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Descriptions for the newest releases available this week.

Descriptions for 1/25/15

Australia's MANHUNT return with their first full length LP: 14 tracks of face-ripping dirge at velocities that approach the absurd, clocking in at just 17 minutes. A long attention span is not required but a new pair of undies and pre-whitened knuckles may be. For fans of stripped down, brutal 1000mph hardcore. (625 Productions #252)

WILDHONEY - Sleep Through It LP
"Sleep Through It" is Wildhoney's first LP. The group formed in late 2011, aiming to write pop songs with the energy and malcontent of hardcore punk, but without its entrenched masculinity. The five-piece has since become one of the loudest-and sweetest-bands in its hometown of Baltimore. Sleep Through It expands on two excellent 7-inches and one cassette EP, drawing influences from '60s girl groups, '80s post punk, indie pop, and shoegaze. New songs like first single "Fall In" showcase just how well Wildhoney combines wall-of-sound power with delicate passages and gorgeous vocal melodies. Older songs such as "Super Stupid" and "Seventeen" return on the LP, newly realized and sounding better than ever. Throughout the album, the group's blasts of distortion and use of dense textures are balanced with beautiful pop tunes and chiming guitar work. The swirl of noise surrounding singer Lauren Shusterich's voice is not unlike the best of the Cocteau Twins, or even Deerhunter, especially on the soaring title track. Sleep Through It was recorded at Beat Babies Studio in Woodstock, Md., with Chris Freeland (Lower Dens, Wye Oak). The album is Wildhoney's first with synthesizers and features liberal amp and pedal experimentation. The recording process was intense and fast, cramming lots of work into a small amount of time. That hectic schedule is impossible to hear on the LP, which unravels at its own dreamy pace. (Deranged Records #262)

PIG HEART TRANSPLANT - For Mass Consumption LP or cassette tape
Comes with digital download. Pig Heart Transplant is the alter ego of Jon Kortland, one half of the men that comprise the surgical Powerviolence duo Iron Lung. Like Iron Lung, Pig Heart Transplant delivers both a vicious beating and violent outcome, however the operating methodology is an entirely different animal; slow, churning, industrial, electronic, painfully percussive, a bureaucratic nightmare of State Power with gears grinding the individual into a hallow shell, perfectly molded into one of Them. This is 1984. For Mass Consumption is composed of 28 tracks, each approximately 44 seconds long, each song title a 4 letter word, structured in a perfectly palatable way for optimum group adoption and mindless adherence to common purpose. Electronic manipulation, no wave guitar noise, abrasive hammering and eerie synthetic ambience imbue the listener with the seedy malaise of manipulation on a societal scale. One might recognize the pulverizing brutality of early Swans on tracks like 'Film' or 'Pigs', the pulsing throb of Brighter Death Now and IRM on 'Coma' or even Robert McNaugton's soundtrack work for Henry: Portrait Of Serial Killer on '1970' or '1980'. Without doubt a horrifying work of aural terror, For Mass Consumption is the logical result of a culture bent on banal conformity and the futile struggle against its domination. Iron Lung Records (LP and Cassette versions) is pleased to bring this tormented future vision into the present. (Iron Lung Records #59)

FINAL WARNING - Demonstration 1983 7"
The original Final Warning demo from 1983. Unearthed after 20+ years and finally seeing the light of day are the "lost" demo tracks from one of Portland, OR's earliest hardcore punk bands. These tracks are taken from the original demo cassette and feature 9 tracks of pissed off hardcore punk in the vein of early Discharge and early Scandinavian hard core that, along with bands like Poison Idea, laid the foundation for northwest punk and hardcore. This release is dedicated to their late singer Jeff Paul who joined the band just after this demo was recorded. (Black Water Records #53)

THOU - Ceremonies of Humiliation LPx3
This triple LP compiles all of the band's material from various split releases over the years. In addition to their highly lauded full-length 'Heathen', Thou has this release 'Ceremonies Of Humiliation', a collection of all of the band's musical output from split releases prior to the release of their mammoth 2010 opus 'Summit'. That means all of Thou's contribution to their splits with Black September, Leech, Mohoram Atta, Salome and Haarp are all accounted for in this triple vinyl set. Recent tours with The Body, and Cloud Rat. Three 180 gram LPs housed in an excellent thick reverse stock tri-fold jacket. (Dead Tank Records #31)

The fertile land of post punk in the USA, Portland Oregon, has out done itself again with one of its more recent progeny, SHADOWHOUSE. This is the bands debut LP, following a widely acclaimed self-released single ("Haunted b/w Lonely Psalm) and the larger vinyl expanse is reflected in both the songwriting and production of this new 12 inch. Although they can definitely appeal to the punk side of the goth revival like BELLICOSE MINDS and CRIMSON SCARLET, their sound is something closer to traditional goth, dark 80s, and even some neo folk twang here and there. With the mixture of synthesizer and guitar leads as well as the painful moan of vocalist Shane HAND IN HAND is an instantly memorable listen that will appeal to punks, goths and others not afraid of some dark pop. Sing along, play loud, and dance slow. (Mass Media Records #27)

COCK SPARRER - Here We Stand LP with CD & DVD
There is no introduction needed for one of the most influential streetpunk/oi bands of all time: Cock Sparrer. In 2007, Captain Oi! Records released Cock Sparrer's first album since 1997's "Two Monkeys." (Pirate's Press Records #23)

BOY SETS FIRE - The Misery Index: Notes From The Plague Years LP
(After releasing a record on the same label that invaded early 2000s modern rock radio with Creed and Evanescence, Newark, DE, post-hardcore veterans Boysetsfire returned to Equal Vision Records (who issued a split EP with Boysetsfire's peers Snapcase in 1999) for the North American release of their lauded fourth studio album, "The Misery Index: Notes From The Plague Years," with Epitaph imprint Burning Heart handling worldwide release. The record appeared on Billboard's Top Heatseekers and Top Independent Albums charts upon release and expanded the band's sonic palette (piano, string instruments and horn sections) beyond their already adventurous, aggressive and melodic sound. Bridge Nine is proud to put this album back in print for vinyl collectors in the U.S. LP includes digital download. (Bridge Nine Records #217)

Descriptions for 1/17/15

MERCY KILLINGS - Snuffed Out 7"
A year after recording what would be the self titled 7", the lads of MERCY KILLINGS returned to the great state of North Carolina to lay down yet another sonic assault of hardcore punk. The resulting material proved to be even more vicious than the band's initial effort, yielding five songs of the savage USHC that certain members have been known for producing for over a decade now with select nods here and there to other spots on the globe that have been known to influence good punk as opposed to shit punk. These guys are, thankfully, too purist and/or out of touch to even consider flirting with any of the cringe inducing trends and fashions that have plagued the genre as a whole in recent memory. Therefore, fans of well executed hardcore punk can rest assured that they will receive just that upon obtaining this slab. Each record comes in a glue pocket sleeve adorned with stunning water color and ink based art by the illustrious Jaybo. (Beach Impediment #13)

Raleigh's reigning kings of hardcore release their debut vinyl, and it's undoubtedly one of the most scorching records of the year. With a couple of regional tours and a sold-out demo under their belt, word has slowly been spreading that Skemäta is one of the most untouchable hardcore bands on the planet, and this LP confirms that for the masses. Recorded at Legitimate Business in Greensboro, North Carolina and mastered by Ryan Abbott at Side Two Studios, Skemäta's debut brilliantly captures the band's "everything louder than everything else" philosophy. There are legions of bands playing hardcore, d-beat, or whatever these days and one might say that Skemäta aren't reinventing the wheel, but they're just better than everyone else. The riffs are both more technical and catchy, the vocals are more brutal, and the rhythm section is more pummeling. Aside from perhaps Impalers, no other hardcore band out there is coming close to touching this. (Sorry State Records #68)

After a couple of singles on the Japanese label Episode Sounds, Sorry State is proud to release the debut LP from Japan's Louder. I was introduced to Louder by Tsubasa, the guitarist of Sorry State band Rough Kids, and it's clear why he likes them so much, as Louder bear more than a passing resemblance to Rough Kids' song-centered, '77-influenced punk. However, Louder bring a distinctly Japanese take to the table, augmenting the Buzzcocks / Adverts-style melodic punk with some of the wild garage sounds of bands like the Registrators and Teengenerate. 10 tracks, all of them hits. (Sorry State Records #65)

DAVIDIANS - Night Terrors 7"
Second 7" from this new Raleigh punk band and the inaugural release in Sorry State's North Carolina Singles Series. Davidians were born from the ashes of Double Negative, featuring three former members of that band along with Colin Swanson-White (Formaldehyde Junkies, Voight-Kampff, Safewords) on guitar. While you can definitely hear some of Double Negative's quirky hardcore punk in Davidians' sounds, the more straightforward elements have been expunged, leaving a gritty, off-kilter sound that's equal parts Saccharine Trust and CopShootCop. Dark music for dark times. (Sorry State Records #67)

SICK PEOPLE - In My Nightmare 7" Second 7" from this hardcore punk band out of Brisbane, Australia. Big, mean, and menacing, Sick People fit comfortably in that category of gnarly, oi!-inflected hardcore made popular in recent years by bands with the word "Violent" in their name (i.e. Future, Outburst, Reaction, etc.). There have been a lot of imitators of this style lately, but Sick People are worth contenders to the throne... the production on this is both huge and slightly raw, and the drums crush forward at an absolutely perfect moshable pace, with the occasional pause for a ripping, Negative Approach-type fast part. While Australia has been killing it with post-punk lately, it's rare to find a totally legit US-style hardcore band from there, but this EP from Sick People sticks out from a pretty crowded pack. Great packaging, too, including a lushly illustrated fold-over jacket and LP-style printed inner sleeve. (Sorry State/Urban Rage Records #1)

INTEGRITY - Den Of Iniquity LPx2
This is the same as the RSD version except with a bonus cover and different color vinyl. 2xLP includes digital download and is hand-numbered out of 320 copies. (Organized Crime Records #531)

TURNSTILE - Nonstop Feeling LP/CD
From the release of their 2010 demo to their 2011 "Pressure To Succeed" EP, Turnstile has walked a path all their own - a path that has quickly brought them a rabid following based off of their groove-driven, melodic energies and insane live shows. The release of Turnstile's first full-length record, "Nonstop Feeling," is going to give fans so much more than they're anticipating and draw in a whole new wave of maniacs to the Turnstile tribe. From the signature artwork to the energy infused tunes, this record creates a vibrant slam of emotion that defines Turnstile more than ever as a band leading their own way. Vinyl version includes digital download. (Reaper Records #72)

CHOKE UP - Black Coffee, Bad Habits LP
This Boston, MA quartet has been cracking open their former blasts of chaotic, emotional hardcore and spilling out gigantic stadium-sized songs. "Black Coffee, Bad Habits" sounds like a DIY basement band having a moment of realization on record - they are suddenly ready for the spotlight. Swinging for the fences with big production, strings and lush layered vocals, Choke Up has fleshed out their sound into an album of fully realized emotive punk anthems. LP includes digital download. (Black Numbers #65)

(restock) HOLIER THAN THOU? - You Can't Have Slaughter Without Laughter LP
After years of struggle to finalize, Six Weeks Records is downright ecstatic to announce the final recordings by HOLIER THAN THOU? This band, along with Six Weeks bands like MUNICIPAL WASTE, D.F.A and CRUCIAL UNIT, started the resurgence of American crossover thrash in the early 2000's, releasing their classic debut LP and EP on Six Weeks Records, followed by a few one off releases on Deranged Records (Canada) and Flowerviolence Records (Germany). After a US tour with MUNICIPAL WASTE, and a tour of Europe, the band settled down to record the songs on this 12", only to have a malaise set in, almost dooming these tracks to obscurity. But we here at Six Weeks don't let things go easily and finally this record is ready to unleash on the hordes of thrashers, slammers and headbangers who've been doggedly on our case to release this final assault. For those new to this band, the pedigree is deep: featuring members of ANNIHILATION TIME, DINOSAUR JR, LEACHEROUS GAZE, BROKEN NEEDLE and LIFES HALT, their goal was to re-ignite the lost style of crossover thrash/hardcore, with many considering their "The Hating Of The Guts" LP on Six Weeks an easy equal to MUNICIPAL WASTE's Waste 'Em All LP, if not better. This final will and testament delivers eight unreleased tracks, blazing with thrash metal fury, laced with old school Oxnard style hardcore punk, with heavy doses of classic hard rock originality and mayhem. (Six Weeks Records #124)

(restock) PIG DNA - Control You Fucker #3 7"
Debut 7" containing three tracks of demented hardcore fresh from the Oakland sewers deconstructing DISCHARGE one track at the time. The band is definitely informed by the Kyushu could say this is CONFUSE worship smothered with weirdo outsider growled female vocals clad in bondage gear. (Nightrider Records #2)

Descriptions for 1/10/15

MAXIMUM ROCK'N'ROLL #381 (February 2015)
We've officially survived another rotation around the sun-welcome to 2015 and another killer issue of Maximum Rocknroll. MRR #381, the February 2015 issue features an interview with the Pacific Northwest's sadly-now-defunct HYSTERICS conducted during their European tour, Liz Panella of EARTH GIRLS interviewing Scott Plant of BROKEN PRAYER and vice versa, and a mini-scene report highlighting Icelandic punk and an accompanying interview with Reykjavik's BÖRN. We also talked to Oslo's DARK TIMES, who just released an excellent new LP Give, Madrid's ACCIDENTE, London's QUANGO, and Vancouver's VACANT STATE, and caught up with Mallorca's excellent Metadona label. While we were here in San Francisco, intrepid contributors documented Toronto's Not Dead Yet for our photo spread and interviewed Texan punks WICCANS in between packed gigs at the fest. All this plus book, movie, zine and demo reviews, all the columnist you love to hate (plus a couple new ones), and of course, the most extensive record reviews section in punk print. Get your copy today and support thee longest running, all-volunteer-run, not-for-profit punk zine on the planet! (Maximum Rock'n'Roll #381)

GIVE - Electric Flower Circus LP
After various 7" on React!, Young Blood, Pain Killer and an upcoming 12" on Reveltion records - this is Gives first proper debut full lenght. Taking influences from revolution-summer era hardcore, but with an undeniable style of their own, Give isn't following trends or trying to fit in . GIVE deliver 13 new songs. (Adagio 830 Records #121)

afterlife kids still play their blend of 90ies infliuenced hardcore, but added a good amount of bremen-style to it ; lord snow do what they can do best, intense and wild screamo - chaos, with an insane female voice... (Adagio 830 Records #120)

We managed to get a handful more!! A very limited re-pressing of this classic debut LP from Corrosion of Conformity. Originally released in 1984. These have silk screened covers. (Corrosion of Conformity #1)

ATHANATOS - Unholy Union 7_
Athanatos recently emerged from the storied Chilean underground with this 2014 demo, "Unholy Union," which was previously released on cassette format by Iron Bonehead Productions. The band's foundational pedigree is strongly rooted in South America's rich history of unbridled deathrash from the late 1980s and early 1990s. (Anti Goth Records #261)

WAR//PLAGUE - Temperaments of War LP
This is WAR//PLAGUE's 6th release and consists of 4 songs on a 12" format. This particular album is laden with a barrage of punk and rage! These Minneapolis punk veterans have written 4 new songs where each song carries a specific anthem and sound dedicated to the subject at hand. "A concept based on the philosophy of the Four Humors and how they tie into man's obsession with war". This is a concept record (without the prog-rock pretentions of the term, thankfully!) This is a unique thematic approach, which hasn't been explored through extreme music before. A much more interesting take on war and war culture than the countless dis-clone "war is bad/bodies burning" lyrics which have become a sad cliche these days. For those not in the know, War//Plague build upon an impressive legacy of American crust, and bring to mind the glory days of the '90s anarcho/crust scene, but without becoming another rehashed nostalgia band. The passion is there in every note, which you can feel from the minute the needle hits the record. (Profane Existence/Organize And Arise Records #5)

These Jersey Xylophone punks are back with their most raucous release to date. Six killer new songs about daytime sex, 40oz nights, flipping at parties, and people who dress like they're in VAMPIRE WEEKEND. For fans of THE BLACK LIPS, WORLD INFERNO FRIENDSHIP SOCIETY, and THE MUMMIES. Colored Vinyl. Download code included. (Baldy Longhair #17)

First full length by these leather jacketed, hot dog eating dirt bags from New Jersey. Songs featuring the dirtiest fastest riffs this side of THE DEAD BOYS and JOHNNY THUNDERS... except when they slow it down and get all power poppy ala THE REPLACEMENTS and BIG STAR. Colored Vinyl. Download code included. (Baldy Longhair Records #11)

BETONCOMBO - Sound LTD 7" A mandatory reissue of three of the finest tracks West-Berlin Hardcore Punk had to offer in 1983. It is about time this gem of a 7" was finally reissued. Uncompromising HC Punk with a killer production that is raw yet powerful! "High on War" has got to be one of the best songs by any German Punk band in the 80s, but the other two songs are great, too. The packaging on this one is pretty deluxe and really does the music justice: The EP comes in a heavy silk screened cardboard sleeve, a printed dust sleeve, plus an insert with liner-notes by Tom Schwoll (Zerstörte Jugend etc.). Here is your chance to pick this one up at a normal price 31 years after it originally came out! (Static Age Records #19)

NAPALM - Discography LP
A side is 7"s and b side live 1982 from this German punk band. Reminds me a lot of UK bands from the same time period like Partisans, Blitz, One Way System. (Static Age Records #13)

Follow up to the oustanding 7", Shitlickers style raw hardcore punk from Sweden with members from Anger Burning. Comes with a nice but simple silkscreened wrapround sleeve. (Static Age Records #17)

Outstanding debut LP by this one man project. Hailing from Germany and with a HC-PUNK background I would have never expected the HS LP to be any good. I was wrong. What we have here is a 15 track clusterfuck of dronning and chanting bedroom style. A loner opus akin to CROMAGNON, THE FUGS or CHARLES MANSON - LIE album. Maybe I am loosing my ind but I am really into it. (Static Age Records #14)

TNT - The Complete Recordings LPx2
One of the most important punk bands from Switzerland. 23 songs from 1979-1983 of catchy female fronted punk rock. By September 1978, the band TNT evolved out of the last formation of The Dogbodys. The members were: the guitarist Dani Grässle, Smudi Gross on bass and Gianni Luder playing drums. Sara Schar, a 14 year-old singer, replaced the British-born Ray Fairbrother, the last remaining founding member of The Dogbodys. As of March 1979, Phil Rust took over on drums from Gianni. On June 5, 1979, the label Voxpop released TNT's first single "Züri Brännt" (Zurich is burning). On the B-side "Subway Scene" and a third song called "131" (consisting of that number of words in the song). "Züri brännt" is still the best known Punk song to originate from Switzerland and it ultimately became the band's trademark. TNT's second single was released in April 1980 on the classic Swiss Punk record label, Off Course. The two tracks "Fight" and "Remember" are punchy and sound very much like the English Punk Rock of that time period. Yet, a third track called "Stupid Boy" was also recorded, but not included on the 7" and then completely forgotten about. So, nearly 34 years later, "Stupid Boy" together with some other tracks are here for the first time available on vinyl. Alec von Tavel's label Disctrade then released TNT's third single in 1981. He was also responsible for the final mixing of the two songs "Razzia" (Roundup) and "They Robbed Us". much to the dismay of the musicians who didn't really approve. On February 2, 1981, Dani left Zurich for Berlin and Thomi Bickel from the group Sperma (Sperm) replaced him on guitar. The 10" EP release "Eine kleine Machtmusik" (A small power music) followed, with 9 brand new songs recorded at the Pyramid Studio of Sara's father. However, the guitar tracks had to be redone later by Dani so that only "Clowns" is played by Bickel. You will not recognize all of those songs from that poor mixed record anymore. On this record they sound like real punkrock driven TNT songs! And 2 oversized posters with pictures and interviews. Uberfancy gatefold sleeve with pictures, discography etc. !!! (Static Age Records #18)

ALCOA - Thank You LP
Defeater frontman and Alcoa mastermind Derek Archambault was informed by medical professionals earlier this year that he was in desperate need of a hip replacement. He humbly turned to his bands' fans for help and managed a successful fundraising project on, offering a number of rewards in return. One of those rewards was a brand new, five-song, acoustic, covers EP from Alcoa appropriately titled "Thank You." 12"ep includes digital download and an etched B-side. (Bridge Nine Records #222)

(restock) MOTHER'S CHILDREN - That's Who! LP
From Ottawa Canada, pumping out a unique style of high-energy power pop come MOTHER'S CHILDREN. The four piece got together to start a punk band in the vein of THE BOYS and TEENAGE HEAD with the pop sensibilities of THE RASPBERRIES and THE EASYBEATS, and the stomping rock n' roll energy of T.REX and SLADE. In their two-year existence MOTHER'S CHILDREN have played backyards, birthdays, basements, bedrooms, dive bars, concert halls, cottages, parking lots, even on a boat, and have won over the hearts of local audiences with their positive attitude, and relentless love for rock n' roll. The bubblegum loving punks playing power pop in a modern age are finally starting to receive international attention with their brand new debut album. "That's Who!" is a slice of pop perfection that stands alone today, but probably would've once fit in nicely amongst the STIFF or BOMP! records catalog. The songs are innocent, unpretentious, exciting and filled with unforgettable hooks that sound just as good on your stereo at home as they would on a summer afternoon on the beach, blasting out an AM transistor radio. For fans of MARVELOUS DARLINGS. (Deranged Records #168)

Descriptions for 12/27/14

WARCRY - Savage Machinery LP
Ten new tracks from this Portland, OR hardcore band. Modern Discharge/Meanwhile influenced punk from members of Tragedy, His Hero is Gone, Hellshock, Talk is Poison, Estranged, etc, etc. (Black Water/Warcry Records #3)

PLEASURE CROSS - Wait For The End LP (with download)
Straight froward throat scraping thrashy hardcore punk with grind leanings from Portland OR. Members of many other bands but most directly related with our fine label by vocalist August Alston who quit Walls to start and focus on Pleasure Cross. Needless to say, this is serious business. So put on your high tops and camo pants and get your ass into the whirlwind. 500 copies on black vinyl to set the whole thing in motion. (Iron Lung Records #60)

ORDER FROM CHAOS - Frozen in Steel LPx9 Boxset
Frozen in Steel is a complete discography of Order From Chaos spread across nine LPs. The depth and quality of the band's discography is truly remarkable and, when examined together, all of the releases take on added significance due to their relationships with each other, which underscores the complexity of the Order From Chaos catalog. Accompanying the musical content is a 124-page hard bound book featuring a complete bio written by the band members, numerous previously unseen photos from their personal collections, a thorough discography, reprinted pages from the Order From Chaos zines the band produced, and a complete presentation of the lyrics. (Nuclear War Now Records #183)

SATANAS - Live Rehearsal 1988 LP
Gezol's brother, Samm, who was the original Sabbat drummer (and later played in Sacrifice and Magnesium among other bands), formed Satanas around 1988 during a dormant period in Sabbat's history in which the latter was on a hiatus from performing live. Samm, who played guitar in Satanas, recruited drummer Zorugelion as well as another guitarist named Zakingtaaman. Of course, this is significant because, a few years later Zorugelion would replace Samm as the drummer for Sabbat after Samm began dedicating himself full-time to his work with the aforementioned Sacrifice. Given the subsequent history of the musicians in Satanas, it is easy to understand why the recovery of a recording by this band would be valuable. As it happens, there is a single rehearsal session that was recorded and preserved through the years, and it is every bit as fascinating, both musically and historically, as one would expect. (Nuclear War Now Records #185)

ILL OMEN - Remnant Spheres of Spiritual Equilibrium LP
The enigmatic multi-instrumentalist and sole member of Ill Omen known only as IV recorded "Remnant Spheres of Spiritual Equilibrium" in September and October 2012 and released it on his own label, Abyssic Commune, in early 2013. Originally a tape-only release featuring artwork by Antediluvian's visionary, Haasiophis, the 50 copies that were made quickly dissipated; however, the quality of the work commanded wider distribution. The 37-minute album maintains a cohesive focus both musically and thematically. (Nuclear War Now Records #275)

TOMBEAU - Mephistophallique LP
With this vinyl reissue of Tombeau's 2013 demo, "Méphistophallique," Nuclear War Now! once again showcases the fertile metal breeding ground that is Quebec. Although the region had historically been more known as an incubator of futuristic thrash metal (e.g., Voivod), more obscure evil speed/thrash (e.g., Voor, Soothsayer, Yog Sothots), and technical death metal (e.g., Gorguts, Cryptopsy), in recent times it has garnered attention for its black metal scene. However, while Tombeau may indeed share some basic foundational elements with those typically considered to form the pillars of the "Metal Noir Québécois" sound, the band's output could perhaps be described as being considerably more primeval. (Nuclear War Now Records #265)

SABBAT - Sabbatical Earyearslaught CDx4
December 2014 marks the final month of the 30th anniversary year of the legendary Sabbat. As such, it is only fitting to celebrate the end of this historic year with the release of this 4xCD version of the "Sabbatical Earlyearslaught" compilation, previously released as a vinyl box set in April of this year. The recordings in this collection represent the band's earliest output, from its official inception in 1984 through the recording of its highly-regarded debut album, "Envenom," in 1990. (Nuclear War Now Records #222 CD)

Since the band began in the early 1990s, Morbosidad has remained one of the most consistent bands in the Bestial Black/Death scene. One of the most noteworthy aspects of this EP is the guest appearance of the inimitable Chris Reifert on the closing track of the record. Reifert has long supported Morbosidad and this appearance marks the first time he and Stench have had the opportunity to collaborate. (Nuclear War Now Records #274)

PORNO CASSETTES - Your Face, A Fucking Disgrace 7"
Originally released in 1983 in a microscopic run of just 100 copies (of which only about 50-60 survived), the Porno Cassettes' lone single has been a mythical UK want list topper for many years. Information on the original pressing was so scant that it was thought that the record didn't even exist! And did we mention this record is quite the arse-kicker? These two tracks hold their own against the best that Britain had to offer in '83 - you'll be singing along in no time! Radio Raheem brings you this high quality reissue cut from the original masters, in a limited edition of 500. (Radio Raheem Records #7)

THE ANDROIDS - Lipstick Heroes '78 7"
Recently unearthed on the Shellshock Rockers CD on Northern Ireland's Spit Records, these four lost tracks from Belfast's Androids are some of the finest '77-era punk we've (n)ever heard - tuneful and catchy, but with a hard edge that sets them apart from the Good Vibrations pop pack. Limited edition of 500. (Radio Raheem Records #8)

La Vida Es Un Mus reissue the 2011 7" from HANK WOOD AND THE HAMMERHEADS. These three songs are insanely catchy, keyboard-drenched, punk stompers fronted by a sephardic miscreant known only by the mysterious handle of Hank Wood. This record possesses such snarky, yet dangerous attitude. Lead track 'Shoulda Listen (To Mommah)' is a dirty garage dirge that's part 13TH FLOOR ELEVATORS, part CRAMPS and part THE DOORS. (La Vida Es En Mus Records #91)

CIUDAD LINEAL - El Nuevo Hombre LP
Barcelona's CIUDAD LINEAL finally deliver the follow up to their fantastic demo from 2013. A full length album of dark minimal wave heavily influenced by EL AVIADOR DRO Y SUS OBREROS ESPECIALIZADOS, THE NORMAL or CABARET VOLTAIRE. Armed with a bass guitar, drum pad, a keyboard and two synths CIUDAD LINEAL manage to create a conceptual piece around the idea of progress and industry as opossing forces. El Nuevo Hombre is divided in two parts each one comprising one side of the album. The A side being "The Splendor" and the B side "The Fall" joined by a speech symbolizing Mankind's awakening. The album throws shades of JOY DIVISION, DECIMA VICTIMA or even THE RESIDENTS leaving behind absolute hits like the freezing cold opening track "Horizonte" or "Industria" which to these ears is the closest anyone has ever came to be part of the LOS INICIADOS/FRACCION DEL EJERCITO ROJO/ AVIADOR family. While CIUDAD LINEAL sound is certainly rooted in the early 80's synth explosion the band remains fresh due to their lyric approach as well as their DIY ethos. (La Vida Es En Mus Records #89)

NEGATIVE INSIGHT #2 'zine with CHAOS U.K. - Studio Outtakes '81 to '83 7"
Here is the second issue of Negative Insight, entitled the "Bristol Breakout" issue. With a focus on the deafening noise of the Bristol punk scene in the 1980s, it contains comprehensive interviews with Chaos UK, Disorder, and Riot City Records founder Simon Edwards. The issue features many previously unpublished photos from the personal archives of band members and others involved in the scene, a large four panel fold out poster, articles, and more. It comes accompanied by a Chaos UK 7" containing two rare studio tracks recorded in 1981 and 1983 and packaged in a Riot City inspired sleeve. This issue is printed as a professional magazine on coated paper instead of the previous zine style, but with all layouts done in the traditional cut 'n paste format with typewriter text. This should appeal to fans of British hardcore, 1980s layouts, and those who enjoy reading about drug abuse and living the chaos. (Negative Insight #2)

SECRET TOMBS - Secret Tunes LP
I've been very excited about this release for a long time. Secret Tombs' debut The True Story Of... was one of the best rock releases I had heard in years and they've rerecorded it and their follow-up, Homemade Braces, to perfection. Ever imagined what AC/DC would sound like if Dead Moon wrote and recorded it? Probably not, but Secret Tombs is it and this record is phenomenal. Some of the best riffs I've heard in a LONG time. Essential. Current and ex-members of Pissed Jeans, Hounds of Hate. 300 made. (Caesar Cuts Records #5)

Public Suicide is the straight-edge, hardcore, brain-child of Robin Zeijlon (featuring a live lineup with members of COKE BUST, PURE DISGUST, and VILE FAITH among others). Hailing from Washington DC, this one man band explodes with youth angst and energy. Their S/T 7" fuses fast chaotic blasts in the same vein as INFEST and NEGATIVE FX with heavy, maniacal breaks a-la BREAKDOWN and CONFRONT. With 6 tracks in just under 7 minutes, Public Suicide waste's no time in delivering a ferocious and relentless onslaught of anger which will leave any fan of the punk genre fired up and ready for more. (Caught Up Records #1)

NEW REGRETS - s/t 7"
With a reckless abandoned that would terrify weaker souls, Dayton, Ohio's, New Regrets screams forth on their first 5 songs EP for Clearview Records. Fronted by the irrepressible Ed Pittman of Toxic Reasons fame, New Regrets conjurers the energy of the "golden age" of Punk and Hardcore and mixes it with old fashioned Midwest honestly to create a pummeling debut. Replete with the swagger of Toxic Reasons and the rock and roll commitment of a band with nothing to prove, New Regrets self-titled release remains a fantastic return for Ed Pittman in his first recording since the now classic Toxic Reasons first LP Independence. Ed's vocals convey the pained wisdom of life's lessons which he drips from the frayed edges of his inescapably compelling growl. Musically, New Regrets picks up where Ed and Toxic Reasons left off in the early 1980's without sounding dated or tired. At times the 5 songs hint at the more bombastic tendencies of Poison Idea or the focused moments of Everything Falls Apart era Husker Du without relying on trite cliché, resting on reputation, or a needlessly breakneck pace. Instead, New Regrets take a patient and deliberate approach which results in their kicking your ass with each of these five songs. Unlike many releases these days the no frills recording and production captures the energy which remains overflowing exuding confidence and commitment. As you pitifully trudge to work tomorrow passing the guy snarling, pounding his fist into his thigh, carrying a 'hell no I ain't going to work' sneer on his face you will know that you should have bought this EP too. (Clearview Records #64)

First off I just wanna say that I'm super stoked and honored to be working with two groups of awesome human beings, there seem to be so few these days. Let's get down to brass tax. What you're gonna get on this unholy piece of wax are 8 trax of complete grinding powerviolence madness. 3 from EL and 5 from FC. To give those that are unfamiliar with these bands an idea of what to expect, I'm gonna name drop some of their influences. Crossed Out, Nasum, Man Is The Bastard, Spazz, No Comment, Iron Lung, Capitalist Casualties...etc. (Rotten To The Core Records #21)

AMERICAN HATE - Dead Squeeze 7"
Hot off the heels of their stellar demo, OKC's American Hate is wasting no time delivering more of their brand of psyched-out, United Mutation meets Mecht Mensch, freak shit to the masses. (Not Normal Records #36)

BAD BLOOD - Demo tape cassette
New, cross country collaboration between morons from bands you know. Eight tracks of raging Hardcore Punk that combines equal parts 80's West Coast skate-punk with early 00's hardcore like Tear It Up or Cut The Shit. Not for the weak. (Not Normal Records #33 TP)

BIG ZIT - Electric Zit Vol. 1 7"
The Big Throbbin' Zit's first fit. BZ has spent months and months honing their craft that the big-city, shitty-kitties can only grasp at, all so they can deliver to all you true believers the most ragingest, rockingest, ass-shakingest rekkid sure to drop this year. Yeah, this is that wild, rock n roll-via-Bad Brains-via-Die Kruezen shit that everyone's been clamoring about for some time, so don't miss out! (Not Normal Records #34)

POPULATION - Beyond The Pale LP
New debut LP from this band of post punks from Chicago.. POPULATION has been crafting their sound since 2009, very much influenced by the post punk building blocks of JOY DIVISION/NEW ORDER which was apparent on their earlier (now sold out) vinyl EPS. A few tours later and with the addition of a stellar new synth player, their sound has expanded into a new dark realm of intensity, aural layering, and diversity of influence "Beyond the Pale" describes the album perfectly as POPULATION clearly moves beyond the routines of dark wave and death rock. TONES ON TAIL and SISTERS OF MERCY are brought to mind on the heavier gothic rock dance songs, all put through a punk rock filter of tight angular bass lines and concise drum fills. On other tracks we hear more of a CURE/CHAMELEONS/NEW ORDER dark pop sensibility with the gorgeous washed out synths adding a shoegaze element here and there. Vinyl Pre Order limited to 300. (Mass Media Records #23)

THE HEADS ARE ZEROS - All The Men I Love Are Dead 7"
Debut EP from Baltimore's The Heads Are Zeros. Punishing chaotic hardcore/grind featuring ex-members of American Womanhood and Flowers by the Door. Features five unrelenting tracks, for fans of Daughters, Punch, Cloud Rat, etc. Contains lyrics and a download code. (Fake Crab Records #4)

PIG DNA - Control You Fucker #3 7"
Debut 7" containing three tracks of demented hardcore fresh from the Oakland sewers deconstructing DISCHARGE one track at the time. The band is definitely informed by the Kyushu could say this is CONFUSE worship smothered with weirdo outsider growled female vocals clad in bondage gear. (Nightrider Records #2)

DOCTOR AND THE CRIPPENS - Raphanadosis LPx2 with CD
Strictly limited edition double coloured vinyl LP in heavyweight board sleeve, with 24 x 12" printed insert, and CD in pvc wallet!! Finally! Boss Tuneage Retro presents the long awaited reissues of legendary UK Hardcore band DOCTOR AND THE CRIPPENS! "Raphanadosis" is their legendary second album from 1989 and has not been commercially available for over 2 decades!! Reissued in conjunction with the band and features liner notes from both the band and Shane (Manic Ears) and memorabilia from the bands personal collection, but that is not all - the album features a jaw dropping 15 bonus tracks, compiled from the bands second session for the John Peel Show in 1989, the "North Atlantic Noise Attack" comp LP and "Avant Gardening" 12"EP. A must own for all fans of this era of UK Hardcore punk - third instalment due in 2015!! (Boss Tuneage Retro #75)

TERMINUS - Back Among The Blind CD
TERMINUS were one of the most innovative and in some ways under-rated bands of the underground hardcore punk scene of the late 80s and into the 90s. The band released two albums on the Words Of Warning label, and various single releases throughout that period. "BACK AMONG THE BLIND" is the second of those albums, originally released by Words Of Warning back in 1992, the album has never been available on CD before. It is now finally made available again with re-done artwork by Mark from the band as part of the Boss Tuneage Retro series, and is the final of our series of three TERMINUS reissues. (Boss Tuneage Retro #69)

BUZZCOCKS - The Way CD (UPC #633757251724)
"The Way" is the follow up to 2006's Flat - Pack Philosophy LP and is the band's ninth studio album since their formation in Manchester in 1976. These 10 tracks penned by the group's long-standing core of Pete Shelley and Steve Diggle were recorded this year in London, and were produced by the band and Dave M Allen (best known for his production work with The Cure, Depeche Mode and Neneh Cherry). The album packs the same classic UK pop punk punch they've been known for over nearly four decades. Response to the lead-off single "It's Not You" has already garnered some excellent praise and over 6000 plays on Soundcloud in less than 24 hours. CD's come in a 6 panel digipack! (1-2-3-4 GO! Records #66)

SUNSHINE STATE - Pour Picture Disc LP/CD (LP UPC #633757034518 / CD UPC#633757034525)
"Pour" is the 12 song debut album by Gainesville, Florida's SUNSHINE STATE, featuring past and present members of AGAINST ME! and WHISKEY & Co.! Beautiful art by Sean Mahan! Picture Disc LP includes download code! It's unfortunate that most of the attention put on Sunshine State, will be surrounding drummer Warren Oakes' former tenure with Against Me! (see, there we go again). The drummer-turned-restaurant owner made the difficult choice of leaving the popular punk band six years ago, but his new musical outlet is interesting enough to make at least some people forgot about Oakes' former gig and focus on this new one. There's a definite melting-pot-of-influences feel that permeates the dozen songs on "Pour," their debut full-length. Vocalist/bassist Troy Perlman's melodic yet scratchy vocals and the galloped frolic of the majority of these poppy punk songs give this an immediate placeholder in the No Idea Records catalog-but wait, there's lots more to come. Things get decidedly '80s at times; we're not talking '80s hardcore, but rather poppy, new-wave-tinged rock in the vein of the Cars and Gary Numan ("Friends Of The Deceased" is especially John Hughes soundtrack-worthy). But things get decidedly '90s as well; the wonderful flavor of the much-missed Bay Area pop-punk band J Church hangs over the whole album, but there are also select tunes, such as the harrowing "Summer" or the riff-tastic "Long In The Tooth," which could have come out of Portland in 1995 (see: Pond, Crackerbash). There's a definite can't-stop-listening quality to Pour. (No Idea Records #345)

THE TIM VERSION - Ordinary Life LP+7" (UPC: 633757034211)
FIRST PRESSING comes on colored vinyl and includes a 3-song BONUS 7"! The Tim Version's love for The Replacements is no secret. Not only does the Florida band's name seem to reference The Replacements' album Tim, the group has appeared on a Replacements tribute album. But there's more than Paul Westerberg worship happening on The Tim Version's new album, Ordinary Life. Equally reminiscent of the grizzled twang of Lucero and the tattered anthems of Against Me!, Ordinary Life is a raucous yet brooding document of rootsy punk, best heard on the tear-stained, bittersweet track "Funny Movies," which is being debuted here. The Replacements influence is faint, but there's no denying The Tim Version is achin' to be as smart, spirited, and shambolic as its hero. (No Idea Records #342)

PRINCE - s/t 7"
Snotty and melodic-as-fuck pop-punk from the blazing streets of Austin, TX! Members of Huff Stuff Magazine, Dude Jams!, Capitalist Kids, Wild America & more rage on with their upbeat & unique blend of lo-fi garage slop-pop-punk. Get on it cus this is totally ruling it. Comes with download. (Dead Broke Rekerds #118)

The Raging Nathans are from Dayton, Ohio, and they sure are raging. Hyped-up, melodic punk rock bursting with sick pop-punk flavor at its very core. (early) Green Day, Screeching Weasel & even contemporaries like Off With Their Heads, all come to mind. But all the good parts. Whether it be a gut-wrenching melodic jam or a ripping four-chord pop-punk blazer, the Nathans indeed bring their own brand of flavor to the mix. All the while keeping it very fresh and tight. Tight as hell. (Dead Broke Rekerds #122.5)

Deluxe edition reissue of Montreal, Canada's Sonic Avenues' debut full-length album! Reissued & remastered with 2 additional previously unreleased bonus tracks! Out of print since 2010. Band now on Dirtnap Records. Members of The Steve Adamyk Band & more. Comes with download. (Dead Broke Rekerds #116)

Seattle, Washington's kings of crusty pop-punk are back with their first official full-length album. Last year saw the vinyl release of the bands' debut batch of songs titled, "Fly With The Unkindness". Well, Murmurs are back and are here to kick the goddamn door in with, "Bound". Drawing from earlier pop-punk influences (ranging from the East Bay to the Northwest), the band pushes further on with their dark, urgent & poppy melodic tones. All while churning it up with a chunk of fuzzed-out grunge rock, this time around. If you weren't a believer before, then you will be now. An outstanding effort & one of our favorite records of the year, straight up. Members of: Snuggle, Pipsqueak, No Hi-Fives To Bullshit, Transient & more. Comes with download. (Dead Broke Rekerds #121)

CANCERS - Fatten The Leeches LP
CANCERS are an Athens-based alternative love child born to Ella Kaspar (DEAD DOG) and Lenny Miller (UNFUN) by way of Vancouver, Canada and New York City. The two met while toiling away on tour with their respective previous bands, and joined together out of a desire to craft their own music free from compromise. The result consists of crushing melodies, dreamy pop girl vocals, and new alternative guitars. While Cancers' sound does evoke familiar grunge-era angst, Kaspar's airy vocals, comparable to Beach House's Victoria Legrand, distinguish the band from their predecessors, marrying vulnerability with sex. With their debut album Fatten the Leeches, the couple crawl hand-in-hand through anguish, alienation, despair and into the light. Tired of being pigeon-holed in the lo-fi DIY of their past, the band enlisted Jack Endino to produce the album. Endino's early work with Seattle heavy-weights like Nirvana, Hole, Babes in Toyland and Soundgarden, established him as a king of underground rock records, and has been referred to as "the godfather of grunge." Fatten the Leeches delivers, resolving Cancer's adolescent lust for distortion and riffs with a satisfying pop sheen. Recorded at Soundhouse Studio in Seattle, "Fatten the Leeches" will be released on September 16 via Digital format. Dead Broke Rekerds will be handling the Vinyl & Cassette Tape, while their own label Kandy Kane Records, handles the CD version. Comes with download. (Dead Broke Rekerds #122)

Post Teens are a Gainesville, Fla based band featuring members of Asshole Parade, Torche, Averkiou, and Dead Friends. Post Teens play a great style of music that's aggressive, blown out, fuzzed out, and catchy as hell.. The band tears through their latest song with reckless abandon in a manner that would have made the Mummies proud. The best way for me to describe Post Teens' music would be to picture garage punk bands such as Obits, Hot Snakes, Night Owls, and Marked Men mixed with the snottiness and swagger of bands like The Fallouts or maybe even Rocket From The Crypt. Rose Cross is a killer female fronted garage punk band from Gainesville , Florida. Fans of Terrible Feelings, White Lung, and Brain F will not be disappointed by Rose Cross's side of this split. (Dead Tank Records #32)

HEXIS - XI LP (gatefold)
Hexis is a band from Copenhagen, Denmark, playing a mix of Hardcore and doomy black metal for fans of Celeste. Huge recent US tour with Relapse's Primitive Man. new Full length on Halo of Flies, and upcoming LP on A389. Beautiful gatefold, with printed thick inner sleeve and 180 gram vinyl. The band has existed since 2010, but has already played 200 shows in Cuba, Russia, the UK and all-over Europe. Into the darkness. Darkness amidst the ice. Darkness amidst the grey days. Darkness warping every note and sound. Cold isolation. Frozen warnings. Hexis makes hardcore drained of machismo and the warmth of human companionship. There is no celebration, no brotherhood, no cathartic violence. Hexis makes black metal that pays no allegiance to deities or archetypes, black metal that is immersed in the foul grit of the human condition. All you are left with is your own pointless thoughts being battered blind by this overwhelming force of sound. Every note on "XI" is blown out and damaged beyond repair, sonics pushed into abusive levels. Strings breaking. Vocals emanating from your buried, atavistic lizard brain. Contempt and pity at the same time. (Dead Tank Records #30)

COLD WASTE - Primitive tape cassette
Gainesville's Cold Waste is a post punk duo (plus drum machine). A product of shared love for noisy 80's and 90's Pacific NW "punk rock" and British proto-goth. Originally aspired to be a convergence of inspirations by Big Black (perhaps the primary catalyst in the decision to use programmed drums) and Joy Division, resulted in something for a different array of listeners: fans of early The Cure, Wipers, Sonic Youth, Echo & the Bunnymen, Cocteau Twins. Professionally dubbed translucent purple cassettes. (Dead Tank Records #36 TP)

ASID BATERI - Demo tape cassette
New band, new demo. ASID BATERI create an unhinged and abstract hardcore punk - a nod to dark Scandinavian punk, but with a backbone of brutal simplicity akin to Midwestern and DC US hardcore. Strong appeal to fans of classic bands ala Gauze, Void and Necros. The claustrophobic, dark, and brooding overtones are reminiscent of such acts as Cult Ritual and Perspex Flesh. They bought a mic from the guitar store on Friday, banged em out and returned the mic on Sunday. A good reminder that sometimes punk music works best with a sense of urgency. Members of Loma Prieta and Captive Bolt. (Dead Tank Records #37 TP)

TROPHY WIFE - All The Sides tape cassette
Trophy Wife is from Philadelphia. A two piece encompassing the musical friendship of Diane Foglizzo and Katy Otto. All the Sides is the third full length release from these friends, originally forming the band in Washington, DC. With a strong orientation towards social justice, this duo plays loud music to survive. Drawing inspiration from artists like The Need, Shellac, Big Business and Lauryn Hill, Trophy Wife is the undeniable artistic conversation between two friends. They've toured and played shows with bands like: The Dismemberment Plan, Against Me!, Pissed Jeans, Lozen, Universal Order of Armageddon, Screaming Females, Des Ark, War on Women, and more... Heavily involved in Girls Rock movement and Ladyfest/queer punk/feminist punk communities. Album recorded and mixed by BJ Howze at Red Planet and mastered by Devin Ocampo (Smart Went Crazy, Faraquet, Medications) (Dead Tank Records #35 TP)

Angel Dust is an American hardcore band from Baltimore, MD formed in 2012. Traces of influence from bands like Bad Brains, The Stooges, Poison Idea, Black Flag and Misfits are apparent, yet Angel Dust manages to contribute something truly unique that could have only come out of Baltimore. Their first full-length, "A.D.," is due for release on Reaper Records; twelve tracks recorded with Brian McTernan (The Explosion, In My Eyes, Polar Bear Club) that blur the lines between punk, hardcore, rock and pop. New pressing now available on translucent blue vinyl. Vinyl version includes digital download. (Reaper Records #66)

FORCED ORDER - Retribution 7"
Forced Order are Southern California hardcore heavyweights with members currently or previously having been in some of the scene's premier heavy bands like Twitching Tongues, Harness, Disgrace and other members of the Rev family, Soul Search. Their sound takes cues from the '90s Cleveland scene, with a crunch and metallic edge reminiscent of In Cold Blood, Integrity and "Birth Is Pain"-era Ringworm. They are delivering a 7" recorded by Bill Korecky at the Mars Compound (Integrity, In Cold Blood, etc.) as well as an upcoming LP recorded by Taylor Young via Revelation Records. (Revelation Records #156)

DRIVE LIKE JEHU - Yank Crime LP + 7"
Classic 1994 album repressed on colored vinyl with the Hand Over Fist b/w Bullet Train to Vegas 7" included, still at a great price. With every member cranking the intensity and volume up to 11, Yank Crime is an out-of-control muscle car of an album veering between short, sharp blasts of chaotic fury and longer multi-faceted compositions that let the band stretch out without losing their intensity. Features Rick Froberg on vocals/guitar (Hot Snakes, Pitchfork, OBITS), John Reis on guitar (Pitchfork, Rocket From The Crpyt, Hot Snakes, Sultans, Nightmarchers), Mike Kennedy on bass and Mark Trombino on drums. (Headhunter Records #37)

(restock) IRON CHIC - Not Like This LP
3rd vinyl pressing!!! Back in stock! Brand new full-length of new songs from Long Island natives! Anthemic & melodic punk rock from the new line-up that features members of: Latterman, Small Arms Dealer, Capital, Get Bent & Jonesin'. Comes with download code! 3rd pressing on pink vinyl!!! (Dead Beat Records #57)

(restock) SIERPIEN - Zawsze Hasze LP
New LP pressing of this great debut by two man political dark punk from Moscow Russia. The CRISIS and MOB influences are clear and the grim sense of hope that these bands portrayed is reiterated in Sierpien's music in a way I haven't heard in so long. Simple and immediately catchy despite the Russian language this is a peace punk album for the modern times. Classic in approach but with a strong emphasis on the current state of conflict/apathy in Russia and beyond. For fans of classic dark peace punk such as FALL OUT, THE MOB, ZOUNDS, and CRISIS as well as Polish "Zimna Fala"/ "positive punk" from the mid 1980s. (Mass Media Records #24)

(restock) IRON LUNG - Savagery 7" with download
Twelve songs clocking in around six and a half minutes. We fucking timed it! Iron Lung's most raw neanderthal powerviolence flex without bowing to the overworked conventions of the genre. Intentionally nasty and jarring music. They said it couldn't be done, but we keep getting faster and more savage with age. The world around us is more intense than ever and the music found here definitely reflects that. Our angriest record. Our country's dumbest time. Packaged in a fancy inner sleeve inside a hand stamped 12 panel poster. Art by Jon Kortland and Jensen Ward. Sounds by Jackson Long. (Iron Lung Records #58)

(restock) UNA BESTIA INCONTROLABLE - Nou Mon 7" with download
Two brand new long awaited songs to follow up last year's incredible "Observant Com El Món Es Destrueix" LP on La Vida Es Un Mus. UBI have managed, working so smoothly it almost seems effortless, to make music that is timelessly familiar and crackling with modern energy. Anthemic industrial tinged hardcore punk with an anarcho slant from Barcelona. Truly, music of the people for the people. One of the best bands going these days. Ring, ring, don't miss this call. Comes packaged in a heavy feltweave sleeve in the style of our other singles from this series (PHT, Column Of Heaven, Gag, Flesh World...). (Iron Lung Records #61)

(restock) ISIS - Oceanic LPx2 (gatefold)
Probably the defining ISIS album now that it's said and done! Showcasing a band at the height of a monumental transition, "Oceanic" was/is hailed by many fans as ISIS' landmark album, earned widespread critical acclaim and was even dubbed "seminal" by Drowned In Sound. Raising the massive bridge between crushing metal and atmospheric post-rock, ISIS truly came into their own sound on this brilliant sophomore album. This stunning double LP comes housed in a heavyweight "tip-on" style gatefold jacket and has been carefully re-mastered and re-cut for optimal sound quality. Unquestionably one of ISIS' pinnacle achievements getting the proper vinyl treatment it so utterly deserves. (Robotic Empire Records #96)

(special colored vinyl) DEATHREAT - s/t 7"
When Alberti Manufaturing closed back in 2000-2001 I went there to pick up my records and parts, and while there I saw a stack of colored Deathreat that was going to get thrown away.... I thought I would do something with them, but forgot about them. I just found them. So we have 14 copies of this Deathreat 7" that comes with 2 pieces of vinyl... one being black and the other being some random color that hasn't been available for over 15 years. - Kent (Prank Records #15)

Descriptions for 12/13/14

PSUDOKU - Planetarisk Sudoku LP
The second installment of Norway's psycho-space-grinders PSUDOKU. A mind-melting blend of ultra-tech grindcore constructed with influences of Zappa, Mahavishnu Orchestra and Captain Beefheart. Prepare to have your mind disintegrate into the cosmos. (625 Productions #250)

S.H.I.T. - Generation Shit 7"
Toronto's S.H.I.T. delivers its sophomoric 7" of amazing punk insanity. This four track stomper will drive you absolutely nuts with infectious luring riffs and pounding drums, topped with Ryan's insane vocal berating. "Generation Shit" is the soundtrack of right now! Get on it or get the fuck out! (Lengua Armada Records #79)

THE REAL KIDS - Shake... Outta Control LP
It's been 38 years since Boston's REAL KIDS debuted with the finest rock'n'roll record ever committed to tape, and now they're back with a long-awaited new full-length on legendary hometown label Ace Of Hearts and Canada's Ugly Pop. Of course, long time fans can always be excused some apprehension when a band of this vintage presents new material so deep into their career, but there's no cause to fret here. "Shake...Outta Control" is a fantastic return to form, a strong set of powerful, memorable and engaging songs that do absolute justice to this band's legacy. While some bands lose track of their own soul in forced attempts at progression, and others risk diminishing returns by simply treading the water of their earlier work, 2014 finds the Real Kids negotiating this path beautifully. Boasting both the raw energy and tough hooks of 1977 and the matured chops and expanded palette of frontman John Felice's "Nothing Pretty" LP, the dozen songs on this disc settle easily among the band's best work. Producer Rick Harte guides with an expert hand, integrating Hammond organ and pedal steel seamlessly into a full yet suitably unpolished whole, and the songs run the gamut from quieter but intense ballads like a definitive new "Common At Noon" and a sublime take on Jonathan Richman's "Fly Into The Mystery" to fast-paced rockers like "All Night Boppin'" (powered along by highly caffeinated barroom piano) and of course the instant classic title track, a high-energy gem anchored by the sort of classic Boston punk rock'n'roll riff that made this band's name. Culminating in an incendiary "Who Needs You?", this is a genuine Real Kids record that will thrill new fans and old alike. Superbly mastered at New York's renowned Sterling Sound, "Shake...Outta Control" is unleashed this month on Ugly Pop as a ten-song LP (cut 100% analog direct from tape and pressed at RIP-V on 180G vinyl). (Ugly Pop Records #55)

Strictly under the influence of 80's international hardcore, Crime Desire's latest LP, "Your Power," is an 11 track, unrelenting aural hellstorm. Taking cues from UK hardcore incendiaries such as Icons of Filth, Antisect and the like, the blazing thrash of Japan's Selfish Records/burning spirits camp, and the infectious songwriting of fellow statesmen Battalion of Saints and Crucifix, "Your Power" is an homage to the worldwide hardcore styles of yore that always retains its own identity and pushes forward. Over four years in the making, following two 12" EPs, Crime Desire didn't want to commit to a full length until everything-the songs, the recording, the artwork, the lyrics-were exactly where they needed to be, and the overall quality control on "Your Power" will not disappoint. Recorded to tape for analogue purists, the sequencing, run time, mastering, and overall presentation were all subject to the highest scrutiny, resulting in an album that's a cohesive statement, rather than a haphazard collection of songs. If you're looking for an 80's style hardcore album that goes beyond the same retread, generic sound, this one's for you. (Standards Records #11)

MALIGNANCY - Epilogue 7"
Brand new 2 song 7" ep from Yonkers, New York's masters of technical death grind: Malignancy. This is the first time in the bands history that they have ever recorded for a 7" vinyl. First press limited to 500 copies. Comes on sick color vinyl, beautiful and twisted artwork by Mukie Abe and comes with a free download coupon. (Haunted Hotel Records #76)

UNHOLY GRAVE - Fake World 7"
Japan's DIY grind gods are back with a full 7" ep. 9 tracks recorded at Holiday Nagoya back in 2009. Unholy Grave have been grinding for over 20 years now and havn't lost a bit of their edge. Respect the masters! (Haunted Hotel Records #77)

ASTRAKHAN - A Tapestry of Scabs and Skin LP
ASTRAKHAN deliver astutely crafted metal with a stoner / sludge backbone and hints of heavy / progressive swirling within the marrow. Cut potentially from the same cloth as Kylesa, Mastodon, Anciients etc... They serve up this confident combination in 4 epic compositions of progressive metal hypnotism. Recorded with Jesse Gander (3 Inches of Blood, Bison, Anciients), "A Tapestry of Scabs and Skin" is a rare, important, and attention inducing debut. 45pm 180g Black Vinyl, Limited to 300 copies Worldwide (War On Music Recods #67)

FORT BS - 1986 LP
FORT BS from Poland is another punk memory of my childhood. In the mid 80's they made an electrifying impression for two reasons: the mixture of punk and coldwave and their great lyrics immersed in filthy PRL ugliness. I do not know if they still sound up-to-date as they did under communism, but 25 years ago they were the only antidote to the then fucked reality. In the spring of 1986, the band recorded a dozen of their songs in an amateur's studio. Soon after that, a friend of the band released it on cassette. It was one of the first independent Polish punk rock release. After several years, we decided to transfer the demo on vinyl. In addition to punk "hits" ("punk side"), there are also less known songs, recorded during their coldwave phase ("cold side"). In this second incarnation, FORT BS sounded dark and desperate, but not quite like Joy Division. They played "cold wave" entirely in their own way, original and unique. Mastering helped a lot, but the quality of these recordings still does not remind of today's standards. Any way you look at it, this album is the true history of the band. (Pasazer Records #31)

CYMEON X - Pokonac Samego Siebie (To Defeat Oneself) LP
Cymeon X is the most important moniker in the history of Polish hardcore / straight edge scene. The first band to be associated with the SE idea, released it's first full length 'Free Your Mind, Free Your Body" in 1993. Cymeon X spoke openly about vegetarianism, environmentalism, anti-fascism and unity, eventually disbanding in 1994. After few occasional shows over a span of a dozen or so years, CX had finally reunited in the Fall of 2011. The result is this album. "PokonaÊ samego siebie" (To Defeat Oneself) contains few brand new songs, few older, unpublished ones and two cover tracks. The record is filled with the very same youthful, idealistic belief in a positive change which the band used to spread among it's crowd. (Pasazer Records #20)

DEZERTER - Jeszcze Zywy Czowiek (Still a Living Man) LPx2
Recording of the legendary Dezerter performance at Jarocin festival 1984. One of the most important documents of Polish punkrock's golden era for the first time available on double vinyl! The whole material was profoundly reconstructed from two separate sources - mixing table's recording and a bootleg tape. It contains 26 tracks played by the band that evening, a dispute with the festival's promoters and exciting yet ambiguous atmosphere of the whole event. All in all, over 70 minutes of recording. "Jeszcze Zywy Czowiek" (Still a Living Man) was originally released on tape by the underground label Tank Records established by the band in 1984. Dezerter members produced few hundred copies which in turn had been copied onward by the fans. In a way it's the first full length Dezerter ever recorded and it fully shows band's energy and unapologetic wit of Polish punk rock. In spite of censorship, Dezerter managed to find a way of criticizing abnormality of the system. Although the songs are rooted deeply in contemporary reality of the communist state, their universal message can't be argued. This record would be a fascinating document for some and a nice tip how to treat the system for the others. (Pasazer Records #21)

Another polish punk crew from the 80's has seen their first record after 20 years. They played punk rock in "classic polish style" with a strong nihilistic and destructive message. The band was formed in Silesia in 1984 and operated almost continuously until 1989. With Absurd, Process and åmierÊ Kliniczna they created the famous Gliwice alternative scene. The LP contains their demo recorded in 1988. Singer Pastor died in an accident in the early 90's, drummer Kissman still plays punk rock - in the 90's in Rottweiler, now in Koyanisquatsi. So we move to unhappy 1987, there was a time when "destruction and chaos, anarchy, hatred". (Pasazer Records #25)

EL BANDA - Skutki Uboczne LPx2
This record is incredible! From beginning to end itís solid; one of the few double-LPs leaving you wanting more! Itís dark and gritty lady-fronted hardcore from Poland, with some mid-tempo and melodic stuff. Thereís some harmonizing vocals and some songs with a horn viola instrumentation (very tastefully done, though). But for the most part, this album is a rager; crushing, gloomy and fucking epic. To compare them directly to anyone would be difficult, because their music twists and turns around so many styles. At times they sound like a cross between MASSHYSTERI and OBSERVERS. Other times they sound like BEYOND PINK crossed with NO HOPE FOR THE KIDS. But out of all of that, they create something original, catchy and totally brutal. Not to mention the artwork looks fucking cool and their insert has the lyrics both in Polish and translated to English. One of the best albums of the month! Highly recommended! (Pasazer Records #5)

Same as their previous release, the songs jump out immediately and pummel you with a wave of sonic energy: fast hardcore with hints of guitar melody that highlights the power chords. Female vocals are yell/sung and that puts the vocals in the forefront with her unique and distinctive delivery. The recording production is superb and crisp. This and their previous release sound like they were recorded at a top notch studio. You can hear the vocals and guitars mixed in perfectly with the thundering drums and well executed, punchy bass. I like this band so much now that Iím sending an email to the label to order the early material. (Pasazer Records #6)

Just few months after their 15th birthday (which involved a sold out show in their hometown of Bielsko Biaa, from which all incomes was allocated to the local Food Not Bombs), they released a new fifth album called "Krawedz". Nowadays they are one of the most popular bands in Polish hardcore / punk underground. The band is consistently concerting on the independent scene and faithful to the principles of DIY punk, they avoid large media and much rather prefer playing in small punk clubs than on large concerts and festivals. Despite that sometimes they have been a support to "stars" of the American scene like Jello Biafra, Sick Of It All and NOFX. "Krawedz" ("The Edge ") contains 13 new songs which are recorded in a analog studio, mastered by a guy who does not know a single word in Polish ... :) This album is very diverse. There are included songs for those who yearn for the old school assertiveness and the Slavic melodic choruses that you can sing along, emotional lyrics sound more "emo" and more "modern", but there is also a lot for those who are looking for it to be hard, powerful and "directly in your face" kind of music. Among the obvious inspiration, you can hear more and more of their own style. Despite the variety of the songs, it is firmly rooted in the style of hardcore/punk, just like Eye For An Eye is. An important role is played by extraordinary, political but also strong personality metaphysics lyrics of bands singer - Anka, whose voice is one of the most important elements of the band's sound. This girl without no doubts has a powerful vocal! (Pasazer Records #24)

(restock) I SHOT CYRUS - Tiranus LP
(We found some copies of this long sold out LP on 625). I Shot Cyrus have been around for years in Sao Paolo, Brazil. But they only have a split EP out so far (plus comp tracks). They play ripping pissed off hardcore that is just blazing. They fucking floored me live, and they just recently got the drummer from Ratos De Porao. Awesome people to boot! Going to Europe too so check 'em out if you can! (625 Productions #123)

(restock) HOUNDS OF HATE - Hate Springs Eternal LP
Bradock, PA's premier straight edge band offer up their second LP entitled "Hate Springs Eternal." Their previous LP on Pain Killer was well received, as was their debut 7" on Katorga Works. This LP has been self-released by the band. Unrepentantly straight edge hardcore in the vein of late '80s NYHC not unlike Sick of It All, Youth of Today, or Warzone. (Braddock Hit Factory Records #8)

(restock) ADULT CRASH - Unfinished Business LP
On Unfinished Business, their debut 12" EP, Adult Crash plays a powerful brand of hardcore, with the dramatic, rhythmic build-ups of Bl'ast!, the concrete-thick guitar work of SS Decontrol, the blunt vocal delivery of early Agnostic Front, and some left-of-center thrash flourishes a'la Septic Death. Far more than just a Frankenstein monster of well-tread influences, Adult Crash has a seamless, naturally flowing sound that can only come from veterans who have truly internalized the craft of hardcore songwriting. Featuring a cadre of San Diego/Chula Vista HC veterans, including Tim Gonzalez of Amenity and House of Suffering, Adult Crash has the credentials and musicianship to convincingly deliver their unique sonic onslaught in spades. Mandatory listening for all true believers in the HC arts. (Standards/LIAR #9

(restock) WACO FUCK - Eliminate Culture LP
Final 12" EP from North County San Diego's ferocious hardcore stalwarts Waco Fuck. Distilling the Totalitar and Napalm Death obsessed ultracore of their earlier output into a more powerful, midpaced assault, Eliminate Culture weaves deftly through Scandinavian-derived thrashings, violent dirges, infectious, Rudimentary Peni style riffing, and the hard hitting SoCal traditions of Battalion of Saints and the like. If you have an ear for forward thinking, well played hardcore bound by neither cliché nor pretension, Eliminate Culture is for you. (Standards/LIAR #10)

(restock) CRIME DESIRE - Alone In A Dream LP
Crime Desire's new five song 12" EP "Alone In A Dream" marks a further step in the straight forward, gruff vocalled, riff driven hardcore punk direction the band took on their "Every Day In Chains" EP. With clear nods to Discharge, Antisect and Celtic Frost, coupled with a healthy dose of 80's death rock, "Alone In A Dream" will prove to be a revelation for those who appreciate traditional hardcore with a darker atmosphere. Contributing in no small part to said atmosphere is the guest vocals of Gitane Demone, whose legendary wails graced a bulk of Christian Death's catalogue, and her daughter Zara, who plays in Gitane's newest outing, the Crystelles. Analog purists will also be pleased to note that "Alone In A Dream" was recorded to tape and mastered to vinyl straight from the reels with care and attention by the fine people at Chicago Mastering Service, creating a warm, earthy sanctuary from the "loudness wars" madness of the digital media era. Crime Desire has a history of going to great lengths to create hardcore records which are as idiosyncratic as they are abrasive, of which "Alone In A Dream" is their latest and greatest excursion. (Life's A Rape Records #128)

(restock) CRIME DESIRE - Every Day... In Chains LP
Crime Desire's "Every Day in Chains" is a four song 12" ep of dark, blistering hardcore, seething with social contempt and morbid imagery. Building off the foundation of the band's 2008 Samhain/Amebix/death rock influenced self-titled lp, Crime Desire injects a dose of 80's UK hardcore into their sound, taking cues from groups like English Dogs and Antisect, giving their trudging, brooding songs a sense of urgency and adrenaline while maintaining a dark atmosphere. Recorded at Big Fish studios and mastered at Chicago Mastering Service, Crime Desire put care into every step of putting their music out on vinyl, and their efforts were not wasted, as "Every Day...In Chains" is truly a sonically devastating work. (Gravity/Life's A Rape #127)

(restock) BREAKOUT - True Crime 7"
BREAKOUT's second single follows their self-released "Razor Wire" nicely with a strong brand of UK punk-meets-US hardcore pummeling. Menace-meets-Nihilistics, Ruts-meets-Bad Brains; solid, catchy, furiously great songs. Amongst the latest crop of punk bands in Austin (and everywhere else), BREAKOUT is one of a kind and "True Crime" proves it. (Grave Mistake Records #72)

(restock) ASYLUM - s/t 7"
The debut EP from Richmond, VA's ASYLUM delivers six tracks of some of the most devastating and precisely executed hardcore punk you'll hear these days; a brooding hardcore assault powered by the driving rhythm of Motorhead, layered with buzzsaw guitars that bring to mind classic Scandinavian bands, and delivered with the non-stop intensity of Discharge. ASYLUM have grown to become one of the best punk bands going in our city, and we couldn't be more thrilled to have their first vinyl output as the fifth Vinyl Conflict release. (Grave Mistake/Vinyl Conflict Label #5)

Descriptions for 12/6/14

S.H.I.T. - Feeding Time 7"
Over the last couple of years, Toronto's S.H.I.T. have come out of nowhere with their acclaimed demo tape, to releasing two killer 7"s, to even opening their own DIY venue, S.H.I.B.G.B's. They are now back with their third 7" and it's just as essential as the two preceeding. You may remember 'Feeding Time' as the opening track off their demo, it has now been re-recorded and is now even more of a rager than before. On the flip, you get a brand new track, the slow burning 'Private Lies'. The package is wrapped up with perfect artwork by Sam Ryser (Crazy Spirit, Dripper World and Dawn Of Humans). Download code is included. (Static Shock Records #26)

Over 10 years in the making! Ultra Sonic Holocaust is a true collaboration between two of the world's most consistent and prolific groups of artists. Bastard Noise's otherworldly soundscapes are woven perfectly into Kalmex and the Riffmerchants' bizarre form of Electric Jungle Violence to create an absurd and perfectly unique listen. Like nothing you've ever heard before. Essential listening for all Dank Daddies and Skull Servants worldwide. The brutality definitely continues.... " This collaboration is really about Kalmex and the Riffmerchants (members of Plutocracy, No Less, Agents of Satan, etc.) with Bastard Noise's sounds skillfully woven throughout their music to create something that's very unique. There's a lot of humor involved, but the music is very similar to No Less or Plutocracy - fans of these two bands will be into it - I know I am! The 20 page color booklet features all original artwork by Aaron Guadamuz. Aaron created an illustration for each track - the tracks where Bastard Noise is involved all work the MITB skull into the artwork. The booklet also includes lyrics for all of the tracks, a written historical piece from Kalmex and from Eric Wood. There are 500 hand-numbered copies total - all pressed on yellow/orange vinyl. The sealable outer sleeve includes a promotional sticker listing out 20 logos of the bands that these guys have been involved in (Man is the Bastard, Plutocracy, Neanderthal, No Less, Agents of Satan, Deadbodieseverywhere, Noothgrush, etc.). (Hear More Records #12)

THE SHRINE - Waiting for the War LP
Venice Beach's THE SHRINE combine the hooks and presence of 70's rock and glam with 80's hardcore / skate punk energy and attitude. On this 12" maxi-single they play homage to early 80's French rock band who nailed the Motor City sound, SOGGY, with their rendition of "Waiting for the War" backed up with a sick original "Rare Breed". Colored vinyl for stores and digital download card included. (Tank Crimes Records #86)

BRAINOIL - Death of this Dry Season CD
Long time contributors to the underground punk and metal scenes the guys inBRAINOIL have put in time over the past 20 years in bands like GRIMPLE,DESTROY, LAUDANUM, STORMCROW and others. Death Of This Dry Season picks up the furious hardcore sludge sound that BRAINOIL is well known for as though they'd never left. A little older and a little wiser (?), Death Of This Dry Season is a short, sharp shock of intense aural battery, conceivably like an amalgamation of other ugly sounding Bay Area stalwarts such as ABSCESS andBLACK COBRA, yet never sounding enough like anyone else to pinpoint a direct influence. Pure doom sludge hardcore punk freak music for fans of heavy. (Tank Crimes Records #55)

MAXIMUM ROCK'N'ROLL #380 (January 2015)
Hey there Maxi Rockers! It's getting cold here in San Francisco, Halloween wackiness is over, Punxgiving is almost upon us, and we have just finished work on another killer issue of Maximum Rocknroll! MRR #380, the January 2015 issue, includes Mallorca's raging hardcore punks ORDEN MUNDIAL, who have an amazing new LP and will be touring the US in late December, and we've got London's frantic and inspiring FRAU, Memphis' post-punk racket makers NOTS, and New Jersey's prolific Don Giovanni Records, with releases from bands like SCREAMING FEMALES, PRIESTS and the ERGS! Also in this issue, Cyprus' EN PSYCHRO tell us about the island's scene and political tension, trans-national hardcore trio the INSTIGATION share their Japanese tour (and snack) diary, and Des Devlin discusses his insightful documentary film Distorted: Reflections on Early Sydney Punk. We talk to Toby Jeg of Red Scare Industries in light of the label's 10 year anniversary, and catch up (and travel back in time) with Poland's TZN XENNA and Italian hardcore/crossover legends RAW POWER. You'll also find photo spreads from the London's Static Shock Weekend and A Varning from Montreal fest, plus book, movie, zine and demo reviews, all the columnist you love to hate (plus a couple new ones), and of course, the most extensive record reviews section in punk print. Get your copy today and support thee longest running, all-volunteer-run, not-for-profit punk zine on the planet! (Maximum Rock'n'Roll #380)

EVIL CONDUCT - Today's Rebellion LP/CD
Brand new album. 10 new instant Oi! classics from these long running Dutch skins. 100% working class Oi from Holland. (Six Feet Under Records #95)

NEW BRIGADE - Join The Brigade LP
Long awaited debut LP from SoCal Straight Edge newcomers New Brigade. Straight Ahead/Youth Of Today vibe. Recorded and mixed by Taylor Young, mastered by Brad at Audioseige. (Six Feet Records #88)

KHMER - Nubes Que Anuncian Tormenta LP
Five new tracks from these Spanish veterans, with the long sold out 5 track demo on the B side. Vicious crusty black metal with nods to their old (legendary?) band Ictus and occasionally the catchiness of a vintage punked out At The Gates.. This LP is the natural continuation for a band with many years in the scene (as well as a split LP last year with After Forever-Japan) behind them. The record just flies by in no time with mandatory repeated spins to follow. 500 copies. All brown with black splatter vinyl. Standard jackets, 11x11 insert, download code. (Halo of Flies Records #77)

VARIETE - Bydgoszcz 1986 LP
Polish new wave/cold wave from 80's. Studio album from 1986. (Pasazer Records #40)

WLOCHATY - N Wbrew Wszystkiemu LP
7th album one of most popular punk band in Poland since 20 years. Between Conflict/anarcho-punk roots (message), and modern sound of US punk. Great quality, great songs. New (2010) release from the Polish anarcho punks, a more sophisticated sound than earlier discs but with plenty of passion and still with that old school UK anarcho punk sing along feel. We used to say they were following Conflict, this is better than anything Conflict have done for a long time. (Pasazer Records #11)

DEZERTER - Mam Kly Mam Pazury LP
"Mam Kly Mam Pazury" is eight Dezerter album - longlived, legendary polish hardcore punk band, being around over 30 years. Originally released in 1996, was surprisingly raw, agressive sounding. Band has alway been provoking, sarcastic, pushing listeners deep down to their thought process over socio-political, and in this case - environmental and vegetarian topics. With this material comes a cover song from polish punk bard - Janusz Reichel. On the other hand, few younger hardcore bands, like Sunrise or Wochaty covered songs from that album. You can finally put that LP on your turntable. (Pasazer Records #33)

DEZERTER - Decydujace Starcie LP
The tenth album from DEZERTER, released in 2000. With every new album coming out, band always developed their style, although always staying in touch with hardcore punk sounding. This one came with idea of adding some loops and to it. Beside thsi, whole album is pretty much classic DEZERTER, with agressive, energetic songs that with socio-political, anti-cosumerist lyrics, seems to be a perfect comment on reality around them. Capstone of that piece would be Gozilla destroying streets of Warsaw, threatening us from the cover of that LP. (Pasazer Records #34)

100 DEMONS - In The Eyes Of The Lord LPx2 (Record Store Day Release)
Finally available again on vinyl after years of being out of print. Legendary Connecticut hardcore heavyweights 100 DEMONS debut LP 'In The Eyes Of The Lord' This definitive/expanded edition includes full re-mastered audio spread over two 12"s for optimum sound quality, a slew of demo/compilation bonus tracks never before available on vinyl featuring original vocalist Bruce LePage, a deluxe gatefold layout with never before seen live photos and a HUGE bonus poster insert!!! Comes on half red, half blue split vinyl and download code. (A389 Records #151)

A four way collaborative effort by Tallahassee's Ex-Breathers (3 songs of wild thrash antics-meets-Fugazi dynamic), Newtown's Ovlov (one new song of Dino Jr./shoegaze worship), New Orleans's Woozy (2 tracks of technical and melodic jams that break into strange and heavy chrouses), and Nashville's Gnarwhal (2 songs of their 2-man tech-y and strained riff attack). 8 songs ranging from driving hardcore to introspective indie rock. 500 black vinyl pressed. (Hanging Like A Hex Records #30.5)

WEAK TEETH - So You're Ruined Your Life LP
After a few years out of the public eye, weak teeth returns with a brand new 13 track full-length album "So You've Ruined Your Life." Sticking to their guns, the Providence, RI based quartet continues to create their own brand of angular "emo-damaged" hardcore punk while taking some more creative risks, briefly departing from the "short, hard, fast" standby. With a much more cohesive and concrete theme, the music and lyrics ebb and flow organically to create a well-rounded yet always aggressive crossbreed. Introspective, self-aware, and fed up, "So You've Ruined Your Life" fully reflects the dread and abandon of our American century in 30 minutes of forceful, inspired chaos. (Tor Johnson Records #27)

DEATH TOLL 80K - Harsh Realities LP
Finally, real Grindcore is back!! Finland's finest harsh Grindcore maniacs DEATH TOLL 80K destroys your ears with 23 mindblowing tracks between ARSEDESTROYER and INSECT WARFARE! This is the US Pressing of the original LP - It is limited to 300 and is pressed on mixed / marbled colored vinyl. Comes with digital download. (Give Praise Records #97)

SIERPIEN - Zawsze Hasze LP
New LP pressing of this great debut by two man political dark punk from Moscow Russia. The CRISIS and MOB influences are clear and the grim sense of hope that these bands portrayed is reiterated in Sierpien's music in a way I haven't heard in so long. Simple and immediately catchy despite the Russian language this is a peace punk album for the modern times. Classic in approach but with a strong emphasis on the current state of conflict/apathy in Russia and beyond. For fans of classic dark peace punk such as FALL OUT, THE MOB, ZOUNDS, and CRISIS as well as Polish "Zimna Fala"/ "positive punk" from the mid 1980s. (Mass Media Records #24)

(restock) FRAU - Punk Is My Boyfriend 7"
Static Shock Records gets the honour of releasing the debut three track 7" from London feminist punks Frau who feature members of Woolf and Good Throb. They released the much loved 8 track 10 minute demo on Tuff Enuff Records in late 2013 (which has now been reissued on LP by Dead Beat Records) and now return with three more short blasts of discordant and furious noise. 'Punk Is My Boyfriend' is a dirty and scratchy cut with pounding drums and an insistent guitar hook. It comes over like a mix of Pre 'Cut' Slits, Huggy Bear and Kleenex. 'Snakeskin' is possibly the only song in the world that could have appeared on both Crass' 'Bullshit Detector' and any Kill Rock Stars compilation. Final track 'Orca' sounds like it could fall apart at any moment and just about makes the one minute mark. The guitars grind over a busy bass, heavy yet loose drums and explosive vocals. DIY has never sounded so good. Limited to 400 copies with hand stamped sleeves. (Static Shock Records #23)

(restock) WEAK TEETH - What A Plague You Are LP
After relentless touring in 2010 and 2011, Providence, RI's Weak Teeth have finally taken over your turntable with their new LP: "What A Plague You Are". Hardcore has really fallen apart these days, and these four nimrods are here to pick up the pieces. Featuring guest vocals from members of Learn, She Rides, Two Funerals, Wow Owls, and more. These eleven songs combine melody with destruction, asinine song titles, and to-the-point lyrics; all in under 24 minutes. Honestly, what else could you ask for? Oh, and they still hate you. (Tor Johnson Records #17)

Descriptions for 11/29/14

TOKEN ENTRY - From Beneath the Streets LP
MATW is proud to reissue a record that needs no introduction. By the time Token Entry released "From Beneath the Streets" in 1987 on Kevin Seconds' Positive Force label, they were already one of NYHC's most beloved bands. Having existed in a slightly different incarnation as Gilligan's Revenge in the early half of the 1980's, Token Entry were comprised of scene vets from NY's hardcore-rich borough of Queens. One of the few NYHC bands of that era that managed to tour extensively, they were notorious for their high-energy shows and their lack of patience for tough-guy posturing. No account of late 80's, CBGB-matinee era NYHC is complete without this album. The present reissue makes From Beneath The Streets available on vinyl for the first time since the late 90's, complete with faithful reproductions of the original covers and inserts, as well as a digital download card. (Mad At The World Records #1203)

REACTOR - Deadly Visions 7"
New band from Portland, OR. Musically draws on bands like Bastard and Deathside, plus a little Broken Bones, though more straight ahead hardcore and less metal than any of those bands... with raspy distorted vocals. (Distort Reality Records #26)

STUPIDS - The Kids Don't Like It (Deluxe Edition) LPx2 + CD
Strictly limited edition double coloured vinyl LP in heavyweight manilla reverse board sleeve, with 24" x 12" printed insert, CD in pvc wallet - first pressing limited to just 300 copies worldwide!! A lot of people have been asking us when "THE KIDS DON'T LIKE IT" would be back in print - and here's the reason for the delay - a super deluxe DOUBLE VINYL LP version (with the bonus record featuring all tracks from the "Japanese Vacation" EP and an awesome show recorded live on their 2011 Japanese tour in Yokohama - 18 additional tracks, 12 of which appear on vinyl for the first time!) To make this release ultra special, the strictly limited edition pressing is on coloured vinyl, with a 24 x 12" insert and at the bands request the sleeve is a special REVERSE MANILLA BOARD sleeve, featuring brand new front cover artwork courtesy of Chris Shary and the whole album TOTALLY REMASTERED by the band themselves, plus the CD version (with 5 additional bonus live tracks, making 39 on the CD in total!) is also included in a PVC wallet and is limited to 300 copies, so its first come, first served! This is the second of our deluxe repackaging of the STUPIDS albums and more will be appearing over the next year in the run up to a brand new STUPIDS album due in 2015! I know a lot of people missed out when the album first was released back in 2009, but as far as the band is concerned this is their best album alongside "Peruvian Vacation" so its great to make it available again - and the remastering has given the original recording a whole new lease of life! (Boss Tuneage Retro #16)

ISIS - In The Absence Of Truth LPx2
The logical expansion of ISIS' multiple personalities yielded In The Absence Of Truth, their fourth full-length album release. Building upon elements founded across prior albums Celestial, Oceanic and Panopticon, the 'atmospheric' parts became more haunting (yet, uplifting) and the 'heavy' parts even more brutal and crushing. However, it's hardly an album of polar opposites, with the fluidity only achieved by a band who'd been consistently developing on a clear path for nearly a decade. "In The Absence Of Truth" marked ISIS' increased inclusion of actual singing, creating a significant impact on the more mellow moments, but widespread experimentation with new elements reaches far beyond the vocals here. Appropriate usage of unique tones, leads and overall surprising song-structures culminate with nine tracks of ISIS' now-trademark dirges. In The Absence Of Truth really is an astounding album, with a maturity displayed that leaps from ISIS' past into previously uncharted waters of heaviness. Robotic Empire is thrilled to once again to supply this gatefold, double-LP vinyl edition of ISIS' classic album. (Robotic Empire Records #71)

DYSTOPIAN SOCIETY are back with a brand new vinyl EP on Mass Media. Its called "Violations" and captures the hardest edges of the bands classic death rock sound. With the infusion of a new drummer and subsequent regular live gigs all around the Eurozone, Dystopian Society continue with their mixture of the traditional sound of goth punk such as CHRISTIAN DEATH and PART 1 with an unmistakable anarcho-punk lyrical sensibility. The title track here is a perfect example of why we love this band. Once the shimmering guitar line rises above the distorted guitars and Max bellows in horror of the modern day crawl to self prescribed extinction, we are there. Indeed we do live in a dystopian society despite all of our modern distractions and petty contentment. The power that has corrupted men continues to wreak havoc upon the earth and the true horror is that for the most part we think the greatest struggles are behind us... 7" vinyl limited to 140. (Mass Media Records #22)

Limited one time pressing for Horror Vacui's US tour in 2014.Two new songs cut from the same sessions as their soon to be released LP on Black Water Records, including a mystery cover of a song "originally recorded in 1980". Horror Vacui are Italy's heaviest death punks, comprised of a core of solid punk musicians lending power and catchy dark punk riffs to the classic death rock sound. Think SISTERS OF MERCY mixed with some classic UK punk heaviness and you've got HORROR VACUI. (Mass Media Records #26)

Finally! Boss Tuneage Retro presents the long awaited reissues of legendary UK Hardcore band DOCTOR AND THE CRIPPENS! "Raphanadosis" is their legendary second album from 1989 and has not been commercially available for over 2 decades!! Reissued in conjunction with the band and features liner notes from both the band and Shane (Manic Ears) and memorabilia from the bands personal collection, but that is not all - the album features a jaw dropping 15 bonus tracks, compiled from the bands second session for the John Peel Show in 1989, the "North Atlantic Noise Attack" comp LP and "Avant Gardening" 12"EP. A must own for all fans of this era of UK Hardcore punk - third instalment due in 2015!! (Boss Tuneage Retro #75 CD)

BOMBSHELL ROCKS - Generation Tranquilized LP/CD
Pirates Press Records brings you "Generation Tranquilized," a brand new full-length from Sweden's streetpunk kings Bombshell Rocks. With the original singer Marten Cedergran back on vocals, this hard-hitting and unbelievably catchy 12-song album is bound to capture tons of new fans and really reawaken lots of old ones. "Generation Tranquilized" is Vasteras' finest's fourth full-length and the first in over 10 years with the original lineup. Vinyl version includes digital download. (Pirate's Press Records #133)

"Peste" is the Italian hardcore band's third full-length and their heaviest and most brutal offering yet, following up to "Great Mother: Holy Monster" and setting a new bar for the modern wave of death metal-influenced hardcore. Hierophant have been making waves since their formation back in 2010. They've toured with the likes of Deafheaven, Oathbreaker, Tombs, Pelican, Cancer Bats and many more, and have a reputation for an intense and relentless live show. Vinyl version includes digital download and is limited to 600 copies. (Bridge Nine Records #219)

(restock) FACADE BURNED BLACK - Ashen Remains of Mid Western Flames LP
(We just found a few copies that we didn't realize were here). Slow, powerful, bludgeoning hardcore with a very heavy beat and harsh screaming from Virginia's Facade Burned Black. The lyrics are cryptic and dark and they make use of a lot of sound bites and samples. Six originals with the seventh track being a cover of Citizens Arrest's "Utopia." Oddly one member is also in Time Flies, but Facade Burned Black's sound isn't even in the same universe. Oppressive and desperate. (Clean Plate Records #21)

Descriptions for 11/22/14

RED DONS - A Vote For The Unknown 7"
A Vote for the Unknown is a collaborative effort between punk legend TV SMITH and the RED DONS. The former ADVERTS front man provides the lyrics and vocals to music recorded by the Red Dons. Tracked in a Swedish bomb shelter and mixed by Hajji Husayn at the NORTH LONDON BOMB FACTORY, A Vote for the Unknown is a must have for any ADVERTS fan looking for one more offering from TV SMITH backed by a punk band. (Deranged Records #260)

VOIGHT KAMPFF - Last House On The Right 7"
The first new VK recording in 3 years and what a gem it is. Now residing in separate states, Sulier and Swanson-White return with two new dark moody tracks rooted in punk but definitely post-punk in delivery. "Last House on the Right" is the definitive standout of the two with Swanson-White's new-wavy guitar rhythm combined with for Sulier's baritone vocals, making this a one of the better post punk track of 2014. Unfortunately it's only two songs but with any luck we'll see a new album in 2015. (Deranged Records #259)

LIFE LIKE - Savages 7"
Life Like's debut EP, Savages, opens with the force of a Mack truck driven by a bull, hellbent and dead set on demolishing the china shop in his crosshairs. As raw and primal as the EP's name implies, the no-frills, thunderous introductory breakdown sets the tone for what is to come as the rest of the six-track offering continues to pummel its listeners into submission, alternating to and from high-speed fury and catastrophic end-of-the-world mosh. From the album's grimy-as-fuck cover art (by Martin "Lumpy" Meyer) to the music's thick, dirty production, the entire affair is exactly as real as true hardcore should be: No bullshit, no marathon songs, no posers allowed. Music to riot to and songs for smashing your fist into the wall until all you pull back is a bleeding shapeless stump. Savage indeed. Words by Daniel Hill. (Deranged Records #251)

CROSS - s/t 7"
CROSS is an swedish punk musical duo, active since 2012 and composed of vocalist and drummer from now long gone Masshysteri. Their unholy meltdown of punk and free jazz blast through this two-song 7" in a blindingly bright and blazingly hard demeanor. Trebly noisy guitars, machine-driven drums and vocals crawling on top of each other to be heard, make up this duo's subterranean sounding debut. (Deranged Records #258)

Here's the first proper full length album by this California powerhouse. After a slew of singles and 7" EPs, this Long Beach, CA based quartet develop their style of aggressive Dangerhouse Records meets early 80s SoCal hardcore even further. Yes, the L.A. Times called them a "female fronted BLACK FLAG" - it's that band. Twelve new cuts of pre-Reagan, post-neutron bomb hardcore punk. (Deranged Records #254 CD)

LIFE - The World Lies Across Them LP
Reissue of Tokyo's LIFE debut LP from 1999. Classic second wave Japanese Blown Out Crust Hardcore. Contemporary with bands like DISCLOSE (which Abe Chan from LIFE played bass at times), GLOOM, FRIGORA or COLLAPSE SOCIETY, "The World Lies Across Them" remains as one of the most intense Japanese hardcore records of their time. Their intense music is equally matched by their strong Anti Nuclear and Pro-Peace message. 500 press on time for their European tour in November. (La Vida Es Un Mus #87)

BI MARKS - If You Can't Swim. Drown. LP
Seven new songs from this Portland based hardcore punk group. The foundation is blistering 80s-inspired hardcore a la DIRECT CONTROL, but they add in some melodies and catchier song structures. It's reminiscent of a mix between RKL's blistering, catchy metallic punk and the ADOLESCENTS' more refined approach, throw in a little BLACK SABBATH along with some ZERO BOYS and a little REPLACEMENTS and you can start to get the idea. Basically, though, this is just really good catchy,west coast-style hardscore delivered with rawness, aggression and intensity. Features members of NERVESKADE, FRENZY and BOG PEOPLE. Ripping! (Black Water Records #69)

NO SIR, I WON'T - The Whole Fucking World Is Shit LP
Boston Anarcho Punks No Sir I Won't return with their 4th record, 'Shit' and in my opinion their best. Made up of ex and current members of Surrender Libyans, Witches With Dicks, Shithead, Brain Killer and Foreign Objects. 5 brand new songs of relentless, political punk. Where NSIW wear their Flux Of The Pink Indians/ Conflict and Crass influences on their sleeves, they breathe new life into what had maybe become a stale genre. No Sir, I Won't play revolutionary anarcho-punk without plagiarism, but developed into a modern form. This is anarcho-punk at it's finest, music like this makes you want to change the world. Exhilarating and thought-provoking, if you don't like a message in your music this is not for you. No Sir I Won't might just be one of the most important bands around. (Drunken Sailor Records #40)

FACE THE RAIL - Learning to Die LP
Face the Rail is one of the Bay Area's longest running and most under-appreciated hardcore punk bands. Playing a unique and high-energy amalgamation of classic west coast skate punk/hardcore, Revolution Summer DC, and even surf rock, the band has proven to be one of the most interesting Bay Area bands, to us, at least. This is their first record in four years and it's more than worth the wait. (Katora Works #39)

SECRET FANGS - s/t 10" (with download code)
Secret Fangs produce noisy pop songs that exist within the atmosphere of half-remembered dreams. The tracks on their debut self-titled 10" borrow equally from the catchy songcraft of the Beatles and the avant-garde sound library of the Boredoms, creating slightly damaged tunes that provide listeners with memorable hooks that sometimes defy you to hum along to AM radio static. The EP is available digitally and on vinyl via Glacial Records. (Glacial Records #12)

BLACK DAHLIA MURDER - Grind 'Em All 7" (colored vinyl/Black Friday release)
Available for the first time ever!! Michigan's favorite metal marauders THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER present: Grind 'Em All. A small collection of obscure hardcore/metal interpretations originally performed by Left For Dead, Sedition and Gyga. Includes either solid red, or solid yellow vinyl, download code and bonus etched-B-side!!! (A389 Records #152)

PRIMITIVE MAN/FISTER - split LP (colored vinyl/Black Friday release)
Denver and St Louis team up to unleash one of the most brutal and uncompromising splits ever released. PRIMITIVE MAN (Relapse Records) are on side A with three brand new tracks while FISTER are on the flipside with two tracks of pure extended misery. Limited half black/half white vinyl with download code. (A389 Records #153)

THE MOVIELIFE - This Time Next Year LP
With numerous tracks on complations, an LP, two 7"s and a split CD under their belt, The Movielife became a household name with the great response they received from "This Time Next Year." The album is a harmonious mix of the catchiest parts of pop and indie rock blended together with a noticeable hardcore edge. "This Time Next Year," featuring the production of Brian McTernan (Snapcase, Cave-In, Texas Is The Reason), had people talking everywhere. New pressing now available on gold vinyl. Vinyl version includes digital download. (Revelation Records #97)

TERROR - Always The Hard Way LP
Defiant Music is born, Terror's own label, with the help of Reaper Records handling the distribution of the albums. This reissue comes with bonus material and new artwork. Terror hunkered down at Planet Z Studios in Massachusetts to record their second full-length, "Always The Hard Way." Now available on colored vinyl. Vinyl version includes digital download. (Reaper Records #71)

REDUCERS S.F. - Backing The Longshot LP
Originally released in 1999 on TKO Records, this classic album set the bar and was a core part of the soundtrack to many people's lives for years. The songs on this record became instant classics. Fifteen years on, remastered and released digitally and on colored vinyl, this re-issue will surely give it some new life and remind people how integral this band was, and continues to be, to a scene still flourishing over 15 years later. LP includes digital download. (Pirates Press Records #125)

REDUCERS S.F. - Crappy Clubs and Smelly Pubs LP
In 2001, San Francisco, CA's street survivors returned with "Crappy Clubs And Smelly Pubs," the follow-up to their 1999 debut album. After two hard years in the trenches playing gigs with the likes of Dropkick Murphys, Swingin' Utters, Cock Sparrer, Peter & Test Tube Babies and the Angelic Upstarts, the boys returned to the studio to give everyone a taste of their authentic, pub-punk, street rock 'n' roll sound. Remastered and reissued by Pirates Press Records digitally and on colored vinyl, this album will deservedly stand the test of time and continue to make its mark in the Bay and beyond. LP includes digital download. (Pirates Press Records #126)

REDUCERS S.F. - Raise Your Hackles LP
Still hanging tough in the streets of San Francisco, CA and gearing up for live gigs, new recordings and more, this is Reducers SF's "latest" album. Previously only available on CD from TKO Records (in 2006), "Raise Your Hackles" was certainly a continued commentary about an ever-changing SF punk scene. The 13 tracks on this album, available here for the first time on vinyl, are still as poignant as ever. (Pirates Press Records #127)

(restock) A PAGE OF PUNK - Fool's Punk Line LP
The amazing A Page Of Punk from Japan are back with their new 49 song album! A Page of Punk are a frighteningly explosive, 100% energy, raw punk rock band from Tokyo. Formed in 2001, they have played a prominent and hugely active role in the Japanese underground Punk Scene for over 12 years. There are 3 albums to date, (on Japanese/U.S.&U.K labels) all using their distinctive A5, 30 page booklet format. Their short & fast manic punk rock aligns perfectly with abrasive vocals covering issues mainly concerned with political & social injustice & inequality and also about just how god-damn much they love punk rock! Released to coincide with their August UK tour. Comes with download code. (Drunken Sailor Records #29)

(restock) NO SIR, I WON'T/AUTONOMY - split LP
Lost split LP recovered from the vaults by Dead Broke & Dirt Cult. Autonomy is originated from Carbondale, IL. and play a Crass-inspired brand of dark and melodic anarcho-crust punk. No Sir, I Won't are from Boston (members of Brain Killer, Awful Man, etc.) and give that Conflict-style assaulting peace punk. Oi. Comes with download. (Dead Broke Records #117)

(restock) THOU/COWER - split LP
(U.S. pressing) THOU once more deliver 4 songs of their trademark Sludge. Mixing elements of Doom, Metal and Punk they create a beautiful melodic assault that comes wrapped in a beautiful layout. Layers upon layers of heaviness. The packaging is exquisite as you would expect from any other THOU release. COWER from Portland, OR is an awesome band that mixes Hardcore with 90's emotive punk. Being a band hard to describe, they are sure to please fans of the DC/Dischord sound as well as fans of newer bands like PUNCH. Milky clear colored vinyl. (Nuestra Lengua #13)

(restock) EDHOCHULI - s/t LP
Musically, Edhochuli from Pittsburgh, PA mixes equal parts hardcore, sludge, and southern fried post hardcore. Edhochuli features unpredictible guitarwork and unique song structures, which only adds a layer of complexity to the band's sound. For fans of DOGS OF IRE, BREATHER RESIST and bands on LEVEL PLANE RECORDS. (Nuestra Lengua #12)

Following their debut 7", Nazareno el Violento from Mexico City is back with a proper full length. This recording is nasty, fast and aggressive. Metal influenced hardcore with smart lyrics about how corrupt the mexican government is, mediocrity, cops. These 13 songs are a direct attack on everything you love. All records come in Coke Bottle Clear. Fold out cover/poster with original artwork made by the drummer Mico. For fans of CONVERGE, OWEN HART, CATHARSIS. (Nuestra Lengua # 15)

(restock) DARTO - All Eyes 7"
Darto is a band from Seattle, WA that consists of three people making beautiful, creative music. Sometimes dreamy and atmospheric but sharp and loud. These two songs were taken from a demo tape that came out in 2012. Somewhere between FUGAZI and MY BLOODY VALENTINE. Features members of Dreamdecay. 200 records pressed. (Nuestra Lengua # 14)

(restock) IN COLD BLOOD - Suicide King LP
Originally released in 2009 (A389-016) and long out of print we're pleased to bring this A389 classic back to the forefront where it belongs. Compiling all the band's demos before and after their incredible 'Hell On Earth' album (Victory Records) packaged in brand new artwork by Szymon Siech and remastered by Brad Boatright/Audiosiege. Relesaed to coincide with the band's reunion at the A389 10th Anniversary Bash. (A389 Records #140)

(restock) SHIN TO SHIN - s/t LP
The brainchild of Aaron Melnick (Integrity/In Cold Blood/Inmates), SHIN TO SHIN's debut album is a mountain of unforgettable riffs laying the foundation for A2's signature guitar solos resulting in a really mean/tough sounding record. Not for the weak! For fans of INTEGRITY, In Cold Blood. (A389 Records #138)

(restock) BLOODLET - Entheogen LPx2
Released in collaboration with Victory Records,we are thrilled to give one of our all time favorite/most influental albums time a deluxe makeover. BLOODLET's 2000 seminal debut full length 'Entheogen' released as a 2x12" remmasterd by Brad Boatright/Audiosiege and cut at 45RPM for optimum sound quality. Comes with gatefold cover, a deluxe poster of Aaron Turner's stunning artwork AND the entire tracklist for the album in the proper running order (as it appears on the original CD). Limited edition of 1000 copies pressed ever to coincide with the band's first performance in ten years at the A389 Tenth Anniversary Bash. Note: Vocalist Scott Angelacos current musical endeavors include JUNIOR BRUCE and HOLLOW LEG. (A389 Records #139)

(restock) BLOODLET - Live On WMFU-FM LP (Record Store Day release)
Enjoy a rare live-on-air radio performance from BLOODLET captured live on WFMU in 1995 before their landmark album Entheogen was completed. Contains slightly different arrangements of their destined-to-be classic tracks, creative improvised interludes and an unreleased/unheard track entitled 'Canker'. Digitally restored/remastered by Audiosiege with original artwork by Aaron Turner of Isis//Mammifer/Old Man Gloom/HYDRA HEAD records fame. Limited edition one-time RSD pressing of 1000. (A389 Records #144)

(restock) VILIPEND - Inamorata LP
Toronto, Canada's Vilipend combine the technical proficiency/reckless abandon of 90's metalcore much like Turmoil and Deadguy, crossed over twith bands such as Buzz'oven and Eyehategod. With Inamorata, their first full length release the record embodies the pain and uncertainty of singer Chris Gramlich that he incurred after fracturing an L-1 vertebra during a show. Their most ambitious offering to date, the result is a developed, intelligent refinement of their brave aesthetic, with great sonic lushness. 300 available on limited baby blue or black vinyl with printed insert and MP3 download codes. (A389 Records #105)

(restock) INTEGRITY/VEGAS - split 7" (red vinyl Record Store Day release)
The legendary INTEGRITY team up the elusive VEGAS for Volume III of the A389 RSD Split 7" series. This time paying tribute to the 1967 British comedy film "Bedazzled" with the movie music of Dudley Moore and Peter Cook. Featuring artwork once again by Szymon Siech and a full size 24x36 movie poster print. Limited edition one-time RSD pressing of 1000 on RED vinyl. (A389 Records #142)

(restock) VOIGHT KAMPFF - s/t LP
It is with great pleasure that we offer in collaboration with Rock Bottom Records the debut album by VOIGHT-KAMPFF. These 7 songs were originally released as a limited cassette Voight-Kampff began as Run Down in 2005 when Sulier and Swanson-White came together due to a shared love of darker moodier punk. After both had been in hardcore bands they decided to try something a little weirder. A 2 song 45 was done after passing songs back and forth and was belatedly released in 2012 on Baltimore's Firestarter Records. At this point the songs were already written for their debut full-length and the two decided to make a clean break from RD with a name change and stripped down format which would involve only the two of them for recording purposes. VK has played roughly a show a year since 07 recruiting different friends to flesh out live line-ups including Doom Town's Ashley Hohman and Tom Valli, Bryan Clarkson and Shaun Morrissey from The Humanoids, Matty Coonfield of Bug Chaser and Tone Rodent, Phil Schwarz of Rock Bottom Records, Ted Howard of the 86'ed, and Brad Stiffler of Condominium. The duo is currently at work writing for their second LP and has plans to finally tour and increase their activities. (Deranged Records #235)

(restock) BUMBKLAATT - Luctus LP
Blasting Metallic Hardcore from the Border of San Diego and Tijuana, Mexico, BUMBKLAATT have remained a constant of the Californian and Mexican Punk Scene since their formation by former members of CHICKEN FARM and RUN FOR YOUR FUCKING LIFE in the early 2000's. Empassioned screams swap hard and fast with gutteral growls over rocking guitar leads, crushing riffs and ferocious hardcore pummel ignited by speeding drum blasts. Following several well received EP's, This debut album was originally released by the band in a small edition sold primarily at shows. For first time in general distribution, This Deluxe Vinyl edition of "Luctus" on Prank features the full cover artwork by drummer Adrian Balderrama re-printed on a heavy weight sleeve with metallic inks, an exclusive sticker to the first pressing, a large 11" x 22" insert, hand stamped inner sleeve and download code. "Precision, speed, and volume coalesce in to one of the most bad-assed, rippingest, slayingest bands of the genre " - Razorcake. (Prank Records #142)

(restock) IRON LUNG - White Glove Test CDx2
"White Glove Test" is the third studio album by Seattle-San Francisco power violence duo IRON LUNG, and a follow up to 2007's "Sexless, No Sex". A claustrophobic, paranoid attack of water tight Stop-start intense hardcore hammered between crushing sludge bits mixed with hardcore pummel. Artwork by FEEDING. Recorded at Earhammer Studios over summer 2012, the deluxe CDx2 version includes the White GLove Test album and the companion "Finds More Filth" Noise album, which can be played independently or simultaneously with the hardcore record. IRON LUNG are currently on an extensive North American tour and have extensively toured in four of the seven continents multiple times since 2001. Limited edition of 1,000. (Prank Records #138 CD)

(restock) SLANG - Glory Outshines Doom LP
Sapporo, Japan's SLANG 6th's LP may be the most definitive expressions of the bands long Journey as part of and evolution within the History of Japanese hardcore. Starting in the late 1980's a classic sounding Japanese hardcore band, SLANG's sound became heavily influenced in the 1990's by NYHC like AGNOSTIC FRONT, MADBALL and slower breakdowns as a means for impact, In the 00's the band embraced more metallic influences and slowly began to seam all of it together,: the tough, growling vocals, the slow, crushing breakdowns, raging guitar leads, lightening fast hardcore charge. Their Previous two albums " The Immortal Sin" and " Life Made Me hardcore" began the road to this, but " Glory Outshines Doom" goes to another level of combining all these elements to create an intense, dark, completely and totally brutal record, crashing barriers between Punk, Metal and hardcore. Issued on CD by the PIZZA OF DEATH LP, this is it's first appearance on vinyl and comes in a heavy weight sleeve with full color inner sleeve and labels. (Prank Records #140)

(restock) REPLICA - Beast 7"
Blasting urgency with the song-driven edge of early 80's so-cal hardcore mixed at top speed with the brash edges of 90's East Bay punk, this second EP on Prank by Oakland's REPLICA features six tracks of powerful hardcore underlined with undeniable catchiness. Fueled by lighting-quick drumming, pummeling bass lines, ripping riffs, and snarling vocals, "BEAST EP" was recorded at the end of the tour they did last year with Japan's COMPLETED EXPOSITION and it features songs that have long been staples of the band's live set. The EP was recorded at Earhammer by Greg Wilkinson and features a deluxe cover with multiple illustrations by local artist Jon Carling. REPLICA are on tour the East Coast now. Includes download code. (Prank Records #145)

(restock) WINTERLONG - Five Songs 10"
Winterlong's first official release, this five-song (obviously) EP from the Poughkeepsie power-trio offers atonal yet melodic riffs, chant-like vocal harmonies, and virtuosic drumming. Mathy post-hardcore for fans of Chavez, ...Trail of Dead, and Shiner. (Glacial Records #10)

(restock) LIVES OF THE OBSCURE - Deathfete 7"
Jarring, contemplative lyrics over sparse and at times aggressive guitar-driven post-punk. For fans of Guided by Voices, Joan of Arc, and the Birthday Party. (Glacial Records #11)