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Descriptions for the newest releases available this week.

Descriptions for 6/3/23

GEL/COLD BRATS - Shock Therapy LP
The freaks and the brats unite. Converse Records #52 is a 12" split from New Jersey's Gel and Romania's Cold Brats. The aptly named "Shock Therapy" LP presents both bands at their most electrifying. Gel offers undeniable stomp and groove while Cold Brats' side is a chaotic exercise in the Riff. This the future of punk music. The freaks will inherit the earth. The brats will destroy it. (Convulse Records #52)

DISCREET - This Is Mine LP
Convulse Records #60 is Discreet's "This is Mine" LP. The culmination of the Texas bands work to date, "This is Mine" offers 14-tracks of devastating meditation on the realities of life, sex, addiction and trauma. Featuring members of Total Abuse, Skeleton, Creepoid and more, many of you know what to expect from Discreet by now. In an era of hardcore music where the proper full-length is often neglected, "This is Mine" is a monumental accomplishment - an unabridged presentation of Discreet's discordant, sprawling, and at times agonizing approach to the genre. (Convulse Records #60)

NAG - Human Coward Coyote LP
Convulse Records #59 is Nag's "Human Coward Coyote" LP. Picking up right where they left off on 2021's "Observer" LP - "Human Coward Coyote" is an exercise in sprawling post punk tinged with darkwave with roots in hardcore punk. This is a record that hypnotizes as much as it exhilarates, that settles in and explores new sonic territory while remaining concise. This record will welcome you to writhe along with it, it would be rude not to accept. (Convulse Recrds #59)

BARRICADE - Apocalypse Joyride LP
Fast and furious Texas hardcore. Debut record of pummeling hardcore from Deton, TX (featuring members of a lot of TX heavy hitters from Fugitive, ANS, Unit 21, Drakulas, etc.) that takes me back to the early aughts when bands like R.A.M.B.O were supreme. (Dirt Cult Records #160)

PANDEMIX - Love is Obliteration LP
PANDEMIX are rightly regarded as one of the best US underground punk bands out there right now. Their 2017 debut album "SCALE MODELS OF ATROCITIES" received great critical acclaim, and highlighted how PANDEMIX had a knack for making unique, thought-provoking punk that was innovative as well as powerful and engaging. "IN CONDEMNATION", the follow-up second album in 2019, showed a band not resting on their laurels but developing and pushing their agenda further. The world has changed a great deal since 2019, but Pandemix continues that trajectory path with "LOVE IS OBLITERATION", their third album, which again is a crafted thought-provoking album of the highest quality hardcore punk. (Dirt Cult Records #159)

GAMEFACE - Cupcakes LP
A delicious fan favorite for 25 years. Now expanded and back on vinyl! Gameface's Cupcakes EP is back on vinyl and bursting with bonus material. Side A of this 12" LP includes the original 5-song EP from 1997, plus a bonus track. Side B is all acoustic and features Jeff Caudill's 2001 Gameface Acoustic EP (originally released on C.I. Records) for the first time ever on vinyl, plus another bonus acoustic track. A must-have for fans of late 90s pop-punk-emo-rock-whatever you call it. For fans of DESCENDENTS, JAWBREAKER, SAVES THE DAY, SUPERCHUNK, MENZINGERS, ETC... (Dr. Strange Records #52)

WORLD I HATE - Years Of Lead LP
Initially formed at the end of 2018, World I Hate released their debut EP, "Collapse," in 2020 and played their first show in 2021. On their new full-length, "Years Of Lead" (releasing on WAR Records), the band delivers on the promise of "Collapse" and further hones their already razor-sharp edge. Unafraid to blend blazing fast, near-powerviolence tempos with battering-ram, New York-hardcore stomps, "Years Of Lead" expands upon the template put forth 20 years ago by Massachusetts legends Think I Care and rises to the standard set by likeminded contemporaries such as Spine or Odd Man Out. (War Records #41)

ONE KING DOWN - Bloodlust Revenge: 20th Anniversary Edition LP
In 1997, Albany, NY-based hardcore crew One King Down released their soon-to-be classic EP "Bloodlust Revenge." For its 20th anniversary in 2017, Equal Vision Records released a re-mastered vinyl reissue of the seminal release from these hardcore legends. "Bloodlust Revenge" is regarded by most fans as the band's finest recorded hour. New pressing now available on clear with purple splatter vinyl. (Equal Vision Records #400)

BUGGIN - Concrete Cowboys LP/CD/cassette tape
Formed in 2018, Chicago, IL, hardcore band Buggin is here to have a good time. Their songs are vibrant, groovy, and real, as demonstrated on their upcoming album, "Concrete Cowboys," on Flatspot Records. Following the singles "Attitude" and "Brainfreeze," and the 2020 EP, "Buggin Out," it marks their first foray into a full-length record. The album title comes from a cut on the band's 2019 demo and that song sees a rework, as does "Poser Bulldozer." Vinyl version includes digital download. (Flatspot Records #67)

SUPERTOUCH - The Earth Is Flat LP (opaque green vinyl)
The only full-length release by this New York group. Heavy, brooding music with a lot of emotion. Exposing the myth of the "round" earth. New pressing now available on opaque green vinyl with a gatefold cover. (Revelation Records #21)

SPY - Satisfaction LP/CD (yellow vinyl)
Spy is back with their debut full-length, "Satisfaction." Ten tracks of fast, gross, hardcore punk. Vinyl version includes digital download. This is the yellow vinyl version and limited to 300 copies. (Triple B Records #185

QUICKSAND - Slip: 30th Anniversary Edition LP
Available for the first time in over a decade, the 30th anniversary edition of "Slip" was completely remastered for vinyl using the original, 1993 master tapes and includes bonus track "How Soon is Now?" The jacket artwork was reconstructed using original art elements and color improvements. "Slip" was recorded by Quicksand members Walter Schreifels (Gorilla Biscuits, Youth Of Today), Tom Capone (Beyond, Bold), Sergio Vega (Deftones, Moondog), and Alan Cage (Beyond, Seaweed), and co-produced by Steven Haigler (Pixies) and Don Fury (Sick Of It All, Agnostic Front). New pressing now available on red galaxy vinyl. (Iodine Records #30)

Descriptions for 5/27/23

Re-issue of their highly sought after classic full length LP from 1989. Swedish hardcore punk band with thrash/speed metal influences. Originally active from 1981 until 1983 when one of their members joined Moderat Likvidation (Cliff) and Puma joined The Bristles. The band got back together in the late 1986. Cliff later joined Anti Cimex and after that he formed Driller Killer. (Unrest Records #71)

DRILLER KILLER - And The Winner Is... LP
Re-issued and hand numbered out of 1,000 copies. 13 tracks of devastating Swedish hardcore played with unmatched brutality and experience. Thick metal-edged guitars backed by punishing d-beat drumming and extremely harsh low-end vocals courtesy of the bands founder. This album continues to deal out their own brand of raw aggression laced with the harsh realities of life. Pissed off is an understatement... (Unrest Records #55)

NUKKE - Virtue Signaling 7"
Nukke brings you the follow up to their 2019 LP on Dtakt and Raw Punk. "Virtue Signalling" packs in 7 wild punches of hardcore punk that display the band's singularly aggressive style. They combine blazing tempos and thrash guitar lines with a oblique and haunting production, creating a sound that is truly unique in modern punk. Pocket sleeve and fold out insert with art by Kitsunekoo. (Desolate Records #36)

LANGUID - Resist Mental Slaughter LP + 7"
Was originally releases on Make 'Em Sweat Records. Reprees includes original art and insert, a 7" reissue of the original 4 track demo, and a 18" x 24" poster Records brings us a deluxe reissue of Resist Mental Slaughter, the self-released 2017 debut from d-beaters Languid, who hail from Edmonton in Canada's vast middle. (Desolate Records #37)

WARCYCLE - Manifesting Barbarity 7"
Warcycle have been ripping up punk shows around Perth, Australia for a few years now. They originally came on my radar with their scorching debut 7", Legalized Slaughter, wand have released some demo material and a cassette split with Zudas Krust since. The band delivers a focused and driven take on the wall-of-guitar, chaos crasher sound of bands like Framtid. Manifesting Barbarity is a pummeling monster of a hardcore record that is a must listen for anyone with a taste for heavy, distorted punk. Art by the crust master Xavier Gillard. (Desolate Records #34)

CRYPTIC VOID - Physwar/Psywar LP (gatefold)
Existing for almost a decade, Houston TX's CRYTPIC VOID are back with their best effort to day with their sophomore full length release. Oozing with riffs they are back with a perfect deathgrind record. Band members have done time in PLF, INSECT WARFARE, NIBIRU, and a dozen more important bands from their area. Songs ride the wave from choppy chunky riffs, soaring space metal sweeps, to full speed momentum blastbeats. TLAL puts out a number of releases a year but this comes in as a top recommended release. Full color cover, high quality mastering and lacquer cut by Nick Townsend/Infrasonic, no corners were cut for this is a fully package/full fidelity release that you will grab for time and time again. Time to blast into space, re-enter the atmosphere at blazing speeds, and land squarely in the scorching heat of Texas for a DIY release that will leave your skin charred. (To Live A Lie Records #248)

VIOLENCIA - Viviendo Tiempos Aun Mas Oscuros LP
A great hardcore punk band takes you on a journey, and VIOLENCIA brings you on a ride through a series of dystopian tales. Political, angry, talented, and hailing for Tijuana Mexico, VIOLENCIA have been tearing it up since 2019 including major tours through the west coast and DIY fest appearances. The band is like a spiritual successor or maybe non-affiliated extension of LOS CRUDOS, mixing a pissed political message and Spanish lyrics. VIOLENCIA mix dirges with blastbeats for a really varied twelve song 12" EP. Highly listenable, completely varied, and this will be an LP that is over before you know and you will flip from B side back to A and give it another listen before putting it away. In their words "El powerviolence no esta muerto!" (To Live A Lie Records #229)

HUMMINGBIRD OF DEATH - Full Spectrum Dominance LP
In your hands you hold a whopping forty-six minute, 91 song collection LP of the band's out of print work and unreleased items from 2005-2008. There is not a moment listening to this that your brain catches up. Think of TLAL's past releases of MAGRUDERGRIND's 62 Trax Of Thrash and XBRAINIAX's Hail Fastcore, this is more of the quality fast blasts that get your heart beating 120 bpm along with the blastbeats. Mastered to help some of the rawer releases flow better. On this you'll find Diagnosis: Delicious EP, their split with I ACCUSE!, their split with PILE OF MAGGOT INFESTED VISCERA, the Goatmeal EP, their split with CHAINSAW TO THE FACE, their split with DEAD STARE, Works Both Ways, their original Lightspeed Demo, and four previously unreleased songs. Covers across all releases include covers of KORO, SCREECHING WEASEL, NO COMMENT, INFEST, GORE BEYOND NECROPSY, COLD WORLD, and no fast band is without a quality cover of Couch Slouch by D.R.I. Some insane full color art from friend and ex-XBRAINIAX member Lucas Korte. You get the point, a whole lot of really well done fastcore bands from the aughts, collected and expertly mastered and normalized, all in one place on a limited vinyl LP. If you ever had a CHARLES BRONSON patch crudely sewn on your pants, then you're doing yourself a major disservice by not buying this immediately. Comes with full color everything and a poster. (To Live A Lie Records #224)

SEX PRISONER - State Property 7" (clear vinyl, 10th anniversary)
Here in your hands you hold the ten year anniversary edition of SEX PRISONER's State Property EP. Hailing from Tuscon AZ, the band folds together sludgy chugging riffs, dramatic chirping noise interludes, and perfected blastbeat parts to get your heart pumping at 150 bpm. State Property was originally released on John from WEEKEND NACHO's now defunct label. He was so kind to let us use the original pressing plates to repress this beast in its full original glory. Plenty of the stoic tough powerviolence you crave in nine tracks. Much rawer than their first full length, their old material shows the progression they made as a band with the same song-writing you've come to expect. If you have a favorite football team and love INFEST and HARM'S WAY then what are you waiting for, this band was hand crafted for you and this EP is a must grab. (To Live A Lie Records #257)

PRAYER FOR CLEANSING - The Rain In Endless Fall LP (Gold Edge)
North Carolina's PRAYER FOR CLEANSING was a big part of a metalcore resurgence that was happening in the southeast in the late 90's. Combining death metal vocals, super-fast intricate riffing, Iron Maiden style harmonized guitar parts, and the occasional black metal part, Prayer for Cleansing brought more sophisticated metal stylings to the straight edge hardcore world. With fellow North Carolinians UNDYING, the band made a name for themselves on the east coast before breaking up in 2000. The band's 1999 full length The Rain In Endless Fall became an instant classic of the genre. Members from the band notably went on to form progressive metal powerhouse BETWEEN THE BURIED AND ME. Foregoing the polished Tribunal Records remix and remaster from 2003, To Live A Lie Records has gone back to the old school original mix and have given it a much bigger sound with a new 2022 remastered by Nick Townsend. This will be the definitive vinyl pressing of the album that will accurately archive their powerful sound and hopefully bring new ears to an amazing output. Second pressing with 300 metallic gold X pinwheel edge vinyl aka gold edge. (To Live A Lie Records #237)

ROLL CALL - Perpetuate LP/cassette tape
New York's Roll Call has signed with Bridge Nine Records, the label's first new artist signing in over three years. Guitarist Brian Kemsley (Outbreak, Gravemaker) and drummer James Philips (Sea Haven, Final Fight) wrote six songs in November 2021 before recruiting bassist Cornell Ward (Count Me Out) and vocalist Chad Leddy (Perfect World) for the recording of their EP, "Perpetuate," this past summer. This band makes fresh and uncompromising New York hardcore that you don't want to miss. Vinyl version includes digital download and an etched B-side. (Bridge Nine Records #276)

UNBROKEN - Ritual LP/CD/cassette tape
The first album release from San Diego, CA's Unbroken. The tracks on this album offer a glimpse into the starting point of what would become one of the '90s most iconic hardcore bands. Although the cultish following this band has been able to maintain for the last three decades stem from their sophomore album, "Life.Love.Regret.," this early batch of songs have garnered their own interest due to scarcity as this album has not seen an official pressing since the mid '90s. (Indecision Records #159)

Zombie Apocalypse plays coarse, violent hardcore designed to animate the lifeless and call the undead to fight the final war. From break-neck thrash to ground-shaking breakdowns, this band has taken on the responsibility of heralding the end of mediocrity, pain, and fear. A combination of rich imagery and frenetic songwriting provides a glimpse of true horror and of the end we all know must be coming. Now available as a 12" and limited to 200 copies. One-time only, 20th Anniversary pressing. (Indecision Records #60)

FUCKED UP - Cops 7"
Fucked Up's 63rd single contains elements of the driven hardcore punk of the band's earliest sounds while still pushing the boundaries of the genres, and was originally released for Record Store Day 2023. The title track serves as a sequel of sorts to the band's 2002 track "Police," and the third track is a cover of Orbital's "Quality Seconds" which was featured in the trailer for the film Supercop. (Get Better Records #159)

INCENDIARY - Change The Way You Think About Pain LP
Armed with crushing, metallic riffs, instantly both fresh and familiar, Incendiary populates each of their four full-length albums with irresistibly energized rhythms and adrenalized urgency. "Change The Way You Think About Pain" is their leanest and unapologetically meanest yet. Sharply biting and insightful lyrics sit atop blunt metalcore in a perfect soundtrack to throw a brick through a window. (Closed Casket Activities #112)

Descriptions for 5/20/23

DYSTOPIA - s/t LP/CD (LP is pre-order)
CD available now, LP coming later in the month (pre-order now). LP pressed onto crystal clear vinyl with a massive 20-page booklet full of art and lyrics and a digital download card included. Dystopia is the third and final studio album by Dystopia. It was recorded in 2004-2005 and was released shortly after the band broke up in February 2008 on Life is Abuse Records. Out of print for over a decade, Tankcrimes now finalized the entire Dystopia catalog once again available in physical formats. (Tank Crimes Records #117)

CONQUEROR - Antichrist Superiority LP
At the time of Conqueror's formation in 1996, the duo of R. Forster and J. Read were unknown. Forster had a project called Domini Inferi with drummer Sven Cannon that released one demo in 1994, and Read was playing murky grinding death metal in Cremation. But the combination of Forster's merciless riffs and the explosive fury of Read's drumming produced something novel. When it was first released in 1996, Conqueror's "Antichrist Superiority" demo presented a distinctive interpretation of Black Metal. Combining the martial superiority of Order From Chaos with the bestial Satanic ferocity of Blasphemy, Conqueror created a new breed of black metal, reflecting the next stage of its evolution and exposing new strata of extremity within the genre. (Nuclear War Now Records #589)

CONQUEROR - Nuclear.Cult.Supremacy LP
Though they only released a handful of tracks, Conqueror's sound defined an entire subgenre of black metal. During the band's short existence, they deliberately avoided live performance, focusing instead on perfecting their recorded output. But on November 8, 2014, at NWN! Fest IV in Berlin, Conqueror appeared on stage for the first, last, and only time. Joining J. Read and R. Forster were Revenge's Vermin on guitar and Haasiophis on bass and vocals. The historic performance was captured on video and previously released on DVD as part of the "War Cult Supremacy" 20th anniversary reissue in 2016. The release of "Nuclear Cult Supremacy" marks the first time the audio from this performance has been decoupled from the video and mastered for release on vinyl, CD and tape to preserve this monumental event. (Nuclear War Now Records #590)

CONQUEROR - War.Cult.Supremacy LP
Conqueror's campaign of devastation began with the union of J. Read (Cremation, Revenge, Axis of Advance) and R. Forster (Domini Inferi, Blasphemy). After the 1996 demo, "Antichrist Superiority," the band turned its attention to crafting the one of the most cataclysmic and savage Black/Death records ever produced. There are few albums as genre defining as "War Cult Supremacy." Conqueror's work may arguably be perceived as representing one of the last major steps forward in the evolution of underground metal, with instrumentation and imagery evoking an atmosphere of endless extermination. With Conqueror, Read perfected the style of playing for which he is now revered, where the reckless attack of the drums are a focal point of the band's sound rather than a backdrop. The horrific collision of Read's recalcitrant percussion and vocal mayhem with Forster's roiling guitar cultivates visions of Armageddon in which the turbid smoke of the burning dead turns the sky a deep, opaque grey and the ground is soft with the dampness of blood. The intervening years have not reduced the effect of Conqueror's music at all-their sound and vision are arguably more relevant now than at the time when they were created, perfectly suited for the apocalyptic nightmare perpetually unfolding around us. Existence is conflict and the martial sound of Conqueror is a mode of combat unto itself. The path toward conquest; the path of the Superion. Confronting the brutal nihilistic reality of the world with warfare mysticism, seeking the nexus of arcane esotericism and the savagery of battle. (Nuclear War Now Records #178)

Approximately three years after it first arose to haunt the domain of the living with "Those of the Catacombs," Scolopendra again emerges from its Italian tomb to deliver its second full-length album, "VM18." Much like its predecessor, "VM18_ draws notably on an inherited tradition first established by the band's compatriots in Death SS, by evoking a grotesque atmosphere that would befit an old RG horror comic of the 1970s set to motion picture. In fact, the cover art on both "VM18_ and the debut are more than a subtle nod to this literary genre. Musically speaking, Scolopendra deviates from the style of Death SS to some degree by heavily incorporating the sound of ancient U.S. death metal, as perhaps most reflected in the work of Autopsy and Necrophagia. The tempo is primarily in the higher range, with occasional dives into doomier interludes. Driving bass lines are dominantly featured in the mix, as the guitars chug along with them and occasionally rise above with a well-timed lead. Of course, it is almost impossible to imagine a horror-based musical form without keyboards, and Scolopendra makes very effective and judicious use of them without going overboard. Finally, aside from their omission in the two instrumental tracks (not including the short intro), it is perhaps most likely the vocals that will leave the greatest impression on the listener. It is this element that contributes most to the overall grisliness of the sound, as the lyrics are seemingly disgorged from the decomposed vocal tract of an undead being. All told, "VM18_ serves not only as a laudable follow-up to its predecessor, but also as a worthy descendant in a long and esteemed lineage of Italian horror metal. (Nuclear War Now Records #665)

SCOLOPENDRA - Those of the Catacombs LP
(Our copies are still 1st pressing - black vinyl) With a history of metal steeped in horror and the occult - as previously established by bands like Death SS, Black Hole, and Mortuary Drape - Italy has proven itself a fertile breeding ground for extreme music that explores these themes. Formed in 2018, Scolopendra is the latest to continue in this tradition, as evidenced on its debut album, "Those of the Catacombs." Unlike its Italian ancestors, however, who have more typically opted for the sounds of doom or black metal, the vehicle that Scolopendra has chosen to deliver its horror-tinged themes is that of death metal. This aspect adds an element to the band's output that distinguishes itself from its predecessors, thus making it a unique addition to its genre. Consisting of two members with a history of many years of collaboration in several bands, including Abhor, Scolopendra boasts both the pedigree and chemistry to give "Those of the Catacombs" the deathly authenticity that is obvious upon first listen. (Nuclear War Now Records #489

Abhorrent formed in Sarpsborg, Norway in 1989, during a period in which the now-famous black metal scene was developing in the same area. The most renowned of its founding members was Stian "Occultus" Johansen, who has also been active in Perdition Hearse and co-founded the infamous Helvete record store in Oslo with Øystein "Euronymous" Aarseth (of Mayhem notoriety) and Geir "Thrasher" Bratteli. In fact, Occultus was also briefly an official member of Mayhem following Dead's untimely demise. Abhorrent recorded one live and one studio demo in 1990 before adopting the moniker of Thyabhorrent for an EP and another demo in 1991. Their music reflected the transitional nature of the moment and location, as the more traditional form of death metal assumed an increasingly evil nature, while black metal was taking hold of the Norwegian underground. "Occultus Brujeria" documents this obscure entity's existence as a compilation of the band's "Occultus Brujeria" demo, which also includes the same three recorded tracks from its "Death Rides at Dawn" 7_, and some additional bonus tracks. Given that these recordings have not been officially available for well over two decades, "Occultus Brujeria" is an overdue reissue that is sure to satiate all appetites for early Norwegian extreme metal. (Nuclear War Now Records #557)

BELGRADO - Intra Apogeum LP
Seven long years have passed since Barcelona beauties Belgrado last bestowed a full length upon the citizens of Planet Earth, but the wait is over, and 'Intra Apogeum' is here to make your life worth living again.With a new bassist in tow, a couple of fresh-out-the-box synths, and drummer Jonathan Sirit switching from kit-bashing to button-pushing, you might be forgiven for thinking your favourite post-punkers have gone cuckoo and lost it. But fear not - more than a decade in the game and Belgrado still know What They Are Doing. Eight sleek-n-chic numbers that simultaneously burn white hot and ice cold. As with their previous record 'Obraz', Belgrado have taken the Xmal Banshees template and bled out in all directions, stylishly blending a classic post-punk intuition with elements of disco, dub and psychedelia, now with added textures of electronic lushness. Recorded in both Barcelona and singer Patrcyja Proniewska's native Warsaw, 'Intra Apogeum' is testament to a band committed to pushing forward and investigating the new whilst clearly demonstrating they know who they are. Belgrado is back - viva Belgrado! (La Vida Es Un Mus #272)

RATA NEGRA - Bien Triste 7"
RATA NEGRA are back with two tracks of what at this point has become their trademark sound. A mixture of perfectly balanced vocal harmonies, bouncy punk, surf guitars and melancholic vibes which is highly addictive from the first note. A side Ella Está En Fiestas takes GIRLS AT OUR BEST and RIK AGNEW on a all night party that borrows a BAUHAUS title, while the hypnotic flip Bien Triste takes us in a downspiral trip emanating the spirit of GOLPES BAJOS, THE RONETTES and even late 70's BOWIE. One time pressing of 600. (La Vida Es Un Mus #268)

DOLLY MIXTURE - Demonstration Tapes LPx2 (pink vinyl)
The return of the classic Demonstration Tapes double LP on vinyl from the one and only Dolly Mixture. Originally self released in 1984 - this 27 track set collects the band's demos from 1979 to 1983 of perfectly executed pop, indie pop and '60s girl group gems. The sound is raw but the charm and pure-pop songcraft manages to shine through. Dolly Mixture should have been massive - so just sit back and enjoy these charming songs that have aged like a fine wine. Original copies sell for silly money and even the Germs of Youth reissue sells for over £100. This reissue comes with a brand new sleeve design. (La Vida Es Un Mus/SPA #1)

ILL REPUTE - What Happens Next LP
Recorded in 1984 and out of print since the early 2000's...This LP has 11 songs that influenced bands from across the world!!! One of the big 4 nardcore bands out of Oxnard, CA. Fast hardcore and positive lyrics with such classic songs as "Book And Its Cover" and "Fill It Up." Only 350 pressed (hand numbered), on colored vinyl, includes numerous posters and stickers. 'The way I am is the way I like and I won't change for anyone!!!'. (It's Alive Records #1812)

R.K.L. - It's A Beautiful Feeling 7"
Recorded in 1984 and out of print since the 1990's...This 7" should need no introduction!!! Blazing hardcore/first generation of the infamous "nardcore" scene. Seven blazing songs that influenced hundreds of bands. Only 500 pressed (hand numbered), on purple vinyl, includes a 20-page booklet and stickers. "Addiction is something that I don't need!!!'. (It's Alive Records #6277)

Staying true to the underground ways of old, Me Saco Un Ojo Records proudly presents another split 7" for the real Death Metal cult! On this one Sne_ and Grave Infestation join in fetid force... Sne_ kick things off with their bludgeoning brand of putrescence that slithers beneath the skin with charnel riffing and drums that hammer bones into splinters. Alongside some truly savage vocals, this morbid monstrosity shows that the band have not dropped the ball since their much beloved full length. No, Sne_ have only improved their visceral and sludgy brand of brutality, this new track is a worth offering of offal that will spew ectoplasm across your corporeal form before reducing you to dust. Primal, grotesque and sublimely sepulchral, the adoration for this band in the underground is easy to understand. Grave Infestation on the flip-side give us a nice length offering, 7 minutes of eldritch decay. Continuing in the vein of pulverising intensity at a crawling, slimy pace, if you somehow survived the previous track then you are certainly doomed now. Those macabre, slower moments meet chaotic bestial violence to give a diverse and masterfully maniacal track that does not rest on its laurels. "Pseudocommando" is feral, intense, atmospheric and totally mental. Bubbling with a bubonic lust for carnage, there is no way to escape the enticing antagonism on display here. So, do you love obscure gems of Death Metal? Do you need another duo-delivery of desecrating debauchery? Pick up this gut-heaving cut of wax before it comes for you... (Me Saco Un Ojo #160)

MORBIFIC - Ominous Seep of Putridity LP
The full length debut album from the Finnish putrescent trio Morbific. Thirtythree minutes of skull stomping death metal with haunting doom passages and stinking punkish assaults that will pull you head first into the depths of abysmal phlegm. (Me Saco Un Ojo #168)

Finally available on vinyl!! Literally years in the making! Spain's OG goregrind / death cannibals go toe to toe with Brazil's death metal horror freaks OFFAL!! (Haunted Hotel Records #121)

SULFURIC CAUTERY - Suffocating Feats Of Dehumanization CD
2nd full length from Americas most unrelenting blast unit. (Haunted Hotel Records #142 CD)

PARASIT - En Falsk Utopi LP
4th album from d-beat / crust band coming out from Sweden. Raw and filthy in the vein of mighty Skitsystem influenced by traditional scandinavian hardcore like Anti Cimex, Asocial, Crude SS etc. etc. Current members were or still are in bands like Retaliation, Asocial, Interment, Uncurbed etc. Pressed 500 copies. All copies with two stickers. (Phobia Records #243)

VAROITUS - Ikuinen Sota LP
New album blistering Swedish mangel! Two years after their debut one. Swedish käng with lyrics in finnish language. Mastered by Kenko at Communichaos Media Clay Station. Pressed 500 copies. (Phobia Records #256)

Hailing from deepest, darkest Birmingham are Deathfiend, a trio who describe themselves as creating a blend of Old School Death Metal and Punk which is heavily influenced by the early sounds of Doom and Black Metal. While that sounds like a complex hot mess, if you've heard "Atavistic Black Disorder / Kommando" by Mayhem then you will understand why the description is one that brings that to mind. The outfit comprises John Pickering (founding member of Doom, Sore Throat, Cain and Police Bastard) on both vocals and guitar alongside Rick Farn on bass and Andrea Pisu on drums with Gruesome Records handing the release of their debut album "Beyond Life". Recorded by the band themselves before being mixed and mastered by Carlo Altobelli at Toxic Basement Studio (Cripple Bastards, Sore Throat, Discharge) in Milan Italy it was a summer 2022 release which we missed and are now putting right... (Phobia Records #248)

CROSS CONTROL - Try And Survive LP
As 2019 ended, Cross Control dropped their debut EP, "Outrage Culture," on New Age Records. The following two years as the lockdown did what it did, Cross Control stayed busy writing and tightened the clamps on getting their debut full-length together. "Try And Survive" is a further dive into their particularly unique brand of fast-paced and in-your-face style of hardcore. (New Age Records #96)

After forging relationships with numerous underground labels and distros releasing 7"s, tapes, LPs, and CDs, by 2006, UK punks The Restarts were ready to bring their operations in-house. Drummer Darragh O'Neill invested in a 24-track digital recorder, and the band got to work crafting the recordings that would ultimately become the "Outsider" full-length on their own. The Restarts and Pirates Press Records are proud to put this exceptional full-length back in print to make all that noise all over again. (Pirates Press Records #338)

ANTAGONIZM - Freeze Motherfukerz LP
What started as a one-off project for a bit of fun on the Fuzzbrain Records compilation full-length in 2019 quickly mutated into a fully fledged band made up of four UK heads with plenty under their collective belts: Ben Woolf (Blind Authority, Lawful Killing, Frame Of Mind, Stages In Faith, Layback), Bobby Cole (The Annihilated, Churchgoers), Jon Osbourne (Mastermind), and Ollie Hudd (Fortbragg Zine). When QC heard this demo, it was so in your face they just knew they had to put it on wax, because this blend of Krackdown and Outburst-era NYHC with a still-distinct London hardcore sound will blow your fuckin' face off. Live expect some crazy energy and antics that's hard as nails. Limited edition of 500 copies. Imported from the UK. (QCHQ Records #83)

Blow Your Brains Out formed in 2019 with members of Stand United, Inside, Die Birth, Civil Defense, and Soul Vice from Tokyo and Kanagawa, Japan. It was important for vocalist Kai to sing in Japanese, a language with a unique rhythm and flow that he wanted to match to the riffs, and to communicate about topics important to the local as well as global community, using powerful Japanese words. "The Big Escape" full-length talks about cult religions, political corruption, domestic violence, and companies that force people to work in poor conditions, as well as the suppression of citizens who resist authoritarian forces. Limited edition of 500 copies. Imported from the UK. (QCHQ Records #85)

The story of Existence dates back to 2016 when a group of young Stockholm, Sweden, hardcore heads wanted to get into some good-old Cro-Mags worship. Clocking in at nearly 40 minutes, we don't think anyone can truly be prepared for this insanely epic body of work. At times introspective, and at other times classic brute force, the themes of the lyrics are well summed up with the painted artwork by Nora Lowenberg of a face behind shattered glass, exploring the multifaceted nature of humanity and the ever-changing place of the self in today's global world. Imported from the UK. (QCHQ Records #86)

S.H.I.T. - Demo 2023 cassette tape
"Haunted" and "Imminent Destruction" are the first new S.H.I.T. tracks since the world ended in 2020. Along with the two new tracks, the tape also includes S.H.I.T.'s unique take on Crucifix's "Annihilation" and Blitz's "Never Surrender." Originally only available at Shitmas in 2022, the two new tracks find the band plunging further into the depths of chaotic simplicity once again. (SHIT Records #1 TP)

Descriptions for 5/13/23

HADES - ...Again Shall Be CD
Countless words have been written about the black metal scene that flourished in Norway during the early 1990s, usually focused on the same few bands-Mayhem, Immortal, Darkthrone, etc.-that have come to be synonymous with the phrase "Norwegian Black Metal." If those bands formed the nucleus of the scene, Hades was in tight orbit around them. After playing in Amputation and Immortal, guitarist Jørn Inge Tunsberg (who was also playing in Old Funeral at the time) united with drummer Remi Andersen to conjure a new entity known as Hades. Bored with bands more focused on speed than songwriting, the two took a multi-dimensional approach, slowing down the pace and emphasizing atmosphere and composition. Together with bassist and vocalist Janto Garmanslund, and second guitarist Andreas Nagelsett, they recorded the three-song "Alone Walkyng" demo in 1993. Rather than settle for crude production, Hades recorded the demo at the legendary Grieghallen Studio, which Tunsberg knew from having previously recorded there with Amputation, and where many prominent Norwegian bands recorded their early material. Among those who ended up with a copy of the "Alone Walkyng" demo was Jon Jamshid, who had recently founded Full Moon Productions, one of the first black metal labels in the United States. Via handwritten letter, Jamshid expressed his desire to put out Hades' debut as one of the first releases on the label. The band agreed, and, in 1994, following Nagelsett's dismissal, they recruited Stig Hagenes as a second guitarist and recorded the "...Again Shall Be" album. Regarded individually and collectively, the tracks on "...Again Shall Be" evince a rigorous compositional ethic. Hades' approach deviated from the sullen, elongated melodies stretched across frantic blast beats commonly associated with many of their Norwegian peers. Instead, drawing inspiration from Quorthon's Viking-era Bathory recordings, Hades tended toward epic, mid-paced tracks, richly layered with keyboards and acoustic guitars, evoking the existential vigor of battle and a forlorn longing for the ancient pagan North. (Nuclear War Now Records #669 CD)

HADES - The Dawn of the Dying Sun CD
In 1992, on Christmas Eve, Hades guitarist and founding member, Jørn Inge Tunsberg, along with Count Grishnackh, set fire to the Åsane Church in Bergen. The police investigation lasted about a year and it took another year for Norwegian authorities to convict Tunsberg. He began serving his two-year sentence in March of 1995, just a few months after the release of Hades' debut album "...Again Shall Be." Though his time in prison stalled the band's progress, Tunsberg and his bandmates remained committed to the work they'd begun with Hades. Tunsberg's prison sentence meant the band could not tour; however, while incarcerated, Tunsberg and bassist/vocalist Janto Garmanslund continued writing. Due to the comparatively relaxed nature of the Norwegian penal system, Tunsberg was able to rehearse with the band-both in the prison and at their rehearsal space-and was even allowed to play a show in Bergen in May of 1996. A couple months later, the band returned to Grieghallen Studio to record their monumental second album, "The Dawn of the Dying Sun," featuring the core lineup of Tunsberg, Garmansland, drummer Remi Andersen, and second guitarist Stig Hagenes. Released in December 1997 on Full Moon Productions, "The Dawn of the Dying Sun" represented the full bloom of Hades' sound. Featuring vigorous riffs ensconced among cascading windswept melodies, "The Dawn of the Dying Sun" is compositionally darker and more aggressive than the band's debut album. The densely layered production and complex songwriting give the album a unique balance of power and atmosphere perfectly suited to the band's thematic and lyrical content, which is also represented by the striking cover art-a portion of a painting from 1881 by the Norwegian painter Olaf Isaachsen. The title "Tore Hund ved Olav den Helliges lik på Stiklestad" ("Tore Hund By St. Olav's Body on Stiklestad") refers to the Battle of Stiklestad, in 1030, at which Hund, a revered pagan Viking, participated in the murder of King Olaf II, a Norwegian king responsible for the promulgation of Christianity. Often heralded as a virtually perfect album by many but far too frequently overlooked, "The Dawn of the Dying Sun" belongs in the canon of Norwegian black metal. (Nuclear War Now Records #670 CD)

Venusberg Cardinal's Atlas of Dungeons was recorded winter 2010-the same sessions as Departure Chandelier's Antichrist Rise to Power and was intended as a brother project exploring medieval and ancient tortures depicted across such paintings as The Garden of Earthly Delights and the doom of pre-Raphaelite Greek mythology in what the band describes as "antique black metal." Originally set for release as a cassette album, this has been pulled from the archives of Occult Antiquities and presented to judged souls now under the banner of NWN! Productions. Musically in line with French black metal influences, Atlas of Dungeons pays special tribute and honors the perverse satanic cruelty, in particular of Cantus Bestiae. Despite using the same 4-track, drums, and guitars as Departure Chandelier in the now fabled Prisoner's Chant studio, listeners will find a pure minimalist black metal atmosphere devoid of synth with long, hypnotic instrumental passages-until the alarming and eerie outro that features the previously unknown electronic/ambient peripheral of Departure Chandelier...Coronation Predateur. Welcome, sinners, to the world of Occult Antiquities and antique black metal! (Nuclear War Now Records #656 CD)

CLARKO - Welcome To Clarko LP
(street date May 26th shipping this week) "America's Little Brother" is back after a lengthy stay at the Deformatory for the Young and Well Adjusted. It's been a productive placement that has birthed the debut dozen dubbed "Welcome To Clarko". An arms wide invitation to the double mad anxious new wave/brainpunk world of smart-mouthed subversion, man-made aneurysms, knee-jerk antagonism and juvenile gambling addictions. In short, a delight for the senseless. 700 on 150gr vinyl housed in a 24pt jacket with insert and obi strip included. Recorded by Morgan Travis. Mastered by Nick Townsend. Photography by Alisha Funkhouser. Art by JRCG. (Iron Lung records #230)

(street date May 26th shipping this week) Another wild down-tuned synth-riddled cut and paste ride through the devolving post-apocalyptic ocean of a maniac's mind. Get in the barge and rip ass through the rolling waves of Spits/Voodoo/Reatard/Can infused space punk that tackles such heady subjects as night creatures, Darwinian caregiving, space labs, paranoia, Reptilians (real) and perusing a selection of perfect sperm for purchase (shrinkwrapped for freshness of course, hahaha). Choose wisely. 500 on 150gr vinyl housed in a 24pt jacket with lyric insert included. Recorded, mixed, mastered and performed by Greg Wilkinson. Art by Santos. (Iron Lung Records #224)

LIFE EXPECTANCY - Decline cassette tape
Malicious and unfriendly musick recorded in a secret bedsit somewhere around the vital organs of England. A swirl of industrial noise amidst a barrage of Japanese and Swedish influenced speed beat hardcore. The wrest will be mystery. Ponder and fail. Limited to 150 blue shelled cassettes housed in a minimally adorned J-card. Recorded and designed by Life Expectancy. (Iron Lung Records #256 TP)

FLOWER - Hardly A Dream LP
"Hardly A Dream" Takes us on a bleak journey through the dark side of society. As soon as you drop the needle a dark atmosphere is immediately created with a slow intro featuring arpeggio guitar work that builds into pummeling d-beat crust. The albums vocals then leave you with a feeling of being crushed by the ever-present weight of living through our modern world of late stage capitalism that was built on the falsehoods of the so called American dream, religious hypocrisy's, nationalism, and the greed of humankind. FLOWER take many cues from predecessors and are most often (and rightfully so) compared to NAUSEA but they also take a heavy influence from ANTISECT, SACRILEGE & other greats. The artwork has a very RUDIMENTARY PENI feel and the record comes with an amazing 24.5 X 34.75 CRASS style poster jacket. All art work was meticulously hand drawn and overseen by the guitarist Willow in true DIY style and spirit. Willow was also cool enough to draw up a special shirt for the record release featuring an alternative PROFANE EXISTENCE backprint! (Profane Existence Records #185)

CRUTCHES - Dodsreveljen LP
CRUTCHES are back with a forth LP! "Dodsreveljen" is the latest in a line of solid output from the Malmö mangel maniacs. 11 raw käng tracks that strike out in an age of social unrest. Fast, dirty and brutal, yet well thought out with Swedish and English lyrics on different tracks. (Profane Existence Records #187)

MODERNETTES - View From The Bottom LP
Limited to 300 red copies, in celebration of the EP's 40th anniversary! With download code. When initially released, the Modernettes sophomore studio release "View From The Bottom" was a broad departure from the up-tempo brattiness of their epic Bob Rock helmed debut "Teen City." Compositions were geared to a more mid-tempo feel and the band's secret weapon Mary Jo Kopechne took on lead vocal duties for the first time with startling results. Her little girl delivery on the Velvet's classic "Femme Fatale" haunts to this day and her deadpan on "Static" suits the arrangement perfecly. Chief songwriter Buck Cherry raised his bar substantially and delivered a set of strident power-pop tunes that have stood the test of time. "The Rebel Kind" has been covered by a number of performers including former Rank and File guitarist Alejandro Escovedo. The release sold well and eventually all copies were exhausted, forcing fans to part with up to $300 dollars to obtain a copy. Porterhouse has decided to change that situation by offering a completely revamped and improved package that looks and sounds better than the original. We've beefed up the formerly thinly mastered audio. (Porterhouse Records #2024)

'Tuppence' is a new power pack of Screaming Bloody Mary's music starting off with "Tommy Roe", a cowpunk blast reminiscent of The Dils or Rank and File. "Ten Minute Warning" is another masterpiece that was a writing collaboration between Danny Norwood of Social Unrest and the Screaming Bloody Marys. (Pig Records #173)

The LOCKDOWN JUNKIES is a project created by the Lockdown. This is what happens when you sideline four touring musicians. They begin to write, record, and jam with friends. When travel restrictions abound, local musicians get together with other known locals. That's exactly what happened in a town just northwest of Bologna, Italy called Poviglio. These four musicians, (Mauro, Casey, Tommy, and Paulo,) have navigated their way through the pandemic by getting together for 'birra' (beer) and making music, some of the best music in the world has to offer. With forty years of Raw Power, the success of Rigor Mortis, GWAR, Beer Pong, and Extrema all essentially on hold, these three Italians plus one American chose to get together and keep music alive. A sideline band of creativity and different ideas of those from their regular musical endeavors was born out of the pandemic. Something to jam to and relax to and take their minds off the suffering caused by Covid. PIG Records is proud to offer this COVID CREATION by four gentlemen who mean as much to the musical culture of Italy as Archimedes, Galileo, Marco Polo, and Mark Anthony mean to the country's history. The LOCKDOWN JUNKIES dedicate this recording to all the families and friends in the world who have lost a loved one to the syndrome. Not everything that comes out of the pandemic has to be bad. The LOCKDOWN JUNKIES gift to you is their music and while they cannot revive the deceased, they can comfort the living with their songs in the hopes that it takes the mind off of the pandemic for a few minutes. (Pig Records #174)

Flores Y Fuego is a hardcore punk band from Guadalajara, Mexico. The first demo, and further recording sessions while the world was on pause, would become this record - "Altar." These eight raw and incredibly powerful songs sung in Spanish are just a taste of what's to come from one of the most exciting bands to emerge from the vibrant Mexican scene. (Pirates Press Records #357)

Lovingly re-pressed, the album comes with extensive liner notes and includes four bonus tracks via download; a unique cover of "Message In A Bottle" and "Trenchfoot" from the "Not Superstitious" 7", and "You Are My Sunshine" and "Dreaming" from the "I Want The Moon" 7". Teaming up with engineer Paul Tipler (who also worked on Stereolab and Chapterhouse), "Mush" was recorded in Greenhouse Studios in North London (owned by Pat Collier of The Vibrators). Fully re-mastered, this collection includes extensive liner notes featuring interviews with Frankie as scribed by The Big Takeover's Jack Rabid, leaving no stone unturned. Now available again on vinyl. LP includes high quality download. Imported from the UK. (Fire Records #226)

AT ALL COST - Nothing Comes Easy LP
The birth of At All Cost began in early 1987 when a group of high-school friends discovered the NYHC scene in the sleepy NYC suburbs of Rockland County, NY. With the release of their 1988 and 1990 demos, At All Cost played throughout the Northeast at such notable clubs as CBGB, The Anthrax, and The Sundance opening for the Cro-Mags, Token Entry, Maximum Penalty, Vision, Destruction, Sub Zero, Killing Time, Biohazard, Nausea, and Morbid Angel. This full-length collects both of At All Cost's demos, remastered from the original recordings, and a live cover of Attitude Adjustment's "Fuck Chuck," and showcases their NYHC sound which would appeal to fans of Killing Time, Token Entry, Absolution, and Altercation. LP includes digital download and is limited to 300 copies. (Trip machine Labortories #50)

Descriptions for 5/6/23

POISON IDEA - Young Lords LP (deluxe Pig Note version)
It's no secret that few music scenes have ever matched the sheer animal ferocity, vitriol, and urgency on display in those first few legendary years of American Hardcore. Of that scene's flagship groups, perhaps none better exemplify the aforementioned traits than Portland's greatest export, POISON IDEA. As the early years of their existence have become mythologized through the passage of time, oral tradition, and fuzzy recollections, complete documents of that era are more valuable than ever. As such, TKO RECORDS is proud to present Young Lords: Live At The Metropolis, 1982. Mixed and mastered from the original multi-track audio from their May 5th, 1982 show at The Metropolis in Portland, Oregon, Young Lords exemplifies the primal freneticism that made POISON IDEA an American Hardcore institution. Replete with now-classic staples of their early catalogue, pitch perfect covers of songs by contemporaneous acts like JFA and SOA, and quintessential Jerry A. stage banter ("Our drum player's on acid; Just leave the lights off."), Young Lords serves as both a historical snapshot of a young band firing on all cylinders and a not so gentle reminder of that band's enduring legacy. Delivered, as always, with due attention to detail, Young Lords is presented here in a deluxe "Pig Note" layout, including a gatefold sleeve with a bound in 12-page booklet that features previously unpublished photos and flyers, as well as an 11.5" x 23" poster insert. For either the neurotic completist or the newcomer in search of an introductory crash course to one of punk's most enduring and unassailable bands, Young Lords is a vital artifact. (TKO Records #22-0003)

Four way split co-release between two killer labels featuring four standout bands from different sonic spaces. A song about disillusionment, American Scum combines blast beats, chunky grooves, and dual vocals to highlight the dark side of power and trusting the wrong people. Written primarily while touring through Canada and recorded at Developing Nations Studio in Baltimore, MUSKET HAWK calls out subhuman scumbags everywhere with a clear message: "No one gets away with it." GRIN AND BEAR IT It is a musical group that addresses human problems with loud sounds. You, specifically, have sixteen internal conflicts that are tearing you apart right now, damaging your mental health to an irreversible degree. First, you shouldn't have said that to your family, and they're always going to hold it against you, and Grin and Bear It acknowledges this fact for you so you don't have to think about it anymore. The second internal conflict is whether or not you wasted your day today; should you have done something else, or was all your hard work for nothing? Maybe you spent hours designing and building a magnificent structure that will soon be swept away during an overnight wind advisory. Grin and Bear It knows that you did that, and they know the wind is coming, and they absorb your pain with their loud bashing and rapid screeching. Your third and fourth problem are the two insects that splattered on your windshield on your way home from the drinking party. Oh, you don't drive? Maybe it was the bus's windshield, or maybe they splattered on your bicycle helmet. How would Grin and Bear It know? They aren't omniscient and they aren't stalking you. They don't care about your transportation preferences; they only care that it's bothering you that those two innocent lives were lost due to your eagerness to travel. Your next ten internal conflicts are too private or complicated for Grin and Bear It to process, but, fortunately, you will be able to use their tight, quick tracks as a vague, ominous, and mildly effective balm for your fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth, ninth, tenth, eleventh, twelfth, thirteenth, and fourteenth inner turmoils. The fifteenth internal conflict is whether you should finally see the doctor about that shift in your mind, the changes in your perception, your diminishing ability to process the world around you. Were you exposed to a mass disabling event? Or maybe, and Grin and Bear It agrees with this theory, it's probably a throbbing mass on your brain tissue that could very well be inoperable. The sixteenth problem is more about Grin and Bear It's specific problem they have with you, and it's relevant to your undiagnosed neurological condition. Grin and Bear It wants you to stop listening to music and go see a neurologist, man... SIDETRACKED has been crafting chaotic, stop and go hardcore punk for over 20 years. Along with their brand of power violence, in recent times they have also incorporated noisecore. The material found herein starts things off with a noisecore block before launching into a frenzy of fastcore tracks that they are most typically known for. Taking conceptual queues from bands like Swans, Dystopia, and Noothgrush and adding musical complexity and depth to arrive at something disgusting all on its own, UGLY is at once melodic, looming, and horrific. UGLY builds a tonal environment that is at times, angelic... just long enough to win your trust; then tries to kill you by dragging you to the depths with primal, flesh-upon-gear, rhythmic upheaval of any notion of good faith and wellbeing. (To Live A Lie Records #225)

RAW PEACE - Total Death CD
Description: For the first time on CD, the 2018 debut album "Total Death" and the 2017 demo! A concentrate of Punk and Hardcore under a feeling of anger and despair! RAW PEACE bringing together members of Reproach / Blind to Faith / Agathocles etc... Belgian energy and rage once again made the difference! (Bones Brigade Records #92 CD)

VOMI NOIR - L'innommable Remugle... CD
Description: This NEW album gives you the Gore & Poetic stories described with the precision of the raw and medical vocabulary, under the sound and the compositions which respect the art of Gore-Grind & its Old School side, the real feeling that it suppurate! (Bones Brigade Records #91 CD)

VULVANIC - Scent Of Black Angel/Ripper's Secred Night of Murder LP
Black metal, Peru. LP: matte sleeve with black flood inside, download card, matte insert, shrinkwrap, hype sticker. Lima, Peru-based deranged raw black metal cult Vulvanic join Sentient Ruin under the black banner of total violence and depravity to bring you a much-needed reissue of their two long sold out self-released demo tapes, 2019's "Scent of Black Angel", and "Ripper's Secret Night of Murder" remastered from the raw mixes by Will Killingswroth at Dead Air Studios, and graphically re-envisioned by the Violent Visual Shock art studio into a horrific forty-minute 12" LP and cassette tape compilation of violent, sadistic sonic abandon. Formed by current and former members of Evil Spectrum, Tenebrion, Sordid, Obscure Evil, and Purgatorio, and infamous in their home country for erratic and unpredictable live shows entailing violence, butchered animals, sadism and self-harm, the rogue blood horde known as Vulvanic are creators of a demented and diseased form of schizoid raw black metal infested with punk, noise, and derailing psychedelia, the depravity and repulsiveness of which has few comparisons even in the darkest and most tabu dungeons of the underground. (Sentient Ruin Labortories #203)

V:XII - Lu-Cipher-Sabbatean LP
LP: matte sleeve with black flood inside, download card, black poly-lined inner bag, matte insert, shrinkwrap, hype sticker. The blood-freezing second full-length album from Swedish black/death industrial beast V:XII (pronounced and read "five twelve") adds a new urgency and dimension to the infamous underworld of Scandinavian evil martial dark ambient/industrial made famous by the legendary legacy of Cold Meat Industry and affiliated acts like Brighter Death Now, Mz.412, etc., and later, by its contemporary bastions like Nordvarg and Trepaneringsritualen. The crushing new opus titled LU-CIPHER-SABBATEAN is a grueling listening experience that for thirty six minutes imposes complete submission upon the listener, forcing their ear into a wretched realm of majestic deconstructed infernal electronics and prying their eye open unto a dimension of utter darkness and dread. Perverse, violent and hallucinatory in its every aspect, LU-CIPHER-SABBATEAN is a work that draws the listener into a lightless world of paranoia and ritualized insanity, as it unfolds an ominous concept on the conspiratorial mind devolved into to its worst and most deteriorated form, the religious one. A sense of grim solemnity is evoked through the album's ritualistic and almost religious pace, evoking in the listener a seething feeling of absolute evil as widescreen moments of abysmal and liturgic dark ambience are violently interrupted and alternated by spasmodic, violent proclamations brought forth by an onslaught of cold, bludgeoning martial rhythms, demonic vocals and disembodied incantations. (Sentient Ruin Labortories #201)

CH'AHOM - Camazotz Cult cassette tape
Death metal, Germany. Silkscreened j-card, shrinkwrap and download card. German ritualistic black/death metal warlords Ch'ahom officially join Sentient Ruin, and to celebrate this unholy alliance we're proud to bring you the "Camazotz Cult" limited edition career-encompassing cassette tape compilation of the band's entire discography to this day, spanning all the band's long sold out demo tapes from 2016 to 2021, repackaged and remastered by Will Killingsworth at Dead Air Studios into a glorious one-hour long onslaught of total sonic savagery. This vast and comprehensive restored retrospective both anticipates Ch'ahom's new era forthcoming (with the imminent release of their first official EP and first official full-length album which will follow shortly thereafter) and revisits the origins and existence so far of one of the most barbaric and animalistic entities to have appeared in the German extreme metal underground in recent years. The eighteen bludgeoning tracks here presented show us the band developing their sound and concept over a five-year span of cryptic obscurity, reworking the legendary warcraft of bestial black/death/grind legends like Beherit, Sadogoat, Blasphemy, Sarcófago and Proclamation into an occult and esoteric canvas exploring exotic ancient war cults and death rituals from pre-Columbian South and Central America. The end result is a gruesome terrorscape in which ancient visions of violence, ritualism, mysticism and bloodshed are joined into a ruthless aural assault of total black/death chaos and destruction. The feral aura and lawless primitivism seen on these tracks is further exalted by a raw and blown out production quality which has given a unique and appropriate character to the music through a methodic approach clearly descended from a punk and DIY culture which has vastly enhanced and characterized the superb vision and uniqueness behind the cult of Ch'ahom and its uncompromising craft. (Sentient Ruin Labortories #217)

NEKUS - Sepulchral Divination LPx2
Death Doom, Germany. LPx2: Gatefold matte sleeve flooded black inside, poly-lined black inner sleeves, silkscreened D-side, download card. German/Italian cave-dwelling sepulchral blackened death-doom primitives Nekus emerge with their hideous debut 2LP "Sepulchral Divination", over fifty minutes of aphotic, downtuned subsonic horror emanating from the wretched bowels of the abyss. Comparable in sheer ugliness and inhumanity to other slowed down sepulchral death and doom metal abominations like Grave Upheaval, Moss, Anatomia, and Encoffination, Nekus are conjurors of a lightless subterranean realm somewhere between the pits of hell and the center of the earth where existence may assume horrific forms at the edge of reason and where life as we know it is impossible. Indeed this monstrous, fifty-plus minute crawling nightmare of horrid, telluric mummified death doom is not something of the plane of being or of surface-dwelling, air-breathing and light-needing existence. Rather, a decomposing, lightless, sinkhole of putrefied sonic emanations opening an abyss unto the dimensions below the earth's crust, where eons of putrefaction, fossilization, gravitational crush depth and infernal magmatic upheaval perpetually beholds the inaccessible omnipotence of death and inexorably calls all surface life to it. (Sentient Ruin Labortories #207)

GAWTHROP - Deterioration LP
Sludge metal, South Korea. LP: matte sleeve with black flood inside, black poly-lined inside bag, download card, hype sticker. Seoul-based South Korean sludge metal miserists Gawthrop join Sentient Ruin for "Deterioration", a glorious torment and misery-fucked 12" vinyl compilation of the band's first two incredible demo tapes (2019's "Demo" and 2022's "Jumbo"). A wretched amplifier worshiping monstrosity of complete antihuman heaviness, the glorious release channels the hate-drenched and bottom-caving megaton DOOM of legends like Corrupted, Meth Drinker, Nootgrush, HELL, Grief and Thorr's Hammer into six colossal slabs of pure earth-shaking, downtuned slow-crawling sonic torment that will stomp, crush and flatten the listener to death. (Sentient Ruin Labortories #206)

APHOTIC - Abyssgazer cassette tape/CD
Death Metal, Italy. A concept of ultimate finality doused in cosmological inevitability. A sound of world-building/destroying immensity shrouded in otherworldly dissonance and suffocating atmospherics. Visions of eons ahead, evoking the ultimate fate of matter and as such of existence. All this is the "Abyssgazer", the immense debut album by Italian atmospheric post-death/doom metal oracle Aphotic. The four piece from northern Italy which features current and past members of bands like Fuoco Fatuo, Blasphemer, and Ekpyrosis, has set out to create the ultimate extreme metal calirvoyance into the death of our universe, through an audio, visual and conceptual experience of unparalleled evocative power. According to the eschatological tale and astrophysical prediction, the most absolute Omega possibly conceivable will materialize as aeons ahead, on timescales almost impossible to imagine, an inexorably inflating universe made only of exhausted and degenerate stellar remnants will reap apart the fabric of spacetime itself until matter will start decaying, and even every black hole singularity will be evaporated, due to quantum effects, into radiation emanating in nothingness. And so, as maximum entropy will be reached, time will become meaningless. In this frame, the album title-track reflects on how, in remote times and places, inert matter can shape into living beings, then evolve into sentient creatures who might become able to stare into the unknown and wonder about the true nature of time and space - by gazing into the abyss. The Abyssgazers, will become the self-consciousness of the Universe. Then come the medium: dark, imposing, colossal atmospheric death metal to disintegrate the fabric of perception, reality, and time itself, and to soundtrack the universe's last vision and final breath. A nebulous, churning cosmic abyss evoking the destruction of worlds through masterful sonic synthesis: the necromancing twisted dark death metal of Incantation and Immolation, the expansive and morphing storytelling of Triptykon, Neurosis, Evoken and Bolzer, and the suffocating coldness and dissonance of Godflesh. And finally, the visuals by Chilean abstract painter Rodrigo Pereira: an otherworldly vision unto the abyss sealing this eschatological journey towards the eons to come. Analog mixing meticulously crafted under the expertize of audio engineer Greg Chandler from Esoteric (Priory Recording Studios, UK) and mastering by Colin Marston from Gorguts etc. (The Thousand Caves Studio, NYC), complete an unheralded debut album of immense, imaginative, consciousness-expanding avant-garde death metal crafted to glorify and reimagine the immensity and inevitability of death far beyond this carnal plain. (Sentient Ruin Labortories #91.169)

LEMONHEADS - Come On Feel (Scratch N Sniff) LPx2
Deluxe expanded 30th anniversary edition. Cobraside's exclusive variant is limited double black vinyl in a strawberry "scratch n sniff" gatefold sleeve, with download code. The breakthrough record that took American alt rock global and catapulted Evan Dando into the hearts of a generation. With a wealth of unreleased demos, alternative versions and rarities - including covers of Victoria Williams, Buddy Holly and The Flying Burrito Brothers plus the Cole Porter standard 'Miss Otis Regrets'. In the 90's Evan's Lemonheads produced hit after a hit, a string of super cool singles: 'Big Gay Heart', 'Into Your Arms', 'It's About Time', and 'The Great Big NO'. Pure genius filling the radio waves and taking the stage... Some 30 years on; Evan is still knocking that song writing thing out of the park and 'Come On Feel The Lemonheads' sounds as fresh and perky as it ever did. Amid the hits on the original record are stencils and outlines for yet more magical music and now this deluxe edition adds a second disc of demos and acoustic versions, plus a host of one-offs from sessions and compilations that add further color to the myth and how it was created. There's the cover of Victoria Williams' 'Frying Pan' from her 'Sweet Relief' album, which is joined by an eclectic set of flipsides and out-takes, like their version of 'Little Black Egg' by The Nightcrawlers, Evan's homage to Gram Parsons on the winsome 'Streets Of Baltimore' and Buddy Holly's melancholy 'Learning The Game'. Evan knows a good song when he hears it, as 'Come On Feel The Lemonheads' certainly proved. "Come On Feel was home to some of his best, sharpest writing - fabulous sunny power-pop and beautiful ballads" (Fire Records #4945)

Jughead's Revenge have a new EP, "Vultures" scheduled for release on SBAM Records set for May 2023, that will be supported by a tour of Europe in June. Jughead's Revenge came out of the skate punk scene of Los Angeles in 1990 with their first full-length self released album before partnering with BYO Records in the US, and Do It! Records in Germany in 1992. After multiple tours in the US and Europe, the band signed with Nitro Records from 1996 to 2000, releasing 3 full-length albums and 4 singles. In 2020 the band released the single "American Gestures" on People Of Punk Rock Records to coincide with the reissue of former Nitro titles "Image Is Everything" and "Just Joined." (Sbam Records #116)

PUBLIC SERPENTS - The Guilty Puppet LP
New Jersey ska-core band Public Serpents sophomore album The Bully Puppet is out now on SBÄM Records. The band is fronted by ex-Choking Victim drummer Skwert; this is their first new album in 15 years. Check it out below and buy the record here. (Sbam Records #115)

Melding of hardcore and metal is a given these days and not something that you give a second thought. That was not the case in the early 1990s when Mean Season, among other like-minded bands, was experimenting with their shared love of '80s hardcore and metal. A conversation about some riffs that needed a home sparked the idea of a recording session, and by extension, the first Mean Season album since 1994's "Grace." (Indecision Records #161)

MORNING AGAIN - Borrowed Time CD/cassette tape/LP (yellow w/ black smoke vinyl)
Morning Again returns with their second in a series of EPs, offering up five brand-new, powerful, riff-heavy tracks. The lineup consists of vocalist Kevin Byers, guitarists John Wylie and Stephen Looker, bassist Gerardo Villarroel, and drummer Joshua Williams. "Borrowed Time" take's their sound one step further and includes some of the heaviest tracks to date. 12"ep includes a blank B-side. CD and cassette version include the "Survival Instinct" EP as bonus tracks. 300 Translucent Yellow With Black Smoke. (Revelation Records #202)

ANTI-CIMEX - Absolut Country Of Sweden LP
"Absolut Country Of Sweden" is the 1990 debut album from hardcore punk/metal legends Anti-Cimex. Without a doubt, Anti-Cimex were the forefathers of the Scandinavian scene. Imported from the UK. (Back On Black Records #972)

ANTI-CIMEX - Scandinavian Jawbreaker LP
"Scandinavian Jawbreaker" is the 1993 sophomore album by hardcore-punk/metal legends Anti-Cimex. Anti-Cimex's DNA lurks in the genetic code of just about every punk band to call Sweden home, and former band members can be found anchoring current stalwarts like Driller Killer and Wolfbrigade. Without a doubt, Anti-Cimex were the forefathers of the Scandinavian scene. Imported from the UK. (Back On Black Reords #973)

JEROMES DREAM - The Gray In Between LP
Jeromes Dream is a hardcore band based in San Francisco, CA, sharing a history with bands like Orchid, Saetia, Reversal Of Man, and Pageninetynine. After existing between 1997 and 2001, then reforming in 2018, Jeromes Dream is releasing their third full-length, "The Gray In Between." The album introduces Sean Leary (Loma Prieta) on guitar and was recorded, mixed, and mastered by Jack Shirley (Deafheaven, Quicksand, Joyce Manor). (Iodine Records #42)

Descriptions for 4/29/23

Venusberg Cardinal's Atlas of Dungeons was recorded winter 2010-the same sessions as Departure Chandelier's Antichrist Rise to Power and was intended as a brother project exploring medieval and ancient tortures depicted across such paintings as The Garden of Earthly Delights and the doom of pre-Raphaelite Greek mythology in what the band describes as "antique black metal." Originally set for release as a cassette album, this has been pulled from the archives of Occult Antiquities and presented to judged souls now under the banner of NWN! Productions. Musically in line with French black metal influences, Atlas of Dungeons pays special tribute and honors the perverse satanic cruelty, in particular of Cantus Bestiae. Despite using the same 4-track, drums, and guitars as Departure Chandelier in the now fabled Prisoner's Chant studio, listeners will find a pure minimalist black metal atmosphere devoid of synth with long, hypnotic instrumental passages-until the alarming and eerie outro that features the previously unknown electronic/ambient peripheral of Departure Chandelier...Coronation Prédateur. Welcome, sinners, to the world of Occult Antiquities and antique black metal! (Nuclear War Now Records #656)

VENGEANCE SORCERY - Betrothing Spirits at Nightfall LP
First pressing of 200 copies. All copies on gray vinyl. "Betrothing Spirits at Nightfall" is Vengeance Sorcery's debut full length of morbid black metal. This slab of occult metal has been conjured by the mind of Deathwalker (Nihil Invocation, USA) and derives its influence from bass-driven, black metal cults such as Barathrum, Ride for Revenge, Perverted Ceremony, Demoncy, etc. Originally a 1 piece project, Deathwalker has welcomed help from his homelands & Russian tundra along the path. (Nuclear War Now Records #646)

VENGEANCE SORCERY - Forbidden Doctrine of the Youthful Gate/Shade of Darkness Casting LP
First press of 250 copies all on black vinyl with 3mm jacket. Tracks 1-5: "Forbidden Doctrine of the Youthful Gate" demo (2019). Tracks 6-11: "Shade of Darkness Casting..." demo (2020). Nuclear War Now! and Vengeance Sorcery have aligned to spread darkness from the North American vastlands and beyond! This slab of occult blackened doom has been conjured by the mind of Deathwalker (Nihil Invocation, USA) and derives its influence from bass-driven, hard hitting outlets such as Barathrum, Ride for Revenge, Perverted Ceremony, Demoncy, etc...! Originally a 1 piece project, Deathwalker has welcomed help from his homelands & Russian tundra along the path. (Nuclear War Now Records #607)

SADISTIK EXEKUTION - 30 Years of Agonizing the Dead LP + 7"
3rd pressing on ultra clear with neon orange and black smoke vinyl. 3mm jacket. A3 double sided insert. A2 poster of one of the earliest Sad Ex flyers from 1986. Bonus 7" containing their 1987 demo on neon orange vinyl. One of the most vile and tormented sounds to ever exist is the "Mental Metal Musik" belonging to none other than the now infamous Sadistik Exekution of Sydney, Australia. Although these lunatiks gained much of their notoriety from their full-length albums, the full scope of Sad-exe's unforgiving violence cannot be entirely appreciated without proper exposure to the atrocities committed on their demos and EPs. Nuclear War Now! has conspired with none other than Dave Slave himself to dig up several of these wretched slabs of audial torment and once again offer them posthumously to any who dare expose themselves to such vileness. This LP release of "30 Years of Agonizing the Dead" (AKA "Sadistik Exekution's Shittest Hits") compiles two of these demos - "Agonizing the Dead" (1992) and "Suspiral" (1991) - as well as two EP singles - "Demon with Wings" (1996) and "Sadistik Elektrocution" (1997) - for your listening displeasure. (Nuclear War Now Records #293)

DAI - Demos 1989 to 1992 LPx2
In the late 1980s, the former Czechoslovakia was an incubation chamber for some of the most unique and expressive extreme metal ever produced. Coinciding with the rise of death and black metal, the demise of Communism produced a fertile scene of disaffected youth eager to embrace these new radical modes of expression. By the end of the Communist era, the Iron Curtain had become culturally porous, permitting the influx of art and music from the West that catalyzed underground movements in Eastern Bloc countries. Filtered through a youth movement still shaking off the hangover of authoritarian policies, cultural isolation, and the promotion of Soviet values, the sights and sounds of the early Czech scene were unlike those emanating elsewhere in European. While bands such as Master's Hammer and Root are widely heralded now as progenitors of Czech black metal, a lesser known contemporary act called DAI fully embodied the same approach. The four demos collected on this double LP were recorded between 1989 and 1992, a transitional period for Czech society. Like the aforementioned bands, DAI's early recordings were primitive in some respects but displayed an idiosyncratic approach to black metal that sets them apart. And these demos by one of the most obscure Czech acts to emerge during black metal's second wave should be every bit as revered as the early recordings of Master's Hammer, Root and others. (Nuclear War Now Records #587)

POISONED BLOOD - Sign of Final Massacre LP
First press of 300 copies. 3mm jacket and 12" insert. First 100 orders will receive the splatter vinyl. Poisoned Blood is a new band helmed by Abigail mastermind Yasuyuki. Containing twelve burning and blasphemous tracks, this album is sure to please fans of early Abigail, Sodom, Bathory, and Slaughter Lord. (Nuclear War Now Records #660)

OTT - Demos 1987 & 1989 LP
First press of 300 copies. 3mm jacket with 12" insert. Tracks 1-4: "1987 Over The Top" Demo 1987. Tracks 5-9: "Lighting of the Pyre" Demo 1989. Formed in 1986, Over The Top (aka OTT) burst into the southeastern Virginia metal scene like a hurricane touting influences from Slayer, Metallica, Exodus and local brethren At War. OTT quickly solidified their place in the local scene by playing a ton of shows which were always intense. Their eponymous 1987 demo and 1989's Lighting of the Pyre demo hold up as some of the most underrated thrash classics that you've likely never heard. They continued to dominate the local thrash scene and showing a lot of maturity in their playing and song writing. The band had the riffs and solos from Joe Green (RIP) and Dave Gray, intense drumming from Chris Brown and solid bass work from Charles Miller who also shared vocal duties with Joe. The live shows were always intense, full of stage dives and circle pits. This compilation of the first two demos shows the world that OTT could have and should have been a household name of the thrash world. (uclear War Now Records/Eastern Front Records #2)

NOCTURNUS - Science of Horror LP
Repressed. Although he played a pivotal role in the emergence of the early U.S. death metal movement as both a co-founder of Morbid Angel and a member of Incubus in the mid-to-late-1980s, Mike Browning's legacy is most inextricably tied to his involvement in Nocturnus in the late-80s and early-90s. In 1990, Nocturnus revolutionized death metal with the release of its first full-length album, "The Key," which for the first time in the history of the sub-genre incorporated keyboards as an essential element of a death metal band's sound. During a critical three-year period prior to the release of this album, Nocturnus developed this unique sound, as documented by two demo recordings, entitled "Nocturnus" and "The Science of Horror," which were disseminated on cassette format in typically limited numbers in 1987 and 1988, respectively. The second of these demos, in particular, contains embryonic versions of several songs that would eventually be re-recorded for inclusion on "The Key." However, as tends to be the case with demo recordings, these versions represent a significantly more primitive musical vision, as compared to the more polished recordings on the ensuing album. NWN! is once again proud to make a less-limited vinyl edition of these demos available to the general public. This version features appropriately and tastefully updated original artwork from the renowned Zbigniew Bielak as well as the most extensive biography ever written on the developmental and demo years of Nocturnus and Mike Browning's previous participation in Morbid Angel and Incubus. In short, this release serves to invite the listener to revisit the earliest days of one of death metal's greatest bands. (Nuclear War Now Records #257)

DESTRUCT - Cries the Mocking Mother Nature LP
Three years after their vinyl debut, 2020's Echoes of Life, comes Destruct's second album, "Cries the Mocking Mother Nature." The band continues to pay respects to their raw hardcore influences, with greater emphasis on 80's Swedish mangel and brutal late 90's Japanese crust hardcore, in addition to the always present nod to British pioneers Disaster and Doom. Twelve tracks in 24 minutes. Cover art by master punk artist Joe B. Each copy of the first pressing is accompanied by a 22x33 inch fold out poster graciously illustrated by Japanese hardcore punk legend, CROW. (Grave Mistake Records #83)

Do you remember the Judgement Night soundtrack? An interesting shmash-up of hip hop and metal/rock musicians tossed together to create a memorable compilation. Well this isn't quite like this but it is a collab split features two amazing hardcore bands from different countries utilizing experimental noise artists to lay noise in the perfect places to enhance and elevate the songs. TRANSIENT brings both blastbeats and hair-raising riffs ala CATTLEPRESS, while Eric Wood aka BASTARD NOISE weaves in anxiety-inducing buzzes and blips. Two songs in four minutes will leave you with your jaw agape and you will pick up your needle and listen to the ending multiple times. On the flip-side are two very competent Japanese bands, representing the blasters are Osaka's COMPLETED EXPOSITION. CXE are a three piece who utilize two bass players who both sing and a more than competent drummer. The noise component is Tokyo's é»'éð»è(c)±666 aka BLACKPHONE666. Their side sounds like SPAZZ playing a concert at the end of existence where time and space has started warping. To Live A Lie continues to be a DIY underground label who continues to stay the line of cutting-edge releases, and this split collab is a perfect example of taking hardcore punk/power violence and stepping up the style. Both groups and both noise artists are at their of their game and we couldn't be more excited of this output. 400 copies on black vinyl (this), 100 copies on clear with red swirl (note some of the red swirl is most clear in some copies, we will not be checking them as they ship. (To Live A Lie Records #234)

CORVO - Cortadas cassette tape
Corvo has been stomping around DC for four years, releasing a raw demo, a live tape, and now they've stepped up to the plate to hit a ten minute dbeat blasterpiece out of the park. Songs in Spanish. The overall sound is like a less noisy more straight forward dbeat version of S.H.I.T. (To Live A Lie Records #239 TP)

PERSECUTOR - Babylon's Ashes 7"/cassette tape
PERSECUTOR's style is fast hardcore leaning into influences of powerviolence and grind with influences such as Despise You, Poison Idea, Iron Lung, Hatred Surge, Extortion & Suffer (Australia). As a band themes revolve heavily around experiences of racism as a person of color (singer is South African - Australian), decolonization theory, anti-imperialist ideas and the hopelessness of combating the ever encroaching fascism within our hyper-capitalist westernized world. This record combines the band's earlier demo sound of bands like Coke Bust, Barge & Los Crudos with a more powerviolence/grind edge. Sonically the record also leans heavily into African themes with a Djembe intro, Gil Scott-Heron samples and an outro of Nelson Mandela upon his release from prison singing the controversial anthem "Umkhonto we Sizwe" (uMkhonto we Sizwe was the armed wing of the African National Congress [ANC]), which brings together the lyrical themes of the record. (To Live A Lie Records #256)

(repressed!!) TOTALITAR - 1998 to 2002 LP
Finally repressed. A compilation of Sweden's Totalitar 7"s from 1998 to 2002. Tracks from Totalitar's Klass Inte Ras 7", Vansinnets Historia 7", Dom Lurar Oss 7", Spela Bort Allt Du Har 7", and Allting Ar Pa Latsas 7". Mastered by Kenko, Communichaos. Bonus 7" tracks with Discharge and Svart Parad covers. (Phobia/Skrammel Records #33)

IN TIME - Save Your Breath cassette tape
Now available on cassette. "Save Your Breath," the new EP from Ventura, CA's In Time, is a shining example that traditional hardcore can be modernized and still keep its core sensibilities without feeling like rehash or a tenth-generation photocopy. Raised in the 805, an area code known for it's connection to the Nardcore scene, the five tracks on "Save Your Breath" spend as much time paying homage to those local roots as they do embracing various punk and hardcore influences from all across the country. This is only their beginning. 12"ep includes digital download and is limited to 300 copies. (Indecision Records #163 TP)

This is veteran Wyoming pop-punkers Teenage Bottlerocket's latest EP, a double A-side 7" titled "So Dumb/So Stoked." The band's first new music since 2021's "Sick Sesh" full-length, the pair of title tracks represent the dichotomy of emotions felt by the band members during the tumultuous year of 2020. Features a jacket designed by Jim Barnes to represent both "So Dumb" and "So Stoked" on each side. (Pirate's Press Records #359)

Blake Ibanez of Power Trip returns with a new band, Fugitive, and the "Maniac" EP, five tracks of the aggressive, pit-detonation thrash he's known for in Power Trip, with an even rawer and looser ferocity. A short, sharp shock of an EP, "Maniac" is a fierce introduction across its 17 minute runtime to a future that Fugitive is just beginning to write and a reminder that Texas heat remains a steadily potent force in underground metal and hardcore. (20 Buck Spin Records #178)

LEATHERFACE - Cherry Knowle LP
Leatherface's first, classic album, "Cherry Knowle," has been remastered for a beautiful reissue on Rad Girlfriend Records. Originally released by Meantime Records in 1989, "Cherry Knowle" has been long out of print. Leatherface is one of the most influential punk-rock bands of the '90s, combining complex melody and riffs with poetic lyricism; some consider them to be one of the greatest bands to ever do it. (Rad Girlfriend Records #143)

(repress) DOWN TO NOTHING - The Most LP (opaque turquoise vinyl)
Down To Nothing's Revelation debut full-length, 2007's "The Most," was a fully realized outlet for their sound, melding their energy and strength with a newfound melody. With influences ranging from Gorilla Biscuits and Judge to local Richmond, VA, legends Four Walls Falling, "The Most" cemented Down To Nothing's place at the forefront of hardcore. Recorded at The Outpost with Jim Siegel (Outbreak, Have Heart, Blacklisted), the thick guitars and barreled drums gave an accurate replication of their infamous live show. New pressing now available on opaque turquoise vinyl. (Revelation Records 141)

(repress) DOWN TO NOTHING - Life On The James LP (coke bottle clear vinyl)
"Life On The James" is the 2013 full-length album from Down To Nothing, and was the band's first all-original release since their 2007 album "The Most." Twelve hardcore rippers from Richmond, VA's best. New pressing now available on Coke bottle clear vinyl. (Revelation Records #153)

KORO - s/t 7"
Sorry State is excited to bring you a repress of one of the best hardcore records ever, Koro's 1983 7" EP. Originally released in a small, self-released pressing, over the decades this monster's reputation has continued to grow, and collectors now have to fork over well over a grand for an original pressing. This one is too good for the scum to keep to themselves, though, a hyper-compact explosion of energy that can hold its own next to any landmark early 80s hardcore punk record you want to compare it to. (Sorry State Records #115)

WHEEZING MANIAC - Shade Through the Night Door LP
These are imports and we will only get enough for pre-orders: March 15th street date. Short-lived So Cal band Wheezing Maniac will bring back memories for those old enough to have been wooed by seminal skateboarding video H-Street's Hokus Pokus. Two of its most iconic tunes were by this outfit, "Dollar on a Platter" and "Don't Come Close", and both showcase their off-kilter invention and high-energy sound perfectly. A fine remastering job brings them up to scratch and makes this an essential one for the collection. 17-song discography with fold-out insert for fans of Minutemen, weird post-punk and 1980's USHC. (Putojefe Records #9)

(reduced price) WET THE ROPE - The Sum Of Our Scars LP
Wet The Rope is a hardcore band consisting of members of Pitchfork, Amber Inn, Sinker, Exhale and many others. It's members have been actively making music for almost 30 years. "The Sum of Our Scars" is their debut album, and while you can hear the influences of the members' previous bands, the anger of this LP may catch you by surprise. This album deals with the consequences of sexual abuse and predatory behavior. It is meant as both a personal and a political statement. 12 tracks of intense emotional pissed political hardcore!!! (Adagio 830 Records #140)

DAHMER - Our Worst Recordings LPx2
Second compilation of Dahmer's discography only this time, it's the D.I.Y. recordings and a live concert. Forty-seven tracks of raw old school grindcore from one of the best bands from the 90s. This double LP on black and white wax includes an insert documenting almost all of their concert history through an extensive collection of flyers. (D71/Doomsday Machine Records #24)

GROUNDWORK - Today We Will Not Be Invisible Nor Silent LP
Vinyl reissue of one of the defining albums of '90s hardcore. Originally released on Bloodlink Records, this reissue has been lovingly restored and remastered from the master reels. Co-release with Protagonist Music. (King Of The Monsters Records #55)

DOWNCAST - Tell Me I'm Alive LP
30 years ago Ebullition came into existence when we released the Downcast 7" with No Answers #10. Downcast was a key ingredient in Ebullition's beginning. Brent, the Downcast guitarist, drew the Ebullition logo and Downcast played a major part in creating the ideology that would define Ebullition. When Downcast broke up they left unrecorded songs on the table. "Tell Me I'm Alive" picks those unrecorded songs up, and also moves forward with a whole set of brand new Downcast tracks; 10 tracks in total. Ebullition is extremely proud to be involved in releasing this new Downcast LP. This LP is not about the past, however, it is about now and the future. It picks up where the debut Downcast LP left off and continues pushing their sound forward both musically and politically. Ebullition is ecstatic to be releasing this LP in 2020. This is the sort of LP that Ebullition was created to release. Amazing. (Ebullition Records #61)

(discounted price) ECONOCHRIST - discography CDx2
Ebullition has decided to lower the price of this amazing discography CD in an attempt to get some more of these out into the world before the CD format disappears forever. A classic. And a great deal for a double CD that includes every single Econochrist song that was ever released! This double CD discography features forty-one Econochrist songs. It includes the Ruination LP, the Trained To Serve LP, the Skewed 7", the Another Victim 7", the It Runs Deep 7", as well as the songs from the Give Me Back comp LP, the Very Small World comp LPx2, the What Are You Pointing At? comp 10", and the songs from the split 7" that Econochrist did with The Detonators. (Ebullition Records #37 CD)