere between Blood and Roses and The Doors. It's driven by the tom tom work and the insistent and drone like keyboard work. The track builds and builds into a dark cresendo. On the flip is 'Serpente' - a 6 minute and 15 seconds dirge that's part Siouxsie And The Banshees' 'Lord's Prayer' and part 'Ballet Bag' demo era Rubella Ballet. The record comes housed in a beautifully put together booklet sleeve wraparound with printed inner sleeves with amazing art by the band. Everyone in Europe please get this one from the lovely folks at La Vida Es Un Mus Discos and in Brazil please buy this one from dama da noite discos and nada nada discos! (540 Records #52)

FORWARD - Against Their Insanity LP What do you say about a new FORWARD record? They've left the "What's The Meaning Of Love?" and "Revolution" hooks in the annals of punk legend and, along with Prank's War Nuke And Death Sentence from 2012, have saved their most searing material nearly two decades into their run. Ishiya's gravel-throated vocals are more devastating than ever and the term "bombastic" has rarely been more accurate than on this six song banger. The anti-war bent on Against Their Insanity is unforgiving (and refreshing), and the anger and frustration translates to the harsh metallic riffing on "Murdered" while the frenetic pace of "What Would You Do?" matches the frustration conveyed by the song's lyrics. FORWARD bookend the whole thing with two of their best tracks ever, "Renunciation Of War" and "Determination," just to remind you that they have absolutely earned the legendary that they hold. So yeah....what do you say about a new FORWARD record? You say it's a fukkn bulldozer. (540 Records #51)

SECTION URBANE - The Final Program 7" The final release in 540 Records' series of reissues from 70s Brisbane punk labels Shake Music and Savage Music is this four-song EP from Section Urbane. Having released two previous singles of quirky punk as Just Urbain, the Brisbane band continued their unique Velvets-through-the-lens-of-Joy-Division approach through the name change, harnessing a fuller, more bass-heavy sound on their final recording session. The track, "I'd Rather Stay Home And Watch TV," still has more than its fair share of the Aussie-garage stomp of bands like the Chosen Few and the Victims, but after that it's all about Mo Tucker beats, dark and poetic lyrics delivered with a distinctly Lou Reed-influenced drawl, and heavy, melodic Peter Hook-style bass lines. If you want to hear first-gen-DIY naiveté, post-punk artistic ambition and the party-hearty sensibility of the original Murder Punk bands clash together into something wholly unique, get this on your turntable right away. (540 Records #40)

MERCHANDISE/DESTRUCTION UNIT/MILK MUSIC - USA 2013 LP The Milk Music / Merchandise / Destruction Unit split LP is a document of a 2013 US tour which drew worldwide attention from those interested in the modern US rock underground from a seemingly unlikely combination of bands. When we say "unlikely" it is because these bands are from the geographical fringes of the country: from the far corners (the other East and West coast corners) we have the despondent and desperate Merchandise (Florida) and the freedom freak jams of Milk Music (Washington), and from the depths of the Sonoran desert the majestic psychedelic assault of Destruction Unit. When we say "unlikely" we don't want to suggest they are ill-fitted. While the songs occasionally scrape against one another in disparate tone and pace, the resulting sparks thrown off do little to affect the overall congruency of these bands, a communal trip and a beautiful come down: we move from the introverted warmth of Merchandise to the sensory overload of Destruction Unit into a blissful, careering drift in the capable arms of Milk Music. The booklet that accompanies the record, designed by Destruction Unit's J.S. Aurelius, collates some of the fliers and photos from the road, and gives one pause to consider: is this is a document of the best of the American psych underground in 2013/2014? That's high talk. But let's get high: these bands have a relentless work ethic and their members tour continually in these and many other high quality bands, and if they're not in your city tonight they'll probably be there tomorrow, so start the party tonight, here, with this record, a perfect place to get acquainted with some of the energy of the heavy current that is flowing through the underground right now. (540 Records #38)

THE CLEAN - Oddities LPx2 It's interesting to note that by the time most folks in the northern hemisphere got out 1st taste of The Clean (circa 1985), they all but packed it in. Yep, tis true. '85 was the year of the 1st great Kiwi invasion (vinyl wise) with the Flying Nun roster leading the way. And there was nary a dud to be found. And such wonderful & unusual names; Tall Dwarfs, Sneaky Feelings, The Puddle, Scorched Earth Policy & of course, The Clean. Their trio of 12" ep's were rabidly devoured by a curious & enthusiastic cognoscenti. You didn't buy one, you bought'em all. Same goes for the 7"ers. And there just wasn't enough. Not only of Clean records, but Clean material! Then one day in some long forgotten order came a copy of the 'Oddities' cassette. The sales rep had included it as a promo, claiming he couldn't shift'em (cassette love being at something of a nadir back then). 'I'll take whatever you got' was my reply. And I hadn't even played it yet. But I knew that even though it had gotten 'runted' out on to tape only format, there was no doubt it contained a treasure trove of aural gems. You couldn't help but think that 'Oddities' was to The Clean what 'Whatever Happens Next' was to Swell Maps.Which, more or less, is what it is. Recorded between 1980-82 'Oddities' is a thorough compendium of alternate takes, addled miscues, riffing zoners & back burner gems. Never easy to come by-even the cd version had scant distro through the 90's- this bunch of songs has been been tagged as 'the ones that got away'. But hold on there pard, this story ain't done. Cut to 2012 & the inimitable Austin label, Five Four O, has taken up the call & wrangled this behemoth of slippery Southern Psychedelia into the format it has always so richly deserved-THE DOUBLE LP. Housed is fetching & historical gatefold sleeve to boot. It is a thing of beauty to both the ears 'n eyes alike. So we can all rest easy now. Them cows has finally come home. Or to quote the bard, "Justice is a dish best served rad". Indeed. So grab a spoon & slurp it up. (540 Records #29)

KICKS - The Secret/Return of the Action Men 7" KICKS: Return of the Action Man b/w The Secret Or...the on-going struggle of the Brisbane Punk Rock rabble from the suburbs, The Young Identities, to rule the world. One 45 at a time. By 1980, punk as we knew it was having a bit of a personality crisis. The Pistols we dead and buried, The Clash had lost the plot and...Oh No! come the Mohawks. After nearly 3 years (and nearly as many chords) The Young Identities decided to try something different if not entirely distant. They still get a buzz from fast and sinister music so they change their name to KICKS and release a very limited edition cassette singe titled 'Leather/Godzilla'. Sounding fresh,brash and furious but with more depth than previously heard, the boys continued to expand on the new noise with the 1981 vinyl double A side follow up 'Return of the Action Man/The Secret' The single sold well locally and was an acknowledged influence on new and upcoming bands like Mystery of Sixes and Public Execution. (540 Records #27)

SLOWMOTIONS - Operation Anagram/Panic and Spoiler 7" Co-released with HG Fact (from Japan) '70s mid-tempo, driven, melodic punk rock that is pogo-worthy, yet has grit. The music is also textured and layered with off-beat tones that give the songs a gloomy atmosphere that conjures the sound of early Killing Joke. I love the really clean guitar tone that was captured here, giving it a historic sound that is rarely achieved in the Protools computer recordings of today. Also, the dual vocal attack drives home the songs. Absolutely hooked on the first listen. It has gotten a long stay on the turntable. (540 Records #24)

DESKONOCIDOS - Desaparecer 7" Chaotic Tejas punk rock with youthful energy and urgency. This first Deskonocidos record offers sounds inspired by old school SoCal hardcore, refined in their post-everything hometown scene of Austin, TX (think The Decline of Western Civilization en Español)...that's side one; the B-side track ("Desaparecer") is a prelude to the darker material Deskonocidos would unveil on their LP. "Controlados" is probably the standout track here, an anarchic anthem that will have you singing/screaming/shouting along even if you don't speak Spanish. (540 Records #8)

RULE OF THIRDS - s/t LP From the first song - the entrancing, seductive, and deliberately-paced "Any War" - the new LP comes across as a more focused, even sophisticated, affair than their two previous efforts, the 2013 "Altars" EP and the 2012 demo. The earlier Rule of Thirds material had a grittier sound - it harkened back to the early 80s L.A. deathrock of the Superheroines, 45 Grave and Voodoo Church. This new 9 song LP, however, feels more British - more in line with the nuanced early gothic rock of Skeletal Family and Juju-era Siouxsie and the Banshees. In all, this self-titled LP is as good as contemporary dark postpunk gets; it's an essential document of modern dark music.One thing that immediately jumps out at you is how thick Rule of Thirds' self-titled 2015 LP is on atmosphere and mood. Freya's vocals provide the dark center to Rule of Third's sonic conjurings: She's a strong singer - but not overpowering - and her vocals have a slightly witchy feel; you feel like she might start speaking incantations in Latin, or more likely in a heathen and non-Christian language, at any moment. Celeste and Ben's guitars take their postpunk-y cues from Stan Greenwood (Skeletal Family) and John McGeoch. And although Rule of Thirds, like their colleagues in Lost Tribe, are a sextet, their sound is amazingly restrained and meticulous; you would never suspect there are six humans playing here. Their gloominess is the result of a meticulous building of sonic tension and not from the blunt bashing out of power chords. Dieter's bass and Tom's drums provide the skeletal scaffolding around which the rest of the band weave sometimes-slashing-and-dissonant, sometimes spidery-and-melodic, guitar and synthesizer lines. (Mass Media Records #32)

CEMETERY - Wind and Shadows LP Following a cult-classic cassette demo and subsequent vinyl reissue via Mass Media, Chicago/NYC's Cemetery have returned to both recorded format and live shows with a vengeance. Its been a few years since many musicians versed in punk and hardcore's energy and ethos have been delving in the dark arts of post punk and death rock ,revitalising a genre that since the 90s has been cursed with overproduction and lackluster theatrics. CEMETERY, along with BELLICOSE MINDS, SPECTERS and ARCTIC FLOWERS are at the forefront of this movement and their demo (reissued as "collection") was one of its first widely distributed documents. Now some 5 years later, CEMETERY has emerged from its hiding place to unleash their proper debut and the years have been good to them, presenting a more refined and expansive sound while remaining raw and mysterious. A very much guitar driven death rock project, the guitar sounds entrance with their choral melodies one minute, slice through with cutting distortion the next, and there is definitely a difficulty discerning the role of snyths from the layers of guitar effects at times. Its apparent that more so than the heaviest of their modern post punk contemporaries like aforementioned ARCTIC FLOWERS, LOST TRIBE and CRIMSON SCARLET that CEMETERY are far more informed by the 80s sound of what was called death-rock, with a very apparent CHRISTIAN DEATH influence while obviously digging deeper. More melodic post punk influences shine through this time around most notably that of the CHAMELEONS (whom are covered on this LP, with a fantastically twisted punk version of "Fan and the Bellows") especially on the very dance floor ready tracks " Wind and Shadows", "XVVX" and "Almond Eyes". This album remains true to its title as it is both the noise and chaos of a world being torn apart by winds of modern life as well as a testament to the classic sounds of post punk that have flourished in the shadows of the dance club scene. Here is the sound of its rebirth, and death rock sounds more dead than ever. (Mass Media Records #29)

METRO CULT - Transparent 7" Debut 7" EP on Mass Media from this post punk band from Copenhagen Denmark featuring members of ARTIFICIAL MONUMENTS among others. The band likes to describe their music as 'wave punk' which does a great job to describe their deep 80's danish post punk influences (ADS being the most prominent) as well as their use of synthesizer as a loud lead instrument. METRO CULT come from the same great scene of cold wave musicians in Denmark as MOTH but METRO CULT are very much more of a heavier affair, going for the throat with a ice cold shard of glass. The music is angular and heavy, especially driven into your skull by a drummer that sets a frantic pace all with a melodic synthesizer bringing focus among the rage and chaos. (Mass Media Records #31)

FISTULA - Vermin Prolificus LP TLAL proudly brings you FISTULA's newest LP, which if you're familiar with the label and the band you will do a massive double take... this is one slow band on a label known for putting out blistering fast bands. FISTULA plays evil, down-tuned sludge metal in the vein of 16 and CATTLE PRESS and have remained active for +15 years. When you hear this new offering you'll understand why this label jumped on this release... it is one twisted, crushing, slow but eye-gouging release with sparse but crucial fast parts. This is the release to grab after a terrible day at work when you need some audio catharsis. (To Live A List Records #105)

SIX BREW BANTHA - Intraveniously Commodified LP (This the domestic version, we still have the import version as well). Six Brew Bantha, along with Archagathus, have been the leaders of the Western Canadian Grind Campaign for World Domination. They've been touring constantly, releasing killer records constantly, and honing their craft of 'blurring grindcore' to a razor-sharp edge. This second LP is their most refined and matured work to date. (To Live A Lie Records #109)

NOISEM - Consumed 7" (import version) NOISEM exploded onto the metal world last year with their incredible 'Agony Defined' LP loaded with nine tracks of legit death/thrash crossover with 0% pretense. Followed up with a year of solid touring (alongside Carcass, The Black Dahlia Murder and Ringworm to name a few) the band found some time to record a few singles to hold things over until their new LP drops in 2015. This 7" features a brand new song 'Consuming' on Side A with special surprises on the flipside! Pressed in three versions limited to 500 copies each, all three versions feature different extra songs and colored vinyl.all 3 cover tracks on this version!! (RSR Records #149)

WAR MASTER/UNHOLY GRAVE - split LP War Master taking their name from a Bolt Thrower song, the band might be expected to sound like that but the truth is more nuanced. These 2 new tracks of War Master drop back from their smoothly integrated style for a rougher, catchier and more swedish death metal version of their sound. War Master also rely heavily on the bounding riffs of the first couple Entombed and Grave releases, producing an urgent and jubilantly violent sound. On the flipside japanese Unholy Grave who ever true to form blurt out their logic defying twirls of old-school Grindcore entertainment in complete excess: their standard madman howls, riveting angular riffs and tremoring blasts, all lifted straight from a rehearsal recording giving in that coarse edge the band. (RSR Records #146)

WEEKEND NACHOS/WOJCZECH - split 7" Both bands from Chicago and Rostock presenting a live set from Fluff Fest as a support for their upcoming Tour 2014. The sound is really good and deliver the intense they built up over the years, Powerviolence vs. Grindcore! A perfect meal. (RSR Records #148)

PLF - Ultimate Whirlwind of Incineration LP Gulf Coast Grindcore veterans PLF unleash their fourth full-length album of thrash metal-tinged old school grindcore. This time they offer 15 new tracks of pummeling grindcore insanity, witha heavy guitar sound, fast and solid blast beats courtesy of their drummer Bryan Fajardo (Phobia, Noisear, Kill the Client, Gridlink, etc) and plenty of mid-paced thrash parts throughout, not to mention a cover by the mighty Assuck. "Ultimate Whirlwind of Incineration" is the second LP to feature Fajardo as PLF's drummer, and listeners should expect no less of a full-scale onslaught than with 2013's "Devious Persecution and Wholesale Slaughter". Since forming in Houston, Texas in the late '90's, PLF have consistently delivered a wealth of old-school grind , releasing several split 7"s, split LPS, and three previous LP's. The release of "Ultimate Whirlwind of Incineration" intersects with their fourth tour of Europe, this time with Danish grinders Dead Instrument. (RSR Records #145)

CHRISTI - Cry 7" Debut single from CHRISTI - a most excellent pairing of two addictive, hook-laden punk cuts from these Richmond ladies. CHRISTI draw from the powerful melodic approach of early punk groups like Protex and The Undertones, pairing that sound with the soulful haunt of 60's favorites like the Shangri-Las. The result - a smooth, yet rugged and memorable single - a real "double A-side" if you will. There's a certain finesse to these songs that few modern groups possess - be it the strong vocal hooks, well-penned guitar lines, or the pounding rhythm section (featuring a member of Richmond garage troglodytes The Ar-Kaics) - whatever "IT" may be, CHRISTI have it in spades. First pressing limited to 330 which includes a full-color glue pocket picture sleeve. (Feel It Records #5)

DISTORT #46 'ZINE Distort #46 is completely dedicated to CRISIS, masters of early, politically charged UK punk. An excellent companion to the "Kollectiv" 2xLP recently released on La Vida Es Un Mus, even featuring some rejected CRISIS artwork and fanzine clippings from the LVEUM archives. The bulk of this issue is an extract from 'Better Dead Than Red', the rewritten and expanded Crisis chapter from the Death In June book MISERY AND PURITY. It resolves the origin/background of a lot of Crisis lyrics, which do not appear in any of the reissued compilations. Highly recommended for CRISIS and DEATH IN JUNE fans. (Distort #46)

COLISEUM - Anxiety's Kiss CD/LP Founded by Louisville musician Ryan Patterson and including Kayhan Vaziri and Carter Wilson, power trio Coliseum has grown to become one of today's quintessential contemporary punk bands, successfully melding progressive musicianship, hardcore fervor and vital social awareness into one constantly evolving artistic vision. "Anxiety's Kiss" is their new album, recorded at The Magpie Cage by producer/engineer J. Robbins (Jawbox, Burning Airlines). "Anxiety's Kiss" is a hook-laden maturation of the Coliseum sound. Nods to their early D-beat leanings are there, but it is their willingness to embrace post-punk melody and explore the space between notes that make "Anxiety's Kiss" so alluring. Vinyl version includes digital download. (Deathwish Records #173)

LOUISE DISTRAS - Dreams From The Factory Floor LP "Dreams From The Factory Floor" is a bit of a change in musical pace for Pirates Press Records, but the angst, soul and positive message presented throughout this spectacular record is totally consistent with what this premier label consistently brings to the table. Louise has, for years, been spreading this gospel of love, empowerment and equality to the (punk rock) world and her approach has significantly taken hold amongst UK and European punk rock circles. Working with the Oakland abolitionist non-profit Justice Now! (, Pirates Press Records is taking the opportunity to help Louise wave this flag in a more profound way, releasing this album (previously only available digitally) on vinyl, worldwide. LP includes digital download. (Pirate's Press Records #143)

LION'S LAW - Open Your Eyes LP Having formed only about two years ago, Lion's Law has quickly established themselves as one of the elite, modern, skinhead streetpunk bands alongside Booze & Glory, Evil Conduct, Bishops Green and The Templars. Formed by members of the popular French band Maraboots, Lion's Law took a direction equally as influenced by classic UK oi bands like Last Resort as much as classic French bands like Warrior Kids and Camera Silens. This fusion creates a unique sound that has met with success not only across Europe but also in the U.S. and elsewhere. LP includes digital download and a boot-shaped, promo flexi-postcard of "Laced Up." (Pirate's Press Records #138) (restock) RIPCORD - Fast N Furious: The Complete Demos LPx2 + CD Strictly limited edition double coloured vinyl LP in heavyweight sleeve, with 24 x 12" printed insert, and comes with CD in pvc wallet. First pressing limited to just 500 copies worldwide! For the first time, UK Hardcore Punk legends RIPCORD have all five of their recorded demos compiled as a stand alone release (including their second demo, which has never officially been released until now). Featuring 42 tracks of classic UK Hardcore punk, this is a must for all collectors of mid to late 80s hardcore punk. All tracks digitally remastered by Baz and John from the band at the legendary Whitehouse Studios in January 2014. To make this release ultra special, the strictly limited edition pressing is on coloured vinyl, with a 24 x 12" insert featuring unseen photos and liner notes and lyrics from the band, plus the CD version (with bonus track!) also included in a PVC wallet. The whole package is presented with a Japanese LP obi strip and poly overbag. Coupled with the wonderful artwork by Welly (Artcore Fanzine) and front cover illustration by Brian Walsby, this is a must own for any fans of the era, archiving recordings that are almost three decades own into a wonderful, must own package! (Boss Tuneage Retro #15)

(restock) HUMMINGBIRD OF DEATH/RAID - split 7" This split 7" pairs two of Boise, Idaho's gnarliest bands! HUMMINGBIRD OF DEATH have been flying the flag for brutal, progressive fastcore for several years. Here they present five new ragers blending fastcore, grind, rock and thrash. On the flip side, RAID count two members of 80s legends SEPTIC DEATH among their ranks, and continue in the latter's great skatecore tradition with three intense tracks. Get this split if you're ready to thrash! Limited to 500 pressing on mixed / marbled colored vinyl! (Give Praise Records #120)

(restock) FUBAR/TOTAL FUCKING DESTRUCTION - split 7" TOTAL FUCKING DESTRUCTION are really hard to pin down as one specific sound, or even to put a specific genre on them. They combine many forms of metal / hardcore / punk with tempo changes, howling vocals, guttural vocals, and straight forward blasting. Even with the blasting they still manage to tie in some radical guitar tones and harmonies! Even putting in a track, that stands out in originality and will have you thinking that 'Bugs' are actually crawling all over you! FUBAR strand out as a blasting onslaught of old school and furious grindcore! They do a fantastic job channeling the classics and will continue to appeal to fans of Napalm Death, and Phobia. They are really at the forefront of the new dawn of grind, while still paying homage to the classics. Furious, blasting and angry energy round there tracks out. (Give Praise Records #122)

(restock) SUFFERING MIND - Messiah Of Extermination LP SUFFERING MIND has been explosive and vocal in the grind scene. Putting fourth a very unqiue and straight-forward blast set, that is punishing as well as being very upfront in their messages. They combine a assualting 'DIY' grindcore sound, blaring over punk and crust tones. They bring to mind sounds of Excruciating Terror and pure grindcore acts. This LP combines their splits with Scourge Schematic and Asshammer. It is presented on a 1 sided LP, with a etching on the B side. (Give Praise Records #76)

(discounted price) ECONOCHRIST - discography CDx2 Ebullition has decided to lower the price of this amazing discography CD in an attempt to get some more of these out into the world before the CD format disappears forever. A classic. And a great deal for a double CD that includes every single Econochrist song that was ever released! This double CD discography features forty-one Econochrist songs. It includes the Ruination LP, the Trained To Serve LP, the Skewed 7", the Another Victim 7", the It Runs Deep 7", as well as the songs from the Give Me Back comp LP, the Very Small World comp LPx2, the What Are You Pointing At? comp 10", and the songs from the split 7" that Econochrist did with The Detonators. (Ebullition Records #37 CD)

ORCHID - Dance Tonight!! 10" (black/yellow 50/50 vinyl)
Repressed! Ten blasts of chaotic fury and emotive noise on a cute little 10". The Orchid sound is even more aggressive than on their 12", and anyone that enjoyed any of their previous releases will be floored by these songs. Tuneful, vicious, throbbing, and chaotic hardcore played with finesse, heartfelt energy, and a wee bit of arty pretense. Repress of the Chaos is Me LP in the works as well. We went all out this time with each record being 50% black and 50% yellow (they were supposed to be 50/50 black/yellow, but the pressing plant did it wrong). (Ebullition #46)

(Scene Support/restock) JOHN HENRY WEST - Door Bolted Shut LP (comes with bonus CD)
Scene Support version is hand numbered and includes a silk screened plastic dust sleeve, and a Scene Support spine wrap. In the works for what seems like an eternity, Ebullition finally brings the John Henry West discography into existence. John Henry West played 50 shows between the fall of 1992 and the late summer of 1993. Side A of the LP features the 4 tracks from their 7" on Gravity Records, and side B features their songs from the "3/12/93" compilation and "A History of Compassion and Justice?" compilation LP, as well as 2 previously unreleased songs. The bonus CD features the original 6 song demo, their final live show at the Gilman (7 tracks), and a live set that they played on WUSB Radio in July of 1993 (9 tracks). The LP comes with a CD sized booklet with lyrics and photos. John Henry West members also played in Fuel, Navio Forge, Bread & Circuits, Sawhorse, Torches To Rome, Sixteen Bullets, End of The Line, Please Inform The Captain This Is a Hijack, and plenty more! (Ebullition Records #60)