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Descriptions for the newest releases available this week.

Descriptions for 11/21/15

ACxDC - Flexi Postcard (7"x 5" postcard flexi record)
Three band new exclusive tracks from your favorite band Antichrist Demoncore. Three songs in under three minutes of raw grind-violence that have more of a hardcore punk feel than past releases. Constantly touring, always merchandising, and forever supporting the DIY scene ACxDC, this is the first new material since their full length record. This release is literally a mailable postcard with music on the A-side (please note that there will be a lot more surface noise and you may have to adjust your needle for this). Between the screen printed 8" lathe out on TLAL in October this year and this postcard, ACxDC releases are top of their game this year and even with interesting releases and weird packaging, the music is also at the top of its game. (To Live A Lie Records #110)

VENOM - Arringtons. Crombies. Anarachy. Bondage LP
Formed in Swansea, Wales in 1979 from the ashes of local punk band The Noise, Venom are an unheralded UK classic. Initially taking influence from the first wave of '77 British punk like the Sex Pistols and Clash, it wasn't until after an enforced hiatus resulting from a spot of "football violence" that the band really came into it's own. Lumped in with the expanding Oi! scene, they recorded three self-funded sessions - which produced the songs on this record - but their only proper releases were contributions to two compilations: one track on the now impossible to find Swansea punk sampler "Sex, Violence, & The Eternal Truth" 7", and one on Secret Records' "Back On The Streets" 7", the latter a result of Garry Bushell, the "Godfather of Oi", being a fan. They never quite formed a following outside of their hometown, which is a shame, as the songs they left behind are as chaotic, catchy, and well-written as anything to come out of the the early 80's UK punk scene. As with most UK bands in the early 80's, violence became commonplace at their gigs causing the band to call it quits in the summer of 1982. Fortunately, with our friends at Punkhouse Records, we present the complete Venom output, packaged in only such a way as Radio Raheem does - with a custom LP jacket including a tipped-in booklet choked full of photos, flyers, and the usual bits and bobs. (Radio Raheem Records #12)

2012 debut album from this NYC powerhouse. Fans from all corners of punk and garage find a common appreciation for this record. Ten manic and extremely catchy songs filtered through the dirt and grime of NYC. Members of CRAZY SPIRIT, L.O.T.I.O.N, DAWN OF HUMANS and out on Toxic State Records. (Toxic State Records #9)

BLASPHEMY - Fallen Angel of Doom... LP (gatefold) (picture disc with red covers)

BLASPHEMY - Fallen Angel of Doom... LP (gatefold) (black vinyl with black covers)

BLASPHEMY - Fallen Angel of Doom... LP (gatefold) (white vinyl with white covers)
"Fallen Angel of Doom...." is a monument of the black metal genre and still holds the magic that inspired an entire subgenre of black metal globally from Beherit in Finland, Abhorer in Singapore, Braindead in Malaysia, Impurity in Brazil, Dead Christ in the UK, Naked Whipper in Germany, to countless others. NWN and Ross Bay Cult are very proud to unearth this classic album once again on various LP formats. Picture disc version has 4 different B Side images. (Nuclear War Now Records #69)

At long-last, The Homewreckers's debut LP has arrived. Literally years in the making, this half-hour tour de force distills everything that we all loved about 90s Lookout Records' snotty, brash pop punk, but with a critical and analytical bent that re-contextualizes this familiar lexicon. Homewreckers are anchored by renowned visual artist Cristy Road, and her impeccable musical sense speaks in a voice as immediately identifiable as her artwork and writing. All copies on green vinyl with a poster-sized insert. Co-release with Chicago's Mooster Records. (Nervous Nelly Records #8)

KHMER/LIVSTID - split 10"
Norwegian blastbeat-loving d-beat maniacs LIVSTID has found a perfect partner in blackened hardcore crust punk band KHMER from Spain with a new 10" split, a joint release between Wisconsin label Halo of Flies, Norway's Disiplin Media, and Japan's Long Legs Long Arms. Starting with a ten-minute romp from Khmer, the record follows with eight tracks from Livstid on the flip side. (Halo of Flies Records #87)

STUPIDS - Retard Picnic LPx2 with CD
Strictly limited edition double coloured splatter vinyl LP in heavyweight manilla reverse board sleeve, with 24" x 12" printed insert, CD in pvc wallet. First pressing limited to just 300 copies worldwide!! A lot of people have been asking us when "RETARD PICNIC" would be back in print - and here's the reason for the delay - a super deluxe DOUBLE VINYL LP version (with the bonus record featuring not only the Stupids flexi and Retard Picinc outtake tracks, but also the legendary COOLEST RETARDS "Another Minor Classic" demo which is finally released! All 30 of these tracks on the second record appear on vinyl for the first time!) To make this release ultra special, the strictly limited edition pressing is on coloured splatter vinyl, with a 24 x 12" insert and at the bands request the sleeve is a special REVERSE MANILLA BOARD sleeve, plus the CD version (with all 46 tracks!) also included in a PVC wallet and is limited to 300 copies, so its first come, first served! This is the final part of our trilogy of deluxe repackaging of the STUPIDS albums. This is a must own for any fans of the era, archiving recordings that are almost three decades old into a wonderful, must own package! (Boss Tuneage Retro BTRSV018)

STUPIDS - Retard Picnic CD
A lot of people have been asking us when "RETARD PICNIC" would be back in print - and here's the reason for the delay - to tie in with our super deluxe DOUBLE VINYL LP version here is a standard alone version, 46 tracks in total including not only the Stupids flexi and Retard Picinc outtake tracks, but also the legendary STUPIDS offshoot band COOLEST RETARDS "Another Minor Classic" demo which is finally released for the first time! This is the final part of our trilogy of deluxe repackaging of the STUPIDS albums ! This is a must own for any fans of the era, archiving recordings that are almost three decades old into a wonderful, must own package! (Boss Tuneage #73)

INSTIGATORS - Phoenix LPx2 with CD
Released in conjunction with the band, as well as Bluurg Records and Southern Studios, Boss Tuneage is proud to announce that the next instalment of their retro series is a timely reissue of the classic second album by legendary 80s UK punk band INSTIGATORS."Phoenix" was the first album from the classic second line up of the band, which feature original guitarist Simon Mooney teamed up with Andy "Tez" Turner (ex XPOZEZ) on vocals and the rhythm section of Andy "Trimble" Turnbull on bass and Steve "Cuzzy" Curran on Drums. Its this line up of the band that was the one that toured throughout the UK, Europe and US promoting this album and its follow up "Shockgun" in 1988. The second record of this set comes from one of those tours, featuring a blistering never before released live show recorded in Berlin in March 1987. This is the deluxe limited edition double coloured vinyl LP with bonus CD featuring all songs, because download codes are shit! This is a must own purchase for anyone in an interest in 1980's UK punk.Boss Tuneage Retro BTRSV023

INSTIGATORS - Phoenix CD (deluxe edition)
Released in conjunction with the band, as well as Bluurg Records and Southern Studios, Boss Tuneage is proud to announce that the next instalment of their retro series is a timely reissue of the classic second album by legendary 80s UK punk band INSTIGATORS. "Phoenix" was the first album from the classic second line up of the band, which feature original guitarist Simon Mooney teamed up with Andy "Tez" Turner (ex XPOZEZ) on vocals and the rhythm section of Andy "Trimble" Turnbull on bass and Steve "Cuzzy" Curran on Drums. Its this line up of the band that was the one that toured throughout the UK, Europe and US promoting this album and its follow up "Shockgun" in 1988. The second record of this set comes from one of those tours, featuring a blistering never before released live show recorded in Berlin in March 1987. This is a must own purchase for anyone in an interest in 1980's UK punk. (Boss Tuneage Retro #81)

FREEBASE - Darker Days Are Still To Come CD
Formed originally in 1995, FREEBASE were one of the main protagonists on the whole UKHC scene of the late 90s/early 00's, releasing two critically acclaimed albums and touring extensively both in the UK and throughout Europe. In 2012, a whole decade on, original members Mark Fieldhouse and Nick recruited the hugely respected rhythm section of UKHC greats STAMPING GROUND (Ian Glasper - Bass and Ade Stokes - Drums) and returned on vinyl releases on Dry Heave Records. "Darker Days Are Still To Come" is released due to many fans wanting a CD document of the recordings made since the reunion, and the band have joined forces with Mosh Tuneage to release this masterpiece of kick ass metallic hardcore! (Mosh Tuneage #9980)

NOT TONIGHT AND THE HEADACHES - If You Were Real You'd Do Your Own Stunts CD digipack
"IF YOU WERE REAL YOU WOULD DO YOUR OWN STUNTS" is the second album by NOT TONIGHT AND THE HEADACHES and follows on from their well received debut "LOVE AND OTHER WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION" . NOT TONIGHT AND THE HEADACHES immediately take you back to a time before pop punk became a dirty word and got swept up and spat out by the mainstream. Wearing influences from bands such as FACE TO FACE, HARD-ONS and ALL/DESCENDENTS like a badge of honour, NOT TONIGHT AND THE HEADACHES actually come from Grimsby, but do their best to make you feel that its the coast of California or Sydney rather than Cleethorpes, with feel good power pop anthems and - a rarity in this genre - carefully crafted songs rather than throwaway tracks. They have played with the likes of TEENAGE BOTTLEROCKET, FACE TO FACE, CHINA DRUM amongst many others - NOT TONIGHT AND THE HEADACHES will have you jumping round your bedroom before you know it! The album features guest appearances from Adam from CHINA DRUM and members of Canadian Pop punk legends BUM! (Boss Tuneage #97)

JOHN SHUTTLEWORTH - The Dolby Decades LPx2
John Shuttleworth is the character created by musician Graham Fellows, who has also on occasion been known as Jilted John, best remembered for his massive hit in the seventies, Jilted John. John Shuttleworth is a completely different kettle of fish. John is a fifty-something unemployed man living in Sheffield, who is fond of DIY and writing songs on his Yamaha keyboard, which are inspired by his life. The Dolby Decades is the follow up to The Yamaha Years. Twenty top tunes from Sheffield's finest solo performer including: Three Men In A Van, I Can't Go Back To Savoury Now, Two Margarines, Disaffected Youth, Mutiny Over The Bounty and Scenes From South Yorkshire. A substantial fan base for this artist will ensure the album reaches unheard of heights. Now for the first time on vinyl with six bonus tracks! 'A national institution' The Times 'Comic genius' Metro 'Punch the air to character comedy in a class of its own' The Sunday Times 'The Godfather of character comedy' Evening Standard. (Boss Tuneage/Free Range Product #2)

EPIC PROBLEM - 2011 to 2014 CD digipack
Formed in deepest Derbyshire in 2010, EPIC PROBLEM are a great new band, taking influences from the likes of THE RUTS, LEATHERFACE, JAWBREAKER and many more, they are the latest in a rich stream of bands from the North of England to specialise in gritty melodic punk rock. Featuring Mackie, from punk legends BLITZ amongst their ranks, "11-14" compiles all their recordings to date , previously released on hard to find EP and split EP releases, and is a must own for fans of the likes of the aforementioned as well as bands like THE GREAT ST LOUIS, STAY CLEAN JOLENE, BEAR TRADE etc etc. (Boss Tuneage #99)

WONK UNIT - Pwoison Idea Feel The Wonkness CD
WONK UNIT's first album ("Flying the Japanese Flag") was originally released via monthly Myspace downloads (3 songs at a time) in around 2007. This was Alex Johnson"s first release since his former band THE FLYING MEDALLIONS released "We Love Everybody And Everything's Great" in 1994 The band spent 2009/2010 touring the USA/mainland Europe and the UK notching up around 200 shows a year. 2011 saw a change of line up and second album "Trolleys thank you" released with Duncan Redmonds (Snuff) and Adam Stone (The Apostates) sharing drum duties. 2012 saw the release of "Muffy" and "Nervous Racehorse" followed after that. "Feel The Wonkness" is a compilation of WONK UNIT tracks old and new released originally for vinyl, receiving 8/10 in Vive Le Rock amongst others, but is now being released on CD To co-incide with the bands UK tour supporting SLAVES in November following their US tour with RAGING NATHANS in October. (Boss Tuneage #102)

TOZCOS - s/t 7"
Great debut 7" from Santa Ana's Tozcos. This EP contains five raging tracks. Musically, they may remind one of Toreros After Ole or perhaps Svart Framtid but Tozcos are a sound distinct from anything else. The bass lines are unforgettable and the drumming is superb. Monse's vocals provide the perfect complement to each jam. This is one of the best bands to come out of Southern California in recent memory. (Verdugo Discos #9)

FUMIGADOS - s/t 7"
This four track 7" by Fumigados reminds me of classic punk bands like The Avengers, The Expelled, and even Vice Squad. Fumigados are not limited to this sound though. Erika's distinct vocals (formerly of Grima) rage through each song. The guitar and bass work on this 7" is fantastic. The intensity of this record is matched only by their great live performances. One of the best LA punk bands to come out recently. (Verdugo Discos #8)

SUDOR - Enamorado De La Muerte Juvenile LP
Sudor are back with their second full length, 10 new tracks inspired by Discharge, RIP and the whole Scandinavian 80s punk. They donīt need more than 14 minutes to proof one more time that they are the best and most active Spanish band, playing mostly all the weekends and touring the States and Europe every year. Already played at Chaos in Texas with the most success you can imagine. All their previous releases are absolutely sold out so act fast or cry later. Just play this album and count how many times they use the word "shit"! (Todo Destruido Records #28)

With both bands formed from ashes of other pop punk bands of the same era we decided to get there new bands together for a Winnipeg vs California split 7 inch. ANCHORLESS is composed by most of the members of TIEFIGHTER and ELDER ABUSE includes members of DAGGERMOUTH. The recording for both sides of this record came out great and having successful tours together in the past you can expect to see them on tour together again soon. This is the most mature music yet to be released by both bands. This 7 inch contains 4 new songs and the digital comes with a bonus song not on the vinyl. For Fans of: IRON CHIC/ALKALINE TRIO/PROPAGANDHI/LIFETIME. (State of Mind Records #45)

SECOND TO LAST - Open House 7"
A culmination of catchy choruses, chunky guitars and provocative lyrics makes for a band that is reminiscent of late 90's punk rock with modern appeal. Includes digital download with the entire record plus a bonus track. For Fans of : THE WONDER YEARS/BAYSIDE/REAL FRIENDS/ALKALINE TRIO. (State of Mind Records #44)

TENTACLES - Ambivalence LP
Tentacles is from San Antonio TX and this is their first LP after a 7" on React With Protest. They drop massive and heavy European influenced swirling emo-violent hurricanes here. Vicious vocals and wild structures throughout. If you like the heavier side of screamo and are a fan of stuff like Shikari, this is for you. The covers are screen printed on inside out used covers to minimize resource use. It's a split between IFB, Dead Tank, React With Protest, Dead Wood, and Zegema Beach Records. (IFB Records #89)

Kentucky's Elsinores' debut album Dreams Of Youth was a dark, tense, explosive body of songcraft, showcasing a fully formed creative sensibility, that might be difficult to top - and yet one mere year later they've fulfilled all that early promise by neatly sidestepping the curse of the Difficult. Second. Album. with "New Forms." How did they do it? From the sound of things, listened to a lot of postpunk, drank a lot of coffee and did a lot of midnight wandering down deserted streets in grey raincoats. Cigarettes optional. Elsinores circa "New Forms" are bleak and cinematic in scope. The lineup has solidified around the Oasis-brothers-but-not-shitty (Or the for real Ramones? Dunno, but their interplay on and off stage can be comedy gold) tandem of Joey and Jon Elsinore handling vocals, guitar, and bass and the permanent addition of West Virginian wildman J. Marinelli on drums and vocals. So you've got an unhinged new spin on the "power trio" lineup with everyone bashing away gleefully and physically at the same time AND three vocalists. (IFB Records #86)

Comes with screenprinted poster on hand-cut paper, patch, lyrics insert, and has killer etched center label area. Bleed The Pigs and Thetan, two of Nashville's finest grindcore ensembles, are inheritors of a rich grind legacy that includes forefather firebrands like Extreme Noise Terror, Repulsion, and early Napalm Death down through Cloud Rat and Iron Lung, and their vicious strengths are on full aural display for this split release. Fifteen politically astute and fucking furious tracks race by in around twenty minutes? Sorry, they just don't have the luxury to fuck around. Bleed The Pigs' side of the disc is full-on sprinting, grimy extremity. Vicious, blown-out instrumentation and manic, throat-shredding vocals alternate between racing to the cliff to jump and vicious thrashy breakdowns. More so than Thetan, BTP introduce elements of noise and structural meltodown while still reveling in filthy grooves. Time to mosh yet? Sorry, fuck you, it's over. (IFB Records #87)

LOMA PRIETA - Self Portrait LP
Formed in 2005, Loma Prieta has been a mainstay of the Bay Area, CA hardcore community for a decade. They eschew subgenres in favor of organically writing songs that are personally fulfilling, ultimately making each recording unique, while managing to forge a distinctive voice all their own. "Self Portrait" is the latest album from Loma Prieta, a ten-song masterwork recorded by engineer Jack Shirley at The Atomic Garden Recording Studio (Deafheaven). Now available on colored vinyl. Vinyl version includes free download. (Deathwish Records #182)

MAD PARADE - God Bless America LP (Record Store Day)
First time on vinyl!!! Available for the first time ever on vinyl, the 2000 Dr. Strange CD album, which has been out of print since 2002. For the vinyl reissue, the Woody Guthrie cover "This Land Is Your Land" (on the original CD) has been replaced with the bonus track "A.W.O.L." (from a different recording session in 1997). Black Friday 2015 release on a "mystery" mix of colors of wax, limited to 400 copies for retail! (Gutterwail Records #2)

INTEGRITY - Den Of Iniquity CD
Den of Iniquity is a massive, 23-song collection of rare tracks spanning "The Melnick Era" (1988-1998) of legendary Cleveland hardcore band INTEGRITY. All material is culled from various demos, split 7"s, 7" singles, compilation appearances, and EP's. In short, this is all the hard-to-find non-album stuff of that era. The CD version of the release includes extensive liner notes from guitarist Aaron "A2" Melnick on the recording sessions for each track and exclusive artwork from singer Dwid Hellion. (Magic Bullet Records #192 CD)

(restock) ANXIETY HAMMER - What Stands Between Us 7"
Philadelphia's Anxiety Hammer gives you five songs of stomping US hardcore punk from members, past and present, of Salvation, Society Nurse, Perfume River and Latishia's Skull Drawing. The recording by Arthur Rizk has a sound that references Pusmort in the 80s that is thick, crunchy, and slightly metallic without the flashy metal solos. It's mid-paced and catchy in a way that brings to mind any number of UK82 greats, but without sounding like a tribute to either style at all. In a word, Anxiety Hammer just sound punk... so if you're a devout follower of some microgenre or another you may not see the appeal here, but if you like your bands to have a voice that's straightforward, unique, confident, and powerful you'll love this. A really brilliant record, and as with any Matthew Adis project you can rest assured the artwork is great as well. (Curtain Fire Records #9)

Descriptions for 11/14/15

NO TAG - Oi Oi Oi LP
Finally seeing the light of day again for the first time in 33 years, No Tag's "Oi, Oi, Oi" 12" gets it's first official reissue. The band hailed from Auckland, New Zealand, and consisted of guitarist Andrew Boak, singer Paul Van Wetering, drummer Carl Van Wetering, and bassist Mark Sullivan. Originally released in 1982 on the legendary Propellor Records which was ground zero of the Kiwi punk scene, "Oi, Oi, Oi" reached #15 on the New Zealand singles chart when it was released. No small feat, for punk in New Zealand hadn't quite reached the higher echelons of mainstream acceptance of that in the UK and US. They followed this release with a live album entitled "Can We Get Away With It?" and supported the Dead Kennedys during their New Zealand tour. Sadly as is the case with many bands of this era, their live shows often attracted a violent element, leading to the band calling it quits in 1986. Radio Raheem is proud to re-release this one back into the wild, taken from the original reels and complete with printed lyrics which were missing from the original. (Radio Raheem Records #15)

LA MISMA - Kanizadi LP
After just one 7" and a handful of demos NYC's La Misma release their debut LP 'Kanizadi' on La Vida Es un Mus in Europe and Toxic State in the USA. The title track 'Kanizadi' kicks off the LP with a Crisis esque riff before heading deep into a world of fury, energy and UK82 pogo punk. Their sound is built on driving drums, bass that has depth and bounce, harsh yet catchy guitar work and intense vocals that are spat out in Portuguese. It sits somewhere between the fury of To_ibabe and the punkier side of As MercenŠrias or Nixe, classic early 80's Italian singles by Kandeggina Gang or Jo Squillo and a demo found in the Riot City archive. 'Kanizadi' is surely another vital piece in the puzzle of NYC punk in 2015. (Toxic State Records #23)

NECROMANTIC WORSHIP - s/t demo cassette tape
Oftentimes the most inspired and compelling music is catalyzed through sessions of improvised experimentation, rather than as a result of premeditated composition by one or more of a band's members. Such is the case for "Spirit of the Entrance Unto Death," the inaugural three-song demo from Holland's Necromantic Worship, an entity born out of improvised sessions between its two kindred constituents, GhŻllzaraŽn and Xarangorth. For music such as this that is so thematically and atmospherically bound to the occult, it is not surprising that the impromptu nature of its development reflects an intuitive addition of ingredients to a concocted brew, as opposed to the strict adherence to a prescribed recipe. Clearly, the most notable musical influences on this recording are those representing the ancient Greek canon of black metal - Rotting Christ, Varathron, Thou Art Lord, and especially early Necromantia. "Spirit of the Entrance Unto Death" focuses primarily on the constantly-present, pulsating, low frequencies of the bass guitar, which anchor the other musical elements to each track in the same way that gravity anchors the living body to the earth, in which rest the dead who have passed through the silver veil of darkness that separates this world from the next. Much like early Necromantia songs such as "Evil Prayers" and "De magia Veterum," the ritualistic nature of this demo invokes an occult atmosphere that reflects the mystique and cosmic chaos of the ancient monstrous gods, who for now roam the space in between spaces, but who are simply biding their time as they await their triumphant return to once again rule the mortal world. In anticipation of this moment, and as a precursor to its release of Necromantic Worship's debut album in the months to come, Nuclear War Now! is proud to present this demo on cassette format, as a vehicle by which the living may worship the gods of the past and future at the behest of the dead. (Nuclear War Now Records #292 CD)

GNOSIS - The Third Eye Gate CD
With distinguished pride and anticipation, Nuclear War Now! is pleased to announce the signing of GNOSIS to its enlisted ranks. Hailing from Florida (and its members having previously participated in other regional bands of somewhat disparate styles), GNOSIS was born into the esteemed lineage of a highly-regarded tradition in black/death metal. Their geographic roots notwithstanding, GNOSIS (from the Greek term denoting a "religion of knowledge") may actually share more in common musically with the tradition of the country from which the name is derived. Though the band is clearly anything but a clone of a previously established style or aesthetic, the riffs themselves exude characteristics similar to those that adorn the ancient Greek canon of black metal (VARATHRON, in particular, comes to mind). On the other hand, and further confirming the difficulty in strictly characterizing the band's output according to a particular sound, the vocals, song structures, and atmosphere are more reminiscent of Goetia-era MYSTIFIER. These elements combine most effectively to produce a singular result that is both unique in and of itself, while at the same time paying homage to the ancestors of two distinct heritages that laid the foundations upon which this temple of wretchedness could be built. (Nuclear War Now Records #255 CD)

MEFITIC - Woes of Mortal Devotion CD
All too often a band emerges from the underground, records a promising demo or EP, and soon after, under some perceived notion of urgency, releases a lackluster debut album rife with impotent filler tracks, and is thus discarded to the overpopulated scrap pile of mediocre metal bands. Fewer and farther between are the bands that rightfully and patiently take their time to properly develop their musicianship and songwriting abilities, experiment with their sound and recording technique, and then unleash a debut album, sometimes several years later, that is more than worthy of its time in waiting. Having existed for over ten years, but content to this point to have released just a handful of demos, splits, and a single EP, Italy's Mefitic fits the latter categorization. With its debut album, "Woes of Mortal Devotion," hereby released under the banner of Nuclear War Now!, Mefitic proves that patience is rewarded by the quality of its product. Those who are familiar with Mefitic's earlier releases are likely to note a distinct evolution in the band's sound on their debut full-length. Although it continues to fester in the wound recently opened by the 2012 EP, "Columns of Subsidence," the approach to this album is notably less chaos-driven and instead more controlled than previous recordings. On the one hand, it invokes the same raw intensity of bands like Black Witchery and Demoncy, and on the other it conjures a hypnotic dissonance akin to that of a band like Antaeus, as well as a ritualistic dimension similar to that of Necros Christos and Teitanblood. Having been recorded at the infamous Mara Cave, as done previously by fellow countrymen Blasphemophagher and Demonomancy, a gimmick-free and rehearsal-like atmosphere results in a natural sound that successfully enhances the asphyxiating character of the music. Finally, as a perfect complement to the music itself, the artwork gracing the cover of the 12-page booklet, as executed by Manuel Tinnemans, undeniably evokes the same anguished and corrupted vision of a world also represented in Mefitic's lyrical themes. (Nuclear War Now Records #277 CD)

KATECHON - Coronation LP
As it did with its first album, "Man, God, Giant," in 2013, Katechon of Trondheim, Norway hereby releases its second full-length, "Coronation," under the banner of Nuclear War Now! Musically speaking, "Coronation" picks up much where the previous album left off, having also been recorded at Nordstern and mixed, mastered, and produced by the band itself. Katechon's music is characterized by precise, tremolo-attacking riffs, reminiscent of their Norwegian ancestors, Mayhem and Thorns. There are also hints of Autopsy's brand of punk-infused death metal, both in the rhythmic patterns employed and the vocals, which oftentimes remind of the death grunts made famous by Chris Reifert, albeit here with more of a black metal influence. As with "Man, God, Giant," Katechon has once again chosen the talents of artist Mari Oseland to portray its visual aesthetic. Nonetheless, there are noticeable differences between the two albums that enable them both to stand apart on their own individual merits. Whereas the songs on the first album were generally somewhat more straightforward and easily-digested, as well as a bit shorter, "Coronation" places a greater demand on the listener by invoking more dissonance, atonality, and a higher degree of intricacy in its compositions. Thematically speaking, "Man, God, Giant" was more metaphysical and philosophical in nature, complete with Lovecraftian creatures and images. In contrast, "Coronation" explores the autonomy of self - on the one hand alone, but on the other thriving in its complete freedom from society's imposed norms, rules and doctrines. This album embraces the sickness and delirium that are prone to infect the imperfect being's mind, and it prefers to proclaim Nietzsche a coward by instead staring directly into the abyss and diving right in. (Nuclear War Now Records #288)

REVENGE - Attack Blood Revenge (Die Hard version) LP
Die Hard LP: Casewrapped black cloth-bound gatefold jacket with black on black foil stamp on the back cover, 4_ die cast metal medalion embedded on the front cover, 8 page 12_x12_ booklet glued to the inside gatefold, white vinyl, 36_x52_ tapestry, woven patch and vinyl sticker. By the time of Conqueror's dissolution in the late 1990s, J. Read (Cremation, Conqueror, Revenge, Axis of Advance, Blood Revolt, Kerasphorus) had already established himself as the most devastating percussionist in the extreme metal underground. Combining the menacing and chaotic fury of Read's drumming and wrathful vocals with R. Forster's sadistic guitar sound, Conqueror established a new standard of sonic violence. Conqueror was more than just a collection of songs; the band adopted an aesthetic and conceptual foundation that amplified the intensity of the music. At the time, however, Conqueror's style was out of fashion and unpalatable for all but an elite faction of the underground. Following Conqueror's untimely demise, Read pressed forward on his blasphemous deathmarch by forming Revenge, a project that has persisted now for nearly 15 years. With the first EP, "Attack.Blood.Revenge," Read continued his campaign in the name of the Superion. This EP solidified Read's vision and approach to his work. Focused and hostile, relentless and raw. Revenge's matchless supremacist assault on this EP remains, after all these years, one the most vicious displays of frenzied Bestial Black Death. While Revenge's style and line up have changed and evolved since the release of this EP, all of the elements that characterized the band at its inception remain intact even today. With the prominence that Revenge has since earned, it seems fitting to now reissue this classic debut MLP. To augment the material on "Attack.Blood.Revenge," this new 12"/CD edition contains four additional bonus tracks including the "Superion.Command.Destroy" EP, Revenge's track from the split 7" with Arkhon Infaustus, and the band's cover of Von's "Lamb" that it recorded for inclusion on the 2009 NWN! Fest compilation. (Nuclear War Now Records #300)

THE EPIDEMIC - Losing Control 7"
Originally intended to be the 5th release on the label(LOUD 05) Boston, MA's THE EPIDEMIC unleash their long overdue 2nd release the "Losing Control EP". Recorded in 2007 this follow up to their fantastic "S/T" LP ended up being shelved due to first a bad mix followed by the tragic death of guitar player Matt Frado. In 2013, after a long day of drinking in the bar at the worlds largest arcade I was finally able to convince Jay(vocals) to have the session remixed. Needless to say any of the technical issues that plagued the session were now fixed and the recording was everything it should of been in the first place! This EP is 3 tracks of classic UK style: catchy, melodic and hard hitting punk that brings to mind bands like CONFLICT & ICONS OF FILTH. Members have also been seen doing time in such bands as Sadist, Who Killed Spikey Jacket?, Forn and The Spoils since then. (Loud Punk Records #37)

ANNEX - Silencio 7"
Following their excellent debut LP on Mass Media Records, south Texas dark punks ANNEX immediately began working on a proper 7" single. The result is two catchy, dreary, guitar-driven dance tracks written, recorded and produced by the band themselves. It's impossible not to draw parallels to other female fronted dark punk bands such as ARCTIC FLOWERS or BELGRADO, but with the attitude of VICE SQUAD. Mastered by Jack Control at Enormous Door and cut at 45rpm for highest fidelity. Limited to 300 copies. (Occult Whispers Records #4)

20 tracks of Crust Thrashing Death Grind delivered by GREEN TERROR. Includes such favorites as Jackass In Corpsepaint and Radiation Overdose. First pressing of 300 copies on green marbled wax. (Agromosh Records #40)

ZEX - Fear No Man 7"
After the demise of GERM ATTAK, singer/guitarist Jo spent the next few year writing songs and plotting his next endeavor. In 2014 Zex was born and they wasted no time taking the punk scene by storm releasing an astonishing 2 singles, an LP and several tapes all within a year of their first show! After some extensive tours all over the world they are back with their 3rd single "Fear No Man" which packs a mean punch of melody and aggression. The B Side "I Didn't Know" comes off with the sort of effect you would expect out of VICE SQUAD covering "End Of The Century" era THE RAMONES. This record is the bands strongest material to date and a good indication even greater things are to come. (Loud Punk Records #40)

PORKERIA - Desde La Era Del Terror LP
It isn't a rare occurence any more to see South Texas, specifically the Rio Grande Valley, getting tossed around here and there over online punk zines and blogs more and more now. And even more specifically is the case for McAllen, Texas, and it's seemingly endless expansion of their DIY hardcore/punk scene. Without a doubt, PORKERIA was an important and significant heavy-hitter for McAllen mainly responsible for contributing to the growth of the McAllen scene and the proof is in their second and final LP. This new release brings 14 new tracks of the same classic sounds you've come to expect from the PORK but these new songs change it up and saying by only a little would be an understatement. Desde La Era Del Terror puts forth on record exactly what the title depicts. The new tracks here are more powerful and darker than their previous releases but with a similar structure and influence as before. The dynamic changes in the tempos range from intense, frenetic speed to heavy and primitive pounding all while the vocals spit violent and venomous rage with scorching guitar leads thrown in for good measure. This LP definitely marks the end of an era. (Adelante Discos #9)

LIFE CHAIN - Uniformed Cowards 7"
Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada's best kept secret is far from being kept hidden any longer. Hell, even Halifax itself is crawling out of the shadows of obscurity in regards to their hardcore punk scene. With members of CONCRETE ASYLUM, ABJECT PAX, and CONTAGIUM, just to name a few, this unique scene has spawned LIFE CHAIN, who presents their debut EP in top-notch DIY fashion. "Uniformed Cowards" brings the kind of isolated sounds you can only achieve from being somewhere almost as remote as Halifax on the edge of the eastern coast of Canada. It would be too easy to simply pin this record as five tracks of raw d-beat "noise not music." Notwithstanding some obvious references to DISCLOSE and LEBENDEN TOTEN, there is a lot more happening than what you may hear on the surface. The whole of sides A and B are one continuous journey of manic musical destruction that are relentless in their delivery with each track segueing with the uneasiness and urgency of the track before it. The vocals are haunting and desperate and reach out and pull you into the buzz saw wall of sound which keep you trapped in the entirety of the EP. This record is drenched with reverb, delay, and powerful dbeat which is obvious from the get-go but there is a constant seemingly eerie and unnerving overall feel which leave the listener in an anxious state of despair as if being kept in a locked padded cell! Hand screen-printed 3/4 fold-over covers with a fold-out silk-screened poster included. Limited coke bottle-clear vinyl still available. (Adelante Discos #8)

LOVE CANAL - Enter The Love Canal cassette tape
The interbreeding of Buffalo's underground taken to a logical conclusion. A punishing brand of noise-laden hardcore birthed in the unforgiving desolation of suburban Western New York. Members of the recently parted SPERM and VICTIM OF CIRCUMSTANCE. (Black Dots Records #7)

UTAH JAZZ - Ivory Wave LP/cassette tape
Years in the making, we're pleased to announce the release of the debut UTAH JAZZ LP, "Ivory Wave." Featuring members of the world-renowned BROWN SUGAR and regionally legendary MAYDAY, The UTAH JAZZ have been helping reform the dominant sound of the Western NY punk scene with their undefinable brand of dual-guitar rock'n'roll wankery for nigh on five years now. A more-than-suitable follow up to their previous works on #2 guitarist B. Gaffney's Media Schlitz imprint. F.F.O. HOMOSTUPIDS (... the mutant sounds of Cleveland, Ohio), ZZ TOP and good ol' fashioned American psychedelia. (Black Dots Records #6)

Contains three NunSlaughter classics and one brand new Raped Christ track, all recorded live. Live July 19th 2014 at MDK Slowianin in Szczecin, Poland. Soundboard Recorded and mixed by Aro (Monroe Sound Studio). (Hells Headbangers/Nunslaughter Records #666)

DIAVOLOS - You Lived Now Die CD
HELLS HEADBANGERS is proud to present DIAVOLOS' debut album, You Lived, Now Die. Although technically a "new" band and You Lived, Now Die their first recorded release, DIAVOLOS comprise among their members metal vets Tas Danazoglou (Satan's Wrath, ex-Electric Wizard) and Taneli Jarva (ex-Impaled Nazarene, ex-Sentenced). Fittingly, the quintet's You Lived, Now Die is an unabashed throwback to the original wave of 1980s death metal, long before blastbeats and gore became de rigeur. Think early Onslaught, Death during their Mantas days, Metal Blade-era Slayer, debut-era Bathory, Master, and of course Possessed. However, the album is all about creation rather than replication, and creation can only come from diehards who lived and breathed and bled this kind of music back when it was in its infancy. Let the blood spill as You Lived, Now Die! (Hells Headbangers Records #158 CD)

DEIPHAGO - Into The Eye of Satan LP (gatefold with poster)
Deiphago - one of the most violent bands on the planet, as well as one of the most envelope-pushing - are set to release their highly anticipated fourth album, Into the Eye of Satan, on August 7th via Hells Headbangers. Each Deiphago album has seen the Filipino power-trio push the furthest reaches of musical extremity, marking a place in time in their demonic development whilst creating a monument for all perpetuity. Into the Eye of Satan is no different in this respect: founding demons Voltaire 666 (bass bulldozers and black vomits) and Sidapa (crasheraxe and leads) are once again joined by Savnok on deathhammers, picking up where they left off with the critically acclaimed/challenging Satan Alpha Omega in 2012. With this lineup now solidified, Deiphago sought to create a new, defiling standard and went in search of esteemed producer Colin Marston (Gorguts) to man the recording console. And with the perfect amount of clarity and chaos, grit and gleam, Marston was able to capture Deiphago at their most defiant sonically, rendering Into the Eye of Satan in pulverizing detail. But recording is nothing if not built upon a foundation of fiery creativity, and indeed do Deiphago distance themselves from the feeble black/death metal scene of today. In essence owing more to avant-garde composition than rote "extreme metal," Into the Eye of Satan explodes with an angularity that's truly extreme, even for them. Sidapa's mind-melting solos, in particular, play a huge part in guiding the listener toward literally insane ends. (Hells Headbangers Records #136)

SCYTHIAN - Hubris In Excelsis LP (gatefold with poster)
Comes in a gatefold cover with a 2-sided lyrics poster and insert. At long last, maverick UK death metallers SCYTHIAN are set unleash a storm: Hubris in Excelsis, the band's highly anticipated second album. SCYTHIAN's first album for HELLS HEADBANGERS - and the first UK band to be signed to the label - Hubris in Excelsis marks the transformation of a little-known quartet into a serious contender. Heavily inspired by apocalyptic science fiction, morbid poetry, and the unlikely mix of Sodom, Bathory, and Angelcorpse - or perhaps more specifically, INRI-era Sarcofago, '90s Zemial, and Desaster's Tyrants of the Netherworld - here on Hubris in Excelsis, SCYTHIAN better the bold sound & vision triumphantly displayed across their celebrated debut album, 2009's To Those Who Stand Against Us, whilst retaining the unique, charismatic core that won them favor 'n' fervor in the international metal underground. From slow-burning beginning to bloody, battle-torn end, SCYTHIAN fire off ten, total-experience epics that are as engaging and invigorating as the last: almost narrative despite the hellfire and fury with which SCYTHIAN play, yet winding through a wide range of dynamic contours and subtly dusted with tasteful nuance. (Hells Headbangers Records #144)

AFTERMATH - Eyes Of Tomorrom LPx2 (gatefold)
Hells Headbangers and Shadow Kingdom Records have teamed up with the Technical Thrash Metal Titans, AFTERMATH!! AFTERMATH was formed in 1985 as four-piece band. In the beginning they were determined to play faster than any other band, which ultimately they helped pioneer a genre. Their blend of thrash metal and hardcore went on to be known as "Crossover". The seminal demo "Killing the Future" received massive critical response by all the major fanzines and metal magazines of the day, including: Metal Forces and Kerrang. With the addition of a second guitarist, the five-piece completely shifted directions. With the release of their "Words that Echo Fear" demo in 1989, the band left behind their hardcore influences and helped pioneer Progressive/Technical Thrash metal. The Words demo served as a prelude to a dark, complex, technical, progressive and truly original piece of musical brilliance -" Eyes of Tomorrow". "Eyes of Tomorrow" is one of the most overlooked Thrash Metal albums ever. The record was mainly written in 1988, but due to their record label's bankruptcy in 1990, the record wasn't released until 1994. By then, Thrash Metal was dead and "Eyes of Tomorrow" died along with it. Had this brilliant record been released when it was recorded along with a proper release, AFTERMATH would have reached its appropriate place in thrash metal's hierarchy. With the recent resurgence of Thrash Metal, today's metal fans are starting to appreciate these lost gems more and more; and in AFTERMATH's case - metal fans are already discovering this brilliantly written album. The reissue features the re-mastered version by Paul Logus, an expanded booklet and improved layout. It also includes 5 bonus tracks: 4from the '96 demo and 1 from the Words demo - since the other songs were rerecorded on the "Eyes of Tomorrow" album. This lost classic album is re-issued properly with the band and label working together every step of the way. It celebrates the AFTERMATH's 30th anniversary and is the perfect complement to the band's reemergence after a 20-year breakup. (Hells Headbangers Records #153)

NOCTURNAL BLOOD - Abnormalities Prevail LPx2 (gatefold)
Originally released earlier this year by the Shaman of Horrors Offerings on tape format, HELLS HEADBANGERS is proud to unleash NOCTURNAL BLOOD's Abnormalities Prevail on both CD and DLP formats, just in time for the band's exclusive performance at Hells Headbash 2. A compilation of NOCTURNAL BLOOD's debut demo as well as myriad EP and split releases, Abnormalities Prevail displays this one-man entity's "uncompromising evolution" across its staggering 20 tracks. NOCTURNAL BLOOD began in 2008 as a solo-project for The Ghastly Apparition, who was slaying the metal underground as a teenager with holocaustic speed-merchants Nuclear Desecration. But upon the first recordings that would become NOCTURNAL BLOOD, the restless 'n' wild Apparition soon shifted his focus solely to NOCTURNAL BLOOD and put Nuclear Desecration to rest after three years of intense, incredibly prolific activity. Back then, "bestial metal" had yet to become a trend and subsequent forum-troll byword, and The Ghastly Apparition was far ahead of the curve with a molten, miasmic sound that pulsed upon the same foundation built by Beherit, Demoncy, and Blasphemy. Overwhelming in its singular obsession with ritualistic madness, the debut demo of True Spirit of Old... unveiled NOCTURNAL BLOOD to an underground that would soon be devoured by the bestial arts, and the interest and effect were immediate. Over the next couple years, The Ghastly Apparition churned out more of his churn, ever so subtly shifting the emphasis toward sinister atmosphere whilst never losing the chaotic death-rattle upon which NOCTURNAL BLOOD was formed. After this traditionally-underground legwork of demos, EPs, and splits, NOCTURNAL BLOOD unleashed its debut album, Devastated Graves - The Morbid Celebration, in 2010 via HELLS HEADBANGERS. Reaping international acclaim, Devastated Graves - The Morbid Celebration showed a more cavernous death metal side to NOCTURNAL BLOOD, which would then be further developed in The Ghastly Apparition's current band THE HAUNTING PRESENCE. (Hells Headbangers Records #161)

LIES/WHITE JAZZ - split 7"
Lies is a vicious band featuring members of Skin Like Iron and The Hope Conspiracy. White Jazz is a frantic band featuring three quarters of Rise And Fall. For fans of The Hope Conspiracy, Rise And Fall and Skin Like Iron. 7" includes digital download. (Deathwish Records #184)

UNIT PRIDE - Then And Now LP (with CD)
Before Eric Ozenne sang for The Nerve Agents and Redemption 87, he was the frontman for the seminal San Francisco area straight edge band Unit Pride. It was 1988 and the hardcore scene was passing through what is now a legendary era in that genre's past. Unit Pride drew influences from Minor Threat, Youth Of Today, and Antidote to create one of the most intense and powerful records of the late '80s. No one can argue the fact that it was a special time for the hardcore scene that will not soon be forgotten. And this release will help give Unit Pride a permanent place in the history books of hardcore. (Mankind Records #4)

(restock) TORSO - Sono Pronta A Morire LP
TORSO was born out of the HOLY & Punch's US tour together in 2013 and the result is a fearsome new band going on into one direction: heavy, hitting, punch you in the face unholy political hardcore. "Sono Pronta A Morire" is their first pulverizing full-lenght following last year's 7" "Community Psychosis". (Agipunk Records #106)

(restock) BLASPHEMY - Fallen Angel of Doom... LP (gatefold)
"Fallen Angel of Doom...." is a monument of the black metal genre and still holds the magic that inspired an entire subgenre of black metal globally from Beherit in Finland, Abhorer in Singapore, Braindead in Malaysia, Impurity in Brazil, Dead Christ in the UK, Naked Whipper in Germany, to countless others. NWN and Ross Bay Cult are very proud to unearth this classic album once again on CD and LP formats. (Nuclear War Now Records #69)

(restock) ANNEX - Despues de VI LP
Young dark punks from a border town in Texas give the classic goth rock sound a well needed raw punk update. The distorted effect driven guitar theatrics are intact, but they are given extra bite as they shine from behind shadows of feedback. Vocalist Nikole sings in desperation and fury without abandoning melody, giving this record a hard-core edge. Its hard to hear where the post punk influences end and the dark melodic hard-core begin, which is a great thing in my opinion! Not dance floor goth music for sure but sure to tear up a post punk club near you and knock you and your drink to the ground. (Mass Media Records #36)

Descriptions for 11/7/15

TV FREAKS - Bad Luck Charms LP/CD
With a fistful of singles and two albums to hide behind, Hamilton, ON's TV FREAKS spew up a miasma of contradictions for their third LP: angular yet liquid, chunky but with gravy, and like a sour grape, hard to keep down - it's the aptly titled Bad Luck Charms. A trio of underground rock royalty brought the album to life, with production from Dallas Good (THE SADIES, ELEVATOR, CAREER SUICIDE, THE FILTHY GAZE OF EUROPE), mixing from Don Pyle (SHADOWY MEN ON A SHADOWY PLANET, CRASH KILLS FIVE), and mastering from Mikey Young (TOTAL CONTROL, EDDY CURRENT SUPPRESSION RING) - TV Freaks' new record is art made by near-descendants of early man and as intricate and nuanced as a Biblical fresco, painted with a boulder instead of a brush. Pummelling primal rhythm blocks battle with snaky guitars and static-shock bass as a man cries out and rips his own shirt off, with nothing more to offer but his own flesh. Is our luck about to turn? US tour in the works for 2016. Street date for release is November 20th (shipping now). (Deranged Records #271 LP/#276 CD)

HELTA SKELTA - Beyond The Black Stump LP
Helta Skelta is the newest face of Australian punk - there I said it. Granted they already have an album and a few singles under their belt, Beyond the Black Stump sounds very different from previous outputs and believe this is the album people have been waiting for them to write. It's hands-down their strongest batch of songs, and the recording does them complete justice. The various elements of this album have always been there, swirling in the soup of varied influences and ideas these guys soak in, but this album smacks of a band getting its ducks in a row. In particular, Jon's vocals have mellowed from an earlier, more aggressive hardcore delivery into a brilliantly snarky, deadpan, sardonic drawl that draws easy comparison to EDDIE CURRENT SUPPRESSION RING or X. The guitars are tight, choppy and bright, the bass and drums pin the beat down with straightforward but rock-solid rhythms. US tour in the works for January 2016. Street date for release is November 20th (shipping now). (Deranged Records #270)

MAXIMUM ROCK'N'ROLL #391 (December 2015)
It's time for Maximum Rocknroll #391, the December issue of punk's longest continuously running fanzine! This one is loaded. In these pages you will find what may be the most in-depth correspondence with the MINNEAPOLIS URANIUM CLUB BAND you'll find anywhere-their parent company and attorneys are notoriously cagey, so read here for more on this Midwestern rock group, their origins, and their sponsors. We've also got interviews with Finnish hardcore lifers SA-INT, Alabama antagonists GARY WRONG, the minds behind the radical and labyrinthine Texas hardcore of SIN MOTIVO, the jagged noiseniks of Oakland's MANSION, and outsider San Francisco hardcore punks TSA. There's even more! For our first ever interview with any Cuban band in these pages we sat down with ADICTOX and ARRABIO during their Canadian tour, and capping it all off is an incredible interview with ZoŽ Dodd, Toronto harm reduction worker, activist, and punk. Also included: a scene report from Andalusia as well as photo spreads from Not Dead Yet 2015 and All Punks Go For It, a raw punk rager in the heart of California's central valley. All your favorite columnists are here too, along with punk's most comprehensive and unsparing reviews section. (Maximum Rock'n'roll #391)

ELECTROCUTIONER - The Blood Of The Pig Must Flow In The Steet 7"
Underground favorite out of LA. This is the bands 2nd tape originally released in 2014 now on vinyl. Remixed/remastered for a much better sound quality than the original tape. Recorded as a one man band but has since recruited members and plays live. Early 80s japan worship done perfectly. In the vein of Gasmask, Zouo, Mobs, GISM. 500 pressed. (Make 'Em Sweat Records #5)

SOL - Black Mountain LP
Gentle, atmospheric sonic landscapes descend into pummeling waves of brutality on this debut release from Portland's post-metal masters. Definitely for fans of Neurosis & Cult of Luna. The incredible art & layout by Epochal Void and audiophile format (180 gram) make this a special release. Look for their follow-up sophomore release in 2016, to be recorded by the mighty Billy Anderson this October. (1859 Records #22)

SIEGE FIRE - Dead Refuge LP
11 tracks of dark & furiously melodic crust from this Portland band. Definitely for fans of From Ashes Rise, Tragedy, His Hero Is Gone, et cetera. Beautiful art/layout by singer Mike Roberts. Featuring members of Sloths + Vastation (Night Nurse). Split release with Dead Tank Records, out of Florida (Thou, Captive Bolt, Post-Teens). (1859 Records #21)

This anarcho-folk band's classic debut album finally gets the vinyl treatment! Released as a double LP at 45 RPM, and housed in quality chipboard jackets with special blue ink from Stumptown Printers (like the CD version), this is the album that spawned a thousand imitators. (1859 Records #24)

WIPERS - Power In One LP
This LP became the last final Wipers recordings. Recorded in 1998 by Greg Sage, all tracks were recorded through vacuum tubes. "As with every Wipers LP I would spend many months observing people and their situations to get ideas of what was in their mind and their motivations. This was always where the inspiration would come from for our songs. I would get a glimpse of the future by doing this and it was easy to write songs that would make sense 10 years from then - Greg Sage (The Wipers) (Jackpot Records #82807)

WIPERS - Silver Sail LP
Depending on whom you ask, the early Wipers recordings either innovated punk, invented what came to be popularly known as "grunge", or initiated the blueprint for DIY postpunk. A listen to the 1993 release Silver Sail puts the Wipers legacy in an entirely new context. Written and recorded while Sage lived in Arizona, the desert informs Silver Sail's dry, desolate andghostly feel. The downtempo pieces are positively haunted by it. Stand-out tracks such as "Y I Came", and the albums centerpiece, the epic and lumbering "The Prisoner" countervail the heavy guitar sounds of 1993 and exhibit traits of the then burgeoning slow-core scene. (Jackpot Records #82805)

WIPERS - The Herd LP
After 1993's slow, haunting and introspective Silver Sail, Sage and crew returned to the classic Wipers sound with The Herd. Originally issued in 1996 on Tim/Kerr (and nearly impossible to find on vinyl for over a decade) the album is fast, fuzzy and moody. Drenched in rocket-fuel guitar tones, the paranoid beauty that spilled forth from the early recordings resonates on blasts such as "Green Light Legion" and "No Safe Place". On The Herd's slower pieces, such as "Wind The Clock Slowly", Sage's urgent and virtuosic leads peel away at the psyche leaving only underlying and once hidden truths. (Jackpot Records #82806)

ANEURYSM - Veronica 7"
Aneurysm is a breath of fresh air to your ears. This Boston band is blending metal, hardcore, and punk rock into a perfect rock & roll concoction. The "Veronica" 45 easily brings memories of spinning SST and Taang records: raw, unpolished, and in your face with fist pumping. Featuring members of The Network and more, Aneurysm is a band to be reconded with and to keep an eye on. (Tor Johnson Records #31)

H2O - SKATE!" 7" (Color Vinyl)
It's been seven years since the release of a proper full-length album from H2O (2008's critically acclaimed "Nothing To Prove"). This limited, two-song 7", "Skate!," is a teaser for H2O's forthcoming album, "Use Your Voice," coming in October from Bridge Nine. The A-side of "Skate!" features the LP's fast-paced, aggressive title track, and the B-side bears the song the 7" is named after - an even quicker, thrashy, fun one about getting on the board. 7" includes digital download. (Bridge Nine Records #229)

TURNING POINT - 1988 1991 LPx2 + 7"
Out of press on vinyl for several years, Think Fast is proud to offer a revamped version of TURNING POINT's seminal double LP discography including the original demo on a bonus 7". Remastered for vinyl and features 9 tracks from the band's WNYU radio show which were absent from the original release - 47 songs in all including a download card. Updated layout and packaging including a rugged gatefold jacket with tons of rare photos. Exclusive Black Friday 2015 version limited to 1000 copies on yellow vinyl. Under exclusive license from Jade Tree. (Think Fast Records #59)

(restock) WHITE LUNG - It's The Evil LP (red vinyl repress)
After 3 critically acclaimed 7"s (two of which on DERANGED) and a slight line up change, Vancouver's WHITE LUNG deliver one fantastic debut album. Mix the punk venom of some of the more notorious riot grrrl bands of the 90's with the guitar noodling and tempo of UK post punk by way of John Reis and you get something pretty close to WHITE LUNG. (Deranged Records #172)

(restock) FUCKED UP - Hidden World LPx2
"Hidden World," FUCKED UP's first full-length release, was recorded at Signal to Noise Studios with Jon Drew (Brutal Knights, Career Suicide). The album marks a turning point for FUCKED UP, transcending the boundaries of traditional hardcore with melody, aggression and expansive songwriting structures. FUCKED UP taps into its collective influences, but in a challenging way that's off the beaten path of current hardcore traditions. In a word, FUCKED UP and "Hidden World" are dangerous in a time when hardcore has become predictable, stale and manufactured. Packaged as a double LP gatefold with over hour's worth of music. (Deranged Records #87)

Descriptions for 10/31/15

DODLAGE - s/t" 7"
Dodlage is a Swedish word which means either "deadlock" or "stalemate" in English. Dodlage is a crust punk d-beat band from Portland, Oregon that includes members of Nux Vomica, Insidious Process, Rohit, Black Hole of Calcutta, and Worthless Eaters. However unlike the predecessors, Dodlage brings a cripplingly heavy d-beat crust punk in the vein of Sweden meets Japan. Plenty of d-beats from the drummer, plenty of sick and heavy riffs from the guitar with distort feedback for all of the chaos-non-musica necessary! Think Discharge meets Warcry meets Perdition meets Shitlickers meets Anticimex meets Gauze. 500 pressed. (Sacred Plague Records #21)

TOM AND BOOT BOYS - Stupid and Naked Punks Running In My House 7"
CA tour edition 7". Limited to 300 copies with all of the covers screen printed. Great stuff from these veteran Japanese pogo-punkers. (Fear of War Records #18)

Germany's diy/post hardcore darlings further transform out of the ashes of Alpinist, into something more unique, somehow more listenable and more just "punk". Self-released. 180gr Vinyl. comes with thick covers and risographed inlay cards. Jungbluth, for those who don't know, is an incredible, heavy, post-punk band from Munster, Germany with strong feelings of distaste towards any forms of oppression. They just self-released their second LP, Love Cult, and I think that alone speaks volumes for the band as a whole and the individuals who make up the band. It's refreshing to see a band with such a positive stand who also truly reflects and practices the DIY ethics that this community always encourages. (Halo of Flies/Jungbluth #1)

New killer records from the best DIY death metal bands from Poland nowdays! Dark splatter vinyl housed in black ineersleeve, fold-out insert and artwork graphics done by Folgin/IOE and Szymon/UBERRETARD! (Dark Side of Punk Records #3)

HELLISHEAVEN is a death metal in vein of BOLT THROWER and ASPHYX style, made by punx from Lublin city - Poland. You can find them also in SUFFERING MIND, ENTH, ASH ND RUIN, DOMESTIC TRAUMA, DOGMATIC SLUMBER. Ohhh wait - drummer used to crush sticks in infamous ANTICHRIST! WEALD create their own vision of dark gloomy crust metal like straight from greats STORMCROW, SANCTUM. Green vinyl housed in black ineersleeve, 2-sides fold-out artwork. Standard edition graphics done by Eric Coffin! Ladies and Gentlemen - this is eco-deathpunk in full effect! (Dark Side of Punk Records #2)

Japanese grindcore / death metal warfare. Out on a exclusively blue/black splatter vinyl housed in black innesleeve with fold-out insert and glossy paper sleeve with amazing drawnings made by Raf / Too Many Skulls! (Dark Side of Punk Records #5)

THE DEAD GOATS - Path Of The Goat LP (gatefold)
If you dig into Swedish style of death metal as deep as the first albums of DISMEMBER, ENTOMBED and GRAVE, then don't be fooled and miss that part of cemetary where THE DEAD GOATS are digging their crypt! Album to be releases on heavy weight 180 g black vinyl housed in black innersleeve and exclusive gatefold cover - 350 gsm stock, coated paper. Limieted to 500 hand-numbered copies. (Dark Side of Punk Records #1)

HELLISHEAVEN - Abyss Of War LP (gatefold)
After 3 splits (respectively with CREEPING CORRUPT, BATTERED/CZAS Z_AMA_ PRAWO/HUMARROGANCE and DISSENT) it was high time for the crew from Lublin to release their first full-length album. And here it is - 12 inches of black as coal vinyl in gatefold cover with Death Metal boiling up and seething inside it with an intensity that even BOLT THROWER, ASPHYX, BENEDICTION or STORMCROW wouldn't be ashamed of. Since you may know band's members also from grindcore SUFFERING MIND and doom metal ENTH, you'll for sure notice that what we are dealing here with is a resultant of these bands pace and heaviness, backed by technical skills of the musicians and ripping production by Arek "Malta" Malczewski (working with BEHEMOTH on a daily basis). The effect is indisputable. (Zaraza Records #23)

This long awaited split was announced 4 years ago - now it's time to put words into flesh. Well known unstopable grindcore machine Suffering Mind fuelled by DIY punk scene from Lublin city this time presents how devastaitng they are on live sets - who saw them at least once knows exactly what to expect from this wax - 14 pieces of unleashed hell! Recorded in Rostock's harbor thanks to awesome Andy of Wojczech and Stubnit's crew! And on the flip side grindcore crust massacre from Poland's Podkarpacie region with it's never released (till now) last recording session from 2008. In the past they released 2 tapes and shared splits with Agathocles, Disarm and Human Error. Here you can find 10 totally crushing brutal punk songs that can't be compared to their previous materials. Covers of Shitlickers' "Sprackta Snutskallara" and Stradoom Terror's "Serial Killer" included. Members of H.407 can be found nowadays in S.A.T.A.N, Hellisheaven and Zaraza Production. 525 copies of heavy 180g magenta transparent vinyl packed in old school crusty way - skulls/bones & black/white style. (Zaraza Records #22)

CATHETER - Southwest Doom violence LP (gatefold)
After great Dimension 303 we had to wait long 7 years for next full lenght album of Denver's/Colorado grinders - and here we have it! Ear-crushing grindcore mixed with doom hint and doze of weedy air which you can feel on their great shows. (Zaraza Records #21)

DISSENT/HELLISHEAVEN - split 7" (download code)
Raging mixture of death metal and brutal crust core straight into your ears! Those always hungy for noise devastation will finally find relief from rotting dayly life. USA (members of WARMASTER, PLF, INSECT WARFARE, WOLF CULT) vs Poland (members of SUFFERING MIND, ENTH, ASH AND RUIN, ANTICHRIST, SILENCE) - so far but so close - Houston vs Lublin - oposite points on the globe - now sharing 7 inches of bloody red wax. Those punks well fucking know what you deserve if you enjoy BOLT THROWER, HELLSHOCK, STORMCROW, NIHILIST, GRAVE, MALEVOLENT CREATION - try it and you will feel on your own kneck that these're not just empty words! All of you digital maniacs do not have to search shitty mp3 version on some crust blogs. (Zaraza Records #19)

ENTH - s/t LP
Darker than hell, slower than road roller - amazing funeral doom metal. Compare to ASUNDER, CORRUPTED, GRAVES AT SEA, ALDEBARAN, ATARAXIE. New project members of SUFFERING MIND, HELLISHEAVEN, THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL. Download code included. (Zaraza Records #17)

Breslau thrash/grind/crust with female vocals presenting 6 songs from the same session as split EP with UNHOLY GRAVE. Against raw Canadian mincecore in vein of AGATHOCLES, ROT or MALIGNANT TUMOUR (mince era). 11 short songs recorded in 2009. Known from tons of splits, tapes all over the world! (Zaraza Records #11)

HELLISHEAVEN - raging crust metal blessed by STORMCROW, BOLT THROWER. 5 songs including STATE OF FEAR cover The Dreadlord! Done by dudes from SUFFERING MIND, ENTH, ASH AND RUIN and H.407. CREEPING CORRUPT - death metal grind worship for SUFFOCATION, ABORTED, DYING FETUS, MISERY INDEX style. Made by punx from HOMOMILITIA, ICON OF EVIL, EVIL, WOJTYLA, DROWNED CHILD, DOOMSDAY. (Zaraza Records #7)

SUFFERING MIND - At War With Mankind 10"
Uncompromising and powerfull brutal grindcore from Poland, with incredible, totally devastating female vocals - you will get skinned alive by those inhuman screams and growls! These grinders are deeply rooted in D.I.Y. punk scene for many years - band was born on the ashes of ANTICHRIST, PEOPLE HATE, SILENCE, AXIS. "At War..." is first full length album, after debut EP released by French label Addition To War rec. Band also appear on splits with LYCANTHROPHY, WOJTYA, ASSHAMMER, SCOURGE SCHEMATIC, NEON HOLE... and many others. This 10" comes with 2 unreleased bonus songs pressed on transparent clear vinyl! (Zaraza Records #5)

INTEGRITY - Humanity Is The Devil (20th anniversary reissue) CD
Humanity is the Devil, by INTEGRITY, has long been regarded as the album that completely turned both hardcore and metal on its head. Originally released in 1995, the recording initially sent a mammoth shockwave through the underground, as the band had crafted a proprietary sound wherein metal and hardcore had simply not been fused before. Phrases like "metallic hardcore" and "metalcore" came into prominence within the popular lexicon only after everyone heard what INTEGRITY was doing on this album in particular. To celebrate the enduring impact and power of the album, Magic Bullet Records and Organized Crime have teamed up with the band to issue a special 20th Anniversary Remix + Remaster version of the album. Painstakingly mixed by Joel Grind (under guidance from guitarist Aaron Melnick and vocalist Dwid Hellion) and mastered by his Audiosiege partner Brad Boatwright, the 2015 treatment of this epic recording do the album even more sonic justice and fidelity than was remotely possible in 1995. (Magic Bullet Records #179 CD)

Descriptions for 10/24/15

THE FACTION - Pegged for Live 1985 LP
The first ever live album from legendary skate rock band The Faction. Recorded off the soundboard during their 1985 summer tour at the now legendary CBGB's in NYC. This 15 song set showcases the band in their finest form. For fans of JFA, the old Thrasher skate rock comps, and early Southern California punk. (Not Like You Records #5)

SADISTIK EXEKUTION - 30 Years of Agonizing the Dead LP
One of the most vile and tormented sounds to ever exist is the "Mental Metal Musik" belonging to none other than the now infamous Sadistik Exekution of Sydney, Australia. This LP compiles two of these demos - "Agonizing the Dead" (1992) and "Suspiral" (1991) - as well as two EP singles - "Demon with Wings" (1996) and "Sadistik Elektrocution" (1997) - for your listening displeasure. Also included is a 20-page booklet featuring incriminating band photos from the era, the unmistakably demented artwork of Rok, and a recent, never-before-seen interview with Mental Metalkutioner, Dave Slave. (Nuclear War Now Records #293

ELYSIAN FIELDS - Adelain + Promo '94/'95 LPx2
Greek black metal from the early to mid-1990s is rightfully one of the most celebrated convergences of time and place in the history of the genre. Among other less-commonly-referenced bands from the same scene was Elysian Fields, who initially began to garner attention in their country following the circulation of two promo tapes in 1994 and 1995. Nuclear War Now! is now proud to offer the first reissue of their debut album "Adelain" since its initial release by Unisound Records in 1995. Also included are bonus tracks taken from the two promo tapes. (Nuclear War Now Records #294)

Baby blue/pink 50-50 vinyl. HELLS HEADBANGERS is proud to present a special split 7" between two of the filthiest headbanging hordes in the metal underground, Japan's ABIGAIL and America's SHITFUCKER. Each band delivers a pair of exclusive tracks here. ABIGAIL are up first, and no stranger to split recordings; in fact, they could challenge NUNSLAUGHTER for the sheer number of splits they've done the past two decades alone. Classic ABIGAIL blackthrashing filth, there's a very good reason why this split's namesake comes from one of their offerings here. SHITFUCKER are not to be outdone, however, and present two wild 'n' weird blitzes of metalpunk madness, perhaps their most diseased songs to date. Of course, the split's title says more than enough: Bloody Your Lovely Pussy! (Hells Headbangers Records #88)

FLESH EATING CREEPS - The Book About The Movie: Complete Recordings 1995 2000
Cassette Tape Flesh Eating Creeps were a Richmond, Virginia hardcore punk band from 1995 to 2000, whose members went on to form the bands Brainworms, City Of Caterpillar, Light The Fuse And Run, Municipal Waste, Stop It!! and Worn In Red. Over the years, Flesh Eating Creeps' sound evolved from DC-inspired '80s-style hardcore like Minor Threat, Void, and Swiz to a more technical and chaotic sound influenced by Born Against, Heroin, and All. This comprehensive 58-song cassette tape comes in a standard plastic case with hand-numbered 8-panel J-card, sticker, and free digital download. Limited to 100 copies. (Hand Stand Records #19)

NIGHT BIRDS - Mutiny At Muscle Beach LP
In 2009, Night Birds resuscitated the surf-inspired, '80s hardcore sound and has been cranking it to a new level ever since. "Mutiny At Muscle Beach," the band's third full-length and first on Fat, is an unrepentantly raw blast of punk rock that evokes the spirit of Adolescents, Dead Kennedys, Germs, D.I. and Circle Jerks. The 12 tracks are further developed with Night Birds' integration of modern influences, a referential aesthetic, and a healthy dose of passionate innovation. Just like Night Birds' live show, this album is an unbridled onslaught of throwback-meets-modern hardcore that never stops to take a breath. (Fat Records #948)

(restock) NO FRIENDS #1 with LUMPY AND THE DUMPERS/AUSMETEANTS split 7" flexi
Interviews with Martin Sorrondeguy (Los Crudos, Capitalist Kids, Trance, Ray Creature, Slugbugs, and lots more... 96 pages! (No Friends #1)

(restock) MIDNIGHT/SHITFUCKER - split 7"
Guaranteed to be one of its most defining split 7"s to date, HELLS HEADBANGERS is proud to present a special split 7" between MIDNIGHT and SHITFUCKER. Next to NUNSLAUGHTER, if there were two other flagship bands under the HELLS HEADBANGERS banner, MIDNIGHT and SHITFUCKER would be it. MIDNIGHT blast forth with the savagely headbanging "Sadist Sodomystic Seducer," the band's first new track since their widely hailed second album, 2014's Satanic Royalty - and it's classic MIDNIGHT madness all the way, rabid and resolute, bloodied but unbreakable. SHITFUCKER bring their own brand of madness with "Nightmare (pt. 2)." No, it's not the long-distant follow-up to Sarcofago's "Nightmare," but gallops along with an acute sense of disease and disgust, descending into the abyss with metal mayhem. Set your target on this and get wiped out! (Hells Headbangers #81)

(restock) ISKRA - Ruins LP
Prepare to be devastated! "Ruins" is ISKRA's third studio album and by far their best one yet. Recorded in February 2014, Ruins was engineered and produced in true DIY fashion by ISKRA's own drummer Cody Baresich. The album was then mastered for vinyl at Sweden's CUTTING ROOM by Martin Ankelius."Ruins" contains 10 punishing songs with lyrics ranging from anarchist theory, military drone strikes on civilian populations, historic native american battles against european colonialism, and a yearning to be free from draconian laws. Combined with over the top riffs, devastating blast beats, pulverizing toms, and the occasional dive bomb this LP will leave your speakers smoldering. Not only is this one of the most intense records PROFANE EXISTENCE has ever done it, is also one of the most beautiful presentations we have seen in recent years. The stark mountainous cover resembles Middle Earth artwork but the real gem is the 11in x 11in 12 page booklet inside. Printed on glossy paper, this booklet contains not just lyrics but very thorough explanations of each song. (Profane Existence #160)

Descriptions for 10/17/15

IRON BOOTS - Complete Discography LP
The IRON BOOTS Complete Discography LP is a 20 song collection containing every recording the band had released. For the uninitiated, IRON BOOTS hailed from in Virginia Beach, VA and were most active from 2004-2006 before playing their final show in Richmond in 2008. With their hi-impact, fuck-your-attitude delivery and NYHC influenced songwriting (open your eyes, they sounded exactly like WARZONE, and wore that label proudly), the Boots were one of few contemporary hardcore bands that were able to take influence from classic hardcore punk and successfully make it their own. In their short career, Iron Boots managed to churn out an impressive catalog - an eight song demo, two 7" EPs, and two tracks for a Revelation Records compilation - all of which are featured on this release, remastered by Daniel Husayn at North London Bomb Factory. The release also features brand new cover art by Spoiler and includes both a printed inner sleeve and giant 24x24 inch double sided lyric sheet / poster. Iron Boots took pride in maintaining a classic "If it ain't broke don't fix it" approach to hardcore in both songwriting and aesthetic. The end result being, as proven on this reissue, a timeless recorded and visual output that still maintains a fresh and vital feel more than a decade later. (Grave Mistake Records #74)

DIAT - Positive Energy LP with download code
The long awaited debut full length has finally arrived. And the wait was well worth it. Dišt have worked, worked and reworked these 8 songs until they were perfect. Who is this band you ask? Let us introduce you: "Brought together by a shared enthusiasm for bleak UK punk and a history of playing in hardcore bands, Berlin based DIńT have created a sound that they have described, perhaps not entirely seriously, as 'tough new wave'. Fans of Crisis, Killing Joke and The Mob (UK) should be pleased by the band's unlikely synthesis of depressive drift and cranked, accelerated energy. 'Positive Energy' was recorded last Winter while huddled in a practice space overlooking the industrial landscape of frozen East Berlin, the album finds Dišt reining in the threads of malignant enthusiasm still peppered throughout their earlier recordings (both 7"s previously released on this fine imprint) to focus on the cynicism and dejectedness that binds them as a band." Packaged in a high quality reverse board jacket with a 12 page lyric booklet only available in this version of the LP. All copies on black vinyl. The download comes with the "Hurricane" video as well. (Iron Lung Records #70)

HOLDERS SCAR - Sin Without Doubt 7"
North Carolina when you think of hardcore and punk you may think of Corrosion of Conformity or even Double Negative but not much else. This state is amazing for music because scenes form in clusters and build up and then unfortunately implode... so when the scene expands it is a really special and ephemeral experience. Up north there is a never-ending supply of raging music but when it comes around in NC it is special. Between my label and Sorry State we were able to capture a good cross section of the hardcore takeover of Raleigh a few years ago between Abuse., Last Words, Thieves, Double Negative, Cross Laws, Stripmines, etc. That bubble burst and there is some exciting stuff forming in the ash of it here (Skemata, Blackball, ands No Love). Right now Greensboro has a thriving scene revolving around some younger blood, primarily the guys in Holder's Scar. Members of the band separately book almost every single DIY show in town. On top of that, HS puts on an amazing show and this record rips so fast it will make your head spin. Recorded at the world famous Legitimate Business by master audio technician Kris Hilbert (who also recorded the Torch Runner LP and half the bands mentioned above), this record lays down some raging hardcore punk akin to a lot of the punk of yore in NC: Stripmines, Thieves, and maybe throw in some of the new blood from Virginia like Barge and Meth Lab. Be on the lookout for Holder's Scar coming through your town as they aren't a band you want to miss out on. You also won't want to miss slew of members-of bands like Wriggle and Bad Eric. Limited copies of this are on white vinyl so get a copy or forever be bummed. (To Live A Lie Records #104)

IRON LUNG - Cold Storage I cassette tape
A collection of EP's, comp tracks and splits from the beginning of our band up to but not including the first album "Life. Iron Lung. Death." 34 tracks in total. Full color foldout sleeve with all cover art, lyrics and pressing info for all the records. Pro printed and sealed. Very chic.. (Iron Lung/Chronically Unique Records #1)

This amazing 12"Picture vinyl LP is featuring by two heavy crushing Crust, Grind Metal bands from Europe on one side we have HERIDA PROFUNDA a band from Poland and they play Old School Grindcore, Crust, brutal as fuck and super heavy stuff in the vein of TERRORIZER, REPULSION, old AGATHOCLES, NAPALM DEATH, team up for a split: HELLBASTARD from the UK, they so-called godfathers of Crust, deliver material that already appeared on their "The Need To Kill ..." LP but here you get different versions or mixes as well as unreleased material. Modern HELLBASTARD got adult now, they play variable but still crushing Thrash Metal without forgetting their "ancient" Crust roots, share this amazing looking piece of vinyl! (Mundo En Kaos Records #14)

THE TERMINAL FIVE - 3x5 cassette tape
Three fresh cuts of loud punk rock from Richmond's best new export, THE TERMINAL FIVE. Four SLUGZ members kept together after the group disbanded, resulting in a new rock'n'roll unit designed to flat out destroy. On 3x5, THE TERMINAL FIVE zero in on a sound that draws from the best 70's punk, applying a solid appreciation for the powerful songwriting and playing present on degenerate rock records like Killer and Raw Power. With the recent addition of Jarrett from SATAN'S SATYRS on guitar, THE TERMINAL FIVE are already hard at work on a proper album. Tapes come professionally duplicated and printed for best results. (Feel It Records #8)

CULT LEADER - Useless Animal 7"
Cult Leader is a chaotically aggressive band from Salt Lake City, UT. "Useless Animal" is the three-song follow-up to their acclaimed debut, "Nothing For Us Here" (Deathwish 2014). For fans of Converge, Dillinger Escape Plan and Nails. (Deathwish Records #180)

LENNY LASHLEY'S GANG OF ONE - U.S. MAIL special package 7" (shaped picture disc)
Repackaging these two popular (video) tracks off "Illuminator," the debut full-length by Lenny Lashley's Gang Of One, Pirates Press Records stays true to their favorite goal: creating amazing merch items and collectables. Made as both a shaped picture disc "postage stamp" and a clear vinyl 12" with that same die cut postage stamp shape pressed into the middle, both versions of this gem are going to turn heads on the ol' merch table, and make some diehard fans very happy. A limited number of each version will be available so get your hands on a copy quick, before they're gone. Limited edition of 250 copies. (Pirates Press Records #146)

LENNY LASHLEY'S GANG OF ONE - U.S. MAIL special package 12" (picture disc)
Repackaging these two popular (video) tracks off "Illuminator," the debut full-length by Lenny Lashley's Gang Of One, Pirates Press Records stays true to their favorite goal: creating amazing merch items and collectables. Made as both a shaped picture disc "postage stamp" and a clear vinyl 12" with that same die cut postage stamp shape pressed into the middle, both versions of this gem are going to turn heads on the ol' merch table, and make some diehard fans very happy. A limited number of each version will be available so get your hands on a copy quick, before they're gone. Limited edition of 250 copies. (Pirates Press Records #146 A)

(restock) THOU/COWER - split LP
(U.S. pressing) THOU once more deliver 4 songs of their trademark Sludge. Mixing elements of Doom, Metal and Punk they create a beautiful melodic assault that comes wrapped in a beautiful layout. Layers upon layers of heaviness. The packaging is exquisite as you would expect from any other THOU release. COWER from Portland, OR is an awesome band that mixes Hardcore with 90's emotive punk. Being a band hard to describe, they are sure to please fans of the DC/Dischord sound as well as fans of newer bands like PUNCH. Milky clear colored vinyl. (Nuestra Lengua #13)

(restock) DISTORT #46 'ZINE
Distort #46 is completely dedicated to CRISIS, masters of early, politically charged UK punk. An excellent companion to the "Kollectiv" 2xLP recently released on La Vida Es Un Mus, even featuring some rejected CRISIS artwork and fanzine clippings from the LVEUM archives. The bulk of this issue is an extract from 'Better Dead Than Red', the rewritten and expanded Crisis chapter from the Death In June book MISERY AND PURITY. It resolves the origin/background of a lot of Crisis lyrics, which do not appear in any of the reissued compilations. Highly recommended for CRISIS and DEATH IN JUNE fans. (Distort #46)

Descriptions for 10/10/15

CENTURY PALM - Valley Cyan 7" It's perhaps cliche to speak of a new band bursting upon the scene, but in the case of Toronto's CENTURY PALM, such a claim is entirely valid. This collaborative project between five veterans of Canada's underground rock scene has amassed no small degree of interest from the informed and attentive. Century Palm is a new group with ambitions far beyond their rawer formative endeavours, and the extent of that shared vision is becoming clear. Not content to simply combine influences, Century Palm slither effortlessly across genre boundaries, drawing upon myriad times and places: Simple Minds, The Units, Neu!, Wire, Eno's pop records, and contemporary sounds from the Australian garage rock sub-terrain. Century Palm frequently employ minimal but propulsive rhythms in service of intoxicating melodies. Songs like 'White Light' or 'Valley Cyan' shiver, pulsate and glisten, losing none of the essential energy of previous projects while adding new worlds of texture and feeling. There's a fascinating tension, a palpable struggle between their inner selves and their music that demands to be heard. Now all you need to do is listen. (Deranged Records #273)

PACK - s/t LP Nobody can tell us that this 1978 German monster isn't one of the best footlongs of the era, a gnarly slab of pure '70s punk rock recorded in an abandoned WW2 bunker with two mics in one session. 'Pack' is just hit after hit, killer songs delivered with snarl, style and non-stop energy. Essential first generation punk, remastered with extensive liner notes and vintage photos! One-time press of 1000 copies only. (Ugly Pop #59)

LONGINGS - s/t LP Longings explore the dark passages of post-punk with an intricate and melodic edge. Both bleak and levitative, their self-titled debut aggressively conquers themes of frustration & isolation. The Western Massachusetts trio, comprised of Meghan Minior (Siamese Twins, Ampere), Will Killingsworth (Orchid, Failures), and Cole Lanier (California X), have grown and intensified their sound dramatically since the release of their 2013 demo tape, and it truly shows on these recordings. Over the course of eight songs, the band crafts an acute and urgent album by way of dynamic guitar work, compelling vocals, and spirited delivery. All copies come on colored vinyl with download card. (Framework #6)

TORSO - Sono Pronta A Morire LP TORSO was born out of the HOLY & Punch's US tour together in 2013 and the result is a fearsome new band going on into one direction: heavy, hitting, punch you in the face unholy political hardcore. "Sono Pronta A Morire" is their first pulverizing full-lenght following last year's 7" "Community Psychosis". (Agipunk Records #106)

WARCRY - Deprogram LP Fourth repress (first European one on Agipunk) of the second record by PDX d-beat masters Warcry. You know the story, right? Members of this and that, playing the same old stuff but 10000 times better than many other bands around. Deprogram consists of 8 tracks of brutal, insane, intense and brilliant D-BEAT written with capital letters. (Agipunk Records #103)

BATS OUT! - Flying Blind 7" Hailing from Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada, this powerful five-piece has been quickly turning heads in lots of different scenes. Their vast influences, spanning everything from American hardcore to early '80s UK punk and oi, yield an extremely accessible blend of punk that folks everywhere are embracing in a big way. Although the band only formed in 2013, these seasoned veterans of the scene are taking the Canadian prairies by storm, and have just begun branching out to share their brand of punk with the rest of North America and beyond. 7" includes digital download. This is the red vinyl version, limited to 200 copies. (Revelation Records #141)

FORCED ORDER - Vanished Crusade LP Southern California hardcore and metal underground artist Forced Order and Revelation Records present the debut full-length "Vanished Crusade." This full-length features 14 tracks of hard, fast and heavy metallic hardcore delivered in a similar vein as genre pioneers Integrity, In Cold Blood and Hatebreed. Alongside scorching metallic riffs, solos and barked vocals are haunting instrumental pieces, helping to paint a bleak picture of the world. Now available on colored vinyl. Vinyl version includes digital download. (Revelation Records #161)

H2O - Use Your Voice LP/CD It's been seven years since the release of a proper full-length album from H2O. Bicoastal hardcore punk pillars H2O return with "Use Your Voice," their first original studio album since 2008's "Nothing To Prove." While 2011's covers LP, "Don't Forget Your Roots," was a loving ode to their influences, "Use Your Voice" reignites H2O's classic mix of melodic hardcore aggression and pop-punk bounce with plenty of personal manifestos, inspirationally waxing poetic about love, hobby and even being nurtured by a culture built on positivity and ethics, while remaining fun and jubilant. Vinyl version includes digital download. (Revelation Records #230)

Descriptions for 10/3/15

MAXIMUM ROCK'N'ROLL #390 (November 2015)
Maximum Rocknroll #390, the November issue! On our cover: AS MERCENARIAS, DIY post-punk legends from Brazil whose revelatory 1983 demo was just reissued on Nada Nada Discos. This issue also includes two conversations spanning the punk festival circuit: Not Dead Yet organizer Greg Benedetto sheds light on the motivations behind punk promotion, the ethical challenges of a growing fest, and a perfect day in Toronto; further south, organizers and performers alike pitch in on a brief oral history of Chattanooga's Do Ya Hear We fest. Even more interviews in these pages, direct from the source: famously prolific MPC-augmented Ohio punks OBNOX; revolutionary Oakland noise voyagers SBSM; the dark and entrancing STRANGLED out of Edmonton; severe and austere Chicago post-punkers POPULATION; the raw noisy hardcore pandrogynous agenda of Portland's EMASCULATOR; and last but not least, our first-ever interview with PARASITES in their nearly 30-year history spanning New Jersey and the Bay Area. As if that weren't enough for you, we've also packed in photospreads from the opening weekend of DIY Space for London and, from the dead center of the midwestern freak beat underground, Springfield, IL's Dumb Fest 3D. All of this, the columns you love to loathe, and the most extensive reviews section in the wide world of punk print. (Maximum Rock'n'roll #390)

TONGUE FU - s/t 7"
TONGUE FU is a no-nonsense Rock N Roll band, that learned a lot from reading Creem and Rock Scene magazines. This six-pack features Dave Elley, Gord Lewis (TEENAGE HEAD), Gene Champagne (KILLJOYS), Rob Sweeney (DURANGO 95), Greg Brisco, Lou Molinaro who have many roles establishing the local music scene well beyond the band. Two songs of raging rock n punk fueled by early 70'S PUNK, DICTATORS and HAWKWIND. Cowritten and produced by Andy Shernoff. (Schizophrenic Records #83)

BORN WRONG - Thin Skin 5" square Flexi
This steamroller never loses momentum as they charge through one lonesome angry and mid-tempo ripper. BORN WRONG proves hardcore doesn't have to be blown out and drowning in feedback to be aggressive. This picture postcard flexi can be sent through the mail or played on your turntable. Born Wrong making mail a threat. (Schizophrenic Records #77)

HAYMAKER - Rolling In A Pit of Glass 7"
Recorded several years ago live on CIUT Radio. This was originally pressed to accompany the live DVD that has never materialized. We were sick of looking at them and released this for a limited Fuck RSD 2014 edition. Haymaker perform an explosive set live to air. Hand numbered out of 100. (Schizophrenic Records #25)

Hot off the heels of their debut 7" on Warthog Speak, the Bay Area, CA's Scalped is back with their sophomore release on Video Disease. Picking up where they left off, Scalped brings us four songs of downtrodden, hateful, in-your-face hardcore heavily influenced by late-80's NYHC and early-80's Japanese HC. Heavy riffs coupled with throat-crushing vocals mixed with a Biohazard-esque swagger and devastating breakdowns, Scalped is a part of a new wave of HARDcore that refuses to back down. Featuring a guest appearance by Tony Molina. Limited edition of 300 copies. (Video Disease Records #38)

After an excellent demo tape Constant Fear have taken the time to perfect and craft an absolutely phenomenal debut LP that steam rolls any and all competition. Imagine the furious guitar crunch of Discharge being blasted through a gritty NYHC filter spewing out from a practice space in the bowels of Los Angeles. Compromised of members of Dry-Rot and Knife Fight, the members are well versed in creating memorable, unbridled, and incredibly aggressive HARDCORE. This is a hardcore LP for a generation tired of weak and complacent hardcore punk played by people who don't know what they are doing; this is hardcore for those who do not know the meaning of the word "soft". Limited to 500 copies. (Painkiller/Video Disease Records #33)

FURY - Live on KXLU 7"
Fury have become a staple in the Southern California hardcore scene, playing locally and touring the country several times over, bringing their high-energy live show to the hardcore masses. Their debut 7" on Triple B records has been heralded as a rebirth of Southern California hardcore and has cemented it's reputation as a modern classic in a short amount of time. The band entered the world famous KXLU studios and have recorded an excellent live set that we felt needed to be released. For those of you that haven't seen Fury live, this recording is a testament to the power the band possesses. The uncontrollable energy and chaotic atmosphere is captured so well that it's easy to see why Fury have become a household name in hardcore today. A one time pressing of 500 copies all on black vinyl, once this record is gone, it is gone. A split release with Triple B Records. (Video Disease Records #41)

Leather Slave are back after two critically acclaimed full length records to give us a truly demented 12" single. Leather Slave has stripped down, deconstructed, and completely re-imagined Eminem's "Stan". This is a PUNK record. There are no rap or hip hop beats to be found, instead the band has taken the subject matter of the song and reinterpret it in a way that only Leather Slave can. The song is long, sprawling, it makes your skin crawl as a haunting melody of a beautiful woman singing echoes in the background, while the guitar lurches and creeks forward becoming more and more menacing with each passing second. Finally, after several excruciatingly long minutes, the band climaxes; you can feel their urgency and despair bulding and rising until it expels forth from them in absolute disgust. Limited to 100 copies and only sold at one show, these are the last copies. Hand assembled covers with four custom envelopes disguised as a lyric sheet. Truly one of the most intricate and disturbing releases to come out not only on Video Disease, but in all of modern punk. (Video Disease Records #39)

SIM FUCKERS - Fucker 7"
Following two lauded and highly publicized demo tapes, Australia's SIMFUCKERS finally unleash their debut 7" upon the world and what an ungodly racket it is. Originally to be released on a German label, Video Disease rescued this record from the pit of obscurity it was bound to drop in to so it would reach a much more receptive and rabid audience. Six songs of snotty, nasty punk that seethes angst and frustration. Blown out, ugly, and downright idiotic songs that could only come from some of the master minds that helped make Vaginors and Bloodclot Faggots so special. Hail the new dawn of australian punk!!! Limited to 200 copies never to be repressed. (Video Disease Records #32)

STUPID LIFE - s/t 7"
Finally after months and months of waiting the Stupid Life 7" is being unleashed upon the world. Stupid Life has been playing around the Los Angeles area for over a year honing their skills and becoming a staple of the LA punk scene with their charismatic live shows and infectiously catchy songs. As demonstrated by their name they take cues from classic Kyushu noise punk a la Confuse and Gai but have an underlying Swankys groove that propels the songs into Japanese pop madness filled with guitar leads, outrageous solos, blasts of noise, and some of the downright most memorable songs in modern punk. Quite possibly the best noise punk band that isn't a noise punk band, Stupid Life are all incredibly talented musicians who do not hide behind a wall of noise and distortion to disguise their inability to play; instead contorting and manipulating the noise to suit their needs. Hands down one of the best releases I have ever worked on and I am incredibly proud to bring the world Stupid Life. Limited to 300 copies never to be repressed!!! (Video Disease Records #34)

KOMA KIDS - s/t 7"
Koma Kids have been lost in a cloud of drug fueled death and mayhem for nearly a decade and Video Disease has finally resurrected the auspicious debut from this Los Angeles based quartet. Lost in obscurity due to the untimely passing of one of it's members, Video Disease is incredibly proud to bring to you one of the best testaments of the LA punk scene of the past 15 years. Three songs of ripping punk created by some of the key members of the LA punk scene. Due to the bands wishes I will not be revealing the identities of those involved, but for those of you who have been keeping tabs on the various projects of LA based artists and performers you will not be disappointed. Sleeve design and concept by Los Angeles based artist Kris Kirk. Limited to 100 copies and never to be repressed!!! (Video Disease Records #35)

ULTRA VIOLENT - Crime For Revenge 7"
Originally released on Riot City and quickly becoming the label's most highly sought after release, Ultra-Violent recorded one single before breaking up where vocalist Adie went on to front the Metal incarnation of the English Dogs. Three songs of blistering UK82, quite possibly the best record in the genre. Finally reissued after fetching prices of over $100 now including never before seen photos and deluxe packaging. Officially licensed and sanctioned by the band and label and cut from the original master tapes, an excruciating amount of thought and love has been poured into this release to make it the best reissue it could be. A split release with Static Shock (Please contact for European distribution). Limited to 1000 copies. (Video Disease Records #36)

LEATHER SLAVE - II tape cassette
Hot off the heels of their critically acclaimed and highly praised debut LP on Permanent Records, Leather Slave are back with 8 more songs of scathing and death-defying punk that is bound to confuse, offend, and warp anyone who listens to it. Taking a very big influence from Brainbombs and turning up the disturbing lyrical factor as high as it can go, Leather Slave have brought forth 9 songs that will shake anyone's humanity right down to the core. Incredibly limited and incredibly disgusting, includes a completely reinvented and decimating version of Bikini Kill's "Rebel Girl". CS version self-released by the band featuring alternate artwork by Sofia Baca. Limited to 150 copies. (Video Disease Records #39.5)

WAR BIRTH - s/t 7"
War Birth have finally dropped their debut 7" and what an opus it is. The harshest and cruelest black metal from the bowels of Los Angeles comes some of the nastiest, most disgusting metal the area has ever seen. No allegiances, no friends, just pure, unadulterated hatred. (Video Disease Records #35.5)

WARCRY - Not So Distant Future LP
Originally released by Feral Ward, here is the second press of this d-beat masterpiece by the mighty all star band from Portland, OR. Featuring members and/or ex members of Tragedy, His Hero Is Gone, Hellshock, Estranged, Remains Of The Day and co., this is totally Discharge/Discard inspired d-beat with a crazy powerful sound and bendings all over the place. Imagine if Death From Above, War Cry or Victims Of A Bombraid would Have been recorded in a semi professional studio with the new millennium technics and you'll have an idea of what Warcry are about. (Agipunk Records #105)

PHOBIA - My Friends Our Grind! 7"
One sided 7" released by Phobia that was only available at shows selfreleased by Bezerkerwear in 2004. Phobia have been a consistently solid band, putting out "punk as fuck" grindcore albums and numerous splits since the 90's. Here the Orange County grinders Phobia present three classic hardcore covers from Youth Of Today (Youth Of Today) United Blood (Agnostic Front) and Guilty Of Being White by Minor Threat). Grindcore is showing its love for hardcore! Recommended! (RSR Records #152)

CONTROLLED BY FEAR - The Only Good Cop Is A Dead One LP
C.B.F. (Controlled By Fear - (pre-RUPTURE) formed in late 1988, with Andrew (Gus Chamber) on vocals, Matt (Stumblefuck) on guitar, Neal on bass, and Matt on drums. The band lasted barely more than a year but played many gigs in Perth, Western Australia, and were headlining shows towards the end of their short-lived career. Talentless amateur young punk musicians, ages from 16 to 20, influenced by all sorts of bands from Doom to G-Anx to Conflict to Fear Of God (whose song they stole their band name from), their musicianship improved over the months and they began to veer off in their own musical directions. Neal went on to play in CuchulaiPowerhead, Matt went on to drum in Fat Lip & Nailed Down, and Gus & Stumblefuck went on to form Rupture at the very end of 1989. But C.B.F. was where it all started, 25 years ago, at a time when grindy/crusty hardcore was just emerging in Perth. Pestilence (with Kim on guitar, later to form Nailed Down) was perhaps the first band that brought that style of punk to Perth. But Perth has a long legacy of punk, right back to '76/'77 with the excellent Geeks and Cheap Nasties. Where Controlled By Fear fits in to this vibrant colourful lineage, who knows, but they were certainly a hard-working (albeit drunk & stoned) underground band in Perth in '88/'89. Fond but blurry memories for the surviving band members. R.I.P. Andrew/Gus. (RSR Records/Hate Ape Records #9)

Locked away in a basement in Sweden, this band of degenerates started piecing together riffs that had more in common with early USHC and No Future punk than it did with the jerky riffs of their Scandinavian brethren. Malmo is a post-industrial town where the working class struggles for both work and an identity, and their orphaned sons URBAN SAVAGE reflect that desperation as well as the degradation of one's own faith in the society that has been built around them. Their sound is nomadic; a blistering cacophony of boots on streets and tight, organic rhythms. Their aesthetic references all come from the darker side of punk in its variety of styles. The aggressive back-beat of Negative Approach and the driving guitar of Blitz come through at equal levels, creating a sound that is honed in on an idea more than a sound. The production on this 4 song 7" is thicker than their previous effort (last year's 'Let Thunder Roar' LP, only released in Sweden), and the scope is deeper. In the end, this is music about one thing. This is music for the unattached. This is music for savages. (Foreign Legion Records #3)

In 2012 on the legendary Wutzrock Festival in Hamburg Charles from ZZZ HACKER (well-known german punk band since 1980 from bielefeld) met the members from YAC÷PSAE, both bands planning to release a split shirt together in the future. A few beers later, the split shirt idea was changed into a Split EP but with the sick particularity: "You play something from us; we have a few numbers of you". Sooner said than done (well, almost immediately), with the peculiarity that to this day both bands had no knowledge of what the other now so dovetailed. To the amusement of the producer and the label, now we have the product ready, you will find three tracks of each band! (Power It Up Records #227)

YACOPSAE - Gastezimmer CD
Almost 25 years of YACOPAE ... Time for a tribute? Not at all! The band still like the AMEBIX slogan: "No gods, no masters"! Nevertheless, YACōPS∆ was always well-known for brewing out some freaky ideas (just check their huge output and you'll know what we mean), so the concept of a "Guest room" EP was born, whilst we were hanging around somewhere and joking about how to celebrate the "next" anniversary! Actually, no big deal ... Eventually, the band invited a bunch of different people from around the globe to "sing" for them. 15 tracks, each one lasting about 30 seconds, and placed twice (subdivided in two sides: male/ female). All participants had to create own lyrics and to record the vocals by their own. In addition, each person needed to write down a few neutral sentences about the very first encounter with YA COPAE, and sending a photo. Basically, the whole idea is not that new or original, though the list of our guests is impressive, so here we go: Julia (BAD INFLUENCE/ Germany), Katja (VOLKERMORD/ Germany), Alexandra (CROWSKIN/ Germany), Mareike (UNHOLY HANDJOB/ Germany), Jess (4-LOM/ Canada), Diana (URSUS/ Colombia), Martina (AUNTY PANTY/ Canada), Ami (VOETSEK/ USA), Athena + Jeff (VOETSEK + CAPITALIST CASUALTIES/ USA), Melanie (THRASHING PUMPGUNS/ Germany), Sanja (DEPARTURE/ Germany), Leonie (SVFFER/ Germany), Carmen (Not in a band/ Germany), Sabina (HOLY MOSES/ Germany), Peppels (STAHLSCHWESTER/ Germany), Mirko (MONDIAL/ Germany), Dany (DEAD/ Germany), Flupp (CHAOSFRONT/ Germany), Klaus (RAZORS/ Germany), Karl Nagel (KEIN HASS DA/ Germany), Fabian (PELVIC THRUST/ Germany), IRATE ARCHITECT (Complete/ Germany), Kerem + Alper (RADICAL NOISE + LIFELOCK/ Turkey), Damon McCoy (ZABOGART/ Indonesia), Bert und Jens (BIZARRE X/ Germany), Giulio (CRIPPLE BASTARDS/ Italy), Wawan (HOLIDAYXSUCKERS/ Indonesia), Chris Dodge (INFEST/ USA), CORROSIVE (Complete/ Germany), Martin (EA80/ Germany). Additionally, a bunch of 45 kids in the age between 3 and 5 years is singing "Brother Jakob" in five different speeches (German, English, French, Turkish, and Spanish). Think about where we got our name from, eh? Stoffel went to a friend's kindergarten to organize the huge choir of cute and awesome kids, and to record the tracks, exclusively. The stuff will be used as intro, midtro and outro. (Power It Up Records #165 CD)

INQUISITION - Ominous Doctrines... LPx2 (Tome Edition)
Colored Vinyl double LP in deluxe custom diecut trifold packaging ('tome') with blue foil and parchment pages. Come with a large 18" x 24" poster of the cover artwork and a laser etched Luciferian Baphomet on side 4. Audio is mastered at 45 RPM for the best fidelity and maximum volume possible. INQUISITION, possessors of one of the most distinctive black metal sounds around, returns after a ominious, three-year slumber in the stygian depths with their highly anticipated fifth album, "Ominous Doctrines of the Perpetual Mystical Macrososm." Revolving, as always, around the core duo of vocalist/guitarist Dagon and drummer Incubus, INQUISITION create fog-thick, utterly mesmerizing blackness with only two instruments and voice. "Ominous Doctrines of the Perpetual Mystical Macrocosm," amongst a discography already lined with classics, evokes blackest magick and esoteric mysticism, inducing trance-like states in even the sturdiest constitution - hail the "Ominous Doctrines of the Perpetual Mystical Macrocosm"! Recommended for worshipers of INQUISITION, because no one else sounds like INQUISITION. (Hells Headbangers Records #45)

CORPUSSE - Today, Tomorrow, Forever LP
Haling from parts unknown.....Outsider art-metal?!?!?! Or.. Legendary Canadian shock-opera performance artist-rock superstar!!?? Finally, after performing for decades, an LP has been unveiled. Pressing limited to 300 copies, each LP features 1 of 3 different covers, 1 of 3 colours of vinyl, 1 Skull Studio artwork, sticker and button. Pick up your copy on the eve of the world's destruction - if you need just one thing to help you survive the apocalypse, this album is it! (Schizophrenic Records #69)

WHIPSTRIKER/RAWHIDE/PANZERBASTARD - Rawpanzerstrike Tour 3 way split 7"
Three continents join forces for one motorpunk assault. Limited edition release for the September 2015 'RawPanzerStrike' USA tour, limited to 500 copies. Whipstriker (Brazil), Rawhide (Sweden/members of BESTIAL MOCKERY & KILL) & Panzerbastard each provide an unreleased track. Essential listening for all motor-headbangers. (Patac Records/Devil's Grip Records #1)

FISTULA - Ignorant Weapon 7"
Ohio sludge dipshits FISTULA are back with four tracks of acid-eating, blistering sludgecore recorded during the sessions of their latest 'Vermin Proficus' album out now on To Live A Lie Records. These four tracks have melted faces during their USA tours and at the 2015 Roadburn Festival. Two originals plus sludgepunk renditions of classic FANG & GG ALLIN tracks. Artwork by Christopher Parry (Damad). (Patac Records/Let The Bastards Grind #20)

(restock) PEACE CORPSE - The Terror Of Quincy LP
The "Terror of Quincy "LP comes from the deepest, darkest corners of the Toxic Shock Records vaults. This LP pairs the best tracks from PEACE CORPSE 1985 masterpiece, "Terror of History" (which features Eric Wood of MAN IS THE BASTARD) and the complete "Quincy" 7" EP from 1983. Side one has been reissued on CD by Dr Strange, but many of these tracks have been out-of-print on vinyl for decades. "Terror of Quincy "features original artwork by Brian "Pushead" Schroeder, with a caricature of Jack Klugman who played the coroner in "Quincy M.E." , a network TV show, which along with "C.H.I.P.S." represented the mainstream media's reaction to the spread of punk to suburbia in the '80's. Peace Corpse used sarcasm to address this, similiar to Dead Kennedys or Flipper, two of their many influences. (West World/Toxic Ranch #24)

(restock) DESPISE YOU - West Side Horizons LP (gatefold)
62 songs of hateful death core from the streets of Inglewood, California. Bleak, cruel and relentless in execution, this is a precious testament of urban decay and violence written during the mid-90's. The collection includes the unreleased split LP with MAN IS THE BASTARD, split EPs with STAPLED SHUT, SUPPRESSION and CROM, "pcp scapegoat" EP and compilation tracks, with a total of 44 minutes. (Fuck Yoga Records #23)

(restock) COMPLETED EXPOSITION - Structure, Space, Mankind LP (one sided)
Gatefold jacked with download card. 20 songs of blasting Japanese power-violence, taking the genre to a new, almost metaphysical level. After honing their unique style of unrelenting fastcore on multiple EPs and Split EPs, Osaka's COMPLETED EXPOSITION drop 20 songs of crazed time changes at break-neck speeds. Gatefold cover with original artwork. To cite their motto: "Explore the Unlimited Possibility of Neo-Power Violence." A-fucking-men. Limited to 300 copies on clear/haze vinyl. (625 Productions #244)

(restock) THUG BOOTS - The Justice 7"
Raw new Streetpunk from Houston! Thug Boots hit the Texas scene like a hammer with their 'Elite Breed' demo and quickly followed up with their debut EP on Streetrock Records and have been receiving great reviews from the likes of MRR (Issue 388), Backstreet Battalion zine, American Oi! webzine, and many others! 4 song EP of pure Brickwall Oi!/Punk ala Contrete, 86 Mentality, Semper Eadem, Negative Approach, Hired Goons, etc. 7" vinyl EP release with printed digital download code inside fold-over jacket. First pressing of 500 black vinyl (only). (Street Rock Records #3)

(restock) V/A - Boots On The Street Vol. 1 LP (Doc Evil/No Quarter/Beyond Hate/Lonewolf)
The first independent release from Streetrock Records features four Oi!/Streetpunk bands from around the world! Each band delivers 3 exclusive new tracks in their own unique styles and not afraid to tell you what's on their minds! Side A finds DOC EVIL (Australia) delivering 3 songs of rough & ready (yet with a great polished sound) Aussie Oi!/Streetpunk, while NO QUARTER (England) present a more traditional British Oi! punk sound and have become quite popular on the European circuit. On Side B, Japanese heavy-hitters BEYOND HATE bring the harder, metal/harecore-influenced sound so popular in their native land (mostly Japanese vocals with some chorus in English). New York City band LONEWOLF round out this release with 3 songs of backstreet East Coast Oi!/Punk similiar to The Wolverines, First Strike, etc. Vinyl pressing limited to 500 pieces and comes with two-sided insert and shrink-wrapped. (Street Rock Records #1)

BLASTING CONCEPT - Sloth Rocket LP Influenced by Blast, SST, RKL, and Annihilation Time, Blasting Concept expertly melds '70s rock with early '80s SoCal hardcore. Goleta, Santa Barbara, and Ventura have a long history of this sort of ear damage... there is a reason that these cities produced RKL, Annihilation Time, Rat Pack, and Blasting Concept. The only odd thing is that Blasting Concept is releasing an LP on Ebullition Records, which doesn't normally release such rock influenced records, however, Jeff Capra, one of Blasting Concept's two guitarists, was also in Manumission which Ebullition released over 20 years ago. Jeff has actually been in a million hardcore bands over the last 25 years... Like It Or Not, Manumission, Holier Than Thou?, Become, Broken Needle, Embassy, Ochre, Surprise Vacation, and probably a few others as well. When guitarist Calvin (formerly of Bone Explosion) started Blasting Concept back in 2009 he was heavily influenced by Blast, but over the years the band has become more and more influenced by '70s rock while still retaining those original Blast influences. Blasting Concept has previously released an LP and a 7" on It's Alive, which are both sold out at this point. Blasting Concept is also featured in the June issue of Thrasher skate magazine! (Ebullition Records #61.5)

(discounted price) ECONOCHRIST - discography CDx2 Ebullition has decided to lower the price of this amazing discography CD in an attempt to get some more of these out into the world before the CD format disappears forever. A classic. And a great deal for a double CD that includes every single Econochrist song that was ever released! This double CD discography features forty-one Econochrist songs. It includes the Ruination LP, the Trained To Serve LP, the Skewed 7", the Another Victim 7", the It Runs Deep 7", as well as the songs from the Give Me Back comp LP, the Very Small World comp LPx2, the What Are You Pointing At? comp 10", and the songs from the split 7" that Econochrist did with The Detonators. (Ebullition Records #37 CD)

ORCHID - Dance Tonight!! 10" (black/yellow 50/50 vinyl)
Repressed! Ten blasts of chaotic fury and emotive noise on a cute little 10". The Orchid sound is even more aggressive than on their 12", and anyone that enjoyed any of their previous releases will be floored by these songs. Tuneful, vicious, throbbing, and chaotic hardcore played with finesse, heartfelt energy, and a wee bit of arty pretense. Repress of the Chaos is Me LP in the works as well. We went all out this time with each record being 50% black and 50% yellow (they were supposed to be 50/50 black/yellow, but the pressing plant did it wrong). (Ebullition #46)

JOHN HENRY WEST - Door Bolted Shut LP (comes with bonus CD)
Comes with a special spine wrap. In the works for what seems like an eternity, Ebullition finally brings the John Henry West discography into existence. John Henry West played 50 shows between the fall of 1992 and the late summer of 1993. Side A of the LP features the 4 tracks from their 7" on Gravity Records, and side B features their songs from the "3/12/93" compilation and "A History of Compassion and Justice?" compilation LP, as well as 2 previously unreleased songs. The bonus CD features the original 6 song demo, their final live show at the Gilman (7 tracks), and a live set that they played on WUSB Radio in July of 1993 (9 tracks). The LP comes with a CD sized booklet with lyrics and photos. John Henry West members also played in Fuel, Navio Forge, Bread & Circuits, Sawhorse, Torches To Rome, Sixteen Bullets, End of The Line, Please Inform The Captain This Is a Hijack, and plenty more! (Ebullition Records #60)