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Descriptions for the newest releases available this week.

Descriptions for 5/25/15

MAXIMUM ROCK'N'ROLL #385 (June 2015)
It's time for Maximum Rocknroll #385, the June 2015 issue! Victoria and Joey from Providence's DOWNTOWN BOYS discussed their new record Full Communism and how their politics intersect with their brand of sax-punk and their electrifying live shows; anarcho legends PART 1 discuss the reissues of their long out-of-print catalogue and return to performing; and Germany's HYSTERESE clue us into the band dynamics in advance of their US tour. Plus, COLUMN OF HEAVEN's bassist Andrew Nolan provides a window into the changing landscape of Toronto, the team behind BAD DADDIES interviews SLEAFORD MODS, Russia's MINEFIELD talk making music in the shadow of a famous arms factory, and the deep friendship that SHARKPACT is built on is made abundantly clear. We've also got a reflection on the Loud! Fast! Philly! oral history projectÐdozens of interviews with Philly punks of all ages and stripes, and growingÐand some of the amazing portraits Karen Kirchhoff took to accompany it. Farrah Skeiky took our cover photo, as well as documented Damaged City Fest for a photo spread, while Ochi Reyes sent a photographic dispatch from London's Bentfest. And, of course, we've got all the columns you've come to expectÐincluding guest columns from Darryl Andrew Reid of Montreal and Sadie Switchblade of GLOSS about their experiences as trans women in punkÐand the largest record reviews section in punk print. (Maximum rock'n'roll #385)

Debut release for this band formed by Dan from Waste Management and Ryan from Green Beret and firing off rounds in the tuneful traditions of BGK, N.O.T.A., A.O.D., and other bands with acronyms for names. Mark from Wasted Time and Mercy Killings handles the vocal portion of the group ensuring a real "Nuthin but Net" execution. (Painkiller Records #58)

The original Step Forward 10 song E.P. was recorded in 2006 and released at the end of that year. In 2007 they started working on songs for a follow up, eventually recording a second session in 2009. That session was scrapped due to quality issues, with excerpts released on a cassette tape sold at one show in 2012. In Winter 2013, Step Forward decided to give their second E.P. one more try, rerecording some of the songs from 2009, and adding several new ones. After 8 years, here is the second Step Forward 7". (Painkiller Records #55)

Iron Chic - Fucking fantastic existential, anthemic, and melodic punk rock. I don't really feel the need to say much more. You know who these guys are. This is their first release since their well received, Bridge Nine released "The Constant One" LP last year. Ex-members of Latterman, Small Arms Dealer & more. One of these songs is a B-side from "The Constant One" too. Low Culture - released their debut LP "Screens" in 2013 on Dirtnap Records. Features members of Shang-A-Lang and Marked Men, and sounds pretty much like a cross between the 2 bands, with the former's distinct songwriting style mashed together with the latter's tighter, cleaner performances. These recordings are the results of the band's first trip into a "pro" recording studio, sounding cleaner but no less effective than past material. Comes wth download. (Dead Broke Rekerds #125)

This epic 20 song collection comps singles, compilation appearances, a few covers (White Wires, Big Eyes, Sparks) and one track from deep in the vaults making its vinyl debut! Originally released on labels such as Dirtnap (natch!) Goner, Trouble In Mind, It's Alive, Big Neck, and more, Singles works as a great overview of a now established band's humble beginnings and subsequent progression. Listening to these songs reminds us of why we fell so hard for these guys in the first place, it's been really fun for us here at Dirtnap to revisit some of this stuff! It's all covered, from their earliest 2 piece recordings, to the 1st album era with Howie Doodat on bass, to their current, slightly (but not much!) more polished lineup with Junior Jeans. This comp shows the band at their rawest, oftentimes most goofy and irreverent, and oftentimes best. Pick it up. Includes download code! (Dirtnap Records #137)

From Tucson, AZ, six, sonic slaying songs that slam you against the wall of sound, slowly dragging you through their native Arizona desert and blasting you with unfiltered punk power. They kind of have a Nasa Space Universe or the Coltranes vibe to them, which makes sense because they seem to run in the same circles, but MAN BITES DOG is definitely much darker sounding than those 2 bands. This 12" transitions seemlessly from the slower noisy parts, to blisteringly fast punk parts and the 6 songs leave you just enough to satisfy but still wanting more...which is a good place to be. Stunning black and white album artwork with printed sleeve insert. (West World/Man Bites Dog #1)

ATOMIC AGGRESSOR - Sights Of Suffering LPx2 (gatefold)
Includes an exclusive vinyl-only BONUS TRACK, "Twilight Spectres." Comes in a gatefold jacket with printed inner sleeves. Pressed with laser etched artwork on side D. At long last, cult Chilean legends ATOMIC AGGRESSOR make their full-length debut with the ominously titled "Sights of Suffering!" At ground zero of Chile's still-thriving death metal scene, ATOMIC AGGRESSOR had a strong hand in shaping that supreme sound back in the late '80s with 1989's influential Bloody Ceremonial demo and 1991's subsequent Resurrection demo. Prematurely, the band broke up but re-formed in 2007 to play a number of national festivals, proving that the ancient hellfire still burned brightly. With two founding members at the helm, vocalist/bassist Alejandro Diaz and guitarist Enrique Zuniga, ATOMIC AGGRESSOR released a well-received split 7" with Death Yell in 2013, further proving that their barbaric deathrash had lost none of its violence & force. If that split was a mere appetizer, then Sights of Suffering is the grand feast of diabolic DEATH! Buttressed by raw-yet-rounded production, Sights of Suffering explodes with the sort of songwriting only those who grew up - and bled - in the 1980s can produce. In fact, one could safely say that ATOMIC AGGRESSOR are simply continuing where they started in the late '80s, but Sights of Suffering is no mere "throwback" - it is the real deal, a timeless, iron-fisted thrust of pure death metal evil. Open your eyes to Sights of Suffering... (Hell's Headbangers Records #139)

PERDITION TEMPLE - The Tempter's Victorious LP
At long last, American black/death barbarians PERDITION TEMPLE release their highly anticipated second album, The Tempter's Victorious. The band's first album for new label home HELLS HEADBANGERS, The Tempter's Victorious follows PERDITION TEMPLE's celebrated debut album, Edict of the Antichrist Elect, from 2010. Though many years have passed, the (hell)fire stills burns brightly in the PERDITION TEMPLE, and The Tempter's Victorious sees the band perfecting their militant, malevolent brand of blackened death metal. However, band founder/scene veteran Gene Palubicki is joined by an elite cadre of new members here, including his old AngelCorpse guitar foil Bill Taylor (also of Immolation) and, on vocals, Black Witchery's intimidating Impurath. Together, the revitalized quintet peal off one surging, contorting attack after another, their crush chaotic yet controlled, making The Tempter's Victorious a swift eight-track tornado. Finally, The Tempter's Victorious! (Hells Headbangers Records #141)

From NOCTURNAL BLOOD mastermind Ghastly Apparition (aka THP-SOH) comes his most intense and personal project yet: THE HAUNTING PRESENCE and their brand-new, self-titled 12" MLP. THE HAUNTING PRESENCE have steadily perfected their churning, coruscating craft over the course of a debut demo, a subsequent EP, a split with MUKNAL, and recently featured on the recent Black Twilight Circle compilation. Now, with The Haunting Presence MLP, the band truly comes into its own, exhibiting a hideous, ghoulish intensity that's far removed from now-typical "bestial metal" cliche whilst utilizing similar rudiments. Throbbing with gutted low-end and grinding string, THE HAUNTING PRESENCE here explode into black-holed oblivion across the record's six sinister tracks, prominently displaying THP-SOH's truly possessed ululations, particularly his now-patented (and quite insane) vocal intros. For black/death metal that deviates from the standard template, it's not surprising that THP-SOH takes a unique lyrical approach. In his own words, THE HAUNTING PRESENCE "strictly is a representation and demonstration of my paranoia, perversions, madness, psychological understandings, connection with negative feelings/thoughts, the energy being produced through these meditations, sounds and words. These songs and words are more or less representing my meditations, dreams/nightmares - sleep paralysis, lucid, out of body, etc - horror, the supernatural/higher existence, sleep deprivation, fears, and concern for the modern world." (Hells Headbangers Records #P30)

FELLOW PROJECT - Basic Axemanship 10"
Fellow Project is a band that exists without any kind of hype attached whatsoever. After forming nearly 13 years ago on Long Island, the band put out one of their first albums, "The Buried Life" on Dead Broke Rekerds. Another album followed ("The Stable Life") a few years later, amongst many EP's and 7" Splits. Now, the powerhouse known as Fellow Project brings forth their best material to date with their newest 6-song EP. With a sound all their own, blending aspects of Punk, Indie rock, Post-hardcore & Folk, along-side comparisons of Small Brown Bike, Lou Reed, Fugazi and even a spaghetti western. Featuring ex-members of: Bridge & Tunnel and On The Might of Princes. Comes with download. (Dead Broke Rekerds #126)

Debut album from this consistently brilliant punk rock super-group! Featuring members of The Leif Ericsson and The Great St. Louis, Stay Clean Jolene's pedigree speaks for itself. It should therefore come as no surprise to learn that their debut, self-titled, album is a masterclass in how to pen perfect, anthemic, heart-on-sleeve punk-rock in 2014. With a rich legacy of homegrown legends like Leatherface and Snuff, SCJ play homage to the UKs finest while building on the incredible foundation of their previous bands output to produce an album greater than the sum of it's parts. (Comes w/ download). (Dead Broke Rekerds #120)

SPRAYNARD - Cut & Paste LP
Much like Jesus, Pennsylvania pop-punk prodigies SPRAYNARD died and were resurrected a short time later, with slightly longer hair. With the band touring again and planning a new full-length, Square of Opposition and Dead Broke Rekerds thought it was high time to repress Spraynard's long out-of-print and highly sought after 2010 debut LP, Cut and Paste. Spraynard perfected a style of highly musical shout-a-long anthem writing pioneered by bands like Latterman and Cut and Paste captures them in the midst of some kind of songwriting growth spurt. Remastered by Carl Saff with lacquers cut at Lucky Lacquers, this new 1000-piece pressing of "Cut and Paste" will be 6 parts black, 2 parts ketchup and 2 parts mustard, much like the black bean burgers that sustained Spraynard throughout their first incarnation. 600 on Black, 200 on Ketchup, 200 on Mustard vinyl. (Dead Broke Rekerds #123)

SOMERSET THROWER - Falling Swingers 7"
Long Island, NY melodic indie/grunge/punk from ex-members of The Agent, Polygon, Halfway To Hell Club & more. Somerset Thrower power through on their debut EP with four catchy, urgent & hook-laden 90's influenced punk songs. To top it all off, the band delivers a great rendition of a Smashing Pumpkins song, as a digital only bonus track. This is not a debut to be looked over. Get on it. (Dead Broke Rekerds #115)

V/A - Welcome To Twin Cities Hardcore 7" Compilation
Hello There! From Minneapolis and St. Paul features eleven local crust, punk , grind, & thrash bands that are actively playing and setting up shows in basements and underground clubs around town. Some of the bands are Drunks, some are Spikey Hair Punx, or Vegan Straight-Edgers while others are into Animal Rights and Political Activism. No matter their style or genera each of these bands make up one of the best scenes in the Midwest. And are stoked to be TWIN CITIES HARDCORE. With Old Skewl, Slurred Vision, Rabid Rabit, Radikal Fun Time, Snotcumpoop, The Roaring .225, Chump Change, Good Morning, Fetus Rigamortis. (Radical Fun Records #5)

SISTEMAS DE ANIQUILACION - South American Noise Terror LP
Classic and Devastating band from Lima, Peru. This Fourth major release includes 15 Crude Hardcore Punk tracks plus 3 bonus tracks, including tracks from their splits with WarVictims, Escato, NecroMongo and Dodsdom on Transparent Red! (Radical Fun Records #2)

RADICAL FUN TIME - Awesome Adventure LP
This band from Bemidji, MN has a new E.P. out and it's pretty damn good! Four songs that fly by in under five minutes and really make you want more music from them. It's some really well produced hardcore/grind with more hardcore than grind and some growling vocals mixed with strangled vocals and shouted vocals. Everything is well laid out in the songs, really tight and clean sounding with lyrics that are mostly easily shouted along with and a feel of the band really loving what they do. This band is one to look out for and try to see if they come to your area because the rock pretty damn hard! I'm not sure where this is available from, but give them an email and hopefully they can hook you up with some tunes, I listened to this about fifteen times so far and really want more......hint, hint to the band. (Rick E) Profane Existence. (This LP has the four songs reviewed plus an additional eight. Screen Printed cover and insert art from multiple band members). (Radical Fun Records #1)

NOISEM - Blossoming Decay CD
CATCH THEM ON COVER OF DECIBEL MAGAZINE MAY 2015 Baltimore's NOISEM return with their highly anticipated sophomore CD: 'Blossoming Decay'. The bar has been raised with nine frantic and furious new tracks that blur the lines between grind/death/thrash metal and punk. For Fans Of: TERRORIZER / REPULSION / NAPALM DEATH. (A389 Records #162)

(restock) STATIC IS A CITY - s/t 7" (with download code)
Download Code Includes Bonus Track. Featuring ex-members of such luminary post-hardcore pioneers as MILEMARKER and DAHLIA SEED, STATIC IS A CITY is a complex mix of angularity and melodicism, intensity and spaciousness, artful meanderings and sharp staccato attack. These songs avoid the standard pallet of what is considered post-hardcore, and instead weave an enigmatic mix of counter tempo and jarring melody over the sociological noir of the lyrics and vocals. With like-minded intensity of such legends as DRIVE LIKE JEHU, FUGAZI and HOOVER, STATIC IS A CITY is the bridge between confrontation and creativity--between abrasion and beauty. They are future sounds for past generations. (Ideas Records #1)

Over 10 years in the making! Ultra Sonic Holocaust is a true collaboration between two of the world's most consistent and prolific groups of artists. Bastard Noise's otherworldly soundscapes are woven perfectly into Kalmex and the Riffmerchants' bizarre form of Electric Jungle Violence to create an absurd and perfectly unique listen. Like nothing you've ever heard before. Essential listening for all Dank Daddies and Skull Servants worldwide. The brutality definitely continues.... " This collaboration is really about Kalmex and the Riffmerchants (members of Plutocracy, No Less, Agents of Satan, etc.) with Bastard Noise's sounds skillfully woven throughout their music to create something that's very unique. There's a lot of humor involved, but the music is very similar to No Less or Plutocracy - fans of these two bands will be into it - I know I am! The 20 page color booklet features all original artwork by Aaron Guadamuz. Aaron created an illustration for each track - the tracks where Bastard Noise is involved all work the MITB skull into the artwork. The booklet also includes lyrics for all of the tracks, a written historical piece from Kalmex and from Eric Wood. There are 500 hand-numbered copies total - all pressed on yellow/orange vinyl. The sealable outer sleeve includes a promotional sticker listing out 20 logos of the bands that these guys have been involved in (Man is the Bastard, Plutocracy, Neanderthal, No Less, Agents of Satan, Deadbodieseverywhere, Noothgrush, etc.). (Hear More Records #12)

Descriptions for 4/25/15

LONG KNIFE - Meditations On Self Destruction LP
Grounding themselves in early 80s American hardcore, Long Knife is not afraid to delve into moments that could almost be classified as classic rock. Imagine Kiss playing Poison Idea, with a healthy amount of Japanese hardcore and even some British hardcore thrown in. The follow up LP to 2013's Wilderness, this record is 12 tracks of rocking hardcore punk true to the pacific northwest school of nihilistic dark punk. (Long Knife Records #3)

INFRA - Initiation On The Ordeals Of Lower Vibrations 7"
The first studio recording from Infra - natives of Portugal and one of the label's most recent signings. At its onset, with ominously tolling bells, "Initiation on the Ordeals of Lower Vibrations" beckons the listener to enter its halls of impurity and worship the bleak soundscape of death metal that ensues. (Nuclear War Now Records #278)

Among the most highly anticipated releases on NWN! for 2015 is the debut full length release by Chaos Echoes. Regarded as a whole, "Transient" is unlike any other metal release to date. A perfect synthesis of conservative reverence for tradition and iconoclastic novelty, Chaos Echoes accomplishes with this album something that, arguably, no band has ever successfully done before. (Nuclear War Now Records #271 CD)

The CD EP contains three new songs from Black Witchery and one new song plus a Bathory cover from Revenge. (Nuclear War Now Records #282 CD)

VARATHRON - His Majesty At The Swamp LP
Varathron's 1993 debut LP, "His Majesty at the Swamp" represents the apex of the sound and spirit of Hellas' contribution to the Black Metal genre. Having gone in and out of print several times through the years on various formats in varying degrees of quality, band leader and original member, Necroabyssious, decided to issue a definitive version of "his Majesty at the Swamp" on his own label, Order of the Dog Blood. (Nuclear War Now/Order of The Blood Dog #1)

RED DEATH - Permanent Exile LP
In 2014, DC's RED DEATH came out of the gate and obliterated everyone with one of the best hardcore demos of the year. Their first recorded output channeled the sheer brutality and precision of crossover classics like Animosity and Cause for Alarm, without straying too far from the rawness and reckless abandon of hardcore punk. On their new LP, Permanent Exile, Red Death delivers exactly as we hope a band with a strong outset should - with an even more powerful and focused follow up release. While influences on Permanent Exile range from Negative Approach to The Accused to Anti-Cimex, one thing is made clearly evidently: Red Death are first and foremost a hardcore band. As hardcore and punk get more fractionalized each year, they are band that puts emphasis and importance on the music they are creating, rather than what scene they fit in or what uniform they are wearing. "Permanent Exile" is the record for those of us who appreciate every facet of hardcore, punk, and all genres in between, and that says a lot in 2015. (Grave Mistake Records #76)

Two of Germanys' senior "in-your-face" bands meet on this Split 6" EP. Hamburgs' YACOPSAE, on the one hand, deliver two of their most smashing highspeed wreckingball tracks. On the other, CORROSIVE from the Black Forest fire away two slow down power violence handgranades for your pleasure. Awesome shit! (Power It Up Records #185)

Bristol Punk Pioneers DISORDER formed around 1980, Disorder is one of the few 'big' names of UK hardcore still going strong today. The new recordings from 2012 but still raw and intense. The three new tracks are traditional UK noisepunk. No more words needed!!!!!!!!!! Legendary!!!! The other side contains the next big name, AGATHOCLES mince core gods from belgium team up these nice 10 inch record. Agathocles recording four new tracks in 2014 specially for these 10_. (Power It Up Records #225)

EMBALMING THEATRE - No Grind For Old Men 8"+ CD
During the last 15 years EMBALMING THEATRE told you gruesome, bloody, bizarre, funny and gory stories. But for every year we saved one story. Now it's gonna be the right time to tell them. So be prepared for 15 NEW GORYTALES! EMBALMING THEATRE celebrates 15 years of audio-punishment with 8" called "No grind for old men". The CD contains 15 new Songs including a cover version of mighty Dahmer (can). The Songs were recorded and mastered in july/august 2014 in Hedgehog Studio by Gregor Indergand. Swiss quality audio-molestation since 1999. (Power It Up Records #193)

ULCEROUS PHELGM - Phlegm As A Last Consequence LP
Grind´n´Death from the time when oldschool was young! Featuring the longtime sold out EPs and unreleased studio/rehearsal/live-stuff in a rough, straight and always powerful sound. This is the final statement of the Bavarian pioneers in grindcore and deathmetal, who rocked the noisy underground scene from 1989 till 1993. Ulcerous Phlegm had a lot of live shows with other "newcomers" like Carcass, Atrocity, Pungent Stench, Gut, Fleshcrawl, Disastrous Murmur, Pyogenesis, ... and this album is your ticket back into these exciting years. But be warned: you have to take the CONSEQUENCEs! (Power It Up Records #217)

At long last, the Warmaster returns! For the past 15 years, SATANIC WARMASTER has remained a highly revered name in the black metal underground: seemingly doing no wrong with converts, but forever riling detractors. Helmed by the tyrant Werwolf - whose involved in the black metal scene stretches back 20-some years, as the original vocalist of Horna - SATANIC WARMASTER have released classic album after classic album, from early essentials like Strength and Honour and Opferblut to relatively more recent monuments like Carelian Satanist Madness and Nachzehrer, and always at their own pace. Longtime supporters of the band, HELLS HEADBANGERS in conspiracy with Werewolf Records, is proud to handle the worldwide release of SATANIC WARMASTER's fifth album, Fimbulwinter. It's been five long years since Nachzehrer,and although the band's been busy with a handful of 7" EPs and splits in the interim, Fimbulwinter is the first full-length to document the Warmaster's development during that time. Highly anticipated to say the very least, Fimbulwinter sees the band expanding into more epic 'n' triumphant waters, but ones that are icier than ever. One could say it's a travelogue across both SATANIC WARMASTER's now-vast discography and also across the history of classic '90s black metal. Granted, the band have largely shaped the paradigm of modern Finnish black metal - itself one of the most prolific and immediately identifiable in the world - but forever an iconoclast AND purist, SATANIC WARMASTER has the innate ability to take well-worn tropes and shape them to his own, diabolic design. Bolstered by full-bodied production - by far, the best the band have had to date - and a further integration of mystical, night-sky synths, Fimbulwinter is a fresh blast of ancient, mildewed stench. Feel the force of Fimbulwinter and submit to its majesty! (Hell's Headbangers Records #146)

INCANTATION - Entrantment of Evil LP
All copies pressed on black vinyl. Comes with a large poster of the cover artwork, a lyrics insert and silkscreened artwork on side B. At long last, HELLS HEADBANGERS is proud to present INCANTATION's Entrantment of Evil for the first time on 12" vinyl. THE record that launched INCANTATION onto the worldwide death metal scene and thus their first step toward legendary status, Entrantment of Evil was first released in 1990 on 7" vinyl by Seraphic Decay Records and then by Relapse Records a year later, again on 7" vinyl. Both of the time and also prefiguring death metal's future, Entrantment of Evil is a sinister, surging, slithering beast of pure malevolence. Although primitive compared to INCANTATION's later works, its hammering attack is deliberately that way, and works to its advantage in creating an atmosphere of evil and unease. The record is also remarkable for featuring MORITCIAN's Will Rahmer on vocals - the only INCANTATION he appears on, in fact. Included in this 12" vinyl pressing is an exclusive bonus track, and silkscreened art on side B. (Hell's Headbangers Records #P33)

MORTICIAN - Mortal Massacre LPx2 (gatefold cover)
At long last, HELLS HEADBANGERS is proud to present MORTICIAN's Mortal Massacre for the first time on double-LP vinyl. Originally released in 1993 on CD format, comprising the band's first two 7" EPs - 1990's Brutally Mutilated and 1991's Mortal Massacre, respectively released on Seraphic Decay and Relapse - and buffered by 14 live tracks, the Mortal Massacre compilation is MORTICIAN at their darkest and most primitive. Gutted and gut-busting, disgusting and depraved, there is no other sound quite like MORTICIAN's, and even at this earliest stage, the eternal(ly evil) duo of Will Rahmer and Robert Beaujard had their aesthetic firmly in place. From there, MORTICIAN would go on to legendary status in the death metal underground and influence thousands of bands the world over - and Mortal Massacre is a full hours' worth of proof. This vinyl pressing will be available on a double 12" with laser etched art on side D. (Hell's Headbangers Records #142)

ACID WITCH - Midnight Movies CD
Just in time for a big European tour, ACID WITCH deliver a special 12" MLP that pays horrific homage to their roots: Midnight Movies! Already one of the cultest names in the metal underground, the diabolical ACID WITCH dig deeper into the cult with four exclusive covers of heavy metal songs from 1980s horror movies! Sorcery's "I'm Back" from Rocktober Blood, Fastway's "After Midnight" from Trick or Treat, Black Roses' "Soldiers of the Night" from Black Roses, and 45 Grave's "Partytime" from The Return of the Living Dead - all get ACID WITCH's signature ghoulish touch, and it's the touch of true horror! You're never gonna find a more perfect combination than here on Midnight Movies! (Hell's Headbangers Records #154 CD)

ATOMIC AGGRESSOR - Sights of Suffering CD
At long last, cult Chilean legends ATOMIC AGGRESSOR make their full-length debut, the ominously titled Sights of Suffering! At ground zero of Chile's still-thriving death metal scene, ATOMIC AGGRESSOR had a strong hand in shaping that supreme sound back in the late '80s with 1989's influential Bloody Ceremonial demo and 1991's subsequent Resurrection demo. Prematurely, the band broke up but re-formed in 2007 to play a number of national festivals, proving that the ancient hellfire still burned brightly. With two founding members at the helm, vocalist/bassist Alejandro Diaz and guitarist Enrique Zuniga, ATOMIC AGGRESSOR released a well-received split 7" with Death Yell in 2013, further proving that their barbaric deathrash had lost none of its violence & force. If that split was a mere appetizer, then Sights of Suffering is the grand feast of diabolic DEATH! Buttressed by raw-yet-rounded production, Sights of Suffering explodes with the sort of songwriting only those who grew up - and bled - in the 1980s can produce. In fact, one could safely say that ATOMIC AGGRESSOR are simply continuing where they started in the late '80s, but Sights of Suffering is no mere "throwback" - it is the real deal, a timeless, iron-fisted thrust of pure death metal evil. Open your eyes to Sights of Suffering... (Hell's Headbangers Records #132 CD)

BARBATOS - Straight Metal War CD
At long last, Japan's BARBATOS returns with their first album in nearly a decade, Straight Metal War! A prolific force on the split-release front, Straight Metal War is BARBATOS' fifth album to date in 17 years of existence, and their first for HELLS HEADBANGERS. Helmed by Abigail mainman Yasuyuki, BARBATOS have become cult legends in the metal underground with their uniquely filthy 'n' sleazy brand of blackened heavy metal/punk. Possessed by sex, drinks, and metal, Yasuyuki here extols the virtues of high school girls and heavy metal forces, Witching Metal and Tokyo rock 'n' roll shows, Satanik Holocausts and of course the very real Straight Metal War. It's a dozen dirty songs that are immediately memorable, remarkably varied, and whose dirtiness simply won't wash off. Stock up on ammo and enter the Straight Metal War with BARBATOS! (Hell's Headbangers Records #150 CD)

BAT - Cruel Discipline 7"
All copies of the 7" EP come with a free download card. Features a brand new studio track & a studio recording of "Rule of the Beast" from their debut demo. In anticipation for their forthcoming debut album on HELLS HEADBANGERS, the unholy BAT unleash a scorching slab of 7" vinyl, Cruel Discipline. Featuring two exclusive songs, Cruel Discipline lays bare BAT's raison d'etre: crude 'n' rude speed metal wreckage, with an extra helping of sleaze. In fact, both songs - the title track and its flipside, "Rule of the Beast" - spell out the power-trio's philosophy in no uncertain terms, and then grinds posers into the ground. Which is not surprising, considering BAT comprises metal lifers, their impressive lineup featuring ex-DRI drummer Felix Griffin, Municipal Waste's Ryan Waste on vocals and bass, and Volture's Nick Poulos on guitar. Beware of the BAT and obey their Cruel Discipline! (Hell's Headbangers Records #P078)

The third strike is deadly: DEATHHAMMER are back with the massively anticipated Evil Power. An iron-fisted statement of intent in both title and execution, Evil Power proves that this Norwegian duo continue to get better with age, retaining their original youthful enthusiasm which endeared Onward to the Pits to so many the world over whilst pushing their songwriting toward more mature but no-less-deadly ends. Once again, DEATHHAMMER are firmly committed to their blackthrashing metal here, storming with vengeance as if 1985 never ended, braving nuclear winter and eternal devastation, but make no mistake: Evil Power is no repeat of past glories. Like those eternal bands who find a special sound and continue to expand it without losing their identity, DEATHHAMMER render Evil Power a rollicking ride through past, present, and future, at once rawer and more refined, more manic and also more measured - but always, always VERY METAL. Because when all is said and done, Evil Power will always prevail! (Hell's Headbangers Records #140 CD)

The long overdue DVD release of HELLS HEADBASH, a somewhat discreet live event that took place August 09, 2014 at the Hells Headbangers compound with live performances by NunSlaughter, Shitfucker, Acid Witch & Midnight. Features exclusive music videos and interviews with each band, their live sets, a photo gallery and a new Hells Headbangers commercial all formatted much like the legendary ULTIMATE REVENGE VHS tape! Region Free! Left over t-shirts in stock below. (Hell's Headbangers Records #D004 DVD)

NUNSLAUGHTER - Burn the Cross 7" picture disc
As part of HELLS HEADBANGERS' new series of 7" picture-disc reissues of classic NUNSLAUGHTER singles, the long-running Devil Metal cult unleash Burn the Cross to meet the insatiable lust of their diehard fanbase. Originally released in 2004, Burn the Cross is nearly eight minutes of classic NUNSLAUGHTER: thrashing death metal that's punchy in its execution and catchy in its composition. The unique factor to Burn the Cross is its two versions of the title track - one with founding frontman Don of the Dead on vocals and with his own lyrics, the other with longtime drummer Jim Sadist on vocals and with his own lyrics. Slap on this picture disc and go Burn the Cross! (Hell's Headbangers Records #P027)

PERDITION TEMPLE - Sovereign of the Desolate 7"
As a precursor to their highly anticipated new album for HELLS HEADBANGERS, The Tempter's Victorious, American black/death barbarians PERDITION TEMPLE reveal a new 7" EP, Sovereign of the Desolate. Aptly titled, this two-song scorcher complements the sonic devastation to be found on The Tempter's Victorious: a militant, malevolent brand of blackened death metal that PERDITION TEMPLE have perfected, their crush chaotic yet controlled. However, band founder/scene veteran Gene Palubicki is joined by an elite cadre of new members here, including his old Angelcorpse guitar foil Bill Taylor (also of Immolation) and, on vocals, Black Witchery's intimidating Impurath. Both tracks here are exclusive, including a rabid, reverent cover of Blasphemy's classic "Weltering in Blood." PERDITION TEMPLE are the Sovereign of the Desolate! (Hell's Headbangers Records #P076)

PERDITION TEMPLE - The Tempter's Victorious CD
At long last, American black/death barbarians PERDITION TEMPLE release their highly anticipated second album, The Tempter's Victorious. The band's first album for new label home HELLS HEADBANGERS, The Tempter's Victorious follows PERDITION TEMPLE's celebrated debut album, Edict of the Antichrist Elect, from 2010. Though many years have passed, the (hell)fire stills burns brightly in the PERDITION TEMPLE, and The Tempter's Victorious sees the band perfecting their militant, malevolent brand of blackened death metal. However, band founder/scene veteran Gene Palubicki is joined by an elite cadre of new members here, including his old AngelCorpse guitar foil Bill Taylor (also of Immolation) and, on vocals, Black Witchery's intimidating Impurath. Together, the revitalized quintet peal off one surging, contorting attack after another, their crush chaotic yet controlled, making The Tempter's Victorious a swift eight-track tornado. Finally, The Tempter's Victorious! (Hell's Headbangers Records #117)

SHED THE SKIN - Rebirth Through Brimstone 7"
SHED THE SKIN may be newcomers, but the band boasts an impressive array of scene veterans: Kyle Severn of Incantation on drums, Matt Sorg of Ringworm on guitars, and Ash Thomas of Vladimirs and Faithxtractor on vocals. Together, they've recorded their debut 7", Rebirth Through Brimstone, and prove that their combined experience has paid off in spades. Featuring two tracks exclusively to this release, the ominously titled Rebirth Through Brimstone is a deadly piece of death metal art, alternately devastating and doomed-out, neither "old school" nor ultra-modern. Plus, appropriately enough, the record was mastered by the legendary Dan Swano for extra punch. Timeless every second of the way, SHED THE SKIN's Rebirth Through Brimstone 7" is a concise introduction to what will surely be a force in the death metal scene soon enough. A full-length featuring 10 new songs is already in the works...beware. (Hell's Headbangers Records #P077)

GOAT SEMEN - Ego Sum Sathanas CD
At long last, one of the most highly anticipated debut albums ever arrives: GOAT SEMEN's Ego Sum Sathana. At ground zero of the rebirth and resurgence of South American black/death at the dawn of the new millennium, these Peruvian devils delivered one of the most classic demos ever with their self-titled 2002 demo, which has seen countless re-editions in the past decade as well as the band's legendary grow to enviable levels. But alas, a debut album has eluded the band, and the fervor 'n' anticipation for one have reached critical mass in the metal underground. Taking on almost mythical status (not unlike Sadistic Intent's long-promised debut LP), GOAT SEMEN's Ego Sum Sathana has been in the making for literally a decade. Granted, the band's been keeping busy in the underground since the 2002 demo, releasing a handful of splits with the likes of Nazxul, Krieg, Levifer, and Japan's Sabbat, among others, as well as two highly coveted live albums - but each step of the way, it's only been a few songs teasingly released a time. (Hell's Headbangers Records #147 CD)

DESTROYER 666 - Unchain The Wolves CD
DESTROYER666 should need no introduction. But back in 1997, the Australians were a relatively new entity, forming from the ashes of Bestial Warlust and introducing themselves to the metal underground with the Violence is the Prince of This World EP in '95. Two years later, DESTROYER666 would throw down the gauntlet to the international metal scene with soon-to-be-classic debut album Unchain the Wolves. Devastating yet dynamic to the bitter, bloody end, Unchain the Wolves comprises 50 minutes of black metal magick 'n' might that quickly became the band's ever-unique trademark: epic and anthemic songwriting, gritty yet considered execution, and each song as integral as the last. Just try not headbanging to stone-cold classics like "Australian and Anti-Christ" and "Satan's Hammer"; if you don't, then you must be dead. As DESTROYER666 themselves said, Unchain the Wolves! (Hell's Headbangers Records #152 CD)

GOUGE - Beyond Death CD
What's it sound like to go Beyond Death? That's precisely the question GOUGE answer with their titular debut album. These Norwegian death metal upstarts started off with a bang with their Doomed to Death EP, one of HELLS HEADBANGERS' hottest 7" in recent years, and now with Beyond Death, the unholy duo upratchet their ravenous deathnoise x 666. GOUGE's influences are clearly from the oldest of schools - Repulsion, Autopsy, Death Strike, and earliest Death - but even just a cursory listen to Beyond Death reveals an acute understanding of what drives those sounds rather than the replication of them: their attack is gross and guts fucking, but burning with a passion that's blanching to behold. Not to mention that these young mavericks know how to write actual songs - and there's 10 quick-hitting slices of absolute DEATH here. No better time, then, to go Beyond Death with GOUGE. (Hell's Headbangers Records #143 CD)

DWELL - Vermin And Ashes CD
HELLS HEADBANGERS is proud to present the debut of a doom-death juggernaut whose name will surely be on everyone's tongues soon enough: DWELL's Vermin and Ashes, which compiles the band's demo debut as well as three new songs, making for a full-length release. Hailing from Denmark and boasting a membership with deep veteran status - including current members of HELLS HEADBANGERS death-commandos CEREKLOTH - the five-piece DWELL create a tar-thick, ominously bubbling brew on Vermin and Ashes. Their sound is undoubtedy rooted firmly in classic death metal, but their heaving, lumbering thrust is equally grounded in ancient doom metal. Along with half-sorrowful/half-haunting lead lines, well-timed bouts of blasting speed, and the occasional dusting of mystical synth, DWELL's Vermin and Ashes encompasses all that its song titles suggest: among them, "Vermin In My Arteries," "A Collapse Sublime," "Plunging Into Ash Tombs," and the telltale "Become the Void." Moody yet never totally defeatist, it's a sound that's at once lost to the mists of time yet also surprisingly fresh, for DWELL have few compatriots mining this barren wasteland of doomed-decibel wreckage. Hear the beginning of greatness with Vermin and Ashes, and jump on the VERMIN bandwagon before it's too late. (Hell's Headbangers Records #144 CD)

ABOMINATOR - Evil Proclaimed CD
At long last, legendary black/death heretics ABOMINATOR return from suspended animation with their highly anticipated comeback album, Evil Proclaimed. After eight years in the abyss, the core creative duo of drummer/vocalist Chris Volcano and guitarist Andrew Undertaker - both longtime veterans of the deadly Australian metal scene - have reignited the hellfire, having learned their lessons well from a devilish hiatus, and thusly deliver a demonic slab of black/death metal carnage. Aptly titled, Evil Proclaimed is ABOMINATOR's fifth album to date, and their first album for HELLS HEADBANGERS. Here, these Oz barbarians range their entire discography, the filth 'n' fury of their earliest days well accounted for whilst showing a nuanced sense of dynamics not heard on their previous albums. The attack's not unlike a heat-seeking missile: stealthy, insistent, focused, FAST...and death imminent. With a history that stretches back more than 20 years now, ABOMINATOR display no signs of softening nor compromise; if anything, they're more committed than ever to harnessing the powers of chaos and unleashing them back as a maelstrom of blackened Metal of Death. Rounded off by the band's best, burliest production ever, Evil Proclaimed is the victorious return everyone's been awaiting of ABOMINATOR. Onward they march... (Hell's Headbangers Records #149 CD)

NUNSLAUGHTER/THE LURKING CORPSES - split 7" (colored vinyl)
Two of HELLS HEADBANGERS' most horror-ridden bands team up for an exclusive split 7": Devil Metal legends NUNSLAUGHTER and horror punk/metal mavericks THE LURKING CORPSES! Firing on all cylinders after their triumphant Angelic Dread, NUNSLAUGHTER storm from the gates with "Hordes of Gomorrah" - three minutes of catchy 'n' cranky death metal the way only they can. On the flipside, fresh from their Workin' For the Devil comeback, THE LURKING CORPSES deliver a malevolent mid-tempo 'banger in "Creatures of the Blackened Moon," sounding a lot like its title. Sure to be a teamup for the ages: get it before it's gone! (Hell's Headbangers Records #P079)

Brighton based four piece The Depressions were originally formed in their south coast home town as early as 1975 when, under the name of Tongue, they gigged solidly around their local area playing mainly Small Faces and Who covers. They changed their name to The Depressions and began to concentrate their efforts on their own songwriting abilities after the first punk impact in 1977. The East Sussex based Pebble Beach Production company, run by future Bad Manners manager Andy Cowan-Martin, picked up on the band and as well as finding then gigs also brought then to the attention of ex- Animals bassist and former Jimi Hendrix / Slade manager Chas Chandler who, after seeing them at a gig in Brighton, signed The Depressions for his Barn label. In fact Barnard and Smith celebrated the signing by scrawling the band's name with spray paint cross some prominent walls in Brighton for which they were both arrested and fined 100 pounds! The LP was released in 1978, first LP where they mixed their patented punk with rock and those power-pop/ pub-rock moments. However, it was whilst supporting The Vibrators on a UK tour to promote the LP that tragedy struck the band with the death of a fan during the last number of their set at Preston Poly. A fight broke out between two rival sets of football supporters leaving a 22 year old dead of head injuries. The national press had a field day covering the "Punk riot" and all the adverse publicity led to the band losing a lot of gigs and the departure of the guitarist Smith. Limited edition to 500 copies, 180 grams vinyl. (Radiation/Beat Generation Records #50)

(restock) HOUNDS OF HATE - Hate Springs Eternal LP
Bradock, PA's premier straight edge band offer up their second LP entitled "Hate Springs Eternal." Their previous LP on Pain Killer was well received, as was their debut 7" on Katorga Works. This LP has been self-released by the band. Unrepentantly straight edge hardcore in the vein of late '80s NYHC not unlike Sick of It All, Youth of Today, or Warzone. (Braddock Hit Factory Records #8)

(restock) ZOUNDS - The Curse Of Zounds LP
500 only pressing on white vinyl that closely reproduces the original pressing's cover, inner sleeve and label. (Overground Records #142)

(restock) THE CRAVATS - In Toytown LP
All the Small Wonder recordings comprising the 'In Toytown' album and singles 1978 - 1981. Vinyl pressing is single album with inner bag and 4-page insert. (Overground Records #129)

(restock) THE MOB - Let The Tribe Increase LP
One of the seminal anarcho-punk albums, includes the bonus tracks from the Mirror Breaks 7" and a previously unheard version of Stay. Digitally remastered for the first time and packed in gatefold jacket. (Overground Records #122)

(restock) RED DEATH - s/t 7"
In 2014, Washington DC's RED DEATH came out of the gate and obliterated everyone with one of the best hardcore demos of the year. Their first recorded output channels the sheer brutality and precision of crossover classics like Animosity, Cause for Alarm, and Best Wishes, without straying too far from the rawness and reckless abandon of hardcore punk. With their debut LP on the horizon, it makes perfect sense to get these tracks onto the 7" format where they arguably should have been in the first place. What you get on this EP are four blistering cuts and a Discharge cover; the perfect introduction to one of the most promising hardcore bands going on the East Coast today. (Grave Mistake #75)

Descriptions for 4/18/15

PERSPEX FLESH - Ordered Image LP
Just under a year from the release of their debut LP, PERSPEX FLESH return with a brand new 6 track 12" EP. Undoubtedly their strongest work yet, this takes all of the influences of the previous records, the feeling of claustrophobia, the tasteful nods to bands such as RUDIMENTARY PENI, SPIKE IN VAIN and COLD SWEAT, as well as an occasional post punk feel, and merges it into something ugly and unique. UK hardcore has been possibly in it's best state for the best part of two decades in recent memory, and this is another record to help enforce that claim. Featuring members of THE FLEX, DiE and BROKEN ARM. (Static Shock Records #28)

WIZARD RIFLE - Here in the Deadlights LP
The wrecking crew known collectively as WIZARD RIFLE continues their sonic weirdness on their Second LP, "Here in the Deadlights". Having relocated from Portland, OR to NYC and drawing influences from Black Sabbath, Chrome, Lightning Bolt, & Nomeansno, WIZARD RIFLE are as difficult to describe as they are to ignore. Eclectic, innovative, and all-around out there, their sound is sludgy, but playing heavily with volume and movement. Track after track is an epic escapade in its own right, building up into a crescendo of churning guitar lines and drum riffs, moving inch by careful inch towards the refined heavy rock sound they aim for. An MP3 download code is included. (Seventh Rule #42)

AUTHOR & PUNISHER - Drone Machines LPx2
AUTHOR & PUNISHER is an industrial doom metal, one man band utilizing primarily custom designed and fabricated machines and speakers. "Drone Machines" is beyond avant-garde, in that exciting sense that it brings together slow-paced DOOM, modern technology, an eerie flood of vile drones and heavy machinery in a whole new perspective. It's also an album that has set out to revive the INDUSTRIAL genre from its ashes and rephrasing the primeval passion for that classic bestial drum pound with rancid low end and sonic-metallic scraping. Originally released in 2010, this will be the first time "Drone Machines" is available on vinyl, now released in a beautiful 2xLP Gatefold package. For fans of Streetcleaner-era GODFLESH, SWANS, and NECRO DEATHMORT. An MP3 download code is included. (Seventh Rule #40)

Debut recordings from this guitar heavy Arizona group. Featuring members of RUMSPRINGER, AVON LADIES, SOFT SHOULDER and GAY KISS, Detached Objects play a loud style of punk that is both melodic and scathing, simple and complex, with nods to bands such as Wipers and Drive Like Jehu. (Gilgongo Records #74)

Caged Grave is a power-violence band based in Melbourne, Australia, which was formed in 2013. The Demo includes 8 songs so there are no filler, ambiance or melody. you can expect heavy, fast and short hardcore, but this is an intention here, Caged Grave is aiming to create intense, dark and brutal music. The sound of quality is actually very intresting. the demo was recorded at the Bage's studio (owned by the band's drummer) and was given a very D.I.Y. crusty sound. (Dead Heroes Records #42)

CAGED GRAVE - Gutless 7"
New nine songs ep of this excellent Melbourne's (Australia)powerviolence hardcore band. As bonus for this new ep they made LEFT FOR DEAD ( DIDN'T I?) Cover. Noticeably their cleanest recording so far. SHORT-FAST-LOUD HARDCORE. Guys will come to Europe this year - this is invitation on their first European tour. (Dead Heroes Records #43)

COFFIN BIRTH - Necrotic Liquefaction 10"
Wow, Aussies kick ass again - one of the loudest & hardest grindcore newbies present their latest tunes on one-sided 10" with an etching on the flip side. Necrotic Liquefaction features nine tracks of ultra-brutal & punishing songs of chaotic death metal, grindcore, hardcore and punk with a shit ton of Insect Warfare appreciation in tow. A jaw-dropping madness for anyone into Internal Rot finally on a wax. Band ala INSECT WARFARE, INTERNAL ROT. (Dead Heroes Records #44)

COLD SKIN - 4 song 7"
First vinyl release for this Tampa band, following last years six song demo. Sounds like a time/space rift where Poison Idea meets Crisis in the era of No Hope for the Kids and The Vicious. Melodic and burly punk, some say the guitars have a surf vibe. Financial Ruin calls it soundtrack to 18 months snowed in at Antarctic research station. Members of State Poison, Holy Mountain, and Merchandise. Mastered by Jack Control/Enormous Door. (Financial Ruin Records #26)

MORPHIC LAPSE - Mimesis tape
Frighteningly fast technical grind. There's a Discordance Axis cover and if it ain't a drum machine then the person sitting behind them tubs is an unholy skin destroyer. Sometimes I think stuff like this is as challenging to listen to as it is to create, well worth the effort on both ends though. Members of Cellgraft, Traitor Crucifix, and Sacridose. (Financial Ruin Records #24 TP)

Man, it's been a minute since I heard an American band that went for the early 2000s neo-crust thing and just fucking nailed it. No skramz, no post-rock buildup yawn fests, just siqq 'n' brutal D-beat-centric punk played with intelligent fury and an unquestionable influence from the scene that produced Deathreat and His Hero is Gone. A powerviolence element reveals itself a few tracks in, adding some extra speed along with a sharp-yet-primal sense of dynamics. Personnel from Combatwoundedveteran and Holy Mountain...they also manage a fucking great take on Disrupt's "Squandered" with the singer from Sacridose. (Financial Ruin Records #22)

SACRIDOSE - Anxiety Tremors 7"
Ugly and rude grindcore/powerviolence with members of Cellgraft and Crow's Foot from Florida, where there is probably a lot to be legitimately pissed about. The vocals are so brutal it seems like this girl could bust a lung, but it's totally worth it. The guitars cut into your soul; with hella crucial riffs that make you want to punch the floor in scorn and contempt til your knuckles are raw... (Financial Ruin Records #21)

LIFECHAIN - 3 track 7" flexi
Epic cocaine frenzy guitar reminiscent of spending loud, hot, sweaty nights losing it to good Japanese punk records-they boast a ruthless Texas punk sound although the band is based in Florida. This band features members of Holy Mountain and Asshole Parade. This three-track flexi contains guest guitar leads from Zac Tew of World Burns to Death, Kegcharge, and Smash Detox. Lifechain is an epic Anglicized Burning Spirits hardcore punk band with amazing guitar tracks on this flexi. (Financial Ruin Records #18)

(restock) IRON LUNG - Sexless / No Sex LP
Destructive power violence hardcore, The Second LP from Seattle-via-San Francisco-Via-Reno's IRON LUNG follows to the point of their abrasive blend of low end crushing heavy lumbering split with devastating and inventive fast thrash and bleak lyrics skewed through medical malpractice. This 20-song second LP follows up their "life. Iron Lung.Death" LP on 625 Thrash on top of a ridiculous number of 7"'s, split releases, cassettes, CD-R's and other limited releases. The Duo that is IRON LUNG sit at the forefront of the modern Power Violence resurgence, continually re-inventing the formula and pushing it to new extremes. IRON LUNG members were previously in ARTIMUS PYLE, GEHENNA, GOB and VAE VICTUS, Currently also play in PIG HEART TRANSPLANT, WALLS and SOCIETY NURSE and have toured extensively throughout the US, Australia, Europe, SE Asia and Japan. (Prank Records #92)

(restock) CHARLES MANSON - Horsefly 7"
This is an official/authorized release of a piece CM recorded himself in prison. 15 minutes running time. With original/new from Zeena Schreck and housed in a full color gatefold jacket with an amazing collage of Manson's in the gatefold. Mastered for vinyl by Dan Randall @ MAMMOTH SOUND MASTERING. 1,000 pressed. (Parasitic Records #62)

(restock) THOU - Heathen LPx2
Heathen is the fourth full length record from Baton Rouge, Louisiana band Thou. The domestic version of this record was self-released on the band's in-house Howling Mine label. 180g double LP in Stoughton gatefold tip-on jackets. (Howling Mine Records #7)

(restock) THE BODY - The Body LP
Originally released in 2004 on Obscurist Press, this version has been remastered by Machines with Magnets and pressed on 180g black vinyl. New inserts have been letter pressed by Astro Press and with heavy Stoughton jackets. (Howling Mine Records #6)

(restock) PILLAGE - s/t 7"
Not for the weak...Harsh and aggressive hardcore from Chicago. Nothing is pretty on this record, just pure anger. Excited for this to hit some punks... 8 fast aggro tracks that will make you want to break things. Fans of brutal power-violence hardcore like No Comment and Infest will love this record. Features members of Punch in the Face, Los Crudos, HERDS, Sick/Tired, Divine Right... and a bunch of other bands you like too much. (Residue Records #20)

(restock) S.H.I.T. - Feeding Time 7"
Over the last couple of years, Toronto's S.H.I.T. have come out of nowhere with their acclaimed demo tape, to releasing two killer 7"s, to even opening their own DIY venue, S.H.I.B.G.B's. They are now back with their third 7" and it's just as essential as the two preceeding. You may remember 'Feeding Time' as the opening track off their demo, it has now been re-recorded and is now even more of a rager than before. On the flip, you get a brand new track, the slow burning 'Private Lies'. The package is wrapped up with perfect artwork by Sam Ryser (Crazy Spirit, Dripper World and Dawn Of Humans). Download code is included. (Static Shock Records #26)

Descriptions for 4/11/15

ORCHID - Chaos Is Me LP (lavender colored vinyl)
Repressed! Orchid's first full length 12" features eleven songs of their unique blend of emotive chaos and combustible hardcore. Blending it all together to create emo violence. Screaming vocals and harsh sounding music to keep the kids screaming and dancin' whether they are Romulan emo kids or crusty Klingons. (Ebullition #45)

ORCHID - Dance Tonight!! 10" (black/yellow 50/50 vinyl)
Repressed! Ten blasts of chaotic fury and emotive noise on a cute little 10". The Orchid sound is even more aggressive than on their 12", and anyone that enjoyed any of their previous releases will be floored by these songs. Tuneful, vicious, throbbing, and chaotic hardcore played with finesse, heartfelt energy, and a wee bit of arty pretense. Repress of the Chaos is Me LP in the works as well. We went all out this time with each record being 50% black and 50% yellow (they were supposed to be 50/50 black/yellow, but the pressing plant did it wrong). (Ebullition #46)

CONQUEST FOR DEATH/FLIPOUT A.A. - split 7" (gatefold cover)
An international "thrashcore-fastcore-hardcore-core-core-punk-punk-annihilation" split 7" Ep, just in time for their tour together across Japan (Spring 2015). Japan's FLIPOUT A.A. drop five new tracks of their smoke-hazed ballistic Japanese thrash, matched by C.F.D, who deliver two new songs of crossover inspired fastcore. Both bands embody the spirit of international DIY thrash - hard hitting music delivered by some of the nicest people you will meet. (625 Production #254)

NUDITY - Astronomicon LP (with download)
"Astronomicon" features driving uptempo beats, ringing choruses, and twin-guitar harmonies that segue into improvised jams invoking the MC5 at their Sun Ra-channeling best, cruise through talkbox-laden breakdowns and finish with pulse-revving big bang crescendos. Inspiration for the tracks came from places as lofty as long summers spent working fire lookouts on remote mountaintops, to lowly as a need for cathartic musical release after inter-band fights. As its arresting cover imagery (painted by Brittany Stallings) suggests, Nudity pulls listeners to a place where the earthiest, most carnal human attributes bend around to meet supernal desires, while vouching that lovers of grit-filled Rock'n'roll get a headbanging fix. You can liken it to time travel, space travel, or space-time travel, but once on board, Nudity will take you to sonic frontiers in a style all their own. The current lineup might be their most impressive yet, bringing talent from bands such as the Tight Bro's From Way Back When, Hysterics, The Need, Sex/Vid, Broken Water and more. All 1000 copies come housed in a heavy duty tip-on jacket on thick black vinyl. Nothing but the finest quality. (Iron Lung Records #62)

Up Your Bucket are the new band from Big Daddy, drummer in one of my all time favourite bands, KILSLUG! The two tracks on offer here are along similar druggy dirge punk lines but with a less lethargic delivery, almost reminiscent of Electric Wizard's new driving, schlocky garage riffs. Some of the best stuff i've heard in ages , cannot wait to hear a full album by these guys. Screaming Brain are from Macedonia play a very off-kilter type of punk. its definitely been informed by later Black Flag and maybe some of the other oddball SST bands of the mid 80s but they have at their base a melodic euro-punk core with a couple of great singalong choruses. 3 songs from this guys on this split 7" A cracking split release and another belter on the "things to accomplish before you die" list crossed off by having cartoon genius Mike Diana do the artwork! 350 copies with full colour sleeve and insert. (Insulin Addicted Records #12)

The new split LP between Amps for Christ and Failings finds each artist exploring familiar zones. Henry Barnes and Co. deliver a small but long overdue collection -(it's been at least 6 or 7 years since AFC has released any music), of 4 wonderfully weird songs. Their sound universe covers everything from eastern/outsider-folk, to dronescapes, to cracked homemade electronics, to 70's arena rock guitar shredding, and all things inbetween. Never easy to pin down and always fantastically inventive. This isn't fusion music, it's 21st Century gospel music. Hopefully we'll see more coming out in upcoming years of the rumored deep back-catalog of Barnes. Ian Hawk, also of the heavy-drone group Tecumseh, has produced his first solo effort under the guise of Failings. His side of the split is comprised of two long drone compositions that explore the potentials in heavily processed acoustic instruments as sound source. The first track comes off as an homage to his aforementioned group in their more improvised/static, yet dark and heavy sound explorations, while the second track emerges out of the deep haze exploring lighter, more ambient territories. A really beautiful and realized piece of ambient-drone-drift. Full colour covers with insert , artwork done by the great Chris Johanson limited to 272 copies. (Insulin Addicted Records #16)

CONTRAST ATTITUDE - Black or White 7"
Hellishly loud commando from Mie-city strikes again and after their last record, split 7" with SEE YOU IN HELL, here comes the European press of their second seven-inch, originally released last year in Malaysia. CONTRAST ATTITUDE don't really change or evolve with age, after all, these words on the cover state it clear: “Dis-bastard till death". Their DISCHARGE-assault, played with Japanese fury and guitars slicing like katanas, sounds as extreme as ever. As on their previous records, listening to these 4 songs one can really very vividly imagine the nightmares of war - dark whir of bombers in the air - nuclear submarine suddenly surfacing on the sea - or thundering of tanks approaching the town. Authentic and destructive business! (Insane Society Records #116)

THE KIDS - s/t LP (180 gram vinyl
Hailing from Antwerp, Belgium, the Kids formed in 1976 to prove to the world that punk was more than just a London vs New York fashion contest. Originally released on the PHILIPS label in 1978, and highly acclaimed as one of the best punk records EVER, the Kids' debut album is finally reissued on vinyl, with two bonus tracks recorded in 1977. This is pure and quintessential PUNK ROCK. The second release on the new Radiation Deluxe Series, this classic punk LP is reissued on 180 gram vinyl in a deluxe 350 gram cardboard sleeve. Punk rock never looked or sounded this good. (Radiation Records Delux #8002)

THE KIDS - Naughty Kids LP (180 gram vinyl)
Released a mere eight months after their groundbreaking 1978 self-titled debut LP, The Kids' second album is a pure masterpiece of straightforward punk rock. A little less raw than their previous material, but still far from the new wave sounds the band started experimenting with on their following records, 'Naughty Kids' remains one of the best examples of non-UK '70s Punk and definitely a mandatory addition to the collection of any 'killed by death' fanatic! This reissue also features 5 bonus tracks recorded live in 1978. The third release on the new Radiation Deluxe Series, this classic punk LP is reissued on 180 gram vinyl in a deluxe 350 gram cardboard sleeve. Punk rock never looked or sounded this good. (Radiation Records Delux #8003)

CHAOS U.K. - Total Chaos: The Singles Collection LP
Promoted as the "fastest and noisiest" band in the cosmos, Chaos UK may not be exactly the kind of band who reserve their hits for their singles, but they sure lined up the most immediate and chaotic, and the effect of 'Total Chaos', 19 tracks of pure magic mayhem, is not dissimilar from having your head run over by a tank. A band whose contribution to the world of noise and distortion has been rarely equaled, Chaos UK's legacy still stems from their 1982 singles 'Burning Britain' and 'Loud Political and Uncompromising', here collected along with their full 1983 first 12" and their contribution to the Riotous Assembly compilation. (Radiation Records #40)

UNDEAD - The Killing Of Reality LP
Not to be confused with Bobby Steele of The Misfits mid 80's American band of the same name, the UNDEAD from Bristol were one of the main names in the ever-growing late 70's Bristol punk scene, along with such names as Vice Squad, Disorder, and Chaos UK. After a demo tape in 1981, they signed to Riot City Records and released their debut 7" in 1982, which reached number 18 on the UK indie chart. After a second single in 1983 and several live appearances they recorded the 'Killing Of Reality' LP in 1984 and soon imploded without leaving much trace. One of the best hidden treasures of the whole 'UK82' era, finally back on vinyl with both A-sides from the aforementioned singles included as bonus tracks! (Radiation Records #41)

PETER & THE TEST TUBE BABIES - The Punk Singles Collection LP
Formed in 1978 in the smalltown of Peacehaven by Del Strangefish and Pete Bywaters, Peter & The Test Tube Babies have been one of the most representative and longest running UK OI! bands ever. Unlike most bands of this ilk, theur line-up remained pretty stable of the years, mostly thanks to Peter and Del not giving up the ghost. This unique collection gathers togheter the A and B sides of the Test Tubes early, most successful years from their 1982 debut single on the legendary No Future label, to their latest hits on Jungle and Trapper Records up to 1985, providing a close look to the band's peak. Includes the UK Indie Chart hits "Banned From The Pubs" (No.10), "Run Like Hell" (No.2), "Zombie Creeping Flesh" (No.2), "Blown Out Again" (no.40), "Wimpeez" (No.8) and "Keys Of The City" (No.14). (Radiation Records #35)

G.B.H. - Live At The Ace 1983 LP
Early pioneers of British hardcore and undisputed punk icons, G.B.H. early studio recordings were never able to make justice to the violence of their live shows. Originally used for the soundtrack to a legendary Jettisoundz release on VHS, this raw 1983 recording is definitely not for the audiophile, but gives you an idea of what punk was in London in 1983. 'Maniac', 'Sick Boy', Self Destruct', 'Give Me Fire', and more of their classics played at the speed of light in front of an out-of-control crowd at the Brixton Academy March, 9th 1983. (Radiation Records #34)

BARBED WIRE - The Age That Didn't Care LP
Originally out on the highly collectable OI! Records label (run by OPPRESSED's frontmen and S.H.A.R.P. ideologist Roddy Moreno) in 1986, 'The Age that didn't care' was the only full lenght by scottish punks/skinheads BARBED WIRE who split in 1988 before reaching the cult status among punk collectors over the world. Rough, angry vocals shouting mad-at-the-world type lyrics in a total three-chords galore, BARBED WIRE is one of most well hidden treasures in 80's UK punk rock. (Radiation Records #36)

ANTI PASTI - The Last Call LP
Formed in Derbyshire, early 1978 by vocalist Martin Roper and guitarist Dugi Bell, Anti-Pasti were one of the big names of the1980-1982 wave of UK punk, lagging only slightly behind The Exploited, GBH, and Discharge in terms of sales and leather-jacket endorsements. Their debut album, a UK national chart no. 31 released on the Rondelet label in 1981, is faithfully here reproduced on vinyl with the addition of 4 bonus tracks from their 1980 first single 'Four Sore Points'. A milestone in UK political punk! (Radiation Records #33)

UNNATURAL AXE - They Saved Hitler's Brain 7"
Formed in 1977 Boston by former choir boy, Richie Parsons, Unnatural Axe were arguably Beantown's first and best punk band. Too punk rock to be just another UK '77 clone, Unnatural Axe pounded out their very own brand of three-chord aggression. Though they opened for just about every major touring band in their two year existence, they only managed to release a single 7" EP. Those 4 songs now command nearly half a G on the open market, a testament to the quality and originality of the band. Fortunately, Radiation Reissues is here to save broke punk fans everywhere by releasing the first ever official reissue of this legendary KBD 7" with a reproduction of the original pic-sleeve. A totally unobtainable American punk rock classic is finally back in print. ((Radiation Records #71001)

RANCID X - Voices LP
There has always been very little information about Rancid X, so little that even their supposed hometown Milan turned out to be wrong. The boys were actually from Torino. Another and maybe more serious misunderstanding is that Rancid X were definitely not punk. As with most of the young bands of the era, they were simply influenced by the new wave and were not afraid of mixing up elements like immediacy and sharpness with a classic R'n'R background, where Lou Reed and the Rolling Stones seemed to be the main inspirations. Rancid X's lone album was released in early 1979 in a dark and disquieting cover. "Voices" was a very appropriate title, evoking intense emotions. Even though, Rancid X's adventure ended quickly, they were rediscovered and finally got some glory in the second half of the 90s, when the release of bootleg compilation series' like "Killed By Death" and "Bloodstains" suddenly sparked interest in the least known punk bands of the late Seventies. Today, they have been totally rescued from oblivion. At last. (Radiation/Spittle Records #50)

CHRISMA - Chinese Restaurant LP
At the time of its release, in early 1978 "Chinese Restaurant" showed a certain impact. It was recorded between London and Milano, during the second half of 1977. The results were not really punk rock, but "post punk" or even some sort of "proto post punk" would be adequate. It is something more in the direction of bands such as Ultravox!, Stranglers and Suicide rather than Sex Pistols and Ramones, due to the use of electronic keyboards, obsessive rhythms, tense harmonies, and scratching vocals emerging from generally dark sound textures. "Chinese Restaurant" was definitely ahead of its time, especially in terms of Italian rock. Chrisma had their own authentic glory and the minimum we can do is to celebrate it with a beautiful "sacred vinyl" reissue. (Radiation/Spittle Records #51)

After the break-up of her Milanese all-girl punk group, Kandeggina Gang, Giovanna Coletti (aka Jo Squillo) along with her boyfriend, the Kaos Rock bass player Gianni Muciaccia, began to work on a solo album. "Girl senza paura"("Girl With No Fear")saw the light during the second half of 1981 under the name of Jo Squillo and the Eletrix. The LP didn't seem to break up with the early punk attitude; it was just more refined, faster, less raw and instinctive than the previous repertoire. Another classic piece of early 80s Italian punk-wave back in print on LP thanks to Spittle. (Radiation/Spittle Records #52)

V/A - The Great Complotto Pordenone LP compilation
Finally reissued on vinyl by Spittle, the seminal compilation of the post-punk undercurrents of northern Italy. Great Complotto is been an amazing story, one you would like to live yourself, even more than 30 years later. A typical story of suburban Italy, based in Pordenone, when creativity was on top and the shortage of technical resources didn't keep the dream from coming true. That was the driving force of the often underestimated Italian punk scene. At the end of the seventies a bunch of musicians from Pordenone joined the punk wave spreading all over the UK, making their way to London for a bizarre pirate live event. HitlerSS and Tampax played under the Aklam Bridge in Portobello Road. That was 1979. The performance was soon after known as the "Cartoon Concert" - because the members of the band played fake cardboard instruments. That was a shocking happening that could only be matched by the absurdist Spaghetti Performance that Skiantos played @ Bologna Rock in 1979. The Great Complotto was the cure, the vital alternative to the western standard way of life. This sought-after record was released in 1980 and soon after was welcomed as the Pordenone manifesto, an incredible and extremely innovative musical scene, not only aware of the British revolution but even tuned into the more eclectic US form of art and post punk (think early Devo, Residents and - why not ? - New York no wave). On this compilation you'll get an idea of the raucous genius of : HitlerSS/Tampax, Mess, Fhedolts, Sexy Angels, Andy Warhol Banana Technicolor, Mind Invaders, 00101100110011, Musique Mecanique, W.K.W., Little Chemist and Waalt Diisneey Prod. Enjoy. (Radiation/Spittle Records #48)

OUTSIDERS - Calling On Youth LP
The Outsiders were Wimbledon's official entry into the 1977 UK punk menagerie. The line-up of Adrian Borland (vocals, guitar) (who later went on to form seminal post-punkers The Sound), Bob Lawrence (bass), and Adrian Janes (aka Jan - drums) had in fact been playing together for a few years before punk took off. Citing the Velvet Underground as their main influence, The Outsiders was a classic example of an existing band that, through the explosion of punk, managed to elevate themselves to a higher level, there by securing more gigs and even getting records released.The band's music is rooted in classic rock and roll, but served with adequate amounts of speed and attitude to fully warrant the use of the punk rock tag. (Radiation/Beat Generation Records #45)

Reissue of classic UK 1981 punk rock LP. (Radiation/Beat Generation Records #50)

ALMOST 21 - s/t 7"
Fullerton CA. 1983: this is a 3 tracks recording from the guys who ended forming legendary OC hardcorers D.I. A real gem for any California punk rock collector. Think of Adolescents, TSOL, early Social Distortion and you get the picture. 100% suburbian desperation from 1983. Some of the songs also ended up on the "Horse Bites" LP! (Radiation/Gummopunx Records #16)

Long awaited reissue for an absolute classic from the glory days of Italian Hardcore. Rome's Bloody Riot were the southern answer to Wretched, Indigesti and Negazione and their unbelievable 1985 debut full length on the Meccano Records label was a complete shock for the politically-aware, peace-punk oriented Italian punk scene of those days. Italian lyrics glorifying the arts of making a lot of noise, destroying everything and drinking beer up to complete unconsciousness, vomited in a microphone one step from a nervous breakdown, and played at the speed of light. 100% pure suburban desperation from the mid 80's. Don't miss out! (Radiation/Anfibio Records #47)

LOST CHERREES - All Part of Growing Up LP
Seminal Crass type punk band - reissue of their fundamental 1984 LP. (Radiation/Beat Generation Records #52)

Limited edition colored 180 gram vinyl. Amazing reissue of this absolute crossover hardcore/metal NYHC masterpiece! (Radiation/Back on Black Records #335)

Limited edition colored 180 gram vinyl. More speed metal, but still hardcore thrash classic from 1988 - high quality reissue for this NYCHC master! (Radiation/Back on Black Records #340)

ANASAZI - Nasty Witch Rock LP (import version)
After two 7" singles (on Sacred Bones and Toxic State), a flexi and demos galore, Nuke York's ANASAZI finally unleash their debut album on La Vida Es Un Mus in Europe and Toxic State in America. 'Nasty Witch Rock' comes from the dirty, rotten and seedier side of New York. The album is built on raw energy, passion and intensity. The sound is blown out with distorted and echoey guitar work akin to Fire Of Love era GUN CLUB , pounding tribal drum patterns and a vocalist who oozes violence and desperation. If you have 'In The Flat Field' era BAUHAUS, TSOL or CHRISTIAN DEATH in your collection or loved it when the early 80's UK anarcho bands added a bit of goth edge to their sound then ANASAZI is a must hear. The 180 gram vinyl comes housed in a heavy weight sleeve including a 16 page small booklet and an A1 poster. (La Vida Es Un Mus #97)

In 2014, the best punk scene in the world is in London, England, and the best band out of that scene is Good Throb. KY Ellie and the gang rage through eleven of the most acerbic punk rock cuts to be conceived in modern time, brimming over with true-life vitriol and the means to carry it out. Imagine the murderous passion of The Feederz clenched in the fists of Kleenex with a scratched-up Erase Errata picture disc jammed in a Vomit Visions sleeve and you're close to Good Throb, although there is no way to hypothesize Good Throb without truly bearing witness. Following two stunning 7" EPs, Good Throb annihilate the LP format with more tunes about moronic men, systemic misery and the many ways in which they can both get fucked. Rather than be the one to say it, I'll go ahead and wait until you hear 'Fuck Off' and consequently pronounce it the album of the year. (La Vida Es UN Mus/Superfi Records #69)

MxTx - new matterial from Bilos and his melody boys. Three killer crust´n´roll songs for all fans of scandinavian crust and of course there is a bit Motörhead influence too. Lx : fast grindcore / power violence with extreme female / male vocals. Seven shots and Limp Wrist cover. (Insane Society Records #62)

DISCARD - Death from Above 7"
Here's some classic d-beat tunes from a pioneering band for the d-beat swedish punk. Discard was formed in early/mid 80's and members were involved with bands such as Mob 47 & Protest Bengt (Åke, Chrille) and Agoni (Per). They were one of the first bands that gave breath to the Discharge worship in the Swedish scene the latter years. Death from Above EP was released by Jesus Kudd records in 1990 and was much later re-released by Rodel Records and it consists of six dis-tracks coming straight outta the Discharge recordings of the "Hear nothing..." era, nothing more or less than that. Discard had also a demo tape from 1985 (where all the tracks coming from), the Four Minutes past Midnight full length and contributed tracks in Really Fast Vol 3 compilation. (Insane Society Records #123)

MORKHIMMEL - Ostri Cerne Kosy Zni LP
The fragrance of rotting leaves, fog, the chill of frosty mornings...Autumn slowly hands winter the reigns, daylight retreats, and darkness announces it's arrival. The north wind is cruel and brings the scent of death and decay. The latest gust of despair and ruin from the land of Insane Society is the new LP from Prague's MORKHIMMEL, titled "Ostri Cerne Kosy Zni" (The Sound of the Black Scythe Blade). A brew of uncompromising heavy metal blows, songs of the damned from the pits of hell, the sound of the world collapsing into ashes. A funereal celebration of optimism, where time drags on and false faith lies drunken under the table long since. The desperate deeds of desperate people. A total of eight acts revealing the nature of the beast, at the end of which all that remain are the shards of trampled rose-coloured glasses. Eight songs recorded with the sick sound of Cestice's Hellsound and the grime of long departed ages. Czech lyrics sung in the language of long forgotten pagan scrolls. This is the new MORKHIMMEL LP, this is your destiny. Shun the light, for hark the sound of the black scythe blade! (Insane Society Records #122)

Three years since "Zaskuby Chaosu" and long sixteen since first GRIDE recording on Insane Society is prachatice town power gride core commando back and serve 7 songs of sonic fastcore / grind madness. Their side ends with bonus "Masaz", probably the most crazy song in long band history. SIDETRACKED from Tacoma, WA has many records under their belt and still keeps the slogan "Short, fast and loud" alive. Their side contains 15 songs inspired by early 1990's power violence bands. Record itself is probably most crazy project in DIY history of Insane Society. Cover comes in 5 coloured versions, gatefold insert - all screenprinted, hand cute, etc. (Insane Society Records #121)

HAZARDER - Against His-Story, Against Leviathan! LP
From Chaos and Nothingness, from Havoc and Wilderness, from Face of the Other, from Spiritus Mundi coming "Against His-Story, Against Leviathan!" Debut Album from Balkan Wolvegypsies, Anarchermetic Trio - Hazarder! Hazarder are a hard-hitting Sludge/Stoner Metal Band heavily influenced by Sleep, Motorhead, Kyuss and High On Fire. Their blend of Sludge/Stoner Metal music is a thrilling blast of top-notch riffs from start to finish." (Insane Society Records #119)

AGNOSTIC FRONT - Police Violence 7"
These NYHC legends need no introduction. Agnostic Front is back with their first batch of new material since 2011's "My Life, My Way" LP. "Police Violence" is a teaser for their upcoming LP on Nuclear Blast, "The American Dream Died," and shows Agnostic Front going back to basics with three short, violent, hardcore punk blasts reminiscent of the "United Blood"- era of the band, and a more anthemic B-side which is exclusive to this release. 7" includes digital download. (Bridge Nine Records #226)

SICK//TIRED - Manufactured 7"
It's been a great year for Chicago's grind masters Sick/Tired. After their two essential releases Lowlife and King of Dirt, the four-piece outfit (with members of Weekend Nachos and MK-Ultra) have dropped another 7'' via Profane Existence. As usual, its fucking great, which features a cover of the S.O.B. "Vicious World" from their LP of the same name. If you dig your grind chaotic and noisy, you cannot miss this band. War//Plague - Primal... This record is potentially the best release these Minneapolis punks have yet to offer! The driving force behind this release is laden with mad as fuck thrash punk. These tracks are an all out assault on the shallow society we live in. This is "Primal"...war cries to decimate corporate sponsorship in the DIY punk underground, and to curse the thrones of those who rule. WAR//PLAGUE carry the torch for what really matters in this desolate world of superficial living and material gain. The scathing and metallic riffs, the onslaught of drums and the scorching vocals makes this a serious addition to their previous releases. This is a clear and concise release with a message to raise the flag high and to bestow nothing but rage against the masses that lie, cheat and kill. This is the 7th installment in the PE Limited Edition Singles Series. (Profane Existence #139)

Chicago's La Armada has unveiled the stream for their latest EP Crisis! Recorded by Andy Nelson of Weekend Nachos and featuring seven tracks of fiery, socio-political hardcore punk, Crisis is a focused effort which hones in on the percussive side of La Armada's native Caribbean music while staying true to its DIY punk and hardcore roots. These new songs showcase a variety of rhythmic patterns seldom heard in heavy crossover music while maintaining the attack and intensity that characterizes the band's ferocious live show. After becoming immersed in the city's infamous music scene and touring extensively around the country, the band became exposed to distinct subgenres including grindcore, power-violence, crust-punk and traditional hardcore and metal sounds. After recording for their whole career in their native Spanish, La Armada has now been recording songs in English. (Profane Existence #152)

WAR//PLAGUE - Primal 7"
This record is potentially the best release these Minneapolis punks have yet to offer! The driving force behind this release is laden with mad as fuck thrash punk. These tracks are an all out assault on the shallow society we live in. This is "Primal"...war cries to decimate corporate sponsorship in the DIY punk underground, and to curse the thrones of those who rule. WAR//PLAGUE carry the torch for what really matters in this desolate world of superficial living and material gain. The scathing and metallic riffs, the onslaught of drums and the scorching vocals makes this a serious addition to their previous releases. This is a clear and concise release with a message to raise the flag high and to bestow nothing but rage against the masses that lie, cheat and kill. This is the 7th installment in the PE Limited Edition Singles Series. (Profane Existence #138)

WAR//PLAGUE - On A Darker Dawn LP
Minneapolis punk veterans War//Plague return with their debut full length album "On A Darker Dawn". This album brings forth over 2 years of socio/political rage and ferocity that is unleashed into a culmination of metallic fury. On a Darker Dawn is the bands defining pinnacle, both musically and lyrically. Coming from previous bands such as Provoked, Calloused and Pontius Pilate. These Minneapolis punks know their roots and the underbelly of the DIY movement has fueled them since day one. With the bands driving and aggressive guitars, barrage of brutal drum convergence, and vocal war cries, this album brings all their years of punk and rage into an apex of brutality. (Profane Existence #131)

AHNA/CETASCEAN - Imperial Decline split LP
AHNA (van.) and CETASCEAN (wpg.) meet minds with the release of their split LP Imperial Decline. This record serves up 7 tracks of brutalizing anti-oppressive crust punk: distorted, mincing, noisy. At its core, this is a crust record, but it is at times as contorted as the world that hatched it. AHNA continues their foray into a death metal influence that is as blown out as it is disgusting. The added guitar player only adds another layer to the injury. CETASCEAN achieves a new level of brutality, incorporating elements of stenchcore, swedish hardcore, sludge, and blackened raw punk. The record delivers thought provoking themes critiquing imperial war mongering, weapons manufacturing, vivisection, environmental annihilation, neocolonialism, and systemic oppression within and outside the DIY punk community. (Profane Existence #149)

This limited 4 track 12" EP is pressed onto audiophile 180 gram black vinyl @ 45rpm for a full fat sound. In keeping with the heavier black vinyl the artwork has been slightly 'remixed' to give the sleeve a darker, more foreboding aura. Also includes the full digital album download which includes a track from the same recording session for their split 7" with Summon the Crows available on Nakkeskudd Plater, PLUS a special bonus track and full release artwork and booklet/lyrics. (Profane Existence #130)

Hold on to your helmet because this split LP between Hartford Connecticut's OILTANKER and North Carolina's NO TOMORROW is like being trapped in the trenches as a vicious battle rages overhead. OILTANKER once again prove that they are one of the most powerful bands currently out there holding the D.I.Y. punk flag high. They really have honed their crushing sound over the past few years and they just keep getting better and better. A full on assault of high speed modern metallic crust punk with no regard for anything that might get in its way. Blazing guitars and machine gun drums absolutely shred while the vocals bark and howl with desperation. I absolutely loved last years The Shadow Of Greed LP and eagerly awaited more from these guys. Oh, and I have to mention the rad cover art...whoever does the artwork for OILTANKER is simply amazing. It looks like the same artist has done all of their art over the years and the cover for this looks fucking great too.NO TOMMORROW on the flipside are new to me but I didn't have to listen for long to realize that they would be a band that I would certainly be watching in the future. They definitely have a scandi-crust sort of mind kept going back to MARTYRDOD or SKITSYSTEM as this played and that is just about as great a compliment as I can give. These d-beat junkies hail from Wilmington North Carolina and take my word for it, they lay waste to all with their precision bombast and pounding- Thrash head Profane Existence #129)

Rifle Diet's No Solace is a 12in 45 that combines the Classic Minneapolis crust sound with Swedish d-beat and Epic crust. Think somewhere between Servitude and Wolfbirgade with hints of Tragedy and Fall of Efrafa. The beautiful cover art by Hannah Benoche sets a bleak mood for the dark music within. Plus a cover of His Hero is a Gone - Chain of Command ex-members of InDefence and Garmonbozia. (Profane Existence #666)

ROAC - s/t LP
ROAC hail from Denver, Colorado and feature several contributors from Profane Existence magazine as well as members Denver's longest running crust band, THE CLUSTERFUX. This is ROAC's debut LP and they offer up a heavy dose of doom laden mid-tempo darkness with hints of early AMEBIX, CELTIC FROST and DEVIATED INSTINCT while creating a sound all their own. Lyrically they rail on the horrifying imapct humainty has imposed upon our environment and each other through unjust laws, war, greed and trechery. The cover features killer artwork from "Bam Bam" and helps make this one solid epic split release by the band's own LESS ART RECORD LABEL and PROFANE EXISTENCE! (Profane Existence #154)

WE MUST DISMANTLE ALL THIS! is plague-dark melodic anarcho-crust from central Illinois. Scandinavian-style D-beat merged with frenzied thrash, impassioned black metal, and 80's raw punk, reverberating the sounds of TRAGEDY, NUX VOMICA, and AGRIMONIA with lyrics that rival the despair, misery, and desolation of bands like DYSTOPIA. "Decathect" means to withdraw one's feelings of attachment from a person, idea, or object in anticipation of a future loss. This theme blisters from the record through 11 tracks of ferocious riffs, layered melodies, and personal pain. "Decathect" is the band's fifth release in their six-year experience and represents the height of their fury, intensity, and rage at the social contagions that blacken our modern age. (Profane Existence #144)

CLUSTERFUX - Abandon Your Gods LP
Final release from Denver's long running crusty thrash punx. Clusterfux blend the styles of Extinction of Mankind, the Exploited, Misery and DRI into a unique cocktail of crusty thrashcore. (Profane Existence/Less Art Records #12)

DRIPFED - Unexploded Ordinance 10"
Follow-up to the 7" from Denver crust-grinders. Think Bolt Thrower meets Phobia w/ female vocals. (Profane Existence/Less Art Records #14)

Austin, Texas is known as the underground music capitol of the South West. It's home to music festivals like Chaos In Tejas, Fun, Fun, Fun, and SXSW so if you are a band from Texas you either go big or go home. Maybe it's the grit in the water. Maybe it's the sweltering heat but you "don't mess with (bands from) Texas". DEADLY REIGN is no exception. They are hard and they are in your face. The thing that sets them apart is that they don't care how big they are. They don't care how they stack up against the rest of the world. They are out to destroy it! DEADLY REIGN plays old school d-beat crust punk the way it should be played, brutal and relentless. Their music is punishing and their message is filled with the piss and bitterness toward a society filled with injustice and oppression. "Slave" is perfect mix of anarcho-politics, rage and aggression. DEADLY REIGN features scene veterans from bands like WORLD BURNS TO DEATH, KEGCHARGE, SCARRED FOR LIFE and a long list of others. With a resume like that you know that they know how to do it right! This is the fifth release in the Profane Existence Limited Edition Singles Series of 2013. This is a short run pressing that is available on four different colors. As the title suggests supplies are limited. Once they are gone, they are gone. (Profane Existence #136)

DEATHWISH - Six Bullet Roulette 7"
Motorcharged punk / with members of WARTORN,DRESDEN,THE PARISH, ATTALLA on profane existence records and osd press - Review from thrashhead - got a bit of a jump start on this one by seeing these guys live twice in a week, once in Denver and once in L.A. at the 2nd O.C. Crustock, and they shredded it...HARD.The guitar riffs are rad and the execution, especially by their guitarist, here known as S.C., is damn near perfect. I payed attention to this guy playing live and he is so relaxed and...I don't know...comfortable might be the right word, about his instrument that it is fucking clear that he has a ton of talent musically. Metallic riffage, snarling vocals and cracking snare drums, DEATHWISH sound to me a lot like DISFEAR in the Live The Storm era but dirtier and without the over-the-top metal production. That probably figures since it was mastered by Jack at Enormous Door, a guy who makes everything he touches better without overdoing it. Bitty is back behind the bass guitar and handling most of the vocals, Ryan, AKA Guinea Pig Champion, who has been with Bitty in WARTORN for years is also along for the ride, and its all held together by super-tight drumming from S.W. Certainly less crusty sounding than WARTORN or DRESDEN, with a more straightforward, kinda punk n roll, approach, these guys have written songs that sound punk as hell but have a lot of nuance to them too.Limited to 300 copies with sick cover art from the now legendary Marald and on dark blue clear marble to boot. (Profane Existence #155)

DESPISE - s/t 7"
Holy shit! Yeah, that saying about judging a book buy it's cover? Out the window. This is the second instaIlment of the Profane Existence Limited Edition Singles Series. I had certain expectations when I first set eyes on this beauty and they all came true. When the needle dropped on the Desolate side, the slow paced gloomy intro sets the scene heavy with dread and depression. It's like being held down by a morphine drenched pile of sleeping bags. You can't get up and realize that there's just no good reason to try. The bleek lyrics and Hannah's ghostly howls make it that much harsher once the band kicks into a fury of blackened crust riffing. Occasionally they slow down to open the mood up even further. On side Inebriated, the subject matter is exactly what you think: self medicating to get through this shit-circus of a human existence. This track is every bit as emotionally heavy and soul crushing as Desolate. Being experienced seasoned veterans of older Minneapolis bands, you know that the chances of this being a piece of crust magic is almost a sure thing and it is. I hope that we get many years and releases from DESPISE as they are nothing short of amazing! (Profane Existence #128)

DIRTY KID DISCOUNT - Sharpen Your Knives as Evil Threatens the Land 7"
From Portland Oregon comes this 6 piece powerhouse right off the busy busking corners of the Pacific Northwest. Playing a kind of punk rock thats not quite gypsy, and not quite crust, but totally anarchist, this is a great adition to the PROFANE EXISTENCE label. Instruments such as accordian, 2 mandolins, and a washboard accompany the more conventional RnR instruments, and everyone in the band sings the songs. There is a ton of different influences prevalent in DIRTY KID DISCOUNT ranging from acoustic gypsy to ripping crust. The drums hit a double time sequence in the song Solomon's Circle, and vocal style ranges from olde timey ballads to "cookie monster" gruff. Lyrically, this record covers two very obvious issues prevalent within punk rock; that is religion / ignorance caused by such, and green activism / environmentalism. The EP title is a reference to the song "Argoth", a ballad about the horrors of the logging industry. I would call this style GYPSY CRUST, and recommend for those who like such bands as: MISCHIEF BREW, RUM REBELLION, ABSINTHE ROSE, etc. Limited Edition color vinyl is coke bottle clear. this is the 9th installment of the PROFANE EXISTENCE LIMITED EDITION 7" SERIES. (Profane Existence #140)

FRUSTRATION - Disintegrate 7"
FRUSTRATION is the best new band out of Seattle right now, early 2010s. Their style can be best described as a dark punk approach to a Motörhead type sound. Complications or Born Dead Icons might be a good sign post. Melodic and powerful, but still punk in scope and theme, think Quarantine. A sum of all those parts. For those that need it, ex-members of CONSUME, STRUGGLE, COP ON FIRE, DECREPIT, BLACKOUT, CALLOUSED and many more. (Profane Existence #141)

KRANG - Broken Waves 7"
KRANG clawed their way out of the sewers of Chicago formed a band, started touring and they haven't looked back since. Musically they combine politically minded, d-beat crust punk with the high- energy riffage of thrash metal. Have they stumbled on new genera... "crustover"?? Only time will tell. What we know for sure is that KRANG brings it! The songs from this 7" are soon to be classic and their extremely chaotic live shows are the things legends are made of. Once they pulled a GWAR and sprayed the audience in ketchup and mustard (aka "crustard"). It was a truly awesome sight, for those who managed to escape being covered in condiments. This is the sixth release in the Profane Existence Limited Edition Singles Series of 2013. This is a short run pressing that is available on four different colors. (Profane Existence #137)

RIFLE DIET - Abuse Begets Abuse 7"
Dark heavy social political crust. Singer from GARMONBOZIA. Somewhere between Servitude and From Ashes Rise. (Profane Existence #135)

THE SHAME - The World is Ours 7"
This is the first installment of the Profane Existence Limited Edition Singles Series and is a hell of a way to kick it off! They're a three piece from Tulsa, Oklahoma who aren't new to music scene as the members have been in other bands such as Brother Inferior, Bring Down The Hammer and Assembly of God. This 7_ brings us 4 songs of mid-paced, beer fueled, anti-fascist oi tunes that are guaranteed to be instant classics. Each is catchy and melodic with clear vocals and sure get you singing along with a hearty pint(or four). The subject matter is all about working class struggle, soccer and, you guest it, drinking beer. The production is just raw enough to add to the real life subject matter of the songs. (Profane Existence #127)

WARTORN - Domestic Terrorist 7"
WARTORN is Wisconsin's hardest hitting metallic crust band. They actively tour, set up festivals and are vocal about carrying the torch for the underground crust scene in the midwest and around the world. They've shared the stage with everyone from Tragedy to Anti-sect, Deviated Instinct and will soon be touring with Raw Power. Their vocalist Bitty is long time contributor to Profane Existence magazine. "Domestic Terrorist" is their most recent release and it is by far their most brutal. This is also the third installment in the PE Limited Edition Singles Series. (Profane Existence #133)

(restock) WARSAW - s/t LP
It's been around for a while but we finally got a little deal on those. Pre joy division official and fully licensed collection of early recordings, pure 77 punk rock versions if many soon-to-be joy division classics and many unreleased. A must for all joy division fans but also for any uk punk completist. (Radiation/Vinyl Passion Records #80000)

(restock) BLITZ - Voice Of A Generation LP
Raw, violent and catchy, Blitz's 1982 debut album sounded like a shot of pure rock and roll through the violence of the English working class. Made up by two punks and two skinheads, with a lot to say about violence and football, Blitz appealed to all kinds of lowlifes, who finally had a voice for their generation. This new version of the long out of print classic includes three bonus tracks (2 from the Carry On Oi! comp and one from the Total Noise comp). (Radiation Records #32)

(restock) VARUKERS - Bloodscuckers LP
The Varukers were one of the first groups of the UK 82 movement - the second generation of punk rock that took the spirit of '77 and merged it with the incessant beat of NWOBHM - responsible for creating UK hardcore. Heavily inspired by Discharge, The Varukers released three 7"s in the early '80s before this, their first and most definitive album, came out in 1983 on the legendary Riot City Records (Vice Squad, Abrasive Wheels, Chaos U.K.). Back in print on LP, thanks to Radiation Reissues, Bloodsuckers is one of the definitive pieces of early UK hardcore, full of Sabbath inspired guitar work, pounding rhythms and aggressive anarchistic lyrical content. ESSENTIAL! (Radiation Records #31)

(restock) TNT - The Complete Recordings LPx2
One of the most important punk bands from Switzerland. 23 songs from 1979-1983 of catchy female fronted punk rock. By September 1978, the band TNT evolved out of the last formation of The Dogbodys. The members were: the guitarist Dani Grässle, Smudi Gross on bass and Gianni Luder playing drums. Sara Schar, a 14 year-old singer, replaced the British-born Ray Fairbrother, the last remaining founding member of The Dogbodys. As of March 1979, Phil Rust took over on drums from Gianni. On June 5, 1979, the label Voxpop released TNT's first single "Züri Brännt" (Zurich is burning). On the B-side "Subway Scene" and a third song called "131" (consisting of that number of words in the song). "Züri brännt" is still the best known Punk song to originate from Switzerland and it ultimately became the band's trademark. TNT's second single was released in April 1980 on the classic Swiss Punk record label, Off Course. The two tracks "Fight" and "Remember" are punchy and sound very much like the English Punk Rock of that time period. Yet, a third track called "Stupid Boy" was also recorded, but not included on the 7" and then completely forgotten about. So, nearly 34 years later, "Stupid Boy" together with some other tracks are here for the first time available on vinyl. Alec von Tavel's label Disctrade then released TNT's third single in 1981. He was also responsible for the final mixing of the two songs "Razzia" (Roundup) and "They Robbed Us". much to the dismay of the musicians who didn't really approve. On February 2, 1981, Dani left Zurich for Berlin and Thomi Bickel from the group Sperma (Sperm) replaced him on guitar. The 10" EP release "Eine kleine Machtmusik" (A small power music) followed, with 9 brand new songs recorded at the Pyramid Studio of Sara's father. However, the guitar tracks had to be redone later by Dani so that only "Clowns" is played by Bickel. You will not recognize all of those songs from that poor mixed record anymore. On this record they sound like real punkrock driven TNT songs! And 2 oversized posters with pictures and interviews. Uberfancy gatefold sleeve with pictures, discography etc. !!! (Static Age Records #18)

(restock) CAIRO PYTHIAN - Touched LP
Olympia's Cairo Pythian has long been a hidden master of depraved synth pop and his new LP, "Touched" is his masterpiece. Swimming in New Wave, Industrial, and even heavy, pulpy Britpop influences, Cairo emerges from the murky depths of early Human League as a violently heterosexual Soft Cell. To be blunt, this LP is probably the most excited I've been with a new Katorga Works release in a long time and it's an authentic portal to a time we all wished we had experienced. Get touched. Strictly limited to 300 copies. (Katorga Works Records #37)

Descriptions for 4/4/15

MAXIMUM ROCK'N'ROLL #384 (May 2015)
It's time for Maximum Rocknroll #384, May 2015. Despite what we told you in our April issue, we're not abandoning the interview form. Cover stars G.L.O.S.S. took no prisoners on their recent West Coast tour and MRR sat down with them before their San Jose show for their first print interviewÐabsolutely not to be missed! We also have conversations with Bay Area live powerhouses VIOLENCE CREEPS, Spain's TRANCE, and Wu Wei, the frontman of one of China's oldest punk bands, SMZB. Ian Svenonius interviewed FAT CREEPS in advance of their upcoming European tour and Osa Atoe of Shotgun Seamstress talked to Monica Estrella Negra about Chicago's Black and Brown Punk Shows. Sean Gray and Neve Bianco discussed Sean's amazing new project, Is This Venue Accessible?, a crowd-sourced website gathering information about accessibility of venues and DIY punk spaces worldwide, and more broadly, the experience of being disabled punks. Plus an interview with the director of the San Diego punk doc It's Gonna Blow, a conversation with Finland's VIVISEKTIO about their decades-long involvement in hardcoreÐbased 200km north of the Arctic Circle, they might be one of the northernmost bands ever interviewed in Maximum!Ðand, of course, all the columns and reviews you've come to expect. (Maximum rock'n'roll #384)

BROKEN PRAYER - Misanthropocentric A.K.A. Droid's Blood LP
Chicago's Broken Prayer burst onto the scene in 2013 with one of the freshest and most original sounds in the punk scene, combining full-bore hardcore, jittery synth-punk, and a dark pop sensibility into a blend that, while not exactly seamless, is nothing if not distinctive. Two years later and they've delivered a follow-up record that proves they're still one of the most exciting bands around, embracing originality, modernity, and earnestness where so many bands are content with a detached and ironic retro sensibility. Stylistically, Misanthropocentric continues along the lines of the first LP but pushes at the boundaries of the band's sound, making the hard parts harder, the noisy parts noisier, and the catchy parts even catchier. Through the din Scott Plant's brilliant lyrics remain the centerpiece; I can't think of a single other current punk lyricist who can be so direct and blunt without ever descending into cliche. As you can probably tell, I think quite a lot of Misanthropocentric, and if you're the kind of listener who is both musically adventurous and a committed punk lifer I think you will too. Each LP comes with a full-color jacket, printed inner sleeve, digital download, and a 14-page illustrated lyric booklet. Vinyl is limited to 500 copies. (Sorry State Records #71)

GAY KISS - Preservation Measures LP
Despite the fact that they're nestled all the way in the southwestern corner of the US (Phoenix to be exact), it's likely that Gay Kiss has visited your town sometime in the past few years. They're a touring machine, and the band's remarkable work ethic is apparent on this, their second full-length release and first for Sorry State. When a band plays this much they get a tightness and cohesiveness that you just can't fake, and indeed Hoax are probably Gay Kiss's only rivals in riding a pit-clearing groove. More than just a particularly tasty salad of mosh riffs, though, Preservation Measures is dense, complex, and ambitious, melding the best parts of skewed punk like Rudimentary Peni, forward-thinking hardcore like Double Negative, and ambitious yet heavy 90s noise rock into a sound that is 100% their own. Each LP comes with a matte-finish jacket, insert, and download card. Limited to 500 copies. (Sorry State Records #69)

When a hardcore band ventures beyond the 2-5 year lifespan typical of the genre they're treading into largely uncharted territory, and as a result Dark Ages' latest LP sounds like little in the canon of fast, 80s-inspired hardcore. Which isn't to say that they've changed their approach; this is still fast, tight US hardcore inspired by the midwest classics, but after five years of woodshedding they've managed to excise anything that feels cliche, familiar, or obvious from these songs. Captured with an absolutely stunning, fully analogue recording, Vapor is that rare record that is at the same time visceral and cerebral, constantly surprising you while still making you want to mosh, circle pit, or whatever it is that you do. If you're a huge fan of Articles of Faith's Give Thanks LP or you wish that Die Kreuzen had recorded an LP that fused the energy of their first LP with the progressivism of October File, then let me introduce you to your new favorite record. Each LP comes with a full-color jacket, insert, and download card. Limited to 500 copies. (Sorry State Records #66)

NO LOVE - Dogs//Wolves b/w Bad Things 7"
Volume 2 of Sorry State's North Carolina singles series brings the debut vinyl from Raleigh's No Love, featuring Sorry State's own Daniel and Seth on dueling guitars. Recorded during the same session as their recent Tape #2 release on Sorry State, these two songs represent the cream of that fertile crop. Forget garage, d-beat, KBD, and all of your other retro micro-genres, No Love play capital P Punk a la bands like the Avengers, the Buzzcocks, and the Bags. In other words, this is the music that made you fall in love with punk in the first place. Each 7" comes in a die-cut sleeve and includes a download card. Limited to 250 copies. (Sorry State Records #73)

SACCAGE - Vorace 7"
The follow up to their full length: four new tracks blast chilled in the blackest northern wind ripping through Quebec's metal underground. Voracious motorcharged perversity dipped in black liquor and set aflame to warm the most death thrash/speedpunk obsessed heart. Only 500 pressed. (Torture Garden Picture Show Records #64)

PEASANT - Imprisoned At Birth 7"
Introducing the New Wave Of Houston Heavy Metal: PEASANT! Torturous leather clad metal blackness imprisoned within three evil tracks of their debut 7". Members of WAR MASTER. Just off a small mini-tour with DECEASED and NEKROFILTH. Only 500 pressed. Only black is real! (Torture Garden Picture Show Records #71)

SHOCKWAVE - This World Is Ours: The Complete Recordings LPx2 + flexi
In 1996 (before the revivals and campy blockbusters) SHOCKWAVE created a phenomenon in a remote, frozen lake-effect wasteland. Little is known about the shrouded group, but their mission to pay homage to the glory days with blistering dive bombs and barking dual vocals was clear. And although the future for SHOCKWAVE and their movement is unclear, the legacy is unmistakable. Packaged as a double LP and flexi 7"/decoder set, The World Is Ours documents all 40 hard-to-find cadences for the first time. Use the decoder flexi 7" to unlock the secrets within the layout. Because knowing is always half the battle. (Organized Crime #60)

(restock) DYSTOPIA - s/t LP (import version)
The final Dystopia full length! This record contains 6 new tracks, plus a cover of an unreleased song by Dino's old band CARCINOGEN. Recorded at Tim Green's LOUDER STUDIOS during various sessions between 2004-2005, this record is the last chapter of Dystopia's existence writing bleak and heavy doom ridden punk. Crazy shit as we know them for! Comes with a 20 pages fullcolour booklet with lots of collages. (Skuld Records #83)

Descriptions for 3/28/15

POISON IDEA - Just To Get Away B/W Kick Out The Jams 7" Picture Disc (RSD 2015)
Limited to a one-time repress of 2,000 copies! On Record Store Day 2015, for the fifth straight year in a row TKO Records will appease the masses by going deep into the vaults and bringing forth a lovingly repackaged title from the immense discography of mighty hardcore/punk gods POISON IDEA! This time we bring to you the return of the awe-inspiring "Just To Get Away" 7" picture disc. Originally released in 1989 on the band's own American Leather label, this single featured the band's classic self-destructive party anthem on the A-side, backed with a blazing cover of the MC5 classic "Kick Out The Jams." This brutal slab of pummeling punk rock had been lost to the ages for over a quarter century...until April 18th! Bow to your knees, the kings of punk have returned! (TKO Records 205)

V/A - Hardcore: Gimme Some More 7" compilation
Hardcore: Gimme Some More is a glimpse into a select few modern day practitioners of hardcore punk that reside within the continent of North America and are considered to be the cream of the crop by the primate in charge of Beach Impediment Records who is, coincidentally, responsible for putting this compilation together over the course of the past year and a half. Contained within this 7" record are exclusive tracks from S.H.I.T. (Toronto, ON), PEACEBREAKERS (Boston, MA), IMPALERS (Austin, TX), AJAX (NYC), VIOLENT END (Chicago, IL) and MERCENARY (Atlanta, GA) that you won't hear anywhere else. Each record comes in a pocket sleeve along with a fold out insert featuring art from each band. (Beach Impediment Records #14)

SCUM OF TOYTOWN - Cells LP (comes with download)
This band came out of the blue in the mid nineties & managed to amaze us all with their very own brand of danceable anarcho-dub-punk not unlike a more punkrock version of Chumbawamba and Karma Sutra. - 20 years later, they are back with a new full lengh and they haven't lost it! Not a single bit! (Skuld Records #97)

CHAOTIC END - In Front Of Paranoia LP (comes with download)
Another classic rereleased! CHAOTIC END formed in 1989 were the greek answer to AMEBIX and played a similar style of ultra heavy, athmosfearic but shredding political crust and hardcorepunk.In my opinion they were one of the most convincing bands of that genre. This is their one and only vinyl-output they did in 1993 on Wipe Out Records. It captures the band on their high-point after two already excellent demo-K7s. On here the 3-piece deliver 9 songs of extraordinarily good Crust-Metal - 3 long brooding bits on the A-side followed by 6 heavy galloping anarcho-crust pieces with harsh and raspy vocals on the B-side. Music that makes no prisoners influenced by bands such as Amebix or Axegrinder on one- and Doom or the good old swedish mangel of the early 1980ies on the other end forged together to something of their own. 1996 they sadly ceased to exist. In 2014 after 18 years of silence they picked up their arms again and played a convincing live-set - more to follow! Here's their classic and sought after LP finally available again! Comes with original sleeve-artwork, insert plus an additional poster. Licensed from Wipe Out Records. (Skuld Records #95)

BRAID - Kids Get Grids 7" (Records Store Day release on clear vinyl)
A RSD exclusive on CLEAR vinyl featuring a brand new song from Braid and a cover of "Because I Am" by Broken Hearts Are Blue. For fans of The Promise Ring, Hey Mercedes. (Top Shelf Records #125)

Originally conceived and executed as a one-man project by Tom Pimlott on the banks of the Mersey River in Liverpool, England, Violent Reaction recorded a demo in 2011, an EP in 2012 and an LP for Painkiller Records in 2013. Soon after, Tom relocated to Leeds to assemble a full band with an end result that finds the lads playing straight edge, hardcore punk with an obvious oi influence. With a lengthy American tour with their brother band The Flex under their belt, Violent Reaction is set to make their Revelation Records debut with "Marching On." Vinyl version includes digital download. (Revelation Records #158)

The Barstool Preachers is already making some serious waves in the UK, taking the ska and punk scenes by storm. The packaging itself is seriously impressive for anyone's first release, with a custom, die-cut jacket (one hell of a clever idea), these boys are showing that they're here to impress, and this 7" does just that. For fans of Rancid, Dropkick Murphys, The Mighty Mighty Bosstones and The Skints. (Pirate's Press Records #139)

BLACK MARE/LYCIA - split 7" (Record Store Day Release)
Two brand new and exclusive tracks from an amazingly complementary pairing of Los Angeles, CAs BLACK MARE and Mesa, AZs LYCIA. BLACK MARE is the dark ambient solo project of IDES OF GEMINI frontwoman Sera Timms. On "Low Crimes," bandmates from IDES OF GEMINI and MUSTARD GAS & ROSES (MGR) contribute to the sonic journey; an aurally lush, yet glacially-paced cruise through Timms frozen world wherein she encourages the minds eye to notice relics like the feathers of fallen angels scattered about the snow. Ice crystals form on an old church bell in the distance as the subarctic tones of the composition take over everything in their path. There is no escape and there will be no thaw. LYCIA initially came to prominence back in the late 80s and 90s with their groundbreaking darkwave and ethereal wave styles. Heavily reverbed guitars, dark/ethereal keyboard tones, and ominous programmed drums pushed the gothic scene forward as their music inspired NINE INCH NAILS, TYPE O NEGATIVE, and many within tangential dark, industrial circles. Their 1995 album "The Burning Circle and Then Dust" (on Projekt Records) remains a cult hit to this day. "Silver Leaf" plays out as the seamless companion to BLACK MAREs "Low Crimes," both musically and thematically. There is no joy in either artists world, only an eternity to ponder whats been done. "Silver Leaf" comes about long after summer is gone, "where bright horizons are hard to find." All that remains is reflection and memory slipping like sand through worn fingers. All copies are pressed on limited edition, one-time-only runs of either grey swirl or black vinyl. The title goes immediately out of print after Record Store Day. Exclusive cover art and insert art by the bands themselves round out this frostbitten slab of wax. (Magic Bullet Records #184)

BOSS KONG - The Humans Soundtrack VOL 2 7" (Record Store Day Release)
As a crossover/tie-in with the brand new Image Comics series "The Humans," Magic Bullet Records is proud to present "The Humans Soundtrack Vol. 2," by BOSS KONG. Set in the late 60s/early 70s, "The Humans" is a book about an all-simian biker gang from Bakersfield, CA drinking, fighting, and fucking their way through the turbulent world around them. BOSS KONG is one of the books more popular, interesting characters and this installment of the soundtrack series tells tales from the perspective of an ape thats seen inhumanities both abroad and on the home front. Voiced by a mystery metal figurehead and performed by a cast of mystery stoner rockers, part of the fun of this 7" is trying to figure out whos behind the music itself. All copies are pressed on a limited edition, one-time-only run of orange/gold vinyl. The title goes immediately out of print after Record Store Day. Exclusive cover art and insert art by creator Tom Neely (Henry and Glen Forever) round out this completely awesome slab of wax. (Magic Bullet Records #173)

IDES OF GEMINI - Carthage 7" (Record Store Day Release)
Two brand new and exclusive tracks from Los Angeles, CA juggernaut IDES OF GEMINI. "Cathage" inhabits side A. It begins with a doomy, acoustic summoning of the spirits of a barren world. Invocation complete, the band goes full tilt into their brand of overdriven power and command, charging onward and upward through forest and sky, dragging the doomed, sorrowful carcass of humanity itself into light. Written and recorded after "Old World New Wave" (Neurot/Sige), the track offers another brilliant moment in the bands beautifully evolving sound. Side B is one of the most stunning and emotionally stirring covers of "Strange Fruit" ever put to tape. Written as a poem by Abel Meeropol in 1937, and set to music famously by Billie Holiday in 1939, the song stems from Meeropols original protest piece against the racial lynchings that marred the early 20th century in America. It has been covered many times over since (including versions by NINA SIMONE, LOU RAWLS, ANNIE LENNOX, JEFF BUCKLEY. SIOUXSIE AND THE BANSHEES, DIANA ROSS, TORI AMOS, and countless others). IDES OF GEMINI dug deep on this one, perfecting a uniquely somber and haunting arrangement the poem/song has simply never seen. All copies are pressed on limited edition, one-time-only runs of either clear or black vinyl. The title goes immediately out of print after Record Store Day. Exclusive cover art by Jas Helena rounds out this dauntingly monolithic slab of wax. (Magic Bullet Records #188)

MAD PARADE - Underground 7" (Record Store Day Release)
Legends from the SGV underground, Mad Parade return with a 2 song blaster, their 1st 7 inch in over 10 years. With a heavy nod to the sound made famous by Posh Boy records, Mad Parade's anthemic sing a-long styled punk remains fully loaded and intact. You've heard them on Rodney on the Roq, you've heard their BYO classic debut, this is the So-Cal answer to the the Adicts, Chelsea and 999. Billy Ledges back on vocals, need we say more?...2 new songs that flat out destroy. For fans of ADICTS, Lower Class Brats, Chelsea, Posh Boy Records and OC style punk rock! Hand-numbered. (Hostage Records #61)

QUI/HEPA-TITUS - split 7" (Record Store Day Release)
Limited Record Store Day 2015 release! Cobraside's own QUI present a brand new track, backed by the new band from Kevin Rutmanis of The Cows, Tomahawk and the Melvins (Hepa-Titus)! When asked for their words of wisdom, Qui said "As for a blurb, I'm not sure of a good story, per se. Really, we're buddies and thought it would be fun to put something out together." (Cobraside Records #7)

(Scene Support give away) NO ANSWERS #10
{I put this out in 1991. We have a huge pile left, and I just want people to get a chance to read them. I can't bear to recycle them. So I am giving them away for free for the next few weeks. Give them away to customers on Record Store Day or give them away with order, or whatever you want... we can include as many as you want. - Kent} Forty-eight pages printed on a nice white stock with great photo quality. This was the last issue of No Answers that was ever released. This issue features an 11 page interview with Born Against that includes 10 photos of Born Against, an 8 page interview with Amenity and 8 Amenity photos, interviews with Suckerpunch, and photos of such bands as Nausea, Filth, Spitboy, Sawhorse, Head First, Verbal Assault, Life But How To Live It, and Downcast. (No Answers #10)

(Scene Support/restock) JOHN HENRY WEST - Door Bolted Shut LP (comes with bonus CD)
Scene Support version is hand numbered and includes a silk screened plastic dust sleeve, and a Scene Support spine wrap. In the works for what seems like an eternity, Ebullition finally brings the John Henry West discography into existence. John Henry West played 50 shows between the fall of 1992 and the late summer of 1993. Side A of the LP features the 4 tracks from their 7" on Gravity Records, and side B features their songs from the "3/12/93" compilation and "A History of Compassion and Justice?" compilation LP, as well as 2 previously unreleased songs. The bonus CD features the original 6 song demo, their final live show at the Gilman (7 tracks), and a live set that they played on WUSB Radio in July of 1993 (9 tracks). The LP comes with a CD sized booklet with lyrics and photos. John Henry West members also played in Fuel, Navio Forge, Bread & Circuits, Sawhorse, Torches To Rome, Sixteen Bullets, End of The Line, Please Inform The Captain This Is a Hijack, and plenty more! (Ebullition Records #60)

(Scene Support/restock) HERESY - 1985 to 1987 LP
Scene Support version is hand-numbered and includes the HERESY - 1987 (live excerpts from 4 shows) DVD, Boss Tuneage button, and comes on green vinyl. Heresy is one of the most influential UK Hardcore Punk bands ever to exist. From 1985-1989 the band were one of the leading lights of the rapidly expanding UK scene. Heresy's back catalogue has been totally re-mastered by Kalv Piper and Steve "Baz" Ballam from the band and "1985-87" is the first of a trilogy of discographies that Boss Tuneage has released (along with Face Up To It and 20 Reasons to End It All). This traces the early formative years of the band, from their previously unreleased 7 song demo tape from 1985 to the debut 6 track "Never Healed" flexi-disc 7"EP and contains the virtually-impossible-to -find 4 song "Thanks" 7" EP. In addition 2 previously unreleased tracks complete the 19 track CD. With extensive sleeve notes from Kalv, this is also beautifully packaged by way of a digipack with huge 16-page full colour booklet insert containing dozens of never seen before photos, tour posters and lyrics. An absolute must for any fan of Heresy or UK hardcore. (Boss Tuneage Retro #1)

(Scene Support/restock) REPLICA - s/t 7"
Scene Support version is hand-numbered on clear vinyl (of 323 made). The debut 7" EP From the San Francisco Bay Area's REPLICA is fueled by searing guitar, fast blasting drum beats, sturdy tough bass lines and brash, raw vocals. Five tracks that thread many different hardcore influences and sounds -from the metallic thrash and high energy of current Brazillian Hardcore to a raw straight forward punk attack like early LA proto-hardcore or east bay punk to the wild unpredictability of '90s thrash, to make a unique whole. Members from DUCK AND COVER, INFECT, and NO STATIK, these tracks were recorded in 2012 at The Dutch Oven by Craigums and mastered at George Horn Mastering. Third Press has new Color of fold-over sleeve and download code. (Prank Records #141)

(Scene Support/restock) BORN/DEAD - Our Darkest Fears Now Haunt Us LP
Scene Support version is hand-numbered on grey vinyl (of 125 made). BORN/DEAD deliver charged political hardcore shrouded in the brooding style of East Bay hardcore, carrying forth the lineage of bands like CHRIST ON PARADE, Pain of Mind-era NEUROSIS, ECONOCHRIST and TALK IS POISON. A straight-forward yet inventive attack, devastatingly caustic vocal trade-offs, intricate bass lines and dark riffs at peak drum speed topped with dark political lyrics-dire music for dire times. A classic 12" this is a limited Grey vinyl repress of BORN/DEAD's Prank debut, limited to 125 copies with the original Fold out cover, 353 copies pressed in total. (Prank Records #70)

(restock) DROPDEAD/TOTALITAR - split 7"
Unavailable since 2009, The DROPDEAD/TOTALITAR 7" was originally released in 2002, featuring two of the most legendary hardcore bands on the planet. Rhode Island's DROPDEAD continue to fly their flag of extreme political thrash with multiple tours across Australia, Europe, Japan, Mexico and the States and numerous 5"s, "s, 8"'s, 12"s, and even an 11" to their credit. This Split EP was a jump start towards the band's continuing split EP series with classic and innovative bands (BRAINOIL, CONVERGE, SYSTEMATIC DEATH, RUIDOSA IMMUNDICIA, SYSTEMATIC DEATH) self-released over the past decade. Three years in the making, DROPDEAD's side was Recorded in two sessions in 2001 and 2002. A long break in recording from their 1998 Second LP allowed them to drop an amazingly solid six tracks onto their side, representing some of their most savage material since the 1991 debut EP. Many of these tracks are still part of the band's live set. On the flip, Sweden's TOTALITAR originated in the "silver age" of Swedish hardcore of the mid to late 1980's, delivering pounding, classic D-beat hardcore. Always topically astute, TOTALITAR were particularly prolific during this time period, recording classic pieces of their vast discography - three LPs, two split LPs and a literal heap of 7"s. These three tracks are from the same session as the "Allting Ar Pa Latsas" 7" on Sweden's Really Fast Records and have a looser and more garage feel, but steamroll within their classic explosive formula. TOTALITAR went dormant in 2007, with Members currently playing in INSTITUTION, DISSEKERAD, MAKABERT FYND, NAPALM A.D. and KVOTERINGEN. This is the first re-press of this EP in nearly five years, 501 copies with a top-loading cleaner print of the Jacket and colored vinyl. (Prank Records #46)

(restock) NO STATIK - Everywhere You Aren't Looking LP
A chaotic Swirl Blasting at extreme velocity, the San Francisco Bay Area's NO STATIK's Second 12" is a torrent of rapid fire drum attack, Searing guitar leads and harsh vocals. NO STATIK 's Sound draws from the Fast, Chaotic hardcore sound of the 1990's as the band's long pedigree maps DIY hardcore scene of the last two decades- Members previously played in SCROTUM GRINDER, MOMENTO MORI, IMPETUS INTER, LOOK BACK AND LAUGH, DESTROY!, ARTIMUS PYLE, WHAT HAPPENS NEXT?, END OF THE CENTURY PARTY, MURDER SUICIDE-PACT, JUD JUD, FUCKFACE, SCHOLASTIC DETH and currently also play in THE LIGHT, CONQUEST FOR DEATH, REPLICA and RITUAL CONTROL with NO STATIK combining diverse elements of all those past, present and future sounds to ignite another level of Sonic Mayhem. Bleak lyrics frame this outing, as the single track A-Side has the band again experimenting... with Ambient near Horror Movie Soundtrack type eerieness. Recorded at Earhammer and Mastered at George Horn. THe members of NO STATIK Recently all returned to the SF Bay Area and began playing shows again after a short Hiatus and recently released a third 12" on IRON LUNG RECORDS. THis 12" was under pressed in it's initial pressing and sold out quickly, and has been re-pressed on Dark blue vinyl. (Prank Records #133)

Descriptions for 3/21/15

Teengenerate are one of the most rightfully-revered punk rock bands of the past 25 years but, this is still the very first time ever on vinyl for one of their greatest recordings, 2001's "Live At Shelter". Fifteen tracks of high-octane, high-energy raw punk here, and don't be scared by the 'live' angle-- this sounds better than most of their studio records. Delivereded with the swagger to win over fans of classic garage rock and the fury to appeal to '80s hardcore enthusiasts, this is truly one for everybody. Remastered by Fink for maximum impact, and with the deluxe QRP pressing that a record this good deserves. (Ugly Pop Records #56)

THE VICTIM PARTY - Getting To Know... LP
Extremely stoked to be releasing this, the second LP by one of the best Canadian punk bands in ages-- it's not a reissue, but once I heard the recording, it became my most-listened to music of 2014 and I had to get it on vinyl. THE VICTIM PARTY hail from Toronto, and feature members of various 'name' bands of the past couple decades, including frontman Colin of Marilyn's Vitamins, whose first EP came out on Ugly Pop seventeen years ago! The music here is very strong, tuneful punk rock, fast-paced and tough with smart lyrics spat out by the duel male/female vocals, and the songwriting is exceptional. This draws on too many influences to be easily pinned down, but it's a good bet you'll dig it if you like Dillinger Four, Leatherface, Marked Men or Cleveland Bound Death Sentence. (Ugly Pop Records #57)

BARCELONA - Extremo Nihilismo En Barcelona LP
Extremo Nihilismo en Barcelona is the sound of a slow cooking bomb. The 8 tracks of anxious hardcore contained within this 45 RPM 12" are pretty much what it says on the tin. Extreme, Nihilist and utterly Barcelonian. The sound of the eternal frustration with your surroundings. The soundtrack of falling out with everyone around you. Musically filled with a solid yet counter intuitive rhythm section, insanely violent riffs and the angriest and most credible female vocalist since FIRMEZA 10 stopped playing. The barely 11 minutes of music contained on this 12" rate amongst the most claustrophobic hardcore sound I've ever heard. The package of the record was taken care by Oriol Roca (one of the greatest artists alive in my humble opinion and incidentally the drummer of BARCELONA) which reflects the vibe of the record flawlessly adding yet another layer of meaning to the whole project. (La Vida Es Un Mas Records #94)

TENEMENT - Bruised Music: Singles 2006 to 2009 LP
TENEMENT began in 2006 with a series of loose demo recordings and singles that married the genres of "Pop" and "Punk" without being explicitly "Pop Punk" and to many, represented the power and urgency of Hardcore without actually conforming to the genre itself. These recordings have been compiled here on "Bruised Music Volume One," which covers Tenement's output on record between the years 2006 to 2009. The influence of 80's punk is strong in the bulk of the material on Bruised Music, likening the feeling of the Descendents or The Replacements. However, this comparison might seem lazy when you keep in mind that the members of Tenement had long schooled themselves on everything from The Beatles to Big Star, Sun Ra, Coltrane, Black Flag, Husker Du; obscure hardcore punk to Brill Building pop music and all points in between. The period of time represented in this collection is a period of growing pains that paved the way for them to become the band that they are today, and the band that they will be many years from now. Bruised Music Volume One isn't just for the super-fan looking for a peek into Tenement's early years and the honing of their razor sharp song-craft, it also offers new listeners a great introduction to the band's perfect blend of raw punk energy and undeniable pop hooks. Bruised Music Volume One compiles a total of ten tracks, taken from the Tenement Sucks tape, Dead Broke and Dirt Cult Records mixtape compilations, split w/ Used Kids, split w/ Friendly Fire, False Teeth 7", and Icepick 7". All of the material has been remastered by Daniel Husayn at North London Bomb Factory for one cohesive and superb sounding anthology. The release also features an eight page booklet consisting of liner notes from the band, as well as an assortment of anecdotes and recollections from various friends, journalists, and musical peers reflecting on these formative years of Tenement's career. Comes with download code. (Grave Mistake Records #71)

IRON REAGAN - Spoiled Identity LP
Absolutely zero-bullshit thrashing punk/hardcore from Richmond, Virginia. Originally only available as a Decibel Magazine flexi, this sought-after EP is finally in print with 2 previously unreleased bonus tracks and new screen-printed artwork on the B-side. 13 tracks of no-filler, stripped down audio assault. Comes with Digital Download Code. Gold with black screen print vinyl. For fans of D.R.I., Municipal Waste, Suicidal Tendencies. (A389 Records #156)

This sonically layered opus of brutal blasts, cascading walls of dynamic sound and shrieks shows the prolific young band collaborating with the master himself (Masami Akita) in what is truly one of the most challenging and acclaimed releases of 2014. For fans of Discordance Axis, Cryptopsy, & Neurosis. DOES NOT COME WITH DIGITAL DOWNLOAD CODE (CD/Digital Available Through Profound Lore Records). Color is transparent purple with black. (A389 Records #155)

DETERGENTS - No Salvation 7"
Strongly influenced by Crisis and Buzzcocks, this trio from Sheffield create memorable punk hooks with immediately relatable lyrics. The demo was a plastic shopping bag given out to some friends, so they've been a bit of a secret here in the UK for a while, with members from Dry Heaves, Skiplickers, and Obstruct. This new release showcases their primitive punk spirit but with well crafted songmanship. This is a split release with Semtex Death Records. Comes in a one sided folded card sleeve. Nice and simple. (Quality Control Records #9)

ARMS RACE - Gotta Get Out 7"
New Wave of British Hardcore. First 7" by this London based UK82/NYHC band of booted boys and lady. The demo tape was well received and flew out of QCHQ, and this 7" sees the band add more power and speed to their sound, and even more gnarled up British vocals. There's also moments of pure Blitz anthem joy, with the song Mongrel Crew, thrown in for good measure. Members of Violent Reaction, Obstruct, Think Twice, The Flex. Comes in a 320gsm matte card sleeve, and equally thick card insert. (Quality Control Records #15)

MOB RULES - Nothing Left LP
Mob Rules specialise in B'last / Black Flag worship by the best musicians in UKHC. This time expect more dance friendly numbers without compromising on the complexity. There are some really dark and moody parts that remind us of St.Vitus on this record, showing a reflective progression from the last LP. There still isn't anything out there with drumming as experimental as this on a hardcore punk record in our humble opinion. Quite the achievement, we've been spinning this since it arrived non-stop and it keeps giving on every re-spin. For fans of 'mysterious guys' and 'music nerds'. Comes in a flashy tip on thick arse cardboard sleeve with black inner sleeve and insert. Pure class for mint dudes. (Quality Control Records #12)

STAB - Blindness and Lies 7"
Heavily influenced by Citizens Arrest, Voorhees, Ripcord, and Heresy. Four London weirdos offering their third helping of UKHC style comprised of rhythmic diarrhea, the most explosive kind, with jugular rumbles topped with screaming banshee guitars. In your face lyrics centred around the topic of societal smoke and mirrors in honour of false Armageddons and occupy movements. Members of Arms Race, Violent Reaction, Hello Bastards, Hunger and Semi. Been described as 'the Rorschach' of the UKHC scene by uncomfortably crossing over between different hardcore genres and communities. Straight edge punks working a d beat. Vinyl comes housed in a 320gsm 5 panel double-sided card sleeve. Artwork by Ben Fordree. (Quality Control Records #8)

SHAME - Demo 7"
Imagine The Adverts fronted by VKTMS' Nyna "Napalm" Crawford snarling in a bitter lo-fi prison! London treasure, snuffed out too soon in a blaze of dodgy substances, put out their trove on QCHQ. This wax represents their 2012 demo with 3 prime chunk tracks on black licorice with large centre hole, and a further 3 available via download code included in the package. Comes in a 320gsm lacquered sleeve with insert. 500 on black, classic British style only here. (Quality Control Records #6)

Belgian thrashers Toxic Shock shook stages in Europe before and after the release of their debut album, "Daily Demons," and relived the time when moshing and craziness at shows was all about having a great time. Iron Reagan is comprised of Tony Foresta (vocals), Phil Hall (guitar), Mark Bronzino (guitar), Rob Skotis (bass) and Ryan Parrish (drums), and, between them, they fill, or have filled, the ranks of Municipal Waste, Cannabis Corpse and Darkest Hour. With artwork specially done by Ric Clayton (Suicidal Tendencies, Excel, No Mercy, The Abused) we have a full-on hardcore/thrash/crossover release at hand that's simply unbeatable and will make kids thrash in their rooms like there's no tomorrow. Limited edition of 500 copies. Imported from the Netherlands. (Reflections Records #129)

Octaves and Caravels have been respectively progressing their unique takes on modern post-hardcore for several years now, and both make further strides teaming up on this split EP. A joint release with Topshelf Records, this 12"ep features two new tracks from each band, following up buzzy 2013 full-lengths. 12"ep includes digital download. (Bridge Nine Records #224)

Descriptions for 3/14/15

SOLUTIONS - Life Of Joy LP (with download)
A band that was never supposed to have a long life has performed a grand total of 2 times, once in Milwaukee (home to Justin Kern), once in Buffalo (home to David Bailey & Patrick Bolger) and will finalize the trilogy by performing their maniac music in Seattle (home to Joe Bellucci) this March 2015. This will be it. "SOLUTIONS' contribution is brief but hugely important to the lexicon of modern power violence. Short, brutal and uncompromising sound blisters here, even to the well-calloused ear. No one plays it like these guys. It is baffling and otherworldly to see. When IRON LUNG played their first show in Milwaukee a few years ago they made me want to retire from playing music altogether and I fucking love doing what I do. Rarely does a band hit me that hard. " - Jensen Ward. Recorded by Jackson Long and Shane Hochstetler. Art by Craig Sheperd. 300 copies ever. (Iron Lung Records #30)

TRTRKMMR - Avec La Souillure Nous Entrons Au Regne De La Terreur LP (with download)
Four years in the making, TRTRKMMR's "Avec La Souillure Nous Entrons Au Regne De La Terreur" is an aural assault rifle set to unleash a blackened unorthodox power-electronic hell upon you. Since the first scribble, it's author has endured organ ruptures, physical and mental collapse, deaths and unheated Wisconsin winters. That pain and more comes through in the unearthly maelstrom of "music" created using chopped/crippled vinyl records, mountains of literary research, AK-47s and a plethora of secret sound equipment. A truly compelling and singular vision here. Be careful. 500 copies come in high strength jackets with a 20 page booklet and a hand numbered insert stamped with human blood. (Iron Lung Records #52)

DISORDER - Fires Light The Sky LP
If you might think this is not the "real" Disorder, you better do your homework. This band from Sunderland in the U.K. formed in 1978, while the band from Bristol that gained popularity amongst the crust scene formed in 1980. Exceptionally brilliant music we have here, that probably just came out a little bit to late for the first punk wave and maybe a little bit to early for the second, or maybe this was the second wave but hardly anyone noticed. Anyway, the original singles go for a little fortune now if they show up at all. That´s why here´s the first ever legit vinyl re-issue of the two Disorder singles plus some unheared bonus material. On the LP are 5 studio songs recorded in 1980 and 3 tracks recorded in a rehearsal in 1979, masterfully restored by Daniel Husayn at North London Bomb Factory. (Thought Crimes Records #45)

Hardcore thrash pioneers from Australia. This is the first time their classic "Ryan-thanx for the support" EP from 1985 has been given a legit vinyl re-issue. Additionally you find some extra material from their first demo, a few cuts from a 1988 studio session and a live track on the B Side of this LP. This is HC mastery, taking the path of "United Blood" era Agnostic Front or early D.R.I. up to the next level of sheer ferocious rage. Alongside with international likeminds like Siege, Heresy, S.O.B., Gepopel and others they´ve been on a mission to counteract the decline of the first wave of hardcore bands in the mid '80s. Brutal, to say the very least! (Thought Crimes Records #46)

Members of that band seem to have been in pretty much every Punk or hardcore band from the U.K. in the last 25 years or so: Health Hazard, Ebola, One By One, Boxed name them. Blood Robots started in 1982 and recorded 2 demos, a split flexi 7" with Reality Control and a few compilation tracks. Here´s most of their recorded work combined on a record that has more than 40 minutes of superb and pretty unique Punk, that has been influenced by Swell Maps, The Fall and of course Crass. Limited to 500 copies. (Thought Crimes Records #43)

HALLOWED BUTCHERY - Canticle Of The Beast LP
Experimental Doom Metal mayhem from Maine/USA. This has all been played and recorded by a single person, Ryan Fairfield. His music is full of passion and giving the term “brutal" a new meaning. This was recorded before his life changing “Funeral rites for the living" album on Vendetta records and has been released on a cassette tape in a quantity of 100 copies on the same label in 2008. This re-mastered vinyl re-issue is limited to 500 copies. (Thought Crimes Records #44)

ELDER - Lore LPx2 (with download)
Elder is a heavy psych band from Boston, USA. Founded by long-time friends Nicholas DiSalvo, Jack Donovan and Matt Couto, the group spent years plodding in Sabbathian territory, releasing their self-titled debut 2007, followed by "Dead Roots Stirring" in 2011. They also released a two song EP "Spires Burn / Release" in 2012 showing musical growth in a more refined vision of the band's sound. Their third full length "Lore" is a watershed moment in the band's history. Joining the interplay of heaviness and melody which has become the hallmark Elder sound are a host of new meanderings through uncharted kosmische territory; krautrock, prog as well as classic heavy rock and doom can all be heard unfolding throughout the record's five songs. While Elder's sound is now much more evloved and varied, it is still consistently based around rock and metal, originally influenced by such heavy landmark bands as Black Sabbath, Sleep and Electric Wizard. (Armageddon Shop Records #9)

ZOUNDS - The Curse Of Zounds LP
500 only pressing on white vinyl that closely reproduces the original pressing's cover, inner sleeve and label. (Overground Records #142)

PARANOID VISIONS - Two Black Eyes 7"
Two new tracks from Dublin's legendary punk stalwarts. Limited to 500. (Overground Records #143)

NUCLEAR SOCKETTS - Complete Singles LP
Contains their two 7", the flexi, the previously unreleased third single and two studio demos. 300 only, orange vinyl. (Overground Records #144)

THE LICKS - 1970's EP 7"
Reissue of the 1979 pre-Flux of Pink Indians mega-rare 7" EP. (Overground Records #145)

Glacial-paced and absolutely crushing death metal influenced sludge from Chicago. No stoner riffs here, just a lonely defeated trudge through the wastes of human life, one misery after the next. Current/ex members of Sick/Tired, Hate, Harpoon, Kungfu Rick, High on Crime, and Thin the Herd. Limited to 500. Comes w/ digital download code. (Diseased Audio Records #14)

Shaved Women have wasted no time dishin' out another nine loathsome anthems to drive your ass through the fuckin' wall. Just over twenty minutes of writhing and repulsive, unfiltered audio pollution. With a healthy dose of progression in the three years since their first full-length, 'Just Death' will wrangle your brain-case twice as good as the self-titled and give you plenty of brand spankin' nuances to make you wonder why you haven't been tuned in the whole damn time. This is the mutation. 500 copies with full-color deluxe tip-on style jackets and two-sided insert. FFO: Black Flag (loose nut era), United Mutation, Die Kruezen, Brainbombs, Pissed Jeans. (Malokul Records #11)

DISCIPLES OF CHRIST - Decomposition Fantasy LP (one sided)
DOC's highest potency slab yet, raw grindcore grit doped up with elements of off kilter powerviolence and angular noisey sludge. Screaming feedback pierces between damaged blasting fury and distored vocals, pure and free of the strerlized "southern lord/relapse sound." DOC are a part of the new breed of extreme music thats as savage as it is cerebral. 2nd press on red vinyl with variant screen printed B-side. Rorschach Records. FFO: SFN, In Disgust, Shitstorm, Excruciating Terror, Despise You, Napalm Death. (Rorschach/Malokul Records #11.5)

DRUGS OF FAITH - Architectural Failures LP (one sided)
Four new tracks of twisted, seething grind 'n' roll, spattered between breaths of calculated disapproval. Frenetic and amped-up with an extra shot of grit, this deposit will spin the skull like that fucked-up carnival ride you've always hated. Easily the most visceral contribution thus far, Drugs of Faith continues to beat a path of superior contemptuous anthems. Single-sided 12" record on clear orange vinyl. 300 copies. Digital download included. FFO: Napalm Death, Voivod, Enemy Soil, Cattlepress, Agoraphobic Nosebleed. (Malokul Records #12)

IN COLD BLOOD - Blind The Eyes 7"
The first new release in over 15 years!!! Recorded in 2014 at the infamous MARS compound these two new tracks boast 4/5 of the original lineup (Aaron Melnick, Leon Melnick, Blaze Tishko and Burbon Zeigler) with the addition of Matt Izzi of Homewrecker on drums). For fans of INTEGRITY, Ringworm, Pulling Teeth. Packaged in an incredible 3-panel collage insert by Ethan McCarthy (Primitive Man) and limited to 666 Copies ever!!! Comes with Digital Download Code. (A389 Records #157)

NIGHTFELL - The Living Ever Mourn LP
NIGHTFELL unites Portland, Oregon musicians Todd Burdette (Tragedy, Warcry, His Hero is Gone) and Tim Call (Aldebaran/Mournful Congregation). The Living Ever Mourn is the debut full-length born of this union of notable extreme music perpetrators, rending over forty minutes of purely epic metal, bridging morose heaviness with melodic destruction. Envisioned and executed in a period of grief, delirium and loss of life, the atmosphere and lyrics mirror the ensuing emptiness while simultaneously embracing the dichotomous power in the unwavering and eternal force of Death. Co-release with SOUTHERN LORD. 1,000 copies black vinyl, 500 copies red vinyl. (Parastic Records #77)

LARVAE - Grave Descent LP
Limited to 300 copies on 180 gram black vinyl. After releasing their beautiful Demo a couple of years ago and witnessing them play live here in their native Bay Area on numerous occasions, I became increasingly fascinated and intrigued by the band's beautiful, ambiguous and extremely personal blend of death metal, doom and black metal, and considered myself a fan of the band from the start. The reason Larvae are so awesome lies in their unique style. Their music is black metal, death and doom metal all at once without being any of the three. Tempos are usually mid-paced, gloomy, decaying strides of malevolent grain that get broken up and interrupted at steady intervals by placid and frightening meadows of acoustic and minimalist almost goth-like decay, by icy walls of furious black metal malevolence, and swampy and putrid bogs of death-doom nightmares of slow and rotting death. All the while, Brad Kobylczak's throaty and lurid howls infest the music like the laments of souls cursed to burn and suffer in eternity. I hear ancient echoes of Disembowelment, Beherit and Evoken in this hideously gorgeous music, as well as shards of early Primordial, early Burzum and Emperor, coated in a gloomy and decaying shroud of depressive and completely emaciated loss and despair. The guitar work is impeccable, and the two six-strings present weave their way through branches of horror and neglect in an incredible way resulting in a two-guitar attack that is both extremely creative and driving, but also monolithic and tenebrous as fuck, while Simon Masiewicki's refined, almost jazz-like drumming provides a propulsion to the music that results in the whole feat being surprisingly unpredictable and extremely intriguing. (Parasitic Records #92)

EPHEMEROS - All Hail Corrosion LP
Founded by members of Nux Vomica, Graves At Sea, Elitist, and Bastard Feast. 'All Hail Corrosion' was tracked and mixed by Fester (Atriarch, Stoneburner) at Haywire Studios, mastered by Brad Boatright (Sleep, From Ashes Rise, Nails) at Audiosiege Engineering and bestows its listeners with forty traumatic minutes of measured depressive harmonies, soul-crushing growls and haunting chants centered around the imminent decay of humanity. Called "the sonic equivalent of oxidizing razors and toppling gravestones," by Pitchfork,'All Hail Corrosion' nods its sullen head to the likes of Mournful Congregation, Loss and Asunder whilst delving into deeper, darker, more acerbic death/sludge-bent territories. The end product is a punishing hailstorm of slow, suffocating riffs, scorned vocals and a smoky atmosphere of morose, chest-collapsing, heaviness. 500 copies black vinyl. (Parasitic Records #75)

CONTROL - Out for Blood LP (with digital download)
This marks the first distinctly non metal release for PARASITIC but it is easily one of the most violent and dark releases we have had the pleasure to release. PARASITIC has been a longtime fan of T. Garrison and his projects CONTROL and EXSANGUINATE so it is with pure disgust we bring you his newest full length. 15 years after his first release on MALIGNANT and numerous releases on FREAK ANIMAL, ANT-ZEN, and EIBON amongst others, the hateful assault has only increased and become more fervent. The sound of a brooding blood lust, nightmare realities and contempt for mindless scum surrounding you. A hatred in your blood, pounding your brain. Since the natural limitations of vinyl have changed the sonic dimensions of the original recording all copies will come with free digital download of the album. 300 copies. (Parasitic Records #71)

"Ruin" contains the most negative, dark and hermetic music ever made by Machetazo, a true reflection of the attitude of the people involved. 13 new songs of pure old school insanity that dwells between extreme Grindcore, Death Metal and Sludge Doom, ghastly and suffocating, inspired by all horror that lurks between life and death. Recorded again at Treboada Studio (A Coruña, Galicia) with Paco "The Maggot" Liaño in only 18 hours after months of intense rehearsals, and once again it gets the most spontaneous and energetic sound possible. Perfectly illustrated by Timo Ketola with stark black and white artwork. 500 copies. (Parasitic Records #72)

SYMPTOM - Caverns of Katebasis LP
U.S. doom/death firmly grounded in established ideas but more audacious in its enactment. Placing a greater emphasis on the doom aspect of Symptom's sound, it also opens up some interesting avenues for future releases. Devastating, gloomy and untouched by the hand of modernisation,'Caverns of Katabasis' is both a tribute to the acts that inspired it, and an interesting glimpse into what the future may hold for this underrated one-man act. 300 copies. (Parasitic Records #80)

RITUAL NECROMANCY - Oath of the Abyss LP
Following a vicious four-track demo; Portland's Ritual Necromancy began the ground-work for their full-length, the soon-to-be titled "Oath of the Abyss." Early on it was quite evident that Ritual Necromancy wasn't the type of band that was going to lift the spirits of the listener with easy going music. The eerie cover art for "Oath of the Abyss," created by Josh McAlear, is an early indication of the type of punishing treat the recipient shall receive. With no compromise, "Oath of the Abyss" is a murky and sinister debut that delivers exhausting and suffocating death metal in spades. Eight tracks; thirty-eight minutes - "Oath of the Abyss" is a reminder that beneath metal's crusty exterior lies hidden gems that still can be uncovered if a listener is willing to look hard enough. 500 copies. (Parasitic Records #40)

RITUAAL - Datura at the Astral Sabbat/ OrdoWalpurga 7"
Eerie and suffocating occult black doom from members of LOSS, ENCOFFINATION, and MOURNER. Limited to 500. (Parasitic Records #74)

THE PROBLEMS - 5 song 2014 demo tape cassette
The Problems features the singer of 90's HC band HELL NO along with members of current german bands Cockbirds & Motouschi. There 4 original songs that combine straight forward HC/Punk fury with a nod to 1980's Boston HC with John Woods from Hell No's trademark growl. The 5th song is a Cheap Trick cover done '77 Punk style. The band is gearing up for live shows in Europe plus a 10" debut Lp. Professional double sided cassette tape, 200 copies made. (Wardance Records #17)

BURNING LOVE - Down So Long / Medicine Man 7"
Burning Love is an unapologetic punk band from Toronto, Canada fronted by vocalist/lyricist Chris Colohan (Cursed, Left For Dead, Ruination, etc.). Burning Love's approach is more nuanced than Colohan's previous bands, mixing raw melody and swagger (akin to Laughing Hyenas, Poison Idea, etc.) into their hardcore blood. "Down So Long" b/w "Medicine Man" is a two-song banger of an EP, recorded by Josh Korody at Candle in Toronto (Fucked Up, etc.). 7" includes digital download. (Deathwish Records #171)

ALCOA - Parlour Tricks LP/CD
The sophomore full-length from Alcoa, "Parlour Tricks," arrives upon a very new and invigorating chapter in Derek Archambault's life. After a successful campaign on crowd-funding site PledgeMusic (resulting in the covers EP, "Thank You"), he had the imminent surgery, got back on his feet and immediately began working on new music with both Defeater and the more laidback, alt-country-leaning Alcoa. Recording near his home provided a warm and familiar environment with bandmate and engineer Mike Moschetto, etching out a slightly twangy and honest sound with shades of wistful, jangly '90s alternative rock acts. Vinyl version includes digital download and an eight-page, 12" x 12" book. (Bridge Nine Records #225)

Creative Adult comes from the diverse musical breeding ground of California's North Bay punk scene. Self Defense Family is one of the most prolific punk bands out there today. For fans of Lungfish, Embrace, Drug Church and Single Mothers. 7" includes digital download. (Deathwish Records #167)

CURSED - Two LP (gatefold)
The highly-anticipated vinyl repress of "Two," the sophomore album from Cursed. This new, superior version of "Two" was manufactured using brand new pressing plates, making the release sound more monstrous than ever before; all of it presented in a gatefold jacket with revamped artwork and packaging. Distinctly their own animal, Cursed took the most powerful qualities of the aggressive sub-genres and turned them into something raw and explosive, ultimately influencing and shaping the heavy music world as we know it today. LP includes digital download. (Deathwish Records #156)

V/A - Para Incomodar: Street Punk Brasil VOL. 1 LP
With a thriving scene, Brazil had been neglected in the worldwide street punk scenario for too long. Henrike, singer for Brazil's punk rock legends Blind Pigs, turned his radio show Semper Adversus into a label dedicated to releasing Brazilian bands and "Para Incomodar" ("To Disturb") is the label's debut. With 16 up-and-coming bands, this compilation showcases the cream of the crop of the South American country. (Pirate's Press Records #136)

(restock) PORNO CASSETTES - Your Face, A Fucking Disgrace 7"
Originally released in 1983 in a microscopic run of just 100 copies (of which only about 50-60 survived), the Porno Cassettes' lone single has been a mythical UK want list topper for many years. Information on the original pressing was so scant that it was thought that the record didn't even exist! And did we mention this record is quite the arse-kicker? These two tracks hold their own against the best that Britain had to offer in '83 - you'll be singing along in no time! Radio Raheem brings you this high quality reissue cut from the original masters, in a limited edition of 500. (Radio Raheem Records #7)

(restock) DETHFOX - Natural Media Teleforce 7"
Dark anarcho-punk in the vein of RUDIMENTARY PENI with ex members of INEPSY. From Montreal Canada, DETHFOX delivers a gloomy anarcho-punk with short and catchy songs filled with ghastly sample, which makes the sound unique without reinventing the wheel. Mysterious, dark and sometime incomprehensible lyrics exposing religious-media-space-traveling-matters and other obscure theme are self-explanatory. The band presents itself more as an "artistic" creation not based on the individual within the project itself. (Chaos Rurale Records #17)

(restock) PILLAGE - s/t 7"
Not for the weak...Harsh and aggressive hardcore from Chicago. Nothing is pretty on this record, just pure anger. Excited for this to hit some punks... 8 fast aggro tracks that will make you want to break things. Fans of brutal power-violence hardcore like No Comment and Infest will love this record. Features members of Punch in the Face, Los Crudos, HERDS, Sick/Tired, Divine Right... and a bunch of other bands you like too much. (Residue Records #20)