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Descriptions for the newest releases available this week.

Descriptions for 4/12/14

GHOUL - Hang Ten 10" (Record Store Day Release)
In recognition of that holiest of holy days, Record Store Day, the masked mutants in GHOUL are releasing Hang Ten, a limited edition six-song (mostly) instrumental 10_ EP. Featuring guest vocals from Tony Foresta (MUNICIPAL WASTE, IRON REAGAN) as Henchman #1 and the inimitable R.A. MacLean (ex-DEADBOLT) as Kreeg, alongside Digestor, Cremator, Fermentor, Dissector and The Moron Cavern-Shackled Choir. Surely an anomaly in GHOUL's catalog, the EP features songs written exclusively in their unique brand of surf metal the quartet has previously only dabbled in. Hang Ten picks up right where Transmission Zero left off, relaying the tale of a Creepsylvania in tatters, and the terrible power struggle that ensues between two vicious motorcycle gangs. Hang Ten was recorded by Salvador Raya at Earhammer Studios in Oakland (birthing home of Splatterhash,Splatterthrash and Transmission Zero), mastered by Dan Randall at Mammoth Sound Mastering and sports cover art by Sean Aaberg of Pork Magazine. (Tank Crimes Records #76)

FINAL CONFLICT - Ashes to Ashes LP
Los Angeles, California's FINAL CONFLICT were highly influenced by British punk bands like DISCHARGE and one of the first bands to blend hardcore's simplistic and manic sound and heavy metal's musicianship with any degree of success. These spiky haired punks created a sound that would go on to be emulated by hundreds of bands, none ever reaching the level of raw power that this LP contained. Originally issued on Pushead's Pusmort Records in 1987 then later issued via Relapse Records in 1994, this stellar album now find's a new home at Tankcrimes Records. Includes 24 page booklet with old photos, flyers and interviews plus lyrics and fold out poster. (Tank Crimes Records #75)

CONFRONT - Trace: Early Years Selection LP
Hardcore Punk from Mie City steeped in the traditional Japanese Hardcore style which is so known for great riffs, blazing solos, and catchy gang choruses you will shouting after the first listen. This LP houses a collection of Confront's best tracks compiled from self released CD's and compilations, completely remastered for this release. 500 Pressed. (General Speech Records #5)

PARADOX - No Ghosts That Haunt LP
Debut 12" LP from Atlanta hardcore punks Paradox. Contains 6 tracks of raw fury with some mid paced anarcho style songs such as "Witch Hunt". This band keeps it interesting by adding in some powerful and catchy breaks. Definitely for fans of Anti-Cimex, Framtid, Riistetyt, and more modern bands like Mauser, Kromosom, and Brain Killer. This package includes a fold out cover with lyrics and info art on the reverse side. Includes poster. Past members of Disable, In Ruins, and Skänka. (Increase The Pressure #1)

OI POLLOI - Multiple Oi Gasm 7"
Just in time for their first ever West Coast tour, comes 3 brand new raging tracks of 100% antifascist nu-oi! Two songs in Gaelic and one in English. This 7" is limited to 500 copies and comes housed in a full color jacket. (Rotten To The Core Records #19)

Locktender's "Kafka" LP was called "One of the most powerful, uplifting and original artistic statements of 2013." This new 4 song LP sees these midwestern post metal / post hardcore giants branch out even further with the four songs based on 4 sculptures by Auguste Rodin. Somewhere between atmospheric post-hardcore, screamo and post-metal Locktender definitely create their own sound with this record. (Halo of Flies Records #69)

German post hardcore/metal meets Ohio post hardcore/post screamo. Epic-ness in a small format. (Halo Of Flies Records #66)

VANNA INGET - Ingen Botten LP
Man In Decline Records is proud to release the North American version of VÅNNA INGET's second LP, INGEN BOTTEN. In 2011, Vånna Inget released their debut album "ALLVAR" and quickly became a name associated with great expectations in their native Sweden. Three years on and they have been nominated for a Grammy in their home country and played all over Europe and The U.S. Where "Allvar" found power in its urgent and relentless delivery, "Ingen Botten" is a more nuanced affair. Sharp guitar riffs and shimmering organ melodies are woven together with an attentive and dynamic rhythm section and the band has taken the tempo down in a few places and left room for the arrangements to breath a bit more. Karolina's vocals have grown to reach even higher levels of poignant intensity and the band compliments this by nurturing their songs to a maturity between raw, punkish nerve and melodic sensibility. The band proved their recording prowess by tracking the entire album live, straight down on to 2" tape at the legendary Swedish studio, Varispeed. Sonically, the recording stands with some of the best punk records ever produced. Coupled with Vånna Inget's universal appeal and ability to turn claustrophobic themes of confinement and desperation into something that feels uplifting and liberating, "Ingen Botten" is sure to win over new and old fans alike. (Man In Decline Records #16)

VANNA INGET is punk with a little more melody and pop sensibility, not unlike classic bands THE AVENGERS, THE BRAT, and THE GO-GO's, or Swedish contemporaries like MASSHYSTERI, KNUGEN FALLER, and BURNING KITCHEN. On their debut LP, ALLVAR, Vånna Inget captured a moment of spontaneity where driving minor chords and strong vocal harmonies made melancholy and anxiety feel like moods to strive for. Recorded in the band's home studio, ALLVAR was originally released in 2011, and only available in North America in a very limited quantity ahead of a U.S. tour. Man In Decline is proud to now make this amazing LP more widely available to fans on this side of the Atlantic. Since it's initial release, Allvar has been praised for the strength of the songwriting, the dynamic and varied tracks, and the production which allowed for the punk grit to come through while at the same time showcased the musicianship of the band. We think it's a bit premature to call this a "modern classic", as others have claimed, but the power of these songs is certainly undeniable. (Man In Decline Records #17)

Eight tracks of bleak and aggressive queer punk from Seattle. Raw guitars, cathartic drums, and growling, soaring vocals that sometimes feel influenced by 90s hardcore. The lyrics are angry, hopeful and intelligent, addressing issues like gender identity, homophobia, and class from a personal perspective. Sounds like a weirder faster SPITBOY or sometimes ARCTIC FLOWERS. Put out by Olympia's RUMBLETOWNE RECORDS. (Agatha Records #1)

Two raw punk bands from the from the pacific northwest coming together to create this heavy, moody split. AGATHA picks right up where there LP left off playing intense mid-tempo queer hardcore. Weird angular guitar riffs and tough angry vocals. DOGJAW sounds like a mix of street punk and 90s grunge - in the best possible way. Sometimes constructing beautiful ethereal guitar tones and at others creating a heavy wall of grit. Dueling female vocals spewing fiery, witchy lyrics. Both bands are have other releases on RUMBLETOWNE RECORDS and you can hear the influence. (Agatha Records #2)

Interviews and conversations with Dribble / Gutter Gods, Lakes, Puce Mary, Oily Boys, Low Life, Vanessa Amara, Lucy Cliche, Prolife and author S.T. Lore. US edition with ivory cover. (Distort Issue #43)

Interviews with Omegas, The Throb, Beastianity, Red Red Krovvy, Drew Gates and NS Mayhem. Writing on E.M. Cioran, Justin Fuller, Oily Boys, Wet Cloth, Soma Coma, Hyperspace Vision, Croation Amor, LR, X-TG / Throbbing Gristle, Lakes, The Clean, Constant Mongrel, U202, Destruction Unit. Cover photo by Julia Nowak. Centrefold art by Liam Osbourne. US edition with red cover. (Distort Issue #42)

Interviews with The Hunches, Night Prowler and Aaron Aspinwall (The Repos). Writing on Harry Crews, Repairs, Lost Domain, Waste Management, Factorymen, Jackman, Harald Grosskopf, Whores, Inservibles, Vile Gash, Schizophasia, Bits of Shit, Salvation, No Balls. Cover art by Arturo Medrano. Centrefold art by Shiva Addanki. Illustrations by Elias Martinez. US edition with red cover. (Distort Issue #41)

WARTHREAT - And The Children 7"
Vicious, raw D-Beat from Perth, Western Australia. (Konton Crashers Records #12 E)

ANCIENT FILTH - You're Nothing, You're Everything 7"
Ancient Filth's second record is another solid effort of fast, thoughtful, intelligent hardcore. The drumming, high pitched vocals and ripping guitars is reminiscent of late 90's early 00's thrash. Not only is this 7" jam-packed with 10 songs, the elaborate packaging comes with a lyric zine (which includes explanations) and a giant sized newsprint poster. (Idea Addict Records #1)

GOODTIME BOYS - Things I Still Don't Understand 7"
Goodtime Boys' "Things I Still Don't Understand" is a two-song teaser for their forthcoming, proper full-length debut, "Rain." "Life Moves" is the A-side - a driving, dynamically and rhythmically propulsive preview of "Rain's" musical subtlety and emotional depth. The exclusive B-side is a cover of Billy Bragg's "Tank Park Salute" (from Bragg's 1991 album "Don't Try This At Home"). 7" includes digital download and is limited to 500 copies. (Bridge Nine Records #206)

CULT LEADER - Nothing For Us Here LP
Cult Leader is the next evolutionary leap forward for three-quarters of Gaza, arguably one of the best metallic bands of the last decade. Brilliantly heavy, technical musicianship complimented by Anthony Lucero's newfound brutal vocal delivery (previously he played bass in Gaza), all of it coming together as an unconventional tangle of metal/hardcore/punk wreckage. This release proves that even in their primordial state, Cult Leader is capable of standing as contemporaries Converge and Coalesce as new monsters of the aggressive music genre. Vinyl version includes digital download. (Weathwish Records #158)

Chicago, IL's Dead Ending can be described as an '80s-influenced hardcore/punk band and includes members of Rise Against, Alkaline Trio, Articles Of Faith and All Eyes West. The band boasts two releases already under their belt: 2012's self-titled EP and "DE II" the following year, both released on Alternative Tentacles. Their third EP, the aptly titled "DE III," features five new tracks that pack a punch like never before, as well as guest appearances from punk legends Jake Burns (Stiff Little Fingers) and Jeff Pezzati (Naked Raygun, The Bomb). 12"ep includes digital download. (Bridge Nine Records #205)

STREET DOGS/NOI!SE - split 10"
Both groups have partnered in the past with Pirates Press on previous releases and are extremely excited once again to have this opportunity to really showcase their new material. This 10"/CDep certainly gives this material the full treatment, and should keep all the fans happy and anxious for the other upcoming releases both bands have in store later this year. Noi!se and Street Dogs both recorded three new songs for this split and the fun that they've both had putting it together has both bands already talking about followup splits with other bands that they love and want to share with their fans. Vinyl version includes digital download. (Pirate's Press Records #118)

POISON IDEA - Getting The Fear 7" (Record Store Day release)
When it was originally released over 25 years ago, the "Getting The Fear" LP was immediately considered by many to be the height of POISOn IDEA collector scumdom: a mailorder-only 12" single, pressed on a vast array of limited color versions, all hand-numbered and including a poster. The original pressing quickly disappeared into legend, joining Pick Your King as one of the most sought-after pieces in the vast POISOn IDEA discography.... On Record Store Day 2014, TKO Records, partnering with our good friends at RevDistribution, are proud to once again make this elusive, powerful slab of relentless POISOn IDEA brutality available as a 7" single!!! Now you too will be able to own this classic release on vinyl without paying out the $300+ price the original fetches in the online collector market. You're welcome... As always, keep your eyes peeled for further POISON IDEA LP reissues for the TKO RECORDS Kings Of Punk series!! Limited to 2,000 copies. (TKO Records #201)

BELTONES - On Deaf Ears LP (Record Store Day release)
For RECORD STORE DAY 2014, TKO has plundered the vaults to bring you a rare, much sought-after classic from the early days of the label- the BELTONES 90's Punk classic "On Deaf Ears." Originally released on CD in 1998, "On Deaf Ears" quickly became a worldwide cult hit in the 90's Punk underground. Now over 15 years after its original release, TKO RECORDS is delighted to finally make this title available on vinyl. Limited to a one-time pressing of 2,000 Black vinyl copies....Enjoy!! (TKO Records #203)

INTEGRITY/VEGAS - split 7" (red vinyl Record Store Day release)
The legendary INTEGRITY team up the elusive VEGAS for Volume III of the A389 RSD Split 7" series. This time paying tribute to the 1967 British comedy film "Bedazzled" with the movie music of Dudley Moore and Peter Cook. Featuring artwork once again by Szymon Siech and a full size 24x36 movie poster print. Limited edition one-time RSD pressing of 1000 on RED vinyl. (A389 Records #142)

BLOODLET - Live On WMFU-FM LP (Record Store Day release)
Enjoy a rare live-on-air radio performance from BLOODLET captured live on WFMU in 1995 before their landmark album Entheogen was completed. Contains slightly different arrangements of their destined-to-be classic tracks, creative improvised interludes and an unreleased/unheard track entitled 'Canker'. Digitally restored/remastered by Audiosiege with original artwork by Aaron Turner of Isis//Mammifer/Old Man Gloom/HYDRA HEAD records fame. Limited edition one-time RSD pressing of 1000. (A389 Records #144)

FULL OF HELL/PSYWARFARE - split LP (Record Store Day release)
Maryland's FULL OF HELL continue to demonstrate why they are one of the most interesting and prolific underground bands today. Following their acclaimed 'Rudiments Of Mutilation' LP the band returns with a long experimental track which is the perfect counterpart to PSYWARFARE (featuring Dwid of INTEGRITY) on the flipside unleashing their unique brand of audio terrorism.Limited edition one-time RSD pressing of 1000. (A389 Records #143)

Descriptions for 4/5/14

MAXIMUM ROCK'N'ROLL #372 (May 2014)
(Note the new cover price is $4.99 but we made a mistake and printed $4 on the front cover of this issue.) Happy May Day! This month_s issue has interviews with Macedonian punks XAXAXA, fellow zinesters over at RAZORCAKE, Italy_s EU_S ARSE, ALERT! ALERT! from Poland, Canada_s RHYTHM OF CRUELTY and STRANGE ATTRACTOR, PMMA, WYMYNS PRYSYN, STRAIGHT CRIMES, England_s REVENGE OF THE PSYCHOTRONIC MAN, SPACE WOLVES, the last interview with SIEGE, and a SCOTLAND scene report. (Maximum Rock'n'Roll #371)

Boston based group with its long belated 10-track debut of regional traditionalism. Tunes to carry the Al Barile + Jack Kelly tradition of The Straight Edge circa '82 onward and upward while simultaneously discarding their work in subsequent decades. Members of Think I Care, Waste Management, No Tolerance, Mind Eraser. (Painkiller Records #41)

RIPCORD - Fast N Furious: The Complete Demos LPx2 + CD
Strictly limited edition double coloured vinyl LP in heavyweight sleeve, with 24 x 12" printed insert, and comes with CD in pvc wallet. First pressing limited to just 500 copies worldwide! For the first time, UK Hardcore Punk legends RIPCORD have all five of their recorded demos compiled as a stand alone release (including their second demo, which has never officially been released until now). Featuring 42 tracks of classic UK Hardcore punk, this is a must for all collectors of mid to late 80s hardcore punk. All tracks digitally remastered by Baz and John from the band at the legendary Whitehouse Studios in January 2014. To make this release ultra special, the strictly limited edition pressing is on coloured vinyl, with a 24 x 12" insert featuring unseen photos and liner notes and lyrics from the band, plus the CD version (with bonus track!) also included in a PVC wallet. The whole package is presented with a Japanese LP obi strip and poly overbag. Coupled with the wonderful artwork by Welly (Artcore Fanzine) and front cover illustration by Brian Walsby, this is a must own for any fans of the era, archiving recordings that are almost three decades own into a wonderful, must own package! (Boss Tuneage Retro #15)

IMPULSE - Chula Violence 7"
Originally released as a super limited run of records last year, I nabbed a copy Chula Violence before it sold out and it quickly rose to my top release of 2013. To make sure this beast did not go extinct I approached the band and they agreed to a pressing on TLAL. IMPULSE are super young in age but they take the old sound of 80's hardcore and infuse it with new life and increased RPM. Imagine YOUTH OF TODAY fused with the speed of NEOS. There isn't enough I can say about this band. I feel like they are a gem waiting to be unveiled to the world just like the CAVE STATE EP. Get plugged into West Coast's newest youth crew... crew. (To Live A Lie Records #103)

ACxDC - He Had It Coming/Second Coming 7"x2 (gatefold)
Luxurious gatefold pressing that contains both of the following releases pressed on pink vinyl. Not expected to last long. He Had It Coming: Anti-Christ Demon Core's He Had it Coming repress features the original six song EP released in 2005 plus two tracks from the same session off the A Sign Of Impending Doom Compilation. The band formed in 2003, recorded these songs in 2005 and then vanished for awhile on a many-year hiatus, only to resurface and record and release a brillian new EP and begin touring again in 2011/2012. The original EP is long saught after by grindcore and powerviolence fiends around the country and this is your chance to grab the limited repress. Second Coming: Seven years since their first vinyl output and after coming back from an extended hiatus, a fully-rested Anti-Chris Demon Core produce their glowing sophmore release. (To Live A Lie Records #64)

RIPCORD - Fast N Furious: The Complete Demos CD
Strictly limited edition Japanese import CD edition, complete with Japanese translation booklet and obi strip. For the first time, UK Hardcore Punk legends RIPCORD have all five of their recorded demos compiled as a stand alone release (including their second demo, which has never officially been released until now). Featuring 42 tracks of classic UK Hardcore punk, this is a must for all collectors of mid to late 80s hardcore punk. All tracks digitally remastered by Baz and John from the band at the legendary Whitehouse Studios in January 2014.Coupled with the wonderful artwork by Welly (Artcore Fanzine) and front cover illustration by Brian Walsby, this is a must own for any fans of the era, archiving recordings that are almost three decades own into a wonderful, must own package! This is a CD Import Version co-released with Break The Connection Records in Japan with Japanese translation booklet and obi insert. (Break The Connection /Boss Tuneage Retro #15)

Rubella Ballet formed in 1979, with the nucleus of the band coming from a gig where Crass invited the audience to use their equipment and finish the gig. The band toured with Crass and the Poison Girls before touring with punk and goth bands around the world. Rubella Ballet hail from the Anarcho punk scene but are equally at home playing the Goth scene as they were also part of it's early conception as newly formed goth bands supported Rubella ballet. The band became infamous for creating the Day-glo Death Rock punk scene with their different and innovative style of music and the shock value of wearing ultraviolet day-glo clothes. Louise Gray our hottest British designer, has credited Zillah Minx as an influence on her designs." Zillah Minx of Rubella Ballet - she was one of the originators of punk in London. She wore colours and used UV paint to make her clothes and sets for gigs so everything was illuminated! I LOVE HER" Louise Gray, Elle Magazine May 2013. (Overground Records #135)

COTTAGING - Mise En Abyme 7"
Cottaging is an outfit of cellar secretions from Providence, Rhode Island. Untrustworthy curmudgeons ingesting Chrome and spewing aural shit over the Northeast Corridor. Punk rejects that include members of Libyans, Cult Ritual and Diet Cokeheads. (Abscess Records #5)

Pumping into your mainline artery a concrete mixer worth of heart punishing riffage, THRILLKILLERS take the stage in this rare snap shot of multi tracked brilliance. This band features RUPTURE's Mark Zombo and will take you on a journey way beyond where the dreaded Green Goblin would ever stray....right into the streets of demented punkrock metal decadence. On the flipside prepare your mind, body, and soul to be taken down as the room fills with black psychedelic satan thrash from this band of merry occultists from Ohio known as BREATHILIZOR. Their new track "Barrel Full of Satans" is sure to harken your mind back to every memory of feeling good about killing stuff. Be warned! (Agromosh #37) (Six Feet Under Records #

HARD TIMES - Demain 7"
Formed in 2003 in Paris during a lull in the French Oi/Streetpunk scene, Hard Times was the product of a few friends converging love of oi, punk and hardcore. Their blend of classic skinhead culture and ideas with a rough modern oi/hardcore sound and outspoken anti-racist views has won over fans (and enemies) from all around Europe. The four tracks featured on this 7" are re-recordings of some of the bands oldest songs. You wont be disappointed, whether you're a french oi fanatic or just a casual punk listener. (Six Feet Under Records #89)

EVIL CONDUCT - Oi! Scorchers LPx2
This 16 track double LP collection was compiled by the band as a greatest hits (so far). All the songs have been remastered from their original versions and come housed in a gatefold sleeve. (Six Feet Under Records #87)

OXYMORON - Fuck The Nineties, Here's Our Noize! LP (gatefold)
Considered by many to be the best streetpunk record of the 90's, "Fuck The 90's" is Oxymoron's debut full length. Originally release in 1995 on Helen Of Oi and later pressed again on Knockout Records, it has been out of print for a long time. SFU has gotten the vinyl remastered and gotten Sucker to provide a new gatefold layout with new photos and artwork. (Six Feet Under Records #86)

OUTCROWD from Atlanta and WRITTEN OFF from Louisville are both great friends of ours so its with pride that we bring you this one. Originally released on Iron Mind Crew Records, this split went through two pressings before it went out of print. We are re-releasing it now on SFU in a new pressing with new cover art by LINAS GARCYS. All the records are on clear vinyl and come with download codes. (Six Feet Under Records #84)

REAL - Spirit Animal 7"
The band was formerly known as Spirit Animal until recently. REAL is a relatively new hardcore band from Richmond Virginia who have been playing out up and down the East Coast for the past year. They recorded their demo Spirit Animal and it caught our attention right off the bat as soon as we heard it. After a mutual friend put us in touch we are pleased to be putting out REAL on vinyl in a limited pressing of 300 copies. Fans of heavy groove laced riffs and mosh parts along the lines of Trapped Under Ice and Expire and Only Living Witness will be in for a treat with this one. Features guest vocals by Justice from TUI and Austin from Break Away. There is no colored vinyl, but this record is limited to only 300 copies, only 200 of each are for sale online. Download codes are included. (Six Feet Under Records #82)

SATAN'S RATS - What A Bunch Of Rodents CD
Twenty tracks including their three classic singles, 13 unreleased tracks and one demo version from one of Britain's most under-rated punk bands. Sleeve notes by Steve Eagles. (Overground Records #46)

THE ART ATTACKS - Outrage & Horror CD
This 20 track compilation features all their recorded tracks, plus unreleased material and a live show from the Vortex in 1978. Packaged in a sleeve designed by Edwin Pouncey (AKA Savage Pencil) it contains an 8-page booklet with photos and cartoons and an in depth interview with Edwin and Steve conducted by noted (and notorious) Stewart Home. (Overground Records #58)

'Get Your Woofing Dog Off Me' is one of the earliest, best and most bootlegged punk rock singles. This 15 track compilation includes all 3 singles and 9 unreleased studio recordings. Booklet contains a detailed band history and rare photos. (Overground Records #65)

NAKED - One Step Backward CD
23 studio recordings from late 70s punk band who evolved into an anarcho band. Compiles their Bluurg 7", their Crass track and a further 17 unreleased studio tracks, all remastered and packaged in a 12-page booklet. (Overground Records #113 VP)

CRAVATS - The Land Of The Giants CD
32 track retrospective double CD at a regular price packaged in a 12-page booklet from one of punk's most enigmatic and boundary pushing bands. File under ground-breaking. (Overground Records #112 VP)

V/A - Anti War (Anarcho Punk Compilation) Vol. 1 CD compilation
First in a series of early 80s British anarcho-punk compilations. This collection compiles 23 anti-war diatribes, the core theme of the anarcho-punk movement in the cold war Thatcher/Reagan era. All bands were central to the scene, although not all are well known, we've searched high and low to bring you the best! 10 of the tracks are previously unreleased; the 24 page booklet contains a history of each band as well as recollections and rare photos. (Overground Records #103VP CD)

V/A - Anti Capitalism (Anarcho Punk Compilation) Vol. 4 CD compilation
The fourth and final volume of chronicling the UK 80s anarcho-punk scene. 23 tracks of which 17 are previously unreleased or exclusive versions, the higlight of which is an unreleased version 'What Do You Want?' by Crass packaged in the usual 24-page booklet with sleeve notes written by Penny Rimbaud of Crass. (Overground Records #111VP CD)

ACOUSMA - s/t 7"
After a strong demo, here's the debut 7" from this Canadian band. Gnarly, noisy, fast hardcore with vocals that are both snotty and screamy. On this recording at least, they remind me quite a bit of Chicago's Raw Nerve. Like RN, they have this subtle but effective way of sounding simultaneously like a bunch of different genres, but like no one but themselves at the same time. Also like RN, this stuff is hard, heavy, but also mega-catchy and memorable in just about every way. Throw in some extremely eye-catching packaging and you have a record that people are bound to be talking about very soon. (High Fashion Industries #1)

RASH - Demo cassette tape
Demo tape from this new Chicago band featuring members of Divine Right. Like the last Divine Right stuff but even better, this demo is an absolute punisher... it has a huge, full recording and just explodes out of your speakers. No-frills hardcore in the midwestern tradition with maximum rage and spite. (High Fashion Industries #2)

BIRDBRAIN - Demos for Survival double cassette tape
Hardcore punk is music for the lowest common denominator. It's for idiots. It's for boys and men with complexes related to all sorts of arrested development issues. It's for women that are also too dumb to understand its intended audience is misogynist trash. We here at high fashion industries take hardcore seriously, so we sought to put together the stupidest band ever. A group of morons pounding on their own private parts, farting out ideas for the idea-less was carefully curated. These knuckledragging simians we found were so idiotic they didn't realize the name Birdbrain was given too them as a direct reflection of their intellect. The band is comprised of two Italian brothers, a German hip-hop icon, and some guy from Kentucky. Easily the most uneducated pieces of shit you could imagine. Bask in their backwards jerk-off moanings and musings. (High Fashion Industries #4)

ARGENTINUM ASTRUM - Malleus Maleficarum LP
Currently available as a three-way label collaboration between Forcefield Records, Inherent Records, and Anti-Corporate Records, the Knoxville, Tenn., trio Argentinum Astrum's second full-length, Malleus Maleficarum, is the band's first studio outing since 2008's self-titled LP. The three songs here aim to bridge the gap between doom and black metal, and come awfully close on track one. Fans of Graves at Sea, Dragged Into Sunlight and Fell Voices would be wise to take notice. Pressing of 500 copies. (Inherent Records #27)

Shadow Of The Destroyer prove themselves worth consideration through music devoid of many of the extraneous elements that have come to factor into much recent black metal. Lacking stage makeup, acoustic interludes, transcendental manifestos, Pitchfork coverage, intentionally provocative fascist imagery, shoegaze crossover, keyboards, or any of the other assorted window dressing that tends to adorn other bands' output while distracting from the core of their output, Shadow Of The Destroyer have created an album that propels itself under the sheer weight of its intensity and engagement with the world around it. It may or may not be the distilled essence of the style that they claim it to be, but the advantage is certainly theirs if the latter option holds more weight. Features members of Kakistocracy, Autarch and The DiMarcos. (Inherent Records #22)

The newest studio album from Tennessee based Generation of Vipers. Recorded and mixed by Kurt Ballou at God City Studios (Converge, Torche, Doomriders, Today Is The Day, etc.), Howl and Filth contains 6 tracks of the most aggressive and deeply personal music in the bands 7 year history. Fans of bands such as Unsane, Neurosis, Tombs and other forward thinking artists of that ilk will be pleasantly surprised. Generation of Vipers also features members of Neurot Recording artists U.S. Christmas and A Storm of Light. (Inherent Records #20)

Big fan of Smalltown, Beni, the singer and bassist from The Gundown, contacted Kalle from Smalltown in the fall of 2012 and invited them to play a short stint of shows with them in Spain. The two bands got along really well and the shows were all fantastic. Soon, ideas were thrown around about doing something together, which resulted in this great split. 7" includes digital download. (Pirates Press Records #117)

BORN LOW - Refuse To Beg 7"
Pounding out a unique blend of locally inspired and New York City-influenced hardcore since 2008, Born Low's descent upon the modern hardcore scene over the past six years could only be described as a bitter, vigorous assault. Their upcoming release "Refuse To Beg" marks a reunion between Reaper and Born Low, as the band continues to refine their campaign of aggression, attitude and authenticity in an ever-changing hardcore scene. Born Low shows no signs of wavering, and their plans aim to serve the hardcore scene with great resilience and strength in the years to come. 7" includes digital download. (Reaper Records #201)

Descriptions for 3/29/14

MAN IS THE BASTARD - Abundance of Guns 10"
Reissued as a 10" 45 rpm for larger "skull fidelity!!!" Abundance Of Guns originally released by S.O.A. in Italy as a 7" e.p. in 1992 and then later reissued by WOOD of M.I.T.B. in early 1993 also as a 7" e.p.(with the bonus track "Regression To Birth") has now been reborn in 10" format to "deliver the sonic mayhem" once again nearly 22 years later!!! Featuring the original MAN IS THE BASTARD line-up of Barnes/Connell/Kenyon/Wood and recorded at "The Headquarters" with master recording engineer Rob DeChaine (BRILLIANT NOISE), the fury of tracks like "The Iron Room", "Slave To The Bean", "Mocha Rebirth" and the title track are just a portion of the skull compositions that made Abundance Of Guns one of the most unique outfits in the underground music community. Full blown dual basses, guitar, noise generators, exemplary drumming and dual crisis-based vocals make this reissue a must have for any "skull servant." (Deep Six Records #193)

One of the first records NWN! released was Morbosidad's magnificent blasphemic self-titled opus and the relationship between NWN! and Morbosidad has endured for more than a decade. Morbosidad unleashed an album of savage violence invoking bands such as Blasphemy, Archgoat, and Sarcofago fused with elements of Death/Grind and simultaneously channeling primary influences like Sodom and Bathory. As the Bestial Black/Death style evolved through the past decade and Morbosidad has continued to release music and tour and play gigs in Europe, Mexico, Central America and Canada, the band's influence has grown so that, by now, the self-titled album is indisputably in the canon of this sub-genre of underground metal. An album so significant with the catalog of both the band and the label as well as broadly influential should remain available. (Nuclear War Now Records #7 CD)

IRON LUNG - Cold Storage II cassette tape
A collection of released and unreleased splits, comp tracks, singles and rarities from 2004-2007. On a pro-printed cassette. 44 tracks in total. (Iron Lung Records #50)

S.H.I.T. - Collective Unconciousness 7" (with download)
Sexual Humans In Turmoil (or our favorite: Skinheads In Tuxedos), more commonly known as S.H.I.T., debut with four urgently executed 100% uncommon hardcore punk tracks in the modern Toronto style. Collective Unconciousness speaks to a vast generation of sleeping strength and rusted mobility. It's time. Organize. Stand tall. Believe in your movement. Check your spelling. Honest, important music gets made less frequently then it should and gets noticed even less. Don't be a dullard, wake up and smell the S.H.I.T. Sounds: Falco. Art: Jaybo. (Iron Lung Records #47)

DEMONBROTHER - Beyond The Veil LP (with download)
The slowest American power violence record. Who needs all those pesky blast beats and indecipherable riffs anyway? That's all junk. Hold it! Don't go thinking this is some metallic sludge nonsense either. We assure you, humble listeners, Beyond The Veil is the tumultuous, boundary-pushing sonic purveyor to satiate the constant hunger for new brutality. A true hardcore debut. Sounds by Dead Air. Art by Steak Mtn. (Iron Lung Records #48)

BRUTAL TRUTH/BASTARD NOISE - Axiom Of Post Humanity split LP
Legendary grindcore godfathers BRUTAL TRUTH and seminal, abrasive-noise terrorists BASTARD NOISE have released their new split, The Axiom of Post Inhumanity! The Axiom of Post Inhumanity will no doubt "fry your brain", as Rich Hoak put it, and is available today on CD, LP and digital. Both the CD and LP formats of the release contain entirely different sets of music from both bands while the digital version collects all of the tracks onto one compilation. Combining over four decades of grinding noise dominance, The Axiom of Post Inhumanity is a long overdue pairing of extreme music veterans that is sure to push the limits of even the most masochistic listeners. (Relapse Records #7211)

BROKEN CROSS - Secret Destruction 7"
Second 7" from Swedish one-man band Broken Cross. Four brand new songs of raw metallic punk madness. For fans of G.I.S.M., Zouo, Holy Terror etc. Artwork by Dwid Hellion. (Apocalyptic Visions Records #2)

BIX CRUX - Nature Cruising LP
Seattle's BIG CRUX pick up where the Big Crux Is A Big Funk 7" (released by Iron Lung Records) kindly drop-kicked your cranium. The five song, nine-minute Nature Cruising 12" EP is bouncy, rhythmic, twangy, driving punk influenced by MINUTEMEN, BIG BOYS, and THE PLUGZ. Considering that they're working with a pretty specific aesthetic in mind, they still manage little ways to pay homage and surprise; the bridge in Nature Cruise just fucking kills, for example. The history in BIG CRUX's music is the vacant-stare-chicken-walk-boogie, neo-bop, of assorted Chicano Rockers, R&B groovesters, and punks like Tito Larriva, D. Boon, and Biscuit. (SDF Records #1)

After an earlier demo-put-to-vinyl (on painkiller records), here's the proper debut 7" from Toronto's Violent Future, This is total, knuckle-dragging skinhead hardcore that sparks feelings of violence. The songs crawl along at a menacing pace until the last track, "War on the Streets," which drops the tempo even further and just erupts in complete violence. If you dig 86 Mentality, Urban Blight, or the classics like Negative Approach and Blitz, don't sleep on this... a GREAT debut. Totally killer packaging as well, with a 2-color print on recycled stock jackets. members of URBAN BLIGHT, BAD CHOICE and S.H.I.T. (Slasher Records #10)

PROVOS - s/t 7"
They may be from San Francisco but don't call Provos fucking hippies. Accurately misanthropic lyrics, contagious riffs, and no shortage of breakdowns, this EP contains 5 driving hardcore slammers with so much energy and contempt you'll want to take the beating twice. Charging, brutal punk whose influences of Japanese (a la Lip Cream, Gauze,Bastard) and early east coast hardcore (a la SSD,DYS,FU's) (go figure their singer is from Somerville, MA) can be heard in the intensity of the drums, controlled chaos of the riffs, and bruising vocals that are equally commanding and disgusted, it would be a understatement to merely call it aggressive. Living up to their name taken from the reactionary Dutch movement of the 60's which provoked violent reactions from The Man through illusive provocations, this ep is limited to 500, on green vinyl, and available now for immediate consumption, you bastards. (Mind Control Records #1)

While on tour with Skarp, Voetsek, & Capitalilist Casualties, Noisear had the honor of playing the legendary Burnt Ramen in Oakland many years ago. John The Baker recorded this blistering set straight from the soundboard and gave us the cassete tape which was transferresd to a CD-R a few years later. No effects, no multitracking, just pure unadulterated GrinDcore in its raw essence. Enjoy a piece of the band's history and one of the most awesome tours we ever had. Dedicated to the memory of Jeff (Voetsek) and Jeff (Wasteoid). Dead Church are back again this time with 6 brand new tracks of fast and pissed off grind/power violence in the vein of Lack of Interest or even Shitstorm. Split Label with Ratgirl Records. Limited to 500 copies. (Jerk Off Records #59)

Chicago's premier mince band return with another slab of Agathocles and Unseen Terror worshipping grind. Features members of Sick/Tired and Winters in Osaka. Lets fucking mince! The four and a half minutes of this release by Chulo starts with a very mincecore influenced song, blended with the typical grindcore/powerviolence sound of the band. The next three songs, with lots of early 90's colombian hardcore influences (Punk Medallo) talk about the tough reality of the country and others situations that involve violence, poberty, and abuse of power. Screams, blast-beats and rawness, to finally end the mistreat of your ears with an Assück cover. Split Label with Cold Caffein, Dirt Farm, Grindfather, Inverted Inhumation, Narcosarcasmo, Nuclear Alcoholocaust, Pope's Ass, Ratgirl, Strain Eyes, and Subsistencia Records. Limited to 500 copies. (Jerk Off Records #60)

CRIMINAL CODE - Collected Thought CD
This collects the out of print material from the first two years of Criminal Code's existence. It included the "Cold Thought" 12", Sacred Hands single, Big Crux split, their 7", demo and Iron Lung comp track. All remastered by Dan Randall and housed in a digipak. Limited to 300 copies. (Inimical Records #36 CD)

OBLIVIONATION - Cult Of Culture 7"
In December 2010, amidst of personal tragedies and frustrations, Oblivionation was started in Lowell, MA by guitarist Quinn Dillon and drummer John Evicci (ex-OUT COLD). The goal of the band was simple: create the most caustic hardcore that they possibly could, with their chief influences being bands like POISON IDEA, AGNOSTIC FRONT, and FINAL CONFLICT. They were soon joined by ex-Out Cold guitarist, John Kozik, on bass and they recorded a demo with no vocals. After nearly a year of searching, they connected with Mark Fields (ex Proclamation), who took over vocal duties, and they were able to release one of the best demos of 2012. Like their past projects, Oblivionation does not follow trends: they create blistering hardcore on their own terms: short, fast, pissed. Before the departure of Kozik, they recorded a yet to be unreleased LP. Now with Mike Connolly (Bloodkrow Butcher) on bass, the band brings us the "Cult of Culture" EP. (Man In Decline Records #31)

Super-duper double brutal and totally lethal pairing of these two spleen-splattering titans of international grindcore insanity! Swedish clown shoes Birdflesh remove your brain with no anesthesia while Texas thrash terrorists P.L.F. aurally molest what's left of your puny remains. Destroy yourself immediately by purchasing a copy of this skull-splitting atrocity! (Haunted Hotel Records #72 CD)

TELLUSIAN - Collision LP
During ten tracks, in under 26 minutes, Sweden's TELLUSIAN brutally assault listeners with a no-filler approach to progressive metal that seamlessly borrows from mathcore, sludge, and grind with their debut LP, Collision. These ex-CROWPATH members have combined off-kilter rhythms, thick, warm bass, non-stop riffing, and throaty growls to create something both completely frantic and cohesive. This album is vicious, complex, and unrelenting. Edition of 320. (Pillowscars Records #6)

This is the new split 7" from Twitching Tongues and Wisdom In Chains. For fans of Madball, Sick Of It All, Type-O Negative and Black Sabbath. (Dirty Mick Records #31)

Following a very impressive and critically acclaimed debut 12" MLP in 2013, this new full-length album picks up right where that left off. At the core, the songs on "Pressure" are similar but with a noticeable growth and maturation to them. The lyrics continue to be bold and ask questions of our society, while extolling the traditions and pride of punk rock culture and accountability to each other through unity... this album is sure to be another milestone in the genre of streetpunk and oi music. LP includes digital download. (Pirates Press Records #113)

(restock) URBAN BLIGHT - More Reality LP
Channeling early 80's Boston and New York hardcore, Toronto Canada's Urban Blight rip through ten tracks of fast, pissed off hardcore embracing a blown out recording with music that's comparable to Straight Ahead, The Abused and other classic NYHC. A modern classic. (Slasher Records #8)

(restock) CANNABIS CORPSE - Beneath Grow Lights Thou Shalt Rise LP
Following in the tradition laid down by their earlier releases, each song on the record is inspired by a classic death metal track - this time around, Morbid Angel and Deicide are getting the Cannabis treatment! Mixed by Erik Rutan at Mana Studios and mastered by Alan Douches at West Side Music, Beneath Grow Lights Thou Shalt Rise was recorded by the band's own Phil "Landphil" Hall. (Tank Crimes Records #48)

Descriptions for 3/15/14

Super-duper double brutal and totally lethal pairing of these two spleen-splattering titans of international grindcore insanity! Swedish clown shoes Birdflesh remove your brain with no anesthesia while Texas thrash terrorists P.L.F. aurally molest what's left of your puny remains. Destroy yourself immediately by purchasing a copy of this skull-splitting atrocity! (Haunted Hotel Records #72)

YAUTJA - Songs of Descent LP
YAUTJA. Familiarize yourself with this name. These Nashville, TN maniacs are here to knock the metal world on it's stale, tame ass. "Songs of Descent" is an awe-inspiring, technically stunning foray into the pantheon of extreme music. Death metal, grindcore, hardcore, sludge and even influences as disparate as noise rock get the YAUTJA sonic treatment and the result is an undeniably organic, cohesive marvel of forward thinking extremity. If you are looking for the first real head-turning, mind-fucking masterpiece of 2014 look no further. YAUTJA has made a commanding statement with "Songs of Descent". Get on board or get left in the dust. (Forcefield Records #39)

Suffering Mind from Lublin are known for their passion for releasing vinyl on different non-standard sizes. Some of these discs were released in very small editions (20-30 pieces) and were unavailable for most of the interested, the other ones (the smallest) unfortunately can not be played on most of the turntables. That's why we decided to collect all the recordings together and release them on one disc. 11" includes: s/t 2", Death To False Grind 3", s/t 4", split 5" with Phobia, split 5" with S.A.T.A.N., split 5" with Dead Church, split 5" with Powercup, split 5" with the P.L.F., split 6" with Protestant, split 9" with MassGrave. You will find 19 studio songs and 2 live tracks (Rostock, September 2010) on the record. The album was pressed on thick vinyl. Limited edition includes an additional aluminum sheet with a cover printed on it. (Yama Arashi Records #2)

GLUEBAG - Confused LP
Hailing from the deep and storied woods of Western Massachusetts, GLUEBAG deliver an exceptional collection of luring, blown out sounds with their 'Confused' LP. Featuring members of SQRM, WORLD DOMINATION, and CRYSTALLINE ROSES, this 3 piece blends the songwriting of late-60s rock with the urgency of American hardcore punk to create a sound that is far from commonplace in the current underground scene. Originally recorded in 2008 and distributed on a small number of cassette tapes by the band, Framework is thrilled to celebrate GLUEBAG's recent return from dormancy with the release of 'Confused' in it's original intended form on vinyl. Fans of NEIL YOUNG, DEAD MOON, and true punk will rejoice at the existence of GLUEBAG, and at the absorbing songs found within 'Confused'. All copies on black vinyl with download code. (Framework Records #5)

PROFANATICA - Thy Kingdom Cum LP (gatefold with poster)
Profaners of the pure, defilers of Dog's creation, fornicators upon the altar: PROFANATICA return with their most vile and virulent creation yet, Thy Kingdom Cum. As one of earliest American black metal bands, during the dark 'n' bloody days of the early 1990s, PROFANATICA set out upon a course of utter blasphemy and barbaric primitivism, then retreating into the shadows as a cult icon, only to be resurrected years later once the black metal scene had finally caught up with their invention/degradation. When they returned, with Profanatitas de Domonatia in 2007, the signature PROFANATICA sound was firmly in place, and yet masters Paul Ledney and John Gelso continued to challenge themselves and push this pulsing primitivism to uncharted waters of sin 'n' sickness. Three years later, Disgusting Blasphemies Against God pushed the envelope even further - and yet three more years, and now Thy Kingdom Cum absolutely desecrates that envelope. Tense, veritgo-inducing riffing from Gelso malforms minds while Ledney's charred-black throat vomits forth visions only PROFANATICA can create/desecrate. This is BLACK METAL incarnate, and then black metal DEFIED/DEFILED. Let the juices flow across Thy Kingdom Cum... (Hell's Headbangers Records #113)

ARCHGOAT/SURRENDER OF DIVINITY - Angelslaying Christbeheading Black Fucking Metal LP (gatefold)
The united force of an ultimate BLACK fucking METAL worship! Offering the soundboard live recordings from both legendary underground hordes, recorded blood-red & raw from the "God Beheading Live Ritual 2013" in Thailand. Nine quick, Christ-defiling tracks from ARCHGOAT and three blitzed, blasphemous ones from SURRENDER OF DIVINITY, all totaling absolute desecration and destruction. Limited to 1000 LPs (Black and Colored vinyls). Exclusive worldwide distribution by HELLS HEADBANGERS RECORDS. (Hell's Headbangers Records #117)

REVENGE - Victory. Intolerance. Mastery LP
Co-released by Hells Headbangers & Osmose Prodeuctions. Re-issue, casewrapped cover with silver foil, printed inner sleeve, 180grm black or silver vinyl. REVENGE continues to walk alone hailing the Antichrist Supremacist banner until death. "Victory.Intolerance. Mastery" is a direct continuation of the atrocities committed on the "Triumph. Genocide. Antichrist" album... prepare for annihilation! (Hell's Headbangers/Osmose Productions #167)

ZEMIAL - Nykta LPx2 (gatefold)
Comes in a glossy Gatefold cover with silver print, black flood print inside of the actual pockets and the records in poly-lined black inner sleeves. Also includes a lyrics insert. One of the most widely respected names in the international metal underground, Greece's ZEMIAL make their long-awaited return to the full-length front with the vast 'n' visual NYKTA. Seven years on from their last album, 2006's towering In Monumentum, ZEMIAL's highly anticipated NYKTA stylistically ranges the band's entire, 25-year history but with bold, new strokes entirely fitting with the band's ever-evolving lyricism. From gritty blackthrash to epic heavy metal, from art-music experimentation to moments of prog-inflected psychedelia, from soundscape ambience to realms completely uncategorizable and many mesmerizing points in between, NYKTA displays ZEMIAL in all their austere, multihued glory: masters of storytelling songcraft and adventurous instrumental acumen, honoring tradition whilst defying boundaries all the same, their theatrical sweeps of sound ably transporting the listener across space and time, to the very ends of the cosmos and back. And while they may have began in the darkest, earliest days of black metal, ZEMIAL have effortlessly developed into a many-tentacled force of magick and dynamism; their sound now can only be accurately described as "ZEMIAL." Intentionally scheduled for release on October 31st - a time considered as the beginning of the long night, a time during which the walls that separate the worlds are thin and the Seven Sisters hang directly overhead - ZEMIAL's NYKTA is a journey like no other, wild and winding to the very end and warmly draped in authentically analog production. Many will embark upon its path...but where will you end up? (Hell's Headbangers Records #333)

SATANIC WARMASTER - Nachzehrer LP (picture disc with poster)
The most controversial Finnish Black Metal artist returns with a new full-length album. "Nachzehrer" is a cruel monument of medieval darkness, northern desolation and Black Metal terror. 40 minutes, 8 songs, recorded with full analogue equipment with a truly extreme sound. This new Satanic Warmaster album again shows a noteworthy rejuvenation of his unique unapologetic style with a more rabid production and more varied songwriting, something all the cheap imitators will have a hard time matching. "Nachzehrer" travels deep into a kingdom of the dark forces of nature, vampiric magick, inner darkness and devil worship. (Hell's Headbangers Records #60 PD)

SHITFUCKER - Suck Cocks In Hell LP (European Edition with poster)
One of the metal underground's best-kept secrets, Detroit scum-crew SHITFUCKER have finally delivered a full-length of filth after a prolific slew/spew of EPs and demos, under the fuck-off-tourists title of Suck Cocks in Hell. A power-trio in the grand tradition of early SODOM, VENOM, and MOTORHEAD, the three nuclear zombies of SHITFUCKER gnarl together ancient blackthrash and toxic hardcore-punk into a blown-out brew bubbling over with disease, degradation, and devil worship. Bow before apocalyptic witching metal of the highest order/odor : this is SHITFUCKER's Suck Cocks in Hell! Recommended for diehards of GISM, early SODOM, ABIGAIL, and early BATHORY. (Hell's Headbangers Records #110)

NOCTURNAL GRAVES - ...From The Bloodline Of Cain LP with poster
After a three-year hiatus, NOCTURNAL GRAVES return from a morbid slumber with ...From the Bloodline of Cain. Before they broke up in 2010, NOCTURNAL GRAVES were at the forefront of a fertile Australian underground metal scene that ably mainlined the best elements of black, death, and thrash. With ...From the Bloodline of Cain, the Oz commando show that their first run was no fluke, and are back with a bloody vengeance. In many ways, NOCTURNAL GRAVES' present can be best described as the perfect synthesis of ancient South American and German styles - fierce and fiery, incensed and enraged, and eternally thrusting with violence & force - but with a immediately ingraining songwriting acumen that's second to none. These songs will get in your head, and FAST, and compel you to destroy everything/anything within striking range: this is ...From the Bloodline of Cain! (Hell's Headbangers Records #112)

MORTICIAN - Chainsaw Dismemberment LPx2 (gatefold with poster)
Comes in a gatefold cover with an Obi Strip and a large A2 poster of the cover artwork. Pressed on colored vinyl only with silkscreened artwork on side D. Universally recognized as the most brutal band in the universe, infamous horror-lords Mortician disregard any and all pleas for mercy, suffocating the underground with Chainsaw Dismemberment, their 2nd full-length album from 1999! Force-feeding death metal mascochists 28 blood-encrusted slices of menacing, futuristic gore-grind, Will Rahmer and Roger Beaujard eradicate existing musical boundaries, taking truly depraved metal one step further in creating heinously sick, horrific slabs of shocking, decapitating death. Nearly 50 minutes in length, Chainsaw Dismemberment pulverizes and pummels while dragging the barbaric Mortician sound further into the grave as they de-tune their axes an additional two steps! Morose passages of unrelenting dementia and homicidal drum programming combine to blur the lines of metal's past with that of its future. The Tall Man's house band has returned! Let butchery begin! (Hell's Headbangers Records #108)

MACABRE - Dahmer LPx2 (picture disc)
In a catalog rich with such classics as Gloom, Murder Metal, and especially Sinister Slaughter, it was Dahmer where MACABRE truly transcended their genre and especially their patented, highly individual sound. Released as the new millennium kicked off, Dahmer saw MACABRE tackle their most ambitious project yet: an entire album lyrically/conceptually devoted to one of the world's most notorious serial killers, Jeffrey Dahmer. Although MACABRE had long been obsessed with serial killers and put their twisted tales into diabolic death metal form, Dahmer chronologically charted its namesake's life, death, and of corpse, his many deathly deeds between then. But it was not simply the lyricism that impressed - rather, the music across Dahmer absolutely amazed and bloodily bewildered. At 26 tracks, each one catchier and more crazed than the last, Dahmer displayed MACABRE as masters of a manic maelstrom that combine death metalled assault 'n' battery with a freewheeling, nursery-rhymed insanity that's chilling and FUN in equal measures. Longtime fans of the band and especially this record, HELLS HEADBANGERS proudly presents MACABRE's bloody classic Dahmer on picture disc format for the very first time & re-issue the regular LP on splatter wax as it rightfully deserves! If the album's namesake were alive today, he'd agree that a more fitting collaboration could not be found! (Hell's Headbangers Records #78)

OCTOBER 31 - Gone To The Devil 7"
At long last, true metal institution OCTOBER 31 return with their first new recordings in eight years! Entitled Gone to the Devil, this quick-hitting 7" EP is the band's first release for new label home HELLS HEADBANGERS and is a precursor to their next full-length. And while it's been a good, long while since OCTOBER 31 have caused any heavy metal mayhem, their fires are burning brighter than ever with these two instantly headbanging tracks. The title track rides a fist-pumping gallop, guided as ever by erstwhile DECEASED frontman King Fowley's unmistakable voice, while the B-side is a faithful-yet-OCTOBER 31ized cover version of Uriah Heep's "Too Scared to Run." The next OCTOBER 31 album is just around the the meantime, get Gone to the Devil! (Hell's Headbangers Records #66)

APOKALYPTIC RAIDS - Only Death Is Real... LP (gatefold)
At long last, HELLS HEADBANGERS re-issues on vinyl an underground classic so fitting of the format: APOKALYPTIC RAIDS' Only Death is Real... debut full-length. From their moniker and iconography on down to their galloping, gut-busting thrust, Brazil's APOKALYPTIC RAIDS are the ultimate in Hellhammer/Celtic Frost worship. Raw, rabid, and unrepentant, their sound on Only Death is Real... is squarely between the namesake MLP by Hellhammer and Celtic Frost's eternal Morbid Tales. However, APOKALYPTIC RAIDS' old-school attack is not meant as a rip-off; rather, it is a reverential homage to a classic era and two classic bands, done with a thorough understanding of these ancient metal masters. Although originally released in 2001, it could've just as easily come out in 1985. Now, courtesy of HELLS HEADBANGERS, return to the darkest past and realize that Only Death is Real...! (Hell's Headbangers Records #116)

Axis ups the ante on its Turmoil-meets-Terminator 2 sound with two new songs while Self Defense Family goes further down the freak-hole with a fresh track for the creeps. This split represents some of the best material from both acts and is beautifully packaged with cover art from famed British comic book artist Shaky Kane. For fans of Turmoil, Lungfish and Embrace. 7" includes free download. (Deathwish/Harm Reduction Records #2)

Descriptions for 3/8/14

MAXIMUM ROCK'N'ROLL #371 (April 2014)
The All Columns Issue!With topics such as Detroit powerhouse BILL BONDSMEN, très productiveFrench punk label Crapoulet Records, legendary ex-Yugo pioneers O!KULT, New York's catchy punks RATIONAL ANIMALS, and the New York's Alright festival. We've also got UK hardcore ragers STAB andWOOLF, Minneapolis hardcore D-beat ladies VARIX, and a Miami scene report. All of this, plus record, zine, book and movie reviews, all the columnists you could ask for, New Blood, Shitworker of the Month and much more! (Maximum Rock'n'Roll #371)

The Holy Grail of Canadian rock, this raw, murky slab of heavy psych was released by local indie label Trend in autumn 1969 and immediately sank without a trace. Over the decades, however, obsessive fans and collectors of the era's unsung greats gradually came to recognise the obscure Toronto band's genius, the now impossible-to-find original LP eventually trading hands for $5000+ plus in the rare vinyl market. After years of bootlegs, compact discs and pricey European pressings, this mythical Canadian LP is finally available at home in its intended format for the first time in 45 years. Fully authorised high quality pressing licensed direct from Marty Roth. (Ugly Pop Records #45)

THOR'S HAMMER - If You Knew: Icelandic Punk & Beat '65 to '67 LP
Best known to most garage enthusiasts for "My Life", their stellar contribution to the second Nuggets box, Thor's Hammer was also responsible for an incredibly scarce 1966 EP that is easily among the toughest records of the era. Ugly Pop now presents this long-overdue LP, compiling 14 mid '60s nuggets-- the above mentioned monsters included-- from these Icelandic garage legends, who seasoned their northern beat with some of the rawest, wildest fuzzpunk heard anywhere! Fully authorised high quality pressing licensed from SENA (Iceland) (Ugly Pop Records #46)

GIUDA - Let's Do It Again LP
Hot on the heels of last year's TKO reissue of their debut "Racey Roller" LP, international underground rock sensations GIUDA ARE BACK with their new album, "Let's Do It Again!" "Let's Do It Again" is an exciting progression for GIUDA featuring more complicated arrangements, more ambitious songwriting and an even bigger sound, while still retaining all the pure fun and infectious Glam hooks of their debut album. The handclaps may have given way to more foot-stomps, but "Let's Do It Again" is still a raucous, wild party of an album, in true GIUDA fashion. Check out "Let's Do It Again" to find out why GIUDA are swiftly gaining the reputation as Europe's most exciting Rock n' Roll band!! (TKO Records #200)

Mie City Japan dis-bastard till death and Boston shitclose raw punk! Fans of Discharge and Disclose and distortion will not want to miss this! 500 copies total. (Konton Crasher Records #010 E)

Second issue of this powerviolence extreme hardcore music zine. 84 pages zine in english. Inside you find the interview with YACOPSAE, SLIGHT SLAPPERS, BACKSLIDER, PR_MYSLOVA SMRT, DESPISE YOU in Europe (2013) with Nicolas, GRIDE/TURBOKRIEG american tour report 2013, IDIOTS PARADE/TOTAL FUCKING DESTRUCTION European tour report (2011), VEGAN MENU and many more. As music part of this issue is split ep YACOPSAE/SLIGHT SLAPPERS. Listen and read. (Communal Grave #2)

10 new songs by call me lightning on this, their 4th LP and first release since 2010_s 'when i am gone my blood will be free' (dusty medical records). loud, catchy punk/post punk/whatever, landing somewhere in sound between lungfish and the who. call me lightning -- from milwaukee, wi., who've been a band for over a decade -- have been friends for a long time now, and in fact, were one of the very first bands i ever asked to do a record with me - i'm thrilled it's finally happening, and especially so with the fruits of the labor. 300 copies pressed, all on 150 gram colored vinyl, includes a download code. (25 Diamonds Records #10)

SALTEENS - Whiskey & Records 7"
The Salteens were a band that existed in the mid to late 90_s in minneapolis, who's only ever proper release were 2 show-stealing songs on the 'no slow... all go!' compilation. they recorded the 5 songs for this 7_, which has been planned and/or rumored to come out on numerous labels over the years, and then promptly broke up. members went on to (or were already involved in) the soviettes, the gateway district, cleveland bound death sentence and the strike, but this record completely stands firmly on it's own two feet. 300 copies pressed, colored vinyl, includes a download code. ((25 Diamonds Records #11)

ACCIDENTE - Amistad Y Rebelion LP
On their 2nd album ACCIDENTE from Madrid deliver another ten wonderful tracks of incredible pure HC / PUNK - melodic & straightforward! The sweet melodies, guitarriffs and basic drumming fit perfectly to the catchy female vocals. And you can't help, not to sings along to the spanish lyrics (even if you can't speak that language). This is an outstanding record and brings up comparisons to ELEKTRODUENDES, THE ASSASSINATORS and MASSHYSTERI. A really powerful new band from Madrid, that you really should check out. If I'd be dancing, I'd dance to this in my room all night long! (Halo of Flies Records #68)

Czech hardcore heroes See You in Hell return with their third LP in their 14 year career, and like all great bands, they just continue to get better! Jed LP is the best See You in Hell material yet as they continue to master the "Burning Spirits" Japanese hardcore style on their own terms, with their own subtle and unique twists. Bringing a distinctly Czech//eastern European sensibility to the Japanese hardcore style, they are a band that, like most great punk bands, at once sounds familiar yet instantly recognizable. This small-run American pressing was done in conjunction with their USA west coast tour with Lotus Fucker (DC). (SPHC Records #39)

THE PARTY DRESS - You're Dead 7"
Brand new 7" by Winnipeg garage outfit THE PARTY DRESS. These three deadly tracks have a fuzzed out guitar sound simmilar to the REATARDS with some seriously wailing vocals that bring the CRAMPS to mind. Any fan of the classic blown out DANGERHOUSE records punk sound epitomized by the WEIRDOS will seriously dig this. Limited to 337 copies. Mastered by Dan Randall at Mammoth Sound Mastering. (Bonzer Records #1)

Ultra-Doom from Seattle/Portland, US. On the second full-lenght LP two veterans of doom team up again ! Supported by Betty B. Aldebaran ex-member Mikey and Tim of Aldebaran, Howling Wind created a fantastic concept album. This record contains 2 songs each about 20 mins. Awesome riffage and ultra-heavy tunes. Prepare your religious motivated mass suicide or better listen SOTT. Watch out for their new split-LP with Ghost of Wem. Limited to 500 copies. (Blind Date Records #27)

FISTULA - Hymns Of Slumber LP
Fistula was born in Litchfield, a little dust speck, with cornfields and nothing around. This is their debut Album "hymns of slumber", Originally released on Shifty Records on CD in 2001. Now, more than a decade later available on vinyl. Nihilistic, anti-social, primitive SLUDGE. A thick, filthy, blackened crawl, howled demonic vox over caustic riffage and neanderthal drumming. If you are looking for the real SLUDGECORE feeling you will dig this one. Limited to 300 copies. (Blind Date Records #26)

This is the coming together of two heavy forces in the form of Shadow of the Torturer (US) and Ghost of Wem (Germany). One epic ultra-doom song in 17 minutes from Seattle and two sludge-songs with heavy-pounding riffs from Freiburg. For Fans of Winter, Loss and Moloch, Thou, Noothgrush. Limited to 300 copies. (Blind Date Records #25)

V/A - Clone: Play Slow. Die Fast Vol. III LP compilation
Clone is a compilation series curated by Blind Date Records in Germany and features doom and sludge bands covering some classic tracks. The clone series pays tribute to the roots of doom and sludge. Hardcore, punk, metal and rock classics played in a slow and heavy manner. Line-up of volume III features Fistula - something in the way (Nirvana), Bad Luck Rides on Wheels - war machine (Kiss), Whitehorse - crawl (Neanderthal), Su19B - pace 'till death (Bathory), Crowskin - i got sabbath (Turbonegro/Black Sabbath), Sollubi - forward to death (Dead Kennedys), Habsyll - tep kaos (Tekken), Solar Horn - talk box (L7). (Blind Date Records #19)

V/A - Clone: Play Slow. Die Fast Vol. IV LPx2
Clone is a compilation series curated by Blind Date Records in Germany and features doom and sludge bands covering some classic tracks. The clone series pays tribute to the roots of doom and sludge. Hardcore, punk, metal and rock classics played in a slow and heavy manner. Final installment of the Clone - play slow.die fast compilation series. This volume (2xLP !!) contains 11 bands with 60 minutes. Again with an awesome artwork from scrawled design and 16-paged booklet. Featuring Haggatha - no fair (wipers) 1981, Frogskin - bleeding peptic ulcer (regurgitate) 1994, B.son - heute spass morgen tod (vorkriegsjugend) 1983, Laudanum - the life machine (tubeways army) 1978, Modorra - you suffer (napalm death) 1987, Fattura Della Morte - sweet young thing ain't sweet no more (mudhoney) 1988, Ghost of Wem - impact (chain of strength) 1990, Enth - down my throat (disrupt) 1992, Unearthly Trance - in my head (black flag) 1985, Electrozombies - countess bathory (venom) 1982, and Funeral Moth - suffocation (transgressor) 1992. (Blind Date Records #24)

New LP from this outstanding sludgecore outfit. Here's the fourth release of HAGGATHA!! they're better than better! Sooooo loud!! The sound is awesome! Haggatha-II & Haggatha-III was very different! II was more slow, in the veins of THOU and III was more into the EHG vibes! IV is the perfect mix of both, very slow with some killer riffs!! I'm really proud to release this masterpiece of sludge with Choking Hazrd records from Canada! It's a gatefold LP with 16 pages booklet and is limited edition! (Blind Date Records #23)

Another old Bastard Noise release unearthed from the bowels of Eric Wood's life. This one came out in 1998. One sided LP with the other side being silk screened. Let the noise commence! (Bastard Noise #5)

CONVERGE - Live At The BBC 7"
Converge "Live At The BBC" was recorded live by Simon Askew in the historic Studio MV4 at Maida Vaile Studios at the BBC in London, England August 2010. Studio MV4 was previously home to the legendary John Peel sessions, which birthed recordings from artists like New Order, The Cure, Carcass, Napalm Death and countless others. The recording boasts live-in-the-studio renditions of "Dark Horse," "Axe To Fall" and "Damages," as well as a rare, electrified version of "Hanging Moon" (the original "You Fail Me" recording features only acoustic guitars). 7" includes digital download. (Deathwish Records #157)

RADIOLOKATOR - wow...this band has been inspirated by all thrash metal '80s bands from Czechoslovakia such as Kryptor, Debustrol, Torr, Arakain, etc. they have awesome line-up with singer and drummer from legendary czech fast-core/power-violence/grind band called Gride {long interview with Gride at new issue of Short fast & loud magazine no.21, } and guitarist and drummer from Lahar. BLACK MARKET FETUS - it's fast thrash-metal/crossover from States with Capitalist Casualties's and Catheter's members. they will have a new split w/Brodys Militia very soon on Give praise records. in past - split LP w/Wasteoid on Six Weeks records. (Dead Heroes/Communal Grave)

Brand new split 7" between LA's GENERACION SUICIDA and Ventura's CATHOLIC SPIT. Generacion Suicida takes the sounds of Swedish/Danish melodic punk (think Masshysteri, Gorilla Angreb and Vicious) and mixes it with pogo-in-the-air KBD energy. This follows their highly sought after demo (and various vinyl reissues thereof), s/t 7" and new LP, "Con La Muerte A Tu Lado." Dual male/female vocals. Highly infectious. Two songs from these LA raw punx, out just in time for their first European tour. The Catholic Spit song, "Save Me," is one of their best to date, reminiscent of 45 Grave and other dark punk/post-punk. After a 7", "I'm Your God Now," and LP, "A Pact With The Devil," Catholic Spit have really hit their stride with this split. The rhythm section is top-notch, backing haunting vocals and drowning guitars and melodies. (MMM Records #5)

THE REPOS - Live Munitions LP
One of the most prolific and influential hardcore bands of our generation is finally captured live with this fourteen song assault recorded in Chicago during a private performance on the west side. This LP contains all their best classics like "Attack From All Sides," "Lowlife Legion," and "Voice In My Head," delivered in a non-stop, three-chord barrage under a tornado of growls by a lunatic frontman. Mixed and mastered by Will Killingsworth at Dead Air Studios for optimal ferocity, making it almost seem like you were there bashing in faces too. (Youth Attack Records #86)

(restock) RAW NERVE - Every Problem Solved 7" (NOTE: Youth Attack pricing) Chicago hardcore legends RAW NERVE have gone out burning down the whole city with this final four-song frenzy to top off one of the most uncompromising runs in recent hardcore history. Eschewing the reassurance of sing-alongs and melodies, RAW NERVE fixates on the insular world of loneliness and the search for meaning by tearing apart all falsehoods with a bitter vengeance. This is combustive, youthful hardcore at its finest. Features heavy tip-on 7" jackets, 8 page photo booklets, and thick vinyl. (Youth Attack Records #81)

ORCHID - Chaos Is Me LP (magenta colored vinyl)
The last time this LP was available was in 2009. Orchid's first full length 12" features eleven songs of their unique blend of emotive chaos and combustible hardcore. Blending it all together to create emo violence. Screaming vocals and harsh sounding music to keep the kids screaming and dancin' whether they are Romulan emo kids or crusty Klingons. (Ebullition #45)