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Records Available:
ATHRENODY - Crazed Development CD $2.50
B.U.S.H. - New American Century CD $2.00
COMMUNICATES - Restricted 7" $4.10
COMPLETED EXPOSITION - Structure, Space, Mankind LP (one sided) $7.90
CRUCIAL SECTION - Catch The Future LP $4.00
DISCARGA - Musica Pra Guerra CD $2.50
FEUD/PLAY/HALF THE BATTLE - 3 way split CD $7.00
FLIPOUT A.A - Flipout Song 7" (tour edition) $1.25
FLIPOUT A.A - Flipout Song CD $2.50
FLIPOUT A.A - Non Fiction 7" $1.25
GRAND INVINCIBLE - The Thrilling Sounds... 7" $0.75
HE WHO CORRUPTS - Ten Steps To Success CD $2.50
INFECT - discography CD $4.00
KUNGFU RICK - Fragments of The Past Time CDx2 $5.75
MACHINE GUN ROMANTICS - Everything So Far CD $2.50
NO TIME LEFT - 10" $2.00
PROCESS - The Kennedy Sessions CD $2.50
PSUDOKU - Planetarisk Sudoku LP $9.10
QUILL/I DON't CARE - split CD $2.50
S.F.N - Electric Fence LP $12.25
SECOND OPINION - Youth Revolt 7" $1.00
SECOND OPINION - Youth Revolt CD $2.50
SEEIN' RED/F.P.O. - split CD $2.50
SEVERE - Snitch Slaughter 7" $2.70
SLIGHT SLAPPERS - Ashita Hi Wa Mata... LP $4.00
SOCIETY OF FRIENDS - discography CD $2.50
SPAZZ - Crush Kill Destroy LP $7.50
SPAZZ - Dwarf Jester Rising LP $7.50
SPAZZ - La Revancha LP $7.50
STOCKHOLM SYNDROME - One Way Out 7" $2.45
SUFFERING MIND - Waste Farm LP $8.50
THREATENER - The Hammering... CD $2.50
UG MAN/CHARM - split LP $2.00
VOID BRINGER - 2018 cassette tape (Scene Support version) $5.00
BAY AREA THRASH III BALLISTC THRASH DETONATION- CD comp with In Disgust (6 tracks), Brutal Death (5 tracks), Rosenbombs (5 tracks), Suburban Death Camp (5 tracks), Beforeafter (4 tracks), Second Opinion (4 tracks), and No Dice (4 tracks) $2.50
CALIFORNIA THRASH DEMOLITION - CD comp with 67 songs... bands include Scholastic Deth, Look Back And Laugh, Funeral Shock, Uzi Suicide, Voetsek, Find Him And Kill Him, Destruction's End, Youth Riot, and tons more!! $2.50 EURO THRASH RETRIBUTION- CD comp with 25 bands and 48 tracks. Knifed, Let's Grow, Mihoen, See You In Hell, Pointing Finger, Mustang Project, Cinder, Burn All Flags, Disyouth Army, etc... $2.50

ATHRENODY - Crazed Development CD
Existing only for a short time in the early 90s, ATHRENODY, along with bands like IMMORTAL FATE, EXHUMED, GORYMELANOMA and COLOSTOMY created a foundation for the emerging Bay Area grind scene. Back then, rumors were floating around about a band from the South Bay that played a brutal style of grind/death metal not-unlike Harmony Corruption era NAPALM DEATH and/or TERRORIZER - turned out this band was ATHRENODY. They played a few shows, and before they split-up, they managed to get into House of Faith studios to record this full length. Unfortunately vocals were not added, until that is, Matt Harvey from EXHUMED stepped up to the plate in 2005. The result is this CD. (625 Productions #116 CD)

B.U.S.H. - New American Century CD
CD version. Featuring veterans of I SHOT CYRUS and a million other Sao Paulo based bands, BxUxSxH kick-down some WASTED YOUTH/JxFxA inspired '82 hardcore punk, mixed with 60's garage rock riffs and late 70's (post) punk influences - perfect blend of rawness, energy and tons of guitar licks. Small amount available in the US, so be sure to pick this up soon. (625 Productions #194 CD)

Now in CD jewel case. Also known as the EL BURRITO project. This is a repress of the infamous CD that happened to sell out within a few days late last year. BREAKFAST offer more of what they are known for - direct, original skate-thrash that take a lot of influences from early SST and ecclectic sources. STRUGGLE FOR PRIDE interject with a ferocious barrage of distortion laden-pummelage that have made them cult-legends in Tokyo. Tons of graphics, skate photos, etc....all from members of the international skate-contingent known as EL BURRITO. (625 Productions #171 CD)

COMMUNICATES - Restricted 7"
Total high-energy, fast Tokyo thrash with rockin hooks, anthemic choruses and high-speed to make you start a one-person circle-pit in your room the minute you drop the needle! Fans of both classic 1980s Japanese HC and more recent iterations will fucking love COMMUNICATES. They are the new breed of international thrash communication - breaking down borders and building communities through transnational circle pits. Button the collar of your flannel, chug your beer and get ready to fucking circle-pit with your sisters and brothers! We are in this together, and COMMUNICATES provides the high-speed soundtrack! Limited to 500. (625 Productions #258)

COMPLETED EXPOSITION - Structure, Space, Mankind LP (one sided)
20 songs of blasting Japanese power-violence, taking the genre to a new, almost metaphysical level. After honing their unique style of unrelenting fastcore on multiple EPs and Split EPs, Osaka's COMPLETED EXPOSITION drop 20 songs of crazed time changes at break-neck speeds. Gatefold cover with original artwork. To cite their motto: "Explore the Unlimited Possibility of Neo-Power Violence." A-fucking-men. Limited to 500 copies. (625 Productions #244)

CONQUEST FOR DEATH/FLIPOUT A.A. - split 7" (gatefold cover)
An international "thrashcore-fastcore-hardcore-core-core-punk-punk-annihilation" split 7" Ep, just in time for their tour together across Japan (Spring 2015). Japan's FLIPOUT A.A. drop five new tracks of their smoke-hazed ballistic Japanese thrash, matched by C.F.D, who deliver two new songs of crossover inspired fastcore. Both bands embody the spirit of international DIY thrash - hard hitting music delivered by some of the nicest people you will meet. (625 Production #254)

The long awaited follow up LP from Tokyo, Japan's own Crucial Section. Crucial Section continue what they are known for, manic but melodic high energy old school thrash that sounds like "Defiance of Power" era Ripcord. Positive lyrics, tons of flannels, and high-speed thrash! (625 Productions #156)

An international barrage of crossover thrash that lays waste to all! Venice Beach has emerged on the shores of Brazil in the form of BANDANOS, who kick down a mix between EXCEL with a dose of early ACCUSED - by far one of the best of the recent crossover thrash bands! DESTRUCTIONS END conjure the Bay Area thrash spirits for some circle-pitting, sweat-short wearing, wammy-bar laden, double-bass drenched thrash metal in the vein of DEATH ANGEL and VIO-LENCE. This CD requires that upon its first play, listener must chug beer, crush can on forehead, and start pit with friends in the nearest highschool parking lot. (625 Productions #195 CD)

DISCARGA - Musica Pra Guerra CD
The third-full length from these Brazilian thrashers. Discarga has been playing stripped-down, full-throttle political fastcore for over a decade now, and they still retain the original the speed, energy and anger from their earlier releases. 18 new songs of pissed-off HC not unlike LARM and MANLIFTINGBANNER. Limited copies are available from 625. (625 Productions #214)

FLIPOUT A.A. - Flipout Songs 7"
A vinyl pressing of the debut CD from Tokyo's FLIPOUT AxAx. 10 raging tracks of straight-forward Japanese hardcore/Thrash, reminiscent of the late-1980s. 1000mph thrash with guitar hooks, shouted choruses and good sense of humor. Pressed for their US West Coast tour in October 2013 with CONQUEST FOR DEATH. Limited to 300, on Halloween orange colored vinyl! (635 Productions #246)

FLIPOUT A.A. - Flipout Song CD
Ex-members of Tokyo thrashers LIE regroup and return to their roots of relentless high-speed Japanese thrashcore. 10 songs in 10 minutes - a barrage of pot-induced, ballistic Japanese thrash that will have you asking for more. (625 Productions #217)

FLIPOUT A.A. - Non Fiction 7"
Five brand new scorchers from Tokyo thrash unit FLIPOUT A.A.. Featuring ex-members of LIE, FLIPOUT A.A. invoke the roots of high-speed Japanese thrash-punk, reminiscent of late-1980s speedcore like DEADLESS MUSS and SxIxC, all infused with a healthy dose of ganja and beer. Full color artwork, limited to 500 copies - released just in time for their West Coast Tour with CONQUEST FOR DEATH in October 2013!!!! (625 Productions #247)

GRAND INVINCIBLE - The Thrilling Sounds... 7"
West Bay hardcore rap's grandmaster grimies, DJ Eons One and Luke Sick (aka GRAND INVINCIBLE) follow up their two full lengths by have teaming with SF's illest MCs (Agentstriknine, Eddie K, and Z-Man) to release this EP. A pre-cursor to a new full length, this limited EP contains two songs of raw rhymes, heavy drums fand gritty, cue-burn adorned samples with the b-side track featuring guest verses from the aforementioned artists.First pressing limited to 300 on virgin vinyl. (625 Productions #240)

HE WHO CORRUPTS - Ten Steps To Success CD
Finally available on both CD and LP. Crazy ass grindcore from some crazy ass Illinois kids. This is gonna have the larger metal labels quickly sending me offers to "buy out their contract." But as the He Who Corrupts artwork shows, these guys are dressed for success. Prepare to have a new one ripped. Description by Max 625. (625 Productions #119)

INFECT - Discography CD
INFECT blasted onto the scene in the late 1990s, delivery a powerful mix of politically charged lyrics, and fast, energetic thrashcore. Part of a new wave of fastcore/thrash/hardcore bands from Sao Paolo Brazil, INFECT staked their claims in a male-dominated scene, confronting social inequality with one of the best soundtracks ever. This CD collects everything this seminal all-female Brazilian HC/thrash band ever did. Eps, comps, splits, their superb full length LP plus demos and unreleased studio tracks. A must have. (625 Productions #209 CD)

Australia's INTERNAL ROT teams up with Wisconsin's MELLOW HARSHER to produce a slab of ear-splitting grindcore. No gimmicks, no fluff, just straight forward DIY blastcore that stays true to the spirit of the early 1990s. For fans of THE KILL, EXCRUCIATING TERROR or INSECT WARFARE. Limited to 700 copies. Watch for an Australian tour in 2016! (625 Productions #255)

KUNGFU RICK - Fragments Of The Past Time 2xCD Discography
Two CDs worth of insane blasting, ear crushing midwest grinding fastcore. At the time, these guys were compared to MORSER and other German grind units, but their over-the-top live shows, the intelligence of the lyrics, and above all, the brutality of their music, have gained them now cult status. This includes everything they did. Members went onto to HE WHO CORRUPTS, HIGH ON FIRE, SEVEN DAYS IN SAMSARA and OPTIMUS PRIME. (625 Productions #181 CD)

This collects the 625 debut EP, extra tracks from that session, their demo and a live show for a total of 35 tracks!! This band embodies the new breed of fastcore/power violence bands coming up now-a-days... fucking high energy fastcore from the lone star state. (625 Productions #129 CD)

Wisconsin role models, Mellow Harsher, return with seven more assaults on everything civil. Yet another testament to their established seat at the top of the midwest blast game. Invertebrate kick out five tracks furthering the history of bay area brutality. Nods towards the classic 90's power violence kings stitching samples and speed switchin in all directions. Co-released with Malokul; Limited to 500. (625 Productions Records #255.5)

No Time Left mix fast raw youth crew with straight up hardcore/punk elements... with some blazing guitar leads to boot. This follows up their debut EP on Third Party, but in my opinion this goes above and beyond their prior stuff. Members of every band that has ever come from Buffalo (They Live, Halfmast, Project Grizzly, etc) and the mulitple styles of prior bands as well as the attitude. Description by Max 625. (625 Productions #114)

THE PROCESS - The Kennedy Sessions CD
Pulverizing full-throttle HC from this UK unit composed of ex-SHANK members. Invoking the spirit of early RINGWORM, THE PROCESS reduce all to ash with a deadly mixture of speed, metallic brutality and induced mosh-mayhem. BRING OUT THE SLEDGEHAMMERS! (625 Productions #188 CD)

PSUDOKU - Planetarisk Sudoku LP
The second installment of Norway's psycho-space-grinders PSUDOKU. A mind-melting blend of ultra-tech grindcore constructed with influences of Zappa, Mahavishnu Orchestra and Captain Beefheart. Prepare to have your mind disintegrate into the cosmos. (625 Productions #250)

Dual assault of ballistic hardcore/fastcore from Japan. Quill has been around forever, playing high-speed power violence, while I Don't Care play quirky fast hardcore not unlike Sweden's I Quit. Limited quantities via 625. Available in Japan from Group Sounds/You Study Records. No export to Japan. (625 Productions #145 CD)

S.F.N - Electric Fence LP
This is the final release of Wisconsin brutality unit SxFxN, which includes six final tracks and collection of earlier recordings documenting their output since 2006. SxFxN was one of the few bands that took up the speed and fury of powerviolence, but did it with an originality and ferocity that was unmatched. Not unlike HATRED SURGE or IRON LUNG. Totally brutal and honest fast hardcore. One time pressing of 400 copies, with gatefold poster and download code. Includes six previously unreleased tracks, and remastered/rearranged songs from the Fouled Nest Demo, Itching 7", split with In Disgust, and the Terminal Sedation recording. (625 Productions #260)

SECOND OPINION - Youth Revolt 7"
Rad high energy thrash in the vein of LIFES HALT or DEAD NATION. Part of the new breed of young thrash bands coming up in the Bay Area. Vinyl limited to 500, with a CD version to follow. (625 Productions #172)

This CD collects their now sold-out 625 debut EP, their cassette released on Tank Crimes, plus extra and live tracks. Second Opinion has been around for over four years by the time of their debut releases, so they were had their shit down and were devastating Bay Area shows. Think ultra-fast high energy thrash in the vein of DOWN IN FLAMES, SCHOLASTIC DETH or even a faster NO JUSTICE. They have plans to hit the studio soon, so don't sleep. (625 Productions #172.5 CD)

SEEIN' RED/F.P.O. - Split CD
A combo of the new breed with the veterans. Hailing from Macedonia, FxPxO are some of the most dedicated dudes in international HC... constantly touring, trading, contacting people from all over the world. Their music reflects this dedication - fast hardcore thrash with unmatched amounts of energy, positivity and speed. SEEIN' RED need no introduction at this point - never wavering from their politics, SEEIN RED kick down more of what they (as both LARM and SEEIN' RED) have been doing for over 25 years - playing pissed off political punk/HC. (625 Productions #192)

SEVERE - Snitch Slaughter 7"
Limited to 500 copies, this captures the rawness and brutality of OH's SEVERE. Members of TUMOR FEAST and KxIxA team up to play some brutal blastcore. Watch for future releases - this is only the beginning. (625 Productions #198)

SLIGHT SLAPPERS - Ashita Hi Wa Mata Nobori Masuka? 12"
This is the original Tokyo, Japan Power Violence band, continuing their audio onslaught for over 16 years! They laid to waste the two Fiesta Grande festivals that they played in the state, continue to just destroy live shows across Japan. This is the long-awaited 2nd LP, and returns to their manic-thrash style of the classic "Change" Ep released on MCR in the early '90s. In English this new 12" is called "Will the Sun Shine on Me Again Tomorrow?" (625 Poroductions #187)

SxOxF was Texas's best kept secret in the mid-90s, situating themselves between the energy of early-90s hardcore/punk and the brutality of power violence - yet creating a sound that was uniquely their own. This CD collects all of their songs: the full-length LP, some tracks from 7" EPs and splits, and an unreleased recording of all their earlier tracks. Total brutality. Long live Austin progressive-violence. (625 Productions #121 CD)

SPAZZ - Crush Kill Destroy LP
The first in a series of vinyl represses of the long-sold out SPAZZ LPs. Here we got "Crush Kill Destroy," SPAZZ's swan-song recorded back in 1998 and released by Slap A Ham Records. Mastered from the original recording, this LP comes with a full color cover and poster insert. (625 Productions #229)

SPAZZ - Dwarf Jester Rising LP
The debut LP from SPAZZ originally released almost 20 years ago in 1994! The rarest of the SPAZZ LPs, "Dwarf" is SPAZZ's most stripped down and raw full length, re-mastered and re-released by 625 for all of the vinyl addicts out there. Multiple colored vinyls, limited to 1500 pressed. (625 Records #230)

SPAZZ - La Revancha LP
Next up in the series of legitimate SPAZZ releases is their "La Revancha" LP originally released on Sound Pollution in 1995. This LP marked a new point in SPAZZ's output - they had found their signature sound and tried to push this to its extreme. 20+ minutes of crazed Bay Area power violence with a CRYPTIC SLAUGHTER cover to boot. (625 Productions #228)

Debut of San Francisco distort-thrash, chock full of scenester goodness. Six songs of full throttle hardcore with no bullshit. Two years in the making, put out just in time for the band's demise. (625 Productions #135)

14 new tracks of anti-fascist, head-erupting blastcore from one of the most brutal grindcore bands in the world today. Poland's SUFFERING MIND have been refining their unique brand of unrelenting political grindcore with multiple 7" Eps and splits since their classic self-titled LP on 625 back in 2010. This LP confirms their status as one of the best grind bands of the new century. Limited to 500 copies, gatefold 12" cover. (625 Productions #253)

The combination of these two bands on one release is guaranteed to melt your face off. The legendary SUPPRESSION drop 19 bursts of noise-laden blasting violence, pushing their unique style of grinding thrash to the outer limits. This has to be heard to be believed; totally distilled brutality. Formulaic poser-violence bands prepare to get schooled in original mayhem. MELLOW HARSHER from Wisconsin refine their brand of West Bay influenced-pinch-harmonic grindcore to perfection, as if the spirits of AGENTS OF SATAN, LAUGHING DOG and THE KILL were channeled into the corn fields of Wisconsin. If you smoke it, they will grind. The icing on this cake is cover art by the legendary MORBID MARK, no fucking joke. Corelease between Mal Okul and 625. Limited to 500 copies; download card included for those who don't know what a cassette tape is. (625 Productions #257)

THREATENER - The Hammering... CD
A collection of all output by this 1000mph Michigan mayhem blast squad: EPs, Comps, Radio session plus extra tracks galore. Its pure mayhem, most songs :30 or less - a total audio assault on the senses. This CD is the true definition of blurcore. Easily one of the best fastcore bands from the past decade - kneel down and pray. (625 Productions #206 CD)

UG MAN are legendary Tokyo skate-core, featuring members of SPITFIRE, GODS GUTS among many others. Along with UG MAN is CHARM, who are one of the craziest Tokyo thrash mongers ever. Insane distortion, stand-up bass, crazy time changes... this is a pure blast of insanity. This is a limited vinyl pressing of 1000 copies in support of their American west coast tour in August 2006. (625 Productions #190)

VOID BRINGER - Cassette 2018 tape cassette (Scene Support 2019 version)
VOID BRINGER is a new, DIY power violence from Vermont, cultivated on raw maple syrup, rampant moose stampedes and the hatred of resurgent fascism. 9-songs of distilled anger, not unlike DESPISE YOU. Co-release between Get Stoked! and 625 Thrash. Limited to 100 copies. Scene Support version comes with a free copy of the BAY AREA THRASH III BALLISTC THRASH DETONATION- CD comp. (625 Productions #259/Get Stoked #30)

The much anticipated split between two of the Bay Area's best punk bands of recent years. Catchy yet pissed, melodic yet driven, both bands compliment each other's hook-laden anger. THE YOUNG OFFENDERS following up multiple EPs and split from the past few years with their best songs yet, while GIANT HAYSTACKS contribute their last and best studio recording. An instant classic - get it while you can. (625 Productions #219)

Brand new tracks from the new breed of thrashcore bands in the Bay Area. This time around we got: BRUTAL DEATH (5 tracks), SECOND OPINION (4 tracks), ROSENBOMBS (5 tracks), BEFORE/AFTER (4 tracks), INxDISGUST (6 tracks) and SUBURBAN DEATH CAMP (5 tracks) plus the long sold-out demo EP from NO DICE (4 tracks) as bonus tracks......all bands play high speed energetic thrash, showing that the Bay still holds its own in the fastcore front. (625 Productions #173 CD)

A 72 minute CD comp that not only compiles 18 NEW submission from all over California, but also contains all 3 of the now sold-out comp EPs that covered Socal and Norcal. Here is a complete list of bands including those bands who appeared on the EP versions and gave extra tracks for the CD: Broken Needle, Bloody Phoenix, Destructions End, Find Him And Kill Him (+extra tracks), Funeral Shock (+ extra tracks!), Giant Haystacks, Harry Balzagna And The Teenie Weenies (+extra tracks), Hostile Takeover, Hue & Cry, Love Songs, Our Turn (+Extra Tracks), Scurvy Dogs, Sedcond Opinion, Thievery, Walking Wreck, You're Next, Sharp Knife, Dystrophy, Voetsek, Scholastic Deth, Lab Rats, Elephant Man, Delta Force, Deadfall, Lights Out, Uzi Suicide, Brutal Death, Look Back And Laugh, Desolation, This Is My Fist, Case Of Emergency, Low Threat Profile, Out Of Vogue, Youth Riot, Burn Your Bridges, Hit Me Back And Apathetic Youth. Holy shit man... Cali is fucking ON FIRE! (625 Productions #139)

A barrage of current high-speed hardcore, grindcore and punk bands from all over Europe, including: KNIFED, CINDER, FxPxO, BIZARRE X, DESTROYER, INFANTICIDE, POINTING FINGER, MIHOEN, SEE YOU IN HELL, BURN ALL FLAGS, CHOICE OF MY OWN, DISYOUTH ARMY, DISSCAP, EARTH TODAY, FLAME STILL BURNS, JOHN DEERE, LAHAR, LET'S GROW, MUSTANG REPORT, PANACEJA, SECOND THOUGHT, SIKA, STEP ON IT, TEKKEN, and VIOLENT PACIFICATION. A solid sampling of various scenes from Macedonia to Sweden, from Czech Republic to England. Comes in a digipak cover with fold-out insert. (625 Productions #145 CD)