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SPOTLIGHT: Hyperrealist

Hyperrealist put out some great releases over the years. The remaining releases are all that is left. Once this stuff is gone it is gone forever. Prices are incredibly low on most of these items.

HYPERREALIST RECORDS (everything going out of print)
BLACK MERINOS - 7" (ex-In/Humanity) $0.25
BLACK TUSK - The Fallen Kingdom LP $8.50
BLACK TUSK/ASG - split CD $5.50
BLACK TUSK/DEAD YET? - split 7" $3.50
CHRONICLE A/D - Enough Rats... 7" $0.50 (52 copies left)
DEAD HATE THE LIVING - Shock And Awe CD $1.00
DEAD HATE THE LIVING - Shock And Awe LP $1.00
GET RAD - I Can Always Live CD $2.00
GET RAD - I Can Always Live LP (gatefold) $3.00 (32 copies left)
GET RAD - Say Fuck No To Rules, Man CD $2.00
GET RAD - Say Fuck No To Rules, Man LP $3.00 (20 copies left)
LORDS/IN TONGUES - split 7" $2.50 (28 copies left)
MEMENTO MORI - discography CD $1.00
NEWGENICS - Eraser/Szymbionista 7" $0.50 (35 copies left)

Recorded in 1997 and originally slated for release in 1998 on the Passive Fist label, this recording finally sees the light of day. Black Merinos are a side project from many members of In/Humanity. Their sound is heavy, resonating, and full of droning hardcore. This powerfully noise 7" deals with the personal and political issues. A one time only release, this 7"s will never be pressed again. (Hyperrealist #0)

Savannah, GA's BLACK TUSK and Wilmington, NC's ASG (Amplification of Self Gratification. Volcom Records) team up for "Low Country", a split EP of southern sludge power. Four tracks from surfer / stoner groove metal heavyweights ASG and three from swamp metallers Black Tusk, all more raw than their previous recordings. Produced by Phillip Cope (Kylesa) and beautiful cover art from John Baizley (Baroness). Look for both bands in the upcoming "Slow Southern Steel" documentary and also on the road - ASG with Fu Manchu and Black tusk with Black Cobra - in the fall. 10" vinyl format to be released soon. (Hyperrealist Records #23)

Combining sludgy stoner riffs with punk rhythms and elements of thrash, Black Tusk creates what Spin.com calls "a frightening blast of hellfire" and a style of music that defies categorization. It simply demands your attention. Dead Yet? brings you fast, aggressive punk rock that makes you to raise your fist in the air and sing along. (Hyperrealist Records #28)

BLACK TUSK - The Fallen Kingdom LP
Savannah, GA-based label Hyperrealist Records have teamed up with longtime allies Black Tusk to reissue the trio's out-of-print release "The Fallen Kingdom." The record first saw the light of day in 2007, and served as the catalyst for what would come to be known as "swamp metal" - the tag Black Tusk have coined for the high-intensity metal attack, sludgy stomp, punk rock fury, and down'n'dirty rock'n'roll swagger that make up their signature sound. The first pressing will be limited to 1000, with 500 copies on Yellow and 500 on Black. 'The Fallen Kingdom' was recorded and mixed at the fabulous Jam Room Studio in Columbia, SC, and marks the first time Black Tusk worked in the studio with producer Phillip Cope. This is the first time these 8 songs have been released on vinyl, and the record also features original artwork by John Dyer Baizley. (Hyperrealist Records #25)

The Bricks are total old school hardcore - fast, loud and angry. Brings to mind many of the East Coast bands of the early '80s, but with a fresh new approach. While the bands share two members, Two Days of Freedom have a much darker sound. Sadness transformed into an energetic musical outburst. An uplifting six minute escape from your day to day misery. Four tracks from The Bricks, three from Two Days of Freedom. Both sides produced by Phillip Cope of Kylesa. (Hyperrealist #2)

CHRONICLE A/D - Enough Rats In The Wall... 7"
This three piece features members and ex-members of Antischism, Initial State and Karst playing a powerful mix of dark, brooding hardcore and classic peace punk with dual vocals and definite political overtones. An excellent debut release. (Hyperrealist Records #8)

This deadly and experimental split 5-song CD is a train wreck of unusual, uncharted territory in hardcore. Florida's Cream Abdul Babar offer up a dose of complex, tempo-shifting abrasiveness produced by Billy Anderson (Jawbreaker, Neurosis, etc) on one track, and a mess of noise/rhythms on another. Seattle's Teen Cthulhu dish out the unrelenting, bone-chilling keyboard-driven black/death/punk that they are known for across 3 mind-numbing tracks. (Hyperrealist #4)

Now available on LP!! The debut full length and awesome followup to their "Take that, world!" 7" ep on Limbless Records. Female/male/male vocalled speedpicking all out thrash attack. 12 new songs that sound like they could have been released in the '80s if not for their modern approach to a classic sound. A fast, heavy and aggressive hardcore record that doesn't lose sight of melody. (Hyperrealist #7)

GET RAD - I Can Always Live LP/CD
Second full length from Milwaukee's Get Rad (members of Since By Man, Kung fu rick). Get rad bring the fun back into hardcore, a genre long dominated by tough guy posturing. LP is packaged in a gatefold jacket and includes mp3 download of the album. (Hyperrealist Records #23.5)

GET RAD - Say Fuck No To Rules, Man LP/CD
GET RAD from Milwaukee, WI (members of SEVEN DAYS OF SAMSARA, SINCE BY MAN, HIGH ON CRIME, KUNG FU RICK and TEXTBOOK TRAITORS) make their debut with a full length LP/CD. 21 songs of '80s inspired hardcore dealing with such important issues as BMX bikes, water parks, puppies, unity and how rad your friends are. A ridiculously positive record and the perfect soundtrack for the one man bedroom mosh pit. Get this now while the weather is still warm! For fans of MINOR THREAT, STRIKE ANYWHERE, NINE SHOCKS TERROR and the like. (Hyperrealist Records #14)

Split EP from two stellar Louisville, KY bands. Lords (Jade Tree Records) contribute one new song of their angry, loud and gritty rock as well as a blazing cover of Suicidal Tendencies' "You Can't Bring Me Down" for good measure. IN TONGUES (ex-members of Kodan Armada) balance out the split with two tracks of heartfelt and mature post hardcore falling somewhere between Majority Rule and At The Drive In. Intricate songwriting and a powerful performance. (Hyperrealist #12)

MEMENTO MORI - discography CD
Ex-members of Cobra Kai, Sutek Conspiracy and Scrotum Grinder. Metal tinged hardcore with the most scathing female vocals on the planet. Brutal. This CD has the songs from the 12", split 7" with Kylesa and four unreleased songs. Twelve tracks in total. Awesome band. (Hyperrealist #5)

NEWGENICS - Eraser/Szymbionista! 7"
Their second EP with two more songs taken from the same recording session as their debut EP on Level Plane Records. Two rocking punk tunes with influences from Devo to Gang of Four. Features ex-members of Guyana Punch Line and Marion, but this time with vocalist Chris Bickel delivering less venom and bile and more attitude and style. Released as a cooperative release with three other independent labels (Stereonucleosis, Shock Value and Dangerously Small. Each with a different cover, the Hyperrealist version of this 7" is limited to 300 copies. (Hyperrealist Records #9)