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Descriptions for the newest releases available this week.

Descriptions for 4/21/18

PSEUDOGOD - Sepulchral Chants LPx2
This collection-released on vinyl for the first time-includes all of the tracks Pseudogod released prior to the recording of the debut album (as well as a few previously unreleased rehearsal tracks). It is a remarkably consistent body of work and remains one of the best representations of Black Death Metal produced in the last 20 years. (Nuclear War Now Records #393)

PANDEMIX - Rank & File 7"
Pandemix formed in 2016 with the intention of being a peace punk band. While the end result was something harder to pin to a specific sub-genre, the musical and visual aesthetic pf the band references foundational punk bands while speaking to something more contemporary and vital. The music sounds paranoid, while the lyrics explore the anxieties and vulnerabilities inherent in living in a modern society. This 7" includes songs recorded at the same session as the band's debut "Scale Models of Atrocities" 12" released last year on Boss Tunage Records. Set-list mainstay "Rank & File" finally makes an appearance, taking on white silence and complicity in racialized police violence while offering some of 'Demix's darkest, catchiest, songwriting yet. "Second Opinion" take the listener to many different musical vistas, all anchored by an indelible, intense chorus and a pervading sense of paranoia. This single can function as a stunning companion piece to the 12", or a perfect entry-point for the uninitiated. (Dirt Cult Records #109)

THE COVENTRY AUTOMATICS Aka The Specials - Dawning Of A New Era CD
Back in 1978, THE COVENTRY AUTOMATICS headed into the studio to record some demos in an effort to secure a record deal. It didn't happen, but within months the band had renamed themselves THE SPECIALS and set up their own label called 2 TONE and a movement was born and the rest is history! "DAWNING OF A NEW ERA" is a fascinating collection of demos, now officially re-released for the 40th anniversary of the recordings, and making the tracks officially available on vinyl for the first time in over 2 decades! Of the 13 songs which appear on the release only Wake Up, Look But Don't Touch and Jay Walker failed to make it on to any official release and were dropped from the bands live set early in their career. The remainder of the tracks offer embryonic versions of tracks which make up the bulk of the bands first album. Rock and Roll Nightmare would later appear on the bands More Specials under the name Pearls Cafe abet with slightly different lyrics. The track Raquel appeared on the b-side of the Dutch Concrete Jungle single and later was released in session version as part of the BBC Radio Sessions album. These recordings are must owns for any SPECIALS fan or indeed anyone with a love of the 2Tone/Ska scene Released on our FREE RANGE PRODUCT Imprint, first pressing is on random colour mix/effect vinyl! (Boss Tuneage/Free Range Product #5)

Hamilton, Ontario's own Scott Page (formerly of BORN WRONG, currently NO BLUES) showcases his unique brand of dark pop in BARB'S CHILD. Infectious and eclectic, these 9 tracks are firmly rooted in a post-punk sound not unlike later era BLITZ. Coupled with honest lyrics of love and lack thereof, this synth-driven sonic assault is as catchy as it is emotive. (Glued to The Genre Records #3)

SEVEN DAYS OF SAMSARA - Discography 1998 - 2018 LPx2
The complete recordings of Seven Days of Samsara all recently remastered by Will Killingsworth (Orchid, Ampere) at Dead Air Studios. 22 songs in total compiling all of their previous releases including their splits with Akarso, Cobra Kai, Destroyer & Since By Man along with their "Fuck Work" & "Live on WNYU" eps plus their debut CD, "A Reason to Sing" which is on vinyl for the first time. This collection also contains the first proper release of the song, "The Instrumental," which was the final studio recording for the band. Musically, Seven Days played a mixture of heavy, metallic hardcore and emotional screamo, falling somewhere between Converge and Orchid. This 2xLP comes on various colors of vinyl and is packaged with a 20 page booklet with a screen printed cover, a 18" x 24" poster and a download code. Members of Kungfu Rick, Get Rad, Bosio, Herds & High on Crime. FFO: You & I, early Cave In, Forstella Ford and Converge. Limited to 300 copies. (Seven Days of Samsara Records #1)

MORTE LENTA - If Noisecore is Dead... We Are Zombies 7"
Morte Lenta left a deep impression on me when they hosted Sete Star Sept and Lotus Fucker in Fortaleza Brazil. Their understanding and dedication to noisecore is peerless. Their live show is brimming with energy and attitude. Their hospitality will be remembered for the rest of my life. After a slew of demos and split tapes and CD-Rs, it's my great honor to present their first full vinyl release, ready in time for their tour of Sao Paulo state and appearance at Sao Caos Fest 2017. Direct from Danger Beach in northern Brazil, Morte Lenta play a simple and unadulterated style of noisecore that is timeless and classic. Just some dudes playing as fast and as hard as they can with no regard to some poser bullshit like "songs" or some capitalist propaganda like "music". They grew up on New York Against the Belzebu, came of age on CSMD and Napalm Death is Dead, and are the bright stars ahead in the future of Brazilian noisecore. (SPHC Records #94)

SHITNOISE BASTARDS - Lo-Fi Does Not Mean Sucks, It's a Threat!! 7"
When xSaxonx toured southeast Asia, we played with a lot of tremendous bands, but one that made a deep impression on me was Shitnoise Bastards. Three lovely and polite dudes making the most insane heinous noisecore attack, Blastmaster's lightspeed blastbeats providing the foundation of an insane noise-not-music assault on the senses. With their exciting "freestyle grindcore", they remain one of my favorite grind bands in the game. SNB have reached Agathocles/Unholy Grave levels of prolific output, with seemingly hundreds of split tapes and CD-Rs released all over the world, with everyone from unknown Thai grindcore like Bangkok Anarchy to legends like Yacopsae to SPHC fam like Sete Star Sept and Morte Lenta. But somehow their vinyl discography is very small and limited, just two split 7"s and some lathes, if I understand correctly. I'm really happy to present their first full 7" EP, please enjoy some of the finest grind Malaysia has to offer. (SPHC Records #71)

Industrial Holocaust have been making some of the best grind music in the world since 1991. While their 90's records are indisputable classics, their recent output has shown no signs of slowing down (and I mean that literally, Rivelino's blastbeats sound faster than ever, which is insane to me). But while the extremity of their noisecore is world-class, what truly makes them one of the best grind bands ever is the stuff in between: the small musical vignettes that act as counterbalance to the noisecore flourishes. While making an insane noise-not-music attack, Industrial Holocaust manage to write particularly compelling, tasteful, and memorable grind/metal/hardcore parts, to make for a completed package that is very fucking powerful. Lotus Fucker throw down 3 tracks of noise hardcore and 1 cover of See You in Hell (Czech Republic). RIP Filip. RIP Lotus Fucker. (SPHC Records #76)

When two grind bands are friends, when they're touring together, hanging out, of course they gotta do a split together, you know? Final Exit are 90's noisecore legends. One of the best bands ever to me. Their signature style is in full effect on their side: fast-paced, chaotic yet entirely intentional and precise arrangements of noisecore, metal, punk, and pop. Catchy, brutal, wild, peaceful, joyous, angry, just a real complex expression of humanity. Sedem Minut Strachu are 10's noisecore legends. First Slovakian punk band to ever tour the USA and Japan, masters of their craft, and their signature style is also well represented here: no holds barred, no twists, no turns, just pure unadulterated bludgeoning noisecore. They use Metallica riffs as a foundation, and then explode forward with all the energy and aggression that make me love and adore them. (SPHC Records #74)

FOSSIL FUEL - Punk Rock Karate Chop 7"
Did you know James Monroe invented punk? If that sounds about right to you, then you're prepared for this record. As a coin has two sides, Fossil Fuel is both the best and the worst punk band out there. Food and Poopy (the geniuses behind Sockeye, Lettuce Vultures, Wheelchair Full of Old Men Records,etc), armed with a crappy guitar and a Casio keyboard, make totally irreverent and idiotic punk music for both refined people of culture and total freaks. SPHC is very proud to release the latest installment in their large yet flawless discography of tapes, LPs, and EPs. (SPHC Records #43)

THIEVING BASTARDS - Complete Musical Disasters 7"
There is a certain style of hardcore that was present in throughout the 80's and has generally been forgotten to time. USA had Cyanamid and Chemotherapy and Psycho Sin, France had Rapt, Netherlands had Larm, Italy had Wretched (not exactly in this style but close), Brazil had Olho Seco and SP Caos and Ulster, and the UK had a plethora of bands like this: Eat Shit, Sons of Bad Breath, Genocide Association, Suburban Filth, and of course, the infamous Skumdribblurz. What style of hardcore do I mean? I mean punk bands without skill and without song, just banging on stuff as fast as they can and shouting indiscriminately over top, making a charismatic and energetic cacophony that challenges our notion of what "rock music" ought to be like. The same sort of musical characteristics we give to noisecore, but executed in a purely punk style; this was before "grind" had even been created, after all. From the brain behind Skumdribblurz and Timmy Trampeater comes the most legit shit-fi hardcore record of the modern age. Years in the making and I couldn't be more proud. (SPHC Records #40)

After a demo tape that caught my attention, Duke Nukem drop their debut LP on a consortium of European labels (and I chipped in too because it's a great record and I'd like to see Russian bands get some more exposure in the USA). Duke Nukem play metalpunk: Motorhead provides the basic foundation, and that's built upon with a punk sense of velocity and attitude and a metal sense of wild guitar solos and epic riffing. Inepsy is an obvious comparison point, but this is way more unrestrained and the riffs show a heavier NWOBHM influence. Poison Arts, but more brutal and less pop-y. For my ears, this is one of the best releases of this style in the last few years. The songs have a badass swagger, the solos are wild, the riffs are epic, the vocals brutal but catchy. Can't ask for more, it's picture-perfect. (SPHC Records #70.5)

BLACK EARTH - Diagrams of a Hidden Order LP
Originally released in 2016 by In Solace Publishing on tape and by Malignant Records on CD, Sentient Ruin now proudly brings you the first vinyl release and deluxe tape re-release of this smoldering masterpiece of disembodied incantations and wretched atmospherics. Spanish ritualistic black noise sorcerers Black Earth's second MLP "Diagrams of a Hidden Order" masterfully brings together black metal, industrial, scorching noise scarifications, and dark ambient to summon a haunting and grotesque sonic chasm of sublime and mind-expanding aural cacophony. Similarly to the aesthetic of other abstract sound sculptors of the most liturgic, evil, and wretched craft like Wold, Gnaw Their Tongues, Emanation, and Sutekh Hexen, Black Earth weave and coerce together otherworldly atmospherics, dismal atmospheres, and ear-splitting electronics to paint a daunting sonic arabesque of utter horror and dismay. (Sentient Ruin Laboratories #57)

CULT OF EXTINCTION - Black Nuclear Magick Attack 7"/tape
Nuclear-born and flesh-tearing war metal decimation from Germany. Cult of Extinction's debut demo tape/7" is a bludgeoning sonic weapon that has taken the mindless and lawless black/death/grind savagery of Blasphemy, Revenge, Nuclearhammer, Temple Nightside, and Necroholocaust and dragged into a hellish trudge of crushing downtuned hostility. Throughout these absurd and castigating thirteen minutes of lawless sonic terror, the listener will be fighting for their life to try and dodge the senseless barrage of chaos and destruction summoned by Cult of Extinction to completely annihilate and eradicate their existence. (Sentient Ruin Laboratories #55)

HELL - s/t LP
Sentient Ruin is Proud to bring you the cassette tape version of the new album from Salem, Oregon-based apocalyptically heavy and wretchedly visionary extreme sludge-doom behemoths HELL. Written and recorded in total isolation over a span of three years by sole mastermind M.S.W, this new self-titled opus is the reaffirmation and consecration of one of modern doom's most harrowing, demoralizing, and imaginative prospects, and the final seal on their status of absolute legends in american underground extreme metal. Spanning seven inhumanly crushing songs, for over forty-five minutes of colossal and earth-shaking audial torture - HELL's new album is already a classic, and a tyrannically iconic masterpiece that shall forever be remembered as one of the most awe-inducing turning points in extreme doom, having raised the bar of what "heavy" is to implausible heights, and redefined the concept of musical oppression through a new realm of extremism. (Sentient Ruin Laboratories #53)

(restock) LIQUIDS - Hot Liqs LP
Long-awaited American press of this modern day classic. Mat Williams has continuously proven himself the greatest punk rock songwriter of our generation. This sixteen track LP, a lo-fi, high energy homage to a century of rock 'n' roll, R&B, garage, and all things punk, is testament to this fact. Members of CONEHEADS, GUINEA KID, DAGGER, and many more. Includes new artwork and a full color, double-sided poster insert. (Hip Kids Records #23)

Descriptions for 4/14/18

COMMUNICATES - Restricted 7"
Total high-energy, fast Tokyo thrash with rockin hooks, anthemic choruses and high-speed to make you start a one-person circle-pit in your room the minute you drop the needle! Fans of both classic 1980s Japanese HC and more recent iterations will fucking love COMMUNICATES. They are the new breed of international thrash communication - breaking down borders and building communities through transnational circle pits. Button the collar of your flannel, chug your beer and get ready to fucking circle-pit with your sisters and brothers! We are in this together, and COMMUNICATES provides the high-speed soundtrack! Limited to 500. (625 Productions #258)

GRAVE UPHEAVAL - Second s/t LPx2
Once again, Grave Upheaval creates a dense, chthonic, death-laden atmosphere, and this album preserves the air of mystery and anonymity surrounding the band. Grave Upheaval emerges from the shadows, albeit only slightly, with clearer production than previous efforts but with a sound that remains draped in malevolent ambience. The same hazy, hallucinatory effect that characterizes all of the band's previous work remains intact, but the tonality of the riffs and structural elements of the songs are more vividly apparent. The compositional and stylistic variations are arranged in such a way as to keep the album intriguing and unpredictable, making this one of the most impressive Death Doom albums since diSEMBOWELMENT's "Transcendence into The Peripheral." (Nuclear War Now Records #387)

PHYSIQUE - Punk Life Is Shit LP (with download)
By now people know that most of the music coming out of Olympia WA is important in some way, be it artistically or politically. PHYSIQUE manages to hit both points by channeling the classic DISCHARGE/Kawakami (RIP) model of poetic, simplistic sloganeering and carefully crafted, noise fueled D-Beat punk music. "Punk Life Is Shit" exists to fight the nightmarish reality of inept politicians, capitalism, colonialism, gender struggles, Jesus useless Christ and impending nuclear war that we all live in. 8 songs pressed on 500 copies of 140gr black vinyl with an etched B-side, 22x22 double sided poster and digital download card all housed in a 24pt reverse board jacket. Photography by Yet Demeanor, Art by Bee, Fucker and Devin N.D.B.. Recorded by Joey at Left Field. Mastered by Will Killingsworth. (Iron Lung Records #117)

GELD - Perfect Texture LP (with download)
Swirling psychedelic D-Beat madness from Melbourne, Australia with members of KROMOSOM and POWER. Acidic fuzz guitars and wild distorted vocals snarling out 11 songs about suffering, vulnerability, paranoia and banality are what make up the perfect texture of living in today's doomed world. "Perfect Texture" offers about as much comfort as a swarm of angry bees whose nest has just been kicked. 150 copies on clear green, blue and yellow swirly 150gr vinyl, 350 on black, with a huge full color poster, lyric sheet and download card come housed in a 24pt UV coated jacket. Recorded by Billy Gardner. Mastered by Jack Control. Art by Tod Crowley. (Iron Lung Records #114)

HAGGUS - Gore Gore... And More Gore LP
Unbelievably and amazing mincegore band Haggus, from Oakland CA. Although only around for barely four years, Haggus have already recorded dozens of songs and released numerous cassette splits and EP's. This is first Longplayer strived to play, 15 minutes pure repulsive Mince/Gore, like mix LDOH/AGATHOCLES, while still keeping the foundation based around the traditional punk sound. Including DOOM cover version. One sided LP. (RSR Records #183)

Drum/bass violence from San Francisco vs grind attack like Insect Warfare from San Jose. (RSR Records #138)

Double noisecore mayhem from U.S. and Slovakia. (RSR Records #172)

COME HOLY SPIRIT - Asters and Disasters LP
Formed in 2012 in Pittsburgh PA, COME HOLY SPIRIT wields the age-old trifecta of guitar, bass, and drums in unexpected configurations. The songs embody a complex aggregate of musical influences, ranging from the angular deconstructivism of early experimental anarcho-punk (think DOG FACED HERMANS and POISON GIRLS) to the tender repetition of far-flung folk music. Gina Favano's (JOHN DENVER'S AIRPLANE, BEWARE THE BLUNTED NEEDLE) bass playing lies somewhere between a thunder storm and a runaway train. And her striking vocal range alternately spits and croons a shrewd critique through a caul of poetry, while Sam Pace (CENTIPEDE EEST, RICKETY RECORDS) incorporates unconventional percussion with elaborate poly-rhythms to add another layer of tonal melody to the mix. The trio is completed and complimented with Aaron Lindberg's (HEX, GARMONBOZIA) sometimes percussive scratchy guitar work, sometimes melodic and patient with bouts of blistering heaviness. After two self released efforts, ASTERS AND DISASTERS marks their third album and their first on WATER WING. The album's six songs (seven including the digital download bonus track!) run the gamut of anthemic joy and punishingly noisy mayhem, all the while never losing the groove. Two songs "Elephantine" and "Essayons" feature the iconic voice of GW SOK (THE EX, KING CHAMPION SOUNDS) who was given the song titles and a peek into the imagery that was swirling around Favano's head when the songs were named. SOK took the germs of ideas, wrote the lyrics and performed them on the album. Cover photo by underground filmmaker Bill Daniel. Limited to 300 copies. (Water Wing Records #25)

Rather than let it remain exclusive to a small run on the cassette tape format, Beach Impediment is proud to give the 2017 Demo by the Mid-Atlantic metalpunk power house WITCHTRIAL a proper go on vinyl. While the members of this band are known to many for creating a slew of well done hardcore punk outfits in recent years, their venture into this particular realm of the heavier and far more grisly has proven to be a worthy one as evidenced through these four tracks. Featuring a new mastering job by Will Killingsworth (the ferocity of which is truly magnified on a 45 RPM 12") along with striking cover art by Alex Heir and logo by Guilherme Bacellar. Limited to a one time pressing of 500 copies on black vinyl." (Beach Impediment #30)

BAD EXAMPLE - Tethered In Deviancy cassette tape
You gotta dig, punk is nasty. It's mean and dumb and hits ya hard in the gut. But that's just a few aspects of punk. For many, it's a way to feel a part of something. It's smart and witty and a way to finally move those parts of us that have always been restricted. That's all Bad Example. I see this band and I more than that, something familial almost, a united front against a reality that can only tear us apart. Bad Example is angry and frustrated in an attempt to tear that anger and frustration up and build up a new reality. Get in the pit with the baddest of examples, True Believers. Five track tape on rhodamine red, with insert AND lyric sheet (what a concept!) designed by BE's own Sammantha Garcia. FFO: Madball AND Die Kruezen(?!) (Not Normal Records #58)

Here we go with 2 of the most prolific nowadays powerviolence bands. Endless Swarm from Edimburg and Forged from California fight each other with bastbeats ferocious riffs. 9 track that will makes your ears bleed. (Here And Now Records #61)

Fast and Thrash core fans saw the satanic fox running all aroud the town!!! Crippled Fox, thrash core veterans from Budapest, hitted Europe several times, Asia and South America. And they are back to thrash!!! Nothing has change for the past: catchy stuff, thash rifs as fast as fuck, 5 songs in less than 4 minuts as the genre deserve. FFO Scholastic Deth, WHN?. Satanic Youth is a fastcore band from Italy and they can't make you dance for all the show. 6 energetic and raw tracks like the old band tauch us all. You won't take this passionate split out of your turntables. (Here And Now Records #59)

IRON SHIELD - demo tape
Iron Shield is a brand new band from Italy with member and ex member of several band (Lyon Estates, The Guilt Show, Eat You Alive, Double Me, Rake Off and many others). They play a 90s hardcore, mixing fast and mosh parts, sounding unique but maintaining the canons of the genre. A new good revival for fans of In My Eyes, Have Heart, Bane. (Here And Now Records #62 TP)

GRANDIOSE MALICE (Black Witchery) - The Eternal Infernal LP
Before his untimely passing, Childers was working on a new solo-project, and had a demo for it. He sent the demo to a few close friends for feedback, but tragically, it was never released. Within days of his death, DEMONIC CHRIST's Dana Duffey (who received the demo tracks from Steve) reached out to Joel Bagley, Steve's best friend, to discuss making sure Steve's work would not be forgotten and be given a proper release on a killer underground label done the way Joel and Dana feel Steve would have wanted it. After shopping labels, they landed on HELLS HEADBANGERS, who were eager to be a part of making sure Steve's legacy lived on. Steeped deep in the metal underground, HELLS HEADBANGERS were honored to be a part of this release, understanding its significance. Chock full of that trademark style of savage simplicity, as well as some surprising but no less extreme twists he hadn't explored in Black Witchery, GRANDIOSE MALICE's The Eternal Infernal serves to forever preserve Steve's musical freedom, his talent, and his undying love for music. He is missed by many, and undoubtedly, he is giving the horns from wherever he is as we pay homage to a legend! (Hells Headbangers #203)

VOMITOR - Pestilent Death LP
By now, VOMITOR should need no introduction. For nearly 20 years now, these Aussie hooligans have been dominating the metal underground with their own, idiosyncratic brand of Total Death Metal. From their raucous 'n' ribald early demos to their utterly classic debut album, Bleeding the Priest, and onward, VOMITOR have been a study in staunch defiance and sheer uncompromising will. Each album of theirs is its own world, its own headspace, its own frothing, ferocious beast of bedlam; and while the world around them continues to change, VOMITOR stand sure as steel, doggedly and deadly. VOMITOR have never been ones for half measures: it's all in, or nothing. They do not rush records, and only attack when inspiration arises; this explains why eight years separate that momentous debut LP and its nuclear-powered follow-up, Devils Poison. Then, two years after that second album, in 2012 came The Escalation - which, true to its title, found VOMITOR hitting a fever pitch. Alas, another considerable hiatus - not to mention more live detonations across Europe and, at long last, North America - and five years later arrives Pestilent Death. (Hells Headbangers #220)

WHIPSTRIKER - Merciless Artillery CD
A cult name in the diehard metal underground, for the past decade, WHIPSTRIKER have prolifically pursued an intense and timeless vision of speed metal. All seen under the auspices of selfsame mainman Whipstriker, these Brazilian bastards faithfully cobble together the best and most bellicose elements of classic Venom, Motorhead, Onslaught, Sodom, and Warfare and proceed to level all posers in their path with a personality that's devilish and debaucherous. And now, following a discography bursting at the seams with split 7"s, WHIPSTRIKER are set to unleash their mightiest payload in Merciless Artillery. (Hells Headbangers #239 CD)

Descriptions for 4/7/18

FETISH - s/t 7"
While one should hesitate to use the term "super group," it would be kinda hard to not consider utilizing some kind of label in that vein in regards to Portland, Oregon's FETISH. For starters if we're gonna talk about genre altering personnel within the ranks of this group, you'd have to note that this recording showcases the first time that Thee Slayer Hippy and Vegetable have come together to create ugly hardcore punk music since their stint together in the "War All The Time" era of the legendary Kings of Punk POISON IDEA three decades ago. It also doesn't hurt that 3/4 of PDX punk heroes LONG KNIFE (Colin Jarrell, Scott Goto, and Chris Reid respectively) are in the mix as well along with later era PI guitarist Brandon Bentley. Their debut track "TAKE THE KNIFE" showcases the sheer power of this group and is just a sign of what is to come with the band's full length record that will hopefully see the light of day later this year. On the flip side, a stirring rendition of LOVE's classic track "A House Is Not A Motel" closes this one out leaving us hungry for more. Each record comes in a glue pocket sleeve featuring cover art by the talented Joe B and includes a download card. (Beach Impediment #31)

MAXIUM ROCK'N'ROLL #420 (May 2018)
Finally...issue #420 (the May 2018 issue) of MAXIMUM ROCKNROLL is here! While yes, we do talk about Marijuana in this issue, there are still a ton of interviews with bands, columns, and more! We start things off with a special tribute to our founder Tim Yohannan to mark the 20th anniversary of his passing, complete with some people's favorite stories about him. Then we talk with the organizers of the ever-popular Bay Area Girls Rock Camp about their strategies for success during their ten years of operation. We also speak with LITTLE DEBBIE & THE CRUSADERS, one of the many bands formed by Bay Area Girls Rock Camp attendees. Seeking more coverage of domestic acts? Have no fear, we have DARK/LIGHT and DEATH RIDGE BOYS from Portland discussing the power of dreams and leftist politics, respectively, and ALL TORN UP! from NYC reviewing the Serenity Prayer. Want more? We've got a sick photo spread from Everything Is Not OK IV. Those seeking international punk coverage should be pleased. We have a long interview with Finland's KOHTI TUHOA discussing the Helsinki scene and politics, MISS DESTINY from Australia dishes out details about brawling at their shows, and YC-CY discusses quitting before they're too old. Still not enough for you? We have an interview with Erik Sutch, director of Careful Not To Cry, a new film about abortion access. Well, what are you waiting for? Pick this issue up before you forget what you were doing. (Maxium Rock'n'roll #420)

LEMURIA - Recreational Hate LP/CD
The 4th full length LP from the Buffalo, NY power pop trio. Contains 10 songs of tracks influenced by the raw intensity of Husker Du and The Replacements juxtapositioned with identity seeking lyrics and introverted vocal approaches for fans of Velocity Girl, Beat Happening and 90's era-Lemonheads. (Lemuria/Turbo Worldwide #1)

RIXE - Cassette Promo cassette tape
Rixe are back are with a fresh three song attack. "La Cle" is two minutes and twenty seconds of lean, mean and meaty Oi! that only Rixe over the last few years have perfected. It's driving sound is built on razor sharp tight drums, a slightly phased guitar and vocals that bite and bark. "Nuit Rasoir" is another straight down the line pounder that could easily have been one of the first ten releases on No Future Records. "Les Cent Pas" is the final track and rounds off things with another stomper. The sound is bigger, punchier but still very much Rixe that you know and love. Limited 3 track promo cassette pro copied. Same program repeats on both sides. Australians please get these from Yeap at Hardcore Victim. (La Vida Es Un Mus #167 TP)

CHEST PAIN - Primate's Advantage 7"
Six minutes of angry, disjointed, powerviolence which summons both BASTARD NOISE and GASP in their own right. Hot on the heals of their crushing full length, this one will have you wanting so much more. (To Live A Lie Records #117 TP)

WAR ON WOMEN - Capture The Flag LP/CD
War On Women returns with their highly anticipated follow up to their self-titled album. "Capture The Flag" is an 11-song, politically charged juggernaut that attacks the listener both sonically through their hardcore punk approach, and lyrically by tackling vitally pertinent social issues. "Capture The Flag" is a composite character of one of hardcore's most riling bands. Vinyl version includes digital download. (Bridge Nine Records #252)

QUEERS - Too Dumb To Quit 7"
Classic 1993 EP available for the first time in 25 years. Available on 6 different colors, with digital download card included. (Pine Hill Records #14)

(restock) NARCOLEPTICS - 2018 EP 7"
Never would have thought that NARCS could top their first two EPs, but by the might of a violent pounding gale behind the sails of this third one, inconspicuously titled, "2018 EP," this thought is whisked from the ground and power bombed straight to the cold, hard concrete of what-could-have-been. The hooks and catchy, pounding power of "Answer," this EP's second salvo, could be viewed as a standout, but the totality of this 7" is nothing short of heavy, sonic war, and when you're loaded with one of the most bombastic drummers in the game, the results are primed for mutually assured destruction. Possibly the last we hear from NARCOLEPTICS, on record, at least, but you can also find some of these sleepy fellows pounding it out in EXTENDED HELL and URCHIN. (Warthog Speaks Records #31)

Descriptions for 3/31/18

Hank Wood and the Hammerheads, their third LP, finds the NYC band entering new territory, harnessing the innate grooves that runs through their songs and drawing them kicking and screaming into a whole cacophonous symphony. A more dynamic catchiness is at work on this album, utilizing tense moments of softness and sorrow to build up into their most powerful work yet.Recorded by Ben Greenberg and mastered by Josh Bonati. All artwork done by Sam Ryser and hand screen printed in NYC. (Toxic State Records #30)

TOTEN - Dreary Proximity LP
In 1987, following a brief stint in the nascent death metal band Revenant, Paul Ledney founded Toten, a band whose two recordings count among the very first examples of black metal to have originated in the United States. Mostly overlooked in favor of Profanatica, the notorious cult that later arose from its predecessor's ashes and also bears Ledney's cursed birthmark, Toten's "Misery" (1987) and "Macabre" (1988) demos arguably follow only Goatlord's "Demo '87" as the earliest U.S. black metal releases. In order to highlight the importance of Toten's role in shaping the eventual development of the most blasphemous forms of black metal, NWN! is pleased to now offer both demos in their own right on twelve-inch vinyl format under the collective title "Dreary Proximity." (Nuclear War Now Records #375)

The bands collaborated thematically to produce a masterpiece, the whole of which is greater than the sum of its parts. For its part, Adversarial delivers three tracks that are easily the best material the band has yet released. Featuring much stronger production than the band's previous work, the music on "Leviathan" revels in shimmering contrapuntal guitar riffs set against the savage fervor of the percussion and bass. Antediluvian here continue to pursue a style ever more dense, unpredictable, and arcane. Antediluvian's trademark shifting temporal disorientation and effulgent sparks of spatial distortion are present in abundance. (Nuclear War Now Records #223 CD)

Repress for this absolute masterpiece of blackened thick tar droning Sludge cvlt. Re-mastered from the original 1995 tapes. Pressed at 45rpm for maximum power. Artwork composed with original war photographies from Masahiko "Solmania" Ohno. Housed in a laminated gatefold sleeve, including a fold-out A2 poster. With this debut recording, Corrupted expanded both sound/tuning and timing to the extreme. Often imitated, few times matched. Sludge / Doom / Drone. Limited to 400 copies worldwide. (Throne Records #76)

PROFETUS - Coronation Of The Black Sun/Saturnine LPx2
Both their debut album / demo tape for the first time on vinyl. Re-mastered by Dan Lowndes at resonance Sound studio. Brand new artwork including exclusive photography work by Aki Pitkanen. True Finnish Funeral Doom Metal with members of Tyranny and Wormphlegm. "Thergothon may very well have finally discovered its true heirs." Finnish Funeral Doom / Doom Metal. Limited to 200 copies worldwide. (Throne Records #TR75)

ALTARAGE - Nihl (Deluxe) LP
Best Death Metal album 2016 @ Cvlt Nation. This is the repress of the sold-out first pressing through Iron Bonehead. Comes with a deluxe tip-on casewrapped gatefold sleeve + fold-out A2 poster. Lovecraftian Blackened Metal Of Death in the vein of Portal. Limited to 400 copies worldwide. (Throne Records #73)

SNOB - s/t LP
SNOB has snarled around the local London scene since 2014, leaving a trail of two self-released 7 inches and adulation in their wake. It's now the year 2018, and SNOB finally bring us their fully fledged follow up of tense hardcore punk that's characterised by frantic snotty dictation, agitated guitar lines and pummelling rhythms. The ten songs on the self-titled 12" are filled with disparities - sneering hi-energy, sentient meat and potato, adroit silliness, agitated apathy - creating a bleak and angry sonic force. The whip-smart whip-short lyrics are almost a poetry-to-arms that rails against all of the absurdities of modern living. To these ears, SNOB is like if you left YouTube tabs of ICONS OF FILTH, PENI, NOG WATT and JETSET/ BLOEBAD all playing at once, and it somehow sounded wonderful. The LP comes in a heavy board sleeve designed by the exiled Ben Fordree while on the run in Australia and includes a lyric sheet to help you sing along to modern classics like Doctor Dildo, Lycra Daddy or Punisher. (La Vida Es Un Mus #160)

BLAZING EYE - Brain/Lonely Corpse 7"
LA's BLAZING EYE return with two new tracks of devilish hardcore punk in the vein of MOBS or ZOUO. The Japanese hardcore influence is prevalent on "Brain" which has an infectious guitar riff- vocal scream dynamic punctuated by a perfect Bristol Beat which will have you screaming like a bloody mess without you even noticing. "Lonely Corpse" on the flip has a stomp dirgy beat perfect to dance like a worm on a devastated city ran by cyborgs. A perfect punk single with two really catchy and memorable songs which show BLAZING EYE at the top of their game. (La Vida Es Un Mus #114)

TENEMENT - Smother Me LP
If Tenement's expertly crafted 2015 double LP, Predatory Headlights saw the band pushing from their Descendents-inspired buzzy pop roots into a new role as DIY's power pop standard bearers, it also hinted at the band's eclecticism, sprinkling folk, noise, jazz and country across their 78 minute epic. These moments could fairly be described as cinematic and were likely the spark that inspired director Eric Schuman to approach the band to score his Columbia University thesis-film Smother Me in Hugs. It's easy to imagine songwriter Amos Pitsch sifting through a used record bin filled with arcane 70's and 80's nuggets, pulling out LP after LP, describing each's under-appreciated elements - an intro track here, the bridge to this album cut, etc. Music Composed For Smother Me in Hugs feels like a collection of such interludes, expanding the band's broad range with melancholy organ numbers, drum machine grooves, untuned strings, and strange percussion loops, before ending with a series of spaced out synth-scapes. It's an assortment of lo-fi moods, recorded warmly in Tenement's home studio Crutch of Memory in Appleton, WI, which only breaks out into full fledged rock splendor for one song: "Don't Let Them Tell You," a track that easily earns its place on any "best-of" Tenement mixtape, on its own making the record worth a spin or ten.'' - David Combs This is the second soundtrack arranged and recorded by Amos Pitsch, Julia Blair, Matt Stranger, and Black Thumb, with the addition of Jesse Ponkamo on this production. Limited to 300 copies on black vinyl in a full color gatefold jacket. Download included. (Malokul Records #16)

BRANDO'S ISLAND - Duplicaat/Natural Order 7"
From Melbourne, Australia, BRANDO'S ISLAND concocted another dose of hard-hitting synth punk and enigmatic delights for their third EP. Brando's follow a similar blueprint of their previous two EP' , presenting a belter A and B-side 45, carving a unique blend of whirlwind tempo, driving synth dueling with glittering vibraphone, ripped apart with unruly drums and cathartic vocals. Key influences spawning from the evilness of NERVOUS GENDER and the workhorse pop nuances of THE EFFIGIES shine through. Mix this with a strong affection for some of Australia's most uncompromising underground weirdos, the likes of SLUGFUCKERS, SEVERED HEADS and the VENOM P STINGER in their prime. Brando's Island consist of members from vast Australian punk and experimental acts such as THE ZINGERS, PATHETIC HUMAN, CHROME DOME, CASTINGS, VELVET WHIP and SOMA COMA. This is the third release on vocalist, Richard Costa's label, Million Dollar Records, complete with detailed cut-and-paste artwork and insert with lyrics and full credits. (Million Dollar Records #3)

DIE HOFFNUNG - Elegies and Creation Songs LP
Die Hoffnung's posthumous Elegies and Creation Songs lp on Belladonna Records. die Hoffnung features Jim and Jon Marburger formerly of I Hate Myself/Burnman and Travis Fristoe formerly of Moonraker/Reactionary 3/True Feedback Story. Elegies and Creation Songs is the follow up to die Hoffnung's "Love Songs" cd on No Idea Records released in 2006. This Lp continues the sound of "Love Songs" and is a mix of technical punk in the vein of Bastro/Shellac/Minutemen and slow burn epics channeling Codeine/I Hate Myself. On white vinyl. Belladonna Records was resurrected for this after a 15 year hiatus. Belladonna's previous releases include recordings by Asshole Parade, Palatka, Don Martin Three and I Hate Myself. (Belladonna Records #8)

DESPAIR - Visions Of The Inferno LP
DESPAIR were from Vancouver BC, Canada and worked hard to perfect Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing era DISCHARGE, and succeeded with Visions of the Inferno being the proof. Each member has many years experience under their bullet belt, playing in bands such as DECONTROL, TOTAL WAR, LIMB FROM LIMB, SUSS LAW, PHANE, DEAD HUNT, MULE and a slew of others. While playing dbeat in this stage of the game is by no means reinventing the wheel, these 5 guys make the war machine roll in a devestating, ear blasting way that breathes new life in a genre filled with dime a dozen knock offs who can't pull it off correctly. Visions of the Inferno is 8 dbeat masterpieces on 45RPM, mastered on the same machinery as HNSNSN by Kenko from Communichaos/MEANWHILE/DISCHANGE/etc. For any true fan of studded, charged, no frills hardcore punk. (Brain Damage Records #1)

Descriptions for 3/24/18

PMS 84 - Easy Way LP (Scene Support version)
Debut LP by Portland, OR punks PMS 84. Formed in early 2014, featuring members of Vivid Sekt, MoraL, Lifeform, Koward, Petite etc. Eight tracks of Oi! and UK82 influenced hardcore punk with nods to bands like the Partisans, Ultra Violent, and early Blitz. With super catchy guitar leads, bass breaks, and squealing guitar feedback this is a perfectly-executed punk full-length by a band with some of the most airtight songwriting you'll find. This album is hard hitting, it combines hardcore and Oi! and it takes no prisoners. The absolute best UK82 going right now. Scene Support version on colored vinyl with an additional, limited Scene Support version screened cover over the original. (Black Water Records #68)

FUERZA BRUTA - Verdugo LP (Scene Support version)
2017's surprise hype record, the first pressing sold out in minutes and went on to top several year-end "best of" lists. Chicago's Fuerza Bruta took sounds from early Brazilian Hardcore, Japanese Oi, and Italy's C.A.S. Records and came up with a solid LP of caustic but refreshing Oi. Second pressing on translucent green vinyl, pressed for their European tour and Ebullition's 2018 Scene Support series. Do not buy on eBay, do not buy on Discogs; please order through your local record store. Scene Support version on green vinyl. (Foreign Legion Records #11)

MARTYRDOD/NEOLITHIC - split 7" (Scene Support version)
Martyrdod has always been one of the highlights of the Swedish d-beat pack, even before they blew the doors off the scene with the masterful "Eldopp" in 2014. Adding that Bathory-indebted sense of melody to the Anti-Cimex base that so many have used to such great effect, Martyrdod stands taller than all but the best of d-beaters, and here "War Of Worlds" is an example of how and why. Five minutes of catchy riffing, punk drumming, raw-throated screams, and melodic guitar leads - what's not to love? Maryland's Neolithic take on filthy death/sludge is well-done, if not hugely memorable in this instance. "Inner Adversary" rides tar-caked guitar tones through a crusty death metal first half, before slowing down to an appropriately sludgy crawl for the back half. It's in that back half that "Inner Adversary" shines most, with a simple and yet very effective riff and some almost blackened croaks from vocalist Evan Harting. Composed of current and former members of Swarm Of The Lotus, Putrisect, Pulling Teeth, and Ruiner. Scene Support version on limited purple or light brown colored vinyl and comes with free LANDMINE MARATHON - s/t 7". (Deep Six Records #281)

FUBAR - Weltschmerz LP (Scene Support version)
After several split releases and 2 full lengths FUBAR is back with their breed of grindcore from the Netherlands. "Weltschmerz" is a blast of rage and harmonies spanning the spectrum of grindcore. Unique, fast, and raw, they bring their original grindcore talents to a head with this full length LP. For fans of Pig Destroyer, Weekend Nachos, etc. Scene Support version on black/red splatter vinyl and comes with a Give Praise CD and fun surprise item! (Give Praise Records #152)

EATEN - s/t LP (Scene Support version)
Coming from the underground city of Worcester, Massachusetts - EATEN is at the forefront of the pulverizing grindcore scene. Combining death metal, doom riffs over a unstoppable grind force, they are quickly becoming a band ahead of their game. Building off of classic grind bands and adding their own modern style, it rounds out their first full length. Scene Support version on marbled colored vinyl and comes with a Give Praise CD and fun surprise item! (Give Praise Records #134)

V/A - Give Me Back LP compilation (Scene Support version)
On a musical level the Give Me Back comp captured the essence of the Ebullition sound with a line-up that included ten bands that would do major releases on Ebullition over the course of the next few years; of all of the compilations released on Ebullition only the Give Me Back LP can truly be called a compilation of Ebullition bands. On an ideological level the Give Me Back LP also managed to achieve the political goals of the label. Every band wrote a song specifically about some issue concerning the gender theme, and the 32 page booklet also features articles and essays about gender issues. In addition the compilation was a benefit for the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, Planned Parenthood, and Shelter Services For Women. Featuring: Amenity, Desiderata, Seein' Red, Spitboy, End of The Line, Man Lifting Banner, Born Against, Econochrist, Profax, Suckerpunch, Sawhorse, Struggle, Bikini Kill and Downcast. Scene Support version celebrates the 28th anniversary of this compilation and comes with free copies of the SEEIN' RED - Marinus 7" and MANUMISSION - Diego Rivera 7". (Ebullition Records #4)

BETA BLOCKERS - Stiff Prescription LP
One of the new faces of Sheffield and Leeds punk (though members also keep busy in The Flex, No Form, Whipping Post and Community), Beta Blockers are here with their debut 12". What do they sound like? They sound like Die Kreuzen fucking about with the Screamers, or maybe Black Flag smashing gurners with Neubauten, or how about Stooges getting punished by the Gallagher brothers, maybe even all of those at the same time. Seven songs in eighteen minutes, housed in a heavyweight sleeve featuring artwork from Keegan Dakkar Lomanto. Limited to 300 copies, all on white vinyl. (Static Shock Records #56)

FUCKED & BOUND - Suffrage LP
Seattle's Fucked And Bound's debut LP Suffrage is that it's incredibly addictive. Across 14 tracks, the band rages from start to finish with vicious rhythms, bombastic drumming, and savage vocals. Channeling such bands as Black Flag, Bad Brains, and Agnostic Front, Fucked And Bound goes full throttle from the very beginning, not giving a care about slowing down. From the repulsive beat down of instrumentation to the roaring vocals, this is a band planning on going for your throat. West coast/southwest tour in mid-March, East coast tour in the fall. (Atomic Action! Records #78)

One of the few German punk classics that has not been reprinted yet is the MANIACS / TIN CAN ARMY Split LP. MANIACS was a hardcore punk band that born in the summer of 1982 in Rotenburg from a few local bands (Blutverlust and Bunker). Which was connected from the beginning to the English hardcore punk style (G.B.H.VARUKERS, ONE WAY SYSTEM). In their texts, the band picked up on classic political point themes and sang against right-wing extremism and the established society. TIN CAN ARMY from Gšttingen was the house band of the Juzi GO which was founded in 1982. The first release was released in 1983, the split LP with the MANIACS. The recordings were then recorded under pressure of time in the Musiclab in Berlin. Lyrically, Tin Can Army were very politically on the way, which was probably already too much for the label at the time, since a large part of the edition was supplemented by T.C.A. was not settl ed. The Ox-Fanzine described the band, which was quite rare, as "Best German intelligent Punkrockunderground, which is even more enthralling 20 years later." The split LP was released in 1984 at the time known in Germany label "Mulleimer Records" ( including Inferno, Normahl, Chaos Z and many others). The Rerelease comes in the original cover artwork as InsideOut version, plus a 24-page booklet (also with the information that was left out at the first edition) and a 30cm x 30cm flyer. (Power It Up Records #248)

Never would have thought that NARCS could top their first two EPs, but by the might of a violent pounding gale behind the sails of this third one, inconspicuously titled, "2018 EP," this thought is whisked from the ground and power bombed straight to the cold, hard concrete of what-could-have-been. The hooks and catchy, pounding power of "Answer," this EP's second salvo, could be viewed as a standout, but the totality of this 7" is nothing short of heavy, sonic war, and when you're loaded with one of the most bombastic drummers in the game, the results are primed for mutually assured destruction. Possibly the last we hear from NARCOLEPTICS, on record, at least, but you can also find some of these sleepy fellows pounding it out in EXTENDED HELL and URCHIN. (Warthog Speaks Records #31)

Honing their aggressive sound in Los Angeles California since 1994, The Militants bring forth their 3rd, and most powerfully cohesive album to date, "Front Line Kill." The Militants have crafted a brutal, bellicose effort that bleeds dystopian metal from every brain-stem cracking track. The riffs, manic and many, marry with tonsil curlding vocals that speak of a world teetering on the precipice of annihilation. Tracks like 'Chaos Calling You,' 'Breaking Walls,' 'Evil Wings Fly,' 'Omens of Doomsday,' Tomorrow's World' and the black smoke battlefield ballad, 'Front Line Kill," attest to this angel city band's devilish chops. "Unfathomable," the disc's tempered finale, features a haunting whistle, like a solemn stroll into the apocalypse. If it's all gonna end, might as well blow a gentle tune on the way out. For Fans of Slayer, Ministry, Carnivore, and Kreator. Sits well within the genres of Thrash Metal, Hardcore/Death, and Industrial Metal. (Aggressive Records #3)

JESUS CROST - Die Tonmeisterei Sessions CD
Two-piece blast unit from the Netherlands! Grindcore hooligans from Rotterdam that span a massive career of over 100 shows and multiple records out on Bones Brigade Records and Rodel Records, they come together for one last time on a massive 60+ song discography! This is a no-slow-all-go powerviolence grind masterpiece, fueled by the love of soccer and blastbeats. (Give Praise Records #150 CD)

HUMMINGBIRD OF DEATH - Forbidden Techniques LP
They say that it takes ten thousand hours to master anything. Using that logic, Boise's HUMMINGBIRD OF DEATH has then practiced a bit over two hours a day for their twelve years as a band to hit this mark right before going into the studio to record Forbiddden Techniques because the Boise boys have put together an absolute masterpiece. Twenty four songs in twenty four minutes will decimate your mind and memory for twenty four hours after listening. HOD has been perfecting their song and taken nods from NEOS, LARM, ELECTRO-HIPPIES, and all things fast and has taken twelve days in the studio formulating a fastcore mental maze of weaving/looping riffs and runs that will leave you breathless and satisfied. This is the best recording, best effort, and best material of the ever-evolving purveyors of playing faster than fast. (To Live A Lie Records #138 TP)

SIDETRACKED - Impediment tape cassette
If you were lucky enough to snag Sidetracked's Wrench tape, you know the band can lay down more tracks in less minutes than anyone around. Impediment puts down fifteen tracks in something like two minutes. Limited to 100 tapes ever. (To Live A Lie Records #142 TP)

GOOLAGOON - Life of Crime tape cassette
Ripping Boston area punk powerviolence new-comers. This tape pre-dates their split with ACxDC. A hundred pro-printed tapes, if you weren't lucky enough to get the band's early pressing, this is your second and maybe last chance to grab a copy. (To Live A Lie Records #134)

SEX PRISONER - Tannhauser Gate tape cassette
The power violence revival continues. Sex Prisoner, Tucson AZ's own powerviolence/Hardcore unit, sound a lot like Crossed Out mixed with some Infest. The sound is heavy, abrasive, and definitely rife with anger. They rarely venture into full-on thrash, which is a plus and offering sixteen furious bursts of burly powerviolence/hardcore. Limited pressing on tape. (To Live A Lie Records #132 TP)

THE KILL - Kill... Them All tape cassette
Hard to get Australian pressings and high shipping costs have made this amazing grindcore releases hard to get until this tape pressing. Limited to 150 copies, full color, this is grindcore ala INSECT WARFARE, P.L.F., and ROT. (To Live A Lie Records #127 TP)

FLASH OUT - Death Dealer 7"
Grinding Canadian crust'n'roll from members of Archagathus. Blasting, stinking, heavy for the days that you want more of a song to sink your teeth into than a forty second blasterpiece. (To Live A Lie Records #124 TP)

CHEST PAIN - Primate's Advantage 7"
Six minutes of angry, disjointed, powerviolence which summons both BASTARD NOISE and GASP in their own right. Hot on the heals of their crushing full length, this one will have you wanting so much more. (To Live A Lie Records #117 TP)

HUMUS - Eterna Condanna LP
Italy's Humus produce their sophmore LP, putting even more crusty fast blasty hardcore into the world. Fifteen songs in twenty-five minutes with absolutely no stopping. Just when you think they are about to slow down and venture into d-beat territory, they ramp up even faster or the song ends suddenly and the next charges right at you. (To Live A Lie Records #112 TP)

FUNERAL CHIC - Hatred Swarm tape cassette
Hailing from Charlotte, NC, the band has produced ten tracks of blackened hardcore seething with sardonically angry vocals and crushing guitars to create a bludgeoning aural assault. Formed in 2014, and putting out an amazing EP on NC's own Headfirst Records in 2015, they have brought one of the most pissed off records of 2016. Professionally recorded by Rick Contes and expertly mastered by Brad Boatright at Audio Siege and pressed to a limited number of tapes, this will be a truly heavy release. (To Live A Lie Records #115 TP)

NASHGUL - Carcava tape cassette
After being a band for fifteen years, NASHGUL has put together the most maniacal sophomore full length that will leave you with your jaw agape. Taking seven years to hone their sound since their initial full length offering, C‡rcava is a touch over thirty minutes of grindcore perfection; blasty, angry, crushing riffs. If you have a love for honest, old school grindcore then this is going to be on your top ten for years to come. This LP will be a defining grindcore LP of TLAL along with the ARCHAGATHUS, MAGRUDERGRIND, and THE KILL records. (To Live A Lie Records #122 TP)

OXIDANT - Deconstruct tape cassette
Not everything out there is easy and definable. Sometimes things in life are awkward, messy, hard to define, and generally caustic. Raleigh, NC's newest powerviolence force, OXIDANT, are all of those. The work on Deconstruct offer subtle nods to NO COMMENT, NEANDERTHAL, and CROSSED OUT but while truly summoning the band's own corrosive force. These twelve tracks were pro-recorded at Legitimate Business with Kris Hilbert and expertly mastered by Nick Townsend, this freshmen effort brings all the anger and frustration of living in the South. Members of NOCOMPLY, RUNNING FOR COVER, RESIST CONTROl, SUPPRESSIVE FIRE, FLEABANE, and GAS CHAMBER. To Live A Lie Record's own plays bass on this and I am excited to bring forward my best effort in a band to date. (To Live A Lie Records #128 TP)

FIREBURN - Shine 7"
Following their 2017 debut, "Don't Stop The Youth," California's own Fireburn presents "Shine b/w The Controller." This two-track 7" single is in anticipation of the bands upcoming Spring 2018 US appearances with American Nightmare, G.B.H, and Kill Your Idols, and at Punk Rock Bowling and United Blood Fest. 7" includes digital download. Limited edition of 500 copies on blue vinyl, exclusive to Rev. (Closed Casket Records #56)

Descriptions for 3/17/18

RETIREMENT - s/t 7" (download included)
What started as an experiment in home recording has blossomed into a full fledged tough garage hardcore ripper of a band. And yes they literally play in a garage. Harsh uninviting midwestern hardcore style spits of fury much in the vein of moderns like BIB or Q with a slight open-chords-garage-rock undercurrent to it. Calling back to FUNCTIONAL BLACKOUTS or TYRADES but seasoned with a little THROBBING GRISTLE/Industrial Records art class. No Pose. No pretense. A pure music group playing pure music. 300 copies of 70gr black vinyl housed in a heavy duty glue pocket sleeve with hand glued postcards on the front. A touching display. (Iron Lung Records #110)

CONTROL TEST - Verdadero Criminal 7" (download included)
Upon first listen you can't help but think to yourself "THE SCREAMERS en Espa–ol For favor y gracias!" which is not far from the truth. They have the same instrumentation, style and fire. The very definition of synth punk. You may recognize some of these players from bands like LYSOL, NUDES and KID CHROME, then again you may not. And that's okay, you're just bad at paying attention. If you're a fan of the "KBD is short for keyboard" mentality then this is 100% for you. 400 copies of high quality black vinyl housed in unique hand stained heavyweight glue pocket sleeves. Recorded by Capt. Tripps. Mastered by April Golden. Photo by Garrett Fisbeck. Layout by Che Hise-Gattone. (Iron Lung Records #112)

Like a burning skyscraper collapsing in a city siege, SUBURBANITE launches a full-scale takeover with total sonic decimation. Discharging a relentless veteran onslaught of breakneck hardcore led by irate frontman Chris O'Coin, the band fires off an intolerant, hostile and warlike approach, anchoring their debut in one brooding anthem after another. Purveyors of the Bruiser Beat sound, this is New York Hard Core for a new age. Rising up from the ruins of the genre's failed past while dismissing contemporary values with arrogant disregard, SUBURBANITE calls forth the End Times so that intruders, trapped in a sick and insane society, have no choice but to wreck vengeance upon it. (Youth Attack Records #102)

VILE GASH - Nightmare in a Damaged Brain LP
A masterpiece years in the making, this 12-track expurse of barbarity leaves the entire genre of hardcore in a smoldering crater. VILE GASH has achieved a fully-realized vision, delivering what can only be described as the end of music. Clocking in at just over 10 minutes, the album explodes in a barrage of hatred and disgust, each song showcasing a bitter contempt for life. Their blunt execution has intensified, becoming harsher and uglier, ranging in tempos the band has never before achieved with a perfect, grinding production that showcases the hideous nature of their riffs. This is a feel-bad experience like no other, and to listen is to feel yourself compelled to sickening violence. "Nightmare in a Damaged Brain" is the final command for existence, from which nothing shall follow. (Youth Attack Records #99)

ISS - s/t 7"
New 4-song EP from this North Carolina punk phenomenon. ISS will tell you that they don't look good on paper--they're a punk band that uses sampling prominently and whose lyrics and music often revolve around semi-silly punk/record nerd in-jokes--but despite the concept they manage to make music that is as great and as authentically punk as anything in my collection. They keep the hits coming on this new EP with their trademark combination of minimalist punk, huge pop hooks, and lyrics that are almost (but not quite!) too witty for their own good. There are even a few new wrinkles this time around, like the blistering, Agent Orange-esque guitar work from Jeff Leppard of SkemŠta and Vittna on "I Wanna Be Dated." If you've enjoyed ISS's previous releases on Loki, State Laughter, and Erste Theke TontrŠger pick this up as it's the group's best stuff yet. (Sorry State Records #90)

DEATH RIDGE BOYS - Right Side of History tape cassette
Death Ridge Boys is 4 piece band from Portland, Oregon that play Punk n`Roll with a heavy dose of Oi featuring members of Tragedy, Criminal Damage, Pressing On, and more. If you like Blitz, Slaughter and the Dogs, and Menace you should try this one!!! (WHMH Records #1 TP)

DESPERDICIO - Queridos Crudos tape cassette
Hailing from Sendai, Japan, Desperdicio have put out 7 releases so far (on Overthrow Records, and Doomed To Extinction Records). This cassette is their newest and contains 6 brand new songs of noisy raw hc punk. The band is known in Japan for insane live shows,and for the lyrics sung in Spanish language. They are highly influenced by Discharge and the 80's Spanish punk bands such as IV Reich and RIP. (Doomed To Extinction #25 TP)

INSTINCT OF SURVIVAL/FATUM - split tape cassette
Two top notch crust bands in the vein of Bolt Thrower and Amebix, Hamburg's INSTINCT OF SURVIVAL and Moscow's FATUM, keep producing some of the best stench core of today. Limited US pressing on Doomed To Extinction Records. (Doomed To Extinction #29 TP)

BLACKOSH - Rvouci Vichry 7"
Latest release of new project from original ROOT guitar player Blackosh (wrote classic songs on "Zjeveni" and "Hell Symphony" albums). "Early Czech black metal is a vastly under-appreciated style, and it's a delight to hear the style with a more modern, strong production." - The Sound Not the Word (Eternal Death Records #23)

ONE MASTER - Lycanthropic Burrowing LP/tape cassette
LP comes with poster. Newest full length from this US black metal band. "one of the most intense USBM performances of the of the must buy USBM releases of 2017" - Infernal Masquerade. "Utilizing cacophonous production and unrelenting instrumentals, One Master harness a piercing auditory assault" - Decibel Magazine. "One Master sticks to the narrow notion of black metal, but does that extremely well." - Echoes and Dust. ""Lycanthropic Burrowing" is a shredding reminder One Master is back and they have not missed a step since their last release." - The Sludgelord (Eternal Death Records #25)

TAGGARIK - Harbingers of Hatred tape cassette
Latest release from this Canadian / Quebec Black metal band. "like Paysage d'Hiver, Immortal (on their first few records), and Dissection, this multi-instrumentalist crafts sounds which are inexorably cold." - Invisible Oranges (Eternal Death Records #22 TP)

ABAZAGORATH - Disciples of Sacrilege tape cassette
Latest release from this long running US black metal band - live recording with a mixture of songs from all of their releases. "this is an item that cannot be missing in any USBM collection." - Infernal Masquerade (Eternal Death Records #21 TP)

KHRAGKH - Ersatz tape cassette
Debut full length of black metal from Belaurs released on cassette (CD version on different label). "An extremely enjoyable and satisfying black metal album. Very highly recommended." - Wonderbox Metal (Eternal Death Records #26 TP)

GRUE - Casualty of the Psychic Wars CD
Debut full length from this New England-based black metal band draws on the occult and eerie roots of their heritage, including author HP Lovecraft. "Though still back metal with some atmospherics, it's got a earthy, full production and more importantly its absolutely chock full of simply killer, perfect blackened, melodic riffs." - Teeth of the Divine. (Eternal Death Records #5 CD)

BOG OF THE INFIDEL - Asleep in the Arms of Suicide CD
Bog of the Infidel has been supreme champions of New England Black Metal since their inception in the winter of 2007. For fans of Dissection, Sacramentum other melodic-heavy forms of black metal. This is their second full length album and it exhibits their most disciplined work to date, being featured on several 'best of 2016' lists of metal releases. "Fast and full of frozen melodies, this Black Metal horde have produced an album that's true to the second wave aesthetics." - Wonderbox Metal (Eternal Death Records #16 CD)

BOG OF THE INFIDEL - To Corrupt Your Sons and Lust After Your Daughters CD
Bog of the Infidel has been supreme champions of New England Black Metal since their inception in the winter of 2007. For fans of Dissection, Sacramentum other melodic-heavy forms of black metal. "...4 songs of raw, primal black metal that hints at the glorious Norwegian & Swedish scenes of the classic era. Bits of Dissection, Emperor, Ulver, and Darkthrone abound here..." - Sea of Tranquility (Eternal Death Records #4 CD)

VASHNA - Know the Way to Embrace the Darkness tape cassette
Debut release of murky and nightmarish death metal from Italy. A more straightforward (and visceral) take on the enveloping sounds created by bands like Portal and Impetuous Ritual. "a strangely seductive, addictive listen, that is all the more appealing for its apparent disregard for the comfort of the listener." - The Sound Not the Word (Eternal Death Records #17 TP)

WALD KRYPTA - Pandemic Winds tape cassette
Old and evil US black metal, in the vein of Judas Iscariot and LLN (French black metal). First release / demo re-released on pro-tape. (Eternal Death Records #28 TP)

ONE MASTER/NINHURSAG - split tape cassette
Split release of cult US black metal and noise / ambient / experimental US black metal. "One Master take...a melodic edge to them that recalls Horna...Ninhursag have a much colder atmosphere, that brings to mind the ritual occultism of Beherit" - Sound Not the Word (Eternal Death Records #27 TP)

DEATH VANISH/MISANTHROPOS - split tape cassette
Debut release of solo projects from members of One Master and Morgirion (US black metal). "Death both furious and direct...[s]hades of Von and Profatatica are present...Misanthropos... is more melodic...comparisons to the likes of Horna are apt" - Sound not the Word (Eternal Death Records #24 TP)

Descriptions for 3/10/18

MAXIUM ROCK'N'ROLL #419 (April 2018)
It's the moment you've been waiting for: the latest issue of Maximum Rocknroll is here! MRR #419, our April 2018 issue, brings you old school style with an all cut 'n' paste layout. Inside, we bring you the scoop on all your new (and old!) favorite punks: Spain's RATA NEGRA refuse to just go for the easy joke, while Florida's PROTOCOL insist you can't be serious all the time. Who's right? They both are, of course! We teach you some history lessons with a rundown of rare Finnish KBD punk and an interview with Wyoming's COWS-if punk made it to small-ton Finland and Wyoming in the '70s, then punk can make it anywhere. That includes rural Italy, where DOTS are getting people dancing to their funky punk as we speak, and Sweden, whereKATASTROF do their part to keep the Uppsala Hardcore scene strong. Punk can last, too: just ask Portland's WOOLEN MEN, who discuss wanting to make a record that stands the test of time. Or Michigan's CLOUD RAT, who analyze how their genre-overlapping sound has changed over the past eight years. Or Japan's ILLYA, who have lasted eleven years in spite of never getting to go on long tours. Or LEMURIA, who might live all over the US now, but are still going strong after fourteen years. Hell, the FORCED ORDER guys have been playing together since high school, and now they're pushing 30! SCORE's members have persevered through chronic illness and immigration difficulties to keep playing, But if life gets in the way, you can always come back to punk later, like the mysterious man behind Neck Chop Records did. And if that's not enough for you, we've got all the reviews and columns you crave, plus more, all right here in the latest, greatest issue of Maximum Rocknroll! (Maxium Rock'n'roll #419)

BROKEN SPIRIT - Vultures And Pigs LP
Portland based dark death-anarcho-punk Broken Spirit are hitting the West Coast as they simultaneously release their serious gem of a debut LP, "Vultures And Pigs." Broken Spirit commiserates with current affairs using their much loved influences of anarcho-punk, post-punk and proto-crust to provide a space where all those affected by the shit heap that is current US politics can relish in their anger, mistrust and melancholy at a world ravaged by greed and individualism. Their debut LP "Vultures & Pigs" speaks to the twin evil choices we're given in the broken electoral process and how the spirit of faith in humanity is quickly dwindling. Withdownload code. (Last Hour Records #4)

BROKEN CROSS - Militant Misanthrope LP
Following the path of the material found on the outfit's recently-issued split 7" with V.E.G.A.S., BROKEN CROSS delivers its most searing material yet with Militant Misanthrope. The sound tone and quality of the new LP yields a heavily enriched sound which bears a vast difference to the earlier lo-fi recordings, with blazing elements of thrash metal heritage seeping its way into the boldly-produced album's nine new anthems. Recorded at Studio Underjord in Norrkoping, Sweden (Vanhelgd, Year Of The Goat, Griftegard), and mastered by Joel Grind (Toxic Holocaust), Militant Misanthrope is completed with drawings inspired by the 1980s/90s anime style and werewolf folklore, created by Dwid Hellion (Integrity). (Apocalyptic Visions Records #7)

VIOLENT END - s/t 7"
The long-awaited return of Chicago Hardcore legends VIOLENT END... rough and rabid HC PUNK for the few that still care. VIOLENT END blends the best elements of the classic Midwest HC sound, UK82 and hard-hitting street punk to create a sound all their own. Violent End shares members with Chicago HC vets REPOS. past glories include VILE GASH, SKRAPYARD, RAW NERVE, CHRONIC SEIZURE, CANADIAN RIFLE, and much pressing of 300. (Fun With Smack/Rock'N'Roll Disgrace #18)

SALTAS - Currents Demo 1 tape cassette
Conceived in Gothenburg, Sweden in 2017, Saltas embraces the essence of obscure, slow death through the restrained minimalism of its music and lyrics. Saltas has begun its development from the same lineage as other similar entities in which its members have toiled over the past several years, perhaps most notably in Irkallian Oracle and The Funeral Orchestra. While all the elements that made Irkallian Oracle and The Funeral Orchestra so captivating are still present, they have been stripped down to their primordial essence, thus eschewing any perceived need to embellish the gravity of the sound with any form of discernable melodic tendencies. (Nuclear War Now Records #391 TP)

MARRIAGE MATERIAL - Making the Worry Worth It Part 1 7"
The crushed dreams, failed relationships, and lost opportunities all happened. Gotta move on and focus on something that makes you feel like your life is worth living. Gotta make the worry worth it. Life is stressful, fight the angry little troll inside of you trying to tell you you're too old to go to shows and get excited about new bands. Marriage Material are three brothers all raised by their father who taught them how to play their instruments. Their message is one of acceptance and persistence. Their sound is the reflection of their personal taste in the many diverse sounds that punk has to offer. Bands that get brought up in band meetings like Hot Snakes, Fleshies, Radioactivity, Wire, and Toys That Kill. Members of God Equals Genocide, Summer Vacation, Pinned in Place, and Spokenest. (Dirt Cult Records #100)

After relocating to Ottawa for a brief stint, Monctonians Ilisha and Eric need to get their demons out, so they sought out local buds Erin (Black Tower) and Tim (Mother's Children) to play in what has rightly been deemed as a continuation of Feral Trash (Dirt Cult Records), but with a new name. With Ilisha now on lead guitars instead of drums and sharing the songwriting duties with Eric, Chiller are ready to share their music with the world with this, their first release. Much like Feral Trash, fans of Masshysteri, Hysterese, Allvaret, and The Stops should be thrilled by this record. (Dirt Cult Records #111)

DARK LIGHT - Kill Some Time LP
Self-titled follow up to a one-side 12" from Jonnycat Records. Dark/Light (pronounced Dark Slash Light) have recorded 8 songs that explore mature themes - sometimes hopeful, sometimes bleak. Dreary punk like only Portland can do it, for fans of The Wipers and Masshysteri. Features members of The Triggers (formerly on Dirtnap Records) and The Chemicals among a ton of others. (Dirt Cult Records #108)

BOOZE & GLORY - The Reggae Sessions Vol.1 7"x3
Liam and Mark from Booze & Glory are fanatical about Jamaican music. The idea of turning some Booze & Glory songs into ska or reggae tunes came a long time ago for this songwriting duo, but they simply never had the time. These "Jamaican" versions of "London Skinhead Crew," "Only Fools Get Caught," and "Leave The Kids Alone" are just the start - they were as much fun to record as they are going to be for all of us to dance to for years to come. (Pirate's Press Records #196)

(repress) FIREBURN - Don't Stop The Youth LP
"Don't Stop The Youth" is the debut 12"ep from Southern California's own Fireburn. Featuring Israel Joseph I (formerly of Bad Brains), Nick Townsend (currently/formerly of Deadbeat, Knife Fight), Todd Jones (currently/formerly of Nails, Terror) and Todd Youth (currently/formerly of Bloodclot, Warzone, Danzig, Murphy's Law), this 12"ep displays five songs of punk-influenced hardcore recorded at NGR Studio in North Hollywood. This record features cover art by artist Tim Lehi and additional design by Jon Contino. New pressing now available on clear vinyl. 12"ep includes digital download. (Closed Casket Activities Records #52)

Descriptions for 3/3/18

ARMS RACE - The Beast 7"
ARMS RACE follow up their "New Wave Of British Hardcore" LP with four new tracks, which see the band solidify their place as one of the strongest pillars of UK hardcore. Touring Europe and Japan since the release of the LP, these 4 new tracks are yet more proof of why the band leaves a trail of fans whenever they play. "The Beast" displays a ferocious hardcore attack with both boots firmly planted in hardcore and punk territories while looking forward to new soundscapes on which they evolve, such as the track 'Distort Britannia' that showcases a slowed down, atmospheric stomper. Part classic US hardcore, part Bristol and Stoke On Trent punk, these new tracks are a perfect continuation of what the band has created during these past 5 years. (Painkiller Records #71)

LURKER OF CHALICE - Lurker of Chalice LPx2
The self-titled Lurker of Chalice album, which came out in 2005, was the only widely circulated recording associated with the project, the two previous demos only being released in very limited quantities. The album garnered massive praise before swiftly going out of print, practically ensuring its stature as a cult masterpiece. It would be too simplistic to categorize this album as mere Black Metal because it sweeps so broadly across the musical spectrum; however, even when Wrest strays farthest from Black Metal in a stylistic sense, the sensations and emotions the music conjures are every bit as visceral. At the time of its release, no other album sounded quite like this one, and it's no exaggeration to say that no comparable release has emerged in the last 12 years since "Lurker of Chalice"; the album truly occupies its own shade along the ever-expanding spectrum of Black Metal. NWN! is honored to present this new edition of "Lurker of Chalice," which will include the bonus track featured on previous vinyl editions of the album. (Nuclear War Now Records #380)

EXORCIST - Voices From the Graves LP
Nuclear War Now! has once again ventured deep into the forgotten underground wasteland of late-1980s Eastern European metal history to unearth yet another artifact to add to its ever-expanding sub-collection of recordings that were never fully appreciated due to the region's geopolitical isolation and other related circumstances. This most recent expedition has yielded "Voices from the Graves," a compilation of Exorcist's two demos from 1987 and 1988, which continued a Polish tradition of evil thrash first established by Kat and later continued by other similar bands such as Hellias. In order to properly reissue both demos, NWN! has rightfully chosen to reproduce the same morbid artwork from the first demo on the jacket of this vinyl LP release. Additionally, it has included an insert that contains the original artwork, photos, hand-written lyrics, and other layout materials from the original cassette releases of both demos. The result is one that serves as a metal time capsule, transporting the listener to a region and era where the music existed not simply as a sterile product of its own, but rather as a living extension of its practitioners. (Nuclear War Now Records #383)

RITES OF THY DEGRINGOLADE - The Blade Philosophical LP
Originally conceived in 1997 as a solo project by Paulus Kressman, known at that time for his phenomenal drumming and vocals for Sacramentary Abolishment (who would evolve into Axis of Advance following Kressman's departure). "The Blade Philosophical" is at once a recapitulation of the band's earlier work and a continued expansion of the boundaries of extreme metal. It is, in the truest sense, a real album, with common sonic and thematic threads woven throughout, drawing the tracks together into something cohesive and whole. (Nuclear War Now Records #362)

At long last, a proper American pressing of the incredible Volume 4 cassette from Bloomington, Indiana's hometown heroes, The Cowboys. By now, you might be familiar with the stripped down, yet intelligent and powerful rock'n'roll force of The Cowboys - perhaps from their recent full length on Hozac or from their earlier cassette output which was collected onto an LP by Lumpy Records. Volume 4 captures The Cowboys at a near-perfect intersection of their earlier, lo-fi moments of Gizmos-esque Midwestern punk snarl and the more tuneful, soul-spun moments of recent output. This definitive edition of Volume 4 reproduces the ten song tracklisting of the original 2016 cassette edition released by fellow Bloomingtonian Kora Puckett (of Bugg, Laffing Gas, and Chud) on his Turd Wurld imprint. From the opening hook of "When She Came Back" (available on vinyl for the first time here, as well as the lead cut on side B, "Porridge"), The Cowboys showcase a songwriting knack and musical ability that is rarely achieved, nor captured so well in a studio setting. Keith Harman's next-level vocal delivery leads the charge across the entire album, ranging from the strong, anthemic chants of "I Feel Therefore I Am" to the deep, melancholic closing moments of "Actors". And what's more? The musicianship across this entire album is every bit as impeccable - beginning with the forceful and driving rhythm section and continuing to the absolutely unbridled guitar playing and tone, the sum of which shapes the texture of the entire recording. A score of Bloomington-based guest musicians, including Durand Jones (leader of modern soul sensations, The Indications) and John Terrill (formerly of the early 80's new wave group, The Dancing Cigarettes) only adds to the already searing mix. Altogether, The Cowboys have captured something truly unrivaled and exceptional on Volume 4 - an album that speaks from a homespun, Midwestern vantage point and fires on all musical cylinders. The end result: ten absolutely classic sonic reductions of epic proportion. This definitive edition of Volume 4 has been cut at 45 RPM by Josh Bonati and includes a new insert with artwork from The Cowboys' own Zack Worcel plus a digital download code. 500 copies on black vinyl including a 2" square hype sticker. (Feel It Records #16)

THE COWBOYS - Live at Tony's Garage 7"
While touring the West coast in May 2017, Bloomington rock'n'roll heroes The Cowboys stopped for a one-off recording session at a friend's garage in sunny Whittier, California. The result: an impressively tight and vibrant batch of tracks, brimming with crunchy, direct-to-tape production. Instead of letting this powerful session dwindle on the original cassette that it was recorded on, we've opted to press Live at Tony's Garage to a proper destination format, 7" vinyl at 45 RPM. The session kicks off with possibly the best recorded version of a Cowboys staple, "Mint Condition", plus two more raw originals that were recently featured on their debut LP for Hozac. The session also features a roaring cover of the 1964 garage rock classic, "The Witch", as originally performed by The Sonics. This perfect four track EP sits nicely between The Cowboys' incredible string of studio recordings and the raw energy of their live performances. Live at Tony's Garage has been remastered for vinyl by Josh Bonati and includes a Cowboys sticker plus digital download code with an exclusive bonus track. 500 copies on black vinyl, housed in a foldover sleeve printed on textured Stipple stock. (Feel It Records #17)

FLOWERS & FIRE - Fire/Disbelief 7"
Vancouver BC's Flowers & Fire play sleek, powerful and brooding goth-tinged post-punk with nods to the Chameleons/Death Cult. Driving Rickenbaker basslines, solid drums, angular guitars and a moody, soaring and ethereal frontwoman in Izzi Kearns combine for a pair of killer and unashamedly melodic tunes. Silk varnish sleeve, two tracks remastered from their demo. (Inflammable Material Records #26)

FLACKOFF - The Flackoff 7"
Reissue of this 3-track EP that was originally released by the Shapes' Sofa Records back in 1980 and has been extremely scarce ever since. Catchy punk with female vocals from Leamington Spa, one of those great local one-off EPs that would get a spin on John Peel back in the day, brimming with an endearing and infectious energy that characterized the era. Reissue comes with a 4-page insert including an old fanzine interview plus original live photos. 300 made. (Inflammable Material Records #28)

ATRAMENT - Eternal Downfall LP
Atrament features current and former members of Moral Void, Black September, Necrot, Abstracter and Vastum and are simply one of the heaviest d-beat bands to ever come out of the USA. "Eternal Downfall" is a punishing wall of aggression that never relents - something that stands between Doom, Bolt Thrower, Amebix, early Napalm Death, early Dismember, Darkthrone, and Discharge all fused into a frightening onslaught of darkened, filthy, and pissed-off rage made in equal parts of D-Beat Crust, Black, and Death Metal. Greg Wilkinson's production (Graves At Sea, Iron Lung, Noothgrush, Vastum, Pallbearer) and Brad Boatright's mastering have pushed the sound of the band to its limit creating a low-end monster that will devour your speakers. (Sentient Ruin Records #17)

ERIK CORE - No War, No Where, Know Peace LP
San Francisco's Erik Core has been described as "Bob Dylan on PCP" and "The Mariachi from Hell"! Musically, the full band had been called Motorhead unplugged! Ginger Coyote proclaims the album No War, No Where, Know Peace as "epic" in the December 2017 issue of Punk Globe magazine! This is an anti-war album based on a single poem written by Erik Core, which became the ten songs for the album. The songs are driven acoustic punk full of rage and fury. Elements of the Dead Kennedys, Rudimentary Peni, Motorhead, Violent Femmes, Zounds, and The Mob can be heard in their music. The three-piece power trio which makes up the band contains members of Gunpowder and Whips, to name but a few. The album was engineered by Beau Sorenson and mastered by Kurdt Vanderhoof. The band toured Europe in the summer of 2017, is planning U.S. touring for 2018, and Europe again in 2019. (Acousticore Music #2)

Just when you thought these primates looked like they'd hit the evolutionary ceiling, they emerge from the marshlands with 'Z' to reveal themselves as the missing link between the Sexual, Destino Final and Chaos Z that's been puzzling discogs junkies and pit warriors alike for decades. 'Z', the first initial of LF vocalist Kalo's single biggest costume influence (Zorro) and also the name of this new release, this cut is primal but not primitive, the sound of a seasoned pack indulging in their instincts. Comes with A 2 double sided poster and Obi Strip. (Static Age Records #46)

Puff, a very dirty and ugly SCREAMERS but with guitar, a nasty DEVO touch and a pinch of No Wave elements, sounding as authentic as can be this side of the 1970s. Oh, and there is even some german ANGST, which is no wonder, PUFF is based in Berlin. Again in the late 70ties this time with the Ausmuteants ... Los Angeles sounds, , SCREAMERS (again), NERVOUS GENDER and a fistful of NEW BOMB TURKS, a bastard son called LOST SOUNDS or REATARDS, combining the best from before mentioned bands - with that extra aussie weirdness! (Static Age Records #47)

PADKAROSDA - Tetova Lelkek LP
Budapest spikeys decorating their raw punk aesthetic with a good dose of darkness in the Eastern European tradition of bands like Tozibabe, Siekiera and everyone else Killing Joke rubbed off on when they used to tour behind the Iron Curtain. Heavy Tip on Sleeve, oversized card and huge insert. (Static Age Records #48)

Limited reissue of this classic Swiss-punk classic from 1979. JACK & THE RIPPERS were one of the 1st punk bands in Switzerland, based in Geneva, which has at that time an equally vibrant punk scene such as Zurich. Musically the band can be describe as brilliant power punk with strong English strike on the right track. So enjoy this wonderful piece of punk-rock! Comes with insert and a cover, treated with an especially UV-continual varnish! (Static Age Records #31)

THE SMUDJAS - What We Have Is Today LP
Seven new tracks of great garage emo punk by the SMUDJAS from Milano, Italy. Catchy and beautiful. The Smudjas are a punk band from the Italian city of Milan, and their sound is a giddy, melodic rush of hooks and feelings. Next month, the band will release a new EP called What We Have Is Today, and the two songs they've shared, "Different Lines" and "Dance & Revolution" are both lo-fi bursts of catharsis. Those two songs are some of the best pop-punk I've heard in recent memory. (Adagio 830 Records #157)

BELUS - Apophenia LP
In 2010, guitarist Matt Mewton (also of Brooklyn-based black metal legion WOE) joined forces with bassist Lesley Wolf (of Brooklyn-based blackened sludge band, MORTALS), and drummer Jacques Johnson. Realizing their doomed black metal style struck a chord, the trio began demoing material and playing live. After two self-released demo releases, a blistering and massive two song contribution to a split release with ANICON, and a limited edition EP, BELUS forged a bond with Vendetta Records to release their latest and most shuddersome offering to date. (Vendettta Records #144)

For a scene which was once so reviled, the US black metal movement is a treasure trove of creativity. From sea to boiling sea, there are countless bands who either add a tremendous weight to black metal or whet its ever-dulling blade. Two younger bands, Haunter and Sovereign, represent this pummeling power and sharp ferocity, respectively. Together on this split, they write a greater truth concerning the creative spirit of American Black Metal in the new century. (Vendetta Records #142)

VOID OMNIA's first album, released in 2014 digitally only, finally sees a vinyl release. (Vendetta Records #149)

LOTH - Apocryphe LP (gatefold)
Taking influences from the Norway traditional school of black metal, adding bits from Austrasian folklore and overwhelming its concept with the right amount of atmosphere, LOTH is now giving birth to its second album called Apocryphe. With 3 original songs and a Guillaume De Machaut cover, the band goes straight for the throat and deliver its most aggressive recording yet. Featuring Flore and The Austrasian Goat on Douce Dame Jolie. (Vendetta Records/Specific Records #322017)

Tyndir, a norse word for fallowed ground, speaks of the tension between nature and man and the realization that nature will ultimately reclaim all that man claims sacred. The music, at times melancholy and restrained and, at others, urgent and aggressive, illustrates the growth of the band and while still solidly rooted in the black metal tradition explores the fringes of other genres that surround it. (Vendetta Records #145)

HAMMR - Unholy Destruction LP
HAMMR was formed in Cleveland, Ohio by J. Hammer in 2013. As a strictly solo endeavor, HAMMR recorded a full digital-only demos album, which caught the attention of several labels. From there, the band went on to release the Hammr EP in 2015, first digitally and then on cassette tape through Hota Rex, the latter of which quickly sold out. Other plans for releases were delayed due to label managers going to jail as well as the usual financial delays, which led J. Hammer to start releasing demo singles directly to the metal people. It was during this time that he met the folks behind HELLS HEADBANGERS and also DEMONA founder Tanza Speed, who both took a lot of interest in HAMMR. Once he received the offer, J. Hammer decided to hold off on recordings for other labels, and use some of his demos and new material for the imminent debut album, Unholy Destruction. No politics, no party, no drinks: Unholy Destruction is HAMMR's declaration of independence for all the fellow lone-wolves out there. With mixing done by Commandor Vanik and mastering by Toxic Holocaust mainman Joel Grind, Unholy Destruction is bound to be one of the hottest debut albums in recent memory! (Hells Headbangers Records #213)

A cult name in the metal underground, THY FEEBLE SAVIOUR were one of the first bands to carry forward the torch of perverse primitivism originally lit by PROFANATICA before their successive comeback. And just like that pioneering American black metal band, PROFANATICAlikewise have two eras. Now, at long last, 2017 sees the release of THY FEEBLE SAVIOUR's long-awaited debut album, through longtime fans HELLS HEADBANGERS. Fittingly titled And Darkness Fell, the album contains 14 tracks of utterly blasphemous black/death metal. Right from the ominous intro onward, And Darkness Fell explodes into being with a goat-grinding sensibility that's simply impossible to ignore - and even more impossible not to submit to. One black cum ejaculate after another, THY FEEBLE SAVIOUR create a desecrating whirlwind of barbarity and crudity that's quintessentially American - and proudly so. For And Darkness Fell is cut from a cloth too long neglected, too vile for trend-jumpers and tourists, resurrected in its most reviling form from a time when the divisions between black metal and death metal weren't so divided and divisive... Both a continuation of the band's original era and their second, equally sick era, And Darkness Fell is totally THY FEEBLE SAVIOUR, and totally uncompromising - not for wimps! (Hells Headbangers Records #214 CD)

CHILDREN OF TECHNOLOGY - Apocalyptic Compendium - 10 Years In Chaos, Noise And Warfare CD
OUT NOW! HELLS HEADBANGERS is proud to present CHILDREN OF TECHNOLOGY's Apocalyptic Compendium - 10 Years in Chaos, Noise and Warfare on CD and cassette tape formats. For a decade now, these Italian speed metalpunks have been ruling the post-apocalyptic wasteland with their own brand of crazed 'n' crusty warfare noise. They've put out two critically acclaimed albums through HELLS HEADBANGERS, 2010's It's Time to Face the Doomsday and 2014's Future Decay, and now CHILDREN OF TECHNOLOGY return with a career-spanning collection of singles and splits. Fittingly titled Apocalyptic Compendium - 10 Years in Chaos, Noise and Warfare, this exhaustive 17-track compilation displays the band in all their ragged glory, rushing through nearly 50 minutes of pure, nitrous-infused metalpunk. If one band could hypothetically encapsulate the Mad Max films in both visual and especially musical form, then CHILDREN OF TECHNOLOGY would be it - and here's the perfect introduction to their wild wasteland! (Hells Headbangers Records #138 CD)

DEECRACKS - Sonic Delusions LP
Pirates Press Records is proud to introduce DeeCracks as the newest members of their ever-growing family. "Sonic Delusions" is a perfect introduction for some and the next great fix for DeeCracks' unbelievably loyal fan base all over the world. For fans of Ramones, Screeching Weasel, The Bouncing Souls, and Teenage Bottlerocket. LP includes digital download. (Pirates Press Records #187)

XXX - LPx2 compilation (Scene Support version with EDGE: PERSPECTIVES ON DRUG FREE CULTURE DVD)
The Scene Support version comes with spine wrap, insert and a bonus copy of the Edge: Perspectives on Drug Free Culture. For better or worse, some ideas are poisonous. Featuring: Monster X, Portraits of Past, Policy of 3, Groundwork, Pogrom, Threadbare, Shatter The Myth, Endeavor, None Left Standing, Trees Without Leaves, Prozac Memory, Via, Well Away, and Frail. The XXX compilation comes with a 24 page booklet, a full sized poster, and stickers. (Ebullition #24)

SAWPIT - 7" (Scene Support version)
Scene Support version has new limited cover. Limited to 30 copies. Sawpit was a melodic '90s hardcore band out of Japan. (Ebullition #35.5)

ORCHID - Dance Tonight!! 10" (Scene Support Version)
This special Scene Support version comes with a random bonus Ebullition LP compilation (either the Illiterate, Amnesia, or HeartattaCk compilation). Ten blasts of chaotic fury and emotive noise on a cute little 10". The Orchid sound is even more aggressive than on their 12", and anyone that enjoyed any of their previous releases will be floored by these songs. Tuneful, vicious, throbbing, and chaotic hardcore played with finesse, heartfelt energy, and a wee bit of arty pretense. On yellow and black 50/50 colored vinyl. (Ebullition #46)

BLASTING CONCEPT - Sloth Rocket LP (Scene Support 2016 version)
Influenced by Blast, SST, RKL, and Annihilation Time, Blasting Concept expertly melds '70s rock with early '80s SoCal hardcore. Goleta, Santa Barbara, and Ventura have a long history of this sort of ear damage... there is a reason that these cities produced RKL, Annihilation Time, Rat Pack, and Blasting Concept. The only odd thing is that Blasting Concept is releasing an LP on Ebullition Records, which doesn't normally release such rock influenced records, however, Jeff Capra, one of Blasting Concept's two guitarists, was also in Manumission which Ebullition released over 20 years ago. Jeff has actually been in a million hardcore bands over the last 25 years... Like It Or Not, Manumission, Holier Than Thou?, Become, Broken Needle, Embassy, Ochre, Surprise Vacation, and probably a few others as well. When guitarist Calvin (formerly of Bone Explosion) started Blasting Concept back in 2009 he was heavily influenced by Blast, but over the years the band has become more and more influenced by '70s rock while still retaining those original Blast influences. Blasting Concept has previously released an LP and a 7" on It's Alive, which are both sold out at this point. Blasting Concept is also featured in the June issue of Thrasher skate magazine! (Ebullition Records #61.5)

SPITBOY - Rasana 7" (Scene Support 2016 version)
While renovating Ebullition last year we found several hundred Spitboy 7" vinyl that we didn't know we had. These are part of the original pressing from the mid 1990s. We had to make new covers for them, but the vinyl itself is 20 years old! Spitboy was an amazing band from the San Francisco, CA area that consisted of four women. They played powerful political hardcore that was of course influenced by the fact that they were all women living in a male dominated world. "Rasana" was the first release featuring Dominique on bass. There are three tracks on this 7". Scene Support version comes with limited cover. (Ebullition Records #22)

JOHN HENRY WEST - Door Bolted Shut LP with CD (Scene Support 2016 version)
Scene Support version is hand numbered and includes a silk screened plastic dust sleeve, and a Scene Support spine wrap. In the works for what seems like an eternity, Ebullition finally brings the John Henry West discography into existence. John Henry West played 50 shows between the fall of 1992 and the late summer of 1993. Side A of the LP features the 4 tracks from their 7" on Gravity Records, and side B features their songs from the "3/12/93" compilation and "A History of Compassion and Justice?" compilation LP, as well as 2 previously unreleased songs. The bonus CD features the original 6 song demo, their final live show at the Gilman (7 tracks), and a live set that they played on WUSB Radio in July of 1993 (9 tracks). The LP comes with a CD sized booklet with lyrics and photos. John Henry West were members of other great bands such as Fuel, Navio Forge, Bread & Circuits, Sawhorse, Torches To Rome, Sixteen Bullets, End of The Line, and plenty more! (Ebullition Records #60)

(restock) ORCHID - Totality LP
The complete 1998 - 2002 singles collection finally available on LP! Twentyfour songs remastered from the original recordings, including the self-titled 7", five split releases, three compilation tracks and one unreleased song. Vinyl includes a 20 page, full color, 7" x 7" booklet, and download code. (Clean Plate Records #38)

(repress) ORCHID - Gatefold LP (red vinyl pressing)
The final recordings of Orchid. These nineteen tracks are probably the best songs that Orchid ever recorded. Their sound has been honed and defined, and the recording perfectly captures Orchid's diverse combination of arty sensibilities, heartfelt emotive song writing, Mohinder-esque drumming, frantic precision, controlled mayhem, and chaotic adrenaline. An excellent record that even surpasses their previous releases. Definitely Orchid's opus. The LP comes packaged in a gatefold sleeve. The various Orchid members have gone on to form Bucket Full of Teeth, the Wolves, Ampere, and the Panthers. (Ebullition #51)

(discounted price) ECONOCHRIST - discography CDx2
Ebullition has decided to lower the price of this amazing discography CD in an attempt to get some more of these out into the world before the CD format disappears forever. A classic. And a great deal for a double CD that includes every single Econochrist song that was ever released! This double CD discography features forty-one Econochrist songs. It includes the Ruination LP, the Trained To Serve LP, the Skewed 7", the Another Victim 7", the It Runs Deep 7", as well as the songs from the Give Me Back comp LP, the Very Small World comp LPx2, the What Are You Pointing At? comp 10", and the songs from the split 7" that Econochrist did with The Detonators. (Ebullition Records #37 CD)

ORCHID - Dance Tonight!! 10" (black/yellow 50/50 vinyl)
Repressed! Ten blasts of chaotic fury and emotive noise on a cute little 10". The Orchid sound is even more aggressive than on their 12", and anyone that enjoyed any of their previous releases will be floored by these songs. Tuneful, vicious, throbbing, and chaotic hardcore played with finesse, heartfelt energy, and a wee bit of arty pretense. Repress of the Chaos is Me LP in the works as well. We went all out this time with each record being 50% black and 50% yellow (they were supposed to be 50/50 black/yellow, but the pressing plant did it wrong). (Ebullition #46)

JOHN HENRY WEST - Door Bolted Shut LP (comes with bonus CD)
Comes with a special spine wrap. In the works for what seems like an eternity, Ebullition finally brings the John Henry West discography into existence. John Henry West played 50 shows between the fall of 1992 and the late summer of 1993. Side A of the LP features the 4 tracks from their 7" on Gravity Records, and side B features their songs from the "3/12/93" compilation and "A History of Compassion and Justice?" compilation LP, as well as 2 previously unreleased songs. The bonus CD features the original 6 song demo, their final live show at the Gilman (7 tracks), and a live set that they played on WUSB Radio in July of 1993 (9 tracks). The LP comes with a CD sized booklet with lyrics and photos. John Henry West members also played in Fuel, Navio Forge, Bread & Circuits, Sawhorse, Torches To Rome, Sixteen Bullets, End of The Line, Please Inform The Captain This Is a Hijack, and plenty more! (Ebullition Records #60)