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Descriptions for the newest releases available this week.

Descriptions for 8/13/22

SLICKS - Total Filth Collection LP
In 1989 when the Swankys broke up, Kings World Records lost their flagship band, but immediately ready to bear the standard of the classic Kyushu punk style and sound was the Slicks. Musically, Slicks fuse the fuzzy and catchy sound of The Swankys with a proper '70s UK punk style that will appeal to both fans of raw Kyushu punk, and the more traditional leanings of Tokyo bands like Registrators or Teengenerate. Total Filth Collection presents their best and earliest material, never before available on vinyl, lovingly mastered from the original tapes. One time pressing officially licensed from Kings World Records. (General Speech Records #21)

DIE IN VAIN - Desperate To Piss cassette tape
Brand new hardcore punk from Istanbul Turkey. Maintaining the roughness of Riot City bands like Disorder, paired with the catchy and bouncy rhythms of '77 punk, or bands like the Partisans, for a blend of raw, simple and infectious punk that I just can't get enough of. Pro-duplicated tape with 2 color cover, and lyrics. (General Speech Records #22 TP)

This issue features Paintbox, Ignorants, Chaos U.K., Chaotic Dischord, X.A. Records, Fallout, Six Minute War, Private Jesus Detector, Corporate Whores, and the Damned. (General Speech #10)

KIRKBY KISS - It's Gonna Cost You LP
Socially conscious hardcore punk band from the Jersey Shore formed in 2020, driven by dissonant guitars and full-throated vocals. "It's Gonna Cost You" is their 10-song LP consisting of 7 previously self-released tracks from 2 DIY CDs, remastered for vinyl and 3 new songs. These careful structures combine sub-genres of street punk, blue-collar hardcore, Oi! and post-punk with sincere grit. KIRKBY KISS plays with a lot of build and suspense, with a level of organized chaos and anticipation that's waiting for something to break. 10 unquestionably emotionally raw songs from Council Records. (Council Records #28)

OTTAWA - The Third Age LP
This is the original, 1994 recording direct from the reel from Ottawa, a spastic, chaotic, noisey hardcore band from Michigan, remixed by Jack Shirley at Atomic Garden and remastered at Audiosiege, with new artwork by John Yates. Originally released on the Ottawa/Jihad split LP by Council Records and Abiology Records in the Fall of 1994. 12"ep includes digital download and a blank B-side. Limited edition of 500 copies. (Capsule Records #27)

TRAUMA HARNESS - Ten Years of Trauma LP
"They are always different, They are always the same" - Trauma Harness are secret Heads. I grew up with these three boys and they have had a huge impact on my life. Josh, Andy, and Johnny were all playing awesome Rock n Roll back in 2007 when I met them in Belleville, IL. It was a legendary time for DIY gigs there - kids would turn out in droves and dance for every band and then after we'd all end up in a parking lot somewhere acting like idiots all night. It's wild to think we've been friends for 15 years now. By 2011 each of their respective bands from before had ended and Trauma Harness was born. Over the past decade they've proven themselves year after year as talented songcrafters, committed hardworkers and fanatics of rock n roll. It's rare that a band survives this long and stays interesting but somehow they've done it; they've cracked open a solid cohesive sound unconfined by the parameters of genre. For me, John Peel's above quote about The Fall is just as applicable to Trauma Harness as it feels reductive to call them a post punk band, a synth pop band, a power pop band, etc. Much like The Fall, Trauma Harness has created a whole world of their own. They've been a constant pulse in the Lumpy Records catalog since the very beginning with four tapes, two 45s, and two lps released on the label since 2012. And thus I couldn't think of a higher note to end on then by one more TH record - a collection of my favorite pop songs by them that have only been released digitally or in very limited cassette runs over the past decade. Fifteen tracks of blissful midwest gloom pop for all freaks, heads and ninnies. Cry for the death of Lumpy Records but rejoice that Trauma Harness will likely still be making kickass rocknroll from the nursing home in 50 years. Art by the talented Eric Mayer (Tenement, Bored Straight). FFO: Television Personalities, Stiff Little Fingers, Joy Division, The Fall, The Clean, The Gordons (Lumpy Records #107)

THE WAD - 1st 7"
Three tracks of mind-melting new wave freak-rock on this debut single. Annoying songs by an annoyed cretin stuck in St Louis who plays snotty synth music that is minimal and upbeat and appreciates the stank of Screamers, the Residents, Devo, and Gexa X. (Lumpy Records #61)

RUZ - 2nd 7"
"Hardcore fronted by the TAZ" as one flyer described them. Ruz is a St Louis band that plays meat and potatoes hardcore that oscillates between the fast and the slow a la 80s east coast hardcore (Antidote, Youth of Today, YDI). "Blame the Badge" will have you slamming. (Lumpy Records #53)

One man group by Joe (Nancy, Muff Divers). A side delivers a bouncy and quirky new wave number a la DEVO while the just as catchy B side tracks are hyperactive pogo punk ditties that bring to mind The Dickies or 100 Flowers. A quality EP. (Lumpy Records #60)

RIG TIME! - Reborn LP
To be "Undeniable" is the objective and axiom that RIG TIME! irrefutably has avowed since their inception. Formed in Wisconsin, they quickly began touring relentlessly, performing coast to coast in 42 states and counting, executing a fierce live performance with precise and fearless transitions, always at astonishingly vulgar decibels. These two performers exhibit the mass of a full band aura as they implement a complete Vocal/Guitar/Bass/Drums/Synth performance without backing tracks, never suppressing their magnitude of raw energy and emotion through sincere lyrics and colossal stage presence. Boldly infusing primal ferocity and solid reverence for groove, RIG TIME!'s self-described "Wisconsin Heavy" sound draws influence from hardcore, doom, nu metal and other models of extreme music. Their dedication to innovation, carving their profoundly honest and unparalleled contribution to the heavy music world, is imperative. The highly anticipated follow up to 2017's full length "War" will be released in 2022 via State Of Mind Recordings. Vocalist/Drummer Bryan W. Fleming heaves malicious power from behind the kit, scowling with every word retching from his diaphragm, while rendering strong in the pocket grooves and doom-laden analog synth soundscapes to reinforce the impact. Guitarist/Bassist Rebecca Fleming enforces a cataclysmic onslaught of riffs through her unique live setup, devastating the listener with vast atmosphere, agile application and thoughtfully calculated compositions. (State of Mind Records #82)

The Path and Gone Wrong have teamed up for what some say is the first split 7 inch of two Vermont bands ever. Both have previously released sonic blasts of hardcore/punk on State of Mind before, but this split shows each band expanding their sounds in an extensive way. The Path offer 3 songs with more of a thrash/metal component, while Gone Wrong exhibit 4 songs leaning in a fast-core/power-violence direction. And in true Vermont fashion the record is available Green Mountain green, blessed by the hand of Bernie Sanders himself! (State Of Mind Records #83)

IGNITE - Anti Complicity Anthem 7"
After half a decade of not releasing new music, Orange County, CA's most notorious melodic hardcore force, Ignite, is ready to get back to work with their new vocalist, Eli Santana, up front. In these Southern California stalwarts' minds, the more things change, the more they stay the same. "Anti-Complicity Anthem" includes the incredible title track, taken from their latest full-length, and the B-side "Turn XXI," exclusive to this release. 400 Opaque Green (Revelation Records #197)

AUTUMN - The Cycle Revolves In Ceaseless Motion LP
Formed in the suburbs of Philadelphia, PA, in 1994, Autumn quickly became known as one of the pioneers of the early screamo/hardcore genre with their groundbreaking, self-titled, four-song demo cassette. This retrospective features alternate versions of several released songs and comp tracks as well as songs from the bands final recording session that were released on an extremely limited 7" titled "The Box In The Cellar" after their breakup. LP includes digital download and is limited to 300 copies. (Hell Minded Records #11)

WAR BABIES - Shameless Imbalance LP
The two-piece powerhouse who coined the term "Quarantine Core" after their 2020 demo cassette (which sold out almost as quickly as it went on sale) share instrument duties which sees Mike DeLorenzo (Kill Your Idols, CR, Serpico, Sheer Terror, and Celebrity Murders) on guitar and bass, with Darren Nanos (NYC Headhunters, Born Sinnger, Survivalist, and Brain Slug) holding it down on drums and vox. A 23-song throwback to late 80s/early 90s-era thrashcore and powerviolence records such as DRI's "Dealing With It" or any Capitalist Casualties record, "Shameless Imbalance" is the result of the frustrations, challenges, and anxieties provided by one of the worst times in American history. It's a sonic reflection of feelings of anger and resentment to a callous and unconcerned governing body, and it's pathetically cultish followers. LP includes digital download. (Hell Minded Records #10)

When Rob Pennington (Endpoint, By The Grace Of God, Black Cross, Black God) left the weird little island of Louisville, KY, for a new job in Charlotte, NC, he thought that he would also be leaving music and his punk community behind. Their sound, an amalgamation of their experiences growing up in four different scenes, is reminiscent of spirited, mid-'80s punk and hardcore. Pennington's lyrics are both personal and political, consistent with the Jupiter-sized intention behind the music. Limited edition of 250 copies. (Simba Records #27)

REFUSED - Songs To Fan The Flames Of Discontent: 25th Anniversary Edition LPx2
The second full-length release from Sweden's Refused, "Songs To Fan The Flames Of Discontent" was released in 1996 to uniform praise as the group's worldwide following grew in both numbers and intensity. Signifying a musical evolution that culminated with their masterpiece "The Shape Of Punk To Come," "Songs To Fan The Flames Of Discontent" is perhaps the most metal offering in the group's catalogue. A truly definitive, late-'90s hardcore disc, "Songs To Fan The Flames Of Discontent" is a first-rate record from one of the best, most aggressive hardcore bands of this or any era. This 25th anniversary edition includes ten additional tracks. (Burning Heart Records #82035)

AGONI - En Rost For Fred LP
A legit reissue of all the demos. Essential Swedish hardcore. This full-length contains all three Agoni (pre-Agony) demos including the long-lost second demo and live material from this band who was a part of the scene that also birthed bands like Anti-Cimex and Mob 47. (Nihil Records #37)

Descriptions for 8/6/22

IRON LUNG - Mental Distancing 7" flexi
IRON LUNG played Robert and Karoline's 20th wedding anniversary party with HIDE in San Francisco about a thousand years ago. A truly great evening with much love and laughter and togetherness. We made plans for future collaborations and shows and everything else. The Covid-19 pandemic completely destroyed that type of thing for few years and sent a lot of us into a hellish vortex of anxiety and depression while we isolated ourselves and the society we once knew fell deeper into chaos. Frankly, it was too much to handle. All work stopped. We managed to record about 40 minutes worth of material shortly before the pandemic and these songs are from that. It serves as something to tide you over until we finish recording the new album. Hopefully, by the end of this year. Thank you. -Jensen. 500 red flexi discs housed in a custom feltweave jacket with a poster included. Recorded, mixed and mastered by Greg Wilkinson. Art by Adam Opet. (Iron Lung Records #220)

BAD BREEDING - Human Capital LP/CD/cassette tape
Stevenage based, Bad Breeding, call for solidarity with their fourth album 'Human Capital', a pointed and brutal display of aggression steeped in political awareness. Across twelve merciless anarchopunk inspired tracks they attack Conservative meritocracy and the exploitative forces of late capitalism with a cacophony of blistering guitars and thunderous drums played with an intensity that refuses to abate. 'Human Capital' is released alongside a manifesto of sorts. Within the almost 2000 word essay, long time collaborator Jake Farrell explains that "we are marooned on our islands of self obsession by cultural forces that emphasize our differences, keeping us apart and suspicious of one another. It feels as though in recent years, especially during the immediate onslaught of austerity following the 2008 financial crisis, that the idea of community itself was under attack". 500 copies on red vinyl housed in a truly beautiful package including printed inner sleeve and a stack of inserts. Recorded by Ben Greenberg. Art Nicky Rat, Dead City Tokyo, Shiva/Shadow Comms, Jack Sabbat/InHell and Yagi. Essay writing by Jake Farrell. (Iron Lung Records #227)

Back from the bowels of forced-shut-in sessions with their 2nd EP, BRAIN TOURNIQUET amplifies the frustration and bitterness of the all too familiar life pause that was 2020. Not that life is all that great in the first place. Senseless murder and hate surround everything. There is no freedom. There is pain. You know what would feel good right now? Throwing a brick through an actual person. We could laugh at all the parts that fall out and wash down the gutter. Now take all that violence and put it to grinding distortion. That is BRAIN TOURNIQUET. Hardcore, power violence, whatever you want to call it, it's angry. 75gr vinyl housed in a "traditional" folded paper sleeve with a mini poster and download card included. Recorded by Bob Quirk and CC. Mastered by Will Killingsworth. Art by CC. "Vast and endless loneliness. In the fields lays a headless child." -Wartorn (Iron Lung Records #184)

ELECTRIC CHAIR - Act Of Aggression cassette tape
The new album in cassette form until the LPs are ready. You know what you're getting into here... Or do you? (Iron Lung Records #213)

NO FUTURE - Death 7" flexi
Apocalyptic and empowered desert beat from the far reaches of Western Australia pours frantically from the cones to the LZ with flanged warlike intensity. NO FUTURE peppers us with three politically charged energy bombs tackling such broad subjects as power, ego and of course, death, in preparation for a full length album due out later. Sure to decimate... "Death is inevitable" indeed. 300 copies of clear flexible vinyl housed in a feltweave J-card style foldover sleeve. Simple and clean. Recorded by Alan Smith. Mixed by Izzad Radzali Shah. Mastered by Daniel Husayn. Art by Nicky Rat with photos by Nadia. (Iron Lung Records #215)

PERSONA - Free Your Mind! LP
Even though they have a song called "Moment of Silence" this record has everything but. Pure crazed thrashing punk that brings back the feelings of rough 90's hardcore with a patchwork of personal and political rapid fire lyrics, manic drumming, distortion on everything and noisy samples between songs. Make no mistake this ain't some paper thin ADAT recording though, "Free Your Mind!" is fucking pummeling. Like when the 00's came around and hardcore bands starting recording on tape again and everything got saturated back to how it's supposed to be. Warm, crunchy and bombastic. This record rips your face off. Damn it though, I liked having a face. 500 copies of custom etched 140gr black vinyl housed in a 24pt reverse board jacket with a massive poster and download card inside. Recorded, mixed and mastered by Sasha Stroud at Artifact Audio NYC. Art by Arthur Katrina and Death by Sheep Design Studio. (Iron Lung Records #190)

Much like the classic Japanese bands we all know and love, RASHOMON has never rushed to release anything. They wait until the time is right to completely raze your dome with their densely packed Tokyo via DC hardcore. (Did DEATH SIDE ever cover an ARTIFICIAL PEACE song? Probably not but if they did it might sound something like this. Maybe. Anyway...) Add the absolutely sloth-like pandemic production schedule and that had us frothing for ages. Almost long enough to give up and go home but that would be foolish since that is just not what punk does. Careening effortlessly between anthemic and cerebral, despair and optimism - "Nin-Gen" provides a destructive, cathartic release from the ugliness that has become our day-to-day existence, as well as fostering just enough anger and hope within us to make tomorrow worth fighting for.500 copies on 150gr black vinyl with an etched B-side housed in a 24pt reverse board jacket with riso print poster insert and download card included. Recorded by Pat Vogel. Mastered by Sasha Stroud. Art by Kohei Urakami. (Iron Lung Records #180)

DOLDREY - Celestial Deconstruction LP
Street Date August 19th. "Doldrey make a murky, gnarled, cranked-up form of music that splits the difference between old-school death metal, classic black metal and feral D-beat. They're one of those bands where lo-fi recording is a true asset, since it makes them sound even more like cave-dwelling berserkers." -Tom Breihan After a couple season sets worth of gestation, Doldrey has returned with "Celestial Deconstruction", a proper full length that is decidedly more metal that their previous efforts. Make no mistake, this is still punk as hell but this time with more of a violent stenchcore feel (sans the ridiculous "epic" intros) mixed with Slayer breakdowns and evidence of early Celtic Frost played through the HM-2. Altogether a sound that is pure thrashing nastiness. 350 copies on black and 150 on silver 150gr vinyl housed in a 24pt reverse board jacket with poster, lyric insert and download card included. Recorded by Izzad Radzali Shah. Mastered by Will Killingsworth. Art by MFAXII, Serpentschon and Francesco Goats. (Iron Lung Records #204)

GEHENNA - Negative Hardcore LP
Street Date August 19th. Formed on the West Coast in 1993, Gehenna quickly became a name synonymous with violence, hatred and fear. Their sound blends the genres of Death, Black and Thrash Metal, adding the unrelenting barbarism of Hardcore with the "Fuck Off" attitude of classic Punk. Gehenna have been independent & will always stay independent. The music of Gehenna is the sound of the unending battles of life and death. Negative Hardcore was recorded in the smoke filled caverns of The Crampton Crystal Compound in the first days of July 2015 and mastered in 2021 by Dan Lowndes. It was engineered by Robert Orr overseen by Jimmy Short and directed by the watchful eyes, attentive ears and controlling hands of Drugs and Alcohol. All songs written and performed by The Infamous Gehenna. Gehenna is Negative Hardcore. Negative Hardcore is Gehenna. (Iron Lung Records #188)

PEMBROKE - All The Brightest Pictures LP
With an impressive pedigree of NYC veteran musicians, PEMBROKE's energetic debut is brimming with melodic punk riffs, galloping hardcore, mosh-inducing breakdowns, a tightly wound rhythm section, and a pinch of DC post-hardcore flavor. Think SICK OF IT ALL covering RITES OF SPRING or vice versa. There's catchy, crunchy guitar work provided by Jon Biviano of the legendary SUPERTOUCH. Jamie Behar from SAETIA/OFF MINOR infamy manhandles the six-string bass duties, while former LYTIC drummer Frankie Zerilli covers all ground between a gallop and a mosh. The record is rounded out with the gruff commanding vocals courtesy of Ron Treasure from NYC street punk/oi band GUNS DON'T RUN. (Handstand Records #59)

KISSED BY AN ANIMAL - I Don't Have To Explain Myself To You LP
Moving through tight, clean, hard-punk, masterly into acid surfer, vibrating-melodic power-metal, Kissed by An Animal is through and through a New York band with grit, love, and party turned to Maximum Krank. Think DINOSAUR JR. meets LEMONHEADS on a psychedelic tip. Some of the songs are perfect for cruising sunsets. Some of these songs are perfect for being purposely lost at sea. And some of these songs are the soundtrack for the life you will have if you follow your heart to the path of ascension. (Handstand Records #61)

ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT - American Paranoia: Millennium Edition LP
Beer City Records is proud to bring you the glorious reissue of the Attitude Adjustment "American Paranoia: Millennium Edition" full-length. This originally was released by Pushead in 1986 on his label Pusmort. Not only do you get all 16 original tracks, but for the very first time ever, its 45RPM and restored and remastered so it sounds even more loud, brilliant, and ass kicking then ever before. (Beer City Records #227)

ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT - No More Mr. Nice Guy: Millennium Edition LP
Beer City Records is proud to bring you the reissue of Attitude Adjustment's second release, the "No More Mr. Nice Guy: Millennium Edition" full-length. It originally was released in 1988 and then again in 1991, but hasn't seen the light of day on vinyl again till now. Just like the first album, this one has songs all about the ill's of society, life, and the world. (Beer City Records #228)

ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT - Out Of Hand: Millennium Edition LP
Beer City Records is proud to bring you the reissue of Attitude Adjustment's third release, the "Out Of Hand: Millennium Edition" full-length. It originally was released in 1991, but hasn't seen the light of day on vinyl again till now. Attitude Adjustment was one of the original California Bay Area, hardcore/punk bands that helped bridge the gap between hardcore and metal and kickstart the crossover movement. (Beer City Records #229)

Beer City Records presents "Terrorize," the newest full-length by the legendary Attitude Adjustment. "Terrorize" contains 11 songs of pure hardcore/punk/thrash/crossover madness that will have you moshing all over the room with your friends and begging for more. In short, it will "Terrorize" you. (Beer City Records #217)

A product of generations of underground music in Los Angeles, CA, and beyond, The Linda Lindas' debut, "Growing Up," channels classic punk, post-punk, power pop, new wave, and other surprises into timelessly catchy and cool songs sung by all four members - each with her own style and energy. A handful of cuts have already been previewed at shows and enthusiastically approved by diehard followers in the pit at L.A.'s DIY-punk institution The Smell and Head In The Cloud festival goers at The Rose Bowl alike. The Linda Lindas are stoked to unleash "Growing Up." (Epitaph Records #7875)

BAD BRAINS - Rock For Light: Punk Note Edition LP
"Rock For Light" is the second full-length album by Bad Brains, originally released in 1983. This "Punk Note" edition comes with alternate packaging artwork from designer John Yates (Stealworks). The artwork is a nod to Reid Miles and Francis Wolff, and their amazing work at the Blue Note label. (Org Music #2181A)

Thirteen-song live recording from the band's 1988 tour. (SST Records #160)

Descriptions for 7/30/22

BAT - Wings of Chains LP
Street date August 19th. Reissue of the 2016 debut album by BAT featuring Ryan and Nick from Municipal Waste and Felix Griffin from DRI on drums. "Primitive Heavy Speed" for fans of Venom and Motorhead. Remastered by Joel Grind (Toxic Holocaust). Limited to just 1000 pressed on Purple Vinyl. (Tank Crimes Records #124)

GLAAS - Qualm LP
A gang of stylish demons discover a wild animal pacing around a Berlin cellar, wearing only a hawaiian shirt and someone else's blood. He doesn't know what day it is, just that he went to a party several months ago and hasn't been to sleep since. They lovingly rescue and rehouse the wretched creature in a glaas box where he's content to howl his paranoid chants all day for their entertainment and now ours. This debut lays out a mangled inventory of fractured memories, haunted visions of broken people and places making a sacred ritual out of ruining themselves. These are hymns to so many nights gone so far wrong, from the graveyard sex to the extra bump you might have resisted had the urge to feel something not overtaken you... Employing an elevated and reinvigorated version of the 'modern post punk with anarcho flourishes' mode, with whirring synthesisers and creepy keys signpost into even more disorienting territory, GLAAS create a creepy and compelling soundtrack to the romantic nihilism of urban decay: disturbing lifestyle choices but make it sexy. Featuring members of Clock Of Time, Exit Group, Cage Kicker, Idiota Civlizzatto, Lacquer, Useless Eaters and more. This is the debut LP from GLAAS. (Static Shock Records #92)

PHANTASIA - Ghost Stories LP
Pastels by candlelight, a spilled bottle, cigarettes burnt to the filter, the outline of a face being tanned by a flickering neon light, the vinyl debut from NYC's Phantasia is hard to get out of your head. A polytropos of black lace tinged beachfront kitsch melted together with the clever gloom of prime-era American indie, all topped by the wavering and haunting vocals of what could be likened to a baritone Siouxie Sioux. Elements of death rock, pure pop, punk, and rock and roll are all here fighting for space amongst lilting synths, reverb-soaked guitars, and muscular drumming. Recorded and mixed by Sasha Stroud, this captures both the spirit of their influences - the Feelies, Alaska y Dinarama, Bruce Springsteen, and Pylon - but holds nothing back in terms of what these songs are capable of sounding like in the 21st century. Each record comes in a jacket adorned with art by Phantasia's own Dylan Cameron. (Beach Impediment #63)

HEDONIST - Sepulchral Lacerations LP
Perhaps a bit of a departure for the sounds we've been cultivating but our Taste is Neon and we're pleased and repulsed to be offering the physical format of this killer Demo from last year. True blue UK/Swedish OSDM. Featuring Athena (Bootlicker) on bass and vocals. Don't let the term Demo scare you, this session is well produced and executed from start to finish. FFO: Dismember, Benediction, Bolt Thrower. (Neon Taste Records #25)

GRIPE - Como Acabar Contigo Mismo LP
Gripe hail from Santiago, Chile and play Hardcore served up just the way we like it. Quick, hook-filled smashes that are perfect for the skatepark, late-night vandalism sprees and running from the pigs. Each track is short with no time left to fall into frills, breakdowns or other energy saps. Just pure, unadulterated Punk Muzik with a vocalist that sounds like he collapses after each track lets up. Sounds like Formaldehyde Junkies covering Circle Jerks. So, you know. Perfect. Included in this 12" is the new 9 track recording recorded last year as well as an incredible demo from 2020 that was released as a cassette and digitally in the same year. (Neon Taste Records #26)

TLAL is very happy to present you with two extreme music supergroups on this split EP. VENOMOUS CONCEPT features members of NAPALM DEATH, BRUJERIA, UNSEEN TERROR, BRUTAL TRUTH, PRIMATE, and quite a few others. UNDER ATTACK has members from the ranks of MUNICPAL WASTE, EUCHARIST, HAIL MARY, LIMP WRIST, SUPPRESSION, BLACK ARMY JACKET, DISCORDANCE AXIS, to name just a few. VC crush through two grooving blast-beat laden dirges of modern hardcore with just enough southern-fried as you'd expect from Kevin's vocals. On the reverse side UA rip into five tracks that focus more on speed as you'd expect from Dave Witte setting the pace on drums. Really expect this to be a timeless release and super strong offerings by both bands. First pressing of 1000 copies are not expected to last very long so pick this up today! (To Live A Lie Records #243)

Washington State's SIDETRACKED deliver seventeen disjointed, breakneck-speed, experimental powerviolence blasts. Much like SISSY SPACEK did to grind of chopping up songs and making you feel mostly insane and overall anxious, SIDETRACKED lays out some amazing blasting hardcore in such an amazingly chaotic way. Florida/North Carolina/Philadelphia are represented on this NO COMPLY session. Birthed from the same session as the THEY LIVE split, you have three tracks long enough to sink your teeth into while still blazing fast at points. Both bands have been fine turning their styles for over twenty years so this is the culmination of dedication to their crafts. This split is not to be missed and is limited to 500 copies. (To Live A Lie Records #216)

(repress) GRIMM - Nordisk Vinter LP
Second pressing of 250 copies on silver clear marble vinyl with screen printing on side B, 3mm jacket and 12" insert. The 1993 studio demo of raw, cold and obscure Norwegian Black Metal, now presented as single-sided 12" with screen printed B-side. Released in cooperation with Neseblod Records. Grimm was a short lived side project of Carpathian Forest members and CF session member, Grimm. This is the first official vinyl edition of this cult demo. (Nuclear War Now Records #530)

DILS - The Dils Live! LP (with CD)
Porterhouse Records is excited to bring another lost gem into the fold. Originally released in 1989 on Triple X Records, the Dils "Live" captures the raw power of the west-coast's first punk band. We're upping the package in a couple of ways. First, we've created a new insert containing all the original album copy and included never seen photos as well. But the real story is adding a never released 1978 performance from Mahubay Gardens in San Francisco to the package. The 36 minute CD also contains a bonus track of the band covering "What Goes On' by the Velvet Underground. We're also included a download code but the bonus track will only appear on the compact disc. Limited to 500 copies. (Porterhouse Records #2022)

UNDER PRESSURE - Vicious Bite & Vengeance Demo LP
This full-length collects both 1988 demos from late-'80s NYHC stalwarts Under Pressure, who appeared on the "New Breed" compilation with a sound akin to Raw Deal and Outburst. Limited edition of 300 copies. (Puke N Vomit Records #CSOP03)

This overlooked fifth studio album by long-running UK punk band The Adicts was originally released by Cleopatra Records in the USA in 1992 on CD only. Features some of their best songs that they still perform live to this day. For fans of Cock Sparrer, Die Toten Hosen, Vice Squad, and One Way System. (Puke N Vomit Records #149)

Descriptions for 7/23/22

WORLD BURNS TO DEATH - The Sucking Of The Missile Cock LP
20 Years after its original release, Agipunk and Sonarize Records team up together once again to deliver a restored version of this masterpiece of early new millennium hardcore crust punk. Remastered at Enormous Door Studios by Jack Control himself and with a new layout, this record is going to enter the gates of punk history as a true milestone on the path to destruction. (Agipunk Records #127)

HELLKRUSHER - Buildings for the Rich CD
UK crust hardcore band HELLKRUSHER formed in 1989 by ex members of HELLBASTARD and ENERGETIC KRUSHER!! Their 2nd album "BUILDINGS FOR THE RICH" was released by SMR Records in 1992 and is finally officially reissued on cd with two bonus tracks in 2022!! Metallic, dirty and discharge punk sound!! 20 songs from the original album and two bonus cover songs of GBH and One Way System! (Rescued From Life Records #88)

Fright plays '80s thrash/crossover/speed metal crossed with a nod to Japanese hardcore. Featuring members of Citizens Arrest, Devoid Of Faith, Down In Flames, Das Oath, 97A, Ramoms, Monster X, Grey C.E.L.L., and Soft Dov. From Philadelphia, PA, and New Jersey. Limited edition of 400 copies. (Gloom Records #49)

PARIIAH - Swallowed By Fog LP
New Jersey's Pariiah members have done time in Devoid Of Faith, Milhouse, Kill Your Idols, Monster X, Mothman, and Das Oath. This six-song EP pounds along at a slow, almost morbid tempo, piling on atmosphere that is punctuated by the occasional haunting guitar melody. Imagine bands like Celtic Frost, Nausea, or Winter played with a fair amount of the members' previous hardcore pedigree mixed in and you get an idea of the level of bleakness we are talking about. Now available on colored vinyl. (Gloom Records #47)

LOOSE NUKES - Violent Retribution 7"
Forming in Houston, Texas in 2016, Loose Nukes was intent on creating a sound that was inspired by the fury and speed that was felt in 80's USHC punk. Bands like D.R.I., Kuro and Negative Approach were the base ingredient which Loose Nukes swallowed and spewed out, as their first primal versions of their sound. The three tracks on this EP were selected from their cassette demo and were preserved on this piece of vinyl which is limited to 300 on mixed color vinyl. FFO of early USHC ala D.R.I., Attitude Adjustment, Negative Approach or Poison Idea. (Mutant Sound Records #1)

PROGRAM - Dehumanized Process LP
Man, Texas has produced more than its fair share of cool Japanese-style hardcore bands, and PROGRESS is another feather in that very odd cap. The riffage is frequently GAUZE-level frantic, and the tuning is very NIGHTMARE, had there been tons of killer stop-starts in the songwriting. The leads are more Scandi-style one-notes than full-on solos (though there are some blazers as well, viz. "Pleasure for Blood"), and the vocals have more than a trace of Tom G. Warrior in them, which adds a bit of character to separate PROGRESS from their contemporaries. The gorgeous clean and clear production is a huge asset for the band and their style-credit to both the studio and the mastering job. Lyrics are interesting, brushing up against some conspiracy theory stuff à la ATROCIOUS MADNESS, but also real-world issues like the disappearances of Latinx and Indigenous women in border areas. This is a killer LP, don't let this slip under your radar!! PROGRAM features Enok Vasquez, the vocalist for PEACY DECAY and GUERRA FINAL. (Mutant Sound Records #2)

LOOSE NUKES - Cult Leaders LP
Loose Nukes 'Cult Leaders' is 19 blasts of blazing hardcore/punk from the polluted bayous of Houston, Texas. Since 2016, Loose Nukes have been developing a mutant sound of hardcore/punk fusing it with the elements of speed and ferocity in grind/power-violence. With the addition of a new drummer Frank Faerman (from Cryptic Void/ex-P.L.F./ex-Insect Warfare) in 2019, Loose Nukes was able to take this mutant sound to new territories. . Perhaps their music can be characterized as pure hardcore punk, but the band has so much to offer besides plain and simple riffages. Each composition carries some additional elements of d-beat, crust punk, fastcore, power-violence, and crossover music. These ferocious maneuvers have been decorated by persuasive vocal dualities and sing-along's, mainly located at intense choruses. This album documents the process and growth of what is to come. FFO of Dropdead, Capitalist Casualties, Heresy, Posion Idea or Attitude Adjustment. For the punx and the thrasher!! Limited to 300, the first pressing is on black vinyl with insert. (Mutant Sound Records #3)

Old heads from Houston, Texas and Richmond, Virginia unite to highlight current hardcore/punk coming from the US. LOOSE NUKES start off with 4 tracks of anxiety and isolation fueled hardcore/punk. With solid songwriting as their foundation, they are FAST, loose and ferocious. LOOSE NUKES has Houston homies from past projects such as P.L.F, CRIME WAVE, INSECT WARFARE & DREAM SHAKE. Side B features 2 songs by the powerhouse that is UNDER ATTACK from Richmond, Virginia. No bullshit, straight forward "vicious" precision hardcore. This band is comprised of alumni from HAIL MARY, EUCHARIST, LIMPWRIST, SUPPRESSION, MUNICIPAL WASTE, DISCORDANCE AXIS and BLACK ARMY JACKET. (Mutant Sound Records #5)

LEXICON DEVILS - Vegetative State 7"
Relentless, fast garage-y punk from Rome circa 2014! Five songs of up-tempo melodic punk with lots off hooks and energy. For fans of Anti-You, Dean Dirg, Scared of Chaka or New Bomb Turks. Released on three different vinyl colors. Lyrics printed on back cover. (Mutant Sounds Records/Agrowax #10)

FORCED FEM - The Safe Word 7"
Tripped-out, mutant hardcore/punk-goes-goth EP from Houston, Texas circa 2014. FORCED FEM stand out from the modern hardcore/punk landscape as they infuse overt, monotone goth influenced vocals to compliment the aggressive music. This unique vocal style is done with mastery and confidence which makes it feel organic and genuine. Five tough sounding mid-tempo bangers with imagery to give it a dark and troubled nature. Forced Fem features vocalist Denniz Polk from past projects as Fight Pretty, Peloton & Thug Boots. (Mutant Sounds Records/Agrowax #8)

ANTiSEEN - Live From Quarantine 2 LP + booklet
After nearly a full year of delays.... ANTiSEEN returns with their follow-up to 2020's limited "Live From Quarantine" LP!'' "Live From Quarantine 2: Halloween In Quarantine" features the blistering full set from ANTiSEEN's live webcast performance that aired online October 25, 2020. This LP features ANTiSEEN's current line-up bulldozing through a macabre selection of originals and cover songs, spanning the band's nearly 40-year career. All copies include a full color concert-style brochure, presented in the spirit of your favorite live KISS albums from the 1970s. (TKO Records #2000031)

ANTiSEEN - Live From Quarantine LP + DVD
Just like the title says, this new album from ANTiSEEN was recorded LIVE last June, in the midst of the nationwide shutdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Proving that not even a global plague could stop them, ANTiSEEN delivered a thundering set that was broadcast live via webcast to an audience of nearly 15,000 fans. Now TKO brings you the definitive document of ANTiSEEN's June 13, 2020 performance in this limited edition LP and DVD set. (TKO Records #2000031)

ANTiSEEN - Live From Quarantine LP + poster
Just like the title says, this new album from ANTiSEEN was recorded LIVE last June, in the midst of the nationwide shutdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Proving that not even a global plague could stop them, ANTiSEEN delivered a thundering set that was broadcast live via webcast to an audience of nearly 15,000 fans. This version with poster. (TKO Records #2000031)

ENGLISH DOGS - Forward Into Battle LP
Vinyl LP with 60 cm x 40 cm folded poster. Formed in the northern market town of Grantham in l98l, hardcore punk band English Dogs swiftly built a reputation via demos, supporting Charged GBH and Discharge on early tours. After debut Invasion of the Porky Men, original vocalist Wakey was replaced by former Ultraviolent frontman, Ade Bailey, the inclusion of Destructors guitarist Gizz Butt pointing to the new metal direction fully mined on Forward Into Battle, Butt's flighty riffs lifting the thrash bedrock to further heights of melodicism. This key piece of archaeology is a must for all English Dogs fans, showcasing their glorious blend of thrash, hardcore and metal. (Radiation Records #176)

THE BLOOD - Total Megalomania LPx2
Legend has it that The Blood were 'discovered' by Cockney Rejects vocalist Jeff 'Stinky Turner' Geggus on the top deck of a bus in Charlton. What they were all doing on the South East London bus has never been fully explained! Still, it was Jeff who introduced Coming Blood (as they were then known) to 'Sounds' journalist Garry Bushell and, suitably impressed, he offered them a spot on the fourth volume of the Oi! compilation series, "Oi! Oi! That's Yer Lot". It wasn't just the Punk scene that took to the band, the more open minded in the Metal fraternity also embraced them, making them one of the first Punk-Metal crossover bands, equally at home with followers of the Anti Nowhere League or Motorhead. Though the initial career of The Blood may only have been brief, the two singles, 12" and album they released have all stood the test of time, many of the songs later covered by bands not even born when they were first recorded! Respect. This compilation includes all their singles and rare early tracks, all remastered and packed with exclusive unseen photos, with liner notes by Business' bass player and Captain OI! masterming Mark Brennan. (Radiation Records #127)

THE BURIAL - A Day On The Town LP
Hailing from Britain's formerly industrial heartland of North Yorkshire, The Burial was a forward-facing ska-punk/Oi band with a strong Left orientation, channelling 2Tone, Northern Soul, punk, and folk influences. Rhythm guitarist Eric 'Barney' Barnes made sure the world knew these skinheads were antifascist and the use of a full horn section made their sole LP, A Day On The Town, stand out. Unlike the Redskins, who soon moved to the student circuit, The Burial remained embedded in the working class communities from whence they came; this fine, often overlooked LP will be devoured by all fans of ska-punk and Oi!. (Radiation Records #163)

BOYS - Boys Only LP
Despite strong followings in Holland and Norway, where keyboardist Casino Steel hailed from, London power-pop pioneers the Boys never achieved the British breakthrough they were due, and after three albums failed to chart, Steel quit, making more space for the twin-guitar attack of Matt Dangerfield and frontman Honest John Plain. Final album Boys Only held echoes of the Ronettes' riveting harmonies, the rock excess of Johnny Thunders and punky pop of the Ramones, 'Miss You' a country punk salute to John Wayne and 'Weekend' belatedly acknowledged as an edgy pop master- piece. In short, a great Boys swansong! (Radiation Records #155)

YAPS - Punk Directo De Las Montanas LP
Heavily influenced by The Ramones and The Damned, Los Yaps had been shredding around Mexico since the early 80s. At that time punk began to penetrate the marginalized areas of Mexico City and the band started to practice even though they did not know how to play an instrument. Over the years YAPS changed several line ups but still they crated this unique sound leading them to tour with Total Chaos and open up for main acts such as Ramones, GBH, Exploited, Eskorbuto and many more. This LP includes the "s/t" 7" from 1988 and the "Tu Sentencia" LP from 1990. Mexican Punk at its best! (Radiation Records #169)

Formed in 1981 in Tijuana, Mexico, Solucion Mortal is one of the longest serving HC punk bands of the area. This retrospective includes the first LP "Live at Fairmont", the self-released cassette "En Iguanas" and one track from the 1998 album, "Al Filo De Abismo". This is Mexican hardcore at its best! (Radiation Records #170)

THE EXPLOITED - Punks Not Dead cassette tape
Born of working class roots in Edinburgh, Scotland, The Exploited emerged from the punk underground in 1981 with the release of their debut LP, Punk's Not Dead. A direct reaction to Crass' "Punk Is Dead", The Exploited brought to the early 80s all the fire, speed and attitude of 1977's first wave, with an street/Oi! swagger that was fresh. Peaking at #20 on the UK charts, Punk's Not Dead was the best selling independent record of 1981. Another essential piece of the UK Oi! scene of the early 1980s. (Radiation Records # 7017 TP)

V/A - Bloodstains Across Northern Ireland LP compilation
If you thought all those volumes of D.I.Y sounded too well-landscaped, then let's turn over the punk rock roundabout 1979 and see what crawled around where the sun hardly shone. Often these Bloodstains Across... (pick any country from the Western hemisphere) are dedicated to your more scabby, shouty punk rock but since Ireland took to the more pop/glam side of things, you're gonna a whole lot more hooks per rpm here then elsewhere in the series. So while some raw-as-shit punk can also be found herein, pop runs amok with The Moondogs, Midnite Cruisers, Protex, The Xdreamysts and Rudi. (Radiation Records/Blood Stains Across Northern Ireland #1)

Eleven sing-along, streetpunk anthems from 1977-80 by the legendary, UK, first-wave punk band Menace. The band's first five singles. The lyric inner features unpublished gig and studio photos from the era. A must for collectors! (Radiation Records/Daily Records #21)

Nuovo Testamento is a new half-American half-Italian trio featuring members from Horror Vacui, Sheer Mag, Torso, Terremoto and Crimson Scarlet. With such references you wouldn't expect this to be any less good than it actually is. "Exposure" is their very first recording and its six songs perfectly blend coldwave bass lines, minimal electro beats, synthpop melodies, ethereal female vocals. Originally released on Tape by the band itself in 2019 and then on Vinyl by Avant! Records (first press in 2019, second press in 2020), Legion Of The Dead is happy to release the CD version of this little gem limited to 300 copies. (Radiation Records #Legion of The Dead #1 CD)

THE UNLOVABLES - Crush, Boyfriend, Heartbreak LP
Finally, the seminal album from these New York pop-punk heroes gets its first-ever vinyl pressing. Originally released by Whoa Oh Records in 2005, The Unlovables' super-peppy melodies, sugary backup vocals, and heartfelt lyrics make these songs timeless gems. (Radiation Records/Hey Suburbia Records #16)

V/A - Knuckle Girls Vol. 2
Compilation featuring 14 obscure Glamrock stompers from all-female fronted bands from the 70's. Featuring Nina Martin, Norah, Phildelphia, Paula Lincoln, Vermilion & The Aces, Bobbie McGee, Nob, The Alison Marklew Band, Lorenza Johnson, Radar, Rock Follies, The (New) Settlers, Punchin' Judy and Judith Crowne. (Radiation Records/Angry Young Women Records #2)

V/A - Knuckle Girls Vol. 1 LP compilation
Compilation featuring 14 obscure Glamrock stompers from all-female fronted bands from the 70's. Featuring Kuny, Suzuki, Desira, Rock Follies, Twinkle Ripley, Misty, Kristine Sparkle, Glo Macari, Lelly Boone, C. Star, Vicky Fury, Ayshea, Heart, Vic Lezal's Professionals. (Radiation Records/Angry Young Women Records #1)

Now available on CD with ten additional tracks. Oxnard, CA's hardcore steamroller returns with their fourth full-length, aptly titled "IV." Drawing on influences from their local scene as well as NYHC and Clevo, this 13-track assault clocks in at 19 minutes and is sonically their most crushing effort yet. Ferocity and urgency are the hallmarks for an uncompromising output from current and former members of In Control and The Warriors. (Indecision Records #135 CD)

CRIME - San Francisco's Doomed LP
The legend of Crime looms large among punk aficionados. Culled from 1978-79 studio demos and rehearsal tapes, "San Francisco's Doomed" captures the frenzy of their sound in a loose, devil-may-care framework. Recommended for fans of The Pagans, The Stooges, and The Cramps. (Superior Viaduct Records #178)

FIXATION - The Secrets We Keep LP
Philadelphia, PA, stalwarts Fixation are far from newcomers, but on "The Secrets We Keep" - recorded, mixed, and mastered by the band's own Wyatt Oberholzer and releasing via WAR Records - there are few traces of the band's five-year history left intact. Opting to demolish the past, pave over the rubble, and start fresh, Fixation makes good on the promises of their 2020 promo. With an impressive roster that features members of Chemical Fix, Wild Red, and Drowse, the band has perfected their own brand of deft, blistering hardcore that's difficult to ignore. (War Records #31)

A crucial collection of all known recordings from Syracuse, NY's legendary, '80s hardcore-punk pioneers The Catatonics. Includes the holy grail "Hunted Down" 7", compilation tracks, early demos, and live recordings (remastered from original tapes). Features future 7 Seconds member Belvy K. on drums. (Southern Lord Records #294)

NAILS - Abandon All Life LP (colored vinyl)
Recorded with Kurt Ballou at GodCity Studio, "Abandon All Life" continues to push their sound into more extreme territory as they throw elements of bands like Suffocation, early Nasum, and Celtic Frost into their hardcore/death-metal hybrid. Now available on colored vinyl with gatefold cover. (Southern Lord Records #172)

OFF! - First Four EPs LP
Los Angeles, CA-based OFF! features Keith Morris (Black Flag/Circle Jerks), Dimitri Coats (Burning Bridges), Steven McDonald (Redd Kross) and Mario Rubalcaba (Earthless/Hot Snakes/Rocket From The Crypt). Originally released as a limited edition box set, with cover designed by Raymond Pettibon, containing four 7"s. Now available again as a colored vinyl 12" with a gatefold cover. (Fat Possum Records #1793)

OFF! - s/t LP
Keith Morris and his crew of punk rock misfits, featuring members of Red Kross and Hot Snakes, return with their first proper full-length of fire-spitting hardcore punk that attempts to sound and look like a Black Flag record. Now available again on colored vinyl. (Fat Possum Records #1794)

OFF! - Wasted Years LP
Combining reckless, improvisational energy with the combined skills of four deadly sharp musicians (vocalist Keith Morris, guitarist Dimitri Coats, bassist Steven McDonald, and drummer Mario Rubalcaba), OFF! has dug down through a decade's worth of accumulated stylistic garbage and rediscovered the stripped-down core of noise, speed, and rock 'n' roll that punk seemed to have lost forever. Their third full-length studio recording, "Wasted Years," is the most direct and in-your-face embodiment of OFF!'s mission yet. Now available again on colored vinyl. (Fat Possum Records #1795)

Descriptions for 7/16/22

ABORTOFACIENT - In the Crypt of Gore LP
Abortofacient plays disgusting underground death metal in the style of early Cenotaph, Rippikoulu and Lord of Putrefaction. 20 minutes of decrepit filth. LP version contains their demo as bonus. (Nuclear War Now Records #579)

(repressed) GOATLORD - Reflections Of The Solstice LP
The classic 1991 debut, and only album, from the infamous Las Vegas black death doom band Goatlord is finally available again on LP format. Blackened death doom metal released by Turbo/JLAmerica back in 1992 and originally released as ''Reflections of the Solstice'' by Turbo Germany in '91. This 2022 repress contains the JL America version of the mix. Features guest backing vocals by Mitch Harris (Napalm Death) on three songs. Taking influences from Bathory (vocals) and Hellhammer (doom), Goatlord created some of the most cult recording on this album. First pressing of 200 copies on randomly colored vinyl. Comes with 3 mm jacket and LP insert. (Nuclear War Now Records #54)

Legendary Peruvian thrash/crossover band's unreleased second studio demo from 1989 issued for the first time on vinyl. First pressing of 200 copies on randomly colored vinyl. Comes with 3 mm jacket and LP insert.. (Nuclear War Now Records #596)

MOCK EXECUTION - Killed By Mock Execution LP
Chicago's MOCK EXECUTION return with 9 tracks of unadulterated sonic aggression. Their debut LP Killed By Mock Execution takes cues from the dirtier sides of both Finnish and Japanese hardcore while keeping their engineer boots firmly set on the traditional UK crust sound of yesteryear. Executing a magnificent hybrid of DOOM and GLOOM, GAI, KAAOS, and the entire early 2000's Crust War catalogue, MOCK EXECUTION tear through flanger solos, huge crash cymbals, burly driven bass and NO SECURITY split era intros and that's only part way to the band's sound. Recorded by the band on an 8 track tape recorder at their tiny practice space, during the height of global pandemic and civil unrest in the USA between 2020 and 2021, and graced with artwork by the inimitable Monykaos. (La Vida Es Un Mus #254)

OHYDA - Pan Bog Spe_ni Wszystkie Pragnienia Lewakow... I Dojdzie Do Katastrofy! LP
Hurtling out of Lesser Poland full of indignant rage and armed with defiant conviction come Lublin's OHYDA with a third LP that puts Kaczy_ski and his PiS cronies to shame. The legacy of Polish forefathers DEZERTER lurks behind razor-sharp riffs and tightly-wound drums, but this record is no mere exercise in homage paying. Where other efforts may hide behind prescriptive cacophony, OHYDA leap out from the dark with a sound that is both cleaner and more considered while somehow remaining belligerently heavy and grotesque. Such is the catchiness that loiters beneath the swell of this tortured LP you might even pick up glimmers of TZN XENNA's 1985 7" Dzieci z Brudnej Ulicy. Right-wing populists and pro-lifers are amongst the victims who are dressed down with both fury and absurdity. There's also an entire tune that goes after Kaja Godek, which deserves a round of applause in itself. The band's best work to date. (La Vida Es Un Mus #253)

FUERA DE SEKTOR - El Mundo Sigue cassette tape
FUERA DE SEKTOR come from other time to bring back loud guitars and soft rock. With ILEGALES, LOS VIOLADORES and the Uruguayan LOS TRAIDORES as reference bands. They have produced a superb four track demo that deals with love tricks, drug problems and life struggle amongst other subjects. Produced and recorded by FUERA DE SEKTOR at La Cinetika, one of the neuralgic points of the current Barcelona punk scene. (La Vida Es Un Mus #258)

ENGULFED - Vengeance of the Fallen LP
Street date July 25th. Formed in 2010, Turkey's ENGULFED comprise a wealth of experience in the metal underground, with the band's three members playing in or having played in such bands as Decaying Purity, Burial Invocation, and Hyperdontia among others. However, as ENGULFED, the power-trio dive deeply into classic forms of '90s-entrenched DEATH METAL whilst retaining a freshness of approach. The band made their recorded debut in 2012 with the EP Through the Eternal Damnation, which ME SACO UN OJO released on vinyl the next year. Five years would pass before ENGULFED would deliver another record, but this time, it came in full-length form: Engulfed in Obscurity, their debut album. Quite the opposite of its title, Engulfed in Obscurity firmly put ENGULFED's name on the international death metal map. As ever, ENGULFED astutely walk the fine line between death metal's old school and its new(er) school of Old School, instead heeding their own internal hells and in turn exhibiting a masterclass of mesmerizing, majestic DEATH. (Me Saco Un Ojo #129)

FLESHROT - Unburied Corpse LP/CD
Street date August 1st. Since forming in 2019, Texas' Fleshrot have accumulated a steady fanbase with their rancid blend of slowly chugging Death Metal. With a demo, split and single under their belts, it is time for their debut album to finally crush the skulls of the collective underground. With an immediately gripping assault of hammering, chunky bass, putrescent guitars and guttural vocals, the sludgy cacophony of rotten ichor is even more brutal than ever before on this record, it does not take much time to figure that out. From Neanderthaloid riffing and belching breaks, the lumbering juggernaut of heaviness has a groove that even the most primitive mind can bang their head to, scattering loose brain matter as the bludgeoning and lacerating sounds cut through living tissue effortlessly. With some bonus savagery borrowed from grindcore but played at hideously slow pace, this album cannot be accused of being anything other than some of the filthiest and heaviest Death Metal you will ever hear. Equally, there is nothing trendy or bandwagon-jumping in sight, Fleshrot have their own sound and deliver it with a scathing performance that is convincing in its own right. If progression and technical nuance is what you seek, steer clear, for this is a sub-30-minute slab of pure butchery that is not for the self-proclaimed audio genius (read: pretentious), this is violent, visceral and somehow stinks of rotting meat. With a production that allows seeping guitar wounds in the thick, tarry bass lines while retaining the snappy drums and not allowing the bellowed vocals to overshadow anything, this is a dense and swampy cut of morbid Death Metal that will puke itself forth into your ears, defiling and degrading all it comes into contact with. If you can withstand the putrefied sonic fruits bared by Fleshrot, then commend your stomach and ears' strength because most will falter before the mighty and malicious blows landed by their debut LP "Unburied Corpse" in all of its lurking, squelching and squalid splendour. (Me Saco Un Ojo #151)

SEDIMENTUM - Suppuration Morphogenesiaque LP
Street date July 25th. Do you believe that Death Metal should require some flimsy introduction to have atmosphere? Or soft clean guitars? Please allow us to introduce you to SEDIMENTUM whose burgeoning cacophony of rotten old school putridity is packed with a charnel atmosphere while constantly firing on all cylinders. Their debut LP dives headlong into a chunky blend of overdriven bass, gut-splitting guitars, skull-pummelling drums and absolutely gargantuan vocals. Befitted with a raw, uncompressed production that harkens back to when Death Metal terrified the masses with its violently unwelcoming sounds, this is not an album that faint-hearted trendies will like. This is pure unfiltered filth. As the glorious Brad Moore cover artwork aesthetically displays, the grotesque and malignant horrors on this album are vibrant and unforgettable, something the music lives up to and surpasses expectations with. Following a couple of great demos and splits, the underground has recognised SEDIMENTUM as the real deal, with a loyal legion of real Death Metal diehards already adoring the Quebecois mob of miscreants. Now the curtain has been pulled back for their first full length album and all manner of unearthly beings spew forth. You will be putrefied and you will love it. (Me Saco Un Ojo #154)

MORAL LAW - The Looming End LP/CD/tape cassette
Moral Law is a vegan, straight-edge metalcore band from Denver, CO. After experimenting with message and approach, the band has crafted their own raw and emotionally complex take on a style that has greatly influenced them all as both individuals and musicians. The band finished recording their debut full-length, "The Looming End," in December 2021. Vinyl version includes digital download. (New Age Records #9)

BLITZKRIEG - No Compromise 1981-1983 Volume 1 LP
New collection from Puke N Vomit Records of classic material from UK punks Blitzkrieg. This new album compiles their debut, 1982 "Lest We Forget" EP on legendary UK label No Future along with their self-released second EP, "Animals In Lipstick," from 1983, along with rare live tracks of songs never recorded. Blitzkrieg was an '80s, UK punk band from Southport who lasted from 1981 to 1984 and are remembered for the ferocious and crushing sound. (Puke N Vomit Records #156)

DON'T NO - Incite The Riot LP
The one and only full-length from Southern California hardcore band Don't No. This was originally released in 1986 on National Trust Records and has never been reissued until now. Their debut 7" (1985) was released on Mystic Records and they were included/featured on some of the most iconic punk/hardcore comps of the '80s such as "We Got Power (Party Or Go Home)" (1983), "Party Animal" (1984), and others. (Puke N Vomit Records

FINAL CONFLICT - 1985 Demo cassette tape
In the history of Southern California hardcore punk, the demo tape recorded by Final Conflict in 1985 is considered an important artifact. Heavily inspired by the UK's Discharge as well as their neighbors from the northern part of the state Crucifix, the band produced a cassette containing the kind of blazing riffs and politically charged lyrics many punks thought were over and done after being abandoned by the previous, spiky-haired generation. No Idols is proud to present the Final Conflict demo from 1985 in its original cassette format accompanied by all its original artwork and lyric sheet. Hand-numbered out of 300 copies, thus overpriced. (No Idols #5 TP)

Descriptions for 7/9/22

First press of 200 copies all on army green marble vinyl. Comes with 3mm jacket and 12_ insert. Dominum Inferum is Domini Inferi reborn. All art and music by R. Forster (Conqueror, Death Worship, Blasphemy). Expect only bestial black metal. Domini Inferi "Awaken (Beast Most Foul)" Demo 1994 is included on side B as bonus. (Nuclear War Now Records #591)

SIEGE COLUMN - Nocturnal Attack Formation LP
Second press of 200 copies all on purple vinyl. This pressing is slightly darker than the first press. Prior to the 2018 release of its debut full-length, "Inferno Deathpassion," Siege Column sharpened the knives in its attack arsenal with two demos, "Nocturnal Attack Formation" and "Secret Forces of the Pentagram," which were first released by the band's own label on limited cassette runs and then reissued by Nuclear War Now! on the same format. These same two recordings are now rightfully presented as a vinyl compilation edition under the title of the first demo. (Nuclear War Now Records #618)

First press of 500 copies all on black vinyl with gatefold jacket. Following closely on the heels of their debut full-length, "Hailstorm," released in spring of 1995, Barathrum's sophomore album came out later that year on the revered Nazgul's Eyrie Productions label. Entitled "Eerie," the album is dim and brooding, driven by the pummeling duel bass attack that defines the band's sound at that time, with twin bass lines supplying both weight and melodic structure to the songs. Barathrum's early albums reflect an era when black metal was still coalescing into a recognizable genre and bands felt free to explore its perimeters, experimenting and cultivating unique identities. Led by vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Demonos Sova, Barathrum established themselves at the helm of the Finnish black metal scene alongside prominent peers such as Beherit and Impaled Nazarene. For "Eerie," Sova recruited guitarist Sulphur to play alongside bassist Infernum and drummer Pimeä, both of whom appeared on "Hailstorm." Despite the inclusion of a full-time guitarist, the album is, like its predecessor, mostly bass-oriented. However, Sova broadened the band's sonic spectrum on "Eerie," writing more intricate songs in which dense, repetitive riffs wind together into concussive, mid-paced stomps and hypnotic dirges. Through the low register of the instrumentation-shorn of excessive treble due to the minimal guitar usage-Sova's vocals, possessed and unhinged, pierce the atmosphere, saturating the tracks with unholy malevolence. Keyboards, effects, and other eccentricities punctuate the album, at times inviting comparison to Beherit's "Drawing Down the Moon." With "Eerie," Barathrum achieved what so many other bands unsuccessfully attempt: maintaining a cohesive and original style while writing a diverse body of songs that each sound distinct, giving the album depth and dimension. For many, "Eerie" is the apex of the Barathrum catalog (though the band's body of work is so vast and varied that similar arguments could be made for many of their releases). This reissue, a split release between Heidens Hart and NWN!, marks the first time this phenomenal album has been mastered for and pressed on vinyl, and features the full cover painting by Sova, which was truncated on the earlier CD versions. (Nuclear War Now Records #550)

ABORTOFACIENT - In the Crypt of Gore CD
Abortofacient plays disgusting underground death metal in the style of early Cenotaph, Rippikoulu, and Lord of Putrefaction. 20 minutes of decrepit filth. CD version contains their demo as bonus. (Nuclear War Now Records #579 CD)

ANDY PLACE AND THE COOLHEADS - In a Confusing Futuristic Bar LP
Debut LP from beloved mainstay PDX rockers, THE COOLHEADS! Synthy, poppy, new wavey rock n' roll hits that conjure up many influences from ENO or BOWIE to RAMONES or a less quirky DEVO. The whole album gives one a feeling of one hell of a Saturday night at a loud crowded rock n' roll bar. It feels like taking the fourth shot of whisky on a very festive evening out with your best friends, as some alien DJ plays your favorite party tunes. So, yes, this is a very aptly named record. This is total pop, brilliantly written and magically produced/recorded. Clear vocals sang beautifully over some true head bobbin', hooky as hell verses and chorus', complete with wild guitar solos and great musicianship all round. The world could benefit from more bands sounding like this in 2022, though that is what makes Andy Place and company so unique. If ever you find yourself passing by a bar populated by a Coolhead, you know that is the spot to be, and these ten songs reflect that. (Black Water Records

Limited to 288 copies. Housed in a gatefold cover! BLACKGOAT/GOATWORSHIPPER was the final project by Kawakami/DISCLOSE! It was a project of a mixture of ambient dark noise, full blown noise. First released on by Dan-Doh on CD in 2007 this comes now first time on vinyl. Regarding the sound, unlike other japanese harsh noise and power electronics projects, Goatworshipper is more influenced by The Rita, Knurl (Canada) and Goat (USA) with a more "dark" approach. (RSR Records #210)

The American Midwest is currently experiencing a renaissance of gore-influenced grindcore acts, and Minneapolis' Deterioration are considered by many to be the undisputed kings of the NWOMWGG (New Wave of Mid West Gore Grind). What sets Deterioration apart from their midwest gore-obsessed peers is how they incorporate certain aspects of goregrind, such as harsh, noisy production and absurdist samples, while still holding themselves to a high standard of songwriting and musicianship. Right now, much of contemporary middle America's grindcore is based out of a rebellion against any type of traditionalism, and these boys manage to capture some of that ethos without sacrificing musical legitimacy. Midwest heavyweight grind champions 4ever. (RSR Records #205)

(repress) IN DISGUST/PLF - split LP
The In Disgust side is 11 songs of violent HC grind and ghetto dislocation. Raw like the ugliness of real life, ID build it up and barrel through these tracks with a blasting, no bullshit pace, and a heaviness you expect from West Coast Powerviolence.ex members of UZI SUICIDE, On the flipside, PLF unleash track after track of relentless, thrashing grindcore. Tons of circle-pitting thrash metal parts and ultra tight stops punctuate the endless killing of this Gulf Coast Grind machine. Top notch recording, and cover art by Daniel Shaw (Insect Warfare, War Master). Limited to 300. (RSR Records #99)

REALIZED - Psychoactive Discharge LP
Old school Grindcore from Japan, formed in 1999, they released one album and 3 ep´s.( spl 7"s with DxIxEx and REGURGITATE ) Sounds like early Napalm Death, S.O.B., Agathocles or Fear of God. This LP includes their demo from 1999 on side A and a complete unreleased session from 2002 on side B. Japan grind/noize to the max !! Limited to 300. (RSR Records #208)

DIE YOU BASTARD! - Zenshin Zenrei LP
Die You Bastard! from Japan is very close to the top of the top. This reload is central in our Japanese week. We are lucky to be alive in the right era to benefit from this ultimate grinding crossover synthesis of two decades of metal and hardcore, amen. So fast, classy, brutal and yet melodic and musically proficient, the best of everything! Japarmaggeddon supra - The blastfest never ends! Die You Bastard! fashion, so very fast as any Grindcore, so very catchy as any metallized Punk. A bit like a faster Rose Rose, that incredibly great, yes! Die You Bastard! carry the torch of true crossover hardcore in modern times, they are the most intense and the deadliest in their game, fuck yeah! Vinyl version of st CD from 2000.first time on Vinyl!!! On drums the legendary IRON FIST!!! from GISM/CROW. Limited to 300. (RSR Records #211)

(restock) REVERSAL OF MAN - Nothing More, Nothing Less LPx3
Street date June 20th. We won't receive our copies until June 14th. Twenty years after their final release, Florida's hardcore trailblazers, Reversal of Man, finally get the vinyl discography treatment courtesy of Repeater Records. Between 1995 and 2000, the band released a full length LP, three split LPs, a 10", various split 7"s and compilation tracks, all collected here along with the demo that kicked off their brief but influential time together. In the five years they existed, stretching members between Tampa and Orlando, Reversal of Man grew through several lineup changes and the resulting evolution of their sound while somehow managing numerous out of state fest appearances, touring the entire US (including a six week run with Tampa grind legends Assuck and an ill-fated nine week monster with combatwoundedveteran), and one last run through Europe before laying the band to rest for good. As the youth are known to be restless, the band still found time to write and record constantly amid the touring and local shows and their entire studio output is included in this discography. A fitting tribute to the long shadow they have cast, this triple LP comes wrapped in a gatefold sleeve with a massive booklet gathering all record art plus various flyers and photos from the beginning of the band through to the end. (Repeater Records #7)

CANDY - Heaven Is Here LP/CD/tape cassette
Candy makes their full-length, Relapse Records debut with their highly anticipated new album "Heaven is Here." Candy specifically strives to replicate moments of impact and anxiety, obsessive-compulsive thinking, and extreme cynicism - aiming to provide the listener with an aural journey that allows for an outlet for these overwhelming feelings. Ebbs and flows of harsh noise collide with elements of electronic music making it clear that Candy is a beast of its own. (Relapse Records #7468)

MORAL LAW - The Looming End LP/CD/tape cassette
Moral Law is a vegan, straight-edge metalcore band from Denver, CO. After experimenting with message and approach, the band has crafted their own raw and emotionally complex take on a style that has greatly influenced them all as both individuals and musicians. The band finished recording their debut full-length, "The Looming End," in December 2021. Vinyl version includes digital download. (New Age Records #9)

V/A - Public Service LP compilation
Back in print for the first time on vinyl after 41 years. The essential "Public Service" is back, featuring exclusive tracks from Red Cross, RF7, Circle One, Bad Religion, and Disability. For Redd Cross (aka Red Kross) and Bad Religion, these are some of their earliest recordings. (Puke N Vomit Records #13)

Pirates Press Records is incredibly thrilled to present "Waiting," a six-song explosion of an EP and another of many new releases in the pipe from this beloved Canadian powerhouse. Some of these tracks made their informal debut over the pandemic when the band played a live-streamed show and these songs instantly became fan favorites... so much so that fans are already singing the words. This is a testament to the connection that Bishops Green has with their fans and shows just how long they've been craving to hear something new from them. (Pirates' Press Records #315)

BOOZE & GLORY - The Reggae Sessions Vol.1 LP
With all the rave reviews of volume two rolling in, so too are the demands from folks across the globe to make volume one available again. Rather than simply re-issue it again as a 7" series, this pressing gives you the opportunity to pick up a copy on 12" vinyl, with these Jamaican-style versions of "London Skinhead Crew," "Only Fools Get Caught," and "Leave The Kids Alone" sounding bigger and badder than ever. Remastered and recut, this version fits right alongside volume two, putting a classy, Jamaican-style, reggae backbone to these Booze & Glory classics. (Pirates' Press Records #326)

Second installment in the 4-part seasonal album "ATWA" series, with all exclusive and previously unreleased material. Limited repressing on seafoam green vinyl! (Magic Bullet Records #139)

AGNOSTIC FRONT - Dead Yuppies (Deluxe) LP
In 2018 Strength Records did the very first vinyl re-issue for the DEAD YUPPIES album. Last year Strength Records was disbanded but the friendly contact between Strength label owner Wouter (also running Rebellion Records) and Roger Miret remained. The 2018 re-issue sold out very quickly leaving an unfulfilled demand. Now here is a special 2022 deluxe vinyl edition this time presented by Rebellion Records. Different name, same people, even better quality! With the reissue of "DEAD YUPPIES", REBELLION RECORDS finalizes the triptych AGNOSTIC FRONT has released for Epitaph Records! "DEAD YUPPIES" is full of hidden gems we are about to unfold with this reissue! Tracks like "I Wanna Know", "Liberty", "Uncle Sam", "Love To Be Hated" and title-track "Dead Yuppies" are about to be rediscovered by both a whole new crowd and AGNOSTIC FRONT fans worldwide! This is New York Hardcore. These are the pioneers. This is AGNOSTIC FRONT! (Rebellion Records #257)

AGNOSTIC FRONT - Riot, Riot, Upstart (Deluxe) LP
In 2018 Strength Records did the very first vinyl re-issue for the RIOT RIOT, UPSTART album. Last year Strength Records was disbanded but the friendly contact between Strength label owner Wouter (also running Rebellion Records) and Roger Miret remained. The 2018 re-issue sold out very quickly leaving an unfulfilled demand. Now here is a special 2022 deluxe vinyl edition this time presented by Rebellion Records. Different name, same people, even better quality! Providing yet another uncompromising mixture of fast, ferocious New York Hardcore and punk-rock sing-alongs, "RIOT RIOT UPSTART's" structure is very much alike "SOMETHING'S GOTTA GIVE". With a total of 17 songs, the tracklist offers a variety of stompers - barely clocking the 90 second mark, and street rockin' anthems such as title-track "Riot Riot Upstart" and "My Life", undoubtedly leaving producer Lars Frederiksen's (Rancid, The Bastards, Old Firm Casuals) mark on to this record! (Rebellion Records #256)

AGNOSTIC FRONT - Something's Gotta Give (Deluxe) LP
In 2018 Strength Records did the very first vinyl re-issue for the SOMETHING'S GOTTA GIVE album. Last year Strength Records was disbanded but the friendly contact between Strength label owner Wouter (also running Rebellion Records) and Roger Miret remained. The 2018 re-issue sold out very quickly leaving an unfulfilled demand. Now here is a special 2022 deluxe vinyl edition this time presented by Rebellion Records. Different name, same people, even better quality! Though originally released 20 years ago already (time sure does flies), the mix of crude New York Hardcore and Oi!'ish sing-along anthems hasn't lost any of its impact, remaining crucial and for quite a few AGNOSTIC FRONT's favorite album - until this very day! Including the band's biggest hit "Gotta Go", "SOMETHING'S GOTTA GIVE" features a total of 15 scorchers, all making sure this was the best comeback-album the pioneers of New York Hardcore could ever make! A must-have in every punk's, skin's or hardcore kid's record collection! Officially licensed from Epitaph, courtesy of Agnostic Front. (Rebellion Records #258)

Descriptions for 7/2/22

GOVERNMENT CLEAN-UP PLAN - Reality Confusion 7" + Germinate Zine
GCP's premier output. 7 Songs of pissed off, no-frills, blazing hardcore. Influenced by 80s pioneers and early aughts' bandana-clad revivalists. For fans of straight forward, thrashy hardcore like RIPCORD, NEOS, DS-13, and TOTAL FURY. Includes Germinate Fanzine Issue #4: 28 pages dedicated to the hardcore reality. Interviews with EBULLITION RECORDS, TORSÖ, HARM, PANIC, and BLU BLAZ. Limited to 300. Co-release between Blind Rage, Germinate and 625. (625#293)

Tokyo, Japan's SOCIO LA DIFEKTA have bestowed upon the international punk community a barn burner of a slab in the form of this, the "KRESKI" EP. Featuring members of regional greats like UNARM and MALIMPLIKI among others, this smashing debut contains 6 tracks of rabid yet precise hardcore punk topped off by the dual vocals of Nanae and I_imura catapulting their fierce howls in the Esperanto language. Recorded by Shigenori Kobayashi at Tokyo's legendary Noise Room, each record comes in a stunning DIY print sleeve along with a fold out insert chock full of the lyrics and their translations into Japanese and English; all of which was designed and laid out by bassist and renowned visual artist Ippei Matsui. (Beach Impediment #56)

ANXIOUS PLEASERS - Anxious Pleasers LP
Ferment Pagans, Carbonas and The Rings in the minds of some maladjusted Ontarians and you shouldn't be too surprised to hear them come up with something as svelte as this. Originally released as a limited run cassette, we demanded that it get the proper treatment and knew that it had a home on Neon Taste. There are plenty of self-proclaimed "Rock n Roll" bands running around under the moniker that have never even heard of Sonny Vincent. One more injustice in a brutal and undeserving world. At least Anxious Pleasers can be counted among the modern-day heroes that keep that pure fire alive. We're here to set the record straight. Rock 'n' Roll is alive and well. Consider this testimonial. (Neon Taste Records #23)

THE DIRTS - The Dirts LP
Recorded in the bowl's of Helvetes Kitchen on 4-track and lovingly soiled for aural consumption for Garage-Punk maniacs in North America. After getting into precision knife-fights with every amplifier in the jam-space to achieve the perfect Lo-Fi impact required, The Dirts released these recordings on Cassette at the tail end of 2020 which sold out immediately. An amalgamation of Budget (Action) Rock and Punk fury. Those with Dead Moon, New Bomb Turks and Stools records on their shelves will recognize the aesthetic immediately. Straight ahead Rock 'n' Roll drenched in static, dumped in canvas sneakers and passed out on the front lawn. (Neon Taste Records #19)

Invalid's cassette-only debut, Do Not Resuscitate, came out on their hometown label Cruel Noise Records early in 2020 and, for me, it was love at first listen. Invalid plays hardcore in the tradition of Black Flag's Damaged, deploying sophistication and craft not to show off, but as tools that allow them to go further and deeper as they exorcise their demons. Invalid's bulldozer intensity is the first thing that grabs you, but the great riffs and songs keep you coming back, every track containing an improbable hook like the martial chant of "Wake up / eat / shit" in "This Life," the primal howl of "wasting away" in the chorus to "Escape," or the instant-classic intro riff to "Stupid Pills." Fans of records like Direct Control's first 7", C.O.C.'s Eye for an Eye, and Unseen Force's In Search of the Truth are perhaps best primed to appreciate Invalid's punishing yet catchy and energetic style of hardcore. This self-titled LP contains all eight tracks from Do Not Resuscitate plus six new ones cast from the same mold. The first pressing of Invalid's self-titled LP is 500 copies with a black and white jacket, two-sided lyric insert, and 24"x36" poster insert. (Sorry State Records #108)

Moses Brown of Texas punk bands Institute and Glue released his first cassette under the name Peace de Résistance - a solo project where he plays all the instruments - in October 2020. That cassette found Brown bouncing his growing songwriting chops off the fuzz-drenched Zamrock sound of Paul Ngozi, Witch, and Amanaz. However, Bits and Pieces - Peace de Résistance's first full-length and first vinyl release - has a wider vista. Brown describes the sound as "demented glam rock," and while you can hear remnants of the Zamrock influence in the sinuously melodic fuzz guitar, the more pertinent frames of reference are Diamond Dogs -era Bowie, 70s Lou Reed, and Iggy's The Idiot and Lust for Life. Bits and Pieces recalls those records' potent combination of artistic ambition, street-level rock and roll swagger, and pop charm, but filtered through the DIY punk aesthetics of Brown's previous work. Lyrically, the album documents life on the fringes in a hyper-surveilled 2020s America, with songs like "Don't 1099 Me," "We Got the Right to Be Healthy," and "Exploitation" wrenching plainspoken poetry from an existence that will be all too familiar to anyone at odds with capitalism. After nine timeless art-rock songs, Bits and Pieces lets us down gently with "Sitting in Disguise." This motorik-inspired instrumental offers a rickety, dilapidated update of Neu!'s seamless futurism, implying that the only appropriate response to our predicament is to keep moving forward. (Sorry State Records/Peace Records #1)

Both of Hüstler's cassette releases for Sorry State Records sold out almost instantly, so compiling those two cassettes for Hüstler's first vinyl record was a no-brainer. Hüstler burst through the gate on their first tape with one of the most distinctive voices in the contemporary underground, smashing together elements of punk, death rock, and metal into a sound that is both anthemic and intense. Their second tape only upped the ante, widening their stylistic scope while leaning into the crowd-pleasing choruses and mosh parts. We're very proud to present Hüstler's early years on the format that matters. The first pressing of Hüstler's self-titled LP is 500 copies with a full-color jacket, full-color insert, and 24"x36" poster insert. (Sorry State Records #113)

WOODSTOCK 99 - Super Gremlin LP
Everyone has to swallow the world's shit, but Cleveland's Woodstock 99 regurgitates it in technicolor. Their nihilistic and antagonistic take on hardcore punk can recall the Kings of Punk in their prime, but this band is too fucked up to focus on their rage... sometimes they'd rather wander away after a psychedelic riff or poke around in the trash for scraps of 90s pop culture. On Super Gremlin, Woodstock 99 examines the void from all angles, and while it might look frightening or intimidating from some vantage points, from other angles all you can do is laugh. One pill turns you into Jerry A ("La Casa De Fuck You"), and one pill lands you at the denouement of a French noir film ("Budget Inn"), and another one summons DJ Lethal to lay down some sick scratches ("Beatboxing in Viet... Nam!!"). Down them all, chase them with a couple shots of cheap whiskey, and follow Woodstock 99 down the rabbit hole. The first pressing of Super Gremlin is 500 copies with a full-color jacket, black-and-white inner sleeve, and an 8"x10" color photo print of the band. (Sorry State Records #110)

SLUDGE - What is the Real Cause of This Tragedy? 7"
From the quiet city of Wakayama, Sludge strikes back with 4 new tracks of their style of Japanese hardcore. They fuse the heavy riffing and guitar acrobatics of metal, the dynamic songwriting and rebellious attitude of hardcore, and the fuckin stench of crust into a sound that's all their own, emotional and spirited but also tough and heavy. Throw later Ghoul and later AntiSect into a blender and sprinkle Hi-san's guitar heroics and Katsuya's memorable roar on the top, and you're in the right territory. Powerhouse shit, mastered for vinyl by Enormous Door Mastering for maximum impact. (SPHC Records #105)

AGRAVIO - Que Futuro De La Verga 7"
From the ashes of Sacrificio arises Agravio. Seeking "to show that crude daily life of our so-called third world, that imprison and embitter us", Agravio follows up their demo tape with 7 tracks of hardcore rampage. Compared to Sacrificio, it's a little less complex and thrashing, a little more loose and hardcore, but the same sense of desperate attitude and immediate, relentless whirlwind songwriting. Originally the goal was to do some heavy touring on this record, but given corona, they've been doing some heavy rehearsing instead. So watch out for an LP soon! (SPHC Records #117)

DETESTO - s/t 7"
After a split live tape and a few comp tracks, Detesto make their long-awaited vinyl debut. Five tracks of heavy d-beat hardcore, clearly drawing from brutal Swedish kang like Wolfpack, Disfear, the Uncurbed, but with a modern sense of reverb'd vocals and the occasional mosh groove. All captured with a flawless production: guitars at in-the-red metallic distortion, bass at a cataclysmic distorted rumble, drums heavy and dense, vocals in the desperate reverb'd hell. Perfect! And the Sugi cover art is the cherry on top. For me, it's one of the best releases of this style in recent years. (SPHC Records #118)

DIALS - s/t 7"
Highly anticipated first release of this relatively new Portland super group featuring members of PETITE, DARK/LIGHT, ARCTIC FLOWERS, and VIVID SEKT to name a few. Laura's distinct angry vocals are shouted over catchy riffs with clean guitar tones bringing to mind some of the early 2000's Scandinavian bands such and some late 70's STIFF records song writing but with a distinct PDX darkness which of course brings to mind THE WIPERS, OBSERVERS, THE TRIGGERS, etc. 4 memorable songs, which gives a small taste of what's to come with this great band. (Black Water Records #85)

HORRENDOUS 3D - s/t 7"
After much praise from the previous 7", H3D is back with an equally powerful ep. Just as noisy and layered with distortion as one would expect, these four tracks seem a bit tighter with noteworthy riffage, while maintaining a level of pure fucking chaos. The addition of a new drummer giving the songs even more of a Discharge/Doom feel as opposed to the 1-2 1-2 beat, but the intensity remains the same. There are dirgey tempos that turn to blazing insanity before your feeble brain can even grasp what the hell is going on. All the while the vocalist vomits out low guttural spite, with topical well thought out lyrics. It's refreshing to have a band of noise worshippers carrying the banner, and these fuckers hit the nail square on the head. (Black Water Records #89)

BAD BRAINS - s/t (Punk Note Edition) LP
This is the self-titled, debut studio album recorded by American hardcore punk/reggae band Bad Brains. This limited, "Punk Note" edition comes with alternate packaging artwork from designer John Yates (Stealworks). The artwork is a nod to Reid Miles and Francis Wolff, and their amazing work at the Blue Note label. (ORG Music #2179 A)

OTTAWA - The Third Age LP
This is the original, 1994 recording direct from the reel from Ottawa, a spastic, chaotic, noisey hardcore band from Michigan, remixed by Jack Shirley at Atomic Garden and remastered at Audiosiege, with new artwork by John Yates. Originally released on the Ottawa/Jihad split LP by Council Records and Abiology Records in the Fall of 1994. 12"ep includes digital download and a blank B-side. Limited edition of 500 copies. (Capsule Records #27)

(restock) UNIT PRIDE - Then And Now LP
Unit Pride was a band from California's Bay Area that was a part of the late-'80s, youth-crew hardcore scene. The singer, Eric Ozenne, went on to front The Nerve Agents (Hellcat/Revelation), Redemption 87 (Blackout/New Age), and Said Radio (Mankind). This collection includes the long-out-of-print Unit Pride "Then And Now" 7", originally released in 1988 on Step Forward Records, as well as their even rarer, self-released "Holding On Strong" demo from 1987. These are the remaining copies from Record Store Day 2015 on white vinyl and are only available for a limited time. (Mankind Records #4)

DOWNCAST - Tell Me I'm Alive LP
30 years ago Ebullition came into existence when we released the Downcast 7" with No Answers #10. Downcast was a key ingredient in Ebullition's beginning. Brent, the Downcast guitarist, drew the Ebullition logo and Downcast played a major part in creating the ideology that would define Ebullition. When Downcast broke up they left unrecorded songs on the table. "Tell Me I Am Alive" picks those unrecorded songs up, and also moves forward with a whole set of brand new Downcast tracks; 10 tracks in total. Ebullition is extremely proud to be involved in releasing this new Downcast LP. This LP is not about the past, however, it is about now and the future. It picks up where the debut Downcast LP left off and continues pushing their sound forward both musically and politically. Ebullition is ecstatic to be releasing this LP in 2020. This is the sort of LP that Ebullition was created to release. Amazing. (Ebullition Records #61)

(discounted price) ECONOCHRIST - discography CDx2
Ebullition has decided to lower the price of this amazing discography CD in an attempt to get some more of these out into the world before the CD format disappears forever. A classic. And a great deal for a double CD that includes every single Econochrist song that was ever released! This double CD discography features forty-one Econochrist songs. It includes the Ruination LP, the Trained To Serve LP, the Skewed 7", the Another Victim 7", the It Runs Deep 7", as well as the songs from the Give Me Back comp LP, the Very Small World comp LPx2, the What Are You Pointing At? comp 10", and the songs from the split 7" that Econochrist did with The Detonators. (Ebullition Records #37 CD)