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SPOTLIGHT: Deep Six Records

Sure, we did a spotlight on Deep Six a few weeks ago, but we had to revisit Deep Six once again as they have just now releases the Neanderthal discography which is litereally the origin of all Powerviolence! Deep Six offers up powerviolence and thrash to blow out your ears!

DEEP SIX RECORDS (new this week)
NEANDERTHAL - A History of Violence LP $11.75

LEDGE/DISROTTED - split LP $10.25
REPROACH - Desperate Shittown 7" $3.50
TERMINAL NATION - Absolute 7" $4.95

DEEP SIX RECORDS (back catalog)
AFGRUND - The Age of Dumb LP $7.50
BASTARD NOISE - A Culture of Monsters CD $6.05
BASTARD NOISE - A Culture of Monsters LP $8.00
BASTARD NOISE - Skulldozer CD $5.25
BASTARD NOISE - Skulldozer LP $8.50
BASTARD NOISE - The Progression of Sickness 10" $5.25
CALLOUS - Demo 2010 7" $3.50
CALLOUS - Fucking Useless 7" $3.50
COLD WAR - Bloody Nights 7" $2.65
COLD WAR - Fast Berlin Hardcore CD $6.25
COLD WAR/VOETSEK - split 7" $2.65
CRIPPLE BASTARDS - Variante Alla Morte CD $6.75
D.I.S. - Becoming Wrath LP $7.50
D.I.S. - Critical Failure LP $6.25
EXIT UNIT - s/t 7" $5.80
EXTORTION - Control 7" $3.00
EXTORTION - Degenerate CD $6.25
EXTORTION - Degenerate LP $7.50
EXTORTION - Loose Screws 10" $7.50
EXTREME NOISE TERROR - Law of Retaliation CD $6.25
FAST ASLEEP - Outside The Fence 7" $3.25
FAST ASLEEP - s/t LP $7.50
FETUS EATERS - Manticore LP $7.50
FRACTURED - Delapidated 7" $3.50
FUCK YOU PAY ME - Public Disgrace LP $8.50
FUCKED UP/HAYMAKER - split 7" $3.00
GOD'S AMERICA - Merge With The Inifinte LP $9.75
HAWG JAW - Believe Nothing LP $4.50
HIRAX - Assassins Of War CD $6.25
HIRAX - Barrage of Noise CD $5.50
HIRAX - Blasted In Bangkok 10" $3.00
HIRAX - El Rostero De La Muerte CD $6.25
HIRAX - Not Dead Yet CD $6.00
HIRAX - The New Age of Terror CD $6.00
HIRAX - Thrash And Destroy DVD w/CD $5.00
HIRAX - Thrash And Destroy LPx2 $6.75
HIRAX/F.K.U - split 7" $2.65
HUMMINGBIRD OF DEATH - Skullvalance LP $7.50
JENNY PICCOLO/SU19B - split 7" $2.00
LACK OF INTEREST - Trapped Inside LP $8.50
LANDMINE MARATHON - Rusted Eyes Awake LP $7.50
LANDMINE MARATHON - s/t 7" $3.00
LANDMINE MARATHON - Sovereign Descent LP $7.30
LIFESPITE - s/t 7" $4.95
LOOKING FOR AN ANSWER - Split The... CD $6.25
LOW THREAT PROFILE - Product Number 1 7" $3.05
LOW THREAT PROFILE - Product Number 2 LP $7.50
LOW THREAT PROFILE - Product Number 3 7" $3.05
MAN IS THE BASTARD - Abundance of Guns 10" $5.25
MAN IS THE BASTARD - Anger And English 10" $6.25
MAN IS THE BASTARD - Backwards Species 7" $3.25
MAN IS THE BASTARD - Sum of The Men CD $6.50
MAN IS THE BASTARD AKA CHARRED - First Music First Noise 7" $3.00
MAN IS THE BASTARD/AUNT MARY - split 10" $5.25
MANPIG - The Grand Negative LP $7.50
NEANDERTHAL - A History of Violence LP $11.75
NEGATIVE STEP - Conquering Punk 10" $3.00
NITROMINDS - Fire And Gasoline CD $4.80
NO COMMENT - Downsided 7" $3.00
NO COMMENT - Live On KXLU 1992 7" $3.00
NOISEAR - Turbulent Resurgence LP $7.50
OTOPHOBIA - Malignant LP $5.40
PHANTASM - Wreck Age LP $3.00
PHOBIA - Cruel CD $6.50
PHOBIA - Cruel LP $6.50
PHOBIA - Get Up And Kill CD $4.75
PHOBIA - Grind Core 7" $3.00
PHOBIA - Grind Your Fucking Head In CD $5.00
PHOBIA - Loud, Proud And Grind As Fuck CD $6.25
PHOBIA - Remnants of Filth LP $7.50
PHOBIA - Serenity Through Pain CD $6.25
PIGNATION - Devastating Life Scheme CDep $2.75
REPROACH - Is What It Is 7" $2.40
REPROACH - s/t LP $3.00
REPROACH - The Bitter End LP $7.50
RUIDO - 13 song 7" $2.00
RUPTURE/BRUTAL TRUTH - split 7" $3.00
SEX PRISONER - Tannhauser Gate LP $9.75
SIEGE - Drop Dead LP (classic from 1984) $7.50
SPAZZ/BRUTAL TRUTH - split 7" $3.00
TERMINAL NATION - Waste 7" $3.80
VOETSEK - Kick It 7" (8 songs) $2.40
WEEKEND NACHOS - Apology LP $9.75
WEEKEND NACHOS - Punish And Destroy LP $8.50
WEEKEND NACHOS - Unforgivable LP $7.50
WEEKEND NACHOS - Worthless LP $7.50
REALITY #4 - comp CD with 324, Lack of Interst, Damad, SU19B, Haymaker, Ruido, Unruh, etc... $6.00
THIS COMP KILLS FASCISTS VOL #2- LPx2 comp w/Lack Of Interest, Hummingbird of Death, Extortion, Apartment 213, Voetsek, Crom, and more...$7.50

AFGRUND - The Age Of Dumb LP
Coming off the success of their 2009 album "Vid Helvetets Grindar", AFGRUND return with their scorching new album "The Age Of Dumb". AFGRUND make an explosive mix of d-beat, punk, and grindcore that is on par with genre heavyweights NAPALM DEATH, ROTTEN SOUND, or NASUM. They have played Maryland Death Fest, and they play to many genres such as metal punk and hardcore. Continue the tradition of veggie gore core that CARCASS and CATTLE DECAPITATION helped to bring to the masses. Similar bands or musical genres: NAPALM DEATH, ROTTEN SOUND, NASUM, and MURDER CONSTRUCT. (Deep Six Recprds #185)

BASTARD NOISE - A Culture of Monsters LP/CD
THE BASTARD NOISE follows a first quarter 2010 release of "THE RED LIST" (Split-issue alongside THE ENDLESS BLOCKADE) with a full-length "magnum opus" titled "A CULTURE OF MONSTERS". A paramount product of composition, sonic-rendering and package, this second volume of BASS/PERCUSSION/ELECTRONICS structured work realizes the full, true power of "THE SKULL" as a critical force in contemporary musical expression. Here "spun-steel-girder" virtuoso ERIC WOOD and Trogotronic "electronic-ace" W T NELSON are joined by original MAN IS THE BASTARD master-drummer JOEL CONNELL for what could become the most interesting T.B.N combination to date following the departure of DANNY WALKER (INTRONAUT/PHOBIA/MURDER CONSTRUCT) and his unmatched performance in the previous line-up. "A CULTURE OF MONSTERS" revives the depiction of "odyssey" via music and challenges the imagination in unprecedented manner. Arrangements for "A.C.O.M." span a wide range of unrelenting, progressive and atmospheric expression without compromising potency or dynamic color. True to the "skull-tradition" of collaboration T.B.N. enlisted the efforts of many "trusted-skulls" to complete this endeavor, most noteworthy project guests: NATHAN MARTIN (CREATION IS CRUCIFIXTION) who performs the spoken-word title manifesto & MIKE REYNOLDS (LACK OF INTEREST) who deployed his own particular brand of mighty vocal havoc on a key track. Producer MICHAEL ROZON ("ROGUE ASTRONAUT" / "THE RED LIST") "serves the skull" anew, commanding his lethal battery of audio artillery to deliver this intricate and devastating assembly. Both 12" LP and compact disc formats of "A.C.O.M." feature unhinged brutish imagery: The 12" LP clad in full-color gatefold album jacket & poster; The compact disc is manufactured as a miniature LP with an all-paper, baby-gatefold album jacket & full-color twelve page booklet. Both formats contain complete documentation including lyrical content and wry "skull-commentary" for every cut. "A CULTURE OF MONSTERS" will pleasurably submerge sonic desire until it is abruptly crushed under extreme pressure of singular execution and stunning complexity. (Deep Six Records #133)

BASTARD NOISE - The Progression of Sickness 10"
BASTARD NOISE has unleashed it's brand new line-up (with drummer Jesse Appelhans formerly of San Diego, California's master instrumental unit UPSILON ACRUX) and is proud to announce the DEEP SIX RECORDS release of "THE PROGRESSION OF SICKNESS" 10" e.p.. This 45 rpm "weapons warehouse" slab of vinyl features two brand new exclusive songs in nearly 14 minutes of plying time. The sound has been more perfected on all levels and the contributions by each member (APPELHANS/ARTZ/WOOD) push the proverbial "skull envelope" to the "sound hilt". Recorded and produced once again by trusted master MICHAEL ROZON ("ROGUE ASTRONAUT", "THE RED LIST", "A CULTURE OF MONSTERS" and "SKULLDOZER" ), "THE PROGRESSION OF SICKNESS" will prove to all skull servants that the evolution of "THE SKULL" is a fury to behold. Pummeling drums, massive "FOUR STEEL GIRDER" walls, the sickest vocals ever by ARTZ/WOOD and etherial, electronic frequencies make "T.P.O.S." a mandatory release for all who demand the highest standards in POWER! (Deep Six Records #183)

The brand new release from BASTARD NOISE, "Skulldozer" is nearing release. Fresh from the remnants of "A Culture Of Monsters", "Skulldozer" unleashes magnum power from start to finish. BASTARD NOISE' line-up features new member Aimee Artz on vocals and electronics joining stationary members Connell on drums/cymbals and Wood on "four steel girders" and vocals. "Skulldozer" is the next step is progressive brutality from BASTARD NOISE with material locked firmly in bulldozing rock and aggressive hardcore expression. With material ranging from 1:00 minute to over 13:00 minutes, this new body of work is as uncompromising as it is fresh. Again produced by Michael Rozon, "Skulldozer" will melt minds and bubble skin on contact. The addition of Aimee has allowed "gas to be put on the fire" so to speak and propel "THE SKULL" to new heights. We hail her membership. "Skulldozer" IS the next level in musical power. "The brutality continues..." (Deep Six Records #153)

Conceived in 2007 while BASTARD NOISE was on tour and getting ready to play THE SMILING BUDDHA with THE ENDLESS BLOCKADE, the full length split 12" L.P. "THE RED LIST" is now getting ready to explode the minds of the humanoid "anti-sheep" to its' greatest capabilities. Both THE ENDLESS BLOCKADE and BASTARD NOISE have worked closely together to make this "awareness-based" audio-violent offering the sickest it can be. T.E.B. offer up one mammoth 14 + minute composition "DEUTERONOMY" that crosses all spectrums of hardcore/true crucial punk madness and the infusion of additional unconventional sound elements,never once pausing their critical attack on the only living species that deserves(and has earned) its' own extinction. CARROLL, EDGAR, KING and NOLAN exemplify extreme crushing expression without any doubt. BASTARD NOISE' back from the conventional dead(with WOOD playing his "FOUR STEEL GIRDERS" for the first time in over eleven years!) deal the listener four tracks of sick and brutal modern hardcore with progressive tendencies that will cause the mind to wander into worlds yet ventured. BN's line-up includes W.T. NELSON on custom-built electronics, DANNY WALKER (INTRONAUT/MURDER CONSTRUCT) on drums/percussion and WOOD on "FOUR STEEL GIRDERS" ,lyrics and vocals. The first "music -based" release for BN since its' inception in 1991 !! Tracks include "FALLEN SPECIES" / "MOVEMENT TWO" / "MUTANT WORLD OF SHAME" and "MANPHIBIAN" - these tracks mark BN's rebirth and show that bass and drums do not necessarily require guitar to achieve total brutality !! Package will include a special poster and all lyrics plus horrifying graphics. "THE RED LIST is for those who have waited long and hard for a split to truly matter... (Deep Six #123)

This classic split release has been years in the conceptual making. Long time friends Bastard Noise and Lack of Interest team for one of the most unforgettable split releases ever! The Bastard Noise side of the release was conceived and brought to fruition (after the unexpected departure of drummer Joel Connell in November of 2011) in just six months time. Aimee Artz and Eric Wood have teamed up with grind drummer extraordinaire Rich Hoak (Brutal Truth / Total Fucking Destruction) to create easily their most sinister skull session to date. This release is full of burning musical hooks, blazing drumming (Rich is a true skull on these sessions), "Four Steel Girders" soaked in nitroglycerin, sick electronics / keys and vocalist Artz' most powerful and convincing vocals ever. The Hoak Sessions, as they are aptly titled, are bound to pull in those seeking the ultimate in "skull power" and musical dexterity. The phenomenal Mitchell Luna (formerly of blitzing grind unit Maruta) makes a guest appearance and shares vocals with Artz on one track too! Again, produced by Michael Rozon (The Red List, A Culture of Monsters, and Skulldozer), The Hoak Sessions were created out of the endless passion that drives "the skull" and is dedicated to our amazing and loyal followers. (Deep Six Records #199)

Twenty-three tracks from this two-piece collaboration between Chris Dodge of Slap A Ham/Spazz and Bob of Deep Six/Lack Of Interest. The tracks are fast and furious with an angry spirit; musically somewhat comparable to early D.R.I. or Condemned to Death. Raw, aggressive, and angry hardcore. (Deep Six #47)

CALLOUS - Demo 2010 7"
CALLOUS (members of Backslider and Chainsaw to the Face) reissues their demo via Blastcat Records, on a 7". Gatefold cover with new artwork. Final blast cat release. One time edition of 150 copies. (Callous #1)

CALLOUS - Fucking Useless 7"
A multi-daily supplement. A mix of Eyehategod with some Neanderthal being somewhat Corrupted and finishing off with a little Outlaw Order and you got a perfect Callous. Members from Backslider. Limited to 300 copies. (Deep Six Records #203)

COLD WAR - Bloody Nights 7"
Another blistering release from Germany's Cold War (not the American band on Indecision). They play brutal hardcore and offer up 10 tracks on this slab. (Deep Six #83)

COLD WAR - Fast Berlin Hardcore CD
Berlin, Germany's Cold War bring an abrasive hardcore/thrash attack to this release with plenty of speed and fury, taking influence from bands like Siege and Neanderthal, Crossed Out, and Infest. Including all their stuff and an unreleased track, some live stuff from Napalm over Warsaw IV incl. never released tracks. For Powerviolence fans. (Deep Six Records #146 CD)

This is Germany's Cold War, and not the American band on Indecision. They play brutal hardcore; 5 tracks in total including a cover of "Cold War" by Siege. San Francisco's Voetsek offer up 3 new tracks of raging thrash violence. Fans of Spazz to Hirax will rock out to this slab. (Deep Six #65)

CRIPPLE BASTARDS - Variante Alla Morte CD
The longly awaited 4th full-length album by Italy's most hateful and aggressive Grindcore unit ever, terrorizing the masses since 1988. 24 tracks of solid fast Grind/Hatecore with a huge dose of thrash, hyper-varied vocals and annilhating blastcore bursts. Released by Deep Six Records and recorded in Sweden at Fredman Studios (At the Gates, Opeth, Arch Enemy, Dimmu Borgir, The Haunted, Driller Killer, Skitsystem + tons more) this 31 minute hammer-in-the-face is a total guarantee of pure Cripple Bastards ultraviolence backed by a powerful production, the best Cripple Bastards ever had. The absolute album to celebrate 20 years of Cripple Bastards! (Deep Six Records #94 CD)

San Diego's Spring Break grind out some ripping hardcore about the beach, malt liquor, and weed. Cross Examination are out of Missouri and they come with a fast metalic thrash sound designed to destroy. Influenced by Slayer, Suicidal Tendencies, Manowar, Nuclear Assault, and RKL. Full color 10" cover. Ten tracks in total, 5 from each band. (Deep Six Records #85)

San Diego's Spring Break grind out some ripping hardcore about the beach, malt liquor, and weed. Cross Examination are out of Missouri and they come with a fast metalic thrash sound designed to destroy. Influenced by Slayer, Suicidal Tendencies, Manowar, Nuclear Assault, and RKL. Full color cover. Ten tracks in total, 5 from each band. (Deep Six Records #85)

Featuring former members of Kalibas and Anodyne, Defeatist (NYC) deliver a devastating blend of tech-grind with intricately woven guitarwork mixed with a crushing "Melvins on warp speed"-style rhythm section. Baltimore's Triac juxtapose classic Amphetamine Reptile muscle with modern powerviolence, resulting in a crushing fusion of raw grind and noise-rock forcefulness punctuated by massive drumming & filthy bass. NYC's ASRA, sounding like Autopsy re-envisioned by mid-90s powerviolence-obsessed thugs, offer up crushing tracks filled with ever-shifting drum patterns, innovative thrash-influenced riffs, and varied vocal patterns. This 3-way split will be ASRA's final offering on unreleased material. (Deep Six Records #128)

D.I.S. was formed in 2008 out of Los Angeles, California and play a thrashcore/crossover style of music. D.I.S., which stands for DESTROYED IN SECONDS has that mean pissed off punk rock and the no holdsbarred were not gonna take any shit attitude of hardcore and drowned it in the fast intensity of thrash metal. The band features members of PHOBIA, MANGE & EAT THE LIVING and just takes what they did in those bands to another level. D.I.S. is a fast paced spastic machine of anger & filth and just makes you want tobe DESTROYED IN SECONDS!!! The second LP on Deep Six for D.I.S. (Deep Six Records #192)

D.I.S. (DESTROYED IN SECONDS) - Critical Failure LP
D.I.S. is a brutal and belligerent, non-stop, swarm of punk rock nihilism and grind that will dig you a 6-foot grave and bury you in it before you realize what the hell just hit you. A classic thrash, death metal, grind, anarcho, crust firestorm of pure fury coming forth that even the beasts of Hell couldn't muster. A must for fans of: Extreme Noise Terror, Deviated Instinct, Nausea, Doom, and any of the other bands mentioned. Brilliant!!!!!!!!! Bruce Reeves (Phobia, Mange) on guitar; Sean Vahle (Eat the Living) on drums; Kent Elmore (Mange) on bass; Mike Fisher (ex-No Warning), and Leon del Muerte (Exhumed, Intronaut, Phobia, Impaled, Murder Construct) on guitar. (Deep Six Records #136)

EXIT UNIT - s/t 7"
In the new world order with alternative facts one has to be cautious about misinformation. But in this case if you are told that INFEST is spelled "EXIT UNIT" then you can be sure that this isn't some sort of double speak. Check out the names of the crew responsible for this aural hate (Denunzio, Domino, and Kasitz).... it doesn't get more authentic than that. Eight tracks of blazing hardcore that can serve as the back drop for World War III. (Draw Blank/Deep Six Records #299)

EXTORTION - Control 7"
Australia's Extortion offer up more raging tracks of hard hiting hardcore. Fast, brutal and to the point hardcore that can also slow down with great slow parts. Comparable to Infest or Lack of Interest or Negative FX or Siege; hardcore. Their LP on Deep Six sold out quick, so don't miss this one. (Deep Six Records #82)

EXTORTION - Degenerate CD
Extortion's sold out LP is now available on CD. Australia's Extortion offer up 19 tracks of hard hiting hardcore. Fast, brutal and to the point hardcore that can also slow down with great slow parts. Comparable to Infest or Lack of Interest or Negative FX or Siege; hardcore. The CD features 2 bonus tracks that weren't on the LP for a total of 21 tracks. (Deep Six Records #77)

EXTORTION - Degenerate LP
Australia's Extortion offer up 19 tracks of hard hiting hardcore. Fast, brutal and to the point hardcore that can also slow down with great slow parts. Comparable to Infest or Lack of Interest or Negative FX or Siege; hardcore. Limited to 500 copies. (Deep Six Records #77)

EXTORTION - Loose Screws 10"
Arguably the most potent musical force Australian music has ever seen, Perth's Extortion are set to launch a fresh attack on the senses with their latest balls-out thrash incursion, "Loose Screws." A 12-track effort, "Loose Screws" pushes Extortion's well-established power-violence sound to face-ripping new extremes. Recorded across three continents, the basic tracks were laid down at Polymorph Studios in Oakland, California by producer Dan Rathbun (Tragedy, His Hero is Gone, Talk Is Poison), then completed vocals in Perth at Bergerk! Studios, assisted by long-time producer Al Smith (Blkout!, Jaws, Clever Species). As one final flourish, UK-based celebrity Extortion fan, Barney Greenway of Napalm Death, added his unmistakable roar to the aptly titled "Grind To A Halt". (Deep Six Records #126)

Australia's Extortion and Agents of Abhorrence team up on this brutal piece of wax. Agents of Abhorrence offer up more of their frantic, discordant and all around brutal grind/fastcore, while Extortion offer some blistering hardcore tracks that can turn on it's head and drop to a sickening sludgy crawl without warning. All fans of hardcore/speedcore in the vein of Infest, Siege, Municipal Waste, D.R.I. and Lack of Interest will love this. (Deep Six Records #111)

EXTREME NOISE TERROR - Law of Retaliation CD
E.N.T. return to their roots of grinding hardcore punk featuring the original savage vocal duo spitting forth venomous politically & socially aware lyrics! (Deep Six Records #115)

The proper ENT sound is well and truly back. Taking those Discharge-inspired riffs, smashing them through the Sweden-meets-Japan grinder and then turning the heat and pace up to eleven. These twelve new songs and a cover of Japanese legends Outo offer a relentless barrage of noise, with the trademark twin vocal attack barely in control. One of the original demonic duo, Phil Vane sadly passed away a couple of years ago, but his replacement Ben is a more than fitting tribute, as he trades off guttural roars with Dean. What I have always loved about ENT is that buried under the noise you have some hard-hitting catchy guitar riffing, but the overall effect is still just as facemelting as it ever was. Returning to the style of "A Holocaust In Your Head" . If this is noise, not music, then damn it's a beautiful noise. (Deep Six Records #245)

FAST ASLEEP - Outside The Fence 7"
They say good things come to those who wait and the new EP, Outside the Fence, by Fast Asleep is certainly no exception! With the addition of a new drummer, these Santa Cruz skate punks have recorded 8 new grinding jams. The lyrics branch out a bit more on this one and explore things like serial killer karma, corporate waste, and eminent death. Fans of early West Coast thrash and PV will be circle pitting in their bedrooms no doubt. If you ever fancied old C.O.C., Pissed Happy Children, Cryptic Slaughter, Jenny Piccolo, or early D.R.I. then this is for you! (Deep Sox Records #241)

Three dudes that wanna play some thrash. Danny B. plays the guitar/vocals and has played in several bands like ALL YOU CAN EAT. Those guys were cool. Andy G. played his drums in the NERVE AGENTS and a couple other bands. He's nice and he plays drums in FAST ASLEEP now. Yes. Chuck Platt, bass/vocals, started out playing in cheap punk bands in Long Beach then was in GOOD RIDDANCE. Well....we're ready to get back to our roots and play some fast punk. Get it? Live it. Get Livid! FAST ASLEEP! Similar bands or musical genres: CORROSION OF CONFORMITY (C.O.C.), JENNY PICCOLO, and THE LOCUST. (Deep Six Records #177)

"MANTICORE" is the new release from Fetus Eaters. 28 songs that keep in the tradition of the Vomitcore style that they pioneered 17 years ago, as well as furthering the use of "core" in the title of releases. The incoherent gibbering lyrics coupled with sarcasm, blast beats, inside jokes, spastic screaming, razor sharp riffing, neologism/word smithing and their trademarked use of noise, toys and saxophones make this latest release continue the aural assault that they mastered on their first 2 demos. Includes the songs "Haze" about Pornstar Jenna Haze, "750 MG's" about the use of prescription narcotics, "You Hate I", about being stuck in an abusive relationship, and "March Maddness" which could be about that stupid sprout basket ball, or a sale at Ross or TJ Max. Fetus Eaters have played the South West Fest (New Mexico) The L.A. Murderfest, opened for Brutal Truth, A.C., Anal Blast, Phobia, Cattle Decapitation. They have toured Japan and Australia for the "Vomit Tour" with DEADFOOD, SPORTO, and FATTY PATTY. And were once thrown off a live cable access show because a fan of their's spit on the host, which erupted in a (live on air) fist fight. (Deep Six Records #194)

FRACTURED - Delapidated 7"
Ten songs of fast hardcore, depression, and abuse. Bob of Low Threat Profile. Kevin of Lack of Interest. Hans of False Negative. For fans of No Comment and Despise You. (Deep Six Records #244)

FUCK YOU PAY ME - Public Disgrace LP
Fuck You Pay Me's second LP. An American hardcore band from Cleveland Ohio with Tony Erba on vocals from former bands GORDON SOLIE MOTHER FUCKERS and NINE SHOCKS TERROR. Hardcore tunes with hooks. For Fans Of INFEST, GORDON SOLIE MOTHER FUCKERS,NINE SHOCKS TERROR,UNIFORM CHOICE,FUCKED UP. (Deep Six Records #222)

Fucked Up has been kicking ass lately, and this is no exception. Five more tracks from this great Canadian hardcore band. And flip this over and get five more tracks from Canada's Haymaker! Another great hardcore band that has been kicking ass. You can't go wrong with this combination! (Deep Six #46)

GOD'S AMERICA - Merge With The Inifinte LP
From Las Vegas, NV bursts out brutal power-violence/grindcore mix with slow parts. Great mix for fans of Larm and Insect Warfare. 500 press. Color wax Also available from RSR. (Deep Six Records #249)

HAWG JAW - Believe Nothing LP
This full length follow up to their split 7" on Deep Six with Manchurian Candidates will tear you a new asshole if you aren't careful. Hawg Jaw offer up a medium paced ballad of distorted brutality and heavy twisted damage. If Neanderthal man had discovered electrified music then this is the sort of stuff they would have played around the fire while chowing down on the half cooked carcass of some unfortunate wooly mammoth. Primal, fierce, and damn good. (Deep Six Records #27)

Manchurian Candidates are vicious and fast with extremely harsh sounding vocals. Their furious wall of sound is cruel and ugly, with no regard for the casualties. Hawg Jaw is equally mean, but they turn the distortion way the fuck up and go for something way more slow, heavy, brutal and guttural. Even more ugly and uncompromising. Manchurian Candidates will kill you quickly and move on, while Hawg Jaw prefers torture and a slow death. (Deep Six #29)

HIRAX - Assassins Of War CD
Originators of Thrash Metal Crossover Music: HIRAX release a five song mini album. The FIRST new recordings in three years. More than any other HIRAX record "Assassins of War" takes you on a Thrash Metal journey and gives you a sound of the band like you have never heard before! A Quote from a fan: "Fuck man, today I caught myself not wanting to listen to my 'Hell Awaits', that's my favorite Slayer album, just to listen to 'Lucifer's Infierno' over and over again. Killer!" (Deep Six #89)

HIRAX - Barrage of Noise 10"
Now available on 10". Crossover lives and the demon spawn known as Hirax has risen to decapitate heads and topple the castle walls. These eight new songs are a product of this decade, and the band is playing shows and making more noise. Total metal hardcore complete with vocal crooning and guitar wanking. Totally '80s crossover; then and now. (Deep Six #33)

HIRAX - Blasted In Bangkok 10"
Blasted In Bangkok features their original 7" as well as one track from the Spazz/Hirax split 7". All of the tracks have been re-mixed and re-mastered. Hirax combined an unholy mix of metal influences like Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, and Judas Priest with the hardcore influences of Siege, Neos, and Discharge to create a furious metal hardcore attack that helped to create the cross-over genera back in the mid 1980s. (Deep Six Records #31)

HIRAX - El Rostro de la Muerte CD
The first album in five years, California thrash metal HIRAX return with 'El Rostro de la Muerte' (The Face of Death)! Artwork by Ed Repka. 14 new tracks. This album returns to 1987 were "Hate Fear and Power" left off. (Deep Six #121)

HIRAX - The New Age of Terror CD
These eleven new songs continue Hirax's legacy of pummeling, epic-power thrash-attack crossover. 1980s style crossover delivered in 2005 by a band that has been doing forging crossover for 20 years! New shit to satisfy any nostalgic headbanger. (Deep Six #63 CD)

HIRAX - Not Dead Yet CD
This CD combines two classic Hirax LPs onto one CD. "Raging Violence" came out in 1985 and "Hate, Fear and Power" came out in 1986. Both LPs were released on Metal Blade Records. Art work by Pushead and Mad Marc Rude. Twenty-two songs in total! (Deep Six #62 CD)

HIRAX - Thrash and Destory DVD with CD
DVD film of live concert in Germany at the Keep It True Festival #9, plus bonus footage of the "Metal Forces Night" from Lorrac, Germany in September of 2007. This comes with a CD of the audio of the Keep it True show! Region code 0. (Deep Six Records #89.5 DVD)

HIRAX - Thrash and Destroy LPx2
Finally repressed. Following the 2007 releases of the Assassins Of War and Chaos and Brutality EPs, the Long Beach, CA thrashers unveil their brand new DVD+CD set, Thrash And Destroy. The DVD features the band's entire 75-minute performance at the Keep It True Festival IX on November 3, 2007, in Dittigheim, Germany. A raw, kick-ass show to a sold-out audience. Never before seen live footage with fists flying, stage diving, and heads banging. Six in-your-face professional camera angles. This is the closest you can get to seeing the band live without being there. It gives an up-close, personal look at one of the all-time most legendary thrash metal bands with high-quality digital sound. More than that, the DVD disc includes a 12-song bonus set recorded live at the Metal Forces Night on September 29, 2007, in Lorrach, Germany. The package also includes a bonus audio CD with the complete 75-minute performance. (Deep Six Records #95)

HIRAX/F.K.U - split 7"
1000 pressed on white wax. Hirax track "Satan's Fall" with an excellent recording and proving that this is speed metal. FKU track "Twitch" is a heavy recording leaving Exodus and Anthrax something to twitch about! (Deep Six Records #93)

Hummingbird of Death is back with their experimental 2nd LP, "Skullvalanche!" Although they've always hinted at their brutal doom side on past releases, these seven slabs of bulldozery plunged straight into the deep end! The result is a soundtrack to being buried in an avalanche of skulls. However, as a fastcore band, they made sure to blend their steamroller assault with the eye-watering speed for which they are known. Similar bands or musical genres: No Comment, Neurosis, Manpig, Magruder Grind, Bastard Noise. (Deep Six Records #165)

HUMMINGBIRD OF DEATH: these songs are fast and furious the whole way through, but not spazzy and schizophrenic. It's like the usually ADD freaks took some chill pills and said to each other; "Hey guys, let's actually play some of these riffs for more than 2 measures." Viennas COLD WORLD bring an abrasive hardcore/thrash/powerviolence attack to this release with plenty of speed and fury, taking influence from bands like SIEGE, NEANDERTHAL, CROSSED OUT and INFEST. (Deep Six Records #196)

Iranach features an ex-member of Unruh. Both bands explode with a hard hitting metal grindcore assault. Screaming mad vocals, total grindcore guitars and blazing speed and thrash attacks make for one brutal soundtrack of destruction. (Deep Six #38)

JENNY PICCOLO/SU19B - split 7"
Jenny Piccolo are up to their usual with six more crazed hardcore songs. Their blend of fast thrashing hardcore and slow assaulting interludes will decimate everything in their wake. This time around they even do an excellent cover of Chain of Strength's "True 'Til Death." Japan's SU19B are equally brutal and harsh. Their sound is pure power violence and they display one of their influences with a Crossed Out cover. Clear vinyl. (Deep Six Records #18)

LACK OF INTEREST - Trapped Inside LP
Reissued after many, many years of not being available. Originally released in 1999 on Slap A Ham Records. Deep Six made 500 of these. About 6 minutes shy of a million years after their formation the Southern Cal gods of thrash violence finally rip the entire universe a new one with their debut long player. It's about time guys. LACK OF INTEREST are the purest old school style thrash band embraced by the power violence scene. They are strongly reminiscent of early eighties hate core legends like NEGATIVE FX and NEGATIVE APPROACH. They have the same intensity, the same rawness, the same anger and the same classic vibe. "Trapped Inside" features newly recorded songs that span most of the band's career including their calling card "My Life" which is THE thrash anthem of the nineties. There are 24 tracks on this puppy and a good half of them run less than thirty seconds (only three of them break the one minute barrier) consequently this album kills with a speed and power not unlike being strapped into an electric chair. This is the band and this is the album that you can cram down the throat of the next jaded old fart who tries to tell you that "punk is dead". (Deep Six Records #250)

The band's 4th album, this Arizona death metal band continues to churn out blistering albums again and again in the vein of Bolt Thrower. (Deep Six Records #171)

Repress of the 2008 release extremely heavy dose of death thrash done in a modern way while maintaining old school death metal sensibilities (i.e. no excessive usage of triggering on the double bass, grindcore, progressive riffs etc). (Deep Six Records #97)

Landmine Marathon follow up last year's critically and fan acclaimed full length, Gallows, with a new two song self titled EP. Both songs were recorded in the same sessions as Gallows and will not be heard anywhere else. These songs will destroy you with their hearty mix of old school death, grind and doom combined with a ferocious vocal onslaught. (Deep Six Records #170)

LANDMINE MARATHON - Sovereign Descent LP
Raging, punk fueled, female fronted death metal from ex-members of Unruh and Suicide Nation. If you're into the likes of Bolt Thrower, Carcass, and early Entombed, this is for you! (Deep Six Records #132)

Originally released on vinyl by Level Plane in 2006, Deep Six Records has repressed this 9 song LP. Raging, punk fueled, female fronted death metal from ex-members of Unruh and Suicide Nation. If you're into the likes of Bolt Thrower, Carcass, and early Entombed, this is for you! (Deep Six Records #109)

Color vinyl. Chicago sludge legends DISROTTED return for another punishing, miserable round of noisey chaos, this time partnering up with fellow-Windy City masters of hatred LEDGE, who make their vinyl debut on this 20 minute split 12". Both bands spew out one track of pure malice using very different approaches, making for an interesting and unique showcase of doom. Members of Sick/Tired, Kungfu Rick and Weekend Nachos. For Fans of Sleep, Discharge, Disrupt, Grief, Soilent Green, Weekend Nachos, Spine. (Deep Six Records #262)

LIFESPITE - s/t 7"
NEGATIVE HARDCORE! LIFESPITE is ready to pound your worthless skull to dust. Bringing you six tracks of contempt and disgust for mankind, this is crude, blunt and negative hardcore for axewielding maniacs into HAYMAKER, SHEER TERROR, LEFT FOR DEAD and INFEST. (Deep Six Records #242.5)

LOOKING FOR AN ANSWER - Split The Pain Split The Suffering CD
2009: Deep Six Records offers to release all the vinyl splits in CD format tittled "Split The Suffering Split The Pain". LFAA records a demo meanwhile recording the session for official REPULSION tribute LP. The band signed with RELAPSE Records to put out that demo in a 7" ep "La Caceria" and furthermore a full length CD. (Deep Six Records #131 CD)

LOW THREAT PROFILE - Product Number 1 7"
Ten tracks of straight forward hardcore with members from No Comment, Infest and Lack of Interest. Recorded before 9/11/2001. (Deep Six #68)

Fifteen tracks of straight forward hardcore with members from No Comment, Infest and Lack of Interest. Music recorded in 2000, and vocals recorded in 2010. (Draw Blank/Deep Six #151)

LOW THREAT PROFILE - Product Number 3 7"
Reduced down to it's original two-piece core with Bob (Lack of Interest) on drums and Matt (Infest) on guitar/vox, Low Threat Profile deliver another nine scoops of vanilla hardcore with a dollop of whip cream and a "fuck you" on top. (Deep Six Records #188)

MAN IS THE BASTARD - Abundance of Guns 10"
Reissued as a 10" 45 rpm for larger "skull fidelity!!!" Abundance Of Guns originally released by S.O.A. in Italy as a 7" e.p. in 1992 and then later reissued by WOOD of M.I.T.B. in early 1993 also as a 7" e.p.(with the bonus track "Regression To Birth") has now been reborn in 10" format to "deliver the sonic mayhem" once again nearly 22 years later!!! Featuring the original MAN IS THE BASTARD line-up of Barnes/Connell/Kenyon/Wood and recorded at "The Headquarters" with master recording engineer Rob DeChaine (BRILLIANT NOISE), the fury of tracks like "The Iron Room", "Slave To The Bean", "Mocha Rebirth" and the title track are just a portion of the skull compositions that made Abundance Of Guns one of the most unique outfits in the underground music community. Full blown dual basses, guitar, noise generators, exemplary drumming and dual crisis-based vocals make this reissue a must have for any "skull servant." (Deep Six Records #193)

MAN IS THE BASTARD - Anger And English 10"
Man Is The Bastard/Pink Flamingos split 7" and the double 7" record set Anger And English repressed and recut on one raging 10"! Pre-order available now! Transparent purple wax. (Deep Six Records #201)

MAN IS THE BASTARD - Backwards Species 7"
In 1992 when MAN IS THE BASTARD was a very young "skull child", not many people cared about the band shy of a very few individuals and one or two labels after three releases (the CHARRED REMAINS/PINK TURDS IN SPACE split 7" e.p., the AUNT MARY "Gnu"/CHARRED REMAINS a.k.a. MAN IS THE BASTARD "The Power Of Hash" split 7" e.p., and the "SUM OF THE MEN" full length 12" L.P.), the band agreed to do a new 7" e.p. release with German label ECOCENTRIC RECORDS and delivered "BACKWARDS SPECIES" a seven song "skull powder-keg" of exploratory, progressive aggression that is still heralded today as one of M.I.T.B.'s most memorable sound offerings. Packed with complex dual bass guitars, frying pan six string axe work, incredibly diverse drumming and loyal, heartfelt lyrics/vocals, the record was nearly gone immediately after its' release ! It has now been re-issued under "skull authority" by DEEP SIX RECORDS in all its' awareness based glory. Standout tracks are "ETHER RAG", "KORO TREATMENT" and "STACKS" among four others. Love is power! Courtesy is king! Take THAT to the bank!!!! (Deep Six Records #181)

Originally released on Slap A Ham this Man Is The Bastard includes 53 tracks of classic Man Is The Bastard. The CD is a collection of splits, 7" EPs, and previously unreleased material created for thos that can't find the vinyl. Deep Six will be re-releasing more out of print Man Is The Bastard material in the near future. (Deep Six Records #74 CD)

MAN IS THE BASTARD in 1992 were experimenting with 2 bass players and Barn's on a double neck guitar and Joel on drums playing very influenced by Jazz style beats and incorporating the songs with harsh vocals and hardcore punk violence. The best way to hear MAN IS THE BASTARD was live. Kenyon could give a story about the song and it would be an instrumental and it worked. This band as we know is a one of a kind and the vibe is captured at this recording of 1992. The Brutality Continues! For fans of Infest, Lack Of Interest, Bastard Noise, Neanderthal. (Deep Six Records #152)

This CD is the official U.S. re-release on Deep Six Records . The original 1st pressing was on Vermiform Records and with that no longer available, Deep Six has been given the right from the band themselves to re-release this long sought after CD. This CD contains 32 tracks that continue in the MITB tradition. Along with the "Sum of the Men" LP, this also has "Banish the Shitbreed" from a 12" split with Bleeding Rectum, "Our Earth's Blood" 7", "A Call for Consciousness" from the split 8" with Born Against and "Protein" from a split 7" with Sinking Body. This has been fully remastered and comes with a booklet complete with all the lyrics and a free sticker. (Deep Six Records #76)

The first sessions from each "face" of this dual personality unit feature the earliest recordings of the original line-ups of CHARRED REMAINS (S.Connell/J.Connel/Wood) and BASTARD NOISE (Barnes/Brady/ Wood) pressed together as a single slab of musical/sound-violence especially for the maniacs that crave yesterday's diabolical mutant offerings... This is where it all was born. When the "skull seeds" were planted. With tracks like "Eunuch" and "THE ARENA", CHARRED REMAINS made its presence known to the twisted underground sound world at large. BASTARD NOISE' tracks like "Steak Eating Boss", "Trapped Within Burning Machinery" and "Fine Feathered Friend" demostarated the early ROARAFC "caveman electronics" and alien-beast vocals to ears that would have them creating music through mechanized divinity. "First Music/"First Noise" will devour the listener in primal, exploratory, audio enslavement! (Deep Six Records #173)

This is that "famous" Man is the Bastard recording because it has the song "H.S.M.P." which is supposedly the first use of the term "power violence". The eight songs they recorded for their side are pretty good. Aunt Mary are from Finland and their side is one song in five movements and is noise, like early Anal Cunt. The first pressing was self-released in 1992 and then on Deep Six Records as a 7" in 1996. Now available on 10". (Deep Six Records #156)

Gatefold LP with poster! BEATTIE (vocals - NO COMMENT), CONNELL (drums/cymbals) and WOOD ("FOUR STEEL GIRDERS"/ vocals) teamed up with sinister BASTARD NOISE lead vocalist ARTZ and the astounding voice of AMBER ASYLUM, KRIS FORCE to create this long, long awaited album of sound and cinematic vision. Carefully orchestrated basses layered to massive perfection, the most progressively brutal and tasteful drumming coupled with ornate four part vocal arrangements and drilling, esoteric TROGOTRONIC custom "skull electronics" make The Lost M.I.T.B. Sessions one for the record books. (Deep Six Records #211)

MAN IS THE BASTARD (A.K.A. Charred Remains)/BIZARRE UPROAR - split 10"
This split sound document between M.I.T.B. and Finland's BIZARRE UPROAR was recorded by BARNES (M.I.T.B. side) and MARKKULA (B.U. side) originally released as a 7" split EP by WOOD in 1993. M.I.T.B. side of the record- Sanctity of Oil- features five songs and delves deep into various human emotions and inner conflicts dealing with insurmountable fear; the inner mind and also being hemp conscience. Recorded at THE HEADQUARTERS by original guitar/noise member BARNES, Sanctity Of Oil is uncompromising and adventurous in the classic "skull way", always reaching to acquire the perfect marriage of intellect and musical, progressive attack. BIZARRE UPROAR's M3A1 Sub-machine Gun explodes on the opposite side of the platter, carving deep audio wounds into the listener's minds and thought processes. Feverish raw detonations of percussive sound that NO ONE on this earth can do like B.U. PASI MARKKULA (former drummer for AUNT MARY) creates a backdrop for human destruction through a rigorous, extreme, volume drum onslaught, coupled with volume squeals and tones of horrifying imagery. (Deep Six Records #198)

This classic 1992 release and 2013 reissue features one of the most underrated bands of all time within the hardcore/punk underground: Bleeding Rectum. Hailing from Belfast, North Ireland, Bleeding Rectum has core members from Pink Turds In Space as well as Marty, a second devastating, teenage lead guitarist and Roy, the sickeningly, evil vocalist. Bleeding Rectum are the "real deal" in true, rogue, blitzing power and form. They define hardcore punk with their unduplicated musicianship and total system-hating lyrical concepts. Roy's violent and clear delivery is ferocious as it is brilliant. The lead guitar is wicked without being too "rock." By today's standards, Bleeding Rectum slays the competition with the highest levels of rebellion and musical prowess. A MUST LISTEN !! On their fifth release, Man Is The Bastard (A.K.A. Charred Remains) explore new liberating and socially aware territories though the classic line-up of Barnes (guitar/noise), Connell (drums), Kenyon (bass/vocals/lyrics), and Wood (bass/vocals/lyrics). Tracks range in length from under one minute ("Idget Child") to over eight minutes ("Infibulation"). Man Is The Bastard's dual bass and drums nucleus paired with the utter genius of Barnes' home made "caveman electronics" hold their own easily within the grooves of this platter. The Kenyon/Wood dual vocal compositions raise the bar to take hardcore to a new progressive level of writing. This is the height of the early stages of Man Is The Bastard and tracks like "Kai Lai", "Son Of Thug" and "Man Is The Bastard" only define the band's passion beyond expectations. (Deep Six Records #186)

Man is the Bastard "A call for Consciousness" release on one side and Charred Remains A.K.A. Man Is The Bastard "Our Earth's Blood" on the other side. Together one on 10". (Deep Six Records #167)

MANPIG - The Grand Negative LP
The back story on this one is way too long to get into, so let's just cut to the chase. This is an 2005 re-recording of the 1992 original recording that was lost by the studio. Drumming by RD Davies and guitars/vocals by Matt Domino (both of Infest). There are 17 tracks on this LP classic. Drawblank procrastination at it's finest! Similar bands or musical genres: INFEST, LOW THREAT PROFILE, and WEEKEND NACHOS. Cover art by Extortion vocalist Rohan. (Deep Six Records #132)

Misery Index features members of Dying Fetus, while Structure of lies feature members of Unruh. Both bands play death metal influenced hardcore. Misery Index goes for a much more brutal assault, while Structure of Lies aren't afraid to bury a bit of melody underneath their squalor and shrieking vocals. Four more songs from Structure of Lies and three more tracks from Misery Index. (Deep Six #48)

NEANDERTHAL - A History of Violence LP (one sided with etching)
The long lost Neanderthal discography finally emerges from it's cave to see the light of day. Eight anthems of destruction (5 tracks from the 1990 "Fighting Music" 7" on Slap A Ham, 2 tracks from the 1990 Neanderthal/Rorschach split 7" on Vermiform, and one track from the 1991 "Bllleeeeaaauuurrrrgghhh!" compilation 7" on Slap A Ham). Without Neanderthal there would be not Powerviolence. Nanderthal was Eric Wood (Man Is the Bastardand/Cross Out), Matt Domino (Infest), and Joe Denunzio (Infest). A must have for anyone interested in Infest, Man Is The Bastard, Charred Remains, Weekend Nachos, or Lack of Interest. This is a discography of all released recordings. One sided with Neanderthal etching on B side. Let the games begin! (Deep Six Records #220)

NEGATIVE STEP - Conquering Punk 10"
Negative Step have an early '80s Boston sound that can be compared to the F.U.'s and in fact Negative Step do a cover of "What You Pay For" by the F.U.'s. The production is very true to the early '80s sound and Negative Step are completely free of metal influences. Their sound is straight forward, quickly played, and energetic with slightly spastic yelling. (Deep Six #40)

NITROMINDS - Fire And Gasoline CD
Blasting out of Brazil, this three piece rips out some energetic and fast paced melodic hardcore tracks. The sound is clean and melodic, but smoking fast. Catchy and memorable and quite infectious. Song topics range from politics to personal, and they cover "Something I learned Today" by Husker Du. (Deep Six #42)

NO COMMENT - Downsided 7"
Finally repressed. In the late '80s and early '90s brutality core was being born with Southern California contributing Crossed Out, Infest, and No Comment. No Comment played fast and hard with songs about the cesspool of human existence, animal rights, and other ills of life on planet Earth. (Deep Six Records #120)

NO COMMENT - Live On KXLU 1992 7"
Along with other powerviolence bands such as CROSSED OUT, CAPITALIST CASUALTIES and MAN IS THE BASTARD, NO COMMENT were influential in what was known to become the "West Coast powerviolence" scene for their aggressive musical and conceptual take on the hardcore punk genre. (Deep Six #161NC)

NOISEAR - Turbulent Resurgence LP
NOISEAR's long-awaited "Tubulent Resurgence" offers 20 tracks of totally unique, forward-thinking grind. Tracks shift rapidly from stop-start rhythmic squeals, to mid-paced skronk where volume swells and subsides, all within a warp-speed grindcore archetype propelled by the rapid-fire blastings of drummer Bryan Fajardo (KILL THE CLIENT/PHOBIA). 'Subvert...' instantly set NOISEAR apart and puts them at the forefront of the new grindcore renaissance. One of the most forward-thinking grind acts in extreme metal today are returning with another album of spontaneous, off-the-wall, grindcore pandemonium! Completely written in one day and recorded in the span of 48 hours, NOISEAR's "Turbulent Resurgence" is full-on grind disharmony to the max. They have played most of the major metal fests in North America, and features members of PHOBIA and KILL THE CLIENT. Similar bands or musical genres: DISCORDANCE AXIS, PHOBIA, MURDER CONSTRUCT, and KILL THE CLIENT. (Deep Six Records #187)

OTOPHOBIA - Malignant LP
Philly's thrashcore heroes deliver an aural anvil to the cranium with 21 new blistering high speed anthems. Extensive touring and previous 7"s have laid the groundwork for the ultimate crustcore epic, Malignant, their full length debut. With markedly (anti) political lyrics and an unrelenting steamroller of speedy hardcore, Otophobia is poised to flatten the punk scene and butcher its sacred cows. When all of the crusty street punks are wearing Otophobia patches, don't say we didn't warn you... The CD version is on Slap A Ham Records. Description by Chris Dodge. (Deep Six #41)

Recorded in 1987 Wreck Age featured Katon DePena (from Hirax), Ron McGovney (the original Metallica bass player before Cliff Burton), Gene Hoglan (from Dark Angel, Testament, and Death), as well as Nathan Williams and Rodney Nicholson. Phantasm combine metal and punk, and metal fans will go crazy when they hear this. Wreck Age includes their demo and a live set. They also do a cover of SSD's "Glue." Damn. (Deep Six Records #32)

"Cruel" is the 2006 full length from Orange County heroes Phobia. One of the biggest and most popular grindcore bands in the world with previous releases on Relapse, Slap a Ham, and Deep Six. "Cruel" is one of their best album in years. Featuring an amazing production job courtesy of Scot Hull (Pig Destroyer, Agoraphobic Nosebleed), this is the best sounding Phobia record to date. With "Cruel," Phobia has returned and proved once again why they are one of the most revered grindcore bands on the planet, and why they have reached legendary status worldwide. (Deep Six/Willow Tip #43 CD)

"Cruel" is the 2006 full length from Orange County heroes Phobia. One of the biggest and most popular grindcore bands in the world with previous releases on Relapse, Slap a Ham, and Deep Six. "Cruel" is one of their best album in years. Featuring an amazing production job courtesy of Scot Hull (Pig Destroyer, Agoraphobic Nosebleed), this is the best sounding Phobia record to date. With "Cruel," Phobia has returned and proved once again why they are one of the most revered grindcore bands on the planet, and why they have reached legendary status worldwide. (Deep Six #71)

PHOBIA - Get Up and Kill CD
Phobia are back with eleven new studio tracks and six lives tracks recorded on their tour with Cripple Bastards. Angry, political grind c(g)ore with growling vocals. The power violence continues! (Deep Six #58 CD)

PHOBIA - Grind Core 7"
Eight new songs of fast grind core reminiscent of the "Grind Your Focking Head In" LP. Blasting out of the gate and relentless to the end. (Deep Six Records #215)

PHOBIA - Grind Your Fucking Head In CD
Seventeen more tracks from Southern California's grind masters. Political and angry, with an earache assault of brutal noise to back it up, Phobia doesn't disappoint with this ragin' assembly of power violence tracks and deep vocal growling. Both the vinyl and CD version are now available. (Deep Six #49)

PHOBIA - Loud Proud and Grind as Fuck CD
Recorded live: September 13th Reggies Rock Club, Chicargo 2008. Formed in Orange County California in 1990, Phobia has been punishing ears with their murderous sociopolitical grinding noise assault for a full decade. Dealing out their savage combination of the energy and ideals of hardcore punk mixing it with the power and brutality of early grind. (Deep Six Records #128 CD)

PHOBIA - Remants of Filth LP
Legendary grind merchants PHOBIA are set to scathe the masses with their fifth studio offering, Remnants of Filth, this June. Produced and mixed by Scott Hull (Pig Destroyer, Agoraphobic Nosebleed) at Visceral Sound Studios in Bethesda, Maryland and engineered by Mike Harrison at Winter Skies Productions in San Antonio, Texas, Remnants Of Filth offers up 18 pile-driving, socio-political grind hymns in 19 minutes. Vocalist Shane "The Pain" Mclachlan comments of the offering: "Remnants Of Filth is a brutal, in-depth grind record that I feel represents what this band is all about, from past to present. This is total brutal grindcore at its best with nothing less than the 100% punk-as-f*ck attitude to compliment what this band is all about! (Deep Six Records #176)

PHOBIA - Serenity Through Pain CD
Twenty-three tracks from Phobia! Gloomy and apocalyptic, Phobia offer up a wall of distorted vocals, hard hitting grind/hardcore, and plenty of blasting moments of pure aural agony! Prepare to be annihilated! (Deep Six #39)

PIGNATION - Devastating Life Scheme CDep
Pignation is fucking going off with some fucking brutal fucked up hardcore tracks. Seven fucking tracks in total. Pure fucking power, aggression, speed, and fucking heavy pounding thunder. Pignation are just some fucked up fuckers making some fucking fucked up hard-fucking-core. Fuck. (Deep Six #36 CD)

REPROACH - Desperate Shittown 7"
Color vinyl. New release by these unstoppable thrashing hardcore maniacs from Belgium. Six new songs full of anger, frustrations, and disgust. Hardcore! For fans of Boston Strangler, Negative Approach, Infest. (Deep Six Records #247)

REPROACH - The Bitter End LP
Brand new full length! These songs are fast and blistering! To the point fast hardcore / thrashcore! This even ties in some killer fastcore "melodies" that get the circle-pit moving faster then you could ever imagine! Negative Approach style hardcore. (Deep Six Records #161)

REPROACH - Is What It Is 7"
Nine tracks of stripped down hardcore, fans of Infest and Lack of Interest will appreciate Reproach, though Reproach doesn't sound nearly as close to Infest as Lack of Interest does... Reproach is just straight forward skate rock hardcore played mean and fast. Skate and destroy! (Deep Six Records #061)

REPROACH - s/t LP (re-issue)
The original artwork has been re-interpreted by Nabbe, the songs are still as hard. This is a classic Belgian hardcore LP. As bands come and go, REPROACH was and still is what it is in the vein of INFEST, Negative Approach and Neos. Straight forward hardcore!! (Deep Six #120)

CITIZENS PATROL from the Netherlands deliver 4 new songs of NEGATIVE APPROACH, DRI or TEAR IT UP, . REPROACH from Belgium are know for their crude and angry hc punk somewhere between INFEST and DEAD STOP - two new songs. Two of Europes most active skate- / thrash- / fast- / 80s hc bands, that team up 500 press only. (Deep Six Records #217)

RUIDO - 13 song 7"
Blistering thrash not unlike Los Crudos or Lack Of Interest. Fast and furious. I believe that all the songs are in Spanish, though it doesn't matter too much since the music is so fast and furious. They could easily be singing in English, German or Esperanto and it would be just as crazed and savage. Raw and violent. (Deep Six Records #22)

Brutal Truth was formed by Dan Lilker in 1990. The band split-up in 1998 and reformed in 2006 with a new guitar player. Rupture was a hardcore punk band from Perth, Australia, that formed in the 1980s and were active until around late 2001, when vocalist Gus Chamber died. The original release was released by Brutal Truth's Drummer (Rich Hoak's) label "Deaf American The original record is a highly sought after, and is hard to come by. It's now being re-released by DeepSix Records. Featuring new artwork by Brutal Truth's lead screamer Kevin Sharp! (Deep Six Records #162)

No Coast grindcore/powerviolence onslaught. Chicago lowlifes team up to release their strongest, most pulverizing, bitter cold material to date. For fans of Phobia, Drop Dead and Iskra. (Deep Six Records #223)

SEX PRISONER - Tannhauser Gate LP
First full length record from Tucson Arizona's Sex Prisoner, blending powerviolence with a more metalcore approach. Limited color mailorder wax. Pre-order now! Also available thru RSR. (Deep Six Records #248)

Two west coast veterans team up for this raging slab of wax. Oakland, CA's Self Inflicted bring seven songs of intense hardcore reminiscient of bands like NO COMMENTand CAPITALIST CASUALTIES. Tacoma, WA's Sidetracked bring ten songs in a similar vein with nods to RUPTURE and CITIZENS ARREST as well. (Deep Six Records #164)

SIEGE - Drop Dead LP (30th anniversary edition!)
Siege 30th anniversary edition... restored definitive sound...with original sessions' outtakes on green opaque wax. Finally re-pressed. Siege was one of those more than awesome hardcore bands from Boston that influenced hundreds and hundreds of bands over the years. These tracks were recorded in 1984 at Radio Beat in Boston, MA. This is a classic. A must have for anyone interested in '80s hardcore. Infest, Drop Dead, Heresy, Ripcord... all of these bands were completely influenced by Siege. (Deep Six #55)

This split 7" EP is the official U.S. re-press release on Deep Six Records of the two legendary speedcore/blastcore legends Spazz and Brutal Truth. (Deep Six Records #96)

Rising from the ashes of Wellington and Unruh, Structure of Lies unleashes an unholy assault of hardcore influenced death metal. Five tracks of precision and ugliness... Surviving the heat of the hell hole known as Arizona may well have given these kids a direct link to some sort of earthly based demon... (Deep Six #45)

Color vinyl. From the dissonant introduction of opening track "Assembly Line" quickly cutting into a growling beatdown, the brutality is threateningly direct and focused without restraint. Tracks like "War in the Name of Peace" through "Violator/Violated" effortlessly cross their Infest and Weekend Nachos influences with the streetwise ferocity of metallic hardcore-meets-grindcore blasts and stomps. For fans of Sick Of It All, Infest, Lack Of Interest, Weekend Nachos, Spine. (Deep Six Records #263)

For Fans of INFEST, LACK OF INTEREST, WEEKEND NACHOS, BREAKDOWN Hardcore with heavy breakdowns... Fans of WEEKEND NACHOS and LACK OF INTEREST will be pleased. Terminal Nation are a hardcore punk band from Little Rock, Arkansas who combine the spirit of NYHC bands like Citizens Arrest and Sheer Terror with the relentlessness of powerviolence. This unique concoction of hardcore makes their new 7" called "Waste" a force to be reckoned with. The eight song EP is chock full of disgruntled aggression that bellows out of every pore of the record. (Deep Six Records #240)

VOETSEK - Kick It 7"
San Francisco's Voetsek offer up 8 new tracks of raging thrash violence. This is their follow up to the Castrator LP on Six Weeks. Fans of Spazz to Hirax will rock out to this slab. Full color cover. (Deep Six #65)

Chicago's Weekend Nachos go out in a storm of hatred with the release of their final album Apology. Recorded by the band's own Andy Nelson at Bricktop Studios (Lord Mantis, Like Rats, Harms Way), Apology is a veritable tornado of grindcore/powerviolence/hardcore savagery. Apology is thirteen tracks of utter punishment that has Weekend Nachos sounding more dangerous and urgent than ever before. Features guest vocal appearances from Dylan Walker of Full of Hell. (Deep Six Records #271)

WEEKEND NACHOS - Punish and Destroy LP
Originally released on Cowabunga Records, Deep Six has decided to reissue Weekend Nachos' first LP! These 27 tracks are fast and crushing, and anyone that has liked Weekend Nachos over the years will be stoked to pick up this repress. Chicago power violence/hardcore that clearly doesn't give a fuck. (Deep Six Records #251)

Weekend Nachos, the band you either love or hate, return with their 4th full-length album. On the "STILL" LP we see the band get even heavier while still finding ways to blend new influences into their unique mix of brutal hardcore. There is truly something for everything on this album. 12 new tracks of hatred that are sure to prove why Weekend Nachos haven't stopped antagonizing the hardcore scene. (Deep Six Records #207)

WEEKEND NACHOS - Unforgivable LP
The 2nd full length from Weekend Nachos. Twelve tracks of fucking fast, brutal, power violence hardcore. They take the raw thrash of bands like INFEST and LACK OF INTEREST and throw in the doom and sludge of EYEHATEGOD to create an ugly mix of hardcore and metal. (Deep Six Records #117)

On the new LP, the band display some of the most technical, thrashing moments of unadulterated powerviolence, as well as the thickest, most crushing riffs heard from them yet. What makes them even better is the schizophrenic weaving of these two styles that the group so swiftly pulls off. Songs like "Frostbitten" demonstrate this with perfection, transitioning unexpectedly from ominous guitar chugs into a fast array of d-beats and a mix of high-pitched screams and classic Weekend Nachos vocals. (Deep Six Records #157)

On this split 12", two household names in the powerviolence genre come together for an instant classic. Lack of Interest return with some of their first new material since the 90's, and Weekend Nachos move further in the direction of Worthless with 10 furious tracks of unadulterated hardcore. A must-have for any fan of either band, or anybody with a good ear for heavy fastcore. (Deep Six Records #174)

WELLINGTON - discography CD
Wellington hailed from Arizona and they played metal influenced dirging hardcore. The vocals are a nasty deep snarl and the music is slow and painful with a lot of metal damage. The comp CD features all of their tracks from their numerous split 7"s as well as their tracks from their full length LP and their 7". (Deep Six Records #26)

V/A - Reality #4 comp CD
The newest compilation from Deep Six is a brutal sample of some of the hardest hitting and ugly hardcore bands around. The line-up includes 324, Haymaker, hawjaw, Low Threat Profile, Inspite, Manchurian Candidates, Progeria, Toshiro Mifune, Overpowering, Ruido, Unruh, I Found God, Lack of Interst, SU19B, Damad, Sepsism, Stress, Self Inflicted, Pretty Little Flower, Dudman, Lana Dagales, Bred On Deception, Hpylori, and Halo Epidemic. (Deep Six Records #35)

V/A - This Comp Kills Fascists Vol #2 LPx2
This double LP comp blazes forth with Lack of Interest (7 tracks), Owen Heart (2 tracks), Noisear (4 tracks), Hummingbird Of Death (10 tracks), Drugs of Faith (2 tracks), Maroin Barry (5 tracks), Crom (1 track), Apartment 213 (3 tracks), Septic Surge (5 tracks), Population Reduction (2 tracks), Despise You (2 tracks), Triac (3 tracks), Idiots Parade (5 tracks), Extortion (6 tracks), Three Faces of Eve (4 tracks), Voetsek (4 tracks), Superbad (4 tracks) Strong Intention (4 tracks), and Social Infestation (2 tracks). Start 2011 with a smash in the face. (Deep Six Records #149)