Teamwork Records

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E-Mail: TeamworkNJ@aol.com
Web Site: www.teamwork.musicpage.com

Label Discography:

97A - Abandon Future picture disc 12"
97A - Better Off Dead 7"
97A - Society's Running On Empty CD
97A - Society's Running On Empty LP
CARRY ON - It's All Our Blood CD
CARRY ON - Roll With The Punches 7"
FULL SPEED AHEAD - Born & Bred 7"
PUSHED TOO FAR -Lost Time 7"
TIME FLIES - Can't Change The Past 7"
GROWING STRONGER - 7" comp with 97A, Floorpunch, Ensign, Atari, etc...

Release Discriptions:

CARRY ON - Roll With The Punches 7"
Carry On play explosive straight edge hardcore, and are probably one of the best Southern California straight edge bands currently playing live. Their sound is very powerful and hails back to the Chain of Strength days before mosh, metal, and wind mills took over. Their first 7" was on Young Blood Records and they also have a song on the new Memories of Tomorrow comilation LP. Has the edge gone dull? Not for Carry On. (Teamwork Records #11)

CARRY ON - It's All Our Blood CD
This CD includes both of their 7"s as well as some bonus tracks. The CD is a split release between Teamwork Records and Young Blood Records. (Teamwork Records #11)

97A - Society's Running On Empty LP & CD
Well, it's finally here, the long awaited new LP from 97A. A lot of great new songs on this one, along with a few rerecorded from the much desirable (and long out of print) Terror At WFMU live 7". Musically, everything showcased here is the same patented style and sound, albeit more powerful, and more brutal. Lyrically, the band is still unafraid to speak their mind, which is unique in the present day "follow the leader: hardcore scene. Bottom line, this is their best effort yet. Also, note that 97A's Abandoned Future LP has been repressed. (Teamwork #12)