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Descriptions for the newest releases available this week.

Descriptions for 6/8/24

WEEKEND NACHOS - Unforgivable LP
(finally repressed!) The 2nd full length from Weekend Nachos. Twelve tracks of fucking fast, brutal, power violence hardcore. They take the raw thrash of bands like INFEST and LACK OF INTEREST and throw in the doom and sludge of EYEHATEGOD to create an ugly mix of hardcore and metal. (Deep Six Records #117)

(finally repressed!) On "Worthless" LP, the band display some of the most technical, thrashing moments of unadulterated powerviolence, as well as the thickest, most crushing riffs heard from them yet. What makes them even better is the schizophrenic weaving of these two styles that the group so swiftly pulls off. Songs like "Frostbitten" demonstrate this with perfection, transitioning unexpectedly from ominous guitar chugs into a fast array of d-beats and a mix of high-pitched screams and classic Weekend Nachos vocals. (Deep Six Records #157)

(finally repressed!) Weekend Nachos, the band you either love or hate, return with their 4th full-length album. On the "STILL" LP we see the band get even heavier while still finding ways to blend new influences into their unique mix of brutal hardcore. There is truly something for everything on this album. 12 new tracks of hatred that are sure to prove why Weekend Nachos haven't stopped antagonizing the hardcore scene. (Deep Six Records #207)

PERSONAL DAMAGE - Violent Ritual 7"
Violent Ritual is the third EP from Los Angeles's Personal Damage, originally released on a small run of self-released cassettes in 2022 and now upgraded to vinyl courtesy of Sorry State. Violent Ritual offers five tracks of Personal Damage's trademark snot-fueled, short-fast-and-loud hardcore punk, the longest track clocking in at a mere 80 seconds. While the songs are short, they're hardly insubstantial, packing albums worth of excitement into each delicately constructed and tightly wound composition. Pedal-to-the-floor fast parts are punctuated by Lucky Lehrer-style rhythmic inventions, each song building toward a climactic guitar solo and/or call-and-response chorus. While so many contemporary hardcore bands de-emphasize the vocals, they're Personal Damage's most potent weapon, with all three members contributing to the dynamic vocal arrangements and every track offering a chance to shout along. While the first four tracks blazes at early Gang Green velocities, the closing "Banned from Society" stretches things out ever so slightly with a classic SoCal rhythm and the record's most anthemic vocal. Violent Ritual is the most potent dose yet from one of the 2020s' most exciting hardcore punk bands. (Sorry State Records #133)

SHOTMAKER - A Moment In Time 1993 to 1996 LPx3 box set
Shotmaker was formed in 1993 by three friends from the small towns of Tweed and Belleville in Ontario, Canada: Matt Deline (drums, vocals), Tim McKeough (guitar, vocals), and Nick Pye (bass, vocals). The band relocated to Ottawa in 1994 before ending its run in 1996. During their relatively short time together, Shotmaker wrote and recorded two 7"s, two LPs, a split LP (with Washington, D.C., based Maximillian Colby) and numerous songs for compilations and other split records. The band thrived on playing live shows and completed three coast-to-coast North American tours in addition to many smaller tours. Widely recognized for influencing the direction of melodic emo hardcore, Shotmaker regularly shared bills with acts such as Policy of 3, Los Crudos, Unwound, Rorschach, Cap'n Jazz, Indian Summer, Rye Coalition, Modest Mouse, Propagandhi, Hoover, Clikatat Ikatowi, Blonde Redhead and Fugazi. (Solid Brass Records #9)

THE RED SCARE - Smokey Mountain High LPx2
Street date 6/14/24. The Red Scare was formed by college friends Matt Hall (drums), Kip Uhlhorn (guitar/vocals), Abby Wintker (bass), and Adam Ewing (guitar) in August of 1997 in Knoxville, TN. They began playing locally; building a name for themselves, with short, hyper-energetic sets similar to those of Sleepytime Trio from Virginia and Gravity Records heroes, Heroin, from San Diego, CA. By 1998, Jon Asher had replaced Adam Ewing on guitar and the band embarked on their first tour with Milemarker, Orchid, and Hail Mary. Capillary Lockdown, an album of apocalyptic vision and propulsive, almost overwhelming rhythms, was released in November of 1999 by Hand Held Heart (vinyl) and Troubleman Unlimited (CD). In June of 2000, they toured again-this time with Orchid and Lightning Bolt. They also recorded their 2nd album, Strangers Die Everyday, at Inner Ear Studios with Don Zientara. This album blends together explosive songs like "Risking Your Life With A Capital R" and "Smoky Mountain High" with strange metallic collages. The guitars, while still edging on brutal, also demonstrate dreamy segments like that of the title track. Strangers Die Everyday would be the band's final album together. Shortly thereafter, Uhlhorn moved to New York City and formed Panthers (Troubleman Unlimited) with former Orchid members, and eventually, Cloudland Canyon (Tee Pee, Kranky, Holy Mountain). Matt Hall went on to form New Brutalism. FFO: Gravity Records, Heroin, Universal Order of Armageddon, Born Against. (Solid Brass Records #8)

GRAIN - We'll Hide Away LP
Grain were a punishingly loud post-hardcore band who left their mark everywhere they played. Simultaneously angry, urgent, and beautiful in a single 30 minute set, they left hardcore purists confused while others wanted more. They were punk, both philosophically and from a community standpoint, and yet not so easy to pigeonhole musically. Grain originally formed as a 3-piece in 1993 in Cleveland after the break up of three previous bands; Arm's Length (Brian Strazek), Blatant Disregard (Dean Eshleman), and Windpipe (Jason "Jay" Kuebler). Shortly thereafter Ryan Rinella joined on vocals and when another local hardcore band State of Mind called it quits, their guitarist Brian Noga, joined Grain on 2nd guitar. In their short time together Grain released two 7"s, a split 7" with Harriet The Spy, and three songs that appeared on a couple different compilation LPs. Grain played close to 100 shows, completed a short tour of the northeast in 1994, and a month-long US tour in 1995. They shared the stage with bands like Lincoln, Kerosene 454, Ordination of Aaron, Current, Samuel, Harriet The Spy, Thumbnail, Avail, and Archers of Loaf before breaking up in 1995. FFO: Hoover, Kerosene 454, (early) Jawbreaker. (Solid Brass Records #1)

NUZZLE - No Love Like That LP
Nuzzle began as a trio; Nate Dalton (guitar), Simon Fabela (bass) and Ricardo Reano (drums) in Rosemead, CA in 1991 before ultimately settling in Santa Cruz. In 1993 Nate's older brother Andrew joined on guitar and switched to vocals early in 1994, solidifying their lineup. Before they broke up Nuzzle had released several 45s, their Follow, For Now LP on Youth Strike Chord, several compilation tracks, and their 1999 record, San Lorenzo's Blues, on Troubleman Unlimited. They had also completed a successful US tour with Fisticuffs Bluff, and had become staples in a loosely knit but deeply felt west coast scene anchored by Kill Rock Stars Records in Olympia and Gravity Records in San Diego. The buzz they generated helped them find their way onto bills with bands like Evergreen, Unwound, Lync, Bikini Kill, Modest Mouse, The VSS, Clikatat Ikatowi, and more. FFO: Unwound, Lync, R.E.M., and Universal Order of Armageddon. (Solid Brass Records #2)

In the late 90s, after the break up of legendary synth-punk band The VSS, 3 members regrouped in San Francisco and would eventually become Pleasure Forever. They dialed back some of the aggression of The VSS and leaned into what became their signature occult-dripping, psych-synth, cabaret darkwave sound and aesthetic. In the Summer of 1998 they released a self-titled, four song debut 12" EP and quickly followed up with another 6 song 12" entitled The Devil's Pleasures in 1999. Both EPs were later released on CD by Troubleman Unlimited with the addition of a hidden, previously unreleased track called "Penumbra-Hadabra". In 2000/2001 the trio joined Sub Pop Records and released a self-titled LP in 2001 and Alter in 2003 before disbanding and moving on to pursue other musical endeavors. In the two decades since Alter, Pleasure Forever released a collection of B-sides and cover songs entitled, Bodies Need Rest in 2007, Rothbard has released multiple solo albums under his full name Andrew Douglas Rothbard, Clifford played drums in instrumental post-metal band Red Sparowes, as well as Marriages, Jail Weddings, and more, and Hughes sang and played guitar in Relapse Records sludge metal trio Rabbits. (Solid Brass Records #6)

Antarctica formed in the late 90s after Eric Richter, the singer/guitarist from popular Denver band Christie Front Drive, moved to New York and joined forces with Glenn Maryansky, Ben Zimmerman, Nicole Waxenblatt and Chris Donohue. The band dove deep into the sounds of NYC's electronic music scene, revisited some of their favorite musical output from bands like The Church and Slowdive, and worked to meld the two musical aesthetics into something new and interesting. The result was extraordinary! The swooning, syncopated pop of New Order, the dark chill of Pornography-era Cure, the hypnotic pulse of Underworld, and the guitar harmonies of Ride and For Against coalesced into an expansive and textured example of electronic-infused shoegaze music. Antarctica's music is dark, contemplative, and eerily uplifting. (Solid Brass Records #5)

BUIO OMEGA - Diva Moment 7"
Here in the Twin Cities the local hardcore punk scene has exploded after the pandemic. A new crop of bands and large crowds of enthusiastic young fans have breathed new life into our scene. The high energy is palpable as you walk down the stairs into one of our many thriving DIY basement venues. One of the bands at the forefront of this next wave of Twin Cities bands is Buio Omega. Buio Omega plays high energy hardcore punk with a two guitar attack. Their live shows are always a sweaty mess and they have built up a cult following in the Upper Midwest. The band's demo was released as a limited lathe cut 7" that sold out in minutes. Now a proper 7" with all new tracks captures the band as they emerge from the basement filled with power and energy. Named for a cult horror film, Buio Omega draws imagery from horror and pro wrestling. Theatrical frontwoman Greer is known for her campy costumes on stage and also is the brains and talent behind the eye-catching graphics. We love this band here in the TC and this 7" is sure to Buio Omega on the map. (Havoc Records/Nostrum Records #1)

UK82/Oi from 1982 contains the original 1982 7" on No Future and 8 additional tracks. (Havoc Records/Vile Records #25)

HYPERDONTIA - Harvest Of Malevolence LP
(street date June 21st - will be shipping late this week or next). Danish/Turkish Death Metallers Hyperdontia are back with their third album. As one of the forerunners in keeping old school extremity alive, this promises to be a savage listen. Firing on all cylinders from the get-go, their relentless brand of pulverising guitars and punishing drums with intricate bass lines cut only by monstrous vocals spew forth. Monolithically mixed to grant us the most viscerally lacerating blows of Death Metal might, those who salivate for true morbidity will revel in the ecstatic putridity that immediately grips you. From the gut-wrenching rhythmic torment to the phenomenal soloing, aside from sheer brutality, Hyperdontia have technical abilities that far surpass most of their contemporaries while never feeling obnoxious with their utilisation. Some utterly mad bass guitar moments or ripping solos show a band who clearly know their way around a fretboard while the consistently savage drumming doesn't let the rhythmic battery relent. As we heard on their prior works; Hyperdontia are a confident and unforgiving entity and that continues here. Although they are inarguably merciless and intense, there is such dynamic strength on this new record from the maelstroms of grooves to the more otherworldly sections, all tied together to plunge headlong into abhorrent chaos. Barbaric and yet precise, each blow lands with ferocity and yet a cleverness to every moment is present too. If you value Death Metal being of the highest quality but without sacrificing the true macabre spirit of old, Hyperdontia is the perfect middle ground and their new album showcases that formidably. Promising a harvest of malevolence and ultimately delivering much more, Hyperdontia decimate all in their pathway with some of their most violently intense and cyclonic Death Metal to date. (Me Saco Un Ojo Records #180)

MORTAL WOUND - The Anus of the World LP
(street date June 21st - will be shipping late this week or next). L.A. death metallers MORTAL WOUND already have one insane demo and one equally filthy split under their belt which both caused a real murmur in the underground. Now their debut full length is coming for you... From the unnerving sampled introduction the the sadistically battering onslaught that follows, this record is a masterclass in well-produced Death Metal that reeks of the 90s brutality while keeping things totally organic, like a carcass rolling with maggots. The first minute of this album will churn you into a slime-like ichor with its pulverising intensity and crushingly tight instrumental hooks. These are topped with gargantuan vocals that will regurgitate any bone matter from your corpse. With a real void in the underground for bands such as this, it seems many are afraid to even try and give such an unforgiving take on extremity, or Mortal Wound intimidate the competition. With atmospherics but nothing short of total carnage at any given moment, you will constantly be in grotesque ecstasy at this abhorrent masterpiece. This is one of those releases where any lover of Death Metal will definitely be satisfied. Unsavoury soundscapes delivered with a totally incredible production showcases some of the best songwriting chops this year will hear combined with an unfathomable lust for desecration of all things, living or dead. Monstrous grooves contort with a technical proficiency that is not a pretentious show of skill as much as sonic laceration fired forth with unmistakable excellence. Not only does this harken back to some of the genres most punishing acts, Mortal Wound show they have more than enough personality and songwriting to stand on their own feet as one of the strongest Death Metal bands of the current day. Hammering furiously until the end, do you think you can withstand this record? Prove it, blast it at full volume and give yourself to this morbid offering... (Me Saco Un Ojo Records #178)

If you don't know who Government Issue is, then pick up a book on the history of the early 80s hardcore man! One of the most respected bands to emerge out of the Washington, DC scene. Government Issue really hit the mark on their 1987 release of "You" - combining their hardcore style with a more melodic edge and is considered to be their best LP ever. The Doc has reissued this for the first time since 1987. Remastered by guitarist Tom Lyle himself, it never sounded so strong, clean and punchy! Doctor's order, pick this up pronto! ((Dr. Strange Records #152)

FIELD DAY - Acquistion LP
Picking up right where Dag Nasty era 1988 left off, comes Field Day. Peter Cortner (Dag Nasty vocalist) and Doug Carrion (Dag Nasty, Descendents bassist) haven't lost a beat on this, their second 12" release to date and now available widely to their U.S. fans. Melodic D.C. style hardcore at its finest. The Doc is amped up to have finally gotten this one out! For all those kooky-crazy-colored vinyl exclusives, get in touch with the crew at Cobraside or the Doc himself. ALL of their previous releases have sold out in less than a month, this one will too! (Dr. Strange Records #151)

SSD - Get It Away LP (yellow vinyl)/cassette tape
PRE-ORDER: RELEASE DATE: 7/19/24. SSD's "Get It Away" has been out of print for four decades and is massively in demand amongst the band's rabid fan base; this is the first officially sanctioned re-press of the album since its initial pressing back in 1983. Restored by Dan Johnson at Audio Archiving Services. One of the most iconic albums of the 1980s, underground, American hardcore scene. (Trust Records #8)

CANDY - It's Inside You LP/CD/cassette tape
Candy returns with their new album, "It's Inside You." A brazen take on hardcore and metal, with disparate electronics and experimental soundscapes, "It's Inside You" sees Candy take another step forward with a compelling, extreme, and one-of-a-kind take on the genre. With "It's Inside You," Candy signals the future for what hardcore, metal, and electronics can truly be. (Relapse Records #7549)

FRAIL BODY - Artificial Bouquet LP
"Artificial Bouquet" is an 11-song album by Frail Body. Produced, engineered, and recorded by Pete Grossmann at Bricktop Recording, and mastered by Jack Shirley at The Atomic Garden (Deafheaven, Joyce Manor, Loma Prieta). Without question, "Artificial Bouquet" establishes Frail Body as leaders within the modern screamo movement. (Deathwish Records #240)

Tokyo, Japan-based outfit Loyal To The Grave has been a mainstay in the Japanese hardcore scene since 1998. The five songs on their new EP exemplify the relentless, metallic sound the band has crafted over 14 releases. Serpentine riffs and crushingly heavy drums support the dynamic vocals, punctuated by stomp-worthy breakdowns that are equal parts creative and ferocious. Limited edition of 500 copies. (Triple B Records #206)

(restock) CHAOS U.K. - Just Mere Slaves LP
Chaos UK toured Japan in 1985, a highly influential event as the served both as ambassadors for raw Bristol style UK punk in Japan, and then helped popularize the Japanese hardcore scene in the UK (and by extension the USA). No frills repro of the 1985 LP with the hot pink cover. (Havoc Records/Sewage Records #2)

Descriptions for 6/1/24

TEMPLARS - The Return Of Jacques De Molay LP (30th Anniversary 'Grandmaster' Edition)
Recorded over the course of 1993-1994 in the band's own "Acre" home studio, the TEMPLARS' debut full length, The Return Of Jacques De Molay, introduced the lo-fi DIY sound that would serve as the band's sonic signature over the coming decades. This decision was as pragmatic as it was artistic: the band having endured the loss of their previous master recordings to a failing studio/record label only a year prior. Determined to never again find themselves in that position, the TEMPLARS opted for self-recording, and the rest, as they say, is history. The Return Of Jacques De Molay has gone on to influence and inspire generations of Punk & Oi! bands worldwide. TKO is proud to present the 30th Anniversary "Grandmaster" edition of The Return Of Jacques De Molay. Featuring painstakingly remastered audio, completely reworked packaging and the overall attention to detail that you've come to expect from TKO/Templecombe reissue collaborations, we can say without hesitation that this new versions presents The Return Of Jacques De Molay as it always should have been. (TKO Records #675)

A couple years back here in Richmond, VA, a group known as INVERTEBRATES emerged from the river sludge, dropping an absolutely scorching demo AND promo tape in conjunction with the pulverizing of many a gig audience fortunate enough to witness them. While the INVERTS have stayed the course on the latter, continuing to belt out the hits in the live setting the hardcore punk faithful have been hungry for more, and folks, am I excited to let ya know the wait is over! Featuring a handful of tunes from those aforementioned tapes that many have surely worn out by now, "SICK TO SURVIVE" is ten tracks of perfectly executed "45 RPM on a 12" style hardcore punk" - meaning that while it doesn't overstay it's welcome you will be left with a few sonic rage induced lumps as a reminder of the time spent together. Truly a slab for those who love the genre yet refuse to allot time for any of the extra bullshit that comes in tow with it at this particular point of the dystopian nightmare we find ourselves in. Each record comes in a jacket with a huge fold out newsprint poster and insert, all of which were designed by singer Max Mattoon. (Beach Impediment #80)

If you follow this label, you'll know that the love for Texas is evident. Serving as a follow up to the 2022 "DEATH IS ONLY..." 12" EP, the self-titled LP by these veterans of pummeling sonic racket features ten tracks of the hardcore punk madness that their first effort exhibited they were the stalwarts of. With this new release, PEACE DECAY have elevated their songwriting prowess and fierce delivery further than before. Mastered by Jack Control at Enormous Door, each record comes in a jacket with a full color insert, both of which are garnished with an absolutely stunning painting by vocalist Enok Cado. (Beach Impediment #77)

VIDRO - Upp Till Dans 7"
International hardcore punks VIDRO have blessed us with yet another slab. Upon returning home to Stockholm from a string of US dates, VIDRO returned to the studio so belt out yet another session of their raging yet eclectic take on the ever-mutating art form that is hardcore punk. Released earlier this year by the band across the pond, Beach Impediment is proud to yet again spread the works of this powerhouse of a group in the North American region. Each record comes in a stunning risograph sleeve designed by the band's own guitarist and designer Lucas Lima. (Beach Impediment #79)

JOURNEY DOWN THE PUNK ROCK HIGHWAY: 35 years of writings and interviews - book by Jared Forman
Available after April 1st. 125 made. Hand numbered. 8" x 11.5" professionally printed book with a soft full color cover. 140 pages. Interviews with individual band members from Toxic Reasons, Doom, Happy Spastics, Adolescents, M.D C, The Avengers, History of Danger House Records, formation of ABC No Rio, Gilman Street, Reagan Youth, Subhumans, Channel 3, Social Unrest, The Hated, A P.P.LE., The Maggots, Mission of Burma, Anti- Nowhere- League, The Detonators, Distraught, False Prophets, Jersey Beat Zine, Icons Of Filth. Personal accounts, from Veterans of Punk/ Hardcore, various, genre's, styles, memories of past and present, activism. (YAGE Books #1)

SINKING SHIPS - Disconnecting CD/LP (grey marble vinyl)
Originally released in 2006, Seattle, WA's Sinking Ships' full-length Revelation debut, "Disconnecting," took a look at the trials and tribulations of everyday life. Weaving elements of melody and hard-edge riffs, Sinking Ships created a sound all their own, somewhere between the familiar echoes of hardcore bands like Bane and In My Eyes, but with their own distinct, morose overtones. New pressing now available on grey marble vinyl. (Revelation Records #136)

45 ADAPTERS - Unstoppable LP
After 15 years and numerous EPs, singles, splits, and collections, 45 Adapters are finally releasing their first proper full-length. Longtime listeners and new fans alike are bound to agree that "Unstoppable," at long last, is their definitive statement, and the record that fully captures their acclaimed live energy. For fans of Street Dogs, Cock Sparrer, Dropkick Murphys, and The Templars. (Pirates Press Records #391)

TIME HEIST - With Every Passing Moment LP/CD
Time Heist is a straight-edge hardcore band hailing from Denver, CO. Not hearing a lot of current hardcore that reminds them of the style of music they fell in love with, they decided to start something of their own. Drawing influence from the youth-crew sounds of the late 1980s to the early 2000s, they seek to inspire positive change in anyone that would like to listen. Vinyl version limited to 250 copies. (Indecision Records #181)

BAD BEAT - L.P. 2024 LP
Bad Beat is Detroit, MI's newest hardcore band offering a unique brand of fast, pissed, and snotty hardcore, the likes of which the world has never seen. The band's full-length titled "L.P. 2024" offers hardcore punk with even fewer frills than it's overly simplified title suggests, clocking in 16 tracks in just over 13 minutes. "L.P. 2024" will be Bad Beat's first full release following a two-song promo and six-song demo that were both released in 2023. Limited edition of 500 copies. (Triple B Records #205)

CONTENTION - Artillery From Heaven LP
Florida's Contention plays a bulldozing style of metallic, straight-edge hardcore inspired by the '90s heavyweights Arkangel, Day Of Suffering, and Undying, the H8000's scene, etc. (Daze Records #84)

WAR BABIES - 4: Engineering Our Own Demise cassette tape
The forth release from New York, NY's War Babies (Mike DeLorenzo of CR/Kill Your Idols/Celebrity Murders and Darren Nanos from Brain Slug/Negative Charge) showcases 11 new songs of pissed-off hardcore heavily influenced by Sick Of It All and Crossed Out, while adding a new twist of haunting, Celtic Frost guitar drone. These 11 songs cover the downfall of today's society and how society's troubles are engineering our own demise. Guest vocal spots from Tom Sheehan (Indecision/Most Precious Blood), Ron Grimaldi (Deathcycle), and Jeff Altieri (Enrage). Cassette includes digital download and is limited to 103 copies. (Trip Machine Laboratories #56 TP)

HIGHWAY EYES - Demo cassette tape
Highway Eyes is a virtual who's who of Louisville, KY, hardcore superstars. Comprised of former members of By The Grace Of God, The Enkindels, Miracle Drug, Black Widows, Automatic, and 32 Frames, Highway Eyes channel the melodic side of their previous bands crafting a sound similar to The Replacements, Fugazi, and Superchunk. Cassette includes digital download and is limited to 100 copies. (Trip Machine Laboratories #57 TP)

THOU - Umbilical LP (black vinyl)
Thou has always been a force of raw energy and unapologetic dissent, defying easy categorization and challenging listeners to confront the complexities of existence. Their latest record, "Umbilical," Thou's first full-length release of original music since their 2018 Sacred Bones' debut, "Magus," is their firmest nod to the latter - a record filled with mosh-ready riffs, heavy breakdowns, and scathing vocals. The band's aesthetic and political impulses have always been punk and, like anyone embroiled in the subculture, Thou has been exploring what it means to exist within and without a rigid morality. (Sacred Bones Records #342)

Descriptions for 5/25/24

HELLWITCH - Syzygial Miscreancy LP
HELLWITCH formed in 1984 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Something was truly in the water in Florida at the time, as its nascent scene of bands began careers that would redefine and propel extreme metal to unprecedented heights as the decade progressed. Unlike many of their much-lauded peers in the world of Florida metal, HELLWITCH's approach to thrash and death metal was decidedly technical in nature, placing their music in a liminal threshold that defied any rigid genre classification. Their debut full-length "Syzygial Miscreancy" demonstrates the group's mastery of brutal thrash as well as more progressively-minded and labyrinthine excursions with few parallels outside of perhaps early ATHEIST. Their dense compositional approach is reflected in the lyrics, with arcane song titles like "Mordrivial Dissemination" confirming that HELLWITCH was on a different artistic plane than their Satanic and Lovecraftian colleagues. Their expert musicianship is not merely an exercise in virtuosity; indeed, tracks like "Nosferatu" are blunt and anthemic enough to stand aside the greats of their era while retaining a distinct quality that makes this record remarkable. Originally released by the legendary (and infamous) Wild Rags Records in 1990, NWN! Productions is proud to bring this overlooked classic back to a vinyl format. (Nuclear War Now Records #717)

NEBIROS - Guerreros De Lucifer LP
NEBIROS was formed in 1990 in Medellin, Colombia by Jovanni Garcia, aka Sacrilegus. Joined by drummer Black Satan and bassist/guitarist Feretrum, NEBIROS stood out among their chaotic Ultrametal peers in Colombia by playing mid-paced, occult black metal in the vein of SAMAEL, ROTTING CHRIST, and "Deathcrush"-era MAYHEM. Their first demo is the sole recording featuring Sacrilegus before his untimely murder in 1992, although his lyrics would be used for several more years. Black Satan was soon replaced by Dominus Saevitum, and the group would remain a duo throughout the rest of its initial run. Their debut full-length "Guerreros de Lucifer" arrived in 1996 and remains an outstanding example of 90s black metal. Each of its eight tracks is a fully realized piece, with a mournful sense of melodicism driving their overall musical vision. While homage is paid to their aforementioned influences, NEBIROS' songwriting skill and genuine conviction place them directly in conversation with their European counterparts as opposed to a mere genre exercise. The epic title track alone is worth the price of admission. With a low-fidelity recording style and a truly cult cover photo, "Guerreros de Lucifer" belongs in the canon of classic international 90s black metal. Originally self-released by the band in 1996, NWN! Productions is proud to bring this release to a deservedly wider audience. (Nuclear War Now Records #716)

LOS SAICOS - The Complete Recordings cassette tape
The archaeology of rock'n'roll is much like any other form of digging. Significant finds demand the re-addressing of previously considered certainty. You can hear direct links to both The Stooges and The Cramps here and several more equally enthralling combos. The latter spawned several generations of individuals who would dig deep to previously (mostly) unheard seams of music and other forms of culture that have since become part of the mainstream fabric. When Los Saicos' front man Erwin Flores was asked how aware he and his friends were of what was happening in Britain and the US at the time, here's what he had to say: "We knew the Beatles, they were our idols. We heard the Rolling Stones after recording 'Demolición' and also Bob Dylan and others. The primitive nature of our songs is something that came spontaneously out of my head. The band had no problem with assimilating and arranging it. We thought of ourselves as bad boys and that must have been a driving force." (Munster Records/Discos De Hoy #631)

EXTORTION - Threats 7"
Picking up where 2022's "Seething" EP left off, "Threats" finds a reinvigorated EXTORTION further distilling their water tight stop/start anti-feedback power violence velocity to "communicate... something. actually, a LOT of something- too much panic, too much frustration, too much nausea, too much of everything." The new EP is an absolute brain pummel that will leave you more destroyed than ever. Seriously, this band just keeps getting faster and tighter and more ferocious with no limit to what they can do. EXTORTION is a gift... just don't look 'em in the mouth. 600 on black 70gr vinyl housed in a 12pt custom die cut jacket with lyric insert included. Recorded by Sam Johnson at The Black Lodge. Mixed and Mastered by Will Killingsworth at Dead Air. Artwork by Rohan Harrison. (Iron Lung Records #279)

DIRECT THREAT - Endless Siege 7"
The pack is back with six scorching new Oi! infused American hardcore tracks that will boil you over and leave everything in your path a smoldering wastepile. Denver has never been known as a mild place and "Endless Siege" reflects DIRECT THREAT's harsh environment to a tee, tackling subjects ranging from a monotonous reality sparking violence to hopeless futures to threats and paranoia. To say life is uneasy is putting it mildly and mild is something DT just doesn't fuck with. Our favorite lyric line on the record sums it all up nicely: "We are the hammer and they are the nail." If you let these sounds fuel your fight, you cannot lose. 500 on black 70gr vinyl housed in a 350 gsm reverse board glue pocket sleeve with lyric sheet included. Recorded by Joey Hidalgo, Ryan Jones and River English. Mixed and mastered by Will Killingsworth. Art and Layout by Andoni de la Cruz. (Iron Lung Records #269)

Finally, the incendiary self titled DIRECT THREAT demo from 2021 gets the vinyl treatment. Back then we wrote: "From start to stop this is pure rage in the truest sense. The Denver Wolfpack has been running strong for a while now and if the likes of ASBESTOS, SNARLING HATE, CITY HUNTER, PITBUL, COMBAT FORCE or VEIL II have caught your ear in recent times, then you need this in the arsenal as well. The sound of boots crushing skulls. No frills, no nonsense hardcore punk." It still rings true. 300 copies on black 70gr vinyl housed in a 12pt reverse board custom ILR die cut jacket with mini poster/lyrics sheet included. Recorded by James Trejo. Mixed/mastered by Will Killingsworth. Art by Sam. The pack is small but the bite is hard. (Iron Lung Records #206)

KLONNS - Heaven LP
"Heaven" is the culmination of many years' hard work and careful consideration of all the modern methods of outsider and extreme music being funneled into one comprehensive overview of Japan's underground culture as KLONNS sees it. Since their 2016 inception, they have drawn inspiration not only from their allies in the punk/hardcore scene, but also their friends from other scenes such as techno, experimental music, industrial/noise, hip-hop, etc. A united creative community of forward thinking maniacs centered on pushing culture in a positive direction. The "NEW WAVE OF JAPANESE HARDCORE" has never sounded more necessary. 600 on black, 200 on white and 200 on red with black splatter 150gr vinyl housed in a 24pt reverse board jacket with insert included. Recorded by Yui Kimijima (Tsubame Studio) & Yusuke Shinma (Studio REIMEI). Mixed by Yusuke Shinma. Mastered by Charles Toshio (The Panda Studios). Art by 1797071. Logo by KTYL. Desigh by Keigo Kurematsu. Released in Japan by the ultimate homie, Black Hole. (Iron Lung Records #270)

KLONNS - Crow 7"
As a child my mother told me not to play with incendiaries but I just loved the way things looked as they exploded and burned. All that searing heat and crackling destruction made me thirst for more, for bigger, for total annihilation. That is how KLONNS feels too. "Crow" is four chunks of aural dynamite come together to form an EP chock full of explosive Japanese HC in the vein of the greats like BASTARD, LIP CREAM or DEATH SIDE. Listen loudly and dance until it's only ashes left... 2nd press is 300 on black 70gr vinyl housed in a reverse board glue pocket sleeve with lyric sheet and download card included. Recorded, mixed and mastered by Yui Kimijima. Art and design by Keigo Kurematsu. (Iron Lung Records #212)

SECT MARK - Self Obliteration LP
Self Obliteration is defined as any behavior that is harmful or potentially harmful towards the person who engages in the behavior. It is also applied to the potential at a communal or global level for the entire human race to destroy itself through the technological choices made by society and their possible consequences. Keeping that in mind and applying that knowledge toward writing fucked up hardcore you can start to see into the world of Sect Mark with all its darkness and anger being the driving forces. There is no beauty left in that world, no light. And in that world this is pure poetry: "Eat the broken stones, the old picutres of the churches; the pebbles of gone floods, loaves scattered in the gray valleys." 300 on black and 200 on red/black/white splatter 150gr vinyl housed in a 24pt jacket with insert included. Recorded in Rome. Mixed and mastered by Fabio Banfio. Art by Francesco Goats. (Iron Lung Records #260)

NEGATIVES - Whole Lotta Shakin' 7"
In the early days of punk amidst the gritty pop riffing and cocaine blasted glam holdovers of CBGB, Max's Kansas City and the like, Negatives sauntered into life as an anti-poser power trio who enjoyed writing music that was anything but pop. Consisting of reconfigured fallout from The Erotics and Inside Out (no, not that Inside Out), they employed a jagged, machine tight, hyped up guitar centric new wave approach to skewer what little public actually saw them with biting tracks about drugging, paranoia, anxiety and the mindless contentment of standard humans. Big city shit... Without much support, they managed to gig for about 6 months or so before disappearing into the hazy annals of the "me decade". They did manage to track a few songs and release this lone EP that was all but lost until a lucky thumb met a curious eye in a New York record bin. With some help from friends, we were able to rescue this incredible EP from obscurity and we are beyond excited to offer this KBD monster to you now, freshly remastered from the original and finally in a picture sleeve. 500 copies on black 70gr vinyl housed in a 12 pt reverse board custom ILR silver lined glue pocket sleeve. Originally recorded in a now long defunct rehearsal studio in midtown Manhattan around 1979/1980. Exact dates are unknown as the master tapes were lost a long time ago. Recut and remastered by John Golden in 2023. Art by Jensen Ward. (Iron Lung Records #265)

HOMELESS CADAVER - Champale Wishes And Cadaviar Dreams 7"
What started out as an exciting career kick off back in 2019, with the "Fat Skeleton" EP on Iron Lung Records, HOMELESS CADAVER continued to write with the intention of making more records and finally playing a show but the 2020 police had alternate plans for the band. We don't need to get into the details on that but they're out now and picking up where they left off. Before the break they had recorded most of these four songs intended for a release on a Southern Californian label (details also withheld here, NDA blah blah blah) but the label didn't have the patience to deal with the mess so HC was dropped and the world moved on. Well kinda, it was early 2020, so I guess you could say the world moved... in. Anyway, the band finished the songs late last year and sent them to us so here we are, offering stripped down, juvenile thug synth KBD inspired garage stains about hustling, dating and excessive pleasures. Speaking of excessive, at one point during the "Champale Wishes and Cadaviar Dreams" (title of the century if you ask me! -Jensen) completion phase the band did up some deluxe horn and string arrangements to accompany the EP. And then laughed really really hard when they threw them directly in the trash because "that shit sucks" and "what are we Juliards?". They certainly have a way with words... 200 copies of black 70gr vinyl housed in a hand cut and assembled, silk screened glue pocket sleeve. Recorded in their rehearsal shed. Mixed and mastered by Greg Wilkinson. Art by Nick Name. (Iron Lung Records #275)

PRIMITIVE WARFARE - Extinction Protocol LP
The debut full-length from South Carolina's war metal operatives Primitive Warfare! Eight tracks of ultra-fast grinding black/death metal that doesn't let up for the entire runtime. For fans of Revenge, Angelcorpse, Antichrist Siege Machine, etc. "Primitive Warfare's 'Extinction Protocol' is a fine example of pure cutting edge sonic mutilation, raw and powerful! It reminds me of the early days of South American black metal with a touch of modern sonic craft. Don't tell me I didn't warn you!" - Iggor Cavalera LPs are housed in uncoated thick stock jackets with army green interior flood, complete with obi strip and 11" insert. (Stygian Black Hand Records #65 TP)

STRESS ANGEL - Punished by Nemesis LP
The highly anticipated sophomore full-length from maniacal deathrashers Stress Angel! At the forefront, the songwriting on "Punished by Nemesis" demonstrates the maturation (or putrefaction) of Stress Angel's already established sound, driving deeper into the twisted corridors of death, thrash, and first wave black metal. Weaving within, between, and beyond these classifications, the countless riffs on this album solidify Stress Angel's reputation as not only wizened practitioners of the craft, but innovators as well. Leading the punishment, drummer/vocalist Manny Sores continues his campaign of old metal piledriving with a thunderous performance that forces heads to bang and eventually roll (as a privileged few who have witnessed his mastercraft live can attest), while his tormented screams expose sickening truths about those who don the cloth and preach the holy word. Session soldier Hank S. Blackyard also returns on bass with his now-signature grim and gristly tone, beefing up the already muscular strings laid out with a butcher's precision by guitarist Nicolai Orifice. All the while, the warm, familiar production evokes a feeling not unlike what one may have experienced dropping the needle on "Mental Funeral" or putting a dub of "Anno Domini" in the tape deck for the first time 35 years ago. Hear the Jericho trumpet blare to herald "Punished by Nemesis", a necessary evil for those who crave to be punished by authentic thrashing metal of death. In their own words, Stress Angel state, "'Punished By Nemesis' aims only to torment and abuse your already demented existence". Recommended for fans of Autopsy, Tormentor, Old, and Aura Noir. Includes 11" insert, poster, sticker, and postcard. (Stygian Black Hand Records #61 TP)

PAGAN - Acolytes cassette tape
Stygian Black Hand proudly presents the brand new EP "Acolytes" from legendary 90s Turkish black metal cult PAGAN! "Acolytes" finds the original 1998 lineup reconvened to restore the shamanic flames of old with three tracks invoking the ancient spirit invigorated with a new ferocity. Highly recommended for fans of Varathron, Zemial, Mayhem, and Mortuary Drape. Pro-duplicated cassettes on dark gold shells with black padprint. Limited to 100 copies worldwide. (Stygian Black Hand Records #64 TP)

ANTICHRIST SIEGE MACHINE - Vengeance of Eternal Fire cassette tape
As the mighty Evil has come to man, so has ANTICHRIST SIEGE MACHINE summoning the darkness with their third LP "Vengeance Of Eternal Fire" set for release on April 19th. Expanding upon the latent evil in their hearts and inspired by the prophecies of Old, ANTICHRIST SIEGE MACHINE cast their lot with the demons of Hell. Each track on "Vengeance Of Eternal Fire" bears the banner of violence and chaos, furthering the duo's commitment to utter brutality. Pro-duplicated cassettes on light blue shells with black print, limited to 200 copies worldwide. (Stygian Black Hand Records #66 TP)

MALOKARPATAN - Vertumnus Caesar cassette tape
A masterful work of Slovakian black heavy metal on analog format, comprising pro-duplicated cassettes on dark blue shells with silver print, with lyrics translated to English. Mapping the mysterious life of Emperor Rudolf II, infamous for his involvement in the esoteric arts, the album is an adventurous ride through the days of late renaissance hermeticism, an occult rock opera dimming the lines between first-wave black metal, classic heavy metal, and progressive rock. Truly one of a kind! (Stygian Black Hand Records #63 TP)

IRON FLAMES - Immortal Hero of Eternal Time cassette tape
From the ancient forge of Italy burns IRON FLAMES. This duo delivers hammering death metal with a unique approach that invokes the power of the cosmos. Stygian Black Hand is proud to present their debut trilogy on cassette format. In this final installment of the trilogy, IRON FLAMES drive towards a fiery climax with two epic hymns. Rich with muscular riffs and an onslaught of blasting battery, "Immortal Hero of Eternal Time" completes the tale of the omnidimensional conqueror's ascent to glorious victory. Highly recommended for disciples of Imperator, Vader, Sarcófago, Obscurity, Morbid Angel D-G, etc. Pro-duplicated on Super Ferro tape in matte black shells. Limited to 100 copies worldwide. (Stygian Black Hand Records #53 TP)

LEFT CROSS - Upon Desecrated Altars cassette tape
Emerging in 2015 with a uniquely hostile brand of war charged death metal, Virginia's LEFT CROSS quickly established themselves as a merciless live act seemingly incapable of restraint. Forging and refining their sound over several releases, LEFT CROSS continued their relentless assault while losing none of their murderous intent. Now veterans of countless campaigns, LEFT CROSS returns to unleash their sophomore effort, "Upon Desecrated Altars". A cacophonous offering, "Upon Desecrated Altars" joins grotesque melodies with an inhuman vehemence that forgoes any ambiguity. Little to no respite can be found as each track builds upon the devastation of the last, ultimately rising to a crescendo of conquest. With a salvo of blistering solos, thunderous percussion and infernal commands, LEFT CROSS declares victory and marches onward. Pro-duplicated tapes on oxblood shells with deluxe two-color padprint, including metallic gold base layer featuring album artwork. Limited to 200 copies worldwide. (Stygian Black Hand Records #60 TP)

BEASTGOD - Black Goat Victorious cassette tape
Comprising long-time participants in the Stockholm/Uppsala underground, BEASTGOD craft blasphemous war metal in a crusade against holiness and the son of God. On the self-produced "Black Goat Victorious", they pronounce their death command with four rapid bursts sure to galvanize militant devotees who hail Blasphemy, Angelcorpse, and Conqueror. Pro-duplicated cassettes with transparent yellow shells and white padprint. 5-panel foldout j-card. Limited to 100 copies worldwide. (Stygian Black Hand Records #59 TP)

MITTERNACHT - Blasphemous Warfare cassette tape
Three tracks of raw, wrathful black metal for fans of the grim, aggressive second wave style perfected by Darkthrone and perverted by Katharsis. MITTERNACHT is a black metal project from the United States which exists to preserve the flame of old school black metal orthodoxy. Originally released in 2021, "Blasphemous Warfare" is now reissued on a grander scale by Stygian Black Hand for worldwide dissemination. Pro-duplicated on Super Ferro tapes, limited to 100 copies worldwide. (Stygian Black Hand Records #56 TP)

BLACK EUCHARIST - Inn of the Vaticide LP/cassette tape
Originally under the moniker Black Ejaculate, Black Eucharist began in 2018 with the sole purpose of blasphemy and ridicule of Nazareth's infamous liar who shat himself upon the cross. After a name change in 2021, Black Eucharist return with darkness and evil to continue where they left off, following in the footsteps of their USBM predecessors Profanatica, Demoncy, VON, and Masochist among others: Biblical dejection, phallic corruption, and holy profanation manifest in the utterings of this treacherous triumvirate. At long last unleashing their first full-length, Inn of the Vaticide, the power-trio of drummer Shemhamforash (Blood Ouroboros, Graven Hag), vocalist/guitarist Infestor (Demiser, Primitive Warfare), and bassist Gravepisser (Demiser) proceed to blow the floodgates open with a vile stream of viscera and effluvium. As a debut album, Inn of the Vaticide does what it should: carrying forward the sound & style as set forth on a demo and then adding new vulgarity & violence, hammering home the message with both authority and daresay swagger. Truly, Black Eucharist add to and elevate their noble influences, stylistically slotting among the aforementioned but never fully feasting on the corpse of the past. Imagination and perversity are in equal supply here. (Stygian Black Hand Records #55)

ADOLESCENTS - The Rob Ritter Tapes: Live At Starwood 1980/1981 CD or LPx2 with CD
Punk rock pioneers ADOLESCENTS are set to release a historic double LP, titled "The Rob Ritter Tapes - Live At Starwood 1980/1981" capturing the raw energy and essence of their blue album line-up. This unique collection, set to drop May 17, 2024, serves as a 40+ year historical document, offering fans an unfiltered glimpse into the band's early days. This double LP is not a new studio album but a sonic time capsule that showcases the band's live performances in their purest form. The recordings, sourced from an old cassette tape provided by the late Rob Ritter in 1985, exude a raw, low-fidelity charm with bum notes, flat voices, and guitar tuning imperfections that capture the essence of punk rock in its formative years. "I found this in one of my cassette tapes boxes. No one has heard these particular tapes, and they have not been released prior to this collection," says singer Tony Reflex, reflecting on the discovery during the pandemic-induced garage cleanup. The first show, recorded on December 9th, 1980, at the Starwood in Hollywood, coincided with the aftermath of the deaths of Darby Crash and John Lennon. The poignant performances reflect a band navigating through a turbulent time, providing solace through their music. From unique introductions to tape cuts during long waits, the nuances of the show are preserved, including different lyrics for "Self Destruct" and "No Friends" before they were changed for the Blue Album recording. The second show, recorded on March 24th, 1981, also at the Starwood, showcases the band on the brink of releasing their album. With dedication to Jim Houseman, the songwriter of "Democracy", and plenty of cringeworthy stage banter, this set captures ADOLESCENTS evolving sound and stage presence during a period of rapid growth. "The Rob Ritter Tapes - Live At Starwood 1980/1981" is a must-have for fans of punk rock history, offering an intimate and unpolished look into the formative years of one of the genre's most influential bands. Both previously unreleased live recordings will be available via Conrade Jungle Records as ltd. digisleeve Double-CD, ltd. colored 180 gram Double-Vinyl (incl. the entire recordings on Double-CD) and digital on May 17, 2024 - providing a sonic journey back to the streets of Hollywood in the early '80s. (Concrete Jungle Records #2927353)

NIGHT VERSES - Every Sound Has A Color In The Valley Of Night LPx2
Hailing from Fullerton, CA, Night Verses first galvanized listeners with their 2012 EP, "Out Of The Sky," merging prog, alt-metal, post-rock, and ambient electronica into their own intoxicating strain of cinematic metal. The band released their first instrumental album in 2018 with the critically acclaimed "From The Gallery Of Sleep," which cemented them as fearless, genre-defying innovators. Now after a five-year wait that's felt like an eternity, Night Verses is back to reclaim their rightful place at the forefront of progressive, heavy music. (Equal Vision Records #489)

Long overdue reissue of the 1980, debut 12"ep, "No Sorrow," from Los Angeles, CA's early deathrock punks Legal Weapon, featuring Patricia Morrison (the Bags, The Gun Club, The Sisters Of Mercy, The Damned) on bass. From the analog master, plus two unreleased, live tracks from the Mabuhay Gardens, straight from the board. Includes an eight-page, oversized booklet with never-before-seen photos by Edward Colver. Limited edition of 500 copies. (Mono Records #11)

BOSSK - .4 LPx2
One of the shining beacons of the UK post-metal scene, Bossk has steadily built up an unrepentantly loyal following since 2005. Before they reach the big 20, the band is taking this opportunity to take pause and reflect on their past and all the hard graft that has led them to become one of the most lauded bands in the genre. ".4," the latest in a series of numbered releases that presents material outside the remit of Bossk's full-length album output, is a celebration of those 20 years and provides an enticing aperitif for their third album proper, to be released sometime in 2025. (Deathwish Inc #244)

Municipal Waste made a name for themselves as THE band of the thrash-metal revival of the 2000s. Formed in 2001, the band is known for their energetic and humorous approach to crossover thrash. Their "Tango & Thrash" EP is now available as a full-length with four additional tracks. (Nuclear Blast Records #7106)

Descriptions for 5/18/24

SABBAT - Karmagmassacre LPx2
Sabbat's eighth full-length from 2003 is now reissued on vinyl for their USA fans. This edition boasts a new layout comprised of original art from the era of the initial album release, revised track order and a new vinyl master provided by Gezol, as well as a screen printed side D. (Nuclear War Now Records #709)

BOOTLICKER - 1000 Yd. Stare LP
Bootlicker's newest album, 1000 Yard Stare is 10 tracks of violent music for a vile world. Musically, this sees the group sticking to their UK82 meets American Hardcore with the echoes of Discharge guiding the hand. Skeptix, Special Duties, Svart Framtid are the seasoning. D-Beat propulsion and the knobs broken off at 11. (Neon Taste Records #37)

GATECREEPER - s/t LP (10th anniversary edition)
10 year anniversary edition with 4 bonus songs. Remastered. After forming in Arizona in 2013, Gatecreeper amassed a significant, dedicated, and very diverse fanbase around the world pretty rapidly. Becoming known for their combination of creativity and brutality, as well as devastating live performances, these early songs cemented what would become the backbone of their undeniable sound. From there the legend has only grown as they have released several highly-regarded albums while touring the world playing alongside some of metal and hardcore's most notable acts. On this 10th anniversary release we find the 4 original tracks from their eponymous 2014 debut, plus 3 songs from their out-of-print split 7"s with YAITW and TOAD, and the 4-way split LP on Melotov. Completely remastered for vinyl by James Plotkin (Bongripper, Voivod, Khanate) and pressed at 45rpm for maximum punishment, the record also includes updated back cover artwork and poster insert. (King of The Monsters #52)

LUCUBRATION - Aspiration Of Corrupted Ancient Blood LP
NWN! Productions is proud to present "Aspiration of Corrupted Ancient Blood," the first demo from Finnish group LUCUBRATION. From some of the twisted minds behind OKSENNUS and KUILU, this demo consists of two expansive tracks of total sonic oppression. While this music shares a kinship with the pounding barbarism of CONQUEROR and BEHERIT and the bizarre, sculptural death metal of ANTEDILUVIAN, LUCUBRATION pushes their art into uniquely disturbing realms of abstraction and unease. Album opener "Decease the Rotten Beast" offers its listener a bludgeoning of unrelenting darkness before its blasts are torn apart by an excruciating staccato coupled with suffocating harsh noise. Subverting any and all expectations, the track moves into pure electronic abstraction and, ultimately, silence. The intentionality of its negative space is truly unsettling. The titular second track further deconstructs the form of its own genre, beginning with mournful power electronics recalling "Hole in the Heart"-era RAMLEH buried under layers of choking funeral doom. The atmosphere shares a commonality with fellow funeralists STABAT MATER while still existing firmly in its own paradigm. LUCUBRATION is a compelling entity whose very existence suggests that the limits of extreme music have not yet been clearly defined nor discovered. Limited to 250 copies on 160 gram vinyl with jacket and insert. (Nuclear War Now Records #686)

VENEFICES - Incubacy//Succubacy LP
From the ashes of cult Polish horde BESTIAL RAIDS comes a new offering of obscure black art. VENEFICES formed in 2019 in Kielce, featuring personnel who have contributed to the aforementioned BESTIAL RAIDS as well as DOOMBRINGER and CULTES DES GHOULES. "Venefices" is an archaic English word that fell out of use in the 1600s that roughly translates to "a sorcerous poisoning". No name could be more apt for this group. A truly hexed bestial assault, VENEFICES' sound is at once classically primitive and troublingly idiosyncratic. Maniacal blasts cascade over a morass of psychotic riffs to form a musical language that is truly sadistic. Of particular note here are the vocals, handled by Sadist. It is rare that an extreme metal vocalist can provide a performance that is this dynamic and menacing. It is chilling and fittingly poisonous. "INCUBACY//SUCCUBACY" compiles VENEFICES' titular demos from 2020 and 2023, respectively. (Nuclear War Now Records #672)

Emerging from the shadows of obscurity, "I.B.L.I.S." marks the inaugural full-length release from the enigmatic entity known as BAPHORATOR. With few details known about this anonymous group, BAPHORATOR released an eponymous demo of chaotic bestial black metal in 2023 to much underground acclaim. This new offering further refines the craft displayed on the demo, delivering an unrelenting onslaught of malevolent war metal with a suffocating, grim atmosphere. This record was completely improvised, creating a raw spontaneity akin to the first BESTIAL SUMMONING demo. Taking influence from classic black death metal of the 80s and early 90s, BAPHORATOR channels the lunar chaos of Finnish legends BEHERIT, the muscular violence of Brazil's IMPURITY, and the arcane malevolence of South East Asian groups ABHORER and RATOR. "IBLIS" is the rare record that truly epitomizes the evil inherent in black death war metal art, with no recourse allowed for the sensitive listener. A sonic representation of hell, BAPHORATOR is a standout release of 2024. (Nuclear War Now Records #708)

WOODSTOCK 99 - 99 Ta Life LP
Woodstock 99 follows up 2022's Super Gremlin with another deep dive into Cleveland's hallucinogen-soaked hardcore underbelly. While Woodstock 99 typically delights in obliterating your expectations, you could get through almost the whole A side of 99 Ta Life thinking they've made a conventional (for them, at least) hardcore punk record. And their hardcore chops have only sharpened since Super Gremlin, with brilliant, memorable riffs, powerful and confident playing, and uniquely demented vocals. However, even at their most straightforward, you never know where Woodstock 99's songs will go, darting between parts in ways that surprise you on the first listen, but sound perfectly natural once you've acclimated to the group's cracked logic. While that logic colors the hardcore tracks on the A side, on the B side, Woodstock 99 charges headlong into the void. "99 Problems" is a psychedelic ramble that wanders through a succession of modes before a sudden explosion brings the track to an abrupt end. Closer "Za Rat King" is the masterpiece, though, an eight-minute journey composed and performed with the assistance of artificial intelligence where a hooky four-bar phrase haunts a glitched-out universe encompassing a dizzying parade of genres and musical traditions. Like a lot of Woodstock 99's music, it really interrogates the boundary between genius and idiocy. So strap in, grab Woodstock 99's hand, and follow as they lead us even further down the rabbit hole. (Sorry State Records #139)

VALTATYHJIO - Kuristusleikki 7"
Following up their Lukko cassette from 2021, Sorry State presents the debut vinyl from Joensuu, Finland's Valtatyhjio. While Valtatyhjio takes inspiration from furious 80s Finnish hardcore punk, they don't allow reverence for the classics to box in their sound, crafting a unique and instantly identifiable blend of hardcore, punk, metal, and rock and roll. The title track leads off Kuristusleikki by going straight for the jugular, but by the second song, "Petoksen Messias," the scope widens, bringing in black metal touches and double bass drumming, the creative and tasteful deployment of which is a hallmark of Valtatyhjiö's sound. On the b-side, "Viilto Kerrallaan" has a big riff and a rock-and-roll swing, while "Riite" closes the EP on an ominous note, sounding like a more hateful version of label-mates Zorn. Like Zorn, Valtatyhjiö's music floats between hardcore, punk, and metal seamlessly and organically. While those genres can feel like they've been done to death, Valtatyhjiö finds their voice in the spaces between and across them, their originality granting them direct access to the intensity at this music's core. (Sorry State Records #130)

CHAOS OK - Demo cassette tape
Sorry State presents the first release from Chaos OK, a new band featuring Nick Goode (from Logic Problem, Brain Flannel, and Joint D‚) on guitar and vocals, another Sorry State alumnus in Corey Long (drummer of the almighty Bukkake Boys,) and Eric from Atlanta's mysterious and elusive Loverman project. Nick's expressionistic guitar style, informed equally by Hendrix, Kawakami, and the guy from Tampax, warmly returns to the label throughout these five tracks. The torrent of feedback and treble on the opener, "a rithm," instantly recalls Joint D‚ at their most explosive; now fused with Corey & Eric's crushing rhythms, we're gifted an acutely weaponized bombast. While the tape starts with a hailstorm of chaotic energy, the latter three tracks brood, swerve, surge, and seethe, the cycles of tension and release as powerful and inevitable as the weather (the leather). Songs about seeing the trees for the forest-the brutally xeroxed repetition of the dissolving future, templated expression, grotesque oversaturation, when what used to excite you does not. Lamentations of the modern dance, the sounds of smuggling punk with you into your late 30s. As in their past projects, these guys continue to machete their way through the thickets, hungrily stumbling onto weird and new directions in raging, articulate hardcore. (Sorry State Records #142 TP)

DIABOLIC OATH - Oracular Hexations LP
The abysmal alchemists of lysergic black/death abominations Diabolic Oath are back with their most warped and devastating work to date. On their new sophomore full-length uncreation "Oracular Hexations" the band's staple approach of using completely fretless stringed instruments and a triple simultaneous vocal attack to depredate the listener's psyche, reaches truly majestic and catastrophic forms. Their technically daring and transformative approach to the usually dogmatic "war metal" craft has metastasized as a highly divergent and enigmatic mutation within the genre itself, where the crushing heaviness of the riffs concocted to their unconventional creation has resulted in an alterante reality of bestial black metal unbound with truly unseen and unthinkable auditory monstrosities. Shapeless, formless and free of any boundaries, the six lengthy spells contained within "Oracular Hexations" assume an almost globulous, chimeric form, appearing horrendous and misshapen to the listener as they morph and four-dimensionally sprawl like a sensorially annihilating mass devouring the psyche. The gnarled and grotesque nature of chords and musical structures created evoke a sense of disorienting and otherworldly disembodiment, becoming a fertile ground for degenerate forms of ritualism and esotericism that weave an unsettling conceptual canvas rife for the propagation of the absurd. Unbound with cryptic and abstruse mutterings about cosmological, multi-dimensional and impossible states of being, "Oracular Hexations" is an hallucinatory convergence between technical, crushing and flesh-scouring musical genius and truly grotesque forms of composition and storytelling. An indissoluble dualism between primeval destruction and inscrutable bewilderment which will test the psyche and flesh of those subjected to the album's surrealistic destructive force. (Sentient Ruin Laboratories #228)

THE SPITS - The Spits LP (white vinyl)
Limited reissue of 500 white vinyl copies. Think garage rock meets new wave meets the Ramones. Out of print since 2008!! (Nickle & Dime Records #1)

MESS - Under Attack LP
With all eyes seemingly on the international street-punk scene during a time of boundless creativity, Guadalajara, Mexico's Mess stands poised to make a global impact. After making a huge impression with their opening salvo of singles and EPs, as well as a split with UK heroes The Chisel, the 14-song full-length "Under Attack" is Mess' most fully formed creative vision to date, showcasing a timeless sound across songs like "Leave Me Alone," "Fueled By Rage," and the impossibly catchy, mid-tempo anthem "In The City." Originally released last year in Europe, the time has come for this extraordinary debut full-length to go worldwide. (Pirates Press Records #394)

FULL OF HELL - Aurora Leaking From An Open Wound 7"
Previously released as a tour exclusive, this EP features three exclusive songs available for the first time to everyone. (Closed Casket Activities/Full of Hell #6)

GATECREEPER - Dark Superstition LP
The new wave of American death metal needs a breakout album, and "Dark Superstition" is it. Gatecreeper's third full-length sees the Arizona death-metal specialists - vocalist Chase H. Mason, guitarists Eric Wagner and Israel Garza, drummer Metal Matt Arrebollo, and bassist Alex Brown - carving out their own path. The record is a direct result of Gatecreeper's experience, musical refinement, and commitment to death metal. (Nuclear Blast Records #7223)

TAXI GIRLS - Coming Up Roses LP
Taxi Girls are a high-energy rock trio hailing from Montreal, Canada. Comprised of three talented and fierce ladies - Jamie, Vera and Lynn - this band is quickly making a name for themselves with their unique brand of punk rock that blends the classic sound of the Ramones with the fiery spirit of the Muffs and a dash of Veruca Salt. Since forming in 2022, Taxi Girls have quickly gained a dedicated fan base with their electrifying live shows and infectious hooks. Their debut EP, "Coming Up Roses", will be released in July of 2023 on Wild Honey Records (vinyl, Europe, via Cobraside for the USA) and Dirt Cult Records (cassette tape, USA). (Wild Honey Records #81)

SIOUXIE & THE SKUNKS - Songs About Cuddles LP
Take 5 kids, put new toys in their hands and abandon them in a dirty garage with a fair amount of alcohol and rock 'n roll; a nice soak in punk, a smattering of good intentions and let them fry properly: these are Siouxie & the Skunks, (not too) healthy bearers of that sacred fire that only shamans and teenagers know how to guard. Screams, tearful ballads and lacerating songs. Get closer, warm yourself, but be careful not to burn. Behind them is the debut EP, totally self-produced, 'Songs about girls', a collection of bad luck and victories derived from the encounter/clash with the fairer sex. It could only end badly. A DIY album is in the pipeline which will be released in March, Songs about Cuddles, produced by Wild Honey Records, which will be possible to get a taste of during their live shows. You can find them as performers in the best festivals, in the wildest parties, in characteristic taverns and in the homes of the most adventurous. For Fans of: Amyl and The Sniffers, Bikini Kill, The Stooges, Lambrini Girls. Limited to 500 copies worldwide. (Wild Honey Records #84)

Descriptions for 5/12/24

EARTHDOGS - Distorted Static Addicts 7"
EARTHDOGS crawls out of the polluted water of the bay to deliver their second EP of six new vile tracks of noise-wall-blast-beat-mayhem. The band takes the sound of raw Japanese hardcore and blends it with satanic evil - think the ferocity of FRAMTID, the rawness of BLASPHEMY, riffs ala G.I.S.M., sprinkle in some blast beats and a heavy dose of down-tuned minor chords, and you got yourself the nauseatingly distorted concoction called "Distorted Static Addicts." Raw punk meets power violence meets black metal - ski masks meet studs and spikes. Limited to 300, black vinyl. Co-release with To Live a Lie. (625 Records #314)

KRIEGSHOG - Love & Revenge LP
KRIEGSHOG is back. Five years after their last single and 14 since their debut album, the Tokyo Hardcore band finally delivers a new release. Love and Revenge is a record of consummate savagery and monster riffs. Picking up where Paint It Black 7" left, and moving forward as a heavy toned hardcore record that finds the band in its own realm. While following the Japanese tradition of long running bands operating at their own pace and mastering their sound along the way. The band leave behind their speedier sound, moving now at a slower tempo but still pummelling their riffing sound. The incorporation of a new drummer, adds much more than a steady beat, amplifying the KRIEGSHÖG sonic experience. Their sound is bass-driven to the point of near hypnosis, becoming quasi-psychedelic at times. The guitar tone is a nasty crunch and the vocal delivery has only got more brutal, with a glass eating demon on the mic conjuring the darkest side of your soul. Perfect for night rides into the abyss. Their influences are still there. With KURO, ZOUO or THE CLAY shaking hands with the darkest 70's hard rock via JERUSALEM and modern stoner rock via KYUSS or SLEEP. And the band motto still remains the same... PLAY LOUD AND DIE. (La Vida Es Un Mus #300)

Home Front are here to offer relief - you loved Games of Power and you loved "Nation" so here it is on 12"s of the deepest widest grooves imaginable. Blast this out of every open window you have access to and make sure they hear you screaming in the commons. Backed by "Slice of Paradise" - an unthinkably catchy neo-diy new wave ballad that could win Eurovision and shine your boots at the same time, and "Jupiter" - a synth grooved, Tangerine Dream tinged lost soundtrack to Rock Em Sock Em 10. Bang the walls, bang your head, cry yourself to sleep, and Scream at a Nation. -Jonah Right in time to kick off Home Front's UK/EU Tour we decided to release a tour only 12" with an extended mix of Nation and two beef'ed up outtakes from the Games Of Power session. Come out and snag one!!! (La Vida Es Un Mus #291)

BALTA - Mindenki Mindig Minden Ellen 7"
BALTA's follow up to their Rendszerszintu Agybaszas 7" (MUS257 - 2022) is exactly what we expected. A seven-track cacophony of feral hardcore punk with little compassion for our ears. Affiliated with Budapest's underground Hardcore Radikal movement their noise is not posture, but a cry for autonomous freedom; Anywhere and at any price. Drawing influences from noise visionaries worldwide, from PSYCHO SIN to PESTE to FIRMEZA 10, they occupy their own space amongst the current idealist, anti-commercial punk movement bands like PINEN or CAYIR. Their anti authoritarian message is clear, but mainly LOUD. (La Vida Es Un Mus #284)

FUERA DE SEKTOR - Juegos Prohibidos LP
Following their four-song demo from 2022, FUERA DE SEKTOR are back with their debut LP. Sharing members with BARRERA and ALGARA, the Barcelona-based band have carved their own sound, mixing the amphetamine edge of 80's punk with the angular post punk sensibility. The extremely isolated guitar work takes centre stage, navigating a sea of mid-tempo riffs, and backed by an extremely solid rhythm section to perfectly seal the recording. Think the pop side of LOS ILEGALES or LOS TRAIDORES, the sexuality of DESECHABLES, and the uniqueness of LA's X. FUERA DE SEKTOR lyrics look at the world from an existentialist angle with a dark and poetic approach to complement their music perfectly. Full of desire, lust, loss and confusion, each song unravels as a very modern anxious tale. It's an album that stands on its own in the current DIY landscape. (La Vida Es Un Mus #286)

Available for the first time as a standalone release. This 5" was originally issued on FOAD Records in 2017 as part of the Cripple Bastards Singles Collection Diehard Boxset. It was exclusive to said boxset and limited to 150 copies. It contains 4 previously unreleased Cripple Bastards tracks and an unreleased studio version of Genozid by Yacopsae. Glow in the dark vinyl limited to 400 copies. (Rotten Toe The Core Records #42)

AMERICAN CULTURE - Hey Brother, It's Been a While LP
CONVR76 is American Culture's "Hey Brother It's Been a While." The band's third LP - "Hey Brother, It's Been A While" is a record of invitingly idiosyncratic punk psychedelia, imbued with a real humanity and compassion that's been hard earned through life and death stakes. Sonically, American Culture effortlessly weaves the band's many influences into one cohesive sound, conjuring up an endless array of rock music fantasy scenarios: What if The Stone Roses were fronted by Jim Carroll? What if Spiritualized and The Replacements wrote music together? What if The Meat Puppets were a C86 band? (Convulse Records #76)

THE MALL - Time Vehicle Earth LP
CONVR69 is a reissue of The Mall's 2022 LP, Time Vehicle Earth. Since their inception, St. Louis' The Mall have become known for expansive, driving synth punk. We're honored to welcome The Mall to the Convulse Family with a new pressing of Time Vehicle Earth. Nine songs of crushed, mangled, melted analog synths and pounding bass drums, a journey across time in real time on the only vehicle we have to experience it. Welcome to TIME VEHICLE EARTH. (Convulse Records #69)

LYMPHATIC PHLEGM - Roughly Excised: Putrefindings, Morbidescriptions And
Necrognosis LP (deluxe packaging) This instant classic gets the deluxe vinyl treatment. Housed in a die cut LP cover with a printed insert containing one of the gnarliest gore collages ever assembled + an additional insert with all the liner notes. An absolute masterpiece from Brazil's total cult goregrind supremes. (Haunted Hotel Records #130)

HYBERNOID - The Last Day Begins? LP
Originally released in 1994 on CD and Cassette only, Haunted Hotel is proud to give this classic recording the vinyl treatment it should of received almost 30 years ago! A total cult death/doom/goth/shoegaze/4ad release. Pressed on Red vinyl and housed in a printed inner sleeve. Also comes with a 11x17 poster insert and additional print work.A real labour of love! (Haunted Hotel Records #135)

PATARENI - Infuzija Iluzija LP
Amazing collection from various live shows from 1990. Some of this stuff never released before anywhere. And as a small bonus some live noise from 1986! (Haunted Hotel Records #120)

BIRDFLESH - All The Miseries LP
Sweden masters of thrashing grindcore are back again with a new EP of 13 batshit crazy new tracks! 11 Live tracks included as bonus as well! "Since misery has been our partner in crime through all the years, we finally found a suiting title" Formed in Växjö in 1992, Birdflesh is one of the craziest and long lasting grindcore acts around. Their take on grindcore is filled with strong thrashy influences, wacky lyrics and a funny atmosphere overall. Over the years the band released a huge amount of music, consisting in 4 full lenght albums and countless Demos, Splits and EPs, but being so prolific has never been an issue for Birdflesh as their material was, and is, always above the bar. As they gained the status of "cult band" in the grindcore scene, the live activity took the band on the greatest stages for extreme metal, such as Obscene Extreme Festival, Maryland Deathfest, Neurotic Deathfest and many more. There is nothing in this world like Birdflesh! For fans of Macabre, Impetigo, Ghoul, Repulsion. (Haunted Hotel Records #126)

CANDY APPLE - Sweet Dreams of Violence LP
CONVR23 is the debut LP from Denver's Candy Apple, Sweet Dreams of Violence and the followup to 2018's demo and 2019's Joyride cassette. Long one of Denver's best kept secrets, Candy Apple offers discordant punk as capable of grimy aggression as it is subtle vulnerability. Convulse Records #23)

CONVR82 is an 8-song split 7" from two great Portland hardcore punk bands - Brain Squeeze and The Death Sentence. At Convulse HQ we've been eager to celebrate the current era of Portland that seems to be a cut above (see: Alienator, Lazer Bullet). This is yet another entry. A split hardcore 7" as it should be, two bands dealing out hardcore punk that evokes the spirit of classics like Poison Idea, Jerry's Kids, and Necros. If the great split 7" is dead, we don't wanna be alive - here's another reason to stick around. (Convulse Records #82)

MEDICINAL plays their own unique brand of hardcore, fusing the calculated chaos of rhythm with relentless tones and punishing string schematics, rounded out by furiously unhinged and fucked up poetry. Featuring ex/current/future members of Kill Your Idols, C.R., Celebrity Murders, Gospel, Helen of Troy, Eggplant Queens, Fake Piss, and Baby Teeth. KIRKBY KISS formed in November of 2020 at the Jersey Shore. Duct taped together with dissonant guitars, thunderous rhythms and impassioned vocals, they transcend the boundaries of genre. 12" and a 7" both available on Council Records along with comp offerings on various labels. Released with Jean Scene Records. 300 copies on blue vinyl. (Council Records #45)

SCHEDULE 1 - Crucible LP
Vancouver's Schedule 1 delivers a hard-hitting, bittersweet, transatlantic sound, rooted in the rainy North. Having shared the stage with Komintern Sect (FR), Home Front (CA), and Radioactivity (US), this 4-piece will appeal to those in search of driving bass, angular leads, and emotive melody. Forming a relationship with someone is like metallurgy. Sometimes the result is a stronger material, better than the sum of its parts. Sometimes it isn't. "Crucible" is about this process. Hot from the forge, their first full-length "Crucible" is out now in North America on Council Records and in the UK/EU on Mendeku Diskak. Step through the door and follow the light. (Council Records #46)

OMEGA GLORY - Offerings LP
16 tracks of unrelenting, dark, and deranged music. Featuring members of Kill Your Idols, Celebrity Murders, Milhouse, CR, Sleeper, and Murdock. The band enters every practice and show with the same goal, to destroy everything in front of them. Their first self-titled 12" was released by State of Mind Recordings in 2021 and consisted of their two previously released EPs along with two new songs. This follow-up, titled Offerings, features 16 tracks of unrelenting power and speed. The band draws from an inspirational well that is equal parts Morbid Angel and classic NYHC. (Council Records #47)

X - X-Aspirations LP
X was formed in Sydney, Australia in 1977 by Ian Rilen (Rose Tattoo), Steve Lucas, Ian Krahe, and Steve Cafiero. After the sudden death of Ian Krahe in 1978, the band pushed on with a few other guitar players but struggled to find their footing. Then in late 1979, just a few months after singer Steve Lucas first picked up a guitar, the band recorded what would become X-Aspirations as a three-piece in 5 hours. Legend has it that the band went into the studio expecting to record a single. Once they loaded in, they decided to record every song they knew how to play and then pick a single from there. Most of the songs were first takes and they figured that the end result was good enough to release as an LP. In true DIY fashion, the band released the record on their own in early 1980. The album went on to be listed as one of the 200 Greatest Australian Records of All Time and called "one of the best punk records of all time" in Maximum Rock'n'roll. It's not often that those two publications agree, but it's hard to argue otherwise. After 10 years of being out of press in the United States, Dirt Cult Records and Green Noise Records will be releasing X-Aspirations with new cover art sanctioned by the band's only surviving member, Steve Lucas. (Dirt Cult Records #174)

X - Hate City 7"
These four songs, recorded in 1977, are the only recordings of the original 4-piece line-up of the Australian band X featuring Ian Rilen (Rose Tattoo), Steve Lucas, Ian Krahe, and Steve Cafiero. Three of the songs (Home is Where the Floor Is, TV Cabaret Rules, and Hate City) were released on the 1985 compilation "Why March When You Can Riot" while Good On Ya Baby was later re-recorded for the X-Aspirations LP. While their debut LP, X-Aspirations, is rightly lauded as an Australian punk classic, this batch of songs is often overlooked due to the fact that they never received a wide release. This is the band at their most snotty and rambunctious. This is an authorized one-time press of 500 copies on black vinyl by Dirt Cult and Green Noise Records. (Dirt Cult Records #175)

As the barrage of disinformation, sloven consumption, and sedentary doom scrolling hurles humankind into the bleak void of the 21st century, we find ourselves in terrifying awe of humanity's alleged notions of "Progress". PEACE TALKS debut LP offers nine scathing tracks rebuking the notion that all is well with our never ending growth and unchecked greed. With thunderous drumming, caustic vocals, and furiously arresting riffage PEACE TALKS slaps back at the corporate tunnel vision deadset on punching down all genuine compassion and concern. Unpretentious, unstylized and unabashedly pissed, the PROGRESS LP is a bent and battered nail that refuses to be hammered down. A portion of proceeds from the sale of this LP will be donated to: Preservation Point Prevention Point Pittsburgh (PPP) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing health empowerment services to people who use drugs. The mission of Prevention Point Pittsburgh is to promote and advocate for the reduction of harms associated with injection and other forms of drug use, and to reduce the risk of HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis C, other blood-borne infections, and overdose. (Peterwalkee Records #61)

DARK THOUGHTS - Do You Dream 7"
A classic 45rpm 7" single from Philadelphia pop rock punks DARK THOUGHTS. This single from the full length LP entitled "MUST BE NICE" (released January 2020 on Stupid Bag Records USA/Drunken Sailor Records UK) contains two fantastic tracks of the blazing unforgettably catchy power pop rock'n'roll you've come to expect from this fierce trio. Side A features DO YOU DREAM? (Alternate 7" only mix), an instant classic, you'll immediately keep dropping the needle back to start over and over again! Side B includes the exclusive 7" only track "IT'S TOO LATE", another two minute pop rock fist punch earworm to your brainpan. Pop made by punks. It's not just good, it's Ramones good. A portion of the proceeds of the sale of this 7" will be donated to: ttps:// Juntos is a community-led, Latinx immigrant organization in South Philadelphia fighting for our human rights as workers, parents, youth, and immigrants. Vamos Juntos believes that every human being has the right to a quality education and the freedom to live with dignity regardless of immigration status. (Peterwalkee Records #57)

DPOPDEAD - Arms Race 7" flexi
"Arms Race" is a one sided 7" flexi pressed on clear poly with Silver Foil stamping and includes a double sided printed card-stock insert with digital download code and hand silk screened vinyl sticker. This one time pressing is limited to 649 copies. Peterwalkee Records is very pleased to announce the release of the DROPDEAD "Arms Race EP", now available for the first time in physical form as a 7" flexi! Originally released in 2018 as a digital only EP, this EP features two tracks recorded in 1995 and finished in 2013, covers of B.G.K's "ArmsRace" and Poison Idea's "Give It Up". Proceeds from the sale of this record will be donated to UNITED WE DREAM, the largest immigrant youth-led community in the country. With over 400,000 members, United We Dream fights for justice and dignity for all immigrants. UWD creates welcoming spaces for young people - regardless of immigration status - to support, engage, and empower them to make their voice heard and win! UWD has led the way in supporting DACA and the Dream Act, reforming ICE, and fighting against unjust deportations and detentions. For more information of United We Dream: (Peterwalkee Records #60)

THROATRIP - s/t 7"
8 songs of well-crafted PV from northern California. We loved the Cassette EP so much we wanted to immortalize it on wax. THROATRIP falls somewhere between bands like His Hero Is Gone and Burned Up Bled Dry. This would've easily been on Slap A Ham and playing Fiesta Grande back in the day. Redesigned and laid out by Daynamic Sound and Design. (Extinction Burst Records #70953)

EN LA MUERTE - Silencio 7"
We are extremely excited to be able to bring to you the debute EP by @enlamuerteband. When recording for their demo at Local Man Studios in Hesperia, CA, Brad Racine quickly reached out to us. He knew ELM would fit perfectly at EB. After releasing their demo we quickly got the songs remastered at Dead Air Studios along with 4 more additional songs from the same session. Eight songs of early DCHC meets LA PUNK not unlike Wasted Youth and Deadline. EN LA MUERTE take it back to bare bones hardcore punk for L.A. now on all DSP. Recorded and mixed by Brad Racine. Mastered by Will Killingsworth. (Extinction Burst Records #71054)

XCELERATE - All I See Is Hate 7"
SFL hardcore bands have been on a terror as of late these past couple of years and Xcelerate blazes out of that scene. Recorded, mixed and mastered by Anthony Burke (Magnitude), Xcelerate slaps us with a brilliant EP of NYC influenced hardcore. Speed and groove infused hardcore to tickle your fancy after a long 10 hr shift. FFO early Madball. (Extinction Burst Records #71156)

MARISCAL X - Una Yarda Mas 7"
Debut 7" EP from this All Ages SXE band from Argentina. Seven songs of finger pointing, pile-on hardcore. FFO of Floorpunch and Ten Yard Fight. This is a joint venture between EB and EN EL DESIERTO Fanzine from Argentina. Engineered and mixed by Sebastián Barrionuevo. Mastered by Will Killingsworth. Layout and Design by Raymon Ruiz at Daynamic Sound and Design. (Extinction Burst Records #71257)

MIRAGE - Legato Alla Rovina LP
New York City's invigorating Italo-hardcore outfit Mirage are back with a new 12" "Legato Alla Rovina". Their latest release shifts ever closer toward the forefathers of classic Italian punk with eight new tracks in the vein of Nerorgasmo and Upset Noise. Martial drums and commanding riffs are the backdrops to sonorous mad-preacher-style vocals while maintaining a reverence for post-punk influence. (Roachleg Records #69)

SORDID - Reality's A War 7"
Building off the rhythm section of Discharge's "Realities of War" EP with a crasher crust influence and a vocalist channeling Sakevi's maniacal howls. Five tracks not unlike the sounds of a machine shop, a circular saw on cement, or Jaws of Life extracting someone from a nine-car pile-up. Unrelenting blasting, stomping, and fuzz. (Roachleg Records #67)

ANTI SYSTEM - No Laughing Matter LP
UK Re issue of this 1985 rager. Taking the radical politics of bands like Crass and Conflict but the rampaging hardcore sounds of Discharge, Crucifix and Icons of Filth this band delivered a powerful wall of sound with an urgent message of social change. Color vinyl with poster. (Havoc Records/Vile Records #23)

ANTI SYSTEM - In Defense of Whose Realm LP
More devastating anarcho hardcore, compiles the 7", the 12" and comp tracks. (Havoc Records/Vile Records #24)

ANTI PASTI - No Maggie Thatcher, No Government LP
Two fingers in the air UK Punk, 1980-81 This LP collects the Four Sore Points, Don't Let 'Em Grind you Down and Six Guns 7" Color vinyl with poster. (Havoc Records/Vile Records #22)

(repressed) IMPURITY/SEX MESSIAH - Vomiting Blasphemies Over the World split LP
Recognized by some as the "Brazilian Beherit," Impurity inherited and transformed the sound that their Brazilian brethren, Sarcófago, had first developed a few years prior to Impurity's formation. Sex Messiah, on the other hand, emerged from the island nation of Japan within the past decade and to this point has spread its disease through a demo, a series of EPs, and now two split releases. In somewhat of a contrast with Impurity, Sex Messiah's brand of black metal is more reflective of the early European tradition first established by bands such as the great Hellhammer. (Nuclear War Now #299)

DREADFUL RELIC - Archaic Conjurations LP
Recorded and released in 2014, Dreadful Relic's "Archaic Conjurations" demo established the sonic and thematic axes about which the band has expanded and evolved over the last decade. The specter of ancient civilizations lost to time haunts their music. Cities once teeming with people, tethered to their own relative sense of modernity, reduced to ash and dust. This is the fate of all men-for all their megalomaniacal lust they are ultimately nothing, their works obliterated in the darkness cast by time's long shadow. Nowhere is this phenomenon more readily apparent than in Dreadful Relic's homeland of Greece, its ancient ruins and monuments like the last crackling embers and ashen remnants where the fire of western civilization once blazed brightest, harkening back to a time when the veil between reality and magic was thin, translucent, and permeable. Dreadful Relic approach these concepts metaphorically, drawing heavily upon the mythopoeic works of Robert E. Howard, references to which abound in the band's lyrics. Like Howard's Hyborian tales, Dreadful Relic conjure atavistic imagery-a lost epoch of mystical transcendence, honor in bloodshed, and blurred lines between good and evil, holy and depraved. Beneath Crom's cruel gaze, ancient winds howl through the remains of desecrated temples and across battlefields where buzzards pick the flesh from the bones of fallen warriors. With the same reverence they accord Howard, Dreadful Relic also invoke Hellhammer/Celtic Frost as their primary musical antecedent, making no attempt to obscure their admiration. Indeed, the demo includes a cover of the track "Inner Sanctum" from Celtic Frost's "Into the Pandemonium" album. But while many bands have worshipped at the altar of Celtic Frost, few have done so with the same degree of artistry and integrity. Dreadful Relic do not engage in rote mimicry. Instead, they adapt and advance the sound of the Swiss black metal progenitors, recasting it in a contemporary form that complements the ideas undergirding the project. That they shamelessly proclaim their sources of inspiration is a testament to the intentionality of their creation. With the "Archaic Conjurations" demo, Dreadful Relic laid the foundation for their subsequent releases through which they would continue to develop these concepts, and this reissue marks the first time this material has been available since its initial release nearly a decade ago. (Nuclear War Now Records #648)

DREADFUL RELIC - Warlords Of The Cosmic Sovereign LP
Less than a year after "Archaic Conjurations," Dreadful Relic delivered their first vinyl release-an eruption of all the potential stored in the demo. Recorded after the summer solstice in 2015 and self-released later that year, the "Warlords of the Cosmic Sovereign" MLP showcased the band's esoteric proclivities and potent songwriting, drawing inspiration from Hellhammer/Celtic Frost, Samael, and other progenitors of the black metal genre. Each side contains an atmospheric intro followed by a bludgeoning original composition. Additionally, the MLP closes with a cover of "In the Shrines of the Kingly Dead" by Treblinka/Tiamat, a song perfectly suited for Dreadful Relic in both style and substance. As always, themes of Lovecraftian dread and Hyborian valor permeate the lyrics, but Dreadful Relic's inspiration on this MLP comes not only from the terrestrial and mythical but also the celestial, where cosmic scenes play out, precisely and predictably, in the theater of night, as constellations crawl across the darkened sky, their relative formations unchanged across millennia. Prehistoric photons dispatched from inconceivable distances absorbed in the eyes of those condemned to wallow and toil on this spinning sphere. Shards of ancient light piercing the black dome above-omnipresent reminders of man's insignificance and the limited scope of his understanding. His empires rise and fall. Advanced civilizations once mighty wither and disappear. Magnificent edifices erode, abandoned and reduced to rubble. All of this a mere flicker, a speck of dust compared to the vastness of the universe itself. Through this channel to the ancient past, Dreadful Relic conjure the abject horror of unnatural forces beyond our comprehension, metaphysical warfare, civilizational ruin, and the cataclysmic cycle of destruction and rebirth. "Warlords of the Cosmic Sovereign" is an acknowledgement of the mysteries of forgotten epochs and the naïve blindness of our perspective. Amused by the mortal carnage, forgotten gods reclaim their thrones. (Nuclear War Now Records #649)

VALKYRIA began in Zelenograd, Russia in 1989. Mastermind Alexander Dronov had spent the 80s playing keyboards in several hard rock and metal bands before forming the group that would soon be called VALKYRIA. After a few lineup changes, the group added vocalist Pavel Nekrasov to deliver the band's notably literate English lyrics with themes taken from the likes of Arthur Rimbaud and Edgar Allen Poe. A virtuosic musician, Dronov would serve as the group's leader. Navigating progressive metal, skin-tight thrash riffing and mind-bending instrumental technicality, his songwriting in VALKYRIA is in a league of its own. This is music that truly defies categorization. While homage is paid to the prog, thrash and classic metal that influenced the band, the frenetic musical architecture demonstrates a serious expertise in composition. Galloping and serpentine song structures retain a sharpness that is as vicious as it is operatic, with dramatic keyboard flourishes from Dronov casting aside any doubt that this is genuinely exceptional music. A landmark in Russian extreme metal, VALKYRIA still is still miles ahead of their time today. VALKYRIA's self-titled debut was recorded in 1990-early 1991 and released on vinyl in 1993 by Death City Records. This record was only available in Eastern Europe at the time, and original presses sell for around $70 in today's market. NWN! Productions is proud to bring this masterpiece to a broader audience with this official vinyl reissue. (Nuclear War Now Records #703)

GRAND CELESTIAL NIGHTMARE - The Great Apocalyptic Desolation LP
Released in cooperation with New Era Productions. First pressing of 250 copies. 2023 4th album of epic & symphonic Black Metal from the Netherlands. The band's Magnum Opus laced in atmospheric keyboards. (Nuclear War Now Records #668)

(restock) EARTHDOGS - Cry Now, Cry Later 7" Dark, ferocious, DIY Bay Area hatecore as if BLASPHEMY's first record was on Pessimiser Records. A collaboration from the delinquents that brought you other projects like DEPRESSOR, CALIFORNIA LOVE, NEVER HEALED and ACEPHALIX, so you know it's twisted. Includes an 8-page booklet, limited to 300 on clear vinyl. Co-release with To Live a Lie. (625 Productions #282)

DICKS - Kill From The Heart LP
Dicks' debut full-length has been acknowledged as a foundational statement in punk ever since its initial 1983 release. Originally released on SST, the album stands apart from the mass of generic thrash-hardcore contemporaries, fueled by the manic, but controlle power of singer Gary Floyd along with the original lineup of guitarist Glen Taylor, bassist Buxf Parrot, and drummer Pat Deason. Forty years on, "Kill From The Heart" continues to smolder - an arresting testament to the possibilities embodied in creative rage. LP includes digital download. (Superior Viaduct Records #197)

NAUSEA - Cybergod/Lie Cycle LP (black vinyl/color vinyl)
Svart Records is releasing Nausea's two legendary EPs in 12" format for the first-time ever, including the "Cybergod" 7" from 1991 with a bonus track, "Here Today," from the same recording sessions, and the "Lie Cycle" 7" from 1992. All tracks are remastered from the original, untouched studio tapes by Jack Control (Darkthrone, Kohti Tuhoa, Fear). Tribal and rocking apocalyptic crust for apocalyptic times. Imported from Finland, then from a US distro... so expensive. (Svart Records #690)

STARVING WOLVES - The Fire, The Wolf, The Fang LP
Confronting the dark corners of our world with unflinching defiance comes Austin, TX's own Starving Wolves to flip the sound of punk upside down with their new full-length, "The Fire, The Wolf, The Fang." Forceful and dark, yet with an undying spirit of resilience, the journey of "The Fire, The Wolf, The Fang" is ultimately a cathartic experience, and a scream of survival and hope for those left behind in a world that can feel bleak. For fans of Black Flag, Idles, Rancid, The Chisel, and The Clash. (Pirates Press Records #368)

HOME INVASION - Enemy LP (color vinyl)
Hailing from Chicago, IL, Home Invasion is not your typical hardcore-punk band. Their music is a raw and unfiltered sonic assault for the fuck ups, outcasts, and rejects who find solace in the aggressive embrace of hardcore punk. With roots in bands like Noose, Duress, and Guts And Glory, their chaotic sound draws inspiration from hardcore legends like Bastard, Think I Care, Gauze, and Negative Approach. Limited edition of 300 copies. (War Records #47)

Three decades, ten albums, and continuing to stand firmly as an enduring pillar of American punk, Hot Water Music remains a source of influence and inspiration for bands the world over. On the forthcoming "Vows," the band's purpose remains the same as it always was: continued evolution with a keen eye on the future. For fans of The Bouncing Souls, The Flatliners, and Alkaline Trio. (Equal Vision Records #509)

Descriptions for 4/27/24

LONG KNIFE - Rip City Bonerpunk Classics Vol. 1 LP
Portland, OR's LONG KNIFE have spent the last 10+ years turning out some of the most well-crafted and unrelenting hardcore punk in North America, fusing the speed and ferocity of first wave USHC, the barely restrained chaos of Japanese hardcore, and the guitar heroism of classic Hard Rock to devastating effect. And with three albums, numerous 7"s and compilation appearances to their name, this is a band that's never been content to rest on their laurels. If you, woefully ignorant poseur that you are, somehow missed the memo, and are now desperately clamoring to own the band's long out of print EPs, TKO RECORDS has got you covered. Rip City Bonerpunk Classics Vol. 1 compiles all of LONG KNIFE's 7" tracks, including Possession, Sewers of Babylon, and Night of the Hunter, as well as songs from their split 7" with Japanese Hardcore legends FORWARD and several previously unreleased covers. The assembled material featured on Rip City is some of the most incisive, hard-hitting, and musically interesting Hardcore Punk available today. Whether you pine for the unhinged guitar wizardry of G.I.S.M., the pummeling neanderthal churn of MOTORHEAD, or the frenetic lunacy of UNITED MUTATION, LONG KNIFE delivers. Grab a copy while you can, or don't and wish you did later. (TKO Records #230004)

POISON IDEA - Kings Of Punk LP (2024 remaster edition)
Among the impressive discography by Portland, OR Hardcore Punk forerunners POISON IDEA, their 1986 debut LP Kings Of Punk is considered one of the most important entries Originally released on the Pusmort label owned and operated by legendary visual artist Brian "Pushead" Schroeder (Misfits, Metallica), Kings Of Punk introduced POISON IDEA to a wide audience than their previously the self-released and distributed releases on Fatal Erection, the record label co-run by their guitarist Tom "Pig Champion" Roberts. Taking full advantage of the situation, POISON IDEA made sure their first full-length release would make an impact on the American Hardcore Punk scene. From the grisly, full-color cover image of the band's name carved into the chest of vocalist Jerry A. Lang to the blistering music contained within, Kings Of Punk was convincing enough to earn POISON IDEA the attention that helped spread their legend and kicked off the band's most prolific period: the late 80s - early 90s. Out-of-print since TKO's ephemera-packed "Portland Edition" version from the summer of 2022, Kings Of Punk now returns as the third installment in TKO's "POISON IDEA REMASTERS" series. This new edition finds all eleven tracks shined up while still retaining the feral bite of the original, proving almost forty years since its release, Kings Of Punk will forever be evidence enough for POISON IDEA's to claim their self-appointed throne. (TKO Records #2102)

SHATTER - 2024 Demo cassette tape
Demo tape of punk and passionate songs from this crew of Minneapolis heads. 6 track demo on pro dubbed cassettes with fold out lyric J card.. (Desolate Records #39.5 TP)

DEADSKY - Answer The Reaper's Call cassette tape
DEAD SKY is a newer crust band from Pittsburgh with members of APPALACHIAN TERROR UNIT, SUBMACHINE, ENDROPHOBIA, B-WARD, AND INVALID. Demo is self recorded by the band in a dingy basement but yet has surprisingly good quality for a home recording. The first songs on the demo have a more punk vibe reminiscent of bands like STATE OF FEAR, DISRUPT, AND EXTREME NOISE TERROR but you notice a clear progression in song writing as the band starts to find themsleves more in the later songs that have a clear trash influence. Since the demo's release DEAD SKY has written more songs and is planing a full studio LP later this year. (Profane Existence Records/Rapacity #1 TP)

SUPPRESSION - Spiritual Sepsis LP
SUPPRESSION has been eroding eardrums since '92 and are one of the OG power violence mainstays of the east coast. The band has put out over fifty releases out into the world with a vast quantity of those are splits. In the last number of years, the band released the absolutely crushing full length LP Placebo Reality. Fast forward seven years to 2024 and we are graced with a brand new twenty-four song full length titled Spiritual Sepsis. This seventeen-minute album really takes what they put onto the BASTARD NOISE collaboration and hones in that MITB/BN/Eric Wood psychosis sound but with the frantic accuracy we know Jason Hodge can deliver on the bass. If you're less familiar with this band, they are a two-piece and a pure whirlwind of anxiety and ADHD exploding onto the stage. The other piece of the band is Ryan Parrish on drums who has also been in such acts as DARKEST HOUR, CITY OF CATERPILLAR, IRON REAGAN, and MAMMOTH GRINDER. SUPPRESSION is a band who are super important to the extreme hardcore punk scene, they have innovated throughout the years and really developed their own sound, and we are more than happy to present you with their most exciting full length to date. (To Live A Lie Records #210)

CAVEMAN - Something's Got To Give 7"
CAVEMAN are back after a scorching demo with their first official EP. The quintet are a set of San Francisco punks looking to throw the craziest show at your friends basement where a number of appendages will inexplicitly make their way through drywall. The band has a member from SPY and has that freak hardcore beat, without being quite beatdown, that their area of the country knows how to cook up perfectly. Fans of GULCH and SUNAMI will be definitely be pulled into this but also people who like BIG ZIT. From blasty to well-placed mid-paced parts, this album in six songs isn't going to be enough and you'll flip from side B back to side A in a sitting. (To Live A Lie Records #271)

VAXINE - Frontal Lobotomy LP
After their 2019 demo and their debut 7" in 2020, VAXINE return with a full-length album FRONTAL LOBOTOMY .The sound continues in the vein of classic British punk and comparisons to GBH , THE EXPLOITED, or any of your favorite UK82 band is undeniable. Members of EXTENDED HELL , POVENIR OSCURO , PMS84 and many other nyc staples . (Toxic State Records/Discos Enfermos Records #128)

DOLLHOUSE - I Hate You Don't Leave Me 7"
NYC punks DOLLHOUSE have returned with their second EP I Hate You Don't Leave Me, out now on Toxic State Records. Featuring four tracks that are catchy as hell and painfully introspective, each song is filled to the brim with attitude, hooks, and a grimy deathrock veneer. Opener "Be Nice To Me (Pt II)" and the self-titled second track are both instant earworms, while the latter two go in a spikier direction, making for a well-rounded listen that demands a second spin. If you were a fan of their first EP, it's time to fall in love with DOLLHOUSE all over again. (Toxic State Records #58.5)

The sophomore release for this seminal Orange County, CA, punk outfit and the first release for long-time guitar player Dan Palmer, originally released in a single pressing in 2001. It was only pressed one more time on vinyl in 2015 for Record Store Day and has since been unavailable. This new pressing coincides with the release of the 25th anniversary edition of their first album. New pressing now available on glow in the dark vinyl. (Indecision Records #40)

DEATH BY STEREO - If Looks Could Kill, I'd Watch You Die LP
Originally released in 1999, this is the classic debut from Orange County, CA's Death By Stereo. In the last two decades, Death By Stereo has continued to play, tour, and release records - but even after all this time, this first album has endured and these songs still make it into every setlist. New pressing now available on silver vinyl. (Indecision Records #19)

Since forming in 2021, HEAVYHEX has quickly gained a reputation for their ability to translate raw emotion into their music, blending melodic and post-hardcore. Following HEAVYHEX's 2022 EP, "Stare," "True To You" dives deep into the realm of personal struggles, societal issues, and the demand for equality. Confronting the challenges we face, while advocating for a world that embraces equality and understanding, "True To You" is a demonstration of the power of music as a catalyst for change. (Bridge Nine Records #281)

(restock) WARKRUSHER - Armistice LP
Debut LP from Montreal's battle crust crushers. The sounds of desperate charges at first light, long forced marches through the frozen wastes, and the desperate joy of finding yourself still drawing breath as you look across the blasted field of battle. Heavy and punishing crust punk. (Desolate Records #39)

(restock) DOOM - Police Bastard 7" (30 Years of DOOM reissue)
Five songs recorded in 1989, during the same session in which they recorded their brilliant split LP with NO SECURITY. Considered by many to be their best early material, this classic EP contains the songs "Means to an End," "Relief, Pt. 2," and of course, "Police Bastard." This was the second release ever by Profane Existence Records and is considered a masterpiece of "crust." This version contains all new cover artwork by Skinny and comes with a 12x12 poster of the cover art. Also included is a 7x14 collage of police brutality designed by Brandon Stench. Due to the masters being old we crated new ones. All tracks have been remaster for vinyl by Jay Matheson @ JAM ROOM STUDIOS. (Profane Existence #1.5)

GEMM - Spun Out LP (swamp green marble vinyl)
There's something decidedly comforting about 90's music, namely its wellspring of memorable alternative rock. The seismic shift in artistry of those times aside, there is a warm-fuzzy feeling that albums like "Nevermind" and "Siamese Dream" elicit from listeners then and now. Gemm makes a show of that nostalgic evocation, crafting a tone and style that is just as reverent as it is refreshing. Stepping into the studio in Arizona with producer/engineer Zach Rippy (Defeater, Common Wounds, Fleshwater) they created their newest and most fully realized effort yet, "Spun Out." Marrying the tectonic melodicism of Fiddlehead with the esoteric songwriting of Title Fight or Hum, and added dashes of pop sensibility and Alice in Chains grit, their always evolving sound has an almost alchemic quality. Reverential songcraft meets youthful abandon across a group of tracks that will stick in your head for days. Akin to contemporaries such as Basement and Superheaven, the magic of Gemm is poised to twist alt-rock and grunge-pop into ever more eclectic, fuzzy, anthemic forms that are wholly unique to them. (Protagonist Records #90)

GREED WORM - Ritual Onslaught LP (orange vinyl)
At the violent intersection of tech noir and old-school metalcore is where we find Greed Worm, a Chicago-based quintet in the business of serving dark, mean-spirited riffs for the disenfranchised since 2021. With "Ritual Onslaught" they've fused outright ignorant doses of musical dissonance and noise with lyrics condemning the artificial constructs that create and perpetuate human suffering. This approach conjures an almost mechanized brutality across the album that sees fit to reflect, and in turn destroy, our collective societal malaise. Featuring guest contributions from Mike Lundin of Sarin, and Karly Soto of Snuffed, this is Greed Worm's most anticipated and mature release yet. (Protagonist Records #93)

LEAVING - Liminal LP (bright green & black swirl)
Leaving, who hail from Oakland, CA, meld the heavy distortion of doom metal with the ethereal textures of shoegaze, forging an audio landscape that is devastatingly hypnotic and dripping with sorrow. Founded in 2021, they are a seasoned group of sonic architects who include members of Noothgrush, Amber Asylum, Graves at Sea, Lycus, and Funerary among them. Leaving weaves a musical tapestry that plunges listeners into the abyss with shadowy vocals adding emotional depth and somber undertones to their enormous sound. Lyrically they delve into themes of desolation, depression, loneliness, introspection, and the shadows that lurk within the human psyche. Leaving's music paints a bleak but vivid, almost gossamer picture of a world consumed by decay. This interplay of light and shadow, coupled with an underlying heaviness, creates an atmosphere that is bound to envelop the listener in a shroud of mesmerizing gloom. With each note, the band invites you into the liminal space they've crafted - a space between worlds, emotions, and musical genres. Anticipate a profound sonic journey as Leaving sets the stage on their debut album, promising an immersive exploration of the thresholds of emotive heavy music. Are you ready to leave? (Protagonist Records #95)

GRADUATION SPEECH - Arcane Feelings LP (blue marble vinyl)
New Jersey's Graduation Speech was conceived when Kevin Day sought a quieter creative outlet separate from his band Aspiga. Though the intimate acoustic project differed dramatically from Aspiga's brand of blown-speaker pop-punk, it opened new doors for Day as a songwriter. Now, after six years of releases, Graduation Speech is ready with Arcane Feelings, an EP that noticeably features six full-band songs, building on 2021's Maintenance Required. Where previous releases were quiet, personal - perfect for an acoustic house show living room - the songs on Arcane Feelings are written for a small stage in the back of a bar, the crowd knocking shoulders, nodding to the beat and singing along. That's in no small part due to the addition of Billy Bollinger, Brandon Iacometta (both of Crucial Dudes), and Pat Pie rounding out this new lineup. It's different from what fans might initially expect, whether in the quieter moments which now seem to pack more weight, or in the resounding guitars and choirs of vocals, but the added instrumentation and layers transform these songs into something powerful in an entirely new way. For fans of The Weakerthans, Jets to Brazil, and Menzingers. (Protagonist Records #94)

THIEV - Break/Fade LP (purple marble vinyl)
Something infectious and energetic was woven through the songs of 90's melodic punk, and THIEV are tapping directly into that vein again today. With influences such as Kid Dynamite, AFI, Lifetime, Pennywise, and Saves the Day, their approach is to play sincere melodic hardcore with a heavy west coast influence while sticking to their NJ pop-punk/hardcore roots. Those who yearn for the catchy hooks, tasty riffs, and anthemic choruses of yesteryear will find a veritable feast of such attributes on this vinyl release which contains both of their EP's. Alongside the formative elements of past influence, these tracks definitely find a firm anchor in the authenticity of the present with their conscious lyrics and emotively mature songwriting. Featuring members of bands such as Hundreds of AU, Silence Equals Death, Entropy, Lesser Minds, and more, THIEV are hailing a resurgence of high-energy punk rock with a long memory and a keen eye to the future. Let's go! (Protagonist Records #86)

THE SUFFERING - Our Fathers Turn In Their Graves LP (army green vinyl)
Delivering a thundering metal onslaught with a sturdy hardcore spine, The Suffering live up to their dour name on a debut album of unbridled aggression. Members of the band are hardly strangers to playing abrasive music with scene veterans from notable bands such as Bleeding Through, Light This City, Mean Season, First Blood, etc. And all respect to the past, of course, but when The Suffering divert somewhat from former paths, opting instead for a noisier, bleaker, and more earache inducing brand of metal, it definitely stands on its own throat-punching merits. Their insistence on a non-stop attack, along with a pointed lyrical approach can really only be described as utterly relentless, combining break-neck speed and jarring breakdowns into an all-out musical tempest. Add to that the searing guest vocal spot on "Preach" from Aaron Weseman of Disembodied fame, and the deed is certainly done. File under uneasy listening. (Protagonist Records #88)

FLOWERS FOR BURIAL - Animus tape cassette
Flowers for Burial is an abrasive hardcore unit from upstate New York that formed in 2022. Drawing influence from power-violence and grindcore, they construct fast and heavy hardcore as a backdrop to lyrics reflecting inner torment. Nicole's vocals will shred your eardrums while conveying deeply personal lyrics of suffering, trauma, and isolation. Their relentlessly punishing debut release, Animus, is 8 blistering tracks of exactly the type of sonic bloodletting you might expect in these troubling times. (Protagonist Records #83 TP)

SPIRITKILLER - Two Thousand Twenty Three tape cassette
While there is no doubt they will make you move, Spiritkiller focuses on the dynamics and coherence that was so prevalent in 90's hardcore rather than just mosh heavy content. The band carefully aims to lock you into a groove with the use of solid drumming and catchy strings, topping it all off with the mission to get some lyrics stuck in your head and ultimately view the music as a chance for self-awareness. This is inspiring hardcore. This is Spiritkiller from Albany, NY. Featuring members of Endicott, Hundreds of AU, Black Kites. (Protagonist Records #84 TP)

OMEN ASTRA - The End of Everything LP (black and white half and half vinyl)
Nothing can fully prepare you for the scope of what Omen Astra are documenting on this monumental debut. Crushing. Atmospheric. Challenging. Just some of the descriptors one might choose to wrap their mind around this release. Influences present include the brute force, technicality, and hooks of bands as diverse as Cult of Luna, Cave In, Gojira, and Neurosis, and even touches of the interstellar psychedelia and melodic songcraft of Bowie or Pink Floyd. No comparison or written description is truly apt here, though it might be best characterized as an explosion of rage and beauty akin to the eye inside of a storm - an experience to be lived rather than read about. And one absorbed best at full volume! Featuring members of The Black Maria, New Day Rising, Spread the Disease. (Protagonist Records #76)

COMMON WOUNDS - s/t cassette tape
Common Wounds is a Phoenix, Arizona based band who find themselves rooted in a love of 90's noise rock, post grunge, and emotionally driven post-hardcore with waves of distortion, melody, and pulsing rhythm driven through angst ridden, low-tuned instruments. This music calls to mind the street heavy DNA of Helmet and Unsane, with the meandering chaos of Lowercase and Unwound, the passion of Hoover and Current; while any hints of influence serve the creation of their own tension-filled cacophony. Though forging new paths in sound an songwriting in Common Wounds, the band does include members of Run With the Hunted, Landmine Marathon, Suicide Nation, Seas Will Rise, and War Tongue. (Protagonist Records #77 TP)

THROWE - Forfald LP
Vicious, challenging, blackened hardcore from Copenhagen, Denmark. These songs are chaotic and driving, flirting with the edge of disaster at all times. But somehow they are always just accessible enough to keep you coming back for more. Seven tracks of fury for fans of TrapThem, Wiegedood, Pulling Teeth, Hexis. (Protagonist Records #75)

NEW DAY RISING - Memoirs of Cynicism LP (red and black vinyl)
New Day Rising created a unique sound unlike many other bands of the time, which spurred many record labels to approach them for releases. Memoirs Of Cynicism, the band's only full length, sees them going beyond their original earlier 90's melodic hardcore roots to embrace a darker direction. Fueled by growing lyrical pessimism alongside the musical rise of a more metallic delivery, their stand-out album from 1997 is a documentation of the band's growing song-writing power. Mixing a gutteral assault with elements of vocal beauty, New Day Rising showed that they would not be held down by the limitations of one genre. This milestone album has finally made it's debut onto vinyl for it's 25th Anniversary! Members also play(ed) in notable bands such as Spread The Disease, Acrid, The China White, Die In The Light, and Omen Astra. (Protagonist Records #73)

COCK SPARRER - Here We Stand B/W We're Alright Now 7" (color vinyl)
"Here We Stand." In the lyrics to the song, it is a message of unwavering support for their friends and loved ones through hard times. This rousing anthem is paired with "We're Alright Now," a B-side exclusive to this release which champions the act of standing up for what you believe no matter what is popular, while also being aware of changing times. (Pirates Press Records #395)

FULL OF HELL - Coagulated Bliss LP
Full Of Hell burst forth with incredible force from the small, dagger-shaped city of Ocean City, MD, 15 years ago. "Coagulated Bliss" was written and recorded shortly after the band completed "When No Birds Sang," their collaborative album with Nothing. While the focus on songwriting already makes "Coagulated Bliss" the most grounded album in Full Of Hell's catalog, it's also the first that tries in earnest to reflect the world around it - not in some broad, monotony-of-evil way, but the everyday horrors of life in small-town America. (Closed Casket Activities #130)

NOTHING - Guilty Of Everything: 10th Anniversary Edition LP
Philadelphia, PA, shoegaze pillars Nothing celebrate the ten years of their landmark album "Guilty Of Everything" with a deluxe anniversary pressing featuring custom packaging. Recorded and produced by Jeff Zeigler (Kurt Vile, War On Drugs, etc.), "Guilty Of Everything" is a triumph of a debut that successfully manages to be massively loud, darkly introspective, and totally beautiful all at once. (Relapse Records #5161)

Descriptions for 4/20/24

BEHERIT - The Oath Of Black Blood LP (standard and picture disc versions)
Over the last 20 years, NWN! has released or reissued some of the most important works in the style commonly referred to as bestial black death. But until now, the label has never had the privilege of working with the legendary Beherit. NWN! is honored to release this definitive reissue of "The Oath of Black Blood." Often regarded as the first Beherit album, "The Oath of Black Blood" is a compilation of Beherit's "Demonomancy" demo and the "Dawn of Satan's Millennium" EP, both of which were originally released in 1990. Beherit never intended for these recordings to be released as a compilation LP; a dispute with their label, Turbo Music, resulted in the label's unilateral decision to compile the earlier recordings rather than wait for a proper album of new material, as Beherit intended. Nevertheless, for many people, "The Oath of Black Blood" was their introduction to Beherit, causing many to assume it was recorded as a proper album. Beherit has shifted and evolved many times since then but, owing in large part to the 1991 release of this album, the band's legacy as one of the seminal bands of black metal's second wave remains unaltered. This new edition of "The Oath of Black Blood" commemorates 30 years since the original release of these recordings. (Nuclear War Now Records #500)

DYSTOPIA - The Aftermath LPx2 (shipping now!)
12 tracks + 16 page booklet. Download card included. Pressed onto Clear Vinyl. Contains all Dystopia tracks off of The Aftermath 12" (1-4) Backstabber 7" EP (5-7), Dystopia/Skaven split LP (8-11), and Dystopia/Suffering Luna split 7" (12). (Tank Crimes Records #116)

AUS ROTTEN - The Rotten Agenda LP
The third and final record by the legendary AUS-ROTTEN is finally available once again! 23 years ago AUS-ROTTEN released their final LP on their own "ROTTEN PROPAGANDA" label in the United States and on "SKULD" in Germany. Copies sold out fast and now, after almost a quarter century, "The Rotten Agenda" has finally been reissued on PROFANE EXISTENCE. AUS ROTTEN's final swan-song is an all out sonic barrage, striking blow after blow on the powers that be. A more matured band musically along with the addition of Matt G on drums, AUS ROTTEN take themselves in a slightly heavier direction on this record then on previous releases. The album starts with a chilling intro that leads into "The Rotten Agenda". The band uses this song along with "Modern Day Witch Hunt" and "Right Wing Warfare" to expose the blatant hypocrisy and homophobia within the christian right. Songs like "The World Bank" & "Tax Shelter" not only attack the corrupt capitalist landscape but also give a voice to the unhoused and the squatting culture. Adrienne Droogas returns for "Isolation or Solution" and perhaps AUS ROTTEN's most powerful track and one of the most intense / thought provoking songs ever written - "The Second Rape". The lyrical trade off between Dave and Adrienne along with the unmistakable opening bass lines and the songs general theme are enough to leave anyone speechless. Of course no AUS ROTTEN release would be complete without a song like "Absent Minded" that serves as a spit in the face of fascist boneheads. We also get studio versions of "Capital Punishment" & "Media Blackout" that were previous released as live tracks on the "Not One Single F*cking Hit" CD. (Profane Existence Records #164)

SWORDWIELDER - Wielding Metal Massacre LP
Wielding Metal Massacre is a testament to the SWORDWIELDER's mastery of their craft-a blade-sharp offering that resonates with fans of crust punk and metal alike... SWORDWIELDER, hailing from Gothenburg, Sweden, have been a force in the stenchcore scene for more than a decade, wielding their steel-bound music with the precision of a sharpened blade while striking a powerful chord in the DIY punk community. Their latest offering, the aptly titled Wielding Metal Massacre, is yet another testament to their mastery of a sound heavily influenced by the likes of DEVIATED INSTINCT, AMEBIX, AND AXEGRINDER. (Profane Existence Records #189)

BASTARD NOISE - Incineration Prayer - Self Righteous Suicide LP
Bastard Noise is a noise project founded in 1991 by musicians Eric Wood, Henry Barnes, and W. T. Nelson. The project started as a type of sister band to the trio's previous group Man Is The Bastard. Man Is the Bastard broke-up in late 1997 but Bastard Noise continued on as it's own entity and has been Wood's ongoing project. (Armageddon Records #41)

AGONISTA - Grey And Dry LP
Agonista presents their first full-length album, "Grey And Dry," via Armageddon Label. Eleven furious tracks recorded and mixed by Patrick Alexander at Cacho Estudio in Tijuana (Habak, Violencia, Abyssal) and mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege (Converge, Dropdead, Tragedy). Agonista is a band made up of longtime friends, featuring current and ex-members of Bumbklaat, DFMK, Run For Your Fucking Life, Spanakorzo, Sweep The Leg Johnny, Swing Kids, and many others. (Armageddon Records #44)

THE BREATH - Reasonless Hate 7"
The follow-up to the band's 2021 promo, "Reasonless Hate" delivers fast hardcore with undeniable groove and aggression. Fans of Youth of Today, Inside Out, and other classic HC will find plenty to like here from one of Japan's current torchbearers. Limited edition of 400 copies. (Convulse Records #75)

ULTRAS - Ultras II 7"
Picking up where the band's 2021 demo left off, Ultras remain sinister and crushing. Features members of World Peace and Fentanyl. The 7" features the 2021 Ultras demo on the B-side. Limited edition of 300 copies. (Convulse Records #72)

AGONISTA - Grey And Dry LP
Agonista presents their first full-length album, "Grey And Dry," via Armageddon Label. Eleven furious tracks recorded and mixed by Patrick Alexander at Cacho Estudio in Tijuana (Habak, Violencia, Abyssal) and mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege (Converge, Dropdead, Tragedy). Agonista is a band made up of longtime friends, featuring current and ex-members of Bumbklaat, DFMK, Run For Your Fucking Life, Spanakorzo, Sweep The Leg Johnny, Swing Kids, and many others. (Armageddon Records #44)

4 SKINS - Riot In The Ghetto: Unreleased Radio & Studio Sessions LP
Containing the hits that were only deemed misses by the critics that condemned Oi! as some kind of subcultural fad that favoured football and violence way above the bloody good tunes that should by rights occupy the higher rank, 4 Skins, The Unreleased Radio & Studio Sessions encapsulates that energy at its finest. From formidable swarms of police brutality and political injustice, the underlying (and unyielding) socio-political messages experienced from the streets that resonated with every estranged clockwork skinhead of the day are bound to be ticked on every track. After the atmospheric crash of One Law for Them, dropped in amongst the Radio and blistering Bumper Sessions with Evil sitting squarely in its unpolished centre is the ska-inflected gallop of Seems To Me, an unreleased tune reinforcing the notion that there was more to Oi! than meets the laces. (Radiation Records Italy #244)

ALTERNATIVE TV - The Image Has Cracked LP
Formed in London in 1977 by Mark Perry and Alex Fergusson, then editors of the punk fanzine Sniffin' Glue, Alternative TV was a post-punk group known for incorporating reggae rhythms and pushing the boundaries of the definition of punk toward the experimental and avant-garde. Their first album, The Image Has Cracked, came out originally in 1978 and is a wholly unique piece of British post-punk. Beloved by John Peel, and close confidantes of Throbbing Gristle, Alternative TV is one of the most original and beguiling groups of the era. (Radiation Records Italy #8004)

SLOPPY SECONDS - Destroyed cassette tape
Originally released on the TOXIC SHOCK label from 1989, this is the debut album from Indianapolis pop punk legend SLOPPY SECONDS. Makes you want to jump around, dance, party and roll through town with the windows down and the volume up. Not for the faint of heart! Limited to 200 only cassette version on HEY SUBURBIA. (Radiation Records/Hey Suburbia Records #1 TP)

SIEGE FIRE - The Devastating Cost LP
A couple of years ago, seemingly from out of nowhere, SIEGE FIRE appeared with a scorching demo tape released as a two-person project with Mike from DECOMP, GENOGEIST, etc. playing all the instruments and laying down vocals. Fast forward to 2024, Mike has transformed this project into a full fledged band with members LOCKHEED and NYX DIVISION among others. They have been destroying stages in and around Portland, dropping jaws and blowing out ear drums. We've been anxiously awaiting to see how this project would evolve with the addition of a full line up with years of experience under their collective bullet belt. What you get here is a raw and intense aural assault of Japanese crust inspired punk. Most notably large nods of the head go to the legendary FRAMTID. Not recommended for one wanting a wind down listen with a nice cup of tea before bed, this is a perfect rager with relentless pounding drums, angry vocals with dark war torn lyrics, a bass that sounds like a goddamned earthquake, and a guitar accompanied by a large array of pedals and effects. By that i mean this is fucking LOOOOOOUD!!!! (Black Water Records #105)

(restock) TOXIC REASONS - Independence: 40th Anniversary Millennium Edition LP
Toxic Reasons started in 1979 in Dayton, OH, and hardcore/punk would never be the same. On July 4th of 1982, "Independence" was recorded. For this special, 40th anniversary, millennium edition, it has been restored and remastered. LP includes a 12" x 12" booklet. (Beer City Records #240)

(restock) AMUSEMENT - Walk Out To Sink/You Will Never Hear This 7"
Although only two songs, this EP's intention is simple...sit and take it all in. No skipping tracks, just flipping the record over once the song is finished. We wanted to present and capture the feeling of old punk singles and their B sides like Stiff Little Fingers "Alternative Ulster" or The Buzzcocks "Orgasm Addict". This band features members of From Ashes Rise and Deathreat but unlike the bands mentioned, AMUSEMENT leans more on fuzz driven guitars and hooks. Think Dinosaur Jr tone meets Leatherface emotion. (Extinction Burst Records #70846)

(restock) AUS ROTTEN - ...And Now Back to Our Programming LP
The second studio LP from AUS-ROTTEN, originally released in 1998, is back in print on PROFANE EXISTENCE! Considered by many to be the highlight of AUS-ROTTEN's discography, "And Now Back To Our Programming" is an absolutely essential anarcho-punk LP, and the rapid fire delivery of righteous political anger AUS-ROTTEN are famous for is just as prevalent on this release as it is on all AUS-ROTTEN records. From the second the needle drops this LP challenges you to be the change you want to see in the world. 7 songs in total including the epic 16-minute title track. (Profane Existence #168)

AWOL - Tear 'Em To Bits LP/CD/cassette tape
It's not hard to listen to "Tear 'Em To Bits" and feel like you're going to get ripped apart. The nine tracks are monstrous, filled with gruff vocals, groove-driven riffs, and meaty breakdowns. AWOL draws from bands like Madball and Biohazard, but also fit right along modern-day acts like King Nine and God's Hate. Vinyl version includes digital download and is limited to 500 copies. (Flatspot Records #74)

ESCALATE - Consequences LP (color vinyl)
Escalate is a vegan, straight-edge hardcore band out Hungary, formed in 2020. They are the first and only fully vegan, straight-edge band in the country's history. The band's first full-length is titled "Consequences" and contains nine blistering tracks mastered by Scott Crouse (Earth Crisis). (New Age Records #101)

RUST - True Decline LP (color vinyl)
After a vocalist swap at the end of 2019, Rust continued on releasing a few singles, a four-way split, and an EP, "World Upside Down," that gained the band some notoriety both locally and worldwide. Now in 2024, Rust is back with a new EP on New Age Records called "True Decline." Mixed by Andy Nelson at Bricktop and mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege, "True Decline" delivers five tracks of front-to-back, unrelenting metallic hardcore. 12"ep includes a silkscreened B-side and is limited to 240 copies. (New Age Records #99)

MEADOWS - Familiar With Pain LP
Meadows return with their sophomore album, "Familiar With Pain." "Familiar With Pain" is the follow-up to 2020's "In Those Days And Also After." For fans of Counterparts and Defeater. Vinyl version includes digital download. (Facedown Records #196)

SHEER TERROR - Just Can't Hate Enough LP
Sheer Terror's classic, 1989 debut full-length, "Just Can't Hate Enough," is finally back in print for the first time in almost eight years. Recorded at CBGBs in the fall of 1988, this record captured a hardcore band who never bowed to belonging to any scene, forging their own path of Celtic Frost-inspired guitar crunch with Paul Bearer's signature working-class lyrics that spit in the face of convention. (Dead City Records #30)

Descriptions for 4/13/24

URANIUM CLUB - Infants Under The Bulb LP
The Minneapolis Uranium Club Band, along with Static Shock Records and the newly contracted Anti Fade Records, are proud to present "Infants Under the Bulb"; The Uranium Club's fourth album and first full length since 2018's "The Cosmo Cleaners". Precisely timed ahead of the band's debut tour of Australia commencing March 19, Infants Under the Bulb will light up stores across the globe from March 1st. Recorded in Minneapolis over the course of 2023 by long time collaborator Grant Richardson and just as rampant and agitated as ever, The Uranium Club once again win their dear listeners over with eccentrically wild guitar parts, revolving voices, elastic-tight drums and the addition of their very own Saints-styled horn section. Lyrically, Under the Bulb opens up the history books of unsolved mysteries - unidentified, unsolved, unanswered subjects of suspicious acts or individuals across the last century. Who, what, when and where... but mostly, why? Ignorant humanity of earth orbits the sun once again. The Somerton Man, Bergmann, Bauby, Denton, phone phreakers, and just what is lurking behind the cosmic organ of The Wall? As always, the artwork was handled in-house by the Club and ambitious as ever. The spectacular cover shot captures a carefully coordinated event orchestrated by the Club to photograph a crowd of the local volunteers wearing ponchos standing together in an open field to make the shape of a giant spiral. The spiral pictured is 120 feet (36.5 meters) wide, photographed by drone, and was plotted out on the ground using a protractor specially fabricated for the occasion by the band with a pivoting centre and 60ft long adjustable arm. (Static Shock Records #115)

KRIEGSHOG - s/t LP (repress from 2010)
Repressing. The New Wave of Brutality and Hardcore Massacre has arrived. Tokyo punks KRIEGSHÖG are back with their first full length. After 3 7"s that we love at LVEUM they finally went for the album. Thirteen tracks of extremely bass driven hardcore destruction. The recording is relentless, full of energy and distorted. Yet moving from the ultra blown out recording of their earlier output. This is the band's most dynamic recording so far and in our humble opinion is destined to be a classic and genre defining album. (La Vida Es Un Mus #42)

BRUX - Fills De La Nit 7"
BRUX are back with four tracks of their trademark sound. Four flanged out hard hitting anthems, mixing the sharpest possible post punk with the roughest street rock'n'roll vocals. They keep their boots firmly pressed between two styles which seem polar opposites, resulting in new sounds made up of old formulas. Too angular for boot boys yet too crude for trendy post punkers. Blending both BLITZ eras with Death rock and current punk wave, and resulting on a fully formed band not afraid of displaying all their influences at once. Originally released by the band's label on a 100 run cassettes at the end of 2023 this recording was simply too good not to exist on vinyl. (La Vida Es Un Mus #298)

JJ AND THE A'S - Eyeballer 7"
JJ And the A's offer up their second release with four new songs to work their way into your earholes. Not lost on this recording is the band's hardcore delivery mixed with KBD undercurrents from the first EP. They have added a hint of melody in these songs which harkens back to early SoCal punk à la T.S.O.L., Adolescents, and Red Cross. Through the wash of sound the organ soaked in fuzz makes me think they could have been listening to Electric Prunes or Oblivions sloshing around in some drunken party thinking up riffs. The soulful vocals are modern in the delivery, but also reminiscent of garage favorites Detroit Cobras in depth and character. The end result is a mashup of punk, garage, and underlying hardcore that is electrifying, raucous, and instantly enjoyable. (La Vida Es Un Mus #294)

We're proud to announce the debut recordings by Haarlem's Traumatizer. This is blistering D-beat with a handful of huge, metallic riffing and a vocalist that eats nails for dessert. There's a blown-out production that brings to mind Bootlicker's earlier recordings but where the Lickers line American Hardcore with No Future stomp, Traumatizer goes full tilt into the noize and grips you by the throat. There's no pogo present, just rage and violence. Toss it on while you take the late-night walk home from the bar. These 6 tracks will make a compelling case that those darting eyes and high hackles in the alleyway are the threat you were worried about. Those focused pupils from an animal whose only option is to take as many of you with them as they can. You didn't even mean any harm, poor you. But here we are, kill or be killed. Prey or predator. No one gets out alive, we just measure blood loss for points. (Neon Taste Records #44)

JUG - Or Not 7"
There's a band that perfectly encapsulates the mean and dirty streets of middle Canada. That freezing, Prairie capital of Winnipeg Manitoba that's home to a busy art scene, abject poverty and brutal racism. The relief is in the waste. For all this there's JUG. Take Flipper's pace and Wiccans slow-burning ferocity and sear it to plastic. Here's their 4 track debut of Hardcore Punk with nary a care in the world besides ensuring the liquor store is still open and the boss isn't looking. If you ever need a soundtrack for when you feel that enormous zit on your back reach the aching stage. That one that you just can't reach. The one that throbs endlessly until you've finally had enough and you scape your back against the sharp corner of a wall and feel it burst in a stab of pain and wet relief. Here's an earful of Juno-worthy fury that you can turn on and smile, satisfied with yourself as the stain on your shirt turns yellow-y red and the staphylococcus begins to take hold. You deserve that soundtrack. You deserve all of this. After all you're Just another Ugly Guy(s). Ain't we all? 200 copies on black vinyl. (Neon Taste Records #43)

SIEGE FIRE - The Devastating Cost LP
A couple of years ago, seemingly from out of nowhere, SIEGE FIRE appeared with a scorching demo tape released as a two-person project with Mike from DECOMP, GENOGEIST, etc. playing all the instruments and laying down vocals. Fast forward to 2024, Mike has transformed this project into a full fledged band with members LOCKHEED and NYX DIVISION among others. They have been destroying stages in and around Portland, dropping jaws and blowing out ear drums. We've been anxiously awaiting to see how this project would evolve with the addition of a full line up with years of experience under their collective bullet belt. What you get here is a raw and intense aural assault of Japanese crust inspired punk. Most notably large nods of the head go to the legendary FRAMTID. Not recommended for one wanting a wind down listen with a nice cup of tea before bed, this is a perfect rager with relentless pounding drums, angry vocals with dark war torn lyrics, a bass that sounds like a goddamned earthquake, and a guitar accompanied by a large array of pedals and effects. By that i mean this is fucking LOOOOOOUD!!!! (Black Water Records #105)

CAVEMAN - s/t 7"
Long time homies of the homies in Spy and boy you're in for a treat. Five stomping hardcore tracks to soothe the soul. You're not going to want to miss out on this tape. 100 copies first pressing sold out, this is 100 copies with inverted printed art (please note the image here shows black ink printed on white paper, this is is still black ink on white paper but is inverted so there is a lot of black ink basically) and white cassette shells. (To Live A Lie Records #263)

MOOM - Plague Infested Urban Dump of The Future LP
Pissed blasting Israeli punk. Tons of feedback and anger. Hailing from Tel Aviv, Israel, MooM wowed us with three sludgy distortion laiden hardcore EPs. MooM is back in 2024 with their very first LP - this time faster, noisier and louder! This female fronted foursome fires nauseating blast beats, stressed out tempo changes and doom driven anguish right into the listener's brain. This is their ultimate and most uncompromising release to date and is not to be missed. With all the horror happening in the country, this release is important. (To Live A Lie Records #198)

DRY SOCKET - Sorry For Your Loss LP
DRY SOCKET emerging from Stumptown with their debut LP featuring ten furious tracks laden with blast beats and downtrodden ethos. Chaotic, angular, and angry, the band is back after two blazing EPs and five years of perfecting their sound. If you like PAINT IT BLACK, PUNCH, or NEGATIVE APPROACH then you won't be disappointed. One really dystopian release that mirrors the bleak wintertime in the PNW. (To Live A Lie Records #258)

CRYPTWORM - Reeking Gunk of Abhorrence LP (Blue vinyl)
Cryptworm may be a new name to some, but those whom have listened to their swampy brand of filth-ridden Death Metal will know of its excellence. Now we have something new and even more disgusting in the form of "Reeking Gunk Abhorrence", a mini-album that truly conjures a foul sewer-dwelling stench with meaty, blundering riffs, stomping drums and puked vocals to make a slaughtering blend of old school Death Metal which shall have slime running from your eye sockets in just over twenty minutes. Each of the four tracks delves into a dungeon of horrors that pummels out grotesque Death Metal putridity with vitriol and a precise lumbering blend of swampy instrumentals and gurgled vocals that within the murky mix of the MLP sounds utterly disgusting. This is a wretched, mouldy slab of filthy riff-craft and stampeding excellence which devours all in its path and leaves a fetid trail of molten bones in its wake. A grotesque journey into malignant, barbaric and subterranean musical extremity that is only suitable for those who can withstand the might of utterly punishing, relentless abhorrence from the crypts of the British underground. Be prepared, for once you spin this ichorous tome, there is no sending back whatever vomitous creatures spew out from your speakers... (Me Saco Un Uno Records #120)

ENGULFED - Unearthly Litanies of Despair LP
Formed in 2010 and with two EPs and a full length of supreme death metal under their belts, Turkish masters of brutality Engulfed return with their sophomore album. Atmospherics, savagery, technicality, and morbidity. These four words should all spring to mind if you know Engulfed, and if you do not, get acquainted. Surging forth impenetrable waves of ferocity, this band spawns from the hotbed of extreme music that is Turkey. Their unfaltering bouts of blasting drums and convulsive riffing should have any fan of true death metal gripped from the get-go of this monstrous offering. Warped vocals and even-more-contorting instrumental work conjoins in malformed excellence to present some of the band's fiercest tracks to date. If tremendous but hostile and savage music is what you seek, then read on and be a part of these Unholy Litanies of Despair, an album title promising exactly what is delivered. Every second of this ruthless offering is a feast of vitriol, pulverizing all in the path of Engulfed's unforgiving music: a rare example of a band whose technicality is not their downfall, relying on claustrophobic atmospheres and gargantuan levels of malice while playing superbly. The showmanship is tasteful and the songs never suffer for it, rather leaving you in awe of their undeniable talents which span the whole lineup. Moments of mournful gloom inject some dynamic into the total battery and mayhem, while the drive of this album is infallible and never loses momentum for a second, building tension and mood with its formidable and forceful delivery. Right until its dying breaths, Engulfed's new offering is a lesson in visceral death metal magnificence that must be learned by all. (Me Saco Un Uno Records #176)

SEPTAGE - Septic Worship LP
Denmark's death-grinding brutes Septage blazed a trail in the underground with two lacerating EP's and a split with Hyperdontia. Now they present their decayed debut full length via Me Saco Un Ojo Records, Dark Descent and Extremely Rotten. Abrasive noise and ecstatic grooves intertwine in a rotten cacophony, swaying like a bloated carcass in a stagnating swamp pool. The fetid hooks and miasmic spew of Septage's rancid music instantly permeate the air with an odour of decompositional fluids. Ravenous vocals flood the gargantuan instrumentals with even more primitive aggression, ensuring a visceral experience across the board. Their septic splendour knowing no remorse, expect to have your skull trepanned by each of this vicious pieces of musical disgust. Still surviving? That is quite unfortunate... Septage will fix that. If your cranium can withstand the bludgeoning bubonic death metal, then the piercing drill of grinding fury will surely remove any slimy grey brain matter that lives on. Across these 15 songs of sewer-ridden sadism, Septage show that their EP's were not mere lightning in a bottle, but a promise for one of the most deranged and malicious debut albums of the grindcore world. Destroying all opposition, gurgling in their own rancid offal, this trio form something inarguably unpleasant on the air. Torture yourself with the infectious sounds of "Septic Worship". (Me Saco Un Uno Records #175)

Toronto Death Metal gore-masters Coprolith unleashed their crushing debut demo this year. It is now being handled by underground death-dealers Me Saco Un Ojo Records and Rotted Life Records for a proper release. Lurking in the catacombs, reverberate grinding filth sprays ichor from the very first moments of this release. Impenetrable walls of murky guitars and bludgeoning bass cascade atop visceral drum assaults. Putrescent vocals spread an equally squalid aroma through the air as we are crushed by the monolith of sonic decay. With a stringy quality to the entire soundscape, each lacerating track feels atmospheric and yet punishing with a meaty quality that will induce retching and head-banging in equal measure. If you are one of those sick freaks who seek twisted, malignant and hostile sounding Death Metal to regurgitate rancidity into your ears, then this will scratch that necrotising itch. A belching and barbaric opus of truly unforgiving extremity that even some underground maniacs might find to be just a touch too rotten for their pristine ears. Coprolith imbue the real 90s spirit with that cavernous, sepulchral quality that has developed in the last twenty years. This sound is one for the real die-hards with a strong stomach... (Me Saco Un Uno Records #177)

LAST DAYS OF HUMANITY - Putrefaction in Progress Ltd. CD
Ltd. to 500 - Digipak CD Edition for this Masterpiece of GoreGrind! + Ltd. Sticker incl. This album killed the game in the history of Gore Grind! 41 tracks! (Bones Brigade Records #29 CD)

CHIENS - x1.8.7. Myselfx LP (gatefold)
Since their Demo in 2009, the determination to spit powerful and uncompromising Grindcore in your face remains unchanged ! This 2023 version will slap you in the face and make you end the year strong ! (Bones Brigade Records #98)

FALSE - The Kids Still Have Nothing to Say LP
From the very last ashes of the band Sylvester Staline, the singer has brought out FALSE. Offensive, direct, a look at our society through a fast Hardcore and with raging riffs!! (Bones Brigade Records #100)

FROM THE CRYPT - Demo 2022 Ltd. LP
With members of Inhume and more... From The Crypt was born ! A demo repressed on Vinyl limited to 300 copies. Expect nothing more than viscous, Old School, festering death metal ! Definitely executed by warriors of the genre. (Bones Brigade Records #100.5)

Long overdue official reissue of one of the most absolutely raging UK hardcore punk records. The first 12" from 1984 by this cult band took the ferocity, and raw sound of bands like Discharge, Disorder, and Chaos UK, and blended it with the current anarcho-punk sound, a style that continued to gain traction with excellent bands like Anti-System, A.O.A., or S.A.S. High quality, no frills, 45rpm pressing with artwork and mastering that is faithful to the original. This reissue finally makes a full lyric sheet available as well, which is made from various promo materials the band sent out with letters during the '80s. (General Speech Records #26)

PUNCTURE - Mucky Pup/You Can't Rocknroll 7"
Official reissue of the very first single on the revolutionary Small Wonder Records from 1977. Puncture deliver one of the absolute best, and most unique singles from the 77 punk era, and one where both sides are incredible. Employing the power of a strong rhythm section with a pounding bass guitar, and synthesizer, they quickly became a cult classic, and later covered by bands like The Exploited. The reissue features faithful high quality original artwork reproduction. Essential for fans of top class 70s UK punk. (General Speech Records/Zip Records #2)

BE NOTHING - Be All The Nothing You Can Be cassette tape
West philly punk stalwarts Be Nothing have a sound somewhere between The Butthole Surfers, Devo, and The Ramones. Featuring members of Stinking Lizavetta, SPAZM 151, and Syzslak they're masters of short tight songs, deadpan lyrics, and riffs that'll worm their way deep into your frontal lobe. Crunchy and retro-leaning, but also appealing to the gnarliest of modern sensibilities. Like math-rock played by people who flunked out of algebra classes. (Strange Mono Records #45 TP)

BIG BURLY - Tumors 7"
Big Burly is the long awaited side project from members of Spesimin, Sheer Mag, The Company Corvette, and Programmed Hatred. Hailing from Philadelphia, Big Burly's signature sound puts bassists Jess Kramer and Ross Pritchet front and center. The guitarless band is balanced perfectly by Ian Dykstra's pounding drum style while Dan T's deranged vocals serve up relentless energy. Wry humor, blisteringly short songs, and non-repetitive structures all combine to make something truly unique and fun to listen to. "Big Burly avoid grinding (or really any sort of speed at all), instead delivering the slow and mid-paced parts that No Comply and Godstomper would've written between fast-core blast beats. I suppose you'd file it under "noise-rock" in that case, but there's something happening here that feels equally as likely to be on a compilation LP alongside Charles Bronson and Suppression as a volume of Dope-Guns-'N-Fucking In The Streets. Weirdly, Big Burly have two bassists and no guitarist, but the sound is just as trebly and itchy as the aforementioned Godstomper and No Comply. Maybe they only used amps that can be carried with one hand (or simply recorded it to sound that way), but it's a DIY-sounding affair, right down to the distorted squeal of vocalist Dan T. If you want polished hardcore, you can go to the mall!" - Matt Korvette (Strange Mono Records #14)

Concrete Caveman is a ferocious force of a Deathpunk unit, with an uninhibited aggression that pushes the limits of genre. With origins in South Jersey, Concrete Caveman made Philadelphia their homebase, a decision with no regrets as they represent the underground Philly scene to the core. The band acknowledges their influences while asserting they're not a "rip-off band", nor trying to imitate any other artist, but to make something new and different while drawing inspiration and combining each of their own styles. "Grindcore length without the Grindcore label" is one way the band puts it, challenging each other's playing when it comes to speed and technique, pulling in blast beats, double bass, and twisting to a new tone. Feral is grind at its most gleeful, channeling pit-friendly punk and hardcore as much as grindcore and death metal. FFO: Benediction, Brutal Truth, Nailbomb. (Strange Mono Records #42)

FALSE TRACKS - Hymn For Terror cassette tape
False Tracks formed in 2016 and have released a handful of EP's since their start. Seasoned veterans of the Philly and DC indie pop/punk scenes, they've each been members of The Ropers, Lilys, The Snow Fairies, Pink Skull, Royal Shoals, Last Wave, and The Vexers respectively. With as much collective experience as this band has it's no surprise that False Tracks delivers such addictive, perfectly executed, post-punk ear worms. While it can be classified as a rock record, each track unveils a distinct focus, accentuating various subgenres of guitar music, including new wave, post-punk, and punk rock. Their style is comparable to bands like Wire, The Feelies, Wipers and early Flying nun releases False Tracks offers more than just the sum of their influences. (Strange Mono Records #41 TP)

STRAIGHT ON VIEW - Gotta Step Up (Demo '24) cassette tape
Straight On View's journey began in Philadelphia with a shared passion for hardcore punk. Band's formation was a natural process. With each of the members sharing their unique energy and influences--Warzone, Youth of today, No For an Answer, just classic shit. Driven by a desire to spread positivity and constructive ideals, Straight On View aims to leave a lasting impression on the punk landscape. messages of unity and understanding through their music. "The most important things I took from youth crew were having a positive outlook and being constructive with your thoughts and actions." - reflects Eliot. "If we want to change things, we have to bring people together and break down the divisions between us." Straight On View's decision to release their debut EP through Strange Mono Records, a benefit label, underscores their commitment to community support and radical positivity. Straight On View is relentless and tight, filled with frenetic energy, and they aren't afraid to rip a solo or two! FFO: Chain Of Strength, Youth Of Today, Wide Awake, Gorilla Biscuits (Strange Mono Records #56)

Formed in 2005 The Company Corvette from Philadelphia has shared the stage with countless legendary acts-Weedeater, Pentagram, The Obsessed, The Mentors, and Truckfighters to name a few- blasting fans with their heavy stoner rock. This new album showcases the band's pursuit of their singular vision. Covering the spectrum from misery laden doom, sludgy grunge, heavy metal, dumb'n'fun rock'n'roll. This is stoner rock gone metal-and-back. There's riffs, there's hooks, there's shreds and roars and psychedelic freakouts and they mean every bit of it. As with the last album, the cover features artwork by legendary Drew Elliott (Midnight, Amorphis, Blood Feast, Necrophagia, etc) almost makes it look better than it sounds - and it sounds pretty awesome! "Ya like ZZ Top and Cathedral? Of course. Budgie and Entombed? Fuckin A. T Rex and Monster Magnet? Let's do this." (Strange Mono Records #40)

TERROR REVOLUCIONARIO - Mr. Crack (Reissue) cassette tape
Terror Revolucionário, playing a mix of street punk and heavy crust core, formed in February 1999, in the city of Taguatinga, Federal District, Brazil. "In the first half of 2011, we entered Estúdio Órbis, in Taguatinga/DF - Brazil, to record the next album with the title Mr. Crack. The album was only released in 2014. It had been 5 years since the last recording. We invited Capaça (Violator guitarist) to help with the tones and production of the album. Recorded in two days, the album has 18 songs, being the band's most crustcore/punk material. Influences from Abuse Sonoro, Ratos de Porão, Disrupt, Extreme Noise Terror, Doom and Discharge are latent. Pay attention to the reference to Morbid Angel. Now, in 2024, ten years after its release on CD, the album has a new version through the Strange Mono label." FFO: Anti-Cimex, Ratos de Porão, Extreme Noise Terror (Strange Mono Records #53)

V/A - Strange Mono Benefit For Prevention Point 7" compilation
This compilation features six of Philly's best Punk / Hardcore bands and marks the first vinyl release for Strange Mono. All proceeds are being donated to Prevention Point, a harm reduction charity serving Philadelphia and the surrounding area. Mesh, Added, Shitty Wizard, Nothing Is Over, Programmed Hatred and Concrete (Strange Mono Records #31)

WORSHIPER - To Binge And Purge In L.A. cassette tape
During the mid 2000's Worshiper was quickly gaining a reputation as one of Philly's loudest bands in the underground scene. Worshiper, made up of lifelong friends Mike Parry, Curt Howard, and Benji Davis, had a tumultuous few years; self-releasing their debut To Binge And Purge In LA and embarking on their first and only tour with Boston's Bad History Month. Though they had a rowdy and devoted cult following, their first release never quite received the accolades it deserved. That being said, they carved out their place in Philly history with their intense live performances and heavy raw sound. They disbanded soon after in part due to songwriter and frontman Mike Parry's battle with opioid addiction. On June 16th 2021, after years of progress, Mike relapsed and sadly lost his life. The impact of his death permeated the music scene leaving many friends and fans stunned. Recorded at Philly's legendary Sex Dungeon Studios in one afternoon, Worshiper is sludgy post-hardcore at its pinnacle. This fully remastered cassette reissue features a previously unreleased song and includes the original recordings as well. We hope that this release can raise awareness about one of Philly's best bands and help to promote health, empowerment and safety for communities affected by drug use and poverty. FFO: Melvins, EyeHateGod, Noothgrush, Unsane (Strange Mono Records #13 TP)

KHARMA - A World Of Our Own CD/cassette tape/LP (clear with purple splatter vinyl)
On the full-length album "A World Of Our Own" on Flatspot Records, Kharma is taking the listener through the ebb and flow of life. Working with Jon Markson at The Animal Farm (Regulate, Jivebomb), the band set out to record their most personal and colossal material yet. With a new record, expect Kharma to make 2024 their year, bringing their heavy Chicago style and attitude everywhere they go. Vinyl version includes digital download. (Flatspot Records #72)

LIFE'S QUESTION - s/t LP/CD/cassette tape (yellow & orange "spinner" vinyl)
Life's Question defines themselves as "the real deal," but the five-piece band is more than your average hardcore act. Citing influences from Faith No More, No Warning, Van Halen, and Fats Domino, the band showcases a knack for melody while also giving a tough-as-nails delivery. As Life's Question heads into the release of their new EP, the band is looking towards a bright and busy future in hardcore and beyond. Vinyl version includes digital download. This is the orange and yellow spinner vinyl version, exclusive to Rev and limited to 500 copies. (Flatspot Records #73)

HolyName is the new project from Sleeping Giant vocalist Tommy Green. This is the 12-track full-length featuring an all-star cast of guest vocalists including Ryan Clark of Demon Hunter, Joe Musten of Advent, Brook Reeves of Impending Doom, Eric Gregson of xDeathstarx, and more. For fans of Sleeping Giant and For Today. (Facedown Records #187A)

IMPENDING DOOM - There Will Be Violence LP
Recorded at Lambesis Studios with Daniel Castleman (As I Lay Dying, Winds Of Plague, War Of Ages), "There Will Be Violence" is ten tracks of the heaviest and finest metal that fans have come to expect from Southern California's Impending Doom. For fans of Suicide Silence and Job For A Cowboy. LP includes digital download. (Facedown Records #95)

DOG DATE - Zinger LP
Powered by two guitars, bass, and not one, but two drummers, Dog Date is a rock 'n' roll force to be reckoned with, and their sophomore full-length, "Zinger," is a technicolor blast of distortion and hooks that's sure to put a smile on your face. The unrestrained energy was captured at Hyperballad Studios by engineers Matt Labozza and Morgan Miller, resulting in a lean set of furious yet welcoming songs that bring all the members' collective strengths to bear. So, if you have 26 minutes to spare, spend it with the steamrolling, rock 'n' roll bedlam of "Zinger" - and Dog Date will show you such sights. (Pop Wig Records #38)

Four new songs from Southern California's own Xibalba. Recorded and mixed by Taylor Young at The Pit Recording Studio and mastered by Brad Boatright of Audiosiege. 12"ep includes a silkscreened B-side. (Closed Casket Activities #122)

Before Circus Lupus landed on Washington, DC's venerable Dischord Records, the group's original Midwest lineup recorded a full-length's worth of songs less than a year after forming. The original Circus Lupus lineup played a dozen shows and recorded these songs with Eli Janney at Inner Ear Studios in August of 1990 while on a brief tour. L.G. Records is proud to have helped this notable recording see the light of day. (L.G. Records #1)

FURY - Resurrection LP
Recorded in 1989 on the remaining ten minutes left at the end of Swiz's "Hell Yes I Cheated" reel-to-reel and originally released at the time as a 33 RPM 7", this 2023 release presents a 12", 45 RPM version remastered by Tim Green with an extra song recovered from the tape archives of Jason Farrell. The brief story of Fury: At some point in 1989, members of Washington, DC, punk bands Swiz and Ignition formed Fury as a loose experiment with no intentions beyond being a diversion. The recording is a vexing listen that sounds like a Neapolitan swirl of Swiz, Void, and the Germs.

Hardcore/math-rock band from the '90s featuring members of Unwound and Nation Of Ulysses. Remixed and remastered; never all available before on vinyl. For fans of Black Flag, Bl'ast!, The Jesus Lizard, Void, and the Germs. (L.G. Records #4)

Descriptions for 4/6/24

MASACRE formed in Medellin, Colombia in 1988. In a country with a nascent yet revered black/death metal scene (thanks to legends like PARABELLUM and REENCARNACION), MASACRE played in the chaotic and brutal style of their South American peers, coupling the intensity of their music with sociopolitical lyrics that reflected the violence and corruption that surrounded them. After several demos and the excellent "Ola de Violencia" EP, the group released their debut full-length "REQVIEM" in 1991 via Osmose Productions. A revered classic in its own right, the LP set the stage for a live demo, a re-release of "Ola de Violencia" as a split EP with the mighty PROFANATICA, and the doom-ridden "Barbarie y Sangre en Memoria de Cristo" EP before a period of dormancy in the mid-90s. SACRO arrived in 1996, showcasing a marked evolution in the band's sound. Their second full-length is a muscular offering of tightly constructed black/death metal, retaining the maniacal energy of the early work while honing the musicianship to a degree of excellence that surpasses its predecessors. Speed and brutality are in equal measure, with a precise execution pummeling the listener into subservience. Vocalist Alex Okendo provides a noteworthy performance here, with the macabre realism of his Spanish-language lyrics not merely heard but truly felt by its audience. Treading a delicate balance of classic chaotic SA deathrash with the blunt-force brutality of US death metal of the time, SACRO is a standout release and a crucial document of death metal art. (Nuclear War Now Records #638)

GRAVESIDE - Sinful Accession LP
The distinct sound of Florida death metal is recognizable to any listener of extreme metal. The late 80s and early 90s witnessed a wave of bands crafting a new language of metal that would profoundly and permanently change metal music. While much ink has been spilled about titans like DEICIDE, CANNIBAL CORPSE and MORBID ANGEL, little recognition has been granted to a group whose interpretation of the genre remains largely unacknowledged at the international level: Russia's GRAVESIDE. Formed in Tula, Tula Oblast in 1990 under the name Surgery (________) and adopting the moniker GRAVESIDE in 1991, the band became pioneers in the nascent Russian death metal world, alongside Moscow's DEATH VOMIT, NECROCANNIBAL and PHANTASM. Their 1993 debut and only full-length, "Sinful Accession" showcased the group's exceptional skill among their peers, both within Russia and beyond . While paying homage to the brilliant works of early DEICIDE, GRAVESIDE's intricate song structures, expert musicianship and haunting keyboard work places them in a distinctive category, distancing themselves from the mere clones of the Morrisound style. While the group is more than capable at their instruments, the technicality of the work serves to emphasize its brutality rather than simply display their skill. That these unrelenting dirges are often punctuated by sinister organ lines makes the atmosphere all the more unsettling, and effectively macabre. "Sinful Accession" has never seen an official release outside of Russia, and the time is long overdue for this classic of 90s death metal to find its well-deserved place on the global stage. (Nuclear War Now Records #711)

ABADONNA - 1986 Demo LPx2
Continuing our mission to disinter the forgotten remains of metal recordings lost among the ruins of the Eastern Bloc, NWN! is proud to present the only extant material by Abadonna (formerly known as Falanga), one of the earliest extreme metal bands from the former Soviet Union. Recorded and self-released on cassette in 1986, ("Dead Genius"), the 60-minute demo recording by Abadonna, is perhaps the first emanation of the black metal sound from behind the Iron Curtain. In the 1980s, while western cultural attitudes remained caught in the stranglehold of Christian morality, the Soviet Communist Party fostered an antagonistic posture toward religion, though the dogma of the Russian Orthodox Church still flowed in the bloodstream of the culture. In the mid-1980s, as Soviet society began to open up, the aggressive sounds of western rebellion resonated in the consciousness of Soviet youth. While the anti-religious aspect of extreme metal did not offend the ideological strictures imposed by the Communist Party in the same way it rankled religious conservatives in the West, the genre's subversive, individualistic, and anti-authoritarian elements appealed to young disaffected minds in the East straining to escape the autocratic regime's restrictive grip. Falanga formed in 1985 in the city of Mytishchi, located just outside Moscow. Though the band was often associated with the thrash scene at the time-they were often booked on fests alongside other thrash acts-theirs was a decidedly more sinister sound, one that finds its closest analogs in the early German thrash scene. The discovery of music this unique is what makes the ongoing search for lost relics a worthwhile endeavor. (Nuclear War Now Records #706)

SARCASM - Crematory LP
Finally repressed. SARCASM began in Slovenia in 1987. The teenage trio of Ales Blaznik (guitar), Sandi Dolinar (bass) and Matjaz Kacin (drums) began their career playing heavy metal covers, their first being Slayer's "Black Magic". After gigging in their hometown of Kranj, SARCASM started writing their own songs and added the vocal talents of Osim Cehic, aka Paco. Their initial demos were recorded in 1988 and garnered positive reactions from the Yugoslavian metal community. With the addition of second guitarist Matjaz Hudobivnik later that year, SARCASM became one of the leading names in the nascent Slovenian metal scene, opening for MOTORHEAD and counting the likes of DESTRUCTION among their fans. "Crematory" is the first official full-length from SARCASM. Originally released on cassette by the band in 1989, this record is a milestone in both eastern European metal and 80's thrash in general. Lightning fast and deftly executed, SARCASM's attack recalls the best of pure 80s speed with a tonal grounding in classic heavy metal. The guitar work of Blaznik and Hudobivnik is razor sharp, with unreal twin harmonies and truly mind-bending solos (see "The Krueger Story", for example). Paco's vocal stylings pay homage to the early works of Tom Araya while remaining unique in their deliberate application. A classic in Slovenia, "Crematory" belongs in the international canon of classic thrash metal. (Nuclear War Now Records #78)

After releasing a demo and a cassette EP for SPIRIT DIVE they pointed us in the direction of their dear friends in EVERGREEN. Shortly after we released a cassette EP for them too, which brings us here. It was inevitable that these two bands would meet on wax, each serving us 3 songs of fuzz driven melody and well crafted post hardcore gems. (Extinction Burst Records #121855)

INNUENDO - Peace & Love LP
Vinyl debut! 10 tracks of straight forward hardcore punk recorded directly to 8-track tape. Expanding on the mid-paced rock n' roll style riffs featured on the 2020 demo tape, PEACE & LOVE continues with this sound but is not strictly limited to it. The band knows what they want to sound like and they succeed with an honest representation of midwestern disgust. Members of Organ-ism, Necron 9, Democracy. (Roachleg Records #47)

PURA MANIA - Extranos Casos De La Vida Real 7"
AFTER YEARS OF SILENCE, PURA MANÍA MAKE A SURPRISE RETURN! The band shares members between Vancouver, Canada, and Ciudad de Mexico. Despite the distance and borders between them, Pura Manía breaks through with their signature brand of upbeat, anthemic punk, picking up right where their previous LP left off. Three new singalong songs take influence from 80s punk from Spain to Rikk Agnew's "All By Myself" 12" as well as classic Oi! and a curveball Screamers cover that the band manages to make their own. In the spirit of DIY punk and international punk solidarity, this is a split release between CV Records (Mexico) and Discos Peligrosos (Japan). Covers screen printed in Mexico. (Roachleg Records #68)

The international four piece offers its first sacrifice to vinyl with a barrelling new EP as a follow up to their 2021 demo. Five tracks of demonic speedy metal-punk by the way of crude Sabbat style riffs, featuring nods to Tormentor. All hell breaks fast and loose in tandem, and the howling, cacophonic Spanish vocals make this release uniquely its own. (Roachleg Records #70)

JUDGE - The Storm 7" (red vinyl)
In 1990, JUDGE had a new song entitled "Forget This Time" and there was a desire to record it and get it out into the wild. Additionally, the band had been touring and made some improvements to some of their existing songs; one standout was "The Storm," which now had a breakdown in the middle that didn't exist in the previous versions. Mike was excited about covering "When The Levee Breaks" (which was a bonus track on the CDEP, now a streaming bonus track) and the idea of his local buddy Todd Schwartz doing the harmonica solo. With these three songs the guys headed to Don Fury's studio on Spring Street to record what became "The Storm" EP. One day Mike showed up on his Harley and the idea came about to run a microphone cable out into the street to record it rev, which you can hear on this version of "The Storm." (Revelation Records #20)

UNITY - Live Rehearsal Demo 1983 7" (colored vinyl)
Unity rose from the ashes of a high-school punk band called Squad 51 sometime in 1983. The four friends - Rob Lynch, Joe D. Foster, Joe Navarrete, and Pat Longrie - unknowingly became one of the first straight-edge bands to establish itself in the Southern California suburb of Orange County. Recorded in drummer Pat Longrie's house, this live rehearsal demo perfectly showcases Unity's unbridled rage through nine blistering hardcore songs. Limited edition of 500 copies. (Mankind Records #15)

UNITY - Blood Days 7"
Compiles all of what were the new songs on the original 12" version of the UNITY "Blood Days" LP that was released in 1989. Only 300 pressed/Hand numbered/Purple vinyl... Includes lyric sheet/sticker/flyer. 6 tracks. (It's Alive Records #12)

NO MAN - Glitter And Spit LP
Washington, DC's No Man is a necessary and much-needed voice in modern hardcore. Their album "Glitter And Spit" is the band's third full-length, solidifying their furious hardcore into a weapon of a record. "Glitter And Spit" was recorded and mixed by Matthew Michel at Viva Studio, and mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege. (Iodine Records #59)

ORCHID - Gatefold LP (transparent blue vinyl pressing)
Back in stock! The final recordings of Orchid. These nineteen tracks are probably the best songs that Orchid ever recorded. Their sound has been honed and defined, and the recording perfectly captures Orchid's diverse combination of arty sensibilities, heartfelt emotive song writing, Mohinder-esque drumming, frantic precision, controlled mayhem, and chaotic adrenaline. An excellent record that even surpasses their previous releases. Definitely Orchid's opus. The LP comes packaged in a gatefold sleeve. The various Orchid members went on to form Bucket Full of Teeth, the Wolves, Ampere, and the Panthers. (Ebullition #51)

ORCHID - Chaos is Me LP (blue vinyl repress)
The repress has arrived. In 1999 Ebullition released the Orchid - Chaos is Me LP. At the time Orchid was a fairly new and unheard of band. It was the 45th release on Ebullition, but over time it became the most popular band and record that Ebullition ever had the privilege of releasing. The origina description was: Orchid's first full length 12" features eleven songs of their unique blend of emotive chaos and combustible hardcore. Blending it all together to create emo violence. The cover design has an almost Misfits inspired motif, and their lyrics are... well, they are Orchid lyrics, which means that they are slightly emotive and vague while retaining a sense of purpose. Orchid is all about blending; taking the best of several genres and putting it all together to get the Orchid sound. Screaming vocals and harsh sounding music to keep the kids screaming and dancin' whether they are Romulan emo kids or crusty Klingons. (Ebullition Records #45)

(repressed) MSPAINT - Post American LP
The debut LP from Hattiesburg's MSPAINT, Post-American. While it may be tempting to pin MSPAINT down stylistically, with labels like "synth-punk," these attempts fail to capture a band that transcends the sum of its parts and the hardcore and punk communities it occupies. Most of the records we release critique the world as it is. MSPAINT go a step further. This record is a triumph because it presents us a future of connection and light and allows us all to imagine living Post-American. (Convulse Records #64)

(restock) CATHARSIS - Light From A Dead Star I LPx2 (yellow vinyl)

(restock) CATHARSIS - Light From A Dead Star II LPx2 (yellow vinyl)
Three decades ago, before the music industry began to colonize it, the do-it-yourself underground was a space of exodus and experimentation, often in violent opposition to the rest of the world. This was the context in which Catharsis appeared, one of a new wave of bands to meld metal drama with the raw urgency of hardcore punk. They quickly distinguished themselves by an almost self-destructive intensity and uncompromising anticapitalist ethic. Inverting Christian iconography to champion the struggle of the individual against a hostile cosmos, they took up the centuries-old banner No Gods, No Masters, extending this project of total defiance into their increasingly tumultuous lives. This apocalyptic orientation in turn informed their music, as they sought to hit upon the magic combination of words, harmonies, and rhythms that could spark a global conflagration. Catharsis broke up in 2002, following relentless touring on three continents and a final catastrophic five months in Europe. After a decade of watching the old records sell for absurd prices while bootleggers profited off substandard editions, we've finally taken it upon ourselves to offer a proper collection of their work. "Light from a Dead Star I.," includes their debut 7", and "Samsara" LP, packaged in a gatefold cover with oversize booklet offering all the original artwork. "Light from a Dead Star II." includes their "Passion" LP, split LP's w/ Gehenna and Newborn. It also includes the final Catharsis song, "Absolution," recorded alongside "Arsonist's Prayer" in their last session but never released. Packaged in a gatefold with oversize booklet offering all the original artwork. (Refuse Records #86/#87)

KORO - s/t 7"
Sorry State is excited to bring you a repress of one of the best hardcore records ever, Koro's 1983 7" EP. Originally released in a small, self-released pressing, over the decades this monster's reputation has continued to grow, and collectors now have to fork over well over a grand for an original pressing. This one is too good for the scum to keep to themselves, though, a hyper-compact explosion of energy that can hold its own next to any landmark early 80s hardcore punk record you want to compare it to. (Sorry State Records #115)

DOWNCAST - Tell Me I'm Alive LP
30 years ago Ebullition came into existence when we released the Downcast 7" with No Answers #10. Downcast was a key ingredient in Ebullition's beginning. Brent, the Downcast guitarist, drew the Ebullition logo and Downcast played a major part in creating the ideology that would define Ebullition. When Downcast broke up they left unrecorded songs on the table. "Tell Me I'm Alive" picks those unrecorded songs up, and also moves forward with a whole set of brand new Downcast tracks; 10 tracks in total. Ebullition is extremely proud to be involved in releasing this new Downcast LP. This LP is not about the past, however, it is about now and the future. It picks up where the debut Downcast LP left off and continues pushing their sound forward both musically and politically. Ebullition is ecstatic to be releasing this LP in 2020. This is the sort of LP that Ebullition was created to release. Amazing. (Ebullition Records #61)

(discounted price) ECONOCHRIST - discography CDx2
Ebullition has decided to lower the price of this amazing discography CD in an attempt to get some more of these out into the world before the CD format disappears forever. A classic. And a great deal for a double CD that includes every single Econochrist song that was ever released! This double CD discography features forty-one Econochrist songs. It includes the Ruination LP, the Trained To Serve LP, the Skewed 7", the Another Victim 7", the It Runs Deep 7", as well as the songs from the Give Me Back comp LP, the Very Small World comp LPx2, the What Are You Pointing At? comp 10", and the songs from the split 7" that Econochrist did with The Detonators. (Ebullition Records #37 CD)