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Descriptions for the newest releases available this week.

Descriptions for 9/18/2021

Debut 12" from Cleveland's Lacerate. Out finally! 8 tracks of ripping hardcore drawing influences from Scandinavia, UK, Japan and the US. Fans of Discharge, Mob 47, Poison Idea, Totalitär, Lip Cream, etc will definitely want to check this out. 300 copies black vinyl, pocket jacket, insert, and sticker. GET SOME BABY!!! (Konton Crasher Records #41)

BIG CITY - Big Kisses LP
Direct from the depths of the pressure cooker that's NYC and reminiscent of a Times Square a la Taxi Driver, BIG CITY bursts forth with their first LP Big Kisses. This LP delivers 10 tracks of hooks developed directly from a latent obsession with early 70's stones, nods to the guitar dynamism of Thin Lizzy, and grit passed down directly from the Ramones. Sprinkle on top flourishes of Teenage Fanclub, a serious dedication to the saxophone wailing found on classic Springsteen records, and you have Big Kisses wrapped up in a nice little bow. It's a Big City. You're just living in it. (Grave Mistake/YOFC Records #4)

After years of being out-of-print, the Templars' 1997 sophomore album returns to reclaim its rightful place in your record collection!! 15 tracks of pure brickwall punk- Remastered for maximum sonic aggression!!! Limited to 666 copies on Black vinyl. (TKO Records #676RM)

LOWER CLASS BRATS - The New Seditionaries LP
15th anniversary edition! L.C.B.'s groundbreaking 2006 album released domestically on LP for the first time!! Brutally remastered for maximum audio destruction!! Limited pressing of 300 copies on Orange vinyl. (TKO Records #200005)

BESTIAL PUTREFACTION - Eternal Flesh Ripping Chaos LP
Matte laminated reverse side xeroxed sleeve flooded black inside, uncoated xeroxed insert, and download card. On their debut full-length LP for Sentient Ruin Canadian/American gore/war noise butchers Bestial Putrefaction reach the zenith of total audial barbarity, hoisting atop a fuming stockpile of severed limbs and rotting flesh the foul banner of total gore and immorality. A remastered compilation featuring their recent self-released "Gore Drenched Barbarism" EP on side A and their previous self-released debut demo tape on side B, the "Eternal Flesh Ripping Chaos" LP (an obvious ode to the legend of early Carcass) condenses all tracks released so far by the band under a new single effigy of total continuous terror, bringing to light the senseless audial savagery that paved the deranged duo's emergence from the nethermost pits of depravity and established them as an authentic living monument to complete chaos and inhumanity. Synthesized from the most outlandish outer limits of bestial war metal, goregrind and pure noise, the band's barely held together terrorscape stands out as an authentic and barely explainable absurdity, as it launches into senseless exaggerations of audial violence and barbarity borderlining both the shocking and the unexplainable. In its horrid twenty-six track, twenty-eight minute onslaught of total inhumanity and abandon "Eternal Flesh Ripping Chaos" sees Bestial Putrefaction chaotically condense the violence and perversion of diverse extreme entities like Revenge, early Carcass, Chaos Cascade, Archgoat, and Pissgrave with Japanese noise and crasher crust to wage a violent and gruesome war against the purity and dignity of christendom and execute a vile act of ultimate and definitive defilement toward the human race and all its manifestations in every shape and form. (Sentient Ruin Laboratores #151)

CRYPTAE - Decrepit Collection LP
Experimental Death Metal. Matte sleeve flooded black inside, matte printed inner sleeve, and download card. Dutch experimental raw death metal deformity Cryptae bring you "Decrepit Collection", a glorious 12" vinyl compilation containing their unparalleled 2017 self titled debut demo tape on side A (for the first time ever on vinyl), and 2019's 20 minute single-track EP "Vestigal" on side B, both remastered to their their most sonically crushing form yet. This surreal artifact of complete sonic delirium revisits Cryptae's birth as an authentic error of creation and documents the early development of their hallucinatory and completely unprecedented sound as they threw derailing raw punk, spastic primitive death metal, rogue strains of underdeveloped noise and industrial and free-form improvisation into a deformed and glitched out experiment of aberrant abstract brutality. (Sentient Ruin Laboratores #136)

EDENIC PAST - Red Amarcord LP
Brutal Death Metal. Matte sleeve flooded black inside, matte printed inner sleeve, and download card. American technical brutal death metal absurdity Edenic Past join Sentient Ruin for a vinyl release of their synapse-twisting first ever LP "Red Amarcord". Formed by Colin Marston and Nicholas McMaster of Krallice fame along with vocalist Paulo Paguntalan of Encenathrakh, on the surreal debut offering Edenic Past unfold an absurd and ultra-brutal hallucination of futuristic aural atavism that touches lows of knuckle-dragging sonic primitivism and brutality and peaks of masterful ambient avantgarde deconstructionism that will be both too much to handle or understand for the average "slam" knuckle brains, and too fucking brutal and ignorant for the average elitist prog nerd. Perhaps standing as the most imaginative and visionary "slamming" technical brutal death metal releases ever conceived, with "Red Amarcord" Edenic Past redefine the outer limits of brutal death metal and set an unprecedented foot in the future for the genre. (Sentient Ruin Laboratores #140)

SLEEPWALKER - Noc Na Krayu Sveta LP/cassette tape
Experimental Black Metal. Matte sleeve flooded black inside with metallic gold spot color, black matte insert with metallic gold spot color, download card, hype sticker, shrinkwrap. Russian/Japanese/American experimental ritualistic black metal entity Sleepwalker emerge from slumber with "Noc Na Krayu Sveta" a two song/half-hour LP of liquefying hallucinogenic sonic alchemy and transcendental avant-garde excellence. In the vast two-song composition Sleepwalker morph into their most abstract and defiant state yet, reaching a state of near-ethereal cinematic deconstructionism that only leaves vague traces and queues of their primordial and vast melting pot of influences. Within, black metal, kraut, noise rock, free-jazz, drone, middle-eastern incantations and ritualistic psychedelia are melted down in a lysergic kaleidoscopic frenzy of sounds and then sublimated to reach a new zenith of masterful immateriality which consecrates the band at its most ambitious and confrontational state yet. Challenging the listener's senses and perception at multiple levels, "Noc Na Krayu Sveta" pries the mind open to enter its deepest levels, defying its boundaries and expectations almost with arrogant unpredictability, crossing thresholds of experimentalism and of creative ambition we hadn't yet fathomed in the band's still short but extraordinary career, but which we can now gaze into in complete awe and wonder. The result... something standing astonishingly between Ved Buens Ende, Zeni Geva, Bohren And Der Club of Gore, Galloping Coroners, Urfaust, and The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble. (Sentient Ruin Laboratores #117)

Black/DoomMetal. CD: matte laminated mini gatefold. Abstracter re-emerge with their inhumanly crushing fourth full-length album "Abominion", a ghastly forty-minute hellscape of lightless crush-depth deep inside the darkest abysses of the apocalypse. Extreme and devastating in every sense possible, the soul-crushing album sees the enigmatic American band elevate their long lasting apocalyptic concept to its scariest and most overwhelming extremes yet, coercing the harshest strains of black and doom metal with ravaging scarifications of noise and droning dark ambient into a bleak and suffocating sonic cataclysm of complete darkness and annihilation. In its imposing and terrifying forty minutes "Abominion" obliterates all sense of hope in the listener and casts a harrowing vision into a dark future of total doom and torment where the last human life forms scavenge a devastated radioactive twilight buried in ash and ruins as dark forces of mysterious origin surround them and crush them under the inescapable heel of armageddon. Distilled from pure pessimism and misanthropy, the album's daunting concept establishes mankind as a parasitic scourge or delusional rogue pestilence or antichrist-like figure and is told in the form of memories, precognitions, reckonings and regret within the human race as concepts like environmental collapse, war, militarism, religious fanaticism, pollution, deviated industrialism, fatalism, greed, avarice, evil, and delusions of glory are littered throughout the artwork and lyrics to help the listener grapple with the complete ruin and darkness they are immersed in through the music. Known for forging their imposing and ominous sound across a massive spectrum of influences that include apocalyptic and eschatological literature and fiction, Abstracter's otherworldly and monstrous strain of apocalyptic blackened doom contains influences coming from unforgettable dark metal and punk bands like Celtic Frost and Tryptykon, Godflesh, Khanate, Corrupted, Leviathan, Swans, Sunn O))), Amebix, Blut Aus Nord, The Ruins of Beverast, Portal, Dystopia, and Disembowelment as well as from certain underground scholars of dark ambient and industrial noise that the band have meticulously distilled and reworked into their sound over the last decade to forge a completely unheard of and unclassifiable colossal aural weapon of mass extinction. (Sentient Ruin Laboratores #160 CD)

THE RATS - In A Desperate Red LP (standard version)
At last! Fred and Toody Cole (Dead Moon, Pierced Arrows) and drummer Louis Samora's ultimate punk masterpiece - In A Desperate Red. This is the last record by the Portland punk legends before moving on to a very brief country period and then Fred and Toody moving on to Dead Moon. In fact, two songs from the first Dead Moon LP hail from the same session as this LP. A true lost gem, In A Desperate Red finds the band in an almost new wave/art punk/pop mode...just picture a more punk version of Dead Moon if you can. Six years of work went into remixing and remastering this version - with Fred Cole twisting knobs and obsessing over it's every detail and then Greg Shadoan and Tim Stollenwerk finishing the job. One of Fred Cole's greatest records and impossible to find for many years - at last this LP is available as it was meant to be heard. Play it loud..... Co-Released with Mississippi Records. (Water Wing Records #27)

GAME FACE - Three To Get Ready LP (25th Anniversary Edition)
Remastered 25th anniversary edition with bonus tracks and gatefold jacket full of photos from the 1995-96 tours. In 1995, struggling to recover from the tragic death of original drummer, southern California's GAMEFACE created their most beloved album, solidifying a place in the underground music scene. With heart-on-sleeve lyrics and infectious melodies, 'Three To Get Ready' connected with fans on an emotional level, crossing genres from pop punk to emo to rock and remains a mid-90s classic. This long out of print LP is back as a remastered, expanded 25th anniversary edition - including the b-sides from their 'June' 7" plus an alternate recording of 'Time After Time' featuring a very young and less famous Gwen Stefani on backing vocals - all in newly updated gatefold packaging. For fans of DESCENDENTS, JAWBREAKER, SAVES THE DAY, SUPERCHUNK, ETC... (Dr. Strange Records #38)

EXPUNGED - Into Never Shall CD
EXPUNGED is the brainchild of death metal master W.D., who's previously handled the axe in Dead Soul Alliance and Evolution Fail stretching as far back as the mid '90s. While W.D. is the songwriter, K.F. joined on drums (from old-school death metallers Töteblut) while J.S. (AKA Jo "Steel" Capitalicide from Ice War) is on vocal and lyrical duties as well as handling the bass, with the latter showing how versatile his singing abilities can somehow be. Formed in the spring of 2019, this Canadian power-trio proved how deadly their brand of downtuned HM-2-style death metal could be with their self-titled debut EP for HELLS HEADBANGERS, released to widespread acclaim in April 2020. Wasting no time continuing their attack, EXPUNGED return with their first full-length, Into Never Shall. Now featuring A.K. on drums, the band have thankfully made no great changes to their juggernaut sound - exquisitely filthy, utterly crushing, immediately memorable, the inexorable onslaught of a monolithic, rust-covered tank - and Into Never Shall is all the better for it. If anything, EXPUNGED have upped the catchiness here whilst not once softening that molten crush. Similarly, while the grime of Expunged still courses through the album's viscous veins, there's a decidedly darker atmosphere being conjured across Into Never Shall, vividly matched by the gorgeously moody cover artwork courtesy of French fantasy novel painter Didier Normand. Above all, this debut album underlines EXPUNGED's commitment to death metal classicism, reverent but never regressionist, and displays the power-trio's own take on it. Which is all to say nothing of yet another CRUSHING (and totally DIY) production courtesy of Top Das (Fuck The Facts) at his Apartment Two Studio. (Hells Headbangers Records #284 CD)

CHAMBER OF UNLIGHT began as the solo work of multi-instrumentalist Necrosis. The man stands as a prolific veteran of Finland's esteemed extreme metal landscape; during the past 20 years, his credits include Deathchain, Ajattara, Shade Empire, and Trollheims Grott. Joined by drummer Kassara - himself an equally prolific Finnish veteran whose credits likewise include Deathchain and Trollheims Grott but also Horna, Bythos, Forgotten Horror, Striges, and Black Death Ritual among others - CHAMBER OF UNLIGHT released their self-titled debut demo in 2017. Immediately, the eldritch essence of '90s Finnish black metal was felt, and the storm was only brewing... (Hells Headbangers/Werewolf Records #76 CD)

NUNSLAUGHTER - Red Is The Color Of Ripping Death CD
NUNSLAUGHTER require no introduction. Since 1987, these Ohio natives have prolifically perfected their own brand of Devil Metal: an evil blend of classic death metal and hardcore punk. And by "prolifically," NUNSLAUGHTER are likewise serious; their catalog of records released rivals that of Japan's Sabbat and Agathocles, both of whom the band have done splits with. Through it all, HELLS HEADBANGERS have been diehard fans, and have released countless NUNSLAUGHTER records going all the way back to the label's earliest days in 2003. And while NUNSLAUGHTER are largely renown for being an EP band, any chance to welcome a new full-length from them is cause for (devil metallish) celebration: at long last, Red is the Color of Ripping Death, the band's first album in seven years. Many are still mourning the loss of legendary drummer Jim Sadist (RIP), and while Red is the Color of Ripping Death is their first full-length without him playing on it, some of the 14 songs contained herein are unfinished / unrealized music that Jim and founding frontman Don of the Dead wrote years ago. Just as importantly, this album comprises material newly written with NUNSLAUGHTER's current lineup, which is arguably the band's best to date. And hearing is believing: over the course of the album's 35 minutes, it becomes immediately apparent that NUNSLAUGHTER are a really good - and really ripping - DEATH METAL band above all. Largely gone (or least sublimated) is the hardcore punk influence, and in its place is an absolutely furious onslaught of catchiness and causticness. Armed with the best-sounding production on a NUNSLAUGHTER record ever, not to mention Don of the Dead reaching new heights/depths of maniacal perversity, Red is the Color Ripping Death truly brings the band to a different level of Devil Metal. (Hells Headbangers Records #290 CD)

Descriptions for 9/11/2021


Limited availability. "Los Angeles' beer battalion TRAPPIST, featuring members of Spazz and Despise You, meet Oakland's weed warriors CONNOISSEUR on Cross Faded, a bruising fifteen-track split set for release on September 10th via Tankcrimes! A lethal convergence of fastcore, sludge, powerviolence, and underground hardcore punk, Cross Faded will be released on limited edition LP." (Tank Crimes Records #121)

FUCKED UP - Year of the Horse CDx2

Deluxe digipak limited double compact disc with booklet. The follow-up to 2018's critically lauded Dose Your Dreams full-length, FUCKED UP's hugely ambitious Year Of The Horse is operatic in scope and artfully assembled offering up one track with a ninety-plus-minute runtime. The epic tone poem is spread across four sides that pass through the realms of metal, classical, '70s groove, and international hardcore punk to explore themes of motherhood, ecology, stewardship, and the deep myths of our civilization. Recorded over the past few years by Alex Gamble in Toronto, who worked with the band on Dose Your Dreams, and mastered by Dan Randall at Mammoth Sound, Year Of The Horse includes guest appearances by Matt Berninger (The National), Julien Baker, Maegan Brooks Mills (Chubby And The Gang), and Tuka Mohammed and is dedicated to Power Trip's Riley Gale and Iron Age's Wade Allison, who passed away within weeks of each other last year. (Tank Crimes Records #123 CD)

SPAZZ - La Revancha cassette tape

Now available on tape cassette. Originally released on Sound Pollution in 1995. This LP marked a new point in SPAZZ's output - they had found their signature sound and tried to push this to its extreme. 20+ minutes of crazed Bay Area power violence with a CRYPTIC SLAUGHTER cover to boot. (Tank Crimes Records #106 TP)

SPAZZ - Crush Kill Destroy cassette tape

Now available on tape cassette. Here we got "Crush Kill Destroy," SPAZZ's swan-song recorded back in 1998 and released by Slap A Ham Records. (Tank Crimes Records #107 TP)

SPAZZ - Dwarf Jester Rising cassette tape

Now available on cassette tape. The debut LP from SPAZZ originally released almost 20 years ago in 1994! The rarest of the SPAZZ LPs, "Dwarf" is SPAZZ's most stripped down and raw full length, re-mastered and re-released. (Tank Crimes Records #105 TP)

NECROT - Mortal LP Picture Disc in gatefold jacket

Special pressing of the Necrot Mortal as picture disc. Oakland, California's Necrot return with their second album. Recorded at Earhammer Studios in Oakland with Grammy winning engineer Greg Wilkinson (High on Fire) and mastered at West West Side by Alan Douches with cover art by Marald Van Haasteren. Seven tracks of pure death metal. (Tank Crimes Records #120)

Descriptions for 9/4/2021

SCHOLASTIC DETH - Bookstore Core, 2000-2002 LP
Repress limited to 500 copies with red covers Repress limited to 500 copies with red covers: 200 on red vinyl, 300 on black vinyl. This LP collects all studio recordings by SCHOLASTIC DETH between 2000-2002, including the "Killed By School," "Revenge of the Nerds" and "Shackle Me Not" EPs, along with a grip of compilation and unreleased tracks. SCHOLASTIC DETH were fast, bibliographic thrashcore that celebrated books, concrete and the spirit of HERESY. 39 songs, remastered, with updated liner notes, gatefold insert with photo collage and download card. (625 Productions #263)

ABIGAIL - Grotesque Nightmare tape cassette
"Grotesque Nightmare" is a limited edition tape containing Abigail's very early rehearsal and live recordings from 1992. They were hardly adults back then and black metal was still dangerous and totally unknown to the world, especially in Tokyo Japan. This is a historical document from a time and place that doesn't exist anymore. (Nuclear War Now Records #574 TP)

A storm from the east threatens to burst the united efforts of the Western Confederacy. In silent half crescent formation, Little Turtle and Blue Jacket command their military forces to the greatest indigenous victory in history! (Nuclear War Now Records #572)

The power and efficacy of pure, authentic speed metal is a rare phenomenon in the history of modern music. It is easily recognized, brutally effective, and rarely replicated. With this in mind, NWN! Productions is duty-bound to rerelease the classic METAL DEADNESS split from Dutch speed maniacs SECOND HELL and SKULL CRUSHER. Originally released on Killer Elite records in 1986, METAL DEADNESS documents two of the earliest extreme metal groups from the Netherlands on one LP. SECOND HELL occupies the first side with their faster-than-fast brand of evil speed metal that defies rigid genre categorization. Conceived in this golden age of extreme musical expression, SECOND HELL bulldozes its audience with a reckless abandon on par with early SODOM or DESTRUCTION. SKULL CRUSHER fulfills the high bar set by the first side with a quadrant of erudite European speed cantos. In the tradition of early iconoclasts RUNNING WILD and VENOM, SKULL CRUSHER takes the language of classic heavy metal and translates it into a dialect endemic to the cultural zeitgeist of 80s extreme art. METAL DEADNESS is a primary source of cult 80s deathrash. Its relative obscurity may be due to the fact that it was originally supposed to be a four-way split featuring the mighty THANATOS and ANGEL DUST (later known as ASGARD). Despite its long-standing status as a purely underground endeavor, the vinyl edition of METAL DEADNESS finally establishes these two groups' rightfully earned recognition in the history of black speed metal. (Nuclear War Now Records #160)

ANTEDILUVIAN - The Divine Punishment CD
Nearly eight years after the release of Antediluvian's sophomore album, "_____," the band returns with a new full-length entitled "The Divine Punishment." Originally a duo before later inviting additional members into the fold, Antediluvian has always fundamentally been a collaboration between guitarist/vocalist Haasiophis (Black Death Cult, Revenge) and percussionist Mars Sekhmet, whose relocation to Austria precipitated the band's hiatus. After reforming for a series of live performances, with a lineup that also featured bassist Aedh Zugna (Solar Winds, Allfather), the band set about writing and recording new material culminating in this monumental album. "The Divine Punishment" defies the preconceptions that many listeners might have going into it. Thematically centered around the many manifestations of carnal deviance-pathological, unrestrained, cruel-the album is a contorted rendering of the spirit, once pure, blemished and bespoiled through sexual blasphemy. The recoil of ecstatic release. The organs of reproductive union mutilated, splayed. Unbounded perversion, the primal transgression. Musically, this is the most abstract and experimental release in the band's catalog but also the most accessible, due in no small part to the album's production, which is as vital to its power as the songs themselves. The densely layered tracks are masterfully woven together, accentuating the composition rather than muddling it. Constructed from the blurry discordance of Haasiophis's riffs, idiosyncratic elements permeate the album. Penetrating and unyielding and knotted with passages of spiraling repetition, "The Divine Punishment" is a work that is darkly kaleidoscopic, with strategically placed effects, synths, samples, and even violin accentuating its multidimensional impact. The roiling chaos of Mars's tom-laden drumming and the pummeling, daedal fury of Aedh's bass lines undergird the composition, anchoring yet also contributing to the discord. "The Divine Punishment" is not merely a return to form for Antediluvian, it reflects the band's evolution from their inception, extrapolated, over the near-decade since their last album, to reveal a meticulously sculpted masterwork that continues to push boundaries, just as the band has done for the last 15 years. (Nuclear War Now #529 CD)

ZIG ZAG - It Gets Worse 7"
After a well received demo, ZIG ZAG has been making waves at shows around America as well as their home ground of South Florida. Playing punk hardcore that is as akin to Germs and Blatz on "Gets Worse", Zig Zag showcases their sassy, sardonic take on the genre. Ranging from short and speedy hardcore bursts to mid tempo punk masterpieces, their newest release has all in store. All songs are dedicated to the loving memory of their deceased guitarist, Austin, whose final recordings are on this release. 500 made. (11 PM Records #13)

REEK MINDS - Rabid 7"
As the dust finally settles on their debut 7 inch on EDGER records, REEK MINDS returns with a record that is equally punishing as it is breakneck. With speed clocking in over 120 MPH, "Rabid"holds the current land speed record for Portland, if not the rest of the west coast, with little competition in their way. With influences such as Siege, Poison Idea, No Comment and early Die Kruzen; Reek Minds takes traditional 80's USHC influences and combines them with west-coast power violence influences. Hotter-than-hot, these seven tracks usher in 2021 with fire and fury that only this band can. Limited to 500 records with 100 on coke bottle clear, get it before it's gone. (11 PM records #12)

ZORN - Hardcore Zorn 7"
Sorry State is proud to present the latest 4-track EP from Philadelphia's Zorn! 500 copies on black vinyl. Includes pocket sleeve and a die-cut sticker. (Sorry State Records #99)

Fashion Pimps And The Glamazons. A new Cleveland rock group, cut from the same musical DNA that has spawned wonders like Folded Shirt, Cloud Nothings, Donkey Bugs, and countless others. It's fashion. Angular. Punk. Richard Glamazon's tortured, warbly guitar refuses to talk in power chords, stringing notes around high powered synth blasts from Noah A (Profligate). Steve Chainsaw anchors the low end while espousing freaky plans and twisted dreams through hypnotic, layered vocals. Jayson G lays into the drums like only a true Fashion Pimp can. The Glamazons prove to be immaculately tight, driving their amplified Rust Belt experience into the ether. Jazz 4 Johnny holds court with Ubus and X_Xs past, yet the sound isn't quite Terminal, Drome, or even's the future, baby! Have you met Fashion Pimps And The Glamazons yet? Jazz 4 Johnny comes packaged in a full color gatefold jacket designed by Professor B. Gaff, with a tiny download code hiding inside. (Feel It Records #60)

STREET THREAT - Us Against The World LP
Coming out of Carson, Ca. Los Angeles street punk. First debut album out now on Orange Crush color vinyl. Playing from backyards to venues like the Roxy, the Whiskey and more. Influences like Ramones, Sex Pistols, GG Allin, GBH and lots of street punk. (After Dark Records #6)

ANATOMIA - Corporeal Torment LP
By now, ANATOMIA should require little introduction. For nearly 20 years, this Japanese cult have explored the darkest and most deranged ends of the death-doom spectrum. Theirs is a sound that's intrinsically tied to tradition yet evinces a wealth of weirdness, making their sound both classic and challenging in equal measure. And while their countless split recordings are beloved by the band's ever-growing legions of fans, it is ANATOMIA's full-lengths where they truly dive into the deep end, exploring subterranean expanses of the subconscious and sound itself, making each of their three judiciously-spaced-apart albums unique experiences unto themselves. The same can be said for ANATOMIA's long-awaited fourth album, Corporeal Torment. Although it's been merely four years since the critically acclaimed Cranial Obsession - that span of time rather quick between ANATOMIA albums - Corporeal Torment offers a more concise and daresay "energetic" counterpart to its epically mammoth predecessor. Then again, with tempos rarely kicking above a sludgy gallop as set forth by early heroes Autopsy, it's not long before second track "Slime of Putrescence" drags the listener well and truly into the void of nulled-senses atmospherics. Indeed, ANATOMIA's grasp of mesmerizing mood and dynamics they so masterfully displayed across the aforementioned predecessor is flexed even more fully on Corporeal Torment: more extremes between crushing and quiet, BPMs often dialed back into the negatives, and reverberating textures that occasionally recall musique concrète. In fact, the slipstream of energy into inertia as the album throbs onward becomes a vortex that's nigh impossible to escape...but perhaps that was never an option when one steps into ANATOMIA's claustrophobic cocoon of death-doom. No hyperbole and no hope, Corporeal Torment is punctuation to the end. (Me Saco Un Ojo Records #131)

DIABOLIZER - Khalkedonian Death LP
Turkey may seem an unlikely land for Death Metal of supreme quality to hail from (at least for those who are not yet aware of its brooding underground scene), yet it is home to many of the finest acts of the genre historically and currently. One of these heavyweights are DIABOLIZER whom have returned from the depths to follow their 2016 EP with a debut full length. Blisteringly heavy from the very onset with a ruthless set of tight guitar work, technical yet old school atop a mountainous array of blasting drum work with such ferocity that all temples will shake in the sonic fury of DIABOLIZER. The rupturing vitriol of the vocals is equally daunting with the full band delivering such a precise and extreme example of Turkish Death Metal that happily lives up to the legacies of the scene, unsurprisingly as the whole band features in a plethora of other superb bands too. (Me Saco Un Ojo Records #135)

SEPTAGE - Septisk Eradikasyon 7"
It was but October of 2020 when SEPTAGE burst forth from the filthiest sewers of current death metal hotbed Copenhagen. Featuring members of Taphos and Hyperdontia, SEPTAGE instead dwelled deeply within sewage and gore on their aptly titled Septic Decadence debut, exhibiting a sound that reverentially nods to early Carcass as well as the contemporaneous Finnish death metal scene such records as Reek of Putrefaction and especially Symphonies of Sickness so inspired. Proving that EP was no fluke, SEPTAGE arrive less than a year later with yet another quick-hitting slab of exquisite putrefaction, Septisk Eradikasyon. While by no means merely repeating themselves, the power-trio here prop up the same sickly sound of that celebrated predecessor - slime and grime doled out with shockingly clear-headed execution, allowing the content to drench the listener in physical/metaphysical grossness rather than simply the form alone. Lumber under no assumption, however, that there's anything remotely "clean" about SEPTAGE in general and Septisk Eradikayson in particular; if anything, the band's more berserk in that execution here, allowing red-eyed chaos to enter into the filthy fray. Likewise, one could nearly qualify these four knife-cuts as "catchy," but perhaps that's down to SEPTAGE's sharpened songwriting chops, where riffs are flowing freely and it all just sounds so effortless. And once again, this shock & awe attack's over and done with in a mere 12 minutes... (Me Saco Un Ojo Records #139)

UNDERGANG - Til Doden Os Skiller LP
Second album from Kill-Town sewer creeps Undergang. (De)Composed and recorded only a year after the band's debut album, "Til Døden Os Skiller" continues the path of disgusting, festering and slimy heaviness the band showcased from the first. (Me Saco Un Ojo Records #91)

FACELESS BURIAL - Multiversal Abattoir LP
Striking while the iron's hot, Multiversal Abattoir follows close on the heels of FACELESS BURIAL's debut album, Grotesque Miscreation, at the beginning of 2018. Here, the Australian power-trio simply sharpen their blades, possessing unimaginable death metal might. Theirs is an unremittingly dark and dexterous sound which draws in a variety of death metal traditions: the gooey grind of early '90s Finland, the spiralling surge of classic Tampa, the bazooka-blown fury of old Brazil, the atonal angularity ushered in by Immolation, and the cacophonous caverns traveled by Incantation. (Me Saco Un Ojo Records #98)

GALVANIZER - Prying Sight Of Imperception LP
Hailing from the death metal hotbed that is Finland, GALVANIZER emerged in 2013. Their 2018 debut full-length, Sanguine Vigil, stormed the scene and earned the band a huge amount of respect in the underground with their violent brand of grinding death metal. Now its follow-up is to be unveiled to the world. Titled Prying Sight of Imperception, this record does not approach with shyness or reserve; rather, it jumps into a riveting cascade of rotten guitars and pummeled drums that pulverize you as the maniacally snarled vocals spew forth. Its beginning should grab any death metal fan who takes the genre seriously with its primal artillery or pure carnage. Taking the core of thrashing instrumentals and barbaric grooves to the logical conclusion, a swamp of pure & filthy death metal ecstasy, there is no turning back once you hear GALVANIZER. Once they cave your skull in with their sonic savagery, you will not need convincing to become a part of the odious mass of fans blasting their rotten hymns of devastating death. Prying Sight of Imperception is a cut of ferocity that knows no remorse, hammering bestial barbarity to corpse-splitting effect. From the tormenting heaviness of the drums to the unending riff-fest and certainly not forgetting the malignant vocals, GALVANIZER's latest offering is a storm of hellish intensity that gets in, rips you apart, and leaves without having time to offer so much as a single weak riff. The cemetery gates have opened...venture in and join the zombified metal mania with GALVANIZER's Prying Sight of Imperception! (Me Saco Un Ojo Records #136)

GOREPHILIA - In the Eye of Nothing LP
Although initially going under the moniker Goretexx, since the latter part of 2007, Finland's GOREPHILIA have been crafting a classically minded canon of death metal might. Two demos under this more-fitting moniker followed in 2008 and 2011, but it was 2011's Ascend to Chaos mini-album where the GOREPHILIA legend truly took flight. Surely, their country of origin signaled some of their aesthetic - names such as Demigod, Convulse, and Adramalech rang true - but even this early on, subtle twists of their own identity crept in. Those would fully blossom the next year with the debut album, Embodiment of Death. Aptly titled, this first full-length ranged beyond Finland to the rich history of '90s death metal on both side of the Atlantic, again with an even more pronounced identity: swampy yet clear-headed, exceptionally tight but never sterile, and above all, mind-mangling songwriting that somehow sticks in your head. It would take another five years before GOREPHILIA would deliver their next album. When it at last arrived, in early 2017, it was very much worth the wait. Graced with literally electrifying cover art, Severed Monolith matched it musically, showing even-more-twisted prowess in the songwriting department, here largely handled by founding guitarist Jukka. This second album also saw the arrival of prolific drummer Kauko Kuusisalo and second guitarist Pauli Gurko. GOREPHILIA were truly a well-oiled machine at this point. While no doubt still reeling from the tragic loss of founding vocalist Henu - GOREPHILIA soldiered on, undaunted, and now return with their long-awaited third album, In the Eye of Nothing. With Jukka now also handling vocals, the four-piece GOREPHILIA exhibit a newfound sense of slithering finesse, that swampiness of old expounded upon with startling effect. Right from the very beginning, with ominous opener "Walls of Weeping Eyes," the band exhibit a throttling energy no matter the tempo; each moment, every mesmerizing 'n' martial riff, is parceled out with precision, in place exactly where it needs to be and thoroughly maximized to its fullest effect. Which is all to say that the songwriting across In the Eye of Nothing has hit a fever pitch of perfection, channeling the diabolical fervor of early Morbid Angel with the strident command they'd exhibit as the '90s progressed, but obviously with the cosmic horror GOREPHILIA have been characteristically exhibiting all these years. In fact, one could point to a telltale track like "Ouroboran Labyrinth" for both a visual and sonic embodiment of the dread landscapes the quartet so effortlessly construct. Or, peer deeply into haunting cover art courtesy of Raúl Gonz*lez...inescapable immersion awaits In the Eye of Nothing. (Me Saco Un Ojo Records #132)

Descriptions for 8/28/2021

BLACK CRUCIFIXION - The Fallen One of Flames/Satanic Zeitgeist LP
Finnish legends BLACK CRUCIFIXION return to the temporal realm with the reissue of THE FALLEN ONE OF FLAMES/SATANIC ZEITGEIST. Active in the legendary early 90s Finnish black metal scene, BLACK CRUCIFIXION shares many of the hallmarks of their Northern peers while establishing a distinct manifestation of their own black death art. A sinister atmosphere breathes through these arcane recordings, coupling plodding and torturous doom with disgusting bestial Satanic worship. Whispered vocals provide a truly unnerving aura with few parallels in black metal beyond their allies BEHERIT. These two cults share more than just an aesthetic sensibility, as these recordings feature SADOMATIC SLAUGHTER on drums. THE FALLEN ONE OF FLAMES demo is a stunning example of the irreplicable black magic conjured during the era in which it was recorded. SATANIC ZEITGEIST documents a live performance in Oulo in 1991, pairing their raw hymns with two covers of VENOM and SARCOFAGO. The lineage from these early gods to the era of BLACK CRUCIFIXION is clear to see, and they prove themselves to be more than worthy heirs to this canonized lineage. Requisite listening to those who worship BEHERIT, BARATHRUM, and all Northern cults who coat the mind in darkness. This is the first time these two recordings have been released together on one vinyl record. Comes on 180 gram heavy vinyl in a gatefold sleeve with an A4 booklet featuring liner notes, rare photos, and a gig flyer. (Nuclear War Now Records #568)

Hailing from what could arguably be called one of the epicenters of great modern punk music, Austin's MUJERES PODRIDAS have broken their studio silence of a few years to deliver an absolute monster of a debut 12" slab. Considering the personnel in question here have served time in groups like CRIATURAS, VAASKA, KURRAKA in addition to already churning out two excellent releases in this current project, it comes as no surprise that "MUERTE EN PARAÍSO" exhibits 11 tracks of punk perfection with tight musicianship that can hold its own before being catapulted even further via the unmatched vocal delivery of Dru Molina, frantically spewing vitriolic acid in the Spanish language. Recorded at Deep Space 3 on Halloween of 2020 and mastered by Dan Randall at Mammoth Sound Mastering, each record comes in a glossy jacket adorned with stunning full color art and a fold out 11"x17" insert, both of which were designed by the bands own Phil Gonzalez. (Beach Impediment #53)

(repress) WARTHOG - s/t 7"
Back in stock and recut just in time for the 5th anniversary of this hardcore shocker dropping! NYC hardcore punks WARTHOG return with what could possibly be their best recorded output yet. It's been a couple years since their EP's on Katorga Works and Iron Lung Records were unleashed upon us all and in that time the members of the Hog have perfected their particular formula and have finally delivered four more tracks of pounding hardcore savagery that stands out ten fold from most of the bullshit that fans of the genre are bombarded with on a regular basis. Are you a functioning human in a functioning world? Each record comes in a glue pocket sleeve along with a two color risograph printed insert. Limited transparent blue vinyl! (Beach Impediment #24)

Descriptions for 8/21/2021

SARCOFAGUS - Envoy of Death LP
Although Britain is rightfully credited for the historic effect that its heavy metal scene of the late 1970s and early 1980s had on the genre as a whole, the significance of a scene that was developing at the same time to its northeast should not be overlooked. In Sweden, for example, bands like Heavy Load, Gotham City, and Mercy were beginning to establish themselves. Similarly, in Sweden's neighbor to the east, a group named Sarcofagus emerged as Finland's first heavy metal band under the primary direction of Kimmo Kuusniemi. Sarcofagus first released the "Go to Hell / All Those Lies" single in 1979, and then quickly released its first two albums in 1980, the very same year in which Iron Maiden released its self-titled debut. The first of these recordings, "Cycle of Life," provided evidence of a talented group that was on the brink of fully defining itself. While it is a worthy accomplishment in its own right, "Cycle of Life" was to be overshadowed by its imminent successor, "Envoy of Death." Over the span of its first three recordings, Sarcofagus underwent a few lineup changes, which culminated in the quintet of Kuusniemi (guitars), Juha Kiminki (bass), Ari-Pekka Roitto (drums), Esa Kotilainen (keyboards), and Hannu Leidén (vocals) on the second album. As a longtime fan of Sarcofagus, and "Envoy of Death" in particular, Nuclear War Now! is honored to reissue this masterpiece of pioneering Finnish heavy metal, which shall serve to remind us of our own black contracts, whose fulfillment awaits us at our pending demise. (Nuclear War Now Records #570)

Few locales on Earth are as integral to the development of black death metal than Brazil. A breeding ground of extreme 80s deathcore, the classic Brazilian bands arguably laid the groundwork for the second wave of black metal, and in doing so helped to introduce this infamous genre to the masses. GENOCIDIO, formed in 1986 in Sao Paolo, provide a textbook example of power and intensity that became synonymous with Brazilian black metal. THE GRAVE compiles their obscure 1988 EP with several bonus live tracks and demos. Maniacal speed and thematic mayhem are on display here, each track driven by the fury of pure psychic id. Parallels can be drawn to SEXTRASH, VULCANO, and SARCOFAGO, but GENOCIDIO manage to harness this brand of Brazilian chaos with exceptionally tight riffing and a penchant for heavy, guttural violence. Composed in an era before black and death metal became subjects of sectarian metal enmity, bands like GENOCIDIO managed to create their art from a truly fresh perspective that was untainted by external influence. These recordings belong to an important musical heritage whose influence reverberated throughout the globe, and can still be felt today. In a just world, this vinyl edition of THE GRAVE will finally endow this recording the worship it deserves. This edition comes in a gatefold jacket with a thick 36 page booklet. (Nuclear War Now Records #562)

Deep Tomb emerges from the depths of Los Angeles with their first self-titled album. Crushing sludge that will descent you into the abyss. Features members of Cave State, H.A.R.M., Violencia, and Bruce Campbell. (King of The Monsters Records #62)

GEL - Violent Closure 7"
It's short, fast, simple, and covered in a distorted haze, and Gel know exactly how to do this kind of thing. Sami's bark is loud and caustic but sneaks in just enough melody to get stuck in your head, and the band knows how to really groove without letting up on the sonic assault. In other words, it rips. 400 made. (Atomic Action Records #96)

WRONG WAR - Fixed Against Forever LP
Vinyl from one of Chicago's newest "old guy" bands featuring vocalist of CURRENT and CAVALRY. Heavy on the 80's side of hardcore specifically "Thanks" era Articles of Faith. RAZORBALDES AND ASPIRINS said "..passionate, beautiful, pissed off and is easily one of my favorite releases of the year". Colored vinyl. 300 made. (Atomic Action Records #97)

LYSOL - Soup for My Family LP (gatefold)
As we break free from the days spent at home, and as the vapid live streams begin to dwindle, the desire for a loud, fast, and loose rock'n'roll sound has never been greater. Well look no further folks, LYSOL are more than just a flammable aerosol cleaner, they're the sonic catalyst for destruction. A frequent fixture on the Seattle and Olympia scenes, Lysol have steadily made a name for themselves - not only through a stack of previous singles and demos, but as an exceptional live band. "Soup for My Family", the debut Lysol album, is exactly the moment we've all been waiting for. There's nothing held back in these eleven tracks, not an ounce of bullshit. It's a furious flurry of punk, hardcore, and garage rock. You can practically feel the calloused fingers that created these abrasive guitar licks and powerful rhythm pocket running right up against the most psycho, in-the-red vocals this side of Iggy or Teengenerate. A wailing sax (compliments of former Milk Music-ian Dave Harvey) sends "Soup for My Family" off into the cosmos - and if you can put yourself back together after that, the turntable may as well stay set at 45 so you can flip this sucker over and remember why you fell in love with rock'n'roll in the first place. "Soup for My Family" is packaged in a full color gatefold jacket adorned with the original artwork of Lysol's own Xtine Lundberg, plus lyric insert, download code, and hype sticker. (Feel It Records #58)

SPLLIT - Spllit Sides LP
Somewhere out there, a new sound known as Next Level Music exists. The hot and humid Amite River basin of Baton Rouge, Louisiana is the unlikely, albeit natural inflection point for such a sound - created by a duo with a driving penchant for originality, known as SPLLIT. The story of Spllit begins with a fun challenge of sorts: to write and record split sides of an album in under a day's time. Enter Urq and Marance, and their arsenal of odd-shaped guitars, synthesizers, glass and metal percussive gadgets, marimbas, and so-on. "Spllit Sides" slowly rises from a cacophony of tape splicing into clear and concrete Next Level Music. Like an acid tableaux vivant ~ a swirling sonic whirlwind of loose and odd time signatures come into play along with the occasional pop sensibility. Originality remains key in Spllit's formula, but let's establish some sonic kinship - maybe a Devolved, Deep South version of The Flying Lizards. Or a deep fried Eno sitting in with The Magic Band. This Heat from a place that's actually hot and has quietly housed eccentrics like The Zoomers for decades. Freaky shit from a fun(ky) new cloud. Spllit's first album features seven brand new cuts and a fresh coat of ether applied to their previous "Spllit Together" cassette, with a vibrant mastering job courtesy of Caufield Schnug (Sweeping Promises). Spllit Sides comes packaged in a 20pt. reverse board sleeve with full color insert and download code. (Feel It Records #59)

"Better Never Than Late" collects all the goods from that exciting time in the Motor City, including both the flyers advertising shows held in burnt-out warehouses to the photos from these sweat-soaked events, plus fanzines, clippings, and other assorted detritus. (Radio Raheem #BNTL)

ANTIDOTE - Thou Shalt Not Kill 7"
The LP also includes a 16-page, 12"x12" booklet containing photos, flyers and extensive liner notes by guitarist/founding member Robb "Nunzio" Ortiz, plus a reproduction of the band's original sticker design. (Radio Raheem Records #30)

DARE - Against All Odds CD/tape cassette
With a reputation established by such seminal bands as Adolescents and Uniform Choice decades ago, Orange County, CA, is known as a breeding ground for superb hardcore punk. Proving their appeal crosses over to several styles of heavy music, Dare has done treks with the likes of Terror and Creeping Death. With "Against All Odds" finally hitting stores, there's no question Dare are comfortable in their skin. (Revelation Records #186)

GATECREEPER - An Unexpected Reality LP
"An Unexpected Reality" is Gatecreeper like you've never heard them before. Exploring both ends of the tempo spectrum, this release offers two opposing sides of the band's musical personality. Engineered by Ryan Bram at Homewrecker Studios, mixed by Kurt Ballou at GodCity Studio, and mastered by Alan Douches at West West Side. LP includes digital download. (Closed Casket Records #84)

HAIL THE SUN - New Age Filth LP/CD
When Hail The Sun entered the studio to record what would become "New Age Filth," they knew they were setting out to make their most collaborative and diverse album yet. The ten songs on "New Age Filth" showcase the band's post-hardcore roots blended with elements of alternative and progressive rock, proving the band's ability to be extremely technical in instrumentation while also unleashing some of the catchiest hooks they've ever created. The lyrics center around the theme of reflection, weaving through painful and emotional experiences of love, cynicism, and touching on how awful humans can be to one another. Now available on colored vinyl. (Equal Vision Records #443)

Descriptions for 8/14/2021

Gatefold jacket and A2 poster. Mystifier's status as one of the most celebrated and respected black metal bands ever to have risen from the Brazilian underground is unchallenged. The band's recorded works extend back over thirty years to 1989, when the "Tormenting the Holy Trinity" demo was released. During the course of the ensuing four years, Mystifier recorded and released the "T.E.A.R. (The Evil Ascension Returns)" EP, the "Aleister Crowley" demo, and its first two full-lengths, "Wicca" and "Göetia." Each of these recordings documents the incremental steps that the band undertook in developing the infernal sound that it eventually perfected with the release of its second album. In reissuing these seminal recordings on all conventional formats, Nuclear War Now! is honored to resume the unholy alliance with Mystifier that was first established in 2008 with the release of the "Baphometic Goat Worship" vinyl box set. Commencing with the release of "Wicca," this new campaign of Mystifier reissues, to which the copyrights have been secured by NWN!, promises to keep these essential recordings available indefinitely. (Nuclear War Now Records #543)

Tecumseh's War returns under the banner of Nuclear War Now! Behind the bloodshed and chaos wrought by the might of the aggressors, a single man brings forth an unprecedented plan to defend native land not just for one nation, but for all. Tecumseh's War presents the events leading to his death-the influence of Tenskwatawa, the British alliance and, most importantly, the formation of the largest native Confederacy in modern memory. Eight tracks of woodlands warfare in the name of sovereignty! IN SOLIDARITY, IN WAR! LONG LIVE TECUMSEH! (Nuclear War Now Records #559)

CHAIN CULT - We're Not Alone 7"
Once the sadness of their 2020 canceled American tour was gone, Chain Cult went back to the practice space to write new songs, it was a perfect way to keep finding meaning in a world at a standstill. They are back stronger than ever with two new raging post-punk anthems, they're bringing exactly what we need in these troubled times. These two songs give us elements for reflection on our lives, a good occasion to think about what we miss and what we want for the future. "We're not Alone" and "Always a mess" show the band at its best. The very powerful rhythm section allows the guitarist to play the most beautiful and dark melodies and the singer to chant the catchy choruses that Chain Cult is known for. During uncertain times, it is good to be surrounded by people you trust to continue moving forward ; in this spirit Chain Cult has kept the same recipe as for their previous records. No one can say what the future holds and we can't act like this is normal but always shall we remember that we're not alone in this world. (La Vida Es Un Mus #245)

SIAL - Zaman Edan 7"
Singapore SIAL return with two songs of bleak mechanised feedback laden punk. This time around their sound is moving from their usual abrasive hardcore to a more HAWKWIND-CRESS influenced setting the tone for a more psychedelic conceptual piece. Zaman Edan was written during a period when the world was under severe anxiety and uncertainty. The 2 songs tells stories about the real meaning of life. A life running low of dopamine, setting the tone for a bleak and experimental approach whilst writing this record, built up from a very percussive foundation. The dark synth laden ambience sucking in the empty space that surrounds the blistering guitar and bass, like a vacuum, voiding existence. Siti's screeching vocals approaches death, not as a cry for help but as a fatalistic prose to justify means of sacrifice in the struggle against segregation and bondage. Side A and B features one song each, which translates to "You are born to fight" and "You are born to die". "Zaman Edan" itself means Age of Craziness or Mad Times in English. To put it simply, this record is about all the broken promises that the state made towards minority voices, and continues to make in this perpetual Zaman Edan." The artwork of the single was once again done by drummer Izzad Radzali Shah perfectly matching image and sound. (La Vida Es Un Mus #236)

DESTRUCTORS - Electronic Church 7"
Four classic Destructors tracks recorded in 1982! Remixed & remastered from the original 8 track. Electronic Church, Bullshit, AK47, Northern Ripper. $5 (Distort Reality Records #57)

WAERLOGA - Liar/Enemy 7"
Underneath a shroud of mystery and cryptic devilry, US anonymous horde Waerloga enigmatically discloses its debut release, a two-track tome of misanthropic melodic black metal with a genuinely enthralling gist for intricate songwriting and fiery momentum. Through a sound and vision shaped under the spirit of the old North European tradition, Waerloga succeed in conveying an aural pallet rather uncommon these days, freezing cold melodicism with an aptly eerie otherworldly production and symphonic overtones that categorically provide this work with a special charm and charisma. Topped by sublime riffing, inhuman vocals and an incredibly tasteful rhythmic pulse, the US entity crafts little more than 10 minutes of genuinely mesmerizing audial emanations which shall engulf and overwhelm the listener as in a glacial winter storm. FFO early Gehenna (NOR), Emperor. (King of The Monsters Records #62)

Originally released in 2006 on Eternal Warfar e Records, Boreal's "The Battle of VOSAD" has been completely rerecorded and re-imagined for the new decade, as a higher-fidelity, conscious-expanding immersive album of hallucinatory raw cosmic black metal. On 180 gram red vinyl in a limitation of 300 copies. (King of The Monsters Records #61)

UNRUH - Tomb LPx3 discography box set
Within the half decade of their existence, UNRUH churned out a respectable arsenal of recorded works, including several demos, two LPs through King Of The Monsters and Pessimiser, several split releases and EPs, notable compilation inclusions and more, all of which are now being collectively re-released in a 3-LP box set, Tomb. The massive package will include the Misery Strengthened Faith and Setting Fire To Sinking Ships LP's as well as an entire third platter of B-Sides, amassing the two demos, the band's splits with Enewetak and Creation Is Crucifixion, the Friendly Fire EP and their material from the Seven Deadly Sins and Cry Now, Cry Later compilations. LP1 = Misery Strengthened Faith LP. LP2 = Setting Fire To Sinking Ships LP. LP3 = Singles & EP's (collects 7"s, splits, demos and comp tracks) (King of The Monsters Records #50)

DROPDEAD - Live AS220 on 11/03/20 tape cassette
26 tracks recorded live at AS220 on 11/03/20 for Butler Fest livestream benefit. This cassette is also a benefit for Ryan Butler (Unruh/Landmine Marathon) for his continued health costs and rehabilitation. (King of The Monsters Records #50D)

THE RIVAL MOB - Mob Justice LP picture disc
New pressing now available as a vinyl picture disc and limited to 600 copies. Drawn up by some of the most unsavory souls in the Boston, MA, underground and reinforced by members who have done time in infamous area bands like Mind Eraser, Righteous Jams, Mental, XFilesX and many others, The Rival Mob became the darlings of the hardcore scene. The band's Revelation Records debut picked up right where their previous EP, "Hardcore For Hardcore," left off, with vocalist Brendan Radigan spewing venom at the ills that plague both the outside world and the scene itself, all delivered over fast, stage dive-inspiring hardcore that brings to mind the best of mid-to-late '80s New York hardcore bands like Youth Of Today, Warzone, and Breakdown. (Revelation Records #149)

(restock) ANXIETY - Trash Baby 7"
BOSTON STRANGLER RECORDS and FUN WITH SMACK are proud to present the latest achievement in callous and uncompromising stupidity... The shocking and most likely unwelcome return of Boston's fuckin one and only ANXIETY!!!!!!!!! After a near-decade long absence from the public eye ANXIETY returns to the spotlight with their nastiest, meanest, and best tracks yet. Fans of the band's previous "Pathetic" 12" on Social Napalm will not be disappointed. For the uninitiated, Anxiety features members of BOSTON STRANGLER, SCAPEGOAT, PEACEBREAKERS, KOWARD, and PUBLIC TRUST doing what made them famous... menacing and intense punk with the unmistakable classic Boston Hardcore sound... "Trash Baby" takes it a step further, making things weirder, less safe, and a lot less kid-friendly than the current state of punk can handle. Love it or hate it, ANXIETY don't care. One-time pressing of 350 copies. (Fun With Smack/Boston Strangler #4)

(restock) BOSTON STRANGLER - Outcast LP
The band's long out of print 2010 demo tape finally gets the superior vinyl treatment. contains all five tracks and the previously unheard alt version of outcast as a bonus. widely considered a "modern classic" since day one, this is Boston Hardcore in it's purest, most perfectly executed form. Mastered for vinyl by Carl Saff and dumped onto a one-sided 45 RPM 12", the outcast demo has never sounded this good. Boston Strangler shares members with WASTE MANAGEMENT, PEACEBREAKERS, SCAPEGOAT, BATTLE RUINS, RIVAL MOB, and AGGRESSION PACT. (Boston Strangler Records #2)

Descriptions for 8/7/2021

SATANCHIST - Drtici Kacirskych Pohlavi LP
Among the more curious entries in the annals of underground Czech black metal obscurities is Satanchist. Czech extreme metal from the late '80s and early '90s always had an elusive, indescribable character; prominent bands like Root, Master's Hammer, and Torr produced a body of work that avoided adherence to formula. Though unknown compared with the aforementioned bands, Satanchist left an eccentric mark of their own. Formed in 1989-the same year that Communist Czechoslovakia dissolved amid the so-called "Velvet Revolution," giving rise to the Czech Republic-Satanchist began as a duo playing blackened grind metal. After the demo came out, Satanchist played a handful of local shows before disbanding, and the remarkable demo recording remained largely lost to the decaying processes of memory and time. It's time to revisit and reevaluate this excellent recording, and this reissue from NWN! will hopefully deliver it to a broader audience and solidify Satanchist's legacy. (Nuclear War Now Records #548)

MYSTIFIER - Aleister Crowley LP
Mystifier's status as one of the most celebrated and respected black metal bands ever to have risen from the Brazilian underground is unchallenged. The band's recorded works extend back over thirty years to 1989, when the "Tormenting the Holy Trinity" demo was released. During the course of the ensuing four years, Mystifier recorded and released the "T.E.A.R. (The Evil Ascension Returns)" EP, the "Aleister Crowley" demo, and its first two full-lengths, "Wicca" and "Göetia." Each of these recordings documents the incremental steps that the band undertook in developing the infernal sound that it eventually perfected with the release of its second album. In reissuing these seminal recordings on all conventional formats, Nuclear War Now! is honored to resume the unholy alliance with Mystifier that was first established in 2008 with the release of the "Baphometic Goat Worship" vinyl box set. Commencing with the CD release of "Wicca," this new campaign of Mystifier reissues, to which the copyrights have been secured by NWN!, promises to keep these essential recordings available indefinitely. (Nuclear War Now Records #547)

IXTLAHUAC - Teyacanilitztli Nahualli LP
IXTLAHUAC emerged in 2018 from San Leandro, CA and Medellin, Colombia. After two exceptionally refined demos, TEYACANILITZTLI NAHUALLI is the most recent offering from this grim alliance. Drawing on influences of classic black and death metal, IXTLAHUAC establishes their own unique handle of the genre with grandiose and sweeping song structures, unorthodox instrumentation, and forlorn guitar meditations that all serve to brace the overwhelming power of this full-length offering. Tension runs deep here, with each track offering a tightly composed series of movements that suggest a dramaturgical vision from their creators. A suffocating atmosphere sets the tone, with raw analog recording that brings to mind the best of the LLN hordes. Lyrically, TEYACANILITZTLI NAHUALLI (which translates to "Sorcerer Guide") draws on obscure Mesoamerican codices known as Amoxtli. These codices, written in the 14th, 15th and 16th centuries, detail the histories of indigenous pre-colonial life in Mesoamerica. With a focus on the cosmogenic worship of deities such as Huitzilopochtli, the star-bound patron of war, an occult current breathes beneath the surface of IXTLAHUAC's cryptic poetry. War, sacrifice and ritual operate in equal measure, from a time where the power of the Tlamacazqui (the ritual priest) held violent sway. A modern mind occludes the mysteries of this ancient society of ritual war. IXTLAHUAC guides us through its arcane labyrinth. A truly stand-out expression of high-altitude meditation and pure, rotten evil, TEYACANILITZTLI NAHUALLI will certainly be regarded as a classic in the tradition of black metal art. An ode to the ritual power of war for those willing to take the risk. (Nuclear War Now Records #560)

(repress) XIBALBA - Ah Dzam Poop Ek LPx2
Originally released in 1994 on the legendary Guttural Records label, "Ah Dzam Poop Ek" is the debut album from Mexican black metal pioneers, Xibalba Itzaes. Formed in 1992 by two brothers in Mexico City, the band was originally called Xibalba, named after the Mayan underworld, where the gods of death dwell. Having sought out and studied heavy music since they were kids, the emergence of black metal in the late-1980s and early 1990s provided a catalyst for them to begin recording serious music of their own. Having witnessed the stagnation of death and thrash metal, "black metal was an injection of vitality into a music scene that was literally dead," according to guitarist/vocalist Marco Ek Balam. Inspired by Quorthon's veneration of his Viking ancestors, Xibalba turned to Mayan lore - especially the foretelling of civilization's doom - for the concepts and aesthetics undergirding the project. The band's poetic lyrical content, mostly written in Latin or English, is extraordinary, evincing a linguistic sophistication that distinguished Xibalba from many of their peers. Musically, too, Xibalba defy easy comparison. Though certainly heavily influenced by Bathory, Celtic Frost and Darkthrone, among others, Xibalba's sound was unlike any of their contemporaries. The use of traditional Mexican instruments and the inclusion of two long ritualistic, trance-inducing instrumental tracks - particularly the 8 minute and 40 second "Bolontiku Vahom" - are traits that set Xibalba apart. However, even beyond those obvious distinctions, unconventional riffs abound on "Ah Dzam Poop Ek." A seething, atavistic fury permeates the album, woven into its complex melodies and unpredictable song-structures. Out of print since 2007, this long-awaited reissue of Xibalba's seminal album features an updated layout with a bronze foil-stamped jacket and new cover art. (Nuclear War Now Records #62)

(repress) XIBALBA - Ancients LP
While NWN! has immense respect for and was highly influenced by much of the Black Metal output of the 1990's, very little of it still retains as much of its original allure as that created by Mexico's earliest masters, Xibalba. Those who are familiar with their only album, "Ah Dzam Poop Ek", originally released by the infamous Guttural Records in 1994, already know what to expect. This is Black Metal distilled to its most primitive essence. "Ancients" features the 1992 "In Lucescitae Tristis Hiei" demo as well as a rehearsal recording from 1994. While drawing their musical inspiration from the same sources as the Norwegian Black Metal pioneers of the early 1990's (Bathory, Hellhammer, Sodom, etc.), Xibalba turned toward the ancient traditional Mayan culture for guidance in their rejection of the Catholic plague infesting Mexico. The result is Raw Black Metal perfection similar in some ways to their contemporaries, but still distinctively Xibalba. While technically simple, Xibalba focus on chord progressions so distinctive and clear that the listener is instantly captivated. Rather than overdrive the recording with heavy distortion and a blown-out mix, the instruments are all clear and crisp thus allowing the chords and notes to blend seamlessly to produce a lush and pure and, at times, epic sound not dissimilar to Darkthrone. Furthermore, Xibalba rely heavily on rudimentary heavy rock riffs that keep the music firmly grounded in the metal traditions that originally spawned the Black Metal movement. The vocals, however, often delivered in the tongue of their Mayan ancestors, evoke a sinister hostility that summons the valiant warrior spirit of the ancients to avenge the deaths of the majestic ancient cultures at the hands of the puny and wretched christian vermin that spread through the land leaving behind their legions of weak-minded sheep. (Nuclear War Now Records #63)

(repress) ANTICHRIST - Sacrament of Blood LP
In 1994, ANTICHRIST summoned its first and only recording. Consisting of 11 tracks of blasphemic annihilation, the "Sacrament of Blood" session epitomizes the horrific and unholy nature of the Ross Bay cult. Chaotic and impure and driven by uncontrollable bestial voices, ANTICHRIST unleashed some of the vilest and Black Metal North America has produced. Until 2011, however, few souls have had the extreme misfortune of being subjected to this depraved onslaught because the members of ANTICHRIST went their separate ways shortly after these tracks were committed to DAT. Years later, with the support of Blasphemy's Deathlord, Goat Fucker and Rotting Corpse exhumed the original DAT tapes and prepared them for their first official release. (Nuclear War Now Records #193)

(restock) SLANT - Volume 1 LP
Street Date Feburary 26th. SLANT are back with 17 minutes of pure bristling rage. Corrosive hardcore music for the pit AND the pendulum recalling the stomping catchy vibes of recent luminaries like BOSTON STRANGLER or VIOLENT REACTION but channeling back to previous 80s hitters in the YOUTH OF TODAY/MINOR THREAT vein too. All with an absolutely visceral feminine, ahem... slant to it. Ha, I couldn't resist that one. This band is a shining light in the South Korean scene and is anxious to get out in the world once the world happens again. We can't wait for you to see that. 400 copies of 150gr vinyl housed in a 24pt reverse board jacket with insert and download card inside. Recorded by Tits Belair. Mastered by Will Killingsworth. Photography by Kenta & Big Chang. (Iron Lung Records #174)

GAMEFACE - Three To Get Ready LP (25th Anniversary Edition)
Remastered 25th anniversary edition with bonus tracks and gatefold jacket full of photos from the 1995-96 tours. In 1995, struggling to recover from the tragic death of original drummer, southern California's GAMEFACE created their most beloved album, solidifying a place in the underground music scene. With heart-on-sleeve lyrics and infectious melodies, 'Three To Get Ready' connected with fans on an emotional level, crossing genres from pop punk to emo to rock and remains a mid-90s classic. This long out of print LP is back as a remastered, expanded 25th anniversary edition - including the b-sides from their 'June' 7" plus an alternate recording of 'Time After Time' featuring a very young and less famous Gwen Stefani on backing vocals - all in newly updated gatefold packaging. For fans of DESCENDENTS, JAWBREAKER, SAVES THE DAY, SUPERCHUNK, ETC... (Dr. Strange Records #38)

SLUTET - Bortom Vansinnets Grepp LP
4th album from dark and heay crust/d-beat band from Sweden including Warcollapse and Exploatör members. From Ashes Rise/Tragedy style but with traditional scandinavian hardcore feelings. (Phobia Records #196)

Noise d-takt to the bone. Current EU d-takt leaders from Macedonia and Berlin (thats in Germany .. hehe). EU version. (Phobia Records #174)

LAST AGONY - s/t 7"
Debut vinyl release from Toronto's raw punk/d-beat finest incl. Absolut/IDNS members. Four tracks 7"EP of pure evil noisy attack. (Phobia Records #189)

Ex-Honnör SS, classic scandinavian d-beat/raw punk vs. d-takt veterans from Sweden. Ex-Svart Parad, Dissober, Dom Där. (Phobia Records #204)

END RESULT - Hellfire 7"
New recordings from Los Angeles based d-beat/hardcore band. For fans of D-Clone, Gloom or Discharge. Mangel crasher crusters !!! (Phobia Records #205)

SVAVELDIOXID - Forsta Dagen Efter Sista Bomben LP
New album from swedish d-beat monsters. Ex-Warvictims, Disfear. All copies with A3 poster, sticker. (Phobia Records #217)

EXCREMENT OF WAR - Cathode Ray Coma LP
For the first time on vinyl !!! With fresh new artwork and remastered by Kenko/Communichaos Media Clay Station. Classic 90's crust massacre with Doom, Cruelty, Dirt etc. members. (Phobia Records #209)

URSUT - Kop Dig Lycklig LP
2021 repress. Ursut is back to follow their 2012 debut album "Dararnas Paradis." The music is in the same vein as before, crusty hardcore punk with multiple singers. Kop Dig Lycklig (Buy yourself happiness), is a thematic album dealing with power structures, neo-liberalism, capitalism and social stigma. (Phobia Records #119)

Double d-beat / raw punk attack in the vein of Disclose/Framtid. Affect coming from Sweden and Lockheed from USA. 500 copies pressed. (Phobia Records #214)

"Saudade" is our yearning for what humanity has lost and forgotten along the way. The roots. It is a journey back to pre-civilisation era where trust was humanity's only currency and butterflies never died... (Phobia Records #164)

SVAVELDIOXID - Krigets Brutalitet 7"
New 7"EP from d-takt mönsters from Sweden. Ex-members from bands like Disfear, Warvictims, Anger Burning and Operation. Just add in equal parts: Anti Cimex + Bombanfall + Dischange + No Security and you get the total d-beat beast that is called: SVAVELDIOXID (Phobia Records #132)

DISSEKERAD - Morkret Tilltar LP
2nd album from this all-star band is out now on Phobia Records. What do you expect from line up which is full old dogs from bands like Avskum, Totalitär, Makabert Fynd, Krigshot, Napalm AD, Kakafoni, Institution and Krig I Hudik? Raw and full of energy d-takt/punk like old Totalitär/Discharge! Dissekerad! (Phobia Records #110)

Orebro DBeat/crust like old good Skitsystem/Wolfpack vs. great raw crust core with Warcollapse members. Foldout full-coloured cover. Pressed 500 copies. Current swedish crust scene examples. (Phobia Records #146)

FORGIFTAD - Brand Generation 7"
"Brand generation" is the 3rd recordings from these swedish raw-punk warriors. Crust-hardcore with members from PASSIV DODSHJALP, MAKABERT FYND beside others. FORGUFTAD deliver scandinavian hardcore like - doen't matter you like oldies like TOTALITÄR or newer stuff, like HERATYS. (Phobia Records #138)

Well, I have been woken up by this band and by their music. But I feel hungry, I want more. I was given only 4 tracks. Excuse me?? Only 4 tracks of very well structured, very well recorded and produced sludge crust, whatever you call it? Everything on this record is spot on, musically and lyrically. For fans of Fall Of Efrafa, From Ashes Rise etc. (Phobia Records #127)

DISIMPERIUM - Malefic Obliteration 7"/tape cassette
Black/death metal/Grind (USA). Matte 3-spined LP replica sleeve flooded black inside, download card, matte insert, hype sticker, shrinkwrap. Featuring members of Misrule and Ascended Dead, Portland OR black death metal/grind terror commando Disimperium emerge from hell with their pulverizing debut EP "Malefic Obliteration", a blinding assault of feral and merciless sonic devastation that will leave the listener crushed and disintegrated in its path. With an impenetrably dark and ultra-violent sound reminiscent of blackened death and grind war mongers like Knelt Rote, Diocletian and Heresiarch, Dismperium tap into a mysterious realm of terror to harness the quintessence of chaos and negativity, condensing years of influences and concepts into a twelve-minute terrorscape of absolute sonic tyranny. (Sentient Ruin Laboratories #141)

ALTARAGE - Succumb tape cassette
Death metal (Spain). Exclusive limited edition cassette tape with clear vinyl DVD-styled rave case in only 250 units worldwide. Includes two-sided full color trap sheet, eight-page full color booklet, resealable clear plastic sleeve and hype sticker. The absolute gods of contemporary otherworldly death metal chaos are back with their scariest and most imposing album to date. "Succumb" redefines and reshapes the very concept of aural devastation as we know it, transitioning death metal into its most overwhelming, visionary and abominable form ever. (Sentient Ruin Laboratories # 153 TP)

With influences ranging from deviant free-form jazz, drone and dark ambient, to ritualistic black and death metal all the way to the most erratic strains of kraut and improvised psychedelia, abhorrent avant-garde/ambient black/death metal deformity Plague Organ debut with their first ever offering, "Orphan", a spiraling and malformed mantra of deviated experimentalism and inverted incantations designed to bore into the listener's mind and ravage it of its sanity. On the single forty-minute track, the deranged Dutch duo (who feature members from death metal deliriants Cryptae, Imperial Cult, Dead Neanderthals are more) unravel a single nauseating and diseased spell of guitar-less aural claustrophobia made of hallucinating synth patterns, obsessive percussions, psychotic bass-lines, blood-curdling grunts and spectral lamentations that combined unison weave a suffocating and disorienting fractal of self-replicating passages, making the listener feel asphyxiated in a dimensionless maze with no discernible exit. Trapped inside the near-geometric absurdity the listener becomes the subject of a lucid nightmare as they sink deeper into a state of catatonic delirium and of helpless hypnosis while their psyche is meticulously consumed and devoured by the album's abhorrent repetitions and winding hypnotic deformities. By all means a triumph in fringe sonic experimentalism and among the most accomplished and unclassifiable avant-garde extreme metal anomalies of the year, "Orphan" is a must for all fans of other deranged experimentalists like Ride for Revenge, Sunn O))), Chaos Echoes, Antediluvian, Oksennus, Sect Pig and beyond. (Sentient Ruin #116 TP)

CONCILIUM - Desecration LP/tape cassette
Black/death metal (Portugal). Matte sleeve flooded black inside, download card, matte insert, poly-lined inner sleeves, hype sticker, shrinkwrap. Portuguese atmospheric raw black/death metal necromancers Concilium issue their tenebrous debut LP "Desecration", a churning spectral emanation of total and agonizing death exhaling at the edge of a decaying void. Like the bastard child of Portal, Beherit, and Black Cilice, "Desecration" levitates from pure darkness with a miasma of tortured lamentations, serpentine whispers and suffocated screams radiating from the innermost depths of torment, while an incessant outflow of sepulchral lo-fi raw black/death metal murk reverberates through the abandoned pits of buried temples and lost sepulchers materializing a truly unsettling and ominous aural nightmare. The band's masterful texturing of decaying and sulphureous black/death metal with subterranean aphotic atmospheres and a diseased sense of occult ritualism creates a lightless aural twilight that embraces the listener like a disembodied disease, giving away way to a blood-freezing (and at times even moving) out of body experience. (Sentient Ruin Laboratories # #142)

HOUR ANIMAL - Resigner LP/tape cassette
Industrial metal/power electronics (USA). Matte sleeve flooded black inside and download card. The sound of dissolving reality, shattered nerves and unraveling hope. Ruinous one-man blackened harsh industrial hallucination 8 Hour Animal debuts with "Resigner", a nerve-wrecking full length offering of vitriolic post-industrial annihilation that both celebrates and re-imagines the imperious deconstructionism and experimentalism of glorious acts like Controlled Bleeding, Wumpscut:, Wolf Eyes, Godflesh, Skinny Puppy, Skullflower, Ministry, Incapacitants, Coil and beyond. Through a masterful transfiguration of disorienting atmospherics, oppressive soundscaping and raw intensity, on "Resigner" 8 Hour Animal blurs beat-driven electronic industrial, scorching power electronics, raw punk and black metal, blackened metallic drone, dark ambient, and pure noise into an hallucinogenic and caustic forty-plus minute mechanized nightmare of pure post-industrial chaos and oblivion. (Sentient Ruin Laboratories #145)

VESSEL OF INIQUITY - The Doorway LP/tape cassette
Industrial Black/death metal/Noise (UK). Matte sleeve flooded black inside, download card, matte insert, poly-lined inner sleeves, hype sticker, shrinkwrap. The third LP from mechanized aural weapon Vessel of Iniquity. On this new horrific experiment of overwhelming sensorial annihilation, sole mastermind A. White invokes absolute armageddon, funneling a blinding scourge of swirling atmospheric harsh industrial and lacerating abstract black metal into forty-five minutes of pure concentrated chaos. With an immanent and horrifying sense of dissolution and of total loss of control, "The Doorway" sees Vessel of Iniquity discharge a pulverizing swarm of machine gun-like drum machines, suffocating ambient dirges, ravaging harsh electronics and a maelstrom of crushing fretwork obliteration to pound complete oblivion into the listener. (Sentient Ruin Laboratories #139)

SECTION H8 - Welcome To The Nightmare CD
Formed in 2018, in Los Angeles, CA, Section H8 creates gritty and callously honest hardcore punk. "Welcome To The Nightmare" is pure hardcore punk at it's finest, with fast as hell instrumentals that quickly become formidable and pummeling on the turn of a dime. Made up of Aldo (guitar), Chris (drums), Dan (bass, vocals), Mexi (vocals), and Ryan (guitar, vocals), Section H8's members aren't new to this world by any means - playing in acts such as Product Of Waste, Downpresser, Minus, Human Garbage, and Nomads to name a few - but their first full-length effort is refreshing and unique among the current trends of hardcore and punk. (Flatspot Records #56 CD)

DOWNCAST - Tell Me I'm Alive LP
30 years ago Ebullition came into existence when we released the Downcast 7" with No Answers #10. Downcast was a key ingredient in Ebullition's beginning. Brent, the Downcast guitarist, drew the Ebullition logo and Downcast played a major part in creating the ideology that would define Ebullition. When Downcast broke up they left unrecorded songs on the table. "Tell Me I Am Alive" picks those unrecorded songs up, and also moves forward with a whole set of brand new Downcast tracks; 10 tracks in total. Ebullition is extremely proud to be involved in releasing this new Downcast LP. This LP is not about the past, however, it is about now and the future. It picks up where the debut Downcast LP left off and continues pushing their sound forward both musically and politically. Ebullition is ecstatic to be releasing this LP in 2020. This is the sort of LP that Ebullition was created to release. Amazing. (Ebullition Records #61)

(discounted price) ECONOCHRIST - discography CDx2
Ebullition has decided to lower the price of this amazing discography CD in an attempt to get some more of these out into the world before the CD format disappears forever. A classic. And a great deal for a double CD that includes every single Econochrist song that was ever released! This double CD discography features forty-one Econochrist songs. It includes the Ruination LP, the Trained To Serve LP, the Skewed 7", the Another Victim 7", the It Runs Deep 7", as well as the songs from the Give Me Back comp LP, the Very Small World comp LPx2, the What Are You Pointing At? comp 10", and the songs from the split 7" that Econochrist did with The Detonators. (Ebullition Records #37 CD)