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Descriptions for the newest releases available this week.

Descriptions for 6/5/2021

Cultus Caliginous have spent the past years establishing themselves as a virulent presence in the tradition of ancient and revered cults such as LLN, BTC, and others familiar to the erudite listener. GHARMELICHT is among the conjurations from this circle whose satanic current has manifested in a self-titled LP to be released by Nuclear War Now! Productions. The GHARMELICHT LP is an expert display of the dynamism of raw, black metal. Conjured by a satanic entity known as Vercingetorix, this record was executed according to the Magickal and occult tenets of its aforementioned cult to create an ode to the dark currents that qualify true black metal. This offering is a violent rebuttal of the innumerable false and weak attempts to conjure the intangible evil of black art, establishing its mission statement with force. At times reminiscent of the best moments of classic era DARKTHRONE, GHARMELICHT shrouds its hymns in raw tape rot with tortured vocals that truly sound like an emanation from the noumenal beyond. With an architectural austerity rarely achieved to such a degree of precision, the GHARMELICHT LP is essential for those who truly worship the cult of pure black metal. (Nuclear War Now Records #544)

LOITS - Furor Aesticus LP
Following last year's reissues of Loits' first two full-length LPs, NWN! now presents the band's "Furor Aesticus" compilation on vinyl for the first time. Originally self-released on CDr, in 2004, and repressed earlier this year on CD (with two bonus tracks) by Those Opposed Records, this record compiles Loits' 7" trilogy. The material on these three EPs-"Legion Estland," "Meeste Muusika," and "Raiugem Ruunideks"-was recorded after the debut album, during the time leading up to the release of the monumental "Vere Kutse Kohustab" LP. Comprised of seven original tracks and one cover (by Estonian black metal contermporaries, Tharaphita), one can hear in these recordings the stylistic progression of the band between the first two albums, as Loits came to define their unique "Militant Flak 'N' Roll" style: a fusion of traditional black metal melody and aesthetics with the rebellious vigor of rock 'n' roll and punk. Like nearly all of the band's output from the era, the songs here are suffused with fervent Estonian pride and recount, in historical terms, the resistance to Soviet occupation, extolling the virtues of war and lamenting the turmoil of combat. In addition to the songs collected from the EPs, this LP features the two bonus cover songs from the official CD edition. These tracks, on which Loits convincingly try their hands at stylistically disparate songs by legendary Estonian punk outfit, JMKE, and avant garde black metal pioneers, Ved Buens Ende, offer added insight into the converging streams of influence that gave rise to Loits' sound. (Nuclear War Now Records #519)

CAVEMAN CULT - Blood And Extinction tape cassette
In an era defined by malignant blight, 2021 is as appropriate a year as any to introduce new CAVEMAN CULT material into our collective bloodstream. BLOOD AND EXTINCTION is the second full length record from the Miami terror machine and their first for Nuclear War Now! Productions. With the recent addition of a second guitarist, CAVEMAN CULT manages to intensify the savage attack that has heretofore defined their mission. Chaos and violence deluge the aural canvas with neither regard nor remorse for their audience. In the tradition of CONQUEROR, BESTIAL WARLUST and SARCOFAGO, the Florida cult destroys any semblance of reason, rationale, or regard for humanity. This is the musical analog of a spiked bat. CAVEMAN CULT produced and recorded this offering themselves, affording them precise artistic control and an undiluted ferocity. Relentless and suffocating, this is war metal in its truest sense: a simulacrum of the violence that controls and dominates our essence of being. BLOOD AND EXTINCTION is primal barbarity that knows no surrender. (Nuclear War Now Records #571 TP)

SARCOFAGUS - Envoy of Death tape cassette
Although Britain is rightfully credited for the historic effect that its heavy metal scene of the late 1970s and early 1980s had on the genre as a whole, the significance of a scene that was developing at the same time to its northeast should not be overlooked. In Sweden, for example, bands like Heavy Load, Gotham City, and Mercy were beginning to establish themselves. Similarly, in Sweden's neighbor to the east, a group named Sarcofagus emerged as Finland's first heavy metal band under the primary direction of Kimmo Kuusniemi. Sarcofagus first released the "Go to Hell / All Those Lies'' single in 1979, and then quickly released its first two albums in 1980, the very same year in which Iron Maiden released its self-titled debut. The first of these recordings, "Cycle of Life," provided evidence of a talented group that was on the brink of fully defining itself. While it is a worthy accomplishment in its own right, "Cycle of Life" was to be overshadowed by its imminent successor, "Envoy of Death." Over the span of its first three recordings, Sarcofagus underwent a few lineup changes, which culminated in the quintet of Kuusniemi (guitars), Juha Kiminki (bass), Ari-Pekka Roitto (drums), Esa Kotilainen (keyboards), and Hannu Leidén (vocals) on the second album. Following the "Go to Hell / All Those Lies" single, the addition of Kotilainen, one of the most accomplished keyboardists in all of Finland, proved to be of essential significance to the band's climactic sound, which had fully developed by the time the second album was recorded. Although it is heavy metal at its core, "Envoy of Death'' also exudes elements of heavy psych, which are often expressed in the atmospheres created by the keyboard passages and the twisted, effect-laden guitar leads. While this sound is easily observed by even the most casual listener, what is perhaps more elusive is the thematic concept that frames the album and gives purpose to each song. "Envoy of Death" narrates the story of six lives that have followed their own unique paths to their ultimate conclusions and now face final judgment. The opening/title track introduces the listener to the trial, and each of the six ensuing tracks recounts the life and death of one of the "defendants," whose fate is soon to be determined. As a longtime fan of Sarcofagus, and "Envoy of Death" in particular, Nuclear War Now! is honored to reissue this masterpiece of pioneering Finnish heavy metal, which shall serve to remind us of our own black contracts, whose fulfillment awaits us at our pending demise. (Nuclear War Now Records #570 TP)

Two noise powerhouses come full force into symbiosis on one ferocious and undefinable plate of wax. Amps For Christ bring the aural equivalent Jodorowsky film to life - both beautiful and confusing. Laid forth are strange landscapes, some of other worlds and some of birds chirping just like in your backyard. Lots of Barnes masterfully riffing on odd stringed instruments, god-like chanting, and Wood even provides bass and noise on tracks to drench this strange world with a film of grit. The Amps For Christ side is like walking through a strange world, and the Bastard Noise is a descent through purgatory down into hell. Drone noise drenched with austere bleakness that it is hard to imagine the world you heard on the other side. Wood is also joined by multi-instrumentalist W.T. Nelson and Katsura Mouri. This is truly a split that challenges norms and with the lack of normal structure and expectations this album lets you lose yourself and allows you to fully dive into your subconscious. (To Live A Lie Records #205)

QLOWSKI - Quale Futuro? LP
One. Simple. Direct. Question. Quale Futuro? What Future? Obliterated by a tumultuous year with lingering anxiety, uncertainty and a city ready to break any strand of hope, Qlowski, resorted to what they know best, turning frustration into dreams, stockpiling possibilities, fabricating desire and simply, living. This is Quale Futuro? their debut LP for Maple Death Records and Feel It Records. London based twee-punks Qlowski entered the studio in late January 2020, basically before everything. Crammed in a small studio room in Tottenham Hale with producer Lindsay A. Corstorphine (Sauna Youth, Cold Pumas, Middex) they created a striking, full blown manifesto, where their early post-punk nuances are heightened by an extremely poetic and compelling vision that encapsulates words, imagery and noise. Propulsive rhythms, a modern spin on kiwi-pop and a weird combination of dark punk, noise rock and flower pop are still the foundation of their sound but it's the combination of bandleaders Mickey and Cecilia's voices that creates an eerie effortless sense of familiarity. It's no wonder they've known each other since they were young kids. 'A Woman' shines bright with Cecilia's intimate and prismatic approach that unites Poly Styrene's fierce delivery with the ethereal vocal melodramas produced by Joe Meek in the 60s. Mikey's howl is confrontational and direct, moving from the motto-induced style of Italian new wave art-punks CCCP on 'Lentil Soup' to a deep commanding calm steadiness on 'Lotta Continua' and frenetic frenzy on 'To Be True'. The stabilizing presence of Danny and Christian's rhythm section has freed the band to develop and expand furious kraut-punk assaults like on deep cut 'The Wanderer'. Les Miserable from London punks Italia 90 lends his snarl on the sci-fi 50s tinged romantic closer 'In A Cab To Work'. (Feel It Records #57)

LEOPARDO - Malcantone LP
Somewhere in the elastic universe of speculative ontology a troupe of well-mannered Euros saw the June 1st, 1974 concert in London, took this sole germ back to the serene Swiss Alps (birthplace of LSD) and fecundated it with honesty - like some lifelong lysergic therapy session - until they emerged saturated with colors no one knows the name of, dripping of colors that sound like motions known solely to them. And now they've invited the rest of the world to hear. Upon first listen I was reminded of how exciting those Jeffrey Novak solo albums were - delicate pop music accessible to us, uh... malcontents. Providing the mids between Eno's highs and Ayers' lows, it's a stunning display of both art and artisanship, and like a kid who aces his test without studying, it seamlessly incorporates the crisp aural aesthetic of Chrome and layered nonchalance of Velvet Underground without stepping into the gated communities of those bands' wannabees. Echoes of Morton, Cale, Barrett... a madcap laughing, white heat from warm jets in the eyeball of hell... And yet, it sounds only like Leopardo. Make sure you listen to it seven times in a row like I did. First pressing black vinyl edition of 400 copies. Shrinkwrapped in a gatefold jacket with insert, download code, and hype sticker. (Feel It Records #54)

TEMPLARS - La Premiere Croisade LP
We may have outdone ourselves with this one folks.... To kick off the next wave of TEMPLARS releases, we bring you "La Premiere Croisade." These recordings are from the first time the TEMPLARS set foot in a professional recording studio back in 1993. Included are the four songs that would comprise the band's debut "Poor Knights Of Acre" 7" EP, PLUS seven additional tracks that have remained unreleased until now. "La Premiere Croisade" is essentially the TEMPLARS' lost first album: their HOLY GRAIL, some might say. (TKO Records/Templecombe Records #694)

CHANNEL 3 - Fear Of Life LP
Channel 3, aka CH3, was formed in 1980 in suburban Cerritos, about 20 miles southeast of Los Angeles, with frontman Mike Magrann, guitarist Kimm Gardener, bassist Larry Kelly and drummer Mike Burton. Signing to Posh Boy in 1981, their eponymous EP had the hit 'Manzanar,' which was championed by John Peel on the BBC. Posh Boy founder Robbie Fields was in the producer's chair for their excellent debut, Fear of Life, a blistering punk assault on American values. Free from the heavy metal leanings of their later work, this no-holds-barred debut is a must for all fans of So-Cal hardcore. (Radiation Records #143)

ESPASMODICOS - Discografia Completa 1982/1983 LP
The complete discography of the first proto-hardcore band from Madrid, Spain released on LP for the first time. From 1982 and 1983. Ten tracks. (Radiation Records/Beat Generation Record #40)

THE RESIDENTS - Eskimo tape cassette
In 1979 "punk" music was all the rage. The Residents had gone though the punk stage three years earlier were ready for anything that was not punk. When it was finally released ESKIMO was a hit, both in sales and in reviews. The album tells the story, without words, of the assimilation of a ritualistic society into consumer culture. This story unfolds as Eskimo fables set to the grinding of sound effects and music. ESKIMO is, quite literally, a unique experience. (Radiation Records #7010 TP)

KLASSE KRIMINALE - I Ragazzi Sono Innocenti LP with poster
Limited to 400 copie. Reissue for KK's third album, originally issued on the TWINS label in 1993. FULLY REMASTERED edition featuring one bonus track, full color poster by ALTEAU and double-sided lyric insert. (Radiation Records #125)

THE KREWMEN - The Adventures Of The Krewmen LP with poster
British rockabilly combo The Krewmen had several distinct phases during the 1980s; beginning in 1982 as a rockabilly trio, they moved in a blues direction for their first 45s and after temporarily disbanding, reformed as a psychobilly quartet for this sought-after debut LP. Songs like "Night Of The Living Dead," "Wild Dogs Of Zorberon" and "Hell Train" have a delicious B-movie aesthetic and "Don't Give A Toss" and "Guy Fawkes" are keen Brit takes on the form. A must-have for Cramps and Meteors fans, and all psychobilly devotees. (Radition Records #128)

NEW YORK DOLLS - Actress: The Birth Of The New York Dolls LP
Record Store Day 2021 gatefold LP on colored vinyl. Limited to 500 copies. Raunchy glam band New York Dolls were the epitome of rock 'n' roll's excess, prefacing punk's rougher edges. Recorded in October 1971, when the group was still known as Actress, this essential LP is culled from demos cut before David Johansen and Sylvain Sylvain joined the group; along with two raw alternates of 'It's Too Late,' there are eight otherwise unknown examples of their musical mayhem, as heard on 'Why Am I Alone' and guitar killer, 'Coconut Grove.' This is required listening for all Dolls fans, and especially Johnny Thunders devotees. (Radiation Records #133)

ICONS OF FILTH - Not On Her Majesty's Service LP with poster
Legendary Welsh anarchist punk band Icons of Filth was formed in Cardiff at the end of the 70s, having been known as Mock Death and Atomic Filth in earlier line-ups. This blistering debut, culled from demos laid in September 1982, was a cassette-only release-the first issue on the Mortorhate label, run by fellow political punks, Conflict. Over clamorous drumrolls, jagged guitar and super-charged bass, frontman Stiggy Smeg spits lyrics fighting against the system, championing animal welfare and a vegetarian lifestyle. This is the band at their rawest and most unfiltered-required listening for punk diehards. Limited vinyl reissue, comes with folded poster with exclusive unpublished photo by Robert Revill. (Radiation Records #129)

Descriptions for 5/29/2021

EVIL - Possessed by Evil LP (Regular version is singl LP. Die Hard vesion comes with bonus live rehearsal LP and 36" cloth flag poster)
Nuclear War Now! is proud to announce its continued allegiance with Evil (Jpn) in releasing the band's second album, "Possessed by Evil." As previously demonstrated on the 2017 debut, "Rites of Evil," as well as the demo, two live recordings, and split with Siege Column that have since emerged, these twelve tracks of black/thrash metal once again capture the darkness of first wave black metal and unite it with the aggressive precision of early Teutonic thrash. Previous points of comparison between Evil and early Sodom continue to hold true, as do those that recognize similarities with the most notorious of Japanese hardcore outfits, especially insofar as the unhinged vocal delivery is concerned. Evil is anything but apologetic in its reverence to its metal heritage, which is what lends its recordings such a high degree of authenticity. "Possessed by Evil" is an unabashed conglomerate of riffs, accentuated by incisive leads and rabidly barked vocals. If there is one notable contrast with the debut album, it would be an increased cohesiveness among the instruments. Whereas "Rites of Evil" at times felt a bit loose, the performances on this album are characterized by noticeably tighter synchronicity, which one could logically assume to be the result of the band's greater longevity. In any case, the outcome is one that represents a step forward from an already impressive debut and one that confirms Evil among the best of its black/thrash metal contemporaries. (Nuclear War Now Records #540)

MASACRE - Ola de Violencia/Barbarie y Sangre en Memoria de Cristo LP
For the past 25 years, Masacre have been among the most championed bands in the Medellin, Colombia Death Metal underground. After releasing several demos in the late 1980's the band focused its sound into the cataclysmic masterpiece known as "Ola De Violencia." This EP, recorded and released by the band in 1991 has for decades stood as a powerful testament to the potential for the oppressive darkness and massive power inherent in Death Metal. The three tracks on this EP reveal Masacre's penchant for devastating and brooding riffs infused with melancholic passages that accentuate the morose atmosphere the band captures. Without warning, however, Masacre frequently erupt into violent blasts of evil, unleashing torrents of hate and aggression heralding the arrival of the more sinister Black Metal sound that was then beginning to cast its shadow across the metal underground. "Ola De Violencia" was far ahead of its time when it was released, but initially was almost unknown outside of Colombia until Osmose reissued the tracks on a split with Profanatica in 1992. After releasing their debut LP, "Requiem," in 1991, Masacre returned in 1993 and unleashed the "Barbarie y Sangre en Memoria de Cristo" mLP. With that mLP Masacre refined their approach, tightening the production and adding greater dimension and technicality to the songs without sacrificing any of the brutality. These two releases exemplify what may arguably be characterized as perfect Death Metal production. These recordings cannot rightfully be described as highly produced, but neither can they be called raw or primitive. The recording quality suits the bestial and violent cacophony of sound in the more ferocious parts while simultaneously allowing for the technical and melodic elements of the band's style to emerge out of the dense roar of chaos when necessary. The depth of low-end bass is expertly offset by the mid range guitars, and the percussion is often utilized instrumentally rather than a mere mechanism for keeping time. The vocals, slightly affected with reverb, are controlled and savage - demonstrating intentionality in the placement and execution. The songs also feature occasional bursts of the razor-like, harsh high end guitar sound that is often the centerpiece of so much South American and particularly Colombian metal as well as strategic use of organs and keyboards to enhance the macabre element within the music. What really contributes to the success of these recordings is Masacre's exceptional ability to merge rabid hostility, atmospheric darkness, and stylistic technicality. One would not be faulted for suggesting the possibility that no other band so masterfully achieved this goal in that era of Death Metal. Tracks 1-3 from "Ola de Violencia" LP 1990. Tracks 4-7 from "Barbarie y Sangre en Memoria de Cristo" LP 1993. (Nuclear War Now Records #203)

CIVILISED SOCIETY? - The Third (Dimension) LP with CD
CIVILISED SOCIETY? were one of the most recognisable names on the UK hardcore punk scene of the late 80s, releasing two albums for the legendary Manic Ears label back then. Fast forward 30+ years, and the band reformed, playing a bunch of shows in the past couple of years including the Rebellion Festival, followed by UK and European Tours which saw the band gaining supporters both old and new as well as the release of the 4 track "WAR IN MY HEAD" CDEP! Fast forward to 2021, and here is their long awaited comeback album - "THE THIRD (DIMENSION)" is classic CIVILISED SOCIETY? and most importantly sounds like a band as relevant for the 21st century as they were in the 20th. It has been worth the wait!! Nine cracking new CS? classics plus a cover of GOLD FRANKINCENSE AND DISK DRIVE's "CHARACTER ASSASSINATOR". There is a limited edition coloured vinyl option available only by mailorder, limited to the first 200 copies on a first come first served basis, as well as good old fashioned black vinyl. This vinyl LP also includes a CD in plastic wallet of all 10 tracks. (Boss Tuneage Records #148)

SULACO - The Privilege LP
Rochester tech grind stalwart's latest available on vinyl. Metal's mightiest riff veteran Erik Burke (Nuclear Assault, Brutal Truth, Kalibas, Lethargy, Napalm Death) returns with his longest running collaborators, Chris Golding and Lon Hackett. On this originally self-released digital only format, The Privilege introduces new vocalist Jason Leone and the welcome return of Brian Mason (Contrarian) on second guitar. Warped grooves that crush and decimate before slithering around your psyche deeply implanting ear worms that refuse to relinquish their grip. A true powerhouse of innovation in the underground scene and your favorite band's favorite band for two decades and still going strong. (Nerve Altar Records #56)

Out from the wastes of Cimmeria, STEEL BEARING HAND has come to tread the jeweled thrones of the earth with booted feet, overthrow the heretical tyrants and sacrilegious interlopers who corrupt the sanctity of Metal and... SLAY IN HELL! "Slay In Hell" was Engineered and Mixed by Irving Lopez (Cognizant, Morbosidad) at Anomalous Mind Engineering. Mastered by Jack Control (Cianide, Darkthrone, Totalitär, World Burns To Death) at Enormous Door Mastering. Artwork by VRUGARTHDOOM. Single LP Jacket with Double-Sided Insert. Available on Red Vinyl. Stickers and Download Card Included. (Carbonized Records #13)

MEPHITIC GRAVE - Into the Atrium of Inhuman Morbidity cassette tape
Rites of unholy Death and Doom will be cast unto this world by Hungary's Mephitic Grave! "Into the Atrium of Inhuman Morbidity" unleashes eight tracks of true cosmic horror invoked from the abysses of the unknown. "Into the Atrium of Inhuman Morbidity" was Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered in the age of plague and pandemic lockdown in XYK3Z Basement by Knot. Artwork by Raul Gonzalez. 5-Panel Double-Sided J-Card with Blue Cassette Shell. Download Card Included. (Carbonized Records #14 TP)

(repress) HEALER - Resurgence 7"
The newest initiates in the West Bay Koalition, HEALER drops a ferocious debut EP that is some of the tightest, fastest thrash heard in awhile. Translating the barbarity and anger of CROSSED OUT into the idiom of West Bay legends like NO LESS, AGENTS OF SATAN, and IMMORTAL FATE, HEALER is going to be a force to reckon with. 10 songs in just over 5 minutes. West Bay all day! Limited to 500 on black vinyl; co-release between 625 and From the Head of Zeus Records. Released October 2020. (625 Productions #264)

WISH - Adapt Or Die tape cassette
Uncertain what the future held for the world, and with the reality sinking in that shows were not going to happen for some time, members of Malice At The Palace, Diamond Back, Point Blank, and Twisted Dream joined forces to form Wish. Cross-pollinating elements of hardcore and thrash metal with a focus on stadium-sized groove parts, Wish will undoubtedly appeal to fans of such bands as Mindforce, Drain, Leeway, and Trapped Under Ice. Wish isn't trying to change the mold, they are simply trying to channel their anger and frustration into something positive. (War Records #29 TP)

BY THE GRACE OF GOD - For The Love Of Indie Rock LP
Louisville, KY, post-hardcore vets By The Grace Of God are reissuing 1996's "For The Love Of Indie Rock" on vinyl for the first time since its initial pressings on Victory Records. The reissue features new artwork with an expanded layout. One-third of the proceeds from this release will benefit The Bail Project. LP includes a blank B-side. (Equal Vision Records #453)

AMERICAN NIGHTMARE - When We Were Young 7"
Performed live by American Nightmare (Wes, Tim, Masek, Standhard, and Brandon) at CBGB on December 10th, 2000. Recorded for $25 off the soundboard by Lucas Gonzalez and mastered by Will Killingsworth. Limited 7" vinyl record housed in a gatefold jacket, a one-time pressing of 2,500 copies total. 7" includes digital download. This is the yellow vinyl version, exclusive to Rev and limited to 300 copies. (Bridge Nine Records #270)

Descriptions for 5/22/2021

DISATTACK - A Bomb Drops... LP (one sided) + 28 page booklet
I don't want to blow, I want to grow! The first Dis-clone? We don't know about that, but these are some early rumblings of Dis-mania, direct from the Merseyside in 1986. For every man, woman or child there is no escape from the dark war horse of This Attack! Disattack. 6 raw bursts of sonic bloodbath that will leave your ears bleeding in a ditch. The fear of doom dawning when the whole world will be bathed in Blood! The 4 song demo is complemented by 2 additional rehearsal songs and a 28 page booklet of archival material, hand-outs and photos. For those who worship Discharge, Anti Cimex and Sacrilege! Line-up includes a young Bill Steer pre-Carcass. (La Vida Es Un Mus/Tapes Records #11)

REAKSI - Esok Hari Kepunyaan Kita 7"
REAKSI from Melbourne Australia are three immigrant punks from Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore. The band delivers direct, hard and pungent lyrical protest in their native language Bahasa. The songs attack political issues that every Asian punk knows too well, the rights of and the struggles of immigrants (Tidak Ada Manusia Ilegal, Tidak Menyerah), police brutality (Awas) and songs of struggle and freedom (Punk Asia) that is highly relevant to the Myanmar's people current uprising against military coup junta. "Esok Hari Kepunyaan Kita" translated "Tomorrow belongs to us" was recorded last year during harsh COVID lockdowns in Melbourne, this debut five track E.P combines the solid attack of UK 82 of THE PARTISANS, CHAOS U.K, the anthemic Oi! sound of THE 4SKINS, BLITZ and also drawing influence from traditional archipelagic hymns. Featuring members of ENZYME, KROMOSOM, PISSCHRIST AND INTRUSION. At first listen/ glance, the sound production and art of this record could easily be mistaken as a record off the NO FUTURE catalogue. Featuring art collaboration by Nicky Rat and Hafiz (SIAL), sound production by Joshua Wells (PRIORS), Maxime Smadja (RIXE, CONDOR) and Yeap. REAKSI "ESOK HARI KEPUNYAAN KITA E.P" is a love letter and a call to arms for Asian punks everywhere. (La Vida Es Un Mus #232)

MALADIA - Sacred Fires LP
MALADIA "Sacred Fires" 12"EP stands on an abyss made of the hiss and fog of a thousand generated cassette demos and the murky despair of damaged electronics and overloaded amplifiers. Equal doses of raw punk from the Southern Hemisphere and 80s European hc punk influences mingle with harrowing and desperate vocal cries, echoing RUDIMENTARY PENI and NERORGASMO as if both bands were hanging out in the back seat of a tour van listening to ANTISECT on a boombox. Recorded in a pre-fire Fuzzbrain studios in oppressive mid summer heat, this will tear your turntable up! (La Vida Es Un Mus #233)

Hard cloth-bound book, 300 pages, 13"x13". ANALOGUE BLACK TERROR II is a 300 pages book gathering more than 370 bands and 550 visual archives of Black Metal demo tapes from the 80s until 2000. Harvested worldwide, these documents paint a cold and factual portrait of this youth gone spiritually fanatic. 1.5 years after the massive success of Analogue Black Terror, Jean Valnoir Simoulin and Nuclear War Now! publish Analogue Black Terror II, the augmented twin brother of the Black Metal demotape compendium. This overcharged publication contains 550 new documents spread across 300 pages (versus 250 for the first volume). Between the late 80's and 2000 , a fringe of the extreme heavy metal youth culture decided to secede from the contemporary scenes to express their deep disgust and hostility towards organized religions, democracies, human rights, the modern world, and humankind in general. Driven by hatred, misanthropy and Satanism, fueled by juvenile passion, and with very limited means, they produced myriads of home made Black Metal recordings which left no room whatsoever to tolerance, mercy, or any kind of positive energy. Some were spoiled brats in search for a reason to rebel, some were convicted murderers, arsonists, grave desecrators or rapists, others were merely incredibly talented artists with a sincere will to put their work in the service of a greater evil. Little consideration was given to sophisticated production, and given how much money was available in the scene, fancy options were not on the table anyway. Home-xeroxed duplicated tapes were spread hand-to-hand within local scenes, or worldwide, via snail mail, amongst a network of individuals all gathered around one idea : to remain an elite that stood alone against the modern world and prayed for its annihilation. A lot of them disappeared, a chosen few became legends - before falling into disgrace to represent the embarrassing circus that Black Metal mostly stands for a quarter of century later. (Nuclear War Now Records #534)

PHOBIA - Feverish Convulsions (Slaughterhouse Tapes) tape cassette
The emergence of the Norwegian Black Metal movement is often regarded as a sudden paradigmatic shift in sound and aesthetics. But it didn't take place in a vacuum; many of the key players in the scene were already involved in underground metal. So it was for the founding members of Enslaved (Grutle Kjellson and Ivar Bjornson) and Theatre of Tragedy (Hein Frode Hansen), all of whom initially played in a short-lived but impressive Death Metal band called Phobia. Ranging in ages from 12-18, the members of Phobia coalesced around Slaktehuset, where they wrote and rehearsed original material and eventually recorded their demos, "The Last Settlement of Ragnarok" and "Feverish Convulsions," both of which were released in 1991. This compilation collects-for the first time-Phobia's two demos, along with three previously unreleased tracks. (Nuclear War Now Records #554 TP)

600 Copies € 8.5X11 FULL COLOR € 80 pgs. If you are familiar with ED COLVER's work you know he needs no introduction - his images of the early LA hardcore scene are beyond iconic, setting the standard for punk photography. Plus, legendary punk rock archivist & mad genius behind Fucked Up & Photocopied, BRYAN RAY TURCOTTE. Also, we have Ola from QUALITY CONTROL RECORDS weighing on the even newer wave of the new wave of British hardcore. Wait, there's more - have you been blessed enough to have your eardrums destroyed by the likes of modern punk heroes WRONG WAR, PROTOCOL or THE MESS? If not, it is about time you did! Do you want more? Of course you do! How about an article about the effects of Covid on Record Stores? And lest we forget features on modern punk photographers JOSEPH CAREY, KIRSTEN THOEN, ADAM LOWE, ANTHONY MEHLHAFF and BECKY DIGILIO. Plus reviews of the latest and greatest punk records, zines and more from around the world! (Razorblades & Aspirin #12)

Hamilton, Ontario's semi-pro punks TV Freaks return with their fourth long playing effort titled People. Clocking in at just over half an hour, these ten tracks see the group stepping back, stripping down and really allowing the songwriting to shine. Largely recorded live-off the floor at vocalist David O'Connor's home studio, with vocals and additional overdubs done at Boxcar Studios by Sean Pearson. Peoplehas the same driving-yet-jangly style the band is known for but with addition of a few new tricks. Taking cues from a wide sonic spectrum, from first wave punk to hardcore, to krautrock, while still assuming a havy pop sensibility. TV Freaks have stepped outside the garage on this one but they're still in the driveway. (Schizophrenic Records #106)

FISTULA - Frustrations In The Key Of Rust LP
The boys from Ohio are back & dismember 15 classic songs ... almost 50 minutes butcher profession. Misfits, Devo, Nirvana, The Exploited, Black Flag, Kilslug, Cro-Mags, D.R.I., ... and many, many more. A lot of fun and a surprising twists! (Behind The Mountain Records #25)

FISTULA - The Process Of Opting Out LP
After four years the sludge masters are back with a new full album. Filthy & painful, social alienation & devastated psyche ... spill out of every single fragment of this record. For over two decades, Fistula has consistently served us itss hideous, the most generic sludge, a perfect mix of dirt and nihilism taken from hardcore/punk fury with heaviness and fading pulse of Black Sabbath & Saint Vitus. The producer of the album is Billy Anderson (Neurosis, Swans, The Melvins, Sleep). Ladies and gentlemen - FISTULA is back (!) and they are heavier and ugliest than ever before. (Behind The Mountain Records #21)

CLAIRVOYANCE - Demo '20 7"
An excellent debut. "Demo '20" lands on 7" vinyl. 300 copies press(!). A perfect mix of old school Death Metal with a bit of cosmic aura ... Virginal death metal recording from Poland. While waiting for full longplay, enjoy a taste of the apocalypse. (Behind The Mountain Records #22)

BELZEBONG - Sonic Scapes & Weedy Grooves LP
Belzebong debut album from 2011. The quintessence of their style, and constituting as the core of their character to this day. Not much can be added here. Literally every song on this album are classics today, ... or if you prefer "the Hit" This press has a total of 500 copies. (Behind The Mountain Records #19)

MAUSOLEUM - Cadaveric Displays Of Ghoulish Ghastliness LP
The first full length album from MAUSOLEUM "Cadaveric Displays of Ghoulish Ghastliness" is brutal horror/gore inspired Death Metal from Pennsylvania. MAUSOLEUM are AUTOPSY worship at it's finest mixed with the influence of early DEATH and slow-mid paced doom segments not unlike INCANTATION. An "old school" death metal release release worthy of the phrase, "old school". Solid songwriting, raw production, horror drenched death metal worthy of any grave robbers collection. Members and Ex-Members of INCANTATION & MORPHEUS DESCENDS. (Behind The Mountain Records #18)

Zombiecult Death Meta is back! The uncrowned kings of this profession entered the studio for the first time in 12 years! Mausoleum returned from beyond the grave ... This material is the best they have ever spit out, and it can be calmly treated as a preview of a new full album (!). Pure cult and a bloody feast for Impetigo, Autopsy and Mortician fans. Anatomia doesn't have to prove anything to anyone, they are the definition of a death doom ...This material is even more disgusting, dirty and musty than anything they've served so far. In less than 20 minutes, Takashi Tanaka takes us on a journey somewhere from a forgotten, foggy necropolis, deep into the damp and rotten corners of the crypt, where "something" terrifying lurks ... Cult! (Behind The Mountain Records #23)

George Crustanza from San Francisco brings a modern take on 80s style hardcore - most of the 9 songs are roughly minute-long blasts with thrash drumming, fast riffs, and shouted female vocals that lead to a dramatic closing track. Recorded by the legendary Bart Thurber at House of Faith in Oakland. Oxygen Destroyer (also from San Francisco) shares 3 members with George Crustanza, playing hardcore skate punk with hints of thrash. Ten tracks in twelve minutes! Recorded by the band in Oakland and Japan, additional recording and mixing done with Jack Shirley at Atomic Garden. (Cat Food Money Records #18)

GEORGE CRUSTANZA - Summer of George 7"
George Crustanza from San Francisco brings a modern take on 80s style hardcore - most of the 9 songs are roughly minute-long blasts with thrash drumming, fast riffs, and shouted female vocals that lead to a dramatic closing track. Recorded by the legendary Bart Thurber at House of Faith in Oakland. (Cat Food Money Records #19)

OXYGEN DESTROYER - Good Morning America 7"
Oxygen Destroyer (also from San Francisco) shares 3 members with George Crustanza, playing hardcore skate punk with hints of thrash. Ten tracks in twelve minutes! Recorded by the band in Oakland and Japan, additional recording and mixing done with Jack Shirley at Atomic Garden. (Cat Food Money Records #20)

OXYGEN DESTROYER - November Brain 10" lathe cut + cd-r
SF skate punks go all over the place with short noisy blasts, an epic doom / raw punk opus, and more! Robert Collins of MRR sez "the punk world needs fewer sonic constraints and more of this"! (Cat Food Money Records #24)

PEI PEI/SIBERIAN ASS TORTURE - split 7" lathe cut + cd-r
DIY pop idol from Japan does 2 pop songs, on the flip side S.A.T. do 5 short snotty punk songs and a grungey pop tune. (Cat Food Money Records #23)

SIBERIAN ASS TORTURE/CRACK - split cassette tape
S.A.T. gets heavy and noisy with psychedelic sludgey punk, while CRACK does intergalactic noise experimentation! 60 minutes of madness from Japan! (Cat Food Money Records #26 TP)

V/A - Cat Cerebrations compilation cassette tape
Heavy heady jams for psychonaut night owls! 11 bands, 90 minutes! Noise rock, no wave, doom, and more! (Cat Food Money Records #25 TP)

Long-running Antifascist oi from Poland brings 2 tracks including their classic "Na Zawse Punk", and San Jose trallpunk heroes (ex-Krupted Peasant Farmers) lay down 3 tracks including an Ed McCurdy cover! (Cat Food Money Records #3)

Originally released on January 26, 2009, via Magic Bullet Records, this excellent split release between This Will Destroy You and Lymbyc Systym (featuring all songs exclusive to this release) now sees formal reissue via Dark Operative. Mixing of the entire album was done all at once at the conclusion of tracking to ensure sonic consistency across both sides. Since its initial release, "Field Studies" stands tall in the discography of both bands, with This Will Destroy You's "Freedom Blade" having garnered numerous syncs over the years, and the entirety of Lymbyc Systym's material being regarded by fans and critics alike as among the best they ever wrote and recorded. (Dark Operative Records #38)

Descriptions for 5/15/2021

(repress) TOTALITAR - Ni Maste Bort! LP/CD
TOTALITAR'S Classic Second LP "Ni Maste Bort!" translates loosely to "You've gotta go!" , Totalitar mark racist, sexist and capitalist modes of thought, dysfunctional politicians and useless media, cynicism and the dull mechanical wearing on people's lives on the "To go" list! A frenzied wall of guitar driven thrash with gutteral shouts and pulverizing drums, Totalitar's sound was cut from the influence of classic D-beat and Swedish hardcore, but with time has become one of the genre's cornerstones. "Ni Maste Bort!" was originally released on Sweden's FINN records label in the mid 1990's, and reissued originally by Prank in the early 2000's. This is is it's first re-release in almost two decades, from the original mother plates but brightened with new plating anåd pressing art RTI. The re-imagined cover art by John Yates at Stealworks (Allied Records, Punchline magazine) has been augmented with Metallic ink printing on a Stoughton Tip On Sleeve. 1500 copies pressed.The CD is a straight repress from the 2003 John Golden mastering in original booklets from the 2003 press. (Prank Records #39)

(repress) CROW - Last Chaos LP
(limited to 10 per customer as we didn't get enough for more than that) Osaka's CROW formed in the early 1980's explosion of Japanese hardcore, but have always been a distinctive, unique band even within that astonishing pantheon. Much of Early Japanese hardcore sought, refined and creatively interpreted primary and immediate influence from noisy UK imports by DISORDER and CHAOS UK, but CROW took its unique and deepest impression from DISCHARGE , with powerful vocals fronting distortion laden guitar driven charges. Unafraid to careen the high energy pace into complete musical destruction or ensnare you completely in a fist-pumping chorus driven anthem like the classic "Give Up All Hope" and "Anarchy. Chaos. Destruction", The Osaka-era CROW existed for a few more years, appearing on the legendary "Eye Of The Thrash Guerrilla" compilation before the band disbanded. A new iteration of the band began in the late 1990's in Tokyo with prolific discography, toured US several times and continues to this day. CROW "Last Chaos" Was originally released by the band in an ultra limited edition of 200 in 1987 and re-mixed and re-issued for equally scarce reissue on Overthrow records in 1994. Both have long since become insanely rare collector's items. The first pressing go the Prank edition sold out in a matter of hours. This second edition replicates the 14 song original with a high Gloss UV heavy weight 24pt sleeve, new Obi, three inserts, a large sticker of the album cover, hand-stamped inner sleeves, sealed into a resealable bag with a crow logo sticker. Remastered by George Horn Mastering from the original mix. (Prank Records #151)

(repress) TOTALITAR - Sin Egen Motstandare LP/CD
Sweden's TOTALITÄR originated from small town Hudiksvall in the mid-80's silver age of Swedish Hardcore punk, releasing a few EP's and touring the UK before disbanding in 1990. In 1994 the band reunited with new drummer, Jallo from NO SECURITY, to record what is arguably one of the best Swedish hardcore punk albums ever made, Sin Egen Motstandare "One's own enemy" . Like any great punk record, it's a stark reaction to the world around them with poignant, relevant lyrics but served as marker for the elevation to what would become TOTALITÄR's trademark sound - quick, raging blasts of riveting d-beat hardcore drawing influence from Classic DISCHARGE and early Swedish hardcore, but distilled to remarkable, catchy simplicity that masked incredible ingenuity within it's straight forward template. Their prolific recording saw them record another 2 LP's, 2 split LP's , 10 7""s EP's and split EP's with TRAGEDY, DROPDEAD and more, until a final live performance in 2003 at Pointless fest in Philadelphia saw the members dispersed to play in too many bands to count: MEANWHILE, DISSEKERAD, KRIG I HUDIK, INSTITUTION, KRIGSHOT, MAKABERT FYND, KATASTROF, KRIGSHOT, KVOTERINGEN, HUMANT BLOD and more. Originally released as a CD-only release on the Finn Record label, "Sin Egen Motstandare" was originally released on vinyl by Prank in 1997 and again in a remastered version in 2003. This edition is from the original 2003 metal work but pressed at RTI and presented in a stoughton tip-on sleeve with insert, with two different colors of vinyl clear and aqua blue. Both the music and the message of TOTALITAR remain a vital inspiration, who's influence has only grown with time, and we are proud to present this again. CD version is a straight repress from the 2003 remaster done at John golden. (Prank Records #27)

THEY LIVE - Summer of Love Canal 7"
Buffalo's brothers of brutality THEY LIVE return with a new EP for 2021! 9-songs of total punishing fast hardcore with a power-violence cover of DEVO's Mongoloid to boot! Playing since 1995, THEY LIVE have honed their style of fast, hard-hitting hardcore, drawing upon greats like INFEST and HARMONY AS ONE with even some riffage reminiscent of DIEHARD. Limited to 500 copies, 300 on black, 200 on Gold. Co-release with Blast for Humanity and 625 (625 Records #271)

A limited vinyl pressing of Mescaline Maniacs' self-titled tape (2020). Seven raging tunes from the new generation of Sacramento HC. Snarling vocals, blast beats galore, and heavy breakdowns keep these tracks delinquent as hell. Grimy and menacing PV influenced thrash with a beatdown edge. Watch for more releases from these foos! Limited to 300 copies, co-released by ThrashTapes and 625. (625 Records #269)

HATRED SURGE - Grinding Reanimated Violence Live tape cassette
Two live sets from the ever-punishing HATRED SURGE, each with their own unique line-up. 26 songs of live brutality: Side A recorded in Austin in 2010, Side B recorded in France in 2007 with Jon and Jensen from IRON LUNG and Ben from THE ENDLESS BLOCKADE joining in. The recordings capture the rawness and power of this band in its different iterations. Artwork by S. Hardacre Design, mastered at Dead Air Studios. Limited to 300 copies. Co-released by Rescued From Life and 625 (625 Records #276)

SARUSHIBAI - (Japanese Title) LP
Somewhere along the way, the world of DIY punk became extremely codified. A lot of the current punk enjoyed by myself and everybody else is very paint-by-the-numbers, genre-specific, self-referential. Play like THIS, sound like THAT, ideas that are easily identified and collectively understood. But punk wasn't always this way. And I think Sarushibai prove that even now, it doesn't necessarily have to be. Sarushibai has the spirit of adventurousness and the willingness to take chances that I associate with ADK Records bands like The Stalin and Aburadako, LSD and Kikeiji, or with early American punk like Dead Kennedys, Black Flag, Dangerhouse Records. For me, Sarushibai harken back to a time when punk was more about "attitude" and its expression was more free and individualistic, and not set with so much regimented formality. Clearly The Stalin and Kikeiji are starting points, but Sarushibai create their own journey through loneliness and sadness, inferiority and abnormality, weaving in a variety of instruments and influences to create a unique experience that still resonates as PUNK. Because what is punk if not music for outcasts? (SPHC #120)

A split phalanx assault of pulverizing crossover power violence at the forefront of the US underground in a ferocious collision of East and West Coasts. Hailing from Washington DC, Brainpan inflicts punishing contempt with their heavyweight brand of crushing sci-vi annihilation. Seattle's xSAVAGEx inexorable assault of blunt force ferocity and ruthless stop start riffage seizes and suffocates. Supreme aggression and unyielding hostility. Cover art by Japanese legend Sugi. (Nerve Altar Records #51)

Landslide of Organs, the putrid split LP from Emphysematous Excretion of Gangrenous Debridement and Empyaema is a filthy spawn of gore and obscenity from scene stalwarts and newcomers joined in lascivious reverence for the profane and disgusting. EEGD features Andrew Lee (Ripped to Shreds/Skullsmasher) and scene veteran Harlan (née Hagamoto) of Bodies Lay Broken, Brob, Pantalones Abajo Marinero,Patisserie, etc teaming up for classic down tuned DM/Gore Grind ala Carcass and RGTE. Nascent gore hounds Empyaema hailing from the US and Montreal expel a blur of noise and smeared viscera. An obliteration of unrepentant filthy frequencies and mangled noise demolition with a complete disdain for all that is virtuous and musical. Vinyl LP/DL available Dec 4 2020 on Nerve Altar, limited to 200 copies. (Nerve Altar Records #53)

BLED TO SUBMISSION - Bury Them In the Graves They Dug For You 7"
Nashville's Bled To Submission paints a sanguinary portrait of a bleak existence fused in relentless tumult with an unforgiving world. Vicious grinding sludge erupts in a churning caterwaul of cacophonous noise scapes and ferocious riffing bound under a horde of acrid vocals. Think Logical Nonsense covering AmRep era TITD. Guest vocals by Matt King / Portrayal of Guilt. (Nerve Altar Records #55)

Matte sleeve flooded black inside, download card, poly-lined inner sleeves, hype sticker, shrinkwrap. Multinational industrial black metal rising force Decoherence join Sentient Ruin again to bring you "System I", a 12" vinyl, digital and cassette tape full-length album/compilation of all the band's recent digital only singles and EPs, remastered to their final and ultimate form along with a glorious and previously unreleased cover rendition of Killing Joke's classic cut "The Wait". While these tracks were previously already digitally (self)released, don't be fooled or misled to think you're hearing any "b-sides" or otherwise "left over" material, rather, consider "System I" not only the righteous third official full-length album from the band, but also by far Decoherence's most visionary, cohesive, and imposing songs to date. Awe-inducing and ghastly in its enveloping immensity, the tracks on "System I" see the enigmatic multinational black metal band morph into their most defiant and commanding form yet, as they construct an impenetrable mechanized swarm of liquefying industrial hallucinations and swirling dissonance that eradicates the listener from their corporeal and terrestrial self to cast them at the edge of a light-devouring void. Stylistically "System I" sees Decoherence's sound still thrive and evolve within the familiar synthetic black metal deconstructionist framework of progenitors like Blut Aus Nord and Darkspace, but as the Killing Joke cover included unmistakably hints at, these tracks also reveal a marked shift for the band toward a more unintelligible, unpredictable, and ominous immateriality, as elements incorporated from post-punk and experimental industrial assume stronger delineations adding ulterior dimensions and identities to the band's already alien and otherworldly sound. (Sentient Ruin Laboratories #138)

COFFIN LURKER - Foul and Defiled LP
Full color Matte sleeve flooded black inside, download card, poly-lined inner sleeves, hype sticker, shrinkwrap. Maurice De Jong AKA Mories (Gnaw Their Tongues, Cloak of Altering, De Magia Veterum, Dodenbezweerder etc.), and Rene Aquarius (Cryptae, Dead Neanderthals, Imperial Cult, Plague Organ etc.) join forces in Coffin Lurker, a hideous experiment begotten unto a perverse delusion of ushering doom metal beyond extremes of heaviness and horror it has never before seen or fathomed. Overwhelming and abominable in its every aspect, on their hideous debut LP "Foul and Defiled" the dutch terror-doom duo set out on a mission of terrifying extremism to take doom metal to its most harrowing consequences, crossing every threshold of extreme known, to materialize a humongous slow moving nightmare of paralyzing and horrific doom metal horror that will flatten the listener and devour them inside a nauseating void. Emanating with a monstrous and oppressive aura of total death and decay, "Foul and Defiled" is a gargantuan sepulchral abomination of subterranean megaton doom rising from an underworld of ageless and unnameable death and suffering that sonically aims to re-evoke the hideous and death-obsessed immensity of other undreground extreme/experimental doom abominations like Moss and Grave Upheaval, while taking the heinous formula, if possible, even beyond its own already incomprehensible and remote confines of sanity. (Sentient Ruin Laboratories #135)

HUMAN FAILURE - Crown on the Head of a King of Mud 10"
Full color reverseboard sleeve with latte lamination, download card, sticker, shinkwrap. American one-man aural monstrosity Human Failure debuts with its first ever offering, a mangled and gnarled disfiguration of raw death metal, raw punk and harsh noise spewn from the outer limits of complete nihilism and inhumanity. (Sentient Ruin Laboratories #133)

LAST AGONY - The Imminent Slaughter LP/tape cassette
LP: reverseboard sleeve with matte lamination and flooded black inside, matte printed inner sleeves, download card, hype sticker, shrinkwrap. CS: xeroxed j-card, download card, shrinkwrap. Canadian nuclear wasteland raw hardcore noise-punk incursors Last Agony present "The Imminent Slaughter", their incinerating official debut full-length LP issued in conspiracy with Sentient Ruin. On the savage debut album Last Agony let loose all their most negative and harrowing visions of a polluted, dark and violent world, birthing one of the most unnerving and lawless strains of primitive aural chaos to have been vomited from the North American punk scene this year. In the war-torn twenty minutes of weaponized aural mayhem, Last Agony put on display an unrivaled sonic assault of primitive cruelty and raw hostility, thrusting influences ranging from European early heavy punk bastions like Doom, Anti-Cimex and Electro Hippies, to Japanese d-beat noise deviants in the vein of Gauze and Deathside, all the way to primitive grindcore vanguards like Repulsion, Extreme Noise Terror, early Napalm Death and Terrorizer into a blown out and noise-corroded terrorscape of total anarchy and chaos. If you like it fast, loud, raw, visceral and lawless, search no further, because Last Agony have brought us one of the most nerve-shattering and apocalyptic storms of unhinged and primordial punk-metal wrath that you will hear all year. (Sentient Ruin Laboratories #126)

S.E.K.H. - Acephale & Arkhe Tenebre LP
Matte sleeve flooded black inside with silver metallic Pantone, download card, poly-lined inner sleeves, hype sticker, shrinkwrap. Formed by MS (Suspiral) and AT (Black Earth, Suspiral), Spanish industrial black metal-noise mystifiers S.E.K.H. create an asphyxiating sonic delirium in which hallucinatory soundscapes, dissonant guitars, and oppressive electronics submerge the listener into a dismal and dissociative transfiguration of themselves. Through their soul-consuming music S.E.K.H. offer a conceptual exploration of Bataille´s notion of subversion and the embracement of the abyss. S.E.K.H.´s subversive ordeal casts a beheaded conjuration unveiling the altered states of mankind's desolation, with the mangled atmospherics and psychosis-inducing compositions acting as a surreal soundtrack to this abhorrent philosophical spell. A sonic torment which while proudly hermetic and at times even puzzling in its grotesque abstractions, is also exquisitely refined and highly evocative, reminiscent of the sounds of other equally hallucinatory and experimental black metal entities like Mysticum, Diapsiquir, Blut Aus Nord or Leviathan, although with its unique aberrant approach to the genre. (Sentient Ruin Laboratories #103)

Aussie grind core star is here with debut full lenght. This Grind Core two piece machine. they are popular in USA and Europe as well. After several split 7"EP´s they finally record album. Think about mix of Terrorizer - World Downfall and Napalm Death era. Grind Core to max. (Psycho Control Records #76)

HOKAGO GRIND TIME - Bakyunsified (Moe To The Gore) LP
Grind Gore in vein of RGTE/DEAD INFECTION. This monument to international internet gorefriendship is now officially out. On this record is many special guests like Udo Yosaku Boutarou Chairo, Dave Reillac, Leon del Muerte here play guitars, TG, Brandon Corsair and Selzy Derek for their vocal styling. Mastered by Colin Marston. this is grind Core project of guitarist RIPPED TO SHREDS and its really good job. (Psycho Control Records #84)

ROT - Cruel Face of Life LP (gatefold)
ROT is basical a pillar of worldwide Grind Core. Band started back in 1990 and they are still alive. This is their debut album for 25th aniversary release without bonus 7" EP tracks. Just "Cruel Face of Life" on 45 RPM. Gatefold cover with old photos, flyers. They still grinding. (Psycho Control Records #68)

BRUCExCAMPBELL based in Los Angeles, CA, USA. This is their newset album recorded back in 2016. After many different problems / reasons its finally out on vinyl. 15 Brutal Grind Core traxx of Los Angeles Grind Core school. Tight sound with fast drumming and two vocals bring you pleasure for fans of Bloody Phoenix, Excruciating Terror... etc. Original artwork from Jagatsuri. (Psycho Control Records #50)

RAGEOUS INTENT from Spain with members from Disturbance Project and Denak bring you debut album of furious Grind Core. After several split 7"EP´s here bring you 18 songs with two covers of Excruciating Terror and Unholy Grave. Spanish school is back. Gerardo originally from Denak raised up spanish Grind Core to top. (Psycho Control Records #72)

DEATHSWARM - Shadowlands in Darkness LP
DEATHSWARM is a new Swedish old school Death Metal band in the vein of Dismember, Entombed, Bolt Thrower and other old school classics of this genre. Vocalist Bozarslan from Sarcasm together with others start this band before 2 years. From beginning they wanted create music in old school vein such bands as Entombed, Dismember, Grave and other bandsfrom nineties.And they do it really well. They recorded 9 songs in old school way of golden era of Death Metal. (Psycho Control Records #56)

SICKMARK/ANF - split 10"
SICKMARK is Power Violence band from Germany. They play typical Power Violence. 6 new songs. ANF (ALWAYS NEVER FUN) bring you 11 tracks of Power Violence from Italy. (Psycho Control Records #49)

SEIZED UP - Marching Down The Spiral 7"
The highly anticipated follow up to the massive debut LP "Brace Yourself" (Pirate's Press) from Santa Cruz's SEIZED UP! Comprised of members of such legendary Santa Cruz acts as Bl'ast, Good Riddance, All You Can Eat, and The Distillers, this 'hardcore supergroup' has the experience and talent to deliver, and this EP proves it! On either gold or clear vinyl. (Cursed Blessings Records #2)

Descriptions for 5/8/2021

PHOBIA - Slaughterhouse Tapes CD
The emergence of the Norwegian Black Metal movement is often regarded as a sudden paradigmatic shift in sound and aesthetics. But it didn't take place in a vacuum; many of the key players in the scene were already involved in underground metal. So it was for the founding members of Enslaved (Grutle Kjellson and Ivar Bjørnson) and Theatre of Tragedy (Hein Frode Hansen), all of whom initially played in a short-lived but impressive Death Metal band called Phobia. Ranging in ages from 12-18, the members of Phobia coalesced around Slaktehuset, where they wrote and rehearsed original material and eventually recorded their demos, "The Last Settlement of Ragnarok" and "Feverish Convulsions," both of which were released in 1991. This compilation collects-for the first time-Phobia's two demos, along with three previously unreleased tracks. (Nuclear War Now Records #554 CD)

AT HOME FANZINE - Issue Number 3
This is a tabloid size 'zine with 28 pages. New Jersey's At Home Fanzine returns for Issue Number Three featuring interviews with Ian MacKaye musing on a classic Fugazi show from 1991, Mouthpiece singer Tim McMahon reflecting on the 30th anniversary of the band's first seven-inch and Gabe Rodriguez of Good & Plenty Fanzine fame waxing on his publication's legacy and a new book compiling his zines together. At Home is 28 pages, printed on large tabloid-size newsprint, has tons of never-before-seen photographs and through interviews and in style is paying homage to classic zines like HeartattaCk, Anti-Matter and Boiling Point. (At Home Fanzine #3)

7MON/DECHE CHARGE - split 7"
Two of the legends, one 7". Deche-Charge - Canadian noisecore with a recording session that lacks respect for your ear drums and your feelings. Seven Minutes Of Nausea - cut-up noisecore OG's delivering as always, with a lyric sheet that's perfect to sit down and read along with the whole family. (Jerk Off Records #105)

We did it all. Looking back...We played CBGBs shit load of times! The Mudd Club! Irving Plaze! Tin Pan Alley! Hank's crystal palace! Tompkins square park! Albert's Pub! The Pat Duncan show on WFMU radio! Been on Maximum Rock & Roll magazine shit load of times! Flipside magazine shit load of times etc...Are on perhaps two or three V/A comp classic contemporary punk records! Did we pay our dues?! "You Axed For It" by Psycho Sin is one of the most sort after EPs in the punk rock underground! On many want list! Very expensive and rare! Til this day i'm puzzled about that. It sells for ($350-$500) bucks! There has not been one day that someone has not asked me if I have a few laying around? Ron Rancid is the punk rockin' hardcore hero that we all never knew we needed or deserved, but we got him. Ron Rancid does not give a fuck. Not even kind of. He doesn't care what you think of him or his band, the Nihilistics, at all. He's a first-generation punk rock who's from the school of punk and hardcore that was all about provoking and pissing people off and he hasn't changed one bit in the last 40 some years. ICONICIDE, established in 1988 at NYC's Anarchist Switchboard in the aftermath of the Tompkins Square Park Police Riots, blend Hardcore, Thrash, Punk and more in a lethal mix that is Loud, Fast and Ugly. Definition of häj-päj: A confused mixture. häj-päj members are just that and comes all together as one with the power and influence of old school punk hardcore punk and a touch of reggae. As different as we all may be we have all been friends for many many years and enjoy what we have created and damn well proud to have played with bands we have all looked up to. (Jerk Off Records #104)

Descriptions for 5/1/2021

UNDERGANG - Aldrig I Livet LP
Since 2008, Denmark's UNDERGANG have been pursuing the deepest, darkest depths of total DEATH METAL. Steeped in the classics, the quartet aren't so much "old school" like so many HM-2 worshippers nowadays as they are simply old-sounding, brazenly brandishing a sound that nods to early Finnish death metal, slimy doom-death as equally as timeless goregrind. It's a sound that's garnered the band a legion of devotees across the world, and justifiably so. And while it's been three interminably long years since their last album, Misantropologi, at long last do UNDERGANG arrive with their long-awaited fifth full-length: ALDRIG I LIVET. Simply put, this is UNDERGANG at their very best, subtly striving for new twists on their characteristic sound whilst making that sound more engaging than ever before. Graced with utterly crushing production, ALDRIG I LIVET is undoubtedly the band's most ominous record to date, rooting among the ruins of the most desolate DOOM-death committed to tape and warping that wreckage with slithering solos that seem to creep like tendrils across an inter-dimensional portal. It's a sick and sickening slog through the sewers of the subconscious - forecasted by the cover art, once again courtesy of vocalist/guitarist David Mikkelsen - and UNDERGANG effortlessly lumber forth with a swagger that's startling to behold. Even this many years in to their celebrated catalog, the quartet show no signs of relinquishing their crown as Denmark's premier death metal champions, and ALDRIG I LIVET is disgusting proof. (Me Saco Un Ojo Records #128)

PHRENELITH - Desolate Endscape LP
Issuing forth like a deadly miasma from the tombs of subterranean Copenhagen, Phrenelith unleash their debut full-length like the hounds of Hades themselves. Coming off a spate of well-received demos in addition to a split with Spectral Voice on Deutschland's Iron Bonehead Records plus their Chimaerian Offspring Cassette EP on Extremely Rotten Records, the sound is foetid, guttural and gasping. Like a half-decomposed corpse disinterred from the marshlands, this slithering rotten filth is hideously attractive, repulsively inviting in its gruesome fascination. A fine sense of poise and grandeur leads to unusual progressions and neck-snapping rhythmic variations. Atonal apocalyptic melodies collide with off-kilter riff work, crossing the lines between traditional filthy death metal found on the lost tapes of the '80s alongside splendid maniacal hooks a mile wide which will stand the test of time. This is the Desolate Endscape - abandon hope and embark on the descent. (Me Saco Un Ojo Records #68)

Debut album from Hyperdontia repressed on clear vinyl. Featuring members/ex-members of Phrenelith, Burial Invocation, Engulfed, Necrowretch and more. Cover art by Paolo Girardi. (Me Saco Un Ojo Records #100)

For the past five years, Australia's FACELESS BURIAL have been flying the flag of classicist '90s death metal, first across a demo in 2015 and then the subsequent (and acclaimed). Grotesque Miscreation_ debut album in 2017 and follow-up "Multiversal Abattoir" LP a year later. Those latter two recordings, in particular, portrayed the potency of this power-trio, displaying an unremittingly dark and dexterous sound which draws in a variety of death metal traditions. Going from strength to strength, FACELESS BURIAL play their strongest hand yet with the full-length "Speciation". Altogether sharper and more finessed than all previous, Speciation_ spreads unimaginable DEATH METAL MIGHT with malignant ease. (Me Saco Un Ojo Records #121)

DECOMPOSED - Laid To Waste LPx2 + booklet
Me Saco Un Ojo Records presents, for the first time on vinyl, the three classic Decomposed demos ('Inscriptions', 'Ego Sum Lex Mundi' and 'Sermons of Morbidity') plus an unreleased instrumental demo from 1995. Everything has been carefully remastered and is presented in a gatefold double LP which includes a 12-page booklet full of flyers, interviews and unseen photos. Decomposed, original pioneers of death-doom alongside fellow Brits My Dying Bride, Paradise Lost and Anathema, formed in 1990 and released several demos and one EP before their only full-length album 'Hope Finally Died' in 1993. The band's 1992 EP 'The Funeral Obsession' has since been re-released on vinyl and CD by Me Saco Un Ojo Records and Dark Descent Records respectively. (Me Saco Un Ojo Records #124)

SULPHUROUS - Encircling Darkness 7"
It was but 2018 when Sulphurous released their cult debut album, Dolorous Death Knell. Aptly titled, the album was the grand culmination of a slow-and-steady ascent beginning in 2008 and then crafted across a grip of demos and a couple EPs. Naturally, with the band hailing from Denmark's ever-thriving death metal scene, quality was most definitely assured right from the off, but the malign, lurking dread the duo so effortlessly doled out across their debut album proved that the Sulphurous name was uniquely their own and already worth reckoning. Now, in preparation for their second full-length set for later this summer, Sulphurous return with a swift-yet-satisfying EP to whet appetites hungering for more malodorous death. Thus, Encircling Darkness is likewise aptly titled, for its inexorable slipstream of tension & terror teases with no small amount of ceremony - almost ritualistic in one sense, cruelly haunting in others. Indeed, its titular A-side sets the stage for that ceremony, but the opening peals of sorcerous feedback segueing into a slow-burning haunt that is the B-side "Unfathomable Display of Rotting Creation" truly displays Sulphurous' mastery to come on that looming sophomore LP... Patience may be a virtue, but all virtues can be defiled when Encircling Darkness! (Me Saco Un Ojo Records # 130)

(repress) BEHERIT - The Oath of Black Blood LP
Over the last 20 years, NWN! has released or reissued some of the most important works in the style commonly referred to as bestial black death. But until now, the label has never had the privilege of working with the legendary Beherit. NWN! is honored to release this definitive reissue of "The Oath of Black Blood." Often regarded as the first Beherit album, "The Oath of Black Blood" is a compilation of Beherit's "Demonomancy" demo and the "Dawn of Satan's Millennium" EP, both of which were originally released in 1990. Beherit has shifted and evolved many times since then but, owing in large part to the original Turbo Records release of this album, the band's legacy as one of the seminal bands of black metal's second wave remains unaltered. This new edition of "The Oath of Black Blood" commemorates 30 years since the original release of these recordings. (Nuclear War Now Records #500)

(repress) LUCIFER'S HAMMER - The Burning Church LP
Formed in Michigan during the late 80s, Lucifer's Hammer was a prominent fixture in the Midwest underground, playing numerous regional gigs and routinely featured in the lineup of at Michigan Death-fest. The earliest incarnation of the band was more thrash-oriented, but as the band evolved, it gravitated toward a darker black/death metal sound. By the mid 1990s, Lucifer's Hammer was part of a circle that included such bands as Summon, Masochist, and Wind of the Black Mountains, all of which at some point shared members with Lucifer's Hammer. It proved to be among the most fertile scenes of early USBM around that time. Although Lucifer's Hammer released two earlier demos, it was with their 1994 self-released tape, "The Burning Church," that the band left its most enduring mark. Lucifer's Hammer was among the first American bands to play death metal suffused with the atmospheric darkness and savage ferocity associated with the then-emerging black metal movement. On "The Burning Church," the band plays relentless blackened death steeped in a miasma of blasphemy. Indeed, this demo is among the darkest death metal recordings of its time. Lucifer's Hammer should be mentioned alongside bands like Profanatica, Demoncy, and Absu. (Nuclear War Now Records #509)

Richmond crust/dbeat debut LP, Members of PRISONER, ENFORCED, DESTRUCT. Released in 2019,this has been the apocalyptic soundtrack for the mass amount of human greed the band lyrically reminds listeners of. FFO TRAGEDY, SKITSYSTEM. (Ryvvolte Records #16)

ERNIA (Zarautz, Basque Country) began at the end of August in 2010 originally as a three-piece. Influences range from crust to grindcore in the vein of bands like DISRUPT, NASUM, PHOBIA, DOOM, and many others. After a few concerts, they asked Peña to join on vocals. ERNIA has three albums recorded. The first was recorded in 2014 with Lolo from Corsario Studios (Donostia, Basque Country). The second was recorded in 2017 in Etxegarate Studios with Martxel. The most recent album was recorded at Corsario studios again in 2019. (Ryvvolte Records #18)

TORTUR - Never Ending Grief LP
LA D-beat maniacs return with ten trax of hardcore , distorted, d-beat / raw punk so fucking brutal your speakers will blow & turntables will fucking fry!!! This is now their 7th release after a killer split LP release with HELLISH VIEW on RAWMANTIC DISASTERS, this records not to be slept on all you DISCHARGE and DISCLOSE fans!!!! Artwork by Robin Wiberg of Svaveldioxid & formally DISFEAR (Ryvvolte Records #20)

GENOME - Young, Beautiful, and Free LP
Ten ear blistering D-Beat / Hardcore punks from Malmö, Sweden's, Genöme, on their debut LP. After being introduced to this group from an amazing demo released on PHOBIA records, & being featured on NOT ENOUGH RECORDS, "DIS IS MALMÖ" LP Compilation, the band delivered on what we asked for and that was MORE NOISE! Every song, unique in its own rage, fronted by vocalist Aanna, is fast, ferocious , & continues to carry on the good name for current Swedish punk, a country packed with rich punk rock history, & GENOME continue that tradition. The worlds on fucking fire right now, & this is the perfect soundtrack to drown out the madness with more d-beat insanity!!!! FFO: CRUTCHES, DETESTATION, AVSKUM, RIISTETYT, SKITSYSTEM, CRUSADE. (Ryvvolte Records #21)

Belgian Waffles Records is proud to present you the official reissue of the first CONTINGENT 7inch! Originally self-released in1980, this is now available again 40 years later for your listening pleasure!! Bob Seytor, the singer, is well know in the Brussels punk scene for playing in Chainsaw and Streets before forming Contingent with Guy « Molotoff » Delcroix on bass, Eric Lemaître on Guitar and Jo Fontainhas on drums. They deliver four explosive punk anthems with astonishing lyrics sung in French. This edition of 500 copies comes on black vinyl in reversed cardboard pocket sleeve with a 2 sided A4 insert. (Radiation Records/Belgian Waffles #13)

Vinyl reissue of the soundtrack to the infamous documentary, Hated that contains short excerpts from people talking about GG and some of his classic songs. This one sounds brilliant for GG standards and it's a must have for everyone. The cover art was actually done by John Wayne Gacy. (Radation Records/Toilet Rock #34)

VIOLENT CHRISTIANS - New Blood For A Dead City 7"
Following last year's amazing sold-out-before-it-existed No Speed No Punk tape, Austin's VIOLENT CHRISTIANS make the long-lasting commitment to wax thanks again to Roachleg Records. They continue with their classic yet modern take on '80s US hardcore via JERRY'S KIDS, NEOS, DIE KREUZEN, and a bit more of the almost but never totally falling apart rhythms of VOID on this release. You can almost hear Jeff Bale's whiny voice saying "totally thrashing stuff," as this would be right at home on the old KPFA show. Kicks ass throughout, and can't wait to see them live if that's ever a thing again. Now get away from me. You're way too close. (Roachleg Records #13)

TOY DOLLS - Dig That Groove Baby LP
Hailing from Sunderland in England's industrial northeast, the Toy Dolls infused their take on punk with ample doses of working-class humour, the three-chord format a launching pad for witty originals and clever cover tunes. 1983 debut Dig That Groove Baby captures the group at their finest, their twisted rendition of kiddies tune "Nellie The Elephant" topping the indie charts; the title track is an infectious singalong, while "Spiders In The Dressing Room" and "Glenda And The Test Tube Baby" are more irreverent tongue in cheek, all delivered in the peculiar androgynous accent of frontman Michael "Olga" Algar. Essential! (Radiation Records #140)

TOY DOLLS - Bare Faced Cheek LP
By the time Toy Doys issued Bare Faced Cheek as the inaugural LP of their own Nit Records label, bassist Flip had been replaced by Dean Robson and drummer Happy Bob by Martin Yule, with Olga still the vocal focal point. "Yul Brynner Was A Skinhead" is the best of the bunch, "Neville Is A Nerd" and "Quick To Quit The Quentin" are typical Toy Dolls punk piss-takes, and there are digs at a hotel and a local launderette too. Everything is delivered in lightning-fast bursts of energy, poking fun at all and sundry, the Toy Dolls punk way. (Radiation Records #141)

TOY DOLLS - Ten Years Of Toys LP
To celebrate their first decade of existence, Sunderland's ironic punk trio, Toy Dolls, issued retrospective Ten Years Of Toys, but rather than using the standard-issue "Greatest Hits" formula, the group chose to re-cut nuggets from their career so far, using the then-current line-up of frontman Olga, bassist Dean Robson and drummer Martin Yule. Thus, tracks like "Dougy Giro," "Fiery Jack" and "Glenda And The Test Tube Baby" are given new leases of life with a brighter, fuller sound and the inclusion of hard-to-find tracks such as "I've Got Asthma" and "Tommy Kowey's Car" add to the appeal. (Radiation Records #142)

AMENDS - Tales Of Love, Loss, And Outlaws LP
Starting in the mid-2010s as an emo-rock revival outfit, Amends have expanded to incorporate a sound more focused on alt-country, heartland rock, and folk punk. Joining in on the record are Murder By Death cellist Sarah Baillet and Against Me! leader Laura Jane Grace. "Tales Of Love, Loss, And Outlaws" demonstrates and solidifies Amends status as one of Australian music's most unique and endearing prospects. LP includes digital download. Imported from Australia. (Resist Records #189)

APPENDIX - Ei Raha Oo Mun Valuuttaa LP
Vinyl reissue of their 1982 debut album. Finnish hardcore punk rarely gets any better than this. We are talking blistering, dark-edged punk, equally influenced by British d-beat hardcore bands such as Discharge and American bands such as the Germs. (Puke N Vomit #7)

BASTARDS - 1982 Demo LP
Vinyl reissue of their 1982 demo at its original speed. The Bastards were a short-lived, influential, and not to mention popular, band from Tampere active from 1980-1985. Total balls-out, nasty, distorted, blown-out, Finnish style hardcore/punk. (Puke N Vomit Records #106)

Blood From The Soul is the vision of legendary musician Shane Embury, longtime member of extreme-music pioneers Napalm Death. Joining Embury on this new creative journey are now Dirk Verbeuren (Megadeth, Soilwork, Aborted, Tronos), Jacob Bannon (Converge, Wear Your Wounds, Umbra Vitae), and Jesper Liverod (Nasum, Burst). Engineer Russ Russell (Napalm Death, At The Gates, The Haunted) also created soundscapes for the epic, slo-burn closer "DSM-5," while John Cooke and Tom Dring (Venomous Concept, Corrupt Moral Altar) contributed additional ominous noise to this final transmission. Vinyl version includes digital download. (Deathwish Recirds #227)

DOWNCAST - Tell Me I'm Alive LP
30 years ago Ebullition came into existence when we released the Downcast 7" with No Answers #10. Downcast was a key ingredient in Ebullition's beginning. Brent, the Downcast guitarist, drew the Ebullition logo and Downcast played a major part in creating the ideology that would define Ebullition. When Downcast broke up they left unrecorded songs on the table. "Tell Me I Am Alive" picks those unrecorded songs up, and also moves forward with a whole set of brand new Downcast tracks; 10 tracks in total. Ebullition is extremely proud to be involved in releasing this new Downcast LP. This LP is not about the past, however, it is about now and the future. It picks up where the debut Downcast LP left off and continues pushing their sound forward both musically and politically. Ebullition is ecstatic to be releasing this LP in 2020. This is the sort of LP that Ebullition was created to release. Amazing. (Ebullition Records #61)

ORCHID - Chaos is Me LP 20th anniversary silver foil edition (Scene Support version)
In 1999 Ebullition released the Orchid - Chaos is Me LP. At the time Orchid was a fairly new and unheard of band. It was the 45th release on Ebullition, but over time it became the most popular band and record that Ebullition ever had the privilege of releasing. In honor of this, in 2019 Ebullition has decided to releases a special limited edition 20th anniversary version of this monumental LP. Colored vinyl and a special foil printed cover with all of the grey elements from the original cover replaced with the silver foil. Scene Support version is on brown vinyl and comes with limited poster insert and alternative lyric sheet. (Ebullition Records #45)

(discounted price) ECONOCHRIST - discography CDx2
Ebullition has decided to lower the price of this amazing discography CD in an attempt to get some more of these out into the world before the CD format disappears forever. A classic. And a great deal for a double CD that includes every single Econochrist song that was ever released! This double CD discography features forty-one Econochrist songs. It includes the Ruination LP, the Trained To Serve LP, the Skewed 7", the Another Victim 7", the It Runs Deep 7", as well as the songs from the Give Me Back comp LP, the Very Small World comp LPx2, the What Are You Pointing At? comp 10", and the songs from the split 7" that Econochrist did with The Detonators. (Ebullition Records #37 CD)