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Descriptions for the newest releases available this week.

Descriptions for 1/15/22

KRIEG KOPF - War On Terrorism LP
Forming in 1983 from the ashes of the Attack (more on them at a later date), Krieg Kopf made a name for themselves in the New York hardcore scene self-releasing two cassette albums and playing constant gigs around they city, Long Island, and beyond. The band eschewed the metal trappings that were slowly creeping into the New York hardcore sound, instead playing a simple-yet-effective brand of full-throttle punk that perfectly captures the speed and aggression of American hardcore in the 1980s. They recorded two album-length cassettes - 1984's "Passen Sie Auf Es Ist" cassette and 1986's self-titled "red tape" - and in between made their sole vinyl appearance with the track "Warhead" on the Big City Records "One Big Crowd" compilation LP. 1987 saw Krieg Kopf entering the studio to produce a full-length record, but the band dissolved before the recording was completed and the session remained unmixed until 2019. This LP collects 19 studio tracks from the two cassette albums and the LP sessions, plus one live track recorded at CBGB (where else?). Also included is a 12"x36" full-color poster insert and an iron-on transfer of the band's original t-shirt logo so you can make your very own Krieg Kopf shirt. (Radio Raheem Records #29)

THE WORST - The Worst Of The Worst LP
Hailing from the Jersey Shore, the Worst began their career in the late 1970s playing frequent gigs at legendary New York City dives like Max's Kansas City and CBGB, drawing on the proto-punk sounds of the Stooges and MC5 and refining it into their own brand of proto-hardcore. By the early 1980s the band stripped things down even further to a high velocity hardcore sound and kicked off the legendary Mutha label with the release of their debut 7" in 1982. Their follow-up release, the "Expect The Worst" 12" from 1984, finds the band hitting their loud and fast peak with precision songwriting and performing rarely matched by other hardcore bands of the time. These vinyl releases have gone on to become top-shelf collector's items, and rightfully so given the quality of the tunes contained within. Originally released on CD in 2004 by Parts Unknown Records, this LP version combines both of The Worst's incendiary vinyl releases with an 8-song live set recorded at the legendary Max's Kansas City in 1979. Also includes a 12-page, 12"x12" booklet containing rare flyers and photos, plus newly-penned liner notes by vocalist Do-It. (Radio Raheem Records #25)

IMPLODERS - EXD cassette tape
Shortly after the release of the Imploders debut 7" they crammed into their jam-space again and recorded this quick, 10 track session for Equalizing Distort radio show in Toronto. It's the same, manic and wild energy from the 7" but with a bit more of the wild, live energy. Pro-dubbed. 300 copies. Consider it a demo fro the LP out in 2022. (Neon Taste Records #27)

(restock) ANTIDOTE - Thou Shalt Not Kill LP
The LP also includes a 16-page, 12"x12" booklet containing photos, flyers and extensive liner notes by guitarist/founding member Robb "Nunzio" Ortiz, plus a reproduction of the band's original sticker design. (Radio Raheem Records #30)

Descriptions for 1/8/22

NO COMPLY - East Coast Power Violence LP
Along with ASSHOLE PARADE, NO COMPLY were not only pioneers of the southeast power violence scene, but along with GODSTOMPER also pioneered the bass-centric form of hardcore/power violence that is so prevalent today. Forming the band in the mid-1990s, Justin Abare continued NO COMPLY through many different iterations into the 2010s. This LP archives this progression, compiling over 40 songs from NO COMPLY's most important releases, including their material from splits with CHRIST MESS, GODSTOMPER, EXHUMED and CAPITALIST CASUALTIES, SUPPRESSION, among many other releases. This release marks 25 years of collaboration between 625 and NO COMPLY! Co-release with TO LIVE A LIE. (625 Productions #294)

VOID BRINGER/YOUTH DISPUTE - split tape cassette
Maple-violence mayhem! Soundtrack to a moose-stampede! Following up their debut EP, VOID BRINGER drop four new songs of their down-tuned, anti-fascist angst. Paired with this is the newest band on the Vermont scene - YOUTH DISPUTE, who contribute 4 songs of barbaric bass-drum powerviolence not unlike early GODSTOMPER. This cassette documents the growing powerviolence scene in Vermont. Pro-cassette. Co-release with Get Stoked! and Second Republic. Limited to 150 copies. (625 Productions #287 TP)

FEAR OF THE KNOWN - Cabal 7" with 7" flexi
Covid long distance project with members from Chaos UK, Disorder, Rose Rose and War//Plague. Punk as fuck. 500 copies pressed. All with bonus 7"EP flexi with two covers from Disorder and Chaos UK. (Phobia Records #207)

WARCOLLAPSE - Bound to Die 7"
Brand new four tracks from swedish d-beat / crustcore veterans recorded in Wolfden (Wolfbrigade) Studio. Expect nothing than raw and dirty stoned crust ride. Issued in glued pocket and each copy with A3 poster and sticker. Artwork by Bjoern Grasses (poster) and Necro Frost (front cover). (Phobia Records #222)

U.S. pressing. Blasting, furious grindcore that leaves you drooling over that new blu-ray disc you just picked up, of that new favorite horror movie. Based in LA, this is BRUCEXCAMPBELL's initial full length and it does not disappoint. Fast leads, pounding drum lines, blood inducing growls and howls. Do yourself a favor and appreciate the maniacs of LA. (Give Praise Records #164)

KEITZER - Where The light Ends LP
Back for their latest death-crust, metal, grind onslaught! German's KEITZER take no names and just destroy everyone as their latest offering shows you. You will be driven to the point of 'where the light ends,' from the ferocious masters. Branching into various styles of metal, crust and punk, they rise to a point that you have to take notice. (Give Praise Records #157)

Whoresnation is la crème de la crème of the french grindcore. Probably the fastest and most violent band in the neighbourhood. Touring like maniacs all over the world since 2009. First repress on special edition with alternative cover. Ultra clear & frozen blue transparent editions. FFO : Insect Warfare & High Speed ! (Give Praise Records #160)

HELLISH VIEW - Demo 2021 tape cassette
Hellish View return with a new line up and fresh energy. Krow, the constant force in the band and singer/ guitarist, is joined by Emily (Varix) and BB Jack. Here's a taste of what's to come... 11 raw and raging tracks of Disclose inspired punk. 8 track recording by Will Desolate, mixed and mastered by Collin Gormand Weiland. 200 pro dubbed cassettes. (Desolate Records #32 TP)

Debut release. Fresh and pummeling D beat punk from an international crew based in Texas. Members of Obstruction, SAGAL, Ninth Circle, etc. 400 copies. (Desolate Records #30)

FRAGMENT - Mind Convulsion 7"
Nova Scotia's raw crusters return with 5 new tracks of blown out, heavy punk. Screen printed covers with a large fold out insert / poster featuring art by Adam Kindred / Archaic Filth. 300 copies. (Desolate Records #29)

Bulldozer hardcore punk from these Swedish veterans. Anyone who heard the Humant Blod 7" knows that these rippers aren't done setting the standard for cut to the bone kang punk. Following those recording the Swedish section of the band returned to Sweden and reentered the studio for a 3rd Dissekerad LP. Ripping and raw, unexpected and crushing... this is a hardcore record that shows that you can still make something fresh and exciting out of a well known style. (Desolate Records #28)

Descriptions for 1/1/22

ASYLUM - Is This The Price? 7"
Formed in 1981 by a crew of hardcore punx and skins from Stoke-on-Trent in the industrial Midlands of England, Asylum fully embraced the 'Noise Not Music' rallying call. The missing link between Discharge and Japanese Noisecore, their sound is characterised by detuned ear-piercing distortion: buzzsaw guitars, fuzzed bass, charging drums and gargled vocals battle each other in a maelstrom of lo-fi production murk that reflects the bleak outlook of their lyrics. Only existing for a brief moment in time (playing a handful of mainly local gigs and releasing one demo tape and the occasional track on compilation tapes) and obscure even during their existence, Asylum were nonetheless influential, their '1,000 M.P.H. Hardcore Punk' inspiring other U.K. groups such as Skum Dribblurzzzz and Napalm Death. (Nic Bullen). This release contains the 6 Track demo Is This The Price? Which was originally released as a tape only EP on Retaliation Records. The tracks have been remastered and mark the first time Asylum have released anything on vinyl. (La Vida Es Un Mus/Demo Rapes #12)

KARMA SUTRA - Be Cruel with Your Past and all Who Seek to Keep You There LP + 40 Page booklet
Karma Sutra were an anarcho pacifist band from Luton, Bedfordshire who formed in the early 80's after the demise of the legendary the Phallic Symbols. Karma Sutra only had one release at the time - an album self released in 1987 called Daydreams of a Production Line Worker which came towards the end of their lifetime. Sealed Records now release the earlier years of demos and compilation tracks on a 15 track round up. Be Cruel with Your Past and all Who Seek to Keep you There includes their first and primitive demo The New Economy Roast from 1983. It's very basic and has a Bullshit Detector Compilation quality to it. A few years later came the second demo Shoppers Paradise which is the best material Karma Sutra recorded. Six tracks of well produced classic 80's Anarcho punk with a driving sound. It's passionate, tuneful and politically aware. How this wasn't released at the time on vinyl, is a travesty. Also included is two tracks from the Mortarhate Compilations Who? What? Why? When? Where? and We Don't Want Your Fucking Law!. Finally the last three tracks were from the final line up of the band and were recorded with Spon from UK Decay adding more post punk elements to the sound. The LP comes with a 40 page booklet of Lyrics, handouts, fanzine interviews and statements. (La Vida Es Un Mus/Seal Records #11)

THE CHISEL - Retaliation CD
It's going off and The Chisel are back to cause a bit of bovver. Following a trio of explosive singles, the band finally bring us their debut full-length album, Retaliation, on the London-based punk institution La Vida Es Un Mus. Having formed in early 2020 and featuring a crew of members with long-term associations to the London punk scene, The Chisel quickly secured a reputation as one of the most exciting bands from a pool of contemporaries that includes Chubby & The Gang, Stingray and Big Cheese. Their sound is rooted firmly in Punk but with influences that run across the board to create a distinctive blend of Oi!, anarcho, UK-82 and hardcore. Retaliation is an unmistakably British record that draws a line from 1982 up to the present day, pushing its way into your collection and torching your stereo. Opening with the agitated force of 'Unlawful Execution', the tone is firmly set by a song that addresses the brutality of the Met Police ("Tell me what's the difference between right or wrong / When a copper gets to blast a lad who did nothing wrong"). 'Come See Me' is a ferocious ode to camaraderie in the face of mouthy boneheads and bellends. 'Shit Life Syndrome' is a poisoned reference to the same cynical phrase used by physicians to describe the effects of people living under poverty and in the grips of substance abuse ("How can you expect people to act nicely, they've all been left on the edge of society"). It's one of many songs influenced by singer Cal's experiences of growing up in the working-class town of Blackpool. Cal states: "Blackpool as a town is often overlooked or even looked down upon, I wanted to write lyrics which gave the people of my town a voice". With tunes like these The Chisel show that they'll never pull any punches. However, beyond the fury and the swagger there's another side that plays to an additional strength; the ability to write a memorable hook. Songs like 'Retaliation', 'Tooth & Nail' and 'Not The Only One' could be described as modern day anthems (the latter has become a fan favourite since the arrival of their first live shows) and cement their identity as a band not to be defined by their influences. Retaliation is 14 tracks of dance floor-stomping-working class Chisel-music. Here and now, The Year of The Chisel. (La Vida Es Un Mus #247 CD)

ETHER COVEN - Language Is The Instrument Of The Empire LP
Equal parts Neurosis, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, with a dash of Converge and Morbid Angel, Ether Coven re-imagines the term "heavy." Weighing in at just under 26 minutes, "Language Is The Instrument Of The Empire" is emotionally taxing in every direction, from huge waves of atmospheric wash to soul-trembling riffs that you can literally feel deep in your bones in a live setting, and lyrics that viciously attack all things deemed normal as part of our culture; the conditioning of a society, the blind eye turned to slaughterhouses, and the lack of accountability of public services. Ether Coven is not an easy listen due to their sonically melancholic nature, which has become synonymous with their name. 12"ep includes digital download. (Dead Truth Recordings #2)

GUM BLEED - Punx Save The Human Race LP
Third studio album, limited to 500 copies on colored 180 gram vinyl. The most striking and legendary punk band to emerge from the People's Republic of China. Formed in 2006 Gum Bleed combines political awareness and metaphorical lyrics with fast and catchy Punk/Hardcore/Rock/Alternative for a classic and compelling sound. After officially releasing two full length albums "Balefire Juvenile" (2009) and "City of the Heroes" (2015), three Eps, numerous splits and international compilations, the quartet have made a name for themselves with powerful live shows and an international perspective that's driven them to relentlessly tour abroad and release globally as well as in China. During their annual European and national tours, they played in various festivals and clubs, shared the stage with bands such as DRI, DOA, The Casualties, Total Chaos, Big D and the Kids Table, SS Kaliert, Mr. Irish Bastard, Brain Failure, SMZB, Misandao, etc. Gum Bleed has made a number of international connections and become instrumental in bringing foreign bands to China. In this way, Gum Bleed has also played a key role in supporting China's youth scene, proving that they embody not only the soul of Hardcore-Punk-Rock but also the spirit of the global community. (Ring of Fire Records #61)

BLITZ - Voice Of A Generation LP
Puke N Vomit presents the first domestic, US vinyl pressing of one of the most seminal and influential albums from the early-'80s, UK, punk/oi scene. This deluxe reissue includes a printed inner-sleeve, reproduction of the rare t-shirt order form only available in the initial pressing, and a copy of the original album promo poster sent to shops. For fans of The Business, Cockney Rejects, The Partisans, Abrasive Wheels, The Casualties, Monster Squad, Toxic Reasons, and Reagan Youth. Now available again on vinyl. (Puke N Vomit Records #79)

(restock) BLITZ - Second Empire Justic LP
Released a year after their much hearled debut album "Voice Of A Generation," "Second Empire Justice" features half the members from the original line-up and with a new sound. While initially being an oi/skinhead punk band, on "Second Empire Justice" they not only changed members and their look, but also their sound, and released a post-punk classic with a heavy dose of Joy Division worship, produced by Chris Nagle. While Nagle had also produced their debut album, he had also engineered the Joy Division and New Order albums under Martin Hannett, and had also engineered various other post-punk albums of the day from the likes of The Durutti Column, A Certain Ratio, and Magazine. Now available again on vinyl. (Puke N Vomit Records #74)

Descriptions for 12/25/21

WITCHES HAMMER - Devourer of the Dead CD
Nuclear War Now! is proud to continue its longstanding allegiance with the legendary Witches Hammer with the release of "Devourer of the Dead," the band's second full-length album in as many years. Originally active in the fertile extreme metal scene of British Columbia during the second half of the 1980s, Witches Hammer developed its brand of Canadian speed metal during the same era and in the same place as such greats as Blasphemy and Procreation. That said, its initial period of activity, which ended in 1990, passed without the recording of a proper album. Instead, it resulted in what some might consider unfulfilled promise, with the release of three demo cassettes and a twelve-inch mini-LP. Almost thirty years later, original members Marco Banco (guitars) and Rayy Crude (vocals) decided to resurrect the band, which culminated in the 2020 release of its debut album, "Damnation is My Salvation." This recording proved that Witches Hammer's intervening dormancy had done nothing to dull the blistering speed metal attack that had been so brilliantly pioneered decades earlier. Now, a little over one year later, the release of "Devourer of the Dead" reconfirms the band's strict adherence to its dogma of no compromise, no trends, and no fashion. Indeed, aside from the added clarity of an enhanced production level, "Devourer..." is a fruit of the same wicked root that burrowed its way insidiously into the Vancouver-area underground more than a generation ago. Composed of five brand-new tracks and three newly-recorded demo tracks from the band's original inception, this album bridges two eras of speed metal perfection with its breakneck tempos and the scalpel-like precision of its demonstrated musicianship. All told, "Devourer of the Dead" promises not to disappoint Witches Hammer fans, both old and new alike. (Nuclear War Records #588)

BARRERA - Visiones Nocturnas LP
BARRERA follows up the NUEVO SONIDO BALEAR path started by ORDEN MUNDIAL, POU and PENA MÁXIMA with a debut release filled to the rim with lust, sex, power and distortion. Their songs are slow and acid, with a tortured tone that would make GLOOM or BRAINBOMBS cry. The seven songs on "Visiones Nocturnas" are themed around the death of romantic love and are not afraid to look at the darkest side of life with a nihilistic conviction. Musically the record follows the path laid by STICKMEN WITH RAYGUNS or FLIPPER but are firmly rooted in Spanish Punk with DESECHABLES as a clear point of reference, both aesthetically and sonically. Although BARRERA occupy their own space with a sound that is clearly their own nightmare. Recorded and mixed by Chano Morales at Impala Uno Studio, Mallorca. Mastered by Shigenori Kobayashi at Noise Room, Tokyo. Designed by Barrera. (La Vida Es Un Mus #249)

HOME FRONT - Think Of The Lie LP
Created on the western edges of the infinite plains and prairies of coldest Canada, Edmonton, Alberta's HOME FRONT dance freely and madly along the edges of time and create their own moment amongst the revered and long frozen reserves of THE CURE, SUICIDE, ECHO AND THE BUNNYMEN, "Second Empire Justice" era BLITZ, and NEW ORDER. A record bubbling over with analog synth, guitar loops, slammed 808 drums, and anthemic vocal pushes tugging at the great moment in-between the "death" of punk and the "birth" of new wave, pulling fresh sounds into their punk roots and shoving a studded leather jacket around a silk robe. Justice, violence, doubt and uncertainty a la Gary Numan narrating a Warren Miller Extreme Ski Special on the set of TO LIVE AND DIE IN LA: this is HOME FRONT. Recorded by HOME FRONT in an unheated plywood box in some semblance of fading daylight. Produced and mixed in the darkest depths of lockdown by Jonah Falco on a boat moored outside an isolated estate along the A40 in between sets of "The Evil Russian Pushup Challenge" and icy walks to Lidl. (La Vida Es Un Mus #244)

THE CHISEL - Retaliation LP
(first pressing sold out - all copies that we have left have some cover damage) It's going off and The Chisel are back to cause a bit of bovver. Following a trio of explosive singles, the band finally bring us their debut full-length album, Retaliation, on the London-based punk institution La Vida Es Un Mus. Having formed in early 2020 and featuring a crew of members with long-term associations to the London punk scene, The Chisel quickly secured a reputation as one of the most exciting bands from a pool of contemporaries that includes Chubby & The Gang, Stingray and Big Cheese. Their sound is rooted firmly in Punk but with influences that run across the board to create a distinctive blend of Oi!, anarcho, UK-82 and hardcore. Retaliation is an unmistakably British record that draws a line from 1982 up to the present day, pushing its way into your collection and torching your stereo. Opening with the agitated force of 'Unlawful Execution', the tone is firmly set by a song that addresses the brutality of the Met Police ("Tell me what's the difference between right or wrong / When a copper gets to blast a lad who did nothing wrong"). 'Come See Me' is a ferocious ode to camaraderie in the face of mouthy boneheads and bellends. 'Shit Life Syndrome' is a poisoned reference to the same cynical phrase used by physicians to describe the effects of people living under poverty and in the grips of substance abuse ("How can you expect people to act nicely, they've all been left on the edge of society"). It's one of many songs influenced by singer Cal's experiences of growing up in the working-class town of Blackpool. Cal states: "Blackpool as a town is often overlooked or even looked down upon, I wanted to write lyrics which gave the people of my town a voice". With tunes like these The Chisel show that they'll never pull any punches. However, beyond the fury and the swagger there's another side that plays to an additional strength; the ability to write a memorable hook. Songs like 'Retaliation', 'Tooth & Nail' and 'Not The Only One' could be described as modern day anthems (the latter has become a fan favourite since the arrival of their first live shows) and cement their identity as a band not to be defined by their influences. Retaliation is 14 tracks of dance floor-stomping-working class Chisel-music. Here and now, The Year of The Chisel. (La Vida Es Un Mus #247)

EVIL DAMN (Goat Semen) - Necronomicon CD
During the year when the pestilent winds of chaos begin to creep through the corners of the world and spread the harbinger of an age of hopelessness and doom over the earth heralded by choirs chanting arcane old malediction is evoked through some possessed souls of down under among high mountains and the sands of deserts...all taking form since the early years of this millenium, in the shape of some abusive and viciously grotesque and obscure form of death metal: EVIL DAMN. Inspired by the old Metal of Death of a golden era when men ruled with powerful riffs, crushing drums, and assassin guitar solos alongside agonizing and obscure vocalizations, EVIL DAMN bring back the old pestilence of true DEATH METAL from the depths of the underground, giving form to cruel and chaotic chants of desolation and misfortune that frame lyrics inspired by the old death cult and the Lovecraftian pantheon of atrocity! (Hells Headbangers #288 CD)

DECEASED - Thrash Times At Ridgemont High CD
By now, DECEASED need no introduction. One of the longest-running American death metal bands, since 1985, DECEASED have been there for it all: death metal's genesis, its creative peak, its commercial peak and subsequent sink into trendiness, the eventual fallout and "un-trendiness," its rebirth at the hands of a new generation, and on and on. There they have stood, simply and 100% always DECEASED, not caring what year it is or what is hip - simply, always, DEATH METAL FROM THE GRAVE! Through it all, DECEASED have always been upfront and forthright about their influences, most of which stem from heavy metal's glory years in the 1980s. To date, the band have done three all-covers albums - 2002's Zombie Hymns, 2004's Rotten to the Core, and 2020's Rotten to the Core Part 2 (The Nightmare Continues), as well as 2015's massive double-disc Cadaver Traditions, which compiled the first two covers albums with more than a dozen additional covers - and now DECEASED return with a thematically unified all-thrash covers album, appropriately titled Thrash Times at Ridgemont High. (Hells Headbangers Records #300 CD)

GENOCIDE/MIA - Last Rites split LP
Originally released on seminal Los Angeles, CA, label Smoke Seven Records (JFA/Bad Religion/Redd Cross) in 1982 and never re-issued or re-pressed in any format since its original release. MIA was from Las Vegas, NV, and later relocating to Southern California, they would go on to release albums on Alternative Tentacles, Nation Trust, and Flipside Records. Genocide was an over-the-top splatter-punk band from New Jersey who sounded and looked like a band from a Mad Max movie. (Puke N Vomit Records #81)

BARONESS - Red Album LPx2
Savannah, GA's Baroness blew the lid off their cauldron of hall-of-fame riffs on their first record for Relapse and debut full-length titled "Red Album." "Red Album" saw the band expand its sonic vision; colossal riffs and haunting vocals roll like thunder across epic songs spanning both the intense and the sublime. As "Red Album" proved, Baroness' formidable reputation proceeds them for a reason. Now available again on colored vinyl with a gatefold cover. (Relapse Records #4438)

Descriptions for 12/18/21

SALEM - Creating Our Sins + 1989 Studio Tracks LP
Following the release of "Creating Our Sins," Salem went on to record five full-length albums between 1994 and 2010. Arguably, it was the brilliance of their debut "Creating Our Sins" that led them to these milestones. Now this masterpiece is officially reissued on vinyl for the first time, nearly thirty years after its original release. Perhaps even more noteworthy is this edition's inclusion of six bonus studio tracks that many will consider to be examples of Salem's finest work. Four of these tracks were recorded in a single session in 1989, and the other two were recorded in 1990. As it turns out, there still remains a full studio recording from the "Destruction Till Death" era that has yet to be released or even heard by the public. Only time will tell if this recording will ever see the light of day and add yet another chapter to the history of Israel's most significant extreme metal band. (Nuclear War Now Records #551)

VASSAGO - Storm of Satan LP
Sweden's reputation in the world of underground black and death metal is a well-earned one. Known for stellar musicianship, consistent quality and distinct production, it should be no surprise that many ancient Swedish hordes are still as potent today as ever. With that in mind, NWN! Productions is proud to release STORM OF SATAN, the second full length from VASSAGO. Formed in the late 1980s, VASSAGO released two demos in the mid-90s before recording their blasphemous 1999 full length KNIGHTS FROM HELL (reissued by NWN! In 2019). The group established an identity with revered fellow countrymen LORD BELIAL, sharing several members. While LORD BELIAL has earned a stellar reputation for their sweeping, melancholic grandiosity, VASSAGO approaches black and death metal from a maleficent angle. With biting, vicious intensity that calls to mind fellow northern gods IMPALED NAZARENE or NIFELHEIM, VASSAGO offers a full-scale attack of warlike staccato and a penchant for the disgusting and evil. STORM OF SATAN is thematically dominated by a pure worship of Satan; a true devotional homage to the literal essence of black metal art. Musicianship and execution are at their peak here, with the additional presence of the legend ANDY LAROQUE (of KING DIAMOND) producing the record as well as providing lead guitar. STORM OF SATAN offers its listeners no recourse; this is worship of evil for the evil among us. (Nuclear War Now Records #556)

DROPDEAD - Discography Vol. 1 1992-1993 (2020 Remaster) LP
Completely remixed by Kurt Ballou and mastered at New Alliance. Includes 3 new bonus tracks found on the original reels. Comprised of material recorded between 1991 and 1993, consisting of 42 songs from their self-titled 7", split 7" & 5" with Rupture and Crossed Out, and compilation tracks. Reissued with restored & updated artwork. Originally released in 1994 as an 11" LP on Clearview, and regular LP on Flat Earth in the UK in 1995. Originally a 39 track compilation, three additional tracks have been added to this new version. The complete early studio tracks on one release. Dropdead formed officially in January of 1991 in Providence RI, but the original 4 person lineup met in December 1989. We played music together for a year before a lineup change saw Bob and Ben switch instruments, a name change, and a great increase in speed and intensity. The idea was to play pissed off, aggressive, no bullshit hardcore punk thrash with personally political lyrics. Musically the influences drew from bands as diverse as Confuse, Siege, Larm, Crass, Swans, Infest, SSD, Pandemonium, Icons of Filth, Gauze, Septic Death, Discharge, Anti-Cimex and a slew of others. The first show was in April of 1991 with Born Aginst and Rorschach. The band continues to embrace a strong "Do It Yourself" work ethic, booking their own shows and releasing their own records via Armageddon Label. Over the years Dropdead has played hundreds of shows and fests, recorded three albums plus numerous splits and EP's, toured the USA and Europe numerous times, as well as Australia and Japan. (Armageddon Records #3)

SHIT - Hidden In Eternity/Eraser III 7"
Finally, "Hidden In Eternity" and "Eraser III" are put to the perfect format and classed up nicely by some of the finest design work Ryan Tong has ever done. Taking the path of 2018's bulldozing "What Do You Stand For?" LP, S.H.I.T. cranked out 2 perfect tracks of hyped up hardcore bombfall with the signature snarl that you've come to know and love. Perfect music. 70gr vinyl housed in 12pt glue pocket jacket with a 100lb printed inner sleeve, both with flooded inners in cyan and pink respectively. Needs to be seen in person because it's fucking beautiful. Written and performed by S.H.I.T. Recorded by Dylan Frankland at Palace Studios. Mixing and additional recording by Jonah Falco. Mastered by Arthur Rizk. Artwork by Ryan Tong. (Iron Lung Records #166)

ANTI CIMEX - 7"x4 boxset
Street Date is December 15th. An Anti Cimex box set that includes the Anarkist Attack 7" (1982), Raped Ass 7" (1983), Victims of The Bomb Raid 7" (1984), and the Fucked In Finland live '92 7" (1993). It features a 24 page boolet with photos, interviews, stories, and more! (Sonazrize Records #6)

RIK AND THE PIGS - The Last Laugh LP
Feeling Lower than the Dow Jones Industrial Average? Me too, but this record is helping. When I heard it I finally believed that one guy with long hair and a green shirt who told me "Those Cats Can Really Play!" Rik and his deplorable Pigs imploded in 2018 but not before recording two final sessions in California - one with Mike Kriebel (The Beat Sessions guy), another with Tony Santos. They skipped town before paying the bill, but we've stepped in to pick up the tab because we think it's a great value. The Pigs, man...those guys are the laziest delinquent sort of pig slobs ever born, but at least they're well rehearsed. They're salty from marinating in the degenerate RNR Dick Manitoba, Cheetah Chrome and Dave E gave us long ago and it shows. Ricky the cunning wordsmith delivers with weasel verve, as one with an actual Venus in Taurus would. There's a rawness and honesty here that has more to do with 80s hardcore than the modern garage rock scene that has embraced them. "Lifes A Bust" is the hit - a scorching groove that lasts 7 minutes 26 seconds and still somehow feels too short. Play it at the bar and the people over 40 will be tapping their toes. "The Last Laugh" is probably a great gift for your father or father's father, get it while it's hot! (Lumpy Records #106)

EXCREMENT OF WAR - The Waste, The Greed And The Bodybags LP
Cult crust / punk band from UK incl. Doom, Dirt members. This LP compiles all their split 7"EP songs and compilation songs. Twenty songs from split 7"EP with Dischange, "The Waste and The Greed" 7"EP, "Dogtags and Bodybags" split LP with Deformed Conscience and compilation tracks. Remastered by Kenko. Fresh new layout with double square insert, two stickers as a bonus. Pressed in 500 copies. (Phobia Records #230)

Debut album finally on vinyl. Canada stenchcore masters. For fans of Hellshock, Sanctum, Stormcrow, Axegrinder or Amebix. Recorded in 2019, but till now released only on bandcamp and tape. Pressed 500 copies. (Phobia Records #210)

CEREMONIAL BLOODBATH - Mutilation of Sacrifice 7"
Death metal (USA). Silkscreened cover and insert, hype sticker, download card, PVC sleeve. Canadian death metal terror legion Ceremonial Bloodbath are back with a limited edition 7" promo EP to reaffirm and perpetrate their tyrannic conquest as one of the most abominable and horrific extreme metal entities alive these days. Originally released earlier this year as a limited edition promo tape via Parasitic Records, the "Mutilation of Sacrifice" promo EP/demo now sees the light for the first time on vinyl via Sentient Ruin as a continued propagation of this inhuman entity's unholy domain and wake of endless aural deformities. The work once again masterfully references timeless extreme metal cults like Archgoat, Bestial Warlust, Vassafor, Black Witchery and Blasphemy, and sees the Vancouver BC-based disfigured death metal horde prepare the ground for their next abhorrent expedition into the outer realms of complete aural depravity with this raw, pestilent and unforgiving short-playing premonition to the full-fledged animalistic savagery and bestial annihilation they have lurking ahead. (Sentient Ruin Labortories #174)

SOMNOLENT - The Infernal Expanse LP
Black Industrial. Black vinyl inside a matte laminated gatefold sleeve with black flood inside the pockets, matte printed inner sleeve, download card. Somnolent rises from the abyss with its new album "The Infernal Expanse", an immense aural beast of infernal and diabolical black/death industrial dark ambient chaos fuming from the monstrous jaws of total hell and oblivion. The band comprises of founding solo multi-instrumentalist Jessi Nihl (Noctis, ex-Lycus, ex-Necrite, among others) on guitars, synths and electronics, joined on this release by vocalist MA (Abstracter, Atrament, Ash Prison), and the work sees the duo revel into unseen deconstructions of reality, fusing dark ambient, ritual industrial, noise and cancerous black/death metal debris to unearth the quintessence of infernal sonic abandon. The release sees two rising forces in the unholy propagation of modern deviant aural darkness - Cyclic Law and Sentient Ruin - unite once again to bring fans of ritual sonic hellscapes one of the most baffling and nightmarish emanations the genre will see all year, with Cyclic Law handling the CD/digital and Sentient Ruin handling the vinyl/tape/digital editions worldwide. (Sentient Ruin Labortories #159)

CHAOS PERVERSION - Petrified Against the Emanation 10"
Chilean black/death metal cataclysm Chaos Perversion emanate from the underworld of the glorious South American extreme metal scene with an aural declaration of war aimed straight at humanity like a hell-forged arsenal of complete mass destruction. Loyal and adherent to the tradition and reputation of the legendary and often far too overlooked Chilean black/death and speed metal cult, Chaos Perversion throw the entirely of their negativity and darkened vision into a nineteen-minute debut offering of feral and primal aural darkness worshipping the omnipotence and majesty of total chaos and inevitability. Originally circulated independently only locally in their scene back in 2019, the duo's debut EP "Petrified Against the Emanation" is now presented via Sentient Ruin for global audiences as a limited edition vinyl 10", digital product and cassette tape (CD via Mexico's Total Death Records) with a new master, brand new graphic layout and new cover art by famed dark tattoo artist Nekronikon (AKA Daniel Corcuera). The posthumously unearthed release introduces the Chilean legion to western/northern hemisphere audiences as a new lethal spearhead of their scene, joining the ranks of compatriot entities like Wrathprayer, Force of Darkness, and Invincible Force as ulterior fuel to the revered and undying dark flame of Chilean aural desecrating cults. Far from being however just a mere product of their scene, throughout Chaos Perversion's scorched hell-scape echoes of adjacent South American legendary cults like Sarcófago, Mystifier and early Sepultura reverberate throughout while the presence of European atrocities like Pseudogod and Grave Miasma reek from its wretched spires like a baneful presence signaling omens and premonitions of unseen black/death ritualism and disarray. (Sentient Ruin Labortories #149)

INVULTATION - Unconquerable Death LP
Death Metal. Matte sleeve flooded black inside, shrinkwrap, hype sticker, and download card. Invultation's bone-vaporizing second full-length LP "Unconquerable Death" sees its first ever vinyl release via Sentient Ruin. Originally self-released in early 2021, "Unconquerable Death" plumbs the depths of total aural savagery, manifesting death metal transmuted into one of its most feral and malefic forms yet. While the band's 2020 debut album "Wolfstrap" introduced Invultation as presence to reckon in the outer realms of bestial and lawless death metal, it is this release in particular - with its majestic wall of sound and chain reaction-like intensity - that has established the Columbus, OH-based one man project as an authentic scourge of creation. "Unconquerable Death" sees Invultation further refine its lupine/lycanthropic concept as a proclamation of total savagery and barbarity, while discharging a cataclysmic payload of unseen wrath and intensity into a thick as concrete production that pushes the atomic yield of death metal beyond is breaking point, materializing one of the most weaponized, devastating and animalistic death metal releases ever conceived in the underground. The album's cristalline production, unforgiving intensity and aggressively virtuosic execution exalted by crystalline leads and driven off the cliffs of oblivion by an arsenal of enormous death-bearing riffs, is an all-encompassing and celebratory end-times ritual to the glory of metal, and an unforgettable chapter, archetype and homage to its most extreme and destructive manifestations. (Sentient Ruin Labortories #163)

DEARTH - To Crown All Befoulment CD
Oakland black/death metal plague wielders Dearth finally debut with their long awaited and highly anticipated first full-length album "To Crown All Befoulment", a sonic reign of terror clawing deep into the most wretched, abominable, and hideous realms of human nature. Nihilistic beyond comprehension and sonically devastating, on the crushing debut LP Dearth explore incomprehensible thresholds of disgust and abjection through a sonic arsenal forged deep into in the most tormented circles of hell, unleashing a cataclysm of dark death metal horror that will leave the listener scarred and ravaged. Thorough an inescapable maze of oppressive death metal riffs and malefic atmospheres, the Oakland death-bringers have drawn influence from extreme metal titans like Dead Congregation, Deathspell Omega, Lucifyre, Demoncy, and Pseudogod to assemble a mortal weapon of mass extermination that symbolizes and glorifies the complete and implacable eradication of humanity in its every form and manifestation. (Sentient Ruin Labortatories #105 CD)

FREEWILL - All This Time LP
All This Time" is the fourth release from Southern California's Freewill. With the COVID-19 lockdown putting a stop to live shows and get-togethers in general, the band started writing what would become their latest full-length. Mixing the influences of Dag Nasty, 7 Seconds, and Descendents, their upcoming 11-song album is an ode to their past and their plans for the present/future. LP includes digital download. Imported from Germany. New pressing now available on clear with red smoke colored vinyl. (Unity Worldwide Records #18)

Genocide Pact returns with their eponymous new album. An overdose of gut-wrenching death metal, this is heavy, engrossing, and undoubtedly brutal. Genocide Pact has learned to embrace the negativity, churning out one of 2021's ugliest and most unforgiving records. (Relapse Records #7486)

(restock) DAHMER - The Studio Sessions 2xLP
New pressing on blue vinyl. Finally available for the first time on vinyl! Dahmer plays some crushing in-your-face crusty grindcore with some pitch shifted vocals accentuated with pissed off vocals!! Dahmer is considered by many as THE BAND as far as Canadian's grindcore scene ever withness! We surely feel the influences from 90's extreme bands such as Agathocles, Disrupt, Crossed Out and of course Dropdead! They play in the ''crusty punk'' side of the grind mixed up with a bit of gory vocals! Dahmer were and are still anti-stardom guys with 100% diy ethic even today! They made a name out of themselves back in the ''tape trading'' era of the punk scene. The Discography includes all the songs from: The split with Saturation, split with Wadge, split with IRF, split with Jean Seberg, split with Denak 2 songs e.p 9 songs 7'', split with Suppression, The 1996 Demo and the album Dahmerized. (Doomsday Machine Records #24)

Descriptions for 12/11/21

SABBAT - Karisma LPx2
Following the release of its fifth studio album, "The Dwelling," in 1996, Sabbat returned to a somewhat more conventional approach to songwriting with its 1999 follow-up, "Karisma." Whereas "The Dwelling" consisted of a single, hour-long track composed of several different movements in the band's signature style, "Karisma" reflected a more traditional structure, with six separate songs of Sabbatical "blacking metal." This more standard framework aside, "Karisma" is anything but your typical black metal album or a carbon copy of one of Sabbat's earlier works. On the contrary, "Karisma" is the product of the band's most significant foray to date into its own Japanese cultural roots. Not to be confused with its English-language counterpart ("Charisma"), "Karisma" is the first Sabbat album to feature lyrics in Japanese. Furthermore, the music itself contains elements that include traditional Japanese melodies, not unlike those of old "enka" songs. Such a traditional Japanese passage is evidenced immediately in the thirty-second intro to the album opener, ("Samurai Zombies"). Thematically, the album journeys into Japanese religious myths and traditional occultism, presented through the lens of Sabbat's uniquely-concocted black heavy metal. As it has done previously with its reissues of the first five Sabbat albums, Nuclear War Now! is proud to hereby present "Karisma" in all of its original glory. (Nuclear War Now Records #569)

POISON IDEA - The Beast Goes East LP (with poster & booklet)
For the first time, ever, TKO RECORDS & AMERICAN LEATHER are proud to present THEE definitive audio and visual document of POISON IDEA's historic 1990 North American tour - THE BEAST GOES EAST. Teaming up with renowned author and Hardcore/Punk historian Tony Rettman, we were able to uncover a previously unheard soundboard recording of PI's set at City Gardens, Trenton, NJ from the May 06, 1990 stop on their tour. Sourced directly from the house engineer's cassette, THE BEAST GOES EAST captures a raw, blistering performance from the KINGS OF PUNK, just months before the release of their 1990 masterpiece FEEL THE DARKNESS. THE BEAST GOES EAST is presented in a deluxe gatefold jacket, designed by John Yates in his signature "Punk Note" style, with liner notes from Rettman, (who was in the audience that night). Bound into the gatefold jacket is a 20-page booklet of previously unpublished tour photos. A color 11.5" x 22" poster is also included. Limited to a single pressing of 1,000 copies. (TKO Records #200006)

SCALPLE - Skillful Butchers LP
Skillful Butchers is the new album from New York City's Scalple, their first for Sorry State. Since Scalple's 2018 12" on Roach Leg Records, they've expanded to a five-piece and changed their sound, moving toward the thrash-and-mosh dynamics of late 80s UK hardcore bands like Heresy, Ripcord, and Concrete Sox. Those bands took their inspiration from early 80s US hardcore, and just as the sound changed when those bands carried it across the pond, Scalple infuses this style with the filth, grime, and frustration they soak up walking New York City's streets. More than just a well-timed throwback, Skillful Butchers ups their inspirations' ante in terms of intensity and precision, and adds new wrinkles like the blistering metallic lead guitars and the crunching industrial interludes courtesy Maggot Champagne, aka Pharmakon. However you categorize it, Skillful Butchers is a great hardcore record, packed with memorable songs and riffs destined to get the pit moving as the world remembers how to mosh. (Sorry State Records #104)

LASSO - s/t 7"
Sorry State is proud to present the debut 8-song EP from Brazil's Lasso. These eight short, fast songs fit with the long tradition of raw and urgent hardcore punk bands from Lasso's part of the world, but there's more than just aggro here. Lasso's secret weapon is the subtle death rock sensibility that cuts through their songs, manifesting in the dynamic and memorable songcraft and in the dark, melodic guitar leads that occasionally pierce the mix. Carlos Casotti's cover art beautifully captures the tension in Lasso's music, balancing intensity and elegance in a way that's immediately striking, but rich in depth and detail. Like other classic bands who blended hardcore and death rock-Rudimentary Peni, Part 1, False Confession-Lasso's music is like an eerie and intense nightmare that stays with you long after you wake up. (Sorry State Records #106)

NEGATIVE APPROACH - Tied Down Demo 6/83 7"
Originally released on 12" for RSD 2021, this recording from June 1983 of demos that would eventually be on the "Tied Down" full-length is now available as a handy 7". (Taang! Records #222)

BOOZE & GLORY - The Reggae Sessions Vol. 2 LP
After the raging success of volume one, it seemed inevitable that there would be a follow-up "Reggae Sessions" album coming out of this European punk-rock powerhouse. While the first volume took a bunch of their early classics and spun them on their head, this one flips some of their more recent hits into sure-fire reggae classics. Kicked off by a tremendously powerful version of "Blood From A Stone" and trailed by some of their most popular jams, this EP is sure to have people dancing and singing along, all night long. (Pirates Press Records #318)

In 2001, Jeromes Dream recorded and released their final record, "Presents," before disbanding that same year. Nearly 20 years after its initial release, "Presents" is available on vinyl for the first time. The album was remastered by producer Jack Shirley (Deafheaven, Gouge Away, Loma Prieta, Joyce Manor) and the album was fully redesigned with all-new artwork. (Iodine Records #17)

"A Dream Away" is The Juliana Theory's first album in over 15 years. The duo of original members Brett Detar and Joshua Fielder reimagine some of their most beloved tracks through a fresh lens and a new perspective. Featuring unplugged arrangements with a stunning, stripped-back version of "If I Told You This Was Killing Me, Would You Stop?" from their seminal 2000 album "Emotion Is Dead." (Equal Vision Records #447 CD)

SCOWL - How Flowers Grow CD
Hailing from Santa Cruz, CA, hardcore band Scowl has burst onto the scene as one of the most authentic young voices in the genre, influenced by everything from '80s hardcore, punk, and oi, to modern alternative pop. The band has made a name for themselves with songs that are as reflective and dark as they are fun. A new addition to the Flatspot Records family, the label presents their new album "How Flowers Grow." Now available on CD. (Flatspot Records #58 CD)

Descriptions for 12/4/21

GENTLEMAN JESSE - Lose Everything LP
After ten long years away from the studio, Gentleman Jesse returns to us bearing a new ten-track album that benefits greatly from the wisdom and heartbreak that a decade of life on this planet affords. An album titled "Lose Everything" is bound to have its dark side, and behind the powerful melodies and jangly guitars a hint of sadness hangs in the air. But Jesse makes a bad time a good listen-after all, he's responsible for tunes like Carbonas' "Phone Booth" and his debut single "I Don't Wanna Know." While age tends to water down the output of older musicians, it's had the opposite effect on Jesse. Gone is any semblance of kitsch or power-pop convention. Also gone are his band-he's flying solo this time. What remains is a dazzling, mature earworm of a guitar-pop album. Each record comes in a matte jacket adorned with the photography of Riley McBride and also includes a lovingly assembled booklet featuring lyrics and original woodcut prints made by the Gentleman himself. (Beach Impediment #57)

Four song 12" of new material from the singer of the Adicts. Line up includes members of Adicts, Green Day, Slaughter and the Dogs, and Eater. (Dr. Strange Records #144)

DICKIES - Idjit Savant LP
Originally released in 1994. This is the first time this has been repressed since then. The best Dickies LP that no one has ever heard. (Dr. Strange Records #143)

THE CROWD - Big Fish Stories LP
Originally released in 1989. This is the first time this has been repressed on vinyl since 1989. Remastered. (Dr. Strange Records #145)

DREAM SHAKE - Ride The Disease Vol. 34 cassette tape
If Hakeem Olajuwon's points scored were a genre of music, this band would be that sound. Comprised of veteran GCHC alumni ranging from PLF to Secret Prostitutes to Loose Nukes to Holy Money and more, this gang of creeps are the kind of fun uncles you'd be an idiot not to invite to your next backyard BBQ and Rockets viewing party. Gulf Coast Hardcore at its toughest and grimiest! Get some! (Rescued From Life Records #135.5)

Boisterous Western swingers Convoy & The Cattlemen slam down the accelerator on their sophomore LP "Too Fast Too Loud". 9 tracks of amphetamine-driven truck-driver holler with their patented head-spinning virtuosity. This album alternates between blistering electrified bluegrass, jazz-tinged swing, and up-tempo '60s-style country pop all delivered with the band's signature punk-inspired zeal. The CD version contains 10 bonus tracks! (Rescued From Life Records #127)

Cryptic Void plays classic old school grindcore and features ex-members of INSECT WARFARE, PLF, WARMASTER, and NIBIRU. Cognizant play dark angular tech grind that slithers and weaves as much as it pummels with savagery and features members of Noisear, PLF, and Gridlink. (Rescued From Life Records #135)

D. R. I. - Thrash Zone cassette tape
Now available on cassette, Thrash Zone is the fifth album by the American thrash metal pioneers D.R.I.. Released in 1989, produced by the legendary Bill Metoyer (Slayer). Considered to be the D.R.I.'s most successful album to date selling upwards of 250,000 albums worldwide. Thrash Zone continues to resonate with each new generation of thrash metal fans. (Radiation Records #7016 TP)

D.R.I. - 4 Of A Kind cassette tape
DRI, also known as Dirty Rotten Imbeciles, never got a mainstream audience, and if they ever record another album, they'll still never reach major success. But during the 80's, these crossover-thrash underground legends released a slew of fast and heavy albums. Now available on cassette the fourth release, 4 of a Kind, which is their first true thrash release. (Radiation Records #7015 TP)

HECTOR - Demolition: The Wired Up World Of Hector CD
Never-before-heard unreleased Junkshop Glam gold dust from the genre's No.1 band. Portsmouth's Hector are widely regarded as the very best of the Junkshop Glam Rock bands introduced to us in the early 2000s by the RPM's lipsmackin 70's CD series. Recently discovered archive analogue tape recordings found in the attic of frontman Phil Brown form this unique LP. The band's original DJM singles together with "Demolition", an unreleased third single, join forces with outtakes, demos, live and rehearsal recordings to make this release an unmissable opportunity for glam rock fans worldwide to hear more from the band whose anthem "Wired Up" has been adopted as a battle cry by a new audience of fans with books, fanzines, radio shows and club nights proudly named after it. Hector's "Wired Up" was released in 1973. It had all the ingredients of a hit single. It should have topped the charts and launched a spectacular career for the band. In a fair world, the name "Hector" would be mentioned alongside bands like Sweet and Slade. Unfortunately, timing and luck weren't on their side. The product was there, the press coverage was there, the Radio 1 airplay (which was everything back then) wasn't and the kids that did hear it must have been deaf, dumb and blind. The plug was finally pulled in 1975 after their second single "Bye Bye Bad Days", another poky punch of proto punk dressed up in a velvet glove, also failed to become a heavy-hitter. "Demolition - The Wired Up World Of Hector" is not a phoenix from the ashes. It is Pompey* from Pompeii. Tunes from the ruins. Glamour in amber; perfectly preserved. A second chance to make a first impression. Hector are back! Are you watching and listening? (Radiation Records #5 CD)

VATICAN COMMANDOS - Hit Squad For God 7"
First vinyl reissue for Darien, Connecticut hardcore punk legends Vatican Commandos' 1983 debut, featuring Richard Hall (A.K.A. world famous pop star MOBY) on guitar. Originally out on the Pregnant Nun label and now impossibile to find. Holy grail alert! (Radiation Records #71011)

First vinyl reissue for Darien, Connecticut hardcore punk legends Vatican Commandos' 1983 second 7", originally on the Pregnant Nun label. A 'killed by death' holy grail for the US hardcore collectors finally back in print, courtesy of the original members. Faithful reproduction of the original cover art by Rob Zombie himself. Fully remastered. (Radiation Records #71012)

Hailing from Antwerp, Belgium, the Kids formed in 1976 to prove to the world that punk was more than just a London vs New York fashion contest. Originally released on the PHILIPS label in 1978, and highly acclaimed as one of the best punk records EVER. This is pure and quintessential PUNK ROCK. Punk rock never looked or sounded this good. (Radiation Records #3 CD)

THE KIDS - Naughty Kids CD
Released a mere eight months after their groundbreaking 1978 self-titled debut LP, The Kids' second album is a pure masterpiece of straightforward punk rock. A little less raw than their previous material, but still far from the new wave sounds the band started experimenting with on their following records, 'Naughty Kids' remains one of the best examples of non-UK '70s Punk and definitely a mandatory addition to the collection of any 'killed by death' fanatic! This reissue also features 5 bonus tracks recorded live in 1978. (Radiation Records Delux #4 CD)

JOY DIVISION - Live At University Of London Union, February The 8th 1980 LP
The University of London Union show took place on February 8, 1980, just a few months before Ian Curtis's death. The 12 song set list was mostly based on songs that would end up on Closer (the band's second and final studio album) but also on classic singles such as "Love Will Tear Us Apart" and "Digital". The band was in fine form with Curtis leading the charge into their own gloomy, psychotic, atmospheres. A quintessential live album and a real treat for any Joy Division fan. (Radiation Records/Radio LoopLoop Records #73)

(restock) AGENT ORANGE - Living In Darkness LP/CD
Adventurous southern California punk trio Agent Orange was the first band to mix surf rock with punk. The group was formed in1l979 in Placentia, a small town close to Fullerton and Anaheim, by frontman Mike Palm on guitar and lead vocals, Steve Soto on bass and Scott Miller on drums. That early line up recorded the classic version of "Bloodstains" in 1979 as a demo produced by Daniel R. van Patten (of the group Berlin). A year later it was included on the seminal Rodney On The Roq compilation album released by Posh Boy Records. Meanwhile James Levesque had replaced Steve Soto (Adolescents) and the new line up released their own self produced and self released 7" ep in 1980. A year later, the group signed with Robbie Fields' Posh Boy Records for their debut LP Living In Darkness, co-produced by Fields and former Simpletones guitarist Jay Lansford. The album was recorded at Brian Elliott's store front studio in North Hollywood (a few years before Elliott struck gold writing Madonna's "Papa Don't Preach"). A milestone in California Punk Rock history. Black vinyl reissue, with double sided insert, includes 5 bonus tracks. (Radiation Records #121 CD)

Descriptions for 11/27/2021

COMETBUS #59: Post-Mortem by Aaron Cometbus Author
Exploring the infrastructure of the punk underground Aaron interviews the people behind Epitaph Records, Fat Wreck Chords, Bound Together Books, Interference Archive, Left Bank Books, Thrasher, C-Squat, Fantagraphics, the Center for Cartoon Studies, and others. (Cometbus #59)

Agathocles goes manic on this 7" EP with 4 fast D-Beat tracks with dark chainsaw guitar sound and near-dead vocals like CRUDE SS, D.N.A. and BOMBANFAL. Parasomnia comes from Helsinki, Finland and deliver 5 tracks of insane fast noisy mid 1980's Suomi raw hardcore with female vocals in Finnish. Think of MELUSAASTE, KUOLEMA and CREEPY CRAWLIE. Members were between 15 and 17 years old when they recorded these insane tunes. Split Label with Ratgirl Records and Skullgrinder Records. Limited to 200 copies. (Jerk Off Records/Ratgirl Records #91)

Self-proclaimed "crack grind steady" outfit Corrupt Vision brings 2 brand new tracks plus a Spazz cover to this split, nearly 4 minutes of grind soaked ska. _Agathocles dusts off 4 tracks recorded in the late 90's (before half of Corrupt Vision was even born) of raw as shit mincecore. Split Label with Ratgirl Records and No Time Records. Limited to 300 copies. (Jerk Off Records/Ratgirl Records #92)

AZ death metal comprised of members of Gatecreeper, Territory, and Woundvac. FFO Bolt Thrower, Victims, Napalm Death. Co-release with Protagonist Music. (King of The Monster Records #64)

DARE - Against All Odds LP/CD
With a reputation established by such seminal bands as Adolescents and Uniform Choice decades ago, Orange County, CA, is known as a breeding ground for superb hardcore punk. Proving their appeal crosses over to several styles of heavy music, Dare has done treks with the likes of Terror and Creeping Death. With "Against All Odds" finally hitting stores, there's no question Dare are comfortable in their skin. (Revelation Records #186)

CALLING ALL CAPTAINS - Slowly Getting Better CD
"Slowly Getting Better," from the Canadian pop-punk/post-hardcore quintet Calling All Captains, is their debut full-length album and a soundtrack for the struggling yet hopeful people out there. The album intends to be a compilation of hardships, persistence, love, and acceptance, and is a thrilling follow-up to the 2019 EP "Nothing Grows Here." After their initial recording plans were halted in 2020 due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the band was able to bring in their "Nothing Grows Here" producer, Quinn Cyrankiewicz, and safely record the album at The Audio Department in their hometown of Edmonton. (Equal Vision Records #446 CD)

I THE MIGHTY - Connector LP/CD
I The Mighty's highly anticipated sophomore album, "Connector," was recorded with acclaimed producer Mike Green, the man behind such hit albums as Pierce The Veil's "Selfish Machines" and All Time Low's "Don't Panic." The new material showcases the band's matured songwriting and emerging pop sensibilities while continuing to feature vocalist Brent Walsh's signature brand of storytelling against a backdrop of acrobatic guitar work that fans are sure to appreciate. For fans of Coheed & Cambria, Hail The Sun, and Hands Like Houses. Now available on colored vinyl. Vinyl version includes digital download. (Equal Vision Records #312)

(restock) TURNSTILE - Step 2 Rhythm 7"
Collectively from the Baltimore/DC/Columbus areas, these five long-time friends formed Turnstile in 2010 as an outlet to play their shared love of energetic hardcore. On their latest effort, "Step 2 Rhythm," life experiences continue to take a front seat in vocalist Brendan Yates' lyrics and musical approach. "Step 2 Rhythm" contains seven heavy tracks that pick up right where "Pressure To Succeed" left off. 7" includes digital download. (Reaper Records #59)

It's been over three years since Baltimore's Turnstile rocked the world of hardcore with their "Time & Space" album. Now, after teasing fans with their latest EP "Turnstile Love Connection," the band is back with their third, genre-defying full length record Glow On via Roadrunner Records. The record features two songs collaborated with on by Blood Orange. (Roadrunner Records #6444)

DOWNCAST - Tell Me I'm Alive LP
30 years ago Ebullition came into existence when we released the Downcast 7" with No Answers #10. Downcast was a key ingredient in Ebullition's beginning. Brent, the Downcast guitarist, drew the Ebullition logo and Downcast played a major part in creating the ideology that would define Ebullition. When Downcast broke up they left unrecorded songs on the table. "Tell Me I Am Alive" picks those unrecorded songs up, and also moves forward with a whole set of brand new Downcast tracks; 10 tracks in total. Ebullition is extremely proud to be involved in releasing this new Downcast LP. This LP is not about the past, however, it is about now and the future. It picks up where the debut Downcast LP left off and continues pushing their sound forward both musically and politically. Ebullition is ecstatic to be releasing this LP in 2020. This is the sort of LP that Ebullition was created to release. Amazing. (Ebullition Records #61)

(discounted price) ECONOCHRIST - discography CDx2
Ebullition has decided to lower the price of this amazing discography CD in an attempt to get some more of these out into the world before the CD format disappears forever. A classic. And a great deal for a double CD that includes every single Econochrist song that was ever released! This double CD discography features forty-one Econochrist songs. It includes the Ruination LP, the Trained To Serve LP, the Skewed 7", the Another Victim 7", the It Runs Deep 7", as well as the songs from the Give Me Back comp LP, the Very Small World comp LPx2, the What Are You Pointing At? comp 10", and the songs from the split 7" that Econochrist did with The Detonators. (Ebullition Records #37 CD)