Phyte Records

SPOTLIGHT: Phyte Records

This week we are taking a look at Phyte Records. Everything is being sold at a deep discount. Once things are gone they are gone forever. The classic Good Clean Fun CDs are still available for very cheap!

PHYTE (all items going out of print):
AFFRONT - Fallen Stars 7" $1.00
AFFRONT - People Who Live In Glass... CD $1.00
COUNTERVAIL - An Empty Hand For A Heart CD $1.00 (9 copies left)
DALTONIC - Radio On CD $1.00
ENDEAVOR - ...Of Equality 7" $1.00 (13 copies left)
GOOD CLEAN FUN - On The Streets... CD $3.00
GOOD CLEAN FUN - Straight Outta Hardcore CD $3.00
KILL THE MESSENGER - Five on Seven 7" $1.00 (11 copies left)
SOMMERSET - Fast Cars, Slow Guitars CD $1.00 (12 copies left)
THENCEFORWARD - From Within 7" $1.00 (8 copies left)
THENCEFORWARD - Winner 7" $1.00 (7 copies left)

AFFRONT - People Who Live In Glass Houses CD
Hailing from Washington, D.C. Affront put together their first full-length release. The music is hard and fast but with lots of melody and catchy elements. The songs are very melodic, but Affront never loses their fast aggressive attack. The energy level runsreally high, and the singing is shouted with plenty of sing-a-long parts and even the occasional 7 Seconds style oohh and ahhh chorus parts. Catchy. (Phyte Records #24)

Taking parts from punk, hardcore, and good ol' American rock and roll, Daltonic put together a melodic yet powerful record with emotional singing. Straight up rock. Straight up roll. Straight up Daltonic. (Phyte Records #21)

GOOD CLEAN FUN - On The Streets Saving The Scene... CD
Good Clean Fun's much anticipated new LP is now available on CD. On The Streets... features 11 tracks of fun and sarcastic youth crew hardcore that is influenced by Minor Threat and the Gorilla Biscuits. Good Clean Fun is all about solid hardcore, plenty of choruses, a healthy dose of melody, and having a good time; fun and energetic. (Phyte Records #20)

GOOD CLEAN FUN - Straight Outta Hardcore CD
Good Clean Fun are at it again with ten tracks of high energy straight edge hardcore designed to get the kids smiling and going nuts. Straight Outta Hardcore is serious, humorous, fun, and totally positive. Definitely putting the fun back into straight edge hardcore. They do a solid cover of Youth of Today's "No More" and generally just get the positive energy flowing. Positive go!! (Phyte Records #25)

SOMMERSET - Fast Cars, Slow Guitars CD
Hailing from New Zealand, Sommerset tear out thirteen tracks of fast melodic rockin' hardcore with plenty of melody and catchy vocals. In the same genera as Lifetime, or Daltonic. Poppy and upbeat. (Phyte Records #29)