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1332 - Skinless 7" $2.15
ACEPHALIX - Aporia CD $7.30
ACEPHALIX - Aporia LP $7.90
ACURSED - Tunneln I Ljusets Slut CD $7.30
ACURSED - Tunneln I Ljusets Slut LP $6.75
ANTISCHISM - Antischism CD $6.85
ARTIMUS PYLE - Fucked From Birth CD $6.80
ARTIMUS PYLE - The Civil Dead CD $6.60
ASSFORT - 7" $2.65
ASTA KASK - Aldrig En LP (from 1986) $8.50
ASTA KASK - Med Is I Magen LP $8.50
AVSKUM - Punkista! CD $6.80
AVSKUM - Uppror Underifran CD $6.70
AVSKUM - Uppror Underifran LP $7.95
BORN DEAD - Endless War... Repetition CD $7.30
BORN DEAD - Our Darkest Fears Now Haunt Us LP $7.95
BORN DEAD - Repetition/Fear 7" $2.60
BORN DEAD - s/t 7" $2.90
BORN DEAD - The Final Collapse CD $7.30
BORN UGLIES - Pictures of Ugly Babies Sell... 7" $3.25
BUMBKLAATT - Luctus LP $8.50
BURST - Conquest: Writhe... CD $6.60
BURY THE LIVING - All The News... CD $6.90
BURY THE LIVING - All The News... LP $5.70
CHRIST ON PARADE - Loud And Live CD $7.90
CHRIST ON PARADE - Loud And Live LP $8.50
CHRIST ON PARADE - Sounds of Nature LP $6.70
DAMAD - Burning Cold CD $6.80
DAMAD - Rise And Fall CD $6.60
DEAD & GONE - T.V. Baby CD $6.60
DEAD & GONE - T.V. Baby LP $5.40
DEATHREAT - Deathreat 7" $2.35
DESOLATION - Rest In Panic 7" $3.20
DESOLATION - s/t CD $6.90
DESOLATION - s/t LP $6.30
DROP DEAD/TOTALITAR - split 7" $4.10
EFFLUXUS - Devoid 7" $4.10
FORWARD - Just Go Forward To Death LP $8.10
FORWARD - War Nuke & Death Sentence LP $8.50
FORWARD - What's The Meaning of Love? LP $8.10
GRIMPLE - Grimple 7" $2.35
GUYANA PUNCH LINE - Irritainment... LP $5.40
GUYANA PUNCH LINE - Maximum Smashism LP $5.40
HAIL MARY - Glorious Morning 7" $2.30
HERATYS - Naen Punaista 7" $4.10
ICE NINE - Nobody's Son 7" $3.05
INITIAL STATE - Abort The Soul LP $5.40
INITIAL STATE - Abort The Soul CD $6.70
IRON LUNG - White Glove Test CDx2 $8.50
LIFE'S BLOOD - Hardcore A.D. 1988 cassette tape $4.75
LIFE'S BLOOD - Hardcore A.D. 1988 CD $7.90
LIFE'S BLOOD - Hardcore A.D. 1988 LP $12.10
MERDOSO - In Silence 7" $3.20
MORPHEME - s/t 7" $2.90
N.O.T.A. - Live At The Crystal... CD $6.60
NO STATIK - Everywhere LP $8.50
NO STATIK - We All Die In The End LP $7.30
PAINTBOX - Relicts LP $7.30
PAINTBOX - Trip, Trance & Travelling LPx2 $13.35
PESD - Politikarepoiaonekurfae LP $6.70
REALITY CRISIS - Not Bound By The Past LP $7.90
REPLICA - Beast 7" $4.25
REPLICA - s/t 7" $4.10
SCROTUM GRINDER - Worst Sonic... CD $6.60
SCROTUM GRINDER - Worst Sonic... LP $5.40
SIGNAL LOST - Children of The Wasteland CD $6.80
SIGNAL LOST - Children of The Wasteland LP $5.60
SIGNAL LOST - Prosthetic Screams CD $7.30
SIGNAL LOST - Prosthetic Screams LP $6.70
SIGNAL LOST - You'll Never Get Us Down Again 7" $2.35
SIGNAL LOST/PROTESS - split 7" $3.20
SLANG - Devastation in The Void LP $10.35
SLANG - Glory Outshines Doom LP $8.50
SLANG - Life Made Me Hardcore LP $15.15
SMASH DETOX - s/t 7" $4.35
SMASH YOUR FACE - Loose Times... 7" $2.30
SUNDAY MORNING EINSTEINS - Svensk Mangel 7" $2.30
SVART SNO - Smock'n'Roll LP $5.40
TALK IS POISON - Condensed Humanity LP $6.70
TOTALITAR - Vi Ar Eliten CD $6.65
WORD SALAD - Death March 2000 CD $6.60
WORD SALAD - Electric Funeral7" $2.15
WORD SALAD - Specimen 7" $2.30
WORLD BURNS TO DEATH - Cease To Exist DVD $11.80
WORLD BURNS TO DEATH - Human Meat... 7" $2.65
WORLD BURNS TO DEATH - The Graveyard... CD $8.05
WORLD BURNS TO DEATH - The Graveyard... LP $8.05

1332 - Skinless 7"
Pounding metallic hardcore from Oakland, amped on anger. Rumbling Sabbath-damaged hardcore from the band formerly known as Eldopa. This EP is their debut, repressed with the band name change-though with the same blasting insane fervor. Featuring members of Grimple and Econochrist this is rage on rage to be played extremely loud. Four songs on purple vinyl. Members currently play In One In The Chamber and Watch Them Die. (Prank Records #7)

Ultra downtuned, crushing metallic punk assault. A tungsten gnarl of immense grimy heaviness, the Debut LP by San Franciscoâ¤(tm)s ACEPHALIX touches on influences of bands from divergent points of Punk, metal and hardcore- SACRILEDGE, CRO-MAGS, NAUSEA, MOTORHEAD, HELLSHOCK, ANTI-CIMEX but none of those exactly pinpoints where the band is at and where they continually evolving band is headed, as they brawl through attacks of D-Beat, dirge and thrash. Classic harmonized Metal leads and feedback fly as gutteral vocals spit and growl, with sturdy rhythms supporting the dark melodic undercurrent that drives this crushing, pounding, dense metal-punk hybrid. Massive production by Jef Leppard in the dark attic of Lennon Studios and mastered by George Horn Mastering. The 13 tracks ( 14 on the CD) are complemented by equally bleak, dark and grim lyrics, making for an impressively solid debut. (Prank Records #110)

ACURSED - Tunneln I Ljusets Slut CD (UPC 680359008829)
Brutal, devastating metallic hardcore from Sweden, over loaded with feedback as it blasts track after track of savagely shouted, throttling hardcore that slows only to deliver mid-tempo crushing blows . ACURSED, like many of the classic Swedish punk bands, are enigma that surfaces haphazardly to unleash a new set of harsh tracks, previously with several records on Sweden's PUTRID FILTH CONSPIRACY label and the DISTORTION label. Akin to the HIS HERO IS GONE / TRAGEDY/ FROM ASHES RISE school of dark riffs and mood, and the classic original " Prank Sound", " "TUNNELN I LJUSETS SLUT" is ACURSED's years-in-the-making prank debut, and one of the most bleak releases on the label yet- with minimal artwork, the band chose to not even provide song titles in the packaging to keep from distracting from the music and mood. Members also play in VICTIMS (Havoc Records), SUNDAY MORNING EINSTEINS (Prank), SAYYADINA (Sound Pollution). CD comes in standard Digipack packaging. (Prank Records #88 CD)

ACURSED - Tunneln I Ljusets Slut LP
Brutal, devastating metallic hardcore from Sweden, over loaded with feedback as it blasts track after track of savagely shouted, throttling hardcore that slows only to deliver mid-tempo crushing blows . ACURSED, like many of the classic Swedish punk bands, are enigma that surfaces haphazardly to unleash a new set of harsh tracks, previously with several records on Sweden's PUTRID FILTH CONSPIRACY label and the DISTORTION label. Akin to the HIS HERO IS GONE / TRAGEDY/ FROM ASHES RISE school of dark riffs and mood, and the classic original " Prank Sound", " "TUNNELN I LJUSETS SLUT" is ACURSED's years-in-the-making prank debut, and one of the most bleak releases on the label yet- with minimal artwork, the band chose to not even provide song titles in the packaging to keep from distracting from the music and mood. Members also play in VICTIMS (Havoc Records), SUNDAY MORNING EINSTEINS (Prank), SAYYADINA (Sound Pollution). (Prank Records #89)

ANTISCHISM - Antischism CD
Finally repressed. South Carolina's ANTISCHISM remain legend among the peace-punk community for raising the voice of resistance, defiance and hope in the dark years of American hardcore music of the early 1990s. Innovative hardcore with blasting male and female vocal tradeoffs, offbeat guitar attack and throttling drum beats charged with powerful lyrics. Antischism is a singles collection including tracks from the rare All Their Money Stinks of Death 7" EP, End of Time 7" EP, their side of the split Thinning the Herd LP with SUBVERT and various other outtakes and compilation tracks. A complement to their classic Still Life LP, The CD is similar to an ultra limited and long out of print version produced by Clearview records in the mid-1990s, but is now enhanced with new mastering, and layout with all the lyrics presented. The booklet folds out into a mini poster with foil stamped exterior. The art has been culled from their original releases and assembled at Stealworks by John Yates who designed many of the bands original releases. Members of ANTISCHISM went on to play in INITIAL STATE, DAMAD, .FUCKING COM and remain a force in today's hardcore scene in CHRONICLE A.D. , GUYANA PUNCH LINE and KARST. (Prank #47)

ARTIMUS PYLE - The Civil Dead CD
Eight tracks of His Hero Is gone inspired hardcore that is extremely well done and very powerful. Artimus Pyle hails from San Francisco and features former members of Fuckface, and one active member of What Happens Next?. Anyone depressed about the break up of His Hero Is Gone will be impressed by Artimus Pyle. (Prank #35)

ARTIMUS PYLE - Fortress 7"
A thundering cauldron of slamming metallic riffs, torrents of speedy drums blasts and howling vocals, the third seven-inch EP by the Bay Area's ARTIMUS PYLE features five new tracks of pulverizing intensity. This release marked the debut of their new drummer, Jensen (who previously was in VAE VICTUS, REDRUM and host of other Reno hardcore bands including his current membership in IRON LUNG). His only vocal appearance in Artimus Pyle, here, added an intense CROSSED OUT style downbeat influence. ARTIMUS PYLE recorded this EP with Noah Landis of NEUROSIS at San Franciscos Mr. Toads studio in the winter of 2001. Limited edition pressing on Pink vinyl. (Prank #55)

ARTIMUS PYLE - Fucked From Birth CD/LP
An unrelenting powerhouse of screamed vocals, pulse pounding drumming, and low end guitar fury, this, the first proper full length for ARTIMUS PYLE, refines all their previous output to precision lethal destructiveness. Recorded by Dan Rathbun at Polymorph Studios, Fucked From Birth is as it suggests: an anguished, brooding powerhouse hardcore record, cut of the dark Prank mold but with ARTIMUS PYLE'S unique and typical twists. Streamlining the manic attack of their earlier records, this follows the Fortress EP by the same new line up (with members of WHAT HAPPENS NEXT?, IRON LUNG, VAE VICTUS, FUCKFACE and more), faster and more thrashy, briefly lurching slow bits before launching back to full throttle. (Prank #69)

ASSFORT - s/t 7" (Limited white vinyl re-release)
Manic Tokyo thrash-lunging straight to the jugular with vicious speed, a thrashing drum attack, insane guitar solos and coarse vocals. ASSFORT were the first classic Japanese styled hardcore band to tour in the United States, unleashing a devastating amount of high energy and flooring audiences on both coasts. They released several records, including a split with CHAOS U.K., on Vinyl Japan Records, a CD on the legendary Selfish label, an EP on the mighty Mangrove label and then two Well received follow up LP's in Japan with a new line up. Drummer Kiku currently plays in the world travelling CONQUEST FOR DEATH with members of ARTIMUS PYLE and WHAT HAPPENS NEXT?. This EP's four Classic Assfort tracks were re-recorded in America in 1995 on their first trip to the US by Noah Landis of CHRIST ON PARADE/NEUROSIS. Limited White vinyl re-release. (Prank Records #3)

ASTA KASK - Aldrig En LP
Re-issue of the seminal first full length 19 song LP by Sweden's Legendary melodic punk band, ASTA KASK from 1986. Re-issued with a new alternate cover and extensive remastering by the band with Peter En Betou with Lacquers cut by George Horn.n. Features "Lasse Lasse Liten" "Ringhals Brinner" and many of the bands legendary tracks they still perform live. ASTA KASK continues to perform in their Native Sweden as they pass their 25th anniversary and continues to tour worldwide, most recently tougin in Medeliin, Columbia! Includes new liner notes. Limited to 1,000 Copies in heavy weight sleeve. (Prank Records #128)

ASTA KASK - Med Is I Magen LP
"MED IS I MAGEN" is the first 12" by Sweden's legendary punk band ASTA KASK, a cornerstone of Swedish Punk Rock and it's "Trallpunk" Genre - where lightning fast delivery of unrelenting melodic and upbeat punk is delivered hardcore tempo. Featuring many of the bands classic tracks "Psykiskt Instabil", "Till Far", "Valkommen Hem". This was the band's Best selling release, though it has become a sought after collector's item since it's release in 1985. This is the first time the original 12" version has been re-pressed in it's debut format since it's initial Release. Maximum Rock'N' Roll #31 said n 1985 of the original Release "Yet another outstanding release from this Swedish band. With their tight musicianship, super instrumental hooks, rough lead vocals, and up-tempo sing-along choruses, they remind me of classic punk outfits from the late '70s like STIFF LITTLE FINGERS. ASTA KASK wouldn't know how to write a bad song, so don't ignore this LP" This version Features a heavy weight sleeve and new lyric insert with liner notes and lyric explanations. Re-mastered by Peter En Betou with Lacquers cut by George Horn. ASTA KASK are still active as they near their 30th anniversary, headlining gigs in Sweden, Japan, Europe and the U.S. (Prank Records #126)

AVSKUM - Punkista CD
Charged and furious, classic Swedish Punk carved out of D-Beat and DISCHARGE, blasting with hoarse vocals and a wall of guitars. This is the third album by Swedish legend's AVSKUM, who have existed on and off the Swedish hardcore punk scene since the early 1980s. This LP is marked with unique twists and turns that challenge and defy the formula while satisfying both fans of the bands old dirgy style "Ingen Manniska Ar Illegal" and full on DISCHARGE style attack "Children of war". Vital and powerful, Punkista was recorded at Sunlight Studios (Entombed) in 2002. (Prank Records #64)

AVSKUM - Uppror Underifran LP/CD
Devastating! Blasting an unrelenting wall of D-beat hardcore, resonating with vitality, "Uppror Underifran" (translated loosely "Uproar from the Underground") by Swedish legends AVSKUM is stunningly, their most severe record in the band's 26 year history. An overkill attack of smashing drums and guitar riffage, this fourth LP hearkens back to their 1982 origins, with a heavy DISCHARGE bent ala' ANTI-CIMEX mired with the incomprehensibily raw, blunt and brutal song structures found in the original era of Swedish hardcore punk. The MOTORHEAD-ish rock overdrive of their previous Prank LP's is still cranked with the curt economy of masters at the top of their game, capped with AVSKUM's inventive song structures and always great, trademark harsh vocals, all captured in a exceptional recording from Gothenburg's EVIL GRILL studio and slapped in a cool sleeve by Swedish artist CRASH MANGE. Taking a four year break since their last LP,"Punkista," the band took time writing "Uppror Underifran" to deliver 16 incredibly rock solid tracks that transition from their previous recordings to now have largely entirely Swedish lyrics, but still take relevant aim at U.S. war policy, capitalism and mass consumption. Stunningly one of the band's best outings yet that demands to be Played loud! No... Louder! Louder! Louder! (Prank Records #97)

BORN DEAD - Endless War: Repetition CD
Searing guitars, throttling drums, dual vocal shouts with tough anarcho-punk lyrics, "Endless War: Repetition" features 11 re-mastered tracks from Oakland, California's BORN/DEAD's European only split LP with Seattle's Consume, an Ultra-limited 2005 tour-only 12" and the recent "Repetition/Fear" 7" EP on one CD. Plus three live mpeg videos filmed at legendary punk venues Gilman Street and Burnt Ramen and a 12-page booklet of lyrics and photos. These tracks are some of the band's burliest of their Oakland-meets -AUSROTTEN style punk charge, including a NECROS cover, and have been the core of the band's live set for the past two years including their recent West Coast tour supporting UK punk legends THE SUBHUMANS. (Prank Records #84 CD)

BORN DEAD - The Final Collapse CD
Charging Anarcho-punk, steeped in East bay hardcore moodiness and UK peace punk politics, this second full length release by Oakland's BORN/DEAD offers no let up in blasting fury, with seven new tracks and a raging cover of '90's English band CRESS. Ignited with raw guitar attack and pummeling drums, fueled by Dual vocal shouts spewing point blank politics, BORN/DEAD balance their street level, direct punk assault with the dark, artful edges of East Bay hardcore (Ala Dead and Gone, Christ On Parade, Econochrist). Recorded by Greg Wilkinson ( Brainoil) at Ear Hammer with a flat UK'82-recording style, this is the CD version comes packaged with a deluxe 12- page lyric booklet and includes as a bonus track the "Assault" track from their recent split on Tankcrimes records with PELIGRO SOCIAL. BORN/DEAD is currently on tour in Australia and New Zealand. (Prank Records #93 CD)

BORN DEAD - Our Darkest Fears Now Haunt Us LP
BORN/DEAD deliver charged political hardcore shrouded in the brooding style of East Bay hardcore, carrying forth the lineage of bands like CHRIST ON PARADE, Pain of Mind-era NEUROSIS, ECONOCHRIST and TALK IS POISON. A straight-forward yet inventive attack, devastatingly caustic vocal trade-offs, intricate bass lines and dark riffs at peak drum speed topped with dark political lyrics-dire music for dire times. A classic 12" this is a limited Grey vinyl repress of BORN/DEAD's Prank debut, limited to 125 copies with the original Fold out cover, 353 copies pressed in total. (Prank Records #70)

BORN DEAD - Repetition/Fear 7" EP
Oakland, California's BORN DEAD charge forth with two new blasting tracks after a long Hiatus. The A-Side is the chanting and unique "Repetition" which has been a focal point of their recent Live sets with a classic UK Peace Punk feel. The Flip "Fear" is back to form with a full tilt hardcore charge of raw and political Punk rock. Recorded By Greg Wilkinson (Brainoil), mastered by John Golden, this is the debut of New drummer Josh and coincides with BORN DEAD's current European Tour. Limited edition copies were pressed on colored vinyl and first pressing is in special edition sleeve. Also available and repressed: BORN/DEAD "Our Darkest Fears Now Haunt Us" LP/CD. (Prank #74)

BORN/DEAD - s/t 7"
Oakland, California's BORN/DEAD's debut 5- song 7" EP set the blueprint for the bands searing attack of guitar driven hardcore, with harsh dual vocal trade offs spitting bleak Anarcho-punk lyrics and pounding, fast drumming. Re-issued on Gold vinyl with a mini poster, the original artwork, bonus inner sleeve and pressed from the original plates, This release has been Out of print for over five years, though the songs have remained staples of BORN/DEAD's live shows worldwide. Prank has licensed this EP from NO OPTIONS records as a re-release is strictly limited to 800 copies, to coincide with BORN/DEAD's 2009. (Prank Records #49.5)

THE BORN UGLYS - Pictures of Ugly Babies Sell Records 7"
THE BORN UGLYS is a new band from Greg Valencia, guitarist and sometimes vocalist in GRIMPLE, ELDOPA1332 and WATCH THEM DIE and returns to the melodic roots of early 90's New Mexico hardcore like early GRIMPLE, the earliest, melodic LOGICAL NONSENSE recordings or the punkier moments of the classic early 90's Lookout catalog like FILTH, CRIMPSHRINE or BLATZ. Jason Nipples From CROSS STITCHED EYES, THE ENEMYS , ALARIC Joins on Drums and Dutch From Prank's wildest New Mexico export, WORD SALAD joins on bass, so there's still an abrasive blasting hardcore edge and a searing solo or three. Four Tracks, including a cover of an unreleased LOGICAL NONSENSE track. First pressing on Red Vinyl. (Prank Records #121)

Blasting Metallic Hardcore from the Border of San Diego and Tijuana, Mexico, BUMBKLAATT have remained a constant of the Californian and Mexican Punk Scene since their formation by former members of CHICKEN FARM and RUN FOR YOUR FUCKING LIFE in the early 2000's. Empassioned screams swap hard and fast with gutteral growls over rocking guitar leads, crushing riffs and ferocious hardcore pummel ignited by speeding drum blasts. Following several well received EP's, This debut album was originally released by the band in a small edition sold primarily at shows. For first time in general distribution, This Deluxe Vinyl edition of "Luctus" on Prank features the full cover artwork by drummer Adrian Balderrama re-printed on a heavy weight sleeve with metallic inks, an exclusive sticker to the first pressing, a large 11" x 22" insert, hand stamped inner sleeve and download code. "Precision, speed, and volume coalesce in to one of the most bad-assed, rippingest, slayingest bands of the genre " - Razorcake. (Prank Records #142)

BURST - Conquest: Writhe... CD
New-school inspired intensity (a la REFUSED or maybe hints of a more melodic COALESCE) with deft jumps between straight-ahead fast hardcore and melodic guitar-driven melodies like SO MUCH HATE or LIFE... BUT HOW TO LIVE IT? The ten songs here are not easily contained by labels or comparisons to other bands, as they are charged with a multitude of influences from metallic downbeats, thrash, melodic hardcore, new and old metal. The final track is a remix by MERZBOW even! BURST is powered by a dead-on rhythm section, a scathing vocalist and some over-the-top guitarists flinging out quick solos and monster riffs while overlaying the entire procession with somber melody. The vinyl was released by Sweden?s mighty Putrid Filth Conspiracy label; this is Conquest: Writhe's first issue on CD and first release in the US. (Prank Records #45)

BURY THE LIVING - All The News That's Fit to Scream LP/CD
Tough bare knuckle hardcore with tough intent, charging guitars lead speeding Blast Beats to heavy SXE-styled breakdowns and choruses while hoarse shouting vocals resonate full bore, double barrel, no holds barred political Lyrics. Straight forward in overall attack, Memphis, Tennessee's Bury The Living's second full Length LP's 21 tracks are filled with enough dark twists, Experimentation and pulling from diverse influences within the hardcore formula-from blast beat mid '90's hardcore to SXE hardcore to late '80's experimentation with rock formulas within the hardcore format to fit well as their Prank debut. Bury The Living recently completed a US tour with Dutch Punk Legends SEEIN' RED and have released Multiple 7" EPs as well as a previous LP on Memphis' SOUL IS CHEAP label in the last seven years. Drummer Ceylon has been a Memphis punk Scene fixture since the mid-1980's in Better Youth Organization recording artist's PEZZ and a long with Bury The Living vocalist PAT was in FMD, one of the many great no nonsense hardcore bands to emerge from Memphis (COPOUT, DEATHREAT, REUBEN JAMES,etc). Recorded in Memphis with Jason Potter last Spring, "All The News That's Fit To Scream" is an old school '80's 'Reagan-Era' hardcore pairing of urgent lyrics with urgent music, but not miring in nostalgia but updating for even darker times. "If You don't weigh in, You don't Rassle"! (Prank Records #76)

13 Tracks Recorded live on their 2007 West Coast tour on KFJC radio, this represents the set the "all original members" band played on both their West coast and European tours featuring classic tracks from all eras of the band, with original vocalist Barrie picking up some of the second vocal duties of the later material. It was re-mixed from it's original broadcast, mastered by George Horn Mastering and come complete with a "Evil Live" styled record jacket and insert. CHRIST ON PARADE's reunions, including a recent successful one of Japan, have been marked by dedication to presenting the band as they are and were- the equipment and the sound, attack and intent are not falsely "updated" or "modernized" and while this record does peek through at a lighter side of the band inbetween tracks, it's very true to their original records and will stoke out both old and new fans... Limited edition. CHRIST ON PARADE are currently on tour on the West Coast and Southwest. (Prank Records #98)

CHRIST ON PARADE - Sounds of Nature LP
Classic East Bay hardcore delivered in a whirlwind of speed and anger, with blunt political punk lyrics. This is a re-issue of CHRIST ON PARADE's earliest material that has been out of print for nearly two decades - the original "Sounds Of Nature" 12" from 1985 on one side, then tracks from THRASHER magazine's Skaterock, Vol.3 Compilation, the original unreleased version of the "Isn't Life A Dream" 7" and an unreleased AVENGERS cover on the flip. The packaging of the LP closely replicates the original "Sounds Of Nature" EP on Pusmort Records with a large 11"x22" insert of the orginal inner sleeve, complete lyrics and full color photos. Members of CHRIST ON PARADE went on to play in NEUROSIS, BLISTER, HELLBILLYS, PLAN 9, ECONOCHRIST and more. CHRIST ON PARADE are currently on tour on the West Coast and Southwest. (Prank Records #91)

DAMAD - Burning Cold CD
Repressed! Resonating pulse of metallic fury meshed in hypnotic rhythms. A thundering destructo-core hybrid of Rock, Metal and punk with serious tonnage riffs, whirling noise, grim-to-grimmer samples all caked over with harsh screeched, howled, growled and cackled vocals. Second full length LP from Savannah, Georgia's DAMAD. A sound decidedly darker, with intricate guitar work that scavenges elements of SABBATH, death metal, southern rock and crust. Lyrically Damad remain a beacon of hope, grounded in concerns for the environment, the paths one walks through life, balance with Nature and more. Eight songs recorded at the Jam Room with Billy Anderson (MELVINS, JAWBREAKER,SICK OF IT ALL etc.) with cover artwork by Pushead ( MISFITS, FU'S, METALLICA, SEPTIC DEATH). Members have since played in KARST and KYLESA. DAMAD are playing special 1-time reunion shows in Savannah on May 5th and 6th, 2006 for more information check www.prankrecords.com. (Prank Records #30)

DAMAD - Rise And Fall CD
Moody, intense, swaggering hardcore-churning, dynamic, lumbering metallic crunch, shifting gears between grinding dirge and a pounding hardcore punk assault. A hybrid trespass between the boundaries of punk, metal and rock, yet lyrically remaining punk-rock and inspirational. Nine-song debut at the heart of the "Savannah Sound" and southern Down-tuned Crust-metal crossover . Members have since played in KARST, KYLESA and MEATJACK. DAMAD play a special reunion show May 6th in Savannah, GA at the Jinx. (Prank Records #11)

Tense explosions of abrasive energy ignited by rage-spewing, scathing vocals combine to create dark and moody hardcore from Emeryville, CA. While being rooted in 80s hardcore thrash, DEAD AND GONE mix in a gloomy and experimental edge, creating an unique and volatile mix. Eight-song 12"/Fourteen-song CD including their debut 7", demo and compilation tracks. Members currently play in YEAR FUTURE, LOOK BACK & LAUGH and were in CREEPS ON CANDY & TALK IS POISON! (Prank Records #1)

DEATHREAT - Deathreat 7"
Tough music from Memphis, TN, with even tougher intent. Charged and angry hardcore cut of terse shouts, clean and jumpy guitars, pounded drum skins and loads of energy. Influenced by bands like SS DECONTROL, CITIZEN'S ARREST, YOUTH OF TODAY. There's a lyric sheet there for a reason. 8-song debut from 1997. Featuring members of Tragedy, His Hero Is Gone, From Ashes Rise, and Signal Lost. (Prank Records #15)

DESOLATION - Rest In Panic 7"
The Bay Area's DESOLATION return ! Blasting metallic hardcore fusing the melodic influence of Japanese "Burning spirits" hardcore with straight forward attack of US thrash and the dark tone of European Crust. DESOLATION went on Hiatus shortly after their self-tilted prank Debut LP of 2005, but return with a new vocalist and three new tracks. Fusing influences of the members previous and current bands-BORN/DEAD, ABRUPT, STRUNG UP, SCURVY DOGS with a marked inspiration from Japanese Hardcore with relentless upbeat energy and searing leads , these are the fastest DESOLATION tracks yet, but still retain the complex song writing and bleak feel of their previous releases. Features new artwork by Japanese Artist SUGI. (Prank Records #107)

Violent distortion! Breakneck speed hardcore singed with metallic bite and raw thrash overdrive, detonated by harsh barking vocals casting somber imagery. The debut LP/CD from San Franciso's DESOLATION combines influences from the moody dark edge of crust like NAUSEA and AMEBIX with the Sweeping anthems and melody of classic Japanese hardcore and delivers it with the speed and ferocity of the band members other units BORN/DEAD, STRUNG UP and SCURVY DOGS. LP/CD comes packaged in a deluxe foil stamped sleeve designed by PUSHEAD, with artwork by Japanese Artist SUGI, who has penned covers for many classic Japanese hardcore bands covers (WARHEAD, INSANE YOUTH, DEATHSIDE) and was recently featured in JUXATPOSE magazine. Interior art by Jeremy "Hush" Clark (known best for his headers on Slug and Lettuce Fanzine and recent artwork for KYLESA and IRON LUNG). Recorded by Dan Rathbun at Polymorph Studios in Oakland (TRAGEDY, HIS HERO IS GONE, ARTIMUS PYLE) and Mastered by John Golden. (Prank #75)

The DROPDEAD/ TOTALITÄR 7" as originally released in 2002, featuring two of the most legendary hardcore bands on the planet. Rhode Island's DROPDEAD continue to fly their flag of extreme political thrash with multiple tours across Australia, Europe, Japan, Mexico and the States and numerous 5"s, "s, 8"'s, 12"s, and even an 11" to their credit. This Split EP was a jump start towards the band's continuing split EP series with classic and innovative bands (BRAINOIL, CONVERGE, SYSTEMATIC DEATH, RUIDOSA IMMUNDICIA, SYSTEMATIC DEATH) self-released over the past decade. Three years in the making, DROPDEAD's side was Recorded in two sessions in 2001 and 2002. A long break in recording from their 1998 Second LP allowed them to drop an amazingly solid six tracks onto their side, representing some of their most savage material since the 1991 debut EP. Many of these tracks are still part of the band's live set. On the flip, Sweden's TOTALITÄR originated in the "silver age" of Swedish hardcore of the mid to late 1980's, delivering pounding, classic D-beat hardcore. Always topically astute, TOTALITÄR were particularly prolific during this time period, recording classic pieces of their vast discography - three LPs, two split LPs and a literal heap of 7"s. These three tracks are from the same session as the "Allting Är På Låtsas" 7" on Sweden's Really Fast Records and have a looser and more garage feel, but steamroll within their classic explosive formula. TOTALITÄR went dormant in 2007, with Members currently playing in INSTITUTION, DISSEKERAD, MAKABERT FYND, NAPALM A.D. and KVOTERINGEN. This is the first re-press of this EP in nearly five years, 501 copies with a top-loading cleaner print of the Jacket and mixtures of Opaque Grey, Lime Green and Purple vinyl. (Prank Records #46)

EFFLUXUS - Devoid 7"
Blasting noise edged "Headache hardcore" from the SF Bay Area, EFFLUXUS mix caustic influences from blown out Japanese and Chaotic European hardcore with their own straight ahead overdrive. Featuring former members of MORPHEME, YADOKAI, SANCTUM and DETONIZE, EFFLUXUS' Debut Prank 4 song EP features their trademark harsh buzzsaw guitar distortion, Hauntingly echoing Shouted vocals and thundering drum attack. A raw explosion of Intensity, EFFLUXUS previously released a 12" on seattle's RUST & MACHINE and have numerous DIY demos released worldwide. One of the strong forces of the current Bay Area DIY Scene, regularly organizing festivals, gigs and tours, EFFLUXUS will tour the west coast in May with Sweden's INFERNOH. Cover art by Guillem from DESTINO FINAL, Mastered by George horn with heavy weight vinyl in textured pocket Sleeve with Insert. (Prank Records #137)

FORWARD - Just Go Forward To Death LP
Tokyo, Japan's FORWARD Formed in 1996 after the break up of Legendary Tokyo Hardcore band DEATHSIDE, with Lead singer Ishiya and Bassist You joining New members from INSANE YOUTH and KGS to start a new band that would continue "Forward" with new Punk sounds. With an edgy, raw hardcore attack, "JUST GO FORWARD TO DEATH" was a culmination of those early years of the band, and was released in 2000 on the H.G. FACT label. One of the band's Milestone releases with some of the band's most classic tracks such as "Revolution", What's The Meaning Of Love?". "Set Me Free", as well as the title track, all marked by the band's boisterous vocals, catchy guitar leads and sturdy, pounding rhythm section. This Lp was never released in the U.S., has been out of print on vinyl in Japan for years and is newly Re-mastered in time for FORWARD'S early summer tour of the Southwest and West Coast, the third time this Legendary band has toured the states and first time since their 2006 tour with TRAGEDY. (Prank Records #134)

FORWARD - War Nuke & Death Sentence LP
Heavy weight U/V gloss sleeve. Aggressive Melodic hardcore punk attack, Tokyo's FORWARD return with their first new LP since 2004's " Burn Down the Corrupt Justice" with catchy guitar riffs grounded in solid rhythms with intense gravel throated vocals from World Punk Legend, Ishiya! Their First LP with New Drummer Akiyama, FORWARD maintain a constant live Schedule in their native Japan and have honed these new tracks to make a solid collection of song-driven Anthems hammered with hardcore impact. Lyrically the LP is poetically reflective and many of the songs address the situation of Post-Tsunami Japan. Formed in 1996 comprised of former members of DEATHSIDE, INSANE YOUTH and SYSTEMATIC DEATH, this is the band's Third full LP and follows a recent set of catalog re-issues on Prank. FORWARD returned to the US for their Third Stateside tour earlier this year.This vinyl edition comes house in a U/V gloss heavy weight sleeve with Mastering by Jack Control from WORLD BURNS TO DEATH/ ENORMOUS DOOR STUDIOS and Lacquer Cutting By George Horn. (Prank Records #136)

FORWARD - What's The Meaning Of Love? LP
From the forefront of the Japanese Hardcore Scene of the Last 15 years, FORWARD's fierce hardcore was first released on a series of Singles, EP's and Compilation appearances in the late 1990's and early 2000's. Collecting the entire tracks from their "Feel The Core Of Self" 7", "Act Then Decide" 7", "We Need The Truth" CD-EP, "What Are You gonna Get" 7" and rare compilation appearances for the first time in a remastered collection from the original Sound sources, shows the band defining it's sound of tough vocalled, stripped down hardcore, flourished with guitar solos and melody. FORWARD are currently preparing their third Album and U.S. tour. (Prank Records #135)

This is a reissue of Oakland, CA via New Mexico's GRIMPLE 's debut 7" EP "Get Me Out of the Van, I Have No Key Phil" from 1993. This 4-song EP was originally issued in a limited quantity of 1,000 on Homemade records, quickly went out of print, and became sought after by collectors paying sky high prices. Classic tracks of a deft fusion between abrasive Hardcore punk and the (then-emerging) East Bay pop-punk sound. Re-mastered and repressed in all it's gnarly cut'n'paste gluestick glory. Members of GRIMPLE have since played in ELDOPA, BUZZOVEN, BRAINOIL, WATCH THEM DIE and OJOROJO. This repress is Limited to 300 copies on GREEN VINYL (Prank Records #57)

GUYANA PUNCH LINE - Irritainment... LP
A hardcore punk explosion, thirteen songs hurling fragments of melody and bombardments of lyrical attack. This is the second album from Columbia, SC's GUYANA PUNCH LINE and a continuation of their quixotic quest to kick life into counter-culture thinking while trying not to laugh too hard. More to-the-point brutal than their debut Maximum Smashism, the music of Irritainment blends moody, dark, brooding hardcore with abrasive thundering manic thrash, drifting further and further into the deep-end with bent and destructive guitar riffs combined with a fierce, solid rhythm section back up. Lyrically taking Influence from DEAD KENNEDYS and THE FEEDERZ school of mind-bending concepts and humor fired at rapid pace, Y2K = Year Zero! Plenty of time to smash it all down and start all over again. The record comes equipped with an extensive instruction booklet. (Prank Records #41)

GUYANA PUNCH LINE - Maximum Smashism LP
Anthemic terror, swathed in feedback and noise and shining guitar wail. Bombarding crunch edged by spastic fits of thrash. Emo-violence is dead? long live Smashism!!! A barreling quick punk attack from former members of ANTISCHISM, IN/HUMANITY and .FUCKINGCOM. Ten songs laced with dark humor & political impact, recorded by Jay Matheson at The Jam Room. (Prank Records #33)

HAIL MARY - Glorious Morning 7"
Four tracks of point-blank hardcore charged with snarling vocals, searing guitar and bleak lyrics delivered with precision. Four-song debut single from this Albany, New York band-marked with heavy Born Against, B'last, Black Flag influences. Members played in Conniption, Eucharist, and Limp Wrist. (Prank Records #14)

HERATYS - Naen Punaista 7"
Sweden's HERATYS combine the overdrive of D-beat hardcore like TOTALITAR with the savage consonant-laden vocal attack of classic Finnish hardcore, topping this 7-song rampage with blazing guitar leads punctuated with searing quick solos. Featuring Members of SCUMBRIGADE and SKITSYSTEM, HERATYS were a unique band in Swedish hardcore, singing entirely in Finnish. They wrote - and thankfully recorded- this final 7" before their unexpected breakup in 2012, as it's one of the most completely raging Scandinavian - or otherwise- Hardcore records of recent note, reaching their most seamless combination of the influences that surfaced in their previous 12" and 4 song EP released in Europe. US pressing of this EP was mastered by George horn with heavy weight vinyl in pocket Sleeve with Insert. European pressing on LA FAMILIA. Members now play in HARDA TILDER and INSTITUTION. (Prank Records #139)

ICE NINE - Nobody's Son 7"
ICE NINE from Indianapolis, Indiana represented everything that was great about resurgent extreme hardcore of the 1990's- a experimental willingness to throw anything against the wall to make it's point, incorporating the straight forward attack of 80's hardcore but pulverizing formula through burly Low end down beat, intensely Frenetic drumming, swirling guitar leads and the fragmentary Midwest stop and start twists. A Uniquely original band like their contemporaries HIS HERO IS GONE, IN/HUMANITY, END OF THE CENTURY PARTY and with a sound way ahead of the same stop-melody-start-grind that became popular in the late nineties/early 00's by half a decade, Prank was originally slated to release an LP by ICE NINE in1996, but the band broke up before it was recorded. Band members went on to play in TIME IN MALTA, BURN IT DOWN, MAHJAS, THE PROBLEMATICS, YOU WILL DIE and THE DREAM IS DEAD. A successful CD collection of ICE NINE's material from the Bovine, Ebullition, Rhetoric labels was released on Happy Couples Never Last in 2004 and in 2009, the band reunited with all original members to play Indianapolis's DUDEFEST. The response was so phenomenal ICE NINE wrote three new tracks that pick up right where they left off. Mastered by George horn with a cover by Bob Peele. ICE NINE are currently writing a new album for Prank in 2010. (Prank Records #111)

An evolution of the band ANTISCHISM, but far more moody and intense. INITIAL STATE combined tribal rhythms and blasting thrash beats, layered with guitar caked in feedback and noise to produce a inimitable hardcore explosion. Trade-offs of male and female vocals offering hope, scowling condemnation and pledging resistance with the political intent and weight of ANTISCHISM even further intensified. Re-mastered from its original 1994 release on Clearview Records. (Prank Records #25)

An evolution of the band ANTISCHISM, but far more moody and intense. INITIAL STATE combined tribal rhythms and blasting thrash beats, layered with guitar caked in feedback and noise to produce a inimitable hardcore explosion. Trade-offs of male and female vocals offering hope, scowling condemnation and pledging resistance with the political intent and weight of ANTISCHISM even further intensified. Re-mastered from its original 1994 release on Clearview Records. (Prank Records #25)

IRON LUNG - White Glove Test CDx2
"White Glove Test" is the third studio album by Seattle-San Francisco power violence duo IRON LUNG, and a follow up to 2007's "Sexless, No Sex". A claustrophobic, paranoid attack of water tight Stop-start intense hardcore hammered between crushing sludge bits mixed with hardcore pummel. Artwork by FEEDING. Recorded at Earhammer Studios over summer 2012, the deluxe CDx2 version includes the White GLove Test album and the companion "Finds More Filth" Noise album, which can be played independently or simultaneously with the hardcore record. IRON LUNG are currently on an extensive North American tour and have extensively toured in four of the seven continents multiple times since 2001. Limited edition of 1,000. (Prank Records #138 CD)

MERDOSO - In Silence 7"
A riff-laden attack of D-beat hardcore from San Francisco's MERDOSO, this three song debut builds on sturdy, straight ahead rushing guitars and solid drumming. Using the repetitive nature of D-Beat as it's Strength, Longer, measured doses of the rumbling, sturdy drum attack, scowling vocals and the unrelenting volley of brutally crude guitar riffage give this EP and unique, dark mood. The recording enhances the EP's enigmatic sound, an echoey quality similar to 80's European hardcore EP's but recorded by Jeff Leppard (VOETSEK, ACEPHALIX) at San Francisco's Lennon Studios, balances out with the crispness of a modern recording. Features former members of PELIGRO SOCIAL, ACEPHALIX and STORMCROW. (Prank Records #119)

MORPHEME - s/t 7" EP
Six tracks of rampaging noise! Torrential waves of guitar distortion blast as vocals shout and swirl through the burning chaos, fueled by rapid fire drumming and thundering bass charges. This San Francisco band makes an explosive combination of Japanese-styled noisy hardcore (KURO, GAI, CONFUSE, DISCLOSE) and heavy early 80's Finnish Hardcore influences - ( KAAOS, BASTARDS, KANSAN UUTISET ), with lyrics sung entirely in Japanese by a Tokyo Transplant and Japanese- American. MORPHEME's debut solo release after a quickly sold out demo tape and recently released a split 7" EP with Nagoya Japan's DCLONE, Recorded by Greg Wilkinson at Ear Hammer studios in Oakland, it captures the bands wild live delayed vocal effects and distorted attack. Comes in a hard pocket sleeve with an insert. (Prank Records #106)

N.O.T.A. - Live At The Crystal... CD
Blasts of melodic energy, swaggered with distortion and noise, thrashed out at top speed. An intense tremor of the hardcore punk explosion, crash landing into a Tulsa, Oklahoma Cowboy bar in 1983 on "Punk Night". No nonsense, straight-forward hardcore punk rock, soaked and steeped in enough rock and '77 catchy punk to surface hooks, choruses and melody amidst the blur. Recorded live in 1983, this was originally released as NONE OF THE ABOVE ( N.O.T.A.)'s demo tape. (Prank Records #42)

NO STATIK - Everywhere You Aren't Looking LP
A chaotic Swirl Blasting at extreme velocity, the San Francisco Bay Area's NO STATIK's debut 10 -song LP is a torrent of rapid fire drum attack, Searing guitar leads and harsh vocals. NO STATIK 's Sound draws from the Fast, Chaotic hardcore sound of the 1990's as the band's long pedigree maps DIY hardcore scene of the last two decades- Members previously played in SCROTUM GRINDER, MOMENTO MORI, IMPETUS INTER, LOOK BACK AND LAUGH, DESTROY!, ARTIMUS PYLE, WHAT HAPPENS NEXT?, END OF THE CENTURY PARTY, MURDER SUICIDE-PACT, JUD JUD, FUCKFACE, CONQUEST FOR DEATH, SCHOLASTIC DETH, but combines diverse elements of all those past, present and future sounds to ignite another level of Sonic Mayhem. Bleak lyrics frame this outing, as the single track A-Side has the band again experimenting... with Ambient near Horror Movie Soundtrack type eerieness. Recorded at Earhammer and Mastered at George Horn. NO STATIK is on tour in the Southwest and West Coast In May and June. (Prank Records #133)

NO STATIK - We All Die In The End LP
Raging hardcore from the SF Bay area, NO STATIK's Debut 12" takes a straight forward 80's hardcore charge and detonates it with bursts of chaotic 90's hardcore rapid fire drumming, leaving Guitar leads sear and squeal out of the chaos as brutal vocals dredged and nail down dark, pointed lyrics. Six inventive blasts of thick, stop, start and rampage are on the A-side and the B-side is the title track, an experimental track that weaves the band's hardcore attack in and out of an ambient and rhythmic soundscape. Vocalist Ruby was previously in MOMENTO MORI and SCROTUM GRINDER. Guitarist Mark was in LOOK BACK AND LAUGH and DESTROY!. Drummer B was in SCHOLASTIC DETH and END OF THE CENTURY PARTY. Bassist Robert was in ARTIMUS PYLE, WHAT HAPPENS NEXT? and is in CONQUEST FOR DEATH. The band previously released a debut 7" on IRON LUNG RECORDS, which sold through two pressings in a matter of weeks. A portion of the distribution copies are available on Opaque brown vinyl for a "stores only" color. (Prank Records #118)

Collecting PAINTBOX's four 7" releases- their debut 7" EP, "DOOR / PROVIDED RAILROAD" 7", "CRY OF THE SHEEPS" and "BACK REPORTER" FLEXI with tracks from tribute records to both POISON IDEA and JAPANESE legend GHOUL, "RELICTS" is as much of an overview of PAINTBOX progression as a litmus of their insane skill at combining diverse music ideas within the framework of "Burning Spirits" styled hardcore. Licensed from and available In Japan from HG Fact. (Prank Records #104)

PAINTBOX - Trip, Trance & Travelling LPx2
Gatefold, heavy weight sleeve. The Third LP from Tokyo's PAINTBOX was almost ten years in the making is finally available on Vinyl. Combing the ferocity of Japanese hardcore with influences from across the music spectrum-Classic rock, J-Pop, Psychedelia and more- this double LP is an almost 70 minute journey through a myriad of emotions and Sound scapes that stretches the concept of a hardcore LP to it's limit in a way only Japanese legends PAINTBOX could. Comes in a heavy weight tip-on Stoughton sleeve with fold out lyric sheet with English lyric translations. Licensed from and available in Japan from HG Fact. (Prank Records #105)

PESD - Politikarepoizonekurvae LP
Orange vinyl while supplies last! Powerfully colliding stripped down hardcore with an updated version of the offbeat cold wave/new wave fusion of classic 80's Polish punk, PESD (Post Extreme Stress Disorder) pull no punches in harsh vocal attack, pounding rhythms and searing hook-laden rockin' hardcore riffs. The fast tracks tear with inventiveness and all-out furor of the best of international hardcore records, then keyboards and early industrial sound effects come out in the mid tempo songs to cast the record in a dark, near-gothic light, still retaining the aggressive urgency and mood. An inventive and powerful collaboration project between the guitarist of Poland's Legendary POST REGIMENT and the singer of the equally legendary TRAGEDIA, "Politikarepoizonekurvae" was originally released in 2005 on CD on Poland's Trujaca Fala label. This was so glued to the Prank Record's office stereo and is one of our absolute favorite records of the last few years, we decided to press it stateside. The U.S. version has been re-mastered at Fantasy by George Horn and comes in deluxe packaging. Limited to 1,000 copies with 500 on Orange vinyl. (Prank Records #82)

REALITY CRISIS - Not Bound By The Past We Live In The Present LP
Explosive hardcore from Nagoya, Japan REALITY CRISIS take harsh dual vocals that ho, screamed, shout, and powerfully punch atop bombastic hardcore, fuel it with titanic pounding build ups and blast everything into raging hardcore songs that strike an intensely pointed balance between straight forward thrashing and a descent into noisy Chaos. This new LP features re-recordings of older tracks from the band's various deleted EP's and compilation tracks, completely re-recorded and re-mastered by the band's current line up. Their third Domestic US Release in addition to an appearance on Prank's US press of the "Nagoya City Hardcore" Compilation LP, REALITY CRISIS returned to the US for their second time recently and first appearance at Austin's Chaos in Tejas Festival. Split release with Japan's MCR label. (Prank Records #132)

REPLICA - Beast 7"
Blasting urgency with the song-driven edge of early 80's so-cal hardcore mixed at top speed with the brash edges of 90's East Bay punk, this second EP on Prank by Oakland's REPLICA features six tracks of powerful hardcore underlined with undeniable catchiness. Fueled by lighting-quick drumming, pummeling bass lines, ripping riffs, and snarling vocals, "BEAST EP" was recorded at the end of the tour they did last year with Japan's COMPLETED EXPOSITION and it features songs that have long been staples of the band's live set. The EP was recorded at Earhammer by Greg Wilkinson and features a deluxe cover with multiple illustrations by local artist Jon Carling. REPLICA are on tour the East Coast now. Includes download code. (Prank Records #145)

REPLICA - s/t 7"
The debut 7" EP From the San Francisco Bay Area's REPLICA is fueled by searing guitar, fast blasting drum beats, sturdy tough bass lines and brash, raw vocals. Five tracks that thread many different hardcore influences and sounds - from the metallic thrash and high energy of current Brazillian Hardcore to a raw straight forward punk attack like early LA proto-hardcore or east bay punk to the wild unpredictability of 90's thrash, to make a unique whole. Members from DUCK AND COVER, INFECT, NO STATIK , these tracks were recorded in 2012 at THe Dutch Oven by craigums and mastered at George Horn Mastering. REPLICA are a scene constant in the local bay area and will appear at this Year's CHAOS IN TEJAS festival. Thick vinyl, folderver sleeve and First press comes with a Vinyl sticker. (Prank Records #141)

Unrelenting! Explosively powerful creative thrash marked with tough metallic breakdowns, floor-punching chunka-chunka, and raucous female vocals. Speeding hardcore filled with abrasive twists and turns, violent vocal trade offs and dark and thoughtful lyrics. SCROTUM GRINDER is composed of members of the bands HANKSHAW (though they sounds nothing alike), FAILURE FACE, along with Steve Kosiba, who was in Misery Index-era ASSUCK and lead vocalist, Michelle who is a punk rock crowd-leaping terror and later sang in MOMENTO MORI! By no means a repeat of past bands or sounds, this tears with inventiveness and imagination while still keeping even keel with a destructive hardcore path, an apocalyptic dark ride with lyrical hope and inspiration as a guide... and yes, Prank knows the band name is terrible! (Prank Records #44)

SIGNAL LOST - Children Of The Wasteland LP/CD
Repressed on white vinyl! Signal Lost brandishes a raw guitar attack and passionate female vocals, playing catchy mid-tempo hardcore punk rock with heavy emphasis on songs as opposed to over the top thrash bludgeoning. Blending the moodiness of '80s UK peace-punk like The Mob and Zounds, with the anthemic qualitities of Polish Punk like Dezerter and Post Regiment, and the punchy yet tuneful aggression of Articles Of Faith and Proletariat, Signal Lost carries the rich legacy of Texas punk a step further with a sound that riffs off of familiar elements but has it's own distinct identity. (Prank 068)

SIGNAL LOST - Prosthetic Screams LP/CD
Austin, Texas's SIGNAL LOST second LP and sophomore release "Prosthetic Screams" combines a WIPERS-styled guitar moodiness, AVENGERS-esque sung female vocals, an on-point rhythm section, altogether echoing everything from mid-period TSOL, classic 80's New Wave, UK peace punk and at the same time reveling in the same dark outlook and spirit akin to most stuff on the Prank Label. Jokingly and now seemingly stuck with the tag "Dance music for Old Punks", it's a mark of the infectious nature of SIGNAL LOST's songs, and this LP is the strongest definition of the band yet, with widely marked progression within ten varied tracks, ranging from almost radio friendly pop punk to all out hardcore ragers to moody mid tempo tracks with surf-ish guitar. Recorded last year at the Bubble in Austin mastered by Jerry Tubbs at Terra Nova and featuring art work from Austin artist Win Wallace, SIGNAL LOST features members of DEATHREAT, BALANCE OF TERROR, SEVERED HEAD OF STATE and J-CHURCH...... Sounds like none of those bands with their own unique bent, but just as great! (Prank Records #86)

SIGNAL LOST - You'll Never Get Us Down Again 7"
Austin, Texas's SIGNAL LOST's second records follows their debut LP in an inventive mix of melodic guitars, impassioned Female vocals, and mid-tempo hardcore-edged punk rock with a hint of garage, new wave and '77 punk. These four diverse tracks-from a melodic mid-tempo charger to a the bands fastest, most hardcore material are the debut of new drummer Chris, who previously was in SEVERED HEAD OF STATE and is currently also in J-CHURCH. Guitarist Stan, who was previously in BALANCE OF TERROR and DEATHREAT, produced and recorded this stripped down recording which highlights his raw HUSKER DU-ish guitar sound. SIGNAL LOST are currently in Europe and since their debut LP in June of 2004 have criss crossed the US multiple times, hitting major DIY punk festivals and touring with Japanese band HAMMER, and are currently on tour in Europe. (Prank #77)

SIGNAL LOST/PROTESS - split 7" (no export to Japan)
Explosive 4 track Split EP between two female vocalled hardcore bands, Sapporo, Japan's PROTESS and Austin, Texas's SIGNAL LOST. PROTESS have existed for ten years with various tracks released on venerable Japanese hardcore labels such as DAN DOH and MCR. This is their first release in three years and first US release, mixing a furious hardcore attack with long compositions of textured, expansive melodies. SIGNAL LOST, featuring members of bands as diverse as J-CHURCH, SEVERED HEAD OF STATE, TERROR MANAGEMENT THEORY and DEATHREAT, deliver their fastest hardcore blasting yet, followed by one of their trademark unique anthems similar to the tracks on their 2007 " Prosthetic Screams" LP somewhere vaguely in the direction of bleak 80"s New Wave, post punk and dark-edged rock like the WIPERS yet forging it's own path. Artwork by Lydia Crumbley who did the artwork for SIGNAL LOST's debut LP "Children of the wasteland". Split release with Japanese Label HG FACT. One time pressing of 1,000. (Prank Records #94)

SLANG - Devastation in The Void LP
Slang's "Devastation In The Void" is the legendary Sapporo Japan's band's 7th album, an 11 song destructive mix of pummeling Japanese hardcore, pounding New York hardcore breakdowns and metallic thrashing with political lyrics. A more direct album than their previous Prank releases, it's still sunk deep with heavy riffage, hard vocal attack and crushing rhythms. Comes in a thick sleeve with a 11" x 22" color insert with lyrics in Japanese and English. First pressing limited to 512 copies. (Prank Records #146)

SLANG - Glory Outshines Doom LP
Sapporo, Japan's SLANG 6th's LP may be the most definitive expressions of the bands long Journey as part of and evolution within the History of Japanese hardcore. Starting in the late 1980's a classic sounding Japanese hardcore band, SLANG's sound became heavily influenced in the 1990's by NYHC like AGNOSTIC FRONT, MADBALL and slower breakdowns as a means for impact, In the 00's the band embraced more metallic influences and slowly began to seam all of it together,: the tough, growling vocals, the slow, crushing breakdowns, raging guitar leads, lightening fast hardcore charge. Their Previous two albums " The Immortal Sin" and " Life Made Me hardcore" began the road to this, but " Glory Outshines Doom" goes to another level of combining all these elements to create an intense, dark, completely and totally brutal record, crashing barriers between Punk, Metal and hardcore. Issued on CD by the PIZZA OF DEATH LP, this is it's first appearance on vinyl and comes in a heavy weight sleeve with full color inner sleeve and labels. (Prank Records #140)

SLANG - Life Made Me Hardcore LP
Heavy Weight Gatefold Sleeve and Poster. Intense hardcore from Sapporo, Japan, SLANG combines the Manic energy of the best of Japanese hardcore, a hint of the tough edge of early East Coast hardcore, blasting D-beat and crushing metallic riffs. Their fifth album since 1988, "Life Made Me Hardcore" is a crushing follow up to their 2008 LP "The Immortal Sin" that was released on Canada's Schizophrenic Records. Twelve tracks with absolutely searing riffs and highlighting vocalist KO's harsh gutteral vocal attack. SLANG toured the U.S. for the first time in 2010, performing at Austin's Chaos in Tejas Festival and across the eastern half of the U.S. with MIND ERASER and WORLD BURNS TO DEATH. The U.S. version of this release features exclusive artwork by the legendary classic rock artist Joe Petagno (Motorhead) and is housed in a deluxe stoughton gatefold and comes with a large 2-sided poster / lyric insert. Released in Europe by Hardware Records, Germany. First press of 560 on Red Vinyl. (Prank Records #117)

SMASH DETOX - s/t 7"
A remarkable cross border collaboration, SMASH DETOX is ISHIYA ( FORWARD), SOUICHI (FORWARD), MUKAI ( JUDGEMENT), ZAC ( WORLD BURNS TO DEATH,) IIZAWA ( TETSU AREI ) and ANDREA.Two powerful songs - "Shanguri-La" and " Like water" that take elements of the intense hardcore sounds of each of their classic Japanese and American Hardcore bands, but combined to a new and unique whole. Created with intense focus and effort, this recalls many of the classic definitive HG FACT two track EP's that defined the Tokyo punk sound of the late 90's and early 00's, but also has the unmistakable mark of Texas Powerhouse hardcore. Initially recorded and mixed at Toyko's OUR HOUSE studio, Guest Vocal by JACK CONTROL (WORLD BURNS TO DEATH). Split release with HG FACT, so no export to Japan. (Prank Records #120)

SMASH YOUR FACE - Loose Times... 7"
Yokohama, Japan's SMASH YOUR FACE's brings a "dirty, nasty, fuckin' high energy" mixture of early LA punk (a la GERMS, BLACK FLAG, CIRCLE JERKS, THE DWARVES, THE STOOGES) and early Japanese hardcore such as LIPCREAM. Garage-edged hardcore. Three songs. (Prank Records #29)

Debut EP by Stockholm's Sunday Morning Einsteins, repressed on red vinyl in a limited edition of 500 for their summer European tour with Iron Lung. Steeped in Swedish hardcore tradition chiseled out of the Discharge "wall of guitar" sound, but as the band name suggests are a bit more than your average DIS band. Featuring the guitarist from Sweden's Legendary Svart Snö, this takes off somewhere near their seminal Smock and Roll LP of hyper, fast-paced creative hardcore but cranks the Anti-Cimex knob way in the red with an aggressive, blasting, straight-forward attack and virulent shouts. This debut is what a hardcore 7" should be-short, fast, and loud! (Prank Records #53)

Charging Swedish punk attack, burning guitars and sore throats, cracked cymbals and worn out DISCHARGE records, Kangnave (pronounced SCHANG-NAA-VEH, meaning Crust Fist) is the second full length album by Stockholm's humor laced SUNDAY MORNING EINSTEINS. Full tilt hardcore with a wickedly bent sense of humor, SUNDAY MORNING EINSTEINS previously released an LP on Minneapolis Sin Fronterias label and a 7" (Svensk Mangel EP) on Prank. This LP follows the Prank EP in a double-time hardcore assault and/or salute on/to the beer sodden crusties who, at peak moments carefully holding a can of beer in one hand, raise the other hand in the Kangnave CRUST FIST!!!! Okay, these guys might be kidding, but that's what they told Prank the concept was. Chalk it up to translation of Swedish humor and a band made up of members of legendary hardcore bands WOLF BRIGADE and SVART SNO not afraid to do a piss-take, at least lyrically, on their own scene. Musically it's up there with the best of detonating hardcore powerhouses, riffing with the complexity and overdrive of SVART SNO, but explosive in its own direction. (Prank Records #67)

SVART SNO - Smock'n'Roll LP
Since the mid-'80's, Sweden's SVART SNO (Black Snow) have delivered some of the strongest hardcore noise in the classic and renown style of their home country. Keying the DISCHARGE wall of guitar to their own needs, amidst the hoarse shouts, wall of guitar, and pounding rhythms doled out with manic fervor, SVART SNO fall along a more complex, melodic path. Fourteen songs with thoughtful lyrics translated into English; originally released on CD- only by Beat Butchers Records. Guitarist Peter currently plays in SUNDAY MORNING EINSTEINS. (Prank Records #18)

TALK IS POISON - Condensed Humanity: The Prank Ep's LP
Out of print for half a decade, the 7" EP's recorded by Oakland's TALK IS POISON have become cult legend among hardcore collectors and fans, pegged as a "modern Classic" by the FLEX punk discography, cited as an influence on many bands that followed them since their brief existence in the late 1990's. A combination of a straight ahead hardcore attack (William harris from Memphis's now legendary COPOUT), dark edged, Bass driven East Bay hardcore (Brian Stern, member of DEAD AND GONE and currently in LOOK BACK AND LAUGH and CALIFORNIA LOVE), pounding, rock solid drumming (Jim Nastique of BLACK FORK, THE PATTERN) and heavy low end dark pummeling (Grant Kasten, of ANIMAL FARM, LIVING UNDER LIES, OJOROJO, COLDBRINGER) TALK IS POISON released 17 tracks on two 7" EP's ( "Straight to Hell" , " Control") and a split 7" with Memphis's DEATHREAT all of which are collected here in a powerful re-mastered version from the original tapes. Innovative lyrically as well as musically, delivered with the stead fast earnestness of the best of hardcore bands. At the Prank HQ, we feel hands down this is one of the best things we've ever released in almost 100 records, easily holding it's own against any of the great hardcore greats past and present, and are proud to finally have it back in circulation. This will be released later in the year on CD with additional live recording, photos and video. (Prank Records #90)

Rampaging D-beat hardcore punk, Stockholm's TOTALITAR are one of the longest running and most renowned classic Swedish hardcore bands from the 1980's, with almost twenty releases since their beginnings in 1985. Respected for their challenging political lyrics, Integrity and continual inventive spins on a brutal and straightforward formula of rock-driven, blasting hardcore. After a series of Farewell shows in Sweden and in the U.S. in 2003, TOTALITAR decided to do one final recording and album - "VI AR ELITEN" (We are the Elite) which features 17 Tracks. A combustive steamroller of their trademark desperate angry vocals, pounding rhythm section and searing guitar leads, their third full length album is one of their finest. Mastered at Fantasy Studios. (Prank Records #81)

WORD SALAD - Death March 2000 CD
A total eardrum detonation, hyperactive hardcore force. WORD SALAD present a frantic explosion of spastic metallic hardcore, boiling with off time oddball complexity reminiscent of ACCUSED or SEPTIC DEATH or any of the late '80's "speedcore" greats. Ten tracks of frustration and anger and the darker moments of incomprehension in those feelings, this is not one for the timid. Recorded by Dan Rathbun at Polymorph Studios in Oakland, the CD includes their two Prank 7's, plus an extra track. (Prank Records #26)

WORD SALAD - Electric Funeral7"
The spastic blurring thrash attack of Albuquerque's Word Salad slows down to deliver a punishing version of Black Sabbath's "Electric Funeral." True to form in heaviness and grit, their version takes its own bent with their trademark abrasive vocal tradeoffs. Side B is three new charging thrashers. (Prank Records #21)

WORD SALAD - Specimen 7"
Blistering all-out hardcore, tempered with pulverizing metallic sound. A whirling speeding mass of snapping drums, powerful riffs and volatile vocal trade off between all four members. Point-blank, to-the-point lyrics, painting a picture of complete devastation. Comes packaged in a sick 20"x20" poster painted by guitarist Leo Gonzales. Six songs. (Prank Records #12)

Metallic Punk hammered out with raw hardcore fury, World Burn's To Death's "Cease to Exist" is the companion piece to their recent "Totalitarian Sodomy" LP. Combining the Audio from the LP with additional sounds and syncing it with live video from their appearance and performance of the LP tracks at the 924 Gilman prank records ten year anniversary show in 2005 as well as Texas live shows. Shot with multiple Camera angles and extensively edited and altered over the last two years. The live footage is combined with collage and found elements. The DVD further underlines the stark and brutal vision of the bands lyrics, with a visual aesthetic akin to the early 80's uk industrial scene, ala' Whitehouse, Nurse With Wound, etc... as well as the bombastic "energy of classic punk videos... it is gritty, grainy, kinetic, monochromatic, and sure to leave a lasting impression seared into one's psyche. "Totalitarian Sodomy" was a stark treatise on the sensless repetition of historical genocide, and with that, this DVD is not for the weak stomached. Always pushing barriers with their outlandish and severe record covers this visually falls in line artistically on that point. The DVD is initially limited to 1,000 copies in a deluxe hard bound leathette DVD case with foil stamped exterior. (Prank Records #89 DVD)

WORLD BURNS TO DEATH - The Graveyard Of Utopia LP/CD
Heavy weight LP sleeves + 12 page booklet. Eight track raging Attack of absolute hardcore... with searing guitars, a thundering and rapid fire drum pound, and harsh vocals spitting forth a brutal vision. This third LP from Austin, Texas's WORLD BURNS TO DEATH further evolves and refines their trademark sound as dark, ramcharging ultra-punk comes full circle... Here is the speed and severity of their debut 45's and the refinement, heaviness and precision of their two previous landmark albums on Hardcore Holocaust Records. "The Graveyard Of Utopia", was tracked initially in Tokyo, Japan after the WB2D 2007 Japanese tour at the legendary OUR HOUSE studios (Where a majority of the classic Tokyo hardcore records have been recorded since the 1980's) with final recording tweaks and mixing done at THE BUBBLE in Austin (who have recorded everything from BUILT TO SPILL and THE MEAT PUPPETS, to SIGNAL LOST's 'Prosthetic Screams"). The result is the band's strongest offering to date. Studio time in Tokyo allowed for guest appearances from luminaries from the Japanese Punk scene- with backing vocals on from Ishiya FORWARD and Iizawa BASTARD/JUDGEMENT as well as guest guitar solos from Souichi FORWARD and Keiro AKUTARE and Chelsea DEATHSIDE/PAINTBOX. Studio Time in Austin allowed for backing vocals from Ashley SIGNAL LOST. While WB2D's lyrics have always been caged in historical reference, the theme of this LP is rooted in the Failures, Disasters and Massacres of the Soviet State Apparatus. (Prank Records #99)

WORLD BURNS TO DEATH - Human Meat... 7"
Blasting thrash ferocity out of Austin, Texas, WORLD BURNS TO DEATH are a vicious band featuring members of SEVERED HEAD OF STATE and SCORCHED EARTH POLICY. Ram-charging a raw Japanese punk influenced sound, an intense punk declaration against the insanity of war. (Prank Records #52)

Limited red vinyl copies for stores and distro only are limited to 650. Marking the 2010 summer U.S. tour of Austin, Texas's WORLD BURNS TO DEATH and Sapporo, Japan's veteran hardcore band SLANG, this EP combines two guitar driven blasts of hardcore fury. SLANG have existed for over twenty years evolving between classic Japanese fast hardcore and downbeat NYHC influences, their track "Our Grey Earth" rampages on SLANG's own path, incorporating the evolution of influences into a fast assault of hardcore that winds to a devastating guitar driven breakdown. WORLD BURNS TO DEATH similarly continue to evolve from caustic bursts of corrosive thrashing to a tempered attack stitched by a melodic guitar riff and glued solid with torrential drum bashing, volatile guitar blasts and harsh vocals, ensuring their track "Babylon Endures" continues their trademark sheer intensity. (Prank Records #114)