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Descriptions for the newest releases available this week.

Descriptions for 12/3/16

MAXIMUM ROCK'N'ROLL #404 (January 2017)
The January 2017 issue of MRR, #404, is here! In light of the impending Trump presidency, we have a very useful guide to basic cybersecurity, revolutionary reading lists, Q&As from Transgress Fest, and more. We have photo spreads from Static Shock Fest and the current Mexico City Punk scene, plus interviews with Copenhagen/worldwide queer art punks PRISON, Kansas City freaks PHANTOM HEAD, and everyone's favorite Berlin-based phenomenon DIÄT. Dublin post-punkers the BLOW INS talk about carving out space for Polish punks in a new country, Baltimore's QUITTER share the trials and tribulations of gas station food and sweaty jumpsuits, and Oakland's HARD LEFT can't decide if they are hard mod or utopian Oi! (maybe Turbo can help?). It all wraps up with Canadian raw punk band PARASYTES, a joint interview with LAKES and TOL (two Australian bands that share members), and Scottish vegan straightedge riotgrrrls BRATAKUS. Get it today! (Maximum Rock'n'Roll #404)

Blazing down the path forged by Baader Brains and Please Inform The Captain This Is A Hijack, "Confidential Human Source" is the ultimate release by Sarah Kirsch (Rest In Power). Deluxe packaging includes large full color booklet, download propaganda, and more. "The NDA's have expired and the long-rumored MC/MF LP is finally public for eager hearts & minds everywhere! Recorded in 2010, this project stands as fallen member Sarah Kirsch's departing haiku to all kindred spirits still left behind enemy lines. Originally intended as internal training material for a Zen Arcade-esqe double LP, veteran producers Crisco Thunder and Jack "Whiz Bang" Shirley joined forces with the surviving MoFo's to apply the necessary final touches on this future classic. Merging militant elegies ala-Cut the Crap with raging riffs and vitriol, the 'Motherfuckers drag discontented, abrasively tuneful 'hardcore punk' off the bloody butcher's block of historical curiosity. Scything swathes through uncharted sonic frontiers, Confidential Human Source is a true return to form, where malcontent Mothercountry Motherfuckers of all ages are sure to find lasting resonance and sustenance for the end times ahead." - Doug Moodie for Trouser Pressed. (Clean Plate Records #68)

BAADER BRAINS - New Era Hope Colony LP (with download code)
Limited re-press available now! Sold out since early 2013! Members of Baader Brains have played in Please Inform The Captain This Is a Hijack, Torches To Rome, Struggle, Fuel, Swing Kids, Sawhorse, John Henry West, Bread & Circuits, Navio Forge, Bullets In, Shivering, etc... The new LP comes with a full color poster, full color insert, as well as a download code. Two years since the fated members of the Young Tiger Free Organization began their astral journey to Procyon, the time-lock on these recordings has finally opened, and now-for a limited time-we are able to bring you Baader Brains' second, final and posthumous sonic treatise. Bringing to mind the knocked-out-teeth vibe of David Tarling's Nervous Breakdown-era Black Flag production values, and somehow mixed with the highbrow artistry of Windham Hill easy-listening releases, Baader Brains here achieves the equivalent of a ketchup-and-ice-cream mash-up. Lyrically there is much talk of mysterious glows, preparation for evacuations, and roadmaps to a better tomorrow. Whether the 'Brains grasp-or even understand-the gravity of their proclamations, time and history will yet be the determining factor. The New Era Hope Colony LP is not only a meditation on our current predicament, but also a beacon of hope looking towards a yet-to-be-determined future. Indeed, with this record the paradoxes and promises of The Incomplete Unfinished Works... will finally be resolved. (Clean Plate Records #63)

SHEER MAG - Compilation LP
This new Sheer Mag LP is a compilation of all three of their 7" releases (I, II, and III). Twelve songs in total all recorded in Philadelphia. Two thirds of the songs have been remastered (I and II). All epic riffs, a lo-fi and compact production, hooks galore and that soulful and gritty voice you already love... just a lot more convient to have all three 7"s on one long playing LP! (Wilsuns Records #91)

DISRUPT - Discography LPx4 (red or grey vinyl)
After a litany of delays, the vastly anticipated official Disrupt "Discography" LPx4 licensed from Relapse Records is getting set to contaminate the masses just in time for the winter!! Unlike the Disrupt "DEAD" Box Set CD on Relapse which contained bootlegs, demos and live recordings, the LPx4 vinyl version is comprised exclusively of all 80 studio songs recorded during Disrupt's resounding existence. All songs were digitally mastered from the original DAT reels in 2006 by Jeff Lipton (Peerless Mastering - Boston, USA) and subsequently remastered for vinyl in 2016 by the almighty Brad Boatright (Audiosiege Mastering - Portland, USA). This LPx4 tri-fold beast contains a 12 pg. booklet (including artwork, lyrics & photos) and 2ft. x 2ft. poster, which all fuses into a milky clear, printed slipcase cover. Limited to 1000, so act fast!! (Unrest Records #34)

Two bands that have refined their respective sounds from noisey punk and metallic grindcore into genre expanding contributions to DIY punk rock. Instinct of Survival (Hamburg, Germany) continue to flavor their stench core influenced punk with a industrial melodic sensibility reminiscent of early Killing Joke. LIFE (Tokyo, Japan) again proove they are the best thing going in crasher crust style punk with three tracks that deliver all the pounding, reverb drenched bombardment you need from the genre while finding room for some amazing melodies and guitar work. Essential material from both bands. Artwork by the Human Warhead Yeap. Screen printed covers. (Desolate Records #7)

ORANGE COUNTY HARDCORE SCNESTER - A Film By Evan Javobs DVD In Orange County, California in the 1990s, hardcore music was a thriving subculture that featured such bands as Insted, Carry Nation, Farside, Outspoken and 411 among many others. Local labels such as Nemesis, Workshed, Revelation (recently transplanted from New York), New Age and Conversion fed the the appetites of a scene that wanted nothing more than an outlet for their self-expression. All regions. (Anhedenia Films #1)

BEYOND - No Longer At Ease LP
Beyond, though short lived in the NYHC scene (1988-1989), made an impact with their personal brand of Long Island metal-tinged hardcore with intricate riffage and members going on to other influential hardcore bands on both coasts. Originally released in 1989 by Combined Effort Records and later reissued in 1997 on CD by Some Records, this is the first time "No Longer At Ease" has been available again on any format since then. This Revelation Records reissue is remastered from the original analog tapes, features original artwork and is pressed on limited color vinyl. LP includes digital download of this record. (Revelation Records #164)

Descriptions for 11/26/16

BREAKDOWN - The '87 Demo LP
540 Records and Painkiller have teamed up once again to bring you the other half of the legendary "Breakdown; Both Demos" series: the legendary '87 Demo. Breakdown's original 1987 lineup was only together for a few short months, but in that time they produced one of the most legendary and influential recordings in the history of New York Hardcore. Paving the way for every hard and heavy band to follow, Breakdown's take on hardcore was balanced with the perfect mix of hip hop's bounce, the power and dynamics of heavy metal, and an unmistakable New York accent laced across a tough, streetwise sound that could only have come out of 1980's New York City. This LP contains the full 9-song '87 Demo, released here for the first time on vinyl in its entirety, backed with a crushing live set recorded on WNYU radio's Crucial Chaos during the summer of 1987. Both recordings have been faithfully restored from original sources and sound better than ever. Includes a full color 12"x24" poster insert with extensive notes and anecdotes from members of the NYHC scene. (Breakdown Records #55)

POISON IDEA - Latest Will And Testament LP
This month we are delighted to finally bring you Volume 4 of the POISON IDEA "Kings Of Punk" reissue series: the 10th Anniversary edition of "Latest Will & Testament." This album was to be the final recordings of POISON IDEA's legendary guitarist Tom "Pig Champion" Roberts, and was originally released in Europe in early 2006, shortly after his death. This reissue will be the first domestic release of this later period, lost P.I. classic. It's widely agreed among P.I. fans that the original 2006 version clearly suffered from the unfortunate circumstance under which it was released. For this edition, Punk/Metal crossover wunderkind Joel Grind of TOXIC HOLOCAUST was slated with the task of remixing the album from the master tapes. The end result is the presentation that "Latest Will..." was always meant to have: an album that now without question earns its place among the rest of POISON IDEA's powerful discography. If you missed "Latest Will & Testament" the first time around, or if you want to hear these songs louder, mean and better than ever before, GET THIS RECORD. First pressing of 1,000 copies on WHITE VINYL! (TKO Records #1602)

S.L.I.P. - Slippy When Wet LP
With Slippy When Wet, Pittsburgh's S.L.I.P. go after that rarest of white whales: the all-killer, no filler 33RPM 12" hardcore record. If you'd only heard their earlier stuff, I could see worrying that the lurching, deep-in-the-pocket, Black Flag/Bl'ast!-style rhythms that are at the core of the band's sound might wear on the ear after a while (god knows some of those later 'Flag records can be tough to get through in one sitting), but Slippy When Wet reveals that, much like the Adolescents or the Zero Boys, S.L.I.P. are pretty much just writing great pop songs and delivering them with the energy and power of hardcore punk. In addition to being jam-packed with memorable tunes, the playing here is just phenomenal... the "members-of" list for this band is both long and deep, and the experience shows whether they're playing full-tilt hardcore punk like "Not Your Prey" or a Judas Priest-style riff-rock sing-along like "Fast Living." S.L.I.P. have that Annihilation Time-esque way of using their phenomenal technical proficiency in the service of making music that is fun and energetic rather than dense and pretentious, and like those great A.T. releases, Slippy When Wet is a record that won't leave your turntable for a very long time. (Sorry State Records #83)

DAVIDIANS - City Trends LP
After two 7"s (one on Deranged and one on Sorry State), Raleigh, North Carolina's Davidians deliver their first 12" record. Realizing the sound hinted at on their previous two-song single, City Trends combines elements of art-punk and hardcore into one of the freshest and most distinctive sounds in contemporary punk. While Davidians pick up on various threads in punk's 40-year history-the pulse and heaviness of 90s noise rock, the quirky rhythms of Wire's branch of post-punk's family tree, the brooding atmosphere of goth, and the velocity and concision of early 80s US hardcore-these elements are fully digested, growing organically out of the sound of four people of varying ages and backgrounds playing in a room together. Rather than just referencing other parts of my record collection, for me listening to City Trends reminds me of a time of discovery, when every new band I found was a universe unto themselves ripe for exploring. With this record, the RIYL is rendered obsolete... you either like Davidians, or you don't. But if you like smart, dense, and original punk rock then I'm pretty sure you're going to like it a lot. (Sorry State Records #80)

DRUGCHARGE - s/t flexi 7"
Sorry State is proud to help immortalize one of the best demos of 2015 on a slightly more permanent format and in a slightly less limited edition. North Carolina's Drugcharge are one of those bands that seemed to come from nowhere and arrive fully formed, armed with some of the catchiest riffs in all of hardcore and a tightness that most bands have to work for years to earn. Clearly coming from a similar sonic place as recent pogo-infused hardcore bands like Glue and Strutter, Drugcharge not only match those bands in intensity, power, and catchiness, but also add in some subtle little quirks that, even to an avowed music snob like myself, seem truly novel, like the odd backing vocal tracks that are peppered throughout the record. In a world crowded with competent hardcore bands, Drugcharge manage to stand out as one of the handful that are truly special. Limited to a one-time pressing of 250 copies. (Sorry State Records #82)

AZOK - S.A.P.N.P. 7"
This 4 track official reissue 7" presents a surreal and enveloping listen, as Azok combines a completely unique blend of environmentally raw noise and punk that should appeal to any fans of the classic dark and violent 80's hardcore punk bands of Japan. Collectors often cite bands such as G.I.S.M. or Zouo as strong influences on their sound. (General Speech/Chaos Disco #1)

LITHICS - Borrowed Floors LP
Limited to 300 copies. Lithics is a four person minimalist punk band from Portland, Oregon formed in late 2014. Over the last year and a half they have refined a sound focusing on interlocked bass and drum rhythms paired with shrill guitar counterpoint and stark female vocals. While counting Wire, The Fall, Devo, Pylon, The Shadow Ring, and Captain Beefheart's Magic Band as reference points, the band's concerns are contemporary and urgent. An injection of uptight, nervous energy into the reverb drenched complacency of today's musical underground.Combination letter-pressed and offset printed covers by Stumptown Printers. (Water Wing Records #13)

Jungle Nausea formed at the dawn of the 80s when some members of SMEGMA recruited other Portland new-music enthusiasts (including poster artist Mike King) for a project that would combine punk, new wave, American roots music, and a sense of humor. They weren't much like the other local bands of the era, but that wasn't what they were going for. Instead they found their own twisted path, playing the heck out of their mix of conventional and homemade instruments and getting unintended sounds out of their rhythm machine. The live shows were few, but incredibly memorable. This release combines their 1982 EP in its entirety, and a whole side of unreleased live and studio tracks. All tracks engineered by the legendary Mike Lastra of SMEGMA. Co-released by Community Library LIMITED TO 600 COPIES. (Water Wing Records #14)

We have a new issue of No Friends available -- #4 includes interviews with Tenement, one half of the hilarious feminist/queer comedy duo The Puterbaugh Sisters--Danielle Puterbaugh, Jakob VanLammeren--archivist of the Leather Archives & Museum, Carbondale IL's Bad Taste, Greek post-punks(Comedy of Death), Minneapolis basement rockers--Lemonade; plus dozens of columns, tons of photos, and hundreds of reviews that people will inevitably love/hate. The 7" flexi record for issue #4 also has new, and exclusive by Tenement, Sadie Switchblade's heartfelt solo project, Dyke Drama, Chicago's DIY punk supergroup Endless Column, and Buffalo, NY's one-woman feminist dancepunk powerhouse, Jamie and the Debt. (No Friends 'zine #4)

Tyler Daniel Bean's On Days Soon to Pass features Tyler Daniel Bean on guitar, bass, and vocals; Joe Allen Cross on drums; Jessica Lynne McDermott on vocals; Shannon Stott-Rigsbee on violin; Kevin Tyler Yando on guitar; and Nyiko Beguin on synth. Each record comes with a custom chapbook filled with Tyler's lyrics and thoughts on life. In the midst of a four-year bout with his major depression, he was working his way through the series of poems that would culminate in this albumall of which also constituted his capstone project for a masters in literary studies and confessional poetry. He was aiming to discover a language of process that would lead toward preservation rather than annihilation, learning hands-on, not only what preservative writing is, but also how to reorient creative work to better engage with and project hope. Being the person you can live with, it turns out, is a recursively creative endeavor, an on-going challenge, requiring choice and assimilation. Dealing with mental health disorders particularly requires regular self-renewal: the recurring epiphany of interacting constructively with the world. The overriding theme of the album is, if you know me, will you still love me? Which leads to the realization that the you Bean repeatedly refers to has been there all along, standing beside him when he writhed as well as when he flexed. To understand this record is to look at its dark, dense surface matter, and see beyond it to the beacon that is love; it is to recognize that functioning in the face of fear is to strive to be fully human; it is finding a way to truly say I want to live, even recognizing the relentlessness of the battle. (Tor Johnson Records #36)

SPAZZ - La Revancha LP (Reissue on yellow vinyl)
(Back in stock!) Next up in the series of legitimate SPAZZ releases is their "La Revancha" LP originally released on Sound Pollution in 1995. This LP marked a new point in SPAZZ's output - they had found their signature sound and tried to push this to its extreme. 20+ minutes of crazed Bay Area power violence with a CRYPTIC SLAUGHTER cover to boot. (625 Productions #228)

Descriptions for 11/19/16

SPAZZ - Sweatin' 2: Deported Live Gorilla CD
35 tracks from 1995-1996 compiled from splits with Subversion (1995, Deported Records) and Romantic Gorilla (1996, Sound Pollution Records) plus a full live set from KFJC radio (1996). Everything remastered, or in some cases mastered for the first time by Dan Randall at Mammoth Sound. Originally released on 625 Records in 2001 and out of print for 15 years. The Romantic Gorilla split tracks have been added to this redux edition. (Pirates Press Records #98 CD)

BESTIAL RAIDS - Master Satan's Witchery CD
With its previous opus, Bestial Raids earned its acclamation as one of the most furious bestial black metal bands active today. "Master Satan's Witchery" is undeniably an extension of Bestial Raids' previous efforts, and the new songs effectively serve to augment and enhance rather than usurp the violent effect with which the band is most readily associated, thus emphasizing its status as a standard-bearer for the current generation of bestial black metal. (Nuclear War Now Records #332 CD)

BLACK WITCHERY - Evil Shall Prevail CD
Nuclear War Now! is proud to resurrect the unholy document of Black Witchery's evil ascension into the dark of night with its release of "Evil Shall Prevail," a collection of all tracks from the band's "Demo 97," "Evil Shall Prevail" demo, "Summoning of Infernal Legions" EP, and its contribution to the "Hellstorm of Evil Vengeance" split with Conqueror. Additionally, previously-unreleased outtakes from the "Hellstorm..." recording session are also included, as is Black Witchery's cover of Sarcófago's "Black Vomit" from the "Tribute to Sarcófago" compilation CD from 2001. The double LP comes housed in gatefold jacket and includes an A2 poster. (Nuclear War Now Records #323 CD)

Long in the works and finally ready for consumption, Oakland, CA's STERILE MIND is back with the stark, brutal and unforgiving debut LP, "Lift The Mask". Featuring members of No Statik, What Happens Next and others, STERILE MIND produce 9 songs of ripping hardcore punk complimented by thoughtful songwriting, unorthodox arrangements and dripping-with-contempt lyrics. A good reference point could be the early ABC NO RIO scene (BORN AGAINST/RORSCHACH) with a touch of East Bay hardcore (TALK IS POISON/DEAD AND GONE) and the speed and intensity of bands like TOTALITAR and NO SECURITY. (Sterile Mind Records #3)

GREEN DRAGON - Time Is Now/Mercury Is Heavy 7"
Green Dragon are a heavy psych (hard psych) band that hail from the basements of suburban New Jersey. These guys love all things 70's, most notably Black Sabbath, Sir Lord Baltimore, Hawkwind and early Blue Oyster Cult. The band features punk hardcore veterans who played in Das Oath, Sweet Diesel, Your Adversary, Devoid Of Faith, the Plungers and Monster X. Two heavy songs of thick riffage on this slab of green wax that was recorded by Anthony Corallo (Sheer Terror, Concrete Cross), and mastered by Jesse Cannon. (Gern Blandsten/Gloom Records #045)

HEXIS - MMXIV. A. D. XII. KAL. DEC. 7" flexi disc
Crust/blackened hardcore/post-metal. Although the band definitely fit the blackened hardcore descriptor, Hexis don't play the sort of music you would typically expect from the microgenre. There's nary a d-beat to be found on their last full length Abalam and no chugging breakdowns to tell the crowd when to start a circle pit. Instead, the band strips hardcore to its vestigial essence and incorporates that into massive walls of post-black metal noise. this flexi includes 2 songs of abalam and 1 of the split with this gift is a curse and was recorded live in Japan. (Time As A Color Records #36)

DIVIDED BY WATER - s/t 7"x2 + MP3
Trembling hands / duct hearts / careless / coma regalia / human hands released march 20th 2016, emo/postrock/screamo all 5 bands deliver a new and exclusive song, written to lyrically fit the “divided by water" topic. covers are 2-color screenprinted with screenprinted obi-strip, b/w insert with lyrics and liner notes. handstamped labels. super elaborate packaging, as diy as it gets. (Time As A Color Records #38)

LORRAINE - Gimbal Lock 7"
Gimbal Lock/Pitch/Roll/Yaw is the band's latest two song 7". Lorraine play a dark, tense, and moody style of post punk and punk. Musically, Lorraine can be loosely compared to bands such as The Estranged, Total Control, Bellicose Minds, and The Eisinores. Since forming in 2012, Lorraine have released a five song EP titled Lima in November of 2012, a two song 7" titled Kids+Crimes in May of 2013, a digital single titled 850 in September of 2014, a digital single titled Differential Mode in October of 2014, and a four way split with Daydream Fit, Dotlights, and Duct Hearts in April of 2015. (Time As A Color Records #47)

Hardcore/screamo. What Of Us is a new band featuring members of Capacities, Au Revoir and Guidelines. They bring you 8 tracks of complex, socially conscious hardcore that should not be missed. Coma Regalia are back after their new full length with 10 new tracks that wind from beginning to end, telling tales of what happens between birth and death. (Time As A Color Records #46)

On the Darfor side, they open with twinkly tunes of their track "Alla Mina Vänner" in the vein of Saetia, I Hate Myself and... Wait, did I just say that. Well, yeah. During their second half, the vocalist started yelping and is being followed by a psychological breaking point of crescendos. This is an ultimate of surprise for anyone (especially newcomers) who did not expect this kind of explosion. After the attack stops, the vocalist mourns one more time till the song finishes its job. The following track we are heading onto is "An Apology" by Coma Regalia. The way of their playing is a very passionate melodic screamo in the veins of The Saddest Landscape, Helen of Troy and The Spirit of Versailles. What else can I say, it's 5 minutes of incredibly raw passion of punk. Emo/Screamo. (Time As A Color Records #51)

Gillian Carter play a killer style of music that incorporates elements of post hardcore, punk, emo, and screamo within their sound. Coma Regalia unique style of pissed off screamo should be known from what must be a hundred various split records. One song from each band on this one sided 6" split. The most grotesque color combinations this side of super villainy. Silk screened B side and 2 seemingly random baseball card style inserts. Screamo hardcore. (Time As A Color Records #52)

Screamo/post-hardcore. Debut LP of this young austrian band from vienna. after touring with bands like i not dance and viva belgrado pettersson recording their first LP at tonmeisterei, oldenburg, not reinventing screamo and post-hardcore, but definitely presenting it in their own style, grumpy, loud, energetic, still twinkly at times. (Time As A Color Records #53)

Defeater frontman Derek Archambault's alt-country solo vehicle, Alcoa, teams up with Midwest indie rock up-and-comers Choir Vandals for a split with never-before-heard material from both acts. Alcoa contributes a pair of B-sides from the fantastic, 2015 sophomore full-length "Parlour Tricks" sessions, while Choir Vandals provides two brand new songs on the heels of several well-received EPs, including the recent "Bedroom Songs (Demos 2014-16)." For fans of Ryan Adams, Rocky Votolato, City & Colour and Seahaven. 7" includes digital download. (Bridge Nine Records #244)

Descriptions for 11/12/16

MAXIMUM ROCK'N'ROLL #403 (December 2016)
Here's the December 2016 issue of Maximum Rocknroll, #403 - the all-China issue! We've got a Chinese punk history primer, scene reports from Bejing, Wuhan, and Guangdong, an annotated discography of Chinese punk, and reprints of MRR features on Chinese punk straight from our archive. We have interviews with experimental indie band SUBS, noise punkers DIDERS, and heavy metal influenced street punks DEMERIT. We've also got photo spreads from Toronto's Not Dead Yet Fest, along with the Slovakian crust band BETON's photo tour diary of Brazil. Plus, a guest column by Arina Moiseyenko as well as all of our regular columns and reviews. Don't miss out! (Maximum Rock'n'Roll #403)

WORSE - Rubber Burner LP
New York City's WORSE have made an LP of noisy rock'n'roll songs that don't shy away from being punk. The band relies heavily on pop sensibilities while having guitars that blare through sounding not unlike the classic 90's bands HARVEY MILK and HAMMERHEAD. The slugging-drawls of the instruments bleed into the two-singer vocals and what you're left with is a puddle of punk rock goodness. The arrangements are complicated even in their brute force and the quick psychedelic dives show just how compelling a two minute, three chord song can be. The band has been compared to "Floyd the Barber"-era NIRVANA and FLIPPER, but this LP draws more from bands like COWS or even BUTTHOLE SURFERS than it does the Pacific Northwest sound. The hardest part of describing "RUBBER BURNER" is that all nine songs stand alone independent of each other. The members of worse have been in bands like NOMOS, BATTLETORN, GRIDS, and SYPHILITIC LUST and all three members played together in NYC's unforgiving SHOXX. "RUBBER BURNER" was recorded by BEN GREENBERG and mastered by WILL KILLINGSWORTH. (Deranged Records #295)

IMHOTEP 'zine # 11 + ABIGOR - Kingdom of Darkness 7"
IMHOTEP is not only one of the longest running 'zines hailing from Norway, it has always been a good zine for high quality reading in general. But with this 11th issue editor Roy once more surprises with a totally unique idea of zine making. Instead of filling the pages with a bunch of band interviews and reviews or special reports about certain scene related topics, this issue just features 3 bands (hence the issue's subtitle "Trinity"): ABIGOR, MAYHEM and WATAIN. Also included as bonus is an ABIGOR 7" with an old song re-recorded for the A side and two old rehearsal recordings for the B side. (Nuclear War Now Records #321)

HARAM - What Do You See?
HARAM-The debut 7" from Haram!! deranged hardcore sung in arabic from this Queens, NYC band. They are one of THE best new NYC bands. This record is also absolutely beautiful, with a fold out screen printed cover. The FBI's favorite punk band. (Toxic State Records #28)

OMEGAS - Power To Exist LP
Much anticipated answer to 2011's "Blasts of Lunacy," the Omegas leave off where they picked up, coming back to their personalized vision of the nooks and crannies of early NYHC and proto hardcore cum Darby Crash cum Nollywood prankster at ever more obtuse and challenging angles. The riffs implode and the changes are impossible to follow without a map that probably leads somewhere unpleasant. Even still, the confusion feels like a stroke of luck. The gift is not knowing what you're hearing yet but knowing you've wanted to hear it your whole life. Duck, dive, spit, slam, kill: Makes you go Boom Boom. Flash forward, the power to exist. FFO: getting stop and frisked by the NYPD and having them find a giant lollypop in your otherwise empty bag/wondering who killed Tony Frenchman. (Beach Impediment Records #20)

KRIEGSHOG - General 7"
Tokyo's KRIEGSHÖG return with a three new track EP of distorted Japanese hardcore. Catchy bass driven diabolic hardcore with a vocal style that brings to mind "Who the Helpless" era KURO and the LSD flexi as much as the relentless LA's ICONOCLAST D-Beat attack creating a background soundtrack for the insanity that is Tokyo's existance. The 7" is housed in a DISCHARGE EP style sleeve with flaps on the outside and thumb cut and comes with a lyric insert. All designed by Bass player Shingo. (La Vida Es En Mus #131)

ES - Object Relations LP
Object Relations is the debut by Es, four women based between London and Glasgow making 'mutant synth-punk for our dystopian present' (Jes Skolnik). Tense, bass driven and synth heavy with frantic drumming and cold, direct vocals, the 12" delivers 4 tracks of gelid guitar-less post punk that is equal parts sparse and cosmic. Think of a mix of KUKL with NO DEFENCES jamming with X-MAL DEUTSCHLAND and you may be getting there. The 12" record comes housed in a sleeve designed by Es and comes with a lyric insert and download code. (La Vida Es En Muis #128)

DEATHRAID - The Year The Earth Struck Back tape cassette
Hailing from Seattle, this veteran d-beat combo featuring ex - members of Disrupt, Consume, Shitlist and State of Fear, strike again with a brutal new release. Nine new bullets of absolutely relentless d-beat crust punk. For fans of Totalitar, early Disfear and any of the aforementioned bands they played in will have an orgasmic blast. (Unrest Records Cassettes #1 TP)

MASSGRAVE - The Absurdity Of Humanity tape cassette
Canada's cannabis breathing crust punks are back with a long awaited crop of home grown brutality!! Clocking in at just over 16 minutes, they unleash twelve down-tuned blasts of grinding crustcore at it's finest. Some of their best material to date and sure to stoke fans of Disrupt, ENT, Doom, Nasum etc. The LP version will be released on Haunted Hotel Records (USA). Artwork by Stiv of War. (Unrest Records Cassettes #2 TP)

UNREST RECORDS is proud to announce the new album by Malignant Tumour entitled The Metallist. Hailing from the precious pilsner-soaked lands of Czech Republic, these veterans of crust and metal fused R'n'R are back with their sixth full-length release. Mastered by Andy Classen at Stage One Studio (DE), this devestating new record contains eleven luci-furious blasts of unholy metal mayhem that is certain to melt the hinges off the gates of hell!! Limited colour vinyl is available while quantities last, so act fast. (Unrest Records #32 CD)

Sludgable and Punkable, melodic and chaotic, singing or screaming, Ordinary Lives is a heavy three-piece band from Philadelphia consisting of members of Bridge and Tunnel, Off Minor, Nimbus Terrifix, and Saetia. Their new EP was recorded and mixed by Steve Roche (drums in Ordinary Lives) at his studio, Permanent Hearing Damage. On this EP the band blends tuned-down guitars and a precise, but frenzied rhythm section to create a colossal sound that gives a nod to turn of the century AmRep Records or Screamo. Delivery like classic Quicksand or Unsane and might appeal to current fans of Torche or Baroness. (Tor Johnson Records #35)

EN BUSCA DE ALGO MAS - photo book by Martin Sorrondeguy
We finally got a few copies of this massive photo book from Argentina. Five hundred copies made. Photos of Hoax, Drop Dead, Infest, Iron Lung, Hounds of Hate, Boston Strangler, Neon Piss, Ropes, etc... as well as crowd shots and punks from all over the world. A beautiful photo book. (Sniffing Records #132.5)

(restock) HARD SKIN - Greatest Hits Vol. 7 CD
"Greatest Hits Vol 7" CD by Hard Skin. It was released for their South American tour this past March 2016. It contains 26 tracks including: Fucking Skins Fucking Punks 10" 2008, Split 7" with Fucked Up, On The Balls LP, Do you Like Hospital Food? 12", Tour 7" 2013. (Sniffing Recording Industries #132)

Descriptions for 11/5/16

MOMMY - Songs About Children LP
Debut LP from this NYC band. Disturbed ,emotional and beautiful lyrics about growing up locked in a new york physchiatric hospital . Catchy and filthy sounding, amazing record. Screen printed sleeve and giant poster captures the aesthetics and feeling of the record. (Toxic State Records #27)

The New Wave of Brutality and Hardcore Massacre has arrived. Tokyo punks KRIEGSHOG are back with their first full length. After 3 7"s that we love at LVEUM they finally went for the album. Thirteen tracks of extremely bass driven hardcore destruction. The recording is relentless, full of energy and distorted. Yet moving from the ultra blown out recording of their earlier output. This is the band's most dynamic recording so far and in our humble opinion is destined to be a classic and genre defining album Second press of KRIEGSHOG LP which we released back in 2010. Released in time for Static Shock Weekend 16 where KRIEGSHOG will play their first ever European show. This time around the LP comes housed in a heavy duty paste on board sleeve with heavy weight inner sleeve. Overall a top quality packaging for a top quality record. (La Vida Es Un Mus #42)

CRONANDER - Demo tape cassette
First recorded output of the East Bay's Cronander. Described as a "hardcore Agent Orange," Cronander mixes early '80s SoCal punk/hardcore, metal, skate and stoner rock to create a sound that's guaranteed to delight your earholes. All members are veterans of the East Bay scene featuring current/ex-members of Strung Up, Conquest For Death, Isotope, Annihilation Time etc. This 4 song teaser was recorded by Graham Clise and mastered by Dan Randall at Mammoth Sound. Limited one time run of 100 professionally made cassettes on many different color tapes and j-cards. (Cronander Records #1)

AGATHOCLES - Mincing Through The Maples LP
"Mincing through the Maples" contains some great raw Agathocles tracks that were recorded live on Wednesday 19th August 2015 at the "Coalition" club in Toronto, Canada. Many of the favorite Agathocles songs are in the setlist and the sound captures all the spirit of this gig. (Power It Up/Animate Records #57)

Bristol Punk Pioneers DISORDER formed around 1980, Disorder is one of the few 'big' names of UK hardcore still going strong today. The LP contains their live recordings from the Sneek Festival Gig in april 2014 raw and very intense. Nine tracks of traditional UK noisepunk. Legendary Show!!!! No more words needed!!!!!!!!!! The other side contains the next big name, AGATHOCLES mince core gods from belgium team up with 8 live mincecore attacks in perfect soundboard quality recorded at the Youthclub in Geel/Belgium march 2014. The LP comes in an inside-outside printed cover. Nice looking packaging. (Power It Up Records #228)

YACOPSAE - Gastezimmer 8"
Almost 25 years of YACOPSAE ... Time for a tribute? Not at all! The band still like the AMEBIX slogan: "No gods, no masters"! Nevertheless, YACOPSAR was always well-known for brewing out some freaky ideas (just check their huge output and you'll know what we mean), so the concept of a "Guest room" EP was born, whilst we were hanging around somewhere and joking about how to celebrate the "next" anniversary! Actually, no big deal ... Eventually, the band invited a bunch of different people from around the globe to "sing" for them. 15 tracks, each one lasting about 30 seconds, and placed twice (subdivided in two sides: male/ female). All participants had to create own lyrics and to record the vocals by their own. In addition, each person needed to write down a few neutral sentences about the very first encounter with YACOPAE, and sending a photo. Basically, the whole idea is not that new or original, but the sheer volume of guests involved is impressive. (Power It Up Records #214)

ROT - Old Dirty Grindcores CDx2
ROT from Brazil, are a main stay in the grindcore scene. They have shared a whole bunch of splits with the who's who of the grind scene. They play utterly punishing and blasting old school grindcore, leaving out all of the flash stuff that takes away from the grind blast beats that have been lost for a few years, no matter what country you hail from. This is a collection containing virtually all studio material recorded between 1991 and 2001 - plus lots of extra stuff including the recordings made between 2002 and 2007. Totaling 150 songs! (Power It Up Records #162 CD)

Asheville NC's Weak Wrists bring together elements of emo-violent swirl in the finest Orchid tradition, soaring post-metal passages that would make Old Soul proud, the textured and dynamic drums of Funeral Diner, and a bedrock of grinding filth with torn-throat female vocals for the Cloud Rat enthusiast among us. All these things weave and intermingle flawlessly and are executed with passion. (IFB Records #101)

CLOSET BURNER - Disappointment, Death, Dishonor LP
Bloomington's Closet Burner return with a full length of queer-positive, society bullshit negative hardcore. The sound is rooted in classic fast hardcore riffs, but not afraid to drop a dirge or a powerviolent blast in there. Lyrics are angry, to the point, and no holds barred, representing a refreshing return to actual anger and resistance in hardcore. Members share time in Rat Storm as well. (IFB Records #100)

ANTIFACES - Solo Quedan Fantasmas 7"
Latino punk outta Miami in the vein of Eskorbuto, Suicidas, or Tozcos. It hits that sweet spot of a perfect mix of melody and grit, with a bass heavy mix that hits hard, especially when the stomp kicks in. Duelling female/male vocals are all in Spanish and range from proper singing to pure punk filth. Members hail from Merkit and Nunhex. (IFB Records #98)

TEMPEST - s/t (2nd) LP
Holy shit. Vancouver's Tempest have seriously outdone themselves here. This is the most blackened, tornado swirling aural violence I've heard. Rooted in sounds like early Orchid and much of the swirling heaviness that React With Protest Records releases, Tempest just makes it overwhelmingly heavy with buried vocals that sound like hideous phantoms clawing out of caves. There are hints of dark beauty buried deep in the tightly controlled chaos here that keep the record from strangling you completely. Seriously just a total enveloping sound on the level of Old Soul that just keeps sending tingles down your spine. (IFB Records #95)

SIGH DOWN ONE - Memory is Short Longing LP
Sigh Down One is from Montreal and play a shoegaze/punk hybrid as if My Bloody Valentine hooked up with Wymyn's Prysyn and old Nirvana and they were commissioned to write songs that could have been on the Crow soundtrack. It's really really good - the gloom and haze of shoegaze with the blown up guitars and nervous energy of todays better outsider punk. (IFB Records #91)

CLOUD RAT - s/t (first) LP
Repress on Green vinyl /300 - Heavy, blasting hardcore played mostly at a grinding pace, only slowing down to bludgeon you with crushing riffs. This record has an emotional honesty and intensity that is often lacking in bands this heavy, as the pained lyrics are spat out like so much venom. The lyrics deal with dark family issues of neglect and abandonment and the hurt is felt in the delivery, and as hard as they are to take, I feel they make the record all the more relevant. The packaging is made out of re-used record covers, screenprinted then re-glued, with a lyrics insert, all with original art from the band and friends. (IFB Records #26)

SPIT TAKE - Garbage In My Heart LP
10 songs of raw, powerful rock from Willimantic's premier pop-punk power trio. There are nods to LEMONHEADS, SUPERCHUNK, and JAWBREAKER here, but the sound is inventive and current in equal measure. This is Spit-take's debut long-player, released just in time for a cross-country tour and in an edition of 500 black 12" records. (Shitty Present Records #7)

BIRTH OF FLOWER - All Our Masters In Suspicion 7"
On this release, Birth of Flower, who were once known for short and philosophical bursts of MINUTEMEN-esque post-punk, flip the script, delivering two powerful and noise-y dirges clocking in at about 6 minutes each. What results is a powerful record which defies categorization while still paying homage to varied influences, ranging from '77 punk to krautrock. Edition of 300 7"s on mixed "splatter" vinyl. (Shitty Present Records #3)

HEATS OF FORMATION - Indoctrinates Blank 7"
Five songs of dissonant and percussion-less punk from the venerable Connecticut-based duo. Moody and dark in a way that recalls SONIC YOUTH and UNWOUND, but still upbeat and aggressive enough to appeal to the 90's emo-loving crowd. Released in a limited edition of 300 black 7" records. (Shitty Present Records #1)

SPIT TAKE - Queen's Pawn Game 7"
Spit-take's third release is a four-song 45rpm seven-inch chock-full of more concise and thoughtful punk pop. "Queen Pawn Game" highlights the New Haven band's rock-solid mix of dissonant riffs and memorable hooks, all delivered with an urgency that verges on desperation. Their finest to date. This record is a split release between Pittsburgh's Broken World Media, Richmond's Ice Age Records, and Shitty Present. (Shitty Present Records #8)

GIANT PEACH - Tarantula LP
The debut LP by one of our absolute favorite active bands. Raw and inventive, while still familiar and poppy, Giant Peach's "Tarantula" recalls the 90's in the best ways. Think VERSUS or mid-career DINOSAUR JR. With two distinct vocalists and sick dueling guitars, the Brooklyn-based band are one of the most intense and interesting indie pop bands going now. Split release with Don Giovanni Records. (Shitty Present Records #9)

DEAD UNCLES - Stock Characters LP
Ten stellar pop-punk songs, as catchy as they are desperate and dejected, from one of our favorite New England bands ever. Recorded in the summer of 2012, shortly before the band broke up, this LP is a long-time coming. Split-release with a host of other labels. (Shitty Present Records #5)

AGATHA/CANINE - split 7"
AGATHA continues to deliver with two blistering tracks that waiver from weird mid tempo hardcore with anglur anthemic guitars to fast driving d-beat. Angry personal-is-political style lyrics that touch on themes of queerness, resillency, and personal growth. Sydney shredders CANINE pull you in with tight catchy guitar hooks that will stick in your brain only to bowl you over with fast heavy blast beats and screaming guitars. Angry and brutal as fuck vocals that address issues of mental health and community support. Truly weird and genius. SHEAR MAG and RAPE REVENGE in a blender. Split release with One Brick Today. (Nettle Records #2/One Brick Today #19)

PINCHGUT - self-titled 7"
This debut 7" from Tasmanian feminist hardcore punks PINCHGUT adds to the legacy of pissed-off, politically explicit bands. Think HARUM-SCARUM meets 1905. With 90s influenced guitar and vocals alternating between whiplash screams and subtle sass, this demo explores themes of colonization, rape culture, and mutual aid. Split release with One Brick Today. (Nettle Records #5/One Brick Today #24)

Descriptions for 10/29/16

This five-song split represents the most recent blasphemies conjured by two relatively young bands that are likely to share the duty of carrying the banner of primitive black metal for years to come. Demonomancy opens the split with their first newly-recorded tracks since their 2013 debut full-length album, "Throne of Demonic Proselytism," The ensuing three tracks are the devilish creations of Witchcraft (formerly Black Feast), who with this recording continue their series of demos and split releases, a pattern that is best considered a slow but measured reveal of their manifest darkness. Not surprisingly, Witchcraft's share of this release once again successfully raises the ancient specter of the early works of their fellow countrymen, Beherit. In what many are sure to consider one of the best black metal splits of 2016, Demonomancy and Witchcraft prove their worth as the next generation of torchbearers for this dark art. (Nuclear War Now Records #325)

ABIGAIL - The Final Damnation LP
With their fifth studio album, "The Final Damnation," Abigail has returned to a noticeable extent to the evil sound of their earliest recordings by increasing the black metal dosage in their satanic vaginal worship cocktail, all the while managing to maintain the rawness of later recordings that has endeared them to a new legion of gutter-dwelling deviants. The decision to commission veteran black metal artist Chris Moyen for the album's cover art further exemplifies the band's shift back to its roots, successfully conjuring the spirit of Bulldozer in the process and confirming that the original Black Metal Yakuza have not lost a step. (Nuclear War Now Records #326)

CONQUEROR - War.Cult.Supremacy LPx2
Nuclear War Now! first reissued the "War.Cult.Supremacy" DLP as the premier collection of all Conqueror recordings back in 2011. Three years later, in November 2014, Conqueror played its first and last live show as the headliner of the Nuclear War Now! Festival Volume IV in Berlin, Germany. In order to commemorate this unique occasion and celebrate the twentieth anniversary of the album's original recording, NWN! is now pleased to offer a repress of the "War.Cult.Supremacy" DLP , including the band's complete discography. (Nuclear War Now Records #178)

SPAZZ - La Revancha LP (Reissue on yellow vinyl)
(Back in stock!) Next up in the series of legitimate SPAZZ releases is their "La Revancha" LP originally released on Sound Pollution in 1995. This LP marked a new point in SPAZZ's output - they had found their signature sound and tried to push this to its extreme. 20+ minutes of crazed Bay Area power violence with a CRYPTIC SLAUGHTER cover to boot. (625 Productions #228)

ACxDC - Discography tape cassette x2 (smoke gray cassettes)
ANTICHRIST DEMONCORE or ACxDC for short aren't your stereotypical satanic grindviolence band. This picture disc stitches together 23 heavy hitting studio tracks on the first tape the second tape there are 28 live and demo tape tracks. After constant touring of the US and overseas, many out of print releases, and a new LP out, this material gets catches you up to their new LP with everything to that point. Only 100 copies on double cassettes and 250 on smokey gray double cassettes. Professionally duplicated, housed in a double butterfly Norelco case, and factory shrink-wrapped. (To Live A Lie Records #97 TP)

PRIVATE ROOM - Forever And Ever LP
With download. The proper debut for the Pacific Northwest's purveyors of "that" music. It's hardcore punk, no denying it but Forever And Ever has a twisting tension that goes to a new and ugly place. It's not easy. Life's not easy. PRIVATE ROOM is a cynical, angry band with enough sarcasm and wit to make getting through it all just possible enough. There is hope. There is a forward trajectory. But there is a sharp and rocky path on the way. (Iron Lung Records #84)

PRIMAL RITE - Complex Life of Passion 7"
The second offering from San Francisco's PRIMAL RITE. Following up an impressive debut single, "Complex Life of Passion" delivers a barrage of pure sonic brutality, drawing on an array of influences ranging from classic thrash and OSDM to Japanese and Clevo Hardcore. From the EP's looming intro to its pulverizing close, Primal Rite manage to bring nothing less than sheer hardcore devastation from start to finish, firmly asserting their position as a band to watch for in 2017. (Grave Mistake Records #81)

VICIOUS CIRCLE - The Price Of Progress/Reflections LPx2
The first part from the Vicious Circle Discography contains their first two LP's. The first LP "The Price of Progress" original got released in 1985 on Reactor Records and features 15 tracks of fine powerful hardcore similar to early Discharge material, includes the awesome "Outo Maa" cover version of Terveet Kädet. The second LP contains the material from the" Reflections" LP recorded in 1986 including 13 tracks of high energy Hardcore Punk. The double LP includes a special booklet with a lot of information about the history of Vicious Circle written by Paul (original singer of Vicious Circle). The first pressing is limited to 500 red copies. (Power It Up Records #237)

INFERNO - Anti Hagenbach Tape: The Beginning LP/CD
A dream comes true!! Almost more than 30 years ago four punkrock teenager from south of Germany found the Hardcore/punk band INFERNO, there one only motivation was being louder, faster and harder as the British crust punk pioneers of DISCHARGE. Early '83 they are recording their classic "Anti Hagenbach Tape", at these time the world fastest, loudest and rawest material. 24 tracks of pure energy and tightness. Hardcore/ Punk at its best. In the mid-80 INFERNO are worldwide well know (most known) hardcore from Germany, also metal heads know the name INFERNO, the famous cover track "Ram It Up" from S.O.D. which is original performed by INFERNO. The vinyl edition includes an 8 sided booklet with the lyrics, liner notes and new picture from the early INFERNO era and is housed in a nice looking Inside-Out cover design. (Power It Up Records #238)

ADULT CRASH 2 - book with 7" compilation
Adult Crash 2... the follow-up to 2008's Adult Crash hardcore/punk photobook. This 2nd book is bigger than the first, with 144 pages of photos & anecdotes, compared to the 1st Adult Crash that was only 88 pages. The first book was all photos taken by Dave Brown, starting in the late-80's. The new book is a compilation of photos taken by photographers from both coasts, going back to the early 80's. Chris Boarts Larson (Slug & Lettuce Fanzine), Ken Salerno (Thrasher Magazine/NYHC book), Joe Henderson (Flipside/Ink Disease Magazine), Al Quint (Suburban Voice Fanzine), and MANY others contributed photos... with many of these rare/unseen images in book-form for the very 1st time, along with some (in)famous images you'll recognize from records in your collection, too. Over 250 photos spanning over 30 years. The book also contains anecdotes written by musicians, photographers, and other notable people from the punk/hardcore scene. Eerie Von from Samhain/Danzig, Kevin Seconds from 7 Seconds, John Stabb from Government Issue, Ron Guardipee from Brotherhood/Overkill Records, Theo Kogan from The Lunachicks, Matt Warnke from Bold, Chris Daily from Smorgasbord Records, and other folks wrote about what the adult crash means to them. Also included with the new book is a 4-track 7" featuring VIOLENT REACTION, BARGE, NIGHT BIRDS, and GOVERNMENT WARNING. Each band covers a song by an older band that influenced their sound, and all songs are unreleased/exclusive to this 7". Just like the 1st Adult Crash, this follow-up book/7" is a split release between Vicious Circle Records & Six Feet Under Records. You'll also get a FREE DOWNLOAD CODE for a PDF version of the 1st Adult Crash book that is out-of-print! The download includes the mp3's of the 1st Adult Crash 7" too, featuring exclusive songs from DOWN TO NOTHING / KILL YOUR IDOLS / CLOAK/DAGGER / THE SLUMLORDS. (Six Feet Under Records #100)

108 - Threefold Misery LP
Originally released in 1996, THREEFOLD MISERY was the final full length from 108 prior to their break up and eventual reformation. Released on Germany's Lost and Found Records it was previously only available on vinyl as a picture disc 12". With the 20th anniversary of the release of the album this year along with a string of shows on the East and West Coast (their first since 2009), SIX FEET UNDER RECORDS is finally giving the album the treatment it deserves and releasing it on vinyl June 3rd. This deluxe reissue features all new art and layout by Palehorse, along with 2 bonus songs previously unavailable on vinyl from 1996's CURSE OF INSTINCT ep. (Six Feet Under Records #108)

NO TIME - You'll Get Yours LP
Pittsburgh's NO TIME are back with a follow up full length to their debut 7_ on SFU. YOU'LL GET YOURS features 11 new songs in the Oi/Hardcore vein done with perfection. This is one of the best LPs I've heard in a while. (Six Feet Under Records #107)

MALICE AT THE PALACE - s/t LP/tape cassette
Debut 12" from Florida's MALICE AT THE PALACE. Side A features a brand new recording and Side B features their full live set from This Is Hardcore 2015. Members of Mother of Mercy. (Six Feet Under Records #103)

OTUS - Overglaze 7"
Hailing from TOKYO, OTUS are the latest addition to the SFU Tokyo Crew family. Overglaze is their debut release, featuring 5 songs of negative hardcore. The digital download also comes with bonus Disembodied cover. (Six Feet Under Records #106)

With members formerly in Terror, Still Crossed, One Nation Under, and Culture, JUSTIFIED DEFIANCE plans on paving their own way and putting their stamp on the hardcore scene. Coming out of Cincinnati Ohio, JUSTIFIED DEFIANCE has a no nonsense approach. It's honest and straight from the heart both musically and lyrically. The formula is simple. Always stay true to yourself and respect what brought you here. Hardcore music is alive and well in 2016. and JUSTIFIED DEFIANCE is proud to be part of it. (Six Feet Under Records #105)

STONE - Fear Grips 7"
Stone from Milwaukee gives you "Fear Grips". 4 songs of straight up heavy hardcore. No fillers. No bullshit. Members of Expire. (Six Feet Under Records #104)

50 LIONS - Former Glory 7"
Two new songs from longstanding Australian hardcore act 50 Lions. (Six Feet Under Records #102)

DISCREPANCY - Where The Strength Lies Demo 7"
Discrepancy's absolute powerhouse of a demo pressed on vinyl. Four tracks of intense OC hardcore. For fans of Uniform Choice, Hard Stance, New Brigade and Disengage. Limited edition of 500 copies. 7" includes digital download. (Young Blood Records #42)

STAND OFF - s/t 7"
The new wave of DC hardcore. This is a one-time vinyl pressing of Stand Off's demo. Four absolutely blistering tacks of ripping hardcore. Limited edition of 500 copies. 7" includes digital download. (Young Blood Records #43)

(restock) G.L.O.S.S. - Girls Living Outside Society's Shit 7" (with 'zine)
We finally got more of these! They flew out of here last time and we didn't even advertise them the first time around! Girls Living Outside Society's Shit. Vinyl pressing following two initial cassette runs of the stellar debut from this Olympia, WA powerhouse. All copies come with a 'zine from members of the band, and also five perfect hardcore rippers pressed into the surface of the record for hours of your enjoyment. Now available again on vinyl from Nervous Nelly Records. (Nervous Nelly Records #8.5)

(restock) SHEER MAG - II tape cassette
Tape cassette version! Out from under this table, these PHILLY miscreants return stronger than ever, this time toning down (ever so slightly) the power pop undertones that got them comparisons to THE SHIVVERS (female vocals?) and putting the rock in the forefront. Still, the band could pass as THE JACKSON 5 re-imagined as a punk trash compactor and this record stands tall as what will definitely be the hard rock record of the year. (Wilsuns Records #8935 TP)

(restock) SHEER MAG - III tape cassette
Tape cassette version! SHEER MAG return with another four tracker of all killers and no fillers on WILSUNS RC / STATIC SHOCK RECORDS. Nothing has changed on this record at all - it's all epic riffs, a lo-fi and compact production, hooks galore and that soulful and gritty voice you already love. 'CAN'T STOP FIGHTING' is three and a half minutes of power pop meets classic rock and sits somewhere between THE SHIVVERS and THIN LIZZY if such a place exists. 'WORTH THE TEARS' is a little cleaner, mellower and soulful. Side two opens with the scuzzy and dense 'NIGHT ISN'T BRIGHT' before the standout cut 'NOBODY'S BABY' - which sounds a 1978 classic rock hit that hints at JUDAS PRIEST's 'LIVING AFTER MIDNIGHT' and KISS in their prime. It's an instant pop nugget that sounds like a time long gone. (WILSUNS RC #90-36 TP)

Descriptions for 10/22/16

SPAZZ - Crush Kill Destroy LP (reissue)
(Back in stock!) The first in a series of vinyl represses of the long-sold out SPAZZ LPs. Here we got "Crush Kill Destroy," SPAZZ's swan-song recorded back in 1998 and released by Slap A Ham Records. Mastered from the original recording, this LP comes with a full color cover and poster insert. Yellow vinyl. (625 Productions #229)

LEFT CROSS - Hell is Hell 7"
Left Cross has been consistently pummeling audiences across the Mid-Atlantic since early 2015, and we are proud to share with you their first vinyl offering: "Hell Is Hell." With these three tracks of crushing death metal, this Richmond band both strips the genre down to its bones and still bring ripping solos, thunderous drumming, and engaging songs that prove Left Cross is as informed by Discharge as they are Repulsion. This is a split release between Anthems of The Undesirable and Vinyl Conflict. 550 copies, all in black vinyl. (Vinyl Conflict Records #8)

ACXDC are a Los Angeles based powerviolence outfit, The split 5" is including 2 new tracks of wicked intense shrieked vocals over a possibly the fastest blast beats I've heard, along side a really weird guitar riff that I can't find words to describe. The flipside presents 2 tracks from CHIENS, french old school Grindcore done it properly. A storming split 5" for fans of Insect Warfare, Wormrot, Spazz... Limited to 500. (RSR Records #165)

BACTERIA - 28 Trax Demo LP
Originally released by Dan-Doh Records as a paper sleeve CD, finally on Vinyl now. 28 songs demo of BACTERIA from 1994 with Kawakami from DISCLOSE. Ultimative stenchcore short cut grind in the vein of FEAR OF GOD and SORE Press to 666 copies. One sided LP. (RSR Records #162)

This is the first 7" after the great demotape from this hyper fast Hardcore band from Berlin, Germany. Ex-members of Stalker, Y, Pink Flamingos and more, these dudes have been at it for years and their experience totally shows. For all speed freaks and hardcore maniacs a like! Their high bpm-Powerviolence-carnage garnished with vile slow riffs will kick your teeth in! (RSR Records #144)

CONCUSIVE is extremely impressive new powerviolence band from Martinez/Pittsburg area of East Bay. Classic West Coast powerviolence sound that can contend with the very best bands you can name or think, most of their songs under 30 seconds, and that's the way it should be. Scum Human is a new one from Vancouver/Can! Powerviolence at it's best like Crossed Out !!! Members of Obacha and Six Brew Bantha. This 7" totally shreds! This split 7" features both Bands Demos !!! (RSR Records #164)

BOLTSTEIN - Rebirth Of Humanity/Into the Smile Zone 1998 to 2012 CD
Formed in 1998 this great Japanese Grindcore/Death Metal band from Yamagata release their first full length after several releases with Insect Warfare, Stench Mass Genocide, Unholy Grave. Old school ripping Grind attack in the vein of S.O.B and Rise Above. incl. Napalm Death "Deceiver" cover. Hail Japanese madness with 25 short songs of the Rebirth LP + 47 additional tracks from the split 7" with UNHOLY GRAVE, INSECT WARARE and compilations, punk riffs, pounding blast-beats, and indecipherable vocals. 72x classic old school grindcore from Japan. (RSR Records #129 CD)

The grind crew SHITSTORM with Jonathan Nuñez and Rick Smith from TORCHE terrorize with gruffer, speed/death metal-tinged destruction 7 great tracks. Gainesville FL's RADIATION release their next split 7"after a highly regarded 7", demo tape and live Grindcore influenced raw punk in vein of CONFUSE, SORE THROAT, FEAR OF GOD, etc. Dueling vocals and a break neck speed & intensity to weed out the posers and copy cats of the genre. (RSR Records #141)

DEATHRAID - Eternal Slumber LP
Ten brand new tracks by a band that needs no introductions anymore as they've definitely entered the Olympus of D-BEAT being one of the best worldwide today's acts. Recorded in Spring 2015, Eternal Slumber has been previously released on tape only in 200 copies and it's been distributed by the band itself during their super successful European Tour in 2015. "Eternal Slumber "has been performed live in its entirety during the aforementioned tour, so, those who got the chance to watch them live, know exactly what we're talking about. For those who haven't had it, well, at least don't miss the chance to get the record! If you're into pummeling scandi style D-BEAT, this is the record for you! 1000 copies pressed. Act fast or die trying! (Agipunk/Deathraid Records #5)

FUNERAL MOTH - Transience LP
Second album from the Japanese cult band. Two songs in 40 minutes. Post-Funeral Doom / Sludge like a haunting mix of late era Corrupted and Bohren & Der Club Of Gore. Impressive reviews all over the globe (Decibel Magazine 8/10, 9/10). Limited to 200 copies worldwide. This album is to extreme music what Kurosawa films became to the film industry. (Throne Records #63)

SUNWOLF - Beholden To Nothing And No One LPx2
Scotland's SUNWØLF may be one of the most underrated bands in the UK. They've been releasing amazing albums in a true D.I.Y. spirit and dedication. Their third album "Beholden To Nothing And No One" is one of 2015's most impressive epic work of art you can imagine. It's equally palatable for fans of Mastodon / Neurosis, as well as fans of Chelsea Wolfe / Mono. Tiffany Ström (Fvnerals) sings in two songs. Features amazing brand new and expanded artwork by Sean Doherty. (Throne Records #62)

SVALBARD - 2012 to 2014 Discography LP
Svalbard are a great example of a band who have done things The Right Way. Existing as a band for approximately 4 years before releasing their debut album, Svalbard played the slow and steady game, holding their cards relatively close to their chest. This enabled them to finely hone their craft over a number of 7"s, EPs and split releases, each time improving slightly on their songwriting and recording methodology, allowing themselves to experiment and push their sound in different directions along the way. This plan of attack enabled the band to consistently improve without the stringent spotlight, or pressure thereof, of an album. It also, rightly, seemed to keep people wanting more... Remastered in full by Brad Boatright (OFF!, Sleep, Converge) this double LP, 15 song, set contains the bands debut self-titled 7", 'Gone Tomorrow' 10", 'Flightless Birds' 7", the split LP with Pariso (including collaboration songs) and a Victims cover that appeared on the 'Cover Buzz' split 7" with MINE, Let It Die and Pariso. This is everything that Svalbard recorded prior to seminal debut album 'One Day All This Will End', collected together in full for the first time, with new, enhanced, sonic punch. Looking beyond specifics, this collection provides a fascinating insight into the growth and growth of one of the most unique bands around right now. Combining post-hardcore, crust/d-beat, post-rock and black metal atmospherics and intensity, Svalbard are a genre unto themselves, rather than a bizarre blur of styles. This release only goes to cement that 'ODATWE' was no fluke - here are another 15 tracks charting the evolution of one of the best and most fascinating bands today. Double wide jacket, printed inner sleeves, download card. (Halo of Flies Records #96)

After their highly acclaimed "Night Sacrifice (Demo MMXIII)" release, Lucifer's Hammer is proud to present their first full length album, "Beyond The Omens". "Beyond The Omens" is a continuation of the magic they've created on the "Night Sacrifice (Demo MMXIII)", but they take it one step further to polish their sound to the next level! They continue their crushing atmosphere, melody, and big chorus type songs that leave a lasting impression. The production suits the mood well and the album cover tells a thousand words of where their sound takes off. This is one that will be remembered for years to come, a classic in the making! Fans that love IRON MAIDEN and WARLORD will freak out when they hear this! (Hells Headbangers/Shadow Kingdom Records #113)

KERASPHORUS (Angelcorpse) - Kerasphorus LP
Comes in a gatefold cover with printed inner sleeve. Pressed on traditional black vinyl, white vinyl and only 200 copies on white vinyl with black splatter (mostly only sold by Hells Headbangers & Osmose Productions). HELLS HEADBANGERS is proud to present a timely collection of KERASPHORUS' two EPs, simply titled Kerasphorus, on both vinyl LP and CD formats. Originally existing between 2009 and 2011, KERASPHORUS combined the razor-throated doctrines of P. Helmkamp (Angelcorpse, Order From Chaos), the savage attack of J. Read (Revenge, Conqueror), and the esoteric manifestations and conjurations of B. Wolaniuk, altogether enacting a violent occult prophecy of supreme bestial art. In a short amount of time, the band released two EPs through Nuclear War Now! Productions - Cloven Hooves at the Holocaust Dawn in 2010 and Necronaut the following year - that both immediately caused a stir in the metal underground. With an overwhelming gnarliness buttressing a forever-twisting attack of angularity, it was easy to see why both EPs caused that stir...and then the band ceased to be. However, KERASPHORUS re-formed in 2015 and began playing select shows, and with an exclusive appearance slated for HELLS HEADBASH PART 3 this year, KERASPHORUS' entire recorded oeuvre to date has been collected on Kerasphorus, making for a 31-minute slaughter of cosmic might and dread frequency. The cloven hooves have sounded once again... (Hells Headbangers Records #183)

At long last, DENOUNCEMENT PYRE are about to unchain their highly anticipated third album, Black Sun Unbound. Three years have passed since the release of their critically acclaimed Almighty Arcanum, which saw these long-running Aussie tyrants evolving well beyond their blackthrashing beginnings and locate a near-perfect balance between aggression and atmosphere. With Black Sun Unbound, DENOUNCEMENT PYRE have perhaps found the balance - between not only aggression and atmosphere, but passion and poison, power and patience, sheer vengeful violence and spiraling night-sky melodicism - in the process delivering a potently BLACK METAL record which emphasizes both titular elements of that genre. In fact, the album title itself bespeaks the brilliance brimming from the band here, as each of these ten tracks spills forth a blinding sensation of absolute occult energy, each distinct track distilled into a greater, wholly diabolical totality. Further evidence of such is compounded by the song titles, as well: among them, "World Encircler," "Transform the Aether," "Deathless Dreaming," and the telltale "Revere the Pyre." Fittingly, the production is clear and cutting without sacrificing an ounce of grit on which DENOUNCEMENT PYRE have built their throne these past 13 years. With the power-trio set to perform their first North American live ritual at this year's Maryland Deathfest, there's no better time to behold Black Sun Unbound! (Hells Headbangers Records #170)

HELLS HEADBANGERS is proud to present the long-awaited comeback album of HOBBS' ANGEL OF DEATH, Heaven Bled. Helmed by one relentless maniac named Peter Hobbs, HOBBS ANGEL OF DEATH are one of the more unsung cult favorites of '80s metal. Hailing from Australia many years before it was cool to do so, the band released two classic demos in 1987, Angel of Death and the telltale Virgin Metal Invasion From Down Under, before time came for the inevitable debut album. That album, 1988's Hobbs' Angel of Death, was released by Steamhammer during the label's glory years, and quickly found a devoted legion of fans enthralled to HOBBS' Kreator-meets-Dark Angel style of deathrash. With a unique charisma that was devilishly gleeful in a sense, Hobbs' Angel of Death sired the band's self-tagged "virgin metal," which worked in both connotations of the word. It would be many years before a follow-up, 1995's Inheritance, and the band broke up not long after. Come 2002, however, HOBBS' ANGEL OF DEATH would re-form and play a number of European festivals and scattered tour dates over the next decade, but aside from the Hobbs' Satan Crusade compilation of the two demos, no new material had yet arisen. But now, courtesy of longtime fans HELLS HEADBANGERS, the first all-new recording of HOBBS' ANGEL OF DEATH in over two decades has finally come to pass. (Hells Headbangers #193)

WITCHTRAP - Trap The Witch CD
HELLS HEADBANGERS is proud to release the international version of WITCHTRAP's Trap the Witch on vinyl, CD, and cassette tape formats. Originally released at the end of last year in a small pressing for the band's native Colombia, Trap the Witch is perhaps the penultimate WITCHTRAP experience. The foundation of Endless Pain-meets-Evil Invaders is as firm as ever, but on this fourth album, the power-trio bring out the latent rock 'n' roll feeling that informed so much early thrash and speed metal. And, perhaps now more than ever, they also bring out the EVIL, as such Trap the Witch titles as "The Subtle Touch of Fire," "Brimstone in the Air," "Don't Lift the Curse," and of course, the title track itself will attest to. Recorded once again at their trusty Dirty Studios, WITCHTRAP get their clearest and most powerful production to date, all without losing their characteristic grit 'n' grime. See if you can Trap the Witch! (Hells Headbangers #177 CD)

CRUCIFIED MORTALS - Psalms of the Dead Choir CD
Hells Headbangers sets October 28th as the international release date for Crucified Mortals' highly anticipated second album, Psalms of the Dead Choir. One of the best-kept secrets of the long-fertile Cleveland metal scene, Crucified Mortals have been quiet-yet-prolifically perfecting their craft since 2001. Under the steely resolve of founder/mastermind Reaper, a handful of demos and splits culminated in Crucified Mortals' critically acclaimed debut album. Released in 2011 and simply self-titled, this debut album largely introduced the band to the wider, international metal scene, proving that they're one of the hungriest and most charismatic deathrashing metal bands around. But as much as Crucified Mortals was a highlight for the band, a decade after its formation, it will now be eclipsed by Psalms of the Dead Choir. (Hells Headbangers #188 CD)

EXCUSE - Goddess Injustice LP
All copies pressed on traditional black vinyl. Comes with a lyrics insert. SHADOW KINGDOM RECORDS, in conjunction with HELLS HEADBANGERS, is proud to present one of Finland's hottest newcomers: EXCUSE and their brand-new Goddess Injustice EP. Set to be released on 12" vinyl, Goddess Injustice is EXCUSE's second EP to date after a debut demo in 2013. In a short amount of time, this fierce Finnish foursome have developed into a finely honed missile of speed metal glory. In many ways recalling the classic Canadian gods Sacrifice and Razor, EXCUSE take that evil 'n' sleazy surge of power to more darkly melodic lengths, but always never losing sight of true heavy metal feeling. And at four swift and sharp tracks, the EP gets in and gets out, doing maximum cranial damage. Goddess Injustice may be a cruel mistress, but there's no EXCUSE to not worship her! (Hells Headbangers #41)

First press limited to 300 copies. The Berlin trio Levitations make an intense, feverish, raw-nerved form of post-punk, one that takes its cues from the genre's ragged pioneers rather than the sleeker, more danceable acts that came later. The album's title track is a burning headrush of a song, and you can check it out below. (stereogum) Levitations are a three piece post punk / garage band from berlin. The three girls formed in 2009 and after a 7" this is finally their debut LP. Nine songs of blistering dark post punk - somehow reminds of a mix between Super Wild Horse meets Kleenix or Lilliput. Raw and catchy at the same time (Adagio 830 Records #139.5)

Naturalistic black metal that demonstrates an impressive degree of compositional confidence and control of dynamics, concept, and flow, resulting in a rich and immersive album with a lot of depth. A remarkable accomplishment by Ashbringer. (Vendetta Records #114)

VOID OMNIA - Dying Light CD
Void Omnia is a five-member black metal outfit from Oakland, USA, created in 2013 and bringing together former members of Apocryphon, Mutilation Rites and Tombs among others. The band has released a demo in 2014 and "Dying Light" is its first full-length album, available via Vendetta Records. Void Omnia is, in terms of atmosphere, one of those bands that I like to call the "third path". I am talking about those acts which although are diligent students of both classic diabolical Scandinavian sound and the naturalistic US and Canadian black metal, their own atmosphere is not built with eerie, naked 90's riffs nor with ambient and natural sound themes.It's rather based on well-written and well-played guitar riffs that create a sense of melancholic paranoia, a constant state of emotional over-stimulation. (Vendetta Records #117 CD)

The 3rd album and we are so glad to be a part again to co release this master piece w/ a lot of other great labels. The third album is exception of their previous release. SPORT deliever again another beautiful album filled with 9 songs of mid90ies CAP 'N JAZZ / American Football influenced emo punk from LYON. (Adagio 830 Records #139)

SPORT - Colors LP
We are proud to be a part of the SPORT debut LP. After a great demo tape - Sport continue playing awesome catchy pop punk tunes in the vein of Promise Ring and other older Jade tree bands mixed up with modern stuff like Rvivr, Big Kids, Coping etc. Tweleve awesome tunes repressed on green vinyl. (Adagio 830 Records #91)

(restock) SPORT - Bon Voyage LP
Second album and we are happy to be a part again to co release this master piece w/ a lot of other great labels. SPORT deliever another beautiful album filled with 11 songs of mid90ies CAP 'N JAZZ emo punk from Lyon, France. Great. (Adagio 830 Records #101.5)

Finally repressed with new artwork! Musically The Black Heart Rebellion have evolved into a tribalistic beast. Guitars lower in the mix, drums and additional percussive elements compliment Pieter Uyttenhove's impassioned vocals. Opener 'Avraham' demonstrates this beautifully. Chimes, bells, cello and percussion blending until Uyttenhove's breathless vocals begin. Then the feeling of being chased through the woods by an axe-murderer takes over. Something about TBHR reminds me of the much missed The God Machine, but more in the grandiose delivery rather than a direct musical comparision perhaps. There is also a shared vibe with fellow Belgian titans Amenra but without their crushing heaviness. Indeed the friendship between them extends to a collaborative sharing of artistic and musical philosophies and mutual appreciation. (Adagio 830 Records #93)

Descriptions for 10/15/16

COLOR T.V. - Meat Wagon 7"
Hailing from the Twin Cities, C-TV is new band featuring some of the folks who brought you The Retainers, W.H. Walker, and Cheap Time, among others. They play dynamic, hook-laden punk rock that is tight and to the point, with raw production that harkens back to the sounds of yesteryear. You can hear a range of influences that can be traced to the KBD bands, Good Vibrations label, assorted Oz punk, the Red Snerts: Sound of Gulcher comp, and an undeniable early Minneapolis sound via Suicide Commandos. Music that is short and sweet with a black eye. (Deranged Records #293)

BIB - Pop 7"
Omaha, Nebraskas BIB presents POP. Their follow up release to their 2015 Demo. POP takes you on a panicked journey through a wormhole of anxiety and isolation. BIB continues their wall of noise style production on this release, with delayed vocals that sound like they're being tossed off of a mountain. BIB mixes quick, full chord riffs with crushing breakdowns. Vocals weave between child like shrill barks, primordial grunts, and pressure reducing singing. The final track, P. M. F. ends the record with a chaotic blast of organ that perfectly captures BIB's pop and hardcore sound. (Deranged Records #296)

YOUTH AVOIDERS - Spare Parts 7"
Spare Parts is the new recording from Paris's Youth Avoiders. The EP offers 4 new songs in the same vein as their 2014 album (also on Deranged) where the band perfected their brand of fast melodic hardcore like Career Suicide meets hook driven punk of the Red Dons. (Deranged Records #290)

VIOLENT MINDS - Eyes Of Death + bonus tracks LP
Repress of the glorious hardcore classic album EYES OF DEATH by Violent Minds, remastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege with two bonus tracks. The repress also includes new art from Raf the Might/Too Many Skulls. For the uninitiated, Violent Minds was/is Zach Amsters who temporarily relocated to Toronto to join No Warning in early 2000s. They wrote two incredible 7"s (s/t and Riot) and then in 2007 this monster album was recorded along with a few Philadelphia locals. Fast forward to 2012, Zach assembles a different crew in Boston and records a handful of new tracks with Chris Cory at the Paincave studio. This repress includes 2 tracks (Prison Planet & False Prophets) from this 2012 session. Features members of No Warning, Fucked Up, Boston Strangler, Mind Eraser, No Tolerance, Shark Attack, The Rival Mob. (Deranged Records #274)

LOS CRUDOS - Doble LP Discografia LPx2
Finally a European version of the long overdue LOS CRUDOS Discography collection. LOS CRUDOS, formed in Chicago's Pilsen neighbourhood in the early 90's, are a Latino punk band with a strong socio-political message and an extremely militant DIY attitude. During their first incarnation, spanning the years 1991 to 1998 the band self-released their own records, printed their own merch, booked their own shows and toured relentlessly around the world. From South America to Japan including a 3 month European tour in the winter of 1996. They spoke to the freaks the outsiders and the minorities and were not afraid of confronting the white middle class punk who reigned supreme during the terrible 90's. A time which will not be remembered for their hardcore output except for a few exceptions, in which CRUDOS are surely included. Their sound, far from being a copycat of whatever flavour of the month was reigning at the time was heavy rooted in the golden years of European and Latino American ferocious hardcore punk. With bands as IMPACT, WRETCHED, OLHO SECO, TERVEET KADET or MASACRE 68 as obvious influences in a time when the simple mention of any of those bands (or any non English speaking bands really) was usually met with a laugh or a joke. They sang in Spanish, with aggression and conviction and that made their message spread out widely, reaching thousands of Spanish speaking punks both in Latino America and Spain as well as inside USA where third generation Latino kids surely were missing a voice within the punk scene. The band split up in 1998 after a really intense year of touring and reformed in 2008. The band will be undertaking their first ever Scandinavian tour in July/ Agust 2016. This collection, originally released as a benefit for MRR magazine last year, includes all the LOS CRUDOS output plus compilation tracks as well as a couple demo tracks and an unreleased song. The European version comes in a gatefold sleeve and brings a 40 page booklet with flyers and the lyrics of all songs. (La Vida Es Un Mus #125)

HATRED SURGE - The KVRX Sessions LP with 7" flexi
Hatred Surge had just recently finished recording the Human Overdose LP and the Purgatory EP when this live performance aired on July 1st 2012 on the For The Dead radio show on KVRX in Austin, Tx. The final line-up of Hughes, Sharp, and Ulsh is featured on this collection of 13 songs throughout the Hatred Surge catalogue. The power trio of these members is the hardest hitting and most powerful line-up. Mike Sharp's precision blasting drives the light speed shredding of Chris Ulsh. Alex Hughes' gnarled grunts over the drilling and grinding bass gears tie this all together into a crushing and violent overture. Early tracks like "Invisible Noose" and "Numb" are retooled, renewed and revived by this lineup. Human Overdose and Deconstruct tracks featured in the same set as earlier tracks like "Rot" and "Pile of Shit" from the split with Insect Warfare really showcase that throughout the lifespan of Hatred Surge, the speed and intensity of this outfit defines their grinding violence sound. The art and layout for this release was designed by the one and only Jack Barfield in the spirit of the Peel Sessions releases. The LP also comes with a bonus flexi 7" featuring tracks that were recording during the Human Overdose session that were originally intended for a split 7" that have remained unreleased until now. (Rescued From Life Records #105)

This split 7" from FIEND and RECALCITRANT is a showcase in brutality from two of the best grindcore bands that California has to offer. FIEND is a two piece powerhouse hailing from Fresno that has been bringing the fire since 2012. The A-side of this release is no exception, as from the drop of the needle till it's time to flip, there is no time to come up for air. Their crushing guitar tone and punishing blast beats have pushed FIEND straight into grind royalty. Once you've had your fill of blast madness from side A, RECALCITRANT come from the mean streets of Los Angeles to destroy your ears on the flipside. With a furious vocal attack and an undeniable groove, this 3 piece broke onto the scene in 2015 and have quickly become a major force in west coast grindcore. RECALCITRANT's tracks on this 7" perfectly capture their complex song structure and an intense energy that is unmatched in most modern grindcore. With this release, both these bands are shining examples of the evolution and future of the grind genre. (Agromosh Records #43)

BAD NOIDS - It's A Doggie Bag World 7"
Cleveland's resident punk geniuses and troublemakers are back with a new EP, possibly the best sonic reductions that BAD NOIDS have committed to vinyl. "Into The Future" is a strikingly simple, yet instantly memorable and aggressive punk hit, bearing torch to the top shelf lineage of Cleveland punk doled out over the decades by labels like Drome and Non-Commercial. Side B features two quick and snappy blasts of perfectly disaffected hardcore punk slop, a bit more of a recognizable BAD NOIDS sound from previous outings on Katorga Works and Saucepan, yet even tighter and further refined with age. With clever lines such as "I hate water, it makes me wet" you can bet that BAD NOIDS haven't drifted too far from the Cleveland water supply, though they will be touring Europe for the second time on the heels of this 7". Recorded by the same folks that brought you Cruelster/Perverts Again and with stunning artwork by W.Mass legend Tony Pasquarosa (SQRM, Gluebag, Burnt Envelope) this is a real gamma ray toasted blast into the future. (Feel It Records #10)

POISON RITES - s/t cassette tape
Debut full length album from these Denver, CO based rockers. Fast rock n roll in the vein of early HELLACOPTERS, TEENGENERATE, and NEW BOMB TURKS. Rust belt rock by way of the mile high city and 40 years past the golden era. Features ex members of SPEEDWOLF, SCOTT BAIO ARMY, HOT WHITE, and CONJUGAL VISITS. (Splattered! Records #8)

On their debut EP, Kaiju Daisenso rip through 10 tracks of tumultuous, noisy Grindcore with excellent use of nostalgic sound bytes from Kaiju movies of old. Featuring current and former members of UNEARTHLY TRANCE, GOSPEL, SERPENTINE PATH, and HELEN OF TROY. Kaiju Daisenso mixes the blood of powerviolence, hardcore and grind into one pissed off Japanese monster. This is grindcore that takes you back to your childhood in the 70s. Creature double features were always fun, just like this record. For fans of early Triac, Sick/Tired, Drugs of Faith and of course Godzilla. (Tokyo Fist Records #4)

CRYPT VAPOR - Tombe Della Citta LP
Crypt Vapor returns with his second release on Death Shadow Records. "Tombe Della Città" picks up right where "Erotik Maniac" left off, driving another nail into the coffin of soulless, stale imitators. With a sound and aesthetic that is nearly flawless, Crypt Vapor is truly a force to be reckoned with. Creating original music inspired by greats such as: Goblin, John Carpenter, Fabio Frizzi and Tangerine Dream, these songs capture the same vibe and atmosphere as those aforementioned classics. Once again limited to 350 copies, this LP comes housed in extra thick glue pocket covers with a matte finish. (Death Shadow Records #9)

BASEMENT FAMILY - Shit From Nothing cassette tape
...And now for something completely different. Written and recorded over the course of the most brutal Chicago winter in some time, these guitar-wanking weird beards have manage to craft the first in a long line of fuzzed-out, psyched-up garage rock masterpieces. (Not Normal Records #32 TP)

THE BUG - Room 44 cassette tape
From the depths of the B.U.G.'s Midwestern, Subterranean compound, the Sonic Destruction Division emerges with six more tracks (four originals, plus Bugg and American Hate covers) of noise and nonsense. The Bug takes cues from Die Kruezen, Mecht Mensch, and Wrangler Brutes to make music as bratty and annoying as the members themselves. Two-color xeroxed insert with lyrics and explanations, plus the first transmission from the Bug's Maw himself, Bartie L. Pugny. (Not Normal Records #69 TP)

THE BUG - What's Buggin' You? cassette tape
After over a year of throbbin' and writhin' underground, these freaks have finally unleashed the first wave of an ongoing infestation. The Bug takes cues from Die Kruezen, Mecht Mensch, and Wrangler Brutes to make music as bratty and annoying as the members themselves. This little piece of rectanguloid plastic trash contains six tracks of contentious, screeching noise played at 78rpm, of palpable cynicism and contempt for the human turd, of rejection of punk as a marketing gimmick. The real fucking deal. (Not Normal Records #40 TP)

FAILED MUTATION - Give Into Sleep b/w Flood Gates cassette tape single
The first in our new "These Are The Voices..." cassingle series. Two brand new tracks from these Wisconsin maniacs, above and beyond their already stellar 2013 demo tape. (Not Normal V Records #1 TP)

GLOW GOD - Yellow Belly b/w Master of Idiots cassette tape single
Oklahoman long-hairs make a noisy, dirty mess, channeling equal parts Dinosaur Jr. and Flipper. (Not Normal V Records #3 TP)

MANNEQIN - Nothing b/w Don't Look cassette tape single
Experience the first gasping breaths from this new NWI project Manneqin, the slobbering, herky-jerky brainchild of Judah of Zap fame. Two tracks of awkward, claustrophobic dance-y punk anxious for a bad time. (Not Normal Records #39)

NO NEGATIVE - What Would You Do? b/w Instrumental cassette tape single
Quebecois idiots drop acid at a funeral, blast the Stooges and MC5 on a knockoff walk-man, and end up in the coffin themselves. (Not Normal V Records #4 TP)

SPLASHIN' SAFARI - Unlearn & Million Dead b/w Violent Days cassette tape single
True punk takes a dedication to grime and slime. It takes a willful commitment to having few friends, no money, and bad teeth. If you can't hack that, you probably shouldn't want the new Splashin' Safari cassingle. (Not Normal V Records #2 TP)

"Prey" is the long-awaited new album from Planes Mistaken For Stars. Produced and engineered by Sanford Parker (Wovenhand, Leviathan, Yob), "Prey" is a beautifully haunting return to form. For fans of Against Me!, Hot Water Music and Touche Amore. Vinyl version includes digital download. (Deathwish Records #193)

(restock) AUS ROTTEN - The System Works For Them LP
FINALLY RE-ISSUED AFTER 20 YEARS! Originally pressed in 1996 PROFANE EXISTENCE is bringing this quintessential anarcho-punk masterpiece back in circulation. In 1996 AUS-ROTTEN released their first LP "The System Works For Them" on an unsuspecting punk scene. It spread like wildfire in a pre internet era within a genre that mostly depended on tape trading. (at least is was pre internet for us penniless punks) "The System Works For Them" was the perfect mix of anger and intelligence that the scene needed at the time (and still does today). It was like a wake up call that opened the eyes and ears to many punks the world over. The messages where crystal clear and most us were hooked as soon as the beginning shouts of "Boycott" bellowed over the speakers. I don't believe any of us ever expected their message to resonate so well within the scene, but even more surprising is how the songs are just as relevant today as on they the day they were written. Which is why PROFANE EXISTENCE has decided to repress this record. All tracks have been re-masted by Jay Matherson at the Jamroom studios. All original artwork and layout. (Profane Existence Records #164)

(restock) DODLAGE - Ritual Slaughter LP
Crushing D-Beat Kangpunk behind a raw wall of distortion! After 2 EP's(one released as a cassette) DODLAGE unleash their first LP - "Ritual Slaughter"! For those unfamiliar with one of Portland's better kept secrets, prepare to be crushed! DODLAGE are a raw grind/crust band that belt out old school crust the way it was meant to be played! Highly influenced by Swedish Kangpunk (the word DODLAGE is Swedish for "Deadlock"), you can expect a large Scandi influence. DODLAGE mix the more raw eras of ANTI-CIMEX with the earlier years of crust/grind bands like EXTREME NOISE TERROR and DISRUPT. You might be thinking thats it's be done before, and it has... but every once in a while a band does it right! DODLAGE are able to maintain a fine balance of bringing something fresh to the table while taking you back to the earlier glory years of the genre. "Ritual Slaughter" is sixteen ear bleeding tracks of raw crust/grind that will have you banging your fist and grinding your teeth while craving for more! (Profane Existence Records #163)

(restock) BIG CRUX - Ponchito LP
BIG CRUX from Seattle is a three-piece inspired by "off-the-beaten-path" hardcore punk groups like BIG BOYS, MINUTEMEN, and THE DICKS. Like their main influences, BIG CRUX has healthy enthusiasm for R&B, blues, hard bop jazz, funk, "latin twang," and bouncy punk rock bands like UNDERTONES, X, PLUGZ. You can hear it come through their sound here and there, but BIG CRUX has a unique sound it's own: bright, twangy, rhythmic guitar; gritty, driving bass; bouncy, muscular drums; and clear, tuneful vocals sung in English and Spanish. They like to call it something like "hard-hard bop," "vacant-stare-chicken-walk boogie," or "tripmaker punk rock". BIG CRUX "PONCHITO" LP is 16 tracks and 26 minutes long. Packaged solidly in a heavy stock, matte-coated cover with colorful 60's era Jazz-inspired record art and layout; liner notes; lyric insert; 150 gram vinyl; and download code. Features ex-member of LIFE'S HALT and PLEASE INFORM THE CAPTAIN THIS IS A HIJACK. Co-released by the band's label (B IS LESS THAN X) and Chicago's premiere DIY hardcore label NOT NORMAL RECORDS & TAPES. (Not Normal Records #36)

Descriptions for 10/8/16

MAXIMUM ROCK'N'ROLL #402 (November 2016)
MRR #402 is here, the November 2016 edition of the most comprehensive fanzine in punk. This issue features an interview with the official archivists of Dischord Records: Ian MacKaye and Nichole Procopenko. On top of that: interviews with HALLELUJAH! from Italy, Melted Ice Cream Records from New Zealand, French Oi! powerhouse RIXE, melodic Mexico City duo CREMALLERAS, Portland post-punkers LITHICS, and LAS VENAS from Madrid. Plus: features on renowned drummer Charles Hayward of THIS HEAT, Japanese-style hardcore by way of Greece DIRTY WOMBS, and Philadelphia D-beat band DRONEZ. We've also got photo spreads featuring AMERICAN HATE, LUMPY AND THE DUMPERS, and LEMONADE on a steamboat in Omaha, Nebraska, selections from the Toronto Women in Punk Calendar and shots from Olympia Hardcore Fest by Angela Owens. All that plus all your favorite columnists and the biggest reviews section in punk, don't miss it! (Maximum Rock'n'Roll #402)

FRACTURED - Delapidated 7"
Ten songs of fast hardcore, depression, and abuse. Bob of Low Threat Profile. Kevin of Lack of Interest. Hans of False Negative. For fans of No Comment and Despise You. (Deep Six Records #244)

SEX PRISONER - Tannhauser Gate LP
First full length record from Tucson Arizona's Sex Prisoner, blending powerviolence with a more metalcore approach. Limited color mailorder wax. Pre-order now! Also available thru RSR. (Deep Six Records #248)

MAN IS THE BASTARD - Anger And English 10"
Man Is The Bastard/Pink Flamingos split 7" and the double 7" record set Anger And English repressed and recut on one raging 10"! Pre-order available now! Transparent purple wax. (Deep Six Records #201)

GOD'S AMERICA - Merge With The Inifinte LP
From Las Vegas, NV bursts out brutal power-violence/grindcore mix with slow parts. Great mix for fans of Larm and Insect Warfare. 500 press. Color wax Also available from RSR. (Deep Six Records #249)

CALLOUS - Fucking Useless 7"
A multi-daily supplement. A mix of Eyehategod with some Neanderthal being somewhat Corrupted and finishing off with a little Outlaw Order and you got a perfect Callous. Members from Backslider. Limited to 300 copies. (Deep Six Records #203)

BLACK WITCHERY - Evil Shall Prevail LPx2
Nuclear War Now! is proud to resurrect the unholy document of Black Witchery's evil ascension into the dark of night with its release of "Evil Shall Prevail," a collection of all tracks from the band's "Demo 97," "Evil Shall Prevail" demo, "Summoning of Infernal Legions" EP, and its contribution to the "Hellstorm of Evil Vengeance" split with Conqueror. Additionally, previously-unreleased outtakes from the "Hellstorm..." recording session are also included, as is Black Witchery's cover of Sarcófago's "Black Vomit" from the "Tribute to Sarcófago" compilation CD from 2001. The double LP comes housed in gatefold jacket and includes an A2 poster. (Nuclear War Now Records #323)

CAUCHEMAR - Chapelle Ardente CD
Cauchemar, a French-Canadian quartet of practitioners of this craft, are an exception in an otherwise drowning sea of mostly uninspiring, modern-day, traditional heavy metal bands. Beginning with their debut recording, the "La Vierge Noire" MLP, and continuing with their first full-length album, "Tenebrario," Cauchemar laid the necessary groundwork for a strong bid to place themselves atop the mantle under which the flames of true heavy metal still burn. With the release of their second album, "Chapelle Ardente," Cauchemar continues this crusade with the enduring support of Nuclear War Now! (Nuclear War Now Records #309 CD)

SIEGE - Drop Dead: 30th Anniversary Edition cassette tape
Restored definitive sound with all the original sessions' outtakes. This edition features all four bonus tracks unearthed when the tapes were sent off for restoration, making this the most complete and definitive version of the release. Siege was an American hardcore punk band from Weymouth, Massachusetts. They were active in the 1980s Boston hardcore scene from 1983 to 1985, and reunited briefly in the early 1990s. Siege's unprecedented level of extreme hardcore punk was some of the fastest and heaviest of its time, incorporating lightning fast tempos, chord changes, vocal delivery, and blast beats into its style, thus setting the stage for the emerging grindcore scene. And though rather short-lived and little-known during their existence, subsequent musicians have cited the group as a profound influence, including the famous British grindcore band Napalm Death and the American hardcore band Dropdead, whose name was derived from the title of Siege's demo of the same name. An awesome document of SIEGE's Radiobeat recordings, complemented by the stark black and white original demo images, and lyrics. (Armeageddon Shop #001S TP)

BASTARD NOISE - Doomed Expedition LPx2 (3 sided)
The long awaited LIVE AT NO FUN FEST 2009, three sided double 12" L.P. BASTARD NOISE : "DOOMED EXPEDITION" recorded at the Music Hall Of Williamsburg in Brooklyn, New York by Chris Goudreau of SICKNESS, "DOOMED EXPEDITION" reflects the strength and confidence of a unit seasoned in its' compositional direction and accuracy. Immaculate fidelity and a precision mix only add to the "sound journey". DE features material from "ROGUE ASTRONAUT" + an exclusive, never before released composition in nearly 50 minutes of playing time. Package includes a double sided full color poster, full color labels on virgin black vinyl, large 4" x 5" vinyl sticker and limited edition "DOOMED EXPEDITION" REESE FOWLER badge. This release was cut by David Cheppa (DEAD KENNEDYS, GETO BOYS, KRAFTWERK, all the BLCK FLAG, TUPAC SHAKUR, among many others) "FOWLER CAN READ MINDS...WITH FRIED EGG EYES !!" (Skull Records #1)

Portland's premier anarcho/ post punk band's first album. 10 angry and passionate songs in the best tradition of the UK anarcho punk bands The Mob, Zounds, Dirt, and dark punk classics such as Siouxsie And the Banshees and Joy Division. Maximum RockNRoll review: "Unaltered throwback post- punk of the goth variety, channeling Skeletal Family. Ten tracks of well executed Siouxsie style vocals and spellbinding musical accomplishments. Insert includes all the lyrics, which carry a poetic rhyme scheme and are worth the read. If you like Crimson Scarlet and Arctic Flowers this will be up your alley for sure." (Doomed To Exinction Records #18)

WOUND MAN - Rolled 7"
Wound Man is the fevered brain child of Breathing Fire's Trevor Vaughn and continues to bulldoze in that harrowed vein. Steel heavy and nimble as a fox, with punishing blasts and wicked pounding sludge interlaced. Recorded in New Bedford, My America on a 4 track by the man himself. Classy pocket sleeve and stickered bag house the limited blue vinyl or unlimited black. Get creepy. (Iron Lung Records #82)

INTENSIVE CARE - This Is Exactly Who You Are 7"
INTENSIVE CARE is the phoenix from the ashes of COLUMN OF HEAVEN, a band we all loved and few understood. Bright and angry. Don't relax and think this will be any easier for you to figure. Pure bitterness, cynicism and furor here. The amount of idiocy in the world is confounding. Let this reset your barometer. Art by Jonathan Bauerle. 500 copies on black vinyl. Thank you. (Iron Lung Records #87)

LATISHIA'S SKULL DRAWING - Romanticized LP (with download)
Do any of these apply to you? Constant irritability. Significantly reduced interest or feeling no pleasure in all or most activities. Significant weight loss when not dieting, weight gain, or decrease or increase in appetite. Insomnia or increased desire to sleep. Fatigue or loss of energy. Feelings of worthlessness, or excessive or inappropriate guilt. Trouble making decisions, or trouble thinking or concentrating. Recurrent thoughts of death or suicide, or a suicide attempt. If so, you are listening to the right record. (Iron Lung Records #83)

Female trio formed in Moscow during 2012. The follow-up to last year's limited 'Plastilin' LP, this new 6-track MLP of spikey 2-3 minute songs is a post-punk/no wave/ kraut rock mix, all underpinned with a punk urgency. Killer basslines that range from REMA-REMA style brutalism to a throbbing PiL/Metal Box-era JAH WOBBLE metronome with unorthodox drumming, topped off with bitter melodies and arcane, otherworldly synth lines. Self-confessed post-riot grrls in attitude rather than musical style, darkly subversive, simultaneously bleak and uplifting. Think MALARIA/ESG Records/PiL/BUTTHOLE SURFERS. 300 pressed. (Inflammable Material #25)

CEMETERY - Wind And Shadows LP (import version)
U.K. pressing of 300 copies on 180gram vinyl, with gloss insert + flyer. 9 tracks from Chicago deathrock/Goth punks that follows their Demo LP/cassette, totalling over 40 minutes of music. Driving, powerful and anchored in a heavy bass/drum backbeat, a CHAMELEONS cover hints at one obvious influence alongside the usual staples, but Cemetery are rooted in raw/peace punk basement shows and aren't afraid to mix it up with the occasional atmospheric/creepy ambient interlude or anthemic, pounding post-punk dancebeat to penetrate the gloom. Massive-sounding goth-punk ala CHRISTIAN DEATH/KILLING JOKE/TSOL that fits in well with the current wave of bands like ARCTIC FLOWERS, SPECTRES and CRIMSON SCARLET. (Inflammable Material #20)

PERMACULTURE - They Advance 7"
Second EP from Ryan (Social Cirkle, Confines) and Jen (Nuclear Family, Nervous Trend). 4 new tracks that build on the peace-punk/'Penis Envy' vibe of the debut record whilst adding some post-punk touches and a more hardcore edge in places. An updated version of vintage CRASS/DIRT/A.P.P.L.E. 475 copies on 70 gram vinyl with black dust sleeves. (Inflammable Material #18)

REMA REMA - International Scale 7" with DEFIANT POSE Fanzine #8
Two unreleased 1979 Demo tracks. Picture sleeve, 70g vinyl. This is the first unreleased Rema-Rema material to surface in over three decades, comprising two songs recorded as four-track demos in 1978-9. 'International Scale' is a thudding 2-chord denunciation of the music biz, dominated by a metronomic floor-tom/kick-drum backdrop and menacing feedback, whilst 'Short Stories' is a stark, brittle and melodic 2-minute post-punk song. Both songs straddle the moment when Punk became Post-Punk, or rather '77 punk energy plus a touch of VELVETS/STOOGES. Marco Pirroni on guitar (SIOUXSIE, ANTS etc), Gary Asquith (later of MASS and RENEGADE SOUNDWAVE), Mick Allen (MODELS, MASS, WOLFGANG PRESS), Dorothy Prior (PSYCHIC TV). Comes with DP 8 Fanzine, 36 A4 (full-size) pages in poly bag. Mag includes large interview with REMA-REMA, plus BLOOD & ROSES, THE STENCH (1976 UK all-girl punk unknowns), HERETICS and CERVIX. (Inflammable Material #17)

PERMACULTURE - Swallow What You're Given 7" (import version)
Import version. Vinyl pressing of the great Permaculture tape that came out a few months ago. New band from Boston featuring members of Social Circkle, Confines and Nuclear Family who play peace punk not unlike CRASS, A-HEADS, FLUX OF PINK INDIANS etc. With vocals strongly reminiscent of Eve Libertine's, this definitely goes for an all round Crass-Penis Envy vibe. (Inflammable Material #15)

SHEER MAG - II tape cassette
Tape cassette version! Out from under this table, these PHILLY miscreants return stronger than ever, this time toning down (ever so slightly) the power pop undertones that got them comparisons to THE SHIVVERS (female vocals?) and putting the rock in the forefront. Still, the band could pass as THE JACKSON 5 re-imagined as a punk trash compactor and this record stands tall as what will definitely be the hard rock record of the year. (Wilsuns Records #8935 TP)

SHEER MAG - III tape cassette
Tape cassette version! SHEER MAG return with another four tracker of all killers and no fillers on WILSUNS RC / STATIC SHOCK RECORDS. Nothing has changed on this record at all - it's all epic riffs, a lo-fi and compact production, hooks galore and that soulful and gritty voice you already love. 'CAN'T STOP FIGHTING' is three and a half minutes of power pop meets classic rock and sits somewhere between THE SHIVVERS and THIN LIZZY if such a place exists. 'WORTH THE TEARS' is a little cleaner, mellower and soulful. Side two opens with the scuzzy and dense 'NIGHT ISN'T BRIGHT' before the standout cut 'NOBODY'S BABY' - which sounds a 1978 classic rock hit that hints at JUDAS PRIEST's 'LIVING AFTER MIDNIGHT' and KISS in their prime. It's an instant pop nugget that sounds like a time long gone. (WILSUNS RC #90-36 TP)

ANTiSEEN - We're Number One! LP
Fresh off their 2016 European Tour, ANTiSEEN are back with this 12" 45 rpm EP of all new material! Limited to 500 copies, this release is available on an insane array of random colored vinyl, hand-mixed at the pressing plant by Mr. TKO himself.....NO TWO COPIES ARE EXACTLY ALIKE! Each 12" includes the "Ape City Stomp" comic book by LOUD COMIX artist Jamie Vanda, as well as a sticker and download card. It doesn't get more deluxe than this, folks... Least there be any doubt, ANTiSEEN is here to stay, but this record is going to be gone before you know it, so ORDER UP!! (TKO Records #16)

ANGRY GODS - The Clearing LP
Long-awaited nine song full length from Chicago's ANGRY GODS (members of BOILING OVER, SCOUT'S HONOR, MANS, etc). A true amalgamation of the band's past work and then some, The Clearing seamlessly melds hardcore, metal, sludge, doom, d-beat, and all the rest into one crushing LP. Honing their craft over a demo and two EPs, we finally get ANGRY GODS on the format that suits them best as they tear through nine songs of NEUROSIS meets CURSED meets HIS HERO IS GONE style punishment. Limited to 300 copies on black vinyl. Screenprinted, hand assembled inside out LP jackets, double sided inserts and hand stamped/numbered dust sleeves. (Hip Kid Records #21)

SEX SNOBS - Pop Songs And Other Ways To Die cassette tape
Ten songs from this OKC noise rock/punk/fuzz pop/garage band. See all those descriptors? SEX SNOBS (member of CHUD, GRASSEATERS, AMERICAN HATE, GLOW GOD, and many more) manage to require all of them and yet maintain a cohesive, unique sound that's all their own. Raucous hardcore punk influenced noise rock jams give way to mellow, spacey ear worms that may never leave your head. Propulsive, engaging, and demanding of multiple listens, yet memorable at the first, the band draws influence from bands ranging from JESUS LIZARD to MY BLOODY VALENTINE to GUN CLUB all filtered through a DIY punk lense. (Hip Kid Records #22)

CLOUD MOUTH - Keep Well 10"
Final songs from Chicago's CLOUD MOUTH. Intricate, yet catchy, powerful DIY music that melds so many genres into a cohesive, incredible record. Drawing influence from bands as varied as FUGAZI, MILEMARKER, and a variety of modern emo and hardcore bands, CLOUD MOUTH is entirely unique and these last four songs find them at the height of their powers. Members would go on to form bands like SCOUNDREL, JOWLS, and more. (Hip Kid/Kid Sister Everything #13)

ANTILLES - Beholder/Destroyer LPx2
Swirling, intense chaotic hardcore with beautiful, entirely handmade packaging. This 2007 recording saw a very limited CD release and is now being remastered and presented the way it was always meant to be - a truly excellent double LP. The band draws influence from the likes of ORCHID, RAEIN, EXPLOSIONS IN THE SKY, and more to create something epic, captivating, and unique. Includes a CD and is limited to 220 copies. (Hid Kid/Kid Sister Everything #10)

CALLOUS - Demo 2010 7"
CALLOUS (members of Backslider and Chainsaw to the Face) reissues their demo via Blastcat Records, on a 7". Gatefold cover with new artwork. Final blast cat release. One time edition of 150 copies. (Callous #1)

LIVET SOM INSATS - Check Your Grind LP
After four years the Swedish grind trio Livet Som Insats is back with Check Your Grind album. This time it's faster and more on-point than ever. 24 songs in 23 minute says it all! It's fast! Intense swedegrind with no remorse. Limited to 500 red splatter vinyls packed in gatefold. (Everyday Hate Records #70)

Ottawa's bastardized grinders and Quebec City's posi-grinders come together to deliver 17 tracks of corrosive brain splattering grindcore that will leave you with a twisted neck and a bloody nose. For high velocity grindfreaks only! (PRC Music #47)

ROADSIDE BOMBS - War On Love/Looking 7" (color vinyl)
Roadside Bombs formed in 2005 in Sonoma, CA, and has steadily grown in popularity, tearing up stages up and down the West Coast and across the world ever since. They have shared stages with legendary punk and hardcore bands like Agnostic Front, The Templars, Old Firm Casuals, Get Dead, Roger Miret And The Disaters, Death March, The Stitches, Pressure Point and hundreds more. With numerous West Coast tours and last year's European invasion under their belt, Roadside Bombs is back from the studio with this eye-catching and ear-pounding single; a taste of what's to come from their new full-length, set to come out in spring 2017. 7" includes digital download. (Pirates Press Records #163)

Super Unison has partnered with Deathwish to release their anticipated new album, "Auto." The album was recorded at Atomic Garden Studios by Jack Shirley (Oathbreaker, Deafheaven, Loma Prieta). Within "Auto," Super Unison introduces a wash of discordant melody and texture into the fray, keeping things fast paced and smartly aggressive at every twist and turn. Vinyl version includes digital download. (Deathwish Records #195)

(restock) BRUTAL TRUTH/BASTARD NOISE - Axiom Of Post Humanity split LP
Legendary grindcore godfathers BRUTAL TRUTH and seminal, abrasive-noise terrorists BASTARD NOISE have released their new split, The Axiom of Post Inhumanity! The Axiom of Post Inhumanity will no doubt "fry your brain", as Rich Hoak put it, and is available today on CD, LP and digital. Both the CD and LP formats of the release contain entirely different sets of music from both bands while the digital version collects all of the tracks onto one compilation. Combining over four decades of grinding noise dominance, The Axiom of Post Inhumanity is a long overdue pairing of extreme music veterans that is sure to push the limits of even the most masochistic listeners. (Relapse Records #7211)

(restock) ORCHID - Totality LP
The complete 1998 - 2002 singles collection finally available on LP! Twentyfour songs remastered from the original recordings, including the self-titled 7", five split releases, three compilation tracks and one unreleased song. Vinyl includes a 20 page, full color, 7" x 7" booklet, and download code. (Clean Plate Records #38)

(repress) ORCHID - Gatefold LP (red vinyl pressing)
The final recordings of Orchid. These nineteen tracks are probably the best songs that Orchid ever recorded. Their sound has been honed and defined, and the recording perfectly captures Orchid's diverse combination of arty sensibilities, heartfelt emotive song writing, Mohinder-esque drumming, frantic precision, controlled mayhem, and chaotic adrenaline. An excellent record that even surpasses their previous releases. Definitely Orchid's opus. The LP comes packaged in a gatefold sleeve. The various Orchid members have gone on to form Bucket Full of Teeth, the Wolves, Ampere, and the Panthers. (Ebullition #51)

Influenced by Blast, SST, RKL, and Annihilation Time, Blasting Concept expertly melds '70s rock with early '80s SoCal hardcore. Goleta, Santa Barbara, and Ventura have a long history of this sort of ear damage... there is a reason that these cities produced RKL, Annihilation Time, Rat Pack, and Blasting Concept. The only odd thing is that Blasting Concept is releasing an LP on Ebullition Records, which doesn't normally release such rock influenced records, however, Jeff Capra, one of Blasting Concept's two guitarists, was also in Manumission which Ebullition released over 20 years ago. Jeff has actually been in a million hardcore bands over the last 25 years... Like It Or Not, Manumission, Holier Than Thou?, Become, Broken Needle, Embassy, Ochre, Surprise Vacation, and probably a few others as well. When guitarist Calvin (formerly of Bone Explosion) started Blasting Concept back in 2009 he was heavily influenced by Blast, but over the years the band has become more and more influenced by '70s rock while still retaining those original Blast influences. Blasting Concept has previously released an LP and a 7" on It's Alive, which are both sold out at this point. Blasting Concept is also featured in the June issue of Thrasher skate magazine! (Ebullition Records #61.5)

(discounted price) ECONOCHRIST - discography CDx2
Ebullition has decided to lower the price of this amazing discography CD in an attempt to get some more of these out into the world before the CD format disappears forever. A classic. And a great deal for a double CD that includes every single Econochrist song that was ever released! This double CD discography features forty-one Econochrist songs. It includes the Ruination LP, the Trained To Serve LP, the Skewed 7", the Another Victim 7", the It Runs Deep 7", as well as the songs from the Give Me Back comp LP, the Very Small World comp LPx2, the What Are You Pointing At? comp 10", and the songs from the split 7" that Econochrist did with The Detonators. (Ebullition Records #37 CD)

ORCHID - Dance Tonight!! 10" (black/yellow 50/50 vinyl)
Repressed! Ten blasts of chaotic fury and emotive noise on a cute little 10". The Orchid sound is even more aggressive than on their 12", and anyone that enjoyed any of their previous releases will be floored by these songs. Tuneful, vicious, throbbing, and chaotic hardcore played with finesse, heartfelt energy, and a wee bit of arty pretense. Repress of the Chaos is Me LP in the works as well. We went all out this time with each record being 50% black and 50% yellow (they were supposed to be 50/50 black/yellow, but the pressing plant did it wrong). (Ebullition #46)

JOHN HENRY WEST - Door Bolted Shut LP (comes with bonus CD)
Comes with a special spine wrap. In the works for what seems like an eternity, Ebullition finally brings the John Henry West discography into existence. John Henry West played 50 shows between the fall of 1992 and the late summer of 1993. Side A of the LP features the 4 tracks from their 7" on Gravity Records, and side B features their songs from the "3/12/93" compilation and "A History of Compassion and Justice?" compilation LP, as well as 2 previously unreleased songs. The bonus CD features the original 6 song demo, their final live show at the Gilman (7 tracks), and a live set that they played on WUSB Radio in July of 1993 (9 tracks). The LP comes with a CD sized booklet with lyrics and photos. John Henry West members also played in Fuel, Navio Forge, Bread & Circuits, Sawhorse, Torches To Rome, Sixteen Bullets, End of The Line, Please Inform The Captain This Is a Hijack, and plenty more! (Ebullition Records #60)