Youth Attack Records

Youth Attack has decided to leave Ebullition and try some different avenues of distribution. This means that Ebullition will no longer be carrying Youth Attack releases. So consider this your last chance to get Youth Attack releases from us. We have also lowered the prices on several items as a going away special.

YOUTH ATTACK (items going out of print):
ANCESTORS - In Death 7" (gatefold) $8.60
ARTS - Thousand Wounds of War LP $8.00
BAD FORM - No More Neo New Wave... 7" $1.50
CADAVER DOG - cassette tape $5.00
CANCER KIDS - The Possible Dream LP $5.00
CIVILIZED - Dust and Blood 7" $7.75
FAILURES - Decline And Fall LP $11.50
LA PIOVRA - The First Discovered Treasures CD $1.00
RAW NERVE - Every Problem Solved 7" $7.00
REPOS - Live Munitions LP $11.50
SHIRTLESS THUGS - Ripped You Off! tape cassette $5.00
TAYLOR BOW - Thin Air LP $6.00
TOLL - s/t LP $7.00
TOTAL FURY - Committed To The Core 10" $5.00
VEINS - s/t 7" $3.00
VILE GASH - Deluded 7" $5.00
VMW - second 7" $1.90

ANCESTORS - In Death 7"
Following their trilogy of releases, these four new pummeling black metal songs come forth filled with shredding guitars and tortured vocals to convey a hopeless atmosphere. This is a violent, swirling cacophony that pushes their style to the limit to further articulate the hallucinatory nature of despair. In Death features black vinyl housed in black-flood paper inner sleeves and heavy duty gatefold jackets. To enhance the mood of the artwork, the sleeve plays an exclusive audio track, activated by pressing a concealed button inside. (Youth Attack Records #91)

ARTS - Thousand Wounds of War LP
This is the limited vinyl edition of the obscure demo by the American black metal band, ARTS. Featuring members Mark McCoy (FAILURES, ANCESTORS, & CHARLES BRONSON) and Aaron Aspinwall (THE REPOS/THE ROPES, CHARLES BRONSON), this LP contains 7 tracks of crude and minimal punk-fueled black metal filled with over-the-top vocals, primitive guitar melodies, and pummeling drums. This edition comes pressed on heavy 185 gm. vinyl and is housed in a gloss coated euro sleeve and extra thick laminated tip-on jacket. Limited to 500 copies. (Youth Attack Records #73)

THE BAD FORM - No More Neo New Wave... 7"
Garage rocking punk stuff from New Jersey's The Bad Form. A little surf guitar riffing here and there, a lot of rock (think '50s and '60s), some neon colors, and pink wax. Another collectable from Youth Attack Records. (Youth Attack #5)

CADAVER DOG - s/t cassette tape
On this all-out hardcore assault, Denver's CADAVER DOG hit hard with their debut of 80's-style anthems filled with gruff vocals, catchy three chord hooks, and stomping mid-tempo breakdowns. Taking cues from Negative Approach, C.I.A., & Negative FX, these 5 tracks are timeless in their pissed off delivery. This chrome cassette release features deluxe inner wrap-around sleeves held with custom stickers and enclosed in an outer foldout cover. Limited to 500 copies. (Youth Attack Records #78)

THE CANCER KIDS - The Possible Dream LP
THE CANCER KIDS' "The Possible Dream" has claimed the throne for the loudest, most devastating record in the galaxy. For those who may have lapsed on their note taking, THE CANCER KIDS is ex-members of the legendary cult BUCKET FULL OF TEETH, and was produced by genious Will Killingsworth of ORCHID/BUCKET FULL OF TEETH/AMPERE glory. This record is a masterpiece years in the making. 18 blazing rippers in under 15 minutes with incredibly powerful vocals and superb restrained musicianship. This record will knock your socks off, seriously. Limited to 700 copies. Description by Mark McCoy. (Youth Attack #26)

CIVILIZED - Dust and Blood 7"
Denver's CIVILIZED react violently to their environment with an all-out assault on their debut EP. On these 8 songs we hear bare bones hardcore delivered at its highest intensity, withsinger Zach Reini's ferocious delivery leading the offensive in a tour de force of rage and revenge. Those familiar with their Negative Reflection Demo will take note of their amped up aggression and now masterful execution of riffs, breakdowns, and tempo shifts that heretofore stand unparalleled. You're all to burn! Dust and Blood features 70gm black vinyl, double-sided arigato jackets and cardstock inner sleeves with black flood interiors in an edition of 400. (Youth Attack Records #89)

FAILURES - Decline and Fall LP
Failures' second album, Decline and Fall is a work of painstaking scrutiny and craftsmanship years in the making, delivered in an explosion of hardcore aggression. In just over 14 minutes these 14 frenzied songs burst forth with whirlwind drum fills, lighting fast riffs and full throttle vocals in a timeless, stripped down style. To paint a clearer picture, the line up boasts a long "members of" list including Charles Bronson, Orchid, Green Beret, Cut the Shit, etc. "Decline and Fall" features heavy black vinyl, debossed, white foil-stamped matte jackets and euro sleeves with black flood interiors in an edition of 400. (Youth Attack Records #90)

LA PIOVRA - The First Discovered Treasures CD
Out just in time for their West Coast stampede, this is a collection of the long sold out one sided 12", a mysterious extra track included only in the picutre disc euro version of the 12" (Agipunk), the"Risacca" 7" (Punks Before Profits), and the super obscure and practically unheard "Maledetto" Demo. Unquestionably finest and most important Italian band since INDIGESTI or IL DIVO. (Youth Attack Records #36 CD)

RAW NERVE - Every Problem Solved 7"
Chicago hardcore legends RAW NERVE have gone out burning down the whole city with this final four-song frenzy to top off one of the most uncompromising runs in recent hardcore history. Eschewing the reassurance of sing-alongs and melodies, RAW NERVE fixates on the insular world of loneliness and the search for meaning by tearing apart all falsehoods with a bitter vengeance. This is combustive, youthful hardcore at its finest. Features heavy tip-on 7" jackets, 8 page photo booklets, and thick vinyl. (Youth Attack Records #81)

THE REPOS - Live Munitions LP
One of the most prolific and influential hardcore bands of our generation is finally captured live with this fourteen song assault recorded in Chicago during a private performance on the west side. This LP contains all their best classics like "Attack From All Sides," "Lowlife Legion," and "Voice In My Head," delivered in a non-stop, three-chord barrage under a tornado of growls by a lunatic frontman. Mixed and mastered by Will Killingsworth at Dead Air Studios for optimal ferocity, making it almost seem like you were there bashing in faces too. (Youth Attack Records #86)

SHIRTLESS THUGS - Ripped You Off! cassette tape
East coast mystery act SHIRTLESS THUGS perform fast and obnoxious suburban Hardcore Punk along the likes of Poison Idea, YDI, and Adolescents. Featuring members of CULT RITUAL and SALVATION, this 5 song chrome cassette comes housed in a die-cut foldout sleeve filled with juvenile drawings and contains a temporary tattoo! Limited to 500 copies. (Youth Attack Records #75)

After a debut 7" on the highly revered Hospital Productions, Taylor Bow have emerged from the darkest recesses of New York City with this decrepit, relentless wrecking ball of feedback and filth. Spanning 15 songs with perfect 4 track production and running over half an hour in length, this record perfectly captures the omniscient fear and the oppressive magnitude of existing in municipal oblivion. First press of 600 copies sheathed in extra heavy 28 pt."old style" tip-on covers and classy resealable poly bags. (Youth Attack #51)

A sprawling tornado of blown out wreckage helmed by prolific visionary, Will Killingsworth (FAILURES, VACCINE, AMPERE, COMPLAINTS, etc.). This debut LP showcases two long and lurching compositions of landslide riffs, buried shrieks, and black fog drones culminating in a deluge that collapses upon any reason to exist. This edition features handsome matte varnished black-lined jackets and heavy, uncoated black-lined "euro" sleeves, and cut to 180 gm vinyl. (Youth Attack Records #62)

TOTAL FURY - Committed To The Core 10"
This is the 10" version of the Total Fury 7" by the same name. The 10" is one sided and features ten songs of total fury from Japan's Total Fury! Their early '80s D.C. influenced thrash has been making thrash lovers go mad for some time now, and this 10" on Youth Attack will be no fucking exception. Thrash lovers go wild! The 10" features a full color cover and an etching on the flip side. (Youth Attack #16)

VEINS - s/t 7"
Repress of the VEINS EP with new revised layout featuring uncoated fold-over card stock cover and insert and pressed to clear vinyl, and contained in a black dust sleeve. Scathing, timeless hardcore. Third press on solid red vinyl. Limited to 300. (Youth Attack #59)

VILE GASH - Deluded 7"
On their second vinyl outing released in anticipation of their upcoming LP, Columbus, Ohio's VILE GASH delivers three ravaged bursts of aggression that seal the deal on man's need to exert his will, even at his own expense. This is a hideous rotting beast, one drowned in contempt over the fallacies of rational thought. This EP features custom pocket sleeves on extra thick board, black dust sleeves in tight stickered bags. Second press on solid red vinyl. Limited to 500. (Youth Attack Records #69)

VMW - second 7"
Following the destructive dramatics of their highly acclaimed, widely sought after LP on Coalition, these stalwarts of snobbery return with three more low-fi sci-fi anthems to provoke and annoy. Featuring members of Das Oath, Holy Molar, and Charles Bronson, VMW soaks influeneces from early Italian New Wave, Roxy Music, and 70's Oi to present something truly obscure and enjoyable to kill to. Another Youth Attack! gem (in conglomeration with Mad Drama) presented with amazing glossy cover art to obsess over. Another essential limited pressing from Youth Attack. 500 copies on clear and 500 copies on red vinyl. (Youth Attack #23)