King of The Monsters

This week we are shining the spotlight on King of the Monsters records from Arizona. KOTM has been putting out underground records since the mid-'90s and focuses mostly on hardcore, metal, and punk. Some of their back catalog is going out of print and being sold at a discount. We got some copies of the Gatecreeper LP and Unruh box set. Their newest releases are from Boreal and Waerloga.

BOREAL - The Battle Of VOSAD LP $11.95
DROP DEAD - Live AS220 on 11/03/20 tape cassette $8.00
UNRUH - Tomb LPx3 discography box set $26.50
WAERLOGA - Liar/Enemy 7" $6.00

ABSINTHE - 10" $3.00
BLOOD BRIGHT STAR - Silver Head LP $3.00
BOREAL - The Battle Of VOSAD LP $11.95
DROP DEAD - Live AS220 on 11/03/20 tape cassette $8.00
ENEWETAK - Easy Rider Session's Volume III 7" $2.00
GATECREEPER - s/t LP $9.50
GREY C.E.L.L. - s/t LP $8.25
HORDES - Abargnosis 7" $2.00
ROYAL MONSTERS - Blackwater 7" $1.00
TRI-CITY THUNDERCATS - The Early Recordings CD $2.00
UNRUH - Tomb LPx3 discography box set $26.50
VENOWL - No Honour 7" $1.00
WAERLOGA - Liar/Enemy 7" $6.00

Now only $3. Heavy, hard hitting, and intense, Absinthe was a powerful head banging burst of angry hardcore. Featuring members of Bury Me Standing and Groundwork. This 10" has been sold out for some time now, but has finally been repressed. Comes on white vinyl. (King of The Monsters #1)

King Of The Monsters proudly presents The Silver Head, the latest solo offering from visual artist Reuben Sawyer, under the guise of Blood Bright Star. This record stands alone as Sawyers most cathartic and personal work to date, conceived through a period of dreams, revelations and heightened trance states. As abstract force is transmuted into concrete vision, the subconscious shadow illuminates itself and guides its star through the body of the infinite, carving a path for those who seek therein. The Silver Head is a voice deeply rooted in Qabalistic lore and alchemical symbolism, cryptically hypnotic yet rhythmically accessible. Lending its influence from deathrock and krautrock tendencies, Blood Bright Star blends together a seamless representation of the forces present and reinstates them into what he calls "Death Motorik". Previous Blood Bright Star recordings have appeared on Ivory Antler Records, Antithetic Records, and Anti-Matter Records. Reuben also plays in Hollow Sunshine and Dry Insides. (King of the Monsters Records #43)

Originally released in 2006 on Eternal Warfar e Records, Boreal's "The Battle of VOSAD" has been completely rerecorded and re-imagined for the new decade, as a higher-fidelity, conscious-expanding immersive album of hallucinatory raw cosmic black metal. On 180 gram red vinyl in a limitation of 300 copies. (King of The Monsters Records #61)

Taking cues from late 70's/early 80's synthpunk pioneers as the Screamers, Nervous Gender, and The Units, this Arizona based electronic duo rely on just keyboards, drum machines and vocals to create their lo-fi new wave punk sound. Nine tracks that are sure to appeal to fans of the current rebirth of keyboards in punk. Features members of Rip Off Records' bands The Wongs and The Reatards and have already toured part of the US with Empty Records' The Lost Sounds and plan on doing a west coast and full US tour on their own later this year. Vinyl Version limited to 550 copies. (King Of The Monsters #23)

ENEWETAK - Easy Rider Sessions Vol. 3 7"
Recorded October 31, 2003 and originally slated for release on Crawlspace Records, this three song single finally sees the light of day. For fans of Unruh, Gehenna, Suicide Nation, Catharsis. (King of The Monsters Records #36.5)

Thick, punishing, bone-rattling death metal like the legendary bands of the late 80's into the mid-90's played it. Certainly reverent, but not without their own identity, GATECREEPER, who formed in Arizona in 2013, pay appropriately violent homage to their forebears, while ringing in a new era of misery. The bitterness and groove of the four tracks here will drag you through the dust of their sweltering desert home, and call upon the vast expanse of darkness above and below to quench your thirst. The resulting assault is a riff-heavy ode to times past, and a glimpse of our bleak future, captured on wax. Mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege, and pressed at 45rpm. For fans of: Entombed, Bolt Thrower, & Dismember. White vinyl while supplies last. (King of The Monsters #52)

GREY C.E.L.L. - s/t LP
10 new trenchant tracks of OSR hardcore punk from Philadelphia, combining the grit and urgency of pre-brunchification Lower East Side hardcore with the BPM of Jersey political punk and imbued with rustbelt pragmatism and gloom. Intentionally introspective and thoughtful lyrics growled over a reinterpretation of classic hc themes. Recorded, mixed and zhuzhed by John Baizley of Baroness to produce a thoroughly Philadelphia vibe, with members of Citizens Arrest, Nema, Monster X, Hell No, and The Scarlet Letter. Perfectly partnered with King of the Monsters, forged over decades of friendship. In terms of their sound...finds the band weaving together discordant hardcore in the vein of Mohinder, Honeywell, and Union of Uranus. (King Of The Monsters Records #60)

HORDES - Abargnosis 7"
Touted as one of the "Must Hear Bands of 2011!" by Toxic Funhouse and receiving rave reviews on Cvlt Nation and American Aftermath websites, "Abargnosis" is finally unleased onto the world. Hordes vinyl debut features ten tracks of bludgeoning and merciless hardcore. The new breed of power violence is upon us. Limited to 330 copies on black vinyl. (King of The Monsters #32)

ROYAL MONSTERS - Blackwater 7"
Follow up to their single on New Age Records. Featuring ex-members of Where Eagles Dare, Landmine Marathon, George Moshington and Get Destroyed, Royal Monsters deliver four tracks that infuse punk with hardcore, metal and thrash, creating a desperate, dark and furious sound. Features guest vocals by Sean Bonnette from Andrew Jackson Jihad. Limited to 330 copies. (King Of The Monsters #29)

TRI-CITY THUNDERCATS - The Early Recordings CD
Now available on both LP and CD. With an ex-Wipers bassist, and the drummer from Love As Laughter, the Tri-City Thundercats play something between the Gang of Four, early Wire, Yummy Fur and the Urinals. Living in three different cities (hence the "Tri-City") they continue to collaborate. Just getting off of a Japan tour of last summer, they are working on an LP of all new material to support in the USA and Japan for 2003. This CD collects both their sold out singles as well as some live material recorded in Japan. Vinyl version limited to 550 copies. (King of The Monsters #22)

UNRUH - Tomb LPx3 discography box set
Within the half decade of their existence, UNRUH churned out a respectable arsenal of recorded works, including several demos, two LPs through King Of The Monsters and Pessimiser, several split releases and EPs, notable compilation inclusions and more, all of which are now being collectively re-released in a 3-LP box set, Tomb. The massive package will include the Misery Strengthened Faith and Setting Fire To Sinking Ships LP's as well as an entire third platter of B-Sides, amassing the two demos, the band's splits with Enewetak and Creation Is Crucifixion, the Friendly Fire EP and their material from the Seven Deadly Sins and Cry Now, Cry Later compilations. LP1 = Misery Strengthened Faith LP. LP2 = Setting Fire To Sinking Ships LP. LP3 = Singles & EP's (collects 7"s, splits, demos and comp tracks) (King of The Monsters Records #50)

VENOWL - No Honour 7"
"Nightmarish, noise-inflicted doom from IL", with previous cassette only releases on Ivory Antler, Triangulum Ignis and A Terre Records, KOTM is proud to release their vinyl debut! This two song 7" features the track "No Honour" on one side and a reimagining of it by Iron Forest on the flipside. Limited to 220 copies on grey vinyl. (King of The Monsters Records #36)

WAERLOGA - Liar/Enemy 7"
Underneath a shroud of mystery and cryptic devilry, US anonymous horde Waerloga enigmatically discloses its debut release, a two-track tome of misanthropic melodic black metal with a genuinely enthralling gist for intricate songwriting and fiery momentum. Through a sound and vision shaped under the spirit of the old North European tradition, Waerloga succeed in conveying an aural pallet rather uncommon these days, freezing cold melodicism with an aptly eerie otherworldly production and symphonic overtones that categorically provide this work with a special charm and charisma. Topped by sublime riffing, inhuman vocals and an incredibly tasteful rhythmic pulse, the US entity crafts little more than 10 minutes of genuinely mesmerizing audial emanations which shall engulf and overwhelm the listener as in a glacial winter storm. FFO early Gehenna (NOR), Emperor. (King of The Monsters Records #62)