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1332 - Skinless 7"
ANTISCHISM - Antischism 2xLP
ANTISCHISM - Antischism CD
ARTIMUS PYLE - Cold Cold Earth 7"
ARTIMUS PYLE - Fortress 7"
ARTIMUS PYLE - Fucked From Birth LP
ARTIMUS PYLE - Fucked From Birth CD
AVSKUM - In The Spirit Of Massdestruction LP
AVSKUM - In The Spirit Of Massdestruction CD
AVSKUM - Punkista! LP
AVSKUM - Punkista! CD
BORN AGAINST - Battle Hymns of the Race War LP
BORN AGAINST - Nine Patriotic Hymns For Children LP
BORN AGAINST - The Rebel Sound of Shit and Failure LP
BORN/DEAD - Our Darkest Fears Now Haunt Us LP
BORN/DEAD - Our Darkest Fears Now Haunt Us CD
BORN/DEAD - Repetition/Fear 7"
BORN/DEAD - Endless War: Repitition CD
BURST - Conquest: Writhe CD
BURY THE LIVING- All The News That's Fit to Scream LP
BURY THE LIVING- All The News That's Fit to Scream CD
CROW - Neurotic Organization 7"
CROW - Bloody Tear LP
DAMAD - Burning Cold LP
DAMAD - Burning Cold CD
DAMAD - Rise And Fall LP
DAMAD - Rise And Fall CD
DEATHREAT - Runs Dry 7"
GAUZE - 7"
GRIMPLE - Phil 7"
GRIMPLE - Up Your Ass LP
GRIMPLE - Up Your Ass CD
GUYANA PUNCH LINE - Irritainment :Songs To Disturb The Comfortable... CD
GUYANA PUNCH LINE - Irritainment :Songs To Disturb The Comfortable... LP
GUYANA PUNCH LINE - Maximum Smashism LP
GUYANA PUNCH LINE - Maximum Smashism CD
HAIL MARY - Glorious Morning 7"
HEALTH HAZARD/SUFFER - Discography 93-96 CD
HIS HERO IS GONE - 15 Counts of Arson LP
HIS HERO IS GONE - 15 Counts of Arson CD
HIS HERO IS GONE - Monuments To Thieves
HIS HERO IS GONE - Monuments To Thieves CD
HIS HERO IS GONE - The Dead of Night In Eight Movements 7"
IN/HUMANITY - Violent Resignation... CD
KYLESA 110 - Heat Index/No Ending
KYLESA 110 - Heat Index/No Ending
KYLESA - Kylesa LP
KYLESA - Kylesa CD
N.O.T.A. - Live At the Crystal Pistol LP
N.O.T.A. - Live At the Crystal Pistol CD
PAINTBOX - Cry Of The Sheeps 7"
PESD - Politikarepoizonekurvae LP
SCROTUM GRINDER - The Greatest Sonic Abomination Ever LP
SCROTUM GRINDER - The Greatest Sonic Abomination Ever CD
SIGNAL LOST - Children Of The Wasteland LP
SIGNAL LOST - Children Of The Wasteland CD
SIGNAL LOST -You'll Never Get Us Down Again 7" EP
SMASH YOUR FACE - Light Times, Loose Times 7"
SVART SNO - Smock'n'Roll LP
TOTALITAR - Klas Inte Ras 7"
TOTALITAR - Ni Maste Bort! LP
TOTALITAR - Ni Maste Bort! CD
TOTALITAR - Sin Egen Motstandare LP
TOTALITAR - Sin Egen Motstandare CD
UUTUUS - Everything's Shit 7"
WORD SALAD - Death March 2000 LP
WORD SALAD - Death March 2000 CD
WORD SALAD - Electric Funeral 7"
WORD SALAD - Specimen 7"
WORLD BURNS TO DEATH - Human Meat Tossed To the Dogs of War 7"
WORLD BURNS TO DEATH - The Art Of Self Destruction 7"

Release Discriptions:

ANTISCHISM - self titled 2xLP/CD
South Carolina's Antischism remain legend among the peace-punk community for raising the voice of resistance, defiance and hope in the dark years of American hardcore music of the early 1990s. Innovative hardcore with blasting male and female vocal tradeoffs, offbeat guitar attack, and throttling drum beats charged with powerful lyrics. "Antischism" is a singles collection including tracks from the rare "All Their Money Stinks Of Death" 7", "End Of Time" 7" EP, their side of the split "Thinning The Herd" LP with Subvert, and various other outtakes and compilation tracks. A complement to their classic "Still Life" LP, the CD is similar to an ultra limited and long out of print version produced by Clearview Records in the mid-1990s, but is now enhanced with new mastering, and layout with all the lyrics presented. The booklet folds out into a mini poster with foil stamped exterior. The double LP version comes housed in an embossed sleeve with a 34" x 24" two color poster/lyric sheet. The art has been culled from their original releases and assembled at Stealworks by John Yates who designed many of the bands original releases. Members of Antischism went on to play in Initial State, Damad, .Fucking Com, Guyana Punch Line and Karst and remain a force in today's hardcore scene in Chronicle A.D. and Thank God. (Prank 047)

A combination of empowering lyrics of political resistance and blinding thrash driven by furious drumming, moody offbeat guitar playing and scathing trade off of male and female vocals, South Carolina's Antischism, along with bands like Nausea, Doom, Subvert, Desecration soundtracked the anarcho-punk revolution of the early '90s. The band's only proper LP, originally released on Allied Recordings, features some of their most classic tracks (like "Take Your City Back," "Alien Race," and "Greedy Bastards" ) recorded by Warton Tiers in 1991. This re-issue has been re-mastered and re-released it in its original packaging designed by John Yates. (Prank 034)

ARTIMUS PYLE - Civil Dead 12" EP/CD
Artimus Pyle formed from the ashes of San Francisco's punk rock maniacs Fuckface-taking their former band's manic rage and hyperactive thrash down a darker, heavier path. Slowed into heavily downtuned, sludgey dirges, Artimus Pyle's music spontaneously explodes and implodes into spastic fits of hardcore fury and percussive bombardment. Recorded at Polymorph Studios by Dan Rathbun, "Civil Dead" is one very, very loud record and meant to be played that way. The CD combines the 8 Track 12" with the "Cold Cold Earth" EP for a total of 13 songs. (Prank 035) (CD UPC CODE # 680359003527)

ARTIMUS PYLE - Cold Cold Earth 7" EP
Five more songs of pulverizing destruction from Artimus Pyle, mixing spastic thrash fits with ultra low-end tonnage, chaotic drum attack and howled dark lyrics. "Everest!," "Triumph," "Tragedy," "The System," and "John Stuart The Final Chapter" with lyrics by one San Francisco's 10,000 + homeless. Recorded by Dan Rathburn at Polymorph Studios in Oakland. (Prank 043)

ARTIMUS PYLE - Fortress 7" EP
A thundering cauldron of slamming metallic riffs, torrents of speedy drums blasts and howling vocals, the third seven-inch EP by the Bay Area's Artimus Pyle features five new tracks of pulverizing intensity. This release marks the debut of their new drummer, Jensen (who previously was in Vae Victus, Redrum, and host of other Reno hardcore bands including his current membership in Iron Lung). His vocals add an intense Crossed Out style downbeat influence. Artimus Pyle recorded this EP with Noah Landis of Neurosis at San Francisco's Mr. Toads studio in the winter of 2001. (Prank 055)

ARTIMUS PYLE - Fucked From Birth LP/CD
Unrelenting powerhouse of screamed vocals, pulse pounding drumming, and low end guitar fury, this, the first proper full length for Artimus Pyle, refines all their previous output to precision lethal destructiveness. Recorded by Dan Rathbun at Polymorph Studios, "Fucked From Birth" is as it suggests: an anguished, brooding powerhouse hardcore record, cut of the dark Prank mold but with Artimus Pyle's unique and typical twists. Streamlining the manic attack of their earlier records, this follows the "Fortress" EP by the same new line up (with members of What Happens Next?, Iron Lung, Vae Victus, Fuckface and more), faster and more thrashy, briefly lurching slow bits before launching back to full throttle. (Prank 069)

Manic Tokyo thrash-lunging straight to the jugular with vicious speed, a thrashing drum attack, insane guitar solos and coarse vocals. Classic Japanese styled hardcore. Classic Assfort tracks re-recorded in America in 1995 on their first trip to the US by Noah Landis of Neurosis. (Prank 03)

AVSKUM - Punkista LP/CD
Charged and furious, classic Swedish Punk carved out of d-beat and Discharge, blasting with hoarse vocals and a wall of guitars. This is the third LP by Swedish legend's Avskum, who have existed on and off the Swedish hardcore punk scene since the early 1980s. This LP is marked with unique twists and turns that challenge and defy the formula while satisfying both fans of the bands old dirgy style "Ingen Manniska Ar Illegal" and full on Discharge style attack "Children Of War". Vital and powerful, "Punkista" was recorded at Sunlight Studios (Entombed) in 2002. (Prank 064) (CD UPC CODE #680359006429)

AVSKUM - In The Spirit Of Mass Destruction LP/CD
Storming juggernaut of thundering drums, a sonic wall of guitar and throaty vocal roar. This second LP since reforming in the mid 1990s, by Swedish hardcore legends Avskum takes as many clues from their old Discharge-driven sound as Motorhead and Poison Idea in commanding riff-driven melody. Detonating tough old-style 1980s hardcore with crunching breaks, boisterous sing-a-long, quick solo guitar blasts topped with husky vocal shouts. Sung in English, and occasionally awkward in translation, the meaning of Avskum's songs is never lost with feelings and expression of anger, rebellion, struggle and hope. Recorded by Mieszko Talarczyk at Soundlab studios. (Prank 038) (CD UPC CODE #680359003824)

BORN AGAINST - Battle Hymns Of The Race War LP
Originally released in 1993 by Vermiform Records as Born Against's abbreviated second LP on 10", Prank Records'extreme disdain of the 10" format dictates that this record be re-mastered and released as a 45 RPM 12". Bouncing from strongly written condemnation of the death penalty ("Murder The Sons Of Bitches") to the classic anti-right wing radio pundit ("Set Your A.M. Dial for White Empowerment") to the über-ridiculous punk scene war piss-take ("Born Against Are Fucking Dead") and special talk show host guest appearances, "Battle Hymns Of The Race War" is another explosive dose of furious punk rock, with wailing guitars, screamed vocals and drum pounding. However, "Battle Hymns..." begins to peer far beyond the confines of a "hardcore" band musically, exploring tangents and threads that would eventually land the band members in bands as diverse as Men's Recovery Project, Young Pioneers and Universal Order Of Armageddon. There have been minor changes to the artwork to accommodate the changes from the 10" to a 12". (Prank 059)

BORN AGAINST - Nine Patriotic Hymns For Children LP
"Nine Patriotic Hymns For Children" is the classic first LP by New York's Born Against, originally released by Vermiform records in 1991. Taking influence from direct political hardcore bands of the 1980s like Reagan Youth, Articles Of Faith, Dead Kennedys and others, Born Against successfully transposed the political ideas/vision/anger that made 1980s hardcore vital onto the remarkably blah early 1990s. In doing so, Born Against created something that still resounds with the current blah reign of George Bush Jr. The Born Against sound is a powerhouse of screamed vocals, riffs steeped in New York hardcore, a smidgen of Black Flag sludge, and a snappy drum pound. This is by no means generic hardcore, creatively fueled and with sarcastic wit and great lyrics. This release is true to the original Vermiform version with minimal packaging changes. ( Prank 058)

BORN AGAINST - Rebel Sound Of Shit And Failure LP
"The Rebel Sound Of Shit And Failure" is a nineteen-song posthumous release of all of Born Against's remaining and out-of-print obscure seven-inch, split eight-inch, and compilation tracks with extensive liner notes and lyrics. Culled from various line-ups of the band, "The Rebel Sound..." includes material ranging from the early years of heavily Life's Blood-style New York hardcore sludginess, to the band's final release marked with experimentation, from the classic "Bit Part in a Bad Movie" to the Jeffersons' theme song! Remastered from the Vermiform version with slight changes. (Prank 060)

BORN/DEAD - Our Darkest Fears Now Haunt Us LP/CD
Born/Dead delivers charged political hardcore shrouded in the brooding style of East Bay hardcore, carrying forth the lineage of bands like Christ On Parade, "Pain Of Mind"-era Neurosis, Econochrist, Talk Is Poison, etc. A straight-forward yet inventive attack, devastatingly caustic vocal trade-offs, intricate bass lines and dark riffs at peak drum speed topped with dark political lyrics-dire music for dire times. This is the debut 12" and CD for Oakland's Born/Dead, who have gigged mercilessly in the San Francisco Bay Area for the past few years, and have gained a dedicated following from their self-released debut 7", which sold out in record time. The CD includes their debut EP tracks, and the 12" version comes housed in a large Crass/Aus Rotten/Spiderleg Records-style fold-out poster. (Prank 070)

BORN/DEAD - Reptition/Fear 7"
Oakland, California's BORN/DEAD charge forth with two blasting tracks -The A- Side is the chanting and unique "Repetition", which has been a focal point of their recent live sets, with a classic UK peace punk feel. The flip "Fear" is back to form with a full tilt hardcore charge of raw and political punk rock. Recorded By Greg Wilkinson (Brainoil), and mastered by John Golden. (Prank 074)

BORN/DEAD - Endless War: Repetition CD
Searing guitars, throttling drums, Dual vocal shouts with tough Anarcho-punk Lyrics, "Endless War: Repetition" features 11 re-mastered Tracks from Oakland, California's Born/Dead's European only split LP with Seattle's Consume, an Ultra-limited 2005 tour-only 12" and the recent "Repetition/Fear" EP on one CD, Plus three live mpeg videos filmed at legendary Punk venues Gilman Street and Burnt Ramen and a 12-page booklet of lyrics and photos. These tracks are some of the band's burliest of their Oakland-meets -Ausrotten style punk charge, including a Necors cover, and have been the core of the band's live set for the past two years . ( prank 084)

BURST - Conquest: Writhe CD
Burst commands a new school inspired intensity (ala Refused or maybe hints of a more melodic Coalesce) with deft jumps between straight-ahead fast hardcore and melodic guitar driven melodies like So Much Hate Or Life....But How To Live It? The ten songs here are not easily contained by labels or comparisons to other bands, as they are charged with a multitude of influences from metallic downbeats, thrash, melodic hardcore, new and old metal. The final track is a remix by Merzbow even! Burst is powered by a dead-on rhythm section, a scathing vocalist, and some over-the-top guitarists flinging out quick solos and monster riffs while overlaying the entire procession with somber melody. The vinyl was released by Sweden's mighty Putrid Filth Conspiracy label, this is "Conquest: Writhe" first issue on CD and first release in the US, followed by an LP on Relapse records. Mastered at Fantasy Studios in Berkeley. (Prank 045) (CD UPC CODE #680359004524)

BURY THE LIVING - All The News That's Fit To Scream-LP/CD
Tough bare knuckle hardcore with tough intent, charging guitars lead speeding Blast Beats to heavy SXE-styled breakdowns and choruses while hoarse shouting vocals resonate full bore, double barrel, no holds barred political Lyrics. Straight forward in overall attack, Memphis, Tennessee's Bury The Living's second full Length LP 's 21 tracks are filled with enough dark twists , Experimentation and pulling from diverse influences within the Hardcore formula-from blast beat Mid '90's hardcore to SXE hardcore to late '80's experimentation with rock formulas within the hardcore format to fit well as their Prank Debut. Bury The Living have released Multiple 7"'s EPs as well as previous LP on Memphis' Soul is Cheap label in the last seven years. Drummer Ceylon has been a Memphis punk Scene fixture since the mid-1980's in Better Youth Organization recording artist's Pezz and a long with BTL vocalist PAT was in FMD, one of the many great no nonsense HC bands to emerge from Memphis. " All The News That's Fit To Scream" is an old school '80's 'Reagan-Era' hardcore pairing of urgent lyrics with urgent music, but not miring in nostalgia but updating for even darker times. (prank 076)

Tough politics, urgent hardcore from Melbourne, Australia's Civil Dissident who existed from 1980-1986. This collection reprises the best of their classic thrash with melody, a bit of humor and still-relevant politics. File in between your Minor Threat, Offenders, BGK and N.O.T.A. records. (Prank 08)

CROW - Neurotic Organization 7" EP
Dark and bleak hardcore cornered in metallic rock, but thundering with determined intent. Fueled by the upbeat energy of Japanese hardcore, but drawing longer mid tempo compositions of shouted despair, pounded drum beats and screaming guitars influenced by UK bands such as Antisect and Amebix, the EP includes a rollicking cover of Amebix's "No Sanctuary." Crow has been on and off the hardcore scene for almost two decades, with numerous releases in Japan. This marks their first US release, with cover art and design by Carl Auge of His Hero Is Gone. (Prank 037)

CROW - Bloody Tear LP
Bombastic Crust-metal from Tokyo, an ultra brutal lightning attack of searing riffs, wild solos, screaming vocals and crushing Rhythm Section. Bleak intent and searing metallic mayhem, CROW have dotted the landscape of Japanese hardcore punk since it's inception and just seem to get more devastating with age!! This is their First full length / second LP since the 1980's with 9 Tracks. Some of the songs are intense re-recorded versions of some of their Classic tracks (Including their Signature track "Give Up All Hope" that has been covered by numerous bands including the UK"s legendary Doom) as well as new recordings of songs from their recent ultra-limited Japanese releases. This is the official vinyl release of this LP, which was released as a CD-Only on the Mangrove label in Japan. The LP sequence has slight variations in both track listing and mixes. CROW have toured the West Coast twice, releasing the well received 7" " Neurotic Organization" and split EP with Artimus Pyle previously on Prank. The first press of this LP version comes with a gigantic Poster insert. ( Prank 080)

DAMAD - Burning Cold LP/CD
Resonating pulse of metallic fury meshed in hypnotic rhythms. A thundering destructo-core hybrid of rock, metal, and punk with serious tonnage riffs, whirling noise, grim-to-grimmer samples all caked over with harsh screeched, howled, growled and cackled vocals. Second full length LP from Savannah, Georgia's Damad. A sound decidedly darker, with intricate guitar work that scavenges elements of Sabbath, death metal, southern rock, and crust. Lyrically, Damad remains a beacon of hope, grounded in concerns for the environment, the paths one walks through life, balance with nature and more. Eight songs recorded at the Jam Room with Billy Anderson (Melvins, Jawbreaker,Sick Of It All, etc.) with cover artwork by Pushead (Misfits, FU's, Metallica, Septic Death). (Prank 030)

DAMAD - Rise And Fall LP/CD
Moody, intense, swaggering hardcore-churning, dynamic, lumbering metallic crunch, shifting gears between grinding dirge and a pounding hardcore punk assault. A hybrid trespassing between the boundaries of punk, metal and rock, yet lyrically remaining punk-rock and inspirational. Nine-song debut. Members currently play in Chronicle A.D., Karst, and Kylesa. (Prank 011) (CD UPC CODE #680359001127)

Tense explosions of abrasive energy ignited by rage-spewing, scathing vocals combine to create dark and moody hardcore from Emeryville, CA. While being rooted in '80s hardcore thrash, Dead And Gone mix in a gloomy and experimental edge, creating an unique and volatile mix. Eight-song 12"/fourteen-song CD (including their debut 7", demo and compilation tracks). Their first record, before the incredible later LPs on Alternative Tentacles and GSL. The 12" press currently on limited green vinyl (500 made). Members currently play in Year Future, Look Back & Laugh and were in Creeps On Candy, Talk Is Poison. (Prank 01) (CD UPC CODE #680359000120)

DEATHREAT - Deathreat 7" EP
Tough, bare-bones hardcore punk from Memphis, TN, with even tougher intent. Charged and angry blasts of terse shouts, clean and jumpy guitars, pounding drums and loads of energy, "recorded live in one take." Influenced by bands like SS Decontrol, Citizen's Arrest, Youth Of Today-there's a lyric sheet there for a reason. 8-song debut. (Prank 015)

DESOLATION - self-titled LP/CD
Violent distortion! Breakneck speed Hardcore singed with Metallic bite and raw thrash overdrive, Detonated by harsh barking vocals casting somber imagery. The Debut LP/CD from San Franciso's DESOLATION combines influences from the Moody Dark Edge of Crust like Nausea and Amebix with the sweeping anthems and melody of classic Japanese Hardcore and delivers it with the speed and ferocity of the band members other units Born/dead, Strung Up and Scurvy Dogs LP/CD comes packaged in a deluxe foil stamped sleeve designed by Pushead, with artwork by Japanese Artist Sugi, who has penned covers for many classic Japanese hardcore bands covers (Warhead Insane Youth, Deathside). Interior art by Jeremy "Hush" Clark (Known best for his headers on Slug and Lettuce Fanzine and recent artwork for Kylesa and Iron Lung). Recorded by Dan Rathbun at Polymorph Studios in Oakland and Mastered by John Golden (prank 075)

Stampeding hardcore charge-waltzing back and forth between stripped-down, straight-ahead thrashing to pensive mid-tempo breaks and edges sheened with melody and discordance. Five tracks that echo Vocalist Lyz and guitarist Kevin's time in Antischism and Initial State before this short-lived side project. (Prank 022)

Combining two of the longest running and best-loved hardcore bands on the planet. Rhode Island's Drop Dead have flown the flag of extreme political thrash since the early nineties with multiple tours crisscrossing Australia, Japan, Europe and the States, with numerous 7"s, 12"s, 5"s, and even an 11" to their credit. A whopping six tracks slapped onto a 7" side, representing some of their most savage material since their 1991 debut EP. Sweden's Totalitär dates back to the "silver age" of Swedish hardcore in the mid to late 1980s, delivering pounding, classic hardcore punk cast out of the Discharge mold. Always topically astute, Totalitär have been even more productive in the last decade, with two LPs, two split LPs and a heap of seven inches to their credit, casting their appeal way beyond a "cult band." Their three tracks are from their latest session (some of which are out now as a 7" on Really Fast records in Sweden). The songs have a looser and more garage feel, but steamroll within their classic explosive formula. (Prank 046)

GAUZE - Low Charge 7" EP
Devastating speed fueled by over-the-top energy. All adjectives fall short of describing Tokyo legends Gauze. They have played some of the fastest and most intense music in the world for over twenty years. This six-song EP features five classic songs plus one new track. (Prank 09)

GRIMPLE - Phil 7" EP
This is a reissue of Oakland, CA's (via New Mexico) Grimple's debut 7", "Get Me Out Of The Van, I Have No Key Phil" from 1993. This 4-song EP was originally issued in a limited quantity of 1,000 on Homemade records, quickly went out of print, and became sought after by collectors paying sky high prices. Classic tracks of a deft fusion between abrasive hardcore punk and the (then-emerging) East Bay pop-punk sound. Re-mastered and repressed in all it's gnarly cut'n'paste gluestick glory. (Prank 057)

Since its release in 1993, Oakland, CA's (via New Mexico) Grimple have remained legends for delivering perhaps the best fusion of melodic punk and caustic thrash ever. Bouncing between catchy upbeat sing-a-long and over-caffienated hyper thrash, their debut LP was an instant classic of New Mexico hardcore (Logical Nonsense, Word Salad) fused with East Bay melody (Operation Ivy, Crimpshrine) and in line with Filth-style punk ethos. (Hey, the album is called "Up Your Ass!" out punk that!) Bounced around several labels since it's release with big gaps in availability, the Grimple catalog has found a home at Prank (with the split LP with Logical Nonsense to follow next year). Prank's head chief and honcho even penned the LP cover in 1992! The LP is cut from the original plates, and the re-mastered CD version includes their debut 7" and demo tracks! (Prank 056)

The third, darkest and possibly most extreme record by South Carolina's Guyana Punch Line yet. From where the psychotic frenzy of their sophomore release "Irritainment..." left off, this is much more straight to the jugular, blown out torrential waves of demented thrash blistered with caustic screaming vocals, manic drumming, ripping bass lines and some deep low end moody guitar work harkening back to the guitarist's Kevin's time in Initial State. A much more political record than their previous outings, while still maintaining their trademark sense of humor and freaky wit, all detailed in the requisite lengthy booklet. Vocalist Chris was one of the masterminds behind In/Humanity, while guitarist Kevin was in Antischism and Initial State. Guyana Punch Line has always combined elements of those genre-defining bands, but this finds them deep in cutting their own swath in extreme hardcore punk as they continue to experiment, mutate, and evolve. (Prank 066)

GUYANA PUNCH LINE - Irritainment: Songs To The Disturb The Comfortable. Songs To Comfort The Disturbed. LP/CD
Hardcore punk explosion, thirteen songs hurling fragments of melody and bombardments of lyrical attack. This is the second album from Columbia, South Carolina's Guyana Punch Line and a continuation of their quixotic quest to kick life into counter-culture thinking while trying not to laugh too hard. More to the point brutal than their debut "Maximum Smashism," the music of "Irritainment..." cues from Initial State and In/Humanity (where some members previously served time) blending moody, dark, brooding hardcore with abrasive thundering manic thrash, drifting further and further into the deep-end-with bent and destructive guitar riffs combined with a fierce, solid rhythm section back up. Lyrically taking influence from Dead Kennedys and The Feederz school of mind-bending concepts and humor fired at rapid pace, Y2K = Year Zero! Plenty of time to smash it all down and start all over again. The record comes equipped with an extensive instruction booklet. (Prank 041) (CD UPC CODE #680359004128)

Anthemic terror, swathed in feedback and noise and shining guitar wail. Bombarding crunch edged by spastic fits of thrash. Emo-violence is dead... long live Smashism!!! A barreling quick punk attack from former members of Antischism, In/Humanity and .Fuckingcom. Ten songs laced with dark humor & political impact recorded by Jay Matheson at The Jam Room. (Prank 033)

HAIL MARY - Glorious Morning 7" EP
Four tracks of point-blank hardcore charged with snarling vocals, searing guitar and bleak lyrics delivered with precision. Four-song debut single from this Albany, New York band-marked with heavy Born Against, B'last, Black Flag influences. Members played in Conniption, Eucharist, and Limp Wrist. (Prank 014)

HEALTH HAZARD/SUFFER - Discrography 1993-1996 CD
A volley of abrasive, thrashing, and overpowering blasts of hardcore fury. Health Hazard were a short lived English band with caustic female vocals, speeding thrash with hammering guitar and throttling drums. Their progeny, Suffer continued with a darker bent and complexity. 44 songs! (Prank 028)

HIS HERO IS GONE - The Dead Of Night In Eight Movements 7" EP
Memphis destructo-core. A burly snarl of tungsten-heaviness and bursts of harsh vocals casting an apocalyptic lyrical onslaught. A hybrid strain of power-violence intensity, schizoprenic thrashing and skull crushing brutality. Their debut, eight-songs. Members currently play in Dimlaia, Tragedy, I Love A Parade, Warcry, and were in Deathreat, Call The Police, Funeral, Copout. (Prank 05)

HIS HERO IS GONE - Fifteen Counts Of Arson LP/CD
Agitated immensity in explosive velocity. Volatile chunks of thrash fused with metallic influences in an expansively loud combination of distortion, feedback and noise. Destructo-core with everything amplified into the red to fuel powerful lyrics. Fifteen song debut LP. CD includes their debut 7" and an extra track. (Prank 013) (CD UPC CODE #680359001325)

HIS HERO IS GONE - Monuments To Thieves LP/CD
Immense, metallic, heaviness churned at hardcore velocity, His Hero Is Gone rip through fifteen songs on their second album. "Monuments To Thieves" displays a more melodic attack amongst the speeding combustion, but with no compromise in intensity. Fueled by powerful lyrics, dredging a bleak landscape for remnants of hope. "The real truth is told, & like weeds we will grow!" (Prank 016) (CD UPC CODE #680359001822)

IN/HUMANITY - Violent Resignation: The Great American Teenage Suicide Rebellion 1992-1996 CD
South Carolina's In/Humanity's were a unique combination of manic thrash, offbeat humor, screaming vocals, wild guitar parts and, at times, an unstoppably quick rhythm section. "Violent Resignation" compiles 42 tracks from their two LPs "The Nutty Antichrist" and "History Behind The Mystery," various seven inches, split singles, and compilations with an extensive booklet and liner notes. In the years since the band's demise, their "screamo" imitators are legion, but few compare to the insanity of the originators of "emo-violence!" Do it now! (Prank 036)

An evolution of the band Antischism, but far more moody and intense-Initial State combined tribal rhythms, corned by blasting thrash beats, and layered with guitar caked in feedback and noise to produce a inimitable hardcore explosion. Trade-offs of male and female vocals offering hope, scowling condemnation and pledging resistance with the political intent and weight of Antischism even further intensified. Re-mastered from its original 1994 release on Clearview Records. (Prank 025) (CD UPC CODE #680359002520)

KYLESA - self titled LP/CD
Devastatingly corrosive, erupting with somber, bone-chilling guitar work, pounding rock-driven drumming, and a fierce metallic attack with brutal vocals, Kylesa is a dynamic metal-punk hybrid driven directly and to the point by the musicians who previously made up Damad. Former Damad members now pick up vocal duties with the addition of second guitarist Laura. Kylesa echoes the zenith of Damad, but the music of Savannah, Georgia's Kylesa has its own feel and crushing attack. Kylesa (pronounced kai-less-uh) recorded this LP in two sessions at the Jam Room in Columbia, South Carolina. The eight songs are diverse, showcasing the intricate playing ability and rock affinity that was apparent in Damad, but they also deliver an intensely heavy pounding assault. Cover artwork is by Pushead, who has done artwork for Septic Death, Metallica, Ds-13, Damad among others. (Prank 050) (CD UPC CODE #680359005026)

KYLESA - No Ending/110 Heat Index EP/CDEP
Savannah, Georgia's Kylesa returns with two new tracks of head crushing metallic punk mayhem. After relentlessly touring the US in 2002, the band has been concentrating on new material since their 2001 debut LP (Prank 050), which was voted one of the "top Metal Albums of the year 2001" in the Washington Post and receiving rave reviews in press as diverse as the New York Times, Profane Existence, Digital Metal.com, Stonerrock.com, Terrorizer and Maximum RocknRoll. Two new songs "No Ending" and "100 Degree Heat Index" showcase Kylesa's genre defying scope-Metal? Punk? Crust? Rock?-yet undeniably unique and powerful. The CDep version features two additional tracks. A re-recording of the stomper "Delusion on Fire" from the now out of print "Super Sabado Gigante" compilation and a punishing cover of crust-punk legends Nausea's "Clutches." It also features video footage of the band performing live. Both formats come in a sleeve designed by and with all new artwork by Pushead (who's art has graced sleeves by bands as diverse as Metallica, Ds-13, Misfits, Prong, SS Decontrol and more). The 7" is foil stamped with colored vinyl. (Prank 065) (CD UPC CODE #680359006528)

N.O.T.A. - Live At The Crystal Pistol LP/CD
Blasts of melodic energy, swaggered with distortion and noise, thrashed out at top speed. An intense tremor of the hardcore punk explosion, crash landing into a Tulsa, Oklahoma Cowboy bar in 1983 on "Punk Night". No nonsense, straight-forward hardcore punk rock, soaked and steeped in enough rock and '77 catchy punk to surface hooks, choruses and melody amidst the blur. Recorded live in 1983, "Live At The Crystal Pistol" was originally released as None Of The Above's demo tape and predates all of their vinyl releases. The demo impressed Maximum RockNRoll enough to include the demo song "Propaganda Control" on their seminal international punk compilation "Welcome To 1984." N.O.T.A. released two 7"s "Moscow" (on Unclean Records) and "Toy Soldiers" (on Rabid Cat), and one self-titled LP (om Rabid Cat) in the 1980s. The 1990s saw a reunion of the band with new members and releases on Unclean and Havoc Records. "Live At The Crystal Pistol" includes five unreleased songs from 1983 and raw, energetic and unpolished versions of classic songs such as "Nightstick Justice," "Moscow," and "On The Pavement." The packaging is similarly raw, true to the demo and the time, with new liner notes from lead singer Jeff Klein. (Prank 042) (CD UPC CODE #680359004227)

PAINTBOX - Cry Of The Sheep 7" EP
Paintbox is one of the current batch of legendary Tokyo hardcore bands on the mighty HG Fact label, formed in the mid-1990s from the splintering of classic 1980s Japanese Hardcore band Deathside. Melodic intensity and remarkable musicianship that plays circles around what you think of as "thrash" and the unique upbeat power and high energy of Japanese hardcore punk; they're simply one of the best hardcore bands on the planet. The continuing legacy with Paintbox has been two full length CDs (and soon a third) and innumerable seven inches, flexis and CDeps in their native country, as well as a sold out limited vinyl edition of their first LP on Canada's Ugly Pop label. "Cry Of The Sheeps" was originally issued in Japan only as a CDep and the title track is a unique power anthem and the flipside "Big Ant" and "Betsu-Mirai (Alternative Future)" win the Prank Records hands down as two of the best fast hardcore songs in years. (Prank 071)

SCROTUM GRINDER - The Greatest Sonic Abomination Ever LP/CD
Unrelenting! Explosively powerful creative thrash marked with tough metallic breakdowns, floor-punching chunka-chunka, and raucous female vocals. Speeding hardcore filled with abrasive twists and turns, violent vocal trade-offs and dark and thoughtful lyrics. This debut album from Tampa, Florida's Scrotum Grinder follows two well-received singles on Florida's Burrito Records. Scrotum Grinder is composed of members of the bands Hankshaw (though they sound nothing alike), Failure Face, along with Steve Kosiba, who was in "Misery Index"-era Assück and lead vocalist, Michelle who is a punk rock crowd-leaping terror and later sang in Momento Mori! "The Greatest Sonic Abomination Ever" is by no means a repeat of past bands or sounds, this tears with inventiveness and imagination while still keeping even keel with a destructive hardcore path, an apocalyptic dark ride with lyrical hope and inspiration as a guide... And yes, we at Prank know the band name is terrible. (Prank 044) (CD UPC CODE #680359004425)

SIGNAL LOST - Children Of The Wasteland LP/CD
Signal Lost brandishes a raw guitar attack and passionate female vocals, playing catchy mid-tempo hardcore punk rock with heavy emphasis on songs as opposed to over the top thrash bludgeoning. Blending the moodiness of '80s UK peace-punk like The Mob and Zounds, with the anthemic qualitities of Polish Punk like Dezerter and Post Regiment, and the punchy yet tuneful aggression of Articles Of Faith and Proletariat, Signal Lost carries the rich legacy of Texas punk a step further with a sound that riffs off of familiar elements but has it's own distinct identity. Guitarist Stan played guitar in Memphis's Deathreat who released numerous records on both Prank and the Partners In Crime Records, as well as the criminally underrated and prolific New York City band Balance Of Terror. The raw guitar sound of those bands remains, but the tempo slows to allow the melodic framework of the songs to shine. Recorded at Jackpot Studios in Portland (Elliott Smith, Sleater Kinney) by Larry Crane (Tape Op Magazine), "Children Of The Wasteland" is a unique record, different than your typical Prank release and a unique addition to the Prank family of bands. (Prank 068) (CD UPC CODE #680359006825)

SIGNAL LOST - You'll Never Get Us Down Again 7" EP
Austin, Texas's SIGNAL LOST's second record follows their debut LP in an inventive mix of melodic guitars, strong female vocals, and mid-tempo hardcore-edged punk rock with hints of garage, new wave and '77 punk. These four diverse tracks-From a melodic mid-tempo charger to the bands fastest, most hardcore material are the debut of new drummer Chris, who previously was in Severed Head OF State and is currently also in J-Church. Guitarist Stan, who was previously in Balance Of Terror and Deathreat, produced and recorded this stripped down recording which highlights his raw Husker Du-ish guitar sound.

SMASH YOUR FACE - Loose Times, Light Times 7" EP
The first release of Yokohama, Japan's Smash Your Face's "dirty, nasty, fuckin' high energy" mixture of early LA punk (ala Germs, Black Flag, Circle Jerks, The Dwarves, and The Stooges) and early Japanese hardcore such as Lipcream. Garage-edged hardcore. Three songs. (Prank 029)

Charging Swedish punk attack, burning guitars and sore throats, cracked cymbals and worn out Discharge records, "KängNäve" (pronounced schang-naa-veh, meaning "crust fist") is the second full length album by Stockholm's humor-laced Sunday Morning Einsteins. Full tilt hardcore with a wickedly bent sense of humor, Sunday Morning Einsteins previously released an LP on Minneapolis Sin Fronterias label and a 7" ("Svensk Mangel" EP) on Prank. This LP follows the Prank EP in a double-time hardcore assault and/or salute on/to the beer sodden crusties who, at peak moments carefully holding a can of beer in one hand, raise the other hand in the KängNäve-crust fist!!! Okay, these guys might be kidding, but that's what they told Prank the concept was. Chalk it up to translation of Swedish humor and a band made up of members of legendary hardcore bands Wolf Brigade and Svart Snö not afraid to do a piss-take, at least lyrically, on their own scene. Musically it's up there with the best of detonating hardcore powerhouses, riffing with the complexity and overdrive of Svart Snö, but explosive in it's own direction. (Prank 067) (CD UPC CODE #680359006726)

Stockholm's Sunday Morning Einsteins are new band steeped in Swedish hardcore tradition chiseled out of the Discharge "wall of guitar" sound, but as the band name suggests are a bit more than your average Dis-band. Featuring the guitarist from Sweden's Legendary Svart Snö, this takes off somewhere near their seminal "Smock'n Roll" LP of hyper, fast-paced creative hardcore but cranks the Anti-Cimex knob way in the red with an aggressive, blasting, straight-forward attack and virulent shouts. This debut is what a hardcore 7" should be-short, fast, and loud! (Prank 053)

SVART SNÖ - Smock'n Roll LP
Since the mid-'80's, Sweden's Svart Snö (translated "black snow") has delivered some of the strongest hardcore noise in the classic and renown style of their home country. Keying the Discharge wall of guitar to their own needs, amidst the hoarse shouts, wall of guitar, and pounding rhythms doled out with manic fervor, Svart Snö fall along a more complex, melodic path. Originally released on CD- only by Beat Butchers Records, fourteen songs with thoughtful lyrics translated into English. Re-mastered and repackaged limited edition vinyl release. Guitarrist Peter Currently plays in Sunday Morning Einsteins. (Prank 018)

1332 - Skinless 7" EP
Pounding metallic hardcore from Oakland, amped on anger. Rumbling Sabbath-damaged hardcore from the band formerly known as Eldopa. This EP is their debut, repressed with the band name change-though with the same blasting insane fervor. Featuring members of Grimple and Econochrist this is rage on rage to be played extremely loud. Four songs on purple vinyl. Members currently play In One In The Chamber and Watch Them Die. (Prank 07R)

TOTALITÄR - Klass Inte Ras 7" EP
Since 1985, Sweden's Totalitär has consistently produced some of the most riveting hardcore on the planet-back-boning an overwhelming thrash churn with a steady Discharge influence. Guttural shouts, which spew warning and hope with determined intent powered by driving, raw guitars. Six songs. (Prank 024)

TOTALITÄR - Ni Maste Bort! LP/CD
Totalitar's classic second LP "Ni Maste Bort!" translates loosely to "you've gotta go!" Totalitär mark racist, sexist and capitalistic modes of thought, dysfunctional politicians and useless media, cynicism and the dull mechanical wearing on people's lives on the "to go" list! Frenzied wall of guitar driven thrash with gutteral shouts and pulverizing drums, Totalitär's sound is cut of the classic Swedish hardcore sound. Their brand of fierce hardcore punk with heavy Discharge leanings is distinguished, however, by some of the most thoughtful, insightful lyrics, ideas and meaning. "Ni Maste Bort!" was originally released on Sweden's Finn Records label. This version is re-mastered with new cover art by John Yates at Stealworks (Allied Records, Punchline magazine). (Prank 039) (CD UPC CODE #680359003923)

TOTALITÄR - Sin Egen Motstandare LP/CD
"Sin Egen Motstandare" is the first LP by Sweden's Totalitär. who have existed since 1985. A total classic of Swedish hardcore punk fury, originally released y the Finn label In 1995, this is true to the original in packaging and form yet re-mastered. Eighteen solid songs hammered with primitive crudity in a wall of distortion, overdriving guitar wail, savage angry shouts and crunching drum pound. Totalitär has shared records with some of the US's best underground hardcore bands, Drop Dead and Tragedy, and have released over ten seven-inch EPs, two split LPs, two full length records and multiple compilation appearances. Consistently topping Maximum RocknRoll top ten lists and winning over reviewers worldwide, Totalitär remains a vital inspiration, with poignant, relevant lyrics and some of the catchiest, toughest hardcore around! (Prank 027) (CD UPC CODE #680359002728)

UUTUUS - Everything's Shit 7" EP
Blistering, jackhammer thrash from Finland; made from the same mold as the classic '80s Finnish hardcore bands Kaaos, Mellakka, Varaus, and Riistetyt. A distortion-garbled mass of speed, this second EP combines tracks from the hard-to-find Finnish compilations. Fifteen songs. (Prank 010)

WORD SALAD - Specimen 7" EP
Blistering all-out hardcore, tempered with pulverizing metallic sound. A whirling speeding mass of snapping drums, powerful riffs and volatile vocal trade off between all four members. Point-blank, to-the-point lyrics, painting a picture of complete devastation. Comes packaged in a sick 20"x20" poster painted by guitarist Leo Gonzales. Six songs. (Prank 012)

WORD SALAD - Electric Funeral 7" EP
The spastic blurring thrash attack of Albuquerque's Word Salad slows down to deliver a punishing version of Black Sabbath's "Electric Funeral." True to form in heaviness and grit, their version takes its own bent with their trademark abrasive vocal tradeoffs. Side B is three new charging thrashers. (Prank 021)

WORD SALAD - Deathmarch 2000 LP/CD
A total eardrum detonation, hyperactive hardcore force-Word Salad presents a frantic explosion of spastic metallic hardcore-boiling with off time oddball complexity reminiscent of Accused or Septic Death or any of the late '80's speedcore greats. Ten tracks of frustration and anger and the darker moments of incomprehension in those feelings, this is not one for the timid. The totally overboard and intense full color painting by renown underground artist R.K. Sloane in tandem with former band member Leo Gonzales presents an accurate visual representation to the chaos within. Recorded by Dan Rathbun at Polymorph Studios in Oakland, the CD includes their two Prank 7"s plus an extra track. Band members currently play in Watch Them Die. (Prank 026) (CD UPC CODE #680359002629)

WORLD BURNS TO DEATH - Art Of Self Destruction 7" EP
Ram-charging devastation from Texas-via-Tokyo-and-Helsinki madmen World Burns To Death. Charging over the top political thrash with more of the metallic singe and bite as their recent LP on Hardcore Holocaust. Recorded with total "Hear Nothing, See Nothing, Say Nothing" style production, World Burns To Death combines international punk influences blended with straight-ahead and direct US hardcore-with totally caustic vocals and the oddball crossover guitar solo. Featuring members of Severed Head Of State, From Ashes Rise and Spazm 151, this is the third single from the prolific World Burns To Death. (Prank 062)

WORLD BURNS TO DEATH - Human Meat Tossed To The Dogs Of War 7" EP
Blasting thrash ferocity torn out of Austin, Texas, World Burns To Death is a vicious new band featuring members of Severed Head Of State and Scorched Earth Policy. Ram-charging a raw Japanese punk influenced sound, an intense punk declaration against the insanity of war. (Prank 052)