Gloom Records

SPOTLIGHT: Gloom Records

This week we are taking a look at Gloom Records... this long gone record label put out a lot of great releases, and a few of them are still available for very cheap. Once we sell out these items are gone forever.

GLOOM RECORDS (all items going out of print):
DARVOCETS - ...Have Landed CD $1.00
DEAD ONES - LP $1.00
OATH - Uber Alles collection CD $4.00
RUN FOR YOUR FUCKING LIFE - discography CD $1.00
STRAIGHT TO HELL - '02 to '04 Discography CD $1.00
TOTAL FURY - 13 Songs CD $1.00

THE DARVOCETS - ...Have Landed CD
Greetings and salutations, earthlings, the Darvocets have landed! The Darvocets in conjunction with Gloom Records present to you 13 alien abductee tested tracks of late 70's 'Killed By Death' style punk, similar to the Crucifucks and Mentally Ill (if they were from Venus). Discovered in the rotting corpse of a freshly mutilated cow, this CD compiles their extremely hard to find 7", new 12", as well as two live tracks, one being a previously unreleased track. When you're done with this you will feel as if you have been probed in... (Gloom Records #39)

After putting out two 7"s (the first on Gloom, the second on Busted Head Records), these Swedish punks deliver sixteen tracks of fast, melodic, yet harsh sounding hardcore. Throw in a quirky Sonics cover song to help weirden things up a bit. This record leaves the listener wanting to hear even more from these unknown Swedish gods. This is modern hardcore at its best with no gimmicks. Great cover art to boot. A great way to kick off the new year with Gloom Records. Description by Nate of Gloom Records. (Gloom Records #23)

THE OATH - Uber Alles Collection CD
The wait is up! Finally out now on a format people need not worry themselves over and in packaging that can be legally sold over counters: everyone's favorite Dutch/American ex-member combo act, The Oath! Hear as they deliver forth burst after pulverising identity-annihilating burst of musical harshness that's impossible not to mosh to! For fans of NYC Mayhem, Pandemonium, early-Agnostic Front, and Void this is thee band that unintentionally kicked off the Thrash Revival of yore and consequently killed it! Contains every track they recorded prior to their upcoming LP (7", 9", split 7", plus some unreleased and compilatin tracks!). Killer new layout and booklet features all the lyrics and several unreleased, fully-charged photos! A total hardcore necessity. (Gloom #28) (split release between Gloom/Youth Attack/Coalition)

Run For Your Fucking Life's first full length is a triumph of raw hardcore energy that is very much influenced by '80s hardcore, in particular Econochrist or Poison Idea. All twelve songs are angry and harsh and ready to explode. The band hails from San Diego and they will be doing a US tour in August. Great stuff. (Gloom Records #7)

This CD includes their LP, their 7", and two extra bonus tracks. Run For Your Fucking Life's sound is a raw surge of '80s hardcore, in particular Econochrist. Every song is harsh and ready to explode, and yet underneath it all there is a melodic element that helps to really round out their sound. The band hails from San Diego and they will be doing a US tour in August. Damn good. (Gloom Records #7 CD)

STRAIGHT TO HELL - '02-'04 Discography CD
Straight to Hell is the dirty American bastard child of Swedish and Japanese hardcore (except Straight To Hell is from the artsy fartsy town of Providence, RI). Ex-members don't need to be mentioned, because their music stands on it's own. The music is a pummeling assault of tight drumming, awesome guitar leads, overpowering bass with vocals that are pissed off screams and are convincingly angry! Extremely pissed off, brutal hardcore. This 24 song CD is highly recommended for fans of Death Side and Totalitar. Includes the split 7" with Balance Of Terror, the s/t 7", and the "We Will Bury You" LP. (Gloom #32)

Finally available in the USA, this thirteen song disk features Japan's Total Fury's best ever recorded stuff. Fast, raw and melodic hardcore. Drawing influences from the early DC scene (ala 1981), the music of course has a very familiar feel to it, that will keep you relistening to this over and over again. No export to Japan as it was originally released on the Dan Doh label. (Gloom Records #16)