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Descriptions for the newest releases available this week.

Descriptions for 2/4/23

Raw hardcore punk from Stockholm/Uppsala and San Diego, CA. Axe Rash has two tracks of blistering, raw hardcore that follow on nicely from their recent EP, "Contemporary Ass," while Therapy's three tracks are more of a straight-up hardcore assault on your eardrums. (Atomic Action Records #101)

HOURGLASS - Atomic Clock LP
Buffalo's Hourglass plied their raging, discordant trade throughout the mid-90's. Akin to bands like Groundwork, No Escape, and Grade, their original short-lived existence had them sharing the stage with the likes of Earth Crisis, Deadguy, and 400 Years. After a short tour and split LP with Canadian counterparts New Day Rising, Hourglass called it quits as the 1990's ended. Some 20 years later the project was reignited when Immigrant Sun released a discography LP for the band. We now find Hourglass with an updated sound that still adheres to the raging underbelly that previously defined them. Lyrics are pointed, self-reflective, and critical of the world's current state. The band recently documented nine new tracks of biting, in-your-face hardcore with Jay Zubricky (ETID, Mindforce, Age of Apocalypse). Older and wiser, the Hourglass turns... (Council Records #29)

3rd album from d-beat/raw punk band coming out from Sweden. 3/4 Totalitär in current line-up which looks like that: Andreas - Warcollapse, 3 Way Cum, Slutet, Unarmed, Verdict, Jallo Lehto - Totalitär, Krigshot, Dischange, Meanwhile, No Security, Lanchy - Totalitar, Brainbombs, Napalm AD, Kenko - Dischange, Verdict, Meanwhile, No Security, Imperial Leather, Poffen - Totalitär, Krigshot, Dissekerad, Katastrof, Makabert Fynd. 700 copies pressed. A2 poster like a bonus. (Phobia Records #224)

Brand-new and on it's way to us! - West Coast Degenerate Slaughter Punks PHANE, take on Beast from the East Raging Maniacs FRACTURED and Faceoff in an Ultimate Battle Royal for Canadian Punk Victory on this 12" split LP showdown. The true winner's are all who hold this record high and Proud. No Eardrum shall be spared from total destruction... Fractured with After The Bombs singer. (Phobia Records #237)

MONGREL/GUFF - split 7"
Double raw hardcore attack. Ireland vs Norway. Recorded and Engineered by Charles Knox at Sabretooth Studios. Mastered by Jack Control at Enormous Door. Artwork by Emilie Hayden-Rasmussen, layout by VoW. All copies on coloured vinyls. (Phobia Records #246)

New band with ex-3 Way Cum and Disarm members, plus current Warcollapse, Exploatör etc. member vs. raw hardcore / punk from Sweden heavily inspired by finnish hardcore. (Phobia Records #245)

UNARMED - World of Shit 7"
Crust D-beatpunk from the 90's....Unarmed has remastered previously unreleased songs for this 7" recorded back in 1998, right before they split up. This is a bit of a recorded LP that never saw the day of light... With current and ex-members from 3 Way Cum, Warcollapse, Exploatör, Verdict. (Phobia Records #253)

Mordloch with debut material. 21 minutes of pure stench old school death metal, FFO Bolt Thrower, Autopsy. Solid old school death metal, classic riffs and a well-balanced tempo. In current line-up member(s) from Sn__, Ficken Leben, Propaganda or Afterlife. (Phobia Records #252)

SUBHUMANS - 29:29 Split Vision LP/CD
Street date March 10th. So named because the CD version originally clocked in time-wise at 29 minutes and 29 seconds, "29:29 Split Vision" was recorded in December 1985 just after the band had split up, and they wanted to bring some closure to that period by recording the new songs they were working on at the time alongside some of their older material that hadn't yet been properly recorded. Whilst the B-side hints at the underlying reasons the band split up - the inevitable 'musical differences,' with the three newest songs on the release literally worlds apart (excuse the pun) from their classic material - the five songs on the A-side are veritable belters, and "29:29 Split Vision" remains a frustratingly fascinating offering from this most unconventional of punk bands. (Pirates Press Records #305)

Street date March 10th. The "EP-LP" was originally released in early 1986 after the band had split in November 1985, and collected, for convenience, the first four Subhumans EPs onto one disc. This includes the fiery, six-track debut, "Demolition War," that was first unleashed at the end of 1981, the powerful and provocative "Reason For Existence" and the perennial "Religious Wars," both from 1982, and the intensely angry "Evolution," from May 1983, whose title track rages so effectively against the senseless tragedy that is vivisection. Whilst never intended to be released as a full-length album when first recorded, most of the 18 tracks on offer are still staples in the band's set to this day and hang together very cohesively as an essential body of work. (Pirates Press Records #306)

SUBHUMANS - From The Cradle To The Grave LP/CD
Street date March 10th. With their eclectic influence and scintillating musicianship, Subhumans were never going to be content to trot out anarcho punk-by-numbers, but no one was really prepared for the progressive brilliance of their sophomore album, "From The Cradle To The Grave." Whilst the A-side contains nine short-sharp bursts of energized punk gleefully embracing all points of the spikey spectrum, from the breakneck thrash of "Reality Is Waiting For A Bus" to the ominous dirge of "Wake Up Screaming," it is the ambitious title track that really captures the imagination: its sprawling, 16+ minute running time telling the sorry tale of the human life cycle across a myriad of dynamic acts. Committed to tape by the visionary John Loder at Southern Studios at the tail end of 1983, it was released in April 1984 to widespread acclaim - and only kept from the No. 1 spot in the independent charts by New Order. (Pirates Press Records #303)

SUBHUMANS - The Day The Country Died LP/CD
Street date March 10th. The astounding debut album that established the Subhumans as a genuine force to be reckoned with, "The Day The Country Died," captured both the band's serious anarcho-punk ideology and their irreverent sense of humor. Recorded over just four days during the heady summer of 1982 and released six months later in January 1983, when it quickly climbed to No. 3 in the UK's then-important independent charts. This exhilarating collection of songs has endured for four decades with the band still regularly kicking their live set off with the opening track, "All Gone Dead." (Pirates Press Records #302)

SUBHUMANS - Time Flies + Rats LP/CD
Street date March 10th. As the title suggests, this 1986 album compiled the eight-track, "Time Flies... But Aeroplanes Crash" 12"ep, originally recorded and released in 1983, and the four-track, "Rats," 7" EP that had been recorded during the summer of 1984 and released in early '85. "Rats" might just be the band's most powerful and compelling release, the title track inspired by the Stop The City protests of '84 that sought to highlight the undeniable links between first-world capitalism and third-world poverty. Whilst it's something of a mishmash with several rowdy live tracks and a few, very enjoyable re-recordings of old Stupid Humans songs (Stupid Humans being guitarist Bruce's pre-Subhumans band), it contains two of the Subhumans' best-loved tracks: "Work Rest Play Die" and "Susan," the latter something of an oddity as it's a stirring piano piece with lyrics written by Steve Hamilton, an old friend of the band. (Pirates Press Records #307)

SUBHUMANS - Worlds Apart LP/CD
Street date March 10th. Arguably the highlight of their '80s output, the third Subhumans album was recorded at Woodlands Studio, Castleford, England, during spring 1985 and released early the following year, a few months after the band had split. Opening with the slightly incongruous instrumental "33322," what it lacks in rampant speed, it more than compensates for with some truly sublime compositions, assured arrangements, and dizzying time changes. With a front-cover illustration inked by vocalist Dick, "Worlds Apart" saw the band find a veritable sweet spot in their song-writing, spawning many of their best-loved tracks such as "Apathy," "Businessmen," and "Can't Hear The Words," but every single track on the album remains an understated masterpiece. (Pirates Press Records #304)

WHEEZING MANIAC - Shade Through the Night Door LP (pre order only)
Pre-order. These are imports and we will only get enough for pre-orders: March 15th street date. Short-lived So Cal band Wheezing Maniac will bring back memories for those old enough to have been wooed by seminal skateboarding video H-Street's Hokus Pokus. Two of its most iconic tunes were by this outfit, "Dollar on a Platter" and "Don't Come Close", and both showcase their off-kilter invention and high-energy sound perfectly. A fine remastering job brings them up to scratch and makes this an essential one for the collection. 17-song discography with fold-out insert for fans of Minutemen, weird post-punk and 1980's USHC. (Putojefe Records #9)

(lower price) DREAM SHAKE - Ride The Disease Vol.34 LP
Josh "Wolf" Vaughn moved back to Houston and had a baby called Dream Shake. It's mutant blast beat punk shit, a flavor that only the gulf coast could create. Co-baby daddies are Frank Faerman, Seattle Washington, Mikey T and Matt Juarez. FFO Rupture inspired hardcore punk filtered throught the mind of a heavy metal punk. (Rescued From Life Records #104.5)

(lower price) CONVOY CABRIOLET - Too Fast Too Loud LP/CD
Boisterous Western swingers Convoy & The Cattlemen slam down the accelerator on their sophomore LP "Too Fast Too Loud". 9 tracks of amphetamine-driven truck-driver holler with their patented head-spinning virtuosity. This album alternates between blistering electrified bluegrass, jazz-tinged swing, and up-tempo '60s-style country pop all delivered with the band's signature punk-inspired zeal. The CD version contains 10 bonus tracks! (Rescued From Life Records #127)

SPEEDWAY - When If Not Now? Cassette tape
Sweden's Speedway announces signing to Revelation Records through a five-song live session. The set features two never-before-heard tracks and a cover of Swedish, '90s hidden gem "Hazel" by Far Apart. It's all shot and recorded in the SBU HQ in Stockholm, where all the magic happens - the practicing, writing, and recording of everything Speedway. Now available again on cassette. (Revelation Records Tape #1 TP)

G.I.S.M. - Military Affairs Neurotic LP/cassette tape
Japan's G.I.S.M. returns with the first-ever authorized and licensed reissue of their cult sophomore album, "Military Affairs Neurotic." A successor to the band's legendary "Detestation" LP, "Military Affairs Neurotic" harnesses G.I.S.M.'s frantic, aggressive take on hardcore punk, and churns out a heavy-metal edge. The album's production, visual presentation, and the songwriting encapsulate the sound of burning-punk spirit and heavy-metal grit, and cement G.I.S.M.'s legacy as one of the underground's most idiosyncratic, genre-bending, and truly unique bands. (Relapse Records #7517)

Back in 1981, Negative Approach (along with The Meatmen and the Necros) was one of the dominant forces in the Detroit, MI, underground. Long out of print, Negative Approach originally released this ten-song 7" EP in 1982 as a limited pressing of 3,000 on Touch And Go Records. Now, remastered by John Golden, the legendary ten-song 7" EP is once again available for past, present, and future hardcore fans. Now available again on vinyl with updated cover artwork. (Touch & Go Records #407)

INTEGRITY - Humanity Is The Devil LP/CD/cassette tape
Integrity's classic EP remixed and remastered by Arthur Rizk (Power Trip, Code Orange, Kreator), and featuring all-new artwork. (Relapse Records #7492)

Descriptions for 1/28/23

DAHMER - Our Worst Recordings LPx2
Second compilation of Dahmer's discography only this time, it's the D.I.Y. recordings and a live concert. Forty-seven tracks of raw old school grindcore from one of the best bands from the 90s. This double LP on black and white wax includes an insert documenting almost all of their concert history through an extensive collection of flyers. (D71/Doomsday Machine Records #24)

A L'OMBRE D'HEMERA - Saison de Deceptions LP
Founded in 2015, À l'ombre d'Héméra is a post-metal outfit from Lévis, Canada. The band's core identity is defined by many-faceted soundscapes with contrasts between luminosity and darkness, yin and yang, life and death. The French lyrics are an introverted reflection of an intense existential questioning regarding life challenges from an inside/out perspective. 2022 announces the return of À l'ombre d'Héméra with a third album entitled "Saison de déceptions". This time, they teamed up with local label d7i records, who released bands like Milanku, Le Kraken, Memories of an old Man and a few others in the same genre of music! With a rigorous DIY approach, the band still infuses listeners with its signature powerful tone; a well developed balance between poles apart modulations one can also find on "Le mur des ombres" (2017) and "En route vers le grand vide" (2019). The new album proposes five visceral songs with epic proportions never heard before. "Saison de déceptions" Is a self recorded album mastered by Topon Das (Fuck the Facts) at Apartment 2 recordings. Artwork is done by Alex CF (Fall of Efrefa / Light Bearer)The band's influences are multiple but mainly focussed with ''post-metal'' bands such as Amenra, Falls of Efrafa and Cult of Luna! (Doomsday Machine/D71 Records #42)

MI AMORE - Crawling Kingsnake LP
For the first time 20 years after is original release, Crawling Kingsnake is finally available on vinyl! Mi Amore has influenced a lot of local bands from ''La belle Province'' since then. Toured a lot in Quebec/Ontario and the Northeast of the USA. Did lots of concerts with Cursed, Unsane, Buried Inside to name a few. Their abrasive hardcore is accentuated by some rock'n'roll riffage and harsh vocals. Lyrics are a bit humoristic mixed up with some almost satanic influences. Those colored records comes with a 64 page booklet and got mastered by Topon Das (Fuck the Facts) at Apartment 2 recordings. The 12 songs on Crawlin' Kingsnake brilliantly capture the band's incredible live performance, and had me banging my head for the record's entirety. The crushing, catchy riffs and blazing guitar solos served up on this record are comparable to the likes of Pantera, Down and Black Sabbath, or even the offerings from Coalesce and Entombed.'' Exclaim! (D71/Doomsday Machine Records #33)

A long planned reissue project, it's nice to have this one finally happen after only 15 years since we started talking about it! The G-Anx / Filthy Christians split 7" was pretty influential to a fledgling Dropdead back in 1991/1992. Two Swedish hardcore/punk bands each approaching fast crazy HC with completely different approaches. We listened to this record a ton, and maybe the influences can't be heard in the DD sound, but it's been there from the start. It has been great that over the years we've had the chance to hang out with Steve and Per a few times on various tours. Play this record loud and often. (Armageddon Records #35)

WOLFBRIGADE - Anti Tank Dogs 7"
Wolfbrigade are back on Agipunk with this brand new 7" EP co-released with Armageddon Label from USA. The 7" consists of three brand new songs recorded at Wolfden Studio in March 2021 by Jocke Rydbjer. We can hear the band in an amazing powerful shape as the 3 tracks are ripping and punching in the face even stronger than usual. The unique blend of Scandi Crustcore and Swedish Death Metal with a touch of melody is once again confirmed by the five Lycanthropunks. A limited edition of 200 copies on Yellow vinyl will be available for the first buyers. It's with extreme joy and happiness that we welcome the Swedish Wolves back home. (Armageddon Records #36)

The return of the split 7"! With great excitement we bring to you Firestarter. To us they are making history. Tracing back their genetic origins to bands such as Insted (What We Believe era) Firestarter can claim to be true heirs to the Los Angeles throne of Straight Edge Hardcore, a privilege only few can actually brag about. Madhouse brings you raging hardcore reminiscent of Heresy, Intense Degree, and Cryptic Slaughter. While many youth are taking their cues from the 90's, Madhouse draws inspiration from the foundational musical periods of the 80's. Fast, aggressive, and angry, Madhouse is here to break the monotony of status quo moments within subculture. Without bias, this EP should be one of the best in the last two decades of American hardcore. (Extinction Burst Records #070627)

SPIRIT DIVE - 2022 Demo cassette tape
Out of Los Angeles CA, Spirit Dive bring us their version of indie infused punk. Memoratic moments, fuzzed guitars, and a compact sound that draws its inspiration from a varied mix of sonic landscapes. Taking influence from more contemporary bands like Title Fight, and Milk Music, Spirit Dive conjures up memories of other times and other eras while rooted in the present. Underlying melodies nod to Sarah Records but expand into elements of other labels (and even bands), ranging from mid-90's Dischord (Jawbox) to late 90's Jade Tree (Promise Ring). Vocals even induce memories of Sarah Kirsch on Jump Salty. With that said, Spirit Dive encapsulates so much within their sonic bursts of music. Anyone enjoying the aforementioned eras, sounds will relish in delight of this California ensemble. (Extinction Burst Records #1532 CS)

JACK - Lobotomia LP
New full length from Hungarian grindpunks JACK. Contains 15 brand new tracks, as well as 6 live tracks from a performance at Riff Klub. Bringing a whole new feel to their unhinged grind punk - this is their best effort yet and you can see how much work they put in this from start to finish. (Give Praise Records #172)

CACA DE LUNA - Zuchtigungstheater LP
Real angry grindcore from Germany. No messing around, no pauses, no breaks, just pure anger. You can hear it in their voice! The world right now is pissing everyone off, which is a good thing! Raw, and unadulterated grindcore. (Give Praise Records #172.5)

DRAGGED - s/t tape cassette
Stomping New Bedford hardcore punk with members of Wound Man, Peace Test, Ritual Blade, XFilesX, Inernal and The Rival Mob. This is their first output so its a must have eBay gold, if anything do it for the MA Glory! 100 tapes with black shells. (To Live A Lie Records #255 TP)

PRAYER FOR CLEANSING - The Rain In Endless Fall cassette tape
North Carolina's PRAYER FOR CLEANSING was a big part of a metalcore resurgence that was happening in the southeast in the late 90's. Combining death metal vocals, super-fast intricate riffing, Iron Maiden style harmonized guitar parts, and the occasional black metal part, Prayer for Cleansing brought more sophisticated metal stylings to the straight edge hardcore world. With fellow North Carolinians UNDYING, the band made a name for themselves on the east coast before breaking up in 2000. The band's 1999 full length The Rain In Endless Fall became an instant classic of the genre. Members from the band notably went on to form progressive metal powerhouse BETWEEN THE BURIED AND ME. Foregoing the polished Tribunal Records remix and remaster from 2003, To Live A Lie Records has gone back to the old school original mix and have given it a much bigger sound with a new 2022 remastered by Nick Townsend. This will be the definitive vinyl pressing of the album that will accurately archive their powerful sound and hopefully bring new ears to an amazing output. (To Live A Lie Records #237 TP)

HERIDA PROFUNDA - Power To The People LP
Brand new full length from Polish crust grind band Herida Profunda - "Power to the People" has been firmly built over the columns and foundations of grind and crust punk, and it captures the band's collective frustrations and personal journeys through these turbulent times. An album that showcases the band sounding tighter than ever before. An overdose of gut-wrenching grindcore which is heavy, engrossing and undoubtedly brutal. "It took us ages to write the new album and then, even longer to record it. During that time, we've been witnessing changes that ruling party in Poland are imposing on normal people, silent acceptance for extreme right, Polish women stripped from their basic rights, takeover of national TV to spread propaganda. The title, as well as lot of lyrical content is a comment to this situation. We have always been a band with a political message, but maybe the way to win the struggle is to cut off all political content, self-organize, resist, do your own thing, build your own world where justice is served and the machine of corruption and suffering collapse. Fire To Parliament! Power to The People!". (To Live A Lie Records #221)

This second season of HOUKAGO GRIND TIME takes the prototypical approach of a television series reattempting to mature by bringing in darker and edgier elements, so as to be taken with the utmost seriousness of the listener. Concordantly, the lyrical content of each decomposition has been irrevocably altered in the pursuit of greater artistic pinnacles. The eventuality of Andrew Lee's sincerest efforts have uplifted the vocal ejaculations from banal caveman contemplations on the unmundane vagaries of human existence to impertinent examinations of the Hobbesian ideal of what lies beyond and that hereditamentality of which is to come... or in simpler words, the power of anime compels you. HGT is the solo project of Andrew Lee of RIPPED TO SHREDS. On this release he has enlisted the help of Dan Ryckman (aka the Prince of Mince from ARCHAGATHUS, ELECTRO QUARTERSTAFF, UNDER PRESSURE), Larry Wang ( MAGGOT COLONY), Pharmacist, R Mason (ENEMY SOIL, JESUS OF NAZARETH, REEKING CROSS), and Tapo (FIRST DAYS OF HUMANITY). (To Live A Lie Records #226)

BACTERIUM - Sunt Lacrymae Rerum LP
ULTRA. FUNERAL. DOOM. A deed guided by macabre flicker; the lantern ill-consorted with the degradation of sepulchral arts. Imposing with eccentric decorum (bedlamic divination unvarnished) and alluring ambiance, BACTERIUM cultivate the wicked naturalism of real doom; poetic and necrotic. In honor of THERGOTHON, SKEPTICISM, MY DYING BRIDE, BURZUM. Vinyl pressing of 300 copies. Heavy silk-screened covers. Artwork by Droll Meadow. Lettering and layout by Ivan Kocev. Mastered for vinyl by ENORMOUS DOOR (Fuck Yoga Records #73)

Radiant. Phantasmagoric. Postpunk. It is the apparition of a savage dancer in the jungle- electric undead- a leap outward the cranial island. It is humid and sensual and it is too real and I hope it is permanent. A fever (sweet). A single hermetic image (boyish) blooming into an excessive memory of deep nature and wars; an unrememberance of sorts... Monitor the old world/ new world carousel swirl like a dervish from the comfort of your music system and recognize the grand spectacle. Performed by the personnel of TEENAGE PANZERKORPS, DIAT, LAST DOMINION LOST... Limited to 300 copies. Co-released with STATIC SHOCK records. (Fuck Yoga Records #72)

After a string of excellent EPs, King Slender have released their first full-length effort, Gold Days. Imagine if Drive Like Jehu tried to make a Portraits of Past worship record. Vicious, yet straight ahead, the band fires on all cylinders with songs that strike a focused, critical attack. Three vocalists and a two guitar onslaught with riffs that realize the urgency and depth of what makes emotional hardcore such a vital genre of music. (Tor Johnson Records #54)

NORTHEAST REGIONAL - Brand Managers Of The Mid-Atlantic LP
Northeast Regional dares to ask, "What if Sonny Kay sang for Toys That Kill trying to cover The Lemonheads?" If that makes sense to you, then this record is for you. Jeff Byers (Best Practices, REPS) boils 8 years of recordings down to 17 tracks on this single LP. The styles flow seamlessly from abrasive yet catchy power punk anthems to slowed down post-punk dirges and everything in between. Played by ex members of bands that mostly played for exposure (Wow Owls, Weak Teeth, The Sniffs, etc.) but recorded, produced, and mastered by screamo A-listers (Steve Roche, Nate Dominy, Will Killingsworth). FFO: Tenement, Lungfish, Militarie Gun, Oso Oso. Limited to 100. (Tor Johnson Records #56)

(restock) TO THE POINT - Reinventing The Wheel: The First 25 LP
First 25 songs by to the point back on vinyl. Featuring no one relevant. Caveman on vocals, Ropes on the six string, Mr. Burns on the 4 lowest strings, and Red 40 on the cardboard drum. Hardcore tunes that will make your neighbors want to be your best friend. This is the U.S. version and it features alternate artwork from the sold-out German pressing on RSR. It also has an alternative version of the song "This Song Will Hurt You" that's on the RSR pressing. It's titled "This Is Los Angeles" on this pressing. Limited to a final pressing of 500 copies. These copies are on mixed marble and include a digital download & sticker. (Rotten to The Core Records #35)

(restock) V/A - A Tribute To Capitalist Casualties: West Coast Power Violence Forever LP
International tribute to the Godfathers of Power Violence and the memory of Shawn Elliott. 6 countries, 24 bands, 25 songs. Contributing bands are Completed Exposition, Maxxpower, Human Garbage, Self Deconstruction, Entrails Massacre, Cliterati, Godstomper, Sick/Tired. Hummingbird Of Death, Tired Of Everything, Yacopsae, Endorphins Lost, God's America, Fractured, Thulsa Doom, Days Of Desolation, Grin And Bear It, PLF, Sidetracked, Hangal, Soil Of Ignorance, Massgrave, To The Point, and Squelch Chamber. Digital download and limited sticker are included. Rest In Power Violence, Shawn. (Rotten to The Core Records #34)

PLANET ON A CHAIN - Boxed In LP/cassette tape (orange vinyl)
Street date 2/10/23. Planet On A Chain, or P.O.A.C., are hardcore lifers. In their short history, P.O.A.C. recorded demos in their practice space which were released on respected independent labels Blind Rage Records and 625 Records/To Live A Lie Records. "Boxed In" is the band's first full-length and is a scorching hardcore blast delivered the way the founders of the genre intended: fast, raw, angry, and decidedly punk. (Revelation Records #201)

BIG LAUGH - Consume Me LP/CD/cassette tape (coke bottle clear vinyl)
Street date 2/10/23. For decades, the upper Midwest of the United States has been a hotspot for hardcore bands that bend genres and refuse to stick to tired formulas, producing acts like Husker Du and Die Kreuzen. Milwaukee, WI's Big Laugh is here to continue that tradition, with a sound that finds them as much at home playing DIY shows in dingy basements as playing large clubs alongside some of hardcore and punk's luminaries. With high ambitions, Big Laugh is centered on creating whatever they want however they want, and "Consume Me" is just the next step for this young band. CD version includes five additional tracks. (Revelation Records #198)

DISORDER - Violent World + More Noize LP
The 1989, UK-only, 13-track album from Bristol, England, punks Disorder gets its first-ever domestic, US release/reissue via Puke N Vomit Records. Another slab of essential, '80s, UK hardcore. For fans of Discharge, Chaos UK, Extreme Noise Terror, and Chaotic Dischord. (Puke N Vomit Records #181)

LAMA - Complete 1980 to 1983 LPx2
Genre-defining, Finnish hardcore-punk band Lama hailed from the capitol city of Helsinki. The PNV archival collection compiles all four of their 7"s and their LP, plus rare demo recordings, into one must-have 2xLP. For fans of Discharge, Ratisa, Bastards, Musta Paraati, Rattus, and Destrucktions. (Puke N Vomit Records #136)

FUCK UPS - FU 82 7"
The Fuck-Ups were a well-liked and despised San Francisco, CA, punk/hardcore band depending on who you talk to. They originally released this fantastic, six-track, 7" EP in 1982. For fans of Urban Assault, Verbal Abuse, Code Of Honor, Fang, and Sick Pleasure. (Puke N Vomit Records #122)

FALLING FORWARD - Let These Days Pass: The Complete Anthology 1991-1995 LP/CD
Formed in Louisville, KY, in 1991, Falling Forward was a band made up of childhood friends Benjamin Clark, Gary Bell, Jonathan Mobley, Ben Lord, and Chris Higdon, with Mobley, Lord, and Higdon immediately regrouping as the renowned, atmospheric post-hardcore band Elliott when the band disbanded in 1995. "Let These Days Pass: The Complete Anthology 1991-1995" documents the entire recorded history of a young band who met in their pre-teens, wore their hearts on their collective sleeves, and incidentally inspired and influenced thousands of kids and dozens of bands (most notably Thursday) across the world with their unique union of chunky, metallic riffs, pop-punk-inspired hooks, and startlingly infectious, Sunny Day Real Estate-inspired melodicism. Restored and remastered from the original master tapes by Alan Douches at West West Side Music (The Promise Ring, Converge), "Let These Days Pass..." is packaged in all-new artwork culled from elements of the band's history and includes a 20-page, full-color booklet of rare and unpublished photos, fliers, and lyrics. (Temporary Residence Limited #247)

INNUMERABLE FORMS - Philosophical Collapse LP
The new album from cult death/doom-metal outfit Innumerable Forms, "Philosophical Collapse," the follow-up to 2018's "Punishment In Flesh," is a pillar of death/doom enormity unparalleled. Helmed by founder Justin DeTore (aka DFJ), "Philosophical Collapse" (which was produced by Arthur Rizk) emerges as Innumerable Forms' most triumphant work as alongside DFJ (Dream Unending, Sumerlands), guitarists Chris Ulsh (Mammoth Grinder/Power Trip/Devil Master) and Jensen Ward (Iron Lung), drummer Connor Donnegan (Genocide Pact), and bassist Doug Cho deliver an opus that coalesces the old-school, Finnish death-metal cult of the early '90s and the early-'90s, UK, doom glory of Anathema/Paradise Lost. LP includes digital download. (Profound Lore Records #285)

"New Low" is a new, five-song, 12"ep from Greet Death. The first four singles from this session were released digitally over a span of months in 2021 into 2022, leaving the title track exclusive to this final collection. With "New Low," Greet Death continues to explore the layered, melancholic atmosphere they are known for while expanding into unconventional melodic territory. (Deathwish, INC. #234)

NOMEANSNO - Dad/Revenge 7"
For over thirty years, Nomeansno defined post-modern hardcore. They are often considered foundational in the punk-jazz and post-hardcore movements, and have been cited as a formative influence on math-rock and emo. This is a perfect release to be reintroduced to the musical brilliance of the band, and to understand why their music is every bit as vital and fantastic as it was when the "Dad b/w Revenge" 7" was first released in 1987. (Alternative Tentacles Records #60)

DEADGUY - Work Ethic LP
Deadguy was formed by Keith Huckins of Rorschach fame along with Tim Singer of No Escape to bring a noisy, abrasive, harsh, metallic hardcore sound that found the band coming to an apex with the "Fixation On A Coworker" LP on Victory Records, which followed this EP "Work Ethic," released in 1994 on Blackout Records. This 2023 reissue finds "Work Ethic" on 12" vinyl for the first time and features the "White Meat" EP on the B-side. This is the yellow vinyl version, exclusive to Rev and limited to 200 copies. (Blackout Records #201)

V/A - The Extermination Compilation: Volume IV LP
After almost 20 years as a label, Flatspot Records is setting their sights big in 2023 - bringing more bands to their roster and releasing volume four of "The Extermination" compilation. With Volume four, they present the next wave of hardcore from their perspective. For this volume, every single band gave 110% of raw power and pure energy. Track Listing: Speed - One Blood We Bleed, The Chisel - Punisher, Buggin - Attitude, Section H8 - Unhinged, Raw Brigade - Keep On Running (Crux Cover), Jivebomb - American Rule, End It - Familia Finito, Spy - Mob, Law Of Power - Nothing To Show, M.A.D. - The Axeman's Letter, Choice To Make - Tryin'. (Flatspot Records #65)

THE RESTARTS - Actively Seeking Work: 1996-1998 LP
At long last, the complete back catalog of influential UK political punks The Restarts will be widely available across the world, starting with their earliest recordings. "Actively Seeking Work: 1996-1998" collects the studio recordings of the band from their very inception. This collection has been out of print for over ten years after an initial, Europe-only pressing, and Pirates Press Records is thrilled to present its first worldwide release as the opening salvo of a four-LP, Restarts reissue campaign that will bring their full discography back in print with wide distribution for the first time. (Pirates Press Records #336)

7 SECONDS - Walk Together Rock Together: Deluxe Edition LP
Two versions. Yellow vinyl, or clear with yellow/purple splatter. Both limited to 1,000 copies. After releasing a deluxe edition of 7 Seconds' 1984 full-length "The Crew" in 2021, Trust Records is excited to announce that they are giving the same treatment to their 1985 "Walk Together Rock Together" EP, which will feature a gatefold cover with an attached, 20-page, full-color booklet continuing the oral history of the band from 1984-1986, including commentary from Pushead, Ian MacKaye, Walter Schreifels (Gorilla Biscuits, Quicksand), Norman Brannon (Texas Is The Reason), Milo Aukerman (Descendents), Tony Hawk, Shepard Fairey, Christian Jacobs (Yo Gabba Gabba!), Fletcher Dragge (Pennywise), and more. This also includes a fully restored version of its iconic, yellow and black cover art, and 20 brand-new, original cartoons by Brian Walsby. The collection of seven songs that were as catchy as they were cathartic was produced by Minor Threat frontman Ian MacKaye at Washington, DC's legendary Inner Ear Studios and remastered by David Gardner from the original analog tapes. (Trust Records #5)

Descriptions for 1/21/23

LORD KAOS - Thorns Of Impurity LPx2/CD/cassette tape
Seeping with an ominous grandiosity, the sole Lord Kaos album "Thorns of Impurity" is truly a forgotten relic in the pantheon of 90s symphonic black metal. Behind the morose keyboards and rigor mortis burdened drumming lies the key to Lord Kaos' sound - guitarist Jamie "Astennu" Stinson. Before the release of "Thorns of Impurity", Astennu migrated to Norway, through his connection to Slayer Mag's Metalion, in order to record his solo project Carpe Tenebrum at the legendary Creative Studios. While in Norway he would join Dimmu Borgir and Covenant in the midst of a very successful era in both bands' respective careers. Though the records he would record for those acts and his solo project have garnered fans worldwide, "Thorns of Impurity" has remained an underground classic. Astennu's razor sharp riffing, alongside the superb musicianship of fellow bandmates Incubus and Lord of Night Summoning added a new dimension to the cosmos of Australian black metal. Though Australia isn't known for its frost bitten mountaintops, the unforgivingly ice cold atmosphere of this album is a testament to the imperishable vision of Lord Kaos. The time has finally come to enter the Hall of Shadows! (Nuclear War Now Records #653)

Second press as an LP. Street February 1st. "Dripping Papal Blood" is the secret unreleased second demo recorded a decade ago in 2010, in the band's now shuttered 'The Prisoner's Chant...' studio which rested at ground level across from the oldest cemetery in New York and rumored to be haunted. This demo brings to life the complex and fierce rivalry between Emperor Napoleon and the Pope Pius VII. Napoleon went as far as to have Pope Pius VII placed in confinement. Despite the Antichrist's repugnancy of the papacy, Napoleon knew he still needed the symbolic authority of the church during his unprecedented self-coronation (referred to by the band as 'ascension to accipitridae!' - the classification of predatory birds of prey). With the appointment of the cruel Cardinal Fesch (a relative of the emperor) after the Antichrist's coup d'etat of 18 brumaire, Napoleon gave Fesch orders to persuade the pope to attend Napoleon's coronation, only later to be stripped of religious power and cast out of the diocese upon defiance of Napoleon's inflexible attitude toward the church. Fesch later died in Rome surrounded by his masterpiece art collection rumored to be pillaged and later bequeathed in his will. Always through the lens of black metal and Nostradamus' prediction of the arrival of the Antichrist, 'dripping papal blood' intrudes into the interplay and triple-crossing corruption between Napoleon, the Church and his own art-plundering family members appointed through nepotism to the diocese. (Nuclear War Now Records #528)

COTARD - 4 Track E.P. 7"
San Luis Potosi's Cotard have been shovelling the grime in Mexico since their initial inception back in 2018. They've established themselves as major players in the Mexican, DIY Punk Scene booking tours, driving bands and playing a perfected 90's style Swedish/UK, D-Beat/Crust. This new, 4 Track E.P. finds them laying into their particular blend of the dark and dismal and is their first release since their 2020 Demo and in their most focused and punishing form. The winded exasperations call back to the vocal stylings of classics like Doom and the musical D-Beat/Crust attack reminiscent of juggernauts like Disgust and Napalm Raid are clear and not unfounded comparisons. There's a bleak levity weaving through the relentlessness and it showcases that incessant brooding of the human existence. A not-so-subtle cry for a way out in a world gone mad. (Neon Taste Records #29)

After several tours, multiple full lengths, numerous ep's and splits, Endorphins Lost really just continues to push the boundaries of the extreme. Night People is the 3rd long play from this Pacific Northwest quintet, and quite possibly their best offering yet. 19 minutes at 45rpm of pure grinding power violence focusing the narrative on human enforced suffering, self-induced stress and mind scarring atrocities. Endorphins Lost are not to be overlooked. FFO all things unholy. (Rotten To The Core Records #36)

Do you like grinding Death Metal mayhem? Do you like high speeds and higher brutality? Sonic Poison play mental music for the sick and disturbed. Extreme tempos, scathingly evil riffs, blasting drums and morbid vocals to torment even the most hopeless patients. Those who heard their EP/split/demo releases will know they are in for a ride while the album gives 20 minutes of sharp sonic artillery, far more than ever before. This might even be their most barbaric material to date as hyper-driven death-noise erupts from every orifice with spasms of hatred. Although many of the songs sit at around 1 minute, this is for your own safety. Each is so intensely malicious and sadistic, more would kill you. In fact listening to the entire record is not suggested for the weak. Those who want to be crushed, devoured and spewed into the poison pools of putridity, grab this record and crank it loud. Guaranteed to get your neighbours unhappy and alienate any friends who aren't total maniacs (time to cut the fat). The production is suitably old-sounding with rumbling bass and crispy guitars to peel the skin as the drums bludgeon the bones. As lovely as this all sounds, we mustn't forget the vocals which will suck the marrow, soul and gristle from your twitching carcass. All this in under twenty minutes? Fuck around and find out! (Me Saco Un Ojo Records #149)

Two of Death Metal's strongest forces will unleash a split of cataclysmic proportions. Russia's Gosudar and American heavyweights Malignant Altar spew rotten filth in unison across four tracks. Doom, death and demolition is what this split is all about, so prepare to fester. Gosudar are definitely one of the most exciting yet still obscure Death Metal bands around. Hailing from Russia, they blend ferocity and gloom to give a truly sepulchral and savage atmosphere. Opening the split with a 10 minute opus of drudging, crawling and slimy riff-craft blended to rotten perfection with meaty drumming and ghastly vocals, this is the kind of masterpiece you cannot miss if you call yourself a fan of Death Metal. The stomping force moves with restless progression that will entice and zombify with bludgeoning rhythms and putrified hooks while keeping all things old school as the main focus. Managing to remain atmospheric while totally barbaric and nasty, Gosudar do not mess around with their a-side of atrocious heaviness. Ichorous sludge will drown all who dare to delve into the depths of decay. Malignant Altar have a similarly groovy nature, yet perhaps forgo some doomy moments for a more pulverising angle. Increasing the tempo with maniacal drumming and convulsive riffs, the vomitous drudge of this band is absolutely filthy while not being afraid to stampede between their odious rhythms. With a very different sound to Gosudar, this split harnesses two absolutely excellent bands strengths. Malignant Altar's definitely lie in their ability to be both technical and loose, never feeling overproduced or mechanical. If you survived side a, side b will certainly finish you off! Closing the split on with a cover of a cult classic from Imprecation is the final nail in your coffin if you are a Death Metal manic. Three originals and a superb cover, all on a slab of wax shared by two underground titans. Absolute carnage! (Me Saco Un Ojo Records #158)

(restock) FRIGHT - s/t LP
Fright plays '80s thrash/crossover/speed metal crossed with a nod to Japanese hardcore. Featuring members of Citizens Arrest, Devoid Of Faith, Down In Flames, Das Oath, 97A, Ramoms, Monster X, Grey C.E.L.L., and Soft Dov. From Philadelphia, PA, and New Jersey. Limited edition of 400 copies. (Gloom Records #49)

NEW FOUND GLORY - Make The Most Of It LP/CD/cassette tape (yellow vinyl)
The forthcoming acoustic album, "Make The Most Of It," by New Found Glory tackles the last year head-on with their most emotional and cathartic collection of songs to date. Written in the wake of guitarist Chad Gilbert's cancer diagnosis and mixed by Mark Trombino (Blink-182, Jimmy Eat World), "Make The Most Of It" is a rumination on what it means to grieve, to live, to approach every day with appreciation and a sense of fulfillment. Gilbert and his bandmates - vocalist Jordan Pundik, bassist Ian Grushka, and drummer Cyrus Bolooki - are all husbands and fathers, and as elder statesmen of the pop-punk genre (though still able to incite a circle pit with ease), "Make The Most Of It" finds the quartet contemplating the future, what they hope their loved ones will hang on to, and how they'll be remembered. (Revelation Records #199)

Straight from the heart of downtown Brussels, Belgium, comes Instructor, a band that formed out of a group of friends who have been working hard to grow a local, DIY scene centered around the Cobra Jaune Club. As hardcore gets more and more polished, the truly meat-and-potatoes variety is becoming a rare sight, but that's exactly what you get with Instructor, with bucketloads of attitude and energy from people living and breathing the life. Recorded at Spector Studio, a DIY space where analog equipment is crafted on-site, and with artwork by the infamous hardcore artists Spoiler and "Diamond" Dave Decat, this is a snapshot of all things great from Belgium. Limited edition of 500 copies. Imported from the UK. (Quality Control HQ Records #80)

KEPI AND FRIENDS - Full Moon Forever LP/CD
When Ara Babajian of The Slackers approached Kepi, vocalist of the Groovie Ghoulies, about having an all-new challenge, he jumped at the chance to work with his longtime friend and drummer hero. The record includes contributions from Ian Fowles (The Aquabats, Gerard Way), Prima Donna's Aaron Minton, and Kevin Preston (also currently playing in Green Day), and several other friends, with artwork by artist Tom Neely. "Full Moon Forever" is a great addition to Kepi's catalog, and YOUR record collection. (Pirates Press Records #348)

TURNING POINT - It's Always Darkest..... LP/cassette tape (orange vinyl)
From the very beginning, Turning Point was unique and not what you'd expect from a hardcore band. They expanded on the sounds of bands like Youth Of Today and Chain Of Strength, and brought in more melody while taking inspiration from 7 Seconds to push more emotion in their lyrics. Revelation Records is proud to bring back "It's Always Darkest....." in its original, stand-alone form as the third installment of reissuing the band's out-of-print catalog. Opaque orange vinyl. (Revelation Records #192)

Descriptions for 1/14/23

And here we have it, the North American pressing of VIDRO's brilliant 2nd 12" titled "GLÖD." Featuring an amalgamation of members that span the globe from Brazil to the USA to their sonic and geographical home of Stockholm, Sweden, VIDRO have been churning out quality hardcore punk in recorded and live settings for five years now with no apparent signs of letting up anytime soon. Previously released on Germany's Kink Records near the outset of 2022, this North American pressing serves both as a means to alert the uninitiated of what they've been missing along with providing a taste of what is to come. Each record comes in a jacket featuring design work and art by VIDRO guitarist Lucas Lima. (Beach Impediment #66)

INDRE KRIG - Destroyer 7"
Released earlier in the year on the magnificent Adult Crash Records out of Copenhagen, Denmark, Beach Impediment is pleased to handle the North American pressing of an absolute, bonafide international hardcore punk ripper... the "DESTROYER" EP from INDRE KRIG! Six tracks of razor sharp musicianship with truly memorable hooks and riffs to match it, this platter keeps up the reputation K-Town has garnered for generating quality punk music over the course of multiple decades now. Each record comes in a pocket sleeve embellished with particularly striking art by the living legend we call Nicky Rat. (Beach Impediment #67)

SPEED PLANS - Statues Of God LP (pre-order)
Street date January 27th. In the ripping hardcore scene that has recently cropped up in Pittsburgh surrounding bands like Living World, White Stains and Necro Heads comes Speed Plans; a writhing, drug fueled, violence machine of manic hardcore in the vein of Repos or Ripcord. When we were first contacting Speed Plans on account of their absolutely raging cassette output, they mentioned wanting to do an LP that was "15 fast ones and 1 slow one." We were sold right then and there. If mean, fast, low-fi and low brow is what you're after then look no further, you've arrived. 500 copies on 150gr black vinyl housed in a 24pt reverse board jacket with lyric insert included. Recorded at Clean Living Audio. Mastered by Will Killingsworth at Dead Air. (Iron Lung Records #222)

ROTARY CLUB - American Tower 7" (pre-order)
Street date January 27th. As a massive early Killed By Death style punk fanatic, constantly in pursuit of the ever elusive records and one-off-obscuro sound, I frequently turn up my nose at modern bands playing the style. You can't just crap out a poorly recorded generic riff punk track, slap a "KBD" label on it and expect me to fall for the ruse. I mean bands have done that and had varying degrees of wool pull - see The Uncalled 4's "Grind Her Up" 7" for the best success of this - but it doesn't usually work out. What I particularly enjoy about Rotary Club is that they rework the lyrics into all things landline telephone while heavily referencing the riffage from the genre's top tier tunes, twisting them just enough to make them their own. A refreshing and well executed take to say the least. Rotary Club is from Reno, NV. This is their first ever vinyl record, the only format that matters. 4th of 5 in the Systemic Surgery series each hand numbered and limited to 200. Hand stamped labels on black vinyl housed in a custom die cut sleeve with a risograph print hand glued to the front. Tracked, mixed and mastered by Tim Green at Louder Studios. Artwork by Jawsh Hageman. Classy. (Iron Lung Records #223)

SKELETHAL/OUTRE TOMBE - split 7" (gatefold cover)
Carbonized and Dawnbreed Records announce a brand new split 7" between Skelethal and Outre-Tombe! Featuring two new songs of totally macabre Death Metal, this limited 7" release also coincided with their 2022 European Tour. 'Carnal Deceivers' Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered by Skelethal. 'Sacrilege' Recorded the 18th of December 2021 by A. Landry. Mix/Master by V.K. All copies come housed in a Foil-Stamped Gatefold Jacket with Double-Sided Insert, Stickers, and Download Card Included. Available on Black Color Vinyl. (Carbonized Records #22)

STREET TOMBS - Reclusive Decay LP/CD/cassette tape (pre-order)
Street date of February 17th. Carbonized is pleased to present "Reclusive Decay", the Debut Full-Length from Street Tombs! "Reclusive Decay'' features six tracks of thrashing Death Metal / Punk freshly ripped from the grave. After three Demos / EPs, Street Tombs has returned to deliver their fourth output of sinister incantations. Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered by Augustine Ortiz with Additional Recording by Galen Baudhuin. Vinyl housed in a Single LP Jacket with Polybag. 12" Double-Sided Insert, Stickers and Download Card Included. Available on Black Color Vinyl. Cassette edition comes housed in a Shrink-Wrapped Clear Cassette Case with Five-Panel J-Card and Download Card Included. Compact Disc edition comes housed in a Shrink-Wrapped Jewel Case and features an 8-Panel Booklet. (Carbonized Records #24)

V/A - Skate Ratz Vol. LP compilation
An homage to the old Thrasher Magazine Skate Rock comp LPs of the 80's, Volume 1 features 9 of today's hardest working Skate Rock Bands. A soundtrack to your next skate session or a nice introduction to some of the finest Skate Rock bands. Featuring Too Many Voices, Fastplants, Since We Were Kids, Good Touch, The Hacks, Slashers, Rabid Assault, Disco Assault and Bing Krosby (featuring Chuck Treece of McRad) Includes a 12 page booklet and cover art by artist Bobbydrawsskullz (The Faction, Pearl Jam, Powell Peralta, etc). (Not Like You Records #34)

Change Today is Joe Wood's (TSOL singer/guitarist 83-93) latest project. Their debut full length features new versions of TSOL classics such as Red Shadows and Flowers by The Door (off the Change Today LP) and new soon to be favorites like Tourniquet, I Am and Behind the Veil. A mesh of the best parts of mid 80's TSOL mixed with some blues overtones set the course for I Am. Look for them to be hitting the road thru out 2023 in support of the record. (Not Like You Records #38)

WOLFLUST - Satanic Megatons CD
With their first EP, Brazilian legion WOLFLUST offers a devastating ambience along the lines of Brazilian metal legends Sarcofago, in addition to strong influences from bands like Conqueror, Blasphemy & Beherit. Imagine a more Black Metal oriented ANGEL CORPSE. This North American CD edition comes in a high quality jewel case with a 12 page, full color, fold out poster/cover. Includes 5 original songs, a classic Bathory cover & one exclusive bonus demo track (not previously available on the Brazilian edition from Hammer of Damnation/ Featuring Trojillo behind the drums from 90s Brazilian Grindcore/Death Metal band INDUSTRIAL NOISE. Limited to 500 copies. (Anti-Human Productions #3)

COMPLOT! - Victimes Innocentes (d'une furie meurtriere) CD
After a handful of Demos, a Split 12" with Primitive Warfare & a Compilation 12"LP released by Iron Bonehead Productions in europe, the Québecois Death/Black Metal duo COMPLOT! present their first mini-album - 8 tracks of primal & furious War Metal of Death, clocking in at just over 22 minutes, a guaranteed headbanger!! The CD comes housed in an old school black tray jewel case with a very simple & minimal layout letting the music speak for itself! Featuring Comte Bergaby, prolific underground Québecois musician (Feufolet, Moulin Banal, Pénombre, Crapule, Hexeth, Shezmu...). A must for fans of REVENGE & ARCHGOAT. Limited to 350 copies. (Anti-Human Productions #6)

(final copies) CITIZENS ARREST - Colossus: The Discography LPx2 (gatefold)
The original pressing of this release sold out in 2010. This new pressing is on blue vinyl. Citizens Arrest were a hardcore punk band that formed in the Lower East Side of Manhattan and existed from 1988-1990. They played a bunch of shows at legendary punk venues like CBGBs and ABC No Rio. Considered to be a seminal New York hardcore band by many, their short-lived reign exists within a demo, a 7" EP, some comp tracks, and a full-length album. Heavily influenced by S.O.A., Negative FX, and Siege, this record amalgamates gruff vocals with extremely raw, fast hardcore. This discography release contains pretty much everything they recorded including their 1989 demo, 7", compilation tracks, album, unreleased Red C cover with Daryl on vocals, and a live recording with Daryl on vocals. The 8" live flexi was left out due to its bad sound quality. (Nuclear War Now/Cell Records #7)

(restock) COMETBUS #59: Post-Mortem by Aaron Cometbus Author
Exploring the infrastructure of the punk underground Aaron interviews the people behind Epitaph Records, Fat Wreck Chords, Bound Together Books, Interference Archive, Left Bank Books, Thrasher, C-Squat, Fantagraphics, the Center for Cartoon Studies, and others. (Cometbus #59)

Who doesn't love a split 7"? Both songs exemplify why there is so much excitement and energy around these bands right now. Just a prelude of what's to come, this little nugget of wax is sure to wet your whistle and leave you wanting more from 'em both. Limited edition of 500 copies. (Pirates Press Records # 344)

BAD BRAINS - The Youth Are Getting Restless LP
"The Youth Are Getting Restless" is a live album from Bad Brains, recorded at the Paradiso Theater in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, in 1987 by the VPRO. The show was part of the band's "I Against I" tour. This reissue marks the sixth release in the remaster campaign, re-launching the Bad Brains Records label imprint. (ORG Music #2184)

(repressed) BAD RELIGION - Public Service 7"
Back in print after being unavailable for much too long. This 7" compiles Bad Religion's tracks from the 1981 Smoke Seven Records compilation "Public Service." These are some of their earliest recordings. Now available again on vinyl. (Puke N Vomit Records #46)

Descriptions for 1/7/23

COMPLETED EXPOSITION - Early Tracks 2004 to 2013 10"
A collection of 20 manic blasts from the now legendary Osaka neo-power violence unit COMPLETED EXPOSITION. Collecting songs from four demos, compilation tracks, and three unreleased songs, this documents the primitive origins and development of CxEx when they were a trio (as two bassists and a drummer). COMPLETED EXPOSITION is one of the few bands that is able to capture the spirit of classic PV like NO COMMENT or SLIGHT SLAPPERS while also creating their own unique version of neo-power violence. Co-release with Pscyhocontol Records. 505 pressed. (625 Productions #295)

CAUTERY - Suffocating Feats of Dehumanization LP
The second putrid full length from one of the sickest grind units to ever exist: SULFURIC CAUTERY! This has to be heard to be believed, and even then, you will be left wallowing in fetid confusion. 20 songs of unrelenting hyper-blasting, crazed time changes, and a thick layer of vomitous vocals spread throughout - reminds me of the first time I heard "Flesh Ripping Sonic Torment" or "Swarming of the Maggots" - totally sick and brutal. 625#297 Co-release with the mighty Mal Okul. 500 pressed. (625 Productions #297)

ENDORPHINS LOST - Night People LP (pre-order for February 3rd release)
After several tours, multiple full lengths, numerous ep's and splits, Endorphins Lost really just continues to push the boundaries of the extreme. Night People is the 3rd long play from this Pacific Northwest quintet, and quite possibly their best offering yet. 19 minutes at 45rpm of pure grinding power violence focusing the narrative on human enforced suffering, self-induced stress and mind scarring atrocities. Endorphins Lost are not to be overlooked. FFO all things unholy. (Rotten To The Core Records #36)

FEEDBACK #15 comicbook 'zine
24 pages of gig reviews in comicbook form... this issue deals with Stalag 13, Red Fang, Lyle Lovitt,Tortois, Wett The Rope, Broken Spirit, and more... (Feedback #15)

VATICAN COMMANDOS - Point Me To The End LP (with bonus tracks)
Formed in the wealthy coastal town of Darien Connecticut in the early 1980, hardcore punk band Vatican Commandos released their debut EP, Hit Squad For God, in 1983, followed swiftly by the Just A Frisbee EP. Recorded in the summer of 1984, shortly before their ultimate demise, the blistering EP Point Me To The End captures the band at their most competent, bolstered by high production values, with a one-off poem by beat-punk poet Earl broadening the boundaries; this edition is made complete by the inclusion of crucial bonus tracks 'Your World Is Flat' and 'Morality,' from the ultra-rare compilation Make It Work. (Radiation Records #181)

ATTAK - Zombies LP (green vinyl)
Probably the first experiment in mixing hardcore attitude with OI! songwriting ever made within the UK punk movement, ATTAK were born as a four piece in New Mills in l98l, but immediately reversed to a trio when their singer left for school commitments and released two incredible singles on the No Future label in this form, right before recruiting a new guitarist and record "Zombies", that came out in l983 on the same label. Known for featuring Mackie from BLITZ's sister on drums, (and sounding a lot like his band!), ATTAK definitely split up in late 1983. This criminally underrated classic gets reissued on vinyl with his original artwork and fully remastered. Limited to 500 copies on COLOR VINYL, complete with big 60x40 cm folded poster! (Radiation Reissues #53)

TOY DOLLS - A Far Out Disc LP
Color version limited to 200 and numbered. Formed from Sunderland in England's formerly industrial northeast, the Toy Dolls put working-class humour at the forefront of their take on punk, the three-chord format a launching pad for witty originals and clever covers. Sophomore set A Far Out Disc, released in 1985, saw the shifting line-up tackle the theme song of kiddies' TV show Razzamataz and deliver a blistering take of surf-rock standard 'Wipe Out'; on originals like 'My Girlfriend's Dad's A Vicar', the hilarious 'Commercial Break' and 'Bless You My Son', and the 'She Goes To Fino's' recut, Olga's shrill shrieking leads the way. Another great Toy Dolls album! (Radiation Records #189)

TOY DOLLS - Wakey Wakey! LP
Color version limited to 200 and numbered. By the time Sunderland's punk humourists the Toy Dolls released 1989's Wakey Wakey!, bassist John 'K'Cee' Casey had joined founding member Olga and longstanding drummer Martin Yule for another great episode of their musical madness. Now with a metal edge underpinning their punk/Oi! hybrid, their versions of 'Armenian folk song 'The Sabre Dance' and Chuck Berry's 'No Particular Place To Go' are riveting and 'Cloughy Is A Bootboy' and 'Lester Fiddled The Tax Man' leave Olga's humour intact. Many hail this is among the best Toy Dolls albums of all time - get it and understand why! Best played loud and often! (Radiation Records #192)

AERIAL FX - Watching The Dance LP
Moody Oxford post-punk quintet Exit 13 became Aerial FX at the dawning of the 1980s, the promise of their minimal sound, with its prominent synthesizers, yielding a publishing deal with Island Records and an early single released by the label. Debut album Watching The Dance has shades of dark synth pop and Goth, with future Radiohead manager/producer Chris Hufford firmly in the spotlight throughout. The influence of acts like Van Der Graaf Generator, Modern Eon and others lurk beneath this hidden Cold Wave gem. (Radiation Records #182)

BOBBY RAMONE - Rocket To Kingston LP (pink vinyl)
"Best release of the last decade" - CJ RAMONE. Originally released in 2020 and widely acclaimed as 'the record of the year' in the punk rock community worldwide, Bobby Ramone's legendary self titled debut gets the Hey Suburbia! reissue treatment color vinyl, printed inner sleeve, 500 made. (Radiation Records/Hey Suburbia Records #31)

CHEMICAL PEOPLE - The Singles 1988 to 1989 LP (colored vinyl)
Long before any Ramones' style resurgence, the torch of pop punk worldwide was held by three bands on the SST sublabel Cruz records: All, Big Drill Car, and Chemical People. This compilation collects Chemical People's early singles, issued between 1988 and 1989 on their own 2" Pecker Records, along with some bonus cuts recorded live at CBGB's in 1989. Featuring double sided insert and a 60x40 cm folded poster with an exclusive band photo by Robert John. (Radiation Records/Hey Suburbia Records #22)

CARBONA - Back To Basics LP
Originally issued on Thirteen Records from Sao Paulo in 1997, 'Back To Basics' is the second album by Rio De Janeiro punk legends Carbona. Widely considered the peak of the whole Ramones-core made in Brasil movement, this groundbreaking album is released on vinyl for the first time ever. Featuring one bonus track and double sided lyrics insert included. (Radiation Records/Hey Suburbia Records #28)

CLASH - Burn Down The Suburbs: Live 1979 LP (colored vinyl)
Live at The Palladium, 21st September 1979, NYC - FM Broadcast. Fourteen live tracks. The legendary CLASH broadcast from the NYC show at Palladium, September 1979. Capturing the band at their peak, performing anthems from the first two album and the soon to be released classic 'London Calling'. (Radiation Records/Dear Boss Records #20)

JOE STRUMMER & THE MESCALEROS - Hitsville LA: Live LP (colored vinyl)
300 made. Live at The House of Blues, November 6th 1999, Los Angles, CA - FM Broadcast. Thirteen live tracks. Joe Strummer and the Mescaleros doing Clash songs. (Radiation Records/Dear Boss Records #19)

THE CRAMPS - Urgh... The Complete Show: Live LP (colored vinyl)
Thirteen tracks. Live at Santa Monica Civic, California on August 15th 1980 FM Broadcast. (Radiation Records/Dear Boss Records # 21)

JOY DIVISION - That'll Be The End: Live LP
Twelve live tracks at The Ajanta Cinema, Derby, UK, April 19th, 1980. (Radiation Records/Mind Control #773)

CANDY APPLE - World For Sale 7"
The follow up to last year's Sweet Dreams of Violence LP, World For Sale is noisy and simplistic in all the right ways. To put it bluntly, if you've ever liked My War, you'll find something here. Another all timer for an already notable era of Denver hardcore. (Convulse Records #58)

RAW BREED - Universal Paranoia LP
Long Denver hardcore torch bearers, UNIVERSAL PARANOIA is Raw Breed's most realized offering to date, capitalizing on the band's marriage of instinctual NYHC groove and unbridled aggression. Featuring members of other Denver greats like Candy Apple, The Consequence, Direct Threat and Prowler - Raw Breed is nothing short of a devastating blow. FFO: Breakdown, Madball. (Convulse Records #51)

PUBLIC OPINION - Modern Convenience LP
Modern Convenience picks up right where the band's Pay No Mind EP left off, only bigger, combining primal first wave punk with a sense of catchiness. Lyrically, the record's title says it all, as Modern Convenience explores of the state of detached conflict we all occupy as the result of internet brain pollution. Sonically, the record is clearly as indebted to early Fucked Up as it is The Hives, with hardcore delivery channeled over massive rock and roll. (Convulse Records #53)

BATTLESEX - The Battlecall 7"
Portland's Battlesex offer breakneck hardcore punk and d-beat bursting with momentous rocksoloing, exhibiting the clear influence of the great Anti Cimex. The follow-up to the Strike With Precision Demo, The Battlecall realizes a vision of a band as destructive as they are particular. All Hail the Boys of Rock. (Convulse Records #42)

Men's Health features 10 tracks of blast beat hardcore aimed indelicately at questions of masculinity, well-being, and the overriding sense of disdain that often clouds living. (Convulse Records #38)

SOFT KILL - Press Play/Concrete Fluid 7"
A two-song 7" from Portland post-punk legends Soft Kill. The 7", "Press Play b/w Concrete Fluid" displays the band's storied dream pop executed with expert discretion. The precursor to the band's forthcoming LP, this 7" emphatically adds to the band's morose reign. (Convulse Records #54)

On the precipice of unleashing their respective LPs, each band presents three tracks of manic and precise hardcore punk, providing a brief glimpse into their certain ensuing takeover. (Convulse Records #43)

TELEVISED - Human Condition 7"
The debut 7" from Portland, Oregon's Televised. The product of a singular, uncompromising vision, Televised plays strident, unabated hardcore punk in line with legendary predecessors like Negative Approach, SSD, and Necros. (Convulse Records #37)

URBAN SPRAWL - 2018 Demo 7"
The precursor to the band's 2021 Revelation Records debut, the Concrete Altar EP, the 2018 demo introduces a hardcore punk band as relentless and stampeding as they are thoughtful about their environment and its underlying structures of oppression. Urban Sprawl features members of Torso, Wound Man, Profile, and more. (Convulse Records #23)

DIRT SUCKER - s/t 7"
The debut 7" from Wyoming's Dirt Sucker. Dirt Sucker blends elements of hardcore with angular post-punk riffs, all under the auspices of shifting visceral and guttural vocal stylings. Maybe they're emboldened by living in the middle of fucking nowhere, maybe they just don't care what you think. Either way Dirt Sucker might be one of the last active hardcore bands that's truly throwing out the rule book. (Convulse Records #36)

DISCREET - Dead Man's Line 7"
CONVR35 is the debut three-song 7" from Austin, Texas' Discreet. A group formed from the remnants of Total Abuse, Creepoid, Skeleton and more, Discreet plays an ugly blend of hardcore and noise rock with consummate precision. Lyrically, the record considers the end of youth, the death of friends, and the trauma of recounting human memories and personal histories. DEAD MAN'S LINE is a precursor to Discreet's upcoming 14-song 12" coming later this year. (Convulse Records #35)

COLD BRATS - Punk in the Digital Age Extended LP
CONVR34 is the "Punk in the Digital Age Extended" 12" by Bucharest, Romania's Cold Brats. Overdriven hardcore punk played with a touch of dissonance and obvious precision. While the standard hardcore punk fare is certainly here in spades, fans of early Christian Death will also find something to love here. (Convulse Records #34)

SLUGGER - s/t 10"
Pure, unadulterated, skinhead rock 'n' roll that is no mess, no fuss, brick-wall oi. As cliche as that previous sentence is, this band is no cliche and will soon be at the top of every skinhead's top-10 list. Features Justin Rhode (ex-Drain) on bass. Imported from Canada. (LSM Vinyl #63)

Descriptions for 12/31/22

JUDY AND THE JERKS - Music to Go Nuts LP
Latest from Hattiesburg, MS's flagship group! The modern wave of USHC! Songs that make even this jaded label boss crack a smile. Comes with a fully illustrated lyric booklet. (Thrilling Living Records #23)

GIRLSPERM - The Muse Acends LP
The second LP from the holy trinity of TOBI VAIL (Bikini Kill, Frumpies), LAYLA GIBBON (Skinned Teen) and MARISSA MAGIC (Stillsuit, Mozart, Neon). Like Flipper playing Y-Pants songs! Or Vice-Versa! The new sound of the international girl gang underground. (Thrilling Living Records #22)

TEMPLARS - Outremer LP
After contending with nearly a full year of delays, we are happy to finally be bringing you the long-awaited reissue of the TEMPLARS' 2005 "Outremer" album. Out-of-print for nearly a decade, this reissue will mark the first time ever "Outremer" has been been released in the U.S. on vinyl. The die-hards have been patiently waiting for this one.... (TKO Records #674)

LOWER CLASS BRATS - All The Young Dudes Are Pissed 7"
To close out 2022, TKO is proud to bring you the first new material from the Lower Class Brats in a decade!! So without further ado, here's "All The Young Dudes Are Pissed' - The thirteenth 7" release from L.C.B.!!!! Featuring a foot stomping, fist pumping new A-side anthem, and backed up with a one minute and ninety second barn-burner of a B-side that's so sharp and fast, it'll draw blood. (TKO Records #2000051)

ICD10 - Faith In Institutions LP
Sorry State is proud to present the debut vinyl from Philadelphia's ICD10. Featuring members of Philly heavyweights like Fuckin' Lovers and Poison Ruin, ICD10 sounds like they've soaked up 40 years of hardcore history and are sweating it out into a battered denim jacket covered in rusted studs and faded band logos. Swirling around ICD10's tornado of noise, I hear the anthemic anarcho-hardcore of Final Conflict and the Iconoclast, the total noise approach of 80s Kyushu punk, the off-kilter artiness of early 2010s New York, and Gudon's marriage of heaviness and musicality. ICD10's vocals are bathed in noise and effects, but rather than the uniform delay effect most hardcore bands employ, there are a range of effects that sometimes cascade across the manic riffing and sometimes lock in with it, creating jagged looping effects that evoke a crumbling technological dystopia. Lyrically, ICD10 combines Crass's political astuteness with Poison Idea's nihilism; the world is fucked, the system is rigged, and the only momentary respite is in tasting the void. Faith in Institutions is an unrelentingly bleak record, but it channels its hopelessness into an original and compelling take on hardcore punk. Faith in Institutions comes with a lyric insert, 11"x17" poster, and download card. (Sorry State Records #116)

ISS - Spikes+ LP
"Spikes+" is an expanded edition of ISS's pandemic-themed 2020 cassette, whose uniquely packaged, self-released edition came and went before most anyone could hear about it. With some of ISS's best songs-like the anthemic title track, the unexpectedly touching "Cellmate," and the blistering "Facemask"-Sorry State couldn't bear to let Spikes pass as a mere blip in the zeitgeist. Besides the five tracks from the original Spikes cassette, Spikes+ includes "Puttin' on the Blitz" from 2016's Studs cassette, 2018's self-titled 7" on Sorry State, ISS's three tracks from 2019's American Idylls compilation, and the 2020 single Too Punk for Heavy Metal. Highlights abound here too, from the cowbell-infused "One-Sided Triangle" to the Agent Orange-inspired lead guitar on "I Wanna Be Dated" (courtesy Scarecrow's Jeff Leppard). Like the best odds-n-sods compilations, Spikes+ sounds great whether you're revisiting old favorites or making new ones. Spikes+ comes with a lyric insert, 24"x36" poster, and download card. (Sorry State Records #114)

HORRID PEACE - Agony Surrounds 7" flexi
Acute Noise Manufacture kicks off their label with these four filthy tracks, a la early 90's D-beat. HORRID PEACE is members of bands you probably already know and love but they dial it back here, for a more straight-forward and classic sound with an obvious nod to UK pioneers, DOOM. Mixed and mastered at Dead Air Studios. Limited to 250 copies worldwide. (Sorry State Records /Acute Noise Manufacture #1)

FIELD OF FLAMES - Constructing A War Against You LP
"Constructing A War Against You" is the debut full-length release from San Jose, CA's Field Of Flames. A fantastically crafted, '90s-tinged hardcore record that honors it's influences while still creating something completely new and all it's own. Featuring current members of Sunami and Dare, and coming out of one of the hotbed areas currently for hardcore. CD version includes four additional tracks. (Indecision Records #151)

TURNING POINT - It's Always Darkest..... LP/cassette tape (orange vinyl)
From the very beginning, Turning Point was unique and not what you'd expect from a hardcore band. They expanded on the sounds of bands like Youth Of Today and Chain Of Strength, and brought in more melody while taking inspiration from 7 Seconds to push more emotion in their lyrics. Revelation Records is proud to bring back "It's Always Darkest....." in its original, stand-alone form as the third installment of reissuing the band's out-of-print catalog. Opaque orange vinyl. (Revelation Records #192)

CINDERBLOCK - Breathe The Fire LP
While the average person might think of Buffalo, NY, for its frigid winters and its contributions to the world of professional football, the initiated know Buffalo best for its outsized role in hardcore's history. The city has produced more than its fair share of genre-defining acts, not least of which was the criminally short-lived, under-documented, and wildly innovative Cinderblock, whose members would go on to such legendary bands as Snapcase, Buried Alive, Earth Crisis, Terror, and more. Thirty years after their initial existence, Cinderblock has reconvened in order to commit their music to vinyl for the first time. Limited edition of 300 copies. (War Records #36)

TRAPPED UNDER ICE - Demo 2007 7"
Baltimore, MD's Trapped Under Ice presents their demo on 7" format, with five songs of heavy, urban hardcore that takes cues from bands like Cold World and Breakdown, but with nastier breakdowns. 7" includes digital download. New pressing now available on black with white splatter vinyl. (Flatspot Records #1)

FULL OF HELL - Roots Of Earth/Rudiments Of Mutilation LPx2"Roots Of Earth / Rudiments
Of Mutilation," the 2xLP comprised of the first two full-length albums from Full Of Hell, represents a decade coming full circle and a retrospective project at a meeting point on a long road. Housed in a 350gsm cardstock, gatefold jacket on 160 gram vinyl, this features mesmerizing artwork by Brian Uhl (Gentle Mercies) that dives deeply into the lyrical themes from both records and distills them into a meticulous and psychedelic landscape. The gatefold also contains a collage of moments from years 1-10 of the band's travels and an insert featuring all original artwork for both records. (Closed Casket Activites #1)

Seminal So-Cal punk legends celebrate 40 years of music with this amazing 27 song double LP, all the eras, all the hits - from the punk to the rock and everything in between. All colored vinyl, with Posh Boy graciously lending out his prized early material to be included for this amazing project. A lifetime worth of music by a band with an unmatched pedigree, this release is sure to check all your punk boxes. Also includes the Uber-amazing "40" liner note booklet, a 28 pager written by lead singer Mike Magrann, a retrospective flash back to all the stories, all the photos and all of the band's buried treasures. Own this piece of history. (Hostage Records #84)

MODERN LIFE IS WAR - s/t 7" 20th Anniversary Edition (color vinyl)
Originally released by the band in 2002 before Lifeline Records took over pressing this release one year later. This is Modern Life Is War's debut record where it all started and all three songs have stayed exclusive to this EP. This 20th anniversary edition has been fully remastered and includes a 14-page booklet documenting the early years of Modern Life Is War. (Lifeline Records #3)

FUCKED UP - Hidden World LPx2 (color vinyl)
Fucked Up's second reissue for Get Better Records is cloaked in shades of unconventional aesthetics, symbolic overtones, and a self-proclaimed "culture of confusion." "Hidden World," the band's first full-length studio album, marked a turning point for the mysterious Toronto, Canada, band, transcending the boundaries of punk with melody, aggression, expansive structures, and enigmatic diatribes on what lies underneath the immediate, visualized world. Fucked Up combine confrontational ideologies with deliberate misinformation to produce a brutal analysis on thought-provocative punk. (Get Better Records #148)

Yellow vinyl. In the Fall of the year 2000, Huntingtons were touring Europe for the first time, opening up for Marky Ramone (drummer from legendary punk pioneers the Ramones). Of all the many great European bands to jump on those shows, there was one who left a lasting impression on the guys: The Travoltas (from Holland). With a unique style of mixing Beach Boys harmonies with "Ramones-core" (a term that wasn't even used yet), they were right up their alley. Josh stayed in touch with singer Perry Leenhouts over the years, with hopes to join forces again someday, either on tour or a split record. 20+ years go by.. no luck again.. until now! Its crazy to think about, but this split is literally 20+ years in the making. Between band breakups, getting back together, moving around the world, and finally, delay after delay from LP manufacturing plants, it was truly a "Rock 'N' Roll Universal International Problem". We're all very excited to finally get it out, and we couldn't be more proud of how these songs came together. It was a lot of fun for both bands & we hope you enjoy! (Sexy Baby Records #1067)

(restock) JUDY AND THE JERKS - Total Jerks LP
Step by step, from contributing to their local hub city scene (Hattiesburg, Mississippi), to shows and tours all over North America, and to numerous tape and vinyl releases via Thrilling Living Records, Neck Chop, and bassist Hampton's own Earth Girl Tapes, JUDY AND THE JERKS have been making a name for themselves in the US DIY punk circuit for the past 5 years. Now they are ready to rock the world with an upcoming European tour and this compilation LP release to back it up. This piece of vinyl collects five complete demos/tapes and two tracks from "Alive at the Skatepark" live-tape - all of them were originally released by their own Earth Girl Tapes between 2017-2021. This ultra-fun set of 27 tracks includes some rad cover songs proving how this band is not afraid to have open minds and open ears - from Agent Orange, Go-Go's and Buzzcocks, to Die Kreuzen and Negative Approach, Gorilla Biscuits and Floorpunch, and even not-so-old bands like Civic Progress und Urban Blight. How cool is that?! Still their sound is characterized mostly by early 80's Cali hardcore (think Circle Jerks, Red Cross or matched with Sin 34) with the late 70's LA/OC punk touch but with their own character, thought, and twist. No posturing, no pretentiousness, just pure and honest hardcore with a big joyful smile on their faces. This is such a fun band for such unfun times. "Total Jerks" LP is coming out with an additional booklet with the lyrics, flyers, pictures, and liner notes by friend of the band, Jesse Moore. Mastered by Smok (Post Regiment, Falarek, PESD, Yestem) at Studio As One. (Refuse Records #182)

YAPHET KOTTO - Syncopated Synthetic... LP
Repressing of the 2nd Yaphet Kotto LP that originally came out on Ebullition in 2001. 500 made. Here is the original description that Ebullition used back in 2001. This amazing Northern California emotive hardcore band has once again crafted a full length of powerfully intense and melodic songs to charm your body into a gyrating flurry of motion. The two guitar, duel vocal sound is relentless and pulsating with energy and emotion. A total of ten tracks. A great record. (La Agonia De Vivir #161)

GROUNDWORK - Today We Will Not Be Invisible Nor Silent LP
Vinyl reissue of one of the defining albums of '90s hardcore. Originally released on Bloodlink Records, this reissue has been lovingly restored and remastered from the master reels. Co-release with Protagonist Music. (King Of The Monsters Records #55)

V/A - International P.E.A.C.E. 2020 re-release CDx2 compilation
Reissue of 1984 classic double LP. Booklet is downloadable. It's a double disc, proceeds go to activist groups. The LP as released in 1984, is as prudent as ever. Released in the interest of hope and peace for a harmonious global community. Originally released on R Radical Records (today sells well over 100 Dollars). Some of the bands include: Articles of Faith, Gism, Neon christ, Cause For Alarm, Wretched, Afflicted, Dicks, BGK, Crass, Upright Citizens, False Prophets, D.O.A., D.R.I. Treason, Septic Death, Conflict, Dead Kennedy's, to name a 3rd of the double CD! It's taken 40 years but released in a very limited edition by Dave/M.D C. (504 made). (Grimace Records)

DOWNCAST - Tell Me I'm Alive LP
30 years ago Ebullition came into existence when we released the Downcast 7" with No Answers #10. Downcast was a key ingredient in Ebullition's beginning. Brent, the Downcast guitarist, drew the Ebullition logo and Downcast played a major part in creating the ideology that would define Ebullition. When Downcast broke up they left unrecorded songs on the table. "Tell Me I'm Alive" picks those unrecorded songs up, and also moves forward with a whole set of brand new Downcast tracks; 10 tracks in total. Ebullition is extremely proud to be involved in releasing this new Downcast LP. This LP is not about the past, however, it is about now and the future. It picks up where the debut Downcast LP left off and continues pushing their sound forward both musically and politically. Ebullition is ecstatic to be releasing this LP in 2020. This is the sort of LP that Ebullition was created to release. Amazing. (Ebullition Records #61)

(discounted price) ECONOCHRIST - discography CDx2
Ebullition has decided to lower the price of this amazing discography CD in an attempt to get some more of these out into the world before the CD format disappears forever. A classic. And a great deal for a double CD that includes every single Econochrist song that was ever released! This double CD discography features forty-one Econochrist songs. It includes the Ruination LP, the Trained To Serve LP, the Skewed 7", the Another Victim 7", the It Runs Deep 7", as well as the songs from the Give Me Back comp LP, the Very Small World comp LPx2, the What Are You Pointing At? comp 10", and the songs from the split 7" that Econochrist did with The Detonators. (Ebullition Records #37 CD)