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ATOM & HIS PACKAGE - A Society Of... CD
COUNTDOWN TO PUTSCH - debut CD and book
DEVOLA - Playing The Game Of Revenge... CD
HALF MAN - Force Field 7"
ICEBURN - Land of Wind And Ghosts CD
IRE - I Discern An Overtone Of Tragedy... CD
IRE - I Discern An Overtone Of Tragedy... LP
JUDAS ISCARIOT - Harrison Bergeron Bound... 7"
RENDER USELESS - Rhythm... beat... 7"
SILENCIO - Dead Kings CD
V/A - Decide On Change comp LP
V/A - Education comp LP
V/A - Farm Sanctuary comp
V/A - I Can't Live Without It comp
V/A - Save You comp 7"

Release Discriptions:

SILENCIO - Dead Kings CD
Instrumental. Silencio (from Columbus, OH) combines many different styles including harcore, noise, metal, jazz and others to craft very precise and explosive songs. Silencio shares some common ground with the Flying Luttenbachers (longer, more composition oriented racket), Naked City (genre switching, mind boggling, manic intensity), and late Iceburn (unbelievably good musicianship used to make totally innovative music). Silencio are truly forging new ground in music. (Mountain Records #32 CD)

HALO PERFECTO - Hospitals in Other Countries LP
Halo Perfecto feature ex-members of Anton Bordman and Palatka. But this only tells half the story. While HP embraces the manic aspect of Palatka and the precision of Anton Bordman it is also far more melodic than either of those bands. Sung and screamed vocals, driving music and smart lyrics have garnered comparisons to Fugazi and Superchunk. Beautiful hand-screened covers by Mike from Scenary zine (the bassist/vocalist) make this a must have release. (Mountain Records #31)

Bettawreckonize.com describes the Minus Tide as: "demolitionist rhythms and speedy riffage that could easily be the soundtrack for the war of the worlds... if it had a hundred-times faster film speed." Morgantown's Turn Around Norman lay down a melodic assault that has drawn them many comparisons to both the mid-90s Gravity sound and current bands such as Orchid or Yaphet Kotto. Dual (male/female) vocals are screamed and sung with an intensity equal to the driving music. (Mountain Records #29)

V/A - Decide on Change LP compilation
Featuring some of the best hardcore bands from recent times (Straight To Hell, Totalitar, Balance Of Terror, Last Security, Vuur, Scholastic Deth, plus seven others) coming together to support the NYC More Gardens Coalition. In addition to being an amazing sonic experience, this record also contains some inspiring writing concerning the history of More Gardens Coalition and discusses taking back control of the world around you, and specifically, your city. "Fucking great compilation." - Mike Thorn, Maximumrocknroll fanzine. (Mountain Records #28)

Here are a pile of twisted skronk thrash tunes from the immortal Flying Luttenbachers. This CD contains tracks collected from various compilations, live recordings, and unreleased songs. The booklet contains biographical and source information about each track. You will find no borders and no genres within this music. Elements of grindcore, free improvisation, metal, prime no-wave, and chaos are whipped into a smashing blend for your auditory edification. The Lutts are currently causing massive disruption in sonic harmony with their new release on Troubleman Unlimited. (Mountain Records #27)

CHRIS AND STEPHANIE - Predicted the Whole Civil War CD
This duo offers simple, rustic folk rooted in Appalachian traditions. Their arrangements on mostly acoustic guitars feature Chris and/or Stephanie (who also play in Company) on vocals, which vary the material. Their harmonies are quaint and honest. Stephanie also plays violin answering the vocals or stating the melody line in interspersed passages. Basic and somewhat melancholy, there is an intimacy of form to the rugged and uncomplicated presentation. At a time when Americana styles are being reinvented with contemporary infusions, Chris and Stephanie go beyond technique returning to the tried and true with this mountain music romance. This album includes a version of "My Favorite Housing Project" by Born Against. Haunting and beautiful. (Mountain Records #26)

ICEBURN - Land of Wind and Ghosts CD
This is a 72 minute improvised noise masterpiece. If you haven't heard Iceburn lately it's because they've evolved from a metallic hardcore band to fusion to free jazz to noise. Iceburn are a collective of master musicians who make blistering music that both hardcore and creative music listeners will love. The CD features hand assembled packaging with beautiful layout including liner notes on the history and relevance of Iceburn by Richard Gilman-Opalsky of Countdown to Putsch. This is not to be missed. (Mountain Records #24)

V/A - Farm Sanctuary Benefit CD compilation
Atom and His Package, Submission Hold, Anti-product, Bloodpact, Seven Days of Samsara and 7 other bands contributed to this important benefit for Farm Sanctuary. Sue Coe contributed original cover (back and front) art. One of the most enjoyable and diverse comps to come out recently, the music ranges from the searing crust of Anti-product to the melody of Submission Hold, the hip-hop of Fermented Reptile to the spoken word track by Dave Awl. All proceeds from this comp will be donated to Farm Sanctuary in order to continue their work rehabilitating farm animals and agitating for animal rights. (Mountain Records #22)

COUNTDOWN TO PUTSCH - Handbook for Planetary Progress book/CD
Countdown to Putsch are members of the Judas Iscariot, That's All she Wrote, and Your Adversary. This, their first release, includes a self-published, 100 page socio-political text as well as a 72 minute audio CD with 50 minutes of scathing hardcorepunk music and an interview with activist Jafar S. Hamzah about human rights issues in Indonesia. CTP have gone on to release records on Ebullition, CrimethInc., and So Much to Give (split with Tem Eyos Ki) . (Mountain Records #21)

ATOM AND HIS PACKAGE - A Society of People Named Elihu CD
This is Atom's break-out release. Powered by "Punk Rock Academy" Atom has defied logic by becoming extremely popular with punk kids, college students and anyone else with ears and a sense of humor. If there's one Atom CD to own, this is it. (Mountain Records #20)

With the quality of these two bands beyond doubt you can trust that this records kills. Seein' Red are in top form and simply blaze. The Judas Iscariot present more mature material than on their two 7" releases. Their music is more melodic and free making it simultaneously more listenable and more challenging. This is a split release in the Coalition Records Network of Friends series. (Mountain Records #18)

IRE - I Discern and Overture of Tragedy in Your Voice CD/LP
The mighty Ire (future members of the Black Hand) provide bone-crushing intensity on this release. There's an interesting tension in Ire, in that their lyrics and general motivations revolve around specific political issues (the prison-industrial complex and the images and misinformation spread by the mass media, for two examples), while their music is unmistakably introspective and abstract in its slow, painful spookiness. The right mix of metal and HC for everyone. (Mountain Records #17)

V/A - Save You 7" compilation
Four amazing bands: Judas Iscariot, SoIHadToShootHim, CR and Devoid of Faith + an excellent packaging + an excellent cause = a must-have record. CR and Devoid of Faith are now part of the N.Y.H.C. canon (SoIHadToShootHim & Judas Iscariot certainly would have joined them had they stayed together longer). Worth owning for the packaging alone. (Mountain Records #13)

JUDAS ISCARIOT - Harrison Bergeron Bound 7"
Fast, thrashy, and messy hardcore from NY. Spastic drumming into slow, doomy parts, with scraggly, choking vocals and off time beats with virtually no song structure. Think Citizen's Arrest goes hyperjazzcore. Awesome packaging that apes Ornette Coleman's Free Jazz (which was certainly an inspiration for this band). Members of this band went on to play in Two Man Advantage and Countdown to Putsch. (Mountain Records #11)

V/A - I Can't Live Without It LP compilation
A group of wide ranging bands (Botch, Merrimac, Amber Inn, Closure, Guyver One, Breakwater, Milhouse, Slowslidedown, Bor, Perilisium Cantos, In/Humanity, Curll) come together to raise money for anti-death penalty propaganda. This LP contains a huge and informative booklet that is worth the price of the LP alone. However, one look at the list of bands (some of which are seminal in punk/hc) and you'll have a second reason to want to own this release. (Mountain Records #7)

V/A - Education LP compilation
Fourteen bands, some of which have been canonized since this LP was released: Devoid of Faith, Policy of Three, and Floodgate. Additionally, Coleman lends a slower song that spews venom and mucus, Kisses and Hugs offer a spazzcore (emoviolence?) triptych that is nothing short of excellence. The rest of the bands - Ox, Bleed, Dead Inside, Horace Pinker, Benchmark, Abnormal Behavior, Raze and Silence Equals - range from rocking quiet/loud stuff to more simple punk with an emphasis on screaming, bile chucking mid-tempo hardcore. The booklet contains liner notes for the LP as well as lengthy essays by various educators and educatees addressing the titular issue. It examines the complicated relationship that politically-minded, idealistic individuals have to education. All proceeds from the comp go to the East Harlem Tutorial Program. (Mountain Records #4)

Halfman was an influential mid-90's band that played political and melodic hardcore somewhat similar to Born Against. Features a future member of Countdown to Putsch, the State Secedes, & Your Adversary. Kisses and Hugs were way, way ahead of their time. You'll find some of the most insane and painful vocals ever as well as a look forward to what so many bands would sound like after them: fast, abrasive, super speedy drumming with bitter lyrics. (Mountain Records #3)

HALFMAN - Force Field 7"
Halfman was an influential mid-90's band that played political and melodic hardcore somewhat similar to Born Against. Features a future member of Countdown to Putsch, the State Secedes, & Your Adversary. (Mountain Records #2)