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Descriptions for the newest releases available this week.

Descriptions for 8/16/14

Aftershocks of the earliest recordings of Bathory, Sodom, and Hellhammer can be felt pulsing through the songs on this recording. Even more specifically, Sacrificio's raw sound and reckless performance is a nod to the seminal South American acts that created and cultivated the bestial style as well as the defiant minimalism of early Eastern European bands. This focused and succinct mLP is a welcome and skillfully written return to tradition and portends the issuance of ever more malefic recordings from Sacrificio. (Nuclear War Now Records #28)

P.I.G.Z. - Bloody Belgium 7"
One of the crown jewels of worldwide first-wave punk, this Belgian band's sole release really is as good as it gets. All three songs here are excellent but "Bloody Belgium" and "Stooges" are stone classics. Unavailable since it was released in 1978, with original copies fetching up to four figures, and finally back in print through cooperation with the band. Includes booklet with interview, clippings and unseen photos! (Ugly Pop Records #50)

Brand new split 7" from these two noise punk bands. Attack SS is more in the Confuse/Contempt for Authority mode; in other words you don't get the melodic, Swankys-inspired bass lines that a lot of bands go for. Instead, this is all about simple, raging, noisy punk, and the energy level is off the charts... wild Japanese noisy punk. Intense vocals, buzzing guitars and frantic drumming. As for Frenzy, they're from Portland with a faster, more jagged sound. It's kind of a mess in some ways, with all kinds of crazy tempo changes and some noisy guitar solos, but it's super energetic. Frenzy features members of Nerveskade and Skell who runs Distort Reality. Throw in some sick artwork and you have an all-around solid noise punk release. (Distort Realiry Records #22)

ECTOPLASM - s/t 7"
Second 7" EP from this Florida D-beat band featuring members of Mauser. Really, this picks up right where their previous stuff left off... furious, straightforward D-beat with little in the wall of frills, weirdness, or anything else but raw punk brutality. 100% crust. (Distort Realiry Records #23)

First LP from this Japanese hardcore punk unit - and it's fucking furious! A non-stop barrage of roaring, howling insanity. Killer! (Distort Realiry Records #25)

CORPSE - s/t 7"
Debut 7" from this Portland band. These guys had a demo several years back (maybe 5 years ago) and it sounds like they haven't lost a step since. Total balls-to-the-wall punk with a similarly manic vibe to Gas Rag, though not as D-beat-y. The combination of catchy bass lines and blistering metallic guitar work on this one makes me think of Direct Control if they were way more influenced by the Accused and Attitude Adjustment. Speedy, raw and rampant hardcore with prodding, catchy basslines, short, fast and shredding solos and tendencies towards thrashy crossover riffs. They're from Portland and has the singer who was in Religious War and I must say that his voice suits this thrashier style even better. A total ripper... recommended. (Distort Realiry Records #24)

ORDEN MUNDIAL - Obediencia Debida LP
Hailing from Mallorca ORDEN MUNDIAL plays unadulterated distorted hardcore punk which is equally influenced by WRETCHED/ CRUCIFIX or UNITED MUTATION/ MECHT MENSCH. Their guitar sound is unhinged with an insane tone over a relentless drums/bass and a vocalist which manages to get his point across firmly. Their message is clearly anti-authoritarian with most lyrics on the album questioning dogma and painting a bleak picture of our lifes. An urgent record for urgent times. The album is pressed in 180 gsm vinyl and comes housed on a 350gsm reverse board jacket designed from the band. Includes a 60x30 black and white insert with lyrics and art. (La VidaEs Un Mus Discos #84)

PRIMETIME - s/t 7"
Self-proclaimed 'chaotic neurotics', Primetime release their debut four track EP on La Vida Es Un Mus. These four ladies deal in note perfect post punk which harks back to the glory years of 1979 to 1982. 'Tied Down' is the calling card and is a scratchy mix of Kleenex and Delta 5 with an instant hook. The sound is raw and minimal yet inventive. You can't help but fall in love with this band after just one listen. Comes with Download code. (La VidaEs Un Mus Discos #86)

QLOAQA LETAL - Nunca Siempre LP
Recorded in 1983 in the city of Valladolid, QLOAQA LETAL mythical status made them one of the weirdest bands to come out of the second wave of Spanish Punk. They never released anything on vinyl, they appeared on a bunch of foreign compilation tapes under a pseudonym (DEADLY SEWER) and the rumors about them grew wilder and wilder. I can only imagine how big they would have been had they released a vinyl record, but giving that they came from a rather un-punk city a tapes it was... Said tape has ever since been circulated amongst punks all over in the form of dubbed tapes (and a terribly put together CD from 2001) You'll have to look really hard to find a Spanish Punk which doesn't know them, yet they were mainly (and may I say criminally) unknown abroad. Their cult status was based around their frontman Rouky, a survivor of London 1977 which brought back to this provincial capital the tricks learned in the big Smoke. QLOAQA LETAL looked like a bunch of misfits with leather, face paint and clothes ripped to shreds being their aesthetic. Their sound was equally odd with many people claiming they used a drum machine to record their "Nunca Siempre" Demo Cassette. Their guitar sound was the crudest Spain had witnessed by 1983 and while clearly hardcore infuenced their sound was the perfect hybrid between both punk and hardcore. Their lyrics were something else. Nasty depraved anthems full of hate and strangely enough with a massive poetic edge. They even managed to turn a Espronceda poem into a killer punk song on "Desesperacion". Songs like "Valladolid, Qloaqa Letal", "La Vida Me Escupe" o "Ya Te Vale Policia" will forever be in the pantheon of Spanish Punk Anthems next to any CICATRIZ or ESKORBUTO songs. Finally available thru METADONA RECORDS the "Nunca Siempre" reissue comes housed on a 325gsm reverse board sleeve including a 30x30 lyric insert with pictures of the band. If I had to only buy a reissue record this year (or this decade really) it would be this one. (La VidaEs Un Mus Discos/Metadona #2) On their sophomore release, ASILE from Ottawa, Ontario does exactly what all bands should do, and not release the exact same album they did before. The touches of what gave ASILE the nickname of the 'French Canadian ANTI-CIMEX' on their 1st release are all here and apparent on this new album, but I also hear a lot of other different influences that flow so perfectly with their song structures and bring something fresh and new to the table. More Scandinavian influences such as PUKE and early AVSKUM are noticeable on some tracks, and on certain songs there is some great BLITZ and even CRIMINAL DAMAGE catchy sing along types. ASILE keeps getting better and are excellent song writers. from the futuristic spoken intro to the very last riff, ASILE knows what they are doing and I am very happy to have this thing finally out. Definitely worth the wait. (Rust And Machine Records #26)

THE FLEX - Wild Stabs In The Dark LP
The Flex have been tearing up the fucking world the past few years after their debut 7" on Video Disease/Milk Run. They show NO signs of slowing down with their LP "Wild Stabs In The Dark". 10 Songs of incredible early 80's UK meets late 80's NYHC. The Flex are part of the new breed of UKHC, and "Wild Stabs In The Dark" is a milestone in this new sound and in this new age. Colored vinyl. (Video Disease Records #29)

GLUE - s/t 7"
Following up an endlessly-praised demo is certainly a feat in today's fickle world of hardcore punk, but Austin, TX's Glue pulls it off with aplomb with the band providing us with a slab of classic USHC that improves upon the tremendous promise of the aforementioned demonstration. Living in the darkness, sleeping in the light, Glue's in the city gonna run the night. (Video Disease Records #31)

Milwaukee's Protestant, a full decade into its existence, has made a record more furious, focused and over the top than anything previous combined. This is perhaps a band with nothing to lose and no interest in anything other than spitting in the face of any enemy within reach... After four full-lengths and a plethora of EPs and splits, 'In Thy Name' brings the band's brand of dark and crusty metallic hardcore to new levels of sonic destruction. All wrapped up in a raw, noisy production, these eight tracks are nothing but a brutal collision of punk/hardcore and extreme metal that won't give any quarter, ever. (Halo of Flies Records #73)

NARCOMAN - Demo tape cassette
When Raleigh's Cross Laws broke up in 2007, Matt and Daniel went on to form Devour, but Dennis (bass and vocals) took an entirely different path, serving two years as part of the Peace Corps in Turkmenistan and then returning to North Carolina to be a high school teacher in Asheville. While he wasn't actively playing in any bands, Dennis had his guitar with him through this entire period, crafting and refining a huge backlog on songs. In the summer of 2013 Dennis got together with fellow Cross Laws alumnus Daniel as well as Cameron Craig (Logic Problem, Double Negative, Skemäta) on drums to make raw 4-track recordings of 4 of these songs. The results are quite a bit different from Cross Laws... more complex, refined, melodic, and subtle, Narcoman recalls the best of ambitious, catchy 80s hardcore like Articles of Faith, early Husker Du, and Upright Citizens. This release is limited to 150 copies with a screen-printed j-card, pro-duplicate tapes and download code. (Sorry State Records #62.5)

WRIGGLE - Demo tape cassette
Greensboro, North Carolina's Wriggle are pure North Carolina hardcore... loud, fast, heavy, and slightly metallic in a tradition that started with No Labels and COC and carried on through Double Negative, Devour, and Stripmines. I'm not sure how aware Wriggle are of that tradition or if they even care, but this demo cassette is one of the rawest, meanest, and catchiest slabs of hardcore I've heard in ages. With its spot-on 4-track production this could have been a lost contribution to the No Core compilation cassette, and the music is undiluted angst of the type only a small southern town can engender. Recommended for people who would sooner sell a kidney than part with their copies of Flex Your Head or This Is Boston Not LA. (Sorry State Records #64.5)

Cross Examination might be the least professional band ever. The band's upcoming EP, "Dawn Of The Dude," picks right up where its last left off. The songs remain the same, as does the lyrical fodder - partying, beer, weed, the virtues of DIY basement shows and drunken gluttony all appear in the liner notes, so don't worry, it is still the same Cross Examination. 7" includes digital download and on colored vinyl. (Organized Crime Records #58)

MEAN SEASON - The Memory And I Still Suffer In Love LPx2
This is collection of all of Mean Season's out-of-print studio recordings. Nineteen tracks of pioneering, early '90s, metallic hardcore, three of which have never been released. It includes both their releases on New Age and various compilation tracks. Now available on colored vinyl with a gatefold cover. (Indecesion Records #71)

(restock) WHITE LUNG - Sorry LP
High-energy manic punks, White Lung, are back with their sophomore release, Sorry. Their 2010 debut It's the Evil earned them the title as the primary ambassadors for Canada's emergent punk scene receiving critical acclaim from CHARTAttack to Maximum Rock n' Roll to Terminal Boredom and their follow-up does not disappoint. McCorkell's signature driving, off-kilter riffage paired with Way's snarling and aggressive yet melodic vocals and the hard-hitting rhythmic duo of Grady Mackintosh on bass and Anne-Marie Vassilou on drums amp up White Lung's position from ambassadors to the queens (and king) of Canandian noise rock. Bowing to the inevitable need for comparison, according to Vice Magazine, "White Lung combine the feral energy of the Germs with the taut, wiry dynamics of the Wipers and have released a string of singles that keep improving in a bewilderingly exponential fashion." Also present in their sound are golden era Kurt and Courtney, The Bags, and Rocket from the Crypt. This wealth of influences doesn't mean the band's sound is hard to pin-down. Written and recorded nearly simultaneously, Sorry manages to be both raw and complex, thanks to White Lung's focus on cohesive writing. Sorry may have been stressful to record, but it's a joy to listen to. It signals a new era for White Lung, featuring denser more melodic songs that maintain the rough edge of their punk pedigree. (Deranged Records #209)

(restock) FEMACOFFIN - s/t 7"
What happens when some of members of Oakland's Stormcrow and 2084 congregate? Many things, to be sure. Most of which are not fit to print. Hot off the heels of a much lauded demo tape, comes this 3-track crust ridden 7" from Oakland's FEMACOFFIN. It will give those unwilling to forgive a reason to at least turn a blind eye to the insolence. Swollen with vitriol and sown with lyrics of nuclear horror and the fear of obsolescence. A necessary soundtrack for the wasteland we've created. (Brainsand Records #2)

(restock) NEIGHBORHOOD BRATS - Birth Right 7"
Recorded during their transition from San Francisco to Los Angeles, Birth Right is the fourth (or fifth?) release by Neighborhood Brats. Darker in tone and focus than their previous releases, Neighborhood Brats deliver four doses of loud, unapologetic hardcore-tinged punk rock in the vein of BLACK FLAG if they were in the middle of an orgy with THE LEWD and LEGAL WEAPON. Side B features a cover of YOUTH OF TODAY's Break Down the Walls. Simultaneously being released is a compliation of the BRATS early San Francisco material. NEIGHBORHOOD BRATS are currently writing an LP and planning a September 2013 European tour (limited tour 7" in the works). (Deranged Records #232)

(restock) INFERNOH - 7 Spar LP
Latest 7-song 12" from this well-regarded Swedish crust band, and on a US label so you don't have to pay out the wazoo for it this time. As for the music, if you were into their earlier stuff you'll no doubt continue to be on board with this... straight up Sin Egen Motståndare-era Totalitar worship, executed absolutely perfectly with huge production. Simply amazing hardcore similar to Desperat, Heratys, Skitkids, Institution. Fans of Anti-Cimex (particularly the Painkiller 12") won't be disappointed either... massive, moving Swedish crust. (Distort Reality Records #20)

Descriptions for 8/9/14

LOW THREAT PROFILE - Product #3 7"
Reduced down to it's original two-piece core with Bob (Lack of Interest) on drums and Matt (Infest) on guitar/vox, Low Threat Profile deliver another nine scoops of vanilla hardcore with a dollop of whip cream and a "fuck you" on top. (Deep Six Records #188)

PF COMMANDO - Manipulerade Mongon LP
Self-released in 1979 by one of Sweden's most notorious bands, this monster debut was the country's first punk LP, packing in 15 tracks of pure three-chord bash at its most primal and aggressive. Vocals are alternately barked and snarled, guitars slash and buzz, the rhythm section thrashes along maniacally. Very much in the vein of the Germs LP, "Jealous Again"-era Black Flag and early Misfits-- no pop, no art, just PUNK! Ugly Pop is very pleased to be making this hard-to-find slab available again in its first legitimate vinyl pressing since 1979, with all new insert. (Ugly Pop Records #52)

PF COMMANDO - Rough Sound 7"
Originally released in 1980 as "Nu Ska Vi Ha", this second PF Commando single is a high point of early Euro punk rock. "Rough Sound" is the a-side hit, a massive pure punk blast that hits as hard as anything from the era, balancing melody and impact as effectively as early SLF or DOA. Two tracks on the flip maintain the energy and power, so you'll be turning this one over repeatedly. First reissue since 1980, in one of the best sleeves ever. (Ugly Pop Records #51)

STERILIZED - Chemical Dust 7"
The English may have invented it, but as always, the Americans perfected it. Blazing, brutal, USHC influenced D-Beat from Olympia. 4 songs of in your face P-E-R-F-E-C-T-I-O-N. Every record comes in a custom d-beat style sleeve and on illustrious white vinyl. Released simultaneously along with a 7" on the almighty Warthog Speak label. (Video Disease Records #27)

HRA - Good For Nothing LP
Over a year in the making: The second full length for these hateful Houston hardcore assholes. 16 tracks of pre-crossover dirty raw septic rotten power rippers from members of VERBAL ABUSE and MORBOSIDAD who try their hardest to stay within Texas state lines as not to let knowledge of their own badass-ness get out into the public. Only 300 of these insults to music pressed! (Torture Garden Records #61)

The fifth full ep from the masters of kroger brand notebook paper different punk. Six tracks of indo-tejano retardo-mutanto mongo-pogo proving once and for all that no matter what that know-it-all on that message board said: Punks Is Disco! White wax crammed into individually hand drawn/collaged glued pocket covers. Collect all 500! (Torture Garden Records #70)

ETERNAL CHAMPION - The Last King of Pictdom 7"
Eternal Champion deliver their first vinyl outing, a 7" single of the kind of hard-worn, power metal that the USA ran thick with in the 1980's. Musically this is cut from the same cloth as Manilla Road in their Crystal Logic/Open The Gates phase or the first Fates Warning album, and spiritually akin to epic fantasy themes and fixations bands like Cirith Ungol, Omen, and Armored Saint took on, with lyrics inspired by the beloved writing of Robert E. Howard. Limited to 500 copies. (Painkiller/Hell Masacre Records #5)

CHANNEL 3 - History 7"
Brand spanking new and brand spanking amazing!!! Two song banger with the Clash-tinged a-sider , HISTORY and the CH3/AC/DC b-side banger, KICKED IN THE TEETH... limited to 550 copies. (Hostage Records #57)

THE GARDEN - Struggle In Front of Sector 27 7"
That's right kids and vinyl comrades, hostage records proudly brings you the most talked about O.C. band in ages, The Garden's (twins Fletcher and Wyatt) brand new blasting 7". By the time you figure out how great this band is it will most likely be too late. As of this writing, the band was selected by the Genesis Project (Spike Jonez and Shepard Fairey) as one of the 8 greatest "art meets music" bands on the planet... This record will show you why. This ain't your dads punk, this is the modern age and the modern answer. What devo was to Journey, what Joy Division was to the Culture Club and what Killing joke was to Depeche Mode, this is to what you are currently listening to... in other words, it destroys your comfort zone. This will sell out and be sought after. You have been warned. (Hostage Records #58)

ONE MAN ARMY - Last Word Spoken LP
Repressed on tan swirl vinyl; 700 made. One Man Army's follow up full length to 1998's "Dead End Stories". Produced by Billie Joe Armstrong and engineered by Kevin Army. Orignally released in 2000. (Adeline Records #6)

COLISEUM - Deluxe Reissue LPx2/CD
Founded by Louisville, KY musician Ryan Patterson and including Kayhan Vaziri and Carter Wilson, power-trio Coliseum has grown to become one of today's quintessential, contemporary punk bands, successfully melding progressive musicianship, hardcore fervor and vital social awareness into one constantly evolving artistic vision. To celebrate Coliseum's 10th anniversary, Deathwish, Inc. is proud to present the Coliseum "Deluxe Reissue": a 20-song collection featuring their classic, self-titled debut album (out of print since 2006) paired with eight essential bonus tracks from their primordial years. Originally recorded by Jason Loewenstein of Sebadoh and now fully remixed by Joel Grind of Toxic Holocaust, the release also features new deluxe packaging, insightful liner notes and cover artwork by John Baizley of Baroness. (Deathwish Records #164)

PUNCH - They Don't Have To Believe CD
Deathwish, Inc. is proud to announce the release of "They Don't Have To Believe" from Punch, recorded by Jack Shirley at Atomic Garden Studios (Deafheaven, Joyce Manor, etc.). Fifteen songs that blur the lines of hardcore and grind. All of them personal, political and uniquely unapologetic. (Deathwish Records #165 CD)

(restock) AUTONOMY/NO SIR, I WON'T - split LP
Lost split LP recovered from the vaults by Dead Broke & Dirt Cult. Autonomy is originated from Carbondale, IL. and play a Crass-inspired brand of dark and melodic anarcho-crust punk. No Sir, I Won't are from Boston (members of Brain Killer, Awful Man, etc.) and give that Conflict-style assaulting peace punk. Oi. Comes w/ download. (Dead Broke Records #117)

(restock) CONDOMINIUM - Thug 7"
The seventh year of Condominium brings their 7th record, another 7". Entitled "Thug," it offers three new tracks of hardcore music. Self-released with hand-stamped picture sleeve in a first pressing of 600 copies. (Condominium Records #5)

(restock) WHO KILLED SPIKEY JACKET? - Beerstorm Trooper 7"
Boston's WKSJ returns for a follow up to their debut LP. Back with 3 originals, a re-recording of a favorite and all the beer, leather and adhesive as you would expect. Street punk revival? Don't insult them, spikey jacket is a way of life. (Headcount Records #15)

(restock) LOW THREAT PROFILE - Product Number 1 7"
Finally back in stock! Ten tracks of straight forward hardcore with members from No Comment, Infest and Lack of Interest. Recorded before 9/11/2001. (Deep Six #68)

(restock) LOW THREAT PROFILE - Product Number 2 LP
Fifteen tracks of straight forward hardcore with members from No Comment, Infest and Lack of Interest. Music recorded in 2000, and vocals recorded in 2010. (Deep Six #151)

(restock) NAUSEA - Condemned To The System LP
Los Angeles' Nausea, spearheaded by guitarist / vocalist Oscar Garcia, along with their sister band, Terrorizer (which also featured Garcia) helped define the Grindcore genre in the late 1980s. Now Garcia, along with long-time partner in crime Eric Castro (Majesty) have been joined by two new members: Bassist Alejandro CB (Pounder, Chemical Bitches) and guitarist Leon del Muerte (Murder Construct, ex-Exhumed, Phobia, Impaled, Intronaut) to unleash a ferocious new full-length album via Deep Six LP Willowtip Records on CD: "Condemned To The System". The album was recorded by Sean Vahle, (DIS, Phobia, Exhumed, Murder Construct, Intronaut) and mixed/mastered by Alejandro Corredor (Inquisition, Exhumed, Enslaved). The new album will feature a slew of new grinders like "...And We Suffer" and "Hate and Deception", alongside vintage and unreleased tracks like "Falsely Accused" and "Does God Need Help?". The band has been very active in the live arena for the past 3 years, performing at the Maryland Death Fest, Power of the Riff Fest, shows alongside Repulsion, Nails, Nasum, and most recently a European Tour that included a headlining spot at Bloodshed Fest in Holland, Hell Inside Fest, and Dresden Metal Fest in Germany. Next year the band is scheduled to play Mexico and Europe again. (Deep Six Records #204)

Descriptions for 8/2/14

MAXIMUM ROCK'N'ROLL #376 (September 2014)
How's it going Maxi Rockers! We just got another killer edition of MRR hot off the presses! In this issue of Maximum Rocknroll #376 August 2014 we have an extensive talk with punkettes the DISHRAGS, one of the first all-lady punk bands, who started out in Canada in 1977; we spend some time superbly wasted with Chicago's favorite punk ragers GAS RAG, and we talk to Toronto's hardcore menaces and mobilizers S.H.I.T.. We also have a long talk with Jon and Jensen of IRON LUNG Records; talk abyss punk and goth inspiration with Philly's FAR-OUT FANGTOOTH, and Madrid's EXTINCIÓN DE LOS INSECTOS debate experimentation and creativity within the DIY setting, while director Vladimir Kozlov tells us about his up-coming documentary on '80s Siberian punk, Traces in the Snow. Last but not least, after a great split EP and before their upcoming split tour in the US, we get a split interview with Finnish dark synthy post-punks KUUDES SILMÄ and MAAILMANLOPPU, a chat with PAUL BIRNBAUM of Septic Death, and a scene report from PATRAS, GREECE! This, plus New Blood, Shitworker of the Month, a photo spread, book, demo, zine and movie reviews, all the columns you love to hate and of course, let's not forget, the most extensive review section in punk print! Grab your copy to-day! (Maximum RocknRoll #376)

DISARRAY - 1982 to 1986 LP
The complete recordings of Japanese punks Disarray. 24bit digital remastering recorded all 24 tracks on this disc from the official source. From 1982 - 86 Disarray shook the Sendai hard core scene! This LP compiles their 1984 Flexi EP (ADK Records), full '85 EP (Chicken Shit Records) and both self released Cassettes!! Many years in the making and well worth the wait, for fans of Discharge and 80's Japanese punk/hardcore! Comes with an 11x22 fold out of rare band photos and more. (Black Water Records #42)

LONG KNIFE - Possession 7"
Great follow up 7" to last years killer LP on Feral Ward. 4 tracks of explosive punk rock that is hard to not compare to 'Kings of Punk' thru 'Feel the Darkness' Poison Idea. Straight up hc filled with nihilistic anger and dark personal lyrics. This four piece stand on their own and have been laying waste to Portland - Devastating on record and live - They'll be on the East Coast soon followed by a north american tour in the Fall w/ Forward from Japan!! --- not to be missed! co-release w/ the band. (Black Water/Long Knife #1)

DEAD CONSPIRACY - Abomination Underground LP
Portland's first-ever death metal band have risen from the grave armed with a renewed lease on life and punishing new material to assault old fans and new victims! It's an utterly destructive, dark, depraved, and disgustingly satisfying piece of death metal history that fans of Death, Master, Sodom, Massacre, and all the old gods will surely appreciate. This is beyond old school - this is fucking original! Side A features the band's 2013 Abomination Underground EP plus a brand-new symphony of sickness, "Rites of the Ululatus." Side B offers a rare treat, as the band's cult 1987 demo - which was lost for over twenty years! - has been remastered for vinyl and included on this essential document of death. Formed in 1986, DEAD CONSPIRACY, was a pioneering influence on multitudes of blackened death thrash metal bands worldwide. As Napalm Death's Mitch Harris recalls, "Dead Conspiracy was one of the world's first death metal bands. We were seriously surprised at how heavy and driving and intricate the material was, well advanced back in the day; before it's time. Fucking glad it''s finally getting out there!". (Black Water/ #1)

IRON YOUTH - s/t 7"
Debut 7" from this Austin, TX outfit that shares members of Glue and Institute. Although they may share members with those bands, they do not share sounds. Iron Youth is a massive, nasty, sweat-filled stinking sock of ugly, bottom-feeding hardcore. Think No Trend if they were more suicidal and were bred on a diet of early 80's USHC. Limited to 300 copies and NEVER to be repressed. Most of the copies are gone. Buy one now or lose out forever. (Video Disease Records #28)

First up is the Human Error "DIE" LP, an 80s USHC reissue of the final long lost demo by a criminally unknown Midwest hardcore punk band from Iowa. Mean, raw, nasty, whatever you wanna call it, Human Error formed in the small town of Iowa City in 1984, raged, then seemingly imploded into nothingness by the end of 1985, existing for only a little over one year. Before they broke up, however, they recorded their final demo, "DIE", perfectly encapsulating the vibe of small town hardcore depravity, sounding like a dirty and melted 'The Kids Will Have Their Say'. This is hardcore from the "other" midwest, from the tiny scenes existing in small towns far away from the big cities. This LP comes with a 12 page, full color booklet with band history, flier scans, pictures, and more. (Hard Art Records #3)

XEROX - s/t LP
Next up is the debut 12" EP by Xerox, again from Iowa City, this time current. Xerox plays that kind of post punk that, while really catchy, has no problem peeling back the pop surface and careening into harsh downer territory. The band walks the wavy line between bands like Wire and Fugazi while taking the influence of The Fall it wears on it's sleeve and propelling into weirdo almost psych deconstructions. Members of bands like Solid Attitude and NERV if you must know, but this band stands on it's own. Currently on an east coast and southern US tour. (Hard Art Records #2)

(new) COCK SPARRER - Shock Troops cassette tape
"Shock Troops" is the debut album by punk rock band Cock Sparrer released in 1982 on Razor Records. Now available through Pirates Press Records, this pinnacle record is something that should be available and affordable to everyone looking to invest in some punk roots. For the kids... a true punk classic. Now available on cassette. (Pirates Press Records #27TP)

(restock) ABSOLUT - Punk Survival LP
Absolutely insane punk in the vein of Swedish and Japanese legends such as Anti-Cimex and Gauze! Everything about this new Toronto four-piece is over the top, from the loudspeaker vocals, to the completely chaotic drumming and the incomprehensible guitar work from the one and only Northern Intruder of Black Rock 'n' Rollers Midnight. With an extremely well-received demo tape out earlier this year, the band made sure to pull out all the stops to go even more out of control with its debut vinyl release, 'Punk Survival,' and do not disappoint one bit! Along with Kromosom, Nomad and Glam, ABSOLUT is out to keep punk as urgent as ever. (Electric Assault Records #4)

(restock) BLACK WIZARD - Young Wisdom LP
Indulging in the timeless riffary of bands from the late 70's, it is clear that Vancouver's BLACK WIZARD knows what made these acts so loved and influential over all these years. Rather than replicating them entirely, The Wiz combine a unique blend of 70's groove rock & doom with an arena-like fullness that far surpasses the often tripe "stoner rock" affiliation. Their sophomore full length Young Wisdom, is a near 40 minute assault full of Thin Lizzy-esqe guitar harmonies, colossal choruses, subtle mandatory nods to Sabbath and heavy hitting rhythms that are sure to leave you craving obsessive multiple listen's (and beer runs). Comprised of members from the recently signed Anciients and legendary rock and roll outlaws The Hookers, Black Wizard's talent and pedigree is a force to be reckoned with in the increasingly popular revival of classic metal. (War on Music #59)

(new) EXPEDITE DEATH #3 'zine with sampler CDr
A 22 page black and white full size fanzine. This features Interviews with Perversion (Detroit thrash metal), Agnosy (UK crustcore), Kontrasekt (Minneapolis crust), Killbite (German D-beat crust), and Skeleton (Winnipeg D-beat crust). Plus music reviews and comes with a sampler CDr of the bands interviewed, and the 'zine comes in a nice plastic sleeve. Recently reviewed by M.R.R. (Expedite Death #3)

(restock) NAPALM RAID - Storm 7"
No signs of slowing down, ever. The hardest working band from Halifax, Nova Scotia are back again with a brand new (their 3rd) 7" EP bleakly entitled "Storm". Four new tracks of what is easily their heaviest loudest material to date, An excellent new document to their catalog displaying their progression as a band. Napalm Raid continues their insanely heavy metallic crust punk sound with some of the deepest dispaired vocals to come out of the current genre. Their sound fits right in between bands akin to DISCHARGE, ANTI-CIMEX, EXTREME NOISE TERROR, not to mention their favorites DOOM, which is very clear to pick up on by spinning this record. NAPALM RAID never stops touring. just 6 months ago they completed a successful European tour, and now will be going back to conquer Europe again during May. Plans for Brazil are next...then the world. 1000 copies pressed total just in time for tour. Reverse stock Glue pocket sleeves plus an 11x17" poster crammed in.. Top notch. cover art by Hal Rotter. (Rust & Machine Records #25)

(restock) FUCK YOU PAY ME - s/t LP
Cleveland has been synonymous with wild, unapologetic punk-tinged hardcore since that city's mid-'90s DIY rebirth that spawned legends like the H-100S, INMATES, DARVOCETS and 9 SHOCKS TERROR. One of the architects of that unhinged, no-bullshit scene, Tony Erba, returns yet again, this time fronting FUCK YOU PAY ME, a relentless shitstarter of a band that plays classic hardcore inspired by equal parts BGK, PAGANS, CAREER SUICIDE, Mystic Records bands, and DISCHARGE. FYPM's debut 12" on Schizophrenic contains some of the catchiest and most well-written hardcore tuneage of the modern era, complete with Erba's instantly recognizable vocals and a seriously surly attitude. One of the tightest, funnest live bands around translates to vinyl well enough to seriously fingerblast your tympanic membrane. Many have compared FYPM to GORDON SOLIE MOTHERFUCKERS and that makes sense, considering the personnel here (ex-GSMF, UPSTAB etc.). (Schizophrenic Records #78)

(restock) S.H.I.T. - Collective Unconciousness 7" (with download)
Sexual Humans In Turmoil (or our favorite: Skinheads In Tuxedos), more commonly known as S.H.I.T., debut with four urgently executed 100% uncommon hardcore punk tracks in the modern Toronto style. Collective Unconciousness speaks to a vast generation of sleeping strength and rusted mobility. It's time. Organize. Stand tall. Believe in your movement. Check your spelling. Honest, important music gets made less frequently then it should and gets noticed even less. Don't be a dullard, wake up and smell the S.H.I.T. Sounds: Falco. Art: Jaybo. (Iron Lung Records #47)

Descriptions for 7/26/14

Featuring members of Los Crudos, Sin Orden, Rat Bastards and Chronic Seizure, Chicago's KONTAMINAT is the latest addition to the Midwest's amazing history of abrasive, no-bullshit hardcore. Five well-crafted hardcore songs that pack power and rapid-fire energy with a catchy edge. Great shit! 500 red vinyl in handmade sleeves on velum stock. (Lengua Armada Records #76)

ALERTA ROJA - Algo Esta Cambiando...Y Muy Violentamente LP
Argentinean punk recordings from the years 1982-1986. ALERTA ROJA existed and survived under the nose of a violent and oppressive military dictatorship. The band played gigs in Buenos Aires in the early '80s, giving a voice to a generation of angry Latin American youth. After so many years, these seventeen tracks are finally getting a proper vinyl release under the name "Something Is Changing...And Very Violently." Alerta Roja's influences pulled from music that managed to cross the ocean and fall into the hands of its members - one might hear The Clash, Pistols, or Wire seeping from the groves, but don't be surprised if you get a small dose of The Cure or Joy Division as you listen to this gem. Alongside as other amazing bands from South America (Peru's Leuzemia, Zcuela Cerrada, G3, or Uruguay's Los Invasores), Alerta Roja reaffirms that despite the conditions and lack of resources, these nations produced some amazing punk music/attitude. QUE VIVA EL PUNK LATINO AMERICANO!!!!!! QUE VIVA ALERTA ROJA!!!! (Lengua Armada Records #77)

NOW AVAILABLE ON CD AND LP. After last year's excellent "Procession" EP, an EP that showcased the Arctic Flowers' talent for combining the tradition of anarcho/peace punk with a postpunk sensibility, the new "Weaver" continues in much the same vein. Just great mid-tempo punk rock that, in true Arctic Flowers fashion, blurs the boundaries between classic punk, postpunk, and early gothic rock. The long-running DIY background of the band's members imparts to the songs an urgency one is not likely to find in the more disingenuous bands trying to hop on the recent goth-punk bandwagon. "Weaver" is simply an excellent release. (Deranged Records #245)

The return and final offering from California's STOIC VIOLENCE comes in the form of 8 new songs pressed on the always great 12" 45rpm format, housed in a gatefold jacket featuring some sick art from LA artist Austin Delgadilo. Stoic Violence plays a stripped down, primitive, and spite fueled style of hardcore/punk. Split release with Video Disease. (Deranged Records #247)

Fresh off a 7 week US tour and last year's debut LP on Painkiller, Violent Reaction return with six new tracks; their first recording as a full band (previously all instruments were played by front man Tom Pimlott). Still raging as ever with their Riot-City-meets-Touch-and-Go sound, but now leaning a little more on their British punk fore bearers. (Painkiller Records #54)

Between 2003-2007, Running For Cover was the best kept secret in the Eastern Standard time zone. Dialing in the density and frustration of bands like No Comment and Capitalist Casualties, and playing regional shows along side bands like Iron Lung and Mind Eraser, they never failed to level the audience and the venue. Their 7" and full length album are known by some to be high water marks of their chosen style, but their demo has remained unheard by all but the most devoted. Remixed in 2013 by the band, and properly mastered for the first time, we present their full 2003 demo on a 12". We think those who are already familiar with their work will agree that this stands alongside it perfectly. For those not familiar, welcome to the cult. Members of Running For Cover have also done time in: Gas Chamber, Solutions, Resist Control, Slave State, Dead Language and others. (Painkiller Records #53)

Here's the first EP from Pittsburgh's BLOOD PRESSURE, yet another great band that the Iron City has yielded as of late. A few of these songs were available on a limited tape made by the band earlier in 2014, but this EP features the entire 6 song session in all of its glory. Consisting of members that have served time in the likes of DIRECT CONTROL, BRAIN HANDLE, EEL, and NO TIME, expect ripping hardcore with a certain demented vibe that an area like Pittsburgh tends to bring out in folks. Each record comes in a felt based pocket sleeve. (Beach Impediment Records #12)

ACxDC - Discography '03-'13 picture disc LP
ANTICHRIST DEMONCORE or ACxDC for short aren't your stereotypical satanic grindviolence band. This picture disc stitches together 23 heavy hitting studio tracks on the A side and on the B side there are 28 never pressed to vinyl live and demo tape tracks. After constant touring of the US and overseas, many out of print releases, and a new LP out, this material gets catches you up to their new LP with everything to that point. Only 500 picture discs pressed, this is going to be gone before you know it. (To Live A Lie Records #97 PD)

CHEST PAIN - Weltschmerz LP
Distilling years of basement grinding into one throbbing opus, Chest Pain has emerged after a period of relative inactivity to unveil their best sounding and most unique record yet. "Weltschmerz" starts with the distinctive oeuvre of powerviolence and drifts through the sonic territory of bands like Gasp, Swans, and Killing Joke while remaining entirely its own trip. Chest Pain has unfrozen the sound of caveman hardcore for the anatomically modern human populace. (To Live A Lie Records #102)

Rising from the ashes of grimy mincecore recording, SBB have conjuered up a scathing mince-grind/blasting beast of a recording with all the aural complexities and necessary dirt where needed. This album however, truly shows what SBB are capable, which is more advanced than anything Agathocles, Archagathus, or LT Dan have/could produce, and shows that this Canadian trio can grind with the best of them. The guitar is just beefy, especially when the palm muted riffs come into play. The songs on here all seem well thought out and crafted too, and display a lot of fastcore traits like stop/start riffs and constant tempo changes (which is an easy way to my heart). Occasional grooves pop up, which is always welcome, but for the most part it's just straight blasting and unrelenting brutality. (To Live A Lie Records #86)

SLAG - s/t 7"
Slag are based in San Jose, and they play some fucked up grind tight and create a surely-blissful killer of blasting chaos. Girthy vocals of howling growls and gut-wrenching shrieks are coated over a non-stop orchestra of fuzzed out bass, crunchy riffs and endless amounts of blastbeats...for fans of IN DISGUST! Mastered by Jay Randall. Grab it! (RSR Records #140)

CELLGRAFT - s/t One Sided LP
This is the final record from the Insect Warfare-influenced, vicious Florida grindcore outfit Cellgraft. After their final show on September 1st at the Brass Mug in Tampa, Florida they're calling it quits. They've generously left this unrelenting jagged shard of Grindcore as their final word. Their records have been tremendous, truly doing the grind scene proud, and it's really a shame that they've split - especially considering they deserve a ton of attention for their hard work and dedication to face shredding Grindcore over their short 3 year existence.Self-titled and raw as you could ask for, this record is as short as any GridLink release and approaching their level of might and ferocity, while sidestepping technicality and barreling head-long into darkened, brutal speed. Outside of the opening track "False Sequence of Value" there is only one other track of the 17 here that approaches one minute in length. The opener is also the slowest you'll ingest too, at least for the first minute as it clobbers you with a maniacal set of distorted groves. (RSR Records #123)

COLUMN OF HEAVEN - Ecstatically Embracing All That We Habitually Suppress LP
The Endless Blockade is dead and in their wake Column of Heaven has risen. C.o.H. has Nolan and King from the Blockade lineup continuing on, at this point in their development, in a similar fashion to the later period Blockade material (i.e.Primitive). 6 songs picking up right where Endless Blockade left off, Column of Heaven released the more-than-impressive Ecstatically Embracing All That We Habitually Suppress demo in 2011, and has now returned first time on vinyl While Endless Blockade hinted and flirted with the mix of noise/experimental music with power violence, this 12" sees those ideas taken to their endpoint, fully incorporating noise, dynamic samples, extra instrumentation, and experimental soundscapes into a metal-tinged power violence framework. Blasts of harsh noise and brutal hardcore mix with quieter, creepier atmospherics to make for an engaging and powerful listen from start to finish. This record fits nicely in line with the current crop of bands taking power violence in exciting new directions (Gas Chamber, Iron Lung, Hatred Surge, Suffering Luna, etc). It's a great time to be into hardcore. (RSR Records #131)

In a world full of generic grindcore split 7"s, this one stands a bit taller and shines a bit brighter than the norm. Sete Star Sept is....basically the best band in the world. While their discography grows at an exponential rate, I think this recording is a cut above the rest, and it holds a special place in my heart as it's a product of Mike Walls (Official Lotus Fucker Noise Scientist and resident SPHC audio engineer), recorded on our home turf here in Baltimore. This perfect recording captures Sete Star Sept spontaneously generating totally wild and chaotic grindcore that just barely holds enough form and coherence to qualify beyond "noisecore". For fans of harsh music, there is no equal. New York Against Belzebu is a legendary Brazilian noisecore band that comes from a slightly different scene than bands like Noise and Industrial Holocaust. This material is some of my favorite NYAB stuff to date, totally frantic and balls-to-the-wall noisecore with wild guitar styles, unhinged and chaotic drumming, and crazy fucked up vocals. All grind freaks, hail the masters. (SPHC Records #41)

BRODY'S MILITIA - Napalm Zeppelin Raids 7"
Kentucky's legendary rednecks return with their most rocked out effort to date. You may remember the fast-as-fuck hardcore of their older releases and their previous band Hellnation, but this record has only a few blastbeats and LOTS of sick '70s hard rock riffing and hardman's swagger. While the quintessential Brody's Militia material is a more evenly-keeled mix of fast hardcore, '70s hard rock, and country, this record leans very heavily into the "hard rock/heavy metal" territory, and it's definitely for the better. This EP is such a fascinating counterpoint to all their more generic fast hardcore records. It shows an evolutionary endpoint of the band and a successful mastering of their influences. Out of their large discography, this is one of the must-have releases. (SPHC Records #27)

MUKEKA DI RATO - Gaiola cassette tape
It's our enormous honor and extreme pleasure to help reissue this classic piece of Brazilian hardcore on the cheapest, easiest format, perfectly suited and timed for your summer boombox requirements. The '00s should be remembered for a lot of things... and one of them is Brazilian fastcore. Bands like Discarga, I Shot Cyrus, Merda, Infect were popping out a respectable volume of high-quality fast hardcore, and seemed to put Brazil back on the international hardcore map. But the band that stands out the most to my ears has always been the legendary Mukeka di Rato, who are my favorite post-'80s Brazilian hardcore band. Mukeka di Rato play a loose, wild, super-catchy, and hyper-energetic style of fast hardcore with an appreciation for anthemic mid-tempo pop rockers and the occasional samba/reggae/chiiiillllll part (and the occasional blastbeats-and-grind-vocals part to balance). They have an instantly recognizable sound and vibe entirely their own (well okay maybe their other band Merda feels the same way to me haha). Perfect hardcore music that can't help but bring a smile to your face. (SPHC Records/Laja Tapes #1)

MERDA - Greatest Shits cassette tape
A collection of songs spanning the entire discography of this noteworthy Brazilian hardcore band. From their earlier chaotic and unhinged fast hardcore style to their later style of fast hardcore more influenced by skate rock and pop-punk, Merda has always managed to evoke a feeling of happiness within me. When hardcore is this raging and energetic, but still catchy and fun in a sincere way, it can't help but make me smile. Hearing instant-smash-hit sing-alongs like "Maradona" and "Takusan Nomitai" interspersed amongst balls-to-the-wall mosh-inducing fast hardcore is a guaranteed formula for success. To me, this is one of the best bands in the world. (SPHC Records/Laja Tapes #2)

Lost split LP recovered from the vaults by Dead Broke & Dirt Cult. Autonomy is originated from Carbondale, IL. and play a Crass-inspired brand of dark and melodic anarcho-crust punk. No Sir, I Won't are from Boston (members of Brain Killer, Awful Man, etc.) and give that Conflict-style assaulting peace punk. Oi. Comes w/ download. (Dead Broke Records #117)

BEACH SLANG - Who Would Ever Want Anything So Broken? 7"
Indie/Emo/Pop-Punk from Philadelphia, PA. featuring members of Weston, Ex Friends & Crybaby. Recorded on August 30th and 31st, 2013 at The Gradwell House In Haddon Heights, NJ by Dave Downham. Mastered at Armstrong Recording Studio in Tulsa, Oklahoma by Stephen Egerton. Their debut release. Comes w/ download. (Dead Broke Records #119)

This split cassette tape chock full of snot-nosed lo-fi pop-punk rock! GREASY WHISTLES is Spent of Closet Fairies/Maine Coons fame, blurting out some of his token hi-speed garage punk jams. While, THE LITTLE RICHARDS from MASS. blaze through some fun party pop-punk. Comes w/ download. (Dead Broke Records #114)

CANCERS - Dig/Moral Net 7"
A 7" single of pop-soaked grunge punk rock from Lenny (UNFUN) & Ella (DEAD DOG). These two songs fucking ruuuule, pick this up and get stoked for their full-length. Str8 outta Athens, GA. Comes w/ download. (Dead Broke Records #112)

CANADIAN RIFLE - Deep Ends cassette tape
Cassette tape version of Canadian Rifle's amazing new album. "Deep Ends" is the second LP from Canadian Rifle, arguably Chicago's best melodic hardcore band. The band plays confessional punk with brash vocals (reminiscent of Leatherface and early Jawebreaker) with themes that range from crossing lines when you know you shouldn't, trying to keep something alive when you're running on empty, as well as struggles with addiction. Needless to say, it's pretty bleak in its lyrical and musical approach, but played with an angered energy that'll keep you fist pumping for the duration. Pretty fucking great for a band with no dreams and no goals. (Dead Broke Records #111)

BEAR TRADE - Blood And Sand LP
Debut full-length album from England's melodic punk rock sleuth brethren. Ex- Blocko, Southport, Former Cell Mates, Mercury League. Comes with digital download. Blue splatter on milky white transparent vinyl! Comes w/ download. (Dead Broke Records #110)

Agathocles on this do whirlwind tornado mince-noise-attack with tons of short songs! Paucities returns with another round of '90s inspired mince. Recorded during the harshest Chicago winter in nearly 3 decades, Paucities teams up with Agathocles for the second time (the two mincers did a split LP in 2011 on Haunted Hotel and DAS) to bring forth true, DIY mincing grind devastation. Split label with Grindfather, Inverted Inhumation, Geet, Crescent Fresh Sounds, Nuclear Alcoholocaust, Death, Agony, & Screams, and Ratgirl Records. (Jerk Off Records #61)

Agathocles doing some more noisepunk in the old nasty chaotic way. CSMD does the musical version of THE GREEN SLIME! lasers beam noisecore mixed with tentacle noisegrind blasts from outer space! Get ready to be sucked into the black hole of noise and die of cosmic radiation!!! Split Label with Ratgirl Records. (Jerk Off Records #62)

NYATB do 163 songs in old school vein of Sore Throat, AxCx, 7MON, Tumour, including various D-Charge and 7 MON covers. Great titles songs from both bands that will make you laugh till death. INSANE and CHAOTIC ONLY FOR TRUE BELIEVERS OF NOISE !! Canadian noise godfathers DECHE-CHARGE with 256 noisecoregrindbluuurrrs songs in this DC UA-UA-UA-UA-UA-UA style. Split label with Ratgirl Records. (Jerk Off Records #63)

NO MISTAKE/BACK OFF!! - split 7"
If you're looking for stripped-down, early '80s hardcore that is tough as fuck, No Mistake (from San Jose) and BACK OFF!! (from Hungary) won't let you down. This is for anyone who likes The Abused, Deathwish, DYS, Negative Approach, or Minor Threat. In addition to the solid music, non-standard lyics stand out. "Copied Folded & Stapled" celebrates fanzines, "Come Out" celebrates gay identity, and "Put Me Away" speaks against our system of railroading people into prisons. No Mistake's sound is even more refined than their debut 7"ep, and features Mike Bullshit from GO! BACK OFF!! features members of Crippled Fox and Motivation. Includes a cover of SSD's "Boiling Point." CRUCIAL record on crucial marble vinyl. (No Mistake Records #2)

GO! - 1989 Demo 7"
Raw as fuck, this captures NYHC's GO! just as they were starting out. From the very first second this 12-minute disc is a serious ride. Different from the hardcore coming out of New York at the time, GO! from the very start were pro-gay, anti-sexist, anti-racist and DIY, but also fun and sarcastic. Later part of the ABC-No-Rio scene, GO! made an impact with their many 7"s and "Existence" LP/CD. (Refuse Records #103)

Raging, genuine old school hardcore from Denmark with Spain's 12 Aullidos' former singer on vocals. LP contains eight brand new tracks at a non-stop pace with great production and an excellent artwork. First pressing is limited to 200 copies and available in the USA via Ebullition. (Putojefe Records #2)

VULGAARI - s/t double LP
Vulgaari is a Sludge/Thrash/Stoner/Death-Metal/Doom from Minneapolis, MN USA. It is the work of two crazed insane geniuses called Zack Kinsey and Brent Hedtke who have blended their favourite Metal genres into one big melting pot and they have came up with this brilliant album. Vulgaari is a 9 song 57 minute masterpiece of Stoner/Sludge Metal music. What they have done is got all the best aspects of Sludge, Stoner, Thrash, Death-Metal, Doom and put their own unique brilliant creative spin to it. (Cubo De Sangre Records #1)

Bitch Witch is mix of styles; there's black metal riffage, nods to Celtic Frost and early Bathory loads of great punk and hardcore riffs and hooks by the bucket load. Plus there are elements of Black Flag in the packaging and in part of their sound they also have some references to crust as well. (Cubo De Sangre Records #2)

SWORDWIELDER - Grim Visions of Battle LP lead off their Top 6 Crust Albums of 2013 feature with Sweden's Swordwielder and this is what they had to say. "Of course, the Axegrinder influence is very clear, but Swordwielder very much stand out from a lot of other crust bands as they go for that more slower, dark, eerie sound which bands like Axegrinder, Amebix and Morne do so well. With lyrics dealing with barren wastelands and war, I think you know what you're in for - primitive and dark sounds which delve further into your soul. This record was also declared the best of 2013 in Sweden's Pussyfoots blog. Touring Germany this September. (Cubo De Sangre Records #3)

EXPEDITE DEATH #3 'zine with sampler CDr
A 22 page black and white full size fanzine. This features Interviews with Perversion (Detroit thrash metal), Agnosy (UK crustcore), Kontrasekt (Minneapolis crust), Killbite (German D-beat crust), and Skeleton (Winnipeg D-beat crust). Plus music reviews and comes with a sampler CDr of the bands interviewed, and the 'zine comes in a nice plastic sleeve. Recently reviewed by M.R.R. (Expedite Death #3)

BISHOPS GREEN - s/t picture disc LP
PICTURE DISC VERSION NOW AVAILABLE. This is the debut release from this amazing new Canadian band from Vancouver. Fronted by Greg Huff and supported by others formerly of bands including ALTERNATE ACTION, THE LANCASTERS, SUBWAY THUGS and GLORY STOMPERS, this is the perfect next step in the evolution of those bands. The sound is still raw yet melodic and catchy, but done with so much more skill and precision than all the aforementioned bands. If you liked any of those bands, then you will LOVE this band!! This is a 6-song 'mini' LP that is just a sign of things to come from this band, so do not miss out and get your copy of this fantastic colour vinyl as soon as you can!! (Longshot Records #112)

Finally reissued on yellow vinyl and limited to 300 copies, this 7" is the only output from the legendary Alone In A Crowd, who featured Jules from Side By Side on vocals and Lars of Judge and Uppercut fame among others. They played one show at The Anthrax in Connecticut with Judge and Chain Of Strength and then vanished, leaving behind nothing but memories and this 7" recording whose original pressing fetches tall sums on online auctions. 7" includes digital download. New from Atomic Action! Records. (Atomic Action Records #62)

Boston, MA's straight edge hardcore up-and-comers Test Of Time is excited to announce the release of their first proper full-length, "By Design." Taking cues from seminal hardcore acts, Test Of Time plays an aggressive onslaught of thoughtful and melodic youth crew hardcore likely to please fans of Youth Of Today, Turning Point and In My Eyes. Songwriting topics on "By Design" include similar themes to the band's previous work: vegetarianism, perseverance and one's own personal growth and change. Vinyl version includes digital download. (Bridge Nine Records #209)

COLD WORLD - How The God's Chill LP/CD
Years in the making, "How The Gods Chill" is the definitive Cold World album that the hardcore world has been clamoring for. Recorded by Will Yip (Studio 4) and Arthur Rizk (Salomon's Gate), "How The Gods Chill" is a 13-song amalgamation of hip hop character and hardcore heart. Queens rapper Meyhem Lauren, George Hirsch of Blacklisted, legendary Kool G. Rap and even Max B are all featured on the album, all together creating an infectious melting pot of sound and spirit unlike anything out there today. Vinyl version includes digital download. (Deathwith Records #162)

(restock) EAGULLS - s/t LP
The ferocious post-punk 5 piece bands, Eagulls based in Leeds, England are pleased to share their 5 track EP on Canada's prestigious punk label Deranged. A few lucky folks have been able to catch the band's European shows. The shows received high accolades as some of the most thrilling and visceral performances ever. EAGULLS has shared the stage with Iceage, Milk Music, Ceremony, and Fucked Up. The five tracks - "Coffin", "Moulting", "No If's, No Buts", "Cripple" and "Still Born"; Drawing from a wide variety of influences, EAGULLS manage to create something new, while still paying homage to classical punk. (Deranged Records #224)

(restock) PLEASURE LEFTISTS - s/t (2nd) LP
On the follow-up to their 2 song EP on Katorga Works (which features both songs off the EP), Pleasure Leftists have expanded upon the moody post-punk they're known for. With these songs, however, the chorusy bass is much more prominent than on their 12 inch debut EP and brings a darker feel to the sound. On first listen it seems easy to compare that sound to that of bands like Masshysteri or Terrible Feelings, but give it a few more spins and you begin to find a lot more depth and weirdness than the often straight-forward approach of the aforementioned. The most notable standout of PL for me is the rare and fiercely original vocal approach of lead singer Haley. Prior to being recruited, Haley was known for her radio show, and since has begun her own solo project called Kiernan Paradise, which sheds light on a more electronic synthy background. Her often incoherent banshee croons set a mood which envelops and entrances you, and the guitar and bassist are smart enough to back it up subtly and simply with jangly leads and dutiful rhythms. Not at all what one might expect from two former members of 9 Shocks Terror, but good enough to make you forget any comparison or dissection. "Hunger Split" accents the rest of the songs perfectly with its surprising brightness in the midst of the otherwise-broody record. The ensuing "Not Over" conjures some Twee elements with its soft loose guitars and driving bass. (Deranged Records #239)

Descriptions for 7/12/14

FAILURES - Decline and Fall LP
Failures' second album, Decline and Fall is a work of painstaking scrutiny and craftsmanship years in the making, delivered in an explosion of hardcore aggression. In just over 14 minutes these 14 frenzied songs burst forth with whirlwind drum fills, lighting fast riffs and full throttle vocals in a timeless, stripped down style. To paint a clearer picture, the line up boasts a long "members of" list including Charles Bronson, Orchid, Green Beret, Cut the Shit, etc. "Decline and Fall" features heavy black vinyl, debossed, white foil-stamped matte jackets and euro sleeves with black flood interiors in an edition of 400. (Youth Attack Records #90)

ANCESTORS - In Death 7"
(NOTE: Youth Attack pricing) Following their trilogy of releases, these four new pummeling black metal songs come forth filled with shredding guitars and tortured vocals to convey a hopeless atmosphere. This is a violent, swirling cacophony that pushes their style to the limit to further articulate the hallucinatory nature of despair. In Death features black vinyl housed in black-flood paper inner sleeves and heavy duty gatefold jackets. To enhance the mood of the artwork, the sleeve plays an exclusive audio track, activated by pressing a concealed button inside. (Youth Attack Records #91)

CIVILIZED - Dust and Blood 7"
(NOTE: Youth Attack pricing) Denver's CIVILIZED react violently to their environment with an all-out assault on their debut EP. On these 8 songs we hear bare bones hardcore delivered at its highest intensity, withsinger Zach Reini's ferocious delivery leading the offensive in a tour de force of rage and revenge. Those familiar with their Negative Reflection Demo will take note of their amped up aggression and now masterful execution of riffs, breakdowns, and tempo shifts that heretofore stand unparalleled. You're all to burn! Dust and Blood features 70gm black vinyl, double-sided arigato jackets and cardstock inner sleeves with black flood interiors in an edition of 400. (Youth Attack Records #89)

LECHEROUS GAZE - Zeta Reticuli Blues cassette tape
Oakland, California's LECHEROUS GAZE was formed in 2010 by former Annihilation Time members, guitarist Graham Clise, bassist Chris Grande, and drummer Noel Sullivan. Inspired by "Chuck Berry, The Damned and most stuff that came in between," LECHEROUS GAZE play - in their own words - "Psycho-delic, shred-tastic, ultra-hyphened, rock-punk heavy jams." We call it punked-up, psychedelically-tinged rock and roll; a smash-up of '60s and '70s hard rock, punk and metal influences (think: MC5 to Black Sabbath to AC/DC to The Ramones), fast and to the point. Recorded at Earhammer Studios (High On Fire, Hot Lunch), "Zeta Reticuli Blues" delivers 10 uber-memorable tracks that showcase the sizzling six-string sonics of Graham Clise (also of Witch), the band's Sabbath-tight rhythm section and the sneering snarl of vocalist Zaryan Zaidi. LECHEROUS GAZE play old-school, no-bullshit, in-your-face, maximum-impact ROCK. What are you waiting for?!?!! (Tank Crimes Records #81)

CONNOISSEUR - Stoner Justice casssette tape
Likening themselves to Earth Crisis if they "smoked weed and listened to Spazz," Smokeland, California-based CONNOISSEUR boasts a raging upbeat/D-beat barrage of West Bay powerviolence packed with resin-coated sludgedowns and disgustingly brutal cheeba-charged vocal exhalations that consume the listener in a violently stoned, inescapable haze, all recorded by Greg Wilkinson at Earhammer Studios, Oakland (Annihilation Time, Iron Lung, Brainoil). (Tank Crimes Records #84)

SABBAT - Kill Fuck Jesus Christ LP
While the band was in the Bay Area in October 2013, YK Insulter arranged for a performance at the KFJC radio station near Palo Alto, CA. The technicians at KFJC recorded the set and, upon listening to the quality of the performance and the recording, Sabbat and NWN! made the decision to give it a proper vinyl release. With this release, NWN! continues to honor the legacy of what is arguably the longest running, most prolific, and most consistently high quality band in Black Metal. (Nuclear War Now Records #262)

Suffering Luna's feral offering, "Most High" walks the line between mammoth-sized doom and psychotic noise, creating an almost trance-like listening experience. Fans of early CAVITY, GRIEF, and 16 will be sure to devour this potent piece of noise inspired psych-doom. Suffering Luna has been pushing their brand of psychedelic hardcore since the 1990s, surfacing from the underground to play and record with power violence, doom, and crust bands around Southern California as both Suffering Luna and Christfall, eventually disappearing back into a haze of smoke for years at a time. Suffer The Storm's 22 minute droning funeral hymn, "Squalor," takes the listener on an unforgiving trip to the deepest depths of human filth, despair and misanthropy. Guttural death metal-esque vocals pave the way for this absolutely devastating slab of doom. Samples and various atmospherics help to enhance the mood of grim foreboding, and bring the listener closer to the edge of the abyss. Hailing from the San Gabriel Valley in the apocalyptic landscape of East LA, Suffer The Storm features members of LIFE IN EXILE, GUERILLA SABOTAGE UNIT, and FUNERAL DOGS. (King Of The Monsters Records #46)

BLOTTER - Under Armour '77 7"
Over the past few years, Austin, TX has seen a resurgence in young, quality hardcore punk bands. Blotter is one of the top tier groups of this new school of Texas hardcore and Under Armour '77, their debut vinyl effort, stands as some of the best work this scene has produced. Primordial ooze USHC at its finest. Members of Glue and Wiccans. (Katorga Works #32)

DARK BLUE - s/t 7"
This is the debut 7" single of Philadelphia's Dark Blue. Reminiscent of late 80's English oi!/pop, the band's sound is not unlike the perfect marriage of the Stone Roses and Last Resort. A magnificent simplicity is paired with tales of life in Canberra, the capital city of Australia and the spiritual home of bandleader John Sharkey III. Ex and current members of Clockcleaner, Puerto Rico Flowers, Ceremony, etc. (Katorga Works #31)

BORN WRONG - Art District 7"
Hamilton, Ontario's BORN WRONG return with their most raw and driving 7" to date, unleashing four dynamic punk/HC tracks that truly capture their unhinged live assault. Expect the same cohesive, slightly deformed, song structures with even more chaotic vocals. Pounding piss-blood drums and tone heavy guitars. The band returns to the East Coast US again this summer, and the August 2014 issue of Maximumrocknroll will feature their 2013 tour diary. (Schizophrenic Records #80)

Proto punk legends SIMPLY SAUCER landed in Detroit during the summer of 2011 to record five classic tracks with some very special guests for the new Baby Nova 12" EP. Taking it's name from a song originally destined to be on Cyborgs Revisited this EP will premiere the first ever studio versions of these five classic SIMPLY SAUCER songs recorded in Detroit MI at Jim Diamond's Ghetto Recorders studio, and produced by Jeff Meier (Detroit Cobras and Rocket 455).The use of vintage analogue recording equipment in this session allowed SIMPLY SAUCER to return to the immediacy of their own raw edgy roots in a city that had influenced the formation and early direction of the band. For more about the band visit: (Schizophrenic Records #79)

FUNERAL DINER - The Underdark LP
Funeral Diner's classic "The Underdark" is finally back in print on vinyl after almost 10 years. Featuring former members from Portraits of Past, Funeral Diner were together from 1998 to 2007 and their 2005 album "The Underdark" is considered to be one of the landmark albums of the hardcore/emo genre. Along with bands like Orchid, City of Caterpillar, and Yaphet Kotto, Funeral Diner has been and continues to be a major influence on modern bands like Touche Amore, Pianos Become The Teeth, Deafheaven and many others. Repress is on gray vinyl and limited to 500 copies. Comes with digital download card. (Repeater Records #1)

Debut long player from Finland's The Achtungs , brilliantly deranged maniac music. These guys remind me a lot of the really good Big Balls and the Great White Idiot tracks, you know when they nail it they fucking nail it. Both catchy and dangerous a mix of Stab your back and I have a date. Punk Lives 2014, courtesy of some creeps from Finland and a record store in Bakersfield. You are welcome. 300 on black vinyl. (Going Underground Records #31)

EXHALE - When Worlds Collide LP
If you are going to begin checking out what grindcore has to offer at this time , EXHALE's newest album "When Worlds Collide" is a great place to start. The album is fast and heavy with well-crafted songs, excellent musicianship, a perfect mix of screams and death growls and great lyrics. Exhale pays homage to the musical genre that paved the way for grindcore by mixing in solid hardcore grooves and breakdowns. The band also makes use of elements from classic death metal ,deathcore, grindcore and crust giving them a more unique sound than many other grindcore bands. The guitar work is superb and the blast beat drumming is done with both breakneck speed and technical perfection. However, the real star here is the highly featured bass work of Johan Fogelberg. He can move seamlessly from blazingly fast arrangements to slow paced catchy breakdowns. All of this makes an amazing album with a ton of great songs! Throw in NASUM and ROTTEN SOUND and you have fairly strong idea of what Exhale is about. The vinyl issue is housed in a high quality 320 gramm gatefold sleeve! Artwork is done by Dennis Sibeijn! (Give Praise Records #115)

LATE BLOOMER - Things Change LP
Following the release of the 2013 S/T debut LP and hot off the heels of their split 7" with Old Flings released by Kiss of Death Records, Charlotte's Late Bloomer occupies a wholly unique spot on the time / music continuum: one that effortlessly stretches across several epochs and genres while anchoring itself in the ethos of the underground DIY community. The band's excellent sophomore full-length, Things Change, is an ambitious, masterfully crafted effort that molds punk, hardcore, garage, shoegaze and grunge into 38 fluid minutes of energetic and thoughtful guitar-based indie rock. This record is designed for people with love of the classic Sub-Pop/Merge/SST sound, but demand something new & fresh. The best of both worlds that will keep this record sitting on your turntable days at a time. (Tor Johnson Records #25)

GALLOWS - Chains 7"
These two new songs from internationally based hardcore standbys Gallows are their first since 2012's self-titled album, which reintroduced the band to the world with new vocalist and former Alexisonfire guitarist/current Black Lungs frontman Wade MacNeil. Though now stripped down to a four-piece, the band is clearly doing more with less: "Chains" is one of the heaviest songs in their catalog, an anthemic sledgehammer backed on the B-side by the groovier but equally snarling "Wristslitter." This newest incarnation of the act seems to vaguely parallel the progressive tendencies of contemporaries like Fucked Up and Blacklisted without compromising their core ferociousness and snide, socially-aware bite. 7" includes digital download. (Bridge Nine Records #214)

The debut LP from Brooklyn, NY's Sad And French. Comprised of Jose Prieto, Edwin Santacruz and Greg Taylor, they are a full acoustic punk band with drums and upright bass. For fans of Chuck Ragan, Against Me! and Franz Nicolay. LP includes digital download. (Black Numbers Records #57)

RA - Collateral Damage CD/LP
RA just finished recording their debut full-length, "Collateral Damage," with Dean Baltulonis at The Wild Arctic in Portsmouth, NH (Agnostic Front, Modern Life Is War, Sick Of It All). These ten songs have brutally honest lyrics that cover a wide range of topics and harsh truths with no holds barred. Musically, these songs are equally as punishing as RA puts an updated spin on heavy-hitting Connecticut and New York-style hardcore. Vinyl version includes digital download. (Bridge Nine Records #213)

INFA RIOT - Kids Of The '80s shaped picture 10"
"Kids Of The '80s" was originally released in October 1981 and spent thirteen weeks in the then-important independent charts, peaking at number thirteen. This totally ridiculous, shaped picture disc looks great - stick one on your wall and throw another one on the ol' turntable. For fans of The Business, Cock Sparrer UK Subs, GBH, Cockney Rejects, The Last Resort and Angelic Upstarts. Limited edition of 500 copies. (Pirates Press #45)

SHEER TERROR - Standing Up For Falling Down CD/LP
On August 13, 2010, Sheer Terror reared its ugly head once again and it appears that the illustrious Reverend Paul Bearer along with the new and improved lineup of Mike Delorenzo (guitar), Jason Carter (bass) and Anthony Corallo (drums) are here to stay this time. After delivering their first 7", "Spite," to satiate the hunger of the hardcore masses, the first Sheer Terror full-length in 18 years is about to drop on our heads like a bag of cinder blocks. Recorded in early 2014 by Dean Baltulonis at Thump Studios in Brooklyn, NY, "Standing Up For Falling Down" pulls no punches. Vinyl version includes digital download. (Reaper Records #68)

THE GEEKS - Still Not In This Alone LP
Accolades aside, The Geeks turn to the next chapter of their career with a brand new, twelve-song full-length "Still Not In This Alone." Expect a similar brand of positive, melodic hardcore that The Geeks has always crafted to perfection, along with post-hardcore/'90s influences that help set the new material apart from any of their previous releases. Features guest vocals from Pat Flynn of Have Heart, Scott Vogel of Terror and Martijn of No Turning Back. LP includes digital download. (Think Fast Records #56)

Descriptions for 7/5/14

REPLICA - Beast 7"
Blasting urgency with the song-driven edge of early 80's so-cal hardcore mixed at top speed with the brash edges of 90's East Bay punk, this second EP on Prank by Oakland's REPLICA features six tracks of powerful hardcore underlined with undeniable catchiness. Fueled by lighting-quick drumming, pummeling bass lines, ripping riffs, and snarling vocals, "BEAST EP" was recorded at the end of the tour they did last year with Japan's COMPLETED EXPOSITION and it features songs that have long been staples of the band's live set. The EP was recorded at Earhammer by Greg Wilkinson and features a deluxe cover with multiple illustrations by local artist Jon Carling. REPLICA are on tour the East Coast now. Includes download code. (Prank Records #145)

If there was a vote for the best lyrical content in the 80s Punk songs, Steve Drewett of Newtown Neurotics would probably have blown everyone out of the water with his sharp to the point lyrics about the socio-political situation in the UK back during the Thatcherism. That aside, Newtown Neurotics were one of the best UK Punk bands of the second Punk wave. "Hypocrite / You Said No" was their first release from 1979. (Feral Ward Records #86)

MAXIMUM ROCK'N'ROLL #375 (August 2014)
Holy smokes times flies when you're having fun! Despite the rent raise and USPS wanting to dig through our holy pockets, we've still managed to bring you a new supreme edition of Maximum Rocknroll, #375 August 2014! In this issue we talk with Iberian powerhouse UNA BESTIA INCONTROLABLE before destroying the US on their up-cmong tour, in honor of their very exciting 20th anniversary we get a special extended interview with EXTREME NOISE RECORDS, plus an in-depth story behind one of Leningrad's punk progenitors, SVIN. In this issue we also feature HC's newest darling, GLUE from the great country of Texas, too cool for your school COOL DEATH RECORDS from down under Australia give us the skinny on their new releases, and two floor-thumping air-punching stripped-down punk bands from Japan EIEFITS and THEE MIGHTY FEVERS. Serbian rock'n'roller S.U.S. discuss breaking in the norm in Serbia and bringing back the glam in punk; Barcelona's VÈRTIGO tell us about their local scene, MISCALCULATIONS from the UK talk about their minimalist yet calculated approach to music, and Canada's BORN WRONG TOUR DIARY takes us a bender and lets us live vicariously through their HC misdeads. Plus, two photospreads, an special New Blood spread, your favorite columnists (plus guests!), book, zine, demo, movie and of course records reviews, the most extensive in punk rock print y'all-plus much, much more! (Maximum RocknRoll #375)

GAG - Locker Room 7" with download
Your favorite mid-tempo manglers are back with "Locker Room", the tour single and premier track from the upcoming GAG lp later this year on IRON LUNG RECORDS. Only 500 copies will be made, housed in a high quality felt-weave sleeve. Sounds by Dave Harvey. Art by Scott Young. (Iron Lung Records #56)

FLESH WORLD - A Line In Wet Grass 7" with download
Flesh World from the Bay Area. Our friend Jenn Pelly once described FW like this: "Imagine spiky melodies and washes of reverb mixed with the driving intensity of cold, post-punk spirit-skull-piercing guitar feedback, scratchy riffs, anxious drum builds, ominous moods, and bright guitar hooks when you'd least expect them." and we would be hard pressed to put it better than that. First pressing is 600 copies in a heavy felt-weave jacket with a handy little insert. Sounds by Brad Dermanouelian. Art by Martín Sorrondeguy. (Iron Lung Records #55)

WHITE WARDS - Cigarette Burns LP with download
Continuing in Olympia's tradition of haphazard mangling, WHITE WARDS have finally managed to record a proper LP and it is one mean motherfucker. It's a gritty, nasty Mecht Mensch doing push ups in the Jan's Rooms basement. US hardcore played the way it ought to be. Ugly. 700 copies will grace the planet packaged in high quality materials made in the United States of America. Art and sounds by Jake Dudley. (Iron Lung Records #44)

GAS CHAMBER - Hemorrhaging Light LP + Flexi with download
Buffalo hardcore has always made a significant yet largely misunderstood contribution to the furthering of musical mastery. And "Hemorrhaging Light" is no exception. With the same 7 notes that everyone else uses, GAS CHAMBER have managed to completely turn mere punk music into a tense, trans-formative journey. Very rarely in punk do we get to have a complete life shift in the space of one album. This is incredible music. 500 copies on black vinyl housed in a heavy duty reverse board jacket with a bonus flexi disc. Sounds by John Angelo. Art by Craig Sheperd. (Iron Lung Records #54

NUDES - Stain 7"
With download. Get grimy and low to sensationally uncomfortable hardcore punk music. NUDES lives beneath the street. NUDES is that dirt you swept under the rug. Well guess what, that shit doesn't go away. It disperses and envelops. Sooner or later your life will be nothing but dirt. It's all you'll be able to hear and think on. NUDES loves you. NUDES wants you in their world, under their rug, enthralled and crawling. "Stain" comes packaged in a big foldout poster sleeve along with a digital download that includes the band-made video for "Bleach Stains". All on black vinyl. Sounds by Dave Harvey. Art by Maryjane Dunphe. (Iron Lung Records #57)

BATTERED CITIZENS - Police Brutality Demo LP
The Battered Citizens 1988 demo cassette 'Police Brutality' is on vinyl for the first time. 12 tracks of super tight and very tough street-level Hardcore by the second generation of Pittsburgh's Hardcore youth. Raised on bands like Half Life and Doomwatch locally and inspired by the sounds of Warzone and Gorilla Biscuits coming from New York BC brought a more urban attitude to Pittsburgh's collapsing post industrial landscape. Featuring future members of Submachine, Caustic Christ and Killer of Sheep, Battered Citizens brought the tougher sounds of bigger city Hardcore to Pittsburgh. Newly restored and remastered for vinyl this deluxe LP in includes a massive fold out insert packed with liner notes, photos, flyers and a poster drawn exclusively for this release by best selling comic artist Ed Piskor and a download card which includes the complete LP as well as 2 full live sets by the band from 87 and 88. (Mind Cure Records #103)

EARTH GIRLS - Wrong Side of History 7"
Earth Girls summon up the spirit of the Shop Assistants with a fresh and invigorating feel to songs that have all combined the right catchy elements to make them instantly memorable and ultimately unforgettable. On their debut EP, Chicago's EARTH GIRLS bring us four captivating garage-pop gems that are guaranteed to be the soundtrack for your summer. A distinctive blend of punchy guitar, driving bass, and a frantic yet steady beat lay an impeccable foundation for a vocal delivery that calls to mind some of the best female fronted power pop bands of the 70's and 80's. Earth Girls have created a release that crosses genres in the best ways possible, making for one of the most addictive singles you'll come across this year. (Grave Mistake Records #70)

What happens when some of members of Oakland's Stormcrow and 2084 congregate? Many things, to be sure. Most of which are not fit to print. Hot off the heels of a much lauded demo tape, comes this 3-track crust ridden 7" from Oakland's FEMACOFFIN. It will give those unwilling to forgive a reason to at least turn a blind eye to the insolence. Swollen with vitriol and sown with lyrics of nuclear horror and the fear of obsolescence. A necessary soundtrack for the wasteland we've created. (Brainsand Records #2)

5 tracks of intense grindcore from spains Nashgul, the flipside has 3 new tracks of japanese World Downfall, icluding a coverversion from DENAK. (Power It Up Records #64)

RUIDO - Live 9.27.00 @ KXLU Radio L.A. 7"
Eight Fucking Intense attacks recorded at KXLU Radio Station by these L.A. Thrashcore legend. (Power It Up Records #4)

Germanys Speed Title holding Grind Veterans Sanitys Dawn with new tracks of Ultrafast HC/Grind plus Germany Mindflair with new material of outstanding whirlwind grindcore. (Power It Up Records #73)

SORTO - 1984 to 1986 7"
Repress of their one sided " aina valmiina" and the demo from 84. 12 tracks tradional finnish hardcore/ punk in the vein of sekunda, kuolema and old terveet kädet. Limited edition of 500 copies, comes in original coverartwork. (Power It Up Records #6)

Uncurbed with two tracks recorded in 2000, great crust core. The My Cold Embrace side bring us 2 infernal crust attacks, perfect cover artwork. (Power It Up Records #27)

UNHOLY GRAVE - Against Terrorism 7"
With 6 new raw crusty grindcore attacks, recorded in November 2001. Therir best recodings so far. (Power It Up Records #5)

UNHOLY GRAVE with new studio material, total 3 tracks ( including a Bathory Coverversion), the flipside contains the swedish grinders from SEWN SHUT with 4 new blistering grind smashers. (Power It Up Records #39)

Unholy grave with 6 new tracks of traditional grindcore and k.f. with 4 awesome sludge tracks. (Power It Up Records #23)

V/A - Undead: A Tribute To Disrupt 2x LP + 7"
We are proud to announce that the DISRUPT tribute LP is finally complete after three years of preparation.The double vinyl contains 50 bands/songs, also a onesided 7" with four unreleased tracks. The double LP with 7" is limited to 500 copies, Here are the bands who are a part of these fine compilation: Accion Mutante, Aftercoma, Alea Iacta Est, Analdicktion, Axt, Besthöven, Black Hole Of Calcutta, Collision, Days Of Desolation, Dehuman, Department Of Correction, Destroyed In Seconds, Dick Tracy, Distress, Embalming Theatre, Entrails Massacre, Expurgo, Extreme Decay, Failure Trace, Famine, Faxe, Gronibard, Humus, Irritation, Krigskontrast, Kronisk Misantropi, Krüger, Krush, Line Up Your Lies, Livstid, Los Rezios, Massgrave, Misery Index, Murder Construct, My Cold Embrace, Nailed Down, Necromorph, Neuron, Otnamus, Parasit, Passiv Dödshjalp, Per Capita, Proletar, Pulmonary Fibrosis, Slavebreed, Stench Of Death, Strong Intention,Tacheless , Vengeance Of Karma, Whoresnation. (Power It Up Records #176)

(restock) DYSTOPIA - s/t CD
This record contains 6 new tracks, plus a cover of an unreleased song by Dino's old band CARCINOGEN. Recorded at Tim Green's LOUDER STUDIOS during various sessions between 2004-2005, this record is the last chapter of Dystopia's existence writing bleak and heavy doom ridden punk. (Life Is Abuse Records #40 CD)

(restock) P.L.F./BIRDFLESH - split LP
Super-duper double brutal and totally lethal pairing of these two spleen-splattering titans of international grindcore insanity! Swedish clown shoes Birdflesh remove your brain with no anesthesia while Texas thrash terrorists P.L.F. aurally molest what's left of your puny remains. Destroy yourself immediately by purchasing a copy of this skull-splitting atrocity! (Haunted Hotel Records #72)

Descriptions for 6/28/14

REVENGE - Attack.Blood.Revenge" CD
With the prominence that Revenge has since earned, it seems fitting to now reissue this classic debut MLP. To augment the material on "Attack.Blood.Revenge," this new CD edition contains four additional bonus tracks including the "Superion.Command.Destroy" EP, Revenge's track from the split 7" with Arkhon Infaustus, and the band's cover of Von's "Lamb" that it recorded for inclusion on the 2009 NWN! Fest compilation. (Nuclear War Now Records #300)

NO WARNING - Suffer Survive LP
Posthumous release of No Warnings second full length from 2004. First and only time on vinyl. One time pressing of 1500. Gatefold cover with printed inner sleeve and the original layout by Jacob Bannon. No download, no repress. (Six Feet Under Records #91)

NO TIME - s/t 7"
Pittsburgh Oi! punks, No Time were formed by ex-members from one of Pittsburgh's most brutal extreme acts, Heartless. This current musical reincarnation of sorts has found the band members repositioned on new instruments. Former Heartless bassist Adam Thomas is handling vocal duties and has already seen comparisons to Fucked Up's Damian Abraham and seminal Oi! outfit, 86 Mentality. Longtime fans of punk rock and Oi! should find a lot to love here. A real Blitz and Criminal Damage. (Six Feet Under Records #90)

EMPTY FLOWERS - The Air You Found LP
Empty Flowers is a post-rock band featuring members of legendary hardcore band, Cable. This particular release is a reworking of tracks (remix record) by Justin Broadrick (Godflesh), Kevin Hufnagel (Gorguts, Dysrhythmia, Vaura), James Plotkin (Atomsmasher, Khanate), iconAclass/deadverse (Dalek), Michael Hill (Tombs, King Generator), And Lee Bartow (Theologian, Navicon Torture Technologies).CD version available on Translation Loss Records. (Red Scroll Records #15)

KRANG - Bad Moon LP
From Chicago,IL Members of Expendable Youth, Securicor, Decay After Death, and Black September.Crawling out of the proverbial Bog of Eternal Stenchcore coincidentally also the name of Krang's debut 7_ they are back with more crusting stench that builds up form the corner of the room before exploding out of the speakers like battle worn worshiping crust metal, an all round hammering sound which brings an amalgamation of 80_s Stench and 90_s Crust of Sacrilege, Deviated Instinct, etc. Cover art work will be provided by the indomitable Halsey Swain, who notably has done work for Havok, Toxic Holocaust, Hellshock & more. (Sacred Plague Records #19)

PISS PISS PISS - Never Herd of Ambeix tape cassette
On the title track of Never Herd of Ambeix, Portland's Piss Piss Piss call out punk elitism, purposefully misspelling and mispronouncing the progenitors of crust punk. Acceptance is not an uncommon sentiment in punk, but a dressing down of the genre's litmus test ethos is interesting. Throughout the album, Piss Piss Piss clarify their perspective as they are also not interested in those who don't contribute and leech off of punk's image: "White Punx on Dope." Juxtaposed with "Never Heard of Ambeix," these themes seem to be at odds and illustrate a conundrum-how can you be inclusive while still being exclusive? Perhaps a truth of intention is all that they are looking for. Sonically, NHOA is straightahead D-beat-infused crust that was mastered by Audiosiege, and it fits together perfectly. The Northwest is a hotbed of bands of this ilk, and Piss Piss Piss easily join their ranks. (Sacred Plague Records #18)

IMPATIENCE - s/t Cassette Tape:
Precise, ferocious hardcore that loses none of its momentum for the fact that it's recorded very well. A Milwaukee band made up of people from Protestant and Enabler (among others), Impatience is playing a dark, pummeling variant of hardcore, a mix of hate filled east coast hardcore into an impassioned Midwestern assault-Like a fast and heavy Black Flag mixed with a Japanese version of Integrity. Heavy, fast, no art, just hardcore. (Sacred Plague Records #15)

NO CONFIDENCE - Keep Going Nowhere LP
Hardcore band based in Rome (Italy) with members of people involved for many years in the local HC scene. No Confidence started in late 2011 and, after some line up changes, in 2012 the band became what it is now, with Michele, Pompeo, Maurizio and Fabio. This is a great fucking record of 90's melodic hc/punk NJ style. For fans of Lifetime, Kid Dynamite or Paint it Black. (La Agonia De Vivir #30)

Minority of one are from Jerez (Spain). They are the same 5 guys that played for the classic youth crew band called Truth Through Fight for the last 10 years. This is their second recording, after a great debut demo 12". 16 songs of pure and honest melodic hardcore with lyrics about politics, PMA, skate, bodyboard, Cro-Mags and Side By Side. For fans of Good Riddance, Strike anywhere, Lifetime... (La Agonia De Vivir #29)

DUELO - s/t Discography 2012-2013 LP
This is melodic ultrafast anarchist hc/punk from Madrid (Spain). People from PIB, Decisión... This is their discography with their 3 demos(18 songs). Fro fans of Sin Dios, Rouse... (La Agonia De Vivir #27)

YUSUKE/DELOS - split 7"
Yusuke are form Usa and play dark noisy emoviolence, fucking awesome! Delos are the same guys of classic Louis Cyphre masters! They're from Germany and make great melodic screamoviolence. (La Agonia De Vivir #20)

KUOLEMA - Noise From The Sick City 7"
New ep by these pioneers of traditional old school finish propaganda hardcore, includes 9 tracks include a cover version of Terveet Kadet's "Vapaa Pohjola". Recorded in February 1983 with walde from Terveet Kadet on guitar. (Power It Up #19)

The Split 7" contains two new brutal tracks from belgium leading grinders Leng T'che the other side has two tracks from the canadian powerhouse Fuck The Facts. (Power It Up #99)

M:40 - Diagnos LP
New songs from the Lidköping crust/hardcore unit known as M:40. The band started back in 2002 over a totally improvised recording. Their second fullength, Historiens svarta vingslag, was released as CD in 2007 on Halvfabrikat Records. Since then the world has not quite been the same. A long time, bands such as Disfear, Tragedy and Totalt jävla mörker led the way of crust/punk entirely. As the summer of 2012 approaches, the tables will turn. M:40 are back with their third fullength, titled "Diagnos". Diagnos does not only gives us the brutal side of Disfear, the raw side of Tragedy, or even the fierce side of Totalt jävla mörker. Diagnos also proves that crustpunk can infact be diverse; in contrary to the before mentioned.Imagine yourself arriving at the barren no-man's land, with no way back to safety; warmth, love or affection. This is the soundtrack to that exact moment. (Power It Up #159)

MASSGRAVE - 5 Years Of Grinding Crust Core CD
Canada's Massgrave compile a collection of their first 6 vinyl releases on one cd. Their first ep "Survival of the Richest", their LP "People are the Problem", and split 7"s with Global Holocaust, Poser Disposer, Pretty Little Flower and Warfair? Massgrave play a brutal blend of early 90's style crust-core, and early death grind, often compared to Extreme Noise Terror and old Napalm Death. (Power It Up #96 CD)

NAILED DOWN - Resurrection 7"x3
After years in the warehouse we got the complete pressing from the never released triple 7" from vicious Australian head-grinders NAILED DOWN. Sixteen studio-recorded tracks of ultra-barbaric hardcore destruction. Previous releases on Profane Existence (Far East), Six Weeks, Spiral Objective, Homegrown, Power It Up, and more. The artwork is complete different to the CD release on First blood Family Records years ago. Nailed Down from down under have been going for quite some time now, and this is their newest release. They lay down the law with some absolutely unrelenting and pummeling hardcore, taking heavy influences from early '80s US hardcore, particularly Boston. In fact, they cover Negative FX's "Nuclear Fear". Although Nailed Down takes strong influences from early '80s Boston hardcore, it's not exactly in that style. The catchiness and hooks of those bands are substituted with blasting brutality, sort of like the way in which Infest was influenced by Boston hardcore. The noticeable exception being track 13, "You Tell Me" which is the catchiest song on the album. Either way, a really good album all around, and a good place to start if you are looking to check these guys out. (Power It Up #148)

Nailed Down with 4 new tracks of tradional old school hardcore/crust core, fucking great recordings. Ruido with 2 new thrash attacks. (Power It Up #7)

Descriptions for 6/21/14

LOS CRUDOS - Cobardes 7"
Released in time for their recent Spain + London tour this 4 track EP contains 3 previously tracks released in compilations back on the day as well as a song only available on their discography CD. Basically, for those keeping tabs on CRUDOS discography this is a hard vinyl version of the flexi disc released in Brazil last year. All in all 4 manic hardcore punk tracks sung in Spanish reminding us that the 90's actually produced classic bands. (La Vida Es Un Mus #82)

NEO PUNKZ - Fascist Fuckerz 7"
Back in 1980, punk was all about nihilism and not giving a fuck. Young punks got themselves guitars and drums and started their own band. So did a bunch of them who hailed from Haarlem, the exact same place Jesus and the Gospelfuckers came from. They recorded 5 songs that sounded snotty and raw. Obviously they did not care a lot about good musicianship and quality recordings and that might be exactly why this is such a great record. Snottyness that sounds natural and not as ' wanna be' as a lot of bands these days. This is an essential record for people who like their punk raw and vicious. Comes with 8 page booklet including the never before printed lyrics as well as lots of never before used pictures of this young punkz. (La Vida Es Un Mus #79)

SUSPENSE - Murder with the Axe 7"
I remember getting a letter from one of the DISORDER members who asked me to re-record him the SUSPENSE ep, because the song ' Crazy Sod' got cut off before it ended. As a lot of punk bands, the NEO PUNKZ were influenced a lot by DISCHARGE (and not only musically) and in comparisation to the first ep, they sped up and had a distinct UK82 in sound (as well as their appearance). The subtitle of this record is; ' the end of the NEO PUNKZ , this is SUSPENSE'. They replaced one of the guitar players, recorded 3 fast songs and one longer and much slower one. Again, this is one of the milestones in Dutch punk history and boy, don't they look good in studs and leather. Essential. (La Vida Es Un Mus #80)

JUANITA Y LOS FEOS - Nueva Numancia LP
Third full length of JUANITA Y LOS FEOS from Madrid. Twelve new wave stompers clocking in at just over 30 minutes. Dark and catchy tunes reflect perfectly the current Spanish youth mood. Depressing and hopeless at times yet sarcastic and naïve. The production is sharp and the stunning female vocals take each track to pop heaven.Think a mix of The Fastbacks, The Go Go's, The Gun Club and X. Addictive sounds for Spanish Nueva Ola lovers. Split release with Beat Generation in Spain. (La Vida Es Un Mus #83)

HELLSHOCK - Low Men in Yellow Cloaks 7"
Newest e.p. from the masters of metal crust! A brand new 2 song crusher featuring their first "new" songs in over 5 years and first recordings with 2nd guitarist Ethan (guided cradle) - the tracks Enemy Within / Demons of Fire Continuing where they left off on their heavy crust crusade into oblivion with 2009's "they wait for you still" l.p.. both tracks are like a kick in the face, a pulverizing crush of gloom and metal fury that doesn't disappoint. Definitely worth the wait! - Covers printed on special tip-on sleeves with artwork by legendary Japanese artist "Sugi"- 1,000 pressed. (Black Water Records #48)

VIVID SEKT - From Ruin 7"
Three new tracks from Portland's very own "peace punks" - Now a 3 piece w/ Anya and Alex handling main vocal duties after the departure of Ian - these Female fronted thought provoking songs strike a similarity to Fuzzbox at times mixed in with influences of some of your favorite UK82 and peace punk bands (Fatal Microbes/The System/A Heads etc). Influences which they wear blatantly on their jackets, all the while managing to keep their own uniqueness and give a fresh take on a classic genre. The harmony of the dual vocals blended with the not overly distorted guitar lines of Alex (Arctic Flowers) and driving bass lines from Anya (Moral Hex) keep the melodies of each song strong and sincere while the energy of Greg's (Dog Soldier) drumming drives each track continuously forward. - This is their strongest release to date and a teaser of what's to come, hopefully it won't be too long... 500 pressed. (Black Water Records #54)

EU'S ARSE/IMPACT - split 7"
Official reissue of one of the most legendary and sought after splits in Italian hardcore history (second maybe to wretched/indigesti??) originally self-released by eu's arse in 1983 with 1,000 copies pressed. this reissue features the original layout including all the extra inserts and lyric sheets that have not been available in over 20 years! 11 tracks of raw and powerfully intense Italian hardcore clocking in at around 21 minutes. Starting with the eu's arse side you have 5 tracks of manic aggressive hardcore punk complete with the cracking voice and teenage angst that gives the singer an especially sincere sense of urgency, add to that the discharge-ish riffs and drumming similar to the early Swedish hardcore bands and it all comes together to create a atmosphere of complete hopelessness. Flipping it over you get the first recordings from one of the most legendary Italian hardcore bands, Impact. 6 tracks of pissed off fuzzed out hardcore in its purest form. This record laid the foundation for just about every Italian hardcore and punk band that came after them. An absolute classic! (Black Water Records #57)

EU'S ARSE - Lo Stato Ha Bisogno 7"
Official reissue of this 1982 classic. Their first e.p. originally released on their own "Nuova Fahrenheit" label and limited to 1,000 copies. Now officially reissued by Black Water Records making available for the first time in over 30 years one of the most sought after and legendary Italian hardcore records ever made! High energy ferocious Italian hardcore punk that helped lay the foundation for all the Italian hc punk bands to come after. Right from the start these songs have the rumblings of off the hook hardcore that explodes into the now classic punk from Italy that we know and love - "FUCK OFF WE ARE THE EU'S ARSE!!! 7 tracks in 10 minutes! - with insert! (Black Water Records #56)

LAKES - Carved Remains 7"
The follow up single to last years incredible 'Blood of the Grove' LP from Australian punk-punk group LAKES. One of the most exciting bands to emerge from the current Australian underground, LAKES features members of TEARGAS, TAX, ZOND, EASTLINK, and more. Taking influence from cult acts such as DEATH IN JUNE and CURRENT 93 and mixing the power and conviction of Crass Records era anarcho punk ala THE MOB - LAKES are the most realized offering from Australia to fit alongside the current international revival of the post-punk / gothic rock genres. Record comes shrinkwrapped and housed in a stark black and white cover with lush printed inner sleeve. (Nopatience Records #26)

FLESH WORLD - Planned Obsolescence 7"
Devastating noisy hardcore from Australia mixing classic USHC power with the intensity and aggression of Italian greats such as WRETCHED and INDIGESTI. This is the vinyl pressing of their cassette only EP from 2011, criminally overlooked and almost lost to time, a cult record in the making. Claustrophobic and chaotic, one of the most over looked Australian hardcore punk records of the last 5 years. Members of TEARGAS, PATHETIC HUMAN, THE ZINGERS, LAKES, RATSAK, and more. Record comes shrinkwrapped, on blood red vinyl, housed in a red and black jacket. (No Patience Records #23)

SLUDGE - Content LP
New release on yet another LVEUM sub-label. This is a split release with Crust War label from Osaka, Japan. If you need wholesale copies feel free to ask. We only have 300 copies. As you may already know most of the famous Japanese hardcore bands comes from the bigger city of Japan like Tokyo/Osaka/Nagoya but sometimes you can see there is a great band coming out from very countryside and this time SLUDGE is no exception. SLUDGE comes from Kinan/Wakayama Southwest Japan and it is always fascinating to see such an impressive band coming out from the rural and remote area. After several years of unknown activities the band released an demo cd-r and sold it at only few record shops which was the start of everything. Every people who happen to get the demo was blown away. Crust war had a chance to meet the members one day and asked if they wanted to release something and now this is the result. 10 tracks of total anarchic rawness and destructive mayhem played in traditional Japanese metalcore punk style with slightly crust and metal punk touch. Fans of GISM,ZOUO,later GHOUL, EFFIGY, DEMOLITION, TETSU- ARREY, G.A.T.E.S shouldn't miss this! (La Vida Es Un Mus/Mutacion Records #1)

THE REPOS - Live Munitions LP
One of the most prolific and influential hardcore bands of our generation is finally captured live with this fourteen song assault recorded in Chicago during a private performance on the west side. This LP contains all their best classics like "Attack From All Sides," "Lowlife Legion," and "Voice In My Head," delivered in a non-stop, three-chord barrage under a tornado of growls by a lunatic frontman. Mixed and mastered by Will Killingsworth at Dead Air Studios for optimal ferocity, making it almost seem like you were there bashing in faces too. (Youth Attack Records #86)

(restock) RAW NERVE - Every Problem Solved 7" (NOTE: Youth Attack pricing) Chicago hardcore legends RAW NERVE have gone out burning down the whole city with this final four-song frenzy to top off one of the most uncompromising runs in recent hardcore history. Eschewing the reassurance of sing-alongs and melodies, RAW NERVE fixates on the insular world of loneliness and the search for meaning by tearing apart all falsehoods with a bitter vengeance. This is combustive, youthful hardcore at its finest. Features heavy tip-on 7" jackets, 8 page photo booklets, and thick vinyl. (Youth Attack Records #81)