King of The Monsters

SPOTLIGHT: King of The Monsters

This week we are taking a look at King of the Monsters. A lot of titles on King of the Monsters are going out of print and we will never carry them again. Many of these items are also now being sold at a discount.

The Gatecreeper - s/t LP and Lusitania s/t LP are the two newest releases.

ABSINTHE - 10" $3.00
ALTARS - Live On Pure Hate LP $6.00
BLOOD BRIGHT STAR - Silver Head LP $7.35
CHULA - CDep $1.00
ELDERS - Blind Rage LP $6.00
ENEWETAK - Easy Rider Session's Volume III 7" $2.00
FAST FORWARD - Sapless LP $2.00
GATECREEPER - s/t LP $6.70
GEHENNA - Upon The Gravehill LP $8.25
GOG - In Our Architecture... LPx2 $10.95
HORDES - Abargnosis 7" $2.00
LUSITANIA - s/t LP $6.70
MOLOCH/CLOSURE - split 7" $2.00
OSS - Demo 7" $2.00
ROYAL MONSTERS - Blackwater 7" $2.00
SERVILE SECT - Glowing 10" $6.00
SERVILE SECT - Svrrender LP $6.00
SOILED DOVES - Hot Siberian Heart 7" $2.25
SON OF MAN - Burn The Witch 7" out
SUTEKH HEXEN - Become LP $10.95
TRI-CITY THUNDERCATS - The Early Recordings CD $2.00
TRI-CITY THUNDERCATS - The Early Recordings LP $2.00
UNRUH - Misery Strengthened Faith CD $2.00
UZALA - Tales of Blood & Fire CD $5.00
UZALA - Tales of Blood & Fire LP $10.95
UZALA/MALA SUERTE - split 7" $2.00
VENOWL - No Honour 7" $2.00

Now only $3. Heavy, hard hitting, and intense, Absinthe was a powerful head banging burst of angry hardcore. Featuring members of Bury Me Standing and Groundwork. This 10" has been sold out for some time now, but has finally been repressed. Comes on white vinyl. (King of The Monsters #1)

ALTARS - Live On Pure Hate LP
Five tracks of noisy black metal noise that further explore the metamorphosis of Altars. Abrupt and menacing. Recorded between August & December 2010 at Levelhead Studios by Jayson Hartings. Artwork by Alex York. 1st press of 330 copies on black vinyl. Split release with How Much Art Can You Take. Previous releases on Youth Attack, King of the Monsters, Down In The Ground and Occult Contemporary. (King of The Monsters #31)

King Of The Monsters proudly presents The Silver Head, the latest solo offering from visual artist Reuben Sawyer, under the guise of Blood Bright Star. This record stands alone as Sawyers most cathartic and personal work to date, conceived through a period of dreams, revelations and heightened trance states. As abstract force is transmuted into concrete vision, the subconscious shadow illuminates itself and guides its star through the body of the infinite, carving a path for those who seek therein. The Silver Head is a voice deeply rooted in Qabalistic lore and alchemical symbolism, cryptically hypnotic yet rhythmically accessible. Lending its influence from deathrock and krautrock tendencies, Blood Bright Star blends together a seamless representation of the forces present and reinstates them into what he calls "Death Motorik". Previous Blood Bright Star recordings have appeared on Ivory Antler Records, Antithetic Records, and Anti-Matter Records. Reuben also plays in Hollow Sunshine and Dry Insides. (King of the Monsters Records #43)

CHULA - s/t CD
The latest from these Phoenix indie rock/punk champions pays the ears handsomely with six tracks of dynamic and powerful songcraft aided by the charged and wailing vocals of YOLANDA BEJARANO and a strong sense of pop styling. Vocal melodies soar above interweaving guitars and a ferocious rhythm section. (King of the Monsters #5 CD)


Taking cues from late 70's/early 80's synthpunk pioneers as the Screamers, Nervous Gender, and The Units, this Arizona based electronic duo rely on just keyboards, drum machines and vocals to create their lo-fi new wave punk sound. Nine tracks that are sure to appeal to fans of the current rebirth of keyboards in punk. Features members of Rip Off Records' bands The Wongs and The Reatards and have already toured part of the US with Empty Records' The Lost Sounds and plan on doing a west coast and full US tour on their own later this year. Vinyl Version limited to 550 copies. (King Of The Monsters #23)

ELDERS - Blind Rage LP
Blazing AZ HC that takes cues equally from early DC / Boston scenes and west coast punk/hc. Twelve tracks of raw and abrasive hardcore violence disguised as music. (King of the Monsters #30)

ENEWETAK - Easy Rider Sessions Vol. 3 7"
Recorded October 31, 2003 and originally slated for release on Crawlspace Records, this three song single finally sees the light of day. For fans of Unruh, Gehenna, Suicide Nation, Catharsis. (King of The Monsters Records #36.5)

WARNING: This LP plays from the inside out! There is nothing wrong with it, but you have to start the needle on the inside groove, and let it play towards the outside. You have been warned. Hailing from Los Angeles, California's Fast Forward offer up a splattering of electronic new-wave and experimental freak down. Previous releases from Fast Forward were on Vermiform Records and Capillary Records. Weird. (King of The Monsters #18)

Thick, punishing, bone-rattling death metal like the legendary bands of the late 80's into the mid-90's played it. Certainly reverent, but not without their own identity, GATECREEPER, who formed in Arizona in 2013, pay appropriately violent homage to their forebears, while ringing in a new era of misery. The bitterness and groove of the four tracks here will drag you through the dust of their sweltering desert home, and call upon the vast expanse of darkness above and below to quench your thirst. The resulting assault is a riff-heavy ode to times past, and a glimpse of our bleak future, captured on wax. Mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege, and pressed at 45rpm. For fans of: Entombed, Bolt Thrower, & Dismember. (King of The Monsters #52)

GEHENNA - Upon The Grave Hill LP

Repressed! King Of The Monsters is proud to present the triumphant return of one of hardcore's most notorious and vicious bands. After releasing records on CrimethInc, Crawlspace and Area 51, this Southern California outfit return with another devastating blast of uncompromising, metallic hardcore that is as ugly as it is sincere. No punches pulled music that is a sonic bombardment that will appeal to fans of Unruh, Catharsis, and Enewetak. (King of the Monsters #17)

GOG - In Our Architecture This Resounds LPx2
GOG bridges noise, drone and instrumental performance within a dark hard-to-define genre of music, it's sounds have been described as "abstract avant blackness", "blown out black-bliss" even "blackened psychedelic doom-drift drone". A decent into a great yawning abyss that is often made entrancing by distant melodies and lush rumbling whirs, yet "feel(s) organic to the point of drawing breath". Limited to 220 copies on white vinyl. Comes with 33"x22" poster insert. Artwork by Sandro Setola. (King of The Monsters #35)

HORDES - Abargnosis 7"
Touted as one of the "Must Hear Bands of 2011!" by Toxic Funhouse and receiving rave reviews on Cvlt Nation and American Aftermath websites, "Abargnosis" is finally unleased onto the world. Hordes vinyl debut features ten tracks of bludgeoning and merciless hardcore. The new breed of power violence is upon us. Limited to 330 copies on black vinyl. (King of The Monsters #32)

The first full length release from Lusitania (Phoenix, AZ). Deviant and terrorizing Black Metal featuring members of Gay Kiss, Dealing, Sacred Followers, and Detached Objects. A voice of the total loss of all hope. You're completely justified in your murderous rage, knowing that you'll find no solace in this life sentence with no retribution. For fans of cold-blooded malice and no looking back. Missing for twenty-five years and never coming back. War is hell. Featuring artwork and photos by Mike Martinez and liner notes by Max G Morton. (King of The Monsters #48)

Moloch - UK sludge doom violence. Closure - UK powerviolence. Harking back to the '90s when Sludge & powerviolence bands went arm in arm. Brutal and ugly. Closure, four tracks of ultra heavy hardcore/powerviolence. In the other side is Moloch just with one track of six minutes with the same dose of mean doom/sludge with angry shouts. (King of the Monsters #39)

OSS - Demo 7"
Featuring vocals by Frank Hanney of MK-Ultra and Fourteen Or Fight, this short lived AZ bands demo was limited to 100 copies and disappeared almost as fast as they did. This seven inch collects all three songs from the demo, housed in a die cut sleeve. (King of the Monsters #28)

ROYAL MONSTERS - Blackwater 7"
Follow up to their single on New Age Records. Featuring ex-members of Where Eagles Dare, Landmine Marathon, George Moshington and Get Destroyed, Royal Monsters deliver four tracks that infuse punk with hardcore, metal and thrash, creating a desperate, dark and furious sound. Features guest vocals by Sean Bonnette from Andrew Jackson Jihad. Limited to 330 copies. (King Of The Monsters #29)

SERVILE SECT - Glowing 10"
With Glowing, Servile Sect's latest 10", we see this duo's penchant for abstraction increase exponentially. A three-track excursion lasting twenty-three minutes, Glowing shows Krnkr and Clmnt's compositions at their most mature and polarizing, no doubt to raise eyebrows and cause many an argument on various silly internet forums. Manifesting itself as a sort of slow metamorphosis, Glowing is a sort of exercise in balance with Krnkr and Clmnt shifting weight equally between their more alien, experimental side, and, of course, their black metal roots. On "Smoke" colored vinyl. (King of the Monsters Records #42)

The Phoenix-born Northern California/Brooklyn-based noisemakers Servile Sect play "sci-fi influenced black metal" that draws comparisons to Xasthur, Weakling, Striborg, and Ildjarn. The band, featuring Luke Krnkr (one half of ITHI) and Ash Borer's Nhate Clmnt, have previously released three full-lengths. "Svrrender" is the vinyl release of the cassette tape put out on Handmade Birds earlier this year. Some of Servile Sect's most accomplished and oppressive sounds to date. On yellow/green vinyl with printed inner sleeve and artwork/layout by Kevin Gan Yuen/Viraloptic/Sutekh Hexen. (King Of The Monsters Records #38)

SOILED DOVES - Hot Siberian Heart 7"

Formerly known as The Vogue (releases on Made In Mexico), this Seattle outfit play stylish, damaged art-punk that the kids go crazy for. No keyboards, but enough sass to kill an elephant. Features members of the Blood Brothers. Full length out early 2001 on GSL. The cover may be offensive to some, and the lyrics are pure gibberish nonsense. (King of The Monsters #16)

Suffering Luna's feral offering, "Most High" walks the line between mammoth-sized doom and psychotic noise, creating an almost trance-like listening experience. Fans of early CAVITY, GRIEF, and 16 will be sure to devour this potent piece of noise inspired psych-doom. Suffering Luna has been pushing their brand of psychedelic hardcore since the 1990s, surfacing from the underground to play and record with power violence, doom, and crust bands around Southern California as both Suffering Luna and Christfall, eventually disappearing back into a haze of smoke for years at a time. Suffer The Storm's 22 minute droning funeral hymn, "Squalor," takes the listener on an unforgiving trip to the deepest depths of human filth, despair and misanthropy. Guttural death metal-esque vocals pave the way for this absolutely devastating slab of doom. Samples and various atmospherics help to enhance the mood of grim foreboding, and bring the listener closer to the edge of the abyss. Hailing from the San Gabriel Valley in the apocalyptic landscape of East LA, Suffer The Storm features members of LIFE IN EXILE, GUERILLA SABOTAGE UNIT, and FUNERAL DOGS. (King Of The Monsters Records #46)

Originally released on Halloween 2012 in an edition of 99 copies on 1/4" tape reels by Auris Apothecary. "Become" thematically focuses on the manifestation of vortex, repetition, and inducing trance-like states. Completed in the Autumn of 2012, 'Become' serves to bridge the gap between "Behind the Throne" (Magic Bullet Records 2012) and the "Monument of Decay" release (Black Horizons 2013). Presented in lavish Stoughton tip-on jackets, featuring beautiful Pantone metallic gold and black offset printing. (King of The Monsters #44)


Now available on both LP and CD. With an ex-Wipers bassist, and the drummer from Love As Laughter, the Tri-City Thundercats play something between the Gang of Four, early Wire, Yummy Fur and the Urinals. Living in three different cities (hence the "Tri-City") they continue to collaborate. Just getting off of a Japan tour of last summer, they are working on an LP of all new material to support in the USA and Japan for 2003. This CD collects both their sold out singles as well as some live material recorded in Japan. Vinyl version limited to 550 copies. (King of The Monsters #22)

UNRUH - Misery Strengthened Faith CD

Eighteen tracks of un-apologetically metal hardcore from Tempe, Arizona's legendary Unruh. The CD includes their LP, their 7", the split 7" with Enewetak, as well as a comp track. Bludgeoning, vicious, brutal, and metal. (King of The Monsters #14)

UZALA - Tales Of Blood & Fire LP/CD
After a sold out debut album (At War With False Noise Records) and a successful tour of the US, Boise/Portland's UZALA are set to unleash their 2nd album 'Tales Of Blood & Fire' featuring 5 tracks of their own unique take on psychedelic doom. The album was recorded at Witch Ape Studio by Tad Doyle (TAD, Brothers of the Sonic Cloth) it was mixed/mastered at Soli Studio by Mell Dettmer (Sunn O))), Boris, Earth, Wolves In The Throne Room, Wolvserpent). Comes with booklet insert and housed in Stoughton jackets (CD version in gatefold Stoughton jacket). (King Of The Monsters #45)

Long awaited split between UZALA (Idaho and Oregon) and MALA SUERTE (Texas). Each band offer up one new monstrous of heavy doom and gloom. UZALA contributes "Burning," which is a five-minute vintage doom cut that really shows how far the band has come in such a short amount of time. Darcy Nutt's singing is intoxicating, and Chad Remains hammers out some great low-end riffs and wah-heavy solos. On the flip side, MALA SUERTE adds their psychedelic twist to vintage doom with their contribution, "The Veil of Secrecy." MALA SUERTE are the veterans of the split, having released their first demo in 2001. Their overall sound is rooted in vintage doom psychedelia, with some sludge injects at the back end of the track. (King Of The Monsters Records #37)

VENOWL - No Honour 7"
"Nightmarish, noise-inflicted doom from IL", with previous cassette only releases on Ivory Antler, Triangulum Ignis and A Terre Records, KOTM is proud to release their vinyl debut! This two song 7" features the track "No Honour" on one side and a reimagining of it by Iron Forest on the flipside. Limited to 220 copies on grey vinyl. (King of The Monsters Records #36)