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Descriptions for the newest releases available this week.

Descriptions for 9/24/16

FUNERAL CHIC - Hatred Swarm LP
Hailing from Charlotte, NC, the band has produced ten tracks of blackened hardcore seething with sardonically angry vocals and crushing guitars to create a bludgeoning aural assault. Formed in 2014, and putting out an amazing EP on NC's own Headfirst Records in 2015, they have brought one of the most pissed off records of 2016. Professionally recorded by Rick Contes and expertly mastered by Brad Boatright at Audio Siege, this will be a truly heavy release. All copies are on super heavy 150 gram virgin black vinyl. (To Live A Lie Records #118)

PEACEBREAKERS - Every Day Battle 7"
Raging 6 song debut from this Boston powerhouse. ripping fast, spiteful, brash and arrogant one-minute hardcore punk anthems with both feet firmly planted in tradition. this is the record NEGATIVE APPROACH would've written if in 1983 instead of disbanding they stole Pig Champion from POISON IDEA, relocated to Massachusetts and moved into a practice space with NEGATIVE FX, VILE, and the FU's. PEACEBREAKERS is 3/5th's of BOSTON STRANGLER and also shares members with WASTE MANAGEMENT, BLOODKROW BUTCHER, AGGRESSION PACT, SCAPEGOAT, SOCIAL CIRCKLE and more. (Rock N Roll Disgrace Records RRD-011)

NO STATIK - Earhammer Soundsystem LP
Vinyl version of the limited 'EARHAMMER SOUNDSYSTEM' cassette released by NO STATIK. A complete reworking of their LP 'EVERYWHERE YOU AREN'T LOOKING' (Prank Records) -- this is an entirely new beast in itself. 'Remixed and completely fucked with by the band and their engineer, Greg Wilkinson. They incorporate elements of techno, noise and loop effects to tear their songs apart and put them back together anew. I'm still on the fence, but this might be my favorite NO STATIK release to date.' (Remote Outposts) Anyone who's heard NO STATIK knows they're easily one of the best contemporary hardcore bands going, and I'm honored to get to work with them. 400 copies pressed on heavy weight black vinyl. (25 Diamond Records #23)

TEENAGE MOODS - Sadness/So Low 7"
Two brand new songs by Minneapolis' TEENAGE MOODS, finding the band at their 'moodiest' yet. While as catchy and well crafted as ever, these songs have a somber beauty to them that add a whole new dimension to the band's sound and versatility. This is the band I have worked with the longest with 25 DIAMONDS, and these are easily 2 of my favorite songs they've ever written. 300 copies pressed on color vinyl, including a download code. (25 Diamond Records #22)

Debut LP by this Michigan/Montreal band featuring Fred Thomas (of the incredible solo LP 'ALL ARE SAVED' (Polyvinyl Records), easily one of the best records of 2015, of SATURDAY LOOKS GOOD TO ME, LOVESICK, etc etc). 9 songs of insanely catchy, well crafted dream pop, bringing to mind classics of the late '70s Rough Trade Records catalog, the best tracks of the C86 comp and modern contemporaries such as Veronica Falls, etc. 400 copies pressed on heavy weight color vinyl, including a download code. (25 Diamond Records #21)

SURGIKILL (IMPETIGO) - Sanguinary Revelations LP
Comes with a lyrics insert. HELLS HEADBANGERS is proud to present the worldwide vinyl version of SURGIKILL's highly anticipated debut album, Sanguinary Revelations. SURGIKILL is spearheaded by the legendary Stevo from IMPETIGO and is inspired by all of the right stuff: the horror/gore atmosphere of Autopsy, the evil vibe of Incantation, the neck-breaking speed of Repulsion and Terrorizer, and the heaviness of old Scandinavian death metal such as Grave, Crematory, Funebre, and Demigod. Lyrically and concept-wise, SURGIKILL are inspired by the video nasties of the early '80s, old-school Italian horror, revenge films, post-apocalyptic images, and mental decay themes. (Hells Headbanger Records #182)

HELLS HEADBANGERS is proud to present the highly anticipated debut album of SHED THE SKIN, Harrowing Faith. Late in 2014, HELLS HEADBANGERS released the quintet's first recording, the Rebirth Through Brimstone 7", and the buzz built about this "new" American death metal band. But SHED THE SKIN, in fact, include a number of considerable scene veterans: among them, Kyle Severn of INCANTATION on drums, Matt Sorg of Ringworm on guitars, Ash Thomas of VLADIMIRS and Faithxtractor on vocals, and Ed Stephens from Vindicator on bass. With all that combined experience, it's no surprise that Harrowing Faith is as massive as it is. Just like Rebirth Through Brimstone, the more fully fleshed-out Harrowing Faith is 100% DEATH METAL but does not bow to any one era, "school," or region: simply, this is masterful songwriting coupled with utterly crushing production, all while proudly being "just" death metal. Granted, there's a fine number of balances across the album - melodic vs. gutted, blastbeaten vs. doomed-out, headbanging vs. skullcrushing - but everything is done in service of the song. Each one explodes from the speakers and twists 'n' turns in ways unique to it, with all 12 tracks combining to create a swift but immediately memorable experience. And now with the band slated to play this year's HELLS HEADBASH Part 3 and more live assaults on the way, SHED THE SKIN are poised to exert their dominance on the death metal scene: no better time, then, to indoctrinate to Harrowing Faith! (Hells Headbangers Records #169 CD)

ROTTEN U.K. (BLUDWULF) - That Is Not Dead Which Can Eternal Lie CD
HELLS HEADBANGERS is proud to present the highly anticipated debut album of ROTTEN UK, That Is Not Dead. Although pure punk rock is a rarity on HELLS HEADBANGERS, the form ROTTEN UK play - and proceed to uniquely twist to their own design - is actually a variety that inspired many early speed metal and thrash bands: commonly known as UK82, this subgenre was indeed a strain of early '80s UK punk that synthesized the anthemic Oi! style before it with the nascent harder/faster style pioneered by the likes of Discharge, The Exploited, and GBH. With other stated influences that include early Finnish legends like Kaaos and Riistetyt as well as England's Disorder and Broken Bones, ROTTEN UK almost effortlessly create a 14-song whirlwind of dark 'n' desperate ANTHEMS with That Is Not Dead. (Hells Headbangers Records #192 CD)

AGATUS (ZEMIAL) - The Eternalist (CD)
HELLS HEADBANGERS is proud to present the long-awaited third album of legendary Greek black metal institution AGATUS, The Eternalist. Rendered in warm analog tones, gritty but full of life, AGATUS' The Eternalist is an epic journey across the hinterlands of the imagination. In many ways, it follows the heavy metalled direction of 2002's celebrated The Weaving Fates but incorporates the proggier textures of 2012's Gilgamesh EP, thus ushering in a new era for the duo that's respectful of the past but sets its sights on the future - and the unknown. Says founder The Dark, "The Eternalist reflects another dimension of my compositional style whilst maintaining the signature sounds that AGATUS are known for. Here I delve further into old heavy metal sounds that have always been an inspiration to me and created what I consider my most memorable album to date." Kaleidoscopic in its vision, with The Eternalist, AGATUS set a clear course toward older sounds and atmospheres: a golden ratio combining the feel of NWOBHM with '70s rock and everything that you have come to know and anticipate of these two brother musicians over the years. Vorskaath adds, "We decided to take an old-style hard rock/heavy metal approach that is manifest on every aspect of the album, from the performances and recording to the sounds we chose and the way we mixed. From the very first notes of The Eternalist, that feel is unmistakably there. (Hells Headbangers Records #184 CD)

DEAD INFECTION - Surgical Disembowelment CD (digipak)
The 1993 classic debut full length from Poland's DEAD INFECTION has finally got proper reissue after 23 years! 10 intense and merciless purulent goregrind hymns recorded in the line-up: Cyjan, Kelner, Tocha, Ma_y. The CD is housed in 8-panel digipak. "Surgical Disembowelment" is no doubt one of the most important goregrind albums of all time! (Self Made God Records #152 CD)

SUFFERING MIND - Discography 2008 to 2010 CD
SUFFERING MIND from Lublin, Poland are one of the most impressive grind bands today. The "Discography 2008-2010" includes 47 songs from the band's vinyl only releases: "Death To False Grindcore" 3"EP, s/t LP (625 Thrash), split LP w/ ASSHAMMER, split 7"EP w/ WOJTYLA, split 7"EP w/ LYCANTHROPHY, and "Destroy Mankind" 7"EP. 49 minutes of an unrelenting force of face-melting grindcore. A must have for fans of ASSUCK, PHOBIA, INSECT WARFARE, DISCORDANCE AXIS, EXCRUCIATING TERROR, THE KILL, MAGRUDERGRIND. (Self Made God Records #142 CD)

PHOBIA - Decades Of Blastphemy CDx4 box set
Legendary grindcore outfit, PHOBIA, release "Decades Of Blastphemy", a discography of +20 years worth of material on SELFMADEGOD RECORDS. The 4-disc digipak discography encompasses most of the band's releases; everything from splits, EPs, 12_s, CDs from 1990 to their 2012 split 7"EP with SUFFERING MIND. The monolithic grindcore pioneer has been a band for over 25 years. Originally hailing from Orange County, California - a less-than-favorable locale for punks as Orange County is often stigmatized by white supremacists and affluent teenagers (as portrayed by the popular television drama "The OC") - PHOBIA now spreads its grindy, crusty, anti-establishment self across the United States from Phoenix, AZ to Austin, TX. This release is housed in a thick digipak with 4 discs (147 tracks; over 4 hours of music), external booklet with tons of posters, pictures, info and slipcase/O-card. (Self Made God Records #156 CD)

NUCLEAR HOLOCAUST - Overkill Commando CD
The debut full length from the Polish newcomers that have already gained some good reputation thanks to the demo and many great shows across the country. "Overkill Commando" brings forth 20 songs of powerful, dirty, old-fashioned grindcore heavily influenced by classic bands like TERRORIZER, EXTREME NOISE TERROR, REPULSION. (Self Made God Records #155 CD)

This is the CD version of the debut album from Philadelphia's unchained grind trio, DIE CHOKING, co-released with New York-based THE COMPOUND RECS. who released the LP version. "III" sees the band delivering seemingly implausible heaviness delivered at an absolutely unstoppable velocity, the eleven tracks on III deliver even faster BPM-rates and more complicated arrangements than the band's prior releases, merging more elements of hardcore punk and crust with their blinding speed/grind metal. Socio-political topics as intense as the music itself permeate each blazing anthem, which continue the ongoing theme carrying through from their smoldering self-titled release and subsequent II 7" releases, with tracks XI through XXI. With an already unfuckwithable track record built through their prior releases and their insatiable need to play their tunes at maximum speed in the live setting as often as possible, DIE CHOKING - featuring ex and current members of TOTAL FUCKING DESTRUCTION, COP PROBLEM, and BURDEN - is about to take things to the next level with their debut full-length. All in all, "III" is one of the heaviest grindcore albums ever conceived. Written during the shitty Northeastern Winter months, it is an album stripped of overproduction, performed with devastating efficiency, and dripping with a foul aggression that is frequently absent in today's extreme music landscape. "III" was recorded, engineered, and mixed by Will Yip (LAURYN HILL, CIRCA SURVIVE, COP PROBLEM) at Studio 4 and mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege (BAPTISTS, FROM ASHES RISE, NAILS). There are no samples, no triggers. The band simply drilled the takes until they hit it. The debut album from Philly's most unhinged act is one of the most violent, high-speed releases of recent months! A must have for fans of BRUTAL TRUTH, NAILS, INSECT WARFARE, NOISEAR. (Self Made God Records #146 CD)

ROT - Nowhere CD
After nearly a decade of silence Sao Paulo veterans are back with new studio material. 12 new and unreleased songs recorded during the summer 2015 mark the comeback of ROT and their killer, old school grindcore the band has been practicing since 1990! (Self Made God Records #149 CD)

STURMOVIK - Destination Nowhere CD
Debut full length of the new Polish band risen from the ashes of WILD BITCHES and with two current members of THE DEAD GOATS. This 30-minute journey brings 9 songs of powerful and catchy d-beat/crustpunk full of melody and hardcore/punk energy. "Destination Nowhere" will definitely appeal to all fans of DISFEAR, WOLFBRIGADE, GENOCIDE SS, VICTIMS, HELLSHOCK, MARTYRDOD. (Self Made God Records #145 CD)

DYSTROPHY - Wretched Host CD
Like all the best aural descents into madness, this one has taken its time to ready itself for another level of technical insanity, but now on a much darker plane. It's time for DYSTROPHY to showcase the latest step in evolution, their 2nd album "Wretched Host". The album is bookended by two haunting pieces of violin work, provided by guest Ben Karas (AKA Val_ek) of Windfaerer and Thank You Scientist, while the meaty tracks in between boast of a dissonant, warped and twisted death metal. Downtuned riffs ring out among a maelstrom of rhythmic shifts, and guttural vocals intone tales of the experience of losing your mind, based on personal experiences. "Wretched Host" was mixed by guitarist Peter Lloyd at One Stone Recording & Mastering in New Brunswick, NJ, in keeping with the band's DIY ethic, and was mastered by Alan Douches (ATHEIST, DEATH, CANNIBAL CORPSE) at West West Side Music in New Windsor, NY. A must have for fans of DEATH, GORGUTS, ATHEIST, VOIVOD, RIPPING CORPSE, HUMANS REMAINS, DEATHSPELL OMEGA and the likes. (Self Made God Records #151 CD)

Following an absolutely brilliant demo tape, Steel Chains is back with their first 7" record! The band plays great melodic minor chord punk in only the way a PDX band can. FFO: Red Dons, The Wipers, The Stops, etc. Members of The Observers, Drunken Boat, Clorox Girls, Defect Defect, PRF, and more. (Dirt Cult Records #95)

FASHIONISM - Subculture Suicide 7"
Three songs of power pop perfection. Featuring members of Tranzmitors, New Town Animals, and The Jolts. You probably already know what to expect from this one, and you're probably right! FFO: Pointed Sticks, The Undertones. The Jams. etc. (Dirt Cult Records #100)

EXPIRE - With Regret LP (Color Vinyl)/CD/CS
Expire returns with their third full-length, "With Regret." "With Regret" is the first Expire album recorded outside of their mainstay studio Howl Street, having traveled up to Chicago's Bricktop Studios with Andy Nelson. The new environment takes them out of their comfort zone and results in subtle new twists to the band's sound, which bounces with a caustic, fraught anxiety, more memorable riffs and focused vocals that retain all their previous bile and despair. Vinyl version includes digital download. (Bridge Nine Records #242)

KICKER - Rendered Obsolete LP (Color Vinyl)
Fronted by legendary Pete The Roadie, Kicker is pure punk from members of Neurosis and Dystopia, for fans of Rudimentary Peni and Subhumans. Pete, who for the past 30-odd years has roadied for Subhumans, Amebix, Chumbawamba, Fugazi, Jello Biafra and just about everyone else, has clearly established himself as more than just a roadie. Following up their 2012 full-length "Not You" on Tankcrimes, this album is full of the same cheeky, clever and catchy two-minute, hit-you-over-the-head bouts of realism that got them so much acclaim right out of the gate. LP includes download card. (Pirates Press Records #166)

MILEMARKER - Conditional Love/Recognition 7"
In 2009, guitarist Dave Laney moved to Hamburg and bassist Al Burian moved to Berlin. A re-ignition of the band in Germany seemed inevitable and Milemarker returned to the stage in 2015 with Ezra Cale playing drums and Lena Kilkka on synthesizer and vox. The first recording released by this lineup is a two-song seven inch. Limited edition of 500 copies. (Lovitt Records #82)

MILEMARKER - Frigid Forms Sell LP
Originally released by Lovitt Records in the year 2000, Milemarker's "Frigid Forms Sell" was the album that realized the band's potential and introduced them to a slew of new fans. Coming after two well-received but still musically embryonic albums, "Frigid Forms Sell" was a monumental, creative step forward, blowing many minds and breaking the mold of '90s hardcore. Lovitt Records is proud to re-release the vinyl version of this out-of-print, classic post-hardcore LP. LP includes a download of the entire album plus unreleased demos and is limited to 400 copies. (Lovitt Records #20)

Coming a decade after their last full-length release, "Overseas" is notable for being such a focused and cohesive effort. New members Lena Kilkka (synth, vocals) and Ezra Cale (drums) deepen the krautrock and electronic tendencies, pushing the sound in unexpected directions. Recorded in Berlin and Hamburg, Germany (where the band is now located), with Electrical Audio's Greg Norman (Russian Circles, Godspeed You Black Emperor!) behind the board, "Overseas" combines the confidence and swagger of a band that has grown up playing music together with the fresh ears and attitude of a brand new band. LP includes free digital download code. (Lovitt Records #84)

(restock) ORCHID - Totality LP
The complete 1998 - 2002 singles collection finally available on LP! Twentyfour songs remastered from the original recordings, including the self-titled 7", five split releases, three compilation tracks and one unreleased song. Vinyl includes a 20 page, full color, 7" x 7" booklet, and download code. (Clean Plate Records #38)

Descriptions for 9/17/16

Sombras is the third LP from Los Angeles' Generacion Suicida. Jangly guitars, male/female vocals, the group is obviously influenced by the Vicious and Eskorbuto, but retain the sound they have been playing for years, and once again keep that classic sound fresh, exciting, and most importantly relevant. 10 new tracks recorded in 2016 and finally available on vinyl. Each copy includes a 10 page zine insert. (Going Underground Records #40)

Obraz is a deconstruction of reality to its basic forms and most primitive elements. The starting point after maximum destruction. A reconstruction towards a new reality. The world of images and a thousand spectacles, fragmented, dismantled and reassembled. Dynamism, rhythm, energy and movement. Creative sense over technique. Reality is a construction that we ourselves create. Belgrado delivers a blend of post-punk that takes its influence from many different styles and combines them together into a new form and rhythm. Carefully constructed sound compositions driven by feelingand the senses. Geometrical figures set in motion. Inspired by the mechanical pulse of minimal synth, the hypnotic sounds of dub, the atmosphere of psychedelic and African music, French cold wave and the post-punk classics. The artwork is a collaboration between Jonathan Sirit, Camila Dunster and Patrycja Proniewska. It includes a 28 pages illustrated booklet and comes in a 350 gsm reverse board sleeve. (La Vida Es Un Mus #127)

St Louis Lumpy and the Dumpers delivers their first mini album, after a string of seven inches and tapes which gained them worldwide recognition among the hordes of misfits lovers of slimy bad punk musik. Nine tracks of snotty punk driven by one of the crudest guitars tones heard by these ears in a long time. The songs flow seamlessly, the lyrics are sharp and full of vile and stick in your brain like any classic punk should. The album includes their own classic take on 'Loony' the B-Side of the 1978 by Slime from London which feels both a statement and a re-appropiation of a song which could have easily being written by the Dumpers if it hadn't existed. In fewer words this is a magnificent gross record. The record comes housed in a sleeve designed by Lumpy himself carrying their signature aesthetic. (La Vida Es Un Mus #117)

FRAMTID - The Horrific Visions 7"
European press of FRAMTID's last release. Osaka crust legends FRAMTID return with the first recording since their line up change which brought a new drummer and bass player. As expected the "Horrific Visions" continues what the band started nearly twenty years ago: Their own take on classic early Swedish hardcore with and added over the top delivery, massive distortion and relentless drumming, all mixed with a really strong Anti War message. It is hard not to be infected by their sound as the aggression and song craft remain unmatched with B side opener "By Any Reason" showing a side of FRAMTID we hadn't seen yet mixing samples of war documentaries over a hypnotic more metallic slow paced song. Overall a fantastic release proving why they are probably the best band with black and white overexposed artwork and over-saturated guitar tone there is. The record is pretty much identical than the us press other than coming in a pocket sleeve and have a different B side label. (La Vida Es Un Mus #126)

SEMI - Go Viral 7"
A chance meeting of GLOOM, THROBBING GRISTLE and DISORDER. Treading the fine line between genius and parody, London's SEMI deliver four tracks of pure noise hardcore punk which will fit right in between a Crust War or Overthrow band from the mid 90s and a MB or Hermann Nitsch collection. Too clean for the crusties and too noisy for the hardcore scene, SEMI bring performance back to the stage, making sure no-one is ever indifferent to their live antics. Go Viral documents the band at its peak and shows a conceptual band of the kind a city only produces every decade. The record comes housed in a 12 panel CRASS style sleeve designed by singer Ben Fordree giving you just a peak of the trip the band is in. (La Vida Es Un Mus #124)

ULTRA - Espana Invertebrada 7"
Young Barcelona band made up of half ABSURDO and half ANARQUIA VERTICAL members. Their debut EP is pure fire, idealistic hardcore with venom and punch. Sonically clashing the golden years of Spanish or Italian hardcore with early NYHC and even Midwest hardcore while lyrically carrying the torch of anarchist Barcelona bands. ULTRA is doing a small UK tour this weekend and touring Europe in October. Find the dates on the bandcamp link. (La Vida Es Un Mus #122)

NO DELUSIONS: A Chicago Hardcore Documentary DVD
A project that was over 5 years in the making that doesn't follow the established mold of hardcore documentaries that claim that the genre is now dead, NO DELUSIONS touches on a few of the various styles and sounds in Chicago from the late '80s through the late '00s with an emphasis on how it has evolved into the scene it is today. Featuring live footage and interviews with Plan of Attack, The Killer, Harms Way, Weekend Nachos, Punch in the Face, The Repos, Sin Orden, Extinction, Racetraitor, Charles Bronson, Los Crudos, MK-Ultra, Billingsgate, Even Score, and more. Each DVD copy includes a 40-page zine within its case. (No Delusions #1 DVD)

VIDEO FILTH - s/t 7"
Mean hardcore punk out of Boston featuring members of Sadist and Upset. Songs and lyrics channel the violent struggle of punk life. Four songs of punishing New England aggression with crust vocals and hatred beats. Spread the poison and immorality. (Nightrider Records #7)

AUS ROTTEN - The System Works For Them LP
FINALLY RE-ISSUED AFTER 20 YEARS! Originally pressed in 1996 PROFANE EXISTENCE is bringing this quintessential anarcho-punk masterpiece back in circulation. In 1996 AUS-ROTTEN released their first LP "The System Works For Them" on an unsuspecting punk scene. It spread like wildfire in a pre internet era within a genre that mostly depended on tape trading. (at least is was pre internet for us penniless punks) "The System Works For Them" was the perfect mix of anger and intelligence that the scene needed at the time (and still does today). It was like a wake up call that opened the eyes and ears to many punks the world over. The messages where crystal clear and most us were hooked as soon as the beginning shouts of "Boycott" bellowed over the speakers. I don't believe any of us ever expected their message to resonate so well within the scene, but even more surprising is how the songs are just as relevant today as on they the day they were written. Which is why PROFANE EXISTENCE has decided to repress this record. All tracks have been re-masted by Jay Matherson at the Jamroom studios. All original artwork and layout. (Profane Existence Records #164)

DODLAGE - Ritual Slaughter LP
Crushing D-Beat Kangpunk behind a raw wall of distortion! After 2 EP's(one released as a cassette) DODLAGE unleash their first LP - "Ritual Slaughter"! For those unfamiliar with one of Portland's better kept secrets, prepare to be crushed! DODLAGE are a raw grind/crust band that belt out old school crust the way it was meant to be played! Highly influenced by Swedish Kangpunk (the word DODLAGE is Swedish for "Deadlock"), you can expect a large Scandi influence. DODLAGE mix the more raw eras of ANTI-CIMEX with the earlier years of crust/grind bands like EXTREME NOISE TERROR and DISRUPT. You might be thinking thats it's be done before, and it has... but every once in a while a band does it right! DODLAGE are able to maintain a fine balance of bringing something fresh to the table while taking you back to the earlier glory years of the genre. "Ritual Slaughter" is sixteen ear bleeding tracks of raw crust/grind that will have you banging your fist and grinding your teeth while craving for more! (Profane Existence Records #163)

PSO - My Way Out LP
Debut full length of modern day Skate-Core made by 4 brothers from Lemon Grove, CA. The influence of classic skate punk blended with modern day hardcore make "My Own Way" a must hear for anyone who likes to "Skate, Slam & Jam". (Not Like You Records #7)

FUCK IT...I QUIT - Demo 7"
Featuring Tim from Ensign on vocals. This 12 song (yes 12) 7" owes as much to Discharge as to NYHC. Lyric topics include homophobia, veganism and straight edge but this band is anything but a stereotype. FIIQ is here to break down barriers both musically and in the real world and that's just what this debut 7" does. (Not Like You Records #12)

VICIOUS CIRCLE - Circle of the Doomed 7" (red vinyl)
Original demo from 1984 released on vinyl for the first time with 1 bonus track. Best known for their appearance on the P.E.A.C.E. comp and their early split with Youth Brigade, Vicious Circle is Australia's premier hardcore band and are still going strong today. This 7" is where it all began so many years ago and is offered in a one time pressing of 520 copies on red vinyl. (Not Like You Records #15)

SARDONIC WITCHERY - The Maniac of Steel 7"
Two new songs, 'Rising Hell' and 'Black Fucking Metal', on 7" by this cold and devilish old school black metal band. Sardonic Witchery hails from Dallas by way of Portugal and is influenced by such greats as Maniac Butcher and Judas Iscariot. (Rescued From Life Records #118)

MAD PARADE - Real Horror Show (Demos 1982 To 1983) LP/CD
Left in the can for more than 30 years, this punk rock time capsule has been exhumed by the punk-eologists at Hostage Records. This is NOT some cheap ass 12th generation copy of a boombox recording from a garage, THIS is the most amazing unreleased material we've ever heard. Hoping for a possible Posh Boy Records release in 1982, Mad Parade recorded a cache of anthems in the summers of 82-83 only to see them go unreleased as the punk scene turned metal. This amazing collection was mastered by Jack Control (Enormous Door) and features the pre-debut LP versions of Sex and Violence, I'm a Monster, Real Horror Show and Calling Out (here as Tragic Mind). 12 songs of period-correct 1982 punk, limited to 550 copies and available on colored wax. 2 non-CD exclusives on this LP. A sonic masterpiece. For fans of: posh boy records, mad parade, the adicts, so-cal punk, brit punk, the crowd, shattered faith, channel three, hostage records, old school punk. (Hostage Records #63)

(Descriptions for 9/10/16

(MAXIMUM ROCK'N'ROLL #401 (October 2016)
(Here it is, Maximum Rocknroll #401, the October 2016 issue. This special edition is our Art Issue-how much can you take? We've got an interview with Olivia Gibb, who came all the way out from Kansas City as our very first MRR artist-in-residence to design this issue's cover, and conversations between Tokyo photographer Chiro Yoshikawa and Los Angeles artist/designer Sonya Sombreuil (of Come Tees renown) as well as between Toronto's Lia Lepre and Sebbe Melbourne. Plus: interviews with Los Angeles-based artist Jess Scott, New Orleanian comics artist Ben Passmore, and Indiana's Alex Micallef; a convo between Osa Atoe and video artist Perry Holstein; and a feature on the "This Record Changed My Life" exhibition at Copenhagen's K-Town Hardcore Fest. Other artists represented in this issue include Sarah Sequoia, Ashley Hohman, Apolo Chaco, Sam Wallman, Shitboy Face, Trevor 32, Můnica Di Francesco, Luke Kislak, Aaron Demuth, Cecilia Calidera, Joseph Heuermann, Keith Caves, Josh Feigert, and Rael Brian Rau. On top of all that, we've got a photo spread from a gig at the Casa Club Ramones museum on the outskirts of Mexico City, the latest dirt from our columnists, and more reviews than you can handle. (Maximum Rock'n'Roll #401)

Nuclear War Now! is proud to present the unsanctimonious pairing of Demonomancy (Italy) and Witchcraft (Finland), two cults that first shared a stage at the NWN! Fest Volume IV in 2014 and two of the most promising trios of primitive black death metal of today. This five-song split represents the most recent blasphemies conjured by two relatively young bands that are likely to share the duty of carrying the banner of primitive black metal for years to come. (Nuclear War Now #325 CD)

(CONQUEROR - War.Cult.Supremacy" CDx2 + DVD
Nuclear War Now! first reissued the "War.Cult.Supremacy" DLP/DCD as the premier collection of all Conqueror recordings back in 2011. Three years later, in November 2014, Conqueror played its first and last live show as the headliner of the Nuclear War Now! Festival Volume IV in Berlin, Germany. In order to commemorate this unique occasion and celebrate the twentieth anniversary of the album's original recording, NWN! is now pleased to offer a repress of the "War.Cult.Supremacy" DLP/DCD, including the band's complete discography, with an additional DVD containing a multi-angle video of the historic Conqueror live set. (Nuclear War Now #178 CD)

(ABIGAIL - The Final Damnation CD
With their fifth studio album, "The Final Damnation," hereby released once again under the banner of Nuclear War Now!, Abigail has returned to a noticeable extent to the evil sound of their earliest recordings by increasing the black metal dosage in their satanic vaginal worship cocktail, all the while managing to maintain the rawness of later recordings that has endeared them to a new legion of gutter-dwelling deviants. (Nuclear War Now #326 CD)

(DEMONCY - Faustian Dawn CD
Beyond simply serving to present black metal to a new audience, Demoncy's legacy also includes being one of the most influential bands in this style. Over the years, countless bands have attempted to mimic their sound, but none has managed to meet, let alone surpass, the sinisterly dark aura that envelopes their music. "Faustian Dawn," Demoncy's first album from 1993, is an artifact in the band's early discography that perhaps best demonstrates their influence on the black metal landscape that later evolved. Featuring remixed and remastered audio at the hand of Ixithra himself, a reinterpretation of the Damnation CD cover art by the incomparable Chris Moyen as well as the original self-released cassette drawing from the same artist, this latest version is certain to please both old and new Demoncy fans alike. (Nuclear War Now #327)

(V/A - Ancient Meat Revived: A Tribute To Cold Meat Industry LP
Established in Sweden in 1987 and active until 2013, the revolutionary, independent label Cold Meat Industry enjoyed its most fruitful years in the early 1990s. In an effort to keep this unique piece of music history afloat, Nuclear War Now! and Iron Bonehead Productions have conspired to release "Ancient Meat Revived - A Tribute to Cold Meat Industry," a collection of six reinterpretations of compositions originally written and performed by six different Cold Meat Industry bands. Bands included on the compilation: Grave Upheaval - Necrose Evangelicum (Brighter Death Now), Antediluvian - Sephiroth (Raison d'Ítre), Sinistrous Diabolus - Sacrifice (Aghast), Spire - Death, Just Only Death... (In Slaughter Natives), Temple Nightside - Winds of a Lost Soul (Arcana), Vassafor - Infernal Affairs II Doom Legion Ultra (MZ.412) (Nuclear War Now Records #322)

Nine track LP collection including MYSTIC INANE's three out of print previous seven inches. Freaked out FLIPPER meets RUDIMENTARY PENI acid punk from New Orleans who channels the weird vibes of earlier SACCHARINE TRUST and battles them against modern distorted hardcore creating a hybrid soundtrack to a bad trip. Whether it is accidental or on purpose MYSTIC INANE are as confusing as they are exciting. The record comes housed in a 350 gsm reverse board sleeve with a 11x11 insert. (La Vida Es Un Mus #120)

Cold Sore (OH) and The Light (CA) team up for one of the most crucial HC splits of the year. Cold Sore bash out three songs of thick, fast, violent hardcore featuring current/ex members of Shut Up, Altars, New Regrets, Big Wooly, Dog Fight, etc. The Light deliver two tracks of raw and unwavering hardcore punk featuring current/ex members of No Statik, Scrotum Grinder, etc. (King of The Monsters #56)

Neither band should need an introduction at this point; this split exhibits new disturbing tracks from both Los Angeles-based bands. DEATHSTENCH bestow two ritual tracks of dense distorted reality cloaked in heavy darkness exposing you to the infinite void. ACTUARY contribute three tracks of layered desolate psychedelic rhythmic ambiance mixed with pure grit harsh noise and tortured demonic screams, sure to make your skin crawl. (King of The Monsters #53)

(RIK AND THE PIGS - Life's A Bust 7"
The second 7" from RIK AND THE PIGS is finally here, a smoking follow-up to 2015's "Pig Sweat" single on Total Punk. "Life's A Bust" features three new tracks recorded between Rik's time in Portland and his new home base of Olympia, WA. Side A boasts two cuts of completely savage and hook-filled punk - exactly the kind of snot and filth that you'd expect from Rik & Co. On the flip, "Life's A Bust" is a completely different animal, a loose and driving five minute tune featuring incredible guitar work and drumming from Michael Liebman and Corey Rose of Olympia's VEXX. Cut loud at 45RPM by Josh Bonati and housed in a full color glue pocket sleeve, this just might be the ultimate Pigs release to date. (Feel It Records #9)

(RAKTA - s/t LP
Here is what Maximum Rock'n'Roll had to say: "This is what a perfect record sounds like. Every time I talk about it I end up sounding like some blubbering idiot. This music is equal parts post-punk, incantation and psych-hook laden as fuck. RATKA is an all-female band from S„o Paulo, Brazil, that seem to have come from out of nowhere to make most of the current post-punk/anarcho wave completely irrelevant. This is the next level in this style, borrowing elements from all the spooky classics, but adding something so undeniably new and unique that the game is permanently changed. RAKTA eliminates all sense of retro-ness to the style and come off like they just now invented the damn thing. The songs create an otherworldly atmosphere while still keeping your feet tapping. It transports you to this weird dimension that feels like it's trying to keep you inside of it forever. It would have been the perfect soundtrack for a Maya Deren film. The record comes with a red-and-black on white poster that only adds to the mysterious bruxa vibes that the music gives. Check out my year-end top ten list in MRR #370 for even more gushing about this record. Highest recommendation!" (540 Records #47)

(VILE INTENT - Machine into Flesh LP
This is a debut 12"LP with 17 brand-new tracks of power-violence maniacs from Montreal that will melt your face off. These dudes play at rapid speeds with angry as fuck vocals and frenzied riff-age blended with a lots of feedbacks. Many people say that this band is Infest reborn, all I know it's they are nuts !! Radical D.I.Y. principles never die, the bands like them have a massive impact on us in many ways - a huge inspiration. Enormously recommended to all new people who want to set up a band, a label//distro or whatever they want in hardcore/punk. (Dead Hereos Records #55)

Here's a good dose of ferocious fastcore/powerviolence from Orange County, California's FISSURE. This band is an unrelenting force of frantic guitar work, thick bass tones, spastic drum abuse and harsh vocals. These guys construct blistering chaos with absolutely no room to breathe between tracks. On the flip side is Australia's SHACKLES, an unbelievably brutal onslaught of powerviolence and face-shredding grindcore. Deep distortions and heavy feedback flow over these massive riffs, dirty bass sounds and girthy howls with crushing delivery. This band is ripping and hits hard as hell. You can't deny the walls of sounds these guys create. It's insanely good. (Dead Heroes Records #57)

"The brutal/intense side of screamo, veering into grind, along the lines of Orchid, Pg. 99, early Converge and Discordance Axis." - Decibel Magazine. Recorded and mixed by Jonathan Nunez of Torche, Eris is twelve tracks of wounded and rabid hardcore, evoking turn-of-the-millennium screamo bands like Orchid and Pg. 99 who dealt in passion, poetry, and all-out brutality. The sound is so intense, it veers from screamo to grindcore, with blastbeats pelting like a hailstorm and riffs hurtling forward the way Discordance Axis' once did, and occasionally slows to a white-knuckle, Converge-worthy dirge. Akin to newer bands like Loma Prieta,Knife Hits takes the most crushing and emotive vibes of the late '90s/early '00s scene and makes new magic with it. Formed in Orlando, Florida in 2011, and relocated to Philly and Chicago, Knife Hits consists of members of grind-punkers Backslider, and ex-members of Khann, Republicorpse, and more. The album was mastered by Nick Zampiello (Modern Life Is War, Unsane). (Dead Tank Records #50)

(MORROW - Covenant Of Teeth LP
Brooding, dark and sombre melodic crust in the vein of Ictus and Fall of Efrafa, vast resonant guitars and cello over thundering D-beat, invoking mythologies of remnant cultures amongst the ruins of our civilisation, the earthen liturgy of forests and ice scapes. Morrow are a collective of friends from all over the world, and features guest vocals from members of Masakari, Monachus, Wildspeaker, Archivist and Anopheli. Morrow create deeply-felt atmospheres and have a firm bleakly melodic side to their sound. Alongside the rawness of the rhythm guitars and the various harsh vocals, these songs have nuance and depth to them as well as the more obvious assets of their heavier, faster side. So, if you're into highly emotive, richly textured music that combines doom, sludge and crust into a 40 minute journey through the dark underground of metal, then Morrow have got you covered. Gatefold covers, 180 gram vinyl, 12 page booklet, download code. (Halo of Flies Records #92)

(EXTERNAL MENACE - The Process Of Elimination LP
In the Mid 90's Welshy from Swine Flu to talk Sneddy into reforming Scotland's unsung heroes External Menace. On top of a few singles one of the results of the reformation was this amazing LP originally released in 97. The new version brought a whole new life to band and they continued to be a driving force in the Scottish punk scene. released in co-operation with Urinal Vinyl in the UK. The US version comes with a yellow front cover and yellow with black splatter vinyl exclusive to the US pressing. This version has a slightly different track then the original at request of the band removing recorded tracks and covers in place of songs that better reflected on this era of the band. This is an essential release for any External Menace fan! (Loud Punk Records #43)

(I MANIACI - Clone My Cock 7" (one sided)
I Maniaci is the alter ego of CA weirdos Neon Maniacs. This 2 track one sided 7" is from a session they did a while back finally seeing the light of day. A little more hard edged and snotty then your usual Neon Manics release but with everything you love about the band. limited to 300 copies. (Loud Punk Records #36)

(SCUZZ - Songs Of The Sordid LP
Scuzz hail from Albany, New York, and play some of the finest hardcore punk I've heard from the States in a while. Chaotic, noisy and infectious, this is their first album released in cooperation with Urinal Vinyl in the UK. All copies are pressed on various colors of vinyl(no black vinyl) whith silk screened jackets, you will receive colors at random. If you order more then one i will do my best to make sure you receive different colors as long as they are available. (Loud Punk Records #42)

(LAST RITES - Fascism Means War 7"
"Fascism Means War" was Last Rites 2nd 7" from 1984 originally released on Essential Records. This EP shows the band taking a much harder and politically charged approach then their first ep. This along with their "This Is The Reaction LP(coming later this summer) remain 2 of the rarest and best Scottish punk records from the 80's. Remastered by Jack Control at Enormous Door Mastering and sounding better then ever. This is a must have for fans of UK82, Riot City Records, Beat The System rec ect.... (Loud Punk Records #38)

(VIRUS (UK) - Illuminati/Vanity 7"
100 copies on yellow vinyl for the USA (pressed in the UK). New EP by great 80's UK anarcho punks. (Loud Punk Records #35)

Two of Albany's newest and most ripping punk bands. members of Neutron Rats, After The Falls, Libyans, Anal Warhead and more. (Loud Punk Records #33)

(HARD SKIN - Greatest Hits Vol. 7 CD
"Greatest Hits Vol 7" CD by Hard Skin. It was released for their South American tour this past March 2016. It contains 26 tracks including: Fucking Skins Fucking Punks 10" 2008, Split 7" with Fucked Up, On The Balls LP, Do you Like Hospital Food? 12", Tour 7" 2013. (Sniffing Recording Industries #132)

Gloom Pit inaugurates itself with an intense split effort from Pittsburgh/Los Angeles based Dendritic Arbor and Oakland's Infinite Waste. Dendritic Arbor continue's their noise-tinged take on blackened Grindcore compositions and boundary testing songwriting with two cuts (and a bonus extended noise piece ): Ishi and Snake Oil. Both are amalgamations of all disciplines of metal and blur between scene and style throughout. Tortured vocals, contorted riffing and crisp drums solidify the DA side as a creature of its own, comparable to none (much like their critically acclaimed debut, Romantic Love on Grimoire Records). Converge's Kurt Ballou helmed the engineer duties to extend the brutality with Noel Mueller (of Romantic Love / Grimoire Records fame) in the guest engineer chair. Infinite Waste is a refreshing take on blackened death metal, grind, punk and anti-establishment themes; with two impeccably composed pieces recorded to perfection by Zach Ohren of Castle Ultimate Studios. The things that stand out among this Oakland, CA trio's work is their ability to flesh out crisp, accessible riffs over chaotic rhythms to truly showcase their songwriting skills and knowledge of new methods of arrangement. In Life Till Rot and Suicide Room are both disgustingly grim and vicious while retaining a humane element of protest and loss. (Gloom Pit Records #1)

(MIRACLE DRUG - Demo 2015 7"
Take equal parts Mouthpiece, By The Grace of God, Supertouch and CR and you have Louisville, KY's MIRACLE DRUG. While they may get tagged as a hardcore super-group, they sure aren't a routine revival act. No rehashing of their old bands or old themes. The sound here is fresh. The message passionate. The energy is stronger than bands half their age. MIRACLE DRUG is raw, aggressive but in the same breath melodic and driving. If this was the early 90's, they could easily fit on a bill at Spanky's in Riverside, CA with Inside Out, Forced Down, Amenity and Statue. All 7"s come with a digital download. (Trip Machine Records #31)

(WARZONE - Don't Forget The Struggle Don't Forget The Streets LP/CD (red vinyl)
Out of print for over 25 years, the debut LP from the legendary WARZONE is finally available again. WARZONE were a cornerstone of the NYHC scene, sharing the stage with AGNOSTIC FRONT, CRO-MAGS, MURPHY'S LAW, YOUTH OF TODAY and many more. Led by the influential and charismatic Ray "Raybeez" Barbieri, WARZONE entered the studio in 1987 and produced Don't Forget The Struggle Don't Forget The Streets which many consider their greatest release. Often imitated but never duplicated, WARZONE had a sound unique to the NYHC scene. Coupled with vocalist Raybeez' uplifting and incisive lyrics, WARZONE's sound influenced generations of bands and kids across the world. Revelation is incredibly proud to present this newly remastered and repackaged version of this important hardcore record, including liner notes by "Lukie" Luke Abbey, new artwork by John "Omen" and many never-before-seen photos. This is the red vinyl version, limited to 2,108 copies. Vinyl version includes digital download. (Revelation Records #163)

(restock) ANCIIENTS - Snakebeard 7"
"Called earlier in the year 'Canadas most talked about unsigned metal band' by Terrorizer Magaine. Self described Positive, Progressive, Stoner Doom - an accomplished balancing act of genres and influences is exactly what shapes ANCIIENTS sound and originality. ANCIIENTS could be described as a well composed stoner giant, adorned with Thin Lizzyand Black Sabbath tattoos, a Mayhem backpatch, and listening obsessively Opeth and High on Fire. (War on Music Records #28)

Descriptions for 9/3/16

WARTHOG - s/t 7"
NYC hardcore punks WARTHOG return with what could possibly be their best recorded output yet. It's been a couple years since their EP's on Katorga Works and Iron Lung Records were unleashed upon us all and in that time the members of the Hog have perfected their particular formula and have finally delivered four more tracks of pounding hardcore savagery that stands out ten fold from most of the bullshit that fans of the genre are bombarded with on a regular basis. Are you a functioning human in a functioning world? Each record comes in a glue pocket sleeve adorned with art by Alexander Heir along with a two color risograph printed insert. (Beach Impediment 24)

BARGE - s/t LP
The debut full length from Richmond, VA's Barge is an unstoppable whirlwind of uncompromising hardcore insanity. These twelve blistering tracks find the band maturing both musically and lyrically from their debut EP, "No Gain." Sonically, Barge pummels through with the speed and ferocity of powerviolence greats like Infest and Crossed Out, and delivers with unadulterated vitriol calling to mind Youth of Today and Ripcord's most searing moments. The opening track, "Social Pressure," kicks this album from 0 to 120 out of the gate, then proceeds with a non-stop barrage of savage riffs and pulverizing breaks (reminiscent of Boston hardcore heavyweights Mind Eraser), straight through to the album's final track, "Dismantle," which trudges to a close with brutal precision. Lyrically, Barge's message is as heavy and powerful as their sound - addressing personal themes of alienation, acceptance, distrust, and disenchantment in the current climate of both our subculture and in the everyday life of 2016. Confronting issues of race and racial identity, masculinity and machismo, and corruption and bigotry in politics and law enforcement, the overall narrative draws parallels to illustrate how the DIY scene in many aspects is very much a microcosm of society, both of which face abuses of privilege and power that need to be properly addressed, confronted, and ultimately destroyed. If there's anything to take from this record, it's to never trust power and those who hold it, as it will inevitably be used to abuse, exploit, and marginalize those without it. Comes with Download, printed inner sleeve, and lyric booklet. (Grave Mistake Records #79)

WAR//PLAGUE - Carrion LP
War//Plague are back with their second full-length and 8th release, "Carrion". Nine crushing songs of protest, rage, and resistance in the classic Minneapolis style. Crust punk in a modern vein, with an emphasis on substance before trendiness. With no end in sight, these Minneapolis punk veterans are at it again, combining crust punk thrash with a barrage of attacking drum hits and apocalyptic guitar riffs. In a world full of self-centered materialism and shallow consumer garbage, these guys are ready to bring down the axe! Punk is protest! (Organize and Arise Records #7)

BRICK ASSASSIN - Bite the Hand That Feeds LP
Oi!-core from Chicago, members of Flatfoot 56. Previously released a 7" that went into three pressings as well as a split 7" with Victory. Have done Midwest and East Coast tours, and will be touring to support this record. (Foreign Legion Records #6)

ROGUE TROOPER - Boots on the Ground 7"
Oi! from Amherst. For fans of Crown Court, Last Crusade. Put out a well received demo tape and recently completed a short East Coast tour, will be touring again later this year. (Foreign Legion Records #5)

Blasting blackened doom dark metal. Combining ambient noise, synths and harsh atmospheric ear terror. Dark and raw production leave this with a old school metal taste which is very well accepted. Ukraine and Poland come together to leave you in the dark, with a scared taste in your mouth. Hail the darkness. (Give Praise Records #131)

TRAFFIC DEATH/LURKING CORPSES - Split Personality split 7"
Coming from Des Moines and Ft. Wayne respectively - This split brings horror to your ears, heart and mind. They manage to combine, ugly metal, thrash, and blaring straight forward punk rock tinged by the use of classic horror samples. (Give Praise Records #144)

Based on exposing the ugliness of the world in the most extreme way possible. TO DUST and BENT SEA bring a marriage of death metal, raw punk and the harshest grindcore you can imagine to create a wedded bliss of destruction. Pushing the envelope on extreme music and bringing sincere riffs and raw power, they create a unique experience. Bringing together members of MEGADETH, NAPALM DEATH, ABIGAIL WILLIAMS, PHOBIA and more, they are no strangers to punishing music. (Give Praise Records #132)

100 YEARS - s/t LP
100 Years from Sweden, take and form several genres into one unique dose of metal. Folk punk, Indie metal, noise - What they do is borrow from all of these and create a challenging form of progressive metal. The band cites their influences as: SWANS, KILLING JOKE, NEUROSIS, VOIVOD - but they clearly stand out on their own as the album will make you believe. (Give Praise Records #143)

ROT - Old Dirty Grindcores CDx2
ROT from Brazil, are a main stay in the grindcore scene. They have shared a whole bunch of splits with the who's who of the grind scene. They play utterly punishing and blasting old school grindcore, leaving out all of the flash stuff that takes away from the grind blast beats that have been lost for a few years, no matter what country you hail from. This is a collection containing virtually all studio material recorded between 1991 and 2001 - plus lots of extra stuff including the recordings made between 2002 and 2007. Totaling 150 songs! (Give Praise Records #130 CD)

HAYMAKER - Taxed Tracked Inoculated Enslaved! LP
Fifteen years after the release of their legendary debut LP 'It Only Gets Worse', Hamilton's HAYMAKER (EX LEFT FOR DEAD / CHOKEHOLD) return without missing a beat, offering 20 volatile tracks of fast pissed off hardcore. Gold vinyl. (A389 Records #169)

STADIUM WAY - s/t 7"
Stadium Way is a two-piece, acoustic project featuring Matt and Kenny of renowned Washington streetpunk outfit Noi!se. This long-awaited debut vinyl release showcases four heartfelt, real and emotional tracks, as well as some killer guitarwork and some righteous organ accompaniment by Kevin Bivona from Interrupters. When a few tracks were debuted on YouTube, it instantly excited thousands of people, but it's this 7" that people have really been asking about. 7" includes digital download. (Pirates Press Records #158)

STREET DOGS/NOI!SE - split 10"
Both groups have partnered in the past with Pirates Press on previous releases and are extremely excited once again to have this opportunity to really showcase their new material. This EP certainly gives this material the full treatment, and should keep all the fans happy and anxious for the other upcoming releases both bands have in store later this year. Noi!se and Street Dogs both recorded three new songs for this split and the fun that they've both had putting it together has both bands already talking about followup splits with other bands that they love and want to share with their fans. This is the remaining stock from Record Store Day 2014. Vinyl version includes digital download. (Pirates Press Records #118)

NOI!SE - Dull The Pain 7"
This new double A-side single reveals two long-anticipated new tracks from Seattle, WA-based powerhouse Noi!se. In typical fashion, these two tunes bring the heat and are sure to make their ever-growing fan base even more anxious for the upcoming LP, "The Real Enemy," out this fall. Complete with riveting drums, insane bass lines, great leads and a true verbal assault, both of these tracks show that this band is still a serious force to be reckoned with and assures their fans that the new record is bound to make waves across the entire punk/oi scene. 7" includes digital download. (Pirates Press Records #157)

RA - Dragging The Anchor 7"
"Dragging The Anchor" was a special 7" for Record Store Day that lifted two tracks from RA's (Rude Awakening's) menacing, full-length debut, "Collateral Damage," released in 2014 on Bridge Nine. Includes a cover by Wrecking Crew who helped put Boston hardcore on the map in the mid-1980s. For fans of Cro-Mags, Madball, Hatebreed, No Warning and Wrecking Crew. This is the remaining stock from Black Friday Record Store Day 2014. 7" includes digital download and lis limited to 500 copies. (Bridge Nine Records #221)

(restock) DEATH SIDE - Bet on the Possibility LP
Second LP from Japan's DEATH SIDE reissued officially! Never mind those shit euro bootlegs, these are top-quality legitimate reissues. Legendary Japanese hardcore at its best. No long-winded glamorizing write-up needed. (Feral Ward Records #77)

Descriptions for 8/27/16

SIEGE - Drop Dead: 30th Anniversary Edition CD
Restored definitive sound with all the original sessions' outtakes. This edition features all four bonus tracks unearthed when the tapes were sent off for restoration, making this the most complete and definitive version of the release. Siege was an American hardcore punk band from Weymouth, Massachusetts. They were active in the 1980s Boston hardcore scene from 1983 to 1985, and reunited briefly in the early 1990s. Siege's unprecedented level of extreme hardcore punk was some of the fastest and heaviest of its time, incorporating lightning fast tempos, chord changes, vocal delivery, and blast beats into its style, thus setting the stage for the emerging grindcore scene. And though rather short-lived and little-known during their existence, subsequent musicians have cited the group as a profound influence, including the famous British grindcore band Napalm Death and the American hardcore band Dropdead, whose name was derived from the title of Siege's demo of the same name. An awesome document of SIEGE's Radiobeat recordings, complemented by the stark black and white original demo images, lyrics, and side OBI strip jewel case packaging. (Armeageddon Shop #001S CD)

GHOUL - Dungeon Bastards CD
Dungeon Bastards is the long-anticipated new full-length from Creepsylvanian splatterthrashers, GHOUL! The eleven-track audio abduction (and their fifth overall) was recorded and mixed by Scott Evans (Kowloon Walled City) at Antisleep Studios in Oakland, California, mastered by Dan Randall (Impaled, Toxic Holocaust) at Mammoth Sound in California, and comes adorned in the ghoulightful graphics of Mark W. Richards of Heavy Hand Illustration). With Dungeon Bastards, the world's most revered hooded cannibals will rip your flesh with speed and riffs... before eating it. (Tank Crimes Records #96 CD)

There's a more formal description below, but I'll just plug a few extra words in here. Probably everybody knows Sete Star Sept, Japan's primary grind export. They've toured close to everywhere there is tour at this point, I think they're only missing Africa and some parts of South America. They've most likely been to your city. Right now they're in the midst of month long USA (including Alaska!) and European tours in support of Beast World LP, along with small stints in Mongolia and Japan. This is after already hitting Nepal, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Taiwan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, and Perth Australia so far this year. This is their first new full-length album since Sacrifice LP in 2013. It was recorded right here in Baltimore, immediately prior to their 2015 USA tour, at the Queen Wolf space with Mike Walls behind the controls. So naturally, I think it sounds perfect, and between the songs, the production, and the fantastic art/layout from the esteemed Rudolfo de Silva, it ranks as one of the best records of the year for me. (SPHC Records #70)

TV CRIME - Hooligans 7"
Debut Single from TV Crime who are a new garage punk / power pop band from Nottingham who come fully formed. 'Hooligans' is a total stomper of a power pop song that starts like a classic Good Vibrations Records 7" with The Moondogs esque guitar work and the energy of 90's legends New Bomb Turks or Gaunt. Flip 'Wild One' is another pounder but with a more rock 'n' roll twist. As the band say "Killer Tunes - Shitty Attitude". (Static Shock Records #42)

DEEP POCKETS - Nice Life 7"
Brooklyn, NY indie punk from members of Everything Sucks, Brain Slug, Bearchild & more. Follow up EP to their debut full-length, "You Feel Shame". 300 pressed on Clear Blue vinyl. Comes with download. (Dead Beat Records #150)

RATS REST - On The Eastside 7"
Kansas-City melodic punk rock. Melodic, gritty, raging Region Rock style punk rock that we've grown so fond of over the years. This is the shit right here. Get on the damn train, ya hippie. (Members of: Hello Shitty People, Constant Insult, Hard Feelings, Street Legal+) 300 pressed on Clear Green vinyl. Comes with download. (Dead Beat Records #145)

HEAVY METAL - Total Bullshit LP
And you thought the world had run out of great band names!! No sir - welcome to the debut album by Heavy Metal. Over the space of 13 tracks the three piece from Berlin make dirty punk, childlike chaos and raw DIY gems with reckless abandon. In parts it sounds like pissed idiots with a 4 Track recorder armed with a load of ATV 7"s and in other parts like some obscure Australian DIY 7" from 1979. Standout cuts are 'Snail of Rock' which is all snotty 77 punk rock, 'Would You Adam and Eve It?' which could have been one a classic Step Forward Records release and 'Total Bullshit' which sounds like the Sleaford Mods but with the recording quality of 'Bullshit Detector' compilations on Crass. You used to love Heavy Metal when you were young and now you can fall in love with Heavy Metal all over again. (Static Age Records #30)

SPERMA - Zuri Punx 7"
1979 appeared on Urs Steiger label Another Swiss Label the punk anthem "Zuri Punx" ("Zyt from flower power ish verbii / Woodstock ish shit GSII ...") by the group Sperma. This song expressed with his musical directness and their slogans like lyrics ("They tršumed vo Punk and Anarchy") very nicely the fierce determination of the first round. The following year, the song reappeared again with a new B- side (Sinnlos insteed of Bombs). Today, 35 years later Static Age Musik from Berlin did release for the first time all 3 songs on a single in an edition of 500 copies with the two original covers and some liner notes. (Static Age Records #24)

PISS - s/t 7"
The great STATIC AGE label is on a roll these days: Last month they brought us a SPERMA 7", now it's time for a PISS 7". So the PISS trio from Berlin finally got its SHIT together and put out an EP, about time! Their great demo from 2013 is already a little worn out. I used to say that they were the best recent Hardcore Punk band from Berlin that was not on the "Berlin Tristesse" compilation. But that does not really matter now, as there are so many good new bands in town, most of which don't sing in Swedish. What I also love about PISS is that they are touring like crazy. Unless you have an ocean between yourself and Berlin it's likely that they will play your shitty burg soon -- or played there last week without you noticing. For some reason the band is also hip with folks who have never seen them, even people from Texas and the notorious CVNTNATION. And when they play locally, they get a strange mix of folks out. Maybe this is because of Robins (vox & git) exquisite dress sense? But back to the music on this platter: I think they recorded around 15 songs and only picked the best 5 for this EP. Then went back to record another EP. Judging by what I hear on this platter, the next best 5 songs from the same session would probably make most other bands proud, but we might never hear them. Esp. "Spršnga Allt" is a sure hit and recycled here from the demo. This is totally unhip sounding, straight-up hardcore punk the way it should be played. On the perfect vinyl format for this sound. Do yourself a favour and buy this before the masses discover this band and maybe ruin the fun for us. (Static Age Records #21)

Descriptions for 8/20/16

EARTH GIRLS - Wanderlust LP
Earth Girls play power pop with an emphasis on "power." Spearheaded by guitarist/vocalist, Liz Panella, the Chicago-based band write songs that are bursting with breezy earworms but still pack an undeniably urgent punch. This precarious and exciting balance between infectiousness and grit propels the band's debut full length, Wanderlust. Throughout Wanderlust, Panella effortlessly combines elements of 60s and 70s pop with more modern influences, while adding her own distinguishing touches to make songs that are as catchy as they are concise. Earth Girls' songs are driven by hook-filled immediacy, but they aren't without sonic and lyrical depth. The best hooks always sound effortless and Wanderlust is loaded with these deceptively catchy yet winding melodies and chord changes. Every instrument plays it's role perfectly and tastefully; warm vocal harmonies weave around gritty guitar and inventive bass lines, all held together by airtight drumming. The album's tight 21 minute runtime lends itself to repeat listens that reveal Panella's attention to detail in arrangements, as well as pointed lyrics reflecting a struggle to make the most of life and its relationships. (Grave Mistake Records #77)

THE SUSPECTS - Voice of America LP
Grave Mistake and Six Feet Under are honored to present a significant piece of Washington, DC punk history - a reissue of The Suspects' 1995 full length, Voice of America, along with the tracks from their 1994 debut self-titled 7". Originally released on their own Torque Records label, the band's seminal output contains thirteen blasts of timeless and unadulterated punk rock, delivered with a precise intensity that maintains its urgency two decades later. Founded by original Scream drummer Kent Stax alongside guitarist Bryan Harbin, bassist Chris Condayan and vocalist Brian Gayton, the Suspects came together in 1993 with one objective - to inject the Nation's capital with a long forgotten dose of uninhibited punk intensity. Combining their love for classic '77 UK punk with the aggression and power of the DC Hardcore classics, The Suspects were a pivotal band for the region; crucial in keeping the spirit of DC Punk and Hardcore alive and flourishing for generations to come. (Grave Mistake Records #73)

SEX POWERS - Dive Bombs 7"
First vinyl release, following a self released tape, from these OCHC purveyors of D-beat aural insanity. Featuring members of Against The Wall, Dystopia and others, This only begins to hint at the sonic assault that is to come on "Dive Bombs". [This doesn't sound like d-beat and it doesn't sound anything like Dystopia or Against The Wall... instead it sounds like a snotty rock/punk record.] (Not Like You Records #13)

KING FACE - Live @ 9:30 Club LP
Recorded live in their prime at the legendary 9:30 Club, this record captures them in their element, the live show. Featuring a couple tracks that never made it to any release, this LP is a stand out from start to finish. (Not Like You Records #9)

PARASYTES - Straight Jacket 7"
British '80s influenced punk somewhat in the vein of early Sacrilege, but with more punk rock, almost Chaos U.K.-styled, thrown in. Great riffs, great rhythms and... well, just great overall. You can pogo, while still wearing your crusty vest, to this. Parasytes hail from Montreal, Canada and have Jannick (from After the Bombs/Truncheons) and Tom (from Napalm Raid). (Distort Reality #29)

KORROSIVE - Syovyttava Laji 7"
After a couple of tapes and a flexi Korrosive delivers their 4 best tracks yet. Finnish-styled hardcore in the vein of Appendix or Kaaos. Finland '83 inspired hardcore punk band from Oakland '16. (Distort Reality #31)

DOG SOLDIER - Mother Fucker 7"
Portland ultra punk. Four tracks. (Distort Reality #32)

LIFE FUCKER - s/t 7"
Do you remember the good old days of Berlin hardcore? Neither do Life Fucker and THANK FUCK! The new wave of raw Berlin hardcore is here and alongside fellow labelmates/push moshers PISS, LF are holding a match to the firecracker set to explode under the asses of all the would-be artists, internet activists and party people currently scourging the German capital. Not everything in Berlin used to be better, people and Life Fucker are a response to the long unanswered question of where to pit this Friday. For Fans of PiSS, S.H.I.T, Destino Final etc. !!! Artwork by Alexander Heir. (Static Age Records #26)

FUTURO - Habitos Ruins LP
Futuro (previously known as B.U.S.H.) is an absolute ripper of a band from S„o Paulo, Brazil. When the when the band's original singer Kalota left the band, he suggested they try a female lead. Less than a year later, Mila made her debut on vocals, and Futuro returned reinvigorated, already releasing a new EP, contributing to compilations and releasing, this, their debut LP. Futuro has a long history of playing music together and they've shown a willingness to both stretch out and experiment and still deliver peals of thrashing punk. In the band's previous incarnation as B.U.S.H. they took elements of post-punk, sixties garage rock and 80s hardcore weaving the history of underground rock's history into a new whole. This synthesis lead to some interesting tone changes often within the same song (check out New American Century's "Nao Sou Skate Punk" as it shifts from a blistering skate punk jam into a sustained psyche jam freak out before morphing back on itself). This experimentation slowed a bit as the band found its sound, content to incorporate these disparate elements directly into songs. Vocals and instruments mesh as the entire band starts and stops before making violent turns in new directions, no member once losing place. (Dirt Cult Records #92)

In my mind, Seattle's Bad Future is the epitome of do it yourself ethics in modern American punk, having spent the past three years touring across the US and Europe in addition to self-releasing a debut LP 'The Golden Age' as well as a cassette EP entitled 'Night Church.' Now the band is back with their best batch of songs yet. Bad Future defy description, playing a blend of heavy, grungy, and somewhat mathy (without the pretention) hardcore punk. Imagine Jawbreaker playing Amphetamine Reptile Records brand post-punk maybe? (Dirt Cult Records #97)

BRAT KINGS - Hypnopedia LP
Catchy as hell, slightly psychedelic and surfy garage rock from Montreal/Toronto. This is the band's first LP and a follow up to their debut 7" "Good Drugs" released last year on Hosehead Records. The band features members of Sonic Avenues (Dirtnap Records) and First Base (Hozac Records). Split release with Brain Gum Records (Canada). (Dirt Cult Records #96)

PROFANATICA - The Curling Flame Of Blasphemy LP (gatefold)
LP on Comes in a gatefold cover with UV spot gloss. Arguably the band's crudest and most primitive full-length thus far, The Curling Flame of Blasphemy bulldozes into being with a crushing, blown-out explosion of sound, setting out PROFANATICA's stall and drawing a very firm line in the sand: you either submit to its gloriously hypnotic blasphemy or get trampled under cloven, obsidian hoof. Paul Ledney's idiosyncratic approach to rudimentary/elevated-mind drumming forms the backbone by which John Gelso sends out wave upon wave of tense, vertigo-inducing riff, layering the bulldoze with chilling counterpoint that sends the vertigo into overdrive and creates a perverse disconnect from the sonic wreckage going on all around them. All the while, Ledney's charred-black vomits cut through the crush to spill forth verbal desecration, profaning the pure and defiling dog's creation as only he can. Together, both masterminds behind PROFANATICA underline an already incontrovertible fact: despite a decade or two of the black metal scene pilfering from them, no one sounds like PROFANATICA. Thus, The Curling Flame of Blasphemy never dies, never relents - from a flicker into an inferno - and both its heat and light shall serve as a guide for future generations of devotees/descecrators. (Hells Headbangers Records #160)

BAT - Wings Of Chains LP
The BAT is back, flying on Wings of Chains! This American speed metal cult have built up a considerable reputation the last couple years, on the back of their Primitive Age demo (which HELLS HEADBANGERS reissued on vinyl, selling out almost immediately) and subsequent Cruel Discipline single as well as tireless treks across the United States. And now, their highly anticipated debut album is at hand, appropriately titled Wings of Chains: a 12-song firestorm of filth and fury. By now, BAT's esteemed membership is well known and their collective experience bleeds through every gnarled note here. But more than that, such hard-charging and immediately headbanging speed metal can only come from total diehards who intimately know the secret of steel. From the opening "Bloodhounds" on down to the band's titular theme song, BAT barrel forth like filth hounds of Hades, pounding metal with violence and force, leaving "Total Wreckage" in their wake. If any doubters do exist, the band will exercise "Cruel Discipline" in teaching the "Rule of the Beast," culminating in their raison d'etre - "Code Rude"! Endlessly wild without sacrificing any seriousness, Wings of Chains wraps itself around your earlobes and commands instant thralldom - but when heavy metal is this dirty and memorable, who's to argue? (Hells Headbangers Records #151)

CULTES DES GHOULES - Spectres Over Transylvania LP
OUT NOW ON HELLS HEADBANGERS! Repress on traditional Black Vinyl. Singled-sided LP complete with large poster, insert, and laser etching on Side B. This is identical to the first pressing, no changes have been made to the layout. To meet the insane demand brought on by 2013's critically acclaimed Henbane monolith, CULTES DES GHOULES are now re-releasing their hideous 'n' harrowing Spectres Over Transylvania mini-album. Originally released on vinyl in 2011 by HELLS HEADBANGERS and quickly selling out, Spectres Over Transyvlania saw these mysterious Polish demons aim for heights/depths even more ambitious than their now-classic H?xan debut LP: a single 25-minute song, encompassing one whole side of a 12" vinyl, where medieval devil worship and arcane rituals run like black blood in sonic form. Armed, as always, with one of the most gutted, bass-driven tones around, CULTES DES GHOULES create black-fucking-metal in a way that is truly ancient, in all senses of the word. Spectres Over Transylvania is but one portal they offer to the beyond, from where you'll never return... Singled-sided LP complete with large poster, insert, and laser etching on Side B. (Hells Headbangers Records #19)

KERASPHORUS (Angelcorpse) - s/t CD
HELLS HEADBANGERS is proud to present a timely collection of KERASPHORUS' two EPs, simply titled Kerasphorus, on both vinyl LP and CD formats. Originally existing between 2009 and 2011, KERASPHORUS combined the razor-throated doctrines of P. Helmkamp (Angelcorpse, Order From Chaos), the savage attack of J. Read (Revenge, Conqueror), and the esoteric manifestations and conjurations of B. Wolaniuk, altogether enacting a violent occult prophecy of supreme bestial art. In a short amount of time, the band released two EPs through Nuclear War Now! Productions - Cloven Hooves at the Holocaust Dawn in 2010 and Necronaut the following year - that both immediately caused a stir in the metal underground. With an overwhelming gnarliness buttressing a forever-twisting attack of angularity, it was easy to see why both EPs caused that stir...and then the band ceased to be. However, KERASPHORUS re-formed in 2015 and began playing select shows, and with an exclusive appearance slated for HELLS HEADBASH PART 3 this year, KERASPHORUS' entire recorded oeuvre to date has been collected on Kerasphorus, making for a 31-minute slaughter of cosmic might and dread frequency. The cloven hooves have sounded once again... (Hells Headbangers Records #183)

"Hijrah" is the emotional sophomore album from Harm Wulf. Where the debut album (Deathwish, 2013) was primarily built on the singer/songwriter experience, "Hijrah" introduces a wash of stark instrumentation with Jon Nean of Blacklisted on bass and engineer/musician Arthur Rizk (Inquisition, Prurient) on percussion, backing G. Hirsch as he performs all vocal, guitar and harmonica duties. Altogether they have created a dark and emotional atmosphere that is more fully realized than ever before. Vinyl version includes digital download. (Deathwish Records #192)

SELF DEFENSE FAMILY - When The Barn Caves In 7"
On transparent orange/gold vinyl. "When The Barn Caves In" is the first major release from post-hardcore musical collective Self Defense Family since their third LP released this past spring. Boasting two of the band's most accomplished songs, this record seems destined to become a signal release for the band. Robbins's production (Jets To Brazil, Dismemberment Plan, Promise Ring, etc) imbues the songs with warmth and size while the band lays down some of their most mature, personal, and emotionally wrought songwriting. A two-song single, "When The Barn Caves In" b/w "Alan" is due out Black Friday, November 27th via Brooklyn label Iron Pier (Wild Moth, Hollow Sunshine, Weed Hounds) as a 7" vinyl single, digital download, limited cassette, and with an accompanying limited photo book. (Iron Pier Records #19)

SELF DEFENSE FAMILY - You Are Beneath Her 7"
Self Defense Family are one of the most interesting bands in contemporary independent music. Evolving from a sound influenced by revolution summer and Dischord bands, in recent years the band has grown into a new phase where they have explored the post-hardcore territory of Lungfish and Wilderness and altcountry reminiscent of the Drive-By Truckers. You Are Beneath Her is the first of two records Iron Pier is releasing for the band that feature longtime "family member" Caroline Corrigan who takes over vocal duties on this record, lending a more accessible side to the band. You Are Beneath Her consists of four songs sung solely by Corrigan: three are alternate versions ones from the You Are Beneath Me (Deathwish) sessions. The fourth song was re-recorded soon after. All four songs have been remastered by Carl Saff in 2013 for this release. (Iron Pier Records #13)

On Colicky, SDF's instrumentation channels dark postpunk influences while singer Patrick Kindlon, rather than avoid the influence of a breakup that surrounded this recording, leads hard into the theme. Recorded with Taylor Young at The Pit (Nails, Twitching Tongues, SDF's recent "Superior" EP.) For fans of Interpol and Killing Joke. The second in Iron Pier's new Mini-LP series. (Iron Pier Records #21) SELF DEFENSE FAMILY - Duets LP
Self Defense Family is a band as continually interesting as they are musically ambitious. Their new MLP Duets is a featured collaboration between them and Albany singer and "family member" Caroline Corrigan. Here, she and regular Family singer Patrick Kindlon are put together front and center and afforded plenty of time and room with which to collaborate. Duets is five new songs with overlapping themes and a cohesive sound that builds on the band's own distinctive approach but integrates new elements of alt-country and indie rock. Over the course of the record Kindlon's and Corrigan's voices sing against each other, overlap, double back on each other, and break apart, with Corrigan alone singing on the final track. Duets is tuneful and accessible but just as challenging, interesting, and as personally confrontational as the band has ever been. This is a first pressing on limited pink, colored vinyl. (Iron Pier Records #14)

Descriptions for 8/13/16

VARUKERS - Protest And Survive" 7"
Originally released in 1981, this 7" is like a blast of pure power from the early days of hardcore punk. Varukers was one of the first bands to take up the gauntlet laid down by Discharge to combine the rebel attitude of punk with the pure energy of hardcore. This four song banger bursts with raw energy and anger, the recording is raw and urgent, three tracks are primal raw D Beat, while Soldier Boy is a more pogo punk UK82 anthem, well known for it's inclusion on the Punk and Disorderly compilation. (Havoc Records #7058)

VARUKERS - I Don't Wanna Be a Victim 7"
This is the second ep from the Varukers, originally released in 1982. Varukers seamlessly blend the styles we now call D Beat and UK82. This 7" features three of the more traditionally punk influenced mid paced sing along ragers, picking up towards the end with the more hard edged "No Masters, No Slaves". (Havoc Records #7059)

VARUKERS - Die For Your Government 7"
The Varukers third 7" from 1983 originally released on Riot City. The production progresses from the raw production of the first two eps. Two sides of huge crushing riffs, the best of catchy punk and raw hardcore power in an intoxicating mix. (Havoc Records #7060)

VARUKERS - Massacred Millions 7"
Originally released as a 12" ep in 1983, this is raw and savage hardcore in the Discharge tradition. From the alienation and misery of Thatcher's Britain came the revolt of punk against the establishment, society, and the weak posing of the sold out remnants of first wave of punk. Taking punk to it's most logical extreme, Varukers channeled the angst of the era into these four tracks of hardcore power. (Havoc Records #7061)

VARUKERS - No Hope of a Future 7"
Originally released in 1984 on, this 7" features the Varukers developing into a tight and powerful hardcore machine. The punk bounce has given way to a heavier more proto crust hardcore sound. Lean and powerful, this record has the same raw production and urgency as the first two eps. (Havoc Records #7062)

VARUKERS - Led to the Slaughter 7"
Originally released in 1984 on Riot City, three tracks of unrelenting hardcore punk moving more towards the sounds of the Another Religion Another War era. Like Discharge, the Varukers pushed to a harder more powerful sound with more leads and guitar wails, but always staying firmly rooted in the world of punk rock and not veering as far into the territory of metal. Huge riffs, raw beats, pure rage. (Havoc Records #7063)

IMPACT NYHC - Worlds Apart 7"
They played black n blue bowl this year and got a huge response. This is their first 7" and they are rising to the front of current NYHC scene. (Not Like You Records #11)

VINNY HOOLIGANZ - Late Nights 7"
Limited white vinyl. NYHC band featuring members of Warzone YOT and Bold. A powerful blend of the Ramones The Bouncing Souls and classic Oi. FFO Black Train Jack, Bouncing Souls and singalongs. (Not Like You Records #14)

V SECT - Nature's Casket 10"
Black metal/D-beat punk hybrid from RI/Boston area. Playing heavy in the underground warehouse scene in Boston at places like The Boilerroom and Non Factory V-Sect have carved their notch playing with bands like Infest, Firewalker, Hellhammer, Dame and Exit Order. They've done limited touring up and down the East coast with Dropdead, Fucking Invincible and Magic Circle. The 10" is limited to 300 copies, with colored vinyl, silk screened cover and 18x24 poster. (Atomic Action Records #70)

Second LP from these brutal and punishing Swedish kšngpunk veterans. Real D-Beat done the Scandinavian jawbreaking way. Ex-members of Asocial, Svart Parad, Uncurbed and more. LP comes in a gatefold jacket and includes a sticker. (Konton Crasher Records #24 L)

KOSZMAR - Destrukcja 7" flexi
Vancouver's Koszmar return with 4 blistering tracks of hardcore thrash done in the Polish tradition. Black flexi and fold over jacket. Split release with Australian label Televised Suicide. (Konton Crasher Records #23 EFX)

UNKNOWN TO GOD - Unbearable Trauma and Grief 7"
Raw, brutal D-Beat from Sydney, Australia. Take the pounding Scandi D-takt sound and throw in the chainsaw noise of Japan and you're somewhere close. Limited to 300 copies on white vinyl in a fold over jacket. (Konton Crasher Records #22 E)

PARANOID - Satyagraha LP
Debut LP.l from the Northern Winds of Brutal Hell Mangel, Paranoid. Absolutely raging Swedish kšngpunk. Satyagraha shatters the D-Beat mold and proves there is still life and room for innovation within the genre. Claustrophobic metallic guitar along the lines of Celtic Frost and Venom meets burning spirits influenced leads set the tone but are played with the intensity and sheer rage of classic Swedish D-beat. Hailed as one of the top releases of 2015. Original US press. Black vinyl, Gatefold jacket, printed inner sleeve and CD version included. (Konton Crasher Records #21 L)

HONNOR SS - D Noise Anthem 7"
Intense, ripping, noisy and scorching Kang from the country that invented it. Sweden's Honnor SS deliver an unrelenting aural assault, complete with buzzsaw guitars, rumbling bass, pounding drums and a brutal dual vocal attack that will leave your eardrums in ruins. Black vinyl, pocket jacket, insert. (Konton Crasher Records #20 E)

SILENT ORDER - Distraction 7"
Ottawa's raw punks Silent Order attack with piercing harsh guitars, desperate vocals and pounding D-Beat drumming. Not paint by the numbers D-Beat by any means, throwing in touches of noise punk and black metal. Black vinyl, pocket jacket, insert. (Konton Crasher Records #18 E)

KOSZMAR - Nuklearna Supremacja 7"
Top notch speed crazed thrash from Poland via Vancouver D-beat powerhouse Koszmar. Dezerter played with the speed of Mob 47 and the ferocity and production of modern D-Beat like D-clone, Paranoid and others comes to mind. Scorching guitars, scathing vocals in Polish and jackhammer rhythm..a total over the top raw punk assault. Black vinyl, pocket jacket, insert and sticker. (Konton Crasher Records #17 E)

BUZZOVEN - The Gospel According... II LP
Buzzoven is one of the most important sludge bands of all time, yet they are simultaneously one of the most underrated. This album is signature Buzzoven sludge, heavily mixed aspects of stoner metal, and punk rock. 12" vinyl reissue - first time on vinyl - classic Buzzov-en Lp from 1997. Limit to 500 copies, "Dookie Brown" color vinyl. Cover by Arik Roper. Pre- Weedeater (on bass Dave "Dixie" Collins ). (Behind The Mountain #11)

EXIT 13 - Featuring Bliss Blood Smoking Songs LP
Exit-13 is a mainly- studio concoction, the brainchild of guitarist Steve O'Donnell and vocalist Bill Yurkiewicz (ex-Relapse Records owner); for this recording, they enlisted the assistance of members of Brutal Truth (Danny Lilker and Rich Hoak ) and former Pain Teens singer Bliss Blood. Released in 1996, this odd collection of songs is a tribute to the virtues of smokin' spliffs, mostly featuring "smoking songs" of the 1920s and '30s along with a couple of parody moments and a crazed semi-white-noise freakout track, "Loading Dock." 12" vinyl reissue (first time on vinyl) - classic Exit-13 album from 1996. Limit to 500 copies "Milky Clear Transparent" color vinyl. (Behind The Mountain #13)

RWAKE - A Stone, A Leaf an Unfound Door LP + DVD
The way of the South" has resonated through southern music for generations and "the way", it seems, for southern metal bands is often raw, to-the-point, unfiltered expression; unflinching delivery oozing with conviction. The southern bands just mean it a bit more. And in that tradition, like EYEHATEGOD and BUZZOV-EN before them, RWAKE fucking "mean it" and don't care what you think. Rwake_ 12" Maryland Deathfest X performance from 2012. 12" Vinyl and DVD combo pack. Limited to 463 copies on multiple color vinyl, with screen preinted artwork. Including David Hall's surreal live concert movie. "A Stone, A Leaf an Unfound Door." (Behind The Mountain #10)

DAWN RAY'D - A Thorn, A Blight LP
Dawn Ray'd from the UK raise the black flag high, proudly identifying as an anti-NSBM, anti-fascist, anarchist black metal band. Their sound is a Molotov cocktail of black metal, crust, ambient, neoclassical, and screamo (a remnant of the members' former band, We Came Out Like Tigers), and their voices are strident. Repressed on 180 gram ultraclear vinyl. includes lyric booklet and download code. (Halo Of Flies Records #93)

SICK SHIT - Softcore tape
New Jersey's hardcore punk new blood produces an insane first release with Softcore. Blasty, pissed, moshy, memorable. All recorded DIY by the by the band on what they kindly said was trash equipment and instruments but they have produced a heavy hitting seventeen song album. The band produced a small initial run and this one is limited to 200 copies. (To Live A Lie Records #116 TP)

(restock) WARTHREAT - And The Children 7"
D-Beat Raw Punk from Perth, Western Australia done in the Sweden meets Japan style. Noisy and heavy. Pounding and relentless. Black vinyl, pocket jacket, insert. (Konton Crasher Records #12 E)

Descriptions for 8/6/16

MAXIMUM ROCK'N'ROLL #400 (September 2016)
Here it is: the September 2016 issue, Maximum Rocknroll #400. It's hard to believe we've been at it for this long, so this month we're turning back to reflect on the people that make it happen: our shitworkers. Every band featured in this issue features at least one volunteer or contributor to the mag. We've got the Welsh-Greek-Cypriot maelstrom that is London's EFIALTIS, Oklahoma City's AMERICAN HATE and Chicago's the BUG scrambling the signals of midwestern hardcore, the melodic punk of the Bay Area's own SYNDICATE and SILENT ERA (perhaps the world's only all-shitworker band?), and NORMS out of Budapest offering their perspective on punk life in a harsh landscape. On top of that, we have interviews with Evolution of a Race Riot zinester and punk academic Mimi Thi Nguyen as well as former coordinator Arwen Curry discussing her upcoming documentary The Worlds of Ursula K. LeGuin. We also have current shitworkers revealing their work inside and outside of the pages of MRR: Bay Area/Los Angeles based journalist Oscar Gutierrez, Washington's Farrah Skeiky (official photographer of the NWODCHC?), and Scream Queens giving us the dirt on their eponymous radio show and their upcoming magazine. If that weren't enough, we've also got a photo spreads and commentary from Copenhagen's K-Town Hardcore Fest, hundreds of reviews, all of your favorite columnists, and-get this-a table of contents. That's right, this issue debuts a fresh new look for MRR. It only took us 400 issues to get page numbers, who knows what the future may hold? (Maximum Rock'N'Roll #400)

MONGOLOID - Plays Rock And Roll LP
BIG UGLY ROCK MACHINE rears its disgusted head out in a 17 minute fit of speed and beat. MONOGOLOID MONGLOID MONGOGLOID play to the tune of you spilling your drink as you fumble for your footing. Blitzed out guitars play in an echo of this world's upset youth- bringing a giant wake up call to the vapid and empty headed rather than the more common "MA AND PA SCREW OFF!!" Yeah some how that collosal man with a skin head found a marching whistle and the beat to back it all up in this upset display of HARDCORE played the way it was meant to be. Comes with digital download. (Deranged Youth Records #283)

BIB - Demo 7"
When you hear Omaha, Nebraska, you might think of steak, Warren Buffet, or Saddle Creek Records. But you probably don't think of hardcore. In comes BIB. Noisey, blown out hardcore from the middle of nowhere. Following the "everything louder than everything else approach" to their demo, Bibs already colossal riffs sound like an avalanche when the bottom drops. Squirmy effected vocals veer their sound from huge to weird. Live, sometimes seen with 3 guitar players, Bib takes their wall of sound to a whole new level that will leave your eardrums vibrating . The straight ahead, downstroke pounding demo has been compared to the likes of Hoax mixed with Pissed Jeans. Originally released on a limited run of self dubbed tapes, Bib is happy to bring their demo to life as a 7 inch with help from Deranged. New 7" in the works for late summer. (Deranged Youth Records #292)

SLIP - Mental Abuse/Stick It 7"
Debut single from Pittsburgh/Braddock punkers. SLIP (Songs of Love Ideals and Peace) follow up their tape with two more songs about the darker side of life- pills, cops, addiction, self mutilation, psychological stranglehold, etc. The music is mid-paced early 80's mid-west meets SoCal hardcore/punk. It captures the rock n roll and tunefulness of early GG Allin and the Damned while adding challenging tempo and start/stop time changes ala BL'AST and later Black Flag. The songs are presented in a gritty and vintage, yet clear recording style that makes Mental Abuse/Stick a timeless record that could have been recorded yesterday or in 1979. Members hail from other PGH based hardcore staples such as Hounds of Hate, Blood Pressure, No Time, and Concealed Blade. (BHF #12)

BENT LIFE - Never Asked For Heaven LP/CD
Bent Life are Midwest Blood Fest veterans, having churned out brute-force hardcore since 2010, but they reach a special zenith on their first full-length. "Never Asked For Heaven" showcases the band evolving into an aggressive powerhouse with clarity and precision, capable of thudding riffs and surprisingly memorable, gutting hooks. Inspired by Pantera's harsh groove and Hatebreed's tightly performed bulldoze, Bent Life has emerged from a long writing process revitalized and better than ever. Vinyl version includes digital download. (Bridge Nine Records #240)

Heavy Metal Suicide pairs together THE INFAMOUS GEHENNA and BLEACH EVERYTHING, two intensely physical bands comprised completely of dyed-in-the-wool DIY punk lifers. Hailing from Reno, NV and San Francisco, CA, THE INFAMOUS GEHENNA have been nihilistically terrifying audiences for the greater part of two decades. Their contributions to Heavy Metal Suicide continue to thematically blur the lines between DIY and DUI with song titles on brand new scorchers "Looking to Score" and "Get Fucked Up!" Both tracks capture a point in the band's ongoing lyrical narrative of life and death where there is hardly any separation between the two and both are acceptable (so long as there is an escape therein). Recorded by former INTEGRITY member Rob Orr, this documentation captures THE INFAMOUS GEHENNA right where you want them: needing to up the dosage from last time in order to get your fix. Now scattered between Virginia and California, BLEACH EVERYTHING turn in their third release (and second split) to date, this one fully embracing the tried and true philosophy of "short, fast, and loud," with each song hovering around the minute flat mark. Thematically, the band tackles topics like inauthenticity ("Witch, Please"), the environmental militancy of particular Godzilla rivals ("Silk and Scales"), and the strange phenomenon of many American adults attempting to address their inner voids with incessant breeding ("Human Mulligan"). For maximum impact across the audio-visual spectrum, Heavy Metal Suicide is packaged within the bleak and non-subtle artwork of Chris Norris (aka STEAK MTN) and was mastered by Dan Randall at Mammoth Sound. Two cover color variations exist: white/black/red and blue/black/red. Three vinyl colors (red, blue, white) round out the first pressing of this violent pairing. As both bands head into completion of new LP's from each, Heavy Metal Suicide captures THE INFAMOUS GEHENNA and BLEACH EVERYTHING delivering the goods from far out on the fringe of things. (Magic Bullet Records #187)

INTEGRITY - Those Who Fear Tomorrow CD (25th Anniversary Edition)
Those Who Fear Tomorrow is the 1991 debut full-length album from Cleveland metallic hardcore stalwarts INTEGRITY. Recorded in September of that year, the album still resonates with extreme music fans the world over, as many of the songs still frequent the band's setlists 25 years later. To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the album and its lasting impact, Magic Bullet Records is proud to be reissuing the album across all digital platforms and formats with an exclusive remastering treatment of the original Mars Recording Compound mixes by Audiosiege's Brad Boatright. The CD version features a complete set of Dwid Hellion's lyrics and some behind-the-scenes liner notes from founding guitarist Aaron Melnick. (Magic Bullet Records #178 CD)

(repress) ORCHID - Gatefold LP (red vinyl pressing)
The final recordings of Orchid. These nineteen tracks are probably the best songs that Orchid ever recorded. Their sound has been honed and defined, and the recording perfectly captures Orchid's diverse combination of arty sensibilities, heartfelt emotive song writing, Mohinder-esque drumming, frantic precision, controlled mayhem, and chaotic adrenaline. An excellent record that even surpasses their previous releases. Definitely Orchid's opus. The LP comes packaged in a gatefold sleeve. The various Orchid members have gone on to form Bucket Full of Teeth, the Wolves, Ampere, and the Panthers. (Ebullition #51)

Influenced by Blast, SST, RKL, and Annihilation Time, Blasting Concept expertly melds '70s rock with early '80s SoCal hardcore. Goleta, Santa Barbara, and Ventura have a long history of this sort of ear damage... there is a reason that these cities produced RKL, Annihilation Time, Rat Pack, and Blasting Concept. The only odd thing is that Blasting Concept is releasing an LP on Ebullition Records, which doesn't normally release such rock influenced records, however, Jeff Capra, one of Blasting Concept's two guitarists, was also in Manumission which Ebullition released over 20 years ago. Jeff has actually been in a million hardcore bands over the last 25 years... Like It Or Not, Manumission, Holier Than Thou?, Become, Broken Needle, Embassy, Ochre, Surprise Vacation, and probably a few others as well. When guitarist Calvin (formerly of Bone Explosion) started Blasting Concept back in 2009 he was heavily influenced by Blast, but over the years the band has become more and more influenced by '70s rock while still retaining those original Blast influences. Blasting Concept has previously released an LP and a 7" on It's Alive, which are both sold out at this point. Blasting Concept is also featured in the June issue of Thrasher skate magazine! (Ebullition Records #61.5)

(discounted price) ECONOCHRIST - discography CDx2
Ebullition has decided to lower the price of this amazing discography CD in an attempt to get some more of these out into the world before the CD format disappears forever. A classic. And a great deal for a double CD that includes every single Econochrist song that was ever released! This double CD discography features forty-one Econochrist songs. It includes the Ruination LP, the Trained To Serve LP, the Skewed 7", the Another Victim 7", the It Runs Deep 7", as well as the songs from the Give Me Back comp LP, the Very Small World comp LPx2, the What Are You Pointing At? comp 10", and the songs from the split 7" that Econochrist did with The Detonators. (Ebullition Records #37 CD)

ORCHID - Dance Tonight!! 10" (black/yellow 50/50 vinyl)
Repressed! Ten blasts of chaotic fury and emotive noise on a cute little 10". The Orchid sound is even more aggressive than on their 12", and anyone that enjoyed any of their previous releases will be floored by these songs. Tuneful, vicious, throbbing, and chaotic hardcore played with finesse, heartfelt energy, and a wee bit of arty pretense. Repress of the Chaos is Me LP in the works as well. We went all out this time with each record being 50% black and 50% yellow (they were supposed to be 50/50 black/yellow, but the pressing plant did it wrong). (Ebullition #46)

JOHN HENRY WEST - Door Bolted Shut LP (comes with bonus CD)
Comes with a special spine wrap. In the works for what seems like an eternity, Ebullition finally brings the John Henry West discography into existence. John Henry West played 50 shows between the fall of 1992 and the late summer of 1993. Side A of the LP features the 4 tracks from their 7" on Gravity Records, and side B features their songs from the "3/12/93" compilation and "A History of Compassion and Justice?" compilation LP, as well as 2 previously unreleased songs. The bonus CD features the original 6 song demo, their final live show at the Gilman (7 tracks), and a live set that they played on WUSB Radio in July of 1993 (9 tracks). The LP comes with a CD sized booklet with lyrics and photos. John Henry West members also played in Fuel, Navio Forge, Bread & Circuits, Sawhorse, Torches To Rome, Sixteen Bullets, End of The Line, Please Inform The Captain This Is a Hijack, and plenty more! (Ebullition Records #60)